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Vicki Micallef and her father Charlie Deguara saw each other for the first

time in months last week, one of many heartwarming reunion stories.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021




A Message from Mayor Steve Christou

Mayor Steve Christou talks with local seniors about their needs at our annual seniors Easter lunches.

Pensioners score extra free day at our pools

Pensioners can enjoy a second free day at all

council-owned swimming pools. We’ve always

offered free entry to pensioners on Tuesday,

but now they can enjoy free entry on Thursdays

too. The motion, put forward by our new Deputy

Mayor Councillor Michael Zaiter, and seconded by

Councillor Joseph Rahme, was supported by all


This is a step in the right direction and a move

I’m proud of considering more than 15% of the

Cumberland population is over the age of 60 and

that’s set to grow over the next decade.

Seniors make an enormous contribution to

Cumberland and their vulnerability has been

heightened during the pandemic.

We’re pleased to offer a wide range of

opportunities that enable their continued activity

and participation in community life. For the ageing

population, exercise has been shown to prevent

disease, lower the risk of falls, improve mental

health and well-being and strengthen social ties

and cognitive function. Opening the doors to our

pools after months of being at home is a great way

to support this.

Visit our website or contact Council to find out

more about pool operating hours, and to learn

more about the full range of services for pensioners

and seniors:


Follow our social media

channels for video updates

on Council services.

Cumberland City Council Sydney


If you have any issues you’d like me

to help you with, please contact me

0419 651 187

Mayor Steve Christou with Local Young Citizen of

the Year 2021 Winner, Umar Khiyam and Australia

Day Ambassador Arash Bordbar.

Nominations for 2022

Cumberland Citizen of the

Year Award now open

The Granville Centre is one of council’s latest facilities now ready for hire.

You asked, we listened

It’s important for us that our residents are getting

the most out of eased restrictions as we follow

the roadmap to recovery. We’ve been receiving

feedback to reopen our community centres a bit

earlier than we’d planned. That’s why most of our

community centres and facilities have now opened

their doors, with hirers able to book in line with the

latest Public Health Orders.

We know these spaces host community groups,

outreach programs, a range of classes and

functions. I’m pleased to see our community

getting back to doing the things they love.

You can find updated booking information here:

Exciting news! You can now nominate for the

2022 Cumberland Citizen of the Year Award.

There’s five categories (schools, elderly,

youth and more!) to choose from, so if you

know someone who you think deserves the

recognition, be sure to nominate them. Do you

have an excellent neighbour or someone who

helped out during the pandemic? Nominate

them! It’s my favourite award to be involved

in because it coincides with Australia Day

and represents the true Australian spirit of

community, mateship and lending a helping


Nominate before November 12 2021:




Dancing out of lockdown

Restaurants roar back to life as eager locals enjoy eased COVID restrictions


Fully vaccinated locals are wasting

no time in taking advantage of their

new freedoms, with patrons filling

up Parramatta’s fine selection of bars and


Owner of The Dancing Bear at Wentworth

Point, Roy Tarabine said to say it’s

been a busy first week back is an understatement,

stating “every night felt like a


“We are so happy to be able to open

again, it’s been super busy and the support

from the community has been amazing,”

he said.

“You can really feel it in the air that

everyone is excited to be out and we’re a

place that is perfect for people to come,

chill out and enjoy themselves.”

Relatively new on the Wentworth Point

scene, The Dancing Bear is a vibrant and

trendy bar and restaurant, specialising

in unique cocktails and tapas-style share

plates, with a middle eastern twist.

The Dancing Bear only opened its doors

in March, trading for about three months

before lockdown forced them to close.

Owners of The Dancing Bear Kristine and Roy Tarabine. Photo: Melissa Stevens.

“I’m a Wentworth Point resident and

there was never a real ‘local’ or a nice place

to have a drink, so after the last lockdown

I thought it would be a great way to bring

people back together and decided to open

The Dancing Bear,” he said.

“We did expect for this [lockdown] to

happen, it was just a matter of when for us,

so we were ready to adapt with takeaway

cocktails, wraps and grazing platters.

“So many locals came down to support

us before we had to officially close the

doors, which was really humbling.

“We’ve now launched a new menu and

added six new cocktails to our list. We

have 17 different cocktails now... we press

our own lemonade; we really try to put an

emphasis on the experience.”

Mr Tarabine said his experience policing

COVID-19 protocols and checking vaccine

passports, whilst awkward, has been relatively


Many hospitality industry workers were

bracing for the worst as they opened their

doors last week, unsure of how the unvaccinated

population would comply with the

Health Orders.

Whilst some have had positive experiences,

there have been media reports of

others abusing staff over denial of entry.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has

urged residents of NSW to show patience

and respect.

Unvaccinated residents can attend

restaurants from December 1.

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Enrol to Vote



Saturday 4 December 2021

Elections will be held in the City of Parramatta Council on Saturday 4 December 2021.

Non-residential Rolls

If you are an owner, rate-paying lessee or occupier of rateable land

which is not your primary residence, you or a nominee may be entitled

to be enrolled on the roll of non-residential owners of rateable land or

the roll of occupiers and rate-paying lessees for this election.

Details of the eligibility criteria and enrolment claim forms may be

obtained from the following:

The claim must be completed and lodged with the Chief Executive

Officer of the City of Parramatta Council by 6pm Monday 25 October


If a claim for non-residential enrolment was made for a previous

election, or if you have already submitted a claim for the 2021

election, contact Council to check your claim is still current.

If you need to update your details, please contact Patricia Krzeminski

on 9806 5688.

Residential Roll

All electors enrolled on the NSW State electoral roll as at 6pm Monday

25 October 2021 residing in City of Parramatta Council Local Government

Area will be included on the residential roll for the election.

To update your enrolment details online or to obtain a residential

enrolment form visit or call 13 23 26.

Enrolment forms must be received by 6pm Monday 25 October 2021.

Compulsory Voting

Voting in Local Government elections is compulsory for all voters included

on the residential roll. Voting is also compulsory for all voters included

on the City of Sydney non-residential roll. Voting is not compulsory for

voters included on the non-residential roll for other councils.

Brett Newman

City of Parramatta Council



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Tuesday, October 19, 2021




Parramatta Westfield, NSW 2150

P (02) 9168 8094


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Troy Dodds


We’re springing back to life!

Parra News has continued to print

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I’m happy to confirm that we’ll be back

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There’s plenty of ways to get your hands

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Parra Matters

Is Parramatta no longer part of western

Sydney? It feels almost sacrilegious to say

it. Literally, of course, Parramatta is west

of everything traditionally associated

with Sydney.

Increasingly, though, we are a global,

multicultural city. Parramatta is the place

where our people choose to be. We have

a soft power all our own. There’s no need

to define ourselves in relation to a distant

harbour or anywhere else.

As we approach the post-pandemic era,

I believe this thinking will become more


NSW Premier Neville Wran once campaigned

on a theme of hospital “Beds to

the West”. Prime Minister Julia Gillard famously

set up camp at the Rooty Hill RSL

to connect with the people of the region.

Even today, questions of resourcing and

unequal access to services remain important.

But consider the journey of the Wests

Magpies, one of rugby league’s foundation

clubs. Their home was initially Pratten

Park, Ashfield; then Lidcombe Oval;

then Orana Park, Campbelltown. Merging

with the Balmain Tigers in 1999, the

Magpies showed that the question of

what constitutes the west has become

increasingly fluid – and meaningless. Is


Alan Mascarenhas


The changing face of the west



Entertainment ....................19-27

Ryde part of western Sydney? What about

East Hills or Castle Hill?

The other stereotype we should challenge

is that the west is an area of grievance.

The old stereotype of the fibrodwellers

versus the silvertails no longer

cuts it. Yes, there remain pockets of real

poverty. But riding off a construction

boom, an enterprising tradie can earn as

much as a stockbroker. And our homegrown

entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors,

carers, IT specialists and data scientists

are improving society each day.

The NSW Government has now stopped

calling the 12 councils subject to the

toughest lockdown restrictions “areas of


Others, such as the Mayor of Fairfield,

urge it to go further and stop generically

labelling areas as western and southwestern


Today, as Sydney sprawls outward,

it’s become easier to think of the Inner

West encompassing not just Strathfield

but Auburn, Granville, Canterbury and

Bankstown. Other parts of the city have

distinctive identities, say, the Northern

Beaches or Sutherland Shire. Now, the

suggestion is that Fairfield, Liverpool,

Campbelltown, Wollondilly and Penrith

should be rebadged as something like

Business Directory.......28-29


Sport ...........................................31-32

“The Parklands” – recognising their residential

character is set against wide open

spaces, mountains and lakes.

A publicity stunt? Perhaps, but it correctly

recognises the pandemic has

forged a new local civic pride. A Delta

outbreak that started in Bondi hit our

communities hard. But our workers kept

much of the city going. And like Londoners

during the Blitz, we made sacrifices,

got vaccinated and proved our resilience.

We don’t resent the rest of the city that

lounged on beaches while we did our

best to follow the health orders. But we

certainly don’t feel inferior.

So, to answer my original question, yes

Parramatta is literally part of “western

Sydney”. But less and less do I think it

adequately captures our aspirations, our

potential to lure visitors, even our plans

to partner with Westmead in establishing

a specialisation in biotechnology and

life sciences to rival Copenhagen and

Boston. Liverpool, with its Health and

Academic Precinct, is also considering its

economic identity and future anew.

It’s time to recognise that all of Sydney’s

suburban centres have a confident role to

play in the mosaic of our city.

Each wants to make its own way regionally,

nationally and in the world.

Want to stay up to date

with local news? Visit www.






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Happy tears for families

Months in the making: Reunions on the agenda thanks to end of lockdown


It was all smiles and some tears last

week, as locals reunited with loved

ones for the first time in over 100 days.

Some took the opportunity to reconnect

over a bite to eat, others visited family

members in aged care; regardless, there’s

no doubt it will be a moment that will be

remembered forever.

Winston Hills residents Debbi and Todd

Rogan reunited with their daughter and

grandchildren last Monday after three


Despite only living a few kilometres

apart, due to being zoned in different

Local Government Areas, they were

unable to see each other.

Whilst they kept in touch as much as

possible over Zoom and FaceTime, Ms

Rogan said it’s been extremely difficult

and was relieved to finally be reunited.

“I am so excited, I can’t believe how much

my grandsons have grown,” she said.

“It’s been so hard to not just drive down

the road and see them but because we are

in different LGAs we weren’t allowed; I’ve

honestly been grieving for them.”

Ms Rogan’s daughter Amanda Brown

said her children Hugo and Emmett were

very excited to finally be able to cuddle

their grandparents.

“My children nearly barrelled their

grandma over, they’ve really struggled not

being able to see them,” she said.

In North Parramatta, Uniting Lilian

Wells aged care welcomed guests for the

first time since June.

The demand to see residents is high for

Lilian Wells, with families having to book

in time slots to see their loved one.

Vicki Micallef said seeing her father

Charlie Deguara, was both emotional and

a huge relief.

“I normally see him three days a week so

to go so long without that has been really

hard for me,” she said.

“With his dementia he doesn’t realise

how long it has been, which is good for

him but I’m so glad to be able to see him

face-to-face again. Lilian Wells has been

amazing in keeping us up to date, sending

us photos and helping us keep connected

with phone calls and FaceTime.”

Locals with families residing in NSW’s

regional areas will be able to visit each

other again from November 1.

Bob and Debbi Rogan with daughter Amanda Brown and grandchildren Emmett and

Hugo. Photo: Melissa Stevens.

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021


love &

at Greystanes Shopping Centre




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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Neighbourhood makeovers






As the Parramatta CBD undergoes an exciting

period of change and improvement, so too are

some of our local city centres. Council has kicked

off construction on the $8.7 million upgrade of

Good and Bridge streets in Granville, which is

part of the NSW Government’s Parramatta

Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program.

This much-anticipated makeover will see new

pavement and street furniture installed, as well as

misting devices and mature trees to help keep

the area cool on hot summer days.

‘Smart Street’ elements such as USB charging

ports, smart bins and light installations, which

will improve accessibility and connectivity, are

also being installed. In addition, significant

changes to traffic flow will take place, with Good

Street set to become one-way between Cowper

and Bridge streets. These upgrades aim to

create a safer, more pedestrian-friendly area.

Work has also begun on the $670,000 upgrade of

Brodie Street in Rydalmere, which is being delivered

through Council’s Better Neighbourhoods Program.

This project will provide improved pedestrian

and active transport connectivity, with wider

footpaths, trees, and new paving and street


A colourful mural by Australian artist Claire Foxton

depicting some of Australia’s most beautiful

native birds has been painted across a 40-metre

shopfront on the street. It will face Rydalmere’s

forthcoming Parramatta Light Rail station.

Council advocates for its contributions


As one of the fastest growing cities in the country,

Parramatta’s success hinges on our ability to fund

vital community infrastructure. That’s why Council

is advocating for its infrastructure contributions

plans to remain in place when the NSW

Government makes changes to the development

contributions bill.

Over a number of years, Council has worked closely

with the Department of Planning, Industry and

Environment (DPIE); the community; landowners

and developers to create a new planning scheme

for the City of Parramatta, including the CBD

Planning Proposal and Outside CBD Local

Environmental Plan. We have also developed

our own comprehensive contributions plans,

so our community infrastructure is able to keep

pace with development.

