MNW School Year Review 2020/2021

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Review of the Manson Northwest Webster 2020/21 School Year

Manson Northwest Webster

Community School District

Review of the 2020-21 School Year

This booklet represents an overview of the District as well as a summary of the 2020-2021 school year.

Copies of the booklet are available to any person with interest, and may be obtained at the

District Office or at the Elementary in Barnum or the Jr/Sr High in Manson.

We Care. We Inspire.

We Empower.

Manson Northwest Webster

1030 Main Street, Manson, Iowa 50563

Phone - 712.469.2202


Welcome to Manson Northwest Webster Commu-

Welcome nity School to Manson District. Northwest We are thankful Webster to be Community returning School District. We are thankful to be


for another

for another

school year,







are eagerly

and optimistically

looking forward to what we can accom-

and optimistically looking forward to what

we can accomplish together. These past couple of years have certainly been challenging,

plish together. These past couple of years have certainly

been challenging, but rewarding as well. The

but rewarding as well. The pandemic has caused us to grow, learn, and evolve as a district

and pandemic community, has caused and we us take to that grow, experience learn, and into evolve this school year, prepared for whatever

challenges as a district lie and ahead. community, We’d like and to take we take a moment that experience

the 2021-22 into this school school year. year, prepared for whatever

to recap the year that was, and look ahead


challenges lie ahead. We’d like to take a moment to

We recap are proud and appreciate of our fine the reputation year that here was. at MNW. Our mission statement calls for achieving


Even in




midst of


a pandemic,




mission remains

the same- achieving excellence in education

citizens. It is our goal to achieve

excellence in all things related to our school - from academics to our facilities to fine arts

and helping our students develop into responsible




It is






to achieve



making continuous

in all things


related to our



all of these

- from


academics to

our facilities to fine arts and athletics. We are committed to making continuous improvement on all

As you read through our philosophy, vision, and priorities statements, you will find a district

of these fronts.

that As is committed you read through to providing our philosophy, the best academic, vision, and emotional, priorities statements, and social environment you will find a district that

possible is committed for our to students. providing The the MNW best School academic, Board emotional, and the community and social environment has shown time possible and for our

again students. that they The are MNW willing School to allocate Board and the the resources community needed has shown to provide time our and students again that with they theare willing

to allocate the resources needed to provide our students with the best opportunities possible

best opportunities possible to be successful.

to be successful.

If you If you are are a prospective a prospective student student or parents or parents of a of student, a student, be assured be assured that that we we have have an an outstanding

school at MNW. We have students excelling at every level, with high school students accelerating

outstanding school at MNW. We have students excelling at every level, with high school

their college plans through our ICCC online post secondary classroom and early bird college credit

students accelerating their college plans through our ICCC online post secondary classroom

courses. With an experienced and dedicated staff, motivated students, and supportive parents,

and MNW early has bird the college ingredients credit for courses. a successful With an and experienced enjoyable and student dedicated experience. staff, motivated We work every day

students, to make and it better. supportive parents, MNW has the ingredients for a successful and enjoyable

student experience. We work every day to make it better.

Justin Daggett

Justin Superintendent Daggett of Manson Northwest Webster

Superintendent of Manson Northwest Webster

MansonNorthwest Webster

Community School District

Mission Statement

Manson Northwest Webster Community School district

is dedicated to achieving excellence in education

and developing responsible citizens. We welcome the


Our Philosophy

We, the Manson Northwest Webster Community

School District, believe our goal is to foster a community

of caring, cooperative and involved citizens. To serve

the community, we will establish a safe, disciplined environment,

providing a positive place to learn.

We believe in creating an environment that will nurture

acceptance and respect of others and self. Each

individual in the school community will have the opportunity

to grow in self-esteem and self-confidence. The

opportunity will be provided to develop strong character

which will enable each student to make moral, professional

and intellectual decisions.

We believe the educational process must provide opportunities

which encourage its citizens to become lifelong

learners. These citizens will demonstrate and communicate

knowledge which leads to insightful problem


We believe that education must be progressive and

flexible in order to meet our changing needs. Adherence

to these beliefs will provide direction for the people of our

district, allowing them a vision for the future.

District Priorities

The Manson Northwest Webster Community

School District will:

• Increase the engagement of all students’ learning

through improved use of professional staffs’

time and expertise.

