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We are a specialist provider of nurse-led

care at home services.

Which ‘Care at Home service’ is

right for you?

We supply a wide range of registered nurses,

healthcare assistants & support workers tailored

to the needs of individual service users, giving

Personal Care | Social Companionship

a value for money home based alternative to

Hospital to Home | Palliative Care

hospital or residential care.

Holiday Care | Live in care | Night Care





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Spire Hospital

What’s on,

Christmas & Food

Ginger Bread House

Artist Amanda Whittome

Michelle Lawley Hair

Get your Christmas Tree!

Did you know?

2021 - A year in review

Fashion at Christmas

Health & Well-being

Winter Fashion

Jimmy Greaves Tribute

1920’s - A Century Ago

It’s a Man Thing

Vegan Feature

Family & Education

Compton Care

What is Reiki

Breath, Dance & Yoga

House, Home & Garden

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Top tips for hip and knee health from

experts at Spire Little Aston Hospital

As you get older, you may find that your

hips and knees ache or feel stiff more

often. This may be down to natural

wear and tear, however, injuries,

osteoarthritis and accidents can also

affect your joints and cause mobility


Building and maintaining hip and knee

strength is essential to help your joints

work well so you can get on with

everyday tasks without discomfort and

enjoy a full and active lifestyle.

While some wear and tear to your

knees and hips may need medical

attention, there are things you can do to

protect and strengthen your joints and

therefore reduce your risk of problems.

Here are some easy ways to take care

of your knees and hips, ensure they

stay strong for as long as possible and

reduce your risk of osteoarthritis.

1. Maintain a healthy weight

Your weight can have a huge effect on

your joints, especially your knees and

hips as these are load-bearing, which

means they carry your body weight.

Extra weight puts extra pressure on

them, which can cause them to wear

out much faster.

2. Stay active

Inactivity can cause your joints to

become stiff and weak, reducing your

range of motion. To keep your knees

and hips working properly, you need to

keep moving.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you

need to head to the gym every day.

There are plenty of gentle exercises

you can do on a daily basis that will

help, including walking and other lowimpact

activities such as cycling and


Swimming or exercising in water

reduces the pressure on your joints,

while still allowing you to build their


3. Improve your posture

Good posture isn’t just vital for a

healthy spine, it can affect every part of

your body, including your knees and

hips. If you don’t pay attention to your

posture, it’s easy to start slouching,

especially if you work at a desk during

the day. Your posture can also worsen

as you get older, causing you to

become stooped.

4. Strengthen your knee muscles

When it comes to reducing knee pain

and improving overall knee health, it

isn’t just about the joints. You also need

to strengthen the muscles that support

your knee joints.

Doing exercises that build up your

hamstrings, abductors and quadriceps

will help to protect the cartilage in your

knee joints and therefore maintain your

joint health

5. Watch your diet

What you eat affects your hip and knee

health. Eat a diet rich in omega–3 fatty

acids as they help reduce stiffness in

your joints and reduce inflammation

that can lead to joint pain. You can

either take omega–3 supplements or

eat oily fish, such as salmon and

mackerel, several times a week.

Vitamin E is also important for joint

health as it too can reduce

inflammation. Maintaining good vitamin

E levels has been found to lower the

risk of joint damage. Good sources of

dietary vitamin E include nuts,

sunflower seeds and avocado.

A diet rich in antioxidants is also great

for your joint health as they reduce

inflammation, which often occurs in

arthritis and causes joint pain.

Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries,

spinach, kale and beetroots are all

good sources of antioxidants.

6. Wear supportive shoes

The shoes you wear can have a big

impact on the health of your knees and

hips. Hard-soled shoes allow the impact

of your foot hitting the floor to be felt

right up through your legs and into your

knees and hips. Meanwhile, wearing

heels can affect your centre of gravity,

putting extra pressure on your knees

and hips.

Wearing comfortable shoes that provide

the right support will improve the

alignment of your joints and reduce the

pressure on them. Your shoes should

have a soft, shock-absorbing sole to

reduce the impact of your feet hitting

the floor with each step and should also

be fitted correctly to stop your feet

rolling inward or outward.

7. Listen to your body

While regular stretching and exercising

are important to keep your knees and

hips healthy, you need to make sure

you’re not overdoing it. Carrying on with

your routine if your joints are painful,

swollen or stiffer than usual can cause

further damage.

Take stock of any discomfort or pain

you’re experiencing and if you notice

your symptoms getting worse during a

particular activity, take a break and look

after your joints.

You can reduce any pain or swelling in

your knees or hips by applying an ice

pack to help reduce inflammation. Don’t

put the ice pack directly on your skin,

instead wrap it in a tea towel or flannel,

and don’t leave it on for longer than 20

minutes. For stiffness, heat packs or

soaking in a warm bath can help relax

your muscles and ease any tension

With fast access to consultations

and diagnostic tests and scans,

Spire Little Aston Hospital can

provide expert advice to help you

make the right decision about your


From surgical procedures to noninvasive

methods, we offer an

extensive range of treatments to

help you get back to doing what

you love.

Book to see an expert today

Search ‘Spire Little Aston Hospital’

Call 0121 514 7034


As the colder days of winter creep in, there’s still

plenty to get exited about; cosy family get togethers

that we missed so much. Catching up with friends,

going to pubs, restaurants and concerts. And

freshening up your look with a new pair of specs!

Wearing the right frame can make a huge difference to

the way we look and feel about ourselves.

You can have a great pair of shoes or a great suit, but

the people are first connecting with your face, so

finding the right pair of spectacles is crucial.

Classic silver and gold wire framed glasses are a safe

choice if you like minimalistic and elegant look. But

coloured two-tone metal frames will bring glamour and

style to any outfit.

Iconic ‘50s cat eye styles are back in fashion with a

contemporary twist to the retro shape in many different


We have 100s of frames from the latest collections in

stock now, so finding the right look is easier than ever,

especially with our Eyewear Styling Service.

This individually dedicated consultation service offers

a unique and bespoke styling consultation to help

discover perfect eyewear to suit both optical and style


Our gift vouchers are a great way to treat our family

and friends this season as well as our gift bags that

contain essential eyecare goodies.

The appearance of frames constantly evolves

according to latest fashion trends, and the latest

designs are big, bold and colourful in statement tones

- rich reds, blues and deep shades of purple can help

improve your mood!

So why not call us to arrange a visit to browse our

latest collections or if you are due your eye

examination you can book your appointment online at

www.taylorbiddleopticians.co.uk or give us a call.





39 Bridgnorth Road, Compton WV6 8AF I 01902 750325

34 Windmill Bank, Wombourne WV5 9JD I 01902 895909



For Christmas festivities wines always find general favour.

Which wines, what with and when, need not be so complex. I

selected some popular choices, that satisfy many situations

and also pair with food, admirably. Not forgetting Santa (and

his grown-up helpers!), when he does his rounds, a joyful

sherry is always welcome!

For Christmas morning Bucks Fizz has become a regular,

traditional, option, for many. A mix of two parts orange juice

and one part champagne, can incorporate your favourite

champagne. I like a champagne that is powerful, elegant and

crisp. Bucks Fizz can also be purchased ready mixed, in


To accompany turkey, Merlot can be classed as a lighter wine

option. Chilean Merlot is wonderful and Clos Apalta Casa

Lapostolle is excellent. This dark-coloured production is bold

and voluptuous. A great recommendation for a wine to enjoy

around the Christmas table.

informed), makes a brilliant tasting addition to a rich and

fruity Christmas punch, as well as being a fabulous pairing

with Christmas pudding.

