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Vol. 3



What about GO!

do you not understand?

Matthew 28: 18-20

In Poland the Protestant

church makes up only 0.1% of

the nearly 40 million people.

In Poland the Baptist church

makes up only 0.01% of the

nearly 40 million people.

Poland Mission Trips 2022

Mission trip to Poland who can be used: someone who can hug a child, be a


friend to youth, help with construction, be a team leader for creative minister or sports

or games or music those that would like to learn how to take groups on mission trips.

We are making plans to have several mission trips to Poland and feel that it will

be possible so we want to have students that want to go fill out an application an reserve

a spot on which mission trip(s) they wish to go on. We will know the dates of these trips

by November 1st. And hopefully by December 1st you will know which trip(s) you are

going on and make a $200.00 deposit.

Students desiring to go on any Mission trip needs to fill out an application using

the QR code now and mention all they trips you are interested in and you will get follow up by each team leader,

and by December 1, 2022 (you will know when and which team you are going) make a deposit of $200.00 with

check payable to King’s Players Youth Activities, Inc. and mailed to King’s Players, 200 West Farthing Street,

Mayfield, KY 42066.

Plane ticket should run around $1,000.00 and want ten in each group in order to get group rate. Some

will already be involved in the number going so the students will be added to the number. Hopefully most

groups will be between fifteen and twenty going.

Cost in Poland which will cover all meals, travel, lodging, and health insurance $500.00 to $900.00

depending on length of stay and amount of in country traveling. Plane fare is around $1,000.00 so around

$1,950.00 more or less. All these numbers will be exact as soon as the leaders finalize the cost. All these leaders

have all been on several trips so as they say this is not their first rodeo. Students could go in with one group and

be involved with as many activities during the Summer and come out with any of the other groups they choose.

(1) New Year’s Eve Trip--Also tour Poland: Warsaw, Krakow, Auswich, Josiah Adventures h2o Camp.

(2) Ed Johnson taking a construction crew to do work projects. Two weeks or three weeks-. Page 2

(3) Since 2006 Mike Parker has been coming to Poland and for the last fourteen years had a group working

with Pawel Kugler at Elblang Baptist Church. Page 3

(4) Since 2006 medical Dr. Jeff Newswanker has been working with Henrky Podsiadly have two or three

camps a year for the orphans and poor youth. Page 4

(5) July Pawel Kugler with a hiking camp. Page 5

(6) Dream Trip--Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Auschwitz, Wisla Poland. Page 6

(7) July Working with Piotr Radkiewica and Michal Szlachetka, Pastor of Otwock Baptist Church, holding

youth activities and working with an orphanage. Page 7

(8) Josiah Adventures Page 8

Mel Doughty, Destiny Director, is the person coordinating all these trips and pages 9-12 explain his 53 years of

International Travel. We live in a time that we question every thing and every body. I shared this so parents and

students alike will see that there are many people in Poland that have welcomed us for the past 23 years.


1 New Year’s Eve Celebration--Elblag


(DECEMBER 28, 2021-JANUARY 11, 2022)

Also Tour Poland

Malbork Castle

Warsaw, Krakow, Auswich,

Josiah Adventures H2o Camp


2 Construction Team

& Day Camp Team

Lead by Ed Johnson

The Construction team will be made up of students

that will be willing to use their abilities in areas of construction,

painting, or even being a worker helper doing

necessary chores. This is a team that anyone can

be apart of and help with updating the Elblag Baptist

Church or working on projects needed for older members.

Ed has been going to Poland since 2006 and show

here with the first group he toured Poland with

Ed and his wife, Marlene, adopted two Polish young ladies.

Ed has travel yearly doing construction and ministry

work every year since except the last two except for

the virus. Ed’s team for this year already has some professional contractors

but able bodies are needed to expidite

their work. The Day Camp team will be using

Vacation Bible School type material.

Ed is on the right and Pastor Pawel Kugler

on the left. Pawel has worked with Destiny

since 2004 and will pick the group up at

the airport, and usually starts with a tour of

old towne Gdansk and a good polish meal

followed by Lody. All housing, meals, and

needs of the group will be taken care of by

Pawel. We the dates are finalized and you

decide that you want to be apart of this team

Ed will give you all the orientation to assure for a meaning experience

in Poland.


