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With the seismic rate at which the country’s EdTech sector

has been growing for the past few years, it is evident

that there will be no looking back. And if the experts are

to be believed, the next decade is expected to see the industry reach

$30 billion, a whopping rise from the current $800 million.

Private equity investments are majorly instrumental for the

industry’s giant strides in comparatively less time. Global EdTech

leaders have made a strong presence in the country. Healthy growth

has also encouraged the emergence of many start-ups that are

competing to be the best. Most importantly, the National Education

Policy (NEP) 2020 will add to the colossal growth in EdTech.

Easy access to gadgets like computers, Tabs, smartphones, and Apps

that facilitate live interactive classes has also helped the industry’s

growth. Internet penetration throughout the country made EdTech

easily accessible to all for less cost. The K-12 market is the most

promising one in the current situation and will continue to be so.

Test preparation and online certification are the other major markets.

The ongoing global pandemic saw educational institutions

adopt online learning faster than one could imagine in


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in EdTech are

expected to grow by nearly 50% by the end of this year.

Automation of basic activities by AI and ML has enhanced

user experience.

The industry was already on a healthy growth path before

Covid-19. It got a massive boost after the pandemic broke

out, and many private players, including global ones,

pitched in to invest, there have been acquisitions and upgradation

in the service. The companies provide apps and

services for students of all age groups, which are easy to

use. A majority of school and college students have shifted

to online classes.

With a number of EdTech companies mushrooming, it has

also become confusing for educationists and parents to

choose the best. To make things easy for you, we have

featured some of the best EdTech companies in our latest

edition of The Knowledge Review, India’s 10 Best EdTech

Companies to Watch, 2021. These companies have traveled

that extra mile to transform education through technology

and give a fulfilling experience to both educators and


As you flip through the pages of this interesting edition,

please do read the CXO standpoint and the articles curated

by our in-house editorial team.

Happy reading! T R

The demand for online education has also seen EdTech

companies go on a hiring spree. This is the right time for a

career in this industry.

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AR and VR in the

Education Sector



Career in

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Education with AI

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to watch, 2021

Name of the Institution




AskIITians has brought a ne range of

preparatory online courses for JEE & NEET,

where each course caters to different study

requirements of students.


DLP Education






Leverage Edu

Careers360 eases biggest doubts of students

with personalized video counselling from its

curated experts and and answers from the

student community.

With years of experience in the education

domain, strong team, and a diversied business

portfolio, DLP Education is one of the very few

protable ventures in the country.

Founded by IIT Madras and Delft University of

Technology (Netherlands) alumni, Edwisely is

India’s rst AI-driven personalized hybrid learning

platform that connects both curriculum and


Embibe is focused on the vision to deliver

holistic learning solutions to students

regardless of their level of ability, exposure

and access.

Enggenious enables the journey of students as

career aspirants to industry leaders, through

eLearning, conventional, and blended

learning ways.

GlobalGyan academy provides practical and

ready-to-use management learning from industry

leaders by using appropriate blend of digital,

classroom and application projects to ensure that

learning is continuous, practical, and interactive.

With the objective of redening and reimagining

education for the 21st century, LearnApp is an online

video education platform that brings the best minds in

the eld of trading, investing and business

management to teach from a relevant, skill-driven


Leverage Edu helps students gure what they

should do and where they should be at -

wherever that be in the world - to realise their

full potential.


Schoology has every tool your classroom needs

and comes pre-integrated with more than

200+ tools, student information systems (SIS),

and education platforms.


Education with AI

These are exciting times in the landscape of

education. Where once the time-honoured tradition

used to be sitting in a classroom or a lecture-venue,

the concept of classrooms has now been thrown wide open

in a way that has never been seen before. Once again, man

ventures into the unknown with this revolution that the

education sector is experiencing right now, and we will see

the fruits of it in the coming years.

In the global education landscape, the growth of AI is

expected to rise to $6 billion by 2024 with China and US

leading the charge. Most recently, AI has started to appear

in many colleges and universities to drive enrolment or to

streamline operations, among other things.

One such area where we can anticipate the rise of AI and

machine learning to demonstrate their enormous influence

is on personalized learning. A steadfast company which is

leading the charge to bring about the educational revolution

through AI is Edwisely.

Aspire to Make a Difference

Founded by IIT Madras and Delft University of Technology

(Netherlands) alumni, Edwisely is India's first AI-driven

personalized hybrid learning platform that connects both

curriculum and career.

Recognized among the Top 10 Emerging EdTech start-ups

in 2021, the company has completed 3 years of deep

research on Indian higher education to understand the

fundamental and practical issues that need to be addressed,

with the valuable advice from various eminent

educationalists. Edwisely has forged a community

partnership with NASSCOM. It has been identified as a

high potential startup among Higher Education SAAS

companies and is now part of Amazon’s AWS EdStart


Edwisely technology for higher education institutions

harnesses artificial intelligence to help teachers create a

personalized learning experience for their students and

significantly improve their learning outcomes. The analytics

engine continuously captures data from learning,

behavioural, and assessment cycles to provide custom

learning paths and prescriptive actions. Edwisely's

knowledge graph and cloud-based architecture allow it to

handle large datasets and scale across different disciplines.

