Boker Outdoor and Collection | BUSA Fall 2021 - New Arrivals

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FALL <strong>2021</strong><br />



2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Trolly Coin<br />

Damascus.<br />

$ 33.95<br />

1 | <strong>Boker</strong><br />

Rangebuster<br />

Black Copper.<br />

$ 193.95<br />


The Rangebuster is a traditional pocket knife that<br />

was developed in the 18th century in the U.S. for use<br />

in agriculture. The light <strong>and</strong> comparatively simple<br />

knife is reminiscent of the Solingen Hippekniep,<br />

but here it is equipped with a reliable backlock.<br />

The drop point blade, made of ice-hardened N690<br />

with 60 to 61 HRC, has a flat grind <strong>and</strong> is opened<br />

with the help of the traditionally toothed nail nick.<br />

The h<strong>and</strong>le material is black canvas Micarta, <strong>and</strong><br />

the decorative rivets are made of copper <strong>and</strong> set<br />

a colorful accent. Thanks to the contoured h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

scales <strong>and</strong> the slim, lightweight construction, the<br />

<strong>Boker</strong> Rangebuster is extremely comfortable in the<br />

h<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> thus manages the transformation from<br />

a working to a gentleman‘s knife. H<strong>and</strong>crafted at<br />

the <strong>Boker</strong> knife manufactory in Solingen, Germany.<br />

Includes a high quality felt pouch. Blade length:<br />

3.03". Thickness: 2.4mm. Overall length: 6.73".<br />

Weight: 1.5 oz.<br />

Item No. 112914 $ 193.95<br />


The famous <strong>Boker</strong> Trolley Coin, now available in an<br />

exclusive Damascus version. Hit the supermarket<br />

in style! The high quality key ring prevents loss<br />

<strong>and</strong> keeps it readily available. Weight: 0.8 oz.<br />

Item No. 150004 $ 33.95<br />


Designed by Lucas Burnley, the <strong>Boker</strong> Barlow<br />

BFF is manufactured as a fixed EDC in full<br />

tang construction. With this h<strong>and</strong>y knife, the<br />

renowned designer <strong>and</strong> full time knifemaker<br />

from the USA bridges the gap between the<br />

historical roots of the tried-<strong>and</strong>-true Barlow<br />

<strong>and</strong> the modern elements of his lines, which are<br />

referred to as “Post Tactical.”<br />

The characteristic teardrop shape of the Barlow<br />

can be traced back to the English pocket knives<br />

of the 17th century, which certainly makes it<br />

one of the oldest models ever. The name of the<br />

classic probably goes back to an enterprising<br />

Sheffield knife manufacturer of the same name,<br />

who began exporting the sturdy knives to North<br />

America around 1800. There they immediately<br />

enjoyed great popularity <strong>and</strong> so at the end<br />

of the 19th century the first Barlow models<br />

also appeared in the history of the <strong>Boker</strong><br />

manufactory. In this fixed version, tradition,<br />

everyday utility <strong>and</strong> a touch of tactical finesse<br />

find a harmonious balance.<br />

The compact Barlow BFF is made of ice-hardened<br />

AEB-L, a versatile blade steel with excellent<br />

cutting capabilities, good rust resistance <strong>and</strong><br />

easy resharpening. Designed as a fixed blade,<br />

this version of the timeless classic features<br />

contoured domestic walnut h<strong>and</strong>le scales <strong>and</strong><br />

fits comfortably in the h<strong>and</strong>. The decorative<br />

hollow brass rivet also serves as a lanyard<br />

loop <strong>and</strong>, together with the rivets of the same<br />

color, adds a visual accent. Includes a fitted<br />

black leather sheath, which ensures superior<br />

wearing comfort with the help of the integrated<br />

clip. H<strong>and</strong>made in the <strong>Boker</strong> knife manufactory<br />

in Solingen. Blade length: 2.76". Thickness:<br />

2.5mm. Overall length: 6.02". Weight: 2.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 120506 $ 225.00<br />


3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Barlow BFF.<br />

$ 225.00<br />




The huge interest in our exceptional <strong>Boker</strong> Tirpitz<br />

Damascus has convinced us to design another<br />

model with the historic Damascus steel. Compared<br />

to the original model, the <strong>Boker</strong> Barlow Prime<br />

Tirpitz Damascus is much more compact <strong>and</strong><br />

convinces not only in the collector‘s showcase, but<br />

also as a gentleman‘s knife suitable for the pocket.<br />

The blade is made of the unique Tirpitz Damascus,<br />

is equipped with a modern, elongated ricasso <strong>and</strong><br />

is opened by nail nick.<br />

The sister ship of the legendary Bismarck was the<br />

largest battleship ever launched for the German<br />

Navy. Immediately after the end of World War II, a<br />

Norwegian specialist company began dismantling<br />

the ship, which had sunk off the Norwegian coast,<br />

to make the high alloy steel available for civilian<br />

purposes. Norwegian divers recovered pieces of<br />

the Tirpitz‘s special armor from the fjord for <strong>Boker</strong>.<br />

From these pieces of living history, the <strong>Boker</strong><br />

Damascus smith exclusively forges an exceptional<br />

Damascus with a fascinating history. The Great<br />

Pyramid pattern in 200 layers distinguishes the<br />

h<strong>and</strong> forged Damascus steel blade <strong>and</strong> makes this<br />

knife the highlight of any knife collection.<br />

The combination of Tirpitz steel with carbon<br />

tool steels also results in an extremely durable<br />

Damascus that, with a Rockwell hardness of 61<br />

to 63 HRC, is up to any task in everyday use. The<br />

operating safety of this history-making slip joint<br />

pocket knife is further enhanced by a 90-degree<br />

detent during opening <strong>and</strong> closing.<br />

The characteristic teardrop point shape of the<br />

Barlow can be traced back to the English pocket<br />

knives of the 17th century, which certainly makes<br />

it one of the oldest models ever. The name of<br />

the classic probably goes back to an enterprising<br />

Sheffield knife manufacturer of the same name,<br />

who began exporting the sturdy knives to North<br />

America around 1800. There they immediately<br />

enjoyed great popularity <strong>and</strong> so at the end of the<br />

19th century the first Barlow models also appeared<br />

in the history of the <strong>Boker</strong> manufactory.<br />

1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Barlow<br />

Prime Tirpitz<br />

Damascus.<br />

$ 479.00<br />

This integral construction version of the timeless<br />

classic is equipped with a contoured h<strong>and</strong>le body<br />

made of black Micarta, which is milled from the<br />

solid <strong>and</strong> also forms the characteristic bolsters<br />

of the Barlow. The lightweight design can thus<br />

completely dispense with additional liners made<br />

of metal. Thanks to the likewise contoured h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

scales made of domestic walnut wood, the unique<br />

gentleman‘s knife is extremely comfortable in the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>. The decorative rivets are made of nickel<br />

silver, the blade axle screw of stainless steel.<br />

Comes with a high quality felt pouch for storage.<br />

H<strong>and</strong>made in the <strong>Boker</strong> knife manufactory in<br />

Solingen. Blade length: 2.72". Thickness: 2.2mm.<br />

Overall length: 6.22". Weight: 1.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 117942DAM $ 479.00<br />


The classic trapper has been a widespread pattern<br />

of knife since the beginning of the 20th century as<br />

a versatile pocket knife, <strong>and</strong> owes its name to the<br />

American rangers who roamed North America as<br />

hunters <strong>and</strong> trappers. They were among the most<br />

important explorers <strong>and</strong> pioneers of the European<br />

settlement on the continent <strong>and</strong> were often the first<br />

to come into contact with the Native Americans<br />

<strong>and</strong> Eskimos. Also at the turn of the century,<br />


2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Trapper Asbach Uralt.<br />

