Copa Shorts Film Fest 2021 Program

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Detective Texas Toast 7:20 9+

Director: Isaac Harmon

High School 2020

A film noir parody starring a sentient piece of toast.

Pipe Dream 4:42 13+

Director: Normann Bjorvand

Sweden 2018

Music lives within a prison awaiting a lucid and fringe dream that seeks

out hosts for its short-lived dance of the fantastic.

Diamond Game 9:52 13+

Director: Nolan Hieu Trifunovic

High School 2020

Three high school teens write a 70s cop show, but the characters they create

are self aware. One of them begins to question their masters.

Belly Flop 14:01 13+

Director: Marc Gaudioso

2017 Festival Winner

A dark comedy, set into motion when an eight-year old girl reads a headline

on a trashy grocery-store magazine cover: Mother of Quintuplets Says

She Got Pregnant from Fried Chicken!

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