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EST. 2001

Dear Fashionistas

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I opened my first store just

a few hundred yards from my current location in Bryn Mawr! My dad

built the dressing rooms, my siblings and I created makeshift displays,

and my mom gave me endless encouragement (and still does).

On December 1, 2001, Skirt opened its doors and every day since

then I have been lucky enough to surround myself with the smartest,

kindest, hardest working team in retail. As I celebrate 20 years

in business, I am truly celebrating them.

I hope you enjoy a peek of our celebration. Such a fun day together

with all of us decked in our favorite pieces from Fall 2021, of course!

Equally as special are the amazing clients that got me here, some who

have been shopping at Skirt since my first month open for business!

Every year we meet new women who quickly become friends and

part of the Skirt family. The connection between stylist and client is

one of my favorite things to see grow. What starts as a few pairs of

jeans in the dressing room, often blossoms into a special relationship

filled with trust, respect, and fun! As we get to know your style,

each year gets better than the next.

This year’s Fall 2021 collections made me scream in delight and want

to pop champagne! 20 years of doing this and I still get excited every

September. Gorgeous shades of purple and chocolate brown showed

up frequently and the leather, fur and cashmere moments do not

disappoint! Contact your stylist to make an appointment so that we

can make the most of your time at Skirt. Let us know your favorite

looks and we will have your sizes ready and waiting along with a few

of our favorites and some chilled champagne! The gift card enclosed

is sent with my sincerest gratitude. You have made these 20 years

so special and I can’t wait for the next 20!

xo, Maureen





Fall 2021 serves us the

best outerwear options

I have seen in 20 years.


Owner & Founder, Since 2001

8 9


I still have to pinch

myself sometimes.


I still have to pinch

myself sometimes.

Cheers to 20 years!


Cheers to 20 years!

Owner & Founder, Since 2001


Owner & Founder, Since 2001



12 13


I love this look! This is

the girl I want to be friends

with. She is understated

but so together. There are

no logos or flash but you

can see how special each

piece she is wearing is.


Buyer, Since 2021

14 15


I love celebrating with

my colleagues and clients.

Weddings, promotions,

births, engagements—

dressing women for these

special days is something

that I cherish.


Stylist, Since 2011



18 19


My first day at Skirt, I felt like I was walking

into home! Even though I have been here

less than a year, it already feels like family.

My first purchase was an Ulla Johnson top

and she continues to be one of my favorite

designers we carry.


Omni Channel Coordinator, Since 2021



22 23




This is the must have item

this Fall—effortlessly chic,

the perfect alternative

to a dress to make a

statement at any event.


Creative Manager, Since 2019

26 27


This is my favorite

look — timeless and

sexy, and I'm obsessed

with chocolate brown

this season.


Omni Channel Coordinator,

Since 2021






The best thing about

working at Skirt is being

surrounded by beautiful

clothes, the worst part is

the temptation to buy all

the beautiful pieces!


Stylist, Since 2021

32 33


I remember my first purchase

at Skirt 20 years ago! A timeless

dress by Tracey Reese that all

my friends wanted to borrow.

This dress has that same quality,

timeless and stunning.


Stylist, Since 2012

34 35

36 37


I am a huge fan of mixing

silk and cashmere and this

is such a sophisticated

and sexy way to do it.

Monochromatic dressing

is a signature Skirt style...

It’s something we love

season after season

over the last 20 years

but these may be some

of my all-time favorites!


Fashion Director, Since 2005

38 39


Maureen sees everyone’s

strengths and truly let’s us

do what we love to do.


Creative Manager, Since 2019

40 41




The perfect look—

sexy and strong.

This color is stunning

and a must for Fall 2021.


Owner & Founder, Since 2001




I started as a customer in the Stone

Harbor store. Now I am so excited to

be a stylist in our Bryn Mawr location!


Stylist, Since 2021




Skirt has always

believed in winter

white! This denim

is my favorite

of the season.


Stylist, Since 2011

48 49




I remember my first day at Skirt.

I watched Joyce and the close

relationships she had with her

clients. I was so inspired! I am

so lucky to have my own special

relationships with clients and love

meeting new women every day.


Stylist, Since 2017

52 53

54 55


ALC is my favorite

brand. It’s for the

confident woman.

Classic with a twist.


Stylist, Since 2017

56 57


After 25 years in the industry I’m

still passionate about styling my

clients each season. My favorite

part is building relationships with

so many women and really getting

to understand their style. It gives

me such joy when I can push them

out of their comfort zone a bit.


Fashion Director, Since 2005

58 59


Skirt style is being put

together, whether you

are in sweats or a suit.


General Manager, Since 2017



62 63


So many things to

celebrate, we can’t

wait to help you get

dressed this year!


Stylist, Since 2012




This is the Skirt lady:

always on the go but

still wants to look

put together and be

comfortable. A full

length straight jean is

a must for the season,

it’s all I wear!


Fashion Director, Since 2005

66 67




Whether working or shopping,

the excitement at Skirt is

contagious. On my first day

I felt like a teen on his first

day of high school!


Operations Manager, Since 2021



72 73


I started as a customer in the Stone

Harbor store. Now I am so excited to

be a stylist in our Bryn Mawr location!


Stylist, Since 2021



76 77

78 79


Give me fur and a flare

jean and I'm a happy girl.


Owner & Founder, Since 2001




The brands we carry

and way we put outfits

together allows every

woman to feel great in

what she is wearing...

It’s something I’m

proud to be a part of.


General Manager, Since 2017

82 83

84 85


I am so excited to see

how Skirt continues

to evolve and expand

our style.


Buyer, Since 2021

86 87

88 89



92 93


931 West Lancaster Avenue | Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


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