3 Elblag Baptist Church Camp Camp

July 1 - Depart for Poland from Louisville or Nashville airports

July 2 - Arrive in Gdansk, Poland - travel by bus to Elblag

July 4 - July 8: Camp - Elblag Baptist Church

July 9 Travel by train to Wroclaw

July 10 - Day trip to Prague

July 11 - Depart Wroclaw, Poland for USA

July 12 - Arrive in USA

Mike Parker’s group has sponsored camps in

Poland for fourteen years and has sponsored

many needed Polish youth as well as ministry

projects. Register on line and mention if this

is one of the Poland Mission trips you want to

take in 2022 Mike, on left, would love to have

you join him this Summer. If you are intested

or would like more information please contact

Mike Parker at 502-727-6114.


4-Dr. Jeff Newswanger

Sponsored Henryk’s Camp

HOPE FOR THE CHILDREN, POLAND @HFTCPoland is a US based 501(c)3. We raise

funds and organize short term mission teams to support the work of Henryk Podsiadly

and The Christian Joy Foundation of Warsaw Poland.

Dr. Jeff Newswanger has sponsored many camps for orphans and poor

Polish youth for fifteen years. Dr. Jeff seen on the right with Pawel and

on the left with Kamila Nowitzka, Henryk’s daughter both translating

for Jeff. Dr. Newswanger and his wife often sponsor more than one

camp a year. Not only does the money have to raised for those going

on the mission trip but also in order to cover the cost of the Polish going

about $1,000.00 has to be raised. Henry (showned on the left with group at Warsaw Seminar) is president of

Chrześcijańska Fundacja Radość that not only sponsors camps but his organization feeds thousands each month.

Trips Cover Some Or All Of These

The Castle of the Teutonic

Order in Malbork[1] (Polish:

zamek w Malborku;

German: Ordensburg

Marienburg) is a 13th-century

Teutonic castle and fortress

located near the town

of Malbork, Poland. It is the

largest castle in the world

measured by land area and

a UNESCO World Heritage


Old Town during the Warsaw

Uprising in 1944.

In 1980, Warsaw's Old Town

was placed on the UNESCO's

list of World Heritage Sites as

"an outstanding example of a

near-total reconstruction of a

span of history covering the

13th to the 20th century.

The main square of the Old

Town of Kraków is the principal

urban space located at

the center of the city. It dates

back to the 13th century, and

at 3.79 ha (9.4 acres) is one

of the largest medieval town

squares in Europe

Auschwitz-Birkenau was the

largest of the German Nazi

concentration camps and

extermination centers. Over

1.1 million men, women and

children lost their lives here


5 Destiny

Hiking Trip & Camp

July 19-July 31--$1,950*

or through 7th--$2,395*

$200.00 Deposit -Dec 15

*Covers air fare, travel, food, Lody,

lodging, insurance, not souvenirs.

16--Leave Chicago

17--Gdansk--Old Towne--Elblang

18--Worship--Elblang & Malbork





22--25--Hiking Camp--Wisla

26--Zator (6 flags) travel to Warsaw or Elblang

27--Ashton Group leave--Dream Trippers

31--Otwock Church

2-6--Otwock Day Camp

7--Leave Warsaw to Chicago

Travel by bus, filled with orphans, youth

and Americans, from Elblang to Warsaw,

Krakow, Auschwitz, Wisla and return. If we

have several going we will have special activites

in Wisla square and orphanges.

Pawel Kugler, Pastor of Elblang Baptist

Church and is the director of the

hiking camp.

Dates will change but you can tell

about the activites of the trip. Really

a great time to do some serious ministry

plus see much of beautiful Poland.

Pawel has been taking groups

on hiking trips for many years. As

you arrive you will go to visit Gdansk

Old Town and have a Polish meal

plus get some Lody. Malbork Castle

is another experience of Poland.The

entire trip is worth going to Aushwitz-Birkenau

concentration camp.

You will love Wisla and the mountains.

Plan now for a fantastic experience.

All meals, travel, lodging and

insurance is covered.

You possible go on more than one

mission trip. Combine two or more.


6-Dream Trip--Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Poland

July 17th Head to Prague--Astromonical Clock, Charles Bridge, Jewish Cementary and Prague Castle.