Port is a trusted favourite, for ending a meal, particularly with

cheeses. A favourite of mine is Graham’s. The deep ruby-red

colour entices to the dark, fruity bouquet, which furthers the

enjoyment for the mouthfeel and palate, with a long finish.

We cannot forget Santa, of course! A good idea (in my

opinion) is to leave a very acceptable sherry for Santa – and

his grown-up helpers! Fernando de Castilla Classic Pedro

Ximenez I find to be a sherry that goes on pleasing. Big on

flavour and sweetness, this is very good and elegant.

I know, I know, it’s that time of year again. But, if it works, it

works! I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy the drinks

(if you wish to) that suit you. Merry Christmas!

Goose has a stronger flavour than turkey and Pinot Noir

makes a splendid accompaniment. Villa Maria Reserve

Marlborough, from New Zealand, pairs well with the rich

flavours of goose. The complex palate is well-balanced for

this wine, which is regularly chosen as a pairing for this dish.

Cherry Brandy Liqueur, having grand notes of maraschino

cherries and fresh morella, is also splendid by itself. The

Grant’s production (a favourite tipple of Queen Victoria, I am

As always, Enjoy!

Trevor Langley


Christmas Day

Special Lunch


Zuppa Della Casa (v)

Soup of the day

Avocado Bernardo

Finely sliced avocado with fresh water prawns

dressed with marie rose sauce

Salmone Affumicato

Smoked Salmon with thinly chopped white


and capers

Verdure Grigliate Marinate (v)

Grilled peppers, aubergines, carrots,

courgettes and fennel, drizzled with honey

and mustard vinaigrette, rocket salad, topped

with parmesan shavings

Main Course

Tacchino Con ripeno Di Castagne

Turkey with chestnut stuffing, chipolatas

wrapped in pancetta, served with Italian gravy


£44.95 per person

Manzo Con rosmarino

Pan fried sirloin, with olive oil, shallots, demi

glaze, rosemary, red wine reduction

Seabass Signor Sassi

Pan fried seabass fillets, white wine and

garlic, seasonal winter mushroom

Rack of Lamb

Served with red wine and mint sauce

Pollo Alla Cacciatore

Chicken breast served with mushrooms,

shallots, peppers, basil in a tomato and red

wine sauce


Selection of desserts

AlaCarte menu

Available on request

Christmas Lunch &

Dinner Party Menu

Lunch - 2 Course £14.95 / 3 Course £17.95

Dinner - £23.95 per person (From 18th Nov - 24th Dec)


Zuppa Della Casa

Homemade Soup of the day

Insalata Di Gamberetti

North atlantic prawns, onabedofcrisp

lettuce, topped with caper and lemon

dressing, served with brown bread

Insalata Caprice

Buffalo Mozarella, Sweet plum tomatoes,

avocado, drizzled with a balsamic and olive

oil vinaigrette, red chard salad

Calamari Fritti

Baby squid coated in a tempura batter,

deep fried, served with a touch of caper

mayonnaise, on a bed of rocket salad

Main Course

Tacchino Con Ripeno Di Castagne

Turkey with chestnut stuffing, chipolatas

wrapped inpancetta,servedwithItalian gravy

Now taking



New Year’s


Fettucine Vegetiriano

Flat pasta, with baby spinach, baby plum

tomatoes, shallot, white wine, creamy

parmesan sauce

Pollo Alla Crema

Pan fried chicken breast cooked in white

wine, mushroom and cream sauce

Salmone Cardinale

Salmon supreme in a cream, tomato and

white wine sauce


Selection of desserts

All main course are served with potatoes and

vegetables. Vegetarian dishes are available

(please ask your waiter). There will be a £10


non-transferable deposit required per person

to reserve your table





72-73 Darlington St,

Wolverhampton WV1 4LY

(Opposite fold

street car park)

T: 01902 546262

E: info@roccoitalian.co.uk



Contact Name: ..........................................................................

Contact Number: ......................................................................

Contact Email: ..........................................................................

Number of People (Booking required for)

Festive meal(s) you are interested in:

Christmas Day Special Lunch

Christmas Lunch & Dinner Party

Please fill out the above and make sure you indicate quantity required of

each item in the boxes next to each item on menu.

PLEASE NOTE: this enquiry is not proof of any booking(s). We will be contacting you

once we receive this reservation form to arrange dates and times of your booking.


7th November

Grand Theatre, Rob Beckett,



Bantock House Museum, Antiques

Fair 9am - 3.30pm


13th November

Wolverhampton Racecourse, Race

Meeting (First Race 4.30pm)


Bantock House Museum Christmas

Shopping Market (13th &

14th)11am - 4pm


15th November

Grand Theatre, The Upbeat



16th November

Grand Theatre, Rush - A Joyous

Jamaican journey


17th November

Grand Theatre, You Win Again -

Bee Gees


18th November

Grand Theatre, The Gary

Powndland Show


19th November

Grand Theatre, Supreme Queen


20th November

Molineux, Wolves v West Ham

3pm Kick off


Wolverhampton Racecourse, Race

Meeting (First Race 4.30pm)


Bantock House Museum,

Christmas Shopping Market (20th

& 21st) 11am - 4pm


Christmas Light

Switch on's!

20th November

City Centre 3pm - 7pm

Lights Switch on 6pm

25th November

Wednesfield 4.30pm- 7pm

Lights Switch on 6.30pm

26th November

Bilston 4.30pm- 7pm

Lights Switch on 6.30pm

27th November

Tettenhall 4.30pm- 7pm

Lights Switch on 6.30pm

28th November

Bantock Park 4.30pm- 7pm

Lights Switch on 6.30pm

21st November

Grand Theatre, Romesh

Ranganathan - The Cynics Mixtape


23rd November

Wolverhampton Racecourse, Race

Meeting (First Race 4.00pm)


25th November

Wolverhampton Racecourse, Race

Meeting (First Race 12.33pm)


27th November

Wolverhampton Racecourse, Race

Meeting (First Race 4.00pm)


29th November

Wolverhampton Racecourse, Race

Meeting (First Race 4.00pm)


30th November

Molineux, Wolves v Burnley

7.45pm kick off


Friday 3rd


Christmas fair

Codsall Village Centre

4pm - 8pm

FREE entry

2 hours of fun, food,

music & shopping.

Santa bearing gifts

Carols around the

Christmas tree 7pm


4th December

Molineux, Wolves v Liverpool 3pm

Kick off

Grand Theatre, CINDERELLA

(4th December - 9th January)


5th December

Bantock House Museum, Antiques

Fair 9am - 3.30pm


11th December

Bantock House Museum,

Christmas Shopping Market (11th

& 12th) 11am - 4pm


18th December

Molineux, Wolves v Chelsea 3pm

Kick off


26th December

Molineux, Wolves v Watford 3pm

Kick off

Happy Christmas



Whether it’s joining us for your morning coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner we

can cater for all your needs and our friendly staff are always happy to help!


