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Meet the New Team

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• See all the changes in school

• And much, much more!

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Welcome to the first Low Ash News

edition of the year! It has been another

slightly unusual half term working as

normally as we can alongside COVID, but

it’s certainly been a busy one settling back

into school with a new year group, School

Council elections, lots of exciting new

clubs running, and much more.

We hope you enjoy finding out a little

more about your child’s learning this half

term and hearing about some of the new

and exciting changes in school, including

the new library.

In this edition, we also introduce you to

Miss Thornton, our new HLTA and

Mr Moorhouse, our new Year 4 teacher.

They have both been busy getting to know

pupils, staff and parents this half term.

And finally, a big well done to the new Low

Ash News Team on their first edition of

Low Ash News. It is a great achievement.

We hope you have a restful half term

break. Please remember that Monday, 1st

November is a teacher training day, and

we look forward to seeing you back in

school on Tuesday 2nd November.

Fiona Meer & Beth Medhurst

Email: lowashnews@lowash.bradford.sch.uk

Website:: www.lowash.bradford.sch.uk

Contributions by: the staff and children of

Low Ash Primary School.

Headteachers: Mrs Medhurst & Mrs Meer

Design: Mrs Nellist & News Team

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place on such information is therefore strictly at

your own risk.’

Meet the Team

Hello my name is Lily. I

wanted to be part of Low

Ash News because I’ve been

wanting to be part of it for

years. I like drawing and I’m

fast at typing. I

really want to help Mrs

Nellist with everything I

can do.

Hi my name is Hannah and I

like to draw. I wanted to be

a part of Low Ash News

because I love to write and

type. I wanted to take on

more responsibility in Year

Six and this is the start!

Hi my name is Brooke. I

wanted to be part of the Low

Ash News team because I love

helping people. I like to read

to my 3 year old sister. In my

spare time I like to play

football. I have around 15 fish

and 1 boxer dog called Rocco.

My name is Leila and I

wanted to join Low Ash

News because I am very

good at helping out and

remembering things. In my

spare time I like to dance

and knit.

My name is Kara. I wanted

to be part of Low Ash

News because I wanted to

help out by giving everyone

school news. I love doing

gymnastics and drawing. I

have a dog called Pippin.

My name is Tehya and I

wanted to be a part of Low

Ash News because I love

to help. In my spare time I

love to draw, play games

and play with my friends.


A very big welcome to all our new starters. The children have all

settled really well into their new setting and we are very proud of

how they are making friends and getting used to the Nursery

routines. We have loved getting to know all the children and have

shared some fantastic learning with them over the past few weeks.

Our focus for this half term has been settling in & nursery rhymes

as well as thinking about all the things that happen in autumn. Here is

a brief snapshot of our first half term!!


We have had a fabulous start to this

school year and have been very busy. The

weather has been fabulous and it has

enabled us to enjoy the outside area.

Yes, we are

learning to

wash up our

own things

after snack!

time !!


Our Humpty Dumpty theme has led us to

investigate what would be the best thing

to cushion the fall of Humpty. We

tested a few things such as pom poms,

shredded paper, tinned tomatoes, tissue

paper, pasta and Numicon. An egg was

placed in a bag with the items, then

dropped while we sung Humpty Dumpty.

We found that tinned tomatoes and

tissue paper stopped the egg from


A sudden downpour caused us to talk about

how rain was made. A jar with boiling water in

it was used with a plate of ice on top.

We then sat back and watched the

rain trickle down the side of the jar.


For this first term we have been

using a simple recipe for biscuits.

Every child has had a chance to

weigh, mix, roll out and cut their

own biscuit

shape. They

have been really



Everybody working in Reception is so proud of how the

children have settled into their new routines in RH and RN.

We have been very busy learning our new phonemes in

phonics and practising writing the letters, making repeating

patterns and comparing sizes in maths .

Our topic this half term is Ourselves. We have been talking

about ourselves and our families. We drew pictures of our

families and talked about what we like to do when we spend

time with them.


We went on a walk around our local area. We looked at

seasonal changes, the shops and

buildings that are around our school.

We walked down a

narrow snicket!

We talked about

the different

colours of the


Willow hid

under the

weeping willow


We were amazed at how

far we could see. The

autumn colours were starting

to peek through.

We look forward to seeing

what they look like next half


Year One

We are so pleased with how all the children have settled into Year

One. They are enthusiastic and keen to learn. It is lovely to see

them coming in on a morning with big smiles on their faces. We

have been incredibly busy and just in case your child has come

home saying that they have done nothing, here are a few things

that we have been doing!