“In the current pace of technology evolution, India needs a

new generation of quality institutions and educators to

nurture and build productive and creative individuals,”

stated Mr. Harsha Kankanala, the Co-Founder of

Edwisely. “The current education system runs on a onesize-fits-all

model. Obsession for marks and constant

comparisons have broken the self-confidence of students.

The system is more driven by examination, rather than

educating the individual to become a productive citizen.

Institutions that are the temple of learning, are unable to

provide quality education. With rapid changing

requirements from the industry and the limitation of subject

matter expertise, it has become a challenge to adapt to the

changes,” he added.

Edwisely's Mission is – To make every Indian graduate

employable by harnessing AI for personalized learning.

The EdTech Harbinger

Harsha Vardhan Reddy Kankanala (Harsha) is an engineer

turned Edupreneur and Co-Founder at Edwisely. Working

on a vision to personalize education, Harsha helps learners

8 | MM 2021 |

achieve their goals in a faster and an efficient way.

Coming from a family of teachers, he has closely seen the

changing trends of teaching and learning, both from a

faculty and a student perspective. His passion for education

has triggered him to start Edwisely. He strongly believes in

the fact that understanding the student needs, capabilities

and personalizing their learning experience can bring a real

change in Education. With this vision, he has been

researching ways to improve education by using

technologies like AI. He has done a detailed study on

various pedagogies, global curriculum frameworks, and

adaptive methodologies in higher education.

The Path

Although, the company had a long and arduous journey of 4

years since its initial inception, Harsha Kankanala (the

founding member), Yashwanth Tudimilla (Co-Founder

and AI expert who is an alumnus of IIT Madras), and Y. S.

Rao (Co-Founder) started Edwisely with a fresh

perspective, having learned from their past experiences.

Edwisely technology

for higher education institutions

harnesses artificial intelligence

to help teachers create a

personalized learning

experience for their students

and significantly improve their

learning outcomes

After working with major global airlines, churning massive

amounts of data for better pricing and customer experience,

9 | MM 2021 |

Yashwanth has decided to apply the same AI technologies

in personalized learning.

“At the core of personalization lies ‘Knowledge Graph’:

A technology that is used by all tech giants. A Knowledge

Graph is like the internet of knowledge. Millions of atomic

knowledge units (concepts) interconnected with

relationships. This lays the robust foundation needed for AI

to propagate,” says Yashwanth.

His team at Edwisely is harnessing the power of data


“Our aim is to connect, collaborate, and co-create future

workforce by addressing pain points of all the stakeholders

– educators (knowledge providers), students (knowledge

seekers) and industry (knowledge consumers).” explains Y

S Rao, the other Co-founder of Edwisely who had been

with the industry for more than 32 years and hired large

batches of entry-level employees.

YS Rao contributes to building the industry side of the

product, Role-competency matrix, career to curriculum

mapping, and accelerating the placements with validated

student learning and assessment analytics. This will

facilitate the companies hiring - qualified, skilled, and

knowledgeable students' data meeting their job descriptions

across the colleges saving lots of time and effort. The entire

activities related to screening, profiling, shortlisting, and

qualifying can be shortened to hours with validated data

points. YS Rao brings his expertise to Edwisely by forging

all key partnerships with academia and industry.

They raised the notion of transforming higher education

institutions into AI-powered learning campuses. Further, the

team also wanted the end customers to experience the

vision of AI transformation through premium user interface

and personalized interactions within the product. To achieve

the same, they went to India's best design company to uplift

the UI/UX and to make the user experience the value


Institutions that are looking to new-age learning, should

start thinking beyond regular LMS (learning management

systems) or ERP (enterprise resource management)

systems. Most of these technologies that colleges and

universities are currently using are just used as convenience

tools for administrative purposes and for few academic

activities. They don't bring in a real value proposition to

either faculty or students, in terms of making learning more

purposeful and engaging. Today, with the increased

technology adoption rate, institutions should aim for

futuristic technologies that can bring in a significant impact

in day-to-day education, rather than going back to regular

standardised technology platforms.

These helped Edwisely reach out to 1000+ colleges in the

span of 6 months, starting from October 2020. Various

education veterans, vice-chancellors and institutional heads

started acknowledging Edwisely's mission, its products, and

the unique value proposition it brings to the institutions. A

strong product-market fit has been established, being the

only company in India that brings personalized learning

technology to higher education institutions.

Changing the Game: The 'What’

Innovative learning science models with the intervention of

technology, unlocks the future of education. Personalization

in education using AI majorly depends on the multi-faceted

learning approach for each concept.