Based in one of Codsall’s oldest buildings renowned for its traditional oak beams and admired for

its beauty and period character, The Meathouse specialises in dishes inspired by the tastes and

flavours of the grill including finest quality aged steaks, lamb shank, sea bass and much more.

We offer a selection of continental beers and an array of mouth-watering cocktails, together with

a delicious wine menu featuring premium red, white & rosé wine to compliment every dish.

T: 01902 948163 I E: info@the-meathouse.co.uk

W: www.the-meathouse.co.uk/

It’s Christmas

Tis the Christmas Season of party, party,

party and after the last 12 months we are all

ready to let our hair down and enjoy

ourselves like never before, but remember to

make sure that if you are going to "Party like

it's 1999" make sure you don't regret anything

the next day!!

going to use a taxi service, remember to prebook

one as in these times it is not just HGV

drivers that are in short supply, it will bring

you that peace of mind rather, than

standing around for half an hour, freezing

and being told that your cab "Is just round

the corner"

It's hard not to get carried away with

Christmas parties, catching up with friends

and then the family festivities themselves! So

here are a few tips to make sure you have a

brilliant and safe time!

(1) When going out remember to have a

good meal to soak up that alcohol and also

snacks in between drinks, that then slows up

that absorption of alcohol, which means you

are more in control.

(2) Avoid drinking before you go out, or preloading

as it's called, again you want to

enjoy your evening, instead of not being

able to remember anything about it!

(3) Pace yourself while drinking, maybe even

have a couple of soft drinks or water in


(4) If you are heading out to a Christmas

Party or anything over the festivities and are

(5) And talking of "Freezing" remember to

take a coat with you, you might not want it

at the beginning of the evening, but you'll

be sure to be glad of it at the end of the


Wherever you are going out and about this

Christmas and by the way have a look at

some of the pages in our magazines for

some absolutely brilliant nights out over the

Festivities!! Have a Great, Enjoyable and

most importantly Safe time from everybody

at The Scene and SY1 magazines and bring

on 2022!!

Boxing day


A WEST MIDLanDS FamilY TradiTioN





*KIDS GO FREE when accompanied by a paying adult. Entry only. Excludes restaurants.

No Problem

No Call Out Charge

Gutters Cleared

We remove leaves - moss - grass - growth & debris

Ask about our

Gutter Cleaning





Hello, we’re Jon & Kerry

We own & operate GutterPRO

across the West Midlands &

South Sta 昀 ordshire.

Because it’s our business, you’ll get

a personal service and be certain we

will clear up thoroughly after the job.

Get an instant price


or call 01902 275 789 / 07932 658 555


6000+ Reviews

4.96 Excellent

4.96 Excellent

At Veggie Supreme Pizza our food will certainly make you smile. Our 100% Vegetarian and

Vegan menu with gluten free options promises lots of choice and flavour.

We have made it simple for you to still eat your favourite

foods and eat meat free. We offer great tasting pizzas with

a range of meat free toppings to choose from including

chilli chicken style pieces, jerk style pieces, pepperoni

style, ham & sausage – all vegan and full of flavour.

Soya is a source of protein; its tasty and also good for our

planet too! There’s lots of vegetable toppings too of

course combined with melted vegan or mozzarella cheese.

Our pizza sauce is homemade with lots of love and

patience, our dough is freshly made daily, and our

marinades have been specially created by us promising

flavour that packs a punch!

We also offer a range of meat free burgers, naans &

wraps. We are open for lunch weekdays and

evenings 7 days per week.

So, whether your vegetarian or vegan or simply eating

meat free - it’s time to try us out.

Free Delivery for orders over

£12 within 3-mile radius.

To order call 01902 456565

or order online at


21-25 Sedgley Street, Wolverhampton. WV2 3AJ.

Delivery, collection or eat in available.

Hair salon in Perton, Wolverhampton.

All cutting services, creative colour and hair extensions.

Gel Nails from £22

Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm, Late night Thursdays - 7:30pm, Saturdays 9am - 4pm

Free parking & Free WiFi

Antidote Hair Ltd, 5 Anders Square, Perton, Wolverhampton, WV67QH

01902 755445


Bringing the Taste of Bangladesh to Bridgnorth...

Eurasia tandoori restaurant has

been open since 1975. The team at

Eurasia are always maintaining

high standard services and

providing quality food to its

customers. Eurasia’s team is

always keen to introduce new

dishes in its menu.

Chef Ali has recently added more

fish and vegetarian dishes to the

menu. The team at Eurasia believe

vegetable and fish dishes can seem

less of a priority in most other

Indian restaurants and they

concentrate more on lamb and

chicken dishes, where at Eurasia we

like to have a good balance and

plenty of fish and vegetarian

options, thereby giving you the true

taste of Bangladesh.

As a team we visited Bangladesh in

January 2020, to discover the true

taste of their wonderful cuisine. We

visited many restaurants and

explored and experienced many fish

and vegetables dishes, bringing the

best ones back to add to our menu at


hef of


he Year













ward wi

nning Indian & Bang

ladeshi cuisine

Now open 7

Xmas Day


4 courses

£39.95 adult

£20.95 children

(under 12)

Eurasia Tandoori. These dishes

include vegetable tetuli, vegetable

chorchori and fish garlic Masala and

so on. They are wonderful dishes

that you must try alongside your

favourite lamb and chicken dishes.

Over the years Eurasia has

participated in many curry

competitions - nationally and

internationally, including The

British Curry Award, Curry Life

Chef Award and most recently

awarded chef of the year 2020 in


Chef Ali strives on creating

perfection with every dish, he

continually works his magic in the

kitchen, carefully selecting

ingredients to create authentic

Indian cuisine with his dedicated

team of chefs. Ali states ‘there is

nothing more exciting than getting

creative in the kitchen’!

Eurasia would like to appreciate our

local community for supporting us to

during this difficult and it

unprecedented times. We extended



our gratitude to the NHS staff who

have been thriving in keeping

everyone safe in the future we hope

we can continue providing

exceptional hospitality and service to

the people of Bridgnorth and



Chef Ali proves worthy of his title

of Chef of The Year 2015, 2016 &

2020 with every dish he creates!

As quoted by the Mayor of

Bridgnorth on our 40th

Anniversary “This restaurant is a

real credit to this town”








ng gi


boo ok

king ng go

onl nly


ue ue to t to limit

it te ed ed se sea ea




A big thank you to all our wonderful customers for your support

during these difficult times – it is very much appreciated” –

10% off

Call 0174

46 764



þe team at






21 Westcastle Street, Bridgnorth,





Make memories together this Christmas that your

family and friends will cherish. With our

gingerbread house kit you will create smiles,

laughter and a traditional festive centrepiece that

is guaranteed to amaze.

No baking required!

Includes everything you need to assemble,

decorate & create a delicious, handmade,

gingerbread house

Nationwide delivery available

Order online at www.kuckin.co.uk

or call: 01902 238800 / 07882 147201



ArTIsT &


Amanda Whittome is talented in many ways, from

changing faces to creating art.

Amanda runs Lashes & Brows in Tettenhall along with

Amanda Whittome Art, creating portraits of pets and

families that almost look lifelike, they truly are incredible. For

a beautiful gift this Christmas contact Amanda with a

photograph of your loved ones and pets and she will

transform it into a beautiful pencil portrait to treasure

forever, gift vouchers are also available.