Council’s contributions plan for developments

outside the Parramatta CBD will help bring in more

than $1.2 billion to fund community infrastructure

over the next 20 years. Meanwhile, a separate

contributions plan for the Parramatta CBD has

also been developed and will be considered by

Council for approval soon.

Not only will these plans reduce the burden on

ratepayers, they will make our City a brighter,

more enjoyable place to live and work by providing

funding for much-needed community infrastructure,

including libraries, community centres, open spaces,

footpaths and cycleways, as our City grows.

New-look Eat Street

I am pleased to confirm that

the construction fences along

Parramatta’s iconic ‘Eat Street’ have

now been removed, as major Parramatta

Light Rail works along the popular dining and

retail strip are completed.

I encourage you to head into the City, support our

local businesses, and check out the transformation

that has taken place on Eat Street and throughout

the CBD over the past 18 months. Tracks continue

to be laid for the Parramatta Light Rail, and

construction is well underway for 5 Parramatta

Square, the Parramatta Square public domain,

and Phillip Street ‘Smart Street’.

The rejuvenation of Western Sydney’s iconic dining

destination is a game-changer for customers

and businesses alike. The area is a key player in

the City’s vibrant culture and growing economy,

and local business are thrilled to be able to

welcome customers back through their doors.

Council has worked tirelessly to support our local

business throughout lockdown, implementing

a number of measures to ease the burden.

These include waiving outdoor dining fees,

easing parking restrictions and partnering with

Transport for NSW to offer free parking.

As Eat Street returns as a centre for connection,

commerce and culture, I feel a real sense of pride

and optimism returning to our City.

Council is eager to continue working with the NSW

Government to accomplish these goals and

manage the City of Parramatta’s transformation

over the next 20 years.

Council facilities reopen

Council facilities have started to reopen in line

with the NSW Government’s public health orders.

For up-to-date information, please visit Council’s

website at and

social media pages.

City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Steven Issa (right) with

fellow Rosehill Ward Councillors Dr Patricia Prociv and

Andrew Wilson at Good and Bridge streets, Granville.

A new-look Eat Street has reopened as restrictions

ease and major works on the Parramatta Light Rail are


Please note: Since printed copies of many of our local newspapers are no longer available,

all Development Applications (DAs), items on exhibition, and public notices will now be available

via Council’s website:

Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 6.30pm. In line with

NSW Government’s easing of COVID-19 restrictions, fully vaccinated members of the public can

now attend in person. COVID-safe measures will be in place and attendees must check in, show

proof of vaccination status, and wear a face mask. The one person per 4 square metre rule will also

be in place. To view the live stream visit

You can also find my Lord Mayor’s Message

online on the City of Parramatta website:

Lord Mayor, Cr Steven Issa | Chief Executive Officer, Brett Newman | To contact the Lord Mayor follow the link at

126 Church Street, Parramatta | PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124 P 02 9806 5050 E |


@parracity, @atparramatta @cityofparramatta, @atparramatta @cityofparramatta, @atparramatta



Parking drama looms

Community urges Council not to ignore commuter parking concerns


Residents say a careful approach

must be taken in the proposed

sale of Lidcombe’s John Street car

park to ensure a balance is struck for both

shoppers and commuters.

As part of the revitalisation of Lidcombe

Town Centre, Cumberland City Council is

considering selling the existing 55-space

car park to make way for a tower, zoned for

residential and commercial development.

As part of the sale, the developer will be

required to dedicate 150 parking spaces to

the public, with the aim to encourage visitors

and provide better parking turnover

for local businesses.

Recently Council held a community

forum on the proposed sale where residents

pleaded with Council to consider

both shopper and commuter parking


Members from the Restore Inner West

Line & Save T3 Bankstown Line Community

Action Group say there is a growing

need to address commuter parking

issues for Lidcombe Station, arising from

changes to the Sydney Trains Network

The John Street car park is set to be sold. Photo: Melissa Stevens.

on the T7 Olympic Park Line and the T3

Bankstown Line.

Since October 2013, the Olympic Park to

Central via Strathfield regular weekday

service and the Bankstown to City via

Regents Park/Strathfield service has been

cancelled, resulting in more commuters

interchanging at Lidcombe.

From 2024, the Bankstown Line will be

reduced to a shuttle between Lidcombe to

Bankstown, resulting in the cancellation

of all services from Birrong and Yagoona

to the City.

Both changes to the Sydney Trains

Network will encourage commuters to

drive to Lidcombe Station and catch a

direct train, rather than experiencing

multiple train interchanges.

Community advocate and action group

member Roydon Ng said unless the State

Government was to restore the direct

services, an influx of people driving to

Lidcombe Station will cause further parking


Mr Ng said the Council needed to better

collaborate with the State Government to

address these issues.

The group are also calling on Transport

for NSW, if the line is not restored, to invest

in a Park N Ride facility or upgrade to the

Bridge Street Carpark at Lidcombe.

A Cumberland City Council spokesperson

said: “Council continues to work

with the State Government in ensuring

that infrastructure and services support

growth in the Lidcombe area, and will

continue to advocate for improvements to

transport infrastructure and services”.

Other residents participating in the

forum raised concerns around added

congestion from high rise developments,

as well as the prospect of residential overflow

taking up public spaces.

The Council spokesperson said rangers

would patrol the site.

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021



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drivers who are fully accredited

and trained to assist you.

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Funded by the NSW and

Commonwealth Governments



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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Community sport has been given

the green light to return, whilst a

raft of other restrictions have been

eased after NSW reached the 80 per cent

double dose vaccination target over the


Up to 20 visitors are now allowed in

your home at any one time (visitor limits

do not apply for children under the age of

12), while outdoor gatherings of up to 50

are permitted.

And in a move set to spark an end to

months of working from home for many,

masks are no longer required in office



Community sport is back!



Sydney Olympic Park New High School

Application No



Council Area

Consent Authority

Description of proposal

Drinking while standing up at the pub

is now permitted again, while there’s no

caps on the number of people who can

attend weddings and funerals.

Masks are still required within retail

environments and other indoor facilities.

The eased restrictions are for fully

vaccinated people only with the unvaccinated

still waiting until December 1 to

enjoy their freedom.

Case numbers in NSW have continued

to decline in recent weeks, but health

officials expect a rise in cases once the

impact of the eased restrictions is fully



Part 7, Part 9 and Part 11 Burroway Road, Wentworth Point

Department of Education

City of Parramatta

Minister for Planning and Public Spaces

Construction and operation of a new high school to accommodate up to 1,530 students comprising:

• Site preparation including bulk earthworks and remediation;

• Six storey main campus building fronting onto the eastern and southern boundaries, providing

general and specialist learning spaces, administration and amenity facilities;

• Two storey performance and sports hall with amenity facilities along the northern site boundary;

• Associated works including landscaping, outdoor play areas/sport courts, covered outdoor

learning areas, drainage, bicycle parking, fencing and school signage;

• Provision of drop-off and pick-up facilities on the Burroway Road frontage; and

(to be delivered under separate planning pathways) for car parking and service vehicle access.

Exhibition Details

and accompanying documents will be exhibited from Thursday 14 October 2021 until

Wednesday 10 November 2021 and are accessible electronically on the Department’s website


At the time of publishing this advertisement, the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces has not

directed that a public hearing should be held.

Have your say

To have your say online, search for this project at

on-exhibition and click on ‘Make a submission’. You will need to log in or create a user account.

clarify this at the top of your cover letter and do not include personal details in your submission.

Important information about COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

The Department encourages online submissions to ensure public safety as well as the timely

consideration of all issues raised, during times when mobility is restricted due to Covid-19 lockdown.

mailing envelope are addressed to the nominated contact team below.

Please be aware that if you choose to send a paper-based submission and it is not addressed to

the correct contact team, the submission will not be received by the Department and will instead

be returned to sender.

Please include:

• Your name and address at the top of the letter only (or in a separate cover letter if you want

your personal details to be withheld from publication);

• The name of the application and the application number;

• A statement on whether you ‘support’ or ‘object’ to the proposal or if you are simply

providing comment;

• The reasons why you support or object to the proposal; and

• A declaration of any reportable political donations you have made in the last two years

(visit or phone 1300 305 695

Privacy statement: Before making your submission, read our Privacy Statement at or call 1300 305 695 for a copy. We will publish your submission on

our website in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

For more information:



Granville: Man injured with pair of

scissors in attack at bus terminal

A man has appeared in court charged

over the alleged wounding of another

man in Granville recently.

About 9.30pm on Friday, October 8,

emergency services were called to a bus

terminal at Memorial Drive, Granville,

following reports a man had been


Police were told two men, aged 38 and

39-years-old were involved in a verbal

dispute, before the older man produced

a pair of scissors.

He then allegedly struck the younger

man in the back of the head with the


The injured man was treated at the

scene by NSW Ambulance paramedics,

before being taken to Westmead Hospital

for treatment.

The older man was arrested by officers

attached to Cumberland Police Area

Command and taken to Granville Police

Station, where he was charged with

‘reckless wounding’.

The Parramatta man was refused bail

and appeared at Parramatta Bail Court

on Saturday, October 9.

The men are known to each other.

New in blue: Graduates start work

at police stations across NSW

226 new probationary constables

joined the ranks of the NSW Police

Force in a private attestation ceremony


Some of Parramatta’s most

sensational locals are set to be

recognised, with nominations

now open for the 2022 Citizen of the

Year Awards.

City of Parramatta Council are

welcoming nominations for individuals

and groups in the Parramatta Local

Government Area who have made

outstanding contributions to the local


Nomination categories include Young

Citizen of the Year, Citizen of the Year,

Senior Citizen of the Year, and the

Community Group Award.

“The Citizen of the Year Awards are a

wonderful opportunity to acknowledge

the people who give their time to make

our community a better place,” City of


Compiled by Nicola Barton

New police officers graduated from the Academy last week.


recently. Parramatta Police Area

Command received five new recruits,

with five deployed to Auburn and four to


The graduating Class 349 commenced

duties last week, which will see them

undertake a year of on-the-job training

whilst they complete the Associate

Degree in Policing Practice by distance

education with Charles Sturt University,

before being confirmed to the rank of


Minister for Police and Emergency

Services David Elliott congratulated the

new recruits, who he said will bring a

fresh boost to the force.

“Over the past two years, police

have played a vital role in leading the

community through the pandemic and

I have been extraordinarily proud of the

dedication and service of all of my men

and women in blue,” he said.

“I commend our newest probationary

constables for embarking on a career in


Mr Elliott said it would be both a challenging

and rewarding career choice.

“The challenges they will face may

not yet be known, but I can assure them

that they will be part of a large policing

family,” he said.

“They have just reached an important

milestone in what will no doubt be a very

rewarding career.”

Class 349 includes 153 men and 73


Nominate a deserving local

Parramatta Lord Mayor Steven Issa said.

“We have seen so many examples

through the pandemic this year of locals

rising up to assist those less fortunate.

“Communities are made up of unsung

heroes whose acts of kindness deserve

to be celebrated, whether in the arts,

education, business, welfare or sports.

“I encourage you to nominate a person

or organisation who you believe should

be recognised.”

Award winners will be announced in

January as part of City of Parramatta’s

Australia Day celebrations.

Nominations close at 5pm on Thursday,

December 2.

Council is also seeking Expressions of

Interest from people who would like to

volunteer to be part of the judging panel

for the awards.

For more information, visit: https://bit.


parra news »


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Portico Plaza welcomes

back all of our retailers

and shoppers! We wish to

advise that your health

and safety are a priority,

and we are adhering to

the NSW Government

health regulations

regarding the fi ght against

COVID-19. Come and visit

us and support your local,

friendly shopping centre.

17-19 Aurelia Street, Toongabbie




OPEN 7 DAYS – 7:00AM TO 12:00AM

At the Plaza you can shop for groceries, fruit & vegetables and enjoy the café and restaurant special

menus. Woolworths and BWS both are situated in the Plaza providing our local public easy access

to daily needs. We have hair & beauty salons as well in the Plaza. We also have a mobile phone shop

operating at our centre.

The Plaza also accommodates a bakery and a real estate agency. There is plenty of car space in

the car park and under cover parking available with easy access to the shops!




Shopping Plaza would

like to ensure all

visitors and shoppers

that we are following

the NSW Government

Health Regulations and

ensuring the premises

are kept COVID-19 Safe.

Keeping a safe distance

of at least 1.5m protects

you and others.





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Joke of the


Child: “Daddy, do all fairytales start with ‘once upon a time’?”

Father: “No dear, there’s a whole series of fairytales that start with ‘If

elected, I promise’.”

Send your jokes to

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


In 2021, ditch the sticky

notes. The DeskBoard

Buddy desktop whiteboard

is the perfect companion

for your desk. It features a

glass dry erase whiteboard so you

can easily keep a dynamic to-do

list in front of you while you work.

It also works great to capture

notes while on a phone call, or

to jot down quick information

during an online meeting.

The DeskBoard Buddy also

doubles as a stationery organiser

with a hidden storage compartment

underneath the glass whiteboard.

It has enough room to store

all of your pens, pencils, rulers,

earbuds, portable harddrives, and

even calculators!

Last but not least, the DeskBoard

Buddy comes with a built-in

phone and tablet stand. Allowing

you to stand up your tablet and

use all your favorite apps while

you work. Or stand up your phone

and never miss another notification


The DeskBoard Buddy team

will also plant one tree for every

deskboard sold. So you can do

your part to help the environment

through reduced paper waste, and

also plant a tree in the process!