10 | MM 2021 |

India's 10 Best EdTech Companies to Watch, 2021

Though lots of learning science models and preferential

styles are constantly evolving, a little is known about what

an individual student needs for him/her to learn better. In

general, assessments conducted in the colleges fail to

understand the exact reasons for the students' inability to

learn. Is it a lack of prerequisite knowledge to master a

concept; inadequate time spent; attention deficiency;

improper exam temperament; mismatch in learning styles

and preferences.

Edwisely’s AI systems will automatically analyse the

reason for inability and support each student to get through

by personalizing their learning experience. AI-based

recommendation engine also provides the best learning

modules based on individual's learning styles and abilities.

Edwisely AI framework can also support institutes in

nurturing the personality by understanding individual

students' attributes in the 1st year of their graduation and

support them to build on that.

Edwisely AI-driven Personalized Career path helps

accelerate institute placements by connecting students to

their best fit opportunities across the nation. Personalization

helps students set their career goals and drives them to stay

ahead of their peers by following our career guidance

model, focusing on individuals' skills and job key skill


The Edwisely web applications, mobile applications

(IOS/Android) are designed for the faculty, students, and

management which are customised to their requirements.

These applications conduct assessments and analytics,

create learning paths as well as career paths, and plan to

integrate an AI-Driven Placement Accelerator.

Institutions that are empowered with Edwisely are branded

as 'AI Powered Personalized Campuses’.

“Our goal is to transform 1000 colleges into AI Powered

Personalized Campuses by 2025,” concluded Harsha, the

perseverant leader of Edwisely.


Recognizing the efforts and impact

that Edwisely can create, ASSOCHAM,

The Associated Chambers of

Commerce of India has awarded the

young startup 'The Emerging Startup

of the Year' award at the 14th National

Education Summit in New Delhi.

11 | MM 2021 |



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India's 10 Best EdTech Companies to Watch, 2021

Bring in the Digital Autodidacts

The online learning market in India is set to grow

from USD 247 million (around 1.6 million users) in

2016, to eight times that and sit comfortably at

USD 1.96 billion (around 9.6 million users) by the year

2021 itself. While reskilling and online education market

currently accounts for a significant part of the online

education sector, online test preparation is expected to be

the fastest growing category. With an explosion of resources

becoming more available to the masses by the day, the

process of knowledge acquisition and dissemination has

never been easier. And if one wishes to sharpen his/her

skills and expand his/her horizon in the engineering and

manufacturing domains through the medium of online

learning, Enggenious is the right place to be.

The simplest way to describe Enggenious: it is a company

of learning solutions experts in engineering and

manufacturing domains. They design and deliver learning

solutions for and about automotive, auto-ancillary, power,

metal, oil, and gas, and other manufacturing domains.

Enggenious addresses the learning needs of all stages –

employability, deployability, career advancements,

leadership and serve purposes of up-skilling, in-depth

knowledge, and expertise. It enables the journey of students

as career aspirants to industry leaders, through eLearning,

conventional and blended learning ways.

Enggenious is a strategic business unit at SAN Techno

Mentors Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2006 by a group of IIT and

COEP alumnus with long years of professional experience

in diverse industry verticals, SAN Techno Mentors has been

into conventional classroom training and mentoring for the

engineering and manufacturing companies. Gradually, SAN

Techno Mentors became first choice technical training

partner for large and medium engineering and

manufacturing companies across the world.

SAN Techno Mentors is a part of SAN Group. Established

in 1990, it has six companies in product design, electronic

manufacturing, industrial automation, data connectivity

We will keep

impacting top lines,

bottom lines

of the

companies with well

researched and

awesomely built



solutions, instrumentation, and value engineering domains

respectively. SAN group has presence in India and the

Middle East and works with a global clientele.

With a large pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) with

strong industry and brilliant academic backgrounds,

experienced instructional designers (IDs) and creative

visualizers working together, Enggenious creates

meaningfully engaging and lasting learning experiences

which are beyond books and theories.

Having worked with large Indian and foreign corporates in

this space, Enggenious is ably equipped with the know-how

of designing learning solutions for students, freshers,

graduate engineering trainees or senior, mid or senior

engineers, managers and leaders.

Team now comprises of 60 plus ex-IITs, ex-COEP, PhDs

subject matter experts with average 30 plus years of

experience in industry and academia. Digital media experts,

experienced instructional designers and developers work

with those subject and domain experts to create awesome

learning experiences.

14 | MM 2021 |

Leading the Charge

With an industry and academic experience of 35 years,

Sudhir Panditrao, Founder, Director of SAN Techno

Mentors has always been a passionate trainer. Sudhir

completed his Bachelors’ of Engineering (BE) in

instrumentation and control from COEP in 1985, and later

Masters’ of Engineering (ME) in instrumentation and

control from COEP in 2003.

