2021 South Carolina Annual Book of Reports

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October 14-16, <strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association State Convention<br />

&<br />

APRN Fall Pharmacology Conference<br />


Thursday, October 14, <strong>2021</strong><br />



1907-<strong>2021</strong><br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Welcome............................................................................................................................................. 5<br />

<strong>2021</strong> SCNA State Convention Contributors and Donors ................................................................... 7<br />

<strong>2021</strong> SCNA State Convention Schedule ............................................................................................ 9<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Meeting Agenda................................................................................................................... 17<br />

I AM A Nurse................................................................................................................................. 19<br />

Standing Rules & Parliamentary Procedure................................................................................... 20<br />

Nightingale Tribute........................................................................................................................ 25<br />

2020 Audited Materials................................................................................................................. 31<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Financial Statement January 1-August 31, <strong>2021</strong> provided at the meeting<br />

Governance<br />

SCNA Certificate <strong>of</strong> Incorporation.............................................................................................. 38<br />

SCNA 501c6 Status Letter ......................................................................................................... 39<br />

Mission <strong>of</strong> SCNA......................................................................................................................... 40<br />

Mission <strong>of</strong> ANA........................................................................................................................... 40<br />

Philosophy <strong>of</strong> SCNA................................................................................................................... 40<br />

Current SCNA Bylaws as <strong>of</strong> November 3, 2017......................................................................... 42<br />

Organizational Chart as <strong>of</strong> November 3, 2017........................................................................... 59<br />

Memorandum Of Agreement Between <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association (SCNA)<br />

And Its SCNA Chapters................................................................................................................. 60<br />

2017-2019 Strategic Goals............................................................................................................ 63<br />

Current 2020-2022 Legislative Priorities........................................................................................ 64<br />

Oath <strong>of</strong> Office & Other Documents Required For Service............................................................ 65<br />

List Current SCNA Committee and Chapter Chairs.......................................................................... 68<br />

Current Members <strong>of</strong> SCNA as <strong>of</strong> August 31, <strong>2021</strong>........................................................................... 70<br />

<strong>Reports</strong> <strong>of</strong> SCNA Board/Chapter Chairs/Committee Chairs<br />

President........................................................................................................................................ 80<br />

President Elect............................................................................................................................... 81<br />

Nomination Committee.............................................................................................................. 81<br />

Secretary/Treasurer........................................................................................................................ 81<br />

Finance Committee.................................................................................................................... 81<br />

Director Seat 1............................................................................................................................... 81<br />

Director Seat 2............................................................................................................................... 82<br />

Commission Chairs<br />

Commission on Public Policy/Legislation .................................................................................. 82<br />

Legislative Committee......................................................................................................... 82<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

As a nurse at <strong>Carolina</strong>East Health System you can work in a variety <strong>of</strong> units utilizing the latest technology<br />

with a focus on patient care. Registered nurses are highly valued members <strong>of</strong> the care team, and are<br />

provided conveniences such as electronic charting and medication scanning right at the bedside. Raise a<br />

family in lovely New Bern, North <strong>Carolina</strong>, close to both the ocean and mountains. Come for your career,<br />

stay for the people you will serve and the relationships you will develop.<br />

We are looking for nurses specializing in:<br />

At least $10,000 sign on bonus for experienced full-time nurses<br />

Relocation up to $5,000 for qualified candidates<br />

To learn more about our opportunities or to apply, visit jobs.carolinaeasthealth.com/nursing.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Commission on Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy and Development<br />

Continued Education Approver Committee........................................................................ 83<br />

Continued Education Provider Committee.......................................................................... 84<br />

<strong>Reports</strong> from the <strong>2021</strong> ANA Membership Assembly.................................................................. 84<br />

<strong>Reports</strong> <strong>of</strong> SCNA Chapters<br />

APRN Chapter...................................................................................................................... 85<br />

Nurse Educator Chapter...................................................................................................... 85<br />

Psychiatric-Mental Health Chapter...................................................................................... 86<br />

Women’s and Children’s Health Chapter............................................................................. 86<br />

SCNF <strong>Annual</strong> Report................................................................................................................... 87<br />

<strong>Reports</strong> from Organizations with SCNA Representation............................................................ 90<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association CEO.................................................................................... 91<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Meeting <strong>of</strong> SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.................................................................................... 92<br />

Published for the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association by:<br />

Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency<br />

PO Box 216, Cedar Falls, IA 50613<br />

319-277-2414<br />

3<br />

Join a Team That Believes Families Matter!<br />

Your Family, Your Work Family and the Families We Serve<br />

Career Opportunities Available<br />

We <strong>of</strong>fer competitive pay and excellent benefits. Browse available<br />

positions by location, download an application or contact us by visiting<br />

www.PresCommunities.org/Careers<br />

Clinton | Florence | Easley | Lexington | Summerville | West Columbia<br />

Equal<br />

Opportunity<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Welcome to the<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong> State Convention<br />

&<br />

APRN Fall Pharmacology Conference<br />

&<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting<br />

WELCOME to the <strong>2021</strong> SCNA Meetings. We appreciate your attendance. We hope that this will<br />

be several days <strong>of</strong> discovery and interest in the work <strong>of</strong> your association and excellent continuing<br />

nursing education.<br />

So, WELCOME, enjoy yourselves and help us begin the next year <strong>of</strong> SCNA life together!<br />

Kelly Bouthillet, DNP, APRN, CCNS, ACNP-BC, FNP-C<br />

President <strong>of</strong> SCNA<br />



There’s something special about neighbors caring for neighbors: it’s<br />

why our clinicians <strong>of</strong>ten live in the communities where they care for<br />

patients each day.<br />

When you join Kindred at Home, you gain an extended family <strong>of</strong> clinicians<br />

and healthcare pr<strong>of</strong>essionals looking out for each other’s best interests.<br />

So you can expect the support, training, resources, benefits and flexibility<br />

you need to do your job safely and with compassion every day.<br />

We operate in 40 states - and thousands <strong>of</strong> neighborhoods- so there’s a<br />

good chance we’re in a community near you.<br />

Talk to us today about joining our family <strong>of</strong> skilled nurses.<br />

Email me: Shea.Parker@Gentiva<br />

Contact us: 855-KND-AT-HOME<br />

Learn more at: careers.kindredathome.com

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Would Like To Thank The<br />

Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Donors<br />

The <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association would like to thank the Arthur L. Davis Publishing<br />

Company, Stephen Miller, General Manager, and all the superb staff for its continuing support <strong>of</strong><br />

SCNA through the publication <strong>of</strong> the SC Nurse, the <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Reports</strong>, and other support.<br />




Novo Nordisk<br />



Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC<br />

McLeod Health<br />


As <strong>of</strong> August 31, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Provision <strong>of</strong> this education activity by SCNA does not imply endorsement by SCNA or ANCC <strong>of</strong> any commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity. SCNA<br />

gratefully acknowledges the support <strong>of</strong> companies to support the presentations <strong>of</strong> speakers. Commercial support does not influence the design and scientific objectivity <strong>of</strong><br />

any SCNA educational activity. SCNA does not endorse the <strong>of</strong>f label use <strong>of</strong> any products for a purpose other than for which it was approved by the FDA. SCNA has conflict<br />

<strong>of</strong> interest disclosures on file for all presenters and planners.<br />

7<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Foundation<br />

SCNA’s Career Center

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />




American Renal Associates<br />

Our Staff Make the Difference!<br />

Opportunities for dialysis nurses.<br />

Fax resume to Brittany Winter at eFax 978-232-0876.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong> SCNA State Convention<br />

October 14-16, <strong>2021</strong><br />


subject to change – updated 8/20/<strong>2021</strong><br />

CNE/NCPD Credit Types To Be Determined<br />


Wednesday October 13, <strong>2021</strong><br />

6:30 PM SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors Meeting<br />

Thursday October 14, <strong>2021</strong><br />

8:30 AM General Session: <strong>2021</strong> Pharmacology Update<br />

12:00 PM Break<br />

1:30 PM Migraines in Pediatrics & Adults<br />

Skin Emergencies<br />

Resiliency / Self-Care/ Relaxation Technique<br />

3:00 PM Break<br />

3:30 PM Covid: Pulmonary and Beyond<br />

Top Patient Safety Concerns for RNs<br />

5:30 PM Break<br />

6:00 PM Virtual SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting - SCNA Members Only<br />

7:00 PM Virtual <strong>Annual</strong> SCNA Board Meeting<br />

Friday October 15, <strong>2021</strong><br />

8:30 AM 12 Lead ECGS for Advanced Clinical Practice<br />

Pharmacogenomics<br />

Overview <strong>of</strong> Forensics<br />

10:00 AM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />

10:30 AM Breast Cancer Update<br />

Demystifying Pacemakers and ICDS: Keep it Simple!<br />

Postpartum Hemorrhage and Pre-Eclampsia<br />

12:00 PM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

1:30 PM Cultural Intelligence<br />

Diseases that Immunizations can Prevent<br />

Depression in the Elderly: How Does It Look?<br />

3:30 PM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />

4:00 PM Do Ask, Do Tell: Creating a Gender Affirming Climate to Advance Health Equity<br />

New POST Form<br />

Psychiatric Pharm Update<br />

5:30 PM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />

Saturday October 16, <strong>2021</strong><br />

8:30 AM Men’s General Health Issues<br />

Human Trafficking<br />

Teaching Students How to Find and Use Evidence for Practice<br />

10:00 AM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />

10:30 AM Billing and Coding Update<br />

Maximizing Social Security Benefits<br />

12:00 PM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />

1:30 PM Pediatric ENT<br />

NCPD – Managing Quality Outcomes and More<br />

3:00 PM Break & Virtual Exhibit Hall<br />

3:30 PM Telehealth and the APRN: Maximizing Quality and Ensuring Legal and Regulatory<br />

Compliance<br />

Use <strong>of</strong> Escape Rooms for Competencies<br />

CH=Contact Hour<br />

CH/PH=Contact Hour with Pharm Content<br />

CH/PH/CS=Contact Hour with Pharm Content & Controlled Substance Content<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Wrecks • Injuries • Workers’ Comp • Disability<br />

Michelle D. Powers<br />


Experience, Skill & Care for YOU.<br />

864.227.2500 • www.mpowerslaw.com<br />

215 Park Avenue, Greenwood, SC 29646<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong> SCNA CONTINUING NURSING<br />


Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) Credit:<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association is an Approved Provider <strong>of</strong> continuing nursing education by<br />

the Tennessee Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing<br />

Center’s Commission on Accreditation.<br />

Only RN/APRN’s are eligible to receive nursing contact hours.<br />

For all CNE sessions, in order to receive full contact-hour credit for the CNE activities, you must:<br />

1. Scan your name badge when you enter each session<br />

2. Be present no later than five (5) minutes after starting time. Scanners will not be available after<br />

five (5) minutes.<br />

3. Remain until the scheduled ending time<br />

4. Complete the on-line CNE Evaluation Form for each session. The on-line CNE Evaluation<br />

Form will be emailed to you following the completion <strong>of</strong> each day <strong>of</strong> the event.<br />

Conflict <strong>of</strong> Interest<br />

A Conflict <strong>of</strong> Interest occurs when an individual has an opportunity to affect educational content<br />

about health-care products or services <strong>of</strong> a commercial interest with which she/he has a financial<br />

relationship.<br />

The planners and presenters <strong>of</strong> this CNE activity have disclosed relevant financial relationships with<br />

any commercial interests pertaining to this activity. If applicable disclosures will be made before<br />

lecture begins.<br />

SCNA has conflict <strong>of</strong> interest disclosures on file for all presenters and planners.<br />

Non-Endorsement <strong>of</strong> Products<br />

Provision <strong>of</strong> this education activity by SCNA does not imply endorsement by SCNA or ANCC <strong>of</strong> any<br />

commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity.<br />

SCNA gratefully acknowledges the support <strong>of</strong> companies to support the presentations <strong>of</strong><br />

speakers. Commercial support does not influence the design and scientific objectivity <strong>of</strong> any SCNA<br />

educational activity.<br />

Off-label Product Use<br />

SCNA does not endorse the <strong>of</strong>f label use <strong>of</strong> any products for a purpose other than for which it was<br />

approved by the FDA.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

ANCC Accreditation Feedback Line<br />

1-866-262-9730<br />

The Accreditation Program <strong>of</strong> the American Nurses Credentialing Center is interested in the<br />

opinions and perspectives <strong>of</strong> the participants in accredited continuing nursing education activities,<br />

particularly those perspectives related to the presence <strong>of</strong> perceived bias* in the continuing<br />

education. For this reason, we are now providing a toll free telephone number.<br />

Participants may access this number at any time to:<br />

-tell us <strong>of</strong> any noted bias or conflict <strong>of</strong> interest in the education<br />

-tell us <strong>of</strong> any concerns, compliments, or opinions<br />

-tell us <strong>of</strong> a great experience<br />

-tell us <strong>of</strong> an unpleasant experience<br />

-tell us your thoughts on the process<br />

Just call and tell us! 1-866-262-9730<br />

*Bias is defined as: preferential influence that causes a distortion <strong>of</strong> opinion or <strong>of</strong> facts. Commercial<br />

bias may occur when an educational activity promotes one or more product(s) (drugs, devices,<br />

services, s<strong>of</strong>tware, hardware etc.) This definition is not all inclusive and participants may use their<br />

own interpretation in deciding if a presentation is biased.<br />

NOTE: Statements <strong>of</strong> commercial support and /or conflict <strong>of</strong> interest disclosures do not represent<br />

bias. Such statements inform the learner that the provider has implemented a mechanism to identify<br />

and resolve all conflicts <strong>of</strong> interest prior to delivery <strong>of</strong> the educational material.<br />


$10000,,000000000000 knnnnnnnnoooooowwleeeeeeeeddggeeeeeeee bboooooonnnnnnnnuuussssssss fffoooooorrrrrrrr RNssssssss wwiiiiiiiitttttttth 1-yeeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrr ooooo<strong>of</strong>ff eeeeeeeexppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrriiiiiiiieeeeeeeennnnnnnnccceeeeeeee<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Yoooouuuurrrrrrrr CCaaaaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr aaaaaaaatttttt<br />

EEEExxpppppaaaaaaaannnnnnddd<br />

RRReeeeeeeegggiiiioooonnnnnnaaaaaaaall<br />

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Heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalltttttthccaaaaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeee S5stttttteeeeeeee)<br />

OOOppppppppppoooorrrrrrrrttttttuuuunnnnnniiiittttttiiiieeeeeeees foooorrrrrrrr eeeeeeeexxpppppeeeeeeeerrrrrrrriiiieeeeeeeennnnnncceeeeeeeeddd aaaaaaaannnnnnddd nnnnnneeeeeeeew gggrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaddduuuuaaaaaaaatttttteeeeeeee RRRs<br />

Siiiiiiiiggnnnnnnnn-oooooonnnnnnnn bboooooonnnnnnnnuuussssssss fffoooooorrrrrrrr ccceeeeeeeerrrrrrrrttttttttaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn ddeeeeeeeeppaaaaaarrrrrrrrttttttttmmmmmeeeeeeeennnnnnnnttttttttssssssss<br />

Reeeeeeeeloooooocccaaaaaattttttttiiiiiiiioooooonnnnnnnn aaaaaassssssssssssssssiiiiiiiissssssssttttttttaaaaaannnnnnnnccceeeeeeee<br />

Liiiiiiiifffeeeeeeeettttttttiiiiiiiimmmmmeeeeeeee ttttttttuuuiiiiiiiittttttttiiiiiiiioooooonnnnnnnn rrrrrrrreeeeeeeeiiiiiiiimmmmmbbuuurrrrrrrrsssssssseeeeeeeemmmmmeeeeeeeennnnnnnntttttttt<br />


AAA<br />

aaaaaarrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaa rrrrraaaaaannnnkeeeeeeeed bby U.S. Neews andd<br />

Spaaaaaarrrrrtttaaaaaannnnbburrrrrg/Grrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnvviilllllleeeeeeee<br />

Woorrldd Reepoorrt aaaaaass onnnneeeeeeee oœ tttheeeeeeee Beeeeeeeessttt Plllaaaaaaceeeeeeeess ttto Liivveeeeeeee.<br />

mmmmmoooooorrrrrrrreeeeeeee p aaaaaapppply oooooonnnnnnnnliiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeeeee,,<br />

Leeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn<br />

SppaaaaaarrrrrrrrttttttttaaaaaannnnnnnnbbuuurrrrrrrrggReeeeeeeeggiiiiiiiioooooonnnnnnnnaaaaaal.cccoooooommmmm/Caaaaaarrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrssssssss.<br />

SC Department <strong>of</strong> Disabilities & Special Needs – Whitten Regional Center - Laurens County, Clinton, SC<br />

Hiring Full-Time and Part-Time RNs and LPNs, all shifts<br />

Sign-On bonus for FTE candidates<br />

State benefits, including health and dental insurance, retirement and savings plan options, paid holidays, and paid<br />

vacation and sick leave.<br />

“Assisting people with disabilities and their families in <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>”<br />

Apply online: https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/sc/ddsn<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting<br />

October 14, <strong>2021</strong><br />

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM<br />

I. Call to Order<br />

II.<br />

III.<br />

IV.<br />

A. Reading <strong>of</strong> the Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements, 2015<br />

B. Reading <strong>of</strong> I AM A Nurse<br />

Establishment <strong>of</strong> the Agenda and Standing Rules<br />

Establishment <strong>of</strong> a quorum: ARTICLE XVI: QUORUM; Section 1. Establishment <strong>of</strong> Quorum;<br />

(a) The number <strong>of</strong> voting members present at a duly noticed meeting <strong>of</strong> the members shall<br />

constitute a quorum for any regular or special meetings <strong>of</strong> the Association.<br />

Time <strong>of</strong> Remembrance<br />

V. Address <strong>of</strong> the SCNA President<br />

VI.<br />

Report <strong>of</strong> SCNA Treasurer<br />

VII. Report <strong>of</strong> the SNA-SC President<br />

VIII. Report <strong>of</strong> Chief Executive Officer<br />

IX.<br />

Report <strong>of</strong> Organizational Units-Full <strong>Reports</strong> as received were published in this SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Reports</strong><br />

A. Commission on Public Policy and Legislation page 82 in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>Reports</strong><br />

B. Commission on Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy and Development page 83 in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong><br />

<strong>Reports</strong><br />

C. SCNA Chapters:<br />

- APRN Chapter page 85 in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>Reports</strong><br />

- Nurse Educator Chapter page 85 in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>Reports</strong><br />

- Psychiatric and Mental Health Chapter page 86 in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>Reports</strong><br />

- Women’s and Children’s Health Chapter page 86 in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>Reports</strong><br />

X. Report <strong>of</strong> Tellers and Declaration <strong>of</strong> Election<br />

XI.<br />

Swearing In <strong>of</strong> The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and Chapter Officers<br />

XII. For the Good <strong>of</strong> The Order<br />

XIII. Adjournment<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


NHC Healthcare – Anderson is<br />


RNs and LPNs<br />

Contact:<br />

Donna Robinson, DON<br />

1501 East Greenville St.<br />

Anderson, SC 29622<br />

www.nhcanderson.com<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

I am a Nurse: Together we are ANA<br />

Cultural Covenant<br />

"As nurses, ANA members and elected/appointed <strong>of</strong>ficials, we need each other to create nursing's<br />

future.<br />

Our issues are big and require the best thinking <strong>of</strong> each and everyone <strong>of</strong> us.<br />

Therefore, we shall demonstrate through our behaviors and preparation our commitment to the<br />

spirit and purposes <strong>of</strong> ANA.<br />

We recognize that we are more alike than we are different, but we know that differences <strong>of</strong>ten lead<br />

up to better decisions.<br />

We believe that passion is positive and confrontation is counterproductive.<br />

We affirm the value <strong>of</strong> each person.<br />

We shall create an atmosphere <strong>of</strong> acceptance, demonstrating care for each other, as we do our<br />

patients.<br />

We shall listen to each other so each voice will feel heard.<br />

We shall respect each other's opinions.<br />

We shall be positive and open to new possibilities.<br />

We shall build on our past by focusing on our future.<br />

Through consideration, collaboration, compromise and consensus we can achieve our common<br />

goals. 1<br />

'If not us, who?<br />

If not now, when?'''<br />

1<br />

Authored by the Ohio Nurses Association, 2009<br />

Adopted by the ANA House <strong>of</strong> Delegates June 2010<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Rule 1.<br />

Rule 2.<br />

Rule 3.<br />

Rule 4.<br />

Rule 5.<br />

Rule 6.<br />

Rule 7.<br />

Rule 8.<br />

Rule 9.<br />

For admission to the annual meeting, to facilitate identification and seating, members<br />

shall be required to wear the <strong>of</strong>ficial name tag issued at registration.<br />

Members may not speak and debate more than twice to the same question or longer than<br />

three minutes, without permission granted by a two-thirds vote with debate. No member<br />

may speak more than once to a question if a member who has not spoken wishes to do<br />

so.<br />

Any member <strong>of</strong> SCNA may be granted the privilege <strong>of</strong> the floor.<br />

All main motions <strong>of</strong>fered by a member shall be in writing (on the forms provided), signed<br />

by the maker and the seconder, and shall be given directly to a Monitor for immediate<br />

forwarding to the chair as soon as the speaker has been recognized. Members making<br />

incidental motions not in writing will give name before making a motion.<br />

Business interrupted by a recess <strong>of</strong> the meeting shall be resumed at the point where it<br />

was interrupted at the end <strong>of</strong> the recess.<br />

Any substantive resolution forwarded to SCNA for consideration <strong>of</strong> the Reference<br />

Committee which was not approved for presentation, if introduced by an individual<br />

member, must receive a two-thirds vote <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting to reach the floor for<br />

consideration and a majority vote <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting to be adopted.<br />

Any substantive resolution not <strong>of</strong> emergency nature nor one previously forwarded to<br />

SCNA if introduced by an individual member, must receive a three-fourths vote <strong>of</strong> the<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Meeting for consideration and a two-thirds vote <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting to be<br />

adopted.<br />

The members will act only on the resolves <strong>of</strong> the resolutions and the recommendations<br />

<strong>of</strong> reports. Questions <strong>of</strong> clarification about the intent and meaning <strong>of</strong> the resolves and<br />

recommendations will be handled according to parliamentary procedure.<br />

Notices for announcements to the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting shall be in writing, signed by the<br />

person (or proper representative to the person) under whose authority the announcement<br />

is issued, and shall be sent to the desk <strong>of</strong> the recording secretary.<br />

Rule 10. The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall be authorized to approve the minutes <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

not later than the first regular meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors during 2022 Board year.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Parliamentary procedure must not be viewed as a set <strong>of</strong> arbitrary rules. It should be considered as<br />

the application <strong>of</strong> common sense and logic in the conduct <strong>of</strong> a meeting. Compliance with this set <strong>of</strong><br />

rules serves to protect, and is directly related to, our jealously guarded ideal <strong>of</strong> democratic process.<br />

The great value <strong>of</strong> the democratic process is open and orderly discussion which results in intelligent<br />

compromise. When general consent is evidenced by a group, the importance <strong>of</strong> following<br />

parliamentary procedure becomes primarily that <strong>of</strong> maintaining the orderly conduct <strong>of</strong> a meeting.<br />

Democratic principles basic to the appropriate conduct <strong>of</strong> a meeting are as follows:<br />

1. Justice and courtesy to all.<br />

2. One thing at a time<br />

3. Rule <strong>of</strong> the majority<br />

4. Right <strong>of</strong> the minority to be heard.<br />

The rules contained in the latest edition <strong>of</strong> ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER shall govern meetings <strong>of</strong><br />

this association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with<br />

these bylaws.<br />


1. Recognition by the chair is, <strong>of</strong> course, the first step in presenting a motion.<br />

2. Time will be saved if members will think carefully before wording a motion so as not to<br />

make it too long, say what they really want and not include points <strong>of</strong> discussion in the<br />

motion.<br />

3. All motions, other than those <strong>of</strong> a personal nature, must be in writing.<br />

4. No business involving any kind <strong>of</strong> action should be conducted without a motion.<br />

5. All main motions are debatable.<br />

6. Debate begins after the motion is made.<br />

7. Debate should be limited to the motion before the assembly.<br />

8. Proposer <strong>of</strong> the motion may speak to it first.<br />

9. Proposer <strong>of</strong> the motion may not speak against his/her motion, but may vote against it.<br />

10. Address remarks through the presiding <strong>of</strong>ficer; do not speak directly to other members<br />

during debate.<br />

11. Avoid personalities. The motion is under discussion not the proposer.<br />

12. The presiding <strong>of</strong>ficer should not enter into debate and cannot close debate.<br />

13. Voting may be done by general consent (silence). Chair says, “If there is no objection, the<br />

report will be accepted as information.”<br />

14. The Chair votes only if his/her vote will change the result or break a tie. If his/her vote<br />

creates a tie, the motion is lost.<br />

RONR: Robert’s Rules <strong>of</strong> Order Newly Revised 11th Edition<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


