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Page 11



A.R.C. Airconditioning<br />

Tel................................... 038 716 868<br />

Silver Hawk Engineering.<br />

Tel ..................................089 406 7878<br />


Tel.................................. 089 403 199<br />


Nova Park Executive Apartments<br />

Tel................................. 038 415 304-8<br />


Auto Exchange<br />

Tel.................................... 038 377 655<br />

Tel.................................. 089 992 2255<br />

Garage Sale<br />

Tel.................................... 038 377 630<br />

Second Hand Center<br />

Tel.................................. 081 828 5219<br />

Fax.................................. 038 300 959<br />

Wranglers Harley-Davidson<br />

Tel.................................... 038 373 169<br />


ACI<br />

Tel.................................... 038 416 060<br />

Fax.................................. 038 416 061<br />

Office for Interior & Architecture Co<br />

Tel ..................................087 403 6624<br />

Fax .................................038 252 519<br />

World PM Co. Ltd<br />

Tel...................................084 434 5861<br />

BANKS<br />

Bangkok Bank<br />

Tel................................. 038 374 840-3<br />

Bank Of Ayudhaya<br />

Tel................................. 038 426 907-8<br />

Thai Farmer Bank<br />

Tel................................. 038 427 695-7<br />

Western Union<br />

Tel................................038 361 361-2<br />


ABC Asian Business Consulting<br />

Co.<br />

Tel.................................... 038 414 436<br />

Tel.................................. 081 862 7936<br />

B.S.S. Business Support Services<br />

Tel.................................... 038 713 383<br />

Tel.....................................038 713 052<br />

C.A.T Accounting and Tax<br />

Tel.................................. 081 801 7781<br />

Tel............................... 038 301 019-20<br />

Pattaya Business Centre<br />

Tel ....................................038 425 884<br />

Tel ..................................085 094 4778<br />

Pensit & Laws<br />

Tel................................. 038 233 391-2<br />

TBAC<br />

Tel.: .............................. 038 489 074-5<br />

Fax: ................................ 038 489 076<br />

The German Thai Group<br />

Real Estate & Insurance Department<br />

Tel.: .................... +66 (0)38 427 364-5<br />

Fax: ...................... +66 (0)38 420 721<br />


DK Book Shop<br />

Tel.................................. 089 936 4800<br />

Pattaya Beach Books<br />

Tel.................................... 038 362 175<br />

Tel.................................. 089 831 5295<br />


Nakorn Chai Air<br />

Tel.................................... 038 424 871<br />

Roong Reung Coach<br />

Tel.................................... 038 429 877<br />


Super Consultants<br />

Tel ....................................038 723 871<br />

Tel...................................081 622 0128<br />

TBAC<br />

Tel.: .............................. 038 489 074-5<br />

Fax: ................................ 038 489 076<br />

The German Thai Group<br />

Real Estate & Insurance Department<br />

Tel.: ...................+66 (0)38 427 364 - 5<br />

Fax: ......................+66 (0)38 420 721<br />


Pattaya Car Checkpoint Co.,Ltd.<br />

Tel.................................... 038 716 756<br />

Tel.................................. 081 340 3184<br />


Banglamung Cable TV<br />

Tel.................................... 038 225 454<br />

Jomtien Cable TV<br />

Tel.................................... 038 232 444<br />

Sophon Cable TV<br />

Tel.................................... 038 423 777<br />

U.B.C<br />

Tel................................. 038 383 570-1<br />


Car Rent 990<br />

Tel..................................038 231 163<br />

Mob................................084 877 9328<br />

DV Car Rental<br />

Tel & ..........038 371 484..038 371 482<br />

Mobile: ... 081-994 8420, 086 0979590<br />

Holiday Rent - A - Cars<br />

Tel.....................................038 426 303<br />

Tel.................................. 081 861 6600<br />

Unity Car Rentals<br />

Tel.................................... 038 373 254<br />


Home Care Cleaning<br />

Tel. .................................089 833 0352<br />

Tel.....................................038 425 568<br />


Boutique Sexy<br />

Tel.................................... 038 726 922<br />

CLUBS<br />

Pattaya Expats Club<br />

Tel...................................081 815 4580<br />

Pattaya Sports Club<br />

Tel.................................... 038 361 167<br />



Tel .................................089 886 5445<br />

BTS Computer Services<br />

Tel ..................................038 370 633<br />

Liberty Computers Pattaya<br />

Tel....................................038 360 400<br />

Wattana Computer<br />

Tel................................. 038 374 073-6<br />

Tel................................. 038 421 786-7<br />


ACI<br />

Tel.................................... 038 416 060<br />

Albartec Co.,Ltd<br />

Tel.................................... 038 412 815<br />

Global Design & Build<br />

Tel: ........................+66 (0) 38 373 966<br />

Fax: .......................+66 (0) 38 373517<br />

ISS Construction<br />

Tel................................... 038 428 929<br />

Tel................................... 038 428 910<br />

Lohr Trade & Consulting Pts.,Ltd.<br />

Tel................................. 038 367 594-5<br />


David Meador<br />

Tel................................. 087 011 3839<br />


Adept PVC<br />

Tel.................................. 089 862 3147<br />

Albartec Co.,Ltd.<br />

Tel.................................... 038 412 815<br />

UPVC Windows and Doors<br />

Tel. .................................089 785 5151<br />

EuroPVC Windows & Doors<br />

Tel. .................................081 762 8402<br />

Tel. ..................................038 378 302<br />

Tryba PVC Doors & Windows<br />

Tel...................................084 665 7036<br />


Pattaya Drinking Water<br />

Tel................................. 038 425 270-1<br />


Areeya Villa<br />

Tel................................. 038 733 320-1<br />

Baan Chalita<br />

Tel.................................. 089 608 3003<br />

Country Properties<br />

Tel.....................................038 737 018<br />

Mike Orchid Villas 2<br />

Tel................................... 038 376 939<br />

Seaboard Properties<br />

Tel.................................... 038 252 456<br />

Town & Country Developers<br />

Tel................................. 086-666-7238<br />

The German-Thai Group<br />

Tel................................. 038 427 364-5<br />

Viewtalay Marina<br />

Tel................................. 038 706 355-8<br />


Sony Service Center<br />

Tel................................... 038 420 151-3<br />

School For The Handicapped<br />

Tel...................................... 038 42 745<br />

Thailim Kanchang<br />

Tel...................................... 038 420 392<br />


European Painting & Electrical<br />

Tel: ................................. 081 862 1132<br />


Marina’s Guest House<br />

Tel.....................................087 150 7415<br />

Tel ....................................086 814 1177<br />


Decorum Furniture & Decoration<br />

Tel................038 410 763, 038 420 203<br />

Euro Design<br />

Tel.............. 038 300 654, 038 300 425<br />

Hafele Showroom<br />

Tel................................. 038 332 485-6<br />

Kitchen Studio<br />

Tel.................................... 038 252 315<br />

Fax.................................. 038 252 316<br />

Progress Kitchen<br />

Tel................................. 038 252 377<br />

Tel...................................089 832 6325<br />

HOTELS<br />

Little Hill Resort & Restaurant<br />

Tel.................................... 038 734 484<br />

Queen Victoria Inn<br />

Tel.................................... 038 425 418<br />

The Haven<br />

Tel................................. 038 710 988-9<br />

Thai Garden Resort<br />

Tel................................. 038 370 614-8<br />

Tel..................................038 424 356<br />


AA Insurance<br />

Tel.....................................038 415 795<br />

Tel.....................................038 415 796<br />

BT. Insurance<br />

Tel................................. 038 420 278-9<br />

BU PA Blue Cross Agent<br />

Tel.................................. 089 832 1998<br />

Tel.................................. 086 603 9472<br />

TBAC<br />

Tel.: .............................. 038 489 074-5<br />

Fax: .............................. 038 489 076<br />

The German Thai Group<br />

Real Estate & Insurance Department<br />

Tel.:................... +66 (0)38 427 364 - 5<br />

Fax:........................ +66 (0)38 420 721<br />

email: insurance@german-thai.com<br />


Venus Roonlee<br />

Tel.................................... 038 237 053<br />

Tel.................................... 038 238 247<br />

Tel.................................. 081 991 1318<br />

Business Support Services<br />

Tel................................. 038 713 383<br />

Tel.................................. 081 171 5492<br />

PCD Consultants<br />

Tel.................................... 038 422 825<br />

Plan B Business Solution Ltd.<br />

Tel.....................................038 252 898<br />

Tel...................................086 303 1632<br />

Fax..................................038 252 899<br />

Q.B.E Insurance Agent<br />

Tel.................................. 089 832 1998<br />

Tel.................................. 086 603 9472<br />

Thai Living.net<br />

Tel .................................038 364 514-5<br />

Fax ..................................038 364 056<br />

The German-Thai Group<br />

Tel................................. 038 427 364-5<br />


ARC Insulation .............038 716 676-8<br />


ACI<br />

Tel.................................... 038 416 060<br />

Fax.................................. 038 416 061<br />

Nobel Kitchen & Design<br />

Tel....................................038 252 882<br />

Fax...................................038 252 883<br />


C.A.T.<br />

Tel............................... 038 300 019-20<br />

Tel.................................. 081 801 7781<br />

If you do find a wrong number, please contact the Trader Tel: 038 716 390 - 038 716 986 - Fax: 038 716 985<br />

Easy Visa<br />

Tel.................................... 038 414 475<br />

KEN International Law Office<br />

Tel ...................................038 416 190<br />

Mob ...............................089 068 7819<br />

N.1 Visa Service<br />

Tel: ...................................038 360 204<br />

The German Thai Group<br />

Real Estate & Insurance Department.<br />

Tel.:................... +66 (0)38 427 364 - 5<br />

Fax:.................. +66 (0)38 420 721<br />


Image Limousine<br />

Tel.................................... 038 756 658<br />

Thai Limousine Service<br />

Tel................................. 038 423 140-1<br />


Pattaya Keys & Safes<br />

Tel.................................... 038 422 831<br />

Locksmith Key Co. Ltd<br />

Tel ...................................038 301 025<br />

Fax ... ..............................038 301 026<br />

.<br />


Thai Living.Net<br />

Tel..................................038 364 514-5<br />

Fax ................................038 364 056<br />


Bangkok Pattaya Hospital<br />

Tel................................... 038 259 999<br />

Bangkok Pattaya Dental<br />

Tel................................... 038 259 999<br />

Banglamung Hospital<br />

Tel................................... 038 429 244<br />

Pattaya Inter Hospital<br />

Tel................................. 038 428 374-5<br />


Four Winds International Moving<br />

Tel.................................... 038 306 330<br />

Tel.................................. 081 903 9477<br />

Tngthale Local Moving<br />

Tel. .................................086 839 7652<br />


Aloha Diner & Bar<br />

Tel.................................... 038 723 175<br />

Big Horn Steakhouse<br />

Tel.................................... 038 720 289<br />

BOB’S Bar-B-Que & Grill<br />

Tel.................................. 086 049 6348<br />

Crazy Dave’s Bar & Diner<br />

Tel.................................... 038 415 903<br />

Casa Pascal Restaurant<br />

Tel.................................. 038 723 660<br />

Tel.................................. 081 983 4182<br />

Edelweiss<br />

Tel.................................... 038 427 577<br />

Fatties Restaurant & Bar<br />

Tel.................................. 087 804 9493<br />

.<br />

Globetrotter<br />

Tel..................................... 038 423 167<br />

Little Hill Resort & Restaurant<br />

Tel.................................... 038 734 484<br />

Mata Hari<br />

Tel..................................... 038 259 799<br />

Moon River Pub<br />

Tel................................. 038 370 614-8<br />

Tel................................. 038 424 356<br />

Queen Victoria<br />

Tel..................................... 038 425 418<br />

Raj Indian Restaurant<br />

Tel..................................... 038 370 704<br />

Tel................................... 081 837 7443<br />

Shenanigans<br />

Tel..................................... 038 710 641<br />

Sportsman Pub & Restaurant<br />

Tel..................................... 038 710 609<br />

Subway<br />

Tel..................................... 038 360 083<br />

Simple Simon<br />

Tel.................................. 038 756 580<br />

Tel.................................. 089 096 2491<br />

The Haven<br />

Tel................................. 038 710 988-9<br />

.<br />

The Mini Golf Pub<br />

Tel..................................... 038 250 318<br />

Turkey Tom Bar & Grill<br />

Tel......................................038 364 170<br />


AA Condo Co.,Ltd.<br />

Tel..................................... 037 303 072<br />

ACI<br />

Tel......................................038 416 060<br />

Areeya Villa<br />

Tel................................. 038 733 320-1<br />

Baan Chalita<br />

Tel................................... 089 608 3003<br />

Country Properties<br />

Tel....................................081 576 0035<br />

Tel....................................089 047 5604<br />

East Coast Real Estate<br />

Tel................................. 038 723 615-6<br />

Farang Properties<br />

Tel..................................... 038 300 618<br />

Tel...................081 941 6769 (English),<br />

Tel..................089 938 7433 (German),<br />

Tel........................081 761 3430 (Thai)<br />

Golden Home Real Estate<br />

Tel..................................038 720 892-3<br />

Ideal Homes<br />

Tel..................................... 038 410 501<br />

Tel..................................... 038 710 557<br />

Northern Thai Realty<br />

Tel..................................... 038 426 242<br />

Tel..................................... 038 425 836<br />

Mike Orchid Villas<br />

Tel..................................... 038 376 939<br />

Tel................................... 089 748 3580<br />

One Stop Real Estate<br />

Tel..................................... 038 710 699<br />

Tel..................................... 038 710 725<br />

Pattaya Paradise City Property Co.<br />

Ltd.<br />

Tel: .........................+66 (0) 38 373 966<br />

Fax: .........................+66 (0) 38 373517<br />

Properties in Thailand<br />

Tel .....................................038 425 884<br />

Tel ...................................087 803 3329<br />

Sallmanns<br />

Tel...................................... 038 252588<br />

Seaboard Properties<br />

Tel..................................... 038 252 456<br />

Siam Properties<br />

Tel..................................... 038 420 558<br />

Siam Royal View<br />

Tel..................................... 038 332 640<br />

Thai Business Acquisition Consultants<br />

Tel.: .............................. 038 489 074-5<br />

Fax: ................................ 038 489 076<br />

The German Thai Group<br />

Real Estate & Insurance Department<br />

Tel.: ....................+66 (0)38 427 364 - 5<br />

Fax: .....................+66 (0)38 420 721<br />

Town & Country Property<br />

Tel..................................... 038 374 136<br />

Tel................................... 086 666 7238<br />


Pattaya Keys & Safes<br />

Tel................................... 089 252 9830<br />

Tel..................................... 038 422 831<br />

Locksmith C0. Ltd<br />

Tel. ................................... 038 301025<br />

Fax. ..................................038 301026<br />

SPORTS<br />

Get High (Paregliding)<br />

Tel................................... 081 576 0038<br />

Harold’s Golf Driving Range<br />

Tel..................................... 038 250 658<br />

Tel................................... 081 832 5338<br />

Image Golf<br />

Tel..................................... 038 756 658<br />

Pattaya Sport Club<br />

Tel..................................... 038 361 167<br />

The Mini Golf Pub<br />

Tel..................................... 038 250 318<br />


Amari Orchid Resort<br />

Tel..................................... 038 428 161<br />

Dusit Resort Sport & Fitness Club<br />

Tel.................................. 038 425 611-7<br />

Universe Gym Fitness & Boxing Center<br />

Tel..................................... 038 421 027<br />

Woodlands Resort<br />

Tel..................................... 038 421 707<br />

World Class Gym<br />

Tel..................................... 038 411 116<br />

Yodtong Senanan Thai Boxing Camp<br />

Tel..................................... 038 249 018<br />


Master Safety Enterprise Ltd.<br />

Security Specialists since 1988<br />

Burglar Alarm, CCTV, Access System<br />

Tel..................... 038 426 423<br />

Locksmith Co. Ltd<br />

Tel. ................................... 038 301025<br />

Fax. ..................................038 301026<br />


“Ban Rak Deck”<br />

Nursery & Babyhotel<br />

Tel.................................. 086 045 8876<br />

Tel.................................. 084 726 3878<br />


Naklua Veterinary Clinic :<br />

Dr. Sukit Belkloy<br />

Tel.................................... 038 225 640<br />



Dr. Kriengsak<br />

Open 10.00-22.00<br />

Tel.................................... 038 488 407<br />



Ground Water Survey<br />

Tel ..................................086 320 0525<br />

Tel ..................................087 129 0044<br />


TEL:................................087 486 2127<br />

IM Siam Trading Co Ltd<br />

Tel.................................... 038 428 662<br />

J K Winery Ltd Part<br />

Tel................................. 038 250 095-6<br />

Marotech Engineering Co Ltd<br />

Tel.................................... 038 425 094<br />


Silvermover Company Ltd.<br />

Web design and Hosting<br />

Tel...................................086 0888 744<br />

Tel.....................................038 251 775<br />


Tel.....................................038 412 159<br />

Fax...................................038 723 383<br />

Western Web Design Co.Ltd<br />

Tel...................................089 886 5445<br />


PC Insurance Services<br />

Tel: ...................................+66 (0) 38 373 966<br />

Fax: ..................................+66 (0) 38 373517<br />

Home Removals & Contents Purchase<br />

Tel ...................................038 702 499<br />

Mobile ............................086 666 9532<br />

Jomtien Yellow House Massage<br />

Tel. .................................087 827 8983<br />

Pattaya Dental Center<br />

Tel ....................................038 259 944<br />

Home Cleaning Service<br />

Tel ..................................089 545 7985<br />

Motor Bike for Rent<br />

Tel .................................086 824 4910<br />

Personal Trainer<br />

Tel ..................................089 094 6869<br />

Swimming Teacher<br />

Tel...................................089 094 6869<br />

Plan B Business Solution Ltd.<br />

Tel....................................038 252 898<br />

Tel...................................086 303 1632<br />

Fax..................................038 252 899<br />


Isan Flowers - Delivery Service<br />

Tel..................................038 421 773<br />


Wheelies Pattaya<br />

Tel ................................... 0810027492<br />

Tel....................................0847408547<br />

Kiwi Motor Bike Rental (24 Hr)<br />

Tel: ................................ 094 8686502<br />

Wheel Chair Service<br />

Buddy Wheelchair Service = Pattaya<br />

Tel ................................081 858 4108<br />

Tel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,081 170 3934<br />

If you do find a wrong number, please contact the Trader Tel: 038 716 390 - 038 716 986 - Fax: 038 716 985

Reader input required. If you find any information that’s incorrect, please let us know. If you have any additional info’ please let us know<br />


- January 2012<br />



A number of companies provide mini bus services to<br />

Bangkok, but they are usually listed in one schedule available<br />

from travel agents and tour operators. They will collect<br />

you from your hotel.<br />



Air conditioned coaches run to Chiang Mai from the bus station<br />

on Sukhumvit. 15:00, 17:55, 18:20, 19:00 hours daily.<br />

This can be booked direct (038424871) or through travel<br />

agents and tour operators.<br />


There is one flight per day (flight times vary) to Koh Samui<br />

from the local airport, U-Tapao. The price is 2,305 Baht,<br />

tickets from Bangkok Airways or travel agents and tour<br />

operators.<br />


Our coaches from Pattaya arrive at 3 different bus terminals in Bangkok: the<br />

Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai), the Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2) and<br />

the New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai). For those passengers traveling to<br />

Morchit 2 and Sai Tai, there will be an additional stop at Aou Udom bus<br />

stop.<br />

Pattaya Bus Terminal to Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2)<br />

Bus Route: Pattaya Bus Terminal – Motorway - Morchit 2<br />

Departure Times: Buses leave every 30 to 40 minutes from Pattaya Bus<br />

Terminal<br />

- The first bus leaves at 04:30<br />

- The last bus leaves at 21:00<br />

Bus Fare: 121 Thai Baht<br />

Aou Udom Bus Stop: The bus from Pattaya Bus Terminal will stop only if there<br />

are passengers from Aou Udom.<br />

Departure Times: Buses leave every 30 to 40 minutes from Aou Udom Bus Stop<br />

- The first bus leaves at 06:00<br />

- The last bus leaves at 17:30<br />

Bus Fare: 95 Thai Baht<br />

Pattaya Bus Terminal to Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai)<br />

Bus Route: Pattaya Bus Terminal-Bangna-Trad Rd. (Toll way) –Ekamai<br />

Departure Times: Buses leave every 30 to 40 minutes<br />

from Pattaya Bus Terminal<br />

- The first bus leaves at 04:30<br />

- The last bus leaves at 23:00<br />

Before arriving at Ekamai, passengers can also elect to get<br />

off at the following Bangkok stops:<br />

1. HomePro (Bang Plee)<br />

2. Pedestrian Flyover opposite Central Bangna<br />

3. Bangna Intersection<br />

4. Onnuch BTS<br />

Bus Fare: 113 Thai Baht<br />

Pattaya Bus Terminal to New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai)<br />

Bus Route: Pattaya Bus Terminal - Bangna-Trad Rd. (Toll way) New Southern<br />

Bus Terminal (Sai Tai)<br />

Departure Times:<br />

06:00 07:00<br />

08:00 09:00<br />

10:00 12:00<br />

13:00 14:00<br />

15:00 16:00<br />

18:00<br />

Bus Fares: 113 Thai Baht<br />

Aou Udom Bus Stop: The bus from Pattaya Bus Terminal will stop only if<br />

there are passengers from Aou Udom.<br />

Departure Times:<br />

06:20 07:20<br />

08:20 09:20<br />

10:20 12:20<br />

13:20 14:20<br />

15:20 16:20<br />

Bus Fare: 95 Thai Baht<br />

Read the Pattaya Trader on line at www.pattayatrader-online<br />




A number of companies<br />

provide mini bus services to<br />

Bangkok, but they are usually<br />

listed in one schedule<br />

available from travel agents<br />

and tour operators. They will<br />

collect you from your hotel.<br />


Air conditioned coaches run to Chiang Mai from the bus station on Sukhumvit.<br />

15:00, 17:55, 18:20, 19:00 hours daily. This can be booked<br />

direct (038424871) or through travel agents and tour operators.<br />


There is one flight per day (flight times vary) to Koh Samui from the<br />

local airport, U-Tapao. The price is 2,305 Baht, tickets from Bangkok<br />

Airways or travel agents and tour operators.<br />

Please note prices and times quoted are correct at the time of going<br />

to press but can be changed without notice. Please check with the<br />

service operator or your local travel agent tour operator for the most<br />

recent<br />

informan<br />

From Suvarnabhumi Airport - www.airportpattayabus.com<br />

There are 2 departure locations at Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya:<br />

Tickets cost Baht 124<br />

1. Airport Bus Terminal & 2. 1st floor of Airport Building between Gate No. 7-8<br />

Departure Times:<br />

Airport Bus Terminal : 1st Fl. Airport Building Gate No. 7-8<br />

06:50 07:00<br />

08:50 09:00<br />

10:50 11:00<br />

12:50 13:00<br />

14:50 15:00<br />

16:50 17:00<br />

20:50 21:00<br />

From Pattaya City<br />

There are also 2 departure locations in Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport:<br />

1. Office on Chaiyapruk Road (Not sure of the location)<br />

2. Office on Thappraya Road (north of Thepprasit Road opposite Pan Pan Restaurant)<br />

Departure Times:<br />

Chaiyapruk Road Thapphraya Road<br />

07:40 08:00<br />

09:40 10:00<br />

11:40 12:00<br />

13:40 14:00<br />

15:40 16:00<br />

17:40 18:00<br />

19:40 20:00<br />

Pattaya Office Hours:<br />

Office on Thapphraya Road 07:30 - 20:00 7 days a week<br />

(North of Thepprasit Road opposite Pan Pan Restaurant)<br />

Tel 038 -250-795 Tel 086-324-2389<br />

Suvarnabhumi Airport Counter Service Hours:<br />

1. Airport Bus Terminal: 06:30 - 21:00 7 days a week<br />

2. 1st Fl. of Airport Building Gate 7-8 06:30 - 21:00 7 days a week<br />

Tel: 086-324-2391<br />

Taxis & Limos to airport/Bangkok<br />

(There are plenty of operators offering taxi<br />

services to Bangkok and the airport from<br />

around 1,000 Baht, plus tolls.)<br />

The Travel Page<br />

Image Limousine: (Pick-up service provided)<br />

Price from Baht 2,000 - Tel 038 251 755 - 09 894 6010<br />

Mr Don, Center Condo: Center Condotel, South Pattaya Rd. 038 411<br />

152-60; mobile 09-5433543<br />

O.N. Taxi & Minibus: 519/88 Soi Skaw Beach (off Second Rd). 038 720<br />

237; mobile 09-9391449;e-mail: ontaxi@hotmail.com<br />

If you do find a wrong number, please contact the Trader Tel: 038 716 390 - 038 716 986 - Fax: 038 716 985

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 16 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Pattaya Trader<br />


Rotary Club Of Taksin-Pattaya (RCOTP)<br />

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Pattaya Golf Society<br />

Meet regularly at the Bunker Bar in Soi Chiaypoon.<br />

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Pattaya Sports Club<br />

Promoting sports and supporting<br />

local charities<br />

Clubhouse on Pattaya 3rd Rd. Next<br />

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www.pattayasports.org<br />

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meets every Sunday at Henry J.Beans Restaurant, North Beach Road from 10 am until 12 for<br />

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or from Soi Buakhao right turn onto Soi<br />

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Friendly and relaxed meetings with lots of<br />

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expat expo tables. Free use of swimming<br />

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Life Membership, 600 THB.<br />

www.pattayaexpatsclub.info.<br />

Rotary Club Pattaya Marina<br />

French speaking<br />

Meets Friday 18H30 at Amari Resort<br />

President Florent Pellegrin<br />

Tel: 086 565 1955<br />

www.rotarypattayamarina.o<br />

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Dear Constant Reader.<br />

I was reading a little bit about Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng, a lovely<br />

43 year old Chinese lady. Murdoch is now I believe 83, so I thought to myself,<br />

that’s the way to go !! A lady; 40 odd years younger than yourself. Doesn’t that<br />

conjour up some exciting visions in your mind. Well, I’m a publisher same as Rupert<br />

and I’m getting on in years so I sort of have the necessary qualificationd for<br />

a woman 40 years younger than myself.<br />

Still no applicants for the job of Sales & Marketing person for the Pattaya Trader. I mention<br />

this in case anyone out there knows of a Thai girl or boy or a mixture of both who might be<br />

looking for a job of this nature. Smart, self confident and a nice personality are all that’s needed.<br />

A bit of spoken English would be an asset but most of the businesses will be Thai owned so the<br />

English is not so important.<br />

The Pattaya Trader is also looking for writers. We still need someone who can write about<br />

formula 1 and golf. I would also really like to build up the sports section of the magazine, so if you<br />

have a sport you would like to write about and contribute to the Trader every month please get in<br />

touch. Maybe the Pattaya Sports Club has someone who could write about their favourite sport.<br />

How about fishing ? Any fishermen who can put pen to paper ?<br />

A friend of mine (yes, I do have friends believe it or not !) said to me the other day that we<br />

ought to have more competitions. This got me to thinking that maybe we could have a monthly<br />

competition for the best looking girl friend ? I would be happy (well ... not actually happy, but prepared)<br />

to fork out a couple of thousand Baht as a prize to the best looking lady of a reader. A picture<br />

(nothing sexy, or at least not too sexy, of the lady with some bio details about her. We will<br />

publish the picture of the winning lady in the following issue and give her 2,000 Baht prize money.<br />

Is this a good idea ? Or maybe YOU have a better one ? Please write in and let me know and if<br />

you all think the ‘Girl Friend’ competition is good we will run it.<br />

I guess that’s about all I can think of for this issue. If you would like to write in to me about<br />

anything at all concerning the Pattaya Trader magazine I would be delighted to hear from you.<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

Pill De Arse<br />


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that generally ‘anything goes’ here, but<br />

please do respect the wishes of the<br />

magazine and the writers of the content.<br />

Thank you.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

Steve was delighted when he learned that all<br />

the boys would be over to Pattaya again in<br />

April. As usual, his best mate Gary had called<br />

him on Saturday to tell him all the latest news<br />

from his home town in the UK. Since he’d<br />

moved to Thailand five years earlier, he’d become accustomed<br />

to the vastly different climate and culture of a country 6,000<br />

miles from what used to be home. He wouldn’t swap it, but he<br />

did miss the regular company of the group of friends that had<br />

all gone to school together and had remained close ever since.<br />

Their annual visit to Pattaya had become an event that none of<br />

them would miss - work, wives and girlfriends permitting. This<br />

year was to be a little different it appeared, and not for the better.<br />

The intervening years hadn’t changed Marty, the ex-school<br />

bully. He had evolved into a loud-mouthed, lairy, Billy no mates.<br />

As he lived in the same town and frequented the same pubs, it<br />

was difficult to avoid him. So when word got out that the lads<br />

had booked their holiday,<br />

Marty decided to tag<br />

along and a week later he<br />

booked the same flight.<br />

He was so thick-skinned<br />

as to be oblivious to<br />

the derogatory remarks<br />

made in the pub that his<br />

action had prompted.<br />

Steve knew that it was<br />

going to be hard work<br />

trying to cope with Marty<br />

for a fortnight.<br />

When the lads<br />

arrived in Pattaya, it<br />

emerged that Marty,<br />

despite not being the<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

W<br />

The Lesson<br />

sharpest knife in the drawer, had even managed to book himself<br />

into the same Soi 7 hotel as the others. After a few days it<br />

became clear that Marty was intent on business as usual, despite<br />

the advice from the others that Thailand was not a place that<br />

tolerated loutish behaviour. He’d already had a few fights with<br />

farangs of various nationalities and insulted several bar girls who<br />

had, very sensibly, rejected his amorous overtures. The others<br />

had helped him out and dragged him away before he got himself<br />

in serious trouble with the local constabulary. The time seemed<br />

right for him to be taught a lesson.<br />

On Saturday night, after watching the football in Soi 7, they<br />

decided on a visit to Walking Street. Just before they entered the<br />

pedestrianised area, Marty’s attention was drawn to the Muay<br />

Thai boxing that was going on in the street side beer-bar complex.<br />

They all stopped for a minute or two while Marty let it be<br />

known to anyone in earshot that it wasn’t “proper” boxing and<br />

the Thai fighters wouln’t last two minutes against a seasoned exponent<br />

of the Queensbury<br />

rules such as him. One or<br />

two of the lads exchanged<br />

knowing glances. Unlike<br />

Marty, they’d been there<br />

a few times before and<br />

seen many a farang who<br />

fancied their chances made<br />

to appear a complete prat.<br />

Predictably Marty took<br />

little persuading to have<br />

a go when the MC asked<br />

for a farang volunteer to<br />

go a couple of rounds<br />

with Chokchai, the reigning<br />

champion. Marty was<br />

sure it was a tourist show<br />

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and that it was all put on. He’d go gentle on the Thai lad and not<br />

show him up too much.<br />

As he climbed up into the ring, Steve noticed a couple of his<br />

mates talking quietly to Chokchai’s trainer and a number of hundred<br />

Baht notes changing hands. For the first minute or so Marty<br />

was content to show off his pugilistic skills and finely honed torso<br />

to the admiring bar girls who responded by calling him all the<br />

insulting Thai names under the sun. He smiled back in blessed<br />

ignorance. The first round ended with hardly a punch or kick<br />

being landed. Due mostly to Marty’s ineptitude and Chokchai’s<br />

accomplished ringcraft. Steve glanced over to Chokchai’s corner<br />

and saw the trainer seemingly giving some instructions. These<br />

instructions immediately became evident when the contest resumed.<br />

In simple terms, Marty was being given a discrete hiding.<br />

To the casual observer Chokchai was landing more punches and<br />

kicks, but they didn’t seem to be delivered with any malice. Marty<br />

knew otherwise. Chokchai’s skill was enabling him to appear to<br />

be lightly clipping Marty at will, but those blows were meant to<br />

hurt - and did. As the round progressed, Steve realised what was<br />

going on. Two of the others had slipped the trainer a few Baht so<br />

that his boxer could give Marty a hiding. As the bout was nearing<br />

it’s end, Steve thought that Marty might have learned someing<br />

and slow down a bit. Far from it, Marty’s ego and misplaced faith<br />

in his own ability forced him into one final onslaught. The only<br />

effect of which was to force Chokchai to up the ante and deal a<br />

blow that would stop the contest. He easily evaded Marty’s wild<br />

right hook and simultaneously thumped Marty on the back of<br />

the head and kicked his legs from under him. Steve was now<br />

concerned. Chokchai seemed to have lost the plot and was going<br />

to deal with Marty as if there was a ten thousand Baht purse at<br />

stake, rather than a few hundred. Without further ado Steve leapt<br />

up into the ring and grabbed Chokchai around the shoulders<br />

shouting “por, por”, hoping that Chokchai would realise he’d done<br />

enough damage.<br />

Back outside Steve put Marty in a waiting taxi and told the<br />

driver to take him to Pattaya Memorial hospital. He wasn’t badly<br />

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hurt, only a few cuts and bruises and a sorely damaged ego. His<br />

knee was probably the thing that would need treatment, as he’d<br />

fallen awkwardly in the final melee and could have damaged a<br />

ligament or something similar. Leaving Marty to sort himself out<br />

and reflect on the error of his actions, the rest of the lads headed<br />

into Walking street in search of less frenetic entertainment.<br />

It was around five hours later that Steve found himself<br />

walking along the soi at the back of the hospital that led to his<br />

apartment. He half-hesitated and wondered if he should go in<br />

the A & E department and see if Marty had been sorted out. No,<br />

Marty has to learn his lesson. He’ll be back on the scene tomorrow<br />

- hopefully with a better attitude. Steve turned the final<br />

corner on his journey home when he heard a voice behind him.<br />

“Money farang!”. Steve turned slowly to face a Thai man weilding<br />

a long bladed knife and a look that showed that he was probably<br />

prepared to use it.<br />

The fight/flight instinct raced through Steve’s mind. Give<br />

him the money, turn and run or fight? He only had about six<br />

hundred Baht on him as it had been a good night out. He was on<br />

the corner of a soi that led nowhere and trying the ‘Braveheart’<br />

approach with a man holding a large knife and a bad attitude<br />

didn’t seem to be a good idea. Before he had the chance to make<br />

a possible life or death decision, the necessity for it was obviated.<br />

In the darkness Steve didn’t see what happened. All he heard<br />

was a whoosh and a crack, followed by a thud. Moving out into<br />

the light of a street lamp, Steve saw Marty holding the thin end<br />

of an old-fashioned wooden crutch and a crumpled heap of Thai<br />

would-be mugger on the pavement. “Better get out of here a<br />

bit sharpish, I think I’ve hit him a bit too hard”. Steve thought to<br />

himself “thank God for brute force and ignorance”. “ Let’s go and<br />

have a beer and have you got any money?” said Marty. I was in<br />

that bloody hospital for ages and it cost me a fortune. I like Pattaya<br />

- I think I might pack up work and move over here”.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 21

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />


While scientists are<br />

trying to discover if<br />

the universe is made<br />

of matter or anti-matter<br />

the rest of us are<br />

wondering ‘What the hell does it matter?’<br />

with all the present devastation in Thailand<br />

of late. The only consolation is that the scenario<br />

of the world being a washout won’t<br />

last, but, at the same time, I wonder what<br />

happened to the Creator’s promise to Noah<br />

(after the deluge) that he’d send a rainbow<br />

as a promise that the earth would never be<br />

flooded again. I suppose that as only about<br />

half of the entire country was affected, and they not being ‘His Chosen<br />

People’, it didn’t count as ‘wholesale’ in his ledger!<br />

The only floods I’ve experienced have been my childhood reminiscences<br />

that have been flooding back (of the late 50’s Sussex inundation<br />

when my brothers and I sailed around the rooftops of hundreds of<br />

submerged caravans on a makeshift raft of railway sleepers), making me<br />

realize that nostalgia is a thing of the past and not appropriate for a more<br />

fortunate falang to be presently wallowing in. Although they say swimming<br />

is good for the figure I have reservations about ending up with<br />

my body resembling that of an old trout. But why should I<br />

go along with the American theory that only the sleek will<br />

inherit the earth?<br />

I certainly don’t go along with their other] philosophies<br />

for, if you remember, when the Pilgrims ! landed in<br />

America there were only Indians there: they had no taxes,<br />

no national debt, no conscription, no prisons, no brutal<br />

law enforcers or national guard, and the women did all of<br />

the work - and the floundering Pilgrim Fathers thought they<br />

would improve on that system!<br />

If only the native Indians had had a more enlightened immigration<br />

policy the land might have still belonged to them.<br />

When asked what they called their country before it was<br />

dubbed ‘America’ in honour of Amerigo Vespucci ; they replied<br />

“Ours”. Perhaps, instead of the Pilgrim Fathers landing on<br />

Plymouth Rock, it would have been better if the Plymouth Rock<br />

had landed on those Pilgrim Fathers. But there is no point in worrying<br />

about life for if you worry you die, and even if you don’t worry<br />

you die j eventually anyway - so why worry?<br />

All I ever exercise now is an occasional bit of discretion even though<br />

I was out four nights running last week ... no, not jogging! Jogging is for<br />

those aerobic freaks not intelligent enough to enjoy CRAPattaya TV. When<br />

I did take up regular exercise a while ago on the understanding that it<br />

would add years to my life, which it did, I found I felt ten years older and<br />

had developed the energy levels of someone twice my age capable only<br />

of stirring up apathy - but I still do stretch when I yawn in the morning.<br />

Take up running? My whole life has been a race against time and in this<br />

rat-race it’s always the rats that seem to keep winning - and they’re still<br />

rats even when they do win.<br />

My friends seem to be of the opinion the only thing that will improve<br />

my appearance is by keeping my distance. But oh, insomnia! Lying awake<br />

at nights, listening to time ticking silently away; wondering what is a<br />

‘civil-war’; what are ‘even-odds’; if ‘honesty is the best policy’ what are the<br />