Mangesh Wagh, CEO at SAN Techno Mentors comes

from digital technology and media profession with

experience of 17 years. BE in production from COEP in

2001, and later PGDBM in marketing from Indus Business

Academy in 2005. Mangesh brings in his expertise in

digital technologies as content development and delivery

platforms and digital media.

eLearning is the need of the hour, a cliché, but true

statement. According to the team over at Enggenious, one

of their major turn-ons in eLearning has been the creative

visualization aspect. The company believes that the core

eLearning quality comes from there. For the learner to gain

complete clarity on technological/technical concepts,

content needs to be built with excellent creative


“After going through our courses when the learner says,

‘never thought it was that easy’…that’s the kick we live for,”

commented Mr Mangesh Wagh.

A Goal to Inspire Towards

Enggenious impacts top and bottom lines of clients via

well-crafted learning solutions. It wants to be that catalyst

who work with learning and development (L&D) teams to

create and continuously build upon desirable learning

culture. On the other side of the spectrum of the industry,

there is a great scope to bridge industry-academia

expectation gap. “We are working with academic institutes

to prepare their future workforce which exceeds industry

expectations, rather than setting greatly elevated

benchmarks,” said Mr Sudhir Panditrao.

They do this by keeping in mind a few simple mantras to

direct their time and energies toward:

Ÿ Learning that is beyond just books and theories

Ÿ Learning that sticks

Ÿ Learning that is joyful experience

Ÿ Encouraging the learner to learn continuously

“Having acquired marquee clientele over the years for

Sudhir Panditrao

Founder, Director

conventional learning solutions and also for the eLearning

and blended learning solutions, we are looking to scale up

rapidly in next couple of years,” added Mr Sudhir


Primary Products and Services

Ÿ Main products/services offered by Enggenious are as


Ÿ Off-the-shelf eLearning courses – online subscriptions

or buying packages

Ÿ Custom developed eLearning and microlearning courses

Ÿ Innovative blended learning courses; pre-packaged as

well as custom

Ÿ LMS- (learning management system) based competency

assessment solutions; pre-packaged as well as custom

Ÿ Enggenious learning solutions are created by subject

matter experts having global field experience in the

subject. Experts who create these courses/solutions are

available for training, mentoring and consultancy at site

or via web.

Weathering the Storms

There are several challenges faced by EdTech start-ups

manoeuvring the trials and tribulations of the industry.

15 | MM 2021 |

a comprehensive learning experience platform, with plans

to float their content on it.

The company soon plans to create cluster packages of

courses, for example, pool of courses for engineering

trainees, other one for the beginners in digital

manufacturing. “We are localizing a few of our courses in

Hindi and other regional languages,” added Mr Sudhir.

Elaborating on their perseverance and strive to reach new

milestones, Mr. Mangesh commented: “We love what we

do. Learning is a joy. Ask anyone. When you learn

something new, you are happy. If you have someone who

helps you learn well, makes it interesting, is not preachy but

a buddy; you will have great time learning.” This is perhaps

the same experience and trust which the clients have

received over the years.

Mangesh Wagh


However, according to Enggenious, the challenge that

resides at the core is andragogy. And it (Enggenious) is

going all out to nail this aspect. The courses need to be

meaningful, addressing needs and problems of the learners,

showing them the way to pursue their desires. Dumping

eLearning courses on employees or students and enforcing

them to get the ticks for the completion report will never

serve the larger purpose.

“You can deliver less useful content in high quality 3D

animation or VR or AR, versus delivering a much more

meaningful stuff in a text blog; you know what will make

the difference in learner’s life. Yes, interactivity,

engagement, overall production quality brings a lot of merit

but let andragogy be the hero of your solution,” is the word

to the wise, from Sudhir Panditrao and Mangesh Wagh.

Riding the Tides of Time

A few more talked about developments in the field of

learning solutions, are practices such as gamification,

localization, bite-sized-learning pieces, use of AI in the

learning management system platforms, interactive videos

and much more. Enggenious is looking to create or acquire

Enggenious has also adopted global technological trends

well. For example, they have mastered digital

manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and created comprehensive

learning solutions on the same. Very large manufacturing

companies have been continuously working with the

company to make themselves Industry 4.0 ready.

Based on the target audience and learning objectives, they

have created learning solutions of small durations like halfa-day

to three months long championship programs. These

programs include both synchronous and asynchronous

modes – eLearning, live lectures, recorded lectures, handson

training, interesting online gamified assessments, case

solving, hackathons and more.

Aspiring to Make an Impact

The journey of Enggenious has only just begun. Soon, they

envision to create an unseen value proposition for

engineering and manufacturing domains. Not just learning

solutions partner but a learning culture partner for

manufacturing companies, individual professionals and

even for the students preparing themselves for profession in

the engineering fields.

One obvious feature would be use of latest technology and

tools to enhance learners’ experience and retention of

knowledge. Continuous innovations on fronts of

instructional design, delivery, assessments and other aspects

of learning – that’s assured. By all measures, Enggenious is

all set to keep creating and maximizing joy of learning.

