A Simple, Powerful, and Straight-Forward Cash Generating Business, that produces actual results. Helping the deserving everyday people across the United States and Canada improve their financial needs and enjoy a few of the better things in life. In operation for well over 4 decades now, paying commissions and bonuses. Check it out.

Americas #1 Bill Buster!


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The American Dream, is it even possible these days for the average Joe? It’s the all-American Dream

to own a home and have a happy & successful life. The drive to do so is a part of us all, and I know all

too well just how difficult it is to achieve the dream and still pay the bills. Mortgage, food, car, cell,

insurance, rent, power & water bills…etc. Money can be very hard to come by for most, it doesn’t just

fall from the sky and land right in your laps, you’ve got to earn it one way or another. Most have jobs

they don’t like and are underpaid for their work. The system is designed to work against you, whether

you know it or not! Well, that’s all about to change today! Please read every word of this letter it its


Hello, my name is Charles Thomas and I’m the owner of several highly successful direct-marketing

programs like this one, that are paying the bills of all the participating brokers! So please, take a few

minutes and really look this over with an open mind! The Dream is still Alive and Achievable Here!

You’re reading this because you need extra income, This Is It!! I can’t promise you that you’re

going to earn millions of here, but you can do very well and get all the bill paid and bank a few bucks

to! Here’s what we do, to pay the bills. Nothing hidden from you here, we are a very transparent


This is a very unique commission-based advertising sales program that will help pay the bills and set

you up for years to come with a steady cash-flow, provided you work the business by simply sharing

this with other like-minded people who are looking for a good opportunity. We have brokers earning

full-time and part-time incomes week after week, and some are producing commissions daily with us

and so can you. A very generous paying business with on-going ads and mailings paid for by us to aid

in your success.

Work the business and the business will work for you!

You make a one-time purchase of our Classified Advertising and Licensing Program. We then place a

professionally written ad with your id# in over 1,000 of our high traffic websites for six full months to

drive other opportunity seekers to our capture page for info, and potentially join us on your behalf. By

us placing the ads for you it guarantees the success of our businesses. Ads create leads and we close

them for you. Advertising is our product and the Key to our success. You are paid a commission of

$100 on all your 1 st level sales and over-rides by sales of your downline are paid out daily. This business

can be implemented right from your kitchen-table. A business that you can be proud of that produces

real results.


Take Your First Step To Increasing Your Income In Less Than 60 Days!

Once you have joined you will be in business for yourself, so treat as such and you can have success.

Complete the order form below and mail it in with your payment. We will process your order, place your

ad, and send you hard copies of your personal advertising materials with your info in the receiving

commissions section. Work the Business and the Business will Work for You!

A mailing is sent to our in-house list on every ad sale on all levels…Free!

Receiving Brokers’ Commissions Paid To:

• Charles Thomas

• id#: CT1394

• Johnny Dennis

• id#: JD3956

• Brandon Cassius

• id#: BC0572

How You Progress and Receive Bonuses:

You will start from level 1 and move down as

you enroll new members. The beauty of this is

that you’re always on the 1 st . $100 level from

personal ad sale. On level 2 & 3 you earn

commissions from all their personal sales. The

benefits can really add up fast once you kickstart

this into motion! On all 3 levels we’ll place

another ad for you via our 1,000 ad sites. Plus,

a full color 25piece 1 st class mailing of your

invitation letter to our in-house leads. It’s just

one more way of us showing you the dedication

we have to your success. This bonus is 100%

automatic, we mail out over 3,000 full-color

invitation a bi-weekly for all of you guys to keep

kitchen-table-profits moving and paying for

every one of our active brokers.

It’s literally Unstoppable Income!

One very strong point about this business is that

we have never experiaced or been effected by the

econemies up’s and downs! It never has slowed us

or had any complaints from brokers about it.

There’s nothing complicated here, and anyone can put this

Into action right from their kitchen-tables! It’s just that easy.