1. Member addresses the Presiding Officer,<br />

“Mr./Madam President”<br />

2. Presiding Officer recognizes member by calling his/her name.<br />

3. Member proposes motion,<br />

“I move that ”<br />

4. Another member seconds the motion,<br />

“I second the motion.”<br />

5. Presiding Officer states the motion,<br />

“It has been moved and seconded that .”<br />

6. Presiding Officer calls for debate,<br />

“Is there any discussion?”<br />

“Are there any remarks?”<br />

“Are you ready for the question?”<br />

7. Presiding Officer takes the vote when debate has ended.<br />

“The question is on the adoption <strong>of</strong> the motion that (repeat the motion).<br />

Those in favor say ‘Aye.’<br />

Those opposed say, ‘No.’”<br />

8. Presiding Officer announces result <strong>of</strong> vote.<br />

“The ayes have it. The motion is carried, and we (state effect <strong>of</strong> adopting the motion).”<br />

“The noes have it. The motion is lost, and we will not (state effect <strong>of</strong> not adopting the motion).”<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />



TO DO THIS<br />

Adjourn the<br />

meeting*<br />

Recess the<br />

meeting*<br />

Complain about<br />

noise, room<br />

temperature, etc.<br />

Suspend further<br />

consideration <strong>of</strong><br />

something”<br />

End debate<br />

Postpone<br />

consideration <strong>of</strong><br />

something<br />

Have something<br />

studied further<br />

Amend a motion<br />

Introduce business<br />

(a primary motion)<br />

Object to a<br />

procedure or to a<br />

personal affront*<br />

Request<br />

Information*<br />

YOU SAY<br />

THIS<br />

“I move the<br />

meeting be<br />

adjourned”<br />

“I move the<br />

meeting be<br />

recessed<br />

until...”<br />

“Point <strong>of</strong><br />

personal<br />

privilege”<br />

“I move to<br />

table the<br />

motion”<br />

“I move the<br />

previous<br />

question”<br />

“I move this<br />

matter be<br />

postponed<br />

until...”<br />

“I move this<br />

matter be<br />

referred to a<br />

Committee”<br />

“I move that<br />

this motion<br />

be amended<br />

by...”<br />

“I move<br />

that...”<br />

“Point <strong>of</strong><br />

Order”<br />

“Point <strong>of</strong><br />

Information”<br />

MAY YOU<br />


SPEAKER?<br />

MUST<br />

YOU BE<br />


IS THE<br />

MOTION<br />


WHAT<br />

VOTE IS<br />


NO YES NO Majority<br />

NO YES NO Majority<br />

YES NO NO No Vote<br />

NO YES NO Majority<br />

NO YES NO 2/3 vote<br />

NO YES YES Majority<br />

NO YES YES Majority<br />

NO YES YES Majority<br />

NO YES YES Majority<br />

YES NO NO<br />

*Chair<br />

Decides<br />

No Vote<br />

YES NO NO No Vote<br />


TO DO THIS<br />

Ask for a vote<br />

by actual count<br />

to verify a voice<br />

vote*<br />

Object to<br />

considering some<br />

undiplomatic<br />

matter*<br />

Take up a matter<br />

previously tabled*<br />

Reconsider<br />

something already<br />

disposed <strong>of</strong>*<br />

Consider<br />

something out<br />

<strong>of</strong> its scheduled<br />

order*<br />

Vote on a ruling<br />

by the chair*<br />

*Not Amendable<br />

YOU SAY<br />

THIS<br />

“I call for a<br />

division <strong>of</strong><br />

the house”<br />

“I object to<br />

consideration<br />

<strong>of</strong> this<br />

question”<br />

“I move to<br />

take from the<br />

table...”<br />

“I move to<br />

reconsider<br />

the action<br />

relative to...”<br />

“I move to<br />

suspend the<br />

rules and<br />

consider...”<br />

“I appeal<br />

the chair’s<br />

decision”<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

MAY YOU<br />


SPEAKER?<br />

MUST<br />

YOU BE<br />


IS THE<br />

MOTION<br />


WHAT<br />

VOTE IS<br />


NO NO NO No Vote<br />

YES NO NO 2/3 vote<br />

NO YES NO Majority<br />

YES YES YES Majority<br />

NO YES NO 2/3 vote<br />

YES YES YES Majority<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Shirley Williams Bannister<br />

Shirley Williams Bannister, died Sunday, Sept. 27, nearly three weeks after<br />

her daughter at the age <strong>of</strong> 57. Shirley tested positive for COVID-19 the day her<br />

daughter Demi Bannister died.<br />

Shirley is survived by her husband Dennis Bannister. Demi was her only child.<br />

The funeral will take place Saturday, Oct. 3 at noon at the Bible Way Church <strong>of</strong><br />

Atlas Road located at 2440 Atlas Road in Columbia.<br />

Due to safety and health concerns surrounding COVID-19, the funeral services<br />

will be private. Only family members and program guests will be in attendance within the worship<br />

center. The funeral will be streamed on the church’s website and its Facebook page.<br />

The Bannister and Williams' families encourage all <strong>of</strong> Demi and Shirley’s close friends and coworkers<br />

to join them in a virtual celebration <strong>of</strong> life. The funeral arrangements are being handled by<br />

Leevy’s Funeral Home in Columbia.<br />

Gwendolyn M. Felton<br />

COLUMBIA - A graveside service for Gwendolyn M. Felton, 75, will be held<br />

at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, December 8, 2020 in Fort Jackson National Cemetery.<br />

Dunbar Funeral Home, Northeast Chapel, is assisting the family.<br />

Mrs. Felton died Saturday, November 28, 2020. Born in Polk County N.C.<br />

near Columbus, she was a daughter <strong>of</strong> the late Samuel J. McCarter and Ola Price<br />

McCarter. She received her Master’s degree from the Medical College <strong>of</strong> Georgia<br />

and Doctorate in research and statistics from the University <strong>of</strong> S.C. She was a<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essor at the USC School <strong>of</strong> Nursing for 35+ years and was a dedicated fan <strong>of</strong> the University.<br />

During her tenure, she published more than 30 articles. She taught at USC Upstate while earning<br />

her Master’s degree and taught two years at Columbus (Ga.) College. In addition, she was invited to<br />

join the American Academy <strong>of</strong> Nursing.<br />

Surviving are her devoted and loving husband <strong>of</strong> 53 years, Charles M. Felton; sister, Gail<br />

McCarter (Jim Davis) <strong>of</strong> Clover, S.C.; sister-in-law, Frances Stewart (Charles) <strong>of</strong> Greensboro, Ga.;<br />

niece, Charlene Leonard <strong>of</strong> Brentwood, Tenn.; nephews, Glenn and Frank Stewart, both <strong>of</strong> Atlanta;<br />

and numerous cousins. She was predeceased by three brothers and one sister.<br />

Cynthia Cindy Whittier Fogle<br />

Cynthia "Cindy" Whittier Fogle, age 70, passed away Tuesday, January 26,<br />

<strong>2021</strong> at the McLeod Hospice House in Florence.<br />

Cindy was born September 29, 1950 a daughter <strong>of</strong> the late Odell and<br />

Margaret Carter. She worked in nursing for over 45 years and was a Licensed<br />

Nurse Practitioner in North and <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>. Cindy spent the bulk <strong>of</strong> her<br />

career at Emory University and other local Atlanta hospitals before returning<br />

home to Loris to serve her community at Loris Hospital. She also opened the<br />

first Medical Access Facility in Horry County where she was a Nurse Practitioner, Supervisor and<br />

Preceptor, training nurses for several years. Cindy was currently a member <strong>of</strong> Spring Branch Baptist<br />

Church and was a longtime member <strong>of</strong> Mt. Leon Baptist Church. She was an avid reader and was<br />

very knowledgeable <strong>of</strong> the Bible. Cindy also enjoyed traveling, particularly trips to Europe and<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Australia, and especially loved spending time with her family and friends. She was a loving and<br />

devoted wife and mother and absolutely adored her grandchildren. In addition to her parents, she<br />

was predeceased by her former husband, Frank Whittier.<br />

Survivors include her husband, Charlie Fogle <strong>of</strong> Nichols; two daughters, Rae Perez (Horacio) <strong>of</strong><br />

Grayson, GA and Caycee Pfeiff (Aaron) <strong>of</strong> Culpepper, VA; one step-daughter, Jenny Gore (Kyle) <strong>of</strong><br />

Loris; one brother, Gerald "Jerry" Carter <strong>of</strong> Longs; four grandchildren, Savanna Perez, Natalie Perez,<br />

Mason Pfeiff, and Ashtyn Pfeiff; two step-grandchildren, Maddie Gore and Emma Gore; and her<br />

special cousins, Judy Clemmons, Sylvia Chestnut, and Carol Canady.<br />

Graveside services will be held at 2:00 PM Tuesday, February 2, <strong>2021</strong> at Mt. Leon Cemetery<br />

in Longs with Rev. Nate Watts <strong>of</strong>ficiating. The family requests that all in attendance wear face<br />

coverings and practice social distancing.<br />

Memorials may be sent to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, 28 West 44th Street, Suite<br />

609, New York, NY 10036 or online at www.bcrf.org/<br />

Donna Jean Moss<br />

Donna Jean Moss, 91, <strong>of</strong> Warner Robins, GA, previously <strong>of</strong> West Columbia,<br />

SC, passed away May 6, <strong>2021</strong>. Born in Davenport, WA on Oct. 20, 1929, she was<br />

the oldest <strong>of</strong> three children to the late Eugene and Sada Chrisman Moss. Her<br />

childhood was spent in Lincolnton, GA and Greenwood, SC. Donna graduated<br />

from Greenwood High School in 1947. She received her Diploma in Nursing from<br />

Anderson Hospital School <strong>of</strong> Nursing (Anderson, SC) in 1950, her BS in Nursing<br />

at Emory University in 1957, and her Masters in Nursing from the University <strong>of</strong><br />

Alabama in 1962. She was a nurse during a time when R.N.s were permitted to be focused on<br />

patient care and could use their pr<strong>of</strong>essional judgement. Donna always said she was a nurse “before<br />

plastic”. She worked at Anderson Memorial Hospital from 1950-1954 and was on the faculty at the<br />

school <strong>of</strong> nursing 1957-1963. She was an instructor at Lander College (1963-1966) in Greenwood,<br />

SC. Donna’s final pr<strong>of</strong>essional years were spent as Assistant/Associate Pr<strong>of</strong>essor at the University <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> College <strong>of</strong> Nursing (1966-1990) in Columbia, SC. She chaired the Associate Degree<br />

Program in Nursing 1969-1984. She <strong>of</strong>ten spoke <strong>of</strong> her students and maternity patients from over<br />

the years. She was a member <strong>of</strong> the American Nurses Association, National League for Nursing, and<br />

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing.<br />

Donna taught us by example to take care <strong>of</strong> our families, to do our jobs well, to pay our bills<br />

and not use credit, and to help others along the way. She cared for both her parents in her home,<br />

with help from her brother and sister-in-law. As with many <strong>of</strong> the Greatest Generation, being<br />

uncomfortable or inconvenienced was not a crisis to her. She was a poor country girl that worked<br />

her way up but never forgot her roots. She was an accomplished seamstress and enjoyed reading<br />

and following baseball. She was a loyal Atlanta Braves fan from the day they moved to Atlanta. She<br />

was a contented person, <strong>of</strong>ten commenting that she had never been bored a day in her life.<br />

The last few years <strong>of</strong> her life she lived with her niece in Warner Robins, GA. She was cared for by<br />

people who loved her, and she continued to amaze anyone around her.<br />

Donna is survived by her sister-in-law, Bessie Moss (Cayce, SC), brother-in-law, Dave Anthony<br />

(Warner Robins, GA); nieces, Pamela Anthony (Warner Robins, GA), Michele Dunker (Bennett, CO),<br />

Dorothy Moss (Rock Hill, SC), Susan Morris (Cayce, SC), Janet Morris (Cayce, SC), Lynn Wilbanks<br />

(Cayce, SC); nephews, Pete Wilbanks (Cayce, SC), Morris Davis (Cayce, SC), and Randy Moss<br />

(Cayce, SC).<br />

In addition to her parents, Donna was preceded in death by her brother, Ernest "Bud" Moss and<br />

sister, Loree Moss Anthony.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Visitation with the family will be on Friday, June 4, <strong>2021</strong> at 1 p.m. at the chapel <strong>of</strong> Celestial<br />

Memorial Gardens, West Columbia, SC. A memorial service will follow at 2 p.m. In lieu <strong>of</strong> flowers,<br />

the family respectfully suggests memorial donations be given to the SC Educational Foundation,<br />

1601 Greene St., Columbia, SC 29208. Please designate for: College <strong>of</strong> Nursing, Donna Moss<br />

Scholarship.<br />

Patricia Fair Prather<br />

Patricia Fair Prather March 23, 1949 - March 23, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Fayetteville, North <strong>Carolina</strong> - Colonel (Retired U.S. Army) Patricia Fair Prather<br />

A graveside service for family and close friends <strong>of</strong> Patricia Fair Prather will be held<br />

at 3:00 PM Saturday, March 27, <strong>2021</strong> at Greenlawn Memorial Park, Columbia,<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>.<br />

Colonel (U.S. Army Retired) Patricia Fair Prather, aged 72, died on March<br />

23rd at the Autumn Care Assisted Living facility in Fayetteville, NC, with her<br />

sister, Chris Yeager, by her side. Pat was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2014 and courageously<br />

lived out her final years with the same faith, dignity and compassion for her fellow man that she<br />

demonstrated throughout her life.<br />

Pat was born March, 23, 1949 in Fort Belvoir, Virginia to Lewis D. Prather and Caroline Summers<br />

Prather. After graduating with a BS in Nursing from Duke University in 1971, she spent five years as<br />

a civilian nurse at Duke University Medical Center and the Atlanta VA Medical center before joining<br />

the U.S. Army in 1976. She completed both the AMEDD Officer Basic and Advanced Course where<br />

she was recognized as the Outstanding Honor Graduate. In 1981, she graduated from the University<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> with a Masters in Nursing Administration. Her military awards include the Legion<br />

<strong>of</strong> Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal with five oak leaf clusters, the Army Commendation Medal<br />

with 3 leaf clusters, the Army Achievement Medal, and the Order <strong>of</strong> Military Merit. Throughout Pat's<br />

travels with the military, she maintained many close friendships. She was an active member <strong>of</strong> the<br />

church and choral groups.<br />

After retirement, Pat remained in Columbia, SC to be close to family and to lovingly act as her<br />

mother, Caroline Prather's, primary caregiver. She was an active member <strong>of</strong> Kathwood Baptist<br />

Church where she enjoyed singing in the choir and serving as a deacon. She was also an active<br />

member <strong>of</strong> the Columbia Choral Society.<br />

Pat was predeceased by her parents, Lewis and Caroline Prather <strong>of</strong> Columbia, SC, and her<br />

brother, Doug Prather, <strong>of</strong> Durham, NC. She is survived by her sisters Christine Yeager (William)<br />

<strong>of</strong> Fayetteville, NC, and Nell Staes (Charles) <strong>of</strong> Beaufort, SC and her nieces and nephews Jenny<br />

Kaplan (Jordan) and their children Benjamin, Harper and Everette <strong>of</strong> Washington DC, Caroline<br />

Yeager <strong>of</strong> Greenville, SC, Cameron Yost (Jacob) and their son, James, <strong>of</strong> Charleston, SC, William<br />

Yeager (McKendree) <strong>of</strong> Hollywood, CA, and Lewis Stover (Kate) <strong>of</strong> Atlanta GA. Pat leaves us with a<br />

legacy <strong>of</strong> love for her family and friends, her faith, and caring for others. In lieu <strong>of</strong> flowers, memorials<br />

may be made to Kathwood Baptist Church at 4900 Trenholm Road, Columbia, SC 29206. Funeral<br />

arrangements by Jernigan-Warren Funeral Home, 545 Ramsey St. Fayetteville, N.C. 28301. Online<br />

condolences may be made at http://www.jerniganwarren.com<br />


Ellen Riddle<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

It is with deep sadness, on August 28, <strong>2021</strong>, Mrs. Ellen Knight Riddle,<br />

R.N. M.N. F.N.P (known by Nana to all her babies), went home to be with her<br />

beloved husband, Gerald D. Riddle “Poppy”, <strong>of</strong> almost 53 years. We find<br />

strength knowing she was met by her husband, her Lord and Savior, along with<br />

her parents, Claude E. Knight and Mildred B. Knight, at the heavenly gate.<br />

Mrs. Ellen was an avid Christian and a member <strong>of</strong> Beulah United Methodist<br />

Church in Gilbert, SC for 30 years. Mrs. Ellen was a beloved daughter, mother,<br />

grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, and nurse practitioner <strong>of</strong> 30 years. She worked for<br />

Lexington Medical Center in Labor & Delivery and then went into private practice with Dr. Phillip<br />

Levin at Midland’s OBGYN. Mrs. Ellen loved every patient and their babies as her own. She was<br />

loved by all who knew her and will be missed dearly. Nana Ellen is survived by her beloved children,<br />

Angela Patnaude, Andy Riddle (Jackie), and Tori Riddle; her grandchildren, Rachel Cohn (Robert),<br />

Bruce Patnaude, and Kelly Cox (Jarret); and her great-grandchildren, whom she loved more than<br />

her own children most days, Josie Cox, Sadie Cohn, Claudia-Joy Shaw, Stella Cohn, and Sebastian<br />

Shaw. She is also survived by her nieces and nephews, Kendrea Knight, Kenzie Shaw (Aaron),<br />

Cla Knight, and Allison McMahan. She is also survived by her brother, Ken Knight (Deanne) and<br />

sister, Carolyn McMahan (Joe). She leaves behind several brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces and<br />

nephews on her husband’s side.<br />

A memorial service will be held 11:00 a.m., Saturday, September 4, <strong>2021</strong> at Beulah United<br />

Methodist Church in Gilbert, SC. The family asks that any donations in her honor be made to the<br />

church. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.<br />

Barr-Price Funeral Home and Crematorium, Lexington Chapel, is assisting the family.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />




SCNA 501c6 STATUS<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


The mission <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association is to represent all <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> registered<br />

nurses in a membership organization to promote and advocate the role <strong>of</strong> the registered nurse to<br />

improve health for all. – 2017<br />


Nurses advancing our pr<strong>of</strong>ession to improve health for all. – 2016<br />


1. SCNA believes that nursing is a pr<strong>of</strong>essional discipline and an essential service in meeting<br />

the health care needs <strong>of</strong> patients as individuals, groups, or communities. In support <strong>of</strong> this<br />

philosophy:<br />

2. Nursing practice for registered nurses is defined in the nurse practice act <strong>of</strong> the State <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> as “the performance <strong>of</strong> acts that involve assessment, analysis, intervention<br />

and evaluation. This practice requires specialized independent judgment and skill, and is<br />

based on knowledge and application <strong>of</strong> the principles <strong>of</strong> biophysical and social sciences;”<br />

3. Nurses practice independently or collaboratively in accordance with their education and<br />

clinical credentials;<br />

4. Nurses are encouraged to seek baccalaureate and higher degrees, to engage in lifelong<br />

learning and be employed according to role preparation;<br />

5. Critical thinking is an essential competency for registered nurses;<br />

6. Nurses are responsible to consumers for their practice and therefore must be responsive<br />

to individuals at all levels <strong>of</strong> wellness and from all cultural backgrounds;<br />

7. Nurses are responsible for the ethical practice <strong>of</strong> nursing according to the Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics<br />

for Nurses With Interpretive Statements, 2015;<br />

8. Nurses are engaged in activities to improve health care standards and health care<br />

accessibility for all people;<br />

9. All nursing practice includes the art <strong>of</strong> caring. Pr<strong>of</strong>essional nurses are providers, managers,<br />

coordinators, educators, administrators, researchers <strong>of</strong> care in all settings;<br />

10. “Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) means a registered nurse who is prepared<br />

for an advanced practice registered nursing role by virtue <strong>of</strong> additional knowledge and<br />

skills gained through an advanced formal education program <strong>of</strong> nursing in a specialty<br />

area that is approved by the Board <strong>of</strong> Nursing. The categories <strong>of</strong> APRN are the nurse<br />

practitioner (NP), certified nurse-midwife (CNM), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), and<br />

certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). The NP, CNM, CNS, and CRNA hold a<br />

nursing doctorate, a post-nursing master’s certificate or a minimum <strong>of</strong> a master’s degree<br />

that includes advanced education composed <strong>of</strong> didactic and supervised clinical practice in<br />

a specific area <strong>of</strong> advanced practice registered nursing” (SC Nurse Practice Act);<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

11. Nurses are responsible for their own pr<strong>of</strong>essional development and competencies.<br />

Continuing education and other pr<strong>of</strong>essional activities enhance nursing practice and help<br />

to assure consumers <strong>of</strong> quality nursing care outcomes. Nurses are encouraged to obtain<br />

and maintain competence. “Competence is a dynamic concept, changing as the licensed<br />

nurse achieves a higher stage <strong>of</strong> development, responsibility, and accountability within<br />

the role. The role encompasses the possession and interrelation <strong>of</strong> essential knowledge,<br />

judgment, attitudes, values, skills and abilities which are varied and range in complexity”<br />

(SC Nurse Practice Act);<br />

12. Nurses assure competent care and advance the practice <strong>of</strong> nursing by promotion,<br />

dissemination and utilization <strong>of</strong> research findings;<br />

13. Nurses influence health policy through legislative and political action;<br />

14. Workplace advocacy issues are a vital concern for nurses and nursing;<br />

15. Marketing the pr<strong>of</strong>essional practice <strong>of</strong> nursing and the Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Association to the<br />

public, legislators, and nurses is a priority.<br />

Approved by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, October 14, 1981<br />

Revised: February 2013<br />

Reviewed: August 2015; January 2017<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />



Section 1. Title<br />

The name <strong>of</strong> this Association shall be the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association, hereinafter referred to<br />

as SCNA.<br />

Section 2. Purposes<br />

The purposes <strong>of</strong> the SCNA shall be to:<br />

a. foster high standards <strong>of</strong> nursing.<br />

b. promote the pr<strong>of</strong>essional and educational advancement <strong>of</strong> nurses.<br />

c. promote the welfare <strong>of</strong> nurses.<br />

d. promote better health care for all people.<br />

The purposes shall be unrestricted by consideration <strong>of</strong> age, color, creed, disability, gender, health<br />

status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.<br />

The purposes <strong>of</strong> SCNA do not include dealing with employers concerning grievances, labor<br />

disputes, wages, rates <strong>of</strong> pay, or terms or conditions <strong>of</strong> employment.<br />

Section 3. Functions<br />

The functions <strong>of</strong> the SCNA shall be to<br />

a. promote, through appropriate means, standards <strong>of</strong> nursing practice, nursing education,<br />

and nursing services as defined by the American Nurses Association, ANA.<br />

b. insure adherence to the code <strong>of</strong> ethical conduct for nurses established by ANA.<br />

c. promote legislation and speak for the nursing pr<strong>of</strong>ession in regard to legislation,<br />

governmental programs and health policy.<br />

d. support maintenance <strong>of</strong> nurse resources to meet health care needs.<br />

e. promote and protect the economic and pr<strong>of</strong>essional security <strong>of</strong> nurses.<br />

f. represent and speak for the pr<strong>of</strong>essional nurse with allied health groups, state and local<br />

organizations, governmental bodies and the public.<br />

g. represent and speak for the nursing pr<strong>of</strong>ession with allied health groups, state and local<br />

organizations, governmental bodies and the public.<br />

h. provide for the continuing pr<strong>of</strong>essional development <strong>of</strong> nurses.<br />

i. provide for representation in the annual Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA<br />

j. promote relationships with the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Student Nurses Association.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

Groups <strong>of</strong> nurses who are members <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association which have been or<br />

hereafter may be organized based on shared nursing practice interests or geographical boundaries.<br />

SCNA Chapters shall operate under a Memorandum <strong>of</strong> Agreement (MOA) with the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors. The MOA shall be reviewed annually by the SCNA Board.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Section 1. Composition<br />

a. SCNA shall have membership open to all registered nurses and meet the qualifications <strong>of</strong><br />

membership as enumerated in this section.<br />

b. SCNA shall be composed <strong>of</strong> Full Members who belong to the American Nurses<br />

Association (ANA) through the state and have representation in the International Council<br />

<strong>of</strong> Nurses through the ANA and who may have membership in the SCNA Chapters; and<br />

State-Only Members who live and/or practice in the state <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> only pursuant<br />

to a sanctioned agreement with ANA.<br />

c. The SCNA shall remain affiliated with the American Nurses Association until such time<br />

as 2/3 <strong>of</strong> the entire SCNA full membership votes to disaffiliate from the ANA. SCNA<br />

membership, for these purposes, is defined as individual members <strong>of</strong> the SCNA who have<br />