$ 239.00<br />

115004<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Trapper Asbach Uralt<br />

Damascus<br />

$ 399.00<br />

116004DAM<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Trapper Uno Curly<br />

Maple.<br />

$ 279.00<br />

117004<br />

Hugo Asbach in Rüdesheim on the Rhine created<br />

the German br<strong>and</strong>y that is still on everyone‘s lips<br />

today as Asbach Uralt. Particularly important for<br />

the characteristic taste of this noble br<strong>and</strong>y is<br />

the complex maturing process, which takes place<br />

in small oak barrels made of Limousin oak wood<br />

that has been aged for several years. Its wood is<br />

particularly large-pored <strong>and</strong> permeable to air, so that<br />

the fine br<strong>and</strong>y can breathe <strong>and</strong> mature in exchange<br />

with the air in this way. The noble h<strong>and</strong>le scales of<br />

the <strong>Boker</strong> Trapper Asbach Uralt are made from the<br />

unique oak wood of time-honored Asbach barrels,<br />

which are now allowed to take on a new role after<br />

decades of storage. And just like the small barrels,<br />

the front h<strong>and</strong>le scale of the pocket knife also bears<br />

the br<strong>and</strong> stamp of the famous wine distillery. The<br />

polished 440C blade features a classic nail nick <strong>and</strong><br />

does not lock. The distinctive bolsters are made of<br />

nickel silver <strong>and</strong> contrast nicely with the historical<br />

wood of the scales. The slim design makes the<br />

Trapper the perfect companion for everyday use.<br />

H<strong>and</strong>made in the <strong>Boker</strong> Manufactory in Solingen <strong>and</strong><br />

strictly limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Includes<br />

a high quality felt pouch for storage, certificate of<br />

authenticity <strong>and</strong> individual serial number. Blade<br />

length: 3.35". Thickness: 2.2mm. Overall length:<br />

7.48". Weight: 2.5 oz.<br />

Item No. 115004 $ 239.00<br />



The noble h<strong>and</strong>le scales of the <strong>Boker</strong> Trapper Asbach<br />

Uralt are made from the unique oak wood of timehonored<br />

Asbach barrels, which are now allowed<br />

to take on a new role after decades of storage.<br />

And just like the small barrels, the h<strong>and</strong>le scales<br />

of the slip joint pocket knife also bear the br<strong>and</strong><br />

stamp of the famous wine distillery. The noble<br />

collector‘s version is equipped with a blade made<br />

of stainless damascus by Chad Nichols, forged by<br />

h<strong>and</strong> in the ripple pattern. It opens by nail nick <strong>and</strong><br />

does not lock. The distinctive bolsters are nickel<br />

silver <strong>and</strong> contrast nicely with the historical wood<br />

of the scales. The slim design makes the Trapper<br />

the perfect everyday companion. H<strong>and</strong>made in<br />

the <strong>Boker</strong> Manufactory in Solingen <strong>and</strong> strictly<br />

limited to 299 pieces worldwide. With certificate<br />

of authenticity <strong>and</strong> individual serial number. Blade<br />

length: 3.35". Thickness: 2.2mm. Overall length:<br />

7.48". Weight: 2.6 oz.<br />

Item No. 116004DAM $ 399.00<br />


The <strong>Boker</strong> Trapper Uno combines tradition <strong>and</strong><br />

modern design as a classic slip joint pocket knife.<br />

It goes without the bolster at the end of the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le, <strong>and</strong> owes its name to this modification. The<br />

eye-catching h<strong>and</strong>le scales are made of domestic<br />

blue stabilized curly maple wood, which has a<br />

unique striped transverse pattern. The knife is<br />

equipped with a blade made of stainless N690<br />

<strong>and</strong> the slim design makes this traditional knife<br />

the perfect everyday companion. H<strong>and</strong>made in the<br />

<strong>Boker</strong> Knife Manufactory Solingen. Blade length:<br />

3.35". Thickness: 2.3mm. Overall length: 7.48".<br />

Weight: 2.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 117004 $ 279.00<br />


1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Urban<br />

Trapper Damascus<br />

Cocobolo.<br />

$ 149.95<br />

01BO176DAM<br />



The original model of the <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Urban Trapper<br />

by Brad Zinker has quickly become one of the most<br />

popular gentleman‘s knives from our range <strong>and</strong><br />

is equipped in this particularly noble collector‘s<br />

version with a blade made of stainless Damascus.<br />

The extremely flat <strong>and</strong> slim design make the Urban<br />

Trapper an incomparable pocket knife for the<br />

upscale look. The ball-bearing blade consists of<br />

110 layers, is opened by flipper <strong>and</strong> locked securely<br />

by a reliable liner lock. The lightweight h<strong>and</strong>le,<br />

made of titanium, is equipped with scales made<br />

of h<strong>and</strong>some cocobolo wood, which on the one<br />

h<strong>and</strong> provide a somewhat fuller grip feeling <strong>and</strong> on<br />

the other h<strong>and</strong> offer visual appeal. The beautiful<br />

structure of the reddish wood is reminiscent of<br />

marble, <strong>and</strong> it also has an intense, floral odor of<br />

its own due to its exceptionally high oil content.<br />

With removable deep-carry clip (tip-up/r) made of<br />

titanium <strong>and</strong> high quality nylon pouch for storage.<br />

Blade length: 3.46". Thickness: 2.6mm. Overall<br />

length: 7.72". Weight: 1.9 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO176DAM $ 149.95<br />


The elegant <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Slack goes back to the<br />

traditional Navajas from the Mediterranean region<br />

<strong>and</strong> is equipped in this sleek collector‘s version<br />

with a blade made of stainless Damascus, which<br />

consists of 110 layers. The slip joint pocket knife<br />

was designed by French knifemaker Raphaël<br />

Dur<strong>and</strong>, who is known for his classic designs far<br />

beyond the country‘s borders. The extremely slim<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le of this gentleman‘s pocket knife is made of<br />

cocobolo wood, which with its classic grain <strong>and</strong><br />

warm reddish hue is a true classic among h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

materials. Generous recesses in the plates reduce<br />

the weight <strong>and</strong> increase the carrying comfort.<br />

With lanyard hole <strong>and</strong> high quality nylon pouch<br />

for storage. Blade length: 3.19". Thickness: 3mm.<br />

Overall length: 7.28". Weight: 2.2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO175DAM $ 159.95<br />


The <strong>Boker</strong> Plus LRF Damascus by Kansei Matsuno<br />

corresponds to the ideal of the Japanese inspired<br />

gentleman‘s knife in its slim <strong>and</strong> straight-lined<br />

aesthetics unlike any other. The elegant blade<br />

of stainless Damascus consists of 110 layers, is<br />

opened by a front flipper <strong>and</strong> offers a silky smooth<br />

movement due to the ball bearing. The high<br />

strength titanium h<strong>and</strong>le scales sit on titanium<br />

plates that house the liner lock. A large safety<br />

lanyard hole <strong>and</strong> convenient titanium deep carry<br />

clip (tip-up/r) allow for comfortable carry. Comes<br />

with a high quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade<br />

length: 3.39". Thickness: 2mm. Overall length:<br />

7.09". Weight: 2.2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO174DAM $ 179.95<br />

01BO175DAM<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Slack Damascus.<br />

$ 159.95<br />


3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus LRF Damascus.<br />

$ 179.95<br />

01BO174DAM<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Nori Damascus.<br />