Page 22 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

other options; why is ‘being too clever by half an insult; does<br />

‘virtual reality’ mean real or unreal, and those concepts of<br />

infinity and eternity 1 mean where will it all end? However,<br />

I do aerobic sleeping; that is I toss and turn all night when<br />

suffering from my insomnia. My ying said “My bhen arry.<br />

Doan u wolly,’coz u will plobably sleep it off.” I took a sleeping<br />

draught (a big bottle of Bull’s Blood Vino Sanguino) and<br />

got double rest as 1 dreamt I was sleeping, and on waking, I<br />

asked my ying ‘Are you asleep?’ to which she answered “I’m<br />

not telling you!”<br />

One thing about being a fat OAP is that ‘multitasking’<br />

is being able to laugh, cough, sneeze, fart and pee all at<br />

the same time, the only consolation being is that old age is<br />

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something you will outgrow - eventually! And since old<br />

age is only a question of mind over matter what does it<br />

matter if you don’t mind - because if you don’t mind it<br />

won’t matter! Mind you, when your wrinkles turn into<br />

body-pleats it’s no longer just puppy-fat and your puppylove<br />

has gone to the dogs - it’s time to diet! But just don’t<br />

ask me what colour. Groan! I know, I know, the standard<br />

of my correspondence is nothing to write home about<br />

but still the penis mightier than the sword (even though<br />

it’s a lot more difficult to behead somebody with one). Ah<br />

well, since I can’t please all of the people all of the time I<br />

shall just have to please myself thereby at least making<br />

one person happy for I can’t have it both ways as I’m not<br />

a khatoey lady-boy.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 23

Pattaya Trader<br />

A gem or two among the sloths: The New Star go go is the first<br />

den on the left-hand side in Soi Diamond if you are coming in off<br />

Walking Street. It’s easy to walk past, although the policy of having<br />

a couple of usually well-endowed and passably attractive dancing<br />

damsels stood behind the curtain at the entrance and ever ready to<br />

display their primary assets to passers-by usually means the place<br />

gathers a reasonable crowd of punters most nights.<br />

A fairly short and narrow den, it only<br />

takes seven or eight girls and three<br />

or four bums on seats to make it<br />

look busy. The stage has three to<br />

five girls shuffling about while two<br />

damsels soap each other towards<br />

the centre. The preferred discounted<br />

thirst quencher is draft amber while<br />

lady drinks are a fair 110 baht (for a<br />

proper glass).<br />

Of the 12 or so girls I saw on a recent<br />

visit, two or three were worth a second<br />

look while about half were pot<br />

boilers or potential ‘before’ adverts<br />

for Weight Watchers. There is a room<br />

upstairs, which can be rented for 350<br />

baht for a short period of time (one<br />

hour), while the bar fine is 600 baht.<br />

The damsel of your desire wants you<br />

to part with 1,500 baht for an hour of<br />

her precious time. Doing the math,<br />

better value for the nocturnal emission<br />

baht can be found elsewhere,<br />

but the bar is usually worth at least<br />

a look.<br />

A little piece of Heaven in Pattaya:<br />

The Heaven Above go-go (Soi<br />

Diamond) is one of those dens of the<br />

chrome pole people seem to either<br />

love or hate. My personal attitude<br />

towards it is one of ambivalence: can’t<br />

stand the aural assault emanating from<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Proud of her hair in Diamond go go<br />

behind the DJ’s booth, but appreciate the wide and varied looks of<br />

the dancing damsels, albeit that the majority are members of the<br />

hard-core division of wallet emptiers.<br />

I was out with a mate who was initially reluctant to make the trek<br />

up the stairs into Heaven Above. He said his previous experiences<br />

in the den had been less than exciting and he wasn’t keen on the<br />

all-white décor. It was happy hour where a small glass of draft amber<br />

fluid is only 50 baht until 9:30pm.<br />

A smart move the management<br />

have picked up from the Happy/<br />

Peppermint/Beach Club collective<br />

is to have someone, in this case<br />

a couple of the more attractive<br />

dancers, walk around with a sign<br />

indicating happy hour would be<br />

over in five minutes.<br />

As we sat surveying the six dancers<br />

on the main stage and the three or<br />

four who were shuffling about on a<br />

few scattered podiums, my friend<br />

decided this visit to Heaven Above<br />

was far better than his previous<br />

ventures into the den. A quick head<br />

count gave us around 25 dancers<br />

all up as well as some of the best<br />

looking service girls and hostesses<br />

of any place in Fun Town.<br />

If you’re looking for the kind of<br />

hands-on and go the grope kind<br />

of ogling den of the Baby Dolls/<br />

Windmill Club type experience<br />

then you’re in the wrong place. If<br />

you’re searching for Orville and<br />

Wilbur’s sister, Miss Wright, then<br />

once again you’re probably barking<br />

up the wrong chrome pole. If,<br />

instead, you want to find the kind of<br />

girl who can strip paint off walls with<br />

her tongue and turn your love bone to jelly,<br />

Page 24 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

then Heaven Above is well worth the stair climb.<br />

Pattaya go-go dancers: Madame Tussaud’s come<br />

to life, almost: When the girls who work in the go-go<br />

bars are asked what they do, they almost invariably say<br />

they are ‘dancers’. As most observers of the go-go scene<br />

would no doubt concur, in many places it is hard to tell<br />

whether they are ‘dancers’ or merely auditioning for<br />

future roles as dummies in a wax museum.<br />

One partner in the long defunct Spicy Girls go-go<br />

(which started life in Pattayaland Soi 1, before that lane<br />

became overly gender-confused) was once reported to<br />

have said, “we’ve got some poles that are a bit loose, and<br />

they move more than the girls!”<br />

In years gone by the place where the best chrome pole<br />

gyraters could be seen was Happy go-go (Walking<br />

Street). For some years they had easily the best line-up of<br />

girls who would cavort about the centre stage in various<br />

stages of undress while shaking everything. Rumour<br />

suggested much of this adult Attention Deficit Disorder<br />

(ADD) was due to the liberal ingestion of medicinal<br />

compounds not usually available over the counter in<br />

a pharmacy.<br />

Nowadays it’s hard to think of a single den which can lay<br />

claim to having a crew of genuinely energetic or frenetic<br />

exponents of the art of molesting a chrome pole.<br />

When Diamond go-go (Soi Diamond) used to hold<br />

regular monthly dance contests, especially in the early<br />

days when other go-go’s would be invited to compete,<br />

the quality of the dancers and the dancing was first rate,<br />

especially towards the final rounds.<br />

That said, I doubt most punters wander into a gogo<br />

in search of a partner to take to the World Tango<br />

Championships. Their main interest, after all, is what<br />

kind of a performance can be expected in the horizontal<br />

mattress dancing stakes.<br />

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Angelwitch isn’t known as a classy show bar for nothing !<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 25

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

A Saunter down Soi LK Metro<br />

Tonights bar crawl takes us along Lk Metro, a<br />

soi which may not be on the radar of anyone<br />

visiting Pattaya for the first time.<br />

Gaining entry to the soi from either Soi Diane or Soi<br />

Buakaow, Soi Lk Metro has seen many new venues open<br />

in the last year or so. Originally developed by the Leng Kee<br />

family it now boasts half a dozen or so gogo bars, a large<br />

selection of reasonably priced guest houses, plus numerous<br />

places to eat and drink.<br />

Situated where it is, this soi doesn’t attract the Walking<br />

Street crowds of Russian, Indian and Arab tourists. Instead Lk<br />

Metro caters for the local expat community, and people on<br />

holiday who stay in and around the vicinity.<br />

Entering Lk Metro from Soi Diane, I decide to start the<br />

evenings drinking at Champagne Agogo. This well established<br />

venue was the sois original gogo bar and I was keen to<br />

see how it was holding up against the new kids on the block.<br />

On entering I was pleased to see a reasonable amount<br />

of customers, which isn’t bad going for this early start of 7<br />

pm. I was also delighted to see that Champagnes happy hour<br />

prices were still intact, offering beer at just 65 Baht a bottle<br />

from 2pm through to 9pm. Also still in place is the free pizza<br />

nights on a Monday and Thursday.<br />

Another plus point is that you can drink in here without<br />

the constant hassle to buy lady drinks. Mind you, looking at<br />

some of the darlings working in here, they would be welcome<br />

to hassle me for as long as the see fit.<br />

I am also happy to report that Champagne has lost none<br />

of its fizz and is still a strong contender for the best gogo bar<br />

on Lk Metro.<br />

My next drink takes me along to The Office Agogo,<br />

which is one of the newer venues on the soi.<br />

This office is unlike any other i have visited in my carrer.<br />

If the work place was indeed like this, i for one would be<br />

more than willing to put in a few more extra hours. Here the<br />

theme is the fantasy world of the sexy secretary. The girls<br />

certainly look the part, dressed in high heels, stockings and<br />

suspenders. Some even don reading glasses to complete the<br />

look.<br />

Office Agogo has a central stage upon which 4 or 5 of<br />

the girls dance, complementing this we have a small jacuzzi<br />

which unfortunately wasn’t in use.<br />

Prices are similar to its competitors with draft and<br />

bottled beer costing 65 Baht between 7pm and 9pm. Again<br />

the girls are non- pushy allowing for a pleasant drinking environment.<br />

Next up is the nautical themed Submarine Agogo,<br />

another relatively new club in the area. Entering by crossing<br />

a gangplank, this gogo bar is as the name would suggest<br />

decked out as a submarine.<br />

Page 26 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

I honestly don’t recall ever visiting a smaller or more narrow<br />

gogo bar, while here in Pattaya. In fact it is so narrow it<br />

doesn’t have the space for a stage, instead the girls dance on<br />

low level tables which sit central to the wall hugging seats.<br />

Unbebelievably they did find space for a jacuzzi, but again it<br />

wasn’t in use. I order a draft beer which is priced at 60 Baht<br />

and true to form comes in a small narrow glass.<br />

Submarine Agogo is definitely worth a curious look. It<br />

has a couple of decent looking girls, and if i was ever unfortunate<br />

enough to suffer from claustrophobia, i could think of<br />

worse places for it to happen than a Pattaya gogo bar.<br />

My last drink of the evening takes me to Club Blu,<br />

which sits on the Soi Buakaow end of the soi.<br />

Club Blu has been open for around four years, but still<br />

has a fairly modern look and feel about it. Inside with its<br />

chrome and glass it wouldn’t look out of place in my home<br />

city in the Uk. What makes this stand apart from anything<br />

back at home is the coyote dancers. These dancing girls strut<br />

their stuff along the windows of Lk Metro, making pleasant<br />

viewing for anyone passing by. For this reason there is obviously<br />

no nudity here, and it may not appeal to the more<br />

hands on type of customer.<br />

Drinks come in at a reasonable 75Baht for a bottle of<br />

Leo or Tiger, with draft beer costing just 50 Baht. Along with<br />

these prices and some decent eye candy, i could think of<br />

worse places to end my nights drinking.<br />

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Although sharing some similar types of venues, i think<br />

it would be unwise to believe the hype suggesting this soi to<br />

be a mini Walking Street. This is a perfectly fine soi in its own<br />

right, and should be judged accordingly.<br />

I firmly believe Lk Metro has enough attractions to<br />

satisfy the first time visitor, while also keping the local expats<br />

happy with affordable drink prices. If these two factors<br />

A pair of ‘lovelies’ photographed at Club Blu<br />

remain in place then Lk Metro should have a bright future<br />

ahead.<br />

Marks out of ***** Value for money ****<br />

Quality of ladies **** Fun factor ****<br />

Will i be back ****<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

The Lush<br />

Unfortunately this will be the last column to be submitted<br />

by ‘The Lush’ as he’s found he’s going to be busy in another<br />

project. If there’s anyone out there who would like to take over<br />

where ‘The Lush’ leaves off please get in touch with me. (Email<br />

address top of the left hand page.) Oh yes !! There’s beer<br />

money supplied.<br />

Page 27

Read the Pattaya Trader on line at www.pattayatrader-online<br />

Pattaya Trader<br />

As the high season jet-ski scamming season<br />

is now in full swing, I was contacted by two<br />

long-time Pattaya jet-ski operators who were<br />

keen to put their side of the story, suggesting<br />

they are just a misunderstood minority simply<br />

trying to earn a dishonest living.<br />

The two men are brothers, Turdsuk, 28, and Turdsak, 26.<br />

They come originally from Amphur<br />

Anywhere in Mukdahan province<br />

and asked me to refer to them<br />

simply as Big Turd and Little Turd.<br />

“For so many years we were<br />

ignored by the local and international<br />

press, “ complained Big<br />

Turd. “It was all ‘Phuket this’, and<br />

‘Phuket that’. The jet-ski operators<br />

of Phuket got all the press while<br />

we in Pattaya hardly ever rated<br />

a mention. It was so frustrating because<br />

we are as good as anyone at<br />

extracting money with menaces.”<br />

Big Turd emphasized his point<br />

by opening and closing his fists<br />

and dribbling out the side of his<br />

mouth.<br />

The pair claimed they combined<br />

with other jet-ski operators<br />

and became determined to ramp<br />

up their collective profile.<br />

Little Turd chimed in, “It was<br />

an affront to our manhood. How<br />

could we continue to allow Phuket<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Pattaya Jet Ski Scammers<br />

say they are Misunderstood<br />

jet-ski operators to steal all the best headlines? We were becoming<br />

a laughing stock.” Liitle Turd emphasized his point by<br />

reaching above his head and violently spinning the helicopter<br />

blades on the top of his Mickey Mao baseball cap.<br />

The pair stated they, and their compatriots, had ramped<br />

up their threats of physical violence to tourists, including<br />

pulling knives and donning knuckle dusters. These actions, as<br />

well as just “looking tough” had completely changed the way<br />

Page 28 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Pattaya’s jet-ski operators are now viewed.<br />

“We made the front pages of most of the local newspapers.<br />

We had the British Foreign Office add Pattaya to Phuket<br />

as a place to be wary of hiring jet-skis. We had a national<br />

television channel do a report on Pattaya jet skis and City<br />

Hall spent a few days making a lot of noise about making<br />

sure we were licensed and getting rid of the rogues,” stated<br />

Big Turd.<br />

“You just can’t buy publicity like that,” exclaimed Little<br />

Turd. “Sure we lost a lot of business from the English-language<br />

speakers, the British and Americans, but we keep a<br />

close eye on what the TAT [Tourism Authority of Thailand]<br />

is doing and we knew they were getting Indians to come to<br />

Pattaya in bigger numbers. So, we target them, and the East<br />

Europeans. And we know everyone just hates the Indians<br />

and the Russians, so no one cares what happens to them.”<br />

The pair claim they now not only have the respect of<br />

their cousins in Phuket, they have their envy.<br />

“We are the number one scam artists in the jet-ski<br />

game,” said Big Turd, sticking his chest out and beaming like<br />

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a stuck pig. “Hey, go to YouTube and there are videos of us<br />

plastered all over the Internet. I’ve been called a lot of things<br />

in my life, but when foreigners think they’re being insulting<br />

by claiming I’m a ‘scumbag’ or an ‘asshole’ it means nothing.<br />

Like water off a buffalo’s back as we say up-country. But if they<br />

dared call me a monitor lizard then I would hunt them down<br />

and be really nasty.”<br />

When asked why they tried to extract such hefty sums<br />

for what is usually only a small strip of rubber that allegedly<br />

falls off one side, Big Turd was quick to reply, “You have no idea<br />

of our expenses. Just to set up on a part of the beach costs a<br />

fortune in back-handers. Then we have to pay a percentage of<br />

whatever we get as a kind of local government tax. And have<br />

you seen how much 24 bottles of Singha costs these days?<br />

Outrageous. Those breweries are worse than us.”<br />

He then asked, “Do you want to take one of our jet-skis<br />

out for a spin? Only 500 baht for 15 minutes and I promise we’ll<br />

only hit you up for another 20,000 for damage. That’s a great<br />

discount on our normal rates, because we won’t involve our<br />

uniformed friends, OK?”<br />

I politely declined.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 29

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Dining out with Frugal Freddy & Ritzy Rita<br />

Dining out with Frugal Freddy & Ritzy Rita<br />

Restaurants that are supporters of Frugal Freddy and their<br />

PCEC members, your membership card gets a 20% discount on<br />

food and drink, any time you and your guests visit. When we<br />

go as a Frugal Freddy group, no membership card is needed.<br />

Restaurant Reviews<br />

Aloha Diner and Bar. 27 hungry diners in the Frugal Freddy<br />

club invaded Aloha on this evening at our usual 6pm meeting<br />

time, we were greeted by Anusorn who is both the owner, supervising<br />

creative chef and mix-ologist for the large variety of<br />

Polynesian drinks for 1, 2, or 4 people in a variety of glasses and<br />

bowls decorated with fruit and flowers and as many straws as<br />

you want. These drinks not only quenched our thirst but were<br />

very easy on our wallet as Anusorn let us know that he has a<br />

European mind set because he started out first owning a similar<br />

restaurant in Germany before coming back to Thailand 12 years<br />

ago to start Aloha. If the economy is slow unlike many Thai’s<br />

his secret to success is to offer better value for the money and<br />

it is totally safe to say we all walked out happy with this way of<br />

promoting business. I had confirmation from 14 members to<br />

save a seat for them at the main table at 6pm and not only did<br />

all 14 show up on time but 13 more came. The restaurant easily<br />

seats 65 people. No problem finding tables close to the main<br />

table. Decorated in a Polynesian theme with a small stage for<br />

nightly entertainment, it is a very cordial atmosphere. Located<br />

on 2 nd Road, park across the street at the Royal Garden Shopping<br />

center (B40), or take any of the Baht busses that run on 2 nd road<br />

and avoid any parking problems.<br />

We chose to visit this particular evening because Anusorn now<br />

has a daily special set menu (B250) that is featured outside on<br />

the “Weekly set menu board” It changes every day of the week<br />

but remains the same for a calendar month. A number of us ate<br />

there earlier in the month and had the BBQ Brochette that has<br />

a nice size Filet of beef, pork, chicken, sausage and bacon. All<br />

pieces were cooked perfectly and included steamed vegetable<br />

and your choice of potatoes (baked, fried or mashed).<br />

We all noticed coming up on Wednesday was a rock lobster<br />

thermidor special with 2 small lobsters, choice of potatoes and<br />

steamed vegetables. There is nowhere else in Pattaya where you<br />

can get a lobster dinner for B250 and 2 for 1 tropical cocktails,<br />

priced from only B110. I spread the word through the Frugal<br />

Freddy email grapevine and the response was immediate. I notified<br />

Anusorn to have enough lobster for 20 of us and staff to take<br />

good care of us and he<br />

did. He did not run out of<br />

Lobster nor out of alcohol<br />

so it was a very successful<br />

evening.<br />

Rita and I and the Frugal<br />

Freddy group also dined<br />

recently at Goose’s Fish<br />

and Chips (a full supporter<br />

of Frugal Freddy)<br />

restaurant on 2 nd road<br />

between Soi 7 & 8. They<br />

can seat over 30 people<br />

inside and another dozen<br />

outside. It is nicely decorated<br />

with waitresses<br />

who do understand English.<br />

Goose’s has a full fish<br />

menu featuring Pacific<br />

Dory (B195/B120), Halibut<br />

(B265) Turbot (B270)<br />

Cod Loin (B270) Cod Filet<br />

(B295) and the King of<br />

English Fish and Chips<br />

Haddock (B470) The fish<br />

Page 30 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

comes deep fried in a light batter<br />

and is of various weights. All meals<br />

include your choice of potatoes<br />

and a salad. Rita choice the hand<br />

cut fries where I chose the mashed,<br />

plus a salad and a generous portion<br />

of tartar sauce. In addition they have<br />

a Gammon dinner (B195), liver and<br />

bacon (B245) and others too numerous<br />

to mention like Chicken Burger<br />

& Hamburger (B195) and couple<br />

of salads for the vegetarians in the<br />

group.<br />

We started with the soups Tomato<br />

and New England Clam Chowder,<br />

both very good, then appetizers. I<br />

had the Prawn cocktail (B145) which<br />

was really a prawn salad with lettuce,<br />

tomato, green onions, olives<br />

in hundred Island dressing. The 8<br />

shrimp were plump, fresh and delicious.<br />

Rita choice the Chicken dippers,<br />

a large plateful of moist strips<br />

of chicken breast, battered and served with a dipping sauce,<br />

don’t know what it was but it was a big bowl and empty when<br />

we finished.<br />

For drinks Rita had her usual Coke (B40) and I had a small caraf<br />

of red wine (B145) and they do have a full bar of beer and liquor<br />

at reasonable prices. After our soups and appetizers and main<br />

course we were too stuffed to have dessert but were tempted to<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />


try the fresh strawberries and banana sundae (B120) but since<br />

Rita was too full to eat her small portion of Pacific Dory we passed<br />

on dessert and I instead had the Irish Coffee (B120) made with<br />

Jameson’s and a head of cream like a good glass of Guinness. A<br />

great way to finish off an excellent meal.<br />

PCEC has many special interest groups to serve the members, one<br />

of the most popular is the Frugal Freddy dinin g out group meeting<br />

weekly. They currently meet each Monday and Tuesday and in 2012<br />

will add Wednesdays. Meeting<br />

times are always 6pm and are<br />

at restaurants that Hawaii Bob<br />

has determined give good value<br />

for the Baht with some of them<br />

even offering a special discount<br />

that evening. With the value<br />

of foreign currency shrinking<br />

against the baht and Thai inflation<br />

hitting us in the wallet club<br />

member seek out value dining.<br />

If you would like to get on our<br />

mailing list and join us some evening<br />

just email hawaiibob4you@<br />

yahoo.com with “Frugal Freddy<br />

as the subject” and you will get<br />

notices where to go and make<br />

new friends, meet old friends and<br />

get reasonably priced meals. Any<br />

restaurant owner wanting us to<br />

review or visit their establishment<br />

can do the same.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 31

Send your short story to us by E-mail or put it on a disk or memory stick and bring it to the office. Call us 038 716 390<br />

Pattaya Trader<br />

The Hunter becomes<br />

the Hunted<br />

Kindly submitted by BS.<br />

It was a new day, empty, innocent and as yet unsullied,<br />

maybe a good day, maybe a bad day, maybe<br />

the last day, but a big day for sure, because I was<br />

about to meet my wife’s family for the first time.<br />

But first, we had to get there. Her village was way<br />

up in the remote highlands of Chang Mai. I was lucky; Rung<br />

was a good girl, a teller from my bank whom, I somehow<br />

managed to sweep off her feet. She was a petite woman<br />

with plenty of good looks, intelligence and tenacity. I was<br />

looking forward to today’s trip. After hearing so much, I was<br />

anxious to see her home.<br />

During the flight north her small frame seemed unusually<br />

tense. She sat next to me wringing her hands as if she<br />

were Macbeth himself. I simply chalked it up to this being<br />

her first airplane flight. But even after we landed there was<br />

a deep sense of unease in her usually cheerful demeanor.<br />

When I asked, there was a moment of debate in her face<br />

like some sort of long range strategy session was taking<br />

place in her mind before she smiled thinly and claimed<br />

everything was fine. While<br />

we waited for the taxi she’d<br />

arranged, Rung just picked<br />

at her food. She was clearly<br />

troubled. I’d never seen her<br />

like this before and began<br />

to suspect that something<br />

was amiss.<br />

When I saw Rung’s<br />

handpicked taxi driver, my<br />

mental watchtower started<br />

jangling, because I’d seen<br />

his ilk a thousand times. He<br />

had the soulless dead eyes<br />

of a career criminal. When<br />

we approached, the momentary<br />

curl of his lips that<br />

passed for a smile emanated<br />

no friendliness and his cold<br />

calculating eyes seemed to<br />

be sizing me up for a coffin.<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Rung however, introduced him as her cousin which I knew<br />

was a lie. Now I was really getting worried.<br />

After I paid the guy for our six hour ride into the mountains,<br />

his flat lifeless eyes lit up like three sevens on a Vegas<br />

slot machine when he saw the cash in my wallet. I watched<br />

carefully while he put our bags in the trunk. He was a cross<br />

between Frankenstein and Herman Munster --- strong and<br />

stupid. His knotted forearms were covered in bad jailhouse<br />

ink and his body language was nothing but menacing. I<br />

had serious doubts about traveling alone with this highland<br />

hooligan up into the desolate hills of northern Thailand<br />

where anything could happen. Rung unconvincingly, assured<br />

me it would be alright but my instincts told me otherwise.<br />

So far, other than the sheets of rain that were falling,<br />

the lousy pot-holed mountain road and our driver’s<br />

less than expert motoring skills, the first four hours had<br />

been uneventful, except Rung hadn’t spoken two words. I<br />

couldn’t help but think<br />

things weren’t what they<br />

seemed. Did Rung devise<br />

some sort of scheme to<br />

get rid of me? After all,<br />

we had just paid cash<br />

for a home in her name<br />

and I only recently made<br />

Rung the sole beneficiary<br />

of both my will and life<br />

insurance policy. Surely I<br />

was just being paranoid.<br />

Or was I? No, my imagination<br />

was just running wild.<br />

But what about Rung’s<br />

choice of driver and her<br />

unusual behavior today,<br />

could she really be capable<br />

of such a thing?<br />

At the tiny hamlet<br />

where we stopped for<br />

Page 32 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

petrol, my suspicions got the best of me. I dragged Rung<br />

behind the restrooms and demanded to know what was<br />

going on. She could barely look me in the eye and when she<br />

did she was practically in tears. Finally, while biting her lip,<br />

she stammered, “Tilac me sorry. Driber, him not cousin me.<br />

Him mafia. Papa me stupid, him drunk. Him happy I marry<br />

hubsban hab big money. Papa no hab to worry me poor<br />

when old an him speak to uncle if you die, money come me.<br />

Anoder man listen papa an tell ‘Mafia Man’. Mafia Man kidnap<br />

real cousin me baby. Him speak baby die unless I bring<br />

hubsban me here so him can kill. After I gib money you him,<br />

him gib baby back. Tilac please help. Do what Mafia Man<br />

say, okay? Not worry, papa, uncle, broder and cousin me<br />

make idea. You not die --- sure.”<br />

Suddenly, the idyllic picture that I imagined, of me<br />

fishing with Rung’s relations on a quiet river near her village<br />

was destroyed by what I’d heard and was replaced by the<br />

unsettling image of this backwater behemoth, who’s brain<br />

was likely lodged somewhere deep in the lightless tunnel<br />

of his rectum, who was just waiting to wedge a monkey-wrench<br />

between the cogs of my life --- stopping them<br />

permanently!!! But before I could ask Rung about their ‘idea’,<br />

Mafia Man motioned it was time to go. Terrific I thought,<br />

now my life was in the hands of Rung’s family.<br />

As we drove higher into the hills, the storm clouds<br />

darkened, the rain fell harder, the rainforest loomed ominously<br />

overhead, Rung sat silently, I contemplated dying,<br />

the vehicle skidded to a halt and Mafia Man turned with a<br />

malevolent grin on his ugly face and hissed, “Get out.”<br />

In the pouring rain, I took a few irresolute steps across<br />

the incredibly long mud-puddle that passed for a road,<br />

towards the dripping jungle, while Mafia Man produced<br />

a bottle partially filled with some syrupy concoction with<br />

chunks of crud floating in it. The greenish-brown liquid<br />

appeared to be the bodily fluids from a very sick and very<br />

old buffalo, but it was probably some tribal shaman’s local<br />

poison. He thrust the half-empty container towards me and<br />

snarled, “Drink, I want to be rich and you to die.” Behind him,<br />

Rung smiled weakly, nodded encouragement and gave me<br />

a half-hearted thumbs-up. The best I could do under the circumstances<br />

was mutter, “Yeah, well I want to win the lottery<br />

and be ten years younger but I think we’re both going to be<br />

disappointed.” He backhanded me and screamed, “Drink or<br />

you both die!” If I believed in God, I would have said a prayer<br />

but I didn’t, so I cursed this greedy Thai bastard instead,<br />

crossed my fingers and drank his highland-hootch. Within<br />

seconds I folded like a cheap rental chair at a backyard wedding.<br />

I’m not sure how long I was under the arresting spell<br />

of his rancid-rotgut but when I came to, my stomach felt<br />

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like it was twisted in a vise, my throat burned, my head was<br />

pounding dangerously and I couldn’t move a muscle. As I<br />

lay frozen, helplessly watching the heavy raindrops splash<br />

into the mud, I began to feel the rest of my senses slowly<br />

coming to life like a computer booting up programs. Then<br />

I noticed Rung in tears, handing over my will, life insurance<br />

policy and the deed to our home to this deranged dirt-bag.<br />

Precisely at that moment, four Thai policemen appeared<br />

from nowhere with guns drawn. As Mafia Man<br />

comprehended this new development, a look of complete<br />

bewilderment played across his face like a dog whose master<br />

moved a ball from one hand to another too quickly. Then<br />

panic kicked in and he launched into some fairy-tale about<br />

self defense and me robbing him. In my weakened mental<br />

capacity, I actually wondered, would they believe the shit he<br />

was shoveling?<br />

From my angle down in the mud all I could see was the<br />

back of the police captain slapping Mafia Man and verbally<br />

bludgeoning him with a fusillade of angry Thai words. Of<br />

course, I didn’t understand a thing but I imagined it was<br />

something like, “Shut-up! If you want to leave here with your<br />

balls still attached to your body, you will confess!” After that<br />

Mafia man started to spin a different story that came apart<br />

like wet tissue paper under the shrewd captain’s interrogation.<br />

This earned him another beating. Foolishly, the idiot<br />

then went into survival mode and pushed the captain aside<br />

in an attempt to escape. After all four officers were done, he<br />

was bleeding, unconscious and his face looked like one of<br />

those bloody, bruised and misshapen, latex masks that you<br />

see at Halloween.<br />

Eventually, the tough captain came over all smiles and<br />

asked, in perfect English, “Did you enjoy the taste of our<br />

country moonshine? I made it myself. We’ll drink some more<br />

tonight --- minus today’s special ingredient.” “What kind of<br />

special ingredient knocked me out so fast?” I croaked. Another<br />

smile, “Sleeping pills.” “Were they for elephants,” I queried.<br />

But before he could answer, Rung appeared with the<br />

remaining officers in tow and tenderly spoke, “You habn’t<br />

met my papa, uncle, broder or cousin yet, hab you tilac?”<br />

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Page 33

Pattaya Trader<br />


Well, this has been a busy month in terms of<br />

changes and non-changes to immigration<br />

procedure. Firstly, on the 19th December the<br />

government introduced charges for appeals<br />

against UK visa refusals. Visa applicants for<br />

settlement visas and family visit visas who have had their application<br />

refused, and wish to appeal against the decision, will now<br />

have to pay a fee. An appeal heard on “papers” ( that is, with<br />

no representative present at the hearing ) will cost 80 GBP, and<br />

an “oral” hearing ( with a representative present) will cost 140<br />

GBP. The government has already said that these charges will be<br />

raised regularly. In addition, it will no longer be possible to submit<br />

an appeal at the Embassy where the application was made.<br />

The appeal will have to be submitted in the UK, either by post,<br />

fax, or online. Payment of the appeal fee will have to be made at<br />

the same time, either by bank draft or credit card.<br />

There were concerns that when charges were introduced<br />

for appeals, then the right of appeal against the refusal of family<br />

visit visa would be ended. This hasn’t happened, and the<br />

government reasoning on this is that someone who has been<br />

refused a family visit visa probably won’t appeal as the cost of<br />

the appeal ( 80 GBP ) is greater than the cost of re-applying ( 76<br />

GBP).<br />

One good thing, if there is a good thing, is that the appeal<br />

judge can award costs. So, if the appeal is allowed ( that means<br />

if the judge says that the UKBA decision was wrong ) then the<br />

judge can award the costs of the appeal against the UKBA. I<br />

don’t think that the UKBA will want to start paying costs for<br />

losing appeals, so I’m hoping that it will concentrate the visa<br />

officers’ minds a little more, and get them to make better decisions<br />

initially.<br />

One major concern in these new procedures is how the refusal<br />

decision will be reviewed. At the moment, when an appeal<br />

against a refusal decision is submitted ( currently by submitting<br />

the appeal at the Embassy in Bangkok) a review mechanism is<br />

started. The refusal decision must be reviewed by an Entry Clearance<br />

Manager before it is allowed to proceed to appeal in the<br />

UK, and the decision to refuse a visa can be overturned at this<br />

stage. With the new procedure, that allows the appeal to be<br />

submitted only in the UK, It seems that the applicant will have<br />

to pay the appeal fee ( in the UK ) before any review can be done<br />

at the refusing Embassy. This seems to be seriously disadvantaging<br />

the applicant, as well as adding considerable time to the<br />

whole review process. We are waiting to hear how the UKBA<br />

intend to deal with this.<br />

Secondly, the long awaited High Court judgment on English<br />

language testing has been released. The High Court has said<br />

that they see no discrimination in the language requirement,<br />

nor do they see that the requirement contravenes the right to<br />

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family life ( Sections 8 and 12 of the European Convention on Human<br />

Rights). The High Court Judge did say, at one point :<br />

“ the requirement to have passed a pre-entry English language<br />

test did interfere with the couple’s article 8 rights to a family<br />

life but this was justified in the interests of promoting integration<br />

and protecting public services.”<br />

I’m not entirely sure of the logic in that statement. The<br />

number of spouses/partners entering the UK with a visa each year<br />

is around 50,000, I think. But, the number of legal migrants from<br />

the EU, and the number of asylum applicants is, I believe, in the<br />

hundreds of thousands, and there is no requirement for them ever<br />

to speak English or integrate. It does look a little bit like the easy<br />

targets are being penalised by the government.<br />

The judgment is long, and should you want to read it, you<br />

can find it here –<br />

http://www.judiciary.gov.uk/Resources/JCO/Documents/<br />

Judgments/chapti-others-judgment.pdf<br />

I think that there might be a further challenge in the European<br />

courts, but they probably won’t be successful as the language<br />

requirement has, I believe, already been tested in the courts in<br />

Europe.<br />

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Page 35

Pattaya Trader<br />

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Thailand’s Contribution to the Land Campaigns of the United<br />

Nations in the Korean War<br />

In the early hours of a rainy Sunday, 25 June 1950, heavily<br />

armed military units from the Democratic People’s Republic<br />

of Korea (North Korea) launched an invasion of the<br />

Republic of Korea (South Korea). The action heralded the<br />

beginning of a protracted conflict that was to last for just<br />

over three years.<br />

Two days later, as the<br />

South Korean (ROK) defence<br />

forces crumbled and fell back,<br />

the UN Security Council met in<br />

hurried session and agreed to<br />

‘…furnish such assistance to<br />

the Republic of Korea as may be<br />

necessary to repel the armed<br />

attack and to restore international<br />

peace and security to the<br />

area.’ By-passing Congress,<br />

US President Harry Truman ordered<br />

the commander-in-chief<br />

of the Far East, General Douglas<br />

Macarthur, to provide whatever<br />

assistance was needed to repel<br />

the North Korean invasion. By<br />

referring to the conflict as a ‘police action’ instead of a full-blown<br />

‘war’, Truman was able, under the articles of the US Constitution,<br />

to justify his direct intervention rather than wait for Congress to<br />

give its assent.<br />

American forces based in occupied Japan were airlifted<br />

into South Korea and went into action for the first time on 5 July.<br />

Outnumbered and outgunned, the small South Korean army and<br />

the US forces fought delaying actions, aiming to gain the necessary<br />

time for more US reinforcements to arrive and for other UN<br />

member states to commit troops to the battlefield.<br />

US President G. Ford<br />

Part One<br />

By Duncan Stearn<br />

Britain was the first nation to agree to join the US in Korea,<br />

followed in rapid succession by Australia, France, Canada, and New<br />

Zealand. The first forces from these nations began arriving in southern<br />

Korea in late August.<br />

On 20 July 1950, following a late-night meeting lasting more<br />

than three hours by the members<br />

of the Defence Board of<br />

Thailand, an agreement was<br />

reached to offer a 4,000-strong<br />

contingent to support the UN<br />

effort. Prime Minister Pibul<br />

Songgram was quoted as saying,<br />

“Only by fast and decisive<br />

action can we cope with the<br />

critical situation all over Asia.”<br />

This was an oblique reference<br />

to the recent fall of China to<br />

the Communists as well as the<br />

on-going revolts against French<br />

rule in Vietnam and Laos and<br />

the largely expatriate Chinese<br />

insurgency in Malaya.<br />

That April, the United<br />

States had allocated more than $10 million worth of arms and other<br />

military equipment specifically designed to combat the so-called<br />

‘communist menace’. Money was also allocated for the construction<br />

of highways, especially for the north-east region of Thailand. This<br />

allocation further brought Thailand into the American sphere of<br />

influence, despite the large numbers of Chinese immigrants who<br />

made up a high proportion of the Thai population.<br />

Thailand’s first measure of support for South Korea had come<br />

on 30 June when she sent four tonnes of rice as a goodwill gesture.<br />

The UN and US officially accepted Thailand’s offer off troops<br />

for Korea on 16 August, the first by an Asian nation. Significantly,<br />

Thailand’s offer gave the lie to a claim by the Soviet Union that only<br />

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European countries would send soldiers to fight in Korea. The Thai<br />

ambassador to the United States, Prince Wan Waithayakon ( Pictured<br />

directly below ) stated Thai forces were being committed “to<br />

defend the cause of peace, freedom and justice. Aggression must<br />

be stopped in Korea, or anywhere else, otherwise small nations will<br />

fall.” Although he stated Thai soldiers would be sent as soon as possible,<br />

it would be almost two months before the first troops were<br />

ready to embark.<br />

In September, the Philippines joined the UN coalition, becom-<br />

ing the first Asian country to put its soldiers on the ground<br />

in Korea. The coalition eventually encompassed 16 nations,<br />

with South Africa, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium,<br />