“We will impact top lines, bottom lines of the companies

with well researched and awesomely built learning

offerings,” concluded Mr. Mangesh Wagh.

16 | MM 2021 |

chool days are the golden days where we grow and

Sspend good times with our friends. In this pandemic,

many children have missed this opportunity to

experience their golden days. Moreover, the pressure is hard

to explain. How can we expect any student to understand

his/her syllabus without attending any classes in reality? And

how can we expect them to score well by those online

classes held on that small phone screens? Students are

depressed when they just can’t learn. So many people add up

more pressure on them because everyone wants them to

score well. And shouting at them, thinking they are not being

serious, can worsen things even further.

In this 21st century, it was already hard enough for the

students to understand what the teacher is teaching in 45

minutes. Imagine a class of 40 to 80 students, especially if

the seat is on that last bench, where all students are talking

and laughing, troubling the teacher, and half of his/her time

is spent shouting.

Then the pandemic invaded. What do you think about how

helpful these online classes are? Where the teacher is

speaking, and students are supposed to turn off their

phone’s audio button so that there is no noise. In this digital

world where our attention span is so short especially when

it comes to those things that are hard to understand.

And what about the learning part? How nice will it be if

learning could be something that everyone could enjoy, in

creative, engaging, and challenging manner rather than the

rote-learning and theory education? If this happens, then no

one have to force anyone to study, and stop them from

playing or from doing whatever they like to, studies will

become part of those things that they like to do instead.

No doubt nothing can replace the real-life experience when

it comes to those rare, good teaching sessions until that

thing can give the same experience as a real world. Yes, I

am talking about AR and VR. It is the answer to all those

18 | MM 2021 |

19 | MM 2021 |

New Pathways

prayers that all parents, teachers, and even students were

praying for.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are not difficult terms

to understand. These heavy-sounding theoretical words are

actually very interesting, and once you experience them,

you will be simply addicted to them. AR and VR differ

based on what device we require to experience them and

what we experience by them.

Virtual Reality is a program that you can use with headset

devices. It takes you to a completely virtual world that can

seem and feel completely real. But it can be a fictional

world. Whereas to use AR, you can use your smartphone. It

uses real-world settings. AR has the ability to upgrade the

real and virtual worlds.

It is a solution to so many problems in this pandemic. AR

and VR are proving to be helpful in various industries viz.

health care, corporate, governmental organisations, and

even in education. AR and VR can solve many problems

that our students have been facing while studying. Many

students are scared to ask questions in class or to speak up

when not able to understand what the teacher taught. Some

students understand better when they can imagine or relate

those topics.

And this can also be a solution for a cheap education. And

of course, now you don’t have to pay for that extra tuition

fees as well. Sounds like a dream? Well, it isn’t. By learning

with AR and VR technology, students are literally in that

time and place, witnessing the ongoing events happening in

the virtual world.

It’s a fact that we may forget the names of people, but we

mostly remember the faces, right?

Similarly, students perceive and remember better what they

learn by practical. They observe and follow with their

continuous thought process. Even their attention span is

better and longer in interesting activities, for example, the

topic is the universe, and the lecture is about to be conducted

in the virtual space itself. Now, who would of think

of bunking the class, right?

student would love to attend. The subject can be anything,

like science, history, or be it geography. The app can take

the students to museums, Antarctica, or the oceans of the

virtual world.

AR and VR are being utilized on a whole new level by the

Australian company called FLAIM Systems that is helping

its firefighters by training them in the virtual world.

There they experience all the dangerous zones of fire and

learn how to deal with them without being in a danger zone

in reality. Everything they see and feel is just as real as the

reality to them with AR and VR.

Wouldn’t it be great if all students could enjoy the education

equally, even if they are differently abled? We can

thank AR and VR technology again for designing this

facility with specialized features. Models that enable

students to regulate the device according to their needs.

This technology will help students to deal with ADHD,

depression, and anxieties problems that they experience due

to their studies. By making daily education as interactive as

it should be.

It can also solve the language problem that many students

have. For example, learning English or any subject in

English is hard for many students because they don’t

practice it in their regular life. But in virtual education, one

can not only practice but see how it is being used.

Providing students quality classes that they can enjoy is the

least we can do for them when they are willing to learn so

many subjects altogether. It is not easy for them. After all,

one student has to learn multiple different subjects whereas

there is a separate teacher for almost every subject. By

educating them with AR and VR, we can finally make it so

that students and children genuinely fall in love with


- Nidhi Arya

Did you know that the very first VR education was

conducted on September 3, 1943? In Berlin Blitz. It was the

true story of the Lancaster Bomber – mission to Berlin. It

was produced by the Immersive VR Education for the BBC.