ANA rights and privileges <strong>of</strong> membership as a result <strong>of</strong> their SCNA membership. The vote<br />

may occur by mail or electronic ballot, with appropriate notice and procedures to protect<br />

the integrity and validity <strong>of</strong> the vote.<br />

d. The SCNA shall be composed <strong>of</strong> all registered nurses who meet the qualifications stated<br />

in these bylaws<br />

e. A registered nurse is qualified for membership in SCNA if that nurse:<br />

1. Has been granted a license to practice as a registration nurse in at least one state,<br />

territory or the District <strong>of</strong> Columbia and does not have a license under suspension or<br />

revocation in any state, territory, or the District <strong>of</strong> Columbia and is otherwise in titled<br />

by law to practice.<br />

2. Has retired and/or no longer chooses to practice, but whose license was in good<br />

standing with her/his licensee board at the time the nurse made the decision not to<br />

maintain and active license.<br />

3. Is a nurse in recovery who has surrendered her/his license to practice.<br />

Section 2. Qualifications<br />

a. A member is one—<br />

1. who has been granted a license to practice as a registered nurse in at least one state<br />

or territory, or possession <strong>of</strong> the United States and does not have a license under<br />

suspension or revocation in any state, or is otherwise entitled by law to practice and<br />

whose renewal <strong>of</strong> membership shall be contingent upon the granting <strong>of</strong> licensure as<br />

a registered nurse;<br />

2. who may be a nurse in recovery who has surrendered a license to practice, or a nurse<br />

who has retired and/or no longer chooses to practice, but whose license was in good<br />

standing with his/her licensing board at the time the nurse made the decision not to<br />

maintain an active license;<br />

3. whose application for membership in SCNA has been accepted;<br />

4. whose dues are not delinquent;<br />

5. whose membership in not under revocation for violation <strong>of</strong> the Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for<br />

Nurses With Interpretive Statements, 2015 or the bylaws <strong>of</strong> this Association.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

6. Honorary Full Membership shall be given to those registered nurses who have been<br />

members <strong>of</strong> the SCNA/ANA for 30 or more years and age 65 or at the discretion <strong>of</strong><br />

the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors. There shall be no dues amount associated with honorary<br />

membership.<br />

Section 3. Membership Rights and Obligations<br />

Members as defined in these Bylaws shall be given all the rights and obligations <strong>of</strong> membership in<br />

the ANA through SCNA. In addition:<br />

a. Full Members shall have memberships rights as follows:<br />

1. Participate in the elections <strong>of</strong> SCNA in accordance with these Bylaws.<br />

2. Participate in the elections <strong>of</strong> SCNA’s two representatives and alternates to the<br />

annual Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA.<br />

3. Serve SCNA and ANA in elected and appointed positions in accordance with SCNA<br />

and ANA Bylaws.<br />

4. Fulfill the requirements <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice if elected or appointed.<br />

5. Attend the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting, the ANA Membership Assembly and any other<br />

unrestricted activities SCNA and ANA.<br />

6. Attend the Congress <strong>of</strong> the International Council <strong>of</strong> Nurses.<br />

7. Utilize such SCNA and ANA services as may be available.<br />

8. Submit proposals for consideration to SCNA.<br />

9. Hold membership in SCNA Chapters in accordance with provisions <strong>of</strong> the Bylaws.<br />

10. Receive a Constituent SCNA/ANA membership card.<br />

11. Receive the SC Nurse and ANA Membership Publications.<br />

12. Have the right <strong>of</strong> due process for the denial <strong>of</strong> any <strong>of</strong> the above rights.<br />

13. Shall have the right to receive benefits from the ANA as a member at the national level.<br />

b. State-Only Members shall have membership rights as follows:<br />

1. Participate in the elections <strong>of</strong> SCNA in accordance with SCNA Bylaws.<br />

2. Serve SCNA in elected and appointed positions in accordance with SCNA Bylaws.<br />

3. Attend any meeting and unrestricted activities <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

4. Utilize such SCNA services as may be available.<br />

5. Receive an SCNA membership card.<br />

6. Receive the SC Nurse.<br />

7. Submit proposals for consideration to SCNA.<br />

8. Hold membership in SCNA Chapters in accordance with provision <strong>of</strong> the SCNA Bylaws.<br />

9. Have the right <strong>of</strong> due process for the denial <strong>of</strong> any <strong>of</strong> the above rights.<br />

10. Shall have no rights to belong to or receive benefits from the ANA at the national level.<br />

c. Full Members shall have membership obligations as follows:<br />

1. Abide by the Bylaws <strong>of</strong> SCNA and ANA.<br />

2. Abide by the Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements, 2015.<br />

3. Pay dues as required by the Bylaws.<br />

4. Fulfill the requirements <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice if elected or appointed.<br />

d. State-Only Members shall have membership obligations as follows:<br />

1. Abide by the Bylaws <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

2. Abide by the Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements, 2015.<br />

3. Pay dues as required by the Bylaws.<br />

4. Fulfill the requirements <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>fice if elected or appointed.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

e. Honorary Members do not have the obligation to pay dues as required by the Bylaws.<br />

Section 4. Disciplinary Action<br />

a. A member may be disciplined for cause by SCNA or by a Chapter. Charges shall be filed<br />

with the Association in whose jurisdiction the alleged violation occurred.<br />

b. Cause for disciplinary action may include violation <strong>of</strong>—<br />

1. the purpose, goals, and bylaws <strong>of</strong> SCNA; or<br />

2. the Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for Nurses With Interpretive Statements, 2015 as adopted by the<br />

ANA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

3. Cause for disciplinary action may include violation <strong>of</strong> the ANA Bylaws.<br />

c. Subject to these Bylaws and the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nonpr<strong>of</strong>it Corporation Act <strong>of</strong> 1994, as<br />

amended (the “Act’), a member may be expelled or suspended, and a membership in<br />

SCNA terminated if not less than fifteen (15) days prior written notice, sent by first class or<br />

certified mail, <strong>of</strong> the proposed expulsion, suspension, or termination <strong>of</strong> a member and the<br />

reason therefore shall be delivered to such member in accordance with the procedures<br />

set forth in Article III, Section 5 here<strong>of</strong>. Such notice shall set forth the date, place, and<br />

time such member shall be given the opportunity to be heard orally by the hearing<br />

panel, which shall be not less than five (5) days before the effective date <strong>of</strong> the expulsion,<br />

suspension, or termination. Such notice shall also set forth the address to which and<br />

date by which such member may to be heard in writing by the hearing panel, which shall<br />

be not less than five (5) days before the effective date <strong>of</strong> the expulsion, suspension, or<br />

termination. Upon the affirmative vote <strong>of</strong> a majority <strong>of</strong> the hearing panel, SCNA acting fair<br />

and reasonable taking into consideration all <strong>of</strong> the relevant facts and circumstances, may<br />

expel or suspend a member, or terminate such membership. A member who has been<br />

expelled or suspended shall remain liable to SCNA for dues, assessments, or fees as a<br />

result <strong>of</strong> obligations incurred or commitments made before such expulsion or suspension.<br />

d. No disciplinary action shall be taken unless the member is served with written specific<br />

charges, given a reasonable time to prepare a defense, and given a fair hearing in<br />

accordance with common parliamentary and statutory law.<br />

e. A member may be suspended, terminated, censured or expelled by a hearing panel,<br />

established by, but not composed <strong>of</strong>, the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

f. The decision <strong>of</strong> the hearing panel may be appealed to the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors; the<br />

decision <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall be final.<br />

g. SCNA Chapters, and other Constituent/State Nurses Associations (C/SNAs) shall be<br />

notified by SCNA when a member has been subject to any disciplinary action by SCNA.<br />

h. Expulsion <strong>of</strong> a member from SCNA shall result in expulsion from the Chapter.<br />

i. An expelled SCNA member shall be reinstated upon approval by a two-thirds (2/3) vote <strong>of</strong><br />

the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

j. A member expelled by SCNA who is subsequently reinstated by SCNA shall be<br />

automatically reinstated by the Chapter.<br />

k. Any disciplinary action by a Constituent/State Nurses Association (C/SNAs) against one<br />

<strong>of</strong> its members shall be given full recognition and enforcement, provided such action was<br />

taken in accordance with the disciplining C/SNA Bylaws and disciplinary procedures.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Section 5. Notice<br />

a. An oral notice to members is permissible if reasonable under the circumstances and<br />

is effective when communicated in a comprehensible manner. Written notice, if in<br />

comprehensible form, is effective at the earliest <strong>of</strong> the following:<br />

4. When received;<br />

5. Five (5) days after its deposit in the United States mail, if mailed correctly addressed<br />

with first class postage affixed;<br />

6. On the date shown on the return receipt, if sent by registered or certified mail, return<br />

receipt requested, and the receipt is signed by or on behalf <strong>of</strong> the addressee; or<br />

7. Fifteen (15) days after its deposit in the United States mail, if mailed correctly<br />

addressed and with other than first class, registered, or certified postage affixed.<br />

b. Written notice is correctly addressed to a member if addressed to the member’s address<br />

shown in SCNA’s current list <strong>of</strong> members. A written notice or report delivered as part<br />

<strong>of</strong> a newsletter, magazine or other publication regularly sent to members constitutes<br />

a written notice or report if addressed or delivered to the member’s address shown in<br />

SCNA’s current list <strong>of</strong> members, or in the case <strong>of</strong> members who are residents <strong>of</strong> the<br />

same household and who have the same address in SCNA’s current list <strong>of</strong> members, if<br />

addressed or delivered to one <strong>of</strong> such members, at the address appearing on SCNA’s<br />

current list <strong>of</strong> members.<br />


Section 1. Qualifications<br />

An organizational affiliate <strong>of</strong> SCNA is an association thata.<br />

Is a national or state organization that meets established Organization Affiliates Criteria.<br />

b. Has been granted organizational affiliate status by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

c. Has paid an organizational affiliation fee to SCNA.<br />

Section 2. Responsibilities<br />

Each organizational affiliate shall maintain a mission and purpose harmonious with the purposes and<br />

functions <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

Section 3. Rights<br />

Each organizational affiliate shall be entitled to<br />

a. One participant shall have a voice, but no vote, in the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership<br />

Meeting.<br />

b. Make reports or presentations to the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting within its area <strong>of</strong><br />

expertise.<br />

c. Submit names <strong>of</strong> representatives for appointment to ad hoc groups, and task forces.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Section 1. Amount <strong>of</strong> Dues<br />

a. Full Membership includes:<br />

1. ANA Dues:<br />

a) SCNA will pay dues to ANA in accordance with the policies adopted by the<br />

Membership Assembly.<br />

b) The SCNA shall continue to pay dues to the ANA pursuant to the ANA Bylaws<br />

and Membership Assembly policy. SCNA will follow the implementation <strong>of</strong> the<br />

dues, including the Dues Escalator according to the calendar accepted by ANA.<br />

1. SCNA Dues:<br />

a) The amount <strong>of</strong> the annual SCNA dues shall be established by 2/3 vote <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Full Members present and voting at the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting <strong>of</strong> the<br />

SCNA.<br />

b) The SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors may establish a policy providing for an automatic<br />

cost <strong>of</strong> living increase in the SCNA dues…a dues escalator. This dues escalator,<br />

based on the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers (CPI-U), will increase<br />

triennially at the same time as ANA’s inflation escalation and pass through<br />

to the ANA SCNA full members with notice but without requiring additional<br />

authorization <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting. It will never exceed more than 2 percent<br />

per annum. SCNA will follow the implementation <strong>of</strong> the dues, including the<br />

Dues Escalator according to the calendar accepted by ANA.<br />

c) The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall establish an operating budget for the chapters from<br />

the SCNA dues.<br />

d) No monies shall be refunded nor additional monies collected when a change in<br />

dues category is made within a membership year.<br />

b. State-Only Membership includes:<br />

1. State-Only Membership Dues shall be established by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

a) State-Only Membership Dues shall include SCNA dues and those fees<br />

established through agreement with the ANA for purposes <strong>of</strong> representation at<br />

the national/international level and any service fees.<br />

b) The SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors may establish a policy providing for an automatic<br />

cost <strong>of</strong> living increase in the SCNA dues…a dues escalator. This dues escalator,<br />

based on the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers (CPI-U), will increase<br />

triennially at the same time as ANA’s inflation escalation and pass through<br />

to the ANA SCNA full members with notice but without requiring additional<br />

authorization <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting. It will never exceed more than 2 percent<br />

per annum.<br />

c) No monies shall be refunded nor additional monies collected when a change in<br />

dues category is made within a membership year.<br />

Section 2. Notification <strong>of</strong> Dues Changes<br />

The SCNA Members shall be notified in writing <strong>of</strong> any proposal to change the dues at least sixty (60)<br />

days prior to the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting at which the proposal is to be voted upon.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Section 3. <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurse<br />

Of the dues paid by members, a portion, as decided by the Board, will be for an annual subscription<br />

to the Association’s <strong>of</strong>ficial publication, The S. C. Nurse.<br />

Section 4. Special Member Dues for Full Members<br />

a. Full Members who qualify for the following may elect to pay fifty percent (50%) <strong>of</strong> the dues:<br />

1. Registered Nurses who are not employed;<br />

2. Registered Nurses who are students in full time study;<br />

3. Graduates <strong>of</strong> the basic nursing programs for a first year <strong>of</strong> membership if initiated<br />

within six (6) months following graduation and those members who are continuing<br />

in a second year <strong>of</strong> membership following the condition <strong>of</strong> (b), for those who were<br />

members in good standing <strong>of</strong> the Student Nurses Association <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>;<br />

b. Full Members who qualify for the following may elect to pay twenty-five (25%) percent <strong>of</strong><br />

the dues:<br />

1. sixty-six (66) years <strong>of</strong> age or older, who are not employed<br />

2. new RN’s who were members in good standing <strong>of</strong> the Student Nurses Association<br />

<strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> before graduation from their under graduate nursing program, for<br />

the first year <strong>of</strong> membership, if the membership is initiated within six (6) months <strong>of</strong><br />

licensure.<br />

c. State-Only Members do not qualify for any special member dues rates.<br />

Section 5. Transfers <strong>of</strong> Memberships<br />

a. A Full Member who moves out <strong>of</strong> this state may apply to the Secretary <strong>of</strong> this Association<br />

for transfer to another Constituent/State Nurses Association <strong>of</strong> the ANA. The SCNA is not<br />

required to refund to the individual member dues already paid.<br />

b. A Full Member who has made full payment <strong>of</strong> dues to another Constituent/State Nurses<br />

Association <strong>of</strong> the ANA may transfer to this Association without further payment <strong>of</strong> dues<br />

for the remainder <strong>of</strong> the membership year. The request for transfer shall be signed by the<br />

Secretary <strong>of</strong> the Constituent Member Association issuing the transfer.<br />

c. State-Only Members who are in good standing may transfer from or to a Constituent<br />

Member State that has a State-Only Membership option if an agreement between the<br />

Constituent Member States has been established.<br />

d. A State-Only Member who has made full payment <strong>of</strong> dues to another Constituent<br />

Member Association <strong>of</strong> the ANA may transfer to this Association without further payment<br />

<strong>of</strong> dues for the remainder <strong>of</strong> the membership year, in compliance with Article V, Section 5<br />

(c). The request for transfer shall be signed by the Secretary <strong>of</strong> the Constituent Member<br />

Association issuing the transfer.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors is the corporate body composed <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>ficers, directors, and commission<br />

chairs, as elected by the members <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Section 2. Composition<br />

a. The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall consist <strong>of</strong> the Officers <strong>of</strong> the Association which are President,<br />

President-elect, Secretary/Treasurer, two (2) directors one <strong>of</strong> whom is a newly licensed<br />

nurse who graduated within five (5) years from a basic nursing program and who is a<br />

direct care provider, and two (2) Chairpersons <strong>of</strong> the Commissions.<br />

b. President <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Foundation (SCNF) or the President’s designee shall<br />

be eligible to attend meetings <strong>of</strong> the Board with voice but without vote.<br />

c. The President <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Student Nurses Association or the President’s<br />

designee shall be eligible to attend meetings <strong>of</strong> the Board with voice but without vote.<br />

d. All Chapter executive committee chairs shall be ex-<strong>of</strong>ficio members <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors with voice, but without vote.<br />

Section 3. Responsibilities<br />

a. Officers shall be elected by mail or elections balloting as hereinafter provided. Candidate<br />

for President and President Elect shall also be listed as candidates for representatives to the<br />

Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA. Vacancies in <strong>of</strong>fice shall be filled as hereinafter provided.<br />

b. No members <strong>of</strong> the Board shall—<br />

1. serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same <strong>of</strong>fice;<br />

2. serve more than eight (8) consecutive years on the Board;<br />

3. hold more than one (1) seat on the Board at a time;<br />

4. serve as a member <strong>of</strong> the Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy and Development Commission<br />

c. A Board Member who serves one-half (1/2) term or more shall be considered to have<br />

served a full term.<br />

d. Officers shall have the authority and shall perform the duties usually performed by such<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficers, and also such duties as specified in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong> Positions and Roles and as<br />

authorized by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors <strong>of</strong> this Association.<br />

e. The Secretary/Treasurer shall have responsibility for preparing minutes <strong>of</strong> the directors’<br />

and members’ meetings and for authenticating records <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

Section 4. Vacancies<br />

Absence from two consecutive meetings may be the cause for declaring a vacancy as determined<br />

by a majority <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors. A vacancy shall be filled by appointment by the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors with the exception <strong>of</strong> the <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> President. If a vacancy occurs in the <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> President,<br />

the President-elect shall assume the <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> President and the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall appoint a<br />

new President-Elect.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

The Executive Committee shall have the administrative power to transact all SCNA business<br />

between Board meetings and serves as the personnel committee for the Association; provided<br />

however, no committee may authorize distributions; approve or recommend to members<br />

dissolution, merger, or the sale, pledge, or transfer <strong>of</strong> all or substantially all the SCNA’s assets; elect,<br />

appoint, or remove Directors or fill vacancies on the board or on any committee; or adopt, repeal,<br />

or amend the Articles <strong>of</strong> Incorporation or these Bylaws.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Section 2. Composition<br />

The Executive Committee shall be composed <strong>of</strong> the President, the President-elect, and the<br />

Secretary/Treasurer. Only members <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall serve as voting members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Executive Committee.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall delegate to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) the authority to manage<br />

the association according to policies established by the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting and the<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

Section 2. Accountability<br />

The CEO shall be accountable to the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

Section 3. Responsibilities<br />

a. The CEO shall employ, direct, promote and terminate staff <strong>of</strong> the association.<br />

b. The CEO may represent the association and serve as spokesperson on matters <strong>of</strong><br />

established policy and positions.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

A commission is a specific body <strong>of</strong> organization and communication to which the <strong>Annual</strong><br />

Membership Meeting assigns specific responsibilities related to fulfilling the functions <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

Commissions are accountable to the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and report to the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership<br />

Meeting.<br />

Section 2. Composition and Designation<br />

The following Commissions are established with membership consisting <strong>of</strong> the chairperson or<br />

designated representative <strong>of</strong> the structural units listed below each:<br />

a. Commission on Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy and Development<br />

1. Peer Assistance Program<br />

2. Continuing Education Approver Committee<br />

3. Continuing Education Provider Committee<br />

b. Commission on Public Policy / Legislation<br />

1. Legislative Committee<br />

Section 3. Responsibilities<br />

Each Commission shall perform the duties as specified in the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong> Positions and Roles and<br />

as designated by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors <strong>of</strong> this association.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

The Nominating Committee shall be the only elected committee <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses<br />

Association.<br />

Section 2. Composition<br />

The Nominating Committee shall be composed <strong>of</strong> not more than seven (7) Full (SCNA/ANA)<br />

members <strong>of</strong> the Association representative <strong>of</strong> the fields related to the Committee’s functions.<br />

a. All Committee members shall be elected by the membership in even-numbered years to<br />

serve a two (2) year term.<br />

b. The elected member receiving the highest number <strong>of</strong> votes shall convene the first<br />

meeting <strong>of</strong> the committee, at which point the committee shall elect its own chair.<br />

c. Committee members shall be eligible to serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms.<br />

A Committee member who has served one-half (1/2) term or more shall be considered to<br />

have served a full term.<br />

Section 3. Responsibilities<br />

a. The Nominating Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a program <strong>of</strong><br />

activity to carry out the Committee’s functions within the bylaws and policies determined<br />

by the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting, the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and the SCNA <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

Positions and Roles.<br />

b. The Nominating Committee shall determine the extent <strong>of</strong> the Association’s concerns,<br />

actions and influence in its respective area <strong>of</strong> responsibility.<br />

c. The Nominating Committee shall report and be accountable to the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors<br />

and <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

There shall be the following committees: Committee on Bylaws, Continuing Education Approver<br />

Committee, Continuing Education Provider Committee, and Finance Committee.<br />

Section 2. Composition<br />

a. Appointed Committees, with the exception <strong>of</strong> the Continuing Education Approver<br />

Committee and the Continuing Education Provider Committee, shall consist <strong>of</strong> no fewer<br />

than five (5) members appointed by the President with the approval <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors, unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws, to serve for two (2) years or until their<br />

successors are appointed.<br />

b. The Continuing Education Approver Committee and the Continuing Education Provider<br />

Committee shall consist <strong>of</strong> no fewer than five (5) members but no more than fifteen (15)<br />

members appointed by the President with approval <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors unless<br />

otherwise specified in the bylaws, to serve for three (3) years on a staggered basis or until<br />

their successors are appointed.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

c. Members <strong>of</strong> the Committee on Bylaws must be Full (SCNA/ANA) Members.<br />

Section 3. Responsibilities<br />

a. The authority and responsibility <strong>of</strong> such Committees shall be the investigation and<br />

study <strong>of</strong> matters relating to the accomplishment <strong>of</strong> the purposes, functions, and/or<br />

administration <strong>of</strong> the Association <strong>of</strong> a continuous and recurring character and within the<br />

limitations <strong>of</strong> the defined responsibilities.<br />

b. In addition, the Continuing Education Approver Committee and the Continuing Education<br />

Provider Committee shall be responsible for the continuing education approver unit<br />

activities and continuing education provider unit activities within SCNA.<br />

c. The Committees shall:<br />

1. report their findings and recommendations to the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and the <strong>Annual</strong><br />

Membership Meeting;<br />

2. create subcommittees to accomplish specified tasks related to the Committee’s duties;<br />

3. prepare an annual budget based on the planned income and expenditures and<br />

submit it to the Committee on Finance for incorporation into the annual budget;<br />

4. The Continuing Education Approver Committee and the Continuing Education<br />

Provider Committee will develop and implement those functions relative to approving<br />

and providing ANCC accredited continuing education activities within SCNA.<br />

Section 4. Vacancies<br />

Absence from two consecutive regular meetings <strong>of</strong> a committee may be cause for declaring a<br />

vacancy as determined by a majority <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors. A vacancy in a Committee shall<br />

be filled by appointment by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors from nominees submitted by members <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Committee and structural units <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />


Section 1. Definition<br />

There shall be Special Committees as created by the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting, the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors, or other Association units so authorized.<br />

Section 2. Composition<br />

The qualifications and number <strong>of</strong> members <strong>of</strong> these Committees shall be determined by the <strong>Annual</strong><br />

Membership Meeting, the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors or other Association units so authorized.<br />


Section 1. Candidates<br />

a. Any Full Member in good standing is eligible for elected or appointed <strong>of</strong>fice in SCNA.<br />

b. Any State-Only Member in good standing is eligible for elected or appointed <strong>of</strong>fice at<br />

the state level with the exception <strong>of</strong> President, President-elect, and Representatives and<br />

Alternates to Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA, and members <strong>of</strong> the Nominating Committee.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

c. State-only members may vote for all <strong>of</strong>ficers. State-only members cannot vote for the<br />

two members to attend the Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA or the Alternates to the<br />

Representatives or the members <strong>of</strong> the Nominating Committee.<br />

d. Representatives to the Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA shall be a separate election for the<br />

two SCNA members <strong>of</strong> the Assembly.<br />

e. Members shall be considered eligible in one elected <strong>of</strong>fice in SCNA at any one time<br />

with the exception <strong>of</strong> the nominating committee and/or Representatives to Membership<br />

Assembly or Chapter Officers.<br />

Section 2. Nominations<br />

a. Candidates for <strong>of</strong>fice shall meet established qualifications and shall consent to serve if elected.<br />

b. An individual member who meets the established qualifications for an elected <strong>of</strong>fice may<br />

declare as a candidate by writing to the Secretary <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

c. The slate <strong>of</strong> candidates shall be published, in accordance with Article X, Section 3(a),<br />

above, in the SC Nurse at least sixty (60) days before the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting <strong>of</strong><br />

SCNA. SCNA members shall be notified in writing in accordance with approved policy.<br />

Section 3. Elections<br />

a. Elections shall be held annually following the approved schedule.<br />

b. Elections shall be by secret ballot prior to SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting. The ballot<br />

may be by mail or by electronic voting. Mailed ballots will be in accordance with Article X,<br />