July 21st on to Vienna

Dates are approximate

July 24th Budapest--26 take overnight train to Krakow

July 27th Krakow, Auschwitz, and can join Poland Ministry.

Prague Vienna Budapest

7-Otwock Baptist Church Ministries

Otwock Baptist Church Ministries Sent this note to Piotr

Radiewicz (left) and Michal Sczachetka (right), pastor

of Otwock Baptist Church, we are planning on trying to

come to visit you and your church going to church on

Sunday On Monday have our group help with a day camp

or with the orphanage whatever.

15 hours later Piotr made this response --Hello Mel,

this is something you’ve got from heaven, most probably...

why are you so faithful in this ministry and against all covid situations you want to come to Poland? You are

great man of God and we will be honored to see yoy and your people here. I spoke with our Pastor, Michal, and

will speak with eldership. We registered a church in Gora Kalwaria last November and would like to plan some

activities both in Otwock and Gora Kalwaria. We have a vision to plant other churches in cities around Otwock.

In three places we are continuing mission activities...want to see people come to Jesus, sharing gospel on streets,

inviting people on Bible studies and conferences. Last weekend of September we are gonna have such one in

Zakosciele, around 150 people will come, praise the Lord.

24 hours later Michal made this response: Im so glad that You think about visiting us Brother. We will

organise everything. I’m thinking about day camp in Otwock and mayby a one day event in Góra Kalwaria. I have

a good team that will take care of organising all that You need.

What I want you to get from this is how fast they responded and pointed to an exact needs this team will

meet. I have know Piotr for 21 years and Michal for 10 years. Otwock Baptist Church is only 12 years old.


A Place where discipleship happens.

h2o, Poland, in 2011, Camp and Conference Center h2o, in southern Poland, opened its doors for summer and

winter camps, conferences, leadership training programs, and retreats. As one of the few year-round Christian

camp facilities in Poland, h2o has an excellent platform for training the next generation of leaders. Its 17.5-acre

property features a beautiful main building with a dining hall for 120, air-conditioned conference halls for 30, 80,

and 150, and a cafe. Outdoor events can be held in its two large tent halls, amphitheater, or fire pit area. Guests can

stay in its main building, 14 newly-remodeled cabins, or campground. Onsite attractions include: two swimming

pools, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, a soccer field, and an archery area. The property, located on a

lake for fishing or kayaking, lies within walking distance of the Vistula River, which boasts 18 miles of bike path.

8--Josiah Adventure English Camp

The purpose of these camps is to provide fun and effective language learning for campers, expose them to the Gospel,

and connect them to a local church where they can be discipled and grow in their faith. We see God moving

in this exciting ministry to produce fruit and transform the next generation of disciples for Christ and short-term

teams play a significant role in God's work at these camps. During your trip, you will serve on a team and be responsible

for multiple aspects of camp, including: teaching English, leading games, hosting nightly parties, and

building key relationships with campers. Josiah Venture will provide training for teams

prior to and during their trip. You will also have the opportunity to stay in some local

homes to meet families and experience a little bit of Polish culture and hospitality. Categorization

of experience: serving with an English, music, or sports youth summer camp. Josiah

Adventure has been in Poland for over 25 years and has developed a fantastic witness

for Jesus Christ. On my first trip I met Dan and Laura Hash and they continue to work

with JA as does David and Ola Werner. Ola for fifteen years helped Destiny and worked

Natalia Starkowska

Camp Director

with the orphans at Marwica as well as helped at many camps for us. You will receive from

JA an excellent sixteen page team manuel that explains everything. Mel


Mel’s International Mission Trips

Beginning in 1968

Baptist World Youth Conference, Berne Switzerland,

England, Amsterdam and Paris

1970--Radius School of Drama--

England and Spain

Countries I went to once: Brazil, Greece, Tanzania,

Uganda, Hong Kong, Calgary, Canada,

Kazakhstan, Romania, Austria & Hungary.

Twice to Sweden and Trinidad.

Three times to Czechoslovakia,

Four to Taiwan & England

Five Years to Russia with 13 visits.

Twenty years to Poland with 31 visits.

