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At Mangio Pasta & Bottega, the best fresh-filled pasta is only available in high-end Italian restaurants, We added different types of Italian ingredients, organic mixes in our dishes for a favorable taste. You also get a parcel from here within a short time. Just call on 02074897044 or visit us online: to place an order for the best Italian Pasta in London at cheap prices.

1.Handmade Fresh

2. Tastes Amazing

3. 1&2 on Repeat

Fresh Handmade

Pasta - Lunch Vibes

What’s for lunch?

There is

something to

be said when

you make

things from


The best fresh filled pasta is only

available in high end Italian

restaurants , we want to make big

difference more accessible yet just

as good as fast food, street food,

ready instantly yet given the time,

etc .We are uniquely innovative yet

with a deep love of and respect for

traditional methods, we creates

dishes that are at once thrilling and


We have some new crew

too so don’t be shy pop in

and say

Mangio Pasta & Bottega,

30-32 Knightrider St,

London EC4V 5JT


Office: 020 7489 7044

Fax: 020 7489 7044

Cell: 020 7489 7044

Thank you !

You can find me at

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