Section 3(a). Electronic balloting is permitted if the integrity <strong>of</strong> the ballot is preserved and<br />

the SCNA does not access the ballot for purpose <strong>of</strong> identifying how a member voted and<br />

the ballot is available in accordance with Article X, Section 3(a).<br />

Section 4. Challenge<br />

Any challenge to the elections shall be filed with the Secretary within thirty (30) days after the<br />

announcement <strong>of</strong> the election.<br />

Section 5. Action by Written Ballot or Electronic Ballot<br />

Any action that may be taken at any annual, regular, or special meeting <strong>of</strong> the members, including but<br />

not limited to elections, may be taken without a meeting if SCNA delivers a written or electronic ballot<br />

to every member entitled to vote on the matter. Such written or electronic ballot shall set forth each<br />

proposed action and provide an opportunity to vote for or against each proposed action. Approval<br />

by written or electronic ballot pursuant to this section is valid only when the number <strong>of</strong> votes cast by<br />

ballot equals or exceeds the quorum required to be present at a meeting authorizing the action, and<br />

the number <strong>of</strong> approvals equals or exceeds the number <strong>of</strong> votes that would be required to approve<br />

the matter at a meeting at which the total number <strong>of</strong> votes cast was the same as the number <strong>of</strong> votes<br />

cast by ballot. All solicitations for votes by written or electronic ballot shall indicate the number <strong>of</strong><br />

responses needed to meet the quorum requirements; state the percentage <strong>of</strong> approvals necessary to<br />

approve the matter other than elections; and specify the time by which a ballot or electronic response<br />

must be received by SCNA in order to be counted. A written or electronic ballot may not be revoked.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Section 1. Member Representation at the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting<br />

a. The SCNA members shall be directly involved in the processes <strong>of</strong> the Association.<br />

b. The voting body <strong>of</strong> SCNA at each <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting or special meeting shall<br />

consist <strong>of</strong> members <strong>of</strong> the Association who attend the meeting.<br />

c. Each Member, Officer and Board Member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters<br />

coming before the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting or special meeting.<br />

d. The members at any <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting may adopt such rules <strong>of</strong> procedure for<br />

the transaction <strong>of</strong> business at their meetings as they may deem suitable.<br />

Section 2. SCNA Representation at the Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA<br />

a. The SCNA is entitled to representation at regular and special meetings <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Membership Assembly <strong>of</strong> ANA in accordance with ANA Bylaws and policy.<br />

b. All elected Membership Assembly representatives and alternates may serve no more than<br />

two consecutive terms or until a successor is elected.<br />

c. The Chief Executive Officer <strong>of</strong> SCNA shall attend the Membership Assembly, with a<br />

courtesy seat.<br />


Section 1. Authority<br />

This Association shall hold an annual meeting <strong>of</strong> the membership at such time and place as shall be<br />

determined by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, except where government regulations or condition incident<br />

upon war may render this impossible.<br />

Section 2. Order <strong>of</strong> Business<br />

The order <strong>of</strong> business <strong>of</strong> each meeting <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting <strong>of</strong> this Association shall<br />

be in accordance with the program adopted at the beginning <strong>of</strong> the convention and shall include:<br />

Call to Order<br />

Address <strong>of</strong> the President<br />

<strong>Reports</strong> <strong>of</strong> Organizational Units<br />

<strong>Reports</strong> <strong>of</strong> the Tellers and Declaration <strong>of</strong> Election<br />

Adjournment<br />

Section 3. <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting <strong>of</strong> Members.<br />

a. This Association shall hold an annual meeting <strong>of</strong> the members once each calendar year<br />

at such time and place as shall be determined by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, except where<br />

government regulations or condition incident upon war may render this impossible.<br />

b. At each annual meeting <strong>of</strong> members, the President and Treasurer shall report on the<br />

activities and financial condition <strong>of</strong> the Association.<br />

c. For the purpose <strong>of</strong> determining members entitled to vote at any meeting <strong>of</strong> members, or in<br />

connection with any other proper purpose requiring a determination <strong>of</strong> members, the Board<br />

<strong>of</strong> Directors shall by resolution fix a record date for such determination. The record date set<br />

by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall be not more than seventy (70) days, and not less than the<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

last day for timely giving notice, before the meeting or action requiring determination <strong>of</strong><br />

members is to occur. If the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors fails to set a record date, the members at the<br />

close <strong>of</strong> business on the business day on which notice is given or, if notice is waived, at the<br />

close <strong>of</strong> business on the business day preceding the day on which the meeting is held are<br />

entitled to notice <strong>of</strong> the meeting and to vote thereat. The members <strong>of</strong> record appearing in the<br />

books <strong>of</strong> the Association at the close <strong>of</strong> business on the record date so fixed shall constitute<br />

the members in respect <strong>of</strong> the activity in question. After fixing a record date for notice <strong>of</strong> a<br />

meeting, the Association shall prepare an alphabetical list <strong>of</strong> names <strong>of</strong> all members who are<br />

entitled to notice <strong>of</strong> the meeting. The list shall show the address <strong>of</strong> each member entitled to<br />

vote at the meeting. Subject to the limitations <strong>of</strong> Sections 33-31-720, 33-31-1602(c) and 33-<br />

31-1605 <strong>of</strong> the Act, such list <strong>of</strong> members shall be available for inspection by any members for<br />

purposes <strong>of</strong> communication with other members concerning the meeting, beginning the day<br />

after notice is given <strong>of</strong> the meeting for which the list was prepared and continuing through<br />

the meeting, at the Association’s principal <strong>of</strong>fice. The Association shall also make the list <strong>of</strong><br />

members available at the meeting, and any member, a member’s agent, or member’s attorney<br />

shall be entitled to inspect the list at any time during the meeting or any adjournment.<br />

d. Members and Directors may not vote by proxy.<br />

Section 4. <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting <strong>of</strong> Board <strong>of</strong> Directors<br />

An annual meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall be called and held for the purpose <strong>of</strong> annual<br />

organization, appointment <strong>of</strong> committees, and transaction <strong>of</strong> any other business. If such meeting is<br />

held promptly after and at the place specified for the annual meeting <strong>of</strong> members, no notice <strong>of</strong> the<br />

annual meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors need be given. Otherwise, such annual meeting <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall be held at such time (at any time prior to and not more than sixty (60) days<br />

after the annual meeting <strong>of</strong> members) and place as may be specified in the notice <strong>of</strong> the meeting.<br />

The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors may by resolution provide for the holding <strong>of</strong> additional regular meetings<br />

without notice other than such resolution; provided, however, the resolution shall fix the dates,<br />

times, and places (which may be anywhere within or without the State <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>) for these<br />

regular meetings. Except as otherwise provided by law, any business may be transacted at any<br />

annual or regular meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

Section 5. Special Meetings<br />

a. Special meetings <strong>of</strong> the members <strong>of</strong> SCNA or the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting <strong>of</strong> this<br />

Association may be called for one or more lawful purposes by the President, a majority<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, or by the President upon written request <strong>of</strong> a majority <strong>of</strong> the<br />

chapters.<br />

b. Special meetings <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors may be called for any lawful purpose or<br />

purposes by the President or at least twenty percent (20%) <strong>of</strong> the Directors then in<br />

<strong>of</strong>fice. The person calling a special meeting shall give, or cause to be given, to each<br />

Director at his or her business address, notice <strong>of</strong> the date, time and place <strong>of</strong> the meeting<br />

by any means <strong>of</strong> communication acceptable under the Act not less than two (2) days<br />

prior thereto. Business transacted at a special meeting <strong>of</strong> Directors shall be limited to<br />

the purposes stated in the notice <strong>of</strong> the special meeting. An oral notice is permissible<br />

if reasonable under the circumstances and is effective when communicated in a<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

comprehensible manner. Written notice, if in comprehensible form, is effective at the<br />

earliest <strong>of</strong> the following:<br />

1. When received;<br />

2. Five (5) days after its deposit in the United States mail, if mailed correctly addressed<br />

with first class postage affixed;<br />

3. On the date shown on the return receipt, if sent by registered or certified mail, return<br />

receipt requested, and the receipt is signed by or on behalf <strong>of</strong> the addressee; or<br />

4. Fifteen (15) days after its deposit in the United States mail, if mailed correctly<br />

addressed and with other than first class, registered, or certified postage affixed.<br />

Written notice is correctly addressed to a Director if addressed to the Director’s business address<br />

shown in the Association’s current records. If notice is given by telegram, the notice shall be<br />

deemed delivered when the telegram is delivered to the telegraph company and the transmission<br />

fee therefore is paid. If notice is given by telecopier facsimile transmission, the notice shall be<br />

deemed delivered when the facsimile <strong>of</strong> the notice is transmitted to a telecopier facsimile receipt<br />

number designated by the receiving Director, if any, so long as such Director transmits to the sender<br />

an acknowledgment <strong>of</strong> receipt. The notice <strong>of</strong> a special meeting shall describe the purpose <strong>of</strong> such<br />

special meeting. Any time or place fixed for a special meeting must permit participation in the<br />

meeting by means <strong>of</strong> telecommunications as authorized below. Special meetings <strong>of</strong> this Association<br />

may be called by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and shall be called by the President upon written request <strong>of</strong><br />

a majority <strong>of</strong> the Chapters.<br />

Section 6. Notification<br />

Notices <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting or special meetings <strong>of</strong> this Association shall be sent to<br />

the Chair <strong>of</strong> the Executive Committee <strong>of</strong> each Chapter and to all members <strong>of</strong> this Association prior<br />

to the meeting in question. Notices <strong>of</strong> the SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting shall be mailed at<br />

least one (1) month before the first day <strong>of</strong> SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting and notices <strong>of</strong> special<br />

meetings shall be mailed at least ten (10) days before the first day <strong>of</strong> the meeting. Oral or written<br />

notice <strong>of</strong> all meetings <strong>of</strong> members shall be given no fewer than ten (10) days, or if notice is mailed<br />

by other than first class or registered mailed, thirty (30) days, nor more than sixty (60) days before<br />

the meeting date by any method permitted under the Act, to all members <strong>of</strong> record entitled to vote<br />

at such meeting; provided however, the date upon which such notice shall be deemed effective<br />

shall be determined in accordance with Article III, Section 5 here<strong>of</strong>. Such notice shall state the date,<br />

time, and place <strong>of</strong> the meeting and, if required by the Act or these Bylaws the purpose or purposes<br />

for which such meeting was called.<br />

Section 7. <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Student Nurses Association<br />

Members <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Student Nurses Association may attend meetings <strong>of</strong> this Association.<br />

Section 8. Attendance At Meetings<br />

Any Director may participate in, and be regarded as present at, any meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors by means <strong>of</strong> conference telephone or any other means <strong>of</strong> communication by which all<br />

persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Section 9. Board Action<br />

The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors shall take action pursuant to resolutions adopted by the affirmative vote <strong>of</strong> a<br />

majority <strong>of</strong> the Directors participating in a meeting at which a quorum is present, or the affirmative<br />

vote <strong>of</strong> a greater number <strong>of</strong> Directors where required by the Articles <strong>of</strong> Incorporation, these Bylaws,<br />

the Act, or otherwise by law.<br />


Section 1. Establishment <strong>of</strong> Quorum<br />

a. The number <strong>of</strong> voting members present at a duly noticed meeting <strong>of</strong> the members shall<br />

constitute a quorum for any regular or special meetings <strong>of</strong> the Association.<br />

b. A majority <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, one (1) <strong>of</strong> whom shall be the President or Presidentelect,<br />

shall constitute a quorum at any meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board.<br />

c. A majority <strong>of</strong> the voting members <strong>of</strong> any Committee shall constitute a quorum at any<br />

meeting <strong>of</strong> the Committee.<br />


Section 1. Parliamentary Authority<br />

The rules contained in Roberts Rules <strong>of</strong> Order Newly Revised, most up-to-date edition shall govern<br />

meetings <strong>of</strong> this Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not<br />

inconsistent with these bylaws.<br />


Section 1. Official Publication<br />

The <strong>of</strong>ficial publications <strong>of</strong> this Association shall be The American Nurse and The <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurse.<br />


Section 1. Amendment Process<br />

a. These bylaws may be amended at any meeting <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Membership Meeting <strong>of</strong><br />

SCNA by a two-thirds (2/3) vote <strong>of</strong> the members present and voting.<br />

b. All suggestions for proposed amendments shall be referred to the Bylaws Committee<br />

for study. The amendments proposed by the Bylaws Committee for <strong>Annual</strong> Membership<br />

Meeting action shall be in the possession <strong>of</strong> the Secretary at least two (2) months before<br />

the date <strong>of</strong> the <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting and shall be appended to the call to the meeting.<br />

c. These bylaws may be amended without previous notice at any <strong>Annual</strong> Membership<br />

Meeting by ninety-nine percent (99%) <strong>of</strong> those present and voting.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


Section 1. Disposition <strong>of</strong> Assets<br />

No person shall possess any property right in or to the property or assets <strong>of</strong> the Corporation. Upon<br />

dissolution <strong>of</strong> the corporation and after all obligations are satisfied, all assets shall be distributed to<br />

an eleemosynary corporation or non-pr<strong>of</strong>it business so designated by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors at the<br />

time <strong>of</strong> disposition.<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting September 14, 2007<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting October 25, 2008<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting September 12, 2009<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting October 23, 2010<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting September 9, 2011<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting September 22, 2012<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting October 11, 2013<br />

2012 Proviso Removed: December 2014<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting November 12, 2016<br />

Approved and Revised: <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting November 3, 2017<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


SCNA Organizational Chart<br />

Revised February 2015; November 2016; January 2020<br />

SCNA Membership<br />

SCNF<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Directors:<br />

Officers (3)<br />

Directors (2)<br />

Commission Chairs (2)<br />

Ex-Officio (Voice, no Vote):<br />

SCNF President<br />

SNA-SC President<br />

Chapter Executive<br />

Committee Chairs<br />

Elected Officials<br />

Nominating Committee<br />

Appointed Committees<br />

Finance Committee<br />

Special Committees<br />

(as needed)<br />

CEO<br />

SCNA Staff<br />

Commissions<br />

SCNA Chapters<br />

APRN Chapter<br />

Nurse Educator Chapter<br />

Psychiatric-Mental Health<br />

Chapter<br />

Women and Children’s<br />

Health Chapter<br />

Commission on Public<br />

Policy/Legislation<br />

Legislative Committee<br />

Commission on<br />

Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy and<br />

Development<br />

CEAC<br />

CEPC<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />



<strong>2021</strong><br />

I. Purpose: This Memorandum <strong>of</strong> Agreement serves to assure SCNA Chapters function in line with<br />

SCNA by-laws, policies and Certificate <strong>of</strong> Incorporation.<br />

II. Scope <strong>of</strong> Services:<br />

A. Responsibilities <strong>of</strong> SCNA:<br />

1. Provide opportunities to create new Chapters<br />

2. Approve formation and dissolves Chapters<br />

3. Provide a one-time starter fund <strong>of</strong> $100.00 to assist new chapters.<br />

4. Provide event management that includes:<br />

i. Conduct site selection process including solicitation <strong>of</strong> bids from appropriate<br />

sites, evaluation <strong>of</strong> submitted bid material on-site inspection <strong>of</strong> selected sites<br />

meeting event criteria.<br />

ii. Negotiate and sign all contracts and serve as <strong>of</strong>ficial point <strong>of</strong> contact for the<br />

event.<br />

iii. Receive speaker information from committees and sign speaking agreement<br />

and handle all details <strong>of</strong> contract with speakers and obtain all needed forms<br />

for CE provision and record keeping. Standard SCNA agreement will include<br />

written confirmation to speakers and/or sponsors to convey date, time, location,<br />

topic, to request required CE information (objective/content documentation,<br />

biographical data form, handouts, etc…), and to specify honorarium and travel<br />

arrangements (if applicable).<br />

iv.<br />

Issue appropriate W-9 and 1099 to all speakers who are compensated through<br />

SCNA<br />

v. Complete CE paperwork in partnership with the planning committee<br />

representative for event upon receipt <strong>of</strong> speaker’s materials, and forward<br />

to SCNA Continuing Education Provider Committee (CEPC) for review<br />

and issuance <strong>of</strong> American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on<br />

Accreditation criteria.<br />

vi.<br />

Conduct site selection process including solicitation <strong>of</strong> bids from appropriate<br />

sites, evaluation <strong>of</strong> submitted bid material on-site inspection <strong>of</strong> selected sites<br />

meeting event criteria.<br />

vii. Develop, print and mail event brochure if applicable for event (with advice and<br />

consultation <strong>of</strong> chapter).<br />

viii. Set final registration rates for conference, based on anticipated expenses and<br />

income, and advice/consultation from chapter.<br />

ix. Receive registration forms and fees; copy and prepare all materials for event.<br />

x. Provide list <strong>of</strong> registrants for event and name-tags and assist with on-site<br />

registration process.<br />

xi. Provide all materials related to CE process including CE Verification <strong>of</strong><br />

Attendance, CE Evaluation Forms and CE certificates.<br />

xii. Provide additional on-site support for event needs.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

xiii. Write letters <strong>of</strong> appreciation to speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors at the<br />

conclusion <strong>of</strong> event.<br />

xiv. Pay all associated expenses and develop a financial report on income and<br />

expenses to share with the chapter chair and the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

xv. Summarize evaluation forms and maintain all CE related records.<br />

5. Provide financial services to those Chapters having funds on deposit with SCNA – to<br />

include filing all required IRS forms.<br />

6. Provide membership information which is based on consent to participate forms and<br />

is updated monthly via computer system.<br />

7. Provide communications to chapter members as requested.<br />

8. Provide quarterly space in SC Nurse.<br />

9. Provide space in <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Reports</strong>.<br />

10. Contingent on availability provide meeting space. There may be costs to the<br />

chapters.<br />

11. Provide telephone conference capability.<br />

12. Archive materials as transmitted to SCNA.<br />

13. Provide access to web with separate page on website. (Password- protected section<br />

for each Chapter, if desired.)<br />

14. Provide election services for Chapters.<br />

15. Create Roles and Position Standards for Chapter Executive Committee membership.<br />

B. Responsibilities <strong>of</strong> SCNA Chapters<br />

1. Ensure that all Chapter members are members <strong>of</strong> SCNA/ANA or SCNA-Only<br />

2. Provide members as requested by SCNA to serve on a variety <strong>of</strong> committees,<br />

currently including:<br />

i. Legislative Committee<br />

ii. SCNA Convention Planning Team<br />

3. Provide SCNA with names for election to Chapter Officer positions, using the SCNA<br />

Election Calendar<br />

4. Comply with Chapter Executive Committee structure in SCNA Roles & Positions<br />

5. Comply with Finance Policy and Procedure Section <strong>of</strong> SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and<br />

Committee Manual.<br />

6. Provide the following for events:<br />

i. Identify purpose, objective and agenda, recommend content, topics, speakers,<br />

and share all speaker contact with SCNA staff.<br />

ii. Make recommendations for workshop site. Final decision made by SCNA Staff.<br />

iii. Obtain commitment from sponsors willing to underwrite speakers. Must use<br />

appropriate forms from SCNA for sponsorship and other financial support.<br />

iv. Develop workshop budget.<br />

v. Provide report to SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors regarding workshop plans.<br />

vi. Provide list <strong>of</strong> suggested exhibitors and sponsors.<br />

vii. Make recommendations regarding brochure for workshop. All event marketing<br />

will come through SCNA.<br />

viii. Designate a person to complete required continuing education forms for<br />

submission to SCNA Continuing Education Provider Committee (CEPC) in close<br />

partnership with SCNA staff.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

ix. Assist staff with on-site implementation (i.e.: introduction <strong>of</strong> speakers,<br />

registration check-in, CE moderating activities, etc.).<br />

7. Adhere to Balanced Budget Policy for Projects <strong>of</strong> SCNA Chapter found in the most<br />

recent edition <strong>of</strong> the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and Committee Manual<br />

8. Transmit to SCNA all Consent to Participate forms obtained at chapter- level<br />

meetings.<br />

III. Terms and Conditions:<br />

A. This agreement shall be effective 2022 or when all parties have signed, whichever is later.<br />

B. SCNA will review this MOA annually. Any cause, default or negligence on the part <strong>of</strong> an<br />

SCNA Chapter at any time may result in dissolution <strong>of</strong> this agreement.<br />

C. The MOA will be re-executed at the election <strong>of</strong> New SCNA President with each chapter<br />

chair.<br />

D. Amendment. Amendments to the MOA may be made following discussions with the<br />

Chairs <strong>of</strong> the Chapters.<br />

AS TO SCNA BY:<br />


SCNA President<br />

Chair <strong>of</strong> SCNA ___________ Chapter<br />

DATE:<br />

DATE:<br />


Judith C. Thompson<br />

CEO<br />

DATE:<br />

Revised: January 2017; January 2018; January 2020<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

SCNA STRATEGIC GOALS 2017-2019<br />

Strategic Goals<br />

#1 Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Practice<br />

Promote and support<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional practice in nursing<br />

• Provide information to nurses<br />

on the ANA Cornerstone<br />

Documents (Nursing Scope<br />

and Standards <strong>of</strong> Practice,<br />

The Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for<br />

Nurses and Nursing’s Social<br />

Policy Statement)<br />

• Participate in disseminating<br />

information on the future <strong>of</strong><br />

nursing.<br />

• Promote and support<br />

evidence-based practice for<br />

all nurses.<br />

#2 Advocacy<br />

Advocate for the nursing<br />

workforce, healthy workplaces<br />

and for the health <strong>of</strong> the public<br />

2017 - 2019 Targets<br />

• Actively participate<br />

in legislative policy<br />

development and<br />

implementation<br />

• Fund lobbyist firm for SCNA<br />

• Promote and support<br />

programs, products and<br />

services that positively<br />

impact the health, safety and<br />

wellness <strong>of</strong> nurses<br />

• Educate nurses about<br />

disruptive behavior in the<br />

workplace.<br />

• Support nurses recovering<br />

from addiction through the<br />

Peer Assistance Program in<br />

Nursing (PAPIN)<br />

• Encourage donations to the<br />

SCNA Advocacy Fund<br />

#3 Organizational<br />

Effectiveness<br />

Continually strengthen the<br />

organizational effectiveness <strong>of</strong><br />

SCNA<br />

• Promote membership in<br />

SCNA<br />

• Monitor SCNA’s<br />

organizational structure<br />

and financial practices to<br />

maximize efficiency and<br />

effectiveness<br />

• Participate with external<br />

publics in the health care<br />

arena<br />

• Provide access to the<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essional career center,<br />

and other membership<br />

benefits for members and<br />

employer<br />

• Identify and implement<br />

technology that will increase<br />

organizational effectiveness<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


2020-2022<br />

The <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association has among its purposes:<br />

1) To promote the quality <strong>of</strong> life and health care for all people<br />

2) To foster the nursing pr<strong>of</strong>ession as a leading, positive force in the health care delivery system<br />

To achieve these broad purposes, the SCNA will provide leadership in the legislative and public<br />

policy arena<br />

To promote the quality <strong>of</strong> life and health care for all people in <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>, SCNA will:<br />

1) Promote access to and delivery <strong>of</strong> safe, cost effective, quality health services for the public<br />

2) Protect nursing care services to the public with emphasis in the licensed nurses’ roles as<br />

qualified providers <strong>of</strong> healthcare services<br />

3) Support equal rights and opportunities for all peoples unrestricted by consideration <strong>of</strong> age,<br />

color, creed, disability, gender, health status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or sexual<br />

orientation<br />

4) Support legislation that promotes and protects environmental health in the home, at the<br />

worksite, in the community<br />

5) Initiate and/or support legislation to assure comprehensive health care services to all people,<br />

especially vulnerable populations<br />

To foster the nursing pr<strong>of</strong>ession in its role as a provider, leader, and collaborator in the health<br />

care delivery system, SCNA will:<br />

1) Initiate, monitor and respond to all activity which would affect the practice <strong>of</strong> nursing<br />

2) Assure nursing participation in planning, development, and evaluation <strong>of</strong> policies related to<br />

health care<br />

3) Support and protect the rights <strong>of</strong> nurses in the workplace<br />

4) Initiate and support the procurement <strong>of</strong> public and private funding for nursing education and<br />

nursing research<br />

Adopted:<br />

November 15, 2002 SCNA House <strong>of</strong> Delegates<br />

November 11, 2006 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

Revised and Approved:<br />

October 25, 2008 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

October 23, 2010 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

September 22, 2012 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

October 24, 2014 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

November 12, 2016 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

October 4, 2018 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />

October 15, 2020 SCNA <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


FOR<br />


SCNA<br />

Will all newly elected Board members, all continuing Board members, all newly elected Chapter<br />

Officers, and all continuing Chapter Officers, please come to the front <strong>of</strong> the room. Please turn to<br />

face the members <strong>of</strong> SCNA and raise your right hand:<br />

“Will you, as <strong>of</strong>ficially elected representatives <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association, promise<br />

to execute to the best <strong>of</strong> your ability all the responsibilities <strong>of</strong> your <strong>of</strong>fice, to attend all meetings<br />

faithfully; To use your position for the advancement <strong>of</strong> the Nursing Pr<strong>of</strong>ession; To uphold the Code<br />

<strong>of</strong> Ethics for Nurses with Interpretative Statements, 2015; and to provide to all leadership and<br />

careful stewardship <strong>of</strong> SCNA on behalf <strong>of</strong> the membership as you are able.”<br />