• Enhance student learning by integrating technology

into the curriculum.

• Widen the opportunities for students to increase

skills needed for the world of work.

• Increase student achievement by aligning standards

with instructional strategies,and assessments.

• Establish a safe, disciplined environment, providing

a positive place to learn.

at a glance

Our history

Manson Northwest Webster was established in1993 and consists of four communities including Barnum, Clare,

Knierim, and Manson. The school district covers an area of 218 square miles in the counties of Calhoun, Pocahontas,

and Webster.

Our staff

There are 72 faculty members, 4 administrators and approximately 30 support staff. Elementary classrooms are

staffed with teacher associates to help meet the needs of all students. The Jr/Sr High teachers are committed

to all students while preparing them for life beyond high school. In both buildings, everyone, from the cooks and

custodians to office staff and teachers, work together to help each student be successful.

Our students

The total enrollment of MNW is approximately 780 students. The elementary school includes grade PreK-6 and is

located in Barnum just 15 minutes from Ft. Dodge and 10 minutes from Manson. The Jr/Sr High houses grades

7-12 and is located in Manson. Staff use proven instructional methods, and varied learning experiences to provide

a safe, positive and productive learning environment for all students.

Co-Curricular Activities

Activities are an essential part of MNW. They play an important role in gaining self esteem, confidence, and

leadership, while allowing the student to find a place in the everyday atmosphere of school. Over 80 percent of

students at MNW High School participate in co-curricular activities. Find an extensive list under the Activities tab

of our website.

Elementary—Grades PreK-6

• Positive, safe environment for all

• Positive Behavior Intervention and Support system


• Focus on social/emotional growth as well as

academic growth

• Transitional kindergarten

• 3 and 4 year old preschool

• Guided Reading; Envision Mathematics

• Project Lead the Way

• Boys Town Social Skills

• Full time, licensed mental health therapist


Jr/Sr High School—Grades 7-12

• Wide variety of course offerings including Career

and Tech Ed (CTE)

• Focus on meeting needs of all students

• Focus on college and career planning

• Dual credit courses

• Early Bird, PSEO and ICN courses

• Multi-tier study halls to met the needs of all students

• PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Daily Excellence)

• Wide variety of extra-curriculars

• Full time, licensed mental health therapist


Student Enrollment:

Total - 780 (9/14/2020)

Jr/Sr High School (7-12)- 354

Elementary (3 yr old Preschool-6)- 426

Free and Reduced lunch - 37.47%

Number of open enrollment - 172

Number of teachers - 72

Number of teachers with Master’s Degrees - 22

Graduation Requirements

Fifty credits must be completed to become a graduate

of MNW.

Language Arts - 8

Social Studies - 6

Math - 6

Science - 6




Board of education

From left to right:1st row:Steve

Markert, president and Angie Jensen.

2nd row: Pat Fitzgerald, Mike

Jepson, Josh Sturgis.

Absent from photo:Anne Condon,

Brad Moline


Jill and Derek Nelson

Our family joined the MNW Community in 2014 when we moved to Manson

and have had nothing but the best experience. MNW not only provides the

best education academically, but our kids are also learning life skills and being

empowered to think outside the box, problem solve and be themselves with

confidence. Additionally, I work in Fort Dodge and love having my kids at the

Elementary School located in Barnum. The quick 15 minute drive makes it

easy to stop in and have lunch with them!

Brittany & Brandon Bush

Although my husband and I work in Fort Dodge, when we moved to Manson,

we knew we were home. We have really enjoyed being a part of Manson Northwest

Webster. The teachers really go above and beyond their teaching responsibilities

and want nothing but the best for their students. Other staff get to know

each child well too. When I visited school and ate lunch, the cooks knew exactly

what each of my boys liked, from vegetables to salad dressing. I can’t wait to

watch them continue to learn and grow as an MNW student!

Teacher VOICES

Wade Niewoehner,

6th grade teacher

Wade Niewoehner, 6th grade teacher - I love teaching at MNW because

we support each other at all levels. Students and teachers support

students. Teachers support students and each other. Administrators support

teachers and students. We are all in it together and we all have the

same goals-to provide the best education for our children.