Luxembourg, Ethiopia, Turkey and Colombia, committing<br />

troops to the United Nations Command (UNC), as the intervention<br />

force was known. Additionally, Denmark, India,<br />

Norway and Sweden provided medical units and Italy,<br />

although not a member of the UN, supplied a hospital.<br />

A newspaper report filed by the AAP-Reuter correspondent<br />

in Bangkok suggested the imminent arrival of<br />

the Thai Expeditionary Force (TEF) should ‘not be underrated’<br />

claiming the Thais would ‘likely [prove] a first-class<br />

small-arms fighting unit.’ The reporter noted the UN could<br />

expect a Thai soldier to possess three qualities: ‘imagination,<br />

patriotism, and personal bravery.’ It was noted the TEF<br />

was a voluntary force and ‘when the government called for<br />

4,000 men, 14,000 volunteered within a fortnight.’ Among<br />

those volunteers was Prince Chalermpol, who was assigned the<br />

rank of a captain in the infantry.<br />

A small advance force of Thai troops arrived in Japan on<br />

12 October. Eight days later a ceremony for 1,200 Thai infantrymen<br />

took place in Bangkok with a parade down Ratchadamnoen<br />

Avenue, reviewed by Army Commander-in-Chief General Phin<br />

Choonhavan. The commander told his men Communism was a<br />

menace which needed to be stopped, which is why Thai troops<br />

were now on their way to help in the defence of South Korea. This<br />

would be the first occasion Thai troops had served overseas since<br />

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the First World War.<br />

The first contingent of Thai soldiers, designated the 21st<br />

Infantry Regiment, arrived in South Korea on 7 November. The Thais<br />

were initially assigned to the US 187th Airborne Regiment, then to<br />

I Corps (December 1950), IX Corps (January 1951), the 1st Cavalry<br />

Division (March 1951) and finally the 2nd Infantry Division (27<br />

December 1951).<br />

The Thai troops arrived during the coldest winter for two centuries.<br />

Despite the intensely cold weather, Thai morale was boosted<br />

by the arrival of 10 specialist cooks who provided traditional Thai<br />

cuisine to the soldiers.<br />

The Thais did not see action until almost four months after<br />

their arrival. In cold conditions, this first combat took place on 28<br />

February 1951 near Hoengsong on the central front. Assisting their<br />

ROK allies, the Thai troops, led by Colonel Boriboon Chulacharita,<br />

engaged the North Koreans in a two-hour battle. The Thais and ROK<br />

soldiers attacked the North Koreans in a two-pronged assault. The<br />

action ended with success, the Thais and ROK claiming 50 North<br />

Koreans killed and dozens wounded. The Thais suffered one man<br />

wounded.<br />

While operating with the US 1st Cavalry Division, the Thai contingent<br />

impressed their allies with a strong performance in action<br />

Thai trops attend a wounded comrade<br />

near Uijongbu,<br />

some 30<br />

kilometres northeast of Seoul. This was after the unofficial Chinese<br />

entry into the war which saw UN forces hurled back from the North<br />

Korea-China border. The action was prior to Seoul falling for the<br />

second time.<br />

A UN counter-offensive recovered Seoul and by the end of<br />

April 1951 the front line was established and maintained around<br />

the 38th Parallel, the pre-war boundary between the two Koreas.<br />

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Page 37

Pattaya Trader<br />

Is this the scariest film ever?<br />

Martyrs is being ranked as one of the scariest movies ever<br />

made by virtually everyone who sees it. Martyrs is a French film,<br />

originally released on September 3, 2008. The film is written and<br />

directed by Pascal Laugier who also wrote and directed the thriller<br />

Saint Ange, renamed House of Voices. Martyrs stars Morjana Alaoui<br />

as Anna and Mylene Jampanoi as Lucie with support given by Catherine<br />

Begin as Mademoiselle, Robert Toupin as Le pere, and Isabelle<br />

Chasse as La Creature.<br />

Martyrs begins with a flashback of a news report in<br />

1971 where Lucie, as a young girl, escapes from<br />

captivity and notifies police of her capture. There<br />

is no evidence of any sexual abuse but Lucie bears<br />

several injuries and shows signs of neglect. She is<br />

able to lead police to an old slaughterhouse where she was held cap-<br />

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tive but otherwise she can’t<br />

communicate because of the<br />

trauma she has suffered. When<br />

she is placed in a youth home<br />

to live, Lucie is befriended by<br />

Anna. Anna looks after Lucie<br />

and eventually they become<br />

best friends. Lucie, however, is<br />

being stalked by a ghoul taking<br />

the form of a thin, naked<br />

woman with pale gray skin that<br />

cuts and mutilates Lucie. Anna<br />

is sworn to keep Lucie’s secret<br />

about the shadowy creature.<br />

The movie now transports<br />

us 15 years ahead into 1986.<br />

The Belford family is having another<br />

early-morning argument.<br />

As brother, Antoine, and sister,<br />

Marie fight over a love note,<br />

dad tries to make breakfast<br />

while mom in out in the garden<br />

fixing the water. Finally, breakfast<br />

is ready and everyone sits<br />

down to eat when the doorbell<br />

rings. Dad goes to answer the<br />

door only to discover that it’s<br />

Lucie wielding a shotgun. Lucie<br />

pulls the trigger, killing dad,<br />

and proceeds to gruesomely<br />

murder the rest of the family as<br />

well. In the aftermath, Lucie is<br />

again attacked by the creature.<br />

She tries to explain that she did<br />

her job by killing the family but<br />

the creature doesn’t listen and<br />

continues to attack Lucie.<br />

Morjana Alaoui as anna<br />

Mylène Jampanoï as<br />

Lucie<br />

Catherine Begin as Mademoiselle<br />

Still friends, Lucie calls Anna for help. Anna arrives<br />

at the address and asks if these are really the people that<br />

kidnapped and tortured her those many years ago. Lucie<br />

says that they were and she is sure of it. As Anna helps Lucie<br />

bury the bodies, Lucie is attacked by the creature yet again.<br />

Meanwhile, Anna discovers that the mother is not really<br />

dead and tries to get her out of the house. Before she can<br />

get out, Lucie discovers the mother and finishes the job<br />

she started with a hammer. When the mother is dead, Lucie<br />

cries out to the monster yet again in hopes that it is appeased.<br />

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The creature seems<br />

appeased at first and<br />

embraces Lucie in a gentle<br />

hug but soon the creature<br />

begins to cut into her<br />

arms. We are shown now<br />

that Anna cannot see the<br />

monster and an explosive<br />

scene shows how Lucie is<br />

the one making the cuts<br />

on herself. Martyrs then<br />

takes us into Lucie’s mind<br />

to see that the creature is<br />

actually another woman<br />

who was kidnapped and<br />

tortured with Lucie those<br />

many years ago. When Lucie realizes this, she remembers<br />

that she had an opportunity to save the<br />

woman when she escaped but she didn’t. She left<br />

the woman there to continue to be tortured. Later,<br />

we find out what becomes of this other women.<br />

At this point, Lucie is overcome with feelings of<br />

remorse and kills herself with by slicing her own<br />

throat.<br />

Anna discovers Lucie’s body and cleans it up,<br />

wrapping her in a clean cloth. Anna then begins to<br />

attempt to clean up the house when she discovers<br />

a secret tunnel behind a cabinet. Inside is a hidden<br />

staircase that leads down into a large underground<br />

torture chamber. The walls of the complex are<br />

adorned with photos of suffering people. Inside<br />

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is a naked woman chained to the wall. A metal blindfold is secured to her head<br />

with rivets. Anna frees the woman and takes her up the stairs. She tries to help<br />

this woman and give her a bath, but the woman is completely out of her mind<br />

and starts mutilating herself and tries to cut off her own arm.<br />

The rest of the film continues in an even more gruesome fashion. The<br />

final 30 minutes include some of the most intense scenes ever caught on film.<br />

You will not only cringe in disgust but you may also retch and feel physically ill.<br />

This is one film that pushes the envelope beyond anything you have ever seen<br />

before. To be sure, Martyrs is not the goriest film ever made but the context and<br />

the combination of sights, sounds, and mood works together to take you to<br />

the edge. The idea that anyone in the real world can be so cruel and heartless is<br />

challenged in Martyrs. These people seem real enough and make you think this<br />

is more than someone’s fantasy. Martyrs finishes with a completely satisfying<br />

ending. Satisfying, however, doesn’t mean you will be expecting it.<br />

One of the best aspects of Martyrs is its originality. Most other modern horror<br />

movies all seem to be just variations on the same thing and once one catches<br />

an audience, like Saw, it is done to death until everyone is sick of it. Although<br />

it seems rushed by this description, Martyrs is actually paced well. Editing work<br />

with different camera angles also helps to create the overall mood of the movie.<br />

Some of the final shots in the movie<br />

turn out to be some of the best and are<br />

executed like a well-written poem.<br />

Martyrs is definitely not for everyone.<br />

The movie is disturbing to be sure.<br />

For those that like to have their notions<br />

about the world challenged, this<br />

is a film that accomplishes just that.<br />

However, the world you are introduced<br />

to is one that you are not sure you are<br />

better off knowing or not.<br />

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Page 39

Pattaya Trader<br />

Another tale from the prolific pen<br />

of Mike Bell.<br />

He left school at fifteen on Friday July 20th<br />

and started work in a Sheffield steel factory<br />

the following Monday. In the blink of<br />

an eye he had married, become the father<br />

of two, divorced and retired. He had spent<br />

nearly fifty years working to the sound of the steam hammer.<br />

The five ton hammer crashed down on the ingots of iron every<br />

minute of every day until the factory closed and it was this that<br />

sent Tony to Thailand, as he put it to his children, ‘for a bit of<br />

peace and quiet.’ He didn’t find it in Pattaya.<br />

Wherever he lodged, the beat of the bass reverberated in<br />

his head. He had thought Thais were shy and retiring people;<br />

polite and respectful to others. In many ways they were until<br />

the music started. Then they would turn up the bass and the<br />

volume to deafening levels. Tony could hear cars approaching<br />

his window a half a mile away, their windscreens trembling with<br />

the resonance from inside. Bars would pump it up till the early<br />

hours and sleep would finally overwhelm him in blessed relief.<br />

His new wife, Lek, couldn’t comprehend the size of the<br />

problem. To her, music was ‘sanook.’ The lateness of the hour<br />

mattered not if they could sleep late in the morning. She’d set<br />

about educating Tony in Thai-ness as soon as they were married.<br />

She taught him the futility of bad temper. Violent and<br />

rude gestures, prolonged sounding of the horn might just<br />

result in the Thai version of road-rage involving the next set of<br />

traffic lights and a gun.<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

If you’ve enjoyed Mike’s short stories, you<br />

might be interested to learn that the Complete<br />

Anthology can be purchases on Amazon as a<br />

Kindle down-load. Alternatively by downloading<br />

the FREE software, you can get the book<br />

as an e-book. The price is $10 - the title is ‘Thai<br />

Tales’.<br />

Mike has also released his collection of<br />

funny articles, some of which were published<br />

in Pattaya One and Pattaya Daily News. Entitled<br />

‘Amusing Thailand - A Survivor’s Guide<br />

to Pattaya’, these can also be purchased in the<br />

same way as above.<br />



In his turn Tony tried to explain the effect of a steam hammer<br />

assailing his ear-drums three times a minute for nigh on<br />

fifty years. She could not comprehend the concept of shellshock.<br />

Doctors often suggest that prolonged exposure to loud<br />

music could cause deafness in later life. They never suggest<br />

that noise might leave you more sensitive in your final years. So<br />

they moved to Bang Saray.<br />

It was everything Tony could have hoped for. The up-market<br />

estate was four hundred metres from the traffic noise on<br />

Sukhumvit. High walls insulated the houses from the bustle<br />

of life outside. The estate’s Juristic rules forbade building work<br />

before 9 am and after 6 pm. Even the birds seemed apologetic<br />

about their morning chorus.<br />

Lek, initially skeptical about the move away from shops,<br />

learned to appreciate it. The local Market was three times a<br />

week. The secluded beach was four minutes away and only<br />

ever busy on Sunday. Her life was filled with contentment,<br />

particularly at the change that had come over her husband: he<br />

seemed to float in a pocket of silence; a bubble of serenity. It<br />

lasted nearly a year.<br />

Any sizable living organism attracts parasites: hippos get<br />

birds to feed off tics in their ears; sharks get remora fish to flit<br />

in and out of their mouths cleaning their teeth. Sixty farang<br />

houses were bound to create a symbiotic relationship with the<br />

local community. First came the itinerant food-sellers peddling<br />

som-tam to the residents’ wives. Next came an enterprising<br />

laundry lady who set up a corrugated iron shack to provide<br />

washing and ironing facilities. Then came a hairdresser, a<br />

Mecca for gossip-exchange. Tony minded none of this. They all<br />

kept the peace.<br />

Page 40 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Then building began on an edifice not fifty metres from<br />

their wall. Rumour had it was going to be a smart Italian<br />

restaurant; a Travel agent; a copy shop; a bar with pool tables.<br />

Tony feared the worst at this latter. In fact, when it came, it was<br />

worse than his most horrible imaginings. There isn’t a word in<br />

English to describe what it was. A Convention centre doesn’t<br />

do it justice. It was a place for ceremonies; funerals, youths entering<br />

the monkhood, wedding receptions, a place for the local<br />

youth to practice producing discordant music at full volume.<br />

The weekends, in particular became hell on earth for<br />

Tony. Saturday nights seemed to be disco or worse, karaoke<br />

nights. Drunken would-be Tata Youngs would warble shrilly off<br />

key. The DJ’s offered some respite haranguing people excitedly<br />

at the top of their voices, but then the boom of the bass sent<br />

tremors through the marital bed. He tried ear-plugs; he tried<br />

whiskey. He even tried sleeping nights away.<br />

Sunday mornings would begin at 6am with the dirge like,<br />

tuneless drum and base signifying a religious ceremony. He<br />

even began to look forward to the moment when these instruments<br />

ceased, to be replaced by the monotony of the chanting<br />

monks. Tony wasn’t alone in his misery. Dougie, a neighbour<br />

had snapped one Saturday night. Afterwards he said he’d only<br />

gone round to ask the proprietor to turn the bass down. His<br />

attempts to smash the speakers had resulted him being given<br />

a good beating by Surapong, the proprietor and twenty of his<br />

customers. Tony put his house on the market.<br />

There were no buyers at any price. Farangs, in the know,<br />

wouldn’t touch the house. Even reducing the house to Thai<br />

price brought no interest. Lek explained, Thais were reluctant<br />

to buy second hand houses lest the previous owner had died<br />

there and the property came complete with ghost. Tony tried<br />

one last throw of the dice.<br />

Surapong watched the farang with suspicion. He didn’t<br />

like them. They were in his country yet they came telling him<br />

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what to do about making money. They did not realize how<br />

much the bank demanded on the loan for the buildings and<br />

fittings. He was not complaining, another two years at this rate<br />

and he would be home free. This farang appeared drunk or<br />

drugged. All night he had raved, dancing in reckless abandon,<br />

waving his arms about, sweating, showing off in front of his<br />

young wife. It was dangerous behaviour at his age.<br />

Even as the thought crossed his mind, the farang collapsed.<br />

He clutched his chest in pain and fell heavily to the<br />

floor. His wife cradled his head in her lap, imploring someone<br />

to phone an ambulance. Though it arrived within ten minutes,<br />

it was obvious to all that it was too late. The farang had shuddered<br />

and trembled on the floor and then simply died.<br />

His body had been claimed by his children to be buried in<br />

England, Lek tearfully told a crowded hairdresser’s. He had left<br />

her the house and car. His pension would enable her continue<br />

to live here. She saw his face every where she went. She heard<br />

his voice calling for her in the night. He had died happy on<br />

Surapong’s premises; she would never forget that night or the<br />

place; the exact spot right in the middle of Surapong’s dance<br />

hall. The first two Saturday nights, she visited, laying a lotus<br />

flower on the ground. People danced round the flower at a<br />

distance.<br />

Within two months, Surapong was forced to close. Business<br />

dropped like a stone. No one wanted a visitation from<br />

Tony’s ghost. The owner of the laundry made a derisory offer<br />

on the building and to her surprise it was accepted. Peace<br />

returned to Bang Saray and so did Tony.<br />

Tony didn’t enjoy his enforced, long holiday in England,<br />

visiting friends and family. The weather was cold; prices were<br />

expensive and, above all else, he said, “the place was just too<br />

noisy”.<br />

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Page 41

Exploring Pattaya & Beyond<br />

Page 42<br />

DAYS OUT<br />

Mekong Delta<br />

This month we take a trip down Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.<br />

Less than a two-hour flight away, it’s a quiet and relaxing way to<br />

spend a few days.<br />

Getting there: Take a flight to HCMC. From there, buses<br />

leave regularly for My Tho, the gateway to the Delta. Once in<br />

the Delta, a network of buses and tour companies make it pretty<br />

simple to get around.<br />

The mighty Mekong river empties its vast waters into<br />

southern Vietnam, creating patchwork collection of<br />

fields and waterways. Exploring the towns that sit<br />

around the massive Delta reveals a collection of friendly<br />

locals who are proud of their unique culture, food and<br />

rituals.<br />

After the Mekong flows from the Tibetan<br />

Plateau it travels 4,500km through China, Burma,<br />

Laos, Thailand and Cambodia before finally<br />

reaching Vietnam. One of the world’s truly great<br />

rivers, it then diverges as it meets southern<br />

Vietnam’s lowlands, creating the Mekong Delta.<br />

Exploring the Delta doesn’t mean you<br />

need to do it all by boat. Good bus links and<br />

several new bridges mean transport is easier<br />

than ever. Such convenience is making it a<br />

popular destination for local and foreign visitors.<br />

That said, many towns are still to feel the<br />

impact of such development, and so still have<br />

to contend with pot-holed roads.<br />

If you come here, chances are you will land<br />

in My Tho. It’s not much of a centerpiece, but it<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

does have a pleasant waterfront. In the<br />

evening, locals stroll along here, teenagers<br />

hurl themselves into the water off<br />

the top of boats and food hawkers sell<br />

delicious fried snacks on a stick.<br />

When it comes to things to do<br />

here, options are limited. There is a<br />

large tourist information centre half<br />

way along the main drag, where a<br />

handful of tour companies can offer<br />

help. We found Tieng Giang Tourist<br />

(www.tiengiangtourist.com) to<br />

be pretty helpful. If you want a more<br />

personalized tour, it’s often cheaper to<br />

hire the freelance drivers who can be<br />

found around town. Walk for more than<br />

10 minutes and one will approach, you<br />

offering to help. One such guide, Mr Ty,<br />

was excellent value (mobile: 01 6961<br />

71757).<br />

The perfect place to sit in such<br />

a sleepy town is Lac Hong, a seriously<br />

retro place with saxophones and classic vinyl stuck to the walls.<br />

Elsewhere, there is a 100-year-old Catholic church and there is the<br />

impressive Vinh Trang Pagoda, the largest of its kind in the province.<br />

It’s worth a visit to see the mix of French, Khmer and Vietnamese<br />

styles.<br />

Most of the attractions here are off-shore, though. A series of<br />

islands can easily be visited by taking out a boat for half or full-day<br />

trips. Known as the ‘Coconut Islands’ they contain several touristy<br />

stop-offs – tours round here are pretty slick and well organized.<br />

The dense collection of coconut trees gives the islands its names<br />

and results in some sweet desserts, made with sticky rice, that can’t<br />

be found anywhere else in Vietnam.<br />

A new bridge in My Tho<br />

opened in 2008 and meant<br />

nearby Ben Tre suddenly got<br />

visitors. Ben The gives a far<br />

more authentic slice of Delta<br />

life, with rice fields, chickens<br />

getting right of way on the<br />

roads and small village huts.<br />

Locals are slowly catching on to<br />

its appeal and many now offer<br />

homestays in basic accommodation.<br />

They will often take<br />

visitors out fishing for the day<br />

before returning home for a<br />

dinner and evening around the<br />

karaoke machine.<br />

In the centre of Ben Tre<br />

(which isn’t saying much), there is a novel museum,<br />

complete with anti-US rhetoric and a giant<br />

crocodile skull. Entry is free.<br />

Our favourite spot on the Delta is Vinh Long,<br />

a town with heavy French influence and charm.<br />

About 40 km from My Tho, Vinh Long has its own<br />

islands that can be explored on half-day excursions.<br />

Fruit farms sit all around these islands, making<br />

it a great place to stop off and sample some<br />

of the foods on offer. If you want to head inland,<br />

bicycles can be provided for as little as $3 a day.<br />

Further west sits Tra Vinh, a town heavily<br />

influenced by the Khmer (a large population of<br />

Khmer folk still lives near here). This makes for<br />

interesting-looking temples and local food. Elsewhere,<br />

Can Tho Province has a modern eponymous<br />

main town and a good handful of attractions.<br />

Best of these is the Can Tho Museum, which is free and gives<br />

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a good explanation of what local life is like here. Best<br />

of all though is the main market, which is filled with<br />

fresh fruit, while the seafront restaurants are good, if<br />

you fancy a dish of snake or turtle.<br />

The other main draw in the Delta is very different<br />

from everything else there. Phu Quoc Island is a fastdeveloping<br />

haven for gamblers, as giant casinos are<br />

opening. It’s also a pleasant beach resort, with 150km<br />

of sandy coastline. It has a chequered history – the<br />

French occupied the island in the 19th century and<br />

opened a prison there – but today it is better known<br />

for its luxurious resorts. The old prison is actually an attraction<br />

in its own right. Displays of torture equipment<br />

and stories of prisoners who tried to escape make it<br />

worth a look.<br />

Phu Quoc still retains a largely serene, natural feel<br />

thanks to a local population<br />

that has lived there for generations.<br />

For a classy souvenir,<br />

Treasures From the Deep<br />

(www.treasuresfromthedeep.<br />

com ) tells the story of the<br />

high-quality pearls that are<br />

sold here, along with a story<br />

about how local people have<br />

collected them.<br />

The Delta has a whole<br />

heap of attractions ready to be<br />

explored and now is the time to<br />

go, before they build even more<br />

bridges and make it too easy to<br />

get around.<br />

• For more reviews, check out www.pattaya24seven.com.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 43

Exploring Pattaya & Beyond<br />


Page 44<br />

Article kindly submitted by Wilson<br />

In two parts - Part 1<br />

The New Year was looming, and I had the choice of<br />

staying in Pattaya, or heading off elsewhere to see<br />

the old year out. My recent trip to Chiang Mai had<br />

been Ok but left many things undone, so I decided<br />

to rectify this and revisit the area.<br />

About a week before, I went to Bangkok to book the train,<br />

and managed to get almost the last tickets available for both the<br />

outward and return journeys. On my return to Pattaya, I found that<br />

the hotel I usually stay at to be fully booked and it took a couple<br />

of hours of trawling the ‘net’ before I found a place that had a<br />

vacancy.<br />

Arriving at Hua Lamphong station on the evening of 30th<br />

December, it seemed like the whole of Bangkok was on the move<br />

for the holiday period. The 19.35 train to Chiang Mai should<br />

have left from Platform 3, but standing there in its place was a<br />

train that took you back in time to the days of luxury train travel,<br />

‘The Eastern and Orient Express’ bound for Singapore via Kuala<br />

Lumpur , The rear portion of the last carriage had open sides as<br />

an observation car, walking alongside the train revealed palatial<br />

wood panelled compartments and a dining car , tables complete<br />

with lamps, silver cutlery, cut glass wine goblets and Champagne<br />

buckets. At least six chefs in tall hats were preparing what must<br />

have been a feast of culinary delights, for those aboard. One can<br />

only imagine the cost of travelling in the decadent and luxurious<br />

style of an age gone by.<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

For those merely mortals like<br />

myself, we were herded to platform<br />

6, to which our ‘Special Express’ had<br />

been diverted. At 19.35, the time it<br />

was due to depart, it arrived at the<br />

platform for us to board, having<br />

located our allocated upper bunks,<br />

we awaited for our ‘Express’ to depart,<br />

which it did an hour late. The initial<br />

part of our journey was more like a<br />

commuter train than an ‘Express’ as it<br />

lumbered slowly along with frequent<br />

stops, although none of them at a<br />

station. The lights in the sleeping car<br />

were left blazing all night, despite<br />

each bunk having individual lighting.<br />

The arrival time according to the<br />

timetable was 8.45am, but of course<br />

this was never going to be achievable<br />

given our delayed departure. Two<br />

hours out from Chiang Mai at 10am,<br />

travelling through the jungle on an<br />

upgrade, the train got slower and slower until we came to a halt, it<br />

seems that the engine did not have enough power to get us over<br />

the incline, and so we began to move in reverse, all the way back<br />

to the last station where a ‘down train’ could pass, and a second<br />

engine summoned from Lampang to help get us up and over the<br />

hill. Having eventually overcome this obstacle the ‘Express’ arrived<br />

at its destination at 1.15pm , some four and a half hours late. Having<br />

phoned ahead to the hotel to advise of our impending late<br />

arrival, we were told not to worry, as the train frequently doesn’t<br />

arrive until 4pm!!. One wonders at the wisdom of giving an arrival<br />

time at all, as we were informed that it never arrives on schedule<br />

anyway.<br />

After checking in at the hotel, the next priority was to hire<br />

a motorbike, but again it seemed the world and its wife wanted<br />

to do the same and it was some three hours before we located a<br />

renter with a motorcycle. At 1000Bt for four days hire, I considered<br />

it expensive, especially as I’d just returned a motorcycle I’d had on<br />

hire in Pattaya which had cost me 3,000Bt for six weeks.<br />

In the evening we visited the Night Bazaar, (top picture<br />

next page) like every market in Thailand, the items on offer are<br />

the same, the only difference being the name on the ‘T’ shirts,<br />

which of course in this case was ‘Chiang Mai’. It being New Years<br />

Eve, we walked to the moat and City Walls, which encircle it, and<br />

were fortunate to find a concrete bench to sit upon. The sky was<br />

full of ‘floating lanterns’, obviously being released from all parts<br />

of the City and its surrounds. On the other side of the ‘moat’ we<br />

watched as revellers, lit and released lanterns, some unsuccessfully<br />

as they became entrapped in the trees on their journey<br />

skywards. Fireworks were being set off all the time, and all around<br />

us by individuals, some of which exploded prematurely causing<br />

those in the immediate vicinity<br />

to scatter. Nearby where<br />

we were sitting, a busker<br />

played ‘Old Lang Syne’ on a<br />

Saxophone accompanied by a<br />

passer by on a ‘penny whistle’.<br />

At midnight and our entry into<br />

the New year, the sky exploded<br />

as fireworks from all around the<br />

City were propelled into the air,<br />

it was like being in the centre<br />

of a 360 degree display and accompanied<br />

by the noise of artillery<br />

fire. Eventually we made<br />

our way back to the hotel along<br />

streets littered with the remnants<br />

of spent pyrotechnics .<br />

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New Years day, and we<br />

left to visit Doi Suthet Temple,<br />

(Middle picture) unfortunately<br />

it appeared that most of The author of the article, Wilson and his<br />

Chiang Mai had the same idea lovely lady pictured at Doi Suthet Temple,<br />

too, and the traffic was bumper<br />

to bumper until we were<br />

well out of the City, and on the winding mountain road that leads<br />

to the Temple, fortunately for us, my motorcycle skills, honed in<br />

Pattaya, made short shrift of the traffic problems with various<br />

undertaking, overtaking, and straight down the middle manoeuvres,<br />

although I imagine that some of those in gridlocked vehicles<br />

would have taken several hours to reach their destination. We had<br />

some respite from traffic congestion for about fifteen kilometres,<br />

before encountering more traffic jams some three kilometres<br />

from the Temple, negotiating these was a little more difficult due<br />

to the road being quite steep in places and having many hairpin<br />

bends, but all was overcome and we arrived a little over an hour<br />

from setting off. To get to the Temple, one has to climb some three<br />

hundred steps, difficult enough under normal circumstances,<br />

but even more so given the volume of visitors<br />

moving both up and down, plus the number of children<br />

in ‘costume’ sitting on the stairs at regular intervals hoping<br />

to have their picture taken, and receive a ‘tip’ for their<br />

trouble.<br />

After having escaped the throngs at the Temple, we<br />

continued onward and upward along the twisting mountain<br />

road to Bhubing Palace, where the Royal Family stays<br />

during seasonal visits. The gardens are beautifully laid<br />

out with all manner of colourful blooms and plants. The<br />

‘water reservoir’ contains the ‘Fountain of Celestial Water<br />

of People’, at all areas of the gardens,<br />

tranquil music is playing, giving a<br />

relaxing feeling to the whole experience.<br />

Still continuing up further<br />

into the mountains we came to Doi<br />

Pui Mong Hill Tribe village, (bottom<br />

picture) sustained by tourism<br />

there were many opportunities to<br />

purchase local crafts at a considerable<br />

discount for the same items<br />

in the City, visitors could also hire<br />

traditional costumes at 30Bt each, to<br />

wear during their visit, and of course<br />

be photographed in, mainly by the<br />

waterfall, and in the gardens which<br />

are also a feature of the village.<br />

Our return journey to the<br />

hotel, whilst again encountering<br />

considerable traffic was a little easier<br />

and enabled us to arrive back before<br />

darkness fell.<br />

This article will be concluded in<br />

the next issue<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 45

Exploring Pattaya & Beyond<br />

It is common for Western companies and governments to<br />

pay an additional compensation to staff for the “hardship”<br />

of being posted abroad. I have always thought that one<br />

of the great scams of the ages for eligible employees.<br />

I mean, seriously, working and living in Hong Kong or<br />

Tokyo or Rio or Buenos Aires is a hardship?<br />

But since moving first to Thailand and then eventually to<br />

Cambodia, I’ve had to rethink my position – and my understanding<br />

of hardship.<br />

You see, our cable TV network, which originates in Thailand,<br />

does not carry games of the National Football League, the NFL,<br />

the crowning glory of American football.<br />

The rest of the world may well scoff at our National Game.<br />

In well over a decade of living in the Philippines, Thailand,<br />

and now Cambodia I’ve come to respect and even enjoy “real”<br />

football. It can, indeed, be a “beautiful game:” I even recently<br />

watched a Bundesliga match and found it well played and competitive!<br />

BUT. No NFL? At all? Not even one game weekly? Now, that<br />

is a hardship.<br />

Page 46<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

This topic came to mind last night while reading a series of<br />

blog posts written a year ago and more by a young Canadian<br />

man who’d said he’d come to Cambodia to work as an unpaid<br />

volunteer English teacher at a village near Siem Reap.<br />

After two months in-country he wrote the first of a series of<br />

posts excoriating all things Khmer. They were all<br />

stupid, lazy, corrupt, dangerous, and rude. Former<br />

Khmer Rouge goons roamed the countryside<br />

raping and murdering with impunity, sadists<br />

in saffron robes. And it didn’t take a careful reading-between-the-lines<br />

to catch his meaning. He<br />

wrote it literally as reported above. Well, not the<br />

line about sadists in saffron robes – that’s mine.<br />

∞<br />

So outrageous, racist, arrogant and stupid<br />

were his remarks that reading them make me<br />

remember having made similar remarks about<br />

Filipinos during my decade-plus-living there.<br />

Such comments were both common and unchallenged<br />

among foreigners living in the Philippines.<br />

I also remembered hearing the same kind<br />

of slurs about Thais in the two years I lived there.<br />

Wow! Was I – were we – all such assholes that we<br />

would slander an entire people because some<br />

(OK, maybe many) of them did us wrong?<br />

So it appears.<br />

∞<br />

Which leads to the next obvious question: Why are we<br />

here? No, no, not “what does it all mean?” Why have we foreigners<br />

chosen to live in places with cultures so – well, foreign to our<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

own?<br />

Unless you work in a multinational company or big NGO<br />

and get that cushy hardship stipend (in which case the answer<br />

is obvious and you need read no further) the answer is likely<br />

somewhat complex.<br />

Because you can live much better on your retirement check<br />

here than you can back home. Because you think back home<br />

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has gone all to hell. Because you still crave a sex life unavailable<br />

back home. Because it feels good to help a hardworking, impoverished<br />

people dig and claw their way up from inherited misery.<br />

Because you like the weather. Likely you’d check more than one<br />

of the above. For me, it’s all the above.<br />

∞<br />

Actually, I haven’t had any cultural issues with Khmer<br />

people in the year-plus that we’ve lived here. Well, other than the<br />

hideous noise they blast at obscene volume whenever there’s a<br />

wedding or funeral. But everybody – including Khmers – hates<br />

that. The other big issue I have with local folk is their just awful<br />

driving habits, but I understand that they’ve had no driver training<br />

and the police don’t enforce any traffic laws (except the one<br />

requiring motorbike drivers to wear helmets, and that’s enforced<br />

strictly to extort bribes).<br />

Which incidentally leads to an unrelated observation:<br />

Almost all Khmer motorbike riders in Siem Reap wear helmets. It<br />

seems that law enforcement does work.<br />

There’s really only one ethnic group that I just can’t get<br />

along with. No, not Russians. And no, not Indians. French.<br />

Is there a more smug, arrogant, rude race on earth? Not<br />

that I know of. I had to actually throw one French couple out of<br />

our restaurant not long ago for accusing us of watering our fresh<br />

coconuts. That’s right, they accused us of refilling coconut shells<br />

with water. To beat them out of the $1 we charge for a fresh<br />

coconut.<br />

We were deeply offended that they thought we’d cheat<br />

them - for $1. Now, if it was $100, I’d consider it. But $1? Damn<br />

frogs. Where’s the gratitude? Le Grand Royale my ass. They’re Big<br />

Macs, dammit!<br />

∞<br />

And what’s with this<br />

crap of eating baked beans<br />

with breakfast? But I’ll save<br />

that for another day…<br />

∞<br />

Anyway, here’s hoping<br />

that 2012 will be a healthy,<br />

peaceful, and prosperous<br />

year for us all. And for all our<br />

Khmer, Thai, and Filipino<br />

neighbors, as well.<br />

The pictures:<br />

Top left page = Angor Wat<br />

Lower left page - Siem Reap<br />

Town<br />

Top this page - The Market<br />

Siem Reap<br />

Bottom - Royal Independance<br />

Gardens<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 47

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

PCEC Meeting – Monthly Review – December 2011<br />

The Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC) meets every Sunday at Amari Orchid Resort’s The Tavern by the Sea Restaurant at the northern end<br />

of Pattaya Beach Road. For more information regarding not only the PCEC Sunday meetings, but also the large number of mid-week activities,<br />

visit the Club’s website at www.pattayacityexpatsclub.com. The website also has useful information about living in Thailand and about Thai<br />

immigration and visa requirements. If you would like a copy of the Club’s weekly Newsletter emailed to you, you can subscribe by visiting the<br />

Club’s website.<br />

The meeting atmosphere is always relaxed, informal and friendly with everyone being welcome. The format of the meeting is similar each<br />

week. There is usually a guest speaker, sometimes more than one, on topics of interest to Expats. In addition to announcement of forthcoming<br />

events in and around Pattaya, the Open Forum, which follows the regular program, is always a lively and entertaining session, when questions<br />

can be asked or information exchanged about Expat living in Thailand and Pattaya in particular. If you weren’t there, here are the highlights of<br />

the meetings for each Sunday in December 2011 – the Club’s Newsletter on their website contains a more detailed description of the presentations<br />

On December 4, the guest speaker was Michael Flinn, (Pictured<br />

below) a life-long scholar in the history and development<br />

of human consciousness,<br />

religion, art, civilization and<br />

human behaviour. Michael<br />

started his presentation by<br />

explaining how he got into<br />

art and philosophy. After<br />

he graduated in 1964, he<br />

travelled to Europe where<br />

he had the opportunity to<br />

study architecture and the<br />

works of the great philosophers.<br />

He then explained<br />

how this led to his studies<br />

on the consciousness of<br />

man; becoming self aware. He concluded that no matter how<br />

much you study human consciousness, you still will not really<br />

gain an understanding of the imponderable.<br />

Old landmines and explosive remnants of war continue<br />

to kill and maim people today. This was the message at the<br />

PCEC’s Sunday, December<br />

11 meeting. The Club<br />

welcomed two representatives<br />

of the Mine<br />

Action Department of<br />

the Norwegian People’s<br />

Aid organization. Mr. Lee<br />

Moroney, (Pictured alongside)<br />

Program Manager in<br />

Thailand and Mr. Jan Erik<br />

in Cambodia described<br />

their assistance to those<br />

two countries in getting<br />

rid of this old explosive ordinance left over from past wars. They<br />

pointed out that in both Thailand and Cambodia; the primary effort<br />

is to reclaim land for habitation and use. Consequently, they<br />

give priority to such areas rather than clearing known mined<br />

areas where the land has no suitable use.<br />

The third Sunday, December 18, the Club had its Christmas<br />

celebration. (Pictures next page) During the past three years, it<br />

has been almost standing room only when the Children’s Choir<br />

from Pattaya Orphanage comes to the meeting to share the spirit<br />

of Christmas. This year was no exception. Mrs. Radchada Chomjinda<br />

(Khun Toy) from Pattaya Orphanage said it was a privilege<br />

for the children from the Orphanage to be back again this year to<br />

sing Christmas Carols for the Club. Several young ladies started<br />

with a couple of dances, one traditional Thai and the other a bit<br />

more modern. Then, about 50 children in choir robes came in and<br />

sang several Carols. While they were singing “Santa Claus is Coming<br />

to Town,” Santa appear ed with a bag full of goodies, which<br />

he passed out to the smiling children while Khun Toy gave a brief<br />

history on the Orphanage.<br />

Movie making in the 1960’s was the topic at the Pattaya City<br />

Expats Club meeting on Sunday, December 25. There were over<br />

80 members and guests present on Christmas Day to hear Pattaya<br />

resident Alfred Avallone, (Pictured below) talk about his career as<br />

a Hollywood actor. He mentioned his studying at The American<br />

Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York at the same time as many later<br />

movie stars, such as Grace Kelly and Anne Bancroft. He explained<br />

how he went from acting on the New York stage to acting in films<br />

when he moved to Hollywood.<br />

He described<br />

some of the aspects of<br />

Hollywood film making<br />

and then presented<br />

a video clip showing<br />

him acting in the Blake<br />

Edward’s movie “Experiment<br />

in Terror” starring<br />

Glenn Ford and Lee<br />

Remick. He also commented<br />

on some of the<br />

differences between<br />

movies and actors of<br />

that period with movies<br />

and actors of today.<br />

Page 48 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Middle:<br />

‘Khun Toys angels’, aka the children of<br />

Pattaya Orphanage, commenced their performance<br />

for PCEC members with a splendid<br />

Thai traditional dance.<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />


Lower:<br />

Top:<br />

Khun Toy, (Mrs Radchada Chomjind)<br />

introduced Saichon Sulonluea, who<br />

has recently graduated from university,<br />

studying marketing.<br />

Saichon has spent his entire life at<br />

the orphanage, and now has a job with<br />

Santa and his helpers worked hard to make this<br />

young lady’s day, and that for many other children.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

Featured Speakers in the last month:<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

The Pattaya Expats Club - (http://www.pattayaexpatsclub.info)<br />

15 January - Our Main Feature on 15 January we<br />

had our own long time sponsor Peter Smith of AA Insurance<br />

speaking on: What is important now in the world<br />

of insurance.<br />

Floods, Health, what do you need to worry about? How to<br />

protect yourself from catastrophe? Those who came on<br />

Sunday learned a lot and there was a very lively question and<br />

answer session that proved quite valuable.<br />

About the Speaker: He has been a club supporter and advertising<br />

sponsor since the club’s early days and we are now<br />

into the 7th year of our group health policy via AA. Bring<br />

all your Insurance questions on any kind of policy area, examples<br />

- motor, house and condo, golf, boats. He has now<br />

built the business into a multi city concern with branches<br />

now in Pattaya, Jomtien, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and<br />

Udon Thani!<br />

He can be contacted at:<br />

Email: info@aainsure.net<br />

Web: www.aainsure.net<br />

THE Pattaya Expats Club is the original foreigner’s advice forum, with member<br />

e-newsletters continuously since 2001. We are expats helping expats,<br />

everyone is welcome. Whatever your question or problem, you can be sure<br />

there is another expat who has ‘been there, done that’ and probably figured<br />

it out. Free advice for expats on visas, health insurance, Thai law, investments,<br />

medical checks, wellness evaluations and nutrition from professional experts<br />

in our meeting foyer ‘Expat Expo’ display. Our tropical look Website, (teasing<br />