Get your DeskBoard Buddy

today at www.deskboardbuddy.


Parra News has three Desktop

Buddies to give away. For

your chance to win one, send

an email to competitions@ with ‘Buddy’

in the subject line. Don’t forget

to include your contact details.

Entries close Friday, November 5

and the winners will be notified

by email. Terms and conditions

are available at www.parranews. or by emailing or calling

Parra News.



Dose of


Do you know

where this

picture was


Tell us exactly where this week’s

featured I Spy image is located in

Parramatta and you could win!


with your answer for your chance to

win two movie tickets. Our winner

will be notified by email. Entries

close each Friday at 5pm.


Last week’s photo was of the James

Martin Statue, located on Smith

Street, Parramatta Square.

Each week we want you to contribute

to our thumbs up! Tell us something

good that has happened to you

around Parramatta. Maybe someone

helped you with a broken down car, or

you experienced amazing service at a business

or restaurant. Perhaps it’s an exciting new shop

or park you’ve just discovered. Email your contributions

to and help us

spread some good news!

Is something annoying you? Need

to get it off your chest? Our weekly

thumbs down is the perfect place to

do it. Tell us about a driver who did the

wrong thing on the road, or some bad

customer service you received. Was someone

rude to you out and about? Give them a serve

here in the paper. Email your contributions to and make yourself

feel better!

Connect with us online...

10 theparranews theparranews

Major flaw in new

Pink Slip rules


In a world of food delivery apps, online

groceries and meal kits, it’s safe to say the

demand for convenience is ever-evolving.

When it comes to your car, it’s no different;

with a growing demand for mobile mechanics

to take care of your service needs, without the

pain of being late for work or organising a lift.

In NSW it is mandatory for every vehicle that

is older than five years to pass a yearly Safety

Inspection (Pink Slip) for its registration,

however until recently this was something that

could only be carried out in a physical workshop.

Following a trial which concluded last year,

Transport for NSW brought about policy

changes which permanently allow mobile Pink

Slip services, also known as the ‘Mobile Safety

Check Scheme’.

The issue? Only those businesses who occupy

a physical workshop can carry these out, meaning

those who own stand-alone mobile businesses

are excluded.

Dundas Valley resident and Owner of Driveway

Mobile Mechanics, Simon Mitchell, is

taking a stand against the changes and said it is

having an alarming impact on small businesses

like his.


“There is no solution for stand-alone mobile

mechanical businesses to be their own Authorised

Inspection Station (AIS), even with the

required examiner qualifications,” he said.

“If a mobile mechanic with examiner qualifications

wishes to carry out mobile Pink Slip

inspections they would need to partner with a

participating fixed premises AIS workshop and

issue the Pink Slip on their behalf, essentially

offering advertising for a competitor.

“Legally you’re not allowed to charge more

than $44 for a Pink Slip, so once the fixed station

charges the mobile repairer, financially the

mobile repairer is worse off.”

However, a Transport for NSW spokesperson

said the policy “ensures certainty for customers

in a number of ways”.

“Authorised Inspection Stations are required

to abide by strict business rules around record

keeping, storage of and access to records for

compliance, audit and investigation purposes

and information security, ensuring safety for

customers,” the spokesperson said.

“The association with a fixed station also

allows for Transport for NSW representatives to

have better oversight.”

Mr Mitchell believes the guidelines are “baseless”.

View Mr Mitchell’s petition here: bit.


Dundas Valley resident and owner of Driveway Mobile Mechanics Simon

Mitchell. Photo: Melissa Stevens.

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021

“I’m home with Anglicare.”

Rooty Hill Village.

Put more life in your retirement.

After feeling lonely in her house, Maria wanted to

downsize and discovered Rooty Hill Village. The close

proximity to public transport convinced her to make the

move, along with the services Anglicare provides.

But most of all, it was the sense of community and

making friends in the village that made moving to Rooty

Hill Village one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Watch Maria’s story!



Rooty Hill Village

11 Mavis Street, Rooty Hill

1300 111 278

Please note village residents may need to pay a departure fee when they leave the village.



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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson.


Founder of injured worker not-for-profit

Craig’s Table, Rosemary McKenzie-

Ferguson has been named a finalist in the

international Comp Laude Awards.

The Parramatta resident is the only

Australian finalist in the California-based

awards and is being recognised for her

advocacy and support efforts for the injured

worker community.

Ms McKenzie-Ferguson suffered a serious

workplace injury in 1994.

It was from that experience she later

established the program that has now

assisted and empowered hundreds of

Australians to strive for the future.

Earlier this year she launched the inaugural

‘Injured Worker Well-Being Week’,

which ran from May 31 to June 4.

Ms McKenzie-Ferguson said she felt

honoured to be nominated and made a

finalist for the Humanitarian Award.

“To be a finalist... I can’t even put it into

words; it is an honour,” she said.

“For me this represents that the injured

worker community of Australia is capable

of doing really outstanding stuff.”

The awards will be held on November 4.

Building name saga

still not settled


Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra.

Before we can do the thing

we want to do, there’s something

we all need to do first.

Book your COVID-19 vaccination.

Visit or call

1800 020 080.


5 Parramatta Square.

30,000 ratepayer dollars later, the City

of Parramatta Council finally settled on

a name for its new headquarters before

the motion was rescinded to be debated

again next week.

Last Monday night Councillors voiced

their opinions on the final options

which include ‘Civic’ (referring to the

former Civic Place), ‘Phive’ (meaning

Parramatta hive) and ‘Prisma’ (referring

to the shape and architecture of

the building design).

After a long, heated argument, ‘Phive’

was successful, after it was voted for by

Labor Councillors, Green representative

Phil Bradley, Independent Lorraine

Wearne and Liberal Benjamin Barrak.

The $130 million development, which

is currently referred to as 5 Parramatta

Square, is located in the heart of

Parramatta’s historic civic precinct,

nearby heritage-listed Town Hall

since 1883, and was the previous home

to Council and former Parramatta

Library. Once completed, it will be the

home of Council’s new chambers as

well as a library, community hall and

Discovery Centre.

Cr Wearne said the name was unique

and brought about endless marketing


“We want something that is uniquely

Parramatta,” she said.

“There’s a Civic in every local

mugtown with 15 occupants… Civic

just isn’t going to cut it.”

But Lord Mayor Steven Issa, Deputy

Lord Mayor Michelle Garrard and

remaining Liberal Councillors said

they believed ‘Phive’ was too gimmicky,

with some suggesting it better belonged

in suburbs such as Newtown.

“There’s quite a number of multicultural

people, I think about 100

different nationalities out here as well

as traditional people in the greater

west and they probably have difficulty

pronouncing phive,’’ Councillor Bob

Dwyer said.

The Council went back to the drawing

board on the name in August following

some community pushback regarding

the options at the time, which included

‘Civic’ and ‘Civic Place’.

The rescinded motion will now be

debated at the upcoming Council


Save Parramatta Park

Despite strong community objections, the NSW

Government is pushing ahead with its plan to end

independent management of Parramatta Park and

other important parklands.

The government has released an exposure draft of the Bill

that will replace local trusts including the Parramatta Park

Trust with a centralised agency, Greater Sydney Parklands.

This Bill will erode protections and undermine funding of

our heritage parklands. It also opens up these lands for

further commercialisation.

These lands are too precious to be left for successive

governments to slice off bit by bit. If you are worried

about what this will mean the scan the QR code or visit to send a message to the

NSW Government.


Julie Owens Bulletin

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Support payments cut

Now that 80% of NSW is fully vaccinated, the Morrison Government is cutting COVID support payments

for workers and businesses down to zero.

The Morrison Government has stopped funding JobSaver and businesses can only claim a fraction of the original

payment until 30 November, when the Micro Business Support Grant will also end. The COVID-19 Disaster Payment for

workers will be cut off in a fortnight.

While nobody expects these support payments to go on forever, hitting vaccination targets and easing restrictions does not

mean people automatically get their jobs and businesses back. 1 in 10 payroll jobs in Parramatta have been lost since the start

of lockdown and it’s estimated that 1 in 5 workers are claiming the Disaster Payment

This Morrison Government is cutting support with no plan for Parramatta’s economic recovery. Easing

restrictions does not mean the economic burden will be lifted. If you are worried about how these cuts will

affect you or your business, please get in touch with my office. Scan the QR code for more information on the

support still available or visit

Local seniors locked out of aged care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care recommended urgent action to clear home care package waiting

lists, which have been stuck at 100,000 for years.

But the Morrison Government has only committed to fund 40,000 new places a year for 2 years, meaning thousands of

seniors will be left waiting for care they urgently need.

The Royal Commission also found that seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds were struggling to

access aged care services and all too often end up with services that don’t meet their language or cultural needs

and rely on family to deliver meals they can eat, or communicate with carers.

Around half of Parramatta’s seniors speak a language other than English - nationwide its around one in

four - but the Morrison Government has only announced around $20 million in new funding for specialist

services. If this is affecting you or your loved ones, please contact my office.


If I can be of any help please phone me on 9689 1455 or write to 1/25 Smith St, Parramatta NSW 2150

or email

Authorised by Julie Owens MP, Australian Labor Party, 1/25 Smith Street, Parramatta.



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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


TAFE offers solutions

Making dreams come true: Plenty of options available for aspiring teachers


Seven Hills resident Jasmine Ries is

living proof you can be successful

without a high ATAR, as she pursues

her dream career of becoming a primary

school teacher.

Whilst Ms Ries didn’t get the HSC results

she hoped for, she was able to complete

a Certificate III in Education Support at

TAFE NSW earlier this year and has now

progressed to a Certificate IV in Education


Her placement completed at Parramatta

Public School has already led to part-time


Ms Ries said she plans to get her primary

school teaching qualifications once she

graduates from TAFE NSW.

“TAFE NSW has absolutely given me the

skills I need to do my job and it got me

work so quickly, it’s fantastic,” she said.

“I’d already built relationships with

the students and teachers at Parramatta

Public School so it was fantastic that I

didn’t have to say goodbye and could

continue building on those connections.

“The TAFE NSW work placement has

Seven Hills resident Jasmine Ries is following her dreams of working in education.

affirmed how much I love working in

education and that I’ve made the right

career choice.”

Ms Ries said she’s always wanted to be

a teacher since working as a martial arts

instructor for children when she was in

high school.

According to the Federal Government’s

Job Outlook agency, education support is

a large workforce that is expected to see

continued strong growth, with employment

numbers predicted to reach 113,600

jobs nationally by 2025.

TAFE NSW education support teacher

Sharon Crowther said she expects to see

a further spike in demand as students

return to school when COVID-19 restrictions


“I think we will see an increased need for

education support services because there

will be children who need extra support as

we move out of this pandemic and back to

face-to-face learning,” she said.

“Many schools already need education

support workers so there is a lot of casual

part-time work available.”

Ms Crowther said education support can

be a flexible industry to work in.

“It’s an industry that really suits people

who have children and want to work

part-time, and it can provide a really good

segue for students who want to become a

teacher down the track,” she said.

“If you enjoy working with children and

giving children with challenges a boost,

then it can be a very rewarding career that

offers great employment opportunities.”

Lynda Voltz MP

State Member for Auburn

For those who saved lives

For those that patiently waited

For those that home schooled

For those that did double


For everyone who lent a


Thank you

Available for the people

of Auburn for all State

Government issues.


Office contact details

9737 8822

Mezzanine Level, Lidcombe Centre

92 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe 2141

Authorised by Lynda Voltz MP, funded using parliamentary entitlements




parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021




Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Look good,

Feel good...


From your favourite hair and beauty, massage, health & fitness, home wares,

and food & beverage stores.

10% OFF

when you sign up

to Style Society

See in-store or online for



28 days results pack

Only $129

*See in gym for details.

10% OFF

first visit

*On presentation of this

advertisement. Valid until 30.11.21.



up to

30% OFF

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30% OFF

entire Croc range

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Fresh Cotton 1000

Thread Count Cotton

Sheet Set

Normally $250 - $300. While stocks

last. See in store for details.

Wear Your Mask Maintain 1.5m Distance Wash & Sanitise Your Hands

*Terms & conditions apply. See in

store for details.

92 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe NSW 2141

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Why cyber security should be a

priority for you and your business

The leak of a database containing

the records of Apple HealthKit

and Google FitBit users, as well

as several other brands of fitness tracker

products, has highlighted the critical

importance of securing customer databases,

potentially putting more than 61

million people – including an unknown

number in Australia – at risk of compromise

by opportunistic cyber criminals.

It is owned by GetHealth, a New Yorkbased

provider of health data services

and includes 61,053,956 total records.

The leak compromised the following

information: names, weight, height,

dates of birth, gender, and location.

Aside from Apple HealthKit and

Google FitBit, the leak also contained

information from other devices, such as

23andMe, Life Fitness, Daily Mile, FatSecret,

GoogleFit, Jawbone UP, MapMyFitness,

Microsoft, Misfit, MapMyWalk,

Moves App, PredictBGL, Sony Lifelog,

Strava, VitaDock, Runkeeper, Withings,

Android Sensor, and S Health.

With hackers now targeting smaller

businesses and individuals, the data you

hold with your customers’ details could

be compromised.