Total of 70 trips to International Countries

Destiny In Poland--From Top to Bottom

Ustka--Location of 18 annual 10 day camps

Gdansk/Sopot--Old Towne and Airport for Marwica

Elblang-Baptist Church, Pawel Kugler, Pastor

Warsaw--Seminary, Orphanages and Camps

Otwock--Church ministry and Orphanages

Lodz--First Baptist, Leszek Wakula Pastor and

Daniela Hoppe--Human Trafficking

Wroclaw--First Baptist Camps

Krakow--Beautiful City used to go to Auschwitz

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Wisla-Church with Conference Center in Mountains

Praha--Prague-Group trips there.


Looking back at over 53years of International mission

work, it represents 70 trips and being gone over

200 weeks, which is equivalent to being gone four

years of my life.

In 1968, having the opportunity to take a group to

the BWYC and to travel to four countries I realized

how much is gained through those experiences. In

England seeing Westminister Abby and close by the

tower of Big Ben and parliament, so many sights to

see. Then to have go to Coventry which was the first

town blitzed by the Germans and see how they had

built a fantastic cathedral with help from all over the

world. Next to Amsterdam and Ann Frank’s hiding

place and on to tulip and wood shoe country. While at

the BWYC we heard from Billy Graham, Paul Tournier

and Kenneth Chafer and many others during the

week in Berne. On to Paris to the Eiffel Tower, Louvre-statue

of David and the Mona Lisa. The last night

we were on artist hill overlooking all of Paris for a fantastic

last meal. So during all my trips I realized my

main responsibility was to those going with me and to

make sure of their safety but also to make it a meaningful

experience in addition to the mission segment

of our trip.

In 1988, traveling with a Creative Ministry team to

Brazil, I realized I did not have to speak the language

of the country. I would teach their leaders how to lead

the group and once they knew how to lead we no longer

needed a translator as they had made a huge step

in becoming a leader. So where ever we went we often

taught the local leaders and they have continued being

able to lead the activities.

In 1991, I received a phone call from Ralph Hopkins,

Associate Director of the Kentucky Baptist Collegiate

Department, asking if I would take eight people

to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan was apart of the USSR

and their camp was lead by communist. My response

was yes, however December 26, 1981 the Soviet Union

was dissolved. So when we arrived at Camp Zhalin,

we asked if we could teach from the Old Testament

thinking they were Muslims and they said yes. They

had no problem with us showing the Jesus film and

teaching from the New Testament. The camp director

even ask if we could teach other religions. During the

eight weeks there, I reflected on the book Halftime,

since I was fifty and wanted to see how to finish the

next half. That is when I realized that taking

students and adults on International mission trips

would be a major part of my life. Working with the

Kentucky Baptist Convention’s Collegiate Department,

I had the opportunity to recruit students from

every Kentucky College and many churches were interested

in having groups go. I worked with Calvin

Wilkins at the KBC Partnership Department, which

also supported my groups going to Russia, Taiwan,

and Poland.

Starting in 1991, I would travel with several Campus

ministers and go to the colleges as students tried

out to make the International team. In 1998, the International

Mission Board allowed me to go to any

country and develop teams that I chose to work with

rather than the IMB assigning us countries. Since my

groups worked with youth and orphans we used many

creative ministries: Puppets, Mime, Drama, Clowning,

Singing, Movement, Sports, Bible Study, Games

and times of fellowship and sharing. We sponsored

Creations in Gatlinburg, TN for forty years, which

was for church youth but also training those going


Kentucky Baptist had a partnership with Russian for

five years where I made 13 trips and then the Partnership

went to Poland. My first visits to Poland I said I

am not leaving and many areas of ministry continue

to this day. At Marwica Orphanage there was a nine

year old Angelika

who hit

on my pockets


money and

we were told

not to give

it to them

because it

would cause

them to become a beggar. Show with her first daughter

eight years ago we continue our friendship as she

is now thirty. We began by working in Poland with

Leszek Wakula the Youth director for the Polish Baptist

Union and now pastor of First Baptist Church,

Lodz. In 1999 Leszek, his wife Anna, Anika Kufeld a

young lady and Peter Arendt, assistant youth leader

came to American and visited churches and attended

Creations in Gatlinburg. From the beginning Leszek

wanted his youth to have Creative ministries and he

began a Camp at Ustka 2000. Baptist in Poland are

.001% of the population and when we first went they

were considered a cult. Most people in Poland are


Catholic by birth and would not have anything to do

with Baptist but with American youth helping with

the camp all Polish youth felt free to attend. This

made for three areas of direct ministry.