Reading in Year One

Reading is a top priority for us in Year One.

We teach your children to read through

daily Phonic lessons, where they learn both

the letters and sounds that will enable

them to blend words. We also have daily

guided reading lessons, in which we focus

on developing comprehension skills, through questioning. Your child

will also be heard reading individually every week and will enjoy

sharing in the class text every day after lunch. In addition to this

we will visit the school library every week and access the new

reading shed whenever possible. Please encourage your child to

read regularly at home. Together we will really nurture a deep love

of books within your child. When your

child has read three or more times in a

week, then they will join in

with our reading treat on a

Friday. Happy reading!


Our first core book was The

Tiger Who Came To Tea. We did a lot of work based

around this story, including having talk discussions

about whether we would like a tiger in our house. We also made

jam sandwiches as part of our instructions week. They were

delicious! The children were very good at being bossy while

learning how to write instructions with imperative (bossy) verbs.

Year One


In Maths, we have been mastering and consolidating everything that we

learnt in Reception, such as: number orientation, number bonds to 10,

one more/less and ordinal numbers. Progressing on from this previous

learning, we have moved onto learning about fact families and using the

part, part whole model.

Every Friday the children complete a maths ‘Beat that test’. They are

given one minute to answer as many questions as they can. The aim is for

the children to develop their mental maths and quick recall of number

facts. Over the year we will be using the same sheet and we will teach

the children how to complete it in any order. The aim is to get one more

correct than the previous week.

Creative Carousel

Miss Gray has been impressed with the creative talent in Year One. We

have had lots of fun experimenting with colour, colour line and

composition and we have even been painting with beetroot!

We have learnt about different artists – James

Brunt, Paul Klee and

the Russian artist

Wassily Kandinsky.

Low Ash News 19

Year Two

In Year Two, we have had an extremely busy start to the year. We

have enjoyed getting to know our new teachers and have settled

well into our new routines.

This half term, we have focused on Australia and learnt lots of fun

things! In English, we have written a fact file all about Australian

animals. Our writing was about kangaroos and koalas but we also

know all about platypuses, wombats and dingoes too. Here is some

of our fabulous work:

On Monday afternoons, we have enjoyed doing music with Mrs

Mathews. Last week, we got to play the glockenspiel. We all tried

really hard to hit the right notes and play at a steady beat.

Year Two

As part of our Creative Carousel lessons, we have been exploring

Aboriginal art work. We have looked at lots of different paintings

and now understand how the Aboriginal people would have made

these creations by using natural resources. We also learnt about how

Aboriginal paintings were often used to tell a story by using

different symbols.

For our project, we drew an Australian animal on some cardboard and

then decorated it in the Aboriginal painting style. We practised the

skill of pointillism. We dipped cotton buds and pencils into paint and

then pressed them onto cardboard. Here are some of our fantastic


In Science, we have been exploring materials and their properties.

We now know why certain materials are used for specific purposes.

We have discussed the term “suitability” and know that a table

made out of jelly would be unsuitable because it is not strong or


Year Three


This half term Year Three have really enjoyed reading, practising

and performing the poem Topsy Turvy World. After this we read

a brand new book for Year 3 and really enjoyed it, particularly the

spectacular illustrations. This book was called ‘The Rhythm of the

Rain’. Whilst reading this book we followed the journey of the rain

along the river as it swelled and eventually reached the sea. We

based our ‘Big Write’ around this book and re-told the journey of

the rain until it reached the sea.

Below are some of the illustrations from the book for you to enjoy.

Year Three

Creative Carousel:

Year Three have been doing different activities in Creative

Carousel this half term.

• Mr Brook’s group have been re-creating Stone Age cave art.

They have done this by using pencils, pastels and chalks. They

then used glue to stick sand to a piece of paper to replicate the

inside of a cave for our final design.

• Miss Broadbent’s group have done reflective art. They looked

at water pictures by an artist called Hokusi, Maggie Hambling

and David Hockney.

• Mrs Cordingley’s group have been using paper and split pins to

make moving mechanisms.