How do you know if your data has been

Cumberland Council Elections

Saturday 4th December 2021

compromised? If you want to know if

any of your data has been compromised,

not just from this info breach but others

as well, visit and

enter the information you want to search

for. You can check if your email or phone

number has been included in a data

breach. The website will also provide

information on said data breaches.

All data breaches should be reported to

the Office of the Australian Information

Commissioner (OAIC). This is according

to The Privacy Act 1988 designed to

protect the privacy of individuals and

their personal information.

If your data has been compromised,

you should:

• Change your passwords immediately.

• Enable 2FA on all online programs.

• Be cautious with emails from larger

companies you many have visited

online. They could be phishing


• Most of all, implement safe Internet

practices to minimise the damage of

data breaches.

Whilst cyber security is often not a

priority for small businesses, it can cause

a lot of damage if not implemented.


Crunch the numbers on your

next property investment with

6/9 Salisbury Road

Castle Hill

Find property values,

suburb reports plus

more using insights

powered by CoreLogic.



parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021


A new vision for Cumberland

As a lifelong local, I know and love this area and its

residents. I’m proud to be a Labor candidate for

Greystanes Ward, and with your help, we can make

Cumberland an even better place to live and work.


Labor Candidate for Greystanes Ward


Phone: 0455 677 084

Follow me on Facebook for more updates

Authorised by Joseph Baltasar, 33 Yoogali St, Merrylands West NSW 2160




We have just arrived at Castle Hill from Parramatta

Come down & say hi to our extremely knowledgeable & professional team

Sydney’s best bicycle shop has moved to

Castle Hill from Parramatta

Velocipede is a dynamic bicycle shop in Castle Hill dealing in

bicycles for all genres. Velocipede also offers a state-of-the-art

workshop for all bike repairs & servicing.

9683 2885


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Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Saturday 4 September 2021

Thinking of nominating as a candidate for your local Council?

If you’re considering nominating as a candidate for the 2021 NSW Local Government elections, you should read this notice. It provides general

guidance about the process of nominating, and candidates’ obligations and responsibilities. Prospective candidates should seek their own

independent legal advice if they are unsure whether they are eligible to run for public office in a local council or how the law applies to their

specific circumstances.

Nominate as a Mayor or Councillor

To nominate as a Mayor or Councillor you must lodge a nomination

form, either by using the Electoral Commission’s online nomination

system or delivering it to the Returning Officer.

Nominating involves:

• Read the instructions on the nomination form carefully – all parts must

be completed.

• You may be nominated by either a registered political party, or by

two electors enrolled in the local government area or ward for which

you are being nominated. For example, if you are being nominated as

a candidate for a ward your nominators must be enrolled in that ward.

• Candidates must also complete a candidate information sheet and

statistical information sheet.

• A nomination deposit must be paid.

Grouping of Councillor candidates on the ballot paper

Two or more Councillor candidates may form a group on the ballot

paper, and where eligible, request a group voting square (box above

the line) be printed on the ballot paper for the group.

In addition to lodging the nomination form, these candidates must

also lodge a Request to form a group form.

Nomination deposit

All candidates must pay a nomination deposit of $125 each to the

NSW Electoral Commission.

Where candidates also lodge a Request to form a group, the deposit

is capped at $625 for a group of five candidates or more.

If using the online nominations system, the deposit must be paid by

either MasterCard or VISA.

If using paper nomination forms, the nomination deposit must be paid

by cash or bank or building society cheque.

Start your nomination now

The NSW Electoral Commission’s online nominations system is now

available at You can start the process of

nominating online now.

Alternatively, paper nomination forms are available by calling the

Commission’s candidate helpdesk on 1300 022 011.

Candidates who previously prepared a nomination form

Following the postponement of the elections to Saturday 4 December

2021, it was determined that any nomination or grouping forms created

for the postponed Saturday 4 September 2021 elections will need to

be redone.

This decision was made to ensure information submitted in nomination

forms is accurate and current.

Lodge your nomination

Candidates may lodge their nominations and pay the deposit online.

However, if using paper nomination forms, you must lodge your

nomination and deposit with the Returning Officer for the council

area in which you intend to stand as a candidate. Returning Officer

office locations can be found at

You are encouraged to start preparing your nomination form – and

grouping form if applicable – now.

The NSW Electoral Commission strongly encourages you to lodge your

nomination online. As the public health situation can change quickly

in any LGA, locations at which a nomination can be lodged in person


may be closed in accordance with public health orders or if it becomes

necessary due to risks associated with COVID-19.

Nomination forms, grouping forms and nomination deposits must

be lodged between Monday 25 October and 12 noon, Wednesday

3 November 2021.

Late nominations will not be accepted.

Registration for electoral funding purposes

NSW has strict laws that regulate the election campaign finances of

political parties, candidates and groups at the election. These include

requirements to operate a campaign account, and to record and

disclose political donations and electoral expenditure. In addition,

there are caps on political donations and electoral expenditure.

Prior to being nominated, candidates and groups who wish to accept

political donations or pay for electoral expenditure must first apply to

the NSW Electoral Commission to be registered for electoral funding

purposes. Only once registered is a candidate or group allowed to

accept political donations and pay for electoral expenditure.

Candidates and groups can apply to be registered through the NSW

Electoral Commission’s new online registration and disclosure system,

Funding and Disclosure Online. Forms are also available on the

Commission’s website.

Applications for registration for electoral funding purposes close on

Wednesday 3 November 2021.

From Thursday 4 November 2021, nominated candidates and groups

that have not registered before being nominated are taken to be

registered and will take on significant legal obligations for recordkeeping

and making disclosures. Even already-registered candidates

and groups who decide not to nominate will have some ongoing

electoral funding law obligations.

To learn more go to

Enquiries about being registered and the laws that apply to

political donations and electoral expenditure should be sent to

Candidate Handbook and webinars

A Candidate Handbook will be made available on the NSW Electoral

Commission’s website. Educational webinars which assist candidates

in navigating the process are also available.

Ballot paper draw

The Returning Officer will formally announce the candidates and

conduct a draw to determine the order of groups (where applicable)

and candidate names on the ballot paper at the office of the relevant

Returning Officer at 10am, Thursday 4 November 2021.

Observing the ballot paper draw will be subject to the capacity of the

Returning Officer’s office and any NSW Health public health orders in

effect at that time.

Further information

• Visit

• Email the candidate helpdesk

• Call the candidate helpdesk 1300 022 011

If you are deaf, hard of hearing and/or have a speech impairment,

please contact the NSW Electoral Commission through the National

Relay Service (NRS). Choose your access option and ask for 1300 135 736.

If you need an interpreter, please call TIS National on 131 450 and

ask them to call the NSW Electoral Commission on 1300 135 736.





parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021




The pandemic has inspired people

to complete exciting projects

and a new creative television

show takes it to the next


‘Making It Australia’ is an epic DIY competition

like Masterchef but for crafters. It

airs on Channel 10.

Comedian, writer and panellist on ‘The

Project’, Susie Youssef is joined by fellow

cheeky comedian, Harley Breen to host

the show as 13 amateur and professional

craftspeople compete to win $100,000.

Full of crafty commentary, Susie told

Parra News she was in awe of the contestants’


“I think it is quite a gentle, funny and collaborative

show and also a tribute to all

those people who are makers… they see

stuff on the side of the road, they want to

recycle and make things,” Susie said.

“90 per cent of the show was me looking

at how their brains work to come up with

things and it was exciting to watch people

from different walks of life with different


With challenges ranging from sewing to

woodworking, paper crafts to pottery, and

carving to crocheting, Susie admitted she

preferred to watch.

“I love craft but am more of a spectator.

I dabble, I do some origami and love knitting…

I tried crocheting this year but that

didn’t work out,” she said.

“I do love woodwork and was inspired by

some of the makers and what they did but I

would not describe myself as crafty.”

Susie was more than willing to jump into

mischief with her co-host Harley Breen


“We got to run amok and watch these

amazing people work and distract them

with jokes which was an absolute ball,” she


“Harley is like the tallest big brother I

could ever ask for and I couldn’t imagine

doing it with anyone else.

“He was a total dreamboat to work with

but don’t tell him I said that.”

With lockdowns reigniting some people’s

hobbies, the show aims to encourage others

to rediscover the joy of making things

by hand.

“I think having more downtime than expected

has influenced a lot of people in

general and there is a movement towards

reusing materials and thinking about the

environment,” she said.

“It makes you more mindful and allows

you to be present plus it is fun and you

don’t have to be any good which is the best

part of craft.”

‘Making It Australia’ airs on Saturdays

at 6pm on 10. You can catch up on past

episodes on 10Play.

Guildford Leagues Club

is so pleased to be able to

Guildford Leagues Club, McCredie Park 25-55 Tamplin Road Guildford NSW 2161


P 9780

1333 | W | E




Increased Hand


Digital Record










Show Vaccination


In Line with the NSW Government Public Health Orders


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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Kings Langley

to your new home, to your new neighbourhood

Modern amenities including en-suite

Access to recreational and

social facilities



Co-located with adjoining

residential care

Nurse Call points

Our brand new spacious villas allow for independent living whilst providing the peace of mind that comes

with being co-located with our newly renovated Residential Aged Care Facility. Our Residential Aged Care

Facilities include modern amenities and provide a home-like environment for all our residents.



Nathan Taylor


We may have to wait a little while

as the current series only wrapped up

this week, but the cast has already been

announced for another celebrity season

of ‘SAS Australia’. The cast includes:

Olympians Geoff Huegill and Melissa Wu,

former AFL stars Wayne Carey and Barry

Hall, performers Paul Fenech, Melissa

Tkautz and Orpheus Pledger, former ‘Survivor’

and ‘Bachelor’ star Locky Gilbert,

former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Anna Heinrich,

former NRL star Darius Boyd, boxers

Ebanie Bridges and Michael Zerafa, rugby

star Ellia Green, NRLW player Millie

Boyle, model Simone Holtznagel, convicted

drug dealer Richard Buttrose and

motorsports presenter Riana Crehan.

The new season of ‘The Bachelorette’

kicks off on Wednesday, October 20 at

7.30pm on 10. Starring Brooke Blurton,

this season will feature both male and

female singles vying for her affections.

The world’s largest CPR class, ‘Heart

of the Nation’, aired on Channel Nine

on Saturday. Coinciding with Restart a

Heart Day, the special hosted by Richard

Wilkins is the passion project of original




Yellow Wiggle and cardiac arrest survivor,

Greg Page. In the special, viewers learn

the techniques to react effectively in

the face of sudden cardiac arrest. If you

missed it, find it on 9NOW.

Fans of ‘Sex and the City’ will be

delighted to hear that the upcoming revival

‘And Just Like That…’ will premiere

on Foxtel and Binge in December. The

10-episode series, which is currently filming

in NYC, follows Carrie, Miranda and

Charlotte as they navigate the journey

from the complicated reality of life and

friendship in their 30s to the even more

complicated reality of life and friendship

in their 50s.


New Australian comedy ‘Spreadsheet’

is coming to Paramount+ on Wednesday,

October 27. Starring Katherine Parkinson,

Rowan Witt and Stephen Curry,

‘Spreadsheet’ is centred around Lauren

(Parkinson), a freshly divorced, motherof-two,

looking for a “good time” without

commitment. With the help of best friend

Alex (Witt), Lauren creates the “Spreadsheet”

– a database of “options”.

Disney+ has dropped ‘Just Beyond’,

an eight-part anthology series from the

world of author R.L. Stine. Each episode

introduces viewers to a new cast of

characters who must go on a surprising

journey of self-discovery in a supernatural

world of witches, aliens, ghosts and

parallel universes.