1--To non churched Polish Youth

2--To Baptist Youth now able to share

3--To challenge the Americans that came.

During the twenty-two years in Poland, the American

effect allowed us to get into schools, parks,

camps, orphanages and offer many special activities.

The longest ministry would be in Marwica, outside of

Elblang. In 1999 we had a student spend the summer

at the orphanage and have had camps there most every

year. Sometimes two or three camps there during

the year. Also we were involved with Elblang Baptist

Church from the beginning but much more so since

Pawel Kugler became Pastor.

Keep in mind, Poland is smaller than New Mexico

and has excellent roadways thanks to the European

Union plus travel by train is very efficient and we used

it often. Some groups come and go to one mission

point and head back home. Others spend three or

more weeks and have several places they can minister.

For several years the Kentucky Baptist Collegiate

Department had a sports team, Son Bound. And

they would spend the summer at camps, churches,

and orphanages. From the first time they came, they

would go to Pawel Kugler who was the associate pastor

at Sopot, and work with him in Poland’s tourist

area on the Baltic Sea.

We not only stayed at the Seminary but offered

camps there for area children and orphans.

Henryk Podsiadly, who had been a seminary official,

began Chrzescijanska Fundacja Radosc, which is a

ministry that feeds the poor and offers ten camps

a year for poor youth and orphans. Dr. Jeff Newswanger

from Manchester, KY, decided on his exploratory

trip 16 years ago to help sponsor a camp or

two each year with Henryk. They cost $10,000.00

with over a hundred attending each camp because

the leaders and the participants have no way to contribute

to the cost. They have special activities like

swimming or skiing for

each camp.

Often I would take leaders

of youth to Poland and

they would return with

their youth group. Rick

Downing began taking

groups from First Baptist,

Mayfield and later when Pastor Wes Fowler came he

was shown all the dots on the map. Both Rick and

Wes will agree that my taking most groups to Auschwitz

Concentration Camp was a meaningful experience.

Rick, when he went into the room filled with

suitcases behind the glass, saw his mother’s maiden

name on a suitcase. On more that one occasion Wes

has shown the train tracks on the screen that go into

Birkenstock during a sermon and has had to pause

due to emotion.

The first five years of going to Poland we would

stop over in Paris going or returning. Paula Howard

a IMB journeyman, would show us Paris and share

how she was trying to reach the Muslims in Paris. I

decided that Poland was enough experience in itself

and would go to the following places instead. Krakow

in the south or Sopot in the North. Ustka camp

was also on the Baltic Sea and camps at Wroclaw a

beautiful city that was in Germany during the war

and thus received no damage.

Wisla, the southern most town, is in the mountains

and we had several new year’s eve celebrations

there as well as sponsored summer camps there. The

church had space for over 100 to sleep.

The cover of the 2005 brochure

shows a depiction of Weronika

Koniczuk. The brochure

also describes how Marta and I

shared our faith and she became

a believer. She was 13 and three

years behind in school because

of all the problems she had experienced

at home. I have kept

up with her through the years

and on my birthday she wished me happy birthday

and sent me an invitation to her wedding August

14, 2020 which I had plan to attend so for 2022 we

will have a two Year Celebration. Once again I feel

that returning and encouraging people in the same

country has huge benefits. Fifteen years after sharing

Christ with her she invited me to her wedding. The

brochure also included information on the Warsaw

Orphanage and Older youth trip that Weronika went

on. Picture includes Weronika (center), Ed Johnson

right of Weronika then Mel and one over is Henryk

Podsiadly. Ed Johnson heads up the construction

team again this year.

In 2004 at Barycz, Ken and Mike Parker attended

along with Son Bound Sports team and they met,

Pawel Kugler and both started a relationship with

him. Ken and Mike have continued their work with

Pawel and plans a trip to Elblang in 2022. Wisla

Camp, was led by Bill Houpt, youth minister at Hillcrest

Baptist Church, Hopkinsville, KY was shocked

at the hunger of the Polish youth and their desire to

learn and share. Wisla, being a tourist town, allowed

for the clowns, puppets, balloon ministry and mimes

to really share. Over 150 at the church for a week.