There is an app called Google Expedition, an education app

that lets teachers conduct enthusiastic classes that any

20 | MM 2021 |

Ankush Oberoi


Head of Business

and Productions

Swati Sharma


Head of Productions

Prateek Singh

CEO & Founder

Directing the EdTech Revolution

At LearnApp,

each course is designed in

a way that aims to give you an

information and insight-rich

experience by organising a

lifetime of a mentor's

experience into an hour

earnApp is an online video education platform that

Lbrings the best minds in the field of trading,

investing and business management to teach from a

relevant, skill-driven curriculum. Its main objective is to

redefine and reimagine education for the 21st century. With

the world changing at a rapid pace, constant learning and

upskilling have become essential to success. At LearnApp,

you learn what it takes to be an industry-ready, disruptive

and successful professional.

The company was founded in 2017 as the manifestation of

the vision of four go-getters:

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India's 10 Best EdTech Companies to Watch, 2021

Prateek Singh, CEO & Founder;

Ankush Oberoi, Co-founder, Head of Business and


Swati Sharma, Co-founder, Head of Productions;

Sohail Alam, Co-founder, Head of Technology.

It was their collective vision and belief in experiential and

practical learning that laid the foundation stone for

LearnApp. The leadership believes that it is skills and not

conventional knowledge which will guide professional

success in the 21st century. Their focus has constantly been

on making learning actionable, skill-driven and objectdriven,

because that translates to better results and longlasting

learnings that are in sync with the constantly

disruptive 21st century world.

It is with this belief that they founded LearnApp. The idea

was to engage directly with the practitioners and learn from

their insights and experiences. Their emphasis on constant

upskilling, action-based learning and innovation reflects in

the organisation's philosophy, where there is a healthy space

and encouragement for unconventional and off-beat ideas

and hands-on learning.

Leading the Way

An entrepreneur and a risk-taker by heart, Prateek Singh

(founder and CEO), started trading from the age of 17 and

has been active on the markets ever since. Over the years,

he has also shared insights from his trading journey and

investing journey with thousands of individuals by the

means of his ventures in the financial education space,

namely TradeAcademy, Tradersaint, and Market Scientist.

His interest in trading led him to start multiple ventures,

where he aimed to solve the knowledge gap between

authentic stock market education amongst the masses.

After four ventures, LearnApp was finally established in

2018 with four co-founders. Having skipped formal

education, Prateek is on his journey to revolutionize the

way education, skill development and financial literacy is

thought about.

Products and Services

LearnApp believes in skill-driven, actionable and testable

learning patterns, curated by the best in the industry. The

company also strongly believes in the idea that upskilling

should start at a fundamental level, where people are just

beginning to venture out in their professional spaces. It

offers in-depth, insightful, and application-driven

frameworks of learning to professionals and students in the

Sohail Alam

Co-founder, Head of Technology

age group of 19-30. It covers this through four major

domains of importance – trading, investing, business

management and communications.

This emphasis on skill and insights, rather than rote

knowledge forms the core of its courses and classes. Each

course is designed in a way that aims to give you an

information and insight-rich experience by organising a

lifetime of a mentor's experience into an hour. This is

further enriched by the voiceovers, animations and graphics

that help drive home the point better. With each course, you

get one step closer to thinking like a leader. And with live

classes you get to engage with what you learn! What's

more, with LearnApp's live Q&A sessions, ensure that you

leave the class doubt-free, because the mentor will solve

them for you, right away.

Standing Apart

The idea is to make the learning process enriching,

industry-driven and engaging. The 150+ courses offered by

LearnApp cover various concepts of investing, trading,

communications and business management extensively and

are shot cinematically, with insights, stories and

experiences of industry veterans.

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Our curriculum is

designed by the world's

brightest minds spanning

10 major subjects. From

business management to

entrepreneurship, to

trading to investing, we

have it all

At LearnApp, an experiential, film-like crash course

organised into a lifetime of insights and knowledge each

industry legend has to offer- that is what the courses are

like. The idea is to focus on incorporating practical, relevant

observations that can be implemented by the user with

immediate effect. The live classes further provide a direct

opportunity for users to interact directly with the mentors.

From Raamdeo Agrawal teaching the art of investing to

Utpal Sheth explaining portfolio construction to

experienced traders explaining various trading strategies,

LearnApp gives you a chance to learn the best from the


Prateek comments: “Our curriculum is designed by the

world's brightest minds spanning 10 major subjects. From

business management to entrepreneurship, to trading to

investing, we have it all.” At LearnApp, education is skill

centric. All this comes with a hyper-curated, in-demand,

relevant and continuously updated curriculum that is

designed by those who run the industry. Here, you work to

learn, and learn to do!

LearnApp are immediate and practical, shortening the

learning curve for the users and leaving a lasting impact.

In addition to that, the company also has clearly defined

learning modules for trading, investing and more, which

provide a definitive starting point and a sequential path for

the user to start learning. This is not just beneficial for a

new learner, who has his learning map charted for him for

systematic, structured learning, it is also beneficial for an

intermediate or advanced learner, who wishes to enhance

certain aspects of their understanding regarding the subject.

A well-defined learning map can help them focus on what is

most important and relevant from their perspective.