$ 164.95<br />

01BO897DAM<br />


The <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Nori is another elegant<br />

gentleman‘s knife from Japanese knifemaker<br />

Kansei Matsuno, which is now also available in<br />

a noble collector‘s version. The slim design <strong>and</strong><br />

lightweight construction of the Wasabi have been<br />

combined here with the extremely practical front<br />

flipper <strong>and</strong> sturdy liner lock of the LRF. The ball<br />

bearing stainless Damascus blade is made of 110<br />

layers, <strong>and</strong> the h<strong>and</strong>le scales are made of high<br />

strength titanium <strong>and</strong> sit on titanium blanks.<br />

The straightforward design <strong>and</strong> classic Japanese<br />

blade make the Nori an ideal companion for<br />

everyday use. Features a reinforced lanyard hone,<br />

convenient deep-carry clip (tip-up/r), also made<br />

of titanium, <strong>and</strong> a high quality nylon pouch for<br />

storage. Blade length: 3.03". Thickness: 2mm.<br />

Overall length: 6.97". Weight: 2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO897DAM $ 164.95<br />


The skillful combination of Japanese style elements<br />

with the features of a modern gentleman‘s pocket<br />

knife is intensified once again in this stunning<br />

collector‘s version of the <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Wasabi.<br />

Japanese knifemaker Kansei Matsuno is a master<br />

of his craft, whose designs undoubtedly have a<br />

style all their own. The slim design <strong>and</strong> lightweight<br />

construction of the <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Wasabi combine with<br />

the straightforward design <strong>and</strong> classic Japanese<br />

blade to create a supremely elegant knife for<br />

everyday use or the display case. The ball bearing<br />

stainless Damascus blade consists of 110 layers,<br />

opens by front flipper <strong>and</strong> is supported as a slip<br />

joint on both sides by a detent ball. The h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

scales are made of high strength titanium <strong>and</strong> sit on<br />

titanium plates that have weight-reducing cutouts.<br />

Includes reinforced lanyard hole, removable<br />

titanium clip (tip-down/r) <strong>and</strong> premium nylon<br />

pouch for storage. Blade length: 2.87". Thickness:<br />

2mm. Overall length: 6.97". Weight: 2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO634DAM $175.95<br />

5 | <strong>Boker</strong><br />

Plus Wasabi<br />

Damascus.<br />

$ 175.95<br />

01BO634DAM<br />


1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kwaiken Air<br />

Mini G10.<br />

$ 99.95<br />

01BO324<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kwaiken Air Mini<br />

Cocobolo.<br />

$ 109.95 01BO325<br />


The slim design <strong>and</strong> the exclusive choice of<br />

materials make the <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kwaiken Air the<br />

perfect crossover between a gentleman's folder<br />

<strong>and</strong> a tactical knife. To widen the bridge, the<br />

Kwaiken Air Mini offers the same outst<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

qualities as its big brother with significantly<br />

reduced <strong>and</strong> thus more "pocketable" dimensions.<br />

With its straightforward <strong>and</strong> practical shape,<br />

the modern pocket knife has become a true<br />

icon. The clean lines <strong>and</strong> slim design have been<br />

further optimized in the lightweight version for<br />

uncompromising weight reduction, although the<br />

knife still holds the entire blade when closed. The<br />

flipper provides intuitive operation <strong>and</strong> additional<br />

safety, while the liner lock securely locks the<br />

ball-bearing VG-10 blade with fine hairline finish.<br />

Features a safety strap pin, removable deep-carry<br />

clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high quality nylon pouch for<br />

storage. Blade length: 3.00". Thickness: 2.6mm.<br />

Overall length: 7.13". Available in five versions:<br />


With durable G10 h<strong>and</strong>le scales. Weight: 2.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO324 $ 99.95<br />



With h<strong>and</strong>some cocobolo wood h<strong>and</strong>le scales.<br />

Weight: 2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO325 $ 109.95<br />


G10 JADE<br />

With a black coated blade <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>le scales made<br />

of jade G10 – the semi-transparent variant of the<br />

resistant composite. Weight: 2.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO331 $ 84.95<br />


G10 ALL BLACK<br />

The tactical version, with a black coated blade<br />

<strong>and</strong> durable G10 h<strong>and</strong>le scales. Weight: 2.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO329 $ 84.95<br />



With titanium h<strong>and</strong>le scales for a sleek, modern<br />

look. Weight: 2.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO326 $ 139.95<br />


01BO331 01BO329 01BO326<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Kwaiken Air Mini<br />

G10 Jade.<br />

$ 84.95<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Kwaiken Air Mini<br />

G10 All Black.<br />

$ 84.95<br />

5 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Kwaiken Air Mini<br />

Titan.<br />

$ 139.95<br />


1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Kwaiken Air G10 All<br />

Black.<br />

$ 119.95<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kwaiken Air<br />

G10 Jade.<br />

$ 119.95<br />

01BO343<br />

01BO339<br />


3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Celos Titan LTD.<br />

$ 132.95<br />

01BO006<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Celos G10 Jade.<br />

$ 55.95<br />

01BO179<br />

5 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Celos G10 Black.<br />

$ 53.95<br />


BLACK<br />

An Elegant, lightweight version of the popular<br />

Kwaiken by Lucas Burnley. With its straightforward<br />

<strong>and</strong> practical shape, the modern pocket knife has<br />

become a true icon. The clean lines <strong>and</strong> slim design<br />

have been optimized once again in this model<br />

for uncompromising weight reduction. The flipper<br />

provides intuitive operation <strong>and</strong> additional safety,<br />

while the liner lock securely locks the ball-bearing<br />

blade made of black coated VG-10. Underscoring<br />

the Gentleman Folder‘s light-footedness are the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le scales of durable G10, which give this<br />

all-black piece a tactical feel. With safety strap<br />

pin, removable deep-carry clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high<br />

quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade length:<br />

3.54". Thickness: 2.5mm. Overall length: 8.38".<br />

Weight: 3 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO339 $ 119.95<br />


Same features as the tactical version (above), but<br />

with h<strong>and</strong>le scales made of Natural Jade G10, the<br />

semi-transparent original of the resistant composite<br />

material. Blade length: 3.54". Thickness: 2.5mm.<br />

Overall length: 8.38". Weight: 2.9 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO343 $ 119.95<br />

3 - 5 | BOKER PLUS CELOS<br />

As the son of the Titan Pallas, Zelos embodied<br />

the god of eager striving in Greek mythology. And<br />

also the extremely h<strong>and</strong>y <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Celos finds<br />

its mythical destiny for the knife Olympus in the<br />

pursuit of perfection. This modern slip joint pocket<br />

knife is the perfect companion for everyday use,<br />

<strong>and</strong> masters all cutting tasks effortlessly despite<br />

its small size. The blade is opened by nail nick <strong>and</strong><br />

does not lock – the user safety is increased by a<br />

90-degree detent when opening <strong>and</strong> closing the<br />

blade. With lanyard hole <strong>and</strong> removable deep-carry<br />

clip (tip-up/r). Blade length: 2.64". Thickness:<br />

2.7mm. Overall length: 5.91". Available in three<br />

versions:<br />


In this exceptional, high end version, the pocket<br />

knife is equipped with titanium h<strong>and</strong>le scales <strong>and</strong><br />

a flat ground blade made of M390. This powdermetallurgical,<br />

high performance steel from Böhler<br />

convinces with the highest wear resistance <strong>and</strong><br />

thus even tempts the gods. Strictly limited to 500<br />

pieces worldwide. Weight: 1.5 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO006 $ 132.95<br />