If you agree to all these requirements <strong>of</strong> your role, please answer, I WILL.<br />



If anyone has a conflict <strong>of</strong> interest, or what might be perceived as a conflict <strong>of</strong> interest, on any topic<br />

on the agenda, you should disclose that to me or at the beginning <strong>of</strong> the agenda item so that the<br />

board can address it. A conflict <strong>of</strong> interest can be financial, or it can involve interests that you might<br />

have in other organizations or with respect to particular people, when such interests are related to<br />

discussion or decisions <strong>of</strong> the board <strong>of</strong> directors.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Understanding <strong>of</strong> Duties and Agreement to Serve:<br />

Duty <strong>of</strong> Care; Duty <strong>of</strong> Loyalty; Duty <strong>of</strong> Obedience.<br />

A legal document<br />

October <strong>2021</strong><br />

As a member <strong>of</strong> the board or committee specified below my signature, I<br />

acknowledge that service on a board or committee is an important volunteer position which<br />

requires much dedication. My execution <strong>of</strong> this document (hereinafter “Agreement”) evidences my<br />

understanding that these duties outlined herein are essential to the post and indicates my promise<br />

to fulfill the obligations and duties <strong>of</strong> this position.<br />

Duties:<br />

I understand that I will be expected to carry out the duties and adhere to the policies as written in<br />

the <strong>Book</strong> <strong>of</strong> Positions and Policy Manual or directions specific to the board or committee on which I<br />

serve;<br />

Attendance and Participation:<br />

I understand and agree to commit the time, talent and energy necessary to further the work <strong>of</strong> the<br />

board or committee and the mission <strong>of</strong> the SCNA. As such, I understand that my attendance will<br />

be required at board and other meetings and I will arrange my schedule accordingly to meet this<br />

obligation. I will prepare for meetings in advance and participate in discussions;<br />

Conflicts <strong>of</strong> Interest:<br />

In addition to my commitment to engage in behavior that is in accord with The Code <strong>of</strong> Ethics for<br />

Nurses with Interpretative Statements, 2015, I shall also engage in behavior that is legal, ethical and<br />

consistent with the mission and values <strong>of</strong> the SCNA. In keeping with these behaviors, I agree that I<br />

will not intentionally derive any personal pr<strong>of</strong>it or gain, directly or indirectly by reason <strong>of</strong> my position<br />

within SCNA. I will avoid all situations in which my private interests may conflict with the interests<br />

<strong>of</strong> SCNA and I will be mindful <strong>of</strong> and seek to avoid conduct that could reasonably be construed as<br />

a conflict <strong>of</strong> interest. I understand that I will also be required to sign an Anti-Trust statement at the<br />

beginning <strong>of</strong> each meeting <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors;<br />

Authority <strong>of</strong> Individual Board Members:<br />

I understand that no individual board or committee members can bind or commit the SCNA to<br />

contractual, financial or other obligations.<br />

I have read and agree to all <strong>of</strong> the above:<br />

Signed:<br />

Date:<br />

Office:<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


I have been asked to remind all <strong>of</strong> you in attendance that various state and federal laws prohibit the<br />

exchange <strong>of</strong> information among competitors regarding matters pertaining to price, refusals to deal,<br />

market division, tying relationships and other topics which might infringe upon antitrust regulations,<br />

and that no such exchange or discussion will be tolerated during this meeting.<br />

These guidelines apply not only to the formal meeting sessions, but also to informal discussions<br />

during breaks, meals, or social gatherings.<br />

Thank you for your cooperation. President, SCNA<br />

Meeting Date<br />

Purpose <strong>of</strong> Meeting<br />


1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

17.<br />

18.<br />

19.<br />

20.<br />

21.<br />

22.<br />

23.<br />

24.<br />

25.<br />

26.<br />

27.<br />

28.<br />

29.<br />

32.<br />

33.<br />

34.<br />

35.<br />

36.<br />

37.<br />

38.<br />

39.<br />

40.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />


President: Kelly Bouthillet<br />

President-Elect: Angela Dykes<br />

Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant<br />

Commission Chair – Public<br />

Policy/Legislation: Vacant<br />

Commission Chair–Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy<br />

and Development: Coleen Kennedy<br />

APRN Chapter<br />

Chair: Nakita Barnes<br />

Vice Chair: Sheryl Mitchell<br />

Secretary/Treasurer: Angela Dykes<br />

Member at Large: Jamie Cuff<br />

Member at Large: Dwayne Alleyne<br />

Nurse Educator Chapter<br />

Chair: Lynne Hutchison<br />

Vice Chair: Vacant<br />

Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant<br />

Member at Large: Stephanie Davis<br />

Member at Large: Kari Mau<br />

Director, Seat 1: Jada Quinn<br />

Director, Seat 2: Rhona Williams<br />

SNA-SC Representative (Ex-Officio)<br />

Reagan Cohn<br />

SCNF President (Ex-Officio) Deborah Hopla<br />

Psychiatric-Mental Health Chapter<br />

Chair: Kim Gilmore<br />

Vice Chair: Jacquelin Hyman<br />

Secretary/Treasurer: Myra Pinckney<br />

Member at Large: Vanessa Thompson<br />

Member at Large: Cathleen Crowley-Koschnitzki<br />

Women and Children’s Health Chapter<br />

Chair: Jennifer Bell<br />

Vice Chair: Kelly Walker<br />

Secretary/Treasurer: Bonnie Holaday<br />

Member at Large: Bridget Holder<br />

Member at Large: Andrietta Barnett<br />

Legislative Committee Chair: Stephanie Burgess<br />

Finance Committee Chair: Vacant<br />

Continuing Education Approver Committee (CEAC) Co-Chairs: Shara Rhodes<br />

Continuing Education Provider Committee (CEPC) Chair: Shara Rhodes<br />

Nomination Committee Chair and Committee: Cathleen Crowley-Koschnitzki, Amy Gallozzi<br />

Thank you for your leadership and service to the nurses <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>!<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />


Kelly Bouthillet ANA APRN Task Force<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />


* Indicated SCNA-Only Member<br />

This list was copied from the ANA Membership list as <strong>of</strong> August 31, <strong>2021</strong>. SCNA regrets any errors that may appear in the list.<br />

Iman Abdul-Ali<br />

Amber Abellan<br />

Hareg G Abate<br />

Jessica Lynn Abbott<br />

Iman Abdul-Ali<br />

Alycia Abdulla *<br />

Amber Abellan<br />

Betty J Abernathy<br />

Carlen Melissa Abernethy<br />

Jacquelyn Abney<br />

Margaret Lee Acres<br />

Latonya Roena Adams<br />

Ellen Soley Adkins<br />

Nnennaya Agwu<br />

Jennifer S. Ahlin<br />

Ileen Aiken<br />

Heather Ann Aird<br />

Lorraine K Aldrich<br />

Ann C Alexander<br />

Judith W Alexander<br />

Lyn R Alexander<br />

Marinda Evette<br />

Alexander<br />

Stacy Alexander<br />

Heather Alford<br />

Donna Rochelle Allen<br />

Nancy Whaley Allen<br />

Dwayne Randolph Alleyne<br />

Molly Lara Allison<br />

Brandi Akai Alston<br />

Tamieka Alston-Gibson<br />

Hilary Altman<br />

Lyndsay Amato<br />

Benjamin Joel Amberg<br />

Darlene M. Amendolair<br />

Amanda Lee Ammons<br />

April Dawn Anderson<br />

Jeannette Andrews<br />

Jeri L Andrews<br />

Mary E Andrews<br />

Diane J. Angelini<br />

Robbi Angle<br />

Sally R. Ani<br />

Sammisha Lea Anthony<br />

Candyce F. Antley<br />

Holly Marie Archer<br />

La Juan H. Ariail<br />

Christa Armfield<br />

Patricia Armstrong<br />

Dianne J Arrowsmith<br />

Frances Ashe-Goins<br />

Valerie Assey *<br />

Heather T. Atkins<br />

Amanda Poe Atkinson<br />

Byron G. Atkinson<br />

Donna Atkinson<br />

Maryanne Attanasio<br />

Janette Louise Ault<br />

Sandra D Aulton<br />

Debra L. Austin<br />

Lynda M Avera<br />

Katie Avery-Smith<br />

Heather Dyan Axelson<br />

Bernadette M Ayer<br />

Sara Ayer<br />

Ellen Amanda Babilon<br />

Gloria A Bacote<br />

Jacqueline Leonora Baer<br />

Susan M. Bafford<br />

Andrea Denise Bailey<br />

Isaac Andew Bailey<br />

Leanne S. Bailey<br />

Rebecca Bailey<br />

Sharon L Bailey<br />

Ihuoma Bailey-Smith<br />

Jennifer Lee Bain<br />

Anita Katharine Bainum<br />

Cagney Baker<br />

GraceAnna Baker<br />

Linda M Baker<br />

Rachel Lynette Baker<br />

Felicia Baker-Washington<br />

Traci Taylor Baldwin<br />

Beverly A. Baliko<br />

Carla Ball<br />

Julia L. Ball<br />

debra ballares<br />

Helen Ballestas<br />

Alyssa Grace Balmas<br />

Stephanie Bank<br />

Korina Banks<br />

Lisa Rae Banks<br />

Deborah Rhodes Barbee<br />

Holly Pozsik Barber<br />

Janae M Barberio<br />

Cornelia R Barbour<br />

Barbara C Barham<br />

Sarah Barlow<br />

Kristin Edwards Barnes<br />

Nakita J Barnes<br />

Andrietta Wright Barnett<br />

Rebecca Barnett<br />

Curry Lauren Barnette<br />

Stephanie M Barnhill<br />

Dante Barrett<br />

Valorie Kern Barrett<br />

Nina Barris<br />

Jacquelyn Anne Barrus<br />

Marissa Pace Bartmess<br />

Tracelyn D Barton<br />

Myra B. Barwick<br />

Kristy L Bass<br />

Anne Bavier<br />

Clifford Adam Beach<br />

Christina Beall<br />

Lindy M. Beaver *<br />

Stephanie Beck<br />

Mary H. Behr<br />

Heather E. Belcourt<br />

Angela B Bell<br />

Jennifer Bell Woodley<br />

Janis P. Bellack<br />

Jettiva S Belton<br />

Judith G Benson<br />

Terry Lee Davis Beres<br />

Dawn Berkelhamer<br />

Carol S. Berry<br />

Jennifer Allison Berry<br />

Gaye M Betcher<br />

Jason Betts<br />

Susan C Beylotte<br />

Shonna Bible<br />

Pamala Bil’Le<br />

Aricia Binder<br />

Jeffery Birch<br />

Anita L Bishop<br />

Robin L. Bissinger<br />

Brenda Black<br />

Renae Black<br />

Bethany Blackmer<br />

Jane Kay Blackwell<br />

Kaleigh Ann Blaine<br />

Ericka Blakely<br />

Deborah Renee Blanton<br />

Nina E. Blanton<br />

Treva Blanton<br />

Takasha Blassingame<br />

Anna Blestel<br />

Sonya Blevins<br />

Sabrina Blocker<br />

Elizabeth Love Bloing<br />

Paris Bloomfield<br />

Sheila Blossom<br />

Leiann Boards<br />

Jennifer M Boatwright<br />

Parker Bocklet<br />

Anneke J Bogardus<br />

Julie G Boggs<br />

Anita Marie Boland<br />

Erin Ashley Bolin<br />

Maryanne Bolton<br />

Sharon M. Bond<br />

Phyllis Ann Bonham<br />

Jamie Boone<br />

Kathleen A Boone<br />

Lauren Melissa Booth *<br />

Roxie D Bosier<br />

Elizabeth Bostic<br />

Kelley Hodge Bostic *<br />

Edith Bostick<br />

Kelly A Bouthillet<br />

Dana Bowers<br />

Julie W Bowers<br />

Katherine Alier Bowers<br />

Teresa Ann Bowers<br />

Sheral W Bowman<br />

Andrea M Boyd<br />

Iris Boyd<br />

Jaquanda Boyd<br />

Mary J. Boykin<br />

Suzanne M. Boyle<br />

Cassandra Wright Brackett<br />

Derrick Reynard Brackett<br />

Linda Lauren McMeekin<br />

Bradley<br />

Katrina Diane Bradwell<br />

Susan E Brady<br />

Patricia L Brame<br />

Sarah Branan<br />

Ann B Branham<br />

Christina Rose Branham<br />

Melinda Kay Branham<br />

Joan Marie Brantley<br />

Charlotte A Branyon<br />

Stacey G Branyon<br />

Kelli Ann Bray<br />

Kimberley Brazil<br />

Rolanda Candice Brealon<br />

Beth Ann Alexander Bremer<br />

Peggy S Brennan<br />

Weatherly Rogers Brice<br />

Alexandria Bridges<br />

Marie W. Bridges<br />

Caitlin W Briggs<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Denise L Briggs<br />

Kendell Leann Brinkmann<br />

Richard Brinson<br />

Vicki Fuller Brinson<br />

Wanda Marie Brisbon<br />

Markeshia Jenese Brock<br />

Melody Brockington<br />

Nickole Broddy<br />

Barbara E. Brooks<br />

Marilyn Patricia Brooks<br />

Cara Brotherton<br />

Sheila Flowers Browder<br />

Alexander Brown<br />

Amy Brown<br />

April Anderson Brown<br />

Audrey O Brown<br />

Catherine M. Brown<br />

De-a Reames Brown<br />

Elmer Gerald Brown<br />

Glenna Mary Brown<br />

Heather Brown<br />

James Allen Brown<br />

Katherine Stabler Brown<br />

Kathryn Brown<br />

La Tonya N Brown<br />

Laurie Anne Brown<br />

Lavetta R Brown<br />

Mary W. Brown<br />

Sarah Brown<br />

Shauna Brown<br />

Stephanie Catherine Brown<br />

Tina Michele Brown<br />

Wanda Iris Brown<br />

Maureen A Brown Klaput<br />

Sanquinette Brownlee<br />

Tina Louise Brumit<br />

Barbara J Bryan<br />

Debbie Chatman Bryant<br />

Lisa T Bryant<br />

Deborah Bucci<br />

Cesnee Buckley<br />

Diane M. Budnick<br />

Stacey C Bumgardner<br />

Amy O’Neal Bunch<br />

Gloria Kay Burchett<br />

Brian Burger<br />

Stephanie E Burgess<br />

Dorothy Burkett<br />

Tiffany Burnett<br />

Tracey Brooks Burrell<br />

Martha Summer Bursinger<br />

Jennifer Netzley Burson<br />

Natale Burton<br />

Patricia D Burton<br />

Tammye J. Busby<br />

Caroline Bush<br />

Catherine Elizabeth<br />

Bushnell<br />

Linda S Buster<br />

Chesanny Butler<br />

Lisa Chavis Butler<br />

Renee Story Butler<br />

Karen Whitaker Bynum *<br />

Brenda B Byrd<br />

Theresa Marie Cacace<br />

Morgan Cahill<br />

Toriah Janine Caldwell<br />

Katrina Calvert<br />

Deborah J. Camak *<br />

Lori Marie Cameron<br />

Aneka Campbell<br />

Lisa Campbell<br />

Tacorey Sanchez Campbell<br />

TANYA D Campbell<br />

Michelle Manglicmot<br />

Campos<br />

Sarah Manglicmot Campos<br />

Rebecca Cannon<br />

Mary P Canton<br />

Sarah J Cantrell<br />

Janet M. Caputo<br />

Jennifer Lynn Carden<br />

Mindora C Carithers<br />

Laura Carlson<br />

Teresa Carlton<br />

Annette Carnevale<br />

Earline Khalilah Carn-<br />

Holmes<br />

Diana Lee Caron<br />

Mike Carpenter<br />

Dina Anna Carra<br />

Marsha Wren Carroll<br />

Pinkey Carter<br />

Mollie Carter *<br />

Wendy Cartledge<br />

Teresa N Casey<br />

Allyson Cash<br />

Erin S Castellano<br />

Deborah Elizabeth Catania<br />

Stacey Catoe<br />

Ellen Caughman<br />

Gwendolyn Rogers Caulder<br />

Miriam Cauthen<br />

Carolyn C Cavanaugh<br />

Patricia Celley<br />

Evangeline A Ceridan<br />

Theresa Chandler<br />

Sandra Marie Chaplin<br />

Heather Chapman<br />

Honey Dawn Chapman<br />

Tanya Chapman<br />

Lili Chen<br />

Rose Chevere<br />

Angela Sylvene Childers<br />

Cheryl Chisolm<br />

Joyce M. Chisolm<br />

Doris L Chitwood<br />

Maria Teresa Choudhary<br />

Christina Frances<br />

Christensen<br />

Raegan Christy<br />

Jennifer Church<br />

Michelle Ciaravella<br />

Jennifer L. Ciccone<br />

Vonny Clanton<br />

Susan F. Clark<br />

Susan Clark<br />

Elizabeth Tetterton<br />

Clements<br />

Sandra H. Clontz<br />

Amanda Clyburn<br />

Katherine Cobb<br />

Evelyn R Coe<br />

Cecilia J. Cogdell<br />

Gail G. Cohen<br />

Logan Marie Coker<br />

Brittany Pace Cole<br />

Amanda A Coleburn<br />

Felicia Coleman<br />

Candice Collins<br />

Pamela Ann Collins<br />

Lisa A Cometto<br />

Jacqueline Imogene<br />

Conder<br />

Barbara Bernice Cone<br />

Mary Celeste Conlon<br />

Carol Connelly<br />

Ruby Contreras<br />

Margaret Conway-Orgel<br />

Elena Serene Cook<br />

Sonya Maria Cook<br />

Harriet Smith Cooney<br />

Julia C Coons<br />

Pansy J. Cooper<br />

Shaera Cooper<br />

Zackery Cooper<br />

Cynthia Corbett<br />

Erica Cordes<br />

Shelly Cordum<br />

Colleen Corish<br />

Edwin Cortes<br />

Kathleen P Cotten<br />

Yaritza Cotto<br />

Christina Cottrell<br />

Katie Coulbourne<br />

Carolyn Frances Covington<br />

Collene Latoya Cox<br />

DeAnna Cox<br />

Jacquelyn Cox<br />

Mae Hellen Cox<br />

D. Nicole Coxe<br />

Andrea Louise Coyle<br />

Brooke Brown Coyne<br />

Siri Perry Craft<br />

Brenda Craig<br />

Heather Craven<br />

Cheryl Denise Crawford<br />

Deborah Kay Crawford-<br />

Butler<br />

Joan M Creed<br />

Mary E Creed<br />

Stacey Lea Cremonni<br />

Audrey T. Cribb<br />

Shannon Williamson Cribb<br />

Sheila C Cribb<br />

Rebecca Ann Crichton<br />

Lerryn U Crocker<br />

Pamela R Cromer<br />

Cynthia R Cross<br />

Susan Deatrick Croteau<br />

Kayrn Johnson Crowley<br />

Cathleen Crowley-<br />

Koschnitzki *<br />

Marcus J Cruz<br />

Julie Cubbler<br />

Jaime Cuff<br />

Lindsey Culbertson Cossio<br />

Joan Culley<br />

Jan Cullipher<br />

Dorothy Anne Cumbey<br />

Hope Cummings<br />

Benita Lena Curnell<br />

Starr H Curtis<br />

Teshieka Curtis-Pugh<br />

Sabra S Custer<br />

Robin B. Dail<br />

Cynthia O Dakin<br />

Alice Marie Dalena<br />

Ann B Daniels<br />

Barbara D’Anna<br />

Molly E Dannelly<br />

Sydney Jayne Dantzler<br />

Ashley Latrease Danzy<br />

Stanley Wayne Darnell<br />

Stanette M Darrien *<br />

Jamia L Davidson<br />

Alison Davis<br />

Angie Kimberly Davis<br />

Carlotta M Davis<br />

Cokeletta Davis<br />

Emma Jo Davis<br />

Janie Marie Davis<br />

Jonella Davis<br />

Joyce Davis<br />

Katherine Brannan Davis<br />

Kenneth Davis<br />

M Jerdone Davis<br />

Niovia Davis<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Stephanie C Davis<br />

Tiffany S Davis<br />

Tanisha Leann Dawkins *<br />

Renea Daye<br />

Harnetha Renee Dean<br />

Patricia Deane<br />

Veronica Deas<br />

Cathleen G DeBurton *<br />

Brenda H DeCicco<br />

Charity Beebe Deese<br />

Amanda Dehart<br />

Lysa Del Grosso<br />

Metzfe Astel Alvarez Dela<br />

Rama<br />

Kahlil A Demonbreun<br />

Phyllis Dianne Lawter<br />

Dennis<br />

Tolvalyn Dennison<br />

Benita Latrice Denton<br />

Bridget Ann Denzik<br />

Patricia M Derajtys<br />

Ashleigh Shireen Deris<br />

Sue Ann Derrick<br />

Joy Deupree<br />

Dagmar M Devlin<br />

Barbara Devoe<br />

Amber Dewberry<br />

Christy Frances Dewitt<br />

Jeanette Diaz<br />

Victor Manuel Diaz<br />

Emily Dibernardini<br />

Annie Dickerson<br />

Sandra G Dickson<br />

Teresa G. Dietz<br />

Sheila Bradford Diggs<br />

Judy B Dillow<br />

Kristen Dimitch<br />

Latroy Dingle<br />

Franetta Dinkins<br />

Melissa Ann Disch<br />

Donna W Dixon<br />

Dala Dolan<br />

Holly Donahue<br />

Annemarie Sipkes Donato<br />

Sara B. Donevant<br />

Wanda C Dooley<br />

John F Dorkewitz<br />

Tammy Dorociak<br />

Courtney Dorsey<br />

Janet Dosa<br />

Patricia Clowney Dotson<br />

Gaye M Douglas<br />

Trinka A Douglas<br />

Janet Lynne Douglass<br />

Malinda Hope Drawdy<br />

Doris L Drayton<br />

Marcia Drinkwalter<br />

Susan Marie Drinkwater<br />

Natilie N Dubois<br />

Anna E Dubose<br />

Sandra J. DuBose<br />

Kimberly I Dudas<br />

Susan Duggar<br />

Peggy E. Dulaney<br />

Angela Stewart Dunfee<br />

Shannon Marie Dunlap<br />

Jeannie A Dunn<br />

Annette Dunphy<br />

Charisse Dupree (Henegan)<br />

Catherine O Durham<br />

Nancy K Durham<br />

Susan James Durham<br />

Tammy Fox Duvall<br />

Christina Dye<br />

Judy M Dyer<br />

Angela Eason Dykes<br />

Patricia Nottingham<br />

Dzandu<br />

Erica Dziedzic<br />

Marilyn M Earle<br />

Ginger Moore Earnhardt<br />

Lucinda A Easler<br />

Martha Eddings<br />

Lori Ann Edgar<br />

Rebecca Nobles Edge<br />

Julia K Edge-Knauff<br />

Barbara J Edlund<br />

Carmen Edwards<br />

John R. Edwards<br />

Julie Marie Edwards<br />

Mary Edwards<br />

Victoria Elizabeth Edwards<br />

Ashley Ehlers-Isenhower<br />

Angela Eichman<br />

Sherry Foster Eison<br />

Ngozi Ogechi Eke<br />

Abimbola Ekunsanmi<br />

Kristine El El Melki<br />

Yolanda Elam<br />

Dami Valdez Elliott<br />

Judy Ann Elliott<br />

Susan C. Elliott<br />

Andrea Delaughter Ellis<br />

Porshay Ellis<br />

Joycetine Ellis Barnes<br />

Alisha Ellison<br />

Kathie Elmore<br />

Tonjia B Elrod<br />

Whitney Elswick<br />

Jammie Emerson<br />

Valerie Lynn England<br />

Debra Erich<br />

Bo Erickson *<br />

Lisa Erwin<br />

Stacey Erwin<br />

Emily Estes<br />

Michele Etzkorn<br />

Jennifer Evancho<br />

Carol H Evans<br />

Ginger F Evans<br />

Matthew Evans<br />

Susan Evans<br />

Tempie M Evans<br />

Happy Everett<br />

Jeffery Everett<br />

Debra J Fabian<br />

Linda Farrell<br />

Melissa D Feather<br />

D Jeanne Felder<br />

Melissa Felder<br />

Jodie Fellenger<br />

Amy Lynn Felten<br />

Theresa M Fereday<br />

Julia Ferguson<br />

Lisa Michelle Fernandez<br />

Reylyn De La Cruz<br />

Fernandez<br />

Elizabeth Ferraro<br />

Michelle L B Ferrigno<br />

Cheryl Surrett Fieldhouse<br />

Nancy J. Finch<br />

Mary R. Fischer<br />

Christine R. Fisher<br />

Samantha Fisher<br />

Odette D Fisher-Glover<br />

Katrina Raye Flagg<br />

Mona R Flanigan<br />

Miriam N Fleisher<br />

Jennifer Rose Florian<br />

Queen J Flowers<br />

Helga Regina Floyd<br />

Chanda L Flynn<br />

Rhonda F Flynn<br />

Stephanie Diane Flynn<br />

Isatu F<strong>of</strong>ana<br />

Bonnie T. Fogle<br />

Sharon L. Fogle<br />

Amanda C Forbus<br />

Cathy M Ford<br />

Angela Foster<br />

Brandon M Foster<br />

Jacquelin L Foster *<br />

Gee Foster-Boatwright<br />

Bonnie L Foulois<br />

Oanh Foust<br />

Judith C Fowler<br />

Katherine Fox<br />

Micala Lee Fox<br />

Sandra Fox<br />

Tammy Adams Fox<br />

Regina A Franco<br />

Sandra S Franklin<br />

Aminah Fraser-Rahim<br />

Edna Frazier<br />

Laura Lee Freeman<br />

Rebecca Rebecca Freeman<br />

Suzanne R Freeman<br />

Tiffany J Frialde<br />

Kimberly Hodge Frick<br />

Christi Fronczkiewicz<br />

Qing Fu<br />

Miranda Mitchell Fuller<br />

Dody Fullex<br />

Amy Funderburk<br />

Rebecca Funderburk<br />

Holly Furne<br />

Lizkebe Gado<br />

Catherine Gaesser<br />

Jeanine Gage<br />

Gladys Gaillard-Mcbride<br />

Carolann Galbreath<br />

James Gallagher<br />

Laura Elizabeth Gallagher<br />

Amy Gallozzi<br />

Ajia Gamble<br />

Melissa Hetrick Gambrell<br />

Tonja A Gantt<br />

Jennifer Danielle Garner<br />

Natalie Garner<br />

Pamela Duncan Garner<br />

Laura M Garnett<br />

John Garren<br />

Tara Brown Garrick<br />

Tishana L Gary<br />

Mikelle Gaston<br />

Satavia Simone Gaston<br />

Brandon Gates<br />

Cheryl Gates<br />

Sheila Belton Gaymon<br />

Marie Gehling<br />

Tina D General<br />

La Toya George<br />

Savannah George<br />

Sherrin Geter<br />

Bethany Ghent<br />

Katharine M. Gibb<br />

Ashley Gibbs<br />

Debra R Gibbs<br />

Shelli P Gibbs<br />

Lynette Maxine Gibson<br />

Merlyn Gibson<br />

Lynette Richardson Gibsonn *<br />

Christopher Eugene Gilbert<br />

Annie L Gilchrist-Settles<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Ruthie Giles<br />