A Simple, Powerful, and Straight-Forward Cash Generating Business, that produces actual

results. Helping the deserving everyday people across the United States and Canada improve their

financial needs and enjoy a few of the better things in life. In operation for well over 4 decades now,

paying commissions and bonuses in…Cash, Gold, and Silver incentives to its brokers. Come Get


Nothing complicated here, we simply created a No-Nonsense, Lucrative and Rewarding business to

help you achieve your dreams using an advertising platform to achieve outstanding results for brokers.

Personal Invitation, From Our Founder…Charles Thomas

A True Blessing. I am so impressed with the program

you have Charles that I even got many of my family

members involved with it. We are all doing well and

have been able to even save some of our earnings to

buy a new truck.

Thank You, Patricia from FL.

Wow Chuck!! This thing is Awesome!! I can’t

believe it. I got this in the mail about 12 weeks ago and

a week later I decided to join. It’s been incredible from

the word go. I followed your advice and went to work on

my mailing and sending the PDF file via email to all my

contacts. The response has been very good over-all I am

up to 200 mail outs a week and it’s paying off very nicely

for us. Thanks so much to you and my sponsor for

sending me this. Billy S. South Dakota.


Right Now, is the time to make the decision on what to do next and decide if this

is a fit for you or not. The way I see it is. If you keep on doing what you’ve

been doing, you’ll just be digging a deeper hole, one that you’re already in.

I’m handing you a lifeline to pull you out of that hole. Go to the order

form below and complete the order form and We’ll be in touch, ASAP.

Americas #1 Bill Buster!


Order Form: Complete all fields. Please Print Clearly or use a mailing label. Note: There are NO Refunds of any-kind.

Make copies for your records. Sign, by signing you agree to our policies as stated by our terms of enrollment.

Mail Originals to us. Include your payment of $337.00 for Membership Ad placement and Marketing Licenses. You

can use this link to Pay we are only accepting U.S. Dollars, Cash Only

business. This is for the safety of our members and stops all the on-line thieves from hacking into our accounts and

stealing the funds. I’m open minded to using PayPal, but there will be a $20 fee to use it and a waiting period on funds

sent. Only, send your payment in the recommended a priority mail. Total: $337.00 s/h. $15 total: $352.00. or $372.00

if using PayPal. If you wish you may wirer your payment $372.00 to us via any Western Union. You need to pay all

fees at your end. Then mail in your order form with it singed for our records. Please provide us with a head shot picture

of yourself. For convenience you can use credit cards via PayPal link:

We will accept your payment via Check for the full amount only of $372.00 or use PayPal to send to:

Wirer payment to: [Charles Thomas Code# CT1394 Ga. 31548 Text First. To: Ph. 904-600-6303]

No Post Office Boxes, Must Be a Physical Street Address to receive payments and packages from us.

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY or use a mailing label if you have one.

Charles Thomas id#: CT134 this is your inviter and 1 st level position. You must provide. Used as your ID# to identify you.

NAME: _______________________________________________________________________Last 4Digits of SS#: ____________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________________________________________STATE: ____________________ZIP: _______________________ Thanks, Miss Betty and the Gang

Tel: _____________________________________Cell: ________________________________________Email: _________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________Date: _________________________________

Hey Charles, it’s Miss Betty, I

know you’re busy, but I just had

to write and thank you for all the

help and mostly for all of the

commission payments I receive.

I could not make it through the

month if I didn’t have your

program to provide me with the

extra income I earn from your

kitchen-table-profits project, it’s

just awesome! My one and only

regret is that I didn’t get onboard

when I first got invited.

Terms of enrollment:

All applicants are independent advertisers and not employees or agents of The Gold Brokers Club. We reserve the rights to make changes

without notice to ensure the success of the program. You may reproduce your copy without change for your advertising. Copyright 1984-

2022 Walk Hard Inc. The Gold Brokers Club. NOTE: There are No refunds after purchase, as we pay out commissions and perform a


To reachout to me use this email.