Using her talent in art, Amanda turned her hand into

microblading eyebrows, transforming the facial

appearance beautifully. Using many techniques, she can

offer a subtle powder brow to a more defined look with

microblading along with brow lamination where your own

hairs are reset into position to make your brows look fuller,

fluffier or neater, depending on your preference. Whatever

look you are after Amanda is able to give helpful, friendly

advice and most importantly give you the look you are

after, why not finish off with a Nouveau LvL lash tint and lift,

to really show those eyes off!

Other service includes lip blush, adding a soft tint to your

lips, making them more defined and can last up to 2 years,

and eye liner using a tattooing technique – imagine

getting out of bed looking like your make up is already


Whether it’s a piece of paper or a human face, Amanda

takes pride in every piece of work she does and is

extremely led by obtaining perfection.

Contact Amanda on 07976 631213 I W: https://amandawhittome.carrd.co/

E: lashes-brows@email.com I F: @amandawhittomeLashesBrows & @awhittomeart

Instagram: amandawhittome_pmu & awhittomeart


(featuring members of The Beautiful South)

Play WOLVERHAMPTON – Robin 2 on Saturday 11th December

With the Coronavirus Pandemic putting a

stop to Live music around the world for most

of 2020/21, it is with a huge sigh and with

many fingers crossed that The South can

get back on the road and do what they do

best - perform the songs of that great British

pop institution, The Beautiful South, to the

thousands of fans of these timeless classics.

The South are an impressive 9 piece band who

feature former members of The Beautiful South

including singer Alison Wheeler and lifelong sax

player Gaz Birtles. Since Dave Hemingway, the

original singer, left the group at the end of 2016,

Gaz has moved across to front the band with

Alison and taken on vocal duties.

Since the demise of The Beautiful South in 2007,

this exciting live band have spent 11 years

touring the theatres and festivals of the UK up

and down the country, bringing back the full

sound and arrangements of these treasured

songs - A Little Time (the number one single),

Perfect 10, Rotterdam, Song For Whoever, Old

Red Eyes Is Back, Good as Gold, Don't Marry

Her plus many more singles and album tracks as

well as a few choice South originals. These

songs span an impressive 18 year career

starting way back in 1989!

Let’s Carry On… Regardless!

The South are:

Alison Wheeler (Vocals), Gaz Birtles (Vocals),

Phil Barton (Guitars), Steve Nutter (Bass), Dave

Anderson (Drums), Karl Brown (Percussion),

Gareth John (Trumpet), Su Robinson (Sax),

Andy Price (Keys).

All tickets for the show are available from -


15% OFF


With this advert.

Web: Use Code


at checkout

Not Too Shabby By Jodie

Furniture Store & Home Accessories

My aim is to provide beautiful, bespoke pieces of furniture for you and your home.

Not Too Shabby is based in Wolverhampton, and my passion is to create unique pieces by

highlighting their original beauty and charm. I can source and supply whatever you require, or simply

refinish something you already own, making no two pieces the same.

Christmas decor now

in store!

Home accessories &

gifts now in store!

W: www.nottooshabbybyjodie.com

E: jodie@nottooshabbybyjodie.com

T: 07891 661977

F: @nottooshabbybyjodie

Garden Village

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Throughout December, 昀 nd the elves around the City Centre and

snap a sel 昀 e to be in with a chance to win the best christmas ever!















Profeional salon with a personal touch.




Christmas Shopping Event

Monday 22nd November 4pm - 8pm

Goody bags

Prosecco, mulled wine and mince pies

Live demonstrations

Christmas gift ideas

Event only discounts

Free gift wrapping service

And much more…

Get into the Christmas spirit with our eagerly awaited Christmas shopping event. Bring your friends and come

along on Monday 22nd November between 4pm & 8pm for a relaxed and fun night of Christmas shopping.

up fabulous gifts for your loved ones with our great gift ideas at the lowest - event only prices and even get

them gift wrapped for free!

have live treatment demonstrations, advice from the experts and goodie bags for the first 50 guest

Call our ML team on 01902 754110 to pay a £10 deposit to reserve your place

(claim this back on purchases made on the night)




The Season So far...

probably a 7th spot again is a much more realistic

position, (I hope).

Aston Villa have had a similar start to the season as

Wolves, again in that mid table position and again on

there day are capable of beating any team in the

Premiership, well apart from the big three of Liverpool,

Man City & Chelsea and over the last couple of transfer

windows they have bought really well, with the likes of

Emiliano Martinez, Danny Ings, Tyrone Mings and Ollie

Watkins coming to the club. But will the sale of Jack

Grealish have a detrimental effect on the team? I don't

think so and like Wolves, I can see them competing for

those European slots.

Will Molineux be seeing European Football next season?

Well it has been an interesting start of the season as far

as our football clubs are concerned and at the Scene,

we look at how they have performed, especially the

guys at the Golden Palace.

Wolves swapped Nuno for Bruno and with that, the new

manager Bruno Lage had promised a more attacking

emphasis and for the first three games his side definitely

didn't disappoint as they were on the front foot and had

more shots towards goal then any other Premier League

team, unfortunately they didn't score and were picked off

1-0 each time by Leicester, Tottenham and Man Utd

respectively, so after that, a more conservative approach

has resulted in more victories and more clean sheets

which, thankfully moved the club from close to the

relegation zone to a more mid table position and

hopefully they can move onwards and upwards towards

that 7th spot again and a bit more European Football

back at Molineux for 2022.

With signings such as Hwang Hee-Chan whose

nickname is Bull, (Rather appropriate for Wolves), who

at the time of going to print has had 4 shots at goal and

scored 4 goals, not a bad return! The Gold and Black

side of the region is not looking too bad at the moment.

But in general, looking at the Premier League this

season there are three clubs who are by far, better than

the rest, Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea and to be

honest the rest of the clubs (Norwich apart) are very

similar, all capable of beating each other, so who is to

say Wolves couldn't finish 4th and play Champions

League next season, (We can but dream), however,

Will the Albion boing boing bounce back up this season??

What of Wolves' Black country neighbours West

Bromwich? Well, after relegation from the Premier

League last season they are fighting back and with a

new manager like Valerien Ismael who did wonders with

Barnsley, he definitely has the hunger and ability to

bounce them back this season (Boing Boing! See what I

did there!). The way they have started is showing they

can be planning Black Country Derbies again next


And finally we look at the other team in the Second City,

Birmingham. Well their results so far this season have

not been too great, however, with a good manager like

Lee Boyer and astute signings like boyhood Birmingham

fan Troy Deeney they shouldn't be looking over their

shoulder for too long.

But one thing for sure it is so great having fans back in

football grounds as they have been massively missed.

By Chris Dawson


















for cash

Start saving

with our








Units 53/54

Bilston Indoor Market

Open: Monday, Thursday,

Friday & Saturday

Tel: (01902) 401454



Each number in our Cross Code grid represents a different letter

of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start

you off. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid,

then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters

should go in the missing squares.

As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number

in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of

letters as you identify them.



Using all 16 letters of the phrase above, form

four words each of four letters which will fit in the

grid to form a magic square in which the words

can be read both horizontally and vertically.

Quiz Challenge

1. Crockford’s directory lists

members of which profession?

2. Dolly Parton’s theme park

Dollywood is in which US


3. TV’s Inspector Morse drove

which make of car?