‘armchair expats’ stuck in cold countries that they aren’t here) helps with<br />

practical aspects of day-to-day living here in Thailand.<br />

Join us Sunday mornings at the Mercure Hotel, Pattaya Soi 15. Hotel location<br />

map:www.mercurepattaya.com . Come through THE AVENUE Mall on<br />

2 nd Road, turn right and it’s a short way down on your left.<br />

8 January – Our Main Feature on 8 January we had our own Andi Gloekl<br />

speaking on: All those important papers you need as an Expat.<br />

Do you get confused with the<br />

various documents you need to<br />

stay here? Visas? House Book?<br />

Registration papers? Drivers License?<br />

Debit cards/credit cards?<br />

What about opening a bank account?<br />

Last will and testament?<br />

Never fear, our man Andy was<br />

there to help us through all of<br />

this. Andy is not a lawyer or<br />

accountant, just a very knowledgeable<br />

person who has been<br />

here a number of years and has<br />

helped many people through the<br />

trials and tribulations of living in<br />

Thailand.<br />

It was a great Question and Answer session again, everyone learned<br />

something. And from the audience came a great piece of advice, in your<br />

will make sure you leave something to everyone in your family, including<br />

your ex-spouse(s). This way they can’t contest the will since you left them<br />

something, even if it is only 50 Baht!<br />

About the speaker:<br />

Andy is very active with the German wing of the PEC and also runs the<br />

now 3 times a week football friendlies!<br />

He can be contacted at: andithai@gmail.com<br />

Special event for Pattaya Expats Club Members, Pattaya Residents as<br />

well, we have a guest appearance on the 5 th of February by Mark McClure<br />

all the way from the United States! He is one of the top 5 Sales, Marketing<br />

and Entrepreneurship Coaches in the world. He is launching his TV show<br />

that currently runs on Fox Business here in Pattaya. On the 6 th and 7 th<br />

Page 50 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

special seminars on his Sitting on Millions program, teaching<br />

the average person how to make a significant income on<br />

their accumulated knowledge using only their computers,<br />

their minds and the internet! Special offer, 1,500 THB, 10%<br />

discount for Pattaya Expat Club members and on top of that<br />

a 2 for the price of 1 special! Go to www.sittingonmillions2.<br />

com to signup!<br />

We have Club News each week from Club President Niels<br />

Colov, Board Members Richard Ravensdale or Brian<br />

Maxey, plus the famous Open Microphone Forum, chaired<br />

in rota by club member’s John Coughtrie, Spencer Allgood,<br />

Dan Schwartz or Brian Maxey. Lively exchanges of members<br />

questions, with a little humour, from the ‘Asia hands’<br />

and ‘expat experts’ in the audience - for all those practical<br />

questions on life in Thailand and Fun Town.<br />

Club TV Reports. We are on Pattaya People Television,<br />

(both Sophon cable, Ch. 12 & BTV Ch.4)). If you live outside<br />

Sophon or BTV TV areas you can view this great Club<br />

resource on-line via your PC. Scroll down below all the print<br />

news stories on www.pattayapeople.com homepage to the<br />

bottom left corner - to ‘Pattaya Expats Club – TV’ window.<br />

Click to view our current report or any one of our past meeting<br />

video clips.<br />

PEC has 4 different Help Lines. Call 084 3489 501 for general<br />

enquiries. For Christian spiritual comfort call Father Theo<br />

Lewis 087 133 1601. Legal emergencies, please call Lawyer<br />

Khun Katrena Wannasakda 089 244 9709 (thai_int_law@<br />

yahoo.co.th), Khun Suthipong Trakulsak, 081 914 8193,<br />

(www.suthiponglaw.com) or Khun Somsak Chopaka, 081<br />

808 9175, (somsak@siamfirm.co.th).<br />

Life Membership is just 600 Baht, only by personal application<br />

at the Club each Sunday. The one-time joining fee<br />

provides a Photo-ID Card - no renewals needed, secures a<br />

free copy of Pattaya People Newspaper with current entry<br />

ticket, access to member services, discounts (see our website<br />

www.pattayaexpatsclub.info for complete list of merchants<br />

offering member discounts) and interest groups, and Lucky<br />

Draw prizes. Bring two very small photos, card is prepared<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />


and laminated right between 1000am and 1130am.<br />

Six-A-Side Football -PEC Members now only 40 B<br />

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1700<br />

and 1800, a social game of six-a-side football at the<br />

state-of-the-art artificial grass stadium, “Planet Football”<br />

located on Siam Country Club Road. Contact Andy,<br />

080 641 9742 .<br />

Badminton – at Diamond Badminton Centre on Pattaya<br />

Third Road, near Soi 17 traffic lights, Thursdays<br />

18.30 pm.<br />

Yoga & Relaxation - 10 sessions on Fridays, a creative<br />

mix of basic yoga, deep relaxation exercises and preventing<br />

back problems. Yoga mats, supplied. Register<br />

in the club, show membership card.<br />

Free ‘DVD and Book Swap’ table. Donate some stock<br />

and take 1:1. Bring books, magazines and DVD’s you’ve<br />

already enjoyed, and swap them. There is a newly<br />

formed Bridge Club too plus Club Fishing trips, every<br />

month organized by James Duffy, call 084-871<br />

7649. Trips leave 4am and return 6pm, usually from<br />

Sattahip.<br />

Lucky Draw prizes for wellness evaluations and meals<br />

for 2 at good restaurants, at each meeting, example’s<br />

– The Nutrition Club free week of healthy breakfast,<br />

value B 3,000– we also have a free entrance to the<br />

next meeting and 250B vouchers from Aroy Italy<br />

as well.<br />

Our ‘Club Shop’ – has low cost polo-shirts with the<br />

club logo and tropical blue silk shirts with our original<br />

club palm tree motif. New range of light blue and midblue<br />

shirts, cotton silk mix at 379 B with club badge<br />

too.<br />

Entry tickets 180 baht from 10am-1120am. For that we<br />

enjoy excellent facilities at Mercure Hotel, large screen<br />

TV’s in overspill areas of wine bar and pool terrace, a<br />

fabulous breakfast buffet that normally costs 300B! Plus<br />

free use of the Swimming Pool and Fitness Suite for Expat<br />

Club Members All Week! Reduced entry ticket price<br />

from 1130am onwards of 80B for coffee/tea/water and<br />

to help pay for our meeting facility.<br />

As ‘mother club’ in Thailand for foreigners advice forums<br />

we assisted through the ‘Association of Thailand Expats<br />

Club’s’ similar clubs to be founded, with Constitution’s, in<br />

Pattaya city and from Chiangmai to Koh Samui. We have<br />

a thriving German Language PEC - Deutschsprachiger<br />

Pattaya Expats Club Fur Info : Andy 080 641 9742 (www.<br />

pattayaexpatsclub.de.tl) and a Finnish Language Wing<br />

co-ordinator Ossi Viljanen, call 0818519620 or email<br />

(ossivilyanen@hotmail.com)<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

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One Beer too Many<br />

Disclaimer. Any similarity to any person/s or events<br />

you might have heard of are entirely coincidental. The<br />

characters depicted in this story are figments of the author’s<br />

imagination.<br />

Taken from Les Abbey’s Soi Shanties<br />

***********************************************<br />

It was only a few beers into the afternoon session at Barry’s<br />

bar but the conversation was about the one beer too<br />

many, that when drunk causes a grown man to topple<br />

over or perform some embarrassing misdeed. It had probably<br />

started because Robert, who had been in the bar<br />

until late yesterday, but missing so far today, had made a bit of a<br />

fool of himself last night.<br />

Not that Robert had done that much according to Barry,<br />

who had been talking with him right up until the moment that<br />

Robert had yawned, closed his eyes, leant back on his stool and<br />

then kept on going until hitting the floor. Barry had said that the<br />

conversation was getting strange as he didn’t think himself and<br />

Robert were talking about the same thing anymore. Tim asked<br />

Barry how many beers Robert had drunk, but Barry wasn’t sure<br />

except he had drunk less than half of the last beer Singha. Barry<br />

also reminded the drinkers<br />

that Robert still owed for his<br />

bar bill.<br />

Tim, a regular customer,<br />

said “You can always<br />

tell when Jon Slocum has<br />

had too much. He always<br />

drops his pants and dances<br />

around the bar.”<br />

Les followed that<br />

with “Then again Tim the<br />

fact that he always does it<br />

should tell us a bit more<br />

than that.”<br />

“What do you mean<br />

Les?” asked Tim.<br />

“Well if he always does<br />

it, you have to suspect that<br />

it’s in his mind to start with.<br />

The extra beer may give him courage, but he wants to expose<br />

himself anyway. You know, he’s one of those exhibitionists. He has<br />

to put on a show. If it wasn’t for us he would be flashing at some<br />

little old lady in the street. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if one<br />

day we heard he had been arrested for that.”<br />

“I wish he learned to play the guitar instead.” added Tim. “It’s<br />

such an ugly site when he’s in full swing.”<br />

“And it’s not as if he has that much to be proud of.” finished<br />

Les to the accompaniment of laughter from the drinkers.<br />

Pat Morrison started to tell his story. “A couple of months<br />

ago I had one too many and it got me into some right trouble.”<br />

he said. “I had just got in that evening from Libya via Rome and<br />

had been drinking on the plane for the last few hours. I got a taxi<br />

to the hotel, dropped off my bags and made my way to the Soi. I<br />

stopped here first and had a beer didn’t I Barry?”<br />

“That’s right.” answered Barry who started to grin.<br />

“Said hello to you Les,” and turning Tim, said “and you too<br />

Tim. I remember that.”<br />

Both Les and Tim nodded<br />

their assent.<br />

“Then as always on a first<br />

night in I walked down the<br />

Soi to say my hellos and see<br />

what’s new going on. I figured<br />

I would find a girlfriend too.”<br />

“So what happened?”<br />

asked Tim.<br />

“Well you have to remember<br />

I was getting a bit<br />

tired by then and that’s my<br />

excuse. I had a couple beers<br />

in various bars and then saw<br />

a new bar had opened right<br />

down the end. I thought I<br />

have to go and check it out.<br />

I could see the name board<br />

said ‘Bullshooters’ and had a<br />

picture of dartboard on it.”<br />

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As Pat finished the last sentence there was laughter<br />

from a few of the drinkers.<br />

Pat continued “It’s OK you lot laughing but I<br />

thought a game of darts is always fun with the bar<br />

girls. I went through the door and it was a bit dark<br />

inside. I thought I would sit down for a few minutes. A<br />

nice looking girl came over and took my drink order,<br />

but before it even came to the table I had dozed off.<br />

Next thing I remember I’m being shaken awake and<br />

another girl is telling me it’s throwing out time, two in<br />

the morning. I asked for a fresh beer and whatever she<br />

wanted to drink and off she went to get it.”<br />

“So I’m coming too now and looking around<br />

the bar. It’s still fairly crowded but I don’t recognize<br />

anyone, customers or girls, which seemed unusual. I’m<br />

thinking the bar owner must have gone upcountry<br />

and got a whole bunch of new girls. So the girl comes<br />

back with the beer and her drink, puts the new bill in<br />

the cup and sits down with me. She chats away and<br />

her English isn’t bad and I’m thinking I may have company<br />

tonight.”<br />

Pat takes a swallow of his beer.<br />

One of the younger drinkers says “So go on Pat. I<br />

can’t say I remember that bar.”<br />

Barry answers. “No it didn’t last very long. It was<br />

gone in a month.”<br />

Pat picks up the story. “Well they didn’t seem<br />

in that much of hurry to get the customers out and<br />

we are chatting away. The girl, I think her name was<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />


Joy, was asking me about my<br />

hotel and I thinking well my<br />

evening’s sorted. Then she<br />

grabs my hand and puts it on<br />

her lap. Now straight away I<br />

realize that there something<br />

very wrong here. I said to her,<br />

‘Is that what I think it is?’ and<br />

she gives a knowing smile and<br />

nods her head. Then I start<br />

to look around the bar again<br />

and see that maybe the girls<br />

Adam’s apples are a little too<br />

large and when they talk just<br />

maybe their voices are a wee<br />

bit to low.”<br />

Pat takes another gulp<br />

of his beer but he knows he<br />

has the audience in his hand<br />

so he drags it out a few extra<br />

seconds. “Well as the Sunday<br />

tabloids used to say, ‘I made<br />

my excuses and left’. What I was really worried about was seeing any of you<br />

guys and having to explain I had been sleeping in the Bullshooters for three<br />

hours and didn’t know what sort of bar it was, which I certainly didn’t I’ll have<br />

you all know. Of course the bull’s eye the customers were shooting for had<br />

nothing to do with darts.”<br />

“You didn’t have an epiphany then Pat?” said Les.<br />

“What does that mean Les?” asked Pat.<br />

“You know, a conversion, like Saint Paul on the road to Damascus. As<br />

our friend Tommy Tee used to say, ‘Once you had the real thing, women are<br />

second best’.”<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 53

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />


Dear Reader.<br />

With this months poetry I had a short message from Capn’ Mark back in UK. Seems he’s (like many<br />

other young mn) unemployed. This of course gives him plenty of time to write such nice words as we<br />

are fortunate enough to get to publish every month.<br />

N<br />


Looking at the stars for far-too-long<br />

you spy potatoes walking on the moon.<br />

Your girlfriend the so-pale ghost<br />

says the-men-in-white-coats will take<br />

you soon,<br />

while all my pals the fairy-folk<br />

tell me you are doubtless a loon<br />

and that next-door’s pet dragon<br />

runs wild at the sounds from your room.<br />

Pick-up your daily newspaper now<br />

and go read your horoscope:<br />

‘He who spies potatoes walking on the<br />

moon<br />

is beyond all help but beyond all hope’ !<br />


Like a camel with an extra hump,<br />

she had three moony-round-breasts;<br />

the tips pointy as are pyramids<br />

or the beak of a phoenix on her flesh<br />

in the form of a fine-tattoo.<br />

Strange snake-charming lady, ooh !<br />


At the foot of the Himalayas<br />

and looking way up ahead,<br />

you’ve your hymns and your hopes,<br />

got your Tibetan Book Of The Dead.<br />

Surely best to aim far higher,<br />

to make your mission to the moon.<br />

You’ll fall short of the target<br />

but will reach the top real soon.<br />

Beware the Abominable Snowmen<br />

on whose mountains you’ll intrude,<br />

and stick to the path of the Buddha<br />

in your spiritual climb and solitude.<br />


I am with Mr Sillitoe<br />

who wrote of punting down river.<br />

Through Blake’s greener England to go<br />

in very sunny weather.<br />

To hear a sedge-warbler sound,<br />

see the odd mink or rarer otter.<br />

City boat-racers hear then my song:<br />

“I am punting for Albion”.<br />

Pictured here (foreground):<br />

Captain Mark on his new<br />

boat ‘The Pork Pie’<br />


It is your funeral<br />

now you are tied<br />

to the girl who is<br />

your black-gowned bride.<br />

You think the gown white,<br />

white as virgin snow,<br />

but dark the heart<br />

of the black-widow.<br />

It is your funeral,<br />

her veil now lift.<br />

Kiss the bride<br />

and yes, death kiss.<br />



One of the Thai-girls I came to know<br />

gave herself the nickname Snow.<br />

On the slopes of her soft-thighs<br />

my fingers slowly skied down-wise.<br />

Upon the peaks of her breasts<br />

my climbing lips came to rest.<br />

She’d chosen the nickname Snow<br />

as it’s cooler the more North you go.<br />


The libertine lady,<br />

she pats her pet.<br />

She has him in<br />

her web, her net.<br />

There are some<br />

who only feel free<br />

when somebody else<br />

is down on bent-knee.<br />



You carry a hump this life-long day,<br />

and in your head are clappers that<br />

clang.<br />

The bells !! The bells !! They have their<br />

way.<br />

You feel like the Hunchback of Notre-<br />

Dame.<br />


A child of the love-in 60s;<br />

a flower with a record-deck;<br />

chanced her arm with another needle<br />

and became a 70s butterfly wreck.<br />


You’re into your twittering-twilight<br />

with your lonely-sparrow-fears.<br />

The thieving magpie will leave night,<br />

stealing away all your years.<br />



Comedian Tommy Cooper knocked<br />

boxer Henry Cooper flat.<br />

Find he did it with a joke.<br />

He did it “Just like that !”<br />

SUB ROSA<br />

I’ll let you into a secret.<br />

Yes a secret I’ll disclose.<br />

I was on top of the world<br />

when I was under the rose.<br />

I wasn’t under her thumb.<br />

I was right up there in the sky.<br />

I’ve let you into a secret<br />

when under the rose was I.<br />


Tell a ladyboy by<br />

his Adam’s apple, ooer !<br />

Find that I do not<br />

eat fruit, however !<br />

Hi...Is there anyone out there who<br />

can write prose or rhyming verse ? If you<br />

can, why not share your talent with other<br />

folks. We would love to hear from you.<br />

Page 54 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />


http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 55

Send your short story to us by E-mail or put it on a disk or memory stick and bring it to the office. Call us 038 716 390<br />

Pattaya Trader<br />

One thing was for sure - it was just as hot.<br />

On his 19 hour flight from Los Angeles,<br />

Carl had been wondering what to expect<br />

when he arrived in Pattaya. Having read<br />

the guide books and watched a few videos<br />

posted on the internet, he knew he was going to be in for<br />

a culture shock. At least the blast of hot air that welcomed<br />

him as he stepped out of the aircraft was the same as he<br />

remembered it. As the taxi neared his destination he could<br />

see the hotels and apartment blocks reaching skyward. It<br />

seemed to Carl that there<br />

would be little prospect<br />

of anything being left to<br />

rekindle his memories.<br />

But despite this realisation<br />

that perhaps his trip might<br />

not fulfill all of his expectations,<br />

he was glad he<br />

was there. He’d promised<br />

himself many years ago<br />

that he would return.<br />

His first and only<br />

other time in Pattaya had<br />

been 43 years earlier. He<br />

had been drafted into the<br />

US Marine Corps when<br />

he reached the age that<br />

required young men to<br />

partake in the war that<br />

his country was waging<br />

in south east Asia. At the<br />

time he had no opinion<br />

one way or the other as to<br />

the righteousness of the<br />

Kindly submitted by Phil V.<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

One Good Turn...<br />

conflict. He was not long out of high school and knew little<br />

of the communist cause in that part of the world or why his<br />

country felt that they should take it upon themselves to go to<br />

war. He figured that he would do his bit, see a few things that<br />

he wouldn’t otherwise, and be welcomed back home a hero<br />

when his tour of duty was over. The fact that events didn’t<br />

turn out like that had bothered him since, but what’s done is<br />

done and this vacation would go a long way to closing the<br />

chapter in his life which he felt must be done before his time<br />

was up.<br />

He’d been sent to Pattaya not long after it had first<br />

become popular as an R &<br />

R destination for American<br />

GI’s. His stay was an<br />

enforced one after he had<br />

been wounded in the<br />

battle for Hue during the<br />

Tet offensive of 1968. His<br />

only piece of good fortune<br />

during the incident was that<br />

a member of his platoon<br />

had risked his own life to<br />

drag him to safety before<br />

the mortars finished off the<br />

troops that were unable to<br />

get back. Carl remembered<br />

vividly the moment his<br />

saviour was standing over<br />

him, looking deep into his<br />

eyes as if to see if there was<br />

life there. He remembered<br />

looking back into the steelyblue<br />

eyes of the marine with<br />

enough determination to<br />

persuade him that saving<br />

Carl was worth the risk.<br />

Page 56 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

It was a month later that Carl found himself in Pattaya.<br />

He had been very lucky. His left femur had been fractured<br />

and the shrapnel which had penetrated his abdomen had<br />

avoided his vital organs. After a blood transfusion and having<br />

his leg put in plaster, Carl was evacuated to Pattaya. It looked<br />

like the conflict had some way to go yet, and the Military had<br />

decided that troops in Carl’s situation may well be called upon<br />

to return to combat once they were fit enough to do so. He<br />

was staying in one of a number of small, ramshackle beachfront<br />

guesthouses that had sprung up seemingly overnight to<br />

meet the needs of the ever increasing numbers of US servicemen<br />

who had the opportunity to escape the front line one<br />

way or another. Carl had been there for a week or so and he<br />

was out on his daily walk to the bamboo shack which passed<br />

as the local bar at the end of the beach. Even though he was<br />

still using crutches and was advised that the exercise would<br />

help him recover his mobility, the serenity of the place and<br />

the smiling faces of the locals meant he would have done it<br />

anyway.<br />

He stopped at the bar and ordered a beer. As he took a<br />

satisfying swig from the ice cold bottle, a voice at the other<br />

end of the bar said<br />

“Are these the lengths we have to go to just to get a cold<br />

beer and a holiday?” Carl turned to see the soldier who had<br />

saved his life. He had been shot a week later and although<br />

not as badly wounded as Carl, he’d been sent to Pattaya to<br />

recuperate. His name was Gene. After talking about the<br />

latest on the war, they proceeded to empty the ice box of its<br />

beer bottles and in the course of doing so, strengthened a<br />

bond that only exists between men flung together by circumstances<br />

such as theirs. The two men met every day for the<br />

time that their respective stays in Pattaya overlapped. They<br />

knew that they were likely to be assigned to different units<br />

when they returned to the battlefield, so before parting they<br />

exchanged addresses and promised to meet up once the war<br />

was over. As Gene was driven away to return to Vietnam, Carl<br />

remembered shouting “I owe you one Gene!”<br />

That was the last they saw of each other. Carl never<br />

fully recovered and was sent back to the USA. His previous<br />

thoughts of being welcomed back as a hero were immediately<br />

shattered as the casualties were mounting and the anti-war<br />

movement was just taking off. He tried to trace Gene. The<br />

Army said he’d seen out his tour and had left the military. Carl<br />

wrote to the only address he had for Gene, but never received<br />

a reply. This trip to Pattaya was in a way his farewell to the<br />

man who saved his life. If he couldn’t say it face to face, at<br />

least he go to the place he’d last seen the man who had given<br />

him 43 years of life he would not have otherwise had.<br />

The Pattaya of the 1960’s was vastly different to what<br />

now confronted Carl. The peace and quiet had been lost to<br />

incessant traffic noise and blaring music. What had once<br />

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been a tropical idyll had become a brash, smelly, congested<br />

metropolis. Be that as it may, Carl wasn’t there for a holiday<br />

- he was there to remember a friend. He soon realised that<br />

searching for the location of the bar on the beach was going<br />

to be fruitless. He remembered it was at the southern end<br />

of the beach, close to an old wooden jetty. He decided that<br />

the modern pier at the northern end of Walking Street was as<br />

near as he was going to get and he would go out to the bar<br />

at the end of the pier, buy two bottles of beer, drink one, and<br />

have a few minutes of silent reflection.<br />

On his last day in Pattaya Carl duly paid homage to<br />

his friend as planned. He was making his way back to his<br />

hotel when what should have been an uneventful end to<br />

his trip, was dramatically interrupted. He was just about to<br />

cross Beach Road, when the Thai lady walking in front of him<br />

tripped on the kerb and fell out into the oncoming traffic.<br />

Carl instinctively grabbed her by her shoulders as she was falling,<br />

and pushed her back towards the pavement, thus saving<br />

her from certain serious injury. In the process, the impetus<br />

caused him to fall in the road and he was struck by a passing<br />

taxi. Fortunately it was a glancing blow and after some onthe-spot<br />

first aid, Carl felt OK. The lady concerned had stayed<br />

to make sure that Carl was not badly hurt.<br />

She said that she lived nearby, and felt that the least she<br />

could do would be to offer him a cup of tea or coffee and the<br />

chance to sit down for a while as he was still clearly shaken.<br />

Carl accepted and five minutes later they entered her second<br />

floor apartment in a nearby Soi. As he sat in the kitchen, Carl<br />

observed his surroundings. He glanced at some photos on<br />

the wall and caught his breath.<br />

The lady saw this reaction and asked him what was the<br />

matter. Looking down at Carl from a Polaroid photo pinned<br />

to the wall was Gene. Older - but those piercing blue eyes<br />

were unmistakable. “You know this man?” the woman asked.<br />

Carl explained the connection and the reason for his visit to<br />

Pattaya. The woman for her part, went on to tell Carl that she<br />

had met Gene 35 years ago when he came to Pattaya, they<br />

married and he never returned to America. She had worked<br />

there as a young girl when the town was just beginning<br />

to grow. He’d said when they first met that the place held<br />

memories for him but had never elaborated. Now she knew<br />

why and was glad. Gene had died five years earlier.<br />

The significance of the day’s events had not been lost on<br />

Gene’s wife. “My husband saved your life, and now you save<br />

mine”. Carl felt a sense of contentment as he remembered<br />

his last words to Gene as they parted all those years ago. His<br />

debt was paid<br />

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Page 57

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Who Do You Contact for Financial<br />

Over the years I have written many articles on the<br />

above subject.<br />

Advice Offshore ?<br />

The main thrust has always been to try and find<br />

a long established financial adviser who has a few<br />

attributes that make it conducive for you to do business with him.<br />

When you meet a broker canvassing for your business here<br />

are a few questions you should put to him to help determine if he is<br />

right for you.<br />

How long have you been in the business and who have you<br />

worked with? If he’s had 20 years experience selling double glazing<br />

and two pushing investments then perhaps you should look further.<br />

What basic financial qualifications do you have and where<br />

were they obtained?<br />

All is not lost with this individual if he has no certificates as you<br />

may consider that the biggest rouges in financial history have been<br />

dripping in financial qualifications.<br />

However in reality if your potential broker does not have a<br />

basic financial planning qualification it may be best that you keep<br />

looking.<br />

In a non regulated environment like Thailand it is very important<br />

that your adviser has a base here, owns property here and<br />

perhaps has a wife and child here.<br />

The main reason for this is self evident. If your broker has no<br />

commitment to Thailand what level of service do you really expect<br />

after he has been paid his commission.<br />

Try also and avoid drunks. Yes they operate here and despite<br />

the confidentiality of offshore investing it is not much good when<br />

your broker gets drunk. What do they say about a drunk can never<br />

keep a secret?<br />

The most obvious thing never to do is give any money to a<br />

broker here. If you do then no one will sympathise with you when<br />

you lose it all.<br />

Some financial advice from David Thrifty<br />

I have always cautioned against using International banks<br />

mainly because the only time they will want to meet up with<br />

you is when you have more money to invest.<br />

But now comes the news that HSBC has been fined 10.5<br />

million pounds for miss-selling investment bonds to elderly<br />

people in care. HSBC will pay 29 million compensation and said<br />

it was “profoundly sorry”<br />

The problem for HSBC is that they made more in commission<br />

from selling these bonds to people with a couple of years<br />

to live than the fine that has been imposed.<br />

Heres how their scam worked.<br />

Elderly customers paid a 5% up front charge for the investments<br />

followed by 1% a year.<br />

Average investment size was 115,000 and many of the<br />

elderly were reliant on this to pay their care bills<br />

They were recommending that people invest in these<br />

products for at least five years. However because many had a<br />

life expectancy of less than five years they started to withdraw<br />

from the investments sooner than expected.<br />

The combination of withdrawals and charges meant that<br />

capital was eaten away quicker than should have been the case<br />

if the investments had been sold properly.<br />

The bank then made the following statement.<br />

“This should not have happened and I am profoundly<br />

sorry that it did. We have high values here at HSBC and this<br />

runs contrary to everything that we stand for. That is why when<br />

we suspected that everything was not right we took action”<br />

That is all very well of course but it is hard to stomach that<br />

a company which globally reported pre tax profits of 11 Billion<br />

dollars for the first six months of 2011 finished the year being<br />

fined for ripping off pensioners getting ready to die.<br />

Page 58 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Is it any wonder the Occupy Wall Street protestors are out on<br />

the street?<br />

And there not the only bank in the rip off business.<br />

Coutts bankers to the Queen fined 6.3 million sterling for<br />

selling AIG bonds as low risk.<br />

Credit Susisse fined 5.95 million sterling for advice failures<br />

when selling complex financial products.<br />

The problem for me is that when any investment company<br />

cheats its clients some of the bad publicity rubs off on all brokers<br />

including myself who has tried to be honest with our clients over<br />

the past fifteen years here in Thailand.<br />

The “High Standards” professed by HSBC have always been<br />

endemic within our brokerage. The difference is that we practice<br />

them.<br />

David.thrifty@yahoo.com<br />

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http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 59

Pattaya Trader<br />

Amy Winehouse - Lioness: Hidden Treasures<br />

Verdict: 7/10<br />

When celebrities die young, there<br />

is a tendency to re-hash any<br />

unreleased material and offer it<br />

to fans. After Tupac was gunned<br />

down, we had every line he’d ever<br />

recorded re-mixed and somehow made into a song.<br />

When Michael Jackson died songs that didn’t quite<br />

do him justice suddenly ended up on new albums.<br />

However, with Amy Winehouse things are<br />

thankfully very different. Before she died of alcohol<br />

poisoning earlier this year, she had already recorded<br />

the vast majority of what was going to be her third<br />

album. Tragically, she never got to hear it completely<br />

finished, but there was enough there for producers<br />

to work on.<br />

Lioness: Hidden Treasure is a collection of a<br />

dozen completely new tracks or new versions, with a<br />

couple of cover versions thrown in.<br />

Producers Mark Ronson and Salaam Remi have<br />

done an incredible job of preserving the brilliance of<br />

Winehouse’s vocals and creating something that she<br />

would have been proud of.<br />

Hearing Winehouse sing certain lines is now of<br />

course filled with irony and pathos, but even if she<br />

had lived, the songs would have been poignant and<br />

memorable.<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

The Sixties’ feel is<br />

still there, notably on lead<br />

single ‘Our Day Will Come’,<br />

which was first recorded<br />

by Ruby and The Romantics<br />

This isn’t simply<br />

Winehouse’s third album<br />

though, here there are<br />

even tracks predate her<br />

2003 debut album. ‘The<br />

Girl from Ipanema’ is<br />

given a jazzy flavor here,<br />

while other brilliant covers<br />

include The Shirelles’<br />

‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ and The Zuton’s ‘Valerie’.<br />

Of the original songs here, ‘Halftime’ is a decade old but sounds fresh and<br />

soulful thanks to Winehouse’s timeless vocals.<br />

Some duets are interesting, who would have thought that ‘Smoke’ filled<br />

with a rap from Nas would work, or that her last studio recording with veteran<br />

singer Tony Bennett would be so good. But it is: Bennett and Winehouse’s<br />

Body and Soul is an old jazz track that oozes class.<br />

Winehouse would never have released an album like this, the older tracks<br />

are clearly there to make up for a vacuum of new material, but despite this<br />

anything new from Winehouse is a bonus. She may have messed up her glorious<br />

talent but what she did do in her short career will last for years.<br />

Anthony Hamilton - Back to Love<br />

Verdict: 8/10<br />

Anthony Hamilton (the singer, not the snooker star) has one hell<br />

of a soul voice. His last album The Point of it All was pretty impressive,<br />

but Back to Love easily surpasses it.<br />

With a production team that includes Kenny “Babyface”<br />

Edmonds, Salaam Remi and Kelvin Wooten, you’d expect it to sound slick, and<br />

it doesn’t disappoint.<br />

Grammy-award winning Hamilton simply has a voice that sounds like<br />

honey, and the first single ‘Woo’ is a great example of this. There are a good<br />

range of uptempo tracks for dance fans and some more slower, reflective<br />

numbers. The r’n’b style is contemporary but with a few hints of the old school<br />

Page 60 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

sound, such as the excellent opener ‘Mad’, a funky collection of<br />

horns, guitar and harmonica.<br />

‘Who’s Lovin You’ is a charming lament about unrequited love<br />

that while the duet with Keri Hilson, ‘Never Let Go’ works surprisingly<br />

well despite her more urban feel.<br />

If you get hold of the deluxe version, you can also enjoy ‘More<br />

Than Enough’, where Hamilton and his band let loose that sees<br />

them jam superbly.<br />

If you like true soul music, then Hamilton is just about the<br />

best out there at what he does.<br />

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Anthony Hamilton is going to become a father again. His wife Tarsha<br />

is pregnant again. “Well, since we’re here, yes. I just found out.Hopefully<br />

this one’s a girl”, the R & B singer announced during an appearance on Live! With Kelly on Tuesday (December 13).<br />

Hamilton and his wife are already parents to twin boys, Nolan and Aaron, born in November of last year. The Grammy winner also has three<br />

sons from previous relationships: Anthony, 21, Romero, 19 and Tristan, 14.<br />

Kelly Rowland - Here I Am<br />

Verdict: 6/10<br />

Kelly Rowland has done a pretty good job of living in<br />

the shadow of Beyonce. While her former Destiny’s<br />

Child colleague has gone on to become a global<br />

superstar, Rowland has made a solid niche for herself<br />

as a dance-techno star.<br />

Aside from having the best set of pins in Destiny’s Child,<br />

Rowland was also a fine singer.<br />

She’s already had eight top 10 songs in the UK and landed a<br />

spot as a judge on talent shows. ‘Here I Am’ doesn’t quite live up<br />

to her previous efforts, though.<br />

While on the X Factor she comes across as being ballsy and<br />

outgoing, the songs here rather lack power and effect. The album<br />

begins with mid-tempo tracks overloaded with synth sounds that<br />

have the effect of watering down the songs. Some numbers work<br />

well, we quite like ‘I’m Dat Chick’, but ultimately you end up wondering<br />

if she really has the attitude to match the lyrics. Beyonce<br />

had no bother throwing aside her Christian beliefs to cultivate a<br />

raunchy, sexual image, but with Rowland you wonder if she’s just<br />

a bit too nice to do that convincingly.<br />

The idea of getting Lil Wayne to help out is therefore in-<br />

spired as it does add<br />

some punch, and<br />

his appearance lifts<br />

things well on ‘Motivation’.<br />

The second<br />

half of the album is<br />

far more interesting.<br />

Summer hit ‘What<br />

a Feeling?’ ticks all<br />

the right boxes and<br />

a few collaborations<br />

with DJ extraordinaire<br />

David Guetta<br />

can’t fail to work.<br />

Single ‘Down<br />

For Whatever’ does a<br />

good job of persuading<br />

us that Rowland<br />

really is a sex kitten, while ‘Whatever’ is far more urban. Rowland<br />

wisely has done a good job of trying to copy Beyonce, and with a<br />

few stronger dance tracks at the start this really would have been<br />

the CD to push her career on.<br />

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http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 61

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />


About the author: Christopher G. Moore is<br />

a Canadian. His background is law (not law<br />

enforcement) but as in lawyer/law professor.<br />

He has lived in Thailand since 1988. He first<br />

started writing radio drama for the C.B.C. and<br />

then moved on to New York where his first novel His Lordship’s<br />

Arsenal was published in 1985.<br />

He is the author of twenty novels including his latest The Wisdom<br />

of Beer. His Vincent Calvino private eye series has been published<br />

in 11 languages. Heaven Lake Press publishes in Thailand, the<br />

publisher in the United States is Atlantic Monthly Books and<br />

Grove Press in the UK and the Commonwealth.<br />

He has also published eleven standalone<br />

novels, including the Land of Smiles trilogy,<br />

which includes A Killing Smile, A Bewitching<br />

Smile and A Haunting Smile. His nonfiction<br />

book titled Heart Talk explores the<br />

use of “jai” (which means heart) in the Thai<br />

language.<br />

Thai crime is a beat he’s covered for<br />

more than twenty years and with over<br />

20 books, since his tightly atmospheric<br />

Spirit House in 1992 kicked off the ‘Noir’<br />

movement. Hollywood Feature film news<br />

on that is – production company FilmNation,<br />

has optioned the entire Vincent Calvino<br />

detective series, there’s a finished script and<br />

production on Spirit House is scheduled to<br />

start in Thailand this year.<br />

Christopher is married and lives in<br />

Bangkok with his wife and four dogs. He is<br />

a frequent traveler in the region, with excursions<br />

to Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.<br />

by Christopher G. Moore<br />

Publisher: Heaven Lake Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-616-7503-11-0<br />

Reviewed by Daniel Schwartz<br />

The official website: www.cgmoore.com<br />

Moore also received a literary award by the Private Eye Writers<br />

of America in 2011 and now the famous Canadian expat novelist<br />

has handed the PEC a World Exclusive for his 10 th literary talk to<br />

the Club –the book launch of The Wisdom of Beer, his first public<br />

appearance worldwide to introduce his latest crime caper The<br />

Wisdom of Beer. Moore joked, “I can’t think of better group or city<br />

to unleash the full set of characters inhabiting that book. Some<br />

of whom may be in the audience. They know who they are. There<br />

is no place to hide.” It is only his 2 nd Pattaya based novel and it is<br />

hilarious.<br />

What do the Pattaya mafia, Cobra Gold Marines,<br />

a Macaw, Guns, Pattaya FPV and a Russian<br />

Escort have in common?<br />

They are all the stars in the latest<br />

Christopher G. Moore novel, The Wisdom<br />

of Beer!<br />

This month I need to deviate a bit from<br />

my normal book review format since I am<br />

the first official reviewer of the just released<br />

novel, I also received the manuscript prior<br />

to the print run to review so I don’t have the<br />

inside front and back cover information to<br />

tease you with. But I do have plenty of information<br />

from the author sprinkled here plus<br />

my own view and opinion of this book.<br />

What did Siskel and Ebert say, something<br />

like 4 thumbs up? Two for each of<br />

them? Well since I only have two thumbs,<br />

this book is definitely a two thumbs up from<br />

me! Fantastic read, I started one night and<br />

didn’t put it down until I was finished. And<br />

no I didn’t start reading it yesterday to meet<br />

my publishers deadline!<br />

Page 62 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />


On to the book!<br />

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the novel:<br />

“I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.”<br />

– Homer Simpson<br />

My British friends will appreciate this one:<br />

“Give my people plenty of beer, good beer, and cheap beer,<br />

and you will have no revolution among them.”—Queen Victoria<br />

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”<br />

– Benjamin Franklin<br />

From the illustrious Billy Carter (brother of former President of the<br />

United States Jimmy Carter)<br />

“Paintings are like a beer, only beer tastes good and it’s hard<br />

to stop drinking beer.” – Billy Carter<br />

Saved my best for last (gotta love that Homer Simpson):<br />

“A woman is a lot like beer. They smell good, they look good,<br />

and you’d step over your own mother to get one.” –<br />

Homer Simpson.<br />

Every year the Cobra Gold exercise which is a joint American-Thai<br />

military operation with other ASEAN countries sending along troops<br />

as well—descends on Pattaya. What a sight it is with thousands of<br />

American sailors coming ashore for R&R. I think the focus is definitely<br />

not on Rest! They’ve been at sea for months. They have lots of cash by<br />

local standards, wild dreams and raging hormones. The Pattaya Foreign<br />

Police Volunteers assist the US Navy Shore patrol in keeping the<br />

sailors and marines in line as they drift into the bars and netherworld<br />

of Pattaya.<br />

Walking Street is crawling with handsome, fit, young and clueless<br />

American military personnel with wads of cash burning a hole in their<br />

pocket. Sometimes a marine with too many beers can be made an offer<br />

that is too good to refuse. That, of course, violates the Wisdom of Beer.<br />

Never let the beer substitute for thinking through a plan. One bright<br />

Marine accepts an offer too good to be true, $500 for taking a piss on the<br />

expensive car pointed out by a beautiful Russian escort. Unfortunately<br />

that car happens to be owned by the local Mafia chief’s son!<br />

The story follows the members of a gang as they organize and<br />

carry out a daring heist. There is a local Thai-Chinese mafia type and<br />

a Russian arms dealer who have organized the heist of weapons from<br />

a warehouse abandoned by another arm’s dealer who’s been sent to<br />

America to face criminal charges. Young Khun Beer is about to carry out<br />

that heist of war weapons at a Laem Chabang port warehouse partnered<br />

with a Russian arms dealer with a love of carnage movie Kill Bill.<br />

Throw in a beautiful Moscow escort who is in charge of logistics.<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

Then we have an American FPV member named Duvel who<br />

finds himself in the middle of this criminal gang. We also can’t<br />

forget the macaw named Doctor Love who curses in Scottish;<br />

the bird is the center of attraction in a Pattaya beer bar run by<br />

a member of the heist gang. Wonder why the bird just falls<br />

over every night? Drinking too much beer like the inhabitants<br />

of the bar?<br />

There is an ancient, secret Chinese formula for beer and<br />

an old woman who is hot on the heels of decoding the formula.<br />

To add more twists to the plot there is the godfather’s son and<br />

heir apparent who falls in love with a katoey and putting in<br />

question the fate of passing (in an unbroken line) the secret<br />

beer formula from father to son. How could it pass to a son<br />

who won’t have any children to pass it on to next? When their<br />

lives become entangled in the streets and bars of Pattaya, the<br />

characters dig deep down to find that there is indeed wisdom<br />

to be found in beer.<br />

Christopher continually pokes fun at the different characteristics<br />

of the main characters - the Russians from escort girl<br />

to arms dealer, geriatric foreign police volunteers, Thai male<br />

hair and mobile phone fashions, the trials, tribulations and<br />

double cross (maybe by design) in the fixing of the results of<br />

a katoey beauty contest, the American cast – a bar owner, the<br />

Marines and Obama’s US Navy ‘son’ (from the same Kenyan<br />

village) and the Tweeting Officer in the mix.<br />

But why does the macaw fall off its perch nightly? Behind<br />

all is an ancient, secret Chinese formula for ‘hell beer’ joining the<br />

blend of ingredients stirred into this crime caper. The characters<br />

lives become entangled in the streets and bars of Pattaya, and<br />

they dig deep to find that there is indeed wisdom to be found<br />

in beer. Or is the wisdom brought out by the effects of the beer?<br />

Only you can tell, buy the book it is available now!<br />

Your Reviewer:<br />

Daniel Schwartz is Managing Director of DPS Worldwide<br />

Co., Ltd. in Bangkok (www.dpscoltd.com ), a member of the<br />

Board of Trustees and Programme Manager of the Pattaya Expats<br />

Club (www.pattayaexpatsclub.info ). He currently focuses<br />

on helping companies to drive their businesses to success using<br />

an integrated marketing communications approach utilizing<br />

both traditional marketing and sales channels integrated with<br />

online social media campaigns. A frequent speaker, trainer, MC<br />

and now writer as well, watch for his upcoming book in 2012.<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 63

