Copa Shorts Film Fest 2021 Program

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Love & Complications (Block C) Runtime: 1:12

Proverbial Luck 5:00 18+

Director: Dave Lojek

Germany (English subtitles) 2017

Two neighbors meet and fall in love, but their language doesn’t always translate

into what they really mean.

The Existential Crisis of Maxwell Anderson 14:19 18+

Director: Ben Steinberg

HIgh School 2018

A bright, socially-challenged high school student discovers the cure to a happy

life might be simpler than you think.

Finding Happy 12:06 18+

Director: Collin O’Brien 2019

A young professional has a difficult time adjusting to his new surroundings and

accepts prescription medicine as a last resort.

Lola 7:00 13+

Director: Ella McKeon

Middle School 2020

An unpopular girl finds a dead body while walking home from school. This event

changes her life in the most unexpected way.

A Running Start 11:10 13+

Director: Tony Armer 2018

An unemployed shoe salesman witnesses a murder while on his way to ask his

girlfriend’s father if he can marry his daughter and have a job.

Ms Rossi 5:14 18+

Director: Pat Battistini

Italy (English subtitles) 2020

While on her way to a business meeting, Ms. Rossi takes an interesting detour.

Cupids 13:00 13+

Director: Angelo Calarco

United Kingdom 2018

Two cupids need to team up in one of the greatest challenges of modern times:

getting two strangers to talk to each other!

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