4. What A is a small cloth placed

over the backs or arms of

chairs to protect the fabric


5. In the hit film Titanic, what was

the name of the character

played by Leonardo DiCaprio ?





How many words of four

letters or more can you

make from this

Nonagram? Each word

must use the central letter,

and each letter may be

used only once. At least

one word using all nine

letters can be found.


22 Good; 26 Very Good;

30 Excellent.

Any word found in the Concise

Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition) is

eligible with the following

exceptions: proper nouns; plural

nouns, pronouns and possessives;

third person singular verbs;

hyphenated words; contractions

and abbreviations; vulgar slang

words; variant spellings of the

same word (where another variant

is also eligible).


Spell out a 15-letter word or

phrase by moving from one

chamber to another within

the pyramid. You may

only enter each of the

chambers once and

may only proceed

through openings

in the walls. The

first letter may

appear in any



6. What is the singular form of

the word dice when used in

board games?

7. What is the naval equivalent of

an army field marshal?

8. In cycling’s Tour de France,

what does a rider’s possession

of the green jersey denote?

9. Where do troglodytes live?

10. The 1940s ‘Windrush

Generation’ refers to

immigrants who came to

Britain from which part of the













Here are two

miniature fivesquare


using the same

grid – but the

letters have

been mixed up.

You have to

work out which

letters belong

to which




Each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9, and so must each 3 x 3 box.

1 6 4 8 2

7 3 5 6 9

8 9 1 3 4

7 1 8

4 9 5 8

6 8 2 9 5

2 1 6 4

2 1




5 9 3 1

7 6 8

9 5


4 8 2

4 5 9

8 5 2

7 6 3


13 8

7 5 3

5 5

15 5 3

2 3

Place the four signs (add,

subtract, multiply, divide)

one in each circle so that

the total of each across

and down line is the same.

Perform the first calculation in each

line first and ignore the mathematical

law which says you should always

perform division and multiplication

before addition and subtraction.

This puzzle page is supplied by

Sirius Media Services.

To try our new puzzle,

Zygolex, go to


© Sirius Media Services Ltd


Family protection


Kevin Simmons, of Wolverhampton Wills, can

come to you, at your home, at a time that is

convenient to you and has been providing wills,

estate planning, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

and Family and Asset Trusts for many years.

Wolverhampton Wills covers Wolverhampton,

the wider West Midlands, Staffordshire and

Shropshire. Whether you need advice

concerning the issues surrounding the potential

remarriage of a surviving spouse or protecting

your home from third party claims, get in touch

with Wolverhampton Wills.

It is very important to plan estates well in

advance, using Wills, Property Trusts and Family

Asset Protection Trusts, to keep some of the

most hard-earned assets, especially the home,

firmly within the family.

Having a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) helps

to ensure your wishes are respected if you are

lacking legal capacity.

An LPA can ensure that it’s only people you

trust that will help you with your financial or

health affairs and prevents the involvement of

The Court of Protection.

Kevin, from Wolverhampton Wills, can come to

you, at your home, at a time that is convenient

to you and will help you create a Lasting Power

of Attorney, placing family or friends as your

attorney and spokesperson.

For advice about whatever life throws at you or

to arrange a home visit, contact

Kevin on 07870 513218 or visit



We travel to you to provide clear helpful

advice to draft your will.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Everyone needs a Lasting Power of Attorney to

keep authority and decision making in the family

if we lose our capacity.

Asset Protection

Protect your Home from third party claims and

reduce Probate fees, Ring fence Assets for your

bloodline and pass them on intact to children

and grandchildren. Make sure you plan early for

maximum protection.

For Contact more information us to help your and to plan arrange ahead. your

We offer a home home visit visit service contact: at no extra cost!

Mobile: 07870 513 218

Tel: 01902 741 309

Email: kgsimmons1@yahoo.co.uk


Scene Local Media 01952 780058















6 6
































































1. Where craftsmen drink in

Hertfordshire? (7,3)

7. Girl, one with nine others (5)

8. Wreckage floats about at 6

Down (7)

10. One might admit having

heard it (8)

11. Friend holds snobbish

boy (4)

13. Some run back to place an

order inside (6)

15. Box at home for milk

protein (6)

17. Girl returns during the

ballet (4)

18. Being legally qualified, is fit

to be chosen (8)

21. Indicated that nothing got

knocked on the outside (7)

22. Type of tent used on hill? (5)

23. Model deems upset

intrusive (10)


1. Peter to appear in brief show

at Christmas time (5)

2. Bet led Mr Strange to be

shaken (8)

3. Wrap up in French pleat (6)

4. Strung up most of noose

shortly (4)

5. Variety of sausage used to

soften (7)

6. Principal leading lady in

Berkshire (10)

9. Large miner about to be

become a skiver (10)

12. Jumper that has a pocket (8)

14. Mixture produced by poor

enamel coating for key (7)

16. Promise as security (6)

19. Move slightly to cut back on

plan for expenditure (5)

20. Read endlessly at the horse

breeding establishment (4)


1. Satanic

ceremony (5,4)

9. Monarch’s

seat (6)

10. Russian

emperor (4)

11. Woody plant (4)

12. Spectre (6)

13. Augur (7)

16. North American

lake (4)

17. Withered (4)

18. Lair (3)

20. Foot digit (3)

21. Correct text (4)

23. Statutes (4)

25. Asphalt (7)

26. Linked series (6)

29. Skin condition (4)

30. Wheel

covering (4)

31. Reddish brown (6)

32. Interchange (9)


2. Lease giver (6)

3. Clergyman (6)

4. Morning

prayer (6)

5. Hotpot (4)

6. Fizzy powder (7)

7. Asian desert (4)

8. Device (9)

13. Monetary

fund (5,4)

14. Cereal food (4)

15. Jeans fabric (5)

18. Lifeless (4)

19. Tapering flag (7)

22. Assimilate (4,2)

23. Portable

computer (6)

24. Sea mammal (6)

27. Cain’s brother (4)

28. Blemish (4)


QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The clergy; 2 Tennessee; 3 Jaguar; 4 Antimacassar; 5 Jack Dawson; 6 A die; 7 Admiral of the Fleet; 8 Leader of the

points classification; 9 In caves; 10 The Caribbean.



1 5 6 3 9 4 8 7 2

7 4 3 8 5 2 1 6 9

2 8 9 1 6 7 5 3 4

5 3 2 6 7 1 9 4 8

4 9 7 5 3 8 2 1 6

6 1 8 4 2 9 3 5 7

3 2 1 7 8 6 4 9 5

9 7 4 2 1 5 6 8 3

8 6 5 9 4 3 7 2 1

3 2 6 9 7 5 4 1 8

8 5 9 4 3 1 2 7 6

1 4 7 6 8 2 3 9 5

9 8 3 2 1 6 5 4 7

7 6 2 5 4 3 1 8 9

5 1 4 8 9 7 6 3 2

4 7 5 3 2 8 9 6 1

6 3 8 1 5 9 7 2 4

2 9 1 7 6 4 8 5 3


lens; eyot; nose;



Military attaché.


Clockwise from top

left – add; subtract;

multiply; divide.

Total: 9.


