Copa Shorts Film Fest 2021 Program

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Films are not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Adults must determine whether a film is suitable for their child.

Viewing is at your own discretion. Film listings in the xerb.tv virtual

program indicate appropriate ages for viewing (9+, 13+, 18+).


Filmmakers have allowed us to show their films. Please do not copy

or record their films, which are copyrighted by the filmmakers.

Please respect their creative work.

2021 Festival Administration

Copa Shorts Film Fest is a volunteer organization. We thank all of those

who support us and make the festival possible.

Board of Directors

Roger Gillespie

Shelley Gillespie

Gina D’Abella

Executive Director

Shelley Gillespie

Festival Director

Roger Gillespie

Original Cover Art

Mai May Tallwing

Judy Tallwing

Film Reviewers

Andrea Yang

Laurie Fagen

Matt Sugerik

Gina D’Abella

Lilyann Foster

Amanda Li

Screenplay Jury

Roger Gillespie

Shelley Gillespie

Gina D’Abella

Laurie Fagen

Andrea Yang

Lilyann Foster

ASU Interns

Amanda Li - Media

Andrea Yang – Admin

Advisory Board

Gina D’Abella

Stephen Wade Nebgen

Steve Wargo

Jason Stahl

Matthew Sugerik

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