New E! series ‘Clash of the Cover

Bands’ is airing on Thursday nights. In

each episode, two bands of similar musical

genre will go head-to-head.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

6:00 News Breakfast 9:00 ABC News 10:00

Four Corners 11:00 Antiques Roadshow

12:00 ABC News 1:00 Grantchester (M l,v)

2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:15 ABC

News 4:10 Escape From The City 5:10

Grand Designs Australia (PG) 6:00 The

Drum 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:05 The

Greek Islands With Julia Bradbury 8:30 Big

Deal (M l) 9:25 Bronwyn Oliver - The

Shadows Within (PG) 10:35 ABC Late News

10:50 The Business 11:05 Q&A

5:30 Escape To The

Country 6:30 Bargain

Hunt 7:30 Pie In The

Sky (PG) 8:30 Lewis (M v)

10:30 Without A Trace (M d,v)

12:30 M*A*S*H (PG) 1:30 The

Real Seachange 2:00 Escape

To The Country 3:00 Bargain

Hunt 4:00 Harry’s Practice

5:25 Miraculous: Tales

Of Ladybug And Cat

Noir 5:50 Total Drama-

Rama 6:00 Mikki Vs The World

6:30 Mindful Earth 7:00

Horrible Histories 7:30 Shaun

The Sheep 7:35 Doctor Who

(PG) 8:55 Danger Mouse 9:05

The Fairly OddParents

TV Guide: October 19-25

Your guide to the week’s television viewing

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30

Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “A Trick

Of The Mind” (M v) (’06) Stars: Alexandra

Holden 2:00 The Real Manhunter (M v) 3:00

The Chase UK (PG) 4:00 Seven News At 4

5:00 The Chase Australia (PG) 6:00 Seven

News 7:00 Home And Away (PG) 7:30 SAS

Australia (M) 9:00 Unbelievable Moments

Caught On Camera (M) 10:00 S.W.A.T. (M)

11:00 The Latest Seven News 11:30 The

Goldbergs (M v)

4:00 The Mike & Cole

Show (PG) 4:30 Down

East Dickering (PG)

5:30 Storage Wars (PG) 6:00

American Pickers (PG) 7:00

Pawn Stars (PG) 7:30 Highway

Patrol (PG) 8:30 Aussie

Salvage Squad (PG) 10:30

Outback Truckers (PG)

4:00 Afternoon Briefing

5:00 ABC News Hour

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC National News

8:00 China Tonight 8:30 ABC

News Tonight 8:45 The

Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:25 7.30 10:00 The

World 11:00 The Drum

6:00 Futurama (PG)

6:30 The Simpsons

(PG) 7:30 Family Guy

(M s) 8:00 American Dad (M s)

8:30 Movie: “Hitchhiker’s Guide

To The Galaxy” (PG) (’05)

Stars: Douglas Adams 10:45

Movie: “Sucker Punch” (M v)

(’11) Stars: Abbie Cornish

5:55 Octonauts 6:20

Bluey 7:00 Dino Dana

7:30 Spicks And

Specks 8:30 Adam Hills: The

Last Leg (M) 9:10 Ghosts (M)

9:40 This Time With Alan

Partridge (PG) 10:10 Frayed

(MA15+) 10:55 Doctor Who

(PG) 11:45 In The Long Run

6:00 Today 9:00 Today Extra (PG) 11:30

NINE’s Morning News 12:00 The Block (PG)

1:15 Explore 1:30 Good Food Kitchen 2:00

Pointless (PG) 3:00 Tipping Point (PG) 4:00

NINE’s Afternoon News 4:30 Millionaire Hot

Seat 5:30 WIN News 6:00 NINE News 7:00

A Current Affair (PG) 7:30 The Block (PG)

8:45 Love Island Australia (M) 9:45 Travel

Guides (PG) 10:45 NINE News Late 11:15

Reverie (M v) 12:05 Tipping Point (PG) 1:00

A Current Affair (PG) 1:30 Home Shopping

5:30 The Chefs’ Line

6:00 Pete And Pio’s Kai

Safari (PG) 6:30 African

Americans: Many Rivers To

Cross (PG) 7:30 The Point

8:00 Living Black (M) 8:30

Ghosts Of Ole Miss (PG) 9:30

Long Distance Revolutionary

11:30 The Point

6:00 Bake With Anna

Olson 6:30 Nigella

Feasts 7:00 The Cook

Up With Adam Liaw 7:30 Giada

Entertains 8:00 David Rocco’s

Dolce Africa 8:30 John

Torode’s Korean Food Tour

9:30 Luke Nguyen’s Greater


6:00 The Talk 7:00 Judge Judy (PG) 7:30

The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) 8:00

Studio 10 (PG) 12:00 Dr Phil (M) 1:00 The

Dog House Australia (PG) 2:00 Entertainment

Tonight 2:30 Farm To Fork 3:00 Judge

Judy (PG) 3:30 My Market Kitchen 4:00

Everyday Gourmet 4:30 The Bold And The

Beautiful (PG) 5:00 10 News First 6:30 The

Project (PG) 7:30 The Dog House Australia

(PG) 8:40 The Cheap Seats (M l) 9:35

NCIS: Los Angeles (M)

3:00 Diagnosis Murder

(PG) 5:00 JAG (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M v) 8:30

Blue Bloods (M) 10:25 NCIS:

New Orleans (M v) 12:15

Home Shopping 2:15 Movie:

“The Last Stand” (MA15+) (’13)

Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger

5:05 Takeshi’s Castle

(PG) 5:35 Shortland

Street (PG) 6:05

RocKwiz (M s) 7:05 Jeopardy!

(PG) 7:30 NITV News Update

7:35 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does

Countdown (M l,s) 8:30 Alone

(M) 9:45 Stacey Dooley: Back

On The Psych Ward (MA15+)

This week’s TV Guide brought to you by

Sydney Showground

1:00 The Big Bang

Theory (PG) 1:30

Seinfeld (PG) 3:00 The

King Of Queens (PG) 4:00

Becker (PG) 5:00 Frasier (PG)

6:00 Friends (PG) 6:30

Neighbours (PG) 7:00 Friends

(PG) 8:00 The Big Bang

Theory (PG) 9:30 Mom (M d,s)

5:00 Malcolm In The

Middle (PG) 6:00 The

Nanny (PG) 6:30 3rd

Rock From The Sun (PG) 7:00

That 70’s Show (PG) 7:30

Movie: “Ghost In The Shell”

(M n) (’17) Stars: Scarlett

Johansson 9:30 Movie: “Life”

(MA15+) (’17)

5:30 Worldwatch 1:00 PBS Newshour 2:15

The Story Of The Songs 3:10 Where Are

You Really From? (PG) 3:40 The Cook Up

With Adam Liaw (PG) 4:10 Secrets Of The

Queen’s Children (PG) 5:05 Jeopardy! (PG)

5:30 Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind

6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Great Canadian

Railroad Journeys (M) 8:30 Insight 9:30

Dateline 10:00 The Feed 10:30 SBS World

News 11:00 The Point 11:30 Before We Die

(M d) (In Swedish)

3:00 The Block (PG)

4:00 Log Cabin Living

4:30 Garage Gold 5:00

100 Day Dream Home 6:00

House Hunters International

7:00 House Hunters USA 7:30

Escape To The Chateau

Specials 8:30 Restoration Man

(PG) 9:30 Building Off The Grid

5:30 The Secret Life Of

The Zoo (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 New Tricks (PG) 8:40

Movie: “Thunderball” (PG) (’65)

Stars: Sean Connery 11:20

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

(M v) 11:50 Antiques

Roadshow 12:50 Explore

6:00 News Breakfast 9:00 ABC News 10:00

Don’t Stop The Music 11:00 The Repair

Shop 12:00 ABC News 12:30 National

Press Club Address 1:35 Media Watch (PG)

2:00 Parliament Question Time 3:15 ABC

News 4:05 Escape From The City 5:05

Grand Designs Australia (PG) 6:00 The

Drum 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Hard

Quiz (PG) 8:30 Gruen 9:05 Frayed (MA15+)

10:20 Adam Hills: The Last Leg (M l,s)

11:00 ABC Late News 11:15 The Business

1:00 Million Dollar

Minute 2:00 TBA 3:00

DVine Living (PG) 3:30

TBA 4:00 TBA 4:30 M*A*S*H

(PG) 5:30 Escape To The

Country 6:30 Bargain Hun 7:30

The Vicar Of Dibley (PG) 8:30

A Touch Of Frost (M n,v) 10:40

Bones (M v)

5:50 Total Drama-

Rama 6:00 Mikki Vs

The World 6:30 Are

You Tougher Than Your

Ancestors? 7:00 Horrible

Histories 7:30 Shaun The

Sheep 7:35 Doctor Who (PG)

8:25 Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles (PG)

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30

Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Wicked

Mom’s Club” (PG) (’17) Stars: Jessica

Blackmore 2:00 The Real Manhunter (M v)

3:00 The Chase UK (PG) 4:00 Seven News

At 4 5:00 The Chase Australia (PG) 6:00

Seven News 7:00 Home And Away (PG)

7:30 Highway Patrol - Dreadful Drivers (PG)

8:30 America’s Got Talent (PG) 9:30 The

Rookie (M d,v) 11:30 Chicago Fire (M)

12:30 Home Shopping

4:00 Al McGlashan’s

Fish’n With Mates (PG)

4:30 Down East

Dickering (PG) 5:30 Storage

Wars Texas (PG) 6:00

American Pickers (PG) 7:00

Pawn Stars (PG) 8:30 Fat

Pizza: Back In Business


4:00 Afternoon Briefing

5:00 ABC News Hour

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC National News

8:00 ABC News Tonight 8:45

The Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 7.30 10:00 The

World 11:00 The Drum 12:00

ABC Late News

6:00 Futurama (PG)

6:30 American Dad

(PG) 7:00 The

Simpsons (PG) 7:30 Family

Guy (M s) 8:00 American Dad

(M s,v) 8:30 Movie: “Passenger

57” (M l,v) (’92) Stars: Wesley

Snipes 10:15 Movie: “Blade”

(MA15+) (’98)

6:20 Bluey 7:00 Dino

Dana 7:30 Spicks And

Specks 8:00 Would I

Lie To You? (PG) 8:30 Art

Works 9:00 Step Into Paradise

(PG) 10:30 Doctor Who (PG)

11:10 Restoration Australia

12:10 Louis Theroux: Twilight

Of The Porn Stars (MA15+)

6:00 Today 9:00 Today Extra (PG) 11:30

NINE’s Morning News 12:00 The Block (PG)

1:15 Explore 1:30 Customs (PG) 2:00

Pointless (PG) 3:00 Tipping Point (PG) 4:00

NINE’s Afternoon News 4:30 Millionaire Hot

Seat 5:30 WIN News 6:00 NINE News 7:00

A Current Affair (PG) 7:30 The Block (PG)

8:40 Love Island Australia (M) 9:40 Botched

(M) 10:40 NINE News Late 11:10 5

Mistakes That Caught A Killer (MA15+)

12:05 Pearson (M) 1:00 A Current Affair (M)

6:00 Pete And Pio’s Kai

Safari (PG) 6:30 Off

The Grid With Pio 7:00

Our Stories (PG) 7:25 NITV

News Update 7:35 The

Casketeers (PG) 8:05

Wellington Paranormal (M)

8:35 Living Black (PG) 9:05

Red Earth Uncovered (PG)

6:00 Bake With Anna

Olson 6:30 Nigella

Feasts 7:00 The Cook

Up With Adam Liaw 7:30

License To Grill 8:30 Tom

Kerridge’s Barbeque 9:00 Food

Safari 9:30 Luke Nguyen’s

Greater Mekong 10:00 The

Cook Up With Adam Liaw

6:00 The Talk 7:00 Judge Judy (PG) 7:30

The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) 8:00

Studio 10 (PG) 12:00 Dr Phil (PG) 1:00

Making It Australia 2:30 Entertainment

Tonight 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 My

Market Kitchen 4:00 Everyday Gourmet 4:30

The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) 5:00 10

News First 6:30 The Project (PG) 7:30 The

Bachelorette Australia (PG) 9:15 Bull (M)

11:15 The Project (PG) 12:15 The Late

Show (PG) 1:00 Home Shopping

3:00 Diagnosis Murder

(PG) 5:00 JAG (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M v) 8:30

NCIS: Los Angeles (M) 11:15

Seal Team 12:10 Home

Shopping 2:10 48 Hours (M)

3:10 NCIS (M) 4:05 Diagnosis

Murder (M)

5:35 Shortland Street

(PG) 6:05 RocKwiz (M

s) 7:05 Jeopardy! (PG)

7:30 NITV News Update 7:35 8

Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

(M l,s) 8:30 HIV: The

Neglected Pandemic (M) 10:10

Our African Roots: Australia

Uncovered (M)

1:00 2 Broke Girls (PG)

2:00 Mom (M) 3:00 The

King Of Queens (PG)

4:00 Becker (PG) 5:00 Frasier

(PG) 6:00 Friends (PG) 6:30

Neighbours (PG) 7:00 Friends

(PG) 8:00 The Big Bang

Theory (PG) 9:20 2 Broke Girls

(M s)

6:00 The Nanny (PG)

6:30 3rd Rock From The

Sun (PG) 7:00 That 70’s

Show (PG) 7:30 Movie: “Robin

Hood: Men In Tights” (PG) (’93)

Stars: Mel Brooks 9:40 Movie:

“National Lampoon’s Animal

House” (M) (’78) Stars: John


5:30 Worldwatch 1:00 PBS Newshour 2:00

Dateline 2:30 Insight 3:40 The Cook Up

With Adam Liaw (PG) 4:10 Secrets Of The

Queen’s Children (PG) 5:05 Jeopardy! (PG)

5:30 Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind

6:30 SBS World News 7:30 Australia’s

Health Revolution (M) 8:35 24 Hours In

Emergency (M) 9:30 New Gold Mountain

(M d,l,v) 10:35 SBS World News 11:05

Atlantic Crossing (M v) (In Norwegian/

English) 12:05 The Killing (M l) (In Danish)

3:00 The Block (PG)

4:00 Log Cabin Living

4:30 Garage Gold 5:00

Escape To The Chateau

Specials 6:00 House Hunters

International 7:00 House

Hunters USA 7:30 Masters Of

Flip 8:30 Home Town 9:30

Beachfront Bargain Hunt Reno

5:30 The Secret Life Of

The Zoo (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 As Time Goes By (PG)

8:40 Movie: “You Only Live

Twice” (PG) (’67) Stars: Sean

Connery 11:05 House (M)

12:05 Antiques Roadshow

12:30 My Favourite Martian

6:00 News Breakfast 9:00 ABC News 10:00

Australian Story 10:30 The Greek Islands

With Julia Bradbury 11:00 Kumi’s Japan

12:00 ABC News 1:00 Hard Quiz (PG) 1:25

How Extra (PG) 2:00 Parliament Question

Time 3:15 ABC News 4:10 Escape From

The City 5:10 Grand Designs Australia (PG)