01BO178<br />


Featuring a flat ground blade made of satin<br />

finished 440C stainless steel, <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong>le scales<br />

made of natural jade G10, the semi-transparent<br />

variant of the durable composite material. With<br />

catch strap eyelet <strong>and</strong> removable deep carry clip<br />

(tip-up/r). Weight: 1.2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO179 $ 55.95<br />


Featuring a flat ground blade made of satin<br />

finished 440C stainless steel, <strong>and</strong> textured<br />

G10 h<strong>and</strong>le scales. With catch strap eyelet <strong>and</strong><br />

removable deep carry clip (tip-up/r).<br />

Weight: 1.2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO178 $ 53.95<br />


1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Aphex Mini.<br />

$ 182.95<br />

01BO197<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Lancer Titan LTD.<br />

$ 159.95<br />

01BO195<br />

Limited to 500 pieces<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Tech-Tool Titan 1.<br />

$ 99.95<br />

01BO807<br />


The modern <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Aphex Mini is the<br />

significantly scaled down version of the <strong>Boker</strong><br />

Plus <strong>Collection</strong> 2020 designed by Lucas Burnley.<br />

The elaborately honed blade is made of VG-10<br />

<strong>and</strong> has a fine hairline finish <strong>and</strong> a decorative<br />

ricasso. Thanks to ball bearing <strong>and</strong> flipper, the<br />

knife can be opened particularly smoothly.<br />

The ergonomically shaped h<strong>and</strong>le is milled<br />

three-dimensionally from titanium <strong>and</strong> is<br />

adorned with a modern inlay of wild carbon<br />

fiber with red accents. Corrugations on the<br />

thumb rest <strong>and</strong> the generously dimensioned<br />

spacer increase work safety. With lanyard hole,<br />

removable titanium clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high<br />

quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade length:<br />

3.00". Thickness: 2.7mm. Overall length: 6.73".<br />

Weight: 2.8 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO197 $ 182.95<br />


The h<strong>and</strong>y <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Lancer 42 is now<br />

also available as a high end version, <strong>and</strong><br />

convinces with titanium h<strong>and</strong>le scales <strong>and</strong> a<br />

blade made of M390, a powder metallurgical<br />

high performance steel from Böhler with<br />

superior wear resistance. The blade, with a<br />

fine hairline finish, is opened by nail nick <strong>and</strong><br />

secured by a sturdy frame lock. The design,<br />

by Ukrainian knifemaker Serge Panchenko,<br />

offers an extremely high level of carrying<br />

comfort thanks to the compact <strong>and</strong>, above all,<br />

very flat design, while the solid construction<br />

exudes a reassuring solidity <strong>and</strong> robustness.<br />

The titanium h<strong>and</strong>le scales are finished with a<br />

durable stonewash finish. Comes with a safety<br />

strap loop, clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high quality nylon<br />

pouch for storage. Strictly limited to 500 pieces<br />

worldwide. Blade length: 2.80". Thickness:<br />

3mm. Overall length: 6.50". Weight: 2.4 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO195 $ 159.95<br />


In this exceptional higher end version, the<br />

popular <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Tech Tool 1 is equipped with<br />

diagonally textured h<strong>and</strong>le scales made of high<br />

strength titanium. The wear-resistant metal<br />

has a subtle bead blast finish, <strong>and</strong> the front<br />

shell also bears our well-known <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

logo. The combination of our know-how, the<br />

use of high quality materials such as S<strong>and</strong>vik<br />

12C27 as blade steel, stainless steel blanks<br />

<strong>and</strong> the screwed construction set the <strong>Boker</strong><br />

Plus Tech Tool apart from the conventional slip<br />

joint pocket knife, as does the integrated glassbreaker.<br />

The drop point blade, with a hardness<br />

of 58-60 HRC, has a fine satin finish <strong>and</strong> is<br />

opened by nail nick. With convertible deepcarry<br />

clip (tip-up/tip-down). Blade length:<br />

2.76". Thickness: 2.3mm. Overall length: 6.50".<br />

Weight: 2.8 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO807 $ 99.95<br />


4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kaizen Green<br />

Canvas Micarta.<br />

$ 93.95<br />

01BO391<br />



The popular <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kaizen convinces in this<br />

version with slightly contoured h<strong>and</strong>le scales<br />

made of olive green canvas Micarta, while the<br />

blade <strong>and</strong> the clip are coated black. The bronzecolored<br />

lanyard hole <strong>and</strong> the ring around the<br />

blade axle screw provide additional visual accents.<br />

The resulting color contrast is reminiscent of the<br />

hardship-filled exploratory expeditions of times<br />

long past. The <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Kaizen meets the<br />

Zeitgeist as an elegant gentleman‘s knife <strong>and</strong><br />

convinces with clever detail solutions. The ballbearing<br />

D2 blade works its way through everyday<br />

cutting tasks with stoic calm <strong>and</strong> always finds its<br />

way back to center with the help of the reliable<br />

liner lock. The textured h<strong>and</strong>le lies comfortably in<br />

the h<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> is equipped with a practical deepcarry<br />

clip (tip-up/r). Comes with a high quality<br />

nylon sheath for storage. Blade length: 3.11".<br />

Thickness: 2mm. Overall length: 7.09". Weight:<br />

1.6 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO391 $ 93.95<br />

5 - 6 | BOKER PLUS TENSHI<br />

Japanese knifemaker Kansei Matsuno has designed<br />

another exceedingly slim gentleman‘s knife, the<br />

<strong>Boker</strong> Plus Tenshi, combining Far Eastern stylistic<br />

elements with modern construction methods <strong>and</strong><br />

materials. The compact dimensions of the slightly<br />

curved pocket knife are the perfect compromise<br />

between pocket-ability <strong>and</strong> versatility. The<br />

modified tanto blade, made of VG-10, has a fine<br />

hairline finish <strong>and</strong> can be operated comfortably<br />

thanks to thumb stud <strong>and</strong> ball bearing, while<br />

a sturdy liner lock takes over the locking. With<br />

removable deep-carry clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high<br />

quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade length:<br />

2.68". Thickness: 1.9mm. Overall length: 6.10".<br />

Available in two versions:<br />

5 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Tenshi Brass.<br />

$ 134.95<br />

6 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Tenshi<br />

Micarta.<br />

$ 114.95<br />


The decorative h<strong>and</strong>le scales are made of brass,<br />

allowing a unique patina to develop over time.<br />

Weight: 3.4 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO328 $ 134.95<br />

01BO328<br />


The reddish-brown h<strong>and</strong>le scales are made of<br />

durable Micarta with a fine texture, providing a<br />

secure grip even when wet. Weight: 1.9 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO327 $ 114.95<br />

01BO327<br />



The modern <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Gulo Pro is now also<br />

available as a particularly stunning version<br />

that convinces with stainless steel bolsters <strong>and</strong><br />

h<strong>and</strong>le scales made of wild carbon fiber. The<br />

ball-bearing D2 blade with a fine satin finish is<br />

opened by a removable thumb stud <strong>and</strong> secured<br />

by a sturdy liner lock. This robust pocket knife<br />

was designed by Steve Kelly from Montana, who<br />

has been a member of the American Knifemakers<br />

Guild since 2008. A bronze ring around the<br />

blade axle bolt adds a visual accent. With catchstrap<br />

eyelet, removable clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high<br />

quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade length:<br />

3.31". Thickness: 3.5mm. Overall length: 7.56".<br />

Weight: 5.2 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO177 $ 157.95<br />