Pattaya Trader<br />

To post or not to post…<br />

It’s normal in Thai society for those of a<br />

lower status to show respect to those higher<br />

up the ladder. That can sometimes make it<br />

tricky for reporters to ask the questions that<br />

need to be asked. Channel 7 reporter Somjit<br />

Navakruasunthorn thankfully suffers from no<br />

such deference and normally wades in where<br />

others fear to tread.<br />

She used to give Abhisit a hard time,<br />

and rightly so, but usually the Democrat<br />

leader would stand his ground and give an<br />

answer.<br />

When she tried the same type of questions<br />

on Prime Minister Yingluck though,<br />

things soon turned nasty. Yingluck simply<br />

walked off when Somjit asked her something<br />

about how to get rich in just four years. OK,<br />

it’s a sarcastic type of question but one that<br />

Yingluck could have easily batted away.<br />

The response from Yingluck supporters<br />

was hostile and one email was created<br />

with Somjit’s picture. The message, along<br />

with Somjit’s image, was said to have been<br />

circulated by Porntip Paksanont, chief of the<br />

Petchaburi branch of the United Front for<br />

Democracy against Dictatorship.<br />

The email said: “This is the face of the<br />

reporter who caused Prime Minister (Yingluck)<br />

to walk away. She is a reporter with<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Channel 7. Remember her face so if she is seen anywhere, please ‘take care’<br />

of her”.<br />

The phrase ‘take care of her’ has similar to connotations to hard man<br />

Vinnie Jones asking you to ‘come outside for a little chat’.<br />

Suitably upset, Somjit filed a complaint with the local police. After all,<br />

we were all warned not to share or like controversial content on Facebook<br />

the other week, so surely she had a case?<br />

Seems not. The police decided there was no case to answer as Ms Porntip<br />

did not write the email, she only passed it on to others.<br />

Turns out that to ‘take care of’ someone also isn’t threatening at all. And<br />

anyway, the police<br />

couldn’t trace the<br />

original writer of the<br />

email.<br />

IP addresses are awfully<br />

hard to get hold of, as well<br />

know. Just ask that Thai-American<br />

guy who was jailed for two<br />

years last week for passing<br />

on an offensive email that he<br />

hadn’t written.<br />

North Korea leader died<br />

Now that North Korean<br />

leader Kim Jong-il has died, the<br />

future of his country hangs in<br />

the balance.<br />

The mystery surrounding<br />

the life of Kim Jong-il has<br />

left 28-year-old Kim Jong-un<br />

in charge of this nuclear state.<br />

And that’s bloody worrying.<br />

The rest of the world knows<br />

next to nothing about North<br />

Korea’s new leader. We’re not<br />

even sure he’s 28. He went to<br />

school in Switzerland but was<br />

bussed in and out of a compound,<br />

so probably knows<br />

little or nothing about Western<br />

ways.<br />

This is like hiring a 12year-old<br />

and asking him to<br />

form US strategy for Afghanistan.<br />

Kim Jong-un will likely<br />

struggle to make his mark as<br />

those around him try to pull<br />

Page 64 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

the strings. Reform is unlikely, as those shadowy<br />

figures would be out of a job and be<br />

accountable for the starvation and poverty<br />

that has plagued their country for the past<br />

few years.<br />

Of course, other countries will now<br />

want to court North Korea for their own<br />

reasons: the US and China will be at the front<br />

offering all sorts of sweeteners to do as they<br />

wish.<br />

If the new chap is anything like his dad,<br />

it will certainly be a tense time. Kim Jong-il<br />

was the world’s only hereditary communist<br />

ruler and was said to be behind huge human<br />

rights abuses. While South Korea made<br />

him out to be a vain, playboy figure with<br />

Amy Winehouse-style bouffant hairstyle, the truth was even<br />

odder. He had live lobsters air-lifted to his train on a daily<br />

basis, which he then devoured with silver chopsticks. He was<br />

known to like his drink, and was spotted downing 10 glasses<br />

of wine during a 2000 summit with former South Korean<br />

President Kim Dae-jung.<br />

On the other hand, he had a god-like image in his homeland.<br />

The official story says he was born in a log cabin, with a<br />

double rainbow and glittering star heralding his birth.<br />

Rumours never stopped coming though. A Japanese<br />

magazine reckoned that he actually died in 2003 and body<br />

doubles were playing his part. His love of movies and basketball<br />

was legendary and he is said to have one of the private<br />

collection of movies of anyone in the world.<br />

Of course, those in North Korea have no idea about<br />

any of this as their regime allows for no freedom of expression<br />

or debate. We don’t even know how or when he died,<br />

for instance. Change is definitely coming to North Korea, but<br />

whether it will be for the better or worse is anyone’s guess.<br />

Ladyboy hostesses ready to serve you<br />

Ladyboy air hostesses have taken to the airs with a new<br />

Thai airline.<br />

PC Air took officials on its maiden flight – no pun intended<br />

– from Bangkok, all looked after by four ladyboy attendant.<br />

The privately-owned airline aims to offer equal opportunities<br />

for all, hence its PC name.<br />

“Today, we are ready to embark on the new journey and<br />

we would like to introduce our four transsexual angels,” PC Air<br />

president Peter Can told The Nation.<br />

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The cabin crew was made up of 19 female and seven male flight<br />

attendants, as well as the transsexuals, airline sources said. PC Air will<br />

specialise in charter flights.<br />

Although Thailand has plenty of third-sex people, they are often<br />

discriminated again when it comes to jobs. So it’s good to see an<br />

airline making something of a breakthrough.<br />

Still, we may think twice about joining the mile-high club when<br />

on PC flights….<br />

A Little Bit of Hankie Krankies<br />

Scottish comedy gods The Krankies have come out and announced<br />

that they used to be swingers.<br />

I know, you didn’t want to know this either. But it’s true. Ian<br />

and Janette Tough, now both 64, used to be wild swingers back in<br />

the 1970s. We just hope Wee Jimmie Krankie wasn’t still in his school<br />

uniform when ‘he’ pulled.<br />

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Page 65

Pattaya Trader<br />

John owned a very successful bar in Pattaya which he had designed<br />

and built himself. His wife was a local lady<br />

whose savvy in the day-to-day operation of the bar<br />

was invaluable. With her as manager, it seemed the<br />

perfect partnership. John provided all the capital<br />

investment plus many friends who became regular<br />

customers. These friends would bring their own<br />

friends along and his clientele increased to numbers<br />

which were the envy of other businesses in the area.<br />

When John didn’t show up at his bar one<br />

night, it was not a surprise because it was known<br />

John had a drinking problem and it was only a matter<br />

of time before it would take its toll on his health.<br />

When he still hadn’t turned up after a week, his<br />

friends became concerned. They tried calling him<br />

but his mobile seemed to be always switched off.<br />

The consensus was, if he was resting and recuperating,<br />

he turned it off so as not to be disturbed. There<br />

was no real panic until three weeks later when one<br />

friend began calling his home number. Each time, the calls either rang<br />

out or John’s wife answered to say he was sleeping.<br />

John’s absence was having an effect on the bar. Many of his<br />

friends would look in and, not seeing him sitting on his usual stool,<br />

head off somewhere else. The popular 4-piece band, which played<br />

nightly had quit and those customers who came to enjoy their music<br />

had followed shortly after. The cashier quit, along with three other<br />

popular and hardworking members of staff. In only a few short weeks,<br />

the bar went from catering to a full house each night to entertaining<br />

merely a handful of punters.<br />

John and his wife lived about 20 kilometres out of town. When<br />

two of his concerned mates paid him a visit, his wife greeted them at<br />

the door saying he was sleeping and could not be disturbed. They<br />

insisted upon seeing him. Stretched out on his bed with his eyes open,<br />

they found him pale and incoherent. He did not recognize them and<br />

appeared to be in a terrible state. It was obvious his malady was not<br />

simply the result of alcoholism.<br />

A few days later they headed off to the bar where John’s ex-band<br />

was now resident. The lads in the band told them that yes, they had<br />

quit, but they were forced to. After John took ill, his wife told them she<br />

no longer required the keyboard player and their salary would be cut<br />

by 25%. She cited the downturn in profits as the reason. To the band<br />

members this was unacceptable, so they reluctantly quit.<br />

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Bitter Medicine<br />

John’s ex-cashier was also working in that<br />

bar and she explained she was also forced to quit<br />

because John’s wife had accused her of stealing,<br />

something which she vehemently denied. She also<br />

suggested John’s wife was evil and was deliberately<br />

setting out to destroy the bar. To those listening,<br />

that did not really make a lot of sense. The bar provided<br />

a good income for both John and his wife so<br />

why would she want to stop the money from rolling<br />

in? The cashier did not know but warned them to<br />

be very careful about tangling with his wife.<br />

Three friends went back to visit John two<br />

days later. His wife reluctantly let them in and this<br />

time they found John more responsive and coherent.<br />

They told him about trying to call him many<br />

times but his phone was switched off. When they<br />

started calling on the landline, they were told he<br />

was asleep. John said whenever he asked his wife<br />

if anyone had called she said no. She told him his<br />

friends did not really care about him and to forget them. He never<br />

really believed her but was in no position to do anything about it.<br />

Someone then noticed a small cup of brownish liquid on John’s bedside<br />

table. John said it was his medicine made by priests from special<br />

herbs. His wife told him to take it twice a day. As he lifted the cup to<br />

his mouth, one friend snatched it from his hand and tipped the contents<br />

into a nearby planter. He told John to stop taking it but not to<br />

let his wife know. John seemed to understand. He confided that he<br />

always seemed to feel worse immediately after downing the potion.<br />

One month later, John was no longer bed-ridden and met up<br />

with a mate at a restaurant in town. John looked bright and healthy,<br />

ordering a soda water because he was no longer on the booze. He<br />

said he had spent his last month of recovery untangling such a web<br />

of intrigue it made Hollywood suspense thrillers seem tame. Everything<br />

that happened had been part of a cunning scheme in which<br />

his wife was chief puppeteer.<br />

His wife had two friends who owned a bar of similar size but<br />

nowhere near as popular as John’s. Their lease was about to expire<br />

and the landowner informed them it would not be renewed because<br />

their bar and the surrounding area had been earmarked as the site<br />

of a new hotel. They needed new premises and John’s bar would be<br />

perfect. Conspiring with John’s wife, they offered her a half share in<br />

a new ‘super bar’ made by the merger of John’s place and their own,<br />

if they could buy John’s at a cheap price. The trouble was that John<br />

owned the bar through a registered company and his wife could not<br />

sell it without his signature. Besides that, the fully operational and<br />

Page 66 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

profitable bar with a long-term lease would be very expensive even<br />

if John could be persuaded to sell. She knew John would give her<br />

half the proceeds of the sale but that was a pittance compared with<br />

the money generated from her silent partnership in the new management<br />

team.<br />

The first stage was to keep him away from the bar and his<br />

friends. She knew as long as he was in the picture, the bar would<br />

continue to run profitably. She switched off and hid his mobile<br />

phone and easily fended off phone calls made to the house. She<br />

began feeding him the brown concoction which, in small doses,<br />

caused drowsiness with a narcotic effect but taken over a longer<br />

period of time, would kill him. That was her two-pronged attack. If<br />

he could be persuaded to sell the business to her friends at a ridiculously<br />

cheap price, she would stop administering the ‘medicine’. If he<br />

refused, his death could easily be explained as the result of chronic<br />

alcoholism and the bar would pass into her hands. She felt she could<br />

not lose.<br />

The second part of her plan was to run the business into the<br />

ground financially. When weekly takings kept declining, she could<br />

explain to John that since he was no longer well the bar was losing<br />

money. It would be best to sell up before they went broke. She<br />

would talk him into accepting the best offer, which naturally would<br />

come from her co-conspirators. To do it, she got rid of the cashier<br />

who had been John’s friend for years and replaced her with her own<br />

crony who would adjust the figures as directed. She forced an intolerable<br />

situation upon the band knowing they would quit and sacked<br />

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the three most popular and efficient members of staff. Any staff<br />

member who quit was not replaced. At one point, she was down to<br />

three serving staff which, for a large bar, was totally inadequate.<br />

Her plan unravelled once John stopped taking the potion. His<br />

health improved daily but he did not let her know, pretending to be<br />

still following her prescription. The potted plant beside his window<br />

where he had been disposing of the liquid had withered and died.<br />

John could not believe the lengths his wife would go to for<br />

sheer greed. The final question was what he was going to do about<br />

it. If they wanted his bar so badly that they would consider murder,<br />

then they may try again and, next time, might be successful. He<br />

decided it was not worth it. In any case, he had had enough and<br />

wanted out of the bar business altogether. John said he was going<br />

to give them what they wanted. He was going to sell them the bar<br />

– but at his price, not theirs.<br />

What about his wife? What action was he going to take now he<br />

had evidence of her attempt to murder him? None. He was advised<br />

that, should he make any trouble for her, she had enough money<br />

and contacts to ensure he never testified. He did not want to spend<br />

the rest of his life looking over his shoulder. He negotiated with his<br />

bitter wife and she agreed to buy him out of his half of their beautiful<br />

home. After the sale of the bar went through, he would give her half<br />

the proceeds before heading back to the UK to retire.<br />

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Page 67

Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

Business – Internationall<br />

BoA company fined for ‘racist’ charges<br />

Bank of America’s Countrywide Financial business will pay a<br />

record fine of $335m to settle discrimination charges.<br />

About 200,000<br />

qualified African-<br />

American and<br />

Hispanic borrowers<br />

were charged<br />

higher than normal<br />

rates just because of<br />

their race.<br />

BoA bought<br />

Countrywide in 2008. The settlement relates to actions taken<br />

between 2004 and 2008, before the BoA takeover.<br />

Countrywide specialised in sub-prime mortgages, which<br />

were often granted without proper checks on criteria. Countrywide<br />

“steered” more than 10,000 minority borrowers into subprime<br />

mortgages, while similar white borrowers received prime<br />

loans.<br />

Those sub-prime mortgage holders ended up paying more<br />

in fees and rates.<br />

Borrowers in 41 states and the District of Columbia were affected<br />

by Countrywide’s lending practices.<br />

Malaysia opens banking system<br />

Malaysia will allow more foreign investment in the banking<br />

sector to try and boost economic growth.<br />

The government will be more flexible when it comes to<br />

permitting foreigners to hold stakes in banks and will also issue<br />

banking licences to foreign firms.<br />

Malaysia’s central bank said the cap on foreign ownership<br />

would depend on the financial profile of the investor.<br />

Foreign ownership of commercial banks in Malaysia is<br />

capped at 30% currently.<br />

Malaysia is aiming to<br />

become a fully developed<br />

economy by 2020 and the<br />

financial sector is expected<br />

to play a key role in<br />

helping it to achieve that.<br />

The sector is expected<br />

to grow at an annual<br />

rate of 8% to 11% in the<br />

current decade.<br />

Authorities have<br />

already granted licences<br />

to some foreign banks,<br />

including BNP Paribas and National Bank of Abu Dhabi, to operate<br />

in Malaysia.<br />

Analysts said that changes to the ownership rules will help<br />

boost growth even further.<br />

One of the fastest growing areas is Islamic finance. Overseas<br />

investors are currently allowed to hold up to a 70% stake in<br />

Islamic and investment banks.<br />

The central bank plans to bring in new products and offer<br />

new Islamic banking licences to help sustain the momentum.<br />

That’s in sharp contrast to Thailand, where foreign banks are<br />

virtually unknown.<br />

HTC loses patent fight<br />

Taiwanese mobile-phone maker HTC has lost a major US<br />

patent court case with Apple.<br />

The International Trade<br />

Commission decided that<br />

HTC infringed one patent<br />

held by the US technology<br />

giant.<br />

Any HTC phones using<br />

the technology covered by<br />

Page 68 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

the patent will be banned from sale in the US from April 19, 2012.<br />

Apple is fighting several legal battles over technology rights,<br />

and had first claimed that HTC was ignoring 10 patents.<br />

That means HTC was able to claim something of a victory as<br />

it was only found guilty of breaking on patent.<br />

HTC said the patent they broke related to a small user-interface<br />

feature known as “data tapping”, which allowed users to<br />

grab embedded information, such as a phone number. HTC will<br />

completely remove it from all their phones and claimed it would<br />

mean minimal disruption to their business in the US.<br />

As the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker, HTC uses<br />

Google’s Android operating system on most of its smartphones,<br />

though it has now launched a series of phones using Microsoft’s<br />

Windows Phone 7 software.<br />

‘Accidental millionaire’ denied bail<br />

A man accused of withdrawing millions of dollars accidentally<br />

deposited into his bank account has lost a bid for bail.<br />

Hui “Leo” Gao, a New Zealander of Chinese origin, appeared<br />

in court shortly after he was<br />

extradited back to Auckland<br />

from Hong Kong.<br />

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The incident took place<br />

in 2009. Mr Gao and his<br />

girlfriend disappeared after<br />

the money was sent in error,<br />

prompting global headlines<br />

and debates.<br />

He now faces charges of theft and money laundering.<br />

Mr Gao was arrested at a land checkpoint in Hong Kong as<br />

he arrived from mainland China.<br />

It is alleged that Mr Gao shifted NZ$6.78m ($5.25m, 150<br />

million baht) from his account at Westpac Bank after the bank<br />

mistakenly put NZ$10m into it after he requested an overdraft.<br />

His former girlfriend, Kara Hurring, 32, returned voluntarily<br />

to her home country earlier this year. She will face trial on charges<br />

of theft and money laundering.<br />

Before going on the run, the pair, known as New Zealand’s<br />

“accidental millionaires”, ran a petrol station in the scenic town of<br />

Rotorua.<br />

UK still in trouble<br />

The UK economy grew faster than expected towards the<br />

end of 2011 but is still on course for a winter recession.<br />

Growth for July to September was revised up to 0.6 per cent,<br />

helped by a recovery in services and construction sector output.<br />

But the second quarter was revised down from 0.1% growth to<br />

show no expansion at all.<br />

There were warnings that the 0.6 per cent growth rate was<br />

too optimistic and that the overall health of the economy was still<br />

very poor.<br />

Third quarter figures were helped as service sector output<br />

was up 0.7 per cent while construction growth rose 0.3 per cent,<br />

despite estimates that it would actually fall 0.2 per cent.<br />

Business – Thai<br />

True plans 3G investment<br />

True Corporation will spend 23 billion baht to boost its 3G<br />

wireless broadband network<br />

capacity as well as<br />

broadband applications<br />

abroad.<br />

Around 15 billion<br />

baht will be spent on<br />

developing the 3G network<br />

capacity on the 850-megahertz<br />

frequency under the<br />

True Move H brand.<br />

True will also create a subsidiary to start up its mobile application<br />

service in China.<br />

It is expected that 4 million 3G customers will join during<br />

2012, compared with just 800,000 now.<br />

True Move hoped for 1 million 3G users in2011, but widespread<br />

flooding meant it had to put marketing plans on ice.<br />

TAT aims to give warm welcome<br />

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a new<br />

campaign aimed at pleasing international travellers from the moment<br />

they land in the kingdom.<br />

Thailand is rehabilitating itself in the wake of massive flooding,<br />

so we must make a strong impression on tourists by giving<br />

them a warm welcome as soon as they arrive,” said governor<br />

Suraphon Svetasreni.<br />

The 20 million baht campaign is part of TAT’s 2.8 billion baht<br />

tourism recovery plan.<br />

It will look to make things easier for tourists arriving at<br />

Suvarnabhumi airport. Around 70 officials speaking Chinese,<br />

Japanese and English will be on<br />

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Page 69

Pattaya Trader<br />

hand, working three shifts around the clock.<br />

Other plans are to eliminate long queues at immigration.<br />

Ten golf carts will be used to help the elderly and visitors with<br />

disabilities. Internet connections and telephones allowing free<br />

calls into Bangkok will be available, too.<br />

Flooding at the end of 2011 meant tourist numbers were<br />

heavily down. Arrivals up to November were 17 million, compared<br />

with 16 million in 2010, so tourist bosses are hopeful<br />

numbers will soon bounce back.<br />

For, 2012, the estimated international arrivals should be<br />

19.6 million and tourism revenue could hit 766 billion baht. In<br />

terms of domestic tourism, TAT expects to see 93.7 million trips<br />

and revenue of 453 billion baht.<br />

Elite scheme running out of cash<br />

If you know someone who has the ill-fated Thailand Elite<br />

Card, make sure they don’t read this.<br />

Thailand Privilege Card (TPC), the operator of Thailand Elite<br />

Card, has 80 million baht in cash, only enough to cover operating<br />

costs until for the next 4-5 months.<br />

The Democrat-led government told the firm to cease operations,<br />

but closure<br />

is complicated<br />

because of membership<br />

refunds,<br />

compensation and<br />

debt payments.<br />

TPC’s monthly<br />

expenses average<br />

10 million baht, so it shouldn’t be hard to save money somewhere.<br />

TPC still has to pay registered capital of 500 million baht for<br />

membership refunds. TAT and other shareholders will also have<br />

to stump up their share.<br />

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Burundi and Rwanda.<br />

Potential investment areas include farm goods and food processing,<br />

garments, jewellery and ornament manufacturing, and<br />

infrastructure development.<br />

Other areas could involve electrical appliances, construction<br />

materials, and automobiles.<br />

East Africa has a few areas of appeal as it has plenty of natural<br />

resources, demand for consumer goods, and low wages.<br />

Market size will also rise, with the current combined population<br />

of 133 million almost doubling to 250 million in the future as<br />

Congo and Sudan will soon join the group.<br />

Thailand’s trade value with the three major markets was<br />

worth 7.65 billion baht in the first three-quarters of 2011, up about<br />

a quarter. Major export products are sugar, cars and parts, while<br />

major import goods are chemical products, jewellery, silver and<br />

gold.<br />

Volvo misses target<br />

Bangkok’s flooding meant Volvo Car Thailand missed its sales<br />

target.<br />

Owned by Geely, a Chinese automotive manufacturer, the<br />

Thai unit will nevertheless increase its target to 1,600 vehicles in<br />

2012 despite sales of only 1,200 units in 2011. It had aimed for<br />

If things get worse, TAT (that means taxpayers’ money) will<br />

have to step in and bankroll it.<br />

Estimated total compensation to card members will be<br />

1,500 sales.<br />

Volvo has introduced several marketing activities aimed at<br />

over 2.5 billion baht, excluding other damages. The Elite Card strengthening its reputation as a European luxury car brand that<br />

was the idea of former PM Thaksin Shinawatra.<br />

appeals to different customer groups.<br />

Its main rides are the S80 luxury sedan for executives, the<br />

Africa tries to tempt Thailand<br />

XC90 and XC60 sport vehicles, the V50 Estate, the S40 and S60<br />

The East African Community (EAC) is asking Thai enterpris- luxury sedans that are popular with young executives.<br />

es to invest in their region as there is demand for consumption All Volvo products in Thailand are imported from Malaysia,<br />

and economic expansion.<br />

as the company makes the most of preferential tariffs under the<br />

Asean Free Trade Area.<br />

Following a visit by a Thai team to explore the African mar- To help it achieve this year’s target of 1,600 vehicles, Volvo<br />

ket, the Foreign Trade Department predicted great opportunities<br />

for Thai investors in many countries, notably Kenya, Tanzania and<br />

Uganda. The EAC is made up of those three nations, along with<br />

will make its luxury cars more affordable as well as more attractive.<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

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Page 73

Pattaya Trader<br />

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The Argument Arises - Is Tendulkar<br />

better than Bradman<br />

As Indian superstar Sachin Tendulkar (Pictured) made<br />

his way Down Under for yet another Test series,<br />

arguably his last in Australia, someone somewhere<br />

decided it was worth attempting to revive a dead<br />

horse by trying to claim the Indian champion might<br />

now be a greater batsman than Don Bradman.<br />

The reason -the hook- was that Tendulkar was on the verge of<br />

scoring his 100th international century, a feat never before accomplished.<br />

This is mainly because there was no such creature as One Day<br />

Internationals when people like Bradman,<br />

Walter Hammond, Len Hutton and Jack<br />

Hobbs were in their prime.<br />

Bradman himself was known to be<br />

a huge fan of Tendulkar’s, stating publicly<br />

that the Indian batsman played much like<br />

himself. Tendulkar might arguably be the<br />

closest incarnation of Don Bradman, but<br />

by no stretch of the imagination could he<br />

really be classed in the same way.<br />

Statistically, Bradman is possibly<br />

the most dominant sporting figure of<br />

the twentieth century. In no other sport<br />

has one person been so all-conquering<br />

as Bradman. His Test batting average of<br />

99.94 is 39.21 runs better than the next<br />

nearest batsman of all time. That man is England’s opener Herbert<br />

Sutcliffe whose average of 60.73 from 54 Tests (Bradman played 52) is<br />

the second-best of any international player with more than 20 Tests to<br />

his credit. The difference in averages equates to a massive 39 percent.<br />

Thinking across other sports, heavyweight boxing champion<br />

Rocky Marciano dominated his time in the square ring with an unbeaten<br />

string of 49 victories. Yet many would claim Muhammad Ali<br />

was greater. Ali was undefeated at his first 37 bouts before<br />

being forced out of boxing for three years.<br />

Bradman lost six years of his career due to the Second<br />

World War, and did not play a Test match from 1938<br />

until 1946, that is, from the age of 30 to 38. How many Test<br />

matches did he miss in that time? Just how many centuries<br />

would he have scored? The answer, of course, is completely<br />

unknown. That he came back in 1946 and plundered 187, 234<br />

and 79 in his first three innings is testament to his brilliance<br />

and suggests he may well have finished his Test career with<br />

many more than his-then record of<br />

29 centuries.<br />

By way of comparison, England<br />

batsman Walter Hammond<br />

(who finished his Test career with<br />

22 centuries and an average of<br />

58.45) also missed the Second<br />

World War years, playing his last<br />

match in 1939 and resuming<br />

against India in England in 1946.<br />

Five years older than Bradman, it<br />

would be fairer to look at Hammond’s<br />

record up to and including<br />

1939. He made 6,883 runs at 61.45<br />

to be the closest comparison with<br />

Bradman; and there were those in<br />

the 1930’s who attempted to make<br />

the case that Hammond was indeed superior.<br />

Bradman remains only one of four men to have scored<br />

a century before lunch on the first day of a Test match. He<br />

remains the only batsman to have scored more than 300 runs<br />

in a single day. Tendulkar, despite his truckload of Test tons,<br />

has never gone close to scoring 300 in an innings let alone a<br />

day. His highest Test score is 248.<br />

Page 74 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

The question is why was Bradman so good, that even<br />

today he completely dominates the batting landscape? Was it<br />

just freakish ability?<br />

In a foreword to Bradman Revisited, a 2008 book written<br />

by Tony Shillinglaw, the former England opener Geoff<br />

Boycott made a note of Bradman’s qualities and wrote ‘In 40<br />

years of playing, watching and commentating on cricket I<br />

have seen a number of great batsmen who possessed many<br />

of these qualities, yet all of them were only 50 to 60 per cent<br />

as good as the Don. So was there something else? Or was he<br />

just born special?’ Among those batsman is, of course, Sachin<br />

Tendulkar.<br />

Shillinglaw suggested Bradman developed a unique<br />

‘rotary’ method of preparing for a stroke and it was this which<br />

gave him a big mechanical advantage over other batsmen.<br />

Former great Greg Chappell agreed Bradman had found a<br />

way of lifting the bat and balancing himself in such a way as<br />

to give him an edge.<br />

Colin Cowdrey, the England opener and captain, once<br />

wrote of Bradman: ‘it was his mind that powered his success’.<br />

His mental toughness was noted by sports statistician<br />

Charles Davis, who suggested Bradman was as vulnerable to<br />

being dismissed as any other batsman until he had scored<br />

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around 15 runs. Once he was set then his chances of being dismissed<br />

dropped to about one third of all other greats. Once Bradman<br />

reached 50 and from then until he made 150 he completely dominates<br />

the landscape. Davis suggested once Bradman got going he<br />

dominated bowlers mentally.<br />

Certainly, his record of 29 Test centuries and only 13 fifties bears<br />

testimony to this. In two of his half centuries Bradman was not out<br />

and therefore not able to go on to a hundred or more. So, of the 40<br />

other occasions he passed 50, he converted just over 72 percent into<br />

centuries.<br />

Hammond, prior to 1939, made 22 hundreds and 22 fifties. Of<br />

these, four of his half-tons were not out. Therefore, Hammond’s conversion<br />

rate of fifties into hundreds or more stands at 55 percent.<br />

Between the age of 20 (when Bradman’s career commenced)<br />

and 55 Tests later, Tendulkar’s performances show 20 centuries and<br />

18 fifties. Of the latter, only one was not out, so Tendulkar’s conversion<br />

rate stood at 54 percent.<br />

From statistical studies based on the bell curve, Charles Davis<br />

claimed only one in 200,000 Test cricketers should be as good as<br />

Bradman. If 50 new Test players were blooded each year it’s going to<br />

take about 6,000 years before we ever see another one like him.<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

Suarez ridiculous race row<br />

OK, so Luis Suarez isn’t the best player to use as a shining<br />

example of how one should behave on a football field. But,<br />

come on,<br />

wasn’t the<br />

row over<br />

his supposedracial<br />

abuse<br />

of Man<br />

Utd’s Patrice<br />

Evra a<br />

tad overblown?<br />

In<br />

the highlytouchy<br />

corridors<br />

of the<br />

Football<br />

Association, any whiff of racism makes those old boys (all white,<br />

by the way) shudder. They worry that they’ll be accused of<br />

ignoring the issue if they do nothing, so they huff and puff and<br />

come out with all the felicitous platitudes.<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

To recap, Suarez offended Evra during a Liverpool-Man Utd<br />

match by apparently repeatedly using racist language. Evra is<br />

the only one who heard this. Evra said in his report that he didn’t<br />

think Suarez was a racist. Evra also once made up an over-the-top<br />

complaint about a Chelsea groundsman and was banned for four<br />

games as a result.<br />

This isn’t an Evra witch-hunt either, though. The main problem<br />

here was language. Suarez apparently used the word ‘negra’. You<br />

may well think that after four years playing in Europe Suarez should<br />

know that this was going to be inflammatory.<br />

However, it should also be noted that in Uruguay, such references<br />

to race are normal. Suarez, whose grandfather was black, is<br />

from a country where racial references are banded about without<br />

anybody taking offence.<br />

Obdulio Varela, a World Cup winner with Uruguay, was known<br />

as ‘El Negro Jefe’, or the black boss. In today’s squad there is Maxi<br />

Pereria, known as ‘El Mono’, or ‘the monkey’ while Alvaro Fernandez<br />

is called ‘El Flaco’, or ‘Mr Skinny’.<br />

It is hard, if not impossible, for the suits at the FA to accept<br />

that this is the norm in some societies. It may not be acceptable<br />

in our Westernised eyes, but that’s really our problem isn’t it, not<br />

theirs.<br />

Which brings us to Thailand. We should be thankful that no<br />

Thai footballers have ever got beyond Everton’s reserve squad,<br />

otherwise there’d be cries of ‘blackie’ and ‘darkie’ every time there<br />

was a corner kick.<br />

Not that Thais are racist, either. They just have different attitudes<br />

to skin colour. That attitude usually extends to Thais with<br />

darker skin, but sometimes it crosses over to those from different<br />

races, which is where things get slightly more complicated.<br />

Suarez’s case put the FA in a difficult position. It would be a<br />

brave FA to dismiss a charge of racism, in much the same way you<br />

don’t get many innocent verdicts in lese majeste cases. But the FA’s<br />

decision to ban him for eight games is excessive, and seems like<br />

they simply want to make a point.<br />

Keane to Put the Record Straight<br />

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has reignited a war of<br />

words with old boss Alex Ferguson.<br />

Page 76 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Keane didn’t hold back as he claimed Fergie unceremoniously<br />

dumped him when he was no longer of use.<br />

He even claimed United threatened him with legal action after<br />

a 2008 interview in which he hit out at the club’s handling of his exit<br />

from Old Trafford.<br />

Although he won seven Premier League titles while with Fergie,<br />

Keane’s relationship with the red-nosed one ended after he left the<br />

club in 2005.<br />

Keane criticised United’s youthful team after they crashed out of<br />

the Champions League at the group stages.<br />

Fergie, not unreasonably, questioned Keane’s managerial record<br />

which, so far, has been less than glorious.<br />

In programme notes, Ferguson said his side were getting criticised<br />

‘even from people we thought were perhaps on our side’.<br />

The most recent clash came when Keane revealed his surprise<br />

at Phil Jones saying he was ‘relaxed’ before the Euro defeat to Basel.<br />

Keane said: “I’d be getting hold of some of those lads, saying,<br />

‘You’d better buck up your ideas’.”<br />

Sounding more and more bitter by the moment, Keane’s latest<br />

complaint centres on how he was treated when his time was up.<br />

After a row with assistant manager Carlos Queiroz, he was shown the<br />

door in no uncertain manner.<br />

Neville – the voice of wisdom<br />

Unlikely as it may seem, and it does seem very unlikely, Gary<br />

Neville has been something of a revelation this season.<br />

No longer is he simply Beckham’s best mate or the full-back<br />

whose fist-pumping victory salute to opposing Liverpool fans still<br />

looks laughable. No, the former Manchester United defender is now<br />

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the star turn on Sky Sports.<br />

Many other<br />

ex-pros have tried<br />

and failed at this<br />

job. There was<br />

Jamie Redknapp,<br />

who sounded so<br />

keen but then said<br />

so little, or Robbie<br />

Earle, who sounds<br />

like he was told<br />

5 minutes before<br />

kick off which<br />

game he was going<br />

to.<br />

All that is over though. Enter Gary Neville, the voice of<br />

footballing reason. Neville is great because he seems to be<br />

focused purely on football and explaining the game to the<br />

masses, rather than using Sky Sports as a vehicle to remain in<br />

the public eye now his playing days are over.<br />

He no longer seems like the nerdy, weasel-like stub of a<br />

player; he is now Neville the pundit, analyst and deliverer of<br />

tasty anecdotes.<br />

One of the true joys of listening to Neville is that he is<br />

unashamedly biased. They must almost fear giving him a<br />

Liverpool game to work on as he’ll be wearing the opposing<br />

team’s colours while simultaneously kissing a photo of Fergie<br />

that’s in his top pocket.<br />

He has already managed to annoy Chelsea boss Andre<br />

Villa-Boas by suggesting David Luiz has been playing like he is<br />

being “controlled by a 10-year-old in the crowd on a PlayStation”.<br />

A wonderful line, and we can only hope<br />

there is more to come. In a world of slick<br />

suits, sharp delivery and product placement,<br />

it’s reassuring to know that there<br />

is a place in the world of football commentary<br />

for someone like Gary Neville.<br />

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website, www.pattaya24seven.com<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

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Page 78 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it

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6883<br />

VSC 12 (Dec 11): Wide Range OF Yo<br />

Bykes(Ahmedabad,Gujrat,India) - BISB-<br />

D006Unlike petrol two-wheelers, the<br />

eco-friendly YObykes don’t add to your<br />

city’s air-pollution and noise-pollution.<br />

This is because YObykes are batteryoperated<br />

Zero Tail Pipe Emission two<br />

wheelers (ZEV’s), which prevent harm<br />

to the environment and make the earth<br />

a better place to live in.Contact us yo@<br />

electrotherm.com Or Ph 79-26768844 |<br />

Price: 0.00 THB<br />

Page 84 For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng) Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

<strong>Vehicles</strong><br />

Find your new wheels in the Pattaya trader Magazine<br />

VSC 12 (Dec 11): Chopper for Sale - Yamaha<br />

Dragstar 1999 - 165.000 YHB - This is a 1999<br />

Yamaha Dragstar 400cc bike that has been<br />

completely customized. It runs GREAT and<br />

looks fantastic. It has 13,000km. Comes with<br />

100% legal green book with all taxes paid insurance<br />

till September 2012 - he is in perfect condition,<br />

Foreigner owner | Price: 165,000.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Nicky Verbeek | Phone: 0871481905<br />

VSC 12 (Dec 11): Honda NSR 150RR - 1990<br />

Honda NSR 150 RR. When i bought this bike<br />

about a year ago, i tore the whole bike down<br />

and went threw all of it. I put a new body kit,<br />

paint job, rims, michelin tiers, chain, sprockets,<br />

new trans gears, re jetted, braided brake lines,<br />

bigger front disc, hoses, and electrical and<br />

much more. So if you are looking for a Honda<br />

cbr150 don’t waste your money. The NSR 150<br />

is bigger, faster and a whole lot more fun to<br />

ride. The bike has a legal green book and is<br />

currently registered. NO TEST DRIVERS, NO<br />


TIME. NO CASH NO TEST DRIVE.... | Price:<br />

23,000.00 THB | Contact: James | Phone:<br />

0896791204<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Sport Cruiser<br />

2.5ltr Diesel 4WD Rent/Sell - 2004 Top of<br />

the range Toyota Sport Cruiser Tiger Pickup<br />

2.5ltr Diesel 4WD for rent 4 door, VCD/Mp4<br />

Pop out screen, Cold air, Very economical,<br />

power steering. Manual gear change. Power<br />

windows Remote central locking. Long term<br />

rental prefered , prices as 1 day 890bht 3<br />

day minimum..1 week 5600bht..2 weeks<br />

11000bht..1 month 17500 bht...3 months to<br />

6 months 17000bht...12 months 16000bht.<br />

Including Tax & Insurance unlimited mileage.<br />

For Sale at only 379000bht Chopper taken in<br />

Part Exchange 400cc + also click and go considered.<br />

| Price: 379,000.00 THB | Contact: Kan<br />

| Phone: 038406492...0897539751 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17960<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): 1968 Volvo 144s - original<br />

daily driver in great condition. Runs and<br />

drives great cold a/c registered insured and<br />

green book | Price: 75,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

JJ | Phone: 0868294520 | Reference ID:<br />

TH18115<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Sport Rider 7 Seater<br />

SUV Sell/Rent - Toyota Sport Rider SUV 3.0ltr<br />

Diesel 4WD for rent 4 door, 7 Seater, Stereo<br />

Radio CD/MP3, Cold air, Rear Aircon, Very<br />

economical, power steering. Manual gear<br />

change. Power windows Remote central locking.<br />

Long term rental prefered , prices as 1 day<br />

850bht 3 day minimum..1 week 5500bht..2<br />

weeks 10500bht..1 to 3 months=16500 bht...3<br />

months to 6 months=15500bht...12 months<br />

14500bht. Including Tax & Insurance unlimited<br />

mileage. For Sale at only 325000bht Chopper<br />

or click and go taken in Part Exchange | Price:<br />

325,000.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751 | Reference ID:<br />

TH17984<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />


VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Vigo 4 x 4 pickup - 1<br />

year old Toyota 4 x 4 pickup. Top model Auto<br />

20.000 kl Full leather and wood interior Top<br />

up Many extras worth 50.000 baht Full Toyota<br />

service history New one today is 988.000 baht<br />

| Price: 849.000 THB | Contact: David | Phone:<br />

0817627842 | Reference ID: TH17917<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): BMW 520d 2008 New<br />

model Diesel - - Stereophonic 6 speeds - LCD<br />

monitor - CD, ABS, AIRBAG - Mu ti - function<br />

- Park sensor - Cruise control - 1.99 MB |<br />

Price: 1,990,000.00 THB | Contact: Teddy |<br />

Phone: 081-9824963, 086-5334963 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17924<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Fortuner For Rent<br />

from 35,000 baht per month - Toyota Fortuner<br />

For Rent from 35,000 baht per month with<br />

full rental insurance and unlimited km’s. |<br />

Price: 35,000 THB | Contact: Shane | Phone:<br />

0859459689 | Reference ID: TH17940<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Top Car/Truck Alarm<br />