Francis Dowdy Gill<br />

Mary Catherine Gill<br />

Michelle Lynn Gilland<br />

Kristopher Gillespie<br />

Tammy S. Gilliam<br />

Tracy A Gilliard<br />

Kim J Gilmore<br />

Courtney N Ginn<br />

Yury Giraldo<br />

Shante Gleaton<br />

Judite Melo Glenn<br />

Jessica Taylor Glymph<br />

Connie B. G<strong>of</strong>f<br />

Ruth Ware Golden<br />

Keelin J Golden-<br />

Maldonado<br />

Tim Goldsmith<br />

Paula Gonzales<br />

Sherri Lambert Gonzalez<br />

Lanina Shirl Goode<br />

Shannon Jackson Gooding<br />

Kimberly Goodman<br />

Amy Lynn Goodson<br />

Donna Marguerite<br />

Goodson<br />

Atalaya Patrice Goodwin<br />

Christine L Gordon<br />

Kendra Gordon<br />

Betty L. Gore<br />

Ana Gosnell<br />

Jennefer R Grady<br />

Darlene Graham<br />

Omega D Graham<br />

Traci Lashelle Graham<br />

Natalie Granatelli<br />

Alicia Pollard Grant<br />

Sharon Grant<br />

Victoria Grant<br />

Mary A. Grass<br />

Deanna M Graves<br />

Samantha Gray<br />

Shannon Gray<br />

Charlotte H Grecco<br />

Alicia R Green<br />

Ashana Green<br />

Daisha Jerrice Green<br />

Leeann Green<br />

Shannon P Green<br />

Shirley A. Green<br />

Tina Luanne Green<br />

Vicki C Green<br />

Ashley Greene<br />

Eric Murphy Greene<br />

Katina Greene<br />

Jasmine Marie Gregory<br />

Karen J. Gregory<br />

Carla Joanne Gregory-<br />

Patterson<br />

Marian Berkeley Grier<br />

Meredith Grier<br />

Christine Ann Griffin<br />

Gabrielle Louise Griffin<br />

Margaretta C Grimm<br />

Shannon Renee Grismer<br />

Rhonda Grose<br />

Aimee Elizabeth Grubb<br />

Barbara L Grubbs<br />

Susan Grubbs<br />

Susan Small Grumbach<br />

Rebecca Guerra<br />

Lana Pak Guffey<br />

Amy Gulledge<br />

Mary Gustafson<br />

Lizette Gutiza<br />

Holly Greer Gwaltney<br />

Kristina Hannelore Hacker<br />

Kathlyn S. Haddock<br />

Janice H. Hage<br />

Marianne McDade Hagood<br />

Matthew T Haigh *<br />

Alisha Marie Hair<br />

Brandi Burgess Hair<br />

Deana Marie Hair<br />

Christopher Steven<br />

Hairfield<br />

Wiliam Andrew Haislip<br />

Andrea Roper Hall<br />

Angela Rena Hall<br />

Barbara S Hall<br />

Cecelia Fogle Hall<br />

William Hall<br />

Edwina Marie Hallman<br />

Juanita Ham<br />

Glenda Hamilton<br />

Julie A Hamilton<br />

Kela Hamilton<br />

Michele Hamilton *<br />

Anita S. Hammerbeck<br />

April Hampton<br />

Paula Perry Hampton<br />

Wendy Hamrick<br />

Patricia Handley<br />

Brittany Hanes<br />

Ryan Whitney Haney<br />

Sarah Jane Hansen<br />

Fontenot<br />

Roscia Hawkins Hardee<br />

Vicki Harden-Taylor<br />

Theresa A. Hardwick<br />

Judith J Hardy<br />

Karen L Hardy<br />

Melissa Faye Hare<br />

Carolyn S Harmon<br />

Haley Elizabeth Harper<br />

Teresa A Harper<br />

Petual <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Harris<br />

Eboni Takia Harris *<br />

Adrena B. Harrison<br />

Charles Everette Harrison<br />

Kartina W Harrison<br />

Stantrenetta A Harrold<br />

Noelle M Hartley<br />

Tamara Hartwell<br />

Carol R. Hartwig<br />

Genia Harvey<br />

Debra Lemastus Harwell<br />

Lois Hasan<br />

Joann M Hashey<br />

Wendy Hatchell<br />

Teresa L Hathcox<br />

Marianne Haugh<br />

Marilyn Hauser<br />

Tiwana Hawkinberry<br />

Virginia Callender Hawkins<br />

Cassandra Hayes<br />

Bonnie W. Haynes<br />

Sherry Hazen<br />

Anna Healy<br />

Rosalyn Yvette Heers<br />

Frank Heflin<br />

Kimberly Hefner<br />

Kelly Hegler<br />

Liam C. Hein<br />

Sue P. Heiney<br />

Irene W Helms<br />

Dawn L Henderson<br />

Holly O’Hara Henderson<br />

Sequita Latasha Hennessey<br />

James W Henry<br />

Kelsey Hensley<br />

Linda Hentz<br />

Laura E Herbert *<br />

Terry J Heriot<br />

Debbie W Herman<br />

Emily Herndon<br />

Elizabeth M Hernick<br />

Marcella Williams Herrin<br />

Dawne F Hershberger<br />

Peggy O Hewlett<br />

Chimene Gordon Heyward<br />

Felicia Heyward<br />

Joyce M Hicklin<br />

Glenda F Hickman<br />

Lenore R Hickman<br />

Heather Paige Hickok-<br />

Mahan<br />

Savannah Stroud Hightower<br />

Stephanie J Hightower<br />

Ashley Hubbard Hilburn<br />

Deanne Karen Hilfinger<br />

Messias<br />

Estella Janean Hill<br />

Jimmy W Hill<br />

Melissa L Hill<br />

Arleen F Hilliard<br />

Rebecca L Hiveley<br />

Julia A. Hobson<br />

David S. Hodson<br />

Kimberly Ann H<strong>of</strong>fman<br />

Diane O. Hogan<br />

Kathy W. Hogan<br />

Bonnie J. Holaday<br />

Bridget Holder<br />

Megan Hollandsworth<br />

Matrice Hollis<br />

Audrey Holmes<br />

Elizabeth Ann Holmes<br />

Hannah L. Holmes<br />

Latasha Holmes<br />

Regina F Holmes<br />

Rene Holmes<br />

Michele P Holskey<br />

Deronda SW Honig<br />

Amber Dawn Hook<br />

Jean Z. Hooper<br />

Nelda Hope *<br />

Ashley Nicole Hopkins<br />

Jean S. Hopkins<br />

Deborah L Hopla<br />

Catherine M Horne<br />

Sara Horne<br />

Courtney Hornilla<br />

Leonora Horton<br />

Lori Katherine Horton<br />

Latasha Denise Hott<br />

Lynda J Houston<br />

Amanda Hovey<br />

Mary K Howe<br />

Nicole Renee Howe<br />

Elizabeth Branch Howell<br />

Lisa N. Howell<br />

Linda Leeko Hudson<br />

Melinda Ann Hudson<br />

Shannon Hudson<br />

Ashley Jean Hudson *<br />

Hazelmarie Huff<br />

Jennifer Huggins *<br />

Pamela H. Hughes<br />

Ronda G Hughes<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Sheri S Hughes<br />

Cerrissa Michelle Hugie<br />

Louann Tatum Hulse<br />

Jennifer Garvin Humphries<br />

Linda L Hundley<br />

Tamatha Huneycutt<br />

Selina R Hunt McKinney<br />

Brittany Yarbrough Hunter<br />

Leah Robinson Hunter<br />

Vashanda Hunter<br />

Abigail Husk<br />

Cicily Montena Huskey<br />

Kimberly D Huston<br />

Virginia Katherine Hutchens<br />

Lynne M Hutchison<br />

Heidi Kay Hutto<br />

Sara Hutto<br />

Jacquelin Hyman<br />

Elva M. Hyre<br />

Mannizess Imson<br />

Taylor Elizabeth Irick<br />

Tameka Roman Irvin<br />

Renita Juliet Irving<br />

Monica R. Isaac<br />

Allison Ginette Jackson<br />

Brenda T. Jackson<br />

Emma Jackson<br />

Jwan Detrice Jackson<br />

Linda Rush Jackson<br />

Maegen Jackson<br />

Nicholas Jackson<br />

Tibithia Octavia Jackson<br />

Tomeka Nichole Jackson<br />

Tonda P. Jackson<br />

Linda P. Jacobs<br />

Lynn Jacobs *<br />

Kathy Lou Jacobson<br />

Stacy Jacobson<br />

William Jaeger<br />

Sharonda M Jamerson *<br />

Sarah James<br />

Sherry L. James<br />

Shirley M. James<br />

Brenda Joyce James-Pitt<br />

Deirdre Michele Jamison<br />

Kathy Jamison<br />

Mary A Jarmulowicz *<br />

Marc E Jasek<br />

Coretta M. Jenerette<br />

Carolyn M. Jenkins<br />

Deborah M Jenkins<br />

Melissa Latrell Jenkins<br />

Ashland Jenkins *<br />

Marasol Bertrina Jenkins *<br />

Gwendolyn F Jensen<br />

Erika Ashley Jeter<br />

Taylor Lauren Joest<br />

Angela Johnson<br />

April Johnson<br />

Ashley Johnson<br />

Barbie Johnson<br />

Bonne Johnson<br />

Debra Johnson<br />

Denean S Johnson<br />

Edna Johnson<br />

Erica R Johnson<br />

Jessica S Johnson<br />

Julia Maria Johnson<br />

Keyonia Young Johnson<br />

Kristina Marie Johnson<br />

Lindsay Tamara Johnson<br />

Lisa Johnson<br />

Margaret S Johnson<br />

Mark H Johnson<br />

Merrilyn O. Johnson<br />

Michelle C Johnson<br />

Pamela S Johnson<br />

Patricia F. Johnson<br />

Pierrene K. Johnson<br />

Rhonda Johnson<br />

Sara Guswiler Johnson<br />

Vicky Johnson<br />

Vincent Bernard Johnson<br />

Lauryn Johnston<br />

Shelly Johnston<br />

Anna M. Jonason<br />

Ashley N Jones<br />

Carolyn P. Jones<br />

Claudine Jones<br />

Debbie S. Jones<br />

Desareta Jones<br />

Dianna L Jones<br />

Erin R Jones<br />

Eunice Denise Jones<br />

Jamie Jones<br />

Jimmi Lynette Jones<br />

Karen D Jones<br />

Kathrine Jones<br />

Kylie Nikia Jones<br />

Laurie A Jones<br />

Lena Marie Jones<br />

Robin Jones<br />

Rosa Ann Jones<br />

Sylvia Jones<br />

Marcille Jorgenson<br />

Amelia Joseph<br />

Joseph James Josey<br />

Leslie R. Justice<br />

Jennifer S. Justus<br />

Alana Kacenga<br />

Alice Kamin *<br />

Dianne E Kane<br />

Birdella Kane-Crook<br />

Cynthia A. Karmasin<br />

Lyndsey Kasprzyk *<br />

Rose Kearney-Nunnery<br />

Julia Keefe<br />

Natalie Keefe<br />

Hazel Lucile Keels<br />

Patrice Keesee<br />

Leah Keisler<br />

Tracy Elizabeth Keisling<br />

Tracy Elizabeth Kelecava<br />

Teresa J. Kelechi<br />

Nanette C. Kelly<br />

Yolanda Kendrick<br />

Bernice R Kennedy<br />

Charlotte Kennedy<br />

Coleen Renee Kennedy<br />

Kim Kiefer<br />

Janice Wright Kilby<br />

Janice M Kilgallon<br />

Colleen M Kilgore *<br />

Christenna L Kindt<br />

Beatrice Lynn King<br />

Margaret King<br />

Natasha Twanna King<br />

Amirah Kinlaw<br />

Nina R Kirchgessner<br />

Jessie Kirkland<br />

Amanda Faye Kirkpatrick<br />

Kirklin Elise Kirkpatrick<br />

Charlene L Kish<br />

Arnell C. Kithcart<br />

Carman Ballenger Kizer<br />

Eileen Klang<br />

Jessica Dolores Knebel<br />

Elizabeth Wagoner Knight<br />

Shirley G. Knight<br />

Sarah Knorr<br />

Marilynn E. Koerber<br />

Sia Komba<br />

Angie Koppe<br />

Sharon Lynn Kozachik<br />

Margaret B. Kroposki<br />

Janet L Kubas<br />

Jo Kuehn Kuehn<br />

Aimee L Kuhn<br />

Barbara Kurent-Byrum<br />

Patricia Labbe<br />

Juliana Lacandalo<br />

Crystal Bianca Ladson<br />

Erica Ladson<br />

Patrice Nicole Ladson Keels<br />

Carrie Marie Laird<br />

Joyce Lambert<br />

Samantha Renee Shaw<br />

Lancaster<br />

Joycelyn Kennedy Land<br />

Skye Lanford<br />

Elaine J Lang<br />

Lisa M Langdale<br />

Amanda Thomas Langford<br />

Karen Lanning<br />

Ashley Owens Larson *<br />

Ginger Michell Latimer<br />

Julie Lawrence<br />

Elizabeth H. Lawson<br />

Claudia Elaine Lawton<br />

Debra K Layer<br />

Julianna A. Layfield<br />

Diana Marie Layne<br />

James Leach<br />

Ogechi Lebeanya<br />

Sandra Leigh Leder<br />

Clare T Lee<br />

Elizabeth Alcyone Lee<br />

Ralonda Tiona Lee<br />

Shirleatha Lee<br />

Stephanie Lee<br />

Lindsay Marie Legrand<br />

Mariola Leja-Peden *<br />

Isabel Lemasters<br />

Shelley Lemerande<br />

S. Elaine Leonard<br />

Mary Alyson Nijem Lerstang<br />

Lora Lynn Leslie-Turpin<br />

Ebony Letmon<br />

Ronni Hickman Leviner<br />

Yolanda Y Levy<br />

Penelepe R Lewis<br />

Mary M Liaghat<br />

Sarah M Liedberg<br />

Michelle A. Liken<br />

Kelly Liles<br />

Nancy Lim<br />

Reele Linn<br />

Samantha Lisek<br />

Jennifer Roberts Little<br />

William Andrew Little *<br />

Rebecca Christine Littlejohn<br />

Renee Elise Litton<br />

Penkeisha Livingston Reed *<br />

Claris Livingstone<br />

Karen Lockett<br />

Sheila Locklair<br />

Wanda A. L<strong>of</strong>tin<br />

Bridget Thomas Long<br />

Catherine Longshore-<br />

Schmidt<br />

Beatriz Lopez Martinez<br />

Renatta Loquist<br />

Brian Lorimer<br />

Tanya F Lott<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Amber Love<br />

Valentina Love<br />

Berry Scott Lovering<br />

Fauntella Lowe<br />

Laura Lowe<br />

Georgina Anne Lucas<br />

Jessica Marie Luce<br />

Sharon Denise Lupinski<br />

Sarah Lustig<br />

Sommer Lyles<br />

Brett Duke Lynam<br />

Colleen Lyons<br />

Susan K Lyons<br />

Donna W Macaleer<br />

Esperanza Macalincag<br />

Cynthia L Macdonald<br />

Joann L Madden<br />

Aindrea Bree Maddray<br />

Gayenell Smith Magwood<br />

Pamela Marie Major<br />

Sylvia A. Mallory<br />

Charity Lynn Manning *<br />

Sharon E Markarian<br />

Heather R Marlowe<br />

Melissa M Marshall<br />

Tonya Marshall<br />

Aimee Wiggins Martin<br />

Amber Martin<br />

Christina B Martin<br />

Connie Gray Martin<br />

Jameka Martin<br />

Karen M Martin<br />

Sharon E Martin<br />

Deborah Susan Martin-<br />

Sexton<br />

Mary Taylor Mart<strong>of</strong><br />

Elysia Mason *<br />

Jill A Mason-Nguyen<br />

Jean A Massey<br />

Teresa Massey<br />

Audrey Cheryl Massie<br />

April Mathis<br />

Whitney Louise Mathis<br />

Lauren Matthews<br />

Kari Mau *<br />

Kimberly May<br />

Hannah Bumgarner<br />

Maynard<br />

Elijah P Mays Jr<br />

Polly M Mazanec<br />

Bonita F Mc Cray<br />

Paula R McAbee<br />

Dana McAfee<br />

Kayla Marie McAvoy<br />

Monique Chemonn McCall<br />

Ranee Ellenburg McCall<br />

Elisabeth McCarter<br />

Irene B McClain<br />

Alaina Renee McClerklin<br />

Melissa McComak<br />

Tammy P McConnell<br />

Nancy McCorkle<br />

Douglas P McCormick<br />

Jacqueline Inger McCoy<br />

Marian S McCray<br />

Troy D McCurry<br />

Christina Lee McDaniel<br />

Courtney McDaniel<br />

Tammy H McDonald<br />

Joanne McDonnell<br />

Karen Kane McDonnell<br />

Betsy M. McDowell<br />

Carrie McDowell<br />

Joyce A McDowell<br />

Liz McDowell<br />

Stephanie McDuffie<br />

Ronda McElveen<br />

Cheri Johnson McElwee<br />

Sean McErlane<br />

Joan Michele McEwan<br />

Michelle Denise McFadden<br />

Erin Marie McGeachie<br />

Diana McIntyre<br />

Carlene McIntyre-Nickle<br />

Carla McKenzie<br />

Lesia B McKenzie<br />

Tonya R McKenzie<br />

Candace McKinney<br />

Elizabeth McKniff<br />

Kathleen J McLaughlin<br />

Brenda H. McLellan<br />

Kayla Michelle McManus<br />

Lisa S McManus<br />

Jessica Lien McMillen<br />

Tabia McMullen<br />

Brittany McNair<br />

Persia Destiny McNamara<br />

Victoria Moriah McNeill<br />

Paula McNelis Dutton<br />

Santa M McPherson<br />

Velda Lise McPherson<br />

Susan Gail McWilliam<br />

Adrian Meadows<br />

Pamela Meadows<br />

Michael Shawn Mealey<br />

Honor Adair Mease<br />

Kimberly Medlin<br />

Michele Medved<br />

Catie Meehan *<br />

Domenica Meilinger<br />

Brian Mark Melancon<br />

Bonnie C. Mello<br />

John P. Mellon<br />

Megan Anne Meneses<br />

Jane Taylor Mergle<br />

Cindy S Merrow<br />

Marize Michel<br />

Miranda Noelle<br />

Middlebrooks<br />

Allyson Broughton<br />

Middleton<br />

Chrissie M Middleton<br />

Denise Middleton-Brown<br />

Colleen Miele<br />

Carrie R. Miles<br />

Ashley N Miller<br />

Christina Miller<br />

Erin Miller<br />

Jennifer Smith Miller<br />

Lillie Mae Miller<br />

Lisa B Miller<br />

Nancy Miller<br />

Nichole A. Miller<br />

Rhonda B Miller<br />

Suzanne Noel Miller<br />

Syreeta Miller<br />

Tracey Denise-Thoms Miller<br />

Allison Milling<br />

Leslie C Mills<br />

Valerie Millwood<br />

Henretta N Milton<br />

Jennifer Minick<br />

Sylvester J Miniea III<br />

Sherry Minikiewicz<br />

Jacqueline M Mintz<br />

Jamie Mintz<br />

Ellen M Mishra<br />

Carlon Mitchell<br />

Ginger Mitchell<br />

Jennifer Marie Mitchell<br />

Sheryl L Mitchell<br />

Helen Lorette Mitchem<br />

Rachel Mitchum<br />

Zahra A Mohammed<br />

Jay T Mollett<br />

Monica Ann Molloy<br />

Patricia Molloy<br />

Linda Mondoux<br />

Lillian H. Mood<br />

Carol A Moody<br />

Kelley Marie Moody<br />

Allison Moore<br />

Deborah Dobson Moore<br />

Hannah A Moore<br />

Kendrea Moore<br />

Tekola Moore<br />

Tanyia By Moore-Williams<br />

Mariselli Morales<br />

Lauren Moree<br />

Liliana Moreira<br />

Brandi Morgan<br />

James Stewart Morgan<br />

Kenyetta Morgan<br />

Audrey Lane Morgan<br />

Bowen<br />

Carole J. Morrell<br />

Judy McCullough Morris<br />

Justin Travis Morris<br />

Lynnette Marie Morris<br />

Melanie Marie Morris<br />

Sarah Katherine Morris<br />

Dana C Morrison<br />

Denise Morrison<br />

Victoria J Morrison<br />

Amy Morrissette<br />

Maryalice Morro<br />

Ansleigh Claire Morrow<br />

Janice Howell Morrow<br />

Lori Pettit Morrow<br />

Yvonne Lee Morrow<br />

Lori C Moseley *<br />

Miranda Elizabeth Moss<br />

Jessica LYNN Motley<br />

Lynda Moutray<br />

Debra A. Moynihan *<br />

Mailyn Marie Mozingo<br />

Melissa D Mull<br />

M Annie Muller<br />

Merrylee A Mullinax<br />

Daniel Aaron Mullins<br />

Stephanie Munoz<br />

Brenda D. Murphy<br />

Jill Murphy<br />

Susan Emily Murphy<br />

Tatia Lorraine Murray<br />

Ruth W Mustard<br />

Michelle L. Myer<br />

Dana Grace Myers<br />

Karen Evette Myers<br />

Kelly Myers<br />

Latoya Myers<br />

Latricia Myers<br />

Madelyn Myers<br />

Michelle C Myers<br />

Farahnaz Nafisy<br />

Angela Naples<br />

Barbara Nash<br />

Rebekah Nations<br />

Crystal Natividad<br />

Pamela K Neal<br />

Janice T Negron<br />

Torill P Nelson<br />

Katina Nelson *<br />

Barbara L Nemeth<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Lynne Sheri Nemeth<br />