1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Gulo Pro<br />

Marble CF.<br />

$ 157.95<br />

01BO177<br />


The <strong>Boker</strong> Plus HEA Hunter, designed by Sam<br />

Abdelrahman, convinces as an avant-garde<br />

pocket knife with a functional design <strong>and</strong><br />

unusual details. Since his youth, the full time<br />

knifemaker from Brooklyn has always been<br />

keen to be prepared for all eventualities <strong>and</strong><br />

to always have the right tool at h<strong>and</strong>. By the<br />

time he founded HEA Designs in 2014, he was<br />

already able to draw on years of experience<br />

in engineering, construction <strong>and</strong> design. The<br />

D2 ball bearing clip point blade features a fine<br />

hairline finish <strong>and</strong> opens with either a thumb<br />

hole or front flipper. It is equipped with a<br />

characteristic ricasso <strong>and</strong> a pronounced groove<br />

<strong>and</strong> is reliably locked by a stainless steel frame<br />

lock. The three-dimensionally milled h<strong>and</strong>le on<br />

the front is made of blue G10, <strong>and</strong> lies securely in<br />

the h<strong>and</strong> at all times thanks to the fine texturing<br />

<strong>and</strong> deep grooves. With catch-strap eyelet,<br />

milled stainless steel clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong> high<br />

quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade length:<br />

2.88". Thickness: 3.1mm. Overall length: 6.70".<br />

Weight: 3.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO193 $ 123.95<br />


The extremely slim <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Icepick Dagger<br />

by Chuck Gedraitis is equipped with a narrow<br />

dagger blade made of VG-10, which is honed<br />

on one side <strong>and</strong> has a pronounced ricasso. The<br />

American custom knifemaker has been designing<br />

<strong>and</strong> manufacturing high quality, practical knives<br />

since he was 16 years old <strong>and</strong> has already won<br />

numerous awards with his innovative pocket<br />

knife designs. The straightforward, symmetrical<br />

design of this gentleman‘s knife is reminiscent<br />

of a traditional stiletto, without appearing<br />

aggressive. The blade has an elaborate two-tone<br />

finish, is opened by a thumb stud <strong>and</strong> is reliably<br />

locked by a sturdy liner lock. The h<strong>and</strong>le scales<br />

<strong>and</strong> the spacer are made of modern carbon<br />

fiber, while the single liner is made of stainless<br />

steel. Liner, screws <strong>and</strong> the removable thumb<br />

disc made of titanium are anodized ice blue <strong>and</strong><br />

thus perfectly match the color of the titanium<br />

clip (tip-up/r) milled from the blank, <strong>and</strong> the<br />

ball in the front grip shell, which is also made<br />

of titanium. Ergonomic thumb recesses on both<br />

sides of the h<strong>and</strong>le increase work safety. With<br />

high quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade<br />

length: 3.23". Thickness: 3.4mm. Overall length:<br />

7.17". Weight: 2.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO199 $ 163.95<br />


01BO193<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus HEA Hunter.<br />

$ 123.95<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Icepick Dagger.<br />

$ 163.95<br />

01BO199<br />


The impressive <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Golem is comparatively<br />

light despite its exceedingly sturdy construction,<br />

<strong>and</strong> is convincing in everyday use as well as in<br />

tougher applications. The honeycomb textured<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le scales <strong>and</strong> the CNC-milled spacer are made<br />

of G10, <strong>and</strong> the liner is additionally equipped with<br />

weight-reducing recesses. The D2 stonewash blade,<br />

equipped with a pronounced ricasso, opens on ball<br />

bearings via flipper <strong>and</strong> is secured by a reliable liner<br />

lock. Fluting in the thumb rest further increases<br />

work safety. A decorative brass ring around the<br />

blade axle screw adds a colorful accent. With<br />

catch-strap eyelet, deep carry clip (tip-up/r) <strong>and</strong><br />

high quality nylon pouch for storage. Blade length:<br />

3.50". Thickness: 4mm. Overall length: 8.07".<br />

Weight: 5.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO192 $ 96.95<br />

01BO192<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Golem.<br />

$ 96.95<br />



The modern <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Jive by Brian Efros scores as<br />

a high quality EDC with clean lines <strong>and</strong> an extremely<br />

ergonomic design. The full time American<br />

knifemaker from Colorado has been<br />

designing <strong>and</strong> manufacturing his own<br />

knives since 2008 <strong>and</strong> is now known<br />

for his innovative folders far beyond the<br />

country‘s borders. Full order books, perfect<br />

workmanship <strong>and</strong> individual implementation<br />

mean that his h<strong>and</strong>crafted pieces fetch top prices<br />

internationally. The Jive is equipped with a satin finished<br />

clip point blade made of D2, which is opened by a<br />

removable thumb stud <strong>and</strong> locked by a reinforced frame<br />

lock. The pronounced ricasso <strong>and</strong> the decorative milling<br />

on the h<strong>and</strong>le scales made of matte titanium provide<br />

visual accents. With practical deep carry clip (tip-up/r),<br />

made of titanium, <strong>and</strong> high quality nylon pouch for<br />

storage. Blade length: 2.95". Thickness: 3.5mm. Overall<br />

length: 7.17". Weight: 4.7 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO312 $ 143.95<br />

1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Jive.<br />

$ 143.95<br />

01BO312<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Cataclyst All Black.<br />

$ 59.95<br />

01BO673<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Cataclyst Satin<br />

Black.<br />

$ 53.95<br />

01BO674<br />

2 - 3 | BOKER PLUS CATACLYST G10<br />

The popular <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Cataclyst in two new verions.<br />

The sturdy blade, made of black coated 440C, is<br />

opened by ball bearing flipper <strong>and</strong> is provided with<br />

a flat grind <strong>and</strong> a double-sided gouge. It is reliably<br />

locked by a stainless steel frame lock. Fluting in the<br />

area of the thumb rest <strong>and</strong> on the spacer further<br />

increase work safety. The straight-lined design features<br />

a textured black G10 h<strong>and</strong>le scale that is threedimensionally<br />

milled <strong>and</strong> has weight-reducing cutouts<br />

on the inner sides. The durable h<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong> deep-carry<br />

clip (tip-up/r) are finished with a matte bead blast<br />

finish. With catch strap eyelet. Blade length: 2.95".<br />

Thickness: 4mm. Overall length: 6.81". Weight: 2.7 oz.<br />

Available in two versions:<br />


With black coated blade.<br />

Item No. 01BO673 $ 59.95<br />


With satin finished blade.<br />

Item No. 01BO674 $ 53.95<br />


4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus L'Egg.<br />

$ 23.95<br />

Production Prototype Pictures<br />

4 | BOKER PLUS L´EGG<br />

Known for his inventive designs, Massachusetts knife designer John<br />

Kubasek answers the question of the hen <strong>and</strong> the egg with the unusual<br />

<strong>and</strong> innovative <strong>Boker</strong> Plus L‘Egg. The h<strong>and</strong>y neck knife owes its name to<br />

the egg-shaped construction of the textured G10 h<strong>and</strong>le scales, which<br />

completely enclose the satin finished D2 clip point blade like a protective<br />

eggshell when closed. The ingenious mechanism of the h<strong>and</strong>le legs sliding<br />

against each other is securely locked by a magnet. The lightweight knife<br />

comes with a practical ball chain. Blade length: 1.42". Thickness: 2.4mm.<br />

Overall length: 3.94". Weight: 1.7 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO198 $ 23.95<br />