This half term we have focused on place value and understanding

the number system up to and including 1000. To do this we have

used a range of mathematical resources. We have placed numbers

to 1000 on a number line and compared 3-digit


Year Four

Writing Non - Chronological

Reports in English

Our residential trip to Ingleborough Hall

inspired some excellent writing from all our

children. Climbing up to the Norber Erratics,

exploring in the Yordas cave and conducting a

fieldwork study on the village of Clapham

gave the children the opportunity to gather

facts, use key vocabulary in context and

further develop their knowledge of the

Yorkshire Dales. The children knew that

when writing a report they had to use formal

language, geographical vocabulary and only

report facts. They published their work

with pride and enjoyed reading each

others’ writing.

Reading in Year 4

Our Year 4 children enjoy reading

throughout the curriculum. They read to

further develop their knowledge in History,

Geography and Science lessons and English

lessons are always based around a quality

text; this half term it has been The Lion

the Witch and the Wardrobe. During

regular reading lessons children are taught

the skills needed to fully comprehend a

text. The children have loved visiting the

library each week and have also accessed

their own class reading areas, where

favourite books are always available for

them to explore.


Year Four

In Science we have been learning all about

sound and hearing. We are now able to name

and label the different parts of the ear and

explain how sound travels. We have

investigated how different sounds are made

and explored the best materials for

preventing sounds being too loud. We are

now confident in using the important

vocabulary that we have learnt throughout

this exciting Science topic.


We can now confidently deal with four digit numbers and

understand the value of each digit. As a result we are now moving

onto addition and subtraction of four digit numbers.

Double Page Spread

In Geography we showcased all

that we had learnt by creating a

double page spread. We

focused on including all key

vocabulary, diagrams to explain

our knowledge and facts about

rivers and mountains. Some of us

even managed to include word

searches and jokes. This task

gave the children the opportunity

to work independently and


Year Five

In Year 5, we have made a lovely start to the year and have been

really impressing our teachers with our enthusiasm for our

learning. We have done some fantastic work

already this year, including some amazing

descriptive writing based on the Amazon

Rainforest and some fantastic geography work

on biomes. As part of this, we have been

reading our first class book of the year, The

Explorer, which we are all thoroughly

enjoying. We can’t wait to find out how it


We are geographers!

This half term in geography, we have been learning all about the

earth’s biomes, and how the climate variation in

different parts of the world has an effect on the plants and

animals that can live in each biome.

Miss Hansen and Mrs Carr have been so impressed with the

“biomes in bottles” that we created for our homework challenge,

they thought they would have to share them in Low Ash News!

Year Five

We are scientists!

Our first science topic of the year has been based on plants and

other living things. We have done lots of work on the life cycles of

different living creatures. We were particularly interested to

learn that plants can reproduce both sexually and asexually. We

carried out some observations where we planted grass seeds and

left them on the windowsill, ensuring we watered them regularly,

to observe the germination and growth.

We are scientists!

We also looked at a fully grown spider

plant to help us understand how plants can

reproduce asexually. This means that there

is only one parent plant and the offspring

are genetically identical to the original

plant. We noticed that the spider plant had

several runners, each with a baby plantlet

on the end. We cut the plantlet off and

re-potted it in compost. We will monitor it

closely over the next few weeks. Hopefully

it will grow into a fully mature spider plant.

Year Six

Year 6 have had an excellent start to the final year of their primary

education, embracing a great attitude towards their learning and the

added responsibilities of being the eldest in the school.

This term, for the first time in Y6,

we have been focusing on a local

fieldwork study as our geography


We have been learning to

draw annotated field

sketches, create surveys and

questionnaires. This week the

students will carry out their

own fieldwork in their groups

before analysing and

interpreting their results.

Here are some photos of Y6

taking their field sketching

very seriously. Although it

wasn’t all serious when one

unlucky (or maybe lucky!)

student had an unwelcome

present from a passing bird

to add to his annotations!

Year Six

In science this half term we have been very busy learning about

light. We have really enjoyed using torches in our practical activities

to demonstrate and explain scientific theories about light. We have

learnt about different sources of light and how light travels in a

straight line. We have explored how shadows are formed and we

learnt that they are always the same shape as the opaque object

casting them. We applied our understanding of shadows to set up

an investigation to see if we could change the size of a shadow.

We used both our scientific skills and maths skills to carefully

collect measurements and represent our findings in a line graph. We

found that we could change the size of a shadow by changing the

distance between a light source and object. We have learnt about

reflection by carrying out different activities using a torch and

mirror. We then used our understanding of reflection to explain how

we see things because light can be reflected off objects and then

into our eyes.