Ustka fifth year and Bill Houpt also led that camp

of more than 150 on the Baltic Sea. Marwica, was

lead by Ken & Mike Parker and the Son Bound sports

team was everywhere.. Groups came and left during

the middle of June to the middle of August. This is a

pattern that was repeated and we will do this it this


In 2008 I first met Monica Mrozko whose parent

had been killed in a car accident three years before.

She like so many

have been involved

each time

we go to Poland.

What a wonderful

surprise it was

that five years ago

when we went to

the river and she

was baptized.

SUPPORT Let me tell about a few that have supported

Destiny. The number one person is Sarge,

David Mike Broadus. Beginning

with the first trip

Sarge had the support of

Upton Baptist Church

and he put a lot of his

money into the ministry.

More importantly he

touched peoples lives and

used the Internet to communicate

with his “children.”

Supporting Destiny

and helping Henryk and so many others that he

knew needed help. Trace Creek Baptist Church has

helped for ten years and is the backbone to our Over

18 ministry. Wally and Judy Higdon not only financial

support but are super encourages.


The reason we have stayed in Poland 23 years and

will for several more is the support of Polish Baptist

youth and adults. From the first visit, Henryk Podsiadly

drove me from Warsaw to Lodz to meet the Polish

Baptist Youth Leader, Leszek Wakula. Henryk

has always enable us to do any ministry we want and

we have also sponsored camps with his organization,

Chzecijanska Fundacja Radosc. They sponsor camps

for underprivileged youth at a cost of $10,000.00 per

camp. The reason for the cost is that the campground

must be rented, all the children’s way paid, plus cover

the cost of the Polish leaders at camp since they receive

no honorarium. Cost of bus and special activities

like skiing or swimming.

Leszek Wakula and his

wife Anna, came to America

and saw creative ministries

at Creations and returned to

Poland and began a camp at

the Baltic Sea for 150 participants

and the camp continued

for 18 years.

At the second camp

Aleksandra (Ola) Schmidt

Werner became a believer

and not only was leader at

Leszek’s camps but joined

our group at every venue

through the years. On July

24, 2016 she married Dawid

Werner (Sarge and I was

there). Now they minister

with Josiah Venture and

they minister in Gdansk.

Pawel Kugler has been the

most supportive of so many

activities that Destiny has

provided. He not only picks

us up at the airport, house

us in his apartment in the

church but provides a great

breakfast. You can see how

having free housing with

Pawel helps with the cost

since airfare to Poland is


Pawel first got involved with Destiny in 2004 at

Barycz, a camp for orphans sponsored by Henryk.

Ken and Mike Parker where also at the camp with

an upward basketball team and began a relationship

with Pawel. Ken and Mike have continued their wok

with Pawel sponsoring a camp every year Ten years

ago Wes Fowler, First Baptist Church pastor went

to Poland and there he met Pawel Kugler. Wes saw

many ministries and sights which are circled on the

map. Wes led the church to support Ola for several

years as she ministered to the orphans at Marwica.

Also led the church to purchase not one van but another

to replace the stolen van for Pawel Kugler to use

transporting youth and orphans. And made a commitment

to have church groups go to Poland which

they did.

Leszek Czyzewki, Director of the Northern Poland

Children’s Administration,

was involved with Destiny

for 19 years. Leszek use to

provide housing and food at

Marwica for our groups until

it closed last year. Leszek

passed away in 2019. In 2017 a group from Murray

State BCM worked there and the last two years Ed

Johnson has done several years of construction and

will be again in 2022. For additional information or

questions on future trips call Mel Doughty at 270-


King’s Promotions

Church Ministries

Mel Doughty

200 West Farthing Street

Mayfield, KY 42066



Church Bulletins


Church Pictorial

Stationary--Letterheads and Envelopes

Correspondence Assistance



Pew cards

Mission Trips


All Work done through King’s Publishers, Inc.,

King’s Graphics, King’s Promotions

or King’s Players Youth Activities, Inc.


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