Jill Gaul

Kindergarten teacher

Jill Gaul, Kindergarten teacher - I love working at MNW because

the atmosphere is positive and student centered. Administration

and instructional coaches are supportive yet allow teachers to

make decisions based on what they know their class needs to be


Caleb Wubben

Jr. High teacher

Caleb Wubben, Jr High teacher - I love working at MNW because

the teachers, administrators, and coaches number one

goal is the success of all students. Teachers go above and beyond

to give opportunities for students to be successful in the

classroom, and coaches in their extracurriculars.There are also

many opportunities for students to get involved and learn to be

responsible citizens.

Hailey Haupts

Secondary Special Education teacher

Hailey Haupts, Secondary Special Education teacher - I love teaching at

MNW because there are great people from top to bottom! The community

shows an incredible amount of support in everything the district is involved

in. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure the success of all students,

and we have awesome kids who are fun to get to know and build relationships


the building principals

Bret Larson - Elementary Principal

Welcome to MNW Elementary! We are growing better every

day, with innovative programs, outstanding staff and welcoming


We pride ourselves in having school-wide systems in place that will

help meet the needs of our students. Our teachers are committed to doing

everything they can to put our students in the best possible situation

to be successful academically, socially, and behaviorally.

If you are considering MNW for your children, feel free to call or stop

by. I’m more than happy to give you a tour and introduce you to our team.

It’s going to be a great school year!

Jayme Hurley - Jr/Sr High Principal

I’m Jayme Hurley, Jr/Sr High Principal. Throughout my career in education,

I have taught physical education, special education, at-risk education,

alternative education, and driver’s education. Additionally, I have

coached multiple sports, including serving as a head strength and conditioning

coach. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree at Upper Iowa

University and have since obtained Master of Science degrees in PK-12

Physical Education and PK-12 Educational Administration from Emporia

State University. The MNW learning community has a strong reputation

for stimulating student success. The key contributing factors to this success

are high expectations for students, a supportive learning environment, a shared focus between stakeholders, continual

family and community involvement, and high levels of collaboration and communication. As a school, we are

always striving to improve and welcome any input that you can share. My wife (Rachel) and I have six children. In my

free time, I take delight in spending time with my family, exercising, reading and watching/attending Iowa Hawkeye

sporting events.

Josh Seltz - NCCS Principal

I am Josh Seltz, the principal at NCCS. I live in Fort Dodge with my

wife Abie and our four children. Prior to becoming the principal at NCCS,

I served as a Physical Education Teacher and Special Education Teacher

at both NCCS and Rabiner Treatment Center.

Our staff is dedicated to helping students and supporting their social

development. With our structure and high staff to student ratio we are

able to provide a high level of support for each individual student and

help them build the skills needed for a successful transition back to their

public school setting.

highlights of the 2020-21

We can all agree that it was an unusual year that included

online teaching, mask wearing, and social distancing.

Even so, many positive things happened in our

district at all levels. There were updates and improvements

to buildings as well as many engaging learning

experiences, student and team recognitions, and celebrations.

District-wide Projects

• Updated all building exterior lights to LED

• Tuckpointed the Jr/Sr High, Elementary, and Central Office


• New carpet, cabinets, countertops and sinks in lower elementary

(K-2nd) classrooms

• Repaired and replaced HVAC systems in both the Elementary

and Jr/Sr high to allow for fresh air intake and circulation

• Successfully completed a whole year of in-person learning

amid COVID 19

• Successfully increased voted PPEL rate from $.87 to $1.34

• Partnered with ICCC to bring back the MNW Building

Trades Program

• Began updating both building’s auditorium lighting to LED

• Began updating softball and football lights to LED


• Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) - This

behavior program is used school wide at the elementary.

TK-6 students participated in two celebrations:

• Color Run and Carnival

• Winter activities at Twin Lakes Bible Camp

• Project Lead the Way for Science - Teachers create an

engaging hands-on classroom environment and empower

students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they

need to thrive.

• All school outdoor concert - An outdoor Spring concert was

presented by grades TK-6. It was well attended and was

held on the grassy area behind the elementary building.

The audience used blankets and chairs for seating and everyone

enjoyed the evening.

Grades K-12

• A coin drive was held in memory of teachers, Tricia Larson

and Jason Englert. The money raised went towards two

scholarships for MNW graduates.

• The district partnered with UnityPoint Health Berryhill Center

to have Child Therapy and Mental Health Therapy available

in the buildings.