New Library

By Kara

We have been lucky enough to have a brand new

library. It looks amazing. We all love the characters

on the walls. The pictures do not do it justice. The

tree is artificial and there is a lovely seating area

around it.

Each week every class has a day where they visit the

library. They can borrow a book, look at the books

we have and read their class book inside the amazing


New Library

By Kara

Can you spot all

the different


How many are


What is your

favourite part?

Mental Health







Mental Health

The Self Care Wheel is a model that can help us to ensure we

have everything we need to look after our mental health. We

need to make sure we do things in all six areas and there are

some ideas below:


Eat healthy foods


Get regular sleep

Enjoy hugs


Take time to reflect on your day

Meditate/practise mindfulness

Keep a journal

Be creative




Explore a hobby


Spend time in nature

Sing or dance

New Displays

By Lily

There are many new displays

around school. Here are

some of them.

In the Year Three and Four

cloakrooms, there are

photograph window displays

showing famous landmarks

from all around Yorkshire

e.g. Five Rise Locks,

Alhambra Theatre,

Ingleborough and the Cow

and Calf.

Outside 4B, where a map

of the world use to be,

is now a big display of

famous people and

inspirational quotes.

There is Greta

Thunberg, Stephen

Hawking, Barack Obama,

Florence Nightingale and

many more.

New Displays

By Lily

These wonderful window

displays are also in the Year

Four and Five cloakroom.

Here we have The Whale

Arches in Whitby, Otley

Chevin, Piece Hall and White

Scar Cave.

In the Year Five girls’

cloakroom, there are

more of the displays

showing Brimham Rocks,

River Aire and York

Minister. We have also

had both halls painted

and new blinds fitted.

Another new thing in school is the gym equipment

in the field. This is great for the children to use to

keep fit.

Updated 3SB

By Hannah

What has changed?

During the summer holidays

the 3SB classroom had a

much needed renovation and

looks much better now. Due

to this makeover Miss

Broadbent is thrilled because

she has a shiny new


There have been new

floors fitted and the walls

have been painted too.

Also, Miss Broadbent has

made an amazing new

reading area. As you can

see the floors are now

blue, a bold but beautiful

colour. The reading

corner has many colours. Can you count how many colours?


By Hannah, Lily & Kara

The Year Four students (and some lucky

teachers) went on a residential to Ingleborough

Hall; it was held on the third week of term. Our

Low Ash News team interviewed some children,

who went on the residential, to find out how it

was and what they liked best.


By Hannah, Lily & Kara

My favourite part was

the cave because there

was a waterfall that we

were able to play in.

My favourite part was the

playground because there

were swings which were

like chairs and they were


Freya L

My favourite part was

the cave because I

have never been in one



By Hannah, Lily & Kara

New Staff

By Lily & Brooke

Meet Miss Thornton.

Miss Thornton is a new

member of staff at

Low Ash.

We have asked her a

few questions about


How are you liking your new school?

I am enjoying Low Ash. It is very welcoming

and the children are lovely.

What job did you do before you came here?

I taught Year 5 at a different school.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Going out with my friends and looking after

my grandma.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy walking my dog and spending time

with friends and family.

Do you have any pets?

I have a Chow Chow called Cindy-Lou.

New Staff

Mr Moorhouse is a new

teacher at Low Ash. He

teaches Year Four. We

asked him some


By Tehya & Leila

Do you like your new class?

Yes, they are very enthusiastic and I really

enjoy teaching them.

Did you have another job before coming

to Low Ash?

I worked at a school near Apperley Bridge.

Do you like your new teaching


Yes, they are really looking after me.

English News

All the children at Low Ash have now had the opportunity to visit

our new and exciting library! As a school, it is so lovely to see the

children reading for pleasure. All classes are now nearing the end

of their class story, which is read by an adult each day and will be

moving onto their new topic and new text next half term.

As a reward for their fantastic efforts with home reading; school

reading and class story time, all classes have kindly been gifted

some new books for their reading areas! Enjoy, these are so well


Mrs Carr

Online Safety

Welcome to this half term’s edition of the Online Safety Update.

For more information on all things ‘Online Safety’ please contact Mr

Handley or reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook.

In the news:

The past few months have seen a rise

in the number of ‘viral’ tv series

available to adults and young people on streaming platforms such as

Netflix. Are you unsure whether a tv series is appropriate for your

child? If so, check out www.commonsensemedia.org for accurate

and up-to-date parental reviews on games, apps, film and tv series.