Across – 1 Potters Bar; 7 Annie; 8 Flotsam; 10 Doorbell; 11 Paul;

13 Number; 15 Casein; 17 Ella; 18 Eligible; 21 Denoted; 22

Ridge; 23 Meddlesome.

Down – 1 Panto; 2 Trembled; 3 Enfold; 4 Soon; 5 Assuage; 6

Maidenhead; 9 Malingerer; 12 Kangaroo; 14 Melange; 16 Pledge;

19 Budge; 20 Stud.


Across – 1 Black mass; 9 Throne; 10 Tsar; 11 Tree; 12 Wraith; 13

Portend; 16 Erie; 17 Sere; 18 Den; 20 Toe; 21 Edit; 23 Laws; 25

Macadam; 26 Chains; 29 Acne; 30 Tyre; 31 Sienna; 32 Transpose.

Down – 2 Lessor; 3 Curate; 4 Matins; 5 Stew; 6 Sherbet; 7 Gobi;

8 Mechanism; 13 Petty cash; 14 Rice; 15 Denim; 18 Dead; 19

Pennant; 22 Take in; 23 Laptop; 24 Walrus; 27 Abel; 28 Scar.




Across – Pitch; Tenon; Agony.

Down – Pitta; Tango; Handy.

Across – Shift; Amaze; Erect.

Down – Shave; Irate; Tweet.


cense; cist; cutis; ensue; eques; ictus;

incest; incus; incuse; inquest; insect;

inset; nest; nicest; quest; QUIESCENT;

scene; scent; scut; scute; sect; seen;

seine; sene; sent; sente; sequent;

sequin; sice; since; sine; site; snit;

squint; squit; stein; stun; suet; suint;

suit; suite; tense; unset.



Catwalk Style,

Out of Town Prices

Contemporary Hairdressing

Dawn at Evergreen Hairdressers, based in

Wolverhampton, offers a bespoke hairdressing

experience for clients of all ages. Colouring and

working with long hair are our specialist services.

We excel at cutting

and styling hair,

creating individual

hairstyles which are

easy to maintain at


Opening Times

Monday Closed

Tuesday 9am - 5pm

Wednesday 9am - 8:00pm

Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturday 8:30am - 5pm



01902 751322

07908 909469

4 Pendeford Ave,


Wolverhampton, WV6 9EF

Head office:

59 Tettenhall Road,




T: 01902 422 096

E: info@flintandpartners.co.uk

Branches also at:

Wednesfield & Codsall



Handcrafted eyewear designed to highlight the beauty

of the woman that wears them.

Coco Song frames remain one of our most popular

brands at Flint Optometry, offering uniqueness and

striking looks – and you won’t find them anywhere else

in the area!

Drawing inspiration from the mystery of the Orient,

using the finest materials in the world, Italian brand

Coco Song creates women's luxury eyewear delivering

an unparalled artistic masterpiece in each and every

frame. Exquisite elements such as silk, dried flowers,

feathers, semi-precious stones, metal accents and

enamelling are matched with one-of-a-kind acetates.

Each frame is made by the careful hand and expertise of

an artisan master taking a minimum of six months to

perfect. A magical blend of Italian design and oriental

culture delivers.... an artistic masterpiece.

Coco Song are available at each of our

three practices and the new collection

has just landed!

They say that diamonds are

a girls’ best friend and they

certainly prove to be a very

popular choice at auction.

Our jewellery auctions are frequented by dealers, private

collectors as well as individuals. These sales offer the

chance to purchase good quality, classically designed

jewellery – whether it be a pair of earrings, necklace,

bracelet, a watch, an engagement ring or even a

Christmas gift! Often at our jewellery views we have

couples who come along and try rings for size before

placing bids.

Jewellery is often something that people hand down

from generation to generation and it is quite common to

see the older, vintage, pieces go under the hammer.

Brooches are not necessarily items that people

immediately think about collecting – but hand-crafted

brooches by an iconic designer or even cameo

brooches will always hold their value.

The modern diamond market began in 1866 with the

discovery of diamonds in Kimberley, South Africa. This

changed the perception of diamonds from rare gems to

something available to those who could afford it; and

these days at auction they can be purchased for a

variety of prices. Naturally diamond solitaires sell well

and depending on size they can range from £50 to


Necklaces and earrings are also really sought after.

Again, diamonds feature heavily in the popularity stakes

right now, with diamond studs and diamond and pearl

being the preferred choice for earrings. In terms of

necklaces, buyers are favouring fringe necklaces and

chokers, that are great for dressing up an outfit.

With current trends on sustainability of sourcing

gemstones for jewellery, a few firms have set out to put

lab-grown diamonds into modern pieces. These have

exactly the same properties as their natural cousins and

are a fraction of their value.

At auction, antique pieces are set with natural diamonds

and are carbon neutral! Therefore, not only are you

buying a beautiful piece of antique jewellery but a

sustainable item too.

Diamond ring sold at SAS for £100,000

To find out more, we hold free Valuation Days in our

Dudley saleroom every Thursday – so why not come


Baylies Hall,

Tower Street,





or contact Arthur on

07799 386471




260g plain flour

170g soft butter

80g caster sugar


150g shop-bought or homemade mincemeat

Crumble topping

225g self-raising flour

80g butter

80g caster sugar

Ring the changes with the mince pies

this festive season by topping with

crumble instead of pastry.



100g caster sugar

2 tsps ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground cardamom

1/2 tsp ground ginger

3/4 tsp ground allspice

1/2 tsp salt

425g plain flour

225g butter, softened


1. Preheat the oven to 220℃.

2. Make the pastry cases by mixing flour and sugar in a bowl, then

rubbing in the butter. Knead well to form a smooth paste.

3. Roll out thinly and cut into circles using a large cutter to line about

24 pie tins. Fill with mincemeat.

4. For the crumble topping, rub butter into flour until it resembles

breadcrumbs. Add sugar and mix thoroughly. Top the mincemeat with

the crumble mix.

5. Bake for 10-15 minutes until the bases are golden.

6. Cool on a wire rack and serve warm.


1. Preheat the oven to 180 C.

2. In a medium bowl, stir together the sugar, cinnamon, cardamom,

ginger, allspice and salt. Divide into two equal parts, and set one


3. Add the flour and butter to the other half, and stir until blended. It

should be slightly grainy.

4. Press the dough evenly into a 20cm square tin. Cut into 2.5x5cm

pieces using a knife, and prick with the tines of a fork.

5. Sprinkle the reserved sugar and spice liberally over the top then

bake for 25 to 30 minutes in the preheated oven, or until firm and

golden at the edges. Do not brown.

6. Cool completely in the tin, and break into pieces along the lines to


This recipe is easy to make and keeps very

well in an airtight tin or tightly wrapped in

foil. It can also make a great gift when

placed in a decorative box or basket

Shop online and choose

your delivery date at the


Delivery to any UK

mainland address with a

1 hour delivery slot.




The ideal Christmas gift for that foodie lover in

your life. You can order just Merry Christmas or

personalise it with a name. Please check our delivery

information online before ordering.


A selection of our products including our

Traditional Ironbridge Pasties, Sausage Rolls,

Traditional Pork Pies, Pork Scratching's and

even our popular Chilli Pork Pie. More

information online.






A 20m x 10m ice rink will be installed at the Luna Springs

site on Lower Trinity Street.