Janice F. Nepita<br />

Tanika Nesmith<br />

Angela D Newman<br />

Patricia Newsom<br />

Casey Michelle Nichols<br />

Michelle H Nicholson<br />

Christina Marie Nielson<br />

Heather Nix<br />

Victoria Nolph<br />

Tina Nordeen<br />

Melissa A. Nuovo<br />

Maureen O Nwajiaku<br />

Andrea Nwamarah<br />

Gail C O’Malley<br />

Andrea Webb Oates<br />

Nancy L. Ofendo Reyes<br />

Paula Anne Ogburn<br />

Sandra Oglesby<br />

Samuel Olusegun<br />

Ogunbode<br />

Cheryl M. O’Hara<br />

Karen Gwynn Okodugha<br />

Esther Akunna Okorie *<br />

Angela L. Olawsky<br />

Mary A Oliver<br />

Gina Oliveras<br />

Mary Lynn Olsen<br />

Lizanne D Olyarchuk *<br />

Dorian O’Murray<br />

Leslie Patrice O’Neal<br />

Rachel L Onello<br />

Darlene Joan Orcutt<br />

Caroline Osburn<br />

Angel O’Shields<br />

Sophia D. O’Shields<br />

Jolene Dee Osorio<br />

Rebecca Rush Otts<br />

Donna Shilane Outlaw-<br />

Thomas<br />

Gretchen A Overstolz<br />

Alice R. Overstreet<br />

Janina Owen<br />

Sly Owens<br />

Virginia M Owens<br />

Allison Owings<br />

Kelly Marie Pabst<br />

Frances Suzanne Pach<br />

Virginie Padmore<br />

Lisa Page<br />

John C Paguntalan *<br />

Tryshawn Palmer<br />

Holland Palmgren<br />

Katherine Palmgren<br />

Melissa Pare<br />

Alexis Parker<br />

Mellasenah Blair Parker<br />

Robin G Parker<br />

Linda Alisa Parnell<br />

Paula B Parnell<br />

Constance L Parson<br />

Mary Ann Parsons<br />

Ruxandra Simona<br />

Parvulescu-Codrea<br />

Leigh Blackmon Pate<br />

Melissa W Pate<br />

Rina Patel<br />

Adrain Patterson<br />

Fredda A Patterson<br />

Mary Lucas Patterson<br />

Tori Patterson *<br />

Kimberly Elizabeth Payne<br />

Rachel E Payne<br />

Kelly Elizabeth Payton<br />

Ingrid Pearson<br />

Josh Pedigo<br />

Diane Jester Peele<br />

Alison Peeples<br />

Betty D Pelletier<br />

Kelly June Pelletier<br />

Nicholas Pendergrass<br />

Kirstin K Pennington<br />

Deresh Tamara Perez<br />

Nikita Shaneka Pete<br />

Cynthia Petermann<br />

Lorrie Peyton<br />

Stephanie Phelan<br />

Marlee Phillips<br />

Stefani Piacentine<br />

Tianita Pickens<br />

Kathy Pike<br />

Stephanie Lynn Pilger<br />

Evelyn Pili<br />

Lolita Ta’Meek Pinckney<br />

Myra Dorothea Pinckney<br />

Elizabeth Anthony Pinner<br />

Michelle H Pittard<br />

Chuck Gregory Pittman<br />

Stuart Pittman<br />

Catherine Pitts<br />

Susan E. Plunkett<br />

Ali Kindal Plyler<br />

Rebecca Lindsay Plyler<br />

Jessica Poirier<br />

Susan Polk<br />

Joyce W Pompey<br />

Charlene Ann Pope<br />

Lakimbria Porcher<br />

Kristen Poston<br />

Callie Powell<br />

Nancy C. Powell<br />

Telatha Cornelia Powell<br />

Tina Powell<br />

Stephanie A Powers<br />

Phyllis C Poyner<br />

Shavon C Prabhakar<br />

Kathryn Phillips Prater<br />

Rebecca B. Preast<br />

Martha A Pressley-Turner<br />

Mariah L Prested<br />

Sandra F. Prewitt<br />

Allyson Colvin Price<br />

Sabrina Price<br />

Dorothy Lee Prichard<br />

Cherylene Prickett<br />

Ava W. Pridemore<br />

Rachel Primo<br />

Candice F Prince<br />

Letitia Pringle<br />

Charlene Pruitt<br />

Sonya Renee Puckett<br />

Amy Renae Purser Medina *<br />

William A Pursley<br />

M. Claire Pursley-Watson<br />

Debra W Quick<br />

Jada C Quinn<br />

Jayne Freedman Quinn<br />

Rebecca Rabb<br />

Lezli Anne Rabon<br />

Christine M Ralyea<br />

Brenda Ramirez Pena<br />

Jennifer Lee Ramsey<br />

Sandra M Randolph<br />

Marlene B. Rapp<br />

Leisa M Rauch<br />

Patricia C Ravella<br />

Angela Marie Ravenell<br />

Sherrion Joyce Ray<br />

Phyllis Ann Raynor<br />

Avia Reaves<br />

Nancy I. Rector<br />

Amy Redd<br />

Bridgette Redick<br />

Melissa J Redmond<br />

Dana D Reece<br />

Rameka Reed<br />

Cherie Reese<br />

Amber Thompson<br />

Regalado<br />

Erin Reid<br />

Georgina Reid<br />

Michael Reid<br />

Taj Burnside Reid<br />

Tonya Reid<br />

Mary S. Reid *<br />

Elaine Reimels<br />

Donna Reinbeck<br />

Colleen Reinovsky<br />

Wanda Revis<br />

Eva Marie H Reynolds *<br />

Elona E. Rhame<br />

Elizabeth Abbott Rhoades<br />

Tushara Rhodes<br />

Colette Hawthorne Rhue<br />

Shelby L Rials<br />

Ashanti Temedres Rice<br />

Jessica Lea Rice<br />

Gwendolyn E. Richardson<br />

William E. Richburg<br />

Jane Van Epps Richter *<br />

Amy Suzanne Ricker<br />

Lisa M Riddle<br />

Pamela J Ridley<br />

Cynthia D Riley<br />

Karin Riley<br />

Laketa Dwylette Riley<br />

Lorraine F Rivero<br />

Jessica M Rivers *<br />

Caroline Roberts<br />

Elizabeth Barlow Roberts<br />

Jessica Anne Roberts<br />

Jessica Roberts-Becerra<br />

Amanda Long Robertson<br />

Karen Marie Robertson<br />

Kimberly Robertson<br />

Fanta Nicole Robinson<br />

Janeshia Robinson<br />

Micah L Robinson<br />

Shirley M Robinson<br />

Nancy L Rockett<br />

Ithamesia Rodgers<br />

Misty Rodriguez<br />

Sylvia Leticia Rodriguez-<br />

Adedoja<br />

Catherine Louise Rogers<br />

Jennifer Rogers<br />

Linda T. Rogers<br />

Joy Ann Roinestad<br />

Celeste Romp<br />

Misty Jo Roomsburg<br />

Alissa Rorer<br />

Brianna Roscover<br />

Jennifer Ross<br />

Veronia Lynn Ross<br />

Etoshia Rene Rouse<br />

Kelly Rowland<br />

Jillian Roy<br />

Carol Royals<br />

Jennifer Rozak<br />

Laurrie D Rumpp<br />

Julie Runyan-Brown<br />

Lisa Russ<br />

Summer D Russell<br />

Kelly Russin<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Rachel Ryan<br />

Deborah Sadek<br />

Alison H Sallings<br />

Wanda S Samake<br />

Laura Lee Samuel<br />

Christina M Sanders<br />

Jessa Sanders<br />

Jerrica Lauren Sanders *<br />

Victoria Santana *<br />

Janice C Sasser<br />

Michelle Sawyer<br />

Julia Cain Sayegh<br />

Stephanie L Schaller<br />

Mary Shannon Schander<br />

Kathleen M Scharer<br />

Farrah L Schildknecht<br />

Heather Schneider<br />

Cheryl Lynn Schosky<br />

Charyl Schroeder<br />

Pamela Schult<br />

Marcus Rae Schultz<br />

Erin Royal Scott<br />

Diane Elizabeth Scully<br />

Elizabeth E Seal<br />

Anna Seals<br />

Arnisha Leshae Seaward<br />

Lara Sebok<br />

Chase Seegmiller<br />

Marie G. Segars<br />

Laura Seipt<br />

Claire Elizabeth Sellers<br />

Karen E. Sellers<br />

Marilyn D. Sellers<br />

Nikki W Sellers<br />

Tonya L Sellers<br />

Margaret Selph<br />

Colette Senseney<br />

Courtney Settles *<br />

Leslie Tannery Sewell<br />

Brandy Seyller<br />

Kendal Seymore *<br />

Annie Shaffer<br />

Loretta J Shaffer<br />

Tina Marlene Shaw Smart<br />

Sherion Amoy Shaw-Porter<br />

Hannah Shay<br />

Donnalea Shearer<br />

Danielle Sheffield<br />

Deborah L Shelley<br />

Eleanor F Shepard<br />

Donna Marie Shields<br />

Gertrude Shiver<br />

Eden R Shock<br />

Jennifer Elliott Sholts<br />

Sipiwe M Sibande<br />

Jessica Lauren Sibley<br />

Toni G Silver<br />

Cynthia Silvestre<br />

Michael Allen Simmons<br />

Nisheeka Simmons<br />

Precious Simmons<br />

Sabrina Simmons<br />

Shirley K Simon<br />

Constance B Simons<br />

Robin W Simpkins<br />

Kara Nicole Simpson<br />

Santesha Pickens Simpson<br />

Terry D. Sims<br />

Karen Singleton<br />

Quana Mardena Singleton<br />

Jonathan Sippel<br />

Ashley Nicole Burton<br />

Sirianni<br />

Linda Skeen<br />

Laura Lynn Skillen<br />

Janice Lipe Skipper<br />

Patricia A Slachta<br />

Susan Slattery<br />

Sarah Elizabeth Slone<br />

Lauren B Small<br />

Naomi L Smalls<br />

Tara E Smalls *<br />

Kimberly Smart<br />

Patricia A. Smart<br />

Anna Marie Smigelski<br />

Alison Price Smith<br />

Ashley Smith<br />

Brodrick Darren Smith<br />

Elizabeth Smith<br />

Georgette M. Smith<br />

Gregory Smith<br />

Jeffrey Joseph Smith<br />

Joycelin Smith<br />

Kimberly Anne Smith<br />

Kristen Smith<br />

Kylie Smith<br />

Machelle Speicher Smith<br />

Pamela Gowan Smith<br />

Patricia P Smith<br />

Patsy N. Smith<br />

Rachel Andrea Smith<br />

Roy Hampton Smith<br />

Shannon Mays Smith<br />

Shannon B Smith<br />

Sharon Diane Smith<br />

Sherrel R Smith<br />

Stacy Perron Smith<br />

Tammy C Smith<br />

Theresa Gent Smith<br />

Tracie Smith<br />

Karen R Smith *<br />

Donna Jo Smolenski<br />

Katherine Smyly<br />

Nancee V Sneed<br />

Gina Snell<br />

Tracie T Snider<br />

Samantha Snively<br />

Nichole L Snow<br />

Elizabeth F Snyder<br />

Morgan Sodeman<br />

Tabitha Skinner Soderstrom<br />

Selin Ann Solen<br />

Margaret M Sorkin<br />

Frances Sorrow<br />

Robbie M. <strong>South</strong><br />

<strong>South</strong> University-Columbia<br />

Campus<br />

Ricardo Jorge Souza Leao<br />

Melanie Sox<br />

Margaret P. Spain<br />

Debbie Spells<br />

Jeanette E Spence<br />

Hannah Spencer<br />

Linda S Spratt<br />

Rosemond Yolande<br />

Squirewell<br />

Lauren St Armand<br />

Elizabeth A. Stachelek<br />

Erika Sharmane Stack<br />

Lori M Staelens<br />

Stephanie Stancil<br />

Karen I. Standish<br />

Angela Y Stanley<br />

Lori Stanley<br />

Ruth J. Stanton<br />

Karen L Staples<br />

Barbara Jean Steadman<br />

Suzanne R Steele<br />

Jessica Ashley Steen<br />

Katie Steidle<br />

Maryann T. Steinmetz<br />

Charlotte H Stephens<br />

Jacoty Stephens<br />

Jacqueline G Stephens<br />

Teresa Maggard Stephens<br />

Victoria Stephens<br />

Brianna Michelle Stevens<br />

Adrian Michelle Stevenson<br />

Amy M Stewart<br />

Cheri Cannon Stewart<br />

Jemme B Stewart<br />

Stephanie Lynn Stewart<br />

Moriah Stiles<br />

Margo Marie Stilley<br />

Megan Stinnett<br />

Kimberly L. Stockstill<br />

Jessica Stoelting *<br />

Pamela Jane Stogner<br />

Eugenia R Stoker<br />

Kelsey Stoker<br />

Debora Rae Stokes<br />

Farah Stokes<br />

Stacy Massey Stokes<br />

Hilary J Stone<br />

Shandel Strait<br />

Tarl Morgan Strasser<br />

Joan Straughan<br />

Jessica Wingard Stricklin<br />

Mary L. Strossner<br />

Sally Stroud<br />

Christi Stubbs<br />

Judy Stuck<br />

Veronica Stukes<br />

Christine Denise Sturgell<br />

Amanda Pierce Styron<br />

Deanna Suber *<br />

Tammy L Sullivan<br />

Tracy Sullivan<br />

Betty M Summer *<br />

Sherri Summers<br />

Melody Sumter<br />

Valeea James Sutton<br />

Olivia Lee Svacha<br />

Rachel Swain<br />

Elizabeth OConnor<br />

Swanson<br />

Schinitra Ti’Onette Swinney<br />

Carolyn R Swinton<br />

Wilma Kay Swisher<br />

Joyce Swygert<br />

Martha Sylvia<br />

Laura L. Szadek<br />

Kimberly Szogi<br />

Lisa Carol Tabakian<br />

Steven Michael Tackett<br />

Jacquelyn A Tandy<br />

Susan Tanner *<br />

Abbey Tapler<br />

Tonia Tash<br />

Lauren Jonelle Tate<br />

Norma J Taveras<br />

Amber Taylor<br />

Brandi Nicole Taylor<br />

Chelsea Diana Taylor<br />

Connie L. Taylor<br />

Jaclyn Michelle Taylor<br />

Kimberly Taylor<br />

Margaret C. Taylor<br />

Margaret Cone Taylor<br />

Melissa Taylor<br />

Melissa C Taylor<br />

Susan W Taylor<br />

Tyesha Taylor<br />

Carla M Teasdale<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Marcus Tedder<br />

Michael James Tedeton-<br />

Johnson<br />

Elizabeth Taylor Tedford<br />

Meredith Morris Thackston<br />

Juanita W. Thaxton<br />

Barbara Thomas<br />

Cuckoo Mariam Thomas<br />

Donna R Thomas<br />

Patricia S. Thomas<br />

Susan A Thomas<br />

Thais O. Thomas<br />

Julie Thomas *<br />

Kayla Thomason<br />

Erin Thompkins<br />

Rhonda M Thompkins<br />

Audrey Thompson<br />

Carol Warren Thompson<br />

Denise W Thompson<br />

Kaneathra Thompson<br />

Karen E. Thompson<br />

Kristy Lagina Thompson<br />

Michelle Thompson<br />

Taylor Nicole Thompson<br />

Vanessa Thompson<br />

Teresa Lynette Thompson-<br />

Isley<br />

Susan Thornton<br />

Jason Richard Thrift<br />

Mona Thrift<br />

Anita L. Throwe<br />

Susan C Thrower<br />

Brittany Timmons<br />

Stacy Michelle Tisdale<br />

Stephanie L Tollison<br />

Mary Jo Tone<br />

J’Wana Lee Torian<br />

Jana Toupin *<br />

Amanda A Townsend<br />

Willie Mae Trapp<br />

Robin E Traufler<br />

Kristal Turner Tribble<br />

Angela M. Tronco<br />

Annie Trout<br />

Vincencia Trowell<br />

Ludmila Dmitrievna<br />

Tsyplakova<br />

Sandra L. Tucker<br />

Elizabeth B Tumaliuan<br />

Ashley Turbyfill *<br />

Deborah Comeaux Turner<br />

Kelly M Turner<br />

Natali Laverne Turner<br />

Sharon Denise Turner<br />

Tracy L Turner<br />

Crystal Turney<br />

Donna W Upchurch<br />

Donna McInnis Usher<br />

Penelope L Vachon<br />

Kathleen Valentine<br />

Elizabeth Van<br />

Jennifer Marie Vance<br />

Christy L Vann<br />

Kathryn VanRavenstein<br />

Connie B. Varn<br />

Javan Vaughn<br />

Jennifer B Vaughn<br />

Roberta M. Vedders<br />

Terry Lynn Verdin<br />

Heather Montgomery<br />

Vereen<br />

Patricia A. Versailles<br />

Bailey Vevon<br />

Lori Lynn Vick<br />

Melissa Dawn Vorpahl<br />

Mary S Wachowski<br />

Donna C. Wade<br />

Samantha Wadford<br />

Katie Wadsworth<br />

Allison Wagenlander<br />

Tonya Wagner<br />

Barbara R Wagstaff<br />

Shannon Paige Wakefield<br />

Sarah Elizabeth Walden<br />

Courtney Waldon<br />

Patricia Gail B Waldrop<br />

Deborah Walker<br />

Margaret L Walker<br />

Natacha Deshawn Walker<br />

Raquel Kelly Walker<br />

Barbara Sue Wall<br />

Kelly Renee Wall<br />

Shakeena Wallace<br />

Elisabeth Walter<br />

Patina Sharese Walton-<br />

Battle<br />

Serge Raoul Wandji<br />

Anna Wannamaker<br />

Lanesia Wannamaker<br />

Denine Ward-Johnson<br />

Barbara J G Warner<br />

Evelyn Denise Washington<br />

Tiffany N. Washington<br />

Phyllis Love Watford<br />

Julie Frazier Watkins<br />

Deitra M. Watson<br />

Julia M Watson<br />

Julie Watson<br />

Amber Watts<br />

Haley A Watts<br />

Kellye G Watts *<br />

Maggie Weatherly<br />

William Matthew<br />

Weathersbee<br />

Karen Lousie Weaver<br />

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Jodie Webb<br />

Lee A Webb<br />

Meagan Webb<br />

Elizabeth Webber<br />

Juliana Weeks<br />

Grit Weinstein<br />

Dorothy H Weiss<br />

Timothy Weiss<br />

Joy Lynne Welling<br />

W. Zeh Wellington<br />

Kelly Wells<br />

Linda M. Wells<br />

Mary F Wessinger<br />

Elizabeth J. West<br />

Amanda Westhart<br />

Margaret Ann Wetsel<br />

Ginger Whaley<br />

Holisa C. Wharton<br />

Vashell Lakeisha Wheeler<br />

Liesl Whisenant<br />

Billie White<br />

Latonya Terease White<br />

Martin White<br />

Regina Diane White<br />

Vanetta W White<br />

Roberta Gail Whiteaker<br />

Myra Anita Cannon Whiten<br />

Susan Scott Whiteside<br />

Hannah Whitesides<br />

Elizabeth Whitman<br />

Robin L Wideman<br />

Page Wiggins<br />

Amanda Wilburn<br />

Miriam E. Wilchanovsky<br />

Debra Wilcox<br />

Esther Marcia Wilds<br />

David Ray Wilganowski<br />

Lavena S. Wilkes<br />

Irma L Wilkins<br />

Kelly M Willenberg<br />

Amber P Williams<br />

Amy Allen Williams<br />

Andjoua Williams<br />

Angeline Elizabeth Williams<br />

April Gayle Williams<br />

Bonnie Jean Williams<br />

Bruce K Williams<br />

Caitlin Williams<br />

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Ernestine I. Williams<br />

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Demica Williams *<br />

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Darlene Hicks Williams<br />

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Annie E. Wilson<br />

Beverly Cecile Wilson<br />

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Amanda Dawn Wright<br />

Ashley Wright<br />

Barbara Ann Wright<br />

Cassandra Wright<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Demetris Natasha Wright<br />

Jennifer Laurentina Wright<br />

Jessica L Wright<br />

Pamela J Wright<br />

Randy Wright<br />

Joanne E Wuori<br />

Alice F Wyatt<br />

Christina Wynn<br />

Ana B Yanes<br />

Keisha Sharie Yarborough<br />

Tracey Yazvac<br />

Janet A York<br />

Tammy Ida Younan<br />

Hali Young<br />

Jennifer Young<br />

Kelly Young<br />

ShaReda Young<br />

Lydia R Zager<br />

Alyssa Nicole Zalar<br />

Nancy B Zalas<br />

Angela C Zeigler<br />

Suzanne Zelling<br />

Karen Zimmer<br />

Lea Anne Zimmerli<br />

Sandra Zimmerman<br />

Judith Marie Zink<br />

Lynette Zitzner<br />

Rebecca Anne Zobel<br />

Fran Zozzaro<br />


SCNA President: Kelly Bouthillet<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended: 2 <strong>of</strong> 2 to date<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: Much like last year, <strong>2021</strong> began with a few new members joining the board <strong>of</strong><br />

directors. Early, we set our mission and vision to continue to move SCNA forward through advocacy<br />

and improving access to health care. However, once again, the global pandemic was clearly<br />

impacting much our plans and activities for the early part <strong>of</strong> the year. Despite the continuation <strong>of</strong><br />

COVID-19, SCNA leadership continued to work for the nurses <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> through virtual<br />

means.<br />

In January, we held our Board <strong>of</strong> Directors meeting virtually, which served as both an operational<br />

meeting and orientation. I was able to share my vision with the members present and set the<br />

agenda for the coming year. This was followed up with our second Board <strong>of</strong> Directors meeting in the<br />

spring, which was also virtual. As part <strong>of</strong> the work <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, we completed together<br />

a review and revision <strong>of</strong> various guiding documents; my work included revising and updating the<br />

SCNA mission.<br />

Throughout the year, I have enjoyed communicating with numerous nurses that have reached<br />

sharing their current and past experiences working through this pandemic. As president, I have<br />

shared this feedback with our national leaders during various calls and conferences as nurses across<br />

the country are experiencing similar sentiments. I have continued to advocate for safe staffing,<br />

PPE and other critical polices that protect all nurses across all settings. I worked with legislators,<br />

including Senator Tom Davis, to ensure that COVID vaccines were accessible to all nurses and<br />

healthcare pr<strong>of</strong>essionals. As part <strong>of</strong> a tri-county coalition, we worked with DHEC to improve vaccine<br />

distribution and accessibility across the state.<br />

In support <strong>of</strong> continuing the Women’s Health and Children’s chapter, I met with members as they<br />

experienced a period <strong>of</strong> rebuilding this year.<br />

SCNA also partnered with the Midlands <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Black Nurses Association, Inc. to develop<br />

a webinar series titled “A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Racism in Nursing" which was held<br />

from March to June <strong>of</strong> this year. Both the President-elect and I had the privilege <strong>of</strong> working with<br />

various nursing partners in support <strong>of</strong> these important discussions.<br />

This past year, I also attended American Nurses Association (ANA) Leadership and Health Policy/<br />

GOVA web-calls in effort to stay updated on priority national nursing strategies and policies. I also<br />

served as one <strong>of</strong> the voting Representatives to the ANA’s General Membership Assembly held<br />

on June 18th, <strong>2021</strong>. With the President-elect, I participated in a Virtual Hill Day, a first <strong>of</strong> its kind,<br />

in which we advocated for Protecting Providers Everywhere in America (PPE in America) Act, The<br />

Creating Opportunities Now for Necessary and Effective Care Technologies (CONNECT) for Health<br />

Act and The Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act.<br />

Since early spring, I have had the privilege to serve on the ANA APRN Task Force which is<br />

committed to promoting advanced practice nursing initiatives for all four APN roles.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Additionally, I have served as a representative on the Advisory Committee on Nursing Education<br />

(ACONE) and the Deans and Directors groups which are both focused on nursing education in<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>.<br />

SCNA President-Elect: Angela Dykes<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended:<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: 2 <strong>of</strong> 2 to date<br />

As President-Elect, I served as the chair <strong>of</strong> the State Planning Team for the <strong>Annual</strong> SCNA<br />

Conference as well as participated in the State planning meetings to assist in planning the<br />

conference. This year I also served as a voting member <strong>of</strong> the ANA General Assembly. As a member<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Board, I participated in reviewing the SCNA bylaws. I also served as SCNA's representative<br />

on the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Foundation Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees.<br />

Finally, I represented SCNA and served as a Moderator for a webinar hosted by the Midlands BNA,<br />

“Addressing Implicit Bias in Nursing, A Solutions Based Approach.”<br />

Nominations and Elections Committee: Cathleen Crowley-Koschnitzki, Amy Gallozzi<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 2<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings:<br />

Average Attendance:<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: Secured nominations for the upcoming <strong>2021</strong> ballot<br />

2022 Goals: Continue to recruit stellar candidates for SCNA positions<br />

SCNA Secretary/Treasurer: Vacant<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended:<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: No Report<br />

Finance Committee: Vacant<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members:<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings:<br />

Average Attendance:<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: No Report<br />

2022 Goals:<br />

Director, Seat 1: Jada Quinn<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended: 2 <strong>of</strong> 2 to date<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: The SC Nurses Association strategic plan is currently under review for <strong>2021</strong>. The<br />

board has met regarding the evolution <strong>of</strong> strategic goals and potential updates which will be<br />

distributed to the membership upon finalization <strong>of</strong> the review.<br />


Director, Seat 2: Rhona Williams<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended: May and August <strong>2021</strong> Meetings (Newly elected as <strong>of</strong> April<br />

<strong>2021</strong>)<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: I am excited to have been elected as the new Director Seat 2 for the <strong>South</strong><br />

<strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association, Board <strong>of</strong> Directors. During these first few months, I have been learning<br />

the duties and functions <strong>of</strong> this role and my responsibility to the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, as well as<br />

attended required SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Director meetings. One <strong>of</strong> the main goals <strong>of</strong> this seat is to help<br />

support SCNA efforts for multi-generational membership recruitment. In responding to that call,<br />

and with guidance from the SCNA bylaws, I have established the SCNA Membership Development<br />