6:00 The Drum 6:55 Sammy J (PG) 7:00

ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00 Foreign

Correspondent 8:35 Q&A 9:35 Secrets Of

The Museum 10:25 You Can’t Ask That (M)

4:30 M*A*S*H (PG)

5:30 Escape To The

Country 6:30 Bargain

Hunt 7:30 Father Brown (M v)

8:30 Inspector Morse (M l,v)

10:50 Murdoch Mysteries (M v)

11:50 Father Brown (M) 12:50

M*A*S*H (PG) 2:00 The Fine

Art Auction

5:50 Total DramaRama

6:00 Mikki Vs The

World 6:30 Mindful

Earth 7:10 The Mindfulness

Tool Kit 7:30 Shaun The

Sheep 7:35 Doctor Who (PG)

8:20 Teenage Mutant Ninja

Turtles 8:45 Danger Mouse

8:55 The Fairly OddParents

6:00 Sunrise 9:00 The Morning Show 11:30

Seven Morning News 12:00 Movie: “Drew

Peterson: Untouchable” (M s,v) (’12) Stars:

Rob Lowe 2:00 Kochie’s Business Builders

2:30 Border Security - International (PG)

3:00 The Chase UK (PG) 4:00 Seven News

At 4 5:00 The Chase Australia (PG) 6:00

Seven News 7:00 Home And Away (PG)

8:30 America’s Got Talent (PG) 10:30 The

Latest Seven News 11:00 Chicago Fire (M)

12:00 Black-ish (PG) 12:30 Home Shopping

4:00 Al McGlashan’s

Fish’n With Mates (PG)

4:30 Down East

Dickering (PG) 5:30 Storage

Wars Texas (PG) 6:00

American Pickers (PG) 7:00

Pawn Stars (PG) 7:30 Movie:

“Alien” (M l,v) (’79) Stars:

Sigourney Weaver

4:00 Afternoon Briefing

5:00 ABC News Hour

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC National News

8:00 ABC News Tonight 8:45

The Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 7.30 10:00 The

World 11:00 The Drum 12:00

ABC Late News

6:00 Futurama (PG)

6:30 American Dad

(PG) 7:00 The

Simpsons (PG) 7:30 Family

Guy (M d,s) 8:00 American

Dad (M v) 8:30 Movie: “Easy A”

(M s) (’10) Stars: Emma Stone

10:30 Movie: “Sweet

November” (M s) (’00)

5:55 Octonauts 6:20

Bluey 7:00 Dino Dana

7:30 Spicks And

Specks 8:30 Penn And Teller:

Fool Us (PG) 9:10 Hard Quiz

(PG) 9:40 Gruen 10:15 Doctor

Who (PG) 11:05 You Can’t Ask

That (PG) 11:40 The Six:

Titanic’s Last Secret (PG)

6:00 Today 9:00 Today Extra (PG) 11:30

NINE’s Morning News 12:00 The Block (PG)

1:10 Talking Honey (PG) 1:30 Customs

(PG) 2:00 Pointless (PG) 3:00 Tipping Point

(PG) 4:00 NINE’s Afternoon News 5:00

Millionaire Hot Seat 6:00 NINE News 7:00 A

Current Affair (PG) 7:30 Paramedics (PG)

8:30 Love Island Australia (M) 9:30 Love

Island Australia Afterparty (M) 10:00 NINE

News Late 10:30 Reported Missing (M)

11:45 The Fix (M) 12:35 Tipping Point (PG)

6:00 Pete And Pio’s Kai

Safari (PG) 6:30 Off

The Grid With Pio 7:00

Our Stories 7:20 NITV News

Update 7:30 Going Places

With Ernie Dingo (PG) 8:30

Movie: “Strangerland” (MA15+)

(’15) Stars: Nicole Kidman

10:30 The Point

6:00 Bake With Anna

Olson 6:30 Nigella

Feasts 7:00 The Cook

Up With Adam Liaw 7:30 Our

Food, Our Family 8:00 India

Unplated 8:30 Adam & Poh’s

Malaysia In Australia 9:00

Barefoot Contessa: Back To


6:00 The Talk 7:00 Judge Judy (PG) 7:30

The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) 8:00

Studio 10 (PG) 12:00 Dr Phil (PG) 1:00 TBA

2:45 Entertainment Tonight 3:00 Judge Judy

(PG) 3:30 My Market Kitchen 4:00 Everyday

Gourmet 4:30 The Bold And The Beautiful

(PG) 5:00 10 News First 6:30 The Project

(PG) 7:30 The Bachelorette Australia (PG)

8:40 Gogglebox (PG) 9:40 TBA 10:40 Blue

Bloods (M v) 11:40 The Project (PG) 12:40

The Late Show (PG) 1:30 Home Shopping

3:00 Diagnosis Murder

(PG) 5:00 JAG (PG)

7:00 Bondi Rescue

(PG) 7:30 NCIS (M v) 8:30

Hawaii Five-0 (M v) 10:30 Seal

Team (M v) 11:30 MacGyver

(M v) 12:30 Home Shopping

2:00 Elementary (M) 3:00

NCIS (M v)

5:35 Shortland Street

(PG) 6:05 RocKwiz (M

s) 7:05 Jeopardy! (PG)

7:30 NITV News Update 7:35 8

Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown

(M l,s) 8:30 The Curse Of

Oak Island (M l) 10:00 Dave

Gorman: Modern Life Is

Goodish (M) 10:55 The Feed

1:00 2 Broke Girls (M)

2:00 Mom (M) 3:00 The

King Of Queens (PG)

4:00 Becker (PG) 5:00 Frasier

(PG) 6:00 Friends (PG) 6:30

Neighbours (PG) 7:00 Friends

(PG) 8:00 The Big Bang

Theory (PG) 9:30 The Unicorn

(PG) 10:00 Seinfeld (PG)

5:00 Malcolm In The

Middle (PG) 6:00 The

Nanny (PG) 6:30 3rd

Rock From The Sun (PG) 7:00

That 70’s Show (PG) 7:30

Survivor 41 USA (M) 8:30

Movie: “Cast Away” (M) (’00)

Stars: Tom Hanks 11:20

World’s Worst Flights (M) )

5:30 Worldwatch 1:00 PBS Newshour 2:15

The Story Of The Songs (PG) 3:10 Where

Are You Really From? (PG) 3:40 The Cook

Up With Adam Liaw (PG) 4:10 Secrets Of

The Railway (PG) 5:05 Jeopardy! (PG) 5:30

Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind 6:30

SBS World News 7:35 Coastal Devon And

Cornwall With Michael Portillo (PG) 8:35

Billion Pound Bond Street (PG) 9:30 New

Gold Mountain (M d,l,v) 10:35 SBS World

News 11:05 Gomorrah (MA15+) (In Italian)

3:00 The Block (PG)

4:00 Log Cabin Living

4:30 Garage Gold 5:00

Beachfront Bargain Hunt

Renovation 6:00 House

Hunters International 7:00

House Hunters USA 7:30

House Hunters International

8:30 Fixer Upper (PG)

5:30 The Secret Life Of

The Zoo (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 Death In Paradise (PG)

8:40 Movie: “On Her Majesty’s

Secret Service” (PG) (’69)

Stars: George Lazenby 11:40

Law & Order (M) 12:35

Antiques Roadshow


Classifications: (G) General, (PG) Parental Guidance, (M) Mature Audiences, (MA15+) Mature Audience Over 15 Years

Consumer Advice: (d) drug references, (s) sexual references or sex scenes (h) horror, (l) language, (mp) medical procedures, (n) nudity, (v) violence

Monday 25 October

Friday 22 October

Saturday 23 October

Sunday 24 October

12:00 ABC News 1:00 Foreign Correspondent

1:30 Sherlock (M v) 3:00 ABC News

4:10 Escape From The City 5:10 Grand

Designs Australia (PG) 6:00 The Drum 7:00

ABC News 7:30 Gardening Australia 8:30

Annika (M v) 9:20 The Accident (M l,s,v)

10:10 Talking Heads (PG) 10:45 ABC Late

News 11:00 The Vaccine 11:20 Gruen

7:30 Border Security

International (PG) 8:30

Martin Clunes: Islands

Of America (PG) 9:30 Billy

Connolly’s Tracks Across

America (PG)

12:00 Movie: “Dark Angel” (M) (’19) Stars:

Annalise Basso 2:00 House Of Wellness

(PG) 3:00 The Chase UK (PG) 4:00 Seven

News At 4 5:00 The Chase Australia (PG)

6:00 Seven News 7:00 Better Homes And

Gardens 8:30 Movie: “Interstellar” (M l) (’14)

Stars: Ellen Burstyn 12:00 Marvel’s Agents

Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (M v) 1:00 Home Shopping

6:20 Movie: “Wild

Hogs” (PG) (’07) Stars:

Martin Lawrence 8:30

Movie: “Die Hard 4.0” (AKA

’Live Free Or Die Hard’) (M l,v)

(’07) Stars: Bruce Willis

6:40 Movie: “Inside

Out” (PG) (’15) Stars:

Amy Poehler 8:30

Movie: “Pelican Brief” (M l,v)

(’93) Stars: Julia Roberts 11:30

Bridezillas (M l)

12:00 Movie: “The Wrong Patient” (M v)

(’18) 1:45 Talking Honey (PG) 2:00

Pointless (PG) 3:00 Tipping Point (PG) 4:00

NINE’s Afternoon News 5:00 Millionaire Hot

Seat 6:00 NINE News 7:00 A Current Affair

(PG) 7:30 Taronga: Who’s Who In The Zoo

(PG) 8:30 Movie: “Dolittle” (PG) (’20) Stars:

Robert Downey Jr. 10:30 TBA

7:30 Movie: “The Silver

Brumby” (PG) (’93)

Stars: Caroline Goodall

9:10 First Nation Bedtime

Stories (PG) 9:20 Ghosts Of

Our Forests (M d)

12:00 Dr Phil (PG) 2:00 The Living Room

3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 My Market

Kitchen 4:00 Everyday Gourmet 4:30 The

Bold And The Beautiful (PG) 5:00 10 News

First 6:30 The Project (PG) 7:30 The Living

Room 8:30 The Graham Norton Show (PG)

9:30 TBA 10:30 The Montreal Comedy

Festival (MA15+) 11:30 The Project (PG)

5:00 JAG (PG) 7:00

Bondi Rescue (PG)

7:30 NCIS (M) 8:30

Law & Order: SVU (M) 10:30

Matildas: Countdown To India


5:00 Frasier (PG) 6:00

Friends (PG) 8:00 The

Big Bang Theory (PG)

9:30 Movie: “License To Wed”

(M s) (’07) Stars: John


2:05 The Story Of The Songs (PG) 3:00

NITV News: Nula 3:40 The Cook Up With

Adam Liaw (PG) 4:10 Secrets Of The

Railway (PG) 5:05 Jeopardy! (PG) 5:30

Letters And Numbers 6:00 Mastermind 6:30

SBS World News 7:35 Legends Of The

Pharaohs (PG) 8:30 Hunting Hitler’s

U-Boats (PG) 10:30 SBS World News

6:00 House Hunters

International 7:00

House Hunters USA

7:30 Maine Cabin Masters

(PG) 8:30 Barnwood Builders

9:30 Building Off The Grid (PG)

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021

6:00 Mikki Vs The

World 6:30 Are You

Tougher Than Your

Ancestors? 7:00 Dino Time

8:20 Good Game Spawn Point

(PG) 8:40 Sword Art Online

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC

National News 7:45

The Vaccine 8:00 Planet

America 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 Close Of Business

7:00 Dino Dana 7:30

Spicks And Specks

8:00 Hard Quiz (PG)

8:30 Movie: “The Girl On The

Train” (M n,s,v) (’16) Stars:

Emily Blunt

7:00 The Cook Up With

Adam Liaw 7:30 River

Cottage Australia 8:30

Jamie’s Food Escapes 9:30

Luke Nguyen’s Greater


7:30 NITV News

Update 7:35 8 Out Of

10 Cats Does

Countdown (M l,s) 8:30

Hoarders (M l) 9:20 Monica

And Sex (M s) (In Spanish)

7:30 Movie: “Mr & Mrs

Smith” (M s,v) (’05)

Stars: Angelina Jolie

10:00 Movie: “Jumper” (M l,v)

(’08) Stars: Hayden


5:30 The Secret Life Of

The Zoo (PG) 6:30

Antiques Roadshow

7:30 Saved And Remade 8:30

Movie: “Diamonds Are Forever”

(PG) (’71) Stars: Sean Connery

12:00 ABC News 12:30 Annika (M v) 1:30

Midsomer Murders (M d,v) 3:00 Restoration

Australia (PG) 4:00 Dream Gardens (PG)

4:25 Landline 4:55 Rick Stein’s Road To

Mexico (PG) 6:00 Monty Don’s French

Gardens 7:00 ABC News 7:30 Grantchester

(PG) 8:20 Shetland (M l,v) 9:15 Fires (M l)

10:10 Call The Midwife (M)

6:00 Home Shopping 7:00 Weekend

Sunrise 10:00 The Morning Show 12:00

Seven’s Horse Racing 5:30 Border Security

- Australia’s Front Line (PG) 6:00 Seven

News 7:00 Movie: “Harry Potter And The

Goblet Of Fire” (M h,v) (’05) Stars: Daniel

Radcliffe 10:00 Movie: “The Wolverine”