Mail OrdersTo:

The Gold Brokers Club

P.O. Box 634

Kingsland, Ga. 31548

I help people who work with me earn

their M.B.A...

HUGH gift for you once

you’re on the inside that can

net you another $100,000 a

year. Inside scoop, Hot

info for brokers only.

Hello Mr. Thomas, it was nice chatting with you

the other night. I wanted to drop you a note to

say thank you for the advice and the envelopes

you sent. It’s the most money I ever seen in my

life! I’ve never ever made any income from any

of the other opportunities I’ve been in before.

This really is Americans #1 Bill Buster! Kitchen-


Thanks Again, Leroy in Minnesota.


We have a nice gift for you, and I know you’ll love it! It’s not part of this program but another one we

have called Pocket Change. However, I decided to gift you one of our one-of-a-kind in demand and

valuable collector cards we have FREE! Yes…that’s real Silver Bar laminated in it. A $27.00 value.

$750.00 I was completely blown

away at what I received from

you Charles… WOW!

I decided to get involved with

kitchen-table-profits earlier this

year 2021. I was one of the

recipients of the bonus mailings

that you do for us. I had only

mailed a few copies to some

friends and hadn’t been active

much. However, I received so

much more from you than I gave.

The last week of May 2021. I

received a priority letter from

you with $750 Cash in it and 3 of

the silver collector’s cards. Love

the cards there very nice.

Who does this!!

I was blown Away!

I am so pleased to finally see and

witness something that really

works and from a man like you

Charles, you’re Awesome.

$750.00 Cash, who does this...

you do. I’m out of that hole now.

A Real Equalizer!

God Bless You.

Mark from

Atlanta, Ga.

Increase your response rate by using our personal envelopes for your mailings.

Average sign-up response 3% to 6% per 100 pcs. Test was 1,000 pc mailing at a time. Mailed out on

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These have shown to be the best days to mail our invitations out.

Of course, we can’t guarantee that you will have this same high rate of a response with your mailings,

you may or may not as there are many factors to consider, like the list you are using. 1 st . class stamp

etc... You may do even better. However, If, you get just 2%-3% you will see a profit from your mailings.

By-the-way, this test mailing was done for the brokers using random brokers both active and noneactive.

We realize that many of them were still stuck in that hole they dug themselves in, so we stepped

up and created this bonus to help those who needed a kick-start. And it worked out very, very well for

everyone. Now it’s built into the system on autopilot every 5.5 days of the week for you.

This bonus mailing generated over $29,600.00 in commissions paid to these brokers that without lifting

a finger or licking a stamp got paid! And generated thousands on new ads on our partners websites

that are creating more leads for them. On Top of all the income that this brought in for the brokers it

also created another 2,100 mailings! Hold-On, there’s more! We gave out 458 silver collector cards!

Do you think we’re on to something BIG here? I assure you we are, and it’s HUGH! If, you’re

deep in that hole and need a way out then allow us to help you, via…Kitchen-Table-Profits.

It’s literally Unstoppable! Like a snowball rolling down-hill it just keeps getting BIGGER!

The Gold Brokers Club Holds all copy

rights to: Kitchen-Table-Profits

The advantage of using our envelopes is that they are designed to get results “opened”. And when

using our envelopes, if you have a bad or undeliverable address “a Nixie” it will be returned to our

P.O. box, and we will re-mail your sales letter to one of our in-house leads for you @ zero cost to

you. Now as per our terms and conditions you may not use your name and or address on any of the

envelopes even with your envelopes you will need to use our return address only! And it is forbidden

to place any other materials inside of your mail outs like notes or other offers you may have. You will

never make a sale that way. Stick to what works! Load your PDF on the Net so others see it for


Stop digging deeper holes so we can get you up and running with us today. There’s a plethora of

Cash to be made and the benefits are great here and this is the Hottest program out there! We know

what works…It’s what we do and have been for over 40 years with great successful at it. So, do

yourself a favor, let our knowledge go to work for you and succeed in this business with us.

I help people who work with me earn their M.B.A...


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