System New - Red Flash Top of the range<br />

car/Truck Alarm system. See pic for full<br />

product details. Bought for 3200bht sell for<br />

2200bht,. Unit is brand new never used. |<br />

Price: 2,200.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492...0897539751 | Reference ID:<br />

TH17956<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Fortuner 3.0 At 2005<br />

for Sale - Leather seat, Airbags, black, aircondition,<br />

Power steering wheel, CD, MP3, Diesel,<br />

91000 kilometer (Car available from the<br />

21st of September) | Price: 850,000.00 THB<br />

| Contact: K.Wanna | Phone: 0819494162 |<br />

Reference ID: TH17947<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): VW FOR SALE - Vehicle for<br />

sale. VW Passat 2.0 Tdi. End 2004. Perfect,<br />

top model. Exhilarating turbodiesel performance<br />

and fuel economy, documented dealer<br />

service. One European owner. 550KBt ono Ph<br />

0818454305 | Price: 550,000 THB | Contact:<br />

Sirinapa | Phone: 0817624193 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17948<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): 2010 Vigo Sell Or Rent<br />

4 Door - 2010 Toyota Vigo 4 door. Manual<br />

gearbox. 1 owner 10 months old. Silver<br />

Metallic. Leather interior Seats/doors. Wood<br />

grain dash door trims etc. Either will sell for<br />

690.000bht this will get you the green book, or<br />

take over payment 50 months left at 9950 per<br />

month, and 170000bht cash down. Or rent for<br />

16000bht per month long term only minimum 6<br />

months rental. | Price: 690,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492....0897539751<br />

| Reference ID: TH17967<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Tires for o.a Chevrolet<br />

Optra - Two good tires for o.a Chevrolet Optra<br />

Together only 400 baht Brand Yokohama size<br />

155/55R15 85V | Price: 400.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Riny | Phone: 0890387816 | Reference ID:<br />

TH17976<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): holden calaise - holden calaise<br />

1987reg and insured.17” alloy wheels.<br />

RB20 engine runs fine.needs front and rear<br />

body kit hence 17,000 baht obo takes it away.<br />

call after midday 0812099547. | Price: 17,000<br />

THB | Contact: paul | Phone: 0812099547 |<br />

Reference ID: TH18005<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Fortuna - 2006,<br />

3.0 D-4D V. Approx. 195k kms. good condition.<br />

Gold/Bronze. Near 750k ONO. | Price:<br />

750,000.00 THB | Contact: Gary | Phone:<br />

0899303324 | Reference ID: TH18007<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Honda City 1.5 auto For<br />

Rent start 663 baht/day (1 month contract)<br />

- New Honda City automatic for rent 1 day<br />

* 1.500 Baht 3 days * 3.500 Baht 1 week *<br />

6.990 Baht 1 Month * 19.900 Baht Ask for<br />

other models FREE DELIVERY POSIBLE<br />

Shop www.PP-Rentals.com 104/17 M.10<br />

Soi Koatalo Nongprue - Bang | Price: 663.00<br />

THB | Contact: Phatty | Phone: 082/256 06<br />

08 | Reference ID: TH18009<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota VIOS start 630<br />

baht/day (1 month contract) - New Toyota<br />

VIOS automatic for rent 1 day * 1.300 Baht<br />

3 days * 3.300 Baht 1 week * 6.000 Baht 1<br />

Month * 18.900 Baht Ask for other models<br />

Shop www.PP-Rentals.com 104/17 M.10<br />

Soi Koatalo Nongprue - Banglamung 20260<br />

Chonburi 082/256 06 08 | Price: 630.00 THB<br />

| Contact: Phatty | Phone: 082/256 06 08 |<br />

Reference ID: TH18010<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): Toyota Fortuner 3.0Ltr<br />

Diesel D4D Model 2006 - Anthracite grey metallic,<br />

1st hand, accident free, excellent condition,<br />

210,000 km, automatic transmission,<br />

fully serviced at Toyota | Price: 770,000 THB<br />

| Contact: Sunisa Beck | Phone: 0870431690<br />

| Reference ID: TH18048<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Cheap motorcycle, only<br />

11,000B - Suzuki Smash, very reliable, can’t<br />

go wrong at only 11,000B. | Price: 11,000.00<br />

THB | Contact: Keith | Phone: 0831212447<br />

VSC 11 (Nov 11): CAR IMPORT - can anyone<br />

recommend a good reliable company<br />

that can import my car from the UK need full<br />

package , shipping Thai documentation the<br />

whole 9 yards contact me by email reesinternational@ymail.com<br />

thanks in advance<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): 3 Month Old Chevy Truck<br />

Single Cab Custom for sale - Chevrolet R<br />

Colorado 2011 (single cab) 3000 km BAD<br />

BOY LOOK. German Trim Kit II 160hp up<br />

(no engine modifications) 20” Rims, Yokohama<br />

tyers, lowered back and front with<br />

new suspension, Dubbel exthaust system<br />

(from engine). Black leather seats. First one<br />

to see will buy. Looks like brand new. Must<br />

sell (need more space for kids) fast cash deal<br />

550.000 Baht(o.n.o) Comes with blue book<br />

and plates less than 3 months old, cost me<br />

660.000 Baht plus all extras. | Price: 550,000<br />

THB | Contact: Lee<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Suzuki Hayate 125cc<br />

Blue 2009 - Very clean accident free 2009<br />

Suzuki Hayate 125cc Blue color Recaro<br />

Seat. Excellent condition New Service 2<br />

months ago. Green Book. All correct.Good<br />

tyres. 20000km. | Price: 29,000.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Graham | Phone: 0800147587.....<br />

.08975539751<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): 2010 Vigo Sell or Rent<br />

4 Door - 2010 Toyota Vigo 4 door. Manual<br />

gearbox. 1 owner 10 months old. Silver<br />

Metallic. Leather interior Seats/doors. Wood<br />

grain dash door trims etc. Either will sell<br />

for 690.000bht this will get you the green<br />

book, or take over payment 50 months left<br />

at 9950 per month, and 170000bht cash<br />

down. Or rent for 16000bht per month long<br />

term only minimum 6 months rental. | Price:<br />

690,000.00 THB | Contact: Bob | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): new 40 horse power<br />

outboard - very fast engine h duty construction<br />

will last for ever at high speeds built<br />

by amato/yamaha. new never attached to<br />

a boat. why because i never bought the<br />

boat,comes with cables,controls and h d<br />

motor stand. 1/2 price..you will never find a<br />

deal like this in thailand, act f a s t....made<br />

for racing | price: 70,000.00 thb | contact:<br />

cash | phone: 0892481920<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): very used car for sale<br />

35,000 bht - 1983 toyota corolla KE70 4<br />

cylinder 5 speed no a//c runs great looks ok<br />

old car reliable but not pretty | Price: 35,000<br />

THB | Contact: JJ | Phone: 0868294520<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): HONDA CBR 150 35,000<br />

bht. - 2002 Honda cbr 150 28k kilo. well<br />

maintained runs great and looks great green<br />

book registered and insured. | Price: 35,000<br />

THB | Contact: JJ | Phone: 0868294520<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Toyota Vigo 4 x 4 pickup<br />

- 1 year old Toyota 4 x 4 pickup. Top model<br />

Auto 20.000 kl Full leather and wood interior<br />

Top up Many extras worth 50.000 baht Full<br />

Toyota service history New one today is<br />

988.000 baht | Price: 849.000 THB | Contact:<br />

David | Phone: 0817627842 | Reference ID:<br />

TH17917<br />

BMW 520d 2008 New model Diesel - - Stereophonic<br />

6 speeds - LCD monitor - Mu ti<br />

- function - Park sensor - Cruise control 1.99<br />

MB | Price: 1,990,000.00 THB | Contact: Teddy<br />

| Phone: 081-9824963, 086-5334963<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Chopper for sale. Yamaha<br />

Dragstar Classic completely customized<br />

- This is a 1995 Yamaha Dragstar Classic<br />

400cc bike that has been completely customized.<br />

It runs GREAT and looks GREAT. It has<br />

25,000km. Comes with 100% legal green<br />

book with all taxes paid current. Contact<br />

Bob at 0878822677 | Price: 134,000 THB |<br />

Contact: Bob | Phone: 0878822677<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): TWO Sea Doo’s for sale.<br />

Both 2007 models in excellent condition.<br />

- Two Sea Doo’s for sale. Both are 2007<br />

models. Yellow GTI SE 155hp with 50<br />

hours and Red supercharges Wake 215hp<br />

with 150 hours. Both with Rotax 4-TEC engines.<br />

Both are in excellent condition. Both<br />

have 100% legal books and all required<br />

documents for transfer. All taxes are paid<br />

current. Comes with a dual tandem trailer<br />

with locking storage box, wakeboard racks<br />

and wakeboard. Complete package is<br />

545,000 baht. Contact Bob 0878822677 |<br />

Price: 545,000 THB | Contact: Bob Gorham<br />

| Phone: 0878822677<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 85

Pattaya Trader<br />

Find your new wheels in the Pattaya Trader Magazine<br />

Pattaya Trader cannot be<br />

held liable for any claims<br />

made by advertisers. If you<br />

know that a classified advert<br />

is false or misleading, please<br />

contact the Trader with the<br />

information you have and<br />

we will investigate the advert<br />

and remove it if it is liable<br />

to cause problems for<br />

anyone.<br />

2007 ducati 1000 ds sport/tour<br />

new brembo dry clutch complete unit,<br />

digital speedo, magneti marelli tach,<br />

security system, single sided swingarm,<br />

5 spoke racing wheels, pirelli scorpian<br />

tires, tuned high mount tail exhaust,<br />

led blue high beam, travel rack, hand<br />

guards, easy to adjust spring pre-load<br />

dampener, brembo brakes, carbo sale<br />

price: b 250,000 tel: 08-6834-7701<br />

1990 Honda NSR 150 RR. When i bought<br />

this bike about a year ago, i tore the whole<br />

bike down and went threw all of it. I put<br />

a new body kit, paint job, rims, michelin<br />

tiers, chain, sprockets, new trans gears,<br />

re jetted, braided brake lines, bigger front<br />

disc, hoses, and electrical and much more.<br />

So if you are looking for a Honda cbr150<br />

don’t waste your money. The NSR 150 is<br />

bigger, faster and a whole lot more fun to<br />

ride. The bike has a legal green book and<br />

is currently registered. Contact Details<br />

James 0896791204<br />

Page 86<br />

<strong>Vehicles</strong><br />

BMW 520d 2008 New model Diesel,<br />

- Stereophonic 6 speeds - LCD monitor,<br />

- Mu ti function, Park sensor, Cruise control<br />

1.99 MB Pattaya, Pratumnak Phone<br />

Number: 081-9824963, 086-5334963<br />

Chopper for Sale - Yamaha Dragstar<br />

1999 - 165.000 YHB This is a 1999 Yamaha<br />

Dragstar 400cc bike that has been<br />

completely customized. It runs GREAT<br />

and looks fantastic. It has 13,000km.<br />

Comes with 100% legal green book with<br />

all taxes paid insurance till September<br />

2012 - he is in perfect condition, Foreigner<br />

owner 165,000.00 THB Nicky Pattaya,<br />

0871481905<br />

CB1300 Year1999 (SC-40)model,mint<br />

condition,new tires,battery and also green<br />

book.Must see.For more information<br />

please call. Price 205,000.00 THB Contact<br />

Phone Number: 86-847-6883<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

Classifieds<br />

Sale Suzuki Skydrive 125 cc 9700 km<br />

Motorbike in EXCELLENT CONDITION Year<br />

2009 - Only 9700 km Green book, plate<br />

and all documents. Call for any informations<br />

or for come to try the motorbike.<br />

Bought 35 000 bahts a few months ago<br />

28,000.00 THB Contact Michael Pattaya<br />

Phone 899636477<br />

Toyota Vigo 4 x 4 pickup 1 year old<br />

Toyota 4 x 4 pickup. Top model Auto<br />

20.000 kl Full leather and wood interior<br />

Top up Many extras worth 50.000 baht<br />

Full Toyota service history New one<br />

today is 988.000 baht Phone Number:<br />

0817627842<br />

Chopper for sale. Yamaha Dragstar Classic<br />

completely customized 400cc It runs<br />

GREAT and looks GREAT. It has 25,000km.<br />

Comes with 100% legal green book with<br />

all taxes paid<br />

Contact Bob at 0878822677: 134,000 THB<br />

Pattaya, Jomtien<br />

Cheap motorcycle, only 11,000B Suzuki<br />

Smash, very reliable, can’t go wrong at<br />

only 11,000B.Contact Keith 0831212447<br />

Pattaya<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

please visit our website at www.thailand-motorsport.com<br />

‘2000vitara 5doors/auto1.6/benzine&lpg<br />

gas 5doors Vitara,auto1.6,use 2 system<br />

Benzine&Lpg,leather seat,condition<br />

90%, price 308,000 THB Pls.call TONY<br />

0816110190<br />

VW Passat 2.0 Tdi. For Sale End<br />

2004. Top model. Exhilarating turbod-<br />

iesel performance and fuel economy,<br />

documented dealer service. One Euro-<br />

pean owner. price 550,000.00 THB Call<br />

0818454305<br />


1960 VW Beetle 1200cc, yellow and white,<br />

matching yellow and white interior, airconditioning,<br />

alloy wheels, CD player, very<br />

solid and ORIGINAL car, Tax and insurance<br />

until March 2011 ( 2554 ). 260,000 baht or<br />

VERY near offer. Currently being driven<br />

around the Buriram area and is registered<br />

in Buriram too. Please call Jen ( Thai )<br />

on 0847667122 or Mick ( English ) on<br />

0861533991<br />

<strong>Vehicles</strong><br />

2010 Toyota Vigo 4 door. Manual gearbox.<br />

1 owner 10 months old. Silver Metallic.<br />

Leather interior Seats/doors. Wood<br />

grain dash door trims etc. Either will sell<br />

for 690.000bht this will get you the green<br />

book, or take over payment 50 months<br />

left JUST at 9950 BECOME per month, AVAILABLE<br />

and 170000bht<br />

cash down. Or rent for 16000bht per<br />

month long term only minimum 6 months<br />

rental. 690,000.00 THB Kan Location:<br />

Pattaya, East Pattaya Phone Number:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

Toyota Vigo Toyota Vigo 3.0<br />

G, diesel manual, 4 door 2 wd,<br />

115000 k, full Toyota service history,<br />

excellent condition Sale<br />

price: B 500,000 Contact Tel:<br />

38601541<br />

2006 Nissan Frontier Pickup Truck<br />

TD27 4 door, 2.7 LTR Diesel. Manual gear<br />

change Central locking. Aircon, seat belts<br />

front and rear.Power windows, Only done<br />

just over 100.000km. This truck is in out<br />

standing condition inside and out, Engine<br />

is excellent, Sport wheels,Gold color,Test<br />

drive is you wish, 295000 ono THB Phone<br />

0810034974 / 038405134<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

2011 fully loaded toyota yaris (auto) 1.5<br />

litres, first registered 15th march 2011,<br />

with only 1500 km on clock metallic silver<br />

Contact Person: david 0843514924<br />


Black 2007 Mitsubishi Triton 2 door pick<br />

up, 2.5L diesel with farang friendly automatic<br />

gear box. exellent condition with<br />

only one owner from new, 78,000 miles<br />

only, full service history with Mitsubishi<br />

just 3yrs old. Sale price; 395,000 THB. o.n.o.<br />

Contact 0818652871<br />

Nissan Frontier 2.7 ZDi-T 4x4 4Dr 2002 -<br />

THB 275000 (Bangkok) Double cab 4 door /<br />

electric windows Skid Plate & Bull bar type<br />

front bumper MAX Bed Liner Trailer Hitch<br />

S o n y<br />

stereo/CD with linear amp Looks good<br />

and runs great. Selling as I simply never<br />

use it much as don’t care for driving in BKK<br />

anymore and always take cabs. Phone: 08<br />

88711506 275,000.00 THB<br />

Why not sell your car or motorcycle<br />

through Pattaya Trader’s web<br />

site? In fact you can sell or buy<br />

just about anything. It’s FREE and<br />

easy. Post up to 10 pictures with<br />

your advert (again - FREE) just go<br />

to:<br />

www.pattayatrader.com - Log in<br />

and put your classified on-line,<br />

today. and maybe sell your vehicle<br />

tomorrow. Pattaya Trader<br />

web-site is one of the most highly<br />

ranked sites in Thailand.<br />

Take a visit to our (yours really)<br />

web-site and help make us even<br />

HONDA CBR 150R<br />

Thailand<br />



http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Sport<br />

Bike is 24 Month old in perfect condition.<br />

11800km on the clock 18000km more<br />

on the Warranty from Honda. Full service<br />

book. 98% as new. Bigger downpipe.<br />

GreenBook. Sale price: B 48,000<br />

Tel: 089 670 9560<br />

Frontier Honda CRV 2.0 2WD 2008<br />

New Model CD, ABS, AIRBAG - Digital<br />

Air,Monitor ile Gear Auto Cruise control<br />

Park sensor No accident House car<br />

875,000.00 THB Contact Teddy: 081-<br />

9824963, 086-5334963 Pattaya,<br />

sale Mercedes Benz, 280 CE, year 1987,<br />

Coupe W123, original engine ,Automatic,<br />

transmission, full option, sunroof, alloy<br />

wheels, original 138000 Kilometer,<br />

260000.- Baht. Tel 0891135040<br />

Honda CRV 2002 Years and airbag abs...<br />

Charger cd...Very nice entretien...Price<br />

495,000 bath...It s possible look car now<br />

please call me my number is 0845635255<br />

Or mail kabdu72@hotmail.Fr<br />

Page 87


Pattaya Trader<br />

Toyota Soluna 1.5GLi, Automatic,<br />

silver metallic, accident free, top<br />

condition, like new, well maintained,<br />

only 42.400km (!), 1st.<br />

owner, Year 2002, air condition-<br />

ing, airbag, radio / CD, Insurance<br />

for 1 year been paid, more info<br />

Sale price: B 349 Contact Tel: 08-<br />

79721577<br />

2009 SLK Compressor for sale ( Like<br />

New ) Supercharged 2L Sports package<br />

12,000 kms, hardly driven. Too small<br />

and selling to buy 4-Door Black exterior,<br />

black interior w/red accents Hard Top /<br />

Convertable Fun too drive Class A insurance<br />

renewed in Feb 3.5 million or best<br />

offer THB Phone Number: 089-606-<br />

8571 (Eng ) / 085-188-2273 ( Thai )<br />

2005-Fortuner 2.7VVT-i-829k<br />

Low Mileage- 62,000 KMS . Bronze Gold,<br />

Dark Flm , First hand use only. Air Condition<br />

Power Steering Wheel / CD/ MP3<br />

/Electric Windows Alloy Wheels Central<br />

Lock ABS/ Parking tonic 829,000.00 THB<br />

songsri noenurai Location: Pattaya, Jomtien<br />

Phone Number: 081-875-9066<br />

Toyota Fortuner For Rent from 35,000<br />

baht per month with full rental insurance<br />

and unlimited km’s. 35,000 THB Phone<br />

Number: 0859459689<br />

Page 88<br />

Sea Doo jet ski bike-gtx<br />

155bhp.1494cc 4 stroke- 3 seater<br />

with reverse. manufactered 2003<br />

registered in 2005. i have the<br />

boat book. very little used-only<br />

30hours from new.in excellent<br />

condition.also with stainless stel<br />

trailer. must sell bht 190,000.<br />

please call Andy 0868222210 -<br />

Mazda 3 2006 man. MAZDA 3 –2006-<br />

1.6 LTR, Black tinted windows, Alloy<br />

wheels,CD player 33,000km on the<br />

clock, Manual A NEAR NEW CAR,<br />

priced at 470 000 Baht.<br />

URGENT SALE!. Returning home..<br />

03 Toyota Sport Cruiser automatic 4<br />

wheel drive, D4D commonrail 3 liter Torbodiesel,<br />

fully loaded, airbags, CD playerm<br />

alloy rims, etc. Sale price: B 469,000 Tel:<br />

841484608<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

Classifieds<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Toyota Fortuner For Rent<br />

from 35,000 baht per month - Toyota Fortuner<br />

For Rent from 35,000 baht per month with<br />

full rental insurance and unlimited km’s. |<br />

Price: 35,000 THB | Contact: Shane | Phone:<br />

0859459689<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Top Car/Truck Alarm<br />

System New - Red Flash Top of the range<br />

car/Truck Alarm system. See pic for full<br />

product details. Bought for 3200bht sell for<br />

2200bht,. Unit is brand new never used. |<br />

Price: 2,200.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492...0897539751<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Toyota Fortuner 3.0 At<br />

2005 for Sale - Leather seat, Airbags, black,<br />

aircondition, Power steering wheel, CD,<br />

MP3, Diesel, 91000 kilometer (Car available<br />

from the 21st of September) | Price:<br />

850,000.00 THB | Contact: K.Wanna | Phone:<br />

0819494162<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): VW FOR SALE - Vehicle<br />

for sale. VW Passat 2.0 Tdi. End 2004.<br />

Perfect, top model. Exhilarating turbodiesel<br />

performance and fuel economy, documented<br />

dealer service. One European owner. 550KBt<br />

ono Ph 0818454305 | Price: 550,000 THB |<br />

Contact: Sirinapa | Phone: 0817624193<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): 2010 Vigo Sell Or Rent<br />

4 Door - 2010 Toyota Vigo 4 door. Manual<br />

gearbox. 1 owner 10 months old. Silver<br />

Metallic. Leather interior Seats/doors. Wood<br />

grain dash door trims etc. Either will sell<br />

for 690.000bht this will get you the green<br />

book, or take over payment 50 months left<br />

at 9950 per month, and 170000bht cash<br />

down. Or rent for 16000bht per month long<br />

term only minimum 6 months rental. | Price:<br />

690,000.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Chevrolet Optra Estate 1.6<br />

year 2007 automatic and LPG for sale - Very<br />

nice and 100% good car, with frog lamps,<br />

new Michelin tires new Battery and Car<br />

DVD Player GPS Radio System with Touch<br />

Screen, USB and new speakers. Only two<br />

month old LPG installation with Flashtube<br />

system. Service book available, only Km<br />

50.000 Insurance and tax paid till march 2012<br />

If you look for good car you must see this one.<br />

Info 0890387816 | Price: 470,000.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Riny | Phone: 0890387816<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): PCX Honda Parts - I’ve<br />

modified my Honda PCX. All standard parts<br />

for sale. All in one sale for only 2000 baht If<br />

you only want to buy an item just call me |<br />

Price: 2,000.00 THB | Contact: Riny<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Tires for o.a Chevrolet<br />

Optra - Two good tires for o.a Chevrolet Optra<br />

Together only 400 baht Brand Yokohama<br />

size 155/55R15 85V | Price: 400.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Riny | Phone: 0890387816 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17976<br />

Bike for rent by Pannita: Good bike for rent<br />

start from 100 THB per day, 2,000 THB per<br />

month. Please call 086 036 2078<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Special promotion! Discount<br />

low season prices continue to Christmas.<br />

This year’s cars, Free full insurance and<br />

local delivery. Call: Nat 084 738 8812<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Honda Jazz, economic/<br />

sporty 15,000/month; Quality Toyota pickups,<br />

4,900/week, also Avanza 5 doors 7seater<br />

new. Discounted monthly. Tel. 089 932 7965,<br />

www.rent-ngo.com<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Big Discounts for summer<br />

car rent free full insurance and delivery in<br />

Pattaya, Brand new car. Call Nat 084 738<br />

8812<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): SPS Car and Motorbike<br />

Rentals: cars and pickups from 500 baht per<br />

day, Nouvos and Mios from 80 baht per day,<br />

First class insurance on all cars and pickups.<br />

Please ask our staff about any promotion we<br />

may have. www.pattaya-carhire.com, Tel/Fax<br />

038-405-165, Tel 081 177 3307<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Rent >N> Go>> New Cars<br />

Huge discounts now!! Toyotas from 4,000<br />

baht/week, Special on 2 new cars from 600<br />

baht/day. Also Fortuner 7-seater style, 1200/<br />

day. A1 Insurance – Bail bonded 100,000, Tel.<br />

089 932 7965.<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Nissan NV pick up, 2005<br />

excellent condition, 75,000km: 220,000THB.<br />

Tel. 087 804 3573<br />

VSC 10 (Oct 11): Bike for sale, 5 years old,<br />

running 40,000km: 12,000 THB. Please call<br />

086 036 2078<br />

VSC 09 (Sept 11): Cheap motorcycle, only<br />

11,000B - Suzuki Smash, very reliable, can’t<br />

go wrong at only 11,000B. | Price: 11,000.00<br />

THB | Contact: Keith | Phone: 0831212447<br />

VSC 09 (Sept 11): Hyundai Accent 1.5 automatic<br />

4door for rent LPG start 417 baht/day<br />

(1 month contract) - PP Rentals has Cars for<br />

rent all in good condition with remote alarm<br />

and properly insured and well maintained.<br />

Our service is well known Hyundai Accent<br />

automatic with brandnew LPG injection 1km =<br />

1.3 baht 1 day * 850 Baht 3 days * 2.400 Baht<br />

1 week * 4.999 Baht 1 Month * 12.500 Baht<br />

Shop www.PP-Rentals.com 104/17 M.10<br />

Soi Koatalo Nongprue - Banglamung 20260<br />

Chonburi 082/256 06 08 | Price: 417.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Phatty | Phone: 082/256 06 08 |<br />

VSC 09 (Sept 11): Trucks 4 rent 890b a day<br />

- Trucks For Rent Toyota Sport Cruiser Blue<br />

4 door, Toyota Sport Rider “monster Truck”<br />

Chevy Colorado Automatic LPG, Isuzu<br />

D-Max 4 door. most have DVD Radio With<br />

Gps,bluetooth,SD,USB,TV,Navi functions. 5<br />

gear manual box. Aircon. EW. Romote cental<br />

locking. We speak Enlish,German,Thai.Rent<br />

for 890 per day....5700 per week.....10900...2<br />

weeks...18000 per month....1 to 3 months or<br />

more 16500 per month. 12 months + between<br />

14000 & 16000bht 1st class insurance. 4<br />

Door saloons 400bht a day 9500 per month.<br />

Special rates for Teachers for long term rentals.<br />

| Price: 890.00 THB | Contact: Kan/Bob |<br />

Phone: 038406492....0897539751<br />

VSC 09 (Sept 11): yaris ( g limited ) for sale<br />

- for sale 2008 toyota yaris g limited. top of<br />

the range. keyless push button start. white<br />

exterior, black leather interior. 2 previous<br />

owners from new. 47,000 kilometers. with<br />

toyota service smart card. superb original<br />

condition inside and out. taxed and insured<br />

for 12 months. 530.000 baht. contact (tony)<br />

on 088-196-1948 eng or (kim) on 085-626-<br />

8681 thai. | price: 530,000.00 thb | contact:<br />

tony | phone: 088-196-1948<br />

VSC 09 (Sept 11): Hyundai Accent 1.5 automatic<br />

for rent 333 baht/day (1 Moth contract)<br />

- Hyundai Accent 1.5 automatic for rent 1 day<br />

* 750 Baht 3 days * 2.100 Baht 1 week * 3.999<br />

Baht 1 Month * 9.990 Baht 50 motorbikes for<br />

rent FREE DELIVERY POSIBLE Shop www.<br />

PP-Rentals.com 104/17 M.10 Soi Koatalo<br />

Nongprue – Banglamung 20260 Chonburi<br />

082/256 06 08 | Price: 333.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Phatty | Phone: 082/256 06 08<br />

VSC 09 (Sept 11): Honda Accord G7 2005<br />

Black 2.0 A/T - Honda Accord G7 2005 Black<br />

2.0 A/T. 110 000 KM. Serviced at Honda<br />

Hua Hin. ONLY 625 000 baht reduced from<br />

660 000 baht, priced for sell. more | Price:<br />

625,000.00 THB | Contact: Johan | Phone:<br />

0850205387<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: lg kc910i<br />

renoir wi-fi 8m gps quadband 3g phone -<br />

original:::new lg kc910i renoir wi-fi 8m gps<br />

quadband 3g phone blk voice memo/dial..t9<br />

general 2g network gsm 900 / 1800 / 1900<br />

3g network hsdpa 900 / 2100 size dimensions<br />

107.8 x 55.9 x 14 mm weight 114 g<br />

display type tft resistive touchscreen, 256k<br />

colors size 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches<br />

- flash ui - accelerometer sensor for autorotate<br />

- memo - predictive text input box<br />

package includes: 1x mobile phone 1x<br />

battery 1x charger 1x english user guide<br />

1x usb cable 1x headset 1x mobile phone<br />

bag 1x mobile phone chain 1x car charger<br />

| price: 4,950.00 thb | contact: kan | phone:<br />

038406492.....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: “POP-<br />

PIT” Free to a Loving Home - This is “Poppit”,<br />

she was found in a South Pattaya Soi<br />

by a lovely English guy called Chris. She<br />

was very sick and had already lost an eye.<br />

We offered to take care of her for him as<br />

he was only here for a short time. She was<br />

very skinny and had Pnuemonia. As you can<br />

see just a few weeks later she is recovering<br />

well and has more than doubled her weight.<br />

She is very playful and loving and is now<br />

looking for that special someone to adopt<br />

her. To see more photos of her and the<br />

many other cats and kittens that we have<br />

here for re-homing check out our website<br />

http://cats4youinpattaya.webs.com/ | Price:<br />

10.00 THB | Phone: 0853875004<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: want<br />

to play golf but you are in trouble with your<br />

spine, ankles or knees? - my recommendation<br />

to help you to join again golf, your<br />

passion: the free-release golf shoe. and its<br />

the special one shoe for the elderly golfer<br />

who are not so fit with their body and bones.<br />

take a look to my website > http://www.better-golf.tobaiu.com/<br />

test the shoes for free<br />

next here in pattaya ... pre-reservations<br />

are welcome! do you know that the stress<br />

in your joints when playing 4 rounds of golf<br />

is 60,000 kg = 60 tons? thats the weight of<br />

a pott whale. you are not captain america<br />

- take care of your health! play a safer,<br />

better & healthier golf by the free-release<br />

technique! | contact: bernd r wehn | phone:<br />

0870-487-144<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Classi-<br />

Con - re-editions of the famous Irish interior<br />

designer EILEEN GRAY (1878-1976) - The<br />

sofa LOTA, the lounger BIBENDUM ... both<br />

in different attractive colours (red, blue, yellow,<br />

black - fabric or leather). The BRICK<br />

designed in 1922 for her own apartment in<br />

Paris (the origin screen was sold for 1,3 million<br />

€ in April by Christie’s) is now available<br />

as a re-edition, handmade. Delivery time<br />

round 4-6 months! European interior design<br />

for LESS prices from great names such as<br />

B & B Italia, Cassina, Minotti, Moroso, Rolf<br />

Benz, Walter Knoll, Knoll International, Vitra<br />

and more ... simple ask me what you looking<br />

for! | Contact: Bernd R Wehn<br />

Submit your FREE Classified with pictures at www.pattayatrader.com<br />

rticles<br />

For Sale<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Nokia<br />

N95 8g Extras - Lost the phone so have a few<br />

extras for a Nokia N95 8g. 1.Mains charger,<br />

extra Battery charger, Headset, Keypad, Battery,<br />

Leather Case, and a new case but not the<br />

front plastic cover. | Price: 350.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492...0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: lg km900<br />

arena 8gb gps 5mp cell phone - new lg km900<br />

arena 8gb gps 5mp cell phone description 1.<br />

phone is unlocked, no contract required, just<br />

insert your sim card and you are ready to go,<br />

phone can be used with any gsm carriers in<br />

the world. 2. no worries about the internet<br />

and multimedia videocall camera. messaging<br />

sms (threaded view), mms, email, push<br />

email, im browser wap 2.0/xhtml, html gps<br />

yes, with a-gps support; google maps java<br />

yes, midp 2.0 tv-out..mp3/wav/wma/eaac+<br />

| price: 4,900.00 thb | contact: kan | phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: surprise<br />

your guests with red dot award design cutleries<br />

... - of the german silver manufactory<br />

wilkens & soehne (founded 1810). modern<br />

stainless steel design or the classic line in<br />

sterling silver ... top the luxury collection<br />

adorned with precious gems like ruibes, sapphires,<br />

tourmalines ... wilkens guarantees<br />

the availability till 2047! get the full virtual<br />

catalogue! | contact: bernd r wehn<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: graco<br />

logico s hp baby car seat - black - graco logico<br />

s hp baby car seat - black smart sea all-in-one<br />

car seat used but in good condition cost new<br />

4900bht sell for 1900bht top rated for safety<br />

and ease of use by parents that have trsafety<br />

harness. trendy design. multi-position handle.<br />

a correct position indicator to show if the seat<br />

is at the correct angle. ‘one-click’ technology<br />

means that you no longer have to put the seat<br />

belt around the seat. machine washable seat<br />

cover. | price: 1,900.00 thb | contact: kan |<br />

phone: 038406492..0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: DINING<br />




CM WIDE, 76 CM HIGH. | Price: 1,900 THB |<br />

Contact: BRIAN | Phone: 0839 113965<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: CANON<br />

PRINTER - Pixma iP 2770 external ink tank<br />

suit office, home, & commercial use, only used<br />

at home. 1 year old, Top condition with recent<br />

service receipt, & manual, works perfect, |<br />

Price: 900.00 THB | Contact: Brian | Phone:<br />

0839 113965<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Original<br />

Calloway Golf Clubs Right Hand, NOT Copies<br />

- Irions - X-20’s 4 thru PW, AW & SW Graphite<br />

Shafts - Regular Flex. Driver - Diablo 10 Deg.<br />

Draw Face, Graphite Shaft - Regloves Men;s<br />

RH Large 8 Available - 500 Baht Each English<br />

- 0847849864 - Bob Thai - 0895307024 - Mai<br />

| Price: 30,000 THB | Contact: Bob | Phone:<br />

0847849864 |<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: PING EYE<br />

2 IRONS FROM UK. - Left hand PING EYE<br />

2 irons 3-pw plus sw. (9 clubs) . Used but in<br />

excellent condition, with certificate from PING<br />

UK to confirm grooves conform to new rules.<br />

heads, grips, steel shafts are all in very good<br />

condition. only 7,999 bahts. | Price: 7,999<br />

THB | Contact: carl | Phone: 0811578760 or<br />

038030049 | Reference ID: TH17813<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Workshop<br />

Tools 4 Sale All New - Up for sale some<br />

workshop tools from a Company that never<br />

took of. ALL tools are brand new never used.<br />

or as listed. 1.Proffesional Bosch Power drill<br />

S USED 6.....Starnic Impact Power screwdiver<br />

with bits 850bht. NEW 7.....Okura Air Nail Gun<br />

F-30 2400bht. NEW More tools for sale later.<br />

| Price: 1.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: 100m Portable<br />

Sonar Sensor Fish Finder Alarm Transducer<br />

- This amazing product is especially designed<br />

for amateur and professional fishudes:<br />

1 x Fish Finder 1 x Round Sonar Sensor with<br />

7.5m Cable 1 x Bolt 1 x Wing Nut 1 x Neck<br />

Strap 1 x Non-woven bag for fish finder 1 x<br />

User Manual | Price: 2,500.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: discount<br />

airline ticket bangkok to melb aust & return<br />

- ticket is for 1 person only. flight dates are<br />

currently depart 11 oct - return 23 oct 2011.<br />

includes 40kg checked baggage allowance.<br />

airline admin costs to alter 1. passenger name<br />

2. flight dates are an additional 1,500thb per<br />

alteration as above to the quoted price below.<br />

i am prepared to cover this cost to a legitimate<br />

buyer. you will not get a better flight deal to<br />

melbourne than this!! | price: 11,463 thb |<br />

contact: david | phone: 0652167363 | reference<br />

id: th17998<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Seamaster<br />

Professional ‘Jacques Mayol’ 1999<br />

Limited Edition - AN ABSOLUTELY STUN-<br />

NING Genuine very rare and collectable<br />

OMEGA Seamaster Professional ‘Jacques<br />

Mayol’ 1999 Ling revision Papers service<br />

etc and of course inner & outer boxes with<br />

its Original Japanese warranty card. | Price:<br />

49,000.00 THB | Contact: Bob | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Sony<br />

Ericsson HBH-IV840 Universal Bluetooth<br />

Headset - The must-have HBH-IV840 makes<br />

an impression by more than good looks. Great<br />

sound, excellent performance and long talk<br />

time is a powerful statement. Simplicity of<br />

design Aterference between wireless technologies,<br />

resulting in excellent audio quality.<br />

Style in mind Sony Ericsson accessories are<br />

designed for the modern consumer to ensure<br />

the best technology looks good, too. Technical<br />

specification: - Weight: 10g - Range: 10<br />

meters - Length: 61 mm - Digital signal<br />

processing - Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR UNIT IS<br />

BRAND NEW | Price: 1,200.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Wireless<br />

Security Burglar Alarm Motion Sensor Detector<br />

- Brand new and high quality. Protect your<br />

home, apartment or office with this professional<br />

security system. Include 2 direct infrared<br />

remote control. Wireless, infrared dreless IR<br />

Motion Sensor Security Alarm Alert 2 x Remote<br />

Control 1 x Mounting Bracket Shipping<br />

Thailand 60bht | Price: 999.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Exercise<br />

Machine For Sale - Cross Trainer - As new.<br />

Suitable Fitness - Weight loss. Originally cost<br />

9,000 THB - Any reasonable offer considered.<br />

Tel: 0850483839 | Contact: Noel Mitchell |<br />

Phone: 0850483839<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Sharp<br />

GQ-12 Tel/Fax Compact Thermal Facsimile -<br />

sharp tel/fax excellent condtion work’s on any<br />

phone line | Price: 1,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Thomas | Phone: 038 376 433 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17869<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: CHEAP-<br />


Offer ! You can Phone from everywhere in the<br />

World to every landline and mobilephone all<br />

over the world. Load up Money easy Bank<br />

to Bank. Total Control on your own acces to<br />

the website. In this price are 500 Bht. credit<br />

include. We have the cheapest Rates .Come<br />

and see our website. WWW.DISOPHONE.<br />

CO.CC send e-mail or phone Order NOW |<br />

Price: 3,400.00 THB | Contact: Dieter | Phone:<br />

0066/ 88/ 483 99 90<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Wireless<br />

Spy GSM SIM Phone Device Surveillance<br />

Ear Bug - Product Features: The GSM BUG<br />

is the latest in Spy technology, it’s the size<br />

of a matchbox and you just have to put a<br />

pay as you go SIM card and you’re ready<br />

to call and listen. This device is very handy<br />

for all types of personal security, i.e. for your<br />

car, your office, and maybe to monitor your<br />

children when the babysitter comes. Working<br />

temp: -40~50’C Responding frequency:<br />

1.2K~800Khz Pack includes: 1 x Brand New<br />

Spy GSM BUG 1 x USB Retrctable Cable 1<br />

x Mains Adapter Shipping Thailand 60bht |<br />

Price: 1,250.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: TOP<br />

Origin European Interior Design - For Less<br />

Prices! - You are a local furniture retailer,<br />

interior designer or architect? Don’t hesitate<br />

to ask me about your discount in top German<br />

interio design brands! save now 680 EURO! 7.<br />

TECTA - D62 re-edition by El Lissitzky (BAU-<br />

HAUS teacher). Body in stainless steel. Turnable.<br />

75 x 71 x 63 x 44 (sh) cm. Seat cushion<br />

in blue leather. Comes by a very SPECIAL<br />

promotion price! Please ask! More TECTA<br />

products please seee the images! | Contact:<br />

Bernd R Wehn | Phone: 0870-487-144<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Switch<br />

from your existing energy hungry lighting to<br />

eco-LED lighting and save Money. - Make<br />

the switch from Flourescent, Halogen and<br />

Incandescent lighting to low energy and<br />

very long lasting LED equivalents and start<br />

to save from Day1. With energy saving of<br />

up to 90% and a lifespan of up to 25 times<br />

longer LED is the way to go. eco-LED have<br />

a wide range of superior quality LED lighting<br />

solutions to suit all needs. Don’t be tempted<br />

to buy cheap Chinese produced LED chips<br />

as it will be a waste of your money. Buy<br />

quality CREE or Edison LED’s from eco-LED<br />

Co.Ltd Thailand. Now available in Thailand.<br />

Contact us for catalogues and prices today.<br />

Call 0841609683 email info@eco-LEDthai.<br />

com | Price: 400.00 THB | Contact: Richard |<br />

Phone: 0841609683<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 89

Pattaya Trader<br />

rticles<br />

For Sale<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Gym<br />

Equipment - Flat Bench, Incline Bench, 45<br />

deg incline Bench, Sit-ups bench and Weights<br />

Rack for sale separate or together. Can deliver.<br />

| Price: 10,000.00 THB | Contact: Pierre<br />

| Phone: 0850614698<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Pool table<br />