(M l,v) (’13) Stars: Hugh Jackman

1:30 My Way 2:00 Taronga: Who’s Who In

The Zoo (PG) 3:00 The Block (PG) 4:30 The

Garden Gurus 5:00 NINE News: First At

Five 5:30 Getaway (PG) 6:00 NINE News

Saturday 7:00 A Current Affair (PG) 7:30

Movie: “Mamma Mia!” (PG) (’08) Stars:

Meryl Streep 9:40 Movie: “Pitch Perfect 2”

(PG) (’15) Stars: Anna Kendrick

12:00 The Living Room 1:00 TBA 2:10 My

Market Kitchen 2:30 Australia By Design

3:00 What’s Up Down Under 3:30 Everyday

Gourmet 4:00 Farm To Fork (PG) 4:30

Taste Of Australia 5:00 10 News First 6:00

Making It Australia 7:00 Football: Women’s

International: Matildas v Brazil *Live* 10:00

Ambulance UK (M d) 12:00 TBA

2:05 Motor Sports 3:00 Athletics: Marathon

De Paris Highlights 4:00 Escalation 4:30

Five Billion Pound Super Sewer (PG) 5:40

The Buildings That Fought Hitler (PG) 6:30

SBS World News 7:35 Celebrity Letters And

Numbers (M) 8:35 Dambusters With Dan

Snow (PG) 9:30 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does

Countdown (M l,s)

7:30 The Yorkshire Vet

(PG) 8:30 Escape To

The Country 11:30

Super Garden (PG) 12:45 The

Fine Art Auction 4:00


3:30 Cricket: WBBL:

Sydney Thunder v

Sydney Sixers *Live*

7:00 Cricket: WBBL: Perth

Scorchers v Melbourne

Renegades *Live*

7:00 Movie:

“Something’s Gotta

Give” (PG) (’03) Stars:

Diane Keaton 9:35 Movie:

“Dave” (PG) (’93) Stars: Kevin


7:30 NITV News

Update 7:40 Through

The Wormhole (PG)

8:30 Movie: “Cooties” (M) (’14)

Stars: Elijah Wood 10:05 Good

Grief (PG) 12:05 Bamay

5:00 Reel Action 5:30

Scorpion (PG) 7:30

NCIS (M) 8:30 NCIS:

New Orleans (M v) 10:20

MacGyver 11:20 CSI: Crime

Scene Investigation (M s,v)

3:00 Friends (PG) 6:00

The Big Bang Theory

(PG) 9:45 2 Broke Girls

(PG) 10:15 Nancy Drew (M s,v)

12:10 Home Shopping 1:40 2

Broke Girls (PG)

6:30 Log Cabin Living

7:30 Escape To The

Chateau (PG) 8:30

House Hunters USA 9:30

House Hunters International

10:30 House Hunters Reno

6:00 Mikki Vs The

World 6:30 Top Jobs

For Dogs 7:00 Horrible

Histories (PG) 7:35 Doctor

Who (PG) 8:25 Teenage

Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG)

6:00 ABC Evening

News 6:30 ABC News

Regional 7:00 ABC

National News 7:30 Australian

Story 8:00 ABC News Tonight

8:10 Four Corners

7:00 Grace’s Amazing

Machines 7:30 Spicks

And Specks (PG) 8:20

Live At The Apollo (M) 9:05

The Stand Up Sketch Show

(M l) 9:30 Sammy J (PG)

7:00 South Africa With

Gregg Wallace 7:30

Hairy Bikers’ Asian

Adventure 8:35 Ainsley’s Food

We Love 9:30 Anthony

Bourdain: Parts Unknown

8:30 Sydney’s Super

Tunnel 9:30 The X-

Files (MA15+) 12:00

Dateline 12:30 Insight 1:30

Stacey Dooley: Sex Offenders

(MA15+) 2:35 France 24 News

7:00 Movie: “Jurassic

Park III” (PG) (’01)

Stars: Sam Neill 8:45

Movie: “John Wick” (M) (’14)

Stars: Keanu Reeves 10:45

Movie: “The Big Hit” (M) (’98)

7:30 Movie: “Live And

Let Die” (PG) (’73)

Stars: Jane Seymour

10:00 Movie: “In The Heat Of

The Night” (M l,s,v) (’67) Stars:

Sidney Poitier

12:00 ABC News 12:30 Landline 1:30

Gardening Australia 2:30 Rick Stein’s Road

To Mexico (PG) 3:30 Todd Sampson’s Life

On The Line (PG) 4:00 Secrets Of The

Museum (PG) 5:00 Art Works 5:30 Antiques

Roadshow 6:30 Back Roads 7:00 ABC

News Sunday 7:40 Restoration Australia

8:40 Fires (M) 9:30 We Hunt Together (M)

12:00 House Of Wellness (PG) 1:00 Border

Security - International (PG) 1:30 Cricket:

WBBL: Sydney Sixers v Melbourne

Renegades *Live* 5:00 Seven News At 5

5:30 Sydney Weekender 6:00 Seven News

7:00 7News Spotlight (PG) 8:00 Border

Security - Australia’s Front Line (PG) 8:30

TBA 10:30 Criminal Confessions (MA15+)

12:00 Ultimate Rush (PG) 12:30 World’s

Greatest Islands (PG) 1:30 The Block (PG)

5:00 NINE News: First At Five 5:30 RBT

(PG) 6:00 NINE News Sunday 7:00 The

Block (PG) 8:30 60 Minutes (M) 9:30 NINE

News Late 10:00 The First 48 (M) 11:00

Cold Case - New Leads Wanted (MA15+)

11:50 Chicago Med (M)

2:00 The People’s Cup - Lexus Melbourne

Cup Tour 2:30 My Market Kitchen 3:00

Good Chef Bad Chef 3:30 TBA 4:30 Farm

To Fork 5:00 10 News First 6:30 The

Sunday Project (PG) 7:30 Celebrity Master-

Chef Australia (PG) 9:10 CSI: Vegas (M)

10:10 FBI (M) 11:10 The Sunday Project

(PG) 12:00 Home Shopping

1:00 Speedweek 3:00 Gymnastics:

Rhythmic 4:40 Going Places With Ernie

Dingo (PG) 5:10 Small Business Secrets

(PG) 5:40 The Buildings That Fought Hitler

(PG) 6:30 SBS World News 7:35 Inside

Central Station (M) 8:30 Australia

Uncovered (PG) 10:00 Scotland: Rome’s

Final Frontier 10:10 Untold Australia (PG)

5:30 TBA 6:00 TBA

6:30 TBA 7:00 Border

Security - Australia’s

Front Line (PG) 8:30 Chris

Tarrant’s Extreme Railway

Journeys (PG)

5:00 Cricket: WBBL:

Perth Scorchers v

Sydney Thunder *Live*

8:30 Movie: “Batman v

Superman: Dawn Of Justice”

(M l,v) (’16) Stars: Ben Affleck

7:00 The Voice USA

(PG) 9:00 Ramsay’s 24

Hours To Hell And

Back (M l) 10:00 Ramsay’s

Kitchen Nightmares UK (M l)

11:00 Ramsay’s Kitchen USA

7:30 NITV News

Update 7:40 First

Australians (PG) 8:40

Another Country (PG) 10:05

The Fifth Region (PG) 11:00

Warburdar Bununu (PG)

5:00 I Fish (PG) 5:30

Bondi Rescue (PG)

6:00 JAG (PG) 7:00

Bondi Rescue (PG) 7:30 NCIS

(M v) 9:30 Star Trek: Discovery

(M v)

2:30 Friends (PG) 6:00

The Big Bang Theory

(PG) 8:30 The

Neighborhood (PG) 9:30 2

Broke Girls (M) 11:30 Mom (M)

12:00 Home Shopping

6:30 House Hunters

International 7:30 Good

Bones (PG) 8:30 A

Sale Of Two Cities 9:30 My

Lottery Dream Home (PG)

10:30 Fixer To Fabulous

7:00 Horrible Histories

(PG) 7:35 Doctor Who

8:25 Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtles (PG) 8:55 The

Fairly OddParents 9:20 Find

Me In Paris

6:00 ABC Evening

News 6:30 Movin’ To

The Country 7:00 ABC

News Sunday 7:40 The

Beautiful Bush 8:00 Insiders

9:00 ABC Nightly News

7:00 Grace’s Amazing

Machines 7:30 Spicks

And Specks 8:00

Compass 8:30 Louis Theroux:

Law & Disorder In Philadelphia


7:00 India Unplated

7:30 Exploring China: A

Culinary Adventure

8:35 Rick Stein’s Far Eastern

Odyssey 9:45 Anthony

Bourdain: Parts Unknown

7:45 UnXplained With

William Shatner (M)

8:30 The Tesla Files

9:20 Criminal Planet (M d)

10:10 Dark Side Of The Ring

(M l)

7:30 Movie: “Pacific

Rim: Uprising” (M) (’18)

Stars: Cailee Spaeny

9:45 Movie: “Atomic Blonde”

(MA15+) (’17) Stars: Charlize


7:30 Agatha Raisin

(PG) 8:30 Movie: “The

Man With The Golden

Gun” (PG) (’74) Stars: Roger

Moore 11:05 Chicago Fire


12:00 ABC News 1:00 Shetland (PG) 2:00

Parliament Question Time 3:15 ABC News

4:05 Escape From The City (PG) 5:05

Grand Designs Australia (PG) 6:00 The

Drum 7:00 ABC News 7:30 7.30 8:00

Australian Story 8:30 Four Corners 9:15

Media Watch (PG) 9:35 The Detectives (M)

10:35 ABC Late News 10:50 The Business

12:00 Movie: “One Small Indiscretion” (M)

(’17) Stars: Ashley Scott 2:00 TBA 3:00 The

Chase UK (PG) 4:00 Seven News At 4 5:00

The Chase Australia (PG) 6:00 Seven News

7:00 Home And Away (PG) 7:30 SAS

Australia (M) 9:00 Movie: “Cold Pursuit”

(MA15+) (’19) Stars: Liam Neeson 11:30

The Goldbergs (PG)

12:00 The Block (PG) 1:30 Getaway (PG)

2:00 Pointless (PG) 3:00 Tipping Point (PG)

4:00 NINE’s Afternoon News 5:00 Millionaire

Hot Seat 6:00 NINE News 7:00 A Current

Affair (PG) 7:30 The Block (PG) 8:45 Love

Island Australia (M) 9:45 Kath & Kim (PG)

10:55 NINE News Late 11:25 New

Amsterdam (M) 12:10 Tipping Point (PG)

12:00 Dr Phil (M) 1:00 TBA 2:40 Entertainment

Tonight 3:00 Judge Judy (PG) 3:30 My

Market Kitchen 4:00 Everyday Gourmet 4:30

The Bold And The Beautiful (PG) 5:00 10

News First 6:30 The Project (PG) 7:30

Celebrity MasterChef Australia (PG) 8:40

Have You Been Paying Attention? (MA15+)

9:40 Just For Laughs Uncut (MA15+)

2:00 Inside Central Station (M) 3:00 Where

Are You Really From? (PG) 3:35 The Cook

Up With Adam Liaw (PG) 4:05 The Supervet

(PG) 5:05 Jeopardy! (PG) 5:30 Letters And

Numbers 6:00 Mastermind 6:30 SBS World

News 7:35 Britain’s Most Historic Towns

(PG) 8:30 Saved By A Stranger (M) 9:30 24

Hours In Emergency (M)

6:30 Bargain Hunt 7:30

Doc Martin (M) 8:30

The Inspector Lynley

Mysteries (M v) 10:30 Cold

Case (M v) 12:30 M*A*S*H


7:00 Pawn Stars (PG)

7:30 American Pickers

(PG) 8:30 Movie: “Red”

(M l,v) (’10) Stars: Bruce Willis

10:50 Movie: “Jonah Hex” (M)

(’10) Stars: Josh Brolin

6:00 Futurama: A

Pharaoh To Remember

(PG) 6:30 The

Simpsons (PG) 7:30 The Voice

USA (PG) 8:30 Movie: “Focus”

(M v) (’15) Stars: Will Smith

7:30 Road Open 7:40

Through The Wormhole

(PG) 8:30 Living Black

9:00 Cold Justice (M) 10:00

NITV News Update 10:10 Te

Ao With Moana

5:00 JAG (PG) 7:00

Bondi Rescue (PG)

7:30 NCIS (M) 10:20

Formula 1 United States Grand

Prix Highlights 11:20 Star Trek:

Discovery (M v)

5:00 Frasier (PG) 6:00

Friends (PG) 6:30

Neighbours (PG) 7:00

Friends (PG) 8:00 The Big

Bang Theory (PG) 9:30

Seinfeld (PG)

6:00 House Hunters

International 7:00

House Hunters USA

9:00 Renovate Or Rebuild

10:00 100 Day Dream Home

11:00 Selling The Big Easy

7:00 Horrible Histories

7:35 Doctor Who (PG)

8:25 Teenage Mutant

Ninja Turtles (PG) 8:55 The

Fairly OddParents 9:45 School

Of Rock (PG) 10:10 rage (PG)

6:00 ABC Evening

News 7:00 ABC

National News 8:00

ABC News Tonight 8:45 The

Business 9:00 ABC Nightly

News 9:30 7.30

7:00 Dino Dana 7:30

Spicks And Specks

8:00 QI (PG) 8:30

David Attenborough’s Rise Of

Animals (PG) 9:35 George

Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

7:00 The Cook Up With

Adam Liaw 7:30 Jamie

& Jimmy’s Food Fight

Club 8:30 Rick Stein’s Cornwall

9:35 Luke Nguyen’s Greater


7:35 8 Out Of 10 Cats

Does Countdown (M

l,s) 8:30 Taskmaster

(M l) 9:20 Hypothetical (M)

10:10 New Gold Mountain

(M d,l,v)

7:00 That 70’s Show

(PG) 7:30 RBT (PG)

8:30 Movie: “Jupiter

Ascending” (M v) (’15) Stars:

Channing Tatum 11:00 World’s

Worst Flights (PG)

7:30 Poirot (PG) 8:40

Movie: “The Spy Who

Loved Me” (M v) (’77)

Stars: Roger Moore 11:15 Law

& Order: Criminal Intent (M v)

12:10 The Enemy Within (M)

Programming information correct at time of going to press, changes are at the network’s discretion

Prepared by National Typesetting Services


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Tuesday, October 19, 2021



1. Float on breeze

4. Unconscious (of fact)

8. Festive occasion

11. Flabby cheeks

13. Skyfall’s 007, Daniel


15. Abscond with lover

17. US spy group (1,1,1)

18. Quick bite to eat

20. Title of respect

21. Tennis champ, ...


24. Wedge

27. Ballet sequence, ...

de deux

28. Worship

30. Singer, ... Lennox

31. Muscular guys (2-3)

33. Atilt

34. Lets

35. Stare stupidly

36. Gallivants

39. Shadowed

42. Started

44. Soft cheese

45. Plane detector

46. Experiment rooms

48. Bawled

49. Personal annoyance,

pet ...