1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Bark<br />

Beetle.<br />

$ 67.95<br />

02BO039<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Little<br />

Rok.<br />

$ 129.95<br />

02BO026<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Nessmi<br />

Pro Black.<br />

$ 79.95<br />

02BO066<br />


Hungarian knifemaker Sándor Hegyes specializes<br />

in practical <strong>and</strong> no-frills outdoor knives that are<br />

designed for tough use, <strong>and</strong> inspire every adventurer<br />

with their high functionality. The comparatively<br />

compact <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Bark Beetle is suitable for both<br />

the wilderness <strong>and</strong> everyday life, <strong>and</strong> convinces<br />

with uncompromising practicality. The knife<br />

owes its name to the tiny bark beetle, which<br />

nowadays enjoys a rather dubious reputation. Yet<br />

the unpopular beetle is a true master of recycling<br />

dead wood <strong>and</strong> has been an indispensable part of<br />

the forest ecosystem for many millions of years. The<br />

sturdy full tang construction of 1095 carbon steel is<br />

finished with a matte coating that provides effective<br />

protection against corrosion. In addition, the<br />

textured h<strong>and</strong>le scales, made of olive green canvas<br />

micarta, with their additional milling fit securely<br />

in the h<strong>and</strong>. The brass colored hollow rivets in the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le not only reduce the weight, but also allow<br />

the attachment of a safety strap. With high quality<br />

black leather sheath that can be worn comfortably<br />

on the belt. Blade length: 3.62". Thickness: 3.2mm.<br />

Overall length: 8.03". Weight: 4.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 02BO039 $ 67.95<br />


The robust <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Little Rok from James Helm is<br />

suitable for everyday use as well as for the field <strong>and</strong><br />

convinces with balance, ergonomics <strong>and</strong> durability.<br />

The American custom knifemaker from Texas spent<br />

his childhood on his parents‘ ranch <strong>and</strong> thus came<br />

into contact with tools <strong>and</strong> knives at an early age.<br />

He made his first designs shortly after high school,<br />

<strong>and</strong> has been designing <strong>and</strong> building knives full<br />

time since 2009. His designs are geared in particular<br />

to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts <strong>and</strong> police <strong>and</strong><br />

military forces. The sturdy SK-85 drop point blade<br />

features an abrasion-resistant black powder coating<br />

<strong>and</strong> full tang construction, so it can withst<strong>and</strong><br />

heavy use with ease. The contoured green Micarta<br />

h<strong>and</strong>le always feels secure in the h<strong>and</strong> thanks to the<br />

fine texturing, <strong>and</strong> allows for a variety of safe <strong>and</strong><br />

comfortable grip positions. Quick h<strong>and</strong>le changes<br />

into reverse grip or back are supported by the<br />

ergonomic shape of the h<strong>and</strong>le. The characteristic<br />

hollow rivets also serve as a catch strap eyelet. With<br />

snug-fitting Kydex sheath <strong>and</strong> practical belt adapter.<br />

Blade length: 4.10". Thickness: 5mm. Overall length:<br />

8.67". Weight: 7.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 02BO026 $ 129.95<br />


To honor George W. Sears‘ concept of the lightest<br />

possible outdoor equipment, knifemaker Jesper<br />

Voxnæs has developed this compact version of<br />

the Nessmuk knife. Made of D2 in full tang<br />

construction, the knife is not only suitable for<br />

outdoor use <strong>and</strong> hunting, but also proves its worth<br />

in everyday life. Black Micarta h<strong>and</strong>le scales <strong>and</strong><br />

the black powder coating of the blade give the<br />

Nessmi Pro a tactical look, while the hollow copper<br />

rivets add a colorful accent <strong>and</strong> also serve as a<br />

lanyard hole. Supplied with black leather sheath.<br />

Blade length: 2.76". Thickness: 2.9mm. Overall<br />

length: 6.10". Weight: 3 oz.<br />

Item No. 02BO066 $ 79.95<br />

4 | BOKER PLUS HERMOD 2.0<br />

Dirk Hofmeister from Midgards Messer presents the<br />

<strong>Boker</strong> Plus Hermod 2.0, another practical outdoor<br />

knife for which alternative h<strong>and</strong>le scales in a wide<br />

variety of shapes, colors <strong>and</strong> materials can be easily<br />

printed out yourself, using a 3D printer. The Hermod<br />

2.0, which is also designed as a rescue <strong>and</strong> survival<br />

knife, is equipped with a stonewash blade made of<br />

D2 <strong>and</strong> has a full tang construction. The high bevel<br />

ensures excellent cutting properties despite the<br />

solid blade. The contoured h<strong>and</strong>le scales made of<br />

black G10 are ergonomically shaped <strong>and</strong> give the<br />

h<strong>and</strong> an outst<strong>and</strong>ing grip, even in cold weather or<br />


02BO053<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Hermod 2.0.<br />

$ 89.95<br />

when used with gloves. Pronounced serrations in the<br />

area of the thumb rest <strong>and</strong> at the end of the h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

further increase work safety. With glass-breaker,<br />

lanyard hole, snug-fitting Kydex sheath <strong>and</strong> practical<br />

belt adapter. Blade length: 4.17". Thickness: 4.7mm.<br />

Overall length: 8.46". Weight: 6.4 oz.<br />

Item No. 02BO053 $ 89.95<br />

5 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Mad<br />

Man.<br />

$ 99.95<br />


The h<strong>and</strong>y three-fingered knife <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Mad Man<br />

from Franck Souville is extremely durable thanks to its<br />

full tang construction <strong>and</strong> dark stonewash finish, <strong>and</strong><br />

is also suitable for tougher use as a robust utility knife.<br />

The French knifemaker from picturesque Montgesoye<br />

is known far beyond the country‘s borders for its<br />

reliable, extremely sturdy knives <strong>and</strong> combines classic<br />

designs with innovative manufacturing techniques<br />

<strong>and</strong> state-of-the-art materials. In doing so, the gifted<br />

blacksmith lacks neither imagination nor originality.<br />

The knife‘s short clip point blade is crafted from D2<br />

<strong>and</strong> features a pronounced ricasso <strong>and</strong> unobtrusive<br />

h<strong>and</strong> guard. The contoured h<strong>and</strong>le scales are made of<br />

non-slip Micarta <strong>and</strong> always feel secure in the h<strong>and</strong>,<br />

even when wet. With reinforced catch strap eyelet,<br />

snug-fitting Kydex sheath <strong>and</strong> practical belt adapter.<br />

Blade length: 3.31". Thickness: 4mm. Overall length:<br />

6.18". Weight: 4.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 02BO052 $ 99.95<br />


Designed by Franck Souville, the <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Bad<br />

Guy is a massive slip joint pocket knife with an<br />

impressive appearance. The French knifemaker from<br />

picturesque Montgesoye is known far beyond the<br />

country‘s borders for his reliable, extremely sturdy<br />

knives, <strong>and</strong> combines classic designs with innovative<br />

manufacturing techniques <strong>and</strong> state-of-the-art<br />

materials. In doing so, the gifted blacksmith lacks<br />

neither imagination nor originality. The wide clip point<br />

blade is made of D2 <strong>and</strong> features a fine hairline finish<br />

<strong>and</strong> a pronounced ricasso. The knife is opened by nail<br />

nick <strong>and</strong> does not lock. The exceptional G10 h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

scales feature a rough textured finish reminiscent<br />

of a rustic forged skin. Indicated bolsters, red fiber<br />

layers of G10 <strong>and</strong> a stylized skull emblem on the<br />

front underline the provocative character of the knife.<br />

With lanyard hole <strong>and</strong> high quality nylon pouch for<br />

storage. Blade length: 3.54". Thickness: 3.8mm.<br />

Overall length: 8.19". Weight: 5.4 oz.<br />

Item No. 01BO194 $119.95<br />

6 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus<br />

Bad Guy.<br />

$ 119.95<br />



The reliable Magnum Chainsaw Backup Latin Machete<br />

is equipped in this version with a straight blade made<br />

of coated 420, which is particularly popular in South<br />

America. The robust machete does not leave its owner<br />

hanging even in the tropical rainforest <strong>and</strong> is a serious<br />

forestry tool for limbing <strong>and</strong> young growth maintenance.<br />

The solid flat-angled construction with quadruplescrewed<br />

rubberized h<strong>and</strong>le scales fit comfortably in the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>, while the optimal balance of blade thickness <strong>and</strong><br />