English style size 8 x 4 ft granite top - Pool<br />

table English style size 8 x 4 ft granite top/pool<br />

pockets currently for sale in near new condition.<br />

This is 6 leg wooden table with a Granite<br />

top, with pool pockets (larger and straight) and<br />

not the snooker pockets (small and round).<br />

Relocating so need to sell quickly. Table is in<br />

immaculate condition. Comes with new/unused<br />

green felt. Will deliver free to any location<br />

to serious buyer. Asking 35,000 Baht. Price<br />

must include fuel/set-up etc. Age of table; 3-<br />

4 months old. Accessories supplied with the<br />

table such as a set of pool balls, 1 triangle, 3<br />

pool cues, 2 extensions, chalks, a table brush<br />

and a table cover. Interested please call +66 0<br />

8 1250 1680 | Price: 35,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Peter or Khun Joe | Phone: +660812501680<br />

| Reference ID: TH18061<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Comprg<br />

Presario CQ 20 12.1 Notebook - Intel Duel<br />

Core 1.66 GHz 1.00GB of Ram,150GB Hard<br />

Drive,Webcam,DVD-R Excellent Condtion<br />

| Price: 7,900.00 THB | Contact: Thomas |<br />

Phone: o38 376 433<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: CHEAP-<br />


Offer ! You can Phone from everywhere in the<br />

World to every landline and mobilephone all<br />

over the world. Load up Money easy Bank<br />

to Bank. Total Control on your own acces to<br />

the website. In this price are 500 Bht. credit<br />

include. We have the cheapest Rates .Come<br />

and see our website. WWW.DISOPHONE.<br />

CO.CC send e-mail or phone Order NOW<br />

| Price: 3,400.00 THB | Contact: DIETER |<br />

Phone: 088/ 483 99 90<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Oven<br />

- Oven with gas cookers | Price: 4,900 THB<br />

| Contact: Teddy | Phone: 081-9824963,<br />

086-5334963<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Airconditioner<br />

Compressor - Air-conditioner<br />

Compressor 3,500 Baht | Price: 3,500.00<br />

THB | Contact: Teddy | Phone: 081-9824963,<br />

086-5334963<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Water<br />

pump 250 Hp - Water pump 250 Hp 2,900<br />

baht | Price: 2,900.00 THB | Contact: Teddy |<br />

Phone: 081-9824963, 086-5334963<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Cpac.<br />

Roof : Grey - Cpac. Roof : Grey 9 baht only<br />

| Price: 9.00 THB | Contact: Teddy | Phone:<br />

081-9824963, 086-5334963<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Are you<br />

still using Incandescent, Halogen or CFL<br />

bulbs? - If you are using these types of bulbs<br />

in your home or business you are paying too<br />

much on your lighting costs. The combined<br />

costs of replacing these bulbs which fail far<br />

more often than eco-LED replacement bulbs<br />

and the high energy costs associated with<br />

Incandescent and Halogen and CFL means<br />

that over time your lighting bills are far higher<br />

than they need be. By replacing 1, 60Watt<br />

Incandescent bulb with We also stock a huge<br />

range of other LED lighting soloutions so<br />

feel free to drop us a line with your enquiry. |<br />

Price: 400.00 THB | Contact: Ricky | Phone:<br />

0841609683<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: VT2A<br />

Condo wanted for CASH - WANTED TO BUY !!!<br />

Looking for a NICE CONDO in View Talay 2A. I<br />

am a serious buyer looking for a decent condo<br />

on a Mid to Higher floor in VT2A....if you were<br />

thinking of selling please call me NOW! 0871<br />

444 706 | Price: 1,500,000 THB | Contact: Phil<br />

| Phone: 0871444706<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Corsair 1GB<br />

2x512MB PC3200 DDR400 XM - Corsair XMS<br />

CMX512-3200XLPRO 1GB Kit (2x512MB=1GB)<br />

PC3200 DDR400 CL2 2-2-2-5 Dual Channel<br />

Non-ECC Desktop DDR memory in perfect<br />

working condition | Price: 950.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Wireless<br />

GSM SIM Phone Device Surveillance<br />

Ear - Product Features: The GSM BUG is<br />

the latest in Spy technology, it’s the size of a<br />

matchbox and you just have to put a pay as<br />

you go SIM card and you’re ready to call and<br />

listen. This device is very handy for all types of<br />

personal security, i.e. for your car, your office,<br />

and maybe to monitor your children when the<br />

babysitter comes. Comes with a retractable<br />

USB cable, which can be used for charging<br />

from the PC or the mains. Once you call this<br />

number, this device will answer automatically,<br />

and it will work like a phone with a . Specifications:<br />

Frequency: 90018001900 4 Embed<br />

condense microphone. Responding frequency:<br />

1.2K~800Khz Pack includes: 1 x Brand New<br />

Spy GSM BUG 1 x USB Retrctable Cable 1 x 3<br />

PIN UK Mains Adapter Shipping Thailand 60bht<br />

| Price: 1,250.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Wireless<br />

Security Burglar Alarm Motion Sensor - Brand<br />

new and high quality. Protect your home, apartment<br />

or office with this professional security<br />

system. Include 2 direct infrared remote control.<br />

Wireless, infrared detector, motion-activated.<br />

Extremely loud, an ideal guardian against the<br />

unwanted intruder whether you are in or out .<br />

Adjustable mounting unit. 105 dB loudness. 110<br />

degree wide angle. The motion detector power<br />

by 4 AA batteries (Not included) . Dimensions:85<br />

x 47 x 123 mm (L x W x H). Weight:128g. Easy to<br />

install. Package Included: 1 x Wireless IR Motion<br />

Sensor Security Alarm Alert 2 x Remote Control<br />

1 x Mounting Bracket + 60bht shipping costs all<br />

over Thailand. | Price: 950.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Kan | Phone: 038406492...0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: WANTED<br />


water chlorinator for swimming pool must be<br />

in good condition./new. tel. 038030049 carol.<br />

| Price: ???? THB | Contact: carol | Phone:<br />

038030049<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: MIZUNO<br />

MX23 NEW GOLF IRONS - LEFT HAND original<br />

uk full set of top quality irons 3-pw. forged<br />

not cast irons.!! Price new in UK WAS 500<br />

POUNDS. BARGAIN at only 13,950 baht. tel.<br />

038030049 carl | Price: 14,000 THB | Contact:<br />

carl | Phone: 0811578760<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Electric<br />

lawnmower with grass box and cable for sale<br />

- Electric lawnmower with grass box and cable<br />

for sale Brand-new electric lawnmower with<br />

grass box and wire This machine is been<br />

used only one time. New price Baht 4300,-- |<br />

Price: 3,100.00 THB | Contact: Riny | Phone:<br />

0890387816<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

Classifieds<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: DVDs<br />

and books for sale - DVDs for sale 40B each,<br />

books mostly like new HB and softcover 120<br />

and 150 baht. Email don.coppock@yahoo.<br />

com for list or if you’ve any questions. I live<br />

in Chonburi, but I make it up to Pattaya frequently.<br />

Don phone 0822579431 | Contact:<br />

Don | Phone: 0822579431<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: PVC Dog<br />

cage - Heavy duty pvc dog cage used only<br />

once to import a puppy from Europe. Airline<br />

approved. | Price: 5,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Pierre | Phone: 0850614698 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17988<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Original<br />

Nokia N95 8g with extras - Nokia N95 8g.<br />

1.Mains charger, extra Battery charger,<br />

Headset, Keypad, Battery, Leather Case,<br />

and a new case but not the front plastic<br />

cover. Good allround working order. | Price:<br />

4,500.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492.....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Philips<br />

Radio Alarm Clock - Philips Radio Alarm<br />

Clock Hard to find over here for some reason!!!!<br />

a Electric or Battery operated Philips<br />

radio alarm clock This Philips is in top working<br />

order with a jack for Aux cd Player walkman<br />

etc and a headset jack.FM AM Radio<br />

with all the usual features for Alarm clocks<br />

of this typ. Shipping 60bht Thailand only. |<br />

Price: 500.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492.....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Transcend<br />

Jetflash 500 16GB USB Flash Drive<br />

- Transcend Jet Flash JetFlash 500 16GB<br />

16 16G G GB USB Flash Drive New.<br />

Brand new and genuine item in original<br />

manufacturer’s packing. JetFlash elite Software<br />

pack includes: PCp Function: Backup,<br />

Restore and Synchronize your Data using<br />

the JetFlash Comes with retractable USB<br />

port — no more lost caps Dimensions<br />

— 63.1mm × 21mm × 8.8mm Plug and Play<br />

make it easy Worldwide lifetime warranty |<br />

Price: 890.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492....0897539751<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: A Very<br />

Good Condition Washing Machine WANTED<br />

- I would like to buy a good condition 2nd<br />

hand washing machine. I am in the pattaya<br />

area. Contact : 085 275 3929 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18000<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: guitar<br />

- guitar,electric maerai gibson les paul copy.<br />

made in japan in 1970s.play fine.1600<br />

baht. call after midday 0812099547. | Price:<br />

1,600.00 THB | Contact: paul | Phone:<br />

0812009547<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: LeMond<br />

Recumbent Exercise Bicycle - This is a Baht<br />

50,000 machine for quick sale. Original<br />

receipt available. ( verifiable ) Bicycle is<br />

powered by generator when cycling Heart<br />

rate sensor Many resistance levels | Price:<br />

22,000 THB | Contact: Arnold Armstrong |<br />

Phone: 0856493807<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Pool table<br />

for sale, Used Pool Table for Sale Thailand<br />

- A ready to move 6-leg wooden pool table<br />

(granite top with large pockets). Very true,<br />

rails play like new. Rarely used, near new<br />

(3 months old), mint condition. 35,000 baht.<br />

Includes delivery (and to a distance location<br />

to a serious buyer) and set-up, pool balls,<br />

3 cues, 2 extensions, a triangle, chalks, a<br />

table cover and a table brush. Interested<br />

please call Mark, Thailand +66 081-142-7040<br />

or please leave a reply message and I will<br />

get back to you as soon as possible. Thank<br />

you. | Price: 35,000.00 THB | Contact: Mark<br />

Williams | Phone: 081-142-7040<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: FOR<br />


iPAD 2..SAMSUNG GALAXY Tab P1000..<br />

CANON EOS 5D MARK II - 1 Apple iPhone<br />

4 Phone 1 USB Cable 1 Charger 1 Stereo<br />

Handsfree 1 User’s Guide 1 Apple iPad 2 1<br />

Dock Connector to USB Cable 1 10W USB<br />

Power Adapter 1 Documentation 1 Samsung<br />

Galaxy Tab Phone 1 Battery 1 Charger 1<br />

Handsfree 1 User’s Guide 1 Canon Eos<br />

5D Mark II 1 (EW-EOS5DMKII) Wide Neck<br />

Strap 1 (STV-250N) Stereo Video Cable 1<br />

(IFC-200U) USB Interface Cable IFC-200U<br />

1 (LC-E6) Battery Charger 1 (LP-E6) Battery<br />

Pack 1 EOS Digital Solution Disk 1 Software<br />

Instruction Manual Contact us here: liteonsales@hotmail.com<br />

skype: liteonsales ICQ:<br />

602088294 | Price: 500.00 USD | Contact:<br />

alex | Phone: +447024058996 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18097<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: For<br />

Sale New Nikon D700 12MP DSLR Camera<br />

- Nikon D700 12MP DSLR Camera Product<br />

Specification ... Effective pixels: 12.1 million<br />

Image sensor: CMOS sensor, 36.0 x 23.9<br />

mm; total pixels: 12.87 million; Nikon FX<br />

format Sensitivity: ISO 200 to 6400 in steps<br />

of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV Storage media: Compact-<br />

Flash (Type I, compliant with UDMA) Monitor:<br />

3-in., approx. 920,000-dot (VGA), 170-degree<br />

wide-viewing-angle Exposure metering:<br />

3D Color Matrix Metering II, Hi-Speed USB<br />

Active D-Lighting automatically Multi-CAM<br />

3500FX autofocus sensor Dimensions: 147<br />

x 123 x 77 mm Weight: 995 g without battery,<br />

memory card, body cap or LCD monitor cover<br />

1 Nikon D700 DSLR Camera 1 EN-EL3e Battery<br />

Pack 1 MH-18a Battery Charger 1 UC-<br />

E4 Data Cable (USB) 1 EG-D100 AV Cable<br />

1 AN-D700 Strap 1 CD-ROM 1 LCD Protect<br />

Cover MSN...electronicssupply6@hotmail.<br />

com yahoo MSN..electronicssupply6@yahoo.com<br />

Google Talk..electronicssupply6@<br />

gmail.com | Price: 10,000,000,000.00 USD |<br />

Contact: elect | Phone: 5578585939 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18114<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Elliptical<br />

Cross Trainer, For sale - Only two<br />

months old used once and was purchased<br />

at a special discount sale at 7 thousand.<br />

Normal pricing is 8-9 thousand.1 year warranty<br />

paper provided(ten months left) Great<br />

for you or your girl Free delivery if needed<br />

jredzpattaya@hotmail.com Phone number<br />

0877468516 4 thousand baht | Price:<br />

4,000.00 THB | Contact: jason | Phone:<br />

0877468516 | Reference ID: TH18116<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: 29”<br />

Samsung TV with stand & Samsung DVD<br />

player - Samsung DNIe 29” TV complete<br />

with matching stand. TV has computer input<br />

ports. Samsung progressive scan DVD<br />

player model p-148. Dimensions Height (inc.<br />

stand) 110cm, Width 77cm, Depth 57cm All<br />

100% perfect. 18,000 Baht | Price: 18,000.00<br />

THB | Contact: Sid Johnstone | Phone:<br />

0879058190 | Reference ID: TH18248<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Teak Tree<br />

Root Table & 4 Chairs - Big Teak Tree Root<br />

style Table & 4 Chairs An excellent example<br />

of this unique furniture style, very good condition.<br />

Indoors or Outdoors Solid and heavy<br />

28,000 Baht | Price: 28,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Sid Johnstone | Phone: 0879058190 |<br />

Reference ID: TH18249<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Lounge<br />

Seats & Tables set - 3 seater, + 2 single armchairs<br />

+ Coffee table (large) and occasional<br />

table. Leather pad cushions Perfect condition<br />

These retail on Sukhumvit for 38-42,000<br />

!!! Suit a large living room or patio 28,000<br />

Baht | Price: 28,000.00 THB | Contact: Sid<br />

Johnstone | Phone: 0879058190 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18250<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: TV / Display<br />

unit - Glass doors with lit backgrounds<br />

(top & bottom) Display shelves and storage<br />

drawer Good quality – bought from Index<br />

Good condition Dimensions Height 208cm,<br />

Width 200cm, Depth 60cm (quite large) TV<br />

Opening Dimensions Height 80cm, width<br />

90cm. 15,000 Baht | Price: 15,000.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Sid Johnstone | Phone: 0879058190<br />

| Reference ID: TH18251<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Executive<br />

Desk - An exclusive executive desk + chair<br />

This is one very solid piece of furniture, the<br />

desk weighs in excess of 120KG!! A beautiful<br />

& magnificent single piece of solid wood top!<br />

3 drawers and 2 cabinets Dimensions Height<br />

83cm, Width 180cm, Depth 75cm. 18,000<br />

Baht. | Price: 18,000.00 THB | Contact: Sid<br />

Johnstone | Phone: 0879058190 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18252<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: New:<br />

Canon EOS 5D Mark II 21MP DSLR Camera<br />

- contact …. Avgust Vladislav salesacumenltd@gmail.com<br />

salesacumenltd@hotmail.<br />

com skype id:: salesacumenltd The Canon<br />

EOS 5D Mark II 21MP DSLR Camera isbrand<br />

new, comes with complete accessories and<br />

also comes with 1 year international warranty<br />

and 3 months return policy. 1 Canon EOS 5D<br />

Mark II 21MP DSLR Camera 1 Eyecup Eb 1<br />

(EW-EOS5DMKII) Wide Neck Strap 1 (STV-<br />

250N) Stereo Video Cable 1 (IFC-200U) USB<br />

Interface Cable IFC-200U 1 (LC-E6) Battery<br />

Charger 1 (LP-E6) Battery Pack 1 EOS<br />

Digital Solution Disk 1 Software Instruction<br />

Manual contact …. Avgust Vladislav salesacumenltd@gmail.com<br />

salesacumenltd@<br />

hotmail.com skype id:: salesacumenltd<br />

| Price: 1,000.00 AUD | Contact: Avgust<br />

Vladislav | Reference ID: TH18368<br />

Submit your FREE Classified with pictures at www.pattayatrader.com<br />

rticles<br />

For Sale<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: For sale<br />

brand new Apple iPhone 4S 32/64GB Unlocked<br />

Smartphone - Description: For sale brand new<br />

Apple iPhone 4S 32/64GB Unlocked Smartphone<br />

cost $50USD Feature: 8+ Megapixel<br />

Camera, Bluetooth, Calendar, Camera, Candy<br />

Bar Form, Dual Core Processor, Email Client,<br />

Front Facing Camera, GPS / Location, Megapixel<br />

Camera, MP3, Smartprder Placement,<br />

Contact us as via the below E-mail : Allmobileplaza@hotmail.com<br />

Allmobileplaza@gmail.<br />

com Allmobileplaza@yahoo.com Skype Id:….<br />

Allphones3 Thanks God bless you Ali Mohit |<br />

Price: 500.00 THB | Contact: Ali Mohit | Phone:<br />

46467383883 | Reference ID: TH18441<br />

AS 12 (Dec 11) Articles For Sale: Apple<br />

Macintosh - Classic I-Book - This I book is a<br />

classic one, 15 years old and already a collectum<br />

item, original soft where is included with a<br />

up great hard disk and system . it is in perfect<br />

state | Price: 13,000.00 THB | Contact: Nicky<br />

Verbeek | Phone: 08-7148 1905 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18459<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: ClassiCon -<br />

re-editions of the famous Irish interior designer<br />

EILEEN GRAY (1878-1976) - The sofa LOTA,<br />

the lounger BIBENDUM ... both in different<br />

a. Delivery time round 4-6 months! Eileen<br />

Gray’s rugs WENDINGEN - ST. TROPEZ -<br />


100% Nrew Zealand wool. See more at www.<br />

TOBAIU.com/design/classicon Shipped direct<br />

from the manufactor to your home (door-todoor<br />

= hassle free!). All time I can offer you<br />

TOP origin European interior design for LESS<br />

prices from great names such as B & B Italia,<br />

Cassina, Minotti, Moroso, Rolf Benz, Walter<br />

Knoll, Knoll International, Vitra and more ...<br />

simple ask me what you looking for! | Contact:<br />

Bernd R Wehn<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Nokia<br />

N95 8g Extras - Lost the phone so have<br />

a few extras for a Nokia N95 8g. 1.Mains<br />

charger, extra Battery charger, Headset,<br />

Keypad, Battery, Leather Case, and a<br />

new case but not the front plastic cover. |<br />

Price: 350.00 THB | Contact: Kan | Phone:<br />

038406492...0897539751<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Surprise<br />

your guests with RED DOT AWARD DESIGN<br />

cutleries ... - of the German silver manufactory<br />

WILKENS & SOEHNE (founded 1810). Modern<br />

stainless steel design or the classic line<br />

in sterling silver ... TOP the LUXURY COL-<br />

LECTION adorned with precious gems like<br />

ruibes, sapphires, tourmalines ... WILKENS<br />

guarantees the availability till 2047! Get the<br />

full virtual catalogue! | Contact: Bernd R Wehn<br />

| Reference ID: TH17945<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: DINING<br />




67 CM WIDE, 76 CM HIGH. | Price: 1,900<br />

THB | Contact: BRIAN | Phone: 0839 113965<br />

| Reference ID: TH17979<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: CANON<br />

PRINTER - Pixma iP 2770 external ink tank<br />

suit office, home, & commercial use, only used<br />

at home. 1 year old, Top condition with recent<br />

service receipt, & manual, works perfect, |<br />

Price: 900.00 THB | Contact: Brian | Phone:<br />

0839 113965 | Reference ID: TH17980<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Pool table<br />

English style size 8 x 4 ft granite top/pool pockets -<br />

Pool table English style size 8 x 4 ft granite top/pool<br />

pockets currently for sale in near new condition.<br />

This is 6 leg wooden table with a Granite top, with<br />

pool pockets (larger and straight) and not snooker<br />

pockets (small and round). Relocating so need<br />

to sell quickly. Table is in immaculate condition.<br />

Comes with new/unused green felt. Will deliver<br />

free to any location to serious buyer. Asking 35,000<br />

Baht. Price include fuel/set-up etc. Age of table;<br />

3-4 months old. Accessories supplied a<br />

table brush and a table cover. Interested<br />

please send reply or call 0815657535.<br />

| Price: 35,000.00 THB | Contact: Joe |<br />

Phone: +660815657535 | Reference ID:<br />

TH18061<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Comprg<br />

Presario CQ 20 12.1 Notebook - Intel Duel<br />

Core 1.66 GHz 1.00GB of Ram,150GB<br />

Hard Drive,Webcam,DVD-R Excellent<br />

Condtion | Price: 7,900.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Thomas | Phone: o38 376 433 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17930<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale:<br />


! - Special Offer ! You can Phone from<br />

everywhere in the World to every landline<br />

and mobilephone all over the world. Load<br />

up Money easy Bank to Bank. Total Control<br />

on your own acces to the website. In<br />

this price are 500 Bht. credit include. We<br />

have the cheapest Rates .Come and see<br />

our website. WWW.DISOPHONE.CO.CC<br />

send e-mail or phone Order NOW | Price:<br />

3,400.00 THB | Contact: DIETER | Phone:<br />

088/ 483 99 90<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Oven<br />

- Oven with gas cookers | Price: 4,900 THB<br />

| Contact: Teddy | Phone: 081-9824963, 086-<br />

5334963 | Reference ID: TH17918<br />

Air-conditioner Compressor - Air-conditioner<br />

Compressor 3,500 Baht | Price: 3,500.00<br />

THB | Contact: Teddy | Phone: 081-9824963,<br />

086-5334963 | Reference ID: TH17919<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Water<br />

pump 250 Hp - Water pump 250 Hp 2,900<br />

baht | Price: 2,900.00 THB | Contact: Teddy |<br />

Phone: 081-9824963, 086-5334963 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17921<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: Cpac.<br />

Roof : Grey - Cpac. Roof : Grey 9 baht only<br />

| Price: 9.00 THB | Contact: Teddy | Phone:<br />

081-9824963, 086-5334963 | Reference ID:<br />

TH17922<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: VT2A<br />

Condo wanted for CASH - WANTED TO BUY<br />

!!! Looking for a NICE CONDO in View Talay<br />

2A. I am a serious buyer looking for a decent<br />

condo on a Mid to Higher floor in VT2A....if<br />

you were thinking of selling please call me<br />

NOW! 0871 444 706 | Price: 1,500,000 THB<br />

| Contact: Phil | Phone: 0871444706 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17935<br />

AS 11 (Nov 11) Articles For Sale: For<br />

sale; Canon EOS 5D Mark II. - Canon’s full<br />

frame EOS 5D is here, and it’s better than<br />

ever. The EOS 5D Mark II has a stunning<br />

21.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor with<br />

DIGIC 4 Image Processor, a vast ISO Range<br />

of 100-1 Wide Neck Strap EW-EOS5DMKII<br />

1 Stereo Video Cable STV-250N 1 USB<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Promote<br />

Your Business Online (pojjunaidgee) - Are<br />

you looking to promote your business online?<br />

If so, then we at pastingonlinejobs.<br />

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For more details<br />

kindly visit h Phone: 0423-6812557<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Guesthouse<br />

Bar in sought after street. - Newly<br />

renovated and successful guesthouse and<br />

bar for sale. Very good returns and lifestyle<br />

for dynamic operator. Sitting in a prime<br />

location in a sought after street it has five<br />

stylish quality rooms for rent with all facilities,<br />

large roof area with room for expansion,<br />

an intimate air conditioned bar with<br />

private lounge area and outdoor seating to<br />

watch the passing parade. Ideally suited<br />

to be run by a husband and wife team with<br />

its own individual identity and atmosphere.<br />

It is well known and a popular meeting<br />

place and party venue with friendly staff,<br />

a.personal touch and fun atmosphere.<br />

Huge potential to develop further. 1.5 mil<br />

baht. Phone owner on +66 844 640432 or<br />

email gregj69@hotmail.com. | Contact:<br />

Greg | Phone: 0844640432<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Website<br />

for sale - SPECIAL OFFER ! This perfect<br />

Website is for sale ! Look inside and buy<br />

it for only 60000.-THB WWW.HOUS-<br />


60,000.00 THB | Contact: DIETER | Phone:<br />

088/ 483 99 90<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: restaurant<br />

on the beach - restaurant on the<br />

beach fully furnished,3 apartement,oven<br />

for pizza imported from italia (moreti)<br />

sea view amazing,very big potential for<br />

this restaurant,contract 3 year,rental<br />

20000bht,for more information contact me.<br />

| Price: 370,000.00 THB<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Family<br />

Bar Sale Soi Kholtalo, - This good looking<br />

bar on the dark side of Pattaya is well<br />

run bar with very good expat customers,<br />

there are two floors above the bar the first<br />

bar has been made into an apartment for<br />

the owner second floor is empty can have<br />

more rooms,the bar has pool table and<br />

darts, There is also a outside patio two Tvs<br />

fridges this is a quick sale owing to health<br />

problems, | Price: 1,100,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Michael | Phone: 0818412131<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Working<br />

Partner wanted - An investor: - hard<br />

working partner is needed to join a successful<br />

publishing company. A creative,<br />

proactive and hard working sort of person<br />

would find this business rewarding both<br />

financially and mentally. The major role<br />

required would be to manage the sales<br />

and marketing of the company product.<br />

However there is a need for the right<br />

person to be active in all aspects of the<br />

business. Previous publishing experience<br />

is not necessary (but would be a great<br />

advantage) A desire to succeed is absolutely<br />

essential. Please call 081 295 4254<br />

or e-mail philsa@loxinfo.co.th | Contact:<br />

Phil | Phone: 081 295 4254<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Special<br />

Offer !!! 3 verry good Websites for sale !<br />

- this websits contains translator and realtime<br />

converter and many other specials.<br />

ready to use. look inside and buy it. www.<br />

disoproperties.com www.housesandcondosinpattaya.com<br />

www.disophone.co.cc<br />

| Contact: dieter soendlin | Phone: 088/<br />

483 99 90<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Bangsaray<br />

Bar/Restaurant for Rent or Sale - Bar /<br />

Restaurant in Bangsaray for Rent or Sale.<br />

The Local Bar Bar/Restaurant shop house<br />

located on the main high street leading to<br />

the beach Seating for 50 people, plus a<br />

large garden and off road parking for up to<br />

3 cars. 2 bedroom 1 bathroom, living room<br />

and kitchen Rent 7 year contract 650,000<br />

Baht + 15,000 Baht a month For Sale<br />

3,500,000 Baht | Price: 650,000.00 THB |<br />

Contact: richard | Phone: 0861086321<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: bar central<br />

pattaya - bar in central pattaya,1 unite<br />

on 1 floor,washroom,storeroom,3 flat<br />

screen,bar,pool table,fully furnished,no key<br />

money. | Price: 750,000.00 THB | Phone:<br />

0861413037<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: guest<br />

house at south pattaya - guest house 1 unit,<br />

4 floors, 5 rooms with inside bahtrooms<br />

plus fully furnished. 150 m. from the beach<br />

5 mins from walking street. no key money<br />

| Price: 800,000.00 THB | Contact: nan |<br />

Phone: o8o-9639005<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: guest<br />

house for sale at central pattaya - want to<br />

sale the lease still have 2 more years running<br />

business.(no key money this 2 years)<br />

key money 300,000 baht/years 2 units 4<br />

floors 9 rooms feel free to contacrt me .. |<br />

Price: 1,800,000.00 THB | Contact: nan |<br />

Phone: 088-3947162<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Bar, Restaurant<br />

and Grocery Shop For Sale in Huay<br />

Yai, Pattaya, There are currently no Bars,<br />

Restaurants or Grocery Shops of this beauty,<br />

standard and quality in the area, which<br />

has a large and ever increasing Western<br />

Population, giving you a unique business<br />

opportunity, and a good market to cater<br />

too. You may even decide to expand the<br />

business by offering the first grocery and<br />

meal delivery service in the area, assuring<br />

you of a regular income and the instant<br />

recognition of this amazing business opportunity.<br />

The cost of this business is only 3<br />

Million Baht plus a monthly rental payment<br />

of 55,000 Baht, which is fixed for a 3 + 3<br />

year lease term. This includes the 24 Hour<br />

Resort Security Service, Driveway and Car<br />

Park Maintenance. Any lease term extension<br />

can be negotiated to suit both parties.<br />

| Price: 3,000,000.00 THB | Contact: Namkang<br />

Srikul | Phone: 0852837306<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: telephone<br />

shop for sale - the location is very good<br />

opposit the market. sale with fully furnished<br />

you can continue business 1 shophouse<br />

3 floors 2 bedrooms . rental 17000<br />

baht pay advance for 2 months | Price:<br />

670,000.00 THB | Contact: nan | Phone:<br />

088-3947162<br />




For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

Classifieds<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: International<br />

company requires home workers<br />

(ID:127) - International company requires<br />

home workers to fill various positions<br />

including typing,data entry,research,surv<br />

eys,proof reading and more Guaranteed<br />

income for all completed wok please<br />

visit(http://tinyurl.com/3yxwojs) or email<br />

info@xtraorbit360.com | Contact: Syed<br />

Raza | Phone: 092-321-6214 x715<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Take<br />

surveys from home Earn $200 Per day<br />

(ID:667) - Work at home with multi million<br />

dollar companies such as coke,<br />

dell,walmart and more Visit http://tinyurl.<br />

com/3cqxf2r for details | Price: 1.00 THB<br />

| Contact: Rizwan Mirza | Phone: 0313-<br />

6238121<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Restaurant,<br />

Bar, Grocery Shop for Sale in Huay<br />

Yai Pattaya - Great opportunity to start a<br />

business in an area which is expanding<br />

rapidly. Brand new building fully fitted and<br />

ready to go. Set on over 1 Rai of land you<br />

have parking, new A/C restaurant, bar,<br />

swimming pool, owner & staff accommodation.<br />

Everything you need. | Price:<br />

3,000,000.00 THB | Contact: Namkang<br />

Srikul | Phone: 0852837306<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: bar guest<br />

house - beautiful bar guest house in central<br />

pattaya,1 unite fully furnished,rooms<br />

f o r r e n t , k i t c h e n , t e r r a c e , p a r k i n g<br />

motorbike,rooms for chicha,rent 25000<br />

bath | Price: 750,000.00 THB | Phone:<br />

0861413037<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: guest<br />

house at central pattaya 12 rooms - guest<br />

house renovated very new. 2 units 5 floors<br />

wih air-cond staffs 7 persons working<br />

right now lease price for 3000000 million<br />

for 12 years still 11 years to continue. no<br />

key money rental 60000 baht per month<br />

| Price: 3,000,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

mathias | Phone: 086-1413037 |<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Visa<br />

service - Well-known Visa Company,<br />

established 8 years ago, this profitable<br />

business is now for sale. Visa service for<br />

Thai to travel abroad, Thai visa for foreigners,<br />

Translation service, Travel agency. |<br />

Price: 1.800 000 THB<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: orange<br />

mart for franchises - minimart franchising<br />

for sale in pattaya klang,2 unit fully furnished,<br />

for more information call or send<br />

mail | Price: 3,500,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

nan | Phone: 088-3947162<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Franchise<br />

Offers “Shahzad Ahmad 1” - Are you<br />

jobless? Are you looking for a comfortable<br />

job? Do you want to increase your<br />

income? Do you want to get income regularly?<br />

Do you want to be popular in your<br />

area? If your answer is yes ,then contact<br />

to us because we have the solutions<br />

for your questions. We offer franchise.<br />

You can raise your income up to $1000.<br />

if you are interested to open a franchise<br />

in your locality, and then apply now.Fee<br />

for franchiseis $1200.For more detail<br />

please visit www.easyearn.ca | Contact:<br />

Shahzad Ahmad<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: a go go for<br />

sale at walking street - in the same building<br />

we do have 2 a go go bar for sale start<br />

from1.7 keymoney for 3 year freeholding<br />

| Price: 1,700,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

mathisa | Phone: 086-1413037<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: bar for<br />

sale walking street - very busy place by<br />

walking street price 1.6 million baht contract<br />

3 years plus 1 year for free. 3 choices<br />

3 places | Price: 1,600,000.00 THB | Contact:<br />

mathias | Phone: 086-1413037<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: COUN-<br />


WIDE - HI, Due To Expansion We Require<br />

Country Managers Worldwide! Large<br />

Income. Please Leave Contact Details<br />

On Our Web Site >>> http://cheap4u2.<br />

net | Contact: Maurice<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Earn easy<br />

Money - Earn easy money by just doing<br />

simple copy paste work online, Part time<br />

job and earn easily. For details contact:<br />

www.phoenixwfh.com Emails us at:<br />

sales@phoenixinfosoft.co.in Call: 91-278-<br />

3001054/57 Your PS-WFH-9991552M |<br />

Price: 10,000.00 INR | Contact: Phoenix<br />

| Phone: 9978834352<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: LAUN-<br />

DRY for sale - busy laundry for sale .<br />

View Talay 2-b . Good employees .Many<br />

customers and new irons, waching and<br />

drying machines .Everything works<br />

well. Price 250 000B. rent -11 000B per<br />

month . call Alex 0835877151 or e mail<br />

alex29pattaya@gmail.com. just have to<br />

go back to my country . | Contact: alex |<br />

Phone: 0835877151<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: soi6 bar<br />

- same owner for the past 8 years good<br />

sized rooms with large living area, | Price:<br />

800,000.00 THB | Phone: 0855628911<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: PHONE<br />

SHOP - Phone shop for sale 750,000<br />

Baht. The shop is in a highly sort after<br />

location, opposite soi Khaotalo market. It<br />

is a well establish shop Tesco’s opening<br />

shortly and gold shop and clothing shops<br />

either side. There is living accommodation<br />

upstairs with toilet and shower facilities.<br />

All the doors and windows have security<br />

grills installed. The shop offers a good<br />

business opportunity for the right person<br />

willing to work. This is a once in a life<br />

time opportunity for someone build up a<br />

good and thriving business. Contact mark<br />

on 0896067762 or Tuk on 0870666639 |<br />

Price: 750,000 THB | Contact: MARK OR<br />

TUK | Phone: 0870666639<br />


FOR RENT<br />

Pattaya-Center, just 300m. from<br />

Carrefour, quiet, aircon, new furniture,<br />

flat-TV, big frigde, marblebathroom,<br />

hot shower, bathtub,<br />

kitchen, veranda, safe, high qual.<br />

spring mattress, etc. Two big<br />

pools, 24h security, daily cleaning,<br />

restaurants, laundrys, cafe’s etc.<br />

normal room only 5000 Baht! Big<br />

room 8000 Baht, Where else in<br />

Fun-City can you get that much<br />

quality for this price? 081 - 864<br />

- 7980.<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

BO12 (Dec 11) Business ops: Landmark<br />

Hotel in prime position - Landmark hotel,<br />

guesthouse & bar & restaurant with<br />

corporate identity for sale. Situated in a<br />

prime position in a sought after street it<br />

has excellent returns and lifestyle for a<br />

dynamic operator. live music and a fun<br />

atmosphere. Newly married boss wants<br />

a quieter life for his family. Huge potential<br />

to develop further. Phone owner +66 844<br />

640432 or email gregj69@hotmail.com |<br />

Contact: Greg | Phone: 0844640432<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Earn<br />

easy Money - Earn easy money by just<br />

doing simple copy paste work online,<br />

Part time job and earn easily. For details<br />

contact: www.phoenixwfh.com Emails<br />

us at: sales@phoenixinfosoft.co.in Call:<br />

91-278-3001054/57 pswfh9991756m |<br />

Reference ID: TH18104<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Website<br />

for sale - SPECIAL OFFER ! This<br />

perfect Website is for sale ! Look inside<br />

and buy it for only 60000.-THB WWW.<br />


| Price: 60,000.00 THB | Contact: DIETER<br />

| Phone: 088/ 483 99 90 | Reference ID:<br />

TH17909<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: restaurant<br />

on the beach - restaurant on the<br />

beach fully furnished,3 apartement,oven<br />

for pizza imported from italia (moreti)<br />

sea view amazing,very big potential for<br />

this restaurant,contract 3 year,rental<br />

20000bht,for more information contact<br />

me. | Price: 370,000.00 THB | Reference<br />

ID: TH17936<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Family<br />

Bar Sale Soi Kholtalo, - This good looking<br />

bar on the dark side of Pattaya is well run<br />

bar with very good expat customers, there<br />

are two floors above the bar the first bar<br />

has been made into an apartment for the<br />

owner second floor is empty can have<br />

more rooms,the bar has pool table and<br />

darts, There is also a outside patio two Tvs<br />

fridges this is a quick sale owing to health<br />

problems, | Price: 1,100,000.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Michael | Phone: 0818412131 |<br />

Reference ID: TH17938<br />

Submit your FREE Classified with pictures at www.pattayatrader.com<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Working<br />

Partner wanted - An investor: - hard<br />

working partner is needed to join a successful<br />

publishing company. A creative,<br />

proactive and hard working sort of person<br />

would find this business rewarding both<br />

financially and mentally. The major role<br />

required would be to manage the sales<br />

and marketing of the company product.<br />

However there is a need for the right<br />

person to be active in all aspects of the<br />

business. Previous publishing experience<br />

is not necessary (but would be a great<br />

advantage) A desire to succeed is absolutely<br />

essential. Please call 081 295 4254<br />

or e-mail philsa@loxinfo.co.th | Contact:<br />

Phil | Phone: 081 295 4254 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17952<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Special<br />

Offer !!! 3 verry good Websites for sale !<br />

- this websits contains translator and realtime<br />

converter and many other specials.<br />

ready to use. look inside and buy it. www.<br />

disoproperties.com www.housesandcondosinpattaya.com<br />

www.disophone.co.cc |<br />

Contact: dieter soendlin | Phone: 088/ 483<br />

99 90 | Reference ID: TH17983<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Bangsaray<br />