Committee, inviting each chapter <strong>of</strong> SCNA to provide a member from their chapter to serve on this<br />

committee. The goal and purpose <strong>of</strong> this new committee is to help support membership needs<br />

as they arise from each <strong>of</strong> SCNA's chapters and help new members engage with our chapters. To<br />

begin this process, a new weekly email with new members will be sent to each <strong>of</strong> our SCNA Chapter<br />

Chairs, providing chapters an opportunity to reach out to new members who may be interested in<br />

joining their chapters. I look forward to working with the SCNA Board <strong>of</strong> Directors and I am honored<br />

to help serve the nurses <strong>of</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> over the next two years!<br />

Chair Commission on Policy / Legislation: Vacant<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended:<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities:<br />

Legislative Committee: Stephanie Burgess<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: Reported by Wanda Crotwell<br />

The 124th session <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> General Assembly is scheduled to adjourn sine die for the<br />

year on Thursday, May 13. Although session will <strong>of</strong>ficially conclude for regular business on that day,<br />

the General Assembly will return later in May and throughout the month <strong>of</strong> June to complete work<br />

on the state’s annual budget. They will also reconvene in the fall for purposes <strong>of</strong> creating spending<br />

plans for federal relief dollars, as well as reapportionment.<br />

As the session winds down, two nursing bills have received final approval from both chambers and<br />

are, at the time <strong>of</strong> this writing, enrolled for ratification and headed to the Governor. S.503 by Sen.<br />

Brad Hutto allows Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician’s Assistants (PAs)<br />

to issue orders for home health services, further expanding the current scopes <strong>of</strong> practice for both<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>essions in <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> to be consistent with federal allowances through CMS. In addition,<br />

S.455 by Sen. Tom Davis establishes an additional category for temporary licensure for graduate<br />

nurses. Both bills will be positive steps in the state’s efforts to address the need for greater access to<br />

care for all <strong>South</strong> Carolinians.<br />

In addition, Sen. Tom Davis has also introduced S.712, which will establish a tuition loan<br />

reimbursement program for NPs, PAs and physicians who practice in the field <strong>of</strong> primary care for<br />

a required period <strong>of</strong> time in a rural or underserved area <strong>of</strong> the state. Work is underway to secure<br />

additional cosponsors and to introduce a House companion bill in hopes <strong>of</strong> having two vehicles<br />

capable <strong>of</strong> moving when the General Assembly reconvenes for regular session in January.<br />

Work is also underway on a temporary budget proviso that would allow those telemedicine services<br />

provided during the Covid-19 pandemic to continue until a final agreement can be reached on<br />

legislation that will make permanent changes to telemedicine allowances in <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong>.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

S.571 by Senators Shealy, Hutto and Senn also passed this year and was signed by the Governor.<br />

The bill requires that providers who prescribe opioids for a patient must <strong>of</strong>fer a prescription for<br />

naloxone to those patients as well.<br />

S.639/H.3682 is a bill to allow for full independent practice for CRNAs. The senate bill had one<br />

hearing in the Senate that resulted in a motion to carry the bill over. The House bill had two<br />

subcommittee hearings in the House that resulted in a favorable report. The bill will now go to full<br />

House 3M Committee in January when the full session reconvenes.<br />

S.613/H.4296, a bill impacting the delegation <strong>of</strong> tasks to CMAs, has yet to receive a hearing but<br />

could possibly do so in January, or during the interim months should the committee decide to meet<br />

for hearings. The bill will likely be amended at that time to add further clarification to the original<br />

language.<br />

H.3336 is a bill by various House sponsors that would allow volunteer school personnel who have<br />

been trained by a registered nurse to administer insulin, glucagon or both to certain students. The<br />

bill received a favorable report in the House and has been sent to the Senate for consideration in<br />

January.<br />

While there are numerous other bills related to healthcare that The <strong>South</strong>ern Group is monitoring<br />

for SCNA, these are the primary bills <strong>of</strong> interest from the session. As a reminder, all bills still<br />

pending at the conclusion <strong>of</strong> session on May 13th will be active upon the return <strong>of</strong> the General<br />

Assembly in January. Because this is the first year <strong>of</strong> a two-year session it is also possible that<br />

various committees may hold hearings in the interim to reduce the workload for session in January,<br />

particularly since the General Assembly will meet in special session at various times throughout the<br />

coming months.<br />

Finally, on behalf <strong>of</strong> The <strong>South</strong>ern Group, thank you all for the opportunity to represent each <strong>of</strong><br />

you before the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> General Assembly and the state’s executive branch <strong>of</strong> government.<br />

And as we begin the long road back from the past 15 months <strong>of</strong> a global pandemic, our entire firm<br />

thanks each <strong>of</strong> you for everything you have done and continue to do each and every day.<br />

You truly are our heroes and we are honored to be a part <strong>of</strong> your team here in the Palmetto state.<br />

Chair Commission on Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Advocacy and Development: Coleen Kennedy<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended: 2 <strong>of</strong> 2<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: No Report<br />

Continuing Education Approver Committee: Shara Rhodes<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 8<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings: 4<br />

Average Attendance: Varies<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: Focus remains on providing and maintaining initial and ongoing competency for<br />

the Continuing Education Approver Committee (CEAC) membership. Quarterly CEAC meetings<br />

include an update from the CEAC Chair with information dissemination from the ANCC Approver/<br />

Provider Unit monthly virtual calls. The quarterly member updates provide an enhanced mechanism<br />

for members to remain current with ANCC Criteria in addition to providing a forum to discuss<br />

Nursing Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Development trending topics. CEAC meets quarterly in conjunction with<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

continuing education application review cycles. This year all <strong>of</strong> our CEAC meeting have been virtual<br />

due to COVID-19.<br />

To date, CEAC has approved nine (9) Individual Activities totaling 55.75 hours and 3 Provider Units<br />

were approved, one with distinction and 2 Provider Units were awarded provisional approval<br />

The CEAC Committee remains active with providing excellent customer service, approving quality<br />

continuing education programs, and support <strong>of</strong> the Approved Provider Units.<br />

Continuing Education Provider Committee: Shara Rhodes<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 1<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings: as needed by email<br />

Average Attendance:<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities:<br />

The CE Provider Committee has <strong>of</strong>fered the following virtual programs<br />

-April Nurse Planner Orientation (2 attendees)<br />

-June Nurse Planner Orientation (2 attendees)<br />

-Change Management for Pr<strong>of</strong>essional Nurses (4 attendees)<br />

-The Opioid Epidemic and Smart Prescribing Practices (13 attendees)<br />

The CE Provider Committee has the following programs planned.<br />

- A New Nursing Shortage: Addressing the Nursing Practice Gap – September 17<br />

- New Nurse Planner Orientation – September 24<br />

- SCNA State Convention – October 14-16<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Goals: To continue to assist with CNE <strong>of</strong>fered by SCNA to the nurses in this State, both<br />

members <strong>of</strong> SCNA and non-members. To <strong>of</strong>fer quality CNE for our state's nursing pr<strong>of</strong>essionals. To<br />

promote participation <strong>of</strong> our chapters in the annual meeting in the Fall <strong>of</strong> the year, to evaluate the<br />

needs <strong>of</strong> nursing education based on the needs <strong>of</strong> the nurses in this state, who practice in all areas.<br />

To participate and keep up to date on changes in our nursing practice by the American Nurses<br />

Association. To keep up to date with current literature and with the relevant American Nurses<br />

Association literature on nursing practice quality and trends.<br />

ANA Membership Assembly Representative <strong>Reports</strong><br />

Kelly Bouthillet<br />

Report Year: <strong>2021</strong><br />

As previously mentioned, the ANA General Membership Assembly was held virtually on the evening<br />

<strong>of</strong> June 18th, <strong>2021</strong>. The meeting, and conference leading up, was held virtually in June over a<br />

3-week span after a special meeting was called and voted on due to the continued impact that the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic was having, this preventing traditional face-to-face meetings.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

During the ANA General Membership conference leading up to the Assembly, various topics were<br />

discussed in the form <strong>of</strong> “Dialogue Forums,” which encouraged conversations about important and<br />

relevant issues related to nursing practice and the pr<strong>of</strong>ession. The four “Dialogue Forums” included,<br />

Lessons Learned: COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis Standards <strong>of</strong> Care, APRN Full Practice in Nursing<br />

Homes, Health Care Delivery Systems that Fully Incorporate Nursing Services and Precision Health<br />

and Genomics.<br />

APRN Chapter: Nakita Barnes<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 193<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings: 2<br />

Average Chapter Meeting Attendance: 11<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended By Chapter Chair: 1<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities:<br />

<strong>2021</strong>/2022 Chapter Engagement Goals<br />

1. Establish clear messaging goals by April <strong>2021</strong><br />

a. Advocacy <strong>of</strong> the pr<strong>of</strong>ession (Legislation)<br />

b. Networking (Mentoring and job opportunities)<br />

c. Financial benefits (discounts on certification renewals and CNEs)<br />

2. Increase utilization <strong>of</strong> marketing platform by June to increase visibility the presence <strong>of</strong> APRN<br />

chapter.<br />

a. Website<br />

b. Facebook (APRN page)<br />

c. Twitter<br />

d. YouTube<br />

3. Increase chapter membership goals by 5% by end <strong>of</strong> <strong>2021</strong>. Currently at 181, goal is 190.<br />

a. Email consent link to current APRN members (frequency TBD) quarterly?<br />

4. Contribute content to SC Nurse quarterly<br />

a. August 9, <strong>2021</strong> submission (fall)<br />

b. November 8 submission (winter)<br />

5. Secure text messaging link platform to increase communication by end <strong>of</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

6. Student outreach activities to encourage membership <strong>of</strong> ANA and APRN chapter by 2022<br />

7. APRN chapter led CNE opportunities to start 2022. (? Virtual opportunities)<br />

Nurse Educator Chapter: Lynn Hutchison<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 90<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings: 2<br />

Average Chapter Meeting Attendance: 10<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended By Chapter Chair: 2<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: Establishment <strong>of</strong> chapter goals for revitalization <strong>of</strong> chapter; Send out needs<br />

assessment survey to chapter members; and Planning <strong>of</strong> fundraising activities<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

2022 Goals: 1. Make contact between NE Chapter and SC SNA<br />

2. Increase social media presence <strong>of</strong> NE Chapter to increase membership<br />

3. Establish mechanism for NE Chapter to be a clearing house/information center for available nurse<br />

education event<br />

Psychiatric-Mental Health Chapter: Kim Gilmore<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 68<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings: 3<br />

Average Chapter Meeting Attendance: 7<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended By Chapter Chair: 1<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: No Report<br />

2022 Goals: No Report<br />

Women and Children's Health Chapter: Jennifer Bell Woodley<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Members: 49<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> Meetings: 2<br />

Average Chapter Meeting Attendance: 5<br />

Number <strong>of</strong> BOD Meetings Attended By Chapter Chair: 1<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Activities: <strong>2021</strong> - 5 Members came together after there were discussions <strong>of</strong> dismantling the<br />

WCH Chapter due to lack <strong>of</strong> participation and membership. Those 5 members were elected to<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer positions. There were 2 meetings held and there was 100% attendance by those members.<br />

The WCH Chair wrote an article published in The <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurse, about the revitalization <strong>of</strong><br />

the WCH chapter, urging members to join.<br />

We had one new member join the chapter in June <strong>2021</strong> and greetings were sent to her.<br />

Plans were made to present a WCH session at the SCNA Conference in October <strong>2021</strong> by the Chair<br />

and Co-Chair.<br />

2022 Goals: For 2022, we plan to continue outreach to the body <strong>of</strong> members to join the WCH<br />

chapter. We would like to continue contributing meaningful content via articles to The <strong>South</strong><br />

<strong>Carolina</strong> Nurse to highlight the WCH population.<br />

Eventually, we would like to manage a social media platform specifically for WCH members.<br />

The overall goal, as always, is to increase membership and participation for the Chapter.<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Report<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

SCNF Mission Statement: to promote high standards <strong>of</strong> health care by insuring the advancement<br />

<strong>of</strong> the nursing pr<strong>of</strong>ession through scholarships, grants, and programs <strong>of</strong> excellence<br />

Officers<br />

Deborah L. Hopla, President<br />

Kristen Poston, Secretary<br />

1301 Gervais St., Suite 802 Columbia, SC 29201.<br />

PO Box 1768, Columbia, SC 29202<br />

De Anna Cox, Vice President<br />

Pi Johnson, Treasurer<br />

Members <strong>of</strong> BOT<br />

In addition to <strong>of</strong>ficers – Meg Stanley, Elwood Owen, Lara Hewit, Jaime Cuff, Angela Dykes (SCNA<br />

liaison), Josephine Mitchell, Phyllis Raynor, Jason Thrift, Kristen Poston, and Renatta Loquist<br />

(Emeritus status).<br />

Appointments<br />

Pi Johnson, Treasurer, and Josephine Mitchell, to the Palmetto Gold Steering Committee.<br />

Meetings <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees<br />

The SCNF Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees meets on the second Friday <strong>of</strong> the second month <strong>of</strong> each quarter<br />

beginning in February. The <strong>2021</strong> meeting dates were February 12, May 14, August 13, and<br />

November 12. Due to the pandemic the platform was changed from an in-person meeting to a<br />

Zoom meeting. The virtual meetings continued until August 13, <strong>2021</strong>, when it was determined to<br />

safely meet in person. With the new variants in Covid the BOT has decided to make all meetings<br />

virtual except annually in February.<br />

Nurses Care License Plate Initiative:<br />

Through legislation, SCNF was able to obtain a special license plate referred to as the <strong>South</strong><br />

<strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Foundation NURSES CARE License Plate. These vehicle license plates are available<br />

through the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Department <strong>of</strong> Motor Vehicles. Proceeds from the sale <strong>of</strong> the license<br />

plates as stated in the legislation must support nursing scholarships. The number <strong>of</strong> scholarships<br />

and amount <strong>of</strong> each scholarship has increased over time based on revenue generated. License<br />

plates can be obtained by going to: http://scdmvonline.com<br />


Scholarships and Awards Committee<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

The License Plate Initiative (Nurses Care Scholarship) application process is now conducted online.<br />

That fund is growing and has resulted in an increased amount for each scholarship. In <strong>2021</strong> it is<br />

anticipated that there will be $25,000 to be awarded as 5 undergraduate awards <strong>of</strong> $2,000 each<br />

and 5 graduate awards <strong>of</strong> $3,000. In addition, one scholarship will be awarded in honor <strong>of</strong> Gayle<br />

Williams, a deceased public health nurse, and an additional scholarship from the Rusty Koss funds.<br />

Marketing and Development<br />

SCNF again participated in Midlands Gives. Midlands Gives is an event that promotes raising<br />

money and awareness for Midlands nonpr<strong>of</strong>its during a 16-hour online giving challenge. Much<br />

preparation and planning are required <strong>of</strong> each participating non-pr<strong>of</strong>it which the Marketing and<br />

Development Committee (thanks to De Anna Cox) aptly spearheaded for SCNF. As a result <strong>of</strong> our<br />

participation, the development <strong>of</strong> a much-needed social media presence was begun and additional<br />

monies were added to the general fund. The May <strong>2021</strong> Midlands Gives event results were<br />

increased in both donors participating and funds raised above 2020 levels.<br />

Palmetto Gold<br />

This special committee <strong>of</strong> the Foundation is responsible for implementing the Palmetto Gold Nurse<br />

Recognition and Scholarship Program. Each year this program selects 100 <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses<br />

for awards <strong>of</strong> excellence in practice based on a rigorous nomination and blind screening process.<br />

In addition, each registered nurse education program in <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> is <strong>of</strong>fered a scholarship for<br />

an outstanding undergraduate nursing student selected by the school. The scholarships <strong>of</strong>fered<br />

in 2020 were for $1,500.00 each. The Renatta S. Loquist Graduate Nurse Scholarship recipient<br />

also is selected each year and this year will receive a $2,000.00 scholarship. Due to the pandemic<br />

Palmetto Gold was not held in 2020 but pending decisions is anticipated to be held in the evening<br />

at the Columbia Convention Center on September 18, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Accomplishments<br />

The year <strong>of</strong> <strong>2021</strong> has been another good year for the Foundation. Board members have supported<br />

the mission <strong>of</strong> SCNF by participation on their committees and contributing to the efforts <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Foundation through their individual expertise. The Foundation continues to be able to support<br />

scholarships and other activities to support nursing education, practice, and research. We have<br />

continued our fund-raising opportunities with participation in Midlands Gives. Our investments<br />

remain in a moderate risk model and year to date have produced good results. The board<br />

agreement to move management <strong>of</strong> SCNF funds from the Russell account to the West End account<br />

resulted in over a 9% increase <strong>of</strong> dividends. The ability to shift funds in an ever-changing market is<br />

vital.<br />

At the November <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting the membership will elect the new members <strong>of</strong> the Foundation<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees. An email was sent out to BOT members to bring in one candidate early to fill<br />

the vacancy left by Dr. Bowen. The <strong>of</strong>ficers elected for 2020 at the November SCNF Board meeting<br />

will continue in their current capacity with the exceptions <strong>of</strong> Dr. Felisha Bowen, who has moved to<br />

Alabama to accept the VP position <strong>of</strong> Inclusion and Diversity Officer. A vote <strong>of</strong> thanks for her great<br />

service to SCNF. The BOT will also see Pi Johnson leaving the board after many years <strong>of</strong> selfless<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

service. She will be so missed! Meg Stanley has been a valuable asset to the Board as well and will<br />

rotate <strong>of</strong>f.<br />

Media<br />

Having a VERY media savvy BOT member, Jason Thrift, has led SCNF to have visibility on Face<br />

<strong>Book</strong>, Instagram, and Twitter. Each month a new BOT board member has been featured with<br />

information about scholarship work being sent out to the world. Jason worked with Lee to update<br />

our current website and the website now has a new and fresh look. Jason and his talents have been<br />

a blessing for all <strong>of</strong> us on SCNF.<br />

Challenges<br />

A major challenge for the Board <strong>of</strong> Trustees is that the majority <strong>of</strong> the funds coming into the<br />

Foundation are designated for scholarships, research and community health projects. There are<br />

very limited operational funds and with an all-volunteer Board, whose members have many work<br />

and personal responsibilities, it has been difficult to support activities that could raise money for<br />

operational expenses. The Board has spent a great deal <strong>of</strong> time considering this issue and is in the<br />

process <strong>of</strong> seeking advice from our financial advisors, other state Nurses’ Foundations, and other<br />

community Foundation staff and consultants. We have also discussed closer ties with the SCNA that<br />

might lead to some efficiencies for both groups.<br />

In October, 2019 the SCNF launched a Friends <strong>of</strong> the Foundation campaign. The Friends <strong>of</strong><br />

the Foundation is a network <strong>of</strong> concerned nurses and individuals who support the operational and<br />

financial sustainability <strong>of</strong> the Foundation to achieve its mission, and to honor nurses who have<br />

made a significant, lasting, contribution to the pr<strong>of</strong>ession on a statewide basis in SC. The inaugural<br />

campaign will honor Renatta Loquist both for her service and commitment to SCNF and her many<br />

contributions toward advancing nursing in SC. The 2020 Friends <strong>of</strong> the Foundation featured leader<br />

is Dr. Stephanie Burgess. Dr. Burgess’s work for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and as a<br />

former President for SCNA has been well established. The BOT will be promoting a new “Friend”<br />

for the coming year. Person still to be determined.<br />

The board continues to explore fund raising options that are less labor intensive and to look for<br />

large dollar continuing donations that could be used for operational funds. These discussions and<br />

explorations will continue as the BOT works toward making the Foundation even more successful<br />

than it is currently.<br />

During the pandemic SCNF partnered with “Just Cause Scrubs” a company that gives 50% <strong>of</strong> their<br />

pr<strong>of</strong>its to a 501C3 <strong>of</strong> the buyer’s choice. The scrubs are the same as purchased in the store, the<br />

quality is the same, but SCNF can be chosen as the buyer’s “Just Cause”/<br />

Rusty Koss from Koss Creative Creations continues to donate to nursing scholarships. SCNF now<br />

recognized these donations as “The Koss Scholarship” and Mr. Koss will be recognized at the<br />

September 18th Palmetto Gold Gala at the Columbia Convention Center.<br />


Summary<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

It has been my honor to serve as President <strong>of</strong> the <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Foundation. The<br />

commitment and dedication <strong>of</strong> each board member to fulfill the Foundation’s mission <strong>of</strong> providing<br />

scholarships for undergraduate and graduate nursing students is inspirational. It has been a<br />

privilege to have worked beside these amazing individuals, and I wish the new and continuing BOT<br />

members much success as they continue to strive to meet the mission <strong>of</strong> the Foundation.<br />

Respectfully submitted,<br />

Dr. Deborah Hopla, DNP, APRN-BC, FAANP, FAAN, President<br />

<strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Foundation<br />

8/14/<strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>Annual</strong> Report for Organizations with SCNA Representatives<br />

Kelly Bouthillet<br />

Organization with SCNA Representative: Advisory Committee on Nursing Education (ACONE)<br />

Activities: Meetings resumed in <strong>2021</strong> and were attended virtually, by the SCNA President.<br />

Sheryl Mitchell<br />

Organization with SCNA Representative: Coalition for Access to Healthcare<br />

Activities: It was a very busy year for the Coalition for Access to Healthcare. NP and CNM Lobby<br />

Day was held on February 7, 2018, at the SC Statehouse. Senate Bill 345 passed during this year’s<br />

legislative session. Governor McMaster signed the bill on May 18, 2018, and it became effective<br />

on July 1, 2018. SCNA was represented at each <strong>of</strong> the Coalition for Access to Healthcare’s monthly<br />

meetings.<br />

Kelly Bouthillet<br />

Organization with SCNA Representative: Deans and Directors<br />

Meetings resumed in <strong>2021</strong> and have been held virtually.<br />

Kelly Bouthillet<br />

Organization with SCNA Representative: SCNF<br />

Activities: No Report<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

CEO <strong>Annual</strong> Report<br />

Judith Curfman Thompson, IOM<br />

CEO and Lobbyist<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

Preparations for <strong>Annual</strong> Meeting and Convention have, as usual consumed the majority <strong>of</strong> the work<br />

during this quarter <strong>of</strong> the year. This is a major activity for SCNA, and one hopes that we shall be<br />

able to have this important revenue generating activity this year.<br />

Continuing Education has also been a busy component <strong>of</strong> work. SCNA is fortunate to have a great<br />

group <strong>of</strong> members working in this area.<br />

Multiple virtual meetings and calls with ANA as work has progressed despite restrictions.<br />

Preparations for the October/November/ December SC Nurse are on schedule. We shall be<br />

highlighting the upcoming Convention.<br />

We are on target for the <strong>2021</strong> SCNA Election which will take place in September. The election will<br />

open on September 20, <strong>2021</strong>, and will be held on-line.<br />

The Board <strong>of</strong> Directors has continued to meet as scheduled. We have had some new additions to<br />

the Board and two members have left the Board due to failure to attend meetings.<br />

This year has been another one <strong>of</strong> challenge and meeting challenges in new ways. SCNA has<br />

continued to be grateful to all members who have been part <strong>of</strong> the work <strong>of</strong> the organization, and<br />

all members who are a huge part <strong>of</strong> our ability to continue to provide services to nurses by being<br />

members <strong>of</strong> SCNA.<br />

SCNA continues to be served remarkably by Rosie Robinson as the Executive Assistant for the<br />

organization. She just great!<br />

On to 2022 and, may we all hope for a cessation <strong>of</strong> the truly difficult time evoked by COVID-19. It<br />

has been quite an experience to go through these past months. ONWARD!<br />


<strong>2021</strong> <strong>South</strong> <strong>Carolina</strong> Nurses Association<br />

<strong>2021</strong> SOUTH CAROLINA NURSES ASSOCIATION<br />


October 14, <strong>2021</strong><br />

7:00 PM – 7:10PM<br />

Agenda<br />

I. Call to Order<br />

II. Establishment <strong>of</strong> a quorum<br />

III. Establishment <strong>of</strong> the 2022 SCNA Board Meeting Calendar<br />

a. January 15, 2022 Orientation <strong>of</strong> Board & Board Meeting 9:30am<br />

b. January 22, 2022 Orientation <strong>of</strong> Chapter Officers 9:30am<br />

c. April 22, 2022 1pm-4pm<br />

d. July 22, 2022 1pm-4pm<br />

e. October 12, 2022 6:00pm Sonesta Resort Hilton Head<br />

f. December 16, 2022 1pm-4pm<br />

IV. For the Good <strong>of</strong> the Order<br />

V. Adjournment<br />


Join a team that is<br />

#ChangingWhatsPossible<br />

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and Excellent Benefits<br />

Apply for top NURSING<br />

opportunities at MUSC Health<br />

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TO APPLY: https://web.musc.edu/human-resources<br />

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