Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw Autumn 2021 Newsletter

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Your great commitment

through a wide range

of events has enabled

the hospice to survive

and prosper.



Welcome to the autumn 2021 newsletter from Eden Valley

Hospice and Jigsaw Children’s Hospice, which celebrates

our 30th Anniversary.

This edition provides us with an opportunity to look back

over the past 30 years and see the great contribution

the hospice has made to our patients, their families, and

the wider community. It also enables us to celebrate the

fantastic work of our staff, volunteers, and your amazing

support, all of which has enabled the hospice to offer such vital care for our patients.

Over those 30 years, there have been many memorable events, including a royal visit by the Duchess

of Wessex who came to see us in June 2015. There have also been so many visitors and entertainers

who have brought such fun and happiness to our patients, from donkeys to Caribbean dancers; ukulele

bands to opera singers; Disney princesses to circus performers; magicians to llamas… and I have just seen

Superman and the Incredible Hulk walking hand in hand past my window!

There have been so many great celebrations and we have enjoyed many joyous parties including the

most beautiful weddings. Thank you to everyone who helped make these events possible

We have welcomed a menagerie of pets that often visit and even stay with their owners while in our care.

These include big dogs and little dogs, good cats and naughty cats, well-behaved goldfish and even the

occasional inquisitive lizard. Our special therapy dog, Junior the golden cocker spaniel, is a superstar

who brings great joy to all our children in Jigsaw.

Your generosity has been and continues to be so amazing. We rely on 80 per cent of our funding to

come from charitable donations. Your great commitment through a wide range of events has enabled the

hospice to survive and prosper. Legacies are an important part of financial sustainability and I know that

without them we would, particularly over the Covid-19 pandemic, have struggled financially.

I would also like to thank our truly wonderful volunteers, without whom we could not function – a HUGE

thank you to all. In addition, our great patrons and supporters who have been with us every step of the


The hospice provides such an important service every single day. This newsletter gives examples that

show the difference the hospice makes to the patients and families we serve. This can only be done

through your kindness and generosity. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all your support and your

commitment to Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw Children’s Hospice.

Here’s to the next 30 years…and beyond!

With my very best wishes


Professor Patricia Livsey

Chief Executive

2021 is a very special year for Eden Valley Hospice as we

celebrate our 30th anniversary. The continuing concerns

over Covid may be preventing us from organising an

event to mark this occasion, but it will not stop us from

celebrating this achievement and your support.

Most importantly, we have launched our appeal to

encourage people to include a gift to the hospice in their

will, after thinking of their family and friends.

The appeal aims to encourage 300 people to make a

pledge or tell us of an existing gift in your Will, as part of

our birthday celebrations. To celebrate how important

the hospice is to the community, an advert featuring

around 30 staff, volunteers and families will air on ITV

Border on demand in October.

We had great support from local families and the

community who responded to our appeal for volunteers

to take part in the filming.

Everyone from the Gillford Gilles football team to our

volunteer gardeners, children and parents whose lives

have been touched by the hospice and, of course, our

dedicated staff team appear in the advert.


We have also been fortunate to team up with The

Cumberland News which is supporting the appeal.

The appeal is all the more important because the

coronavirus pandemic has hit the hospice hard, making

this, our 30th anniversary year, one of the most

difficult financially.

It is only down to the generosity of kind supporters

leaving a gift in their Will that the hospice hasn’t been

more adversely affected during the pandemic. One in

three to four of the hospice’s patients are cared for due

to legacy gifts. Every gift makes a difference.

Legacies are vital to secure the future of the hospice and

care for local people and their families so please encourage

others to join you in supporting Eden Valley Hospice.

Finally, watch out for the giant birthday cards that will be

circulating around Carlisle and Cumbria in the run-up to

our ‘birthday’ at the end of October. We hope hundreds

of people will get a chance to sign a card and support our

anniversary celebrations.

Call 01228 810801 to find out more or make the

pledge today. See page 12 for our look back at

how the hospice began.



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