50. Orange skin

52. Wrote on keyboard

54. Spruce & tidy

55. 1988 Olympics city

56. Least moist

57. ... & lasses

60. Cars drive on this

62. Complied

65. St Francis of ...

67. Stone builder

69. Ownership documents

70. Seconds in a minute

72. Spoilsport, ... blanket

73. Attachment (3-2)

75. False beliefs

77. Computer port type


79. Choose & follow


81. Yes in Paris

82. Perceive

84. Japanese fruit, ...


85. Method

86. It is, ... are

87. Female bard

88. Out of

Last week’s solution


1. Troubles

2. Norwegian inlet

3. Lid

4. Exploited

5. Rise

6. Thorny shrub

7. Reverberate

8. Card game, ... rummy

9. Open-mouthed

10. Calls upon

12. Loses intensity, ... off

14. Skewwhiff

16. Jungle vine

19. Beaten with rod

22. Dame ... Melba

23. Forest patroller

25. Assistant

26. Of a choir

29. Acorn bearer (3,4)

32. Monosodium

glutamate (1,1,1)

35. Ice age, ... period

37. Valuable quality

38. Soaked

40. PAs

41. Actress, ... Hannah

42. Founded

43. Scruffs of necks

44. Two-footed

47. Children’s writer, ...


51. Fable

52. Dinner jacket

53. Formal

54. Fairly recent

58. Meant

59. Mayday (1,1,1)

61. Yawning gulf

63. Sailing craft

64. Signify

65. Esteem

66. Carrie actress, ...


68. Like-minded (2,3)

71. Radio frequency


72. Covet

74. Small drop

76. Hurl

78. Roof timber

80. Salary

83. Folklore creature

Crossword and Word Search brought to you by

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

11 12 13 14

15 16 17 18 19

20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

28 29 30 31 32

33 34

35 36 37 38

39 40 41 42 43

44 45 46 47

48 49

50 51 52 53 54

55 56

0428 204 739 |

57 58 59 60 61

62 63 64 65 66

67 68 69 70 71

72 73 74 75 76 77 78

79 80 81 82 83

84 85

86 87 88

Sudoku brought to you by Merrylands Chamber of Commerce

0428 204 739


Fill in all squares so each row,

column and each of the nine

3 x 3 squares contain all digits

from one to nine.

Last week’s Sudoku solution


Crossword and Word Search brought to you by

0428 204 739 |

parra news »

Word Search

Find all the words listed hidden

in the grid of letters. They can be

found in straight lines up, down,

forwards, backwards or even


Theme: HOUSE

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
























Last week’s Word Search


Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge about

Elvis Presley in our special

trivia quiz this week.

1. In what year was Elvis Presley


2. How many children did

Elvis Presley have?

3. In what year did Elvis Presley

release his first studio


4. True or false: Elvis Presley is

the best-selling solo music

artist of all time?

5. What was the title of the last

single Elvis Presley released

before his death?

6. Which magazine published

a picture of Elvis Presley’s

body after his death?


1. 1935

2. One

3. 1956

4. True

5. ‘way Down’

6. National Enquirer

The Merrylands Chamber is the

main Chamber operating across

the Cumberland LGA.

The Chamber represents

predominantly small and medium

sized businesses in the LGA but

also several large businesses.

If you have any queries or

want to become a member

Please call:

0428 204 739

or Email:

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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At the movies...



The Last Duel

Ron’s Gone Wrong

2 hours, 33 minutes 1 hour, 36 minutes

parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021

From Twentieth Century Studios

and visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott

comes ‘The Last Duel’, a gripping tale of

betrayal and vengeance set against the

brutality and female oppression of 14th

century France.

The historical epic, which is based on

actual events depicted in The Last Duel

by Eric Jager, stars Oscar winner Matt

Damon and two-time Academy Award

nominee Adam Driver as quarrelling

lords, both of noble birth, whose grievances

must be resolved in a duel to the


The film, which also stars Oscar

winner Ben Affleck and Emmy winner

Jodie Comer, is directed by four-time

Academy Award nominee Ridley Scott

from a screenplay by Affleck, Damon

and Oscar nominee Nicole Holofcener.

‘The Last Duel’ is produced by Scott,

Kevin Walsh, Jennifer Fox and Holofcener.

‘The Last Duel’ opened on October 14.

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ is the story of

Barney, a socially awkward middleschooler

and Ron, his new walking,

talking, digitally-connected device,

which is supposed to be his “Best Friend

out of the Box”.

Ron’s hilarious malfunctions set

against the backdrop of the social

media age, launch them into an actionpacked

journey in which boy and robot

come to terms with the wonderful

messiness of true friendship.

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ features the

voices of Zach Galifianakis, Jack Dylan

Grazer, Olivia Colman, Ed Helms,

Justice Smith, Rob Delaney, Kylie

Cantrall, Ricardo Hurtado, Marcus

Scribner, and Thomas Barbusca.

The film is directed by Pixar veteran

Jean-Philippe Vine and Locksmith

co-founder Sarah Smith with Octavio

Rodriguez co-directing.

‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ is due to open on

October 28.

See these movies at...


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relocation and reuse of Willow Grove house. We invite nominations

from community members to be a part of the WG-CRG.

We are looking for people who

are a local resident and/or landowner in the Parramatta area

are interested in the Willow Grove project

can represent and communicate the interests of the Parramatta


for monthly meetings thereafter

will follow the committee’s code of conduct (which will be agreed

How to apply


Please email your application to WG-CRG facilitator Kylie Cochrane





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Optus plan to install a new Mobile Phone Base Station on the

existing lattice tower at 18 Meckiff Avenue NORTH ROCKS NSW

2151. The proposal involves the installation of:

electrical works.

Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities)

Determination 2018.

Mobile Phone Base Station

Deployment Code 2020

about the proposal.



Wednesday 10 November 2021.



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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


LandCruiser’s next step

New chapter for one of Toyota’s most iconic brands as 300 Series lands


Toyota has launched its all-new

LandCruiser 300 Series, kicking off

the next chapter in the legendary

off-roader’s storied history.

Newly constructed from the ground up,

the all-new 300 Series takes the capability,

durability and reliability of the iconic

LandCruiser nameplate to new levels,

while also making advancements in

safety, comfort, performance and technology.

Key upgrades include a new 3.3-litre

V6 twin-turbo diesel engine, a bold new

exterior design underpinned by the

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)

platform, and advanced driver assistance

technologies to provide superb on-road

performance and unmatched off-road


The LandCruiser 300 Series range also

offers customers more choice than ever,

with two new flagship variants – the luxury

Sahara ZX and the off-road-focused GR

Sport – joining the core GX, GXL, VX and

Sahara range.

The Sahara ZX offers unmatched levels

of comfort and style for LandCruiser

buyers, while the GR Sport is the most

off-road capable LandCruiser yet with its

world-first electronic Kinetic Dynamic

Suspension System (e-KDSS) stabiliser bar

control system, and front and rear locking

differentials as standard.

The LandCruiser 300 Series can be

identified by its strong design language,

combining trademark LandCruiser

features with a new, powerful and emotive

styling that is equal parts form and function.

Inside, the LandCruiser’s cabin blends

luxurious style with functionality, and

increased space and flexibility, ensuring

long and taxing journeys through the

Australian wilderness are done in utmost


Toyota Australia Vice President Sales,

Marketing and Franchise Operations,

Sean Hanley, said the all-new LandCruiser

300 Series would further strengthen the

reputation of the LandCruiser in the tough

Australian conditions.

“Ever since it was imported into Australia

to work on the Snowy Mountains Hydro

Scheme in the 1950s, the LandCruiser has

become synonymous with tackling the

The LandCruiser 300 Series is expected to be a big seller.

harshest conditions our country has to

offer,” he said.

“Equally at home in the school car park

or the middle of the outback, the new 300

Series LandCruiser takes the comfort,

safety and off-road ability of our flagship

SUV to new heights.

“We fully expect this new generation to

carry on the stellar legacy of the Land-

Cruiser in Australia.”


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Parramatta’s truly local newspaper



parra news


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luck at our

puzzles and


Pages 30-31


Nathan Cleary and

Clint Gutherson.

Photos: NRL Photos.


Penrith and Parramatta face face off off off in in an an

NRL local derby of epic proportions


this Friday night at BlueBet BlueBet Stadium. Stadium.

parra news


How western Sydney

is powering ahead




Powerhouse and

WSU strike a deal




• Long Day Care • Early Learning Centre

• Childcare • Preschool

265 Pa rama ta Road, Auburn NSW

Ph: 02 9648 6588 Mob: 0421 249 738










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luck katour


puzzles and


Pages 30-31


Win tickets to see Paw

Patro live in Sydney!


Sandie Jessamine's e's life was almost destroyed as a child and

teenager, enager er,

but she e has lived to tell her extraordinary story.

Find out more at


Barton reports on pages 14-15

it Difference

Experience the


Private Hospital Difference

Visit our website to download d our



information pack and watch h our virtual l tour.

parra news

Peter Wynn and Dr Geo f Lee.

Photo: Melissa Stevens.



Deluxe Parenting Suites


Riverside to host

poignant play



A new campaign is set to attract customers to the struggling 'Eat Street' district.

Nicola Barton reports on page 8









20 March to 03 April 10am to 4pm daily

Thursdays 10am to 7pm




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parra news » Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Big Bash League is back

at Sydney Showground





12 December 7:15pm

26 December 6:05pm

2 January 7:15pm


13 January 4:05pm


19 January 4:05pm

Join the Thunder Nation,

with memberships starting from $40

Tickets on sale from 7 October at




Tuesday, October 19 2021

Matildas ready to rock Parramatta



crowd of more than 22,000 fully vaccinated

fans will be on hand for this

Saturday’s Matildas v Brazil game in

Parramatta after the NSW Government agreed

to increase the venue capacity of CommBank

Stadium to 75 per cent.

Football Australia CEO James Johnson was

delighted with last week’s announcement,

which will see the Matildas play on home soil

for the first time in over 18 months.

“Today’s announcement to increase the

venue capacity at CommBank Stadium for the

Commonwealth Bank Matildas’ two-match

series against Brazil next week to 75 per cent of

the venue’s 30,000 capacity, is another groundbreaking

announcement for Australian football

following the NSW Government’s approval

of our submission to host three matches in

Sydney within the 14-day mandatory quarantine

period,” he said.

“This now means that more NSW-based

fans will be able to see their favourite national

women’s team live once again, and also paves

the way for Sydney to host the Socceroos’

crucial home AFC Asian Qualifier – Road to

Qatar match against Saudi Arabia on November


The Matildas will play on home soil for the first time in over 18 months this weekend.

“The Commonwealth Bank Matildas are also

presented with an opportunity to break their

last attendance record set at the same venue

back in November 2019, when 20,029 fans


“We are delighted that Australian football

has paved the way for international sport to be

played in Australia under these new arrangements

and that we can continue to support the

NSW Government in its efforts to reopen the


NSW Sports Minister Natalie Ward said the

exemption was signed off last Wednesday

night, allowing the crowd to be boosted from

5000 to 22,500 for the matches on Saturday,

October 23 and Tuesday, October 26.

“We’re all desperate to see Sydney regain

its rightful crown as the sporting capital of

Australia and I can’t think of a better showcase

than the upcoming Matildas versus Brazil

blockbuster games,” she said.

“Robust COVID-safe plans mean crowd

numbers can be more than quadrupled from

our original expectations, which is a fantastic

result for our football fans.

“We’ve all missed the roar of the crowds and

I can’t wait to hear the sound of Matildas fans

cheering on their heroes. Sydney is sending a

message to the world – we are back.”

Tickets are available through Ticketek.



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