Festive entertainment schedule will take in a Santa Jazz Band, The Nutcracker on

Ice, Bavarian Bands, The Bad Santa Christmas Show – and real life reindeer!

Luna Springs will bring a Christmas

spectacular to Digbeth this winter

with a series of festive activities

and daily entertainment. A 20m x

10m ice rink will be installed at the

Luna Springs site from 21st

October whilst a 500-cover

marquee, Camp Luna, will provide

respite from the winter weather and

a venue for Christmas parties with

a twist.

The Digbeth Ice Rink

Where Luna Springs’ al fresco

stage once sat will be transformed

into a 20m x 10m ice rink with a

line-up of exciting ice-related

shenanigans. Part of the stage will

remain in situ against the ice rink,

whereas the rest will be placed

within Camp Luna.

to curling, as well as ice skating


The Digbeth Ice Rink will open from


Camp Luna

From 16th October Luna Springs will

be home to a giant 500 covers-strong

festive marquee. Camp Luna will

provide guests respite from the great

British weather and an extravagant

location for festive parties. The winter

season of entertainment will take in

the Ultimate Battle of the Bavarian

bans, a Santa Jazz Band, Voice of

London Gospel Carols, a Christmas

gift-off/ swap shop and The Bad


Christmas Show as well as Bongo’s

Bingo and the Untold Orchestra.

Under the Luna Springs arches will

be host to a multitude of festival

treats and outlandish activities.

Tom Kidd, Adventure Bar Group

founder, said, “In line with our aim of

making Lunar Springs the best

venue in the midlands, we really

wanted to pull the stops out at

Luna Springs this year. The

result is a programme of highoctane

festive fun, that we’re

sure everyone from families to

festive ravers will love.”

As well as regular ice-skating slots,

there will be a host of experiences

for guests to book from ice zorbing

More info @



£32.50 | PER PERSON



























T: 01902 710 700





* One per person | £5 Free Play is for B1 Promotional Slots Only | Promotional Play must

be played in full and cannot be cashed out. See website for full T&Cs

Coppice Plants Broseley

Growers of Quality. Established 30 years

A massive selection of Christmas Wreaths, Crosses & Potted Christmas

plants, all handmade to order in a choice of colours and styles



7 days a week - We cover Telford, Newport, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth and Stafford areas.

Please come and visit us at our stall outside Central Square Newport (Shropshire)

Every Friday and Saturday. And also at Bridgnorth every Saturday opposite Sainsbury's.

Debit Card Payments now Accepted

E: coppiceplants@gmail.com



WINTER 2021/22

t: 01746 766477

BOOK ON LINE at www.theatreonthesteps.co.uk

Forever Elton and band

return in 2021 with their

Homage to the music of

Sir Elton John & Bernie


The most enduringly


singer/songwriters of their


Tickest £17


FRI 12th & SAT 13th NOVEMBER

Strictly Abba is one of the

most authentic and

accurate tributes to Abbaa

show enjoyed time end

time again. This Abba

Tribute surpasses all others

with the motto “ The

Winner Takes It All”!

Tickets: £13





8:00 pm

T“Unplugged” is an

emotional journey which

will go straight to your

heart. As with every Elvis

record, Gordon’s

“Unplugged” will leave

you singing along and

wanting more. Tickets: £23


FRI 26th & SAT 27th NOVEMBER

Spectacular Beach

Boys tribute band

Surf's Up return to

Theatre on the Steps

for an unbelievable

show where they will

play EVERY HIT this

wonderful band has

ever had. If you love

the surfing or hot rod hits, the sun, sand and sexy

classics, or the beautiful love songs, there'll be lots

here for you. . Tickets: £16



‘The Stones’ are the UK’s

No.1 and most authentic

tribute act to The Rolling

Stones. Performing hits such

as 'Satisfaction', Start Me Up',

Honky Tonk Woman' and

Jumpin' Jack Flash' the

Greatest Tribute Band in the

World pays tribute to the

World’s Greatest Rock and

Roll Band.

Tickets: £18





The very best of traditional

pantomime as the Theatre

on the Steps company

portray Dick's progress as

he goes to London to seek fame and fortune.

Tickets start from £10



Neil Armstrong's boots are still

floating around in space.


The wingspan of a Boeing 747 is longer than the

distance travelled during the Wright brothers’

first flight.

Breathing the air in New Delhi is

equivalent to smoking 45 cigarettes

a day.

Until 1858, all British passports were

written in French

More people in the world recognise the

McDonald's symbol than the

Christian cross.


On the set of Jaws, the shark was nicknamed

Bruce, after Steven Spielberg's lawyer.

4% of the sand on Normandy beaches is made

up of tiny metal particles from the

D-Day landings.

Pope Francis I used to work as a bouncer in a

Buenos Aires nightclub.

Humans spend 13%

of their lives not

focusing on anything

in particular.

(Editor: Well, Men)


Blowing out the candles

on a cake increases the

bacteria on it by up to


In 1940s Britain, children's TV was shown from 5 to 6 pm, then

transmission stopped for an hour to encourage them to go to

bed. (Editor: Can't we do that today?)

Retired characters from the Beano

include Little Dead-Eye Dick,

Cocky Dick, Sticky Willie,

Wandering Willie, and Polly Wolly

Doodle and her Great Big Poodle.


Smartphone users touch their phone

2,617 times a day.

Elephants can

hear better with

one foot off the


Every year, around 3,000 people get

bubonic plague.

In 2013, nine babies born

in the UK were named


A newborn blue whale

puts on 14 stone every




Emperor Hirohito's final speech to the

Japanese nation was the first time his

subjects had ever heard his voice.

All the ants in the world weigh

about the same as all the people in

the world.



There are more libraries in Britain's prisons

than there are in its schools.


Goose offers a different opportunity for the Christmas table and this

recipe is particularly decadent.



1 whole (5 to 6kg) goose

250g uncooked wild rice, cooked

75g chopped toasted hazelnuts

2 Granny Smith apples - peeled, cored

and chopped

1 small onion, chopped

2 tsps ground savoury or thyme

3 tbsps chopped fresh parsley

1½ tbsps plain flour

1 litre of water

salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat the oven to 170ºC.

2. Mix together the cooked rice, nuts, apples, onion and

herbs. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

3. Remove the neck, heart and gizzard from the goose.

Wash and dry the bird inside and out. Fill the cavity of

the goose with the stuffing, skewer closed and lace

string around the skewers. Truss the bird.

4. Roast for 1½ hours. Turn and roast for another 1½

hours, draining off any excess fat.

5. While the goose is roasting, place the neck, heart and

gizzard in a saucepan with water. Let simmer gently,

partially covered, for several hours, until reduced by


6. Pour off all but 1 tbsp of the fat from the roasting tin

and sprinkle in the flour. Set the tin over low heat and

stir for a minute, scraping up all the browned bits.

7. Add the stock from the giblets to the pan, and whisk

until smooth to make the gravy.








Wolverhampton takes full advantage of having a full week of Christmas

shopping markets in Dudley Street, stalls located right in the heart of the city

centre, in the main pedestrianised shopping area.

Amidst famous name stores and fabulous restaurants, bars, and eateries, our

festive stalls radiate a real sense of a traditional Christmas, reaching out and

appealing to shoppers from near & far, with a diverse mix of local &

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Christmas gifts, festive treats, essential items and lots of unique Artisan,

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A year to remember or forget?