Bar/Restaurant for Rent or Sale - Bar /<br />

Restaurant in Bangsaray for Rent or Sale.<br />

The Local Bar Bar/Restaurant shop house<br />

located on the main high street leading to<br />

the beach Seating for 50 people, plus a<br />

large garden and off road parking for up to<br />

3 cars. 2 bedroom 1 bathroom, living room<br />

and kitchen Rent 7 year contract 650,000<br />

Baht + 15,000 Baht a month For Sale<br />

3,500,000 Baht | Price: 650,000.00 THB<br />

| Contact: richard | Phone: 0861086321 |<br />

Reference ID: TH18011<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: bar<br />

central pattaya - bar in central pattaya,1<br />

unite on 1 floor,washroom,storeroom,3 flat<br />

screen,bar,pool table,fully furnished,no<br />

key money. | Price: 750,000.00 THB |<br />

Phone: 0861413037 | Reference ID:<br />

TH18074<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: guest house at south pattaya - guest house 1 unit,<br />

4 floors, 5 rooms with inside bahtrooms plus fully furnished. 150 m. from the beach 5<br />

mins from walking street. no key money | Price: 800,000.00 THB | Contact: nan | Phone:<br />

o8o-9639005 | Reference ID: TH18135<br />

guest house for sale at central pattaya - want to sale the lease still have 2 more years<br />

running business.(no key money this 2 years) key money 300,000 baht/years 2 units<br />

4 floors 9 rooms feel free to contacrt me .. | Price: 1,800,000.00 THB | Contact: nan |<br />

Phone: 088-3947162 | Reference ID: TH18157<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: massage business for fast sale - massage shop for<br />

sale with fully furnish for continuely business at central pattaya where the place very<br />

crowded. buy lease 300,000baht rental 27000 /month pay advance for 1 month please<br />

feel free to contact me for more information | Price: 200,000.00 THB | Contact: mathias<br />

| Phone: 086-141-3037 | Reference ID: TH18167<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: International company requires home workers (ID:127)<br />

- International company requires home workers to fill various positions including<br />

typing,data entry,research,surveys,proof reading and more Guaranteed income for all<br />

completed wok please visit(http://tinyurl.com/3yxwojs) or email info@xtraorbit360.com<br />

| Contact: Syed Raza | Phone: 092-321-6214 x715 | Reference ID: TH18179<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Take surveys from home Earn $200 Per day (ID:667)<br />

- Work at home with multi million dollar companies such as coke, dell,walmart and more<br />

Visit http://tinyurl.com/3cqxf2r for details | Price: 1.00 THB | Contact: Rizwan Mirza |<br />

Phone: 0313-6238121 | Reference ID: TH18181<br />

BO 11 (Nov 11) Business ops: Restaurant, Bar, Grocery Shop for Sale in Huay Yai<br />

Pattaya - Great opportunity to start a business in an area which is expanding rapidly.<br />

Brand new building fully fitted and ready to go. Set on over 1 Rai of land you have parking,<br />

new A/C restaurant, bar, swimming pool, owner & staff accommodation. Everything<br />

you need. | Price: 3,000,000.00 THB | Contact: Namkang Srikul | Phone: 0852837306<br />

| Reference ID: TH18191<br />

BO 10 (Oct 11) Business ops: 4 Rai Village for sale, - this village has a show house with<br />

swimming pool already built fully furnished all surrounding walls built with electric gates,<br />

there are 6 more plots already marked out and all the amenities are underground,this<br />

has to be seen, | Contact: Craig Williams | Phone: 0870770475<br />

BO 10 (Oct 11) Business ops: fishingpark/resort - fishingpark/resort for sale in udonthani<br />

province, consists of 3 large bungalows/aircon/fan/sat/balcony looking onto the<br />

lake,owners accomadation1 bedroom/1living room ene suite/fully furnished with kitchenette/wifi/true<br />

vision, the land area is 7 rai and also has a fully equiped restaurant, to get<br />

more info and photo,s google udornthanifishingparkresort, and go to lakeside/sunshine<br />

resort in namsom,or email me at prewadee1@hotmail.com,have genuine land papers<br />

| Price: 4,000,000.00 THB | Contact: francis | Phone: 0892747181<br />

BO 10 (Oct 11) Business ops: Working Partner wanted - An investor: - hard working<br />

partner is needed to join a successful publishing company. A creative, proactive and<br />

hard working sort of person would find this business rewarding both financially and<br />

mentally. The major role required would be to manage the sales and marketing of the<br />

company product. However there is a need for the right person to be active in all aspects<br />

of the business. Previous publishing experience is not necessary (but would be a great<br />

advantage) A desire to succeed is absolutely essential. Please call 081 295 4254 or<br />

e-mail philsa@loxinfo.co.th | Contact: Phil | Phone: 081 295 4254<br />

BO 10 (Oct 11) Business ops: A 4 RAI VILLAGE DEVELOPMENT FOR SALE - A<br />

boutique 4 Rai village development for sale in Pattaya, 5 minutes from Sukhumvit Road.<br />

All infrastructure with 160 KVA transfermer for the under ground electric. water, land fill,<br />

boundary wall and village road with drainage in place. 2 large detached 2 storey villas<br />

with private pools already completloped with ahs already been cut into avrious sized<br />

plots with chanohts and companies. Price 7.5 MB for 50% owner/partnership in the<br />

development, which includes show house and remaining 3 Rai with companies Price 8<br />

MB for 100% ownership in just the remaining 3 Rai land with companies, not including<br />

show house. Price 4 MB for 50% owner/partnership in just the remaining 3 Rai land with<br />

companies, not including show house. | Contact: Mr. Paul | Phone: 0811521852<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 92 Page 93


Pattaya Trader<br />

Employment<br />

Staff Wanted<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Manager<br />

wanted for a 374 unit condominium property •8<br />

hours per day •6 Days per week •Staff of 8 in<br />

places •Located in Pattaya near Sukhumvit and<br />

Pattaya Klang. Foreign residents - 33%. •English<br />

speaking skills would be helpful. •Please email<br />

CV and References to: ppc_bldgc@yahoo.<br />

com. For more information Tel: 081 577 0645<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Top car<br />

rental firm in Jomtien requires receptionist:<br />

should be able to speak/write in English, salary<br />

11,000 – 15,000 baht. Call: 081 865 1011, 081<br />

429 1482, 038 364 238 or e-mail: nachlada@<br />

hotmail.com<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: I am looking<br />

for a caregiver for my mother, daily 2–3 hours,<br />

Soi Wongamat, Naklua. Tel: 089 250 5486 or<br />

dannyswiss@yahoo.com<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Thai ladies<br />

required: intermediate English minimum to chat<br />

live on internet dating site with farangs on behalf<br />

of other Thai ladies: 8,000 baht basic salary +<br />

bonuses (good chatters make more than 20,000<br />

baht). Tel: 081 762 5932<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: The Centara<br />

Beach Hotel (Central Pattaya) require European<br />

chef 3 positions, Bakery chef 1 position, Waiter<br />

3 positions, Security 1 position, Room-boy 1<br />

position, Roommate 1 position, Reception 10<br />

positions, Bartender 1 position, Gardener 2<br />

positions, Cashier 2 positions, Front officer 1<br />

positions. Special consideration given for those<br />

with experience, available between 09.00-16.00<br />

on Monday to Saturday. Contact: 038 420 016<br />

-7 (HR Dept.)<br />

Employment<br />

Staff Wanted<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Driver<br />

– Thai national required: Must speak English<br />

and have references from previous employer.<br />

Please contact Khun Somjai 081 902 3937<br />

8 am–5 pm.<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Travel<br />

agency in Pattaya is looking for ticketing staff:<br />

Should be experienced in Amadeus system,<br />

English speaking, PC skills. Tel. 084 563<br />

4411, e-mail: foryou1@loxinfo.co.th<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Tagalog<br />

teacher/housekeeper wanted. Free accomodation<br />

and work permit provided. - Can<br />

you teach Tagalog? Can you help with<br />

housekeeping? I would like to meet you.<br />

Please contact me. Salamat po. Duties:<br />

2 hours Tagalog lessons per day. 3 hours<br />

housekeeping per day. I am based in Pattaya.<br />

The job is in Pattaya. Free accomodation<br />

and work permit provided. | HMB | Phone:<br />

+66-(0)86-1095020<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Native<br />

French Teacher - Native French Teacher<br />

wanted, female preffered. Must be available<br />

very soon. | School in Pattaya | Phone: +66-<br />

(0)90-1202510<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: English<br />

Math and Science teacher - We are seeking<br />

a qualified primary school teacher full time<br />

to teach 3 children from grade 3 to grade 5<br />

at our place. Monday to Friday from 10am to<br />

3pm. 6 hours per day, the additional hour can<br />

be done from home to email us and preparation<br />

for the next day’s study. Requires an<br />

understanding of the Calvert homeschooling<br />

Employment<br />

Staff Wanted<br />

curriculum or the ability to quickly understand<br />

virtual school systems. Calvert School provides<br />

unlimited resources for teachers and<br />

students. The lessons would be one on one<br />

tuition. 2 hours teaching for the grade 3 student,<br />

and 1 1/2 hour teaching for the grade 4<br />

and 5 students. | Emma Heffernan | Phone:<br />

+66-(0)87-5601974<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: You want<br />

more Sallary? - For the sale of food on the<br />

street on small grill. Excellent salary and<br />

benefits and commissions. In many places<br />

in Pattaya. Part time its possible. | Grillz<br />

Co.,Ltd. | Phone: +66-089-9309716<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Network<br />

Administration - Managing property listings<br />

online, liaison with real estate agencies in<br />

Thailand and overseas. | Estates Alliance |<br />

Phone: +44-44-7975825600<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Experienced<br />

Technician Wanted - Experienced<br />

technician sought to maintain and install<br />

alarm systems. CCTV systems and access<br />

control systems. IT experience welcome.<br />

Also experience with burglar alarms would be<br />

an advantage. | Master safety Direct (+6638)<br />

426423, Office (+6638) 489102-3<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Pattaya<br />

Office Clerk. Work From Home or Our Office<br />

(Pattaya) - My company receives about 1000<br />

emails per day. I need 2 - 3 reliable persons<br />

to reply (copy/paste) all my emails with the<br />

same data. You are not responsible for reading<br />

the emails. It’s easy, repetitive work. Work<br />

from home or work from our office. Work per-<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

Classifieds<br />

Employment<br />

Staff Wanted<br />

mit provided. Salary to be discussed. MUST<br />

HAVE OWN COMPUTER. Thank you. | abc<br />

| Phone: +66-66-0861095020<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: CAPTAIN<br />


Restaurant Pattaya looking for 1 Captain<br />

waiter 2 waiters speaking and understanding<br />

english start 4 pm Four seanson line co<br />

ltd | Phone: +66-66-038723524<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: The<br />

Golden Ville now recruiting: House Keeping<br />

2 positions Work on day- nightshirt. Good<br />

salary- Good welfare with accommodation,<br />

Special consideration for those with experience.<br />

Tel: 038 723 666, Fax: 038 723 702,<br />

www. goldenvillepattaya.com<br />

ESW12 (Dec 11) - Staff Wanted: Real<br />

estate sales & marketing Thai female is<br />

required, with same experience, age under<br />

28 years old, have knowledge of Microsoft<br />

Office, write and speak good English,<br />

salary 10,000 baht plus commission. Call<br />

Steve 087 607 7779, E-mail-ciaosdb@<br />

yahoo.com<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Maid<br />

wanted for housekeeping duties for single<br />

farang Soi Sutawat. Must speak little English<br />

and like dogs, 4 days per week. Tel.<br />

038 720 141<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Income<br />

Making Opportunity!!! Foreign male models<br />

wanted for modeling work, age 20-35. Interested<br />

individuals call Jeff at 081 154 3762<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Employment<br />

Staff Wanted<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Export<br />

factory Nong Palai needs Assistant Foreign<br />

Manager: fluent in English, good command<br />

computer Excel, Word etc., good salary,<br />

apartment available. Tel: 038 702 297 or send<br />

resume to manager@thaifrance.com<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Telesales<br />

staff dealing with incoming travel inquiries in<br />

the UK for transport: Basic + comm. 45,000.<br />

Send CV to sales@coachhire.com or call<br />

Mark 087 534 4720<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Wanted<br />

- High salary Plus Commission - For car<br />

Rental in Jomtien. Speak/Write in English.<br />

Call for interview 038 252 275,081 429 1482,<br />

081 865 1011<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Driver:<br />

Thai national required. Must speak English.<br />

Please contact Khun Somjai 081 902 3937<br />

(8am-5pm)<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Franchisee/Associate<br />

Positions to sell Businesses<br />

and Property Pattaya/Bangkok. Full training<br />

and business set up. Fees Apply. Call Phil<br />

087 034 0568<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Waiters/Waitress`s<br />

Wanted Urgently - We are<br />

searching for at least 20 thai people to<br />

come and work with us at Club ABYZZ on<br />

walking Street. Applicants must be able to<br />

communicate with customers in various<br />

languages. Night time working hours are<br />

negotiable. Pay will be salary plus tips. For<br />

further information, or to arrange an interview,<br />

please contact us as soon as possible.<br />

Thank you. Lee Jarvis. | Club Abyzz | Phone:<br />

+66-(0)90-1231497<br />

Submit your FREE Classified with pictures at www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Employment<br />

Staff Wanted<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Driver<br />

- Drive company SUV to collect and take<br />

clients to view properties. Maintain company<br />

cars.i.e cleaning, check and take for servicing<br />

when required. Company messenger<br />

and carryout some other miner jobs in the<br />

office. | One Stop Real Estate (Group) Co<br />

Ltd | Phone: +66-(0)38-710699<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Cook<br />

Needed - Cook needed for hotel/guesthouse.<br />

Must be able to cook western food as well<br />

as Thai and speak english. Good conditions.<br />

10,000 baht/mth. Phone 0892083229. | Billabong<br />

Hotel | Phone: +66-038-489255<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Freelance<br />

- We are looking for People wich have some<br />

Computer skills. They know Internet and<br />

how to work wth Computer. You can Start<br />

now? If yes, dont hestiate to Phone us for<br />

a Appointmend. | Disoproperties | Phone:<br />

+66-(0)88-483 99 90<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: I am looking<br />

for traditional Thai massage in my home.<br />

100 baht/1 hour. - I am looking for traditional<br />

Thai massage in my home. 100 baht/1 hour.<br />

| HMB | Phone: +66-(0)86-1095020<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: assistante<br />

real estate - Real Estate Thai Home Property<br />

Required assistant/agent We require<br />

an english speaking/writing Thai National<br />

to undertake a variety of duties in a Farang<br />

based Real Estate Company , Speak excellent<br />

English, Read and Write English and be<br />

very competant with a computer. Ideally from<br />

a previous Real Estate Sales background.<br />

Job Role - New Listings,Website, Administration,<br />

Rentals New Listings - Locate and<br />

visit new properties (for sale/rent) Complete<br />

Documentation/ Take photos Manage Data-<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

base of Sellors Administration/ Website - Uploading/Altering Website Data General Admin<br />

Duties Rentals - Escort Client to view Property Prepare Contract Manage Database Landlords,<br />

Tennants and Prospective Clients Salary 10000 bth + Commission per rental sale for more<br />

information send me email or call me. | Thai Home Property | Phone: +66-(0)86-14113037<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Receptionist - Dr Olivier Clinic is looking for a receptionist.<br />

Female Thai citizen, good English skills mandatory. German, French and/or Russian are a<br />

plus. Salary according to language skills. Working hours: Mo-Fr 9H-16H and Sa 9H-13H Call<br />

086 827 6922 or 038 723600 | Dr Olivier Clinic | Phone: +66-(0)86-8276922<br />

ESW10 (Oct 11) - Staff Wanted: Tagalog teacher/housekeeper wanted. Free accomodation<br />

and work permit provided. - Can you teach Tagalog? Can you help with housekeeping?<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

Page 94 Page 95

Pattaya Trader<br />

Services<br />

Provided<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Ocean<br />

Business Consultant - - Prepare an audit;<br />

Balance sheet; Accounting - Company Registration<br />

- Work Permit - Visa Services and<br />

Legal matters - Renting and Selling of house,<br />

Condo and land - Translation; Insurance<br />

- Transfer of ownership - Web page design;<br />

Graphic Design - Taxi services | Contact:<br />

+6638-252017 | Phone: +6681-9966460 |<br />

Reference ID: TH17995<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Expert<br />

in Swedish * Deep Tissue * Relaxation<br />

Massage - Hi There, my name is kiki, I’m<br />

a licensed massage practitioner from WA,<br />

USA. I was well train and have talented<br />

hands in this field. Welcome to my studio<br />

where you can enjoy blissful treatment to<br />

rejuvenate your body and mind. Reduce<br />

stress and increase well-being, you will be<br />

amazed with the magic touch of my hands.<br />

Call for more info 081-983-3320 by appointment<br />

only. Location : The Avenue Plaza,<br />

Pattaya | Contact: kiki | Phone: 081-983-3320<br />

| Reference ID: TH17954<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: A<br />

cleaning service you can afford - We offer<br />

a friendly and proffesional service at a price<br />

you can afford at the time that is best for<br />

you.. We clean sofas, carpets and rugs with<br />

our upto date european cleaning machines.<br />

Pivate homes and buisnesses welcome So<br />

call us for a free quote on 0877033990 Thai<br />

0879375010 Eng | Price: From 500 THB |<br />

Contact: Rod or Rose | Phone: 0877033990<br />

| Reference ID: TH17931<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: New<br />

Tony`s Fitness Centre KHAO TALO... NOW<br />

OPEN - New fitness centre opening 1st October<br />

on Khao Talo. 49B - single visit. 600B<br />

- 1 month membership. | Price: 49/600 THB<br />

| Contact: Mr Lee | Phone: 0901231497 |<br />

Reference ID: TH17912<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: New<br />

Tony`s Fitness Centre now open. - New fitness<br />

centre open at Tony`s Food Court on<br />

third road for thai nationals ONLY. | Reference<br />

ID: TH17913<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Luxury<br />

Villa Rentals - We have 2 & 4 Bedroom<br />

Luxury Villa’s for vacation rentals in the Heart<br />

of South Pattaya. We are located 1400m<br />

from Soi Diamond (Walking Street) in a<br />

private gated community. Our Villa’s are fully<br />

furnished and have cable TV, DVD players,<br />

WiFi, private swimming pools. BBQ, minibar,<br />

European kitchen, room safes, en-suite<br />

bathrooms, daily maid service and lots more.<br />

You will find it usually works out cheaper than<br />

staying in a Hotel and you have all the advantages<br />

of staying in your own private villa. You<br />

can find all the information at our website:<br />

www.soldinasia.com | Price: 3,900 - 9,600<br />

THB | Contact: Namkang Srikul | Phone:<br />

0892517880 | Reference ID: TH17962<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: 16year-old<br />

student (German/Thai) seeks parttime<br />

job - 16-year-old student (German/Thai)<br />

seeks part-time job in or around Pattaya for<br />

the weekend and during holidays. I speak<br />

English / Thai / German and be familiar<br />

with most common office software (email,<br />

internet, Facebook, Word, Excel, ...). I am<br />

intelligent, motivated and dilligent. I am<br />

friendly as well as reliable. Please contact<br />

me via email first. I’ll call back immediately. |<br />

Contact: Chris Magold | Phone: 038 227026<br />

| Reference ID: TH17971<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Outdoor<br />

Lawn Bowls, Pattaya - Why not come<br />

and visit us and have a great day out at The<br />

Bowling Green, Pattaya. We provide a variety<br />

of activities from bowling, golf outings, quiz<br />

nights, pool, darts and boardgames. FREE<br />

tuition is available for beginners. Pattaya<br />

Bridge Club meet every Monday, Wednesday<br />

andtion room is also available to hire FREE<br />

of charge holding up to a maximum of 40<br />

people. With friendly English speaking staff<br />

why not come along for a great day out.<br />

10% off when quoting ‘Thailand Advertise’.<br />

Contact Dave - 0871 469 978 email - dave.<br />

evelyn18@yahoo.co.uk The Bowling Green<br />

403/6 Moo 9 Soi Fuenga Nongprue Banglamung<br />

20260 Tel - 038 720741 | Price: 250.00<br />

THB | Contact: Evelyn | Phone: 038 720741<br />

| Reference ID: TH18122<br />

For Advertising Call 038 716 390 (Thai) - 038 716 986 (Eng)<br />

Classifieds<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Medicines<br />

“ Sajjad Haider 2” - Looking for information on a<br />

particular medicine? More than 3000 products<br />

are listed in our database, including both branded<br />

and generic medicines. These are reviewed and<br />

updated daily. | Reference ID: TH18273<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Optimum<br />

Tennis Ebook (5162) - Improve your Tennis<br />

Game with world class tennis technique and tennis<br />

instruction. Hit a better Forehand, Backhand<br />

and Serve. http://www.spectrumsonlinejobs.<br />

com/5162.html | Price: 00. THB | Contact: salma<br />

kanwal | Phone: 03007848446 | Reference ID:<br />

TH18311<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided: Webige.<br />

com We create your web image - If you are considering<br />

getting a brand new website or changing<br />

the old one, we invite you to take a look on our<br />

website, send us an e-mail or contact us for any<br />

other details. We can assist you in developing<br />

and implementing an effective online strategy<br />

or in creating an entirely new online corporate<br />

identity. Our custom services are fairly priced and<br />

we aim to provide the best post-sale customer<br />

services in the industry today. To find out more<br />

just enter “webige” in your web browser. | Contact:<br />

Adrian | Phone: 0894354504 | Reference<br />

ID: TH18396<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided:<br />


GATIONS - 1: Our Private Investigators<br />

will monitor and report in full about the<br />

girl’s conduct. And we will seek to get<br />

photos and video footage of the girl<br />

leaving the bar with a customer.We will<br />

determine if she will cheat on you. 2:<br />

We will pose our Private Investigator as<br />

a customer and engage the target with<br />

bar talk ultimately leading to a financial<br />

proposition. We will carry out a professional<br />

investigation service and we offer a<br />


are your Eyes in Thailand. http://www.pattaya-bargirl-investigations.com<br />

| Price:<br />

5,000 THB | Contact: CRAIG | Reference<br />

ID: TH18522<br />

SP12 (Dec11) - Services Provided:<br />

Australian Rugby Teams (COJ231747)<br />

- Melbourne Rebels Head Coach Damien<br />

Hill said that today that he was looking<br />

forward to guiding the new squad into<br />

the 2012 Super Rugby season.. (http://<br />

www.rugby.com.au) | Price: 0.00 THB |<br />

Contact: Fahad Barlas | Reference ID:<br />

TH18545<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Ocean<br />

Business Consultant - - Prepare an audit;<br />

Balance sheet; Accounting - Company Registration<br />

- Work Permit - Visa Services and<br />

Legal matters - Renting and Selling of house,<br />

Condo and land - Translation; Insurance<br />

- Transfer of ownership - Web page design;<br />

Graphic Design - Taxi services | Contact:<br />

+6638-252017 | Phone: +6681-9966460<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Expert<br />

in Swedish * Deep Tissue * Relaxation<br />

Massage - Hi There, my name is kiki, I’m<br />

a licensed massage practitioner from WA,<br />

USA. I was well train and have talented<br />

hands in this field. Welcome to my studio<br />

where you can enjoy blissful treatment to rejuvenate<br />

your body and mind. Reduce stress<br />

and increase well-being, you will be amazed<br />

with the magic touch of my hands. Call for<br />

more info 081-983-3320 by appointment<br />

only. Location : The Avenue Plaza, Pattaya<br />

| Contact: kiki | Phone: 081-983-3320<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: A cleaning<br />

service you can afford - We offer a friendly<br />

and proffesional service at a price you can afford<br />

at the time that is best for you.. We clean<br />

sofas, carpets and rugs with our upto date<br />

european cleaning machines. Pivate homes<br />

and buisnesses welcome So call us for a free<br />

quote on 0877033990 Thai 0879375010 Eng<br />

| Price: From 500 THB | Contact: Rod or Rose<br />

| Phone: 0877033990<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Health<br />

insurance for expats from 5332 THB - Health<br />

insurance from 5332 THB (124 Euro) with<br />

worldwide cover for an unlimited length<br />

of stay abroad (excluding USA / Canada)<br />

-> http://www.bdae.com/en/individuals/expat_retired.htm<br />

100% for outpatient treatment<br />

100% for inpatientule and may not<br />

be cancelled separately, 8 months waiting<br />

period for benefits of the DENT-module,<br />

dependants (spouse, children) must live in<br />

the same household as the policy holder Fill<br />

the application Price: 5,332.00 THB | Contact:<br />

Joachim Roehl | Phone: 08-52764458<br />

| Reference ID: TH17915<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Luxury<br />

Villa Rentals - We have 2 & 4 Bedroom<br />

Luxury Villa’s for vacation rentals in the<br />

Heart of South Pattaya. We are located<br />

That’s right folks, it’s EASY !! Just advertise your business here in the Pattaya Trader and reach<br />

practically every resident expat in Pattaya (and quite a few in Bangkok) Advertising rates are really<br />

affordable, whether in black & white or colour. call the Trader now 0 081 295 4254<br />

Issue 136 - February 2012<br />

Submit you FREE Classified at www.pattayatrader.com<br />

1400m from Soi Diamond (Walking Street)<br />

in a private gated community. Our Villa’s<br />

are fully furnished and have cable TV, DVD<br />

players, WiFi, private swimming pools. BBQ,<br />

mini-bar, European kitchen, room safes,<br />

en-suite bathrooms, daily maid service and<br />

lots more. You will find it usually works out<br />

cheaper than staying in a Hotel and you have<br />

all the advantages of staying in your own<br />

private villa. You can find all the information<br />

at our website: www.soldinasia.com | Price:<br />

3,900 - 9,600 THB | Contact: Namkang<br />

Srikul | Phone: 0892517880 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17962<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: 16year-old<br />

student (German/Thai) seeks parttime<br />

job - 16-year-old student (German/Thai)<br />

seeks part-time job in or around Pattaya for<br />

the weekend and during holidays. I speak<br />

English / Thai / German and be familiar<br />

with most common office software (email,<br />

internet, Facebook, Word, Excel, ...). I am<br />

intelligent, motivated and dilligent. I am<br />

friendly as well as reliable. Please contact<br />

me via email first. I’ll call back immediately. |<br />

Contact: Chris Magold | Phone: 038 227026<br />

| Reference ID: TH17971<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: For<br />

sale: Apple iPhone 4G 32GB - Apple iPhone<br />

4G 32GB White Factory Unlocked Phone ...<br />

$450 Apple iPhone 4G 32GB Black Factory<br />

Unlocked Phone ... $400 Apple iPhone 4G<br />

16GB Factory Unlocked Phone ... $350 Apple<br />

iPhone 3GS 16GB Factory Unlocked Phone<br />

... $250 Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Factory Unlocked<br />

Phone ... $300 BlackBerry Bold touch<br />

(9900)...$450 BlackBerry Torch (9800)...$350<br />

BlackBerry Bold 2 (9700)...$250 BlackBerry<br />

Storm 2.(9550)...$300 Blackberry Pearl Flip<br />

(8220)...$200 Blackberry Bold (9000)...$170<br />

Blackberry Curve (8320)...$150 All products<br />

are brand new / original, sealed in box with<br />

complete accessories and comes with 1 Year<br />

Warranty from manufacturer. For Purchase<br />

Inquiries and Questions, please contact us via.<br />

E-mail: iphonesupltd@live.com Sype: iphoensup<br />

| Price: 450.00 USD | Contact: Pulman<br />

Clark | Reference ID: TH18038<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Outdoor<br />

Lawn Bowls, Pattaya - Why not come and visit<br />

us and have a great day out at The Bowling<br />

Green, Pattaya. We provide a variety of activities<br />

from bowling, golf outings, quiz nights, pool,<br />

darts and boardgames. FREE tuition is arge<br />

holding up to a maximum of 40 people. With<br />

friendly English speaking staff why not come<br />

along for a great day out. 10% off when quoting<br />

‘Thailand Advertise’. Contact Dave - 0871<br />

469 978 email - dave.evelyn18@yahoo.co.uk<br />

The Bowling Green 403/6 Moo 9 Soi Fuenga<br />

Nongprue Banglamung 20260 Tel - 038 720741<br />

| Price: 250.00 THB | Contact: Evelyn | Phone:<br />

038 720741 | Reference ID: TH18122<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: When<br />

you go back home, park your car with us. - We<br />

offer car parking on weekly, or monthly base.<br />

We have 24 hour security, and you can come<br />

to park or pick up your car 24 hours a day. For<br />

information call poei 0896541732 | Contact:<br />

Poei | Phone: 0896541732<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided:: Custom<br />

Design Fanpage Services - Customized, professionally<br />

designed pages for your products/<br />

services at affordable price, starting from 1,500<br />

Baht Call Macc 080-200-5914 | Contact: Macc<br />

| Phone: 080-200-5914<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: LONG<br />




CENTRE .2500 THB pcm {$80} fan A/C 3000<br />

THB {100} | Contact: ROB OR JERRY= |<br />

Phone: +855 17777556<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Precious<br />

Video> DVD (other media converting) - Transfer<br />

your Wedding, Kid’s first step, Family, Birthday,<br />

Travel, Graduation, Anniversary etc. videos to<br />

VCD/DVD. For storage or as a gift for friends.<br />

*Camcorder/Handycam/Viewcam/VCR Video<br />

Tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8,<br />

MiniDV) to DVD Conversion (350 Baht / DVD)<br />

* Audio Cassette tape to Mp3, .wma & .wav<br />

Conversion (250 Baht / cassette) * Photos to<br />

VCD (Slide Show with Music & Transition Effect)<br />

Conversion * Video CD to Audio CD / MP3<br />

CD Conversion And any kind of capturing, if you<br />

can see or hear it. We can capture it! Please call<br />

Macc 080-200-5914 or 038-300646 (FLUENT<br />

ENGLISH) InLove’s IT Services Thepprasit Rd.,<br />

next to the Aksorn Technical College | Contact:<br />

Macc | Phone: 080-200-5914<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Having<br />

computer problems? - Having computer<br />

problems? Hardware, software and networking<br />

solutions. Call us for quick & professional onsite<br />

services. Please Call Macc 080-200-5914<br />

(FLUENT ENGLISH) | Contact: Macc | Phone:<br />

080-200-5914<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: fish<br />

tank for sale - Fish tank & Metal frame for<br />

sale . Tank 41x77x37 h Fram 48x85x108h<br />

call steve 0896129258 | Contact: steve |<br />

Phone: 0896129258<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: 6months<br />

up to 1-year (can be extended). All<br />

loans are secured against the title or the<br />

company that owns the property and once<br />

the property has been valued we can loan<br />

up to 50% of the valuation. The procedure<br />

takes approx 10 days from the start of the<br />

application until the funds are made available<br />

to you. Call either 038-373735 or 081-983<br />

3551 to make an appointment.<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Architect<br />

Services: plans, houses, shops, apartments<br />

etc. 081 295 8038<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Building<br />

Contractor: new work, houses, condo<br />

refit, modifications, additions, extensions.<br />

Phone 081 846 6295<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Medical<br />

home service: reliable, comfortable, safe,<br />

fair prices, high quality-registered nurses.<br />

Contact: Diego 084 867 8513<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: long<br />

stay apartments sihanoukville - modern studio<br />

apartments , a/c ,fan ,wi-fi, 5 mins from<br />

beach and town centre .2500 thb pcm {$80}<br />

fan a/c 3000 thb {100} | contact: rob or jerry=<br />

| phone: +855 17777556<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided:<br />

vvconvert precious video> dvd (other media<br />

converting) - transfer your wedding, kid’s<br />

first step, family, birthday, travel, graduation,<br />

anniversary etc. videos to vcd/dvd. for<br />

storage or as a gift for friends. *camcorder/<br />

handycam/viewcam/vcr video tapes (vhs,<br />

vhs-c, video8, hi8, digital8, minidv) to dvd<br />

conversion (350 baht / dvd) * audio cassette<br />

tape to mp3, .wma & .wav conversion (250<br />

baht / cassette) * photos to vcd (slide show<br />

with music & transition effect) conversion *<br />

video cd to audio cd / mp3 cd conversion<br />

and any kind of capturing, if you can see or<br />

hear it. we can capture it! please call macc<br />

080-200-5914 or 038-300646 (fluent english)<br />

inlove’s it services thepprasit rd., next to the<br />

aksorn technical college | contact: macc |<br />

phone: 080-200-5914<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: having<br />

computer problems? - having computer<br />

problems? hardware, software and network-<br />

Submit your FREE classified with pictures at:<br />

ing solutions. call us for quick & professional<br />

on-site services. please call macc 080-200-<br />

5914 (fluent english) | contact: macc | phone:<br />

080-200-5914 | reference<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: new!<br />

health insurance for expats! - health insurance<br />

for the european expats. 1 .000.000<br />

us$ coverage. no deductable..aids / cancer<br />

covered. annual premiums for hospital<br />

treatment as a private patient 65 years over<br />

70 years 1427 u.s. $ 2412 u.s. $ | phone:<br />

0806322592<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Kush<br />

Electronics - 66FF Dealing in sales and<br />

services of all type of computer. We deal in<br />

Computer System, Networking, Server, Laptop,<br />

Printer. All kind of Computer Peripherals<br />

and chip level repairing also. For more information<br />

contact us +91-9924133662 or mail<br />

us on kushelectronic@gmail.com | Contact:<br />

Kush Electronics | Phone: 9924133662 |<br />

Reference ID: TH17279<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided:: CCTV<br />

Camera Manufacturer in ahmedabad - WE are<br />

the manufacturer of CCTV Color cameras, IR<br />

Cameras, Shutter Alarms,SMPS & other security<br />

systems. Call us 9825163854 for best rates and<br />

free demo. Dealers are welcome for all over India.<br />

(sarkar00ss3015) | Contact: mr.shukla | Phone:<br />

+91-9825163874 | Reference ID: TH17301<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: projector<br />

on rent. - we give project of best brand on rent<br />

on economic price we also provide screen along<br />

with projector through out ahmedabad, contact<br />

no 9904770617 (sarkarss003019) | phone:<br />

9904770617 | reference id: th17265<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Microlab<br />

Pathology Laboratory. Naroda Ahmedabad - All<br />

kind of biomedical tests are done here with 100%<br />

accuracy,all kind of special tests are done here<br />

with imported instruments and test kits.home<br />

visit for collecting samples is available. phone:-<br />

9909001774, 9898106613 oryou can mail us<br />

on ramsh69@yahoo.co.in reinfo642 | Contact:<br />

Dr.Ramesh Wadhvani | Phone: 9898106613 |<br />

Reference ID: TH17271<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Family<br />

Driver Wanted - Matured age 40+ family driver<br />

is wanted. 6 days a week from 7am-5pm Monday<br />

to Saturday, in Chaiyaput 2, pattaya area. Some<br />

English speaking, no criminal records and police<br />

clearance is a must. THB8000/M + overtime.<br />

Please send email to viettran70@gmail.com for<br />

initial contact | Contact: Viet Tran | Reference<br />

ID: TH17280<br />

SP05 (May 11) - Services Provided: Website<br />

designing available To Promote Your<br />

Business - Website designing. Matrimonial<br />

Site/Jobs /Classified/Online Shopping Sites.<br />

Give an order per page wise, or project wise.<br />

http://www.onlinemagicmoney.com/ E-Mail:<br />

onlinemagicmoney@gmail.com Poster Id- OMM-<br />

103010S5M2EX3002. Regards | Reference ID:<br />

TH17297<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided:: buy<br />

new branded/assembled computer. - we sell<br />

branded computer/assembled computer with<br />

best confriguration and economic price with<br />

warranty,contact for p4 dualcore, core2dual with<br />

lcd screen/monitor. | contact: mr.shah | phone:<br />

9825163874 | reference id: th17299<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: I want<br />

project traing - Get paid project traing for your college<br />

projects we provide traing on ASP.NET and<br />

Java platform At the end of traing get experience<br />

certificate and job assistance(sarkarss003018) |<br />

Contact: service | Phone: 8000775673 | Reference<br />

ID: TH17305<br />

Services<br />

Provided<br />

Debt Advice | Mortgages | Loans | Bank Accounts<br />

- Expert advice on debt, mortgages, loans &amp;<br />

bank accounts. Every day, we help hundreds<br />

of people with debt advice, mortgages, loans<br />

and bank accounts. Let us help you today.<br />

march2011,pardeep ;http://www.thinkmoney.com<br />

posted id -10503 | Contact: pardeep | Phone:<br />

8053205353 | Reference ID: TH17360<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: Need<br />

500+ Business Associates in Kalki Group - Kalki<br />

Group launched with the concept of providing<br />

people more income source than they already<br />

have, means “Extram not as an Individual.<br />

We believetion:UG - Any Graduate - Any<br />

Specialization,cation skills, Business Associates<br />

will be responsible for expanding<br />

business to Clients.(kalki01001) Contact No.:<br />

919602505299 Location : Jaipur Company<br />

name : Kalki Group Company Email id :<br />

kalki@job4u.com | Contact: kalki group |<br />

Phone: 919602505299 |<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: u store<br />

pattaya (siam country club road before the<br />

lake) - going home for the summer want your<br />

car/motorbike stored and undercover? well<br />

here we are u store large boat no problem,<br />

jet ski, store it safe undercover all secure<br />

with 24 hours security it will be here for<br />

you when you return english run, dry safe<br />

storage, store Call for rates store u store is<br />

a new business its english managed i been<br />

around pattaya for 27 years, i have a good<br />

reputation remember free taxi to airport from<br />

u store your e-mails answered within 24<br />

hours always, so when your coming back<br />

we will collect you from airport free hows<br />

that? more details e-mail me at ustorepattaya@hotmail.co.uk<br />

mob:thai 0871313171 or<br />

english 0888934683 | contact: belle | phone:<br />

0888934683 | reference id: th17414<br />

SP11 (Nov 11) - Services Provided: we<br />

are hiring sheraz99 - We Buy Antiques:- We<br />

look for the finest antiques available in any<br />

category, including but not limited to: American<br />

and European antique furniture,folk<br />

art,oil paintings, prints, jewelry and silver<br />

(especially Georg Jensen, Tiffany and<br />

Cartier), ceramics (hard and soft paste<br />

porcelain, Staffordshire, redware, majolica,<br />

faience, Oriental), blown and cut glass, toys,<br />

tin and glass plate photographs, nautical<br />

items Louis Vuitton luggage. We are also<br />

seeking the following 20th century names:<br />

Stickley, Roycroft, Limberts, Frank Lloyd<br />

Wright, Nakashima, Eames, Herman Miller,<br />

Plycraft,Knoll,Hans Wegner, Rookwood,<br />

Fulper, Grueby, Teco, and Spratling. Take<br />

CLEAR Digital Photographs:- of all sides<br />

of the item along with close-ups of details,<br />

marks, signatures, and any damage or<br />

repairs. Provide measurements of the item,<br />

specific to details. For example, the height of<br />

the back of the chair, the length of the arms,<br />

the width of the seat,etc. Note the price that<br />

you wish to realize for your item. We do not<br />

make offers. We consider offers to be a form<br />

of appraisal which is a service that we charge<br />

for. | Contact: sheraz | Phone: 423-741-6510<br />

| Reference ID: TH17418<br />

SP05 (May 11) - Services Provided: PRITH-<br />


IN ADVANCE - 66BE Gold is very precious<br />

and has been the symbol of progress from<br />

the very ages. In ancient time, gold had<br />

been prevalent in exchange process. Our<br />

country and many other nations of the world<br />

determine the progress of their economy as<br />

in gold. Gold plays a very important role not<br />

http://www.pattayatrader.com<br />

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Pattaya Trader<br />

E-Mail: pattayatrader@pattayatrader.com<br />

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