Apps & Games:

Do you have a member of your family 13+ using

TikTok? If so, then did you know that Family Safety

Mode is now available as an in-app feature. This new

mode allows parents to link up their TikTok accounts

to their child’s– allowing them to monitor content and

potential online risks including who can comment on


Terms you need to know:

Misinformation– False information that hasn’t necessarily been

created to mislead people e.g. sharing a COVID-19 ‘miracle cure’

without knowing if it is genuinely effective.

Disinformation– False information that is intended to deliberately

mislead people e.g. a blogpost that intentionally contains inaccurate


Key Stage One

By Leila

t q s g a u f h r o

h g t l f k h t b l

a i k s c r e a m p

l p u m p k i n q a

l q s d a o n m t p

o b a t m l

f t g t

w x b t r e a t h s

e s k e l e t o n o

e t r i c k e v s h

n h c w q k c a t g

skeleton pumpkin cat

Halloween scream treat

bat trick ghost

Key Stage Two

By Brooke

b l f h s r h w z g

t h v h a u n t e d

g d e v i l f r g k

p j s c n l

a y e w

u c m z o m b i e i

m o f j t h b f j


p f p h c l m n o k

k f g x b l

o o d e


i f n o p c h f d

n n m p o f x x j m

boo wicked pumpkin

blood zombie haunted

devil coffin nightmare

Careers Week

By The whole Team

The last week of term saw the return of our annual Careers Week.

During this week we have lots of opportunities to hear about

different jobs and careers that we could have. It helps to raise our

aspirations and open our eyes to the “World of Work.”

The week began with an assembly showing all the different career

paths that can be taken. These are: Helping, Nature, Business,

Health, Creative and Fixing and Building. We thought about what we

like and which path we think we would could go down. We sorted

jobs into the correct path but realised many can overlap.

Careers Week

By The Whole Team

We had lots and lots of visitors coming into school and talking to us

about their jobs. We were able to ask lots of questions eg what

qualifications do you need? What hours do you work? What

subjects do you need to be good at? What personal skills do you

need? How much do you get paid?

Careers Week

We would like to say a


By The whole Team

to all the parents, grandparents, big brothers, uncles, aunties and

anyone else who came to talk to us.

We had an enormous variety of jobs, here are just a few of them...

Dress Designer

Foster Carer

Police Officer

Interior Designer



Social Worker

HR Manager

Stage Manager

Advanced Clinical

Practitioner in


Loss prevention

Manager at


Sheet Metal







We are sorry if we have missed anybody from the list. We really

appreciate everybody giving up their time and coming into school.

Careers Week

By The Whole Team

We also learnt that once you have decided on a career, you don’t

need to stick to it forever!

We had a fun assembly finding out what jobs members of Low Ash

staff had before they came to Low Ash. We have some very

talented staff. Can you guess who use to be a welder or who was

a florist, or who was a gymnastic coach?

The end of the week saw everybody coming to school dressed as

the job they would like to do when they are older.

Star of the Week

Foundation Stage & Key Stage One









RH Erin A Zachery



1RG George B



Leanna P Sienna






Noah M

Harry T Taran S Freddie






Nikolai F

Declan R









1W Evie-Rose


2B Brody H Sebastian


Ava G Eli S Jackson



Mc H

2G Kai P Enda G William


2Y Harper S Shaun S Freddy






Cian C



James B

Tilly H Esmai D Noah H

Uzayr A Eden S

Cole S








10th Sept 2G

17th Sept 2G 100%

24th Sept 2B

1st Oct

8th Oct

15th Oct




Star of the Week

Key Stage Two















3DB Niamh F Woody P Lily T Jacob C Maisie M Kaiden S G


3SB Loren B Aliyya S Libby A Shaelan


Obie L

Lottie C



4B Grace T Layla C Henry R

Harry F



Robin A





4M Tom S Freya L Jake B

5C Caleb J Mercedes


Harper H




Rose S





Robyn C

Logan T

Amelia C

5H Harry S Sahib S Jayden D Evie S Eloise B Riley P

6LH Kelson H Lucas M Hannah R Harry S Finlay C Lewis D







6TH Kavi S Charlie



Marie S

Lucy J



Kara N


10th Sept

3DB, 5C &


17th Sept 3SB, 4M,


24th Sept 4M

1st Oct

8th Oct

15th Oct



4B & 5C

Have a great holiday.

Please remember that school

re-opens on Tuesday 2nd November.

Have a spooky Halloween and a safe

Bonfire Night.

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