Community Service - Serving is an important part of the culture

of MNW. Students and staff got involved in a variety of

community projects

• Landscaping at the District Office

• Several food drives

• Operation Christmas

• Pick Your Own Sweet Corn Patch

• FFA Greenhouse

• Manson Hometown Grocery support

• Volunteering at The Key On Central, Fort Dodge

Jr/Sr High Highlights

The Cougar Girls Cross Country Team placed 8th at the

State Meet at Fort Dodge. Maddie Moline placed 4th

and Preslie Oswald placed 13th individually.

The Choral Reading group of Trinity Johnson, Sean Peters,

Korbin Jensen, Dailyn Marine, Cael Collins, Brighton

Pullen, Hannah Horn, Aubrey Jorgensen, Aubrey

Jones, Alexis Wood, Rylee Quade, Madalyn Moline,

Kelsey Widlund, Delaney Marine and Alivia Marsh received

All State recognition.

The Readers Theater group of Trinity Johnson, Cael

Collins, Sean Peters, Aubree Jones, Hannah Horn,

Madalyn Moline, Natalie Pearson and Rylee Quade received

All State recognition.

The Radio Broadcasting group of Hunter Olson, Naiven

Moore, Elisa Macek, Ashley Westering, Brighton Pullen

and Aubrey Jorgensen received All State recognition.

The following individuals all received All State recognition

for Speech; Aubree Jones, Trinity Johnson, Brighton

Pullen, Cael Collins and Korbin Jensen.

The Cougar Girls Basketball Team won the Twin Lakes

Conference Sportsmanship Award.

2021 All Iowa Honor Dance Team

Courtney Colshan Schuyler Baccam

Miranda Pohlman Ashley Westering

Madalyn Moline Kyra Lubensky

2021 State Dance Championships

Class 5 Pom- Division 1 rating, 1st place State Champions

Military- Division 1 rating, 3rd place

Academic Excellence Award

The Cougar Girls won the District State qualifying meet

in track and field.

The Cougar Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay placed 7th at

the State Track and Field Championship.

Dayton Snell placed 6th in the 110M High Hurdles at

the State Track and Field Championships.

Cael Collins placed 7th in the 110M High Hurdles at

the State Track and Field Championships.

Kierra Birkey was selected to be a 2021 Iowa Shrine

Bowl Cheerleader

2020-2021 at the Consortium School

The North Central Consortium School serves students

from approximately 20 area school districts who are

disconnected from traditional education, coping with

the effects of trauma or challenging behavior, social,

and emotional needs. The staff strives to provide a

safe, positive, & caring environment through an inclusive,

student-centered program of academics, counseling,

and social skills development. They establish

clear behavior expectations, develop coping skills

and self-regulation, build self-esteem, teach students

respect, empathy, and how to build positive relationships.

The primary goal is to support the student in

building skills to successfully transition back to their

resident district.

• A total of 102 students were served in the school

program and a total of 243 students in in the suspension

center. Throughout the year students

participated in a variety of activities celebrating

their positive behaviors, progress, and successes,

including a year-end incentive trip to Fort

Frenzy in Fort Dodge.




Cross Country State Qualifiers. Pictured from left to

right: Quinn Lachelt, Preslie Oswald, Maddie Moline,

Paige Condon, Lane Moline

Class of 2021

Have a question or want to find out more?

We have a well-developed website that includes valuable information such as the school

calendar, open enrollment application, staff contact information, activities, lunch menu, and

employment opportunities just to name a few.


Contact Us

District Office

1016 Main Street

Manson, IA 50563



303 Pierce Street

Barnum, IA 50518


Jr/Sr High School

1601 15th Street

Manson, IA 50563


North Central Consortium School

1760 Johnson Avenue

Fort Dodge, IA 50501


Find Us On Social Media

Want to get a look into the everyday life in the MNW District? We are active in the social media

platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


It is the policy of Manson Northwest Webster Community School District not to illegally discriminate on the

basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age(for employment), marital status (for programs),

sexual orientation, gender identity and socioeconomic status (for programs) in its educational programs

and its employment practices. There is a grievance procedure for processing complaints or discrimination. If you

have questions or a grievance related to this policy please contact the district's Equity Coordinator, Jeff Anliker,

HS Guidance Counselor, 1601 15th Street, 712-469-2245,


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