Rising Fervently

LearnApp has managed to cover a significant and eventful

journey in this short span of three years. It currently has

more than two lakh registered users and a dedicated

learning community that is constantly expanding and

having more than 10 million streams on their paid platform

is a testimony to the quality of the content.

Apart from that, they have more than 150+ live classes

spanning a range of topics both current and conceptual, so

that the viewers can get a practical, hands-on experience of

their learnings and its applications. The live classes have

received rave reviews and great views and thus the

company wants to explore this dimension of user-mentor

engagement in the most effective manner possible.

Prateek also proudly recounted: “Our user retention rate

stands at 80%, which signifies how LearnApp has been able

to forge long-lasting relationships with its users in such a

short span of time. Our customer engagement has grown

five times since the lockdown and we are very fortunate to

have had the continued support of our users.”

While eLearning is still dominated by conventional learning

patterns, LearnApp provides a dynamic, interactive learning

interface for the user to learn, understand and practically

understand the real-world applications of these concepts.

This can range from learning option strategies to trade

profitably in the market to understanding the art of

investing in order to manage their portfolio effectively. In

essence, the learnings and takeaways from learning on

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Additionally, LeanApp has also been able to drive

discussions in the learner community and ensure that

learning becomes as seamless and as interactive a process

as possible. More than 1,00,000 comments have been

resolved on it’s website, proof of how invested the

LearnApp community is in gaining hands-on education.

Having built an efficient system with regards to customer

satisfaction and service, LearnApp has also ventured into

prominent corporate partnerships like Kotak, empowering

and fuelling the employee upskilling and development

programs of many well-known companies.

Aspiring to Make a Difference

LearnApp aims to become a pioneer in insight driven and

practise-based learning space. It wants to become the

world's largest educational platform in terms of

practitioners teaching by means of an actionable framework

to create industry-ready, highly disruptive professionals

who possess a solid skill set. It also desires to add 10

million more people to its community and bring them a step

closer to learning directly from industry leaders. The vision

is to become the world's largest education portal where

industry leaders and practitioners teach the future

professionals and shape them into doers and go-getters.

LearnApp wishes to shift the focus of education from

merely certifications, degrees and traditional learning to a

skill based, result oriented and performance dependent

culture where the skills and work of the professionals are

given far more importance than the college education.

“This, in my view, is the future of every industry, including

education. And at LearnApp, we want to be at the forefront

of this positive revolution,” added Prateek.

While looking at diversifying its outreach by including

courses and content in vernaculars like Hindi and more,

LearnApp believes that its full potential will be actualised

only when each individual of the society benefits from its


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The Next Dimension



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he term ‘digital marketing’ has become a buzzword

Ttoday. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in

the world that focuses on creativity and skills.

Every business is moving online, so the demand for digital

marketing is increasing at a rapid rate. This increasing

demand is opening doors for many job seekers. Due to this

trend, there has been a rising demand for qualified digital

marketing professionals. Hence, many universities and

educational institutes added digital marketing to their


So earlier, what was offered as crash courses by private

computer institutes is now being provided by colleges and

universities as full-fledged professional degrees - Bachelor's

and Master's. It is the need of time to have digital influence

for the growth of any business. Digital marketing plays the

role of catalyst in the process of generating leads. Hence it

is emerging as a go-to option for building a career.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting products or

services online to get better reach. Any marketing technique

that uses electronic devices to convey promotional

messages and advertisements falls under digital marketing.

The main goal of digital marketing is the same as traditional

marketing – to attract the audience and generate leads. In

other words, digital marketing is the updated version of

conventional marketing.

Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing courses are available at both UG and PG

levels in the management stream. It is a broad term

consisting of many sectors. It offers the following career


1. Market Research Analyst: The main work of a market

research analyst is to study different aspects of markets

such as consumer needs, preferences, habits, etc. The

analyst then gathers all the data and assists the company in

understanding the current trends of the market. Market

research analyst also supports the customers in their

decision-making process while purchasing any product.

2. SEO Executive: Search engine optimization is the

process of improving the rank of a website to appear on the

top of the search engine result page (SERP). SEO executive

is responsible for implementing On-page and Off-page SEO

strategies along with keyword analysis. This role includes

compiling the reports from google analytics and assisting in

the creation of appropriate content.

3. Social Media Manager: Social media is the best way to

increase the brand awareness of a business. Most people

spend half of their free time on social media. The social

media manager's work is to manage social media

campaigns, brand a company, share and publish productrelated

blogs or articles, and engage in online


4. Content Manager: The job of a content manager is to

manage interesting, engaging, and unique content. The

content should be SEO-friendly and without plagiarism.

Content is the core part of any marketing strategy.

Customers get attracted to the product by reading the

content. It is the primary job of a content manager to ensure

the content reaches the targeted audience.

5. Digital Marketing Consultant: Discovering new ideas

of businesses to attract new customers and retain existing

ones is the primary job of a digital marketing consultant. It

includes various activities such as overseeing ad campaigns,

SEO projects, web designing, etc. Digital marketing

consultant usually assists the company to reach their

customers in the best way.