length <strong>and</strong> the ergonomic h<strong>and</strong>le design allow fatiguefree<br />

work. The h<strong>and</strong>le nose doubles as a lanyard hole. A<br />

sturdy, lined nylon sheath with double push-button lock<br />

protects both the machete <strong>and</strong> its wearer. Blade length:<br />

11.65". Thickness: 3.8mm. Overall length: 16.73".<br />

Weight: 1 lb.<br />

Item No. 02RY691 $ 53.95<br />


The Magnum Rangebuster is a lightweight slip joint<br />

pocket knife equipped with a 440A satin finished blade.<br />

It opens by nail nick <strong>and</strong> does not lock. Rivets <strong>and</strong> liners<br />

are made of nickel silver, <strong>and</strong> the flat h<strong>and</strong>le scales are<br />

made of rugged brown Micarta. The Rangebuster is one<br />

of the classic knife styles that have gained international<br />

notoriety from Solingen <strong>and</strong> is prized by countless<br />

workers around the world. It is known to American<br />

farmers as the “sodbuster,” to miners in the mines of<br />

northern France as the “miner,” <strong>and</strong> to Solingen workers<br />

as the “hippekniep.” Blade length: 2.95". Thickness:<br />

2.2mm. Overall length: 6.54". Weight: 2.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01RY143 $ 44.95<br />

1 | Magnum CSB Latin<br />

Machete.<br />

$ 53.95<br />


The popular Magnum Eternal Classic is equipped in<br />

this variant with a practical thumb stud, so it can be<br />

opened comfortably with one h<strong>and</strong>. The nearly spinetipped<br />

blade of satin finished 440A is equipped with a<br />

pronounced ricasso, which from a distance resembles a<br />

shark. The slim, simply textured stainless steel h<strong>and</strong>le fits<br />

comfortably in the h<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> houses the reliable frame<br />

lock. With deep carry clip (tip-down) <strong>and</strong> safety strap<br />

loop. Blade length: 3.54". Thickness: 2.8mm. Overall<br />

length: 8.07". Weight: 4.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 01RY324 $ 34.95<br />


A pocket knife package that could not be more<br />

comprehensive. The Magnum Blomkvist offers three<br />

functions - a blade, glass-breaker <strong>and</strong> belt cutter. It<br />

comes with a h<strong>and</strong>y nylon belt sheath with an extra<br />

pocket for a whetstone. The titanium coated blade of<br />

440A stainless steel opens with a flipper or thumb stud<br />

<strong>and</strong> is secured with a sturdy liner lock. The h<strong>and</strong>le scales<br />

of olive wood give the knife a warm <strong>and</strong> natural look,<br />

offering an interesting contrast to the modern carbonstyle<br />

bolsters. The high end belt sheath can be worn<br />

vertically or horizontally on the belt. For more carry<br />

options <strong>and</strong> added flexibility, the versatile Blomkvist also<br />

has a deep-carry clip (tip-down). Blade length: 3.35".<br />

Thickness: 2.7mm. Overall length: 8.07". Weight: 4.3 oz.<br />

Item No. 01MB736 $ 44.95<br />

02RY691<br />


The Magnum Classic Hunter Slim Kids convinces as a<br />

safe children’s knife with a satin finished clip point blade<br />

made of 440A <strong>and</strong> completes the equipment of every<br />

young scout <strong>and</strong> adventurer. Designed specifically for<br />

children’s h<strong>and</strong>s, the pocket knife is significantly smaller<br />

than the original Magnum Classic Hunter Slim <strong>and</strong> has<br />

a rounded tip for safety. Both the main blade <strong>and</strong> the<br />

versatile saw are opened by nail nick <strong>and</strong> individually<br />

locked by a sturdy backlock, preventing accidental<br />

folding. The contoured h<strong>and</strong>le scales are made of<br />

Mediterranean olive wood <strong>and</strong> fit comfortably in the<br />

h<strong>and</strong>. With practical lanyard hole. Blade length: 2.56".<br />

Thickness: 2.5mm. Overall length: 5.87". Weight: 3.5 oz.<br />

Item No. 01MB135 $ 37.95<br />


2 | Magnum<br />

Rangebuster Micarta.<br />

$ 44.95<br />

01RY143<br />

3 | Magnum Eternal<br />

Classic Thumb.<br />

$ 34.95<br />

01RY324<br />

4 | Magnum<br />

Blomkvist Olive.<br />

$ 44.95<br />

01MB736<br />

Includes high<br />

quality sheath<br />

with small<br />

whetstone<br />

5 | Magnum Classic<br />

Hunter Slim Kids.<br />

$ 37.95<br />

01MB135<br />


09BO037<br />

1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Plus Redox<br />

Pen Brass.<br />

$ 56.95<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Leather<br />

Holster Brown.<br />

$ 57.95<br />

09BO296<br />


The versatile <strong>Boker</strong> Super Eraser is perfect for<br />

grinding, scrubbing, smoothing, cleaning, <strong>and</strong><br />

polishing metal surfaces, with its fine 240 grit.<br />

Especially with blades made of carbon steel, the<br />

typical dark spots as well as rust can appear after<br />

some time. This is absolutely normal <strong>and</strong> does not<br />

represent a defect, but it may disturb the optical<br />

appearance of the knife. To give the blades a<br />

new shine again, regular care with the <strong>Boker</strong><br />

Super Eraser is therefore recommended. Made in<br />

Germany. Dimensions: 3.15" x 1.97" x 0.79".<br />

Item No. 09BO304 $ 14.95<br />

3 | <strong>Boker</strong> Leather<br />

Holster Black.<br />

$ 57.95<br />

09BO295<br />


An elegant new version of the redox. The innovative<br />

<strong>Boker</strong> Plus Redox Pen is based on a thous<strong>and</strong>-year-old<br />

technique, which was known in ancient Rome <strong>and</strong><br />

was even used by Leonardo da Vinci <strong>and</strong> Albrecht<br />

Dürer for their famous drawings. The modern pen<br />

does not require a refill <strong>and</strong> works completely without<br />

graphite abrasion or ink. Instead, the Redox Pen takes<br />

advantage of the rapid oxidation that occurs when<br />

the ethergraf tip comes into contact with paper. This<br />

means that the pen does not wear out, leaves no<br />

unwanted traces on h<strong>and</strong>s or clothing <strong>and</strong> can be used<br />

without any problems even under the most adverse<br />

conditions. Moreover, what has once been written<br />

down cannot be wiped away. The high quality tip is<br />

made by the Italian writing instrument manufacturer,<br />

Napkin. The Redox Pen looks like a classic pencil, <strong>and</strong><br />

is made of elegant brass, which develops a unique<br />

patina over time. With a practical clip. Length: 5.16".<br />

Weight: 2 oz.<br />

Item No. 09BO037 $ 56.95<br />


This high quality holster made of the finest nubuck<br />

leather can hold up to three items <strong>and</strong> is characterized<br />

by an extremely high wearing comfort. The large<br />

main compartment holds a pocket knife with a h<strong>and</strong>le<br />

length of up to 4", while the other two compartments<br />

are also open in the lower area <strong>and</strong> offer enough<br />

space for a compact flashlight <strong>and</strong> a pen or tactical<br />

pen. The <strong>Boker</strong> leather holster is designed for a belt<br />

width of up to 1.75" <strong>and</strong> can be worn on the right or<br />

left. The embossed <strong>Boker</strong> tree sets a discreet accent<br />

<strong>and</strong> elegantly rounds off the noble appearance of<br />

this exceptional holster. Height: 4.33". Width: 6.70".<br />

Available in two colors:<br />

09BO304<br />

4 | <strong>Boker</strong> Super Eraser.<br />

$ 14.95<br />


In brown nubuck leather.<br />

Item No. 09BO296 $ 57.95<br />


In black nubuck leather.<br />

Item No. 09BO295 $ 57.95<br />


6 | <strong>Boker</strong> Tube Scarf<br />

Treebr<strong>and</strong> Red.<br />

$ 7.95<br />

5 | <strong>Boker</strong> Tube Scarf<br />

Damascus.<br />

$ 7.95<br />

09BO193<br />

09BO189<br />

09BO190<br />

7 | <strong>Boker</strong> Tube Scarf<br />

Treebr<strong>and</strong> Green.<br />

$ 7.95<br />

5 - 7 | BOKER TUBE SCARF<br />

The practical <strong>Boker</strong> Plus tube scarf is extremely stretchy<br />

<strong>and</strong> can be used as a neckerchief, scarf, bracelet,<br />

headb<strong>and</strong>, hair b<strong>and</strong>, balaclava or head scarf. The<br />

versatile, wearable cold <strong>and</strong> sun protection made of<br />

polyester <strong>and</strong> is a useful companion in the wilderness<br />

as well as for sports or everyday life. Dimensions:<br />

17.91" (L) x 10.04" (W). Available in three patterns:<br />


With a unique, abstract Damascus pattern.<br />

Item No. 09BO189 $ 7.95<br />


With an abstract forest pattern, in red.<br />

Item No. 09BO190 $ 7.95<br />


With an abstract forest pattern, in green.<br />

Item No. 09BO193 $ 7.95<br />

8 - 9 | BOKER SOCKS SET<br />

The famous <strong>Boker</strong> Applegate-Fairbairn tactical knives,<br />

now available as a foot-flattering variant for all covert<br />

operations of everyday life. With a special emphasis on<br />

the right camouflage – whether in leisure, profession or<br />

on festive occasions, these socks, in the colors brown,<br />

gray <strong>and</strong> petrol, perfectly round off any outfit. As a<br />

classic boot knife, the dagger with scabbard adorns<br />

the ankle part of the sock, while the parts at the toe,<br />

heel <strong>and</strong> hem are set off in lighter colors. The material<br />

mix of cotton (53%), polyamide (45%) <strong>and</strong> elastane<br />

(2%) guarantees excellent wearing comfort. Made in<br />

Portugal. A must for every knife fan <strong>and</strong> guaranteed<br />

§42a compliant. Each set contains 3 pairs of socks, <strong>and</strong><br />

is available in two sizes:<br />


Size 6.5 to 9.<br />

Item No. 09BO198 $ 19.95<br />


Size 10 to 13.<br />

Item No. 09BO199 $ 19.95<br />

8 & 9 | <strong>Boker</strong> Socks Set.<br />

$ 19.95<br />

09BO198<br />

09BO199<br />




The Swiss Dagger was a common weapon of the Swiss<br />

pikemen in the 15th <strong>and</strong> 16th centuries, which often<br />

had a middle position between dagger <strong>and</strong> sword<br />

due to its blade length. The dagger, also known as<br />

a “Baselard,” was usually not issued as ordinance<br />

weapons, but had to be purchased privately by the<br />

soldiers <strong>and</strong> then served as a secondary weapon.<br />

Characteristic of the Swiss Dagger is the design of<br />

the pommel <strong>and</strong> the cross guard. The unusual, curved<br />

design can be traced back to the early 13th century <strong>and</strong><br />

can also be found in the authentic design of our h<strong>and</strong>made<br />

edition. H<strong>and</strong>picked local cherry wood is used<br />

for the h<strong>and</strong>les of the dagger, which has enjoyed great<br />

popularity since ancient times, especially because of<br />

its warm reddish hue. The blade is made of the classic<br />

carbon steel C75 <strong>and</strong> impresses with its significant<br />

length. Includes an elaborate metal sheath based on<br />

historic models. Blade length: 8.62". Thickness: 5mm.<br />

Overall length: 14.17". Weight: 9.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 121553 $ 489.00<br />


As early as the 15th <strong>and</strong> 16th centuries, the Swiss<br />

dagger was used as a common weapon by Swiss<br />

pikemen <strong>and</strong>, due to its blade length, often occupied<br />

a middle position between dagger <strong>and</strong> sword. The<br />

dagger, also known as a baselard, usually served as<br />

a secondary weapon <strong>and</strong> was usually not issued as<br />

equipment, but had to be procured privately by the<br />

soldiers.<br />

1 | <strong>Boker</strong> Swiss<br />

Dagger.<br />

$ 489.00<br />

Limited to<br />

500 pieces<br />

2 | <strong>Boker</strong> Swiss<br />

Dagger Mosaic<br />

Damaascus.<br />

$ 1,499.00<br />

The extraordinary Twisted Damascus is now followed<br />

by the Mosaic Damascus, which is also very complex<br />

to manufacture. It is one of the royal class of Damascus<br />

forging <strong>and</strong> makes the impressive dagger an absolute<br />

highlight in every knife collection. In contrast to<br />

conventional Damascus, no layers are produced in the<br />

manufacture of Mosaic Damascus. Instead, complex<br />

Damascus bars are forged by h<strong>and</strong> into a mosaic in<br />

an elaborate <strong>and</strong> very complicated process. To do<br />

this, the Damascus package, which initially consists<br />

of stacked layers, is cut up <strong>and</strong> reassembled in a<br />

staggered manner to create a unique mosaic pattern<br />

at the end faces of the bar. The Damascus is then cut<br />

up again <strong>and</strong> the complex process is repeated several<br />

times, the resulting pattern becoming finer <strong>and</strong> more<br />

unique with each step. Finally, the individual packages<br />

are stacked <strong>and</strong> forged in the shape of a square so that<br />

the ends of the individual pieces form a new surface.<br />

Forging temperature, forming, deformation rate <strong>and</strong><br />

the previous steps must be optimally coordinated. This<br />

extremely dem<strong>and</strong>ing forging process, which only few<br />

Damascus smiths master, is carried out to perfection<br />

for our Swiss dagger by Chad Nichols.<br />

The dagger blade, sharpened <strong>and</strong> pointed on both<br />

sides, already had a diamond-shaped cross section in<br />

historical models, because this construction proved<br />

to be extremely stable <strong>and</strong> effective. The shimmering<br />

dark h<strong>and</strong>le, crafted of h<strong>and</strong> selected certified<br />

imported ebony, is bordered by the highly polished<br />

pommel <strong>and</strong> the crossguard, <strong>and</strong> forms a perfect unit<br />

with the fine blade.<br />

121553<br />

The leather sheath, specially designed <strong>and</strong> h<strong>and</strong> sewn<br />

for this model, underlines the exclusivity of this coveted<br />

collector's item. It is delivered with an individual<br />

serial number in a h<strong>and</strong>some wooden box, with a<br />

certificate of authenticity. H<strong>and</strong>made in the <strong>Boker</strong> Knife<br />

Manufactory in Solingen <strong>and</strong> strictly limited to 500<br />

pieces worldwide. Blade length: 8.62". Thickness: 5mm.<br />

Overall length: 14.17". Weight: 9.1 oz.<br />

Item No. 121554DAM $ 1,499.00<br />

121554DAM<br />


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