Scope of Digital Marketing

To increase their online influence, most of the companies

are focusing on robust digital work culture. For this

purpose, they are hiring digital marketers to grow their

business. All the images we see online, interesting content

we read, and creative infographics we see are related to

digital marketing. This field is ever-expanding, and people

are getting attracted to it. Another reason behind this is,

there is rapid growth in digital marketing jobs. Also, there is

a gap between demand and supply of the workforce. The

demand is much more than the current supply of skilled


This field is easy to start a career. It neither has a tough

syllabus like engineering or medical field, nor complex

structure like legal professions. Digital marketing is entirely

based on skills and creativity. It is a cost-effective business

practice than offline marketing. Digital marketing degrees

help start new businesses too. After acquiring the skills,

someone can start his/her own business. You learn more as

you progress. After all, digital marketing is the mine where

innovative entrepreneurs can be found.

- Vinayak Ghorpade

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Dr Rupali Dhamdhere


Trinity International School

Dr Rupali

Dhamdhere, is the

Principal of Trinity

International School, Pune.

She has also been an education

coordinator. She has written in a

number of publications on a myriad

of issues relating to education.


The Oxford of the East

About the


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Pune Tithe Kay Une

This city lacks nothing. Pune, called Poona till 1978,

is supposedly the second largest city in

Maharashtra but known the world over as the

“Oxford of the East,” a title Pune wears till date with a lot

of pride. This pride is an integral part of the culture, people,

and their attitude.

This city was also called as the pensioners paradise, the

only reason being that the life here is very relaxed, you will

not see people rushing, they have their own pace and timing

and if you want to survive here you need to get used to it.

But wait…please do not get it wrong. This city has made its

mark globally and was given the name Oxford of the East

by our very own first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. His

love for Pune has a very interesting story, many of you may

be aware but I would like to share it.

There was a massive flood in the year 1961 and when

Jawaharlal Nehru visited the city after the flood, he insisted

to visit his favourite bookstore which was badly affected

due to floods. The International Book Service was

established on January 1, 1931 and was possibly one of

Nehru’s favourite bookstores. In his letters to his daughter

he wrote, “I have sent you names of books, most of them

are new but some are old, which I wanted you to purchase

for me. But you could not get them at usual booksellers.

You might keep a list of those books with you in case they

are now available. In particular, I want you to note down

the name of a good bookshop in Poona which often keeps

books which cannot be obtained elsewhere - The

International Book Depot Deccan Gymkhana, Poona”.

Such was the level of the literature or the readership that

was existing in Pune, due to which there are numerous

bookstores in this city. Pune has always managed to keep its

culture rich due to its historical events but also has been an

educational ground for great institutions like Fergusson

College, Deccan College to name a few where our great

leaders have taken lessons. The city takes pride of the great

student community that has made its presence felt not only

in the corridors of these great institutes but also in the world

that has recognised their work.

Pune is also known as Punyanagari, means City of Virtue.

As per the name, the city depicts high moral standards with

its rich history which goes back to pre-historic times where

manuscripts were found on the banks of the rivers Mula

Mutha. The first girls’ school of India was started in Pune at

Bhide Wada on January 1, 1848. This was a very modern

and courageous move made by Savitribai Phule along with

her friend Fatima Begum.

In days where women were not even allowed to step out of

the house, Savitribai Phule had made this dream come to a

reality though it was a very difficult task, and a lot of

hardships were faced. As she was the first head mistress of a

school on record and while she was dreaming in the day to

educate women, she faced a lot of harassment from the

people as they would throw stones and dirt at her when she

walked to school every day. It was a very progressive

school as subjects like Math and Science were also taught

along with reading and writing. Today we have our new

NEP and we have so many schemes running for the benefit

of the underprivileged students but she had thought about it

more than 170 years back when she tried to give some

stipend to students for the work they did so that she could

control the dropout rate of the students, she also provided

them with meals in the afternoon. Also taught skills so that

students could learn a skill like painting, sculpture stitching

etc. to earn a living. Conducted parent teacher meetings to

spread the awareness of education among parents and how

their role was important in educating their child.

Pune University, which was established in 1949, was

renamed as Savitribai Phule Pune University in August

2014 to pay tribute to the tremendous efforts taken by this

social reformer in the field of education and thinking ahead

of time and contributing to put Pune on a global map for

education excellence.

Today Pune is a well-known educational hub, as it has a

variety of educational courses to offer from every field, be it

science, engineering, medical, art, theatre, film making,

astronomy, and astrophysics to name a few.

Pune is an attraction for students not only from India but

world over due to its perfect blend of modernization and

culture. It has a good green coverage with good

geographical splendour.

Pune city is a part of our soul, it is difficult to describe the

greatness of this city, but I believe to understand it better

you need to be a part of it with heart and soul.

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