As we come to the end of 2021 we

look back at the last 12 months,

the positives and also the

negatives, though you may argue

there have been more negatives

than positives!!

When we look back in a decade, at

this period of time I'm sure we will be

thankful at the very least for surviving,

but hopefully we all now, have a new

perspective for the future, to treat our

fellow man with more respect, love

and freedom that maybe we didn't do


2021 has been a year when most of us

have been "Doubled Jabbed" (if we

wanted to) and now we can finally plan

for the future, our holidays, our

career's and most importantly our

wellbeing!But what was 2021 all about,

what will we remember, who will we


Well the year started with the end of

Donald Trump and the beginning of

Joe Biden's tenure in office as the

46th President of The United States,

what will his presidency bring to the

world? Well we shall see, but at the

very least he will bring a calming

quality to the role that his predecessor

certainly didn't have. I doubt he will

have any impeachment trials like Mr

Trump, but we shall see.

2021 was the year that should have

been 2020. With the postponements

last year of the Olympics, the

Paralympics and the European

Football Championships, they were all

still called 2020 events even though

they all took place this year!! Mainly

because re-branding these events

would have cost an absolute fortune!!

2021 was also a sad year for the

people we lost. The Duke of

Edinburgh being first and foremost the

Queen's rock during her time on the

throne. Born 10th June 1921 Prince

Phillip met Princess Elizabeth in 1934

and married her after the war in 1947.

When she came to the throne in 1952

The Duke of Edinburgh sacrificed his

military career to be her Consort and

for an ambitious go-getting person this

must have been such a tough position

to be in, but as he loved his Queen so

much there was no argument. Prince

Phillip, though, re-invented himself as

one of the most hard-working

members of the Royal Family. He was

either a President, Patron or Member

of over 780 organisations including

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature, he

also virtually invented a sport, the

Equestrian event of Carriage Driving

which his rules are still used today and

this love of sport rubbed off on both

his daughter, Princess Anne and

granddaughter, Zara Tindell who have

both competed in Equestrian events at

the Olympics. Prince Phillip passed

away on 9th April, just two months shy

of his 100th Birthday!

We also said goodbye to Sir Tom

Moore who famously raised Millions for

the NHS with those legendary laps

around his garden, actor Christopher

Plumber, the voice of racing Murray

Walker, Peaky Blinder actress Helen

McCrory, Legendary German

footballer, Gerd Muller, Rolling stones

drummer Charlie Watts and the man

who invented the famous ZX Spectrum

and the Infamous C5, (Ask your dad!)

Clive Sinclair. To all you great people

we salute you! We also mourn the loss

of Sarah Harding who sadly passed

away from breast cancer at just 29. A

member of the hugely successful Girls

Aloud, as we are now getting back to

some sort of normality, if there is ever

a reason ladies to get yourselves

checked out then please do it, at least

for your own peace of mind.

2021 also brought us Politicians that

were thrust into the public limelight

because of the Pandemic that quite

frankly shouldn't have been. You can

argue where would we be without the

guffawing of Boris or the idiocy of his

special advisor Dominic Cummins,

however, my favourite "Idiot" has to

be Matt Hancock, (No not Nick

Hancock, the TV Presenter of they

think it's all over and room 101, if only

he was that funny), no Matt Hancock

was the cringeworthy Health Minister,

that every time he appeared on TV

you didn't know whether to laugh or

cry with his medical answers that quite

frankly he hadn't got a clue about.

Eventually he got his comeuppance,

while continuously advising us to

distance ourselves to avoid the spread

of Coronavirus he was photographed

by The Sun snogging his "advisor"

Gina Coladangelo. Which was worse,

having an affair or breaching social

distance restrictions? You make up

your mind! Anyway, he soon resigned

as Health Minister. But it was fun while

he was in charge, especially those

three word captions that the tories

were obsessed with on those lecterns.

2021 was another weird year, a year

when we were all trying to get back to

normal, a year when we eventually all

came off Furlough, (Who had heard of

that word before the pandemic), a year

when we can slowly look to the future

and get on properly with our lives, so

let's look forward to a terrific

Christmas and a brilliant 2022 When

we might even win The World Cup!

Now there's a thought!

By Chris Dawson

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Give the greatest gift of all this Christmas...

Love it or hate it, it’s nearly time for the C

word again!! I personally love this time of

year but I sometimes think we have

completely lost sight of the meaning of

Christmas. No matter your religion or culture

the concept of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is

universal and surely if Christmas

sends us any message it is the philosophy of

peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

This past 18 months has been very difficult for so

many of us and if we have learnt anything from

this experience it is the true value of what is really

important. During lockdown we were not missing

shopping trips as much as we missed our family,

we didn’t miss the material stuff we missed the

connections, the experiences, the love! Last

Christmas many of us had a quieter time than

usual, we weren’t able to have our big family get

togethers but hopefully this year we will be able to

do that!!! And maybe we will appreciate it all the

more. That's how gratitude works often, it's only

when we lose something that we see its true

meaning to us!

afford. We become stressed and frazzled by the

endless ‘to do’ list and everything we feel we must

buy. This turns one of the most magical times of

year into a nightmare for so many and instead of

enjoying the time and making memories with loved

ones we feel inadequate and miserable. I am

hoping the reflections of the

past year help people to let go a little, to not worry

about making the perfect dinner, buying the

perfect gift, keeping everyone happy and start

enjoying the time you are living through right now.

The present!! Very apt for Christmas!

A few years ago myself and my family realised we

were falling into that trap and changed the rules.

We were only allowed to buy gifts that were either

second hand or homemade and for the first time in

ages we all spent Christmas Eve and Christmas

Day together. We all cooked

something or contributed something to the dinner

and we did not buy an excessive amount of

anything. It changed Christmas! It was less

Maybe Christmas this year will be a different,

more meaningful experience for many of us,

where we won't focus so much on what is given but

what is ‘experienced’.

All too often the focus of Christmas falls on

expensive material gifts, ‘keeping up’ with our

friends and family and spending money we can not

stressful for everyone and because of that we all

relaxed and enjoyed our time together. We watched

old christmas movies, we played games, we laughed

and talked. It was basic and simple but it was also


So if you are already starting to worry or stress

about Christmas then take a step back. Think

about what is REALLY important...think about the

people you love and the people you care about…

Stuff doesn’t really matter!! HAving the people we

love healthy and happy matters! That's what is

important! Stuff does NOT define us! We can’t take

it with us and the things that make a life truly

happy can't be bought!

To me Christmas is a time to take stock, count

our blessings and be grateful for all we have

in our lives. It is also a time to reach out to

others and show kindness and compassion….

Let’s stop making it all about money and start

making it all about LOVE x

Let us also remember that Christmas is such a

hard and lonely time for so many people. Often the

dread can start as soon as they see the Christmas

goods filling the shelves (which these days seems to

be around August!). The almost enforced joy of this

time of year can trigger so much pain and grief. It

can highlight all sorts of emotions that we often

keep buried. If you are lonely then Christmas

makes you feel more alone, if you are letting go of

grief then Christmas is often a time that you feel

this far more acutely. And let's not forget the

wonderful emotional triggers of spending time with

our birth families, of being around those people

that push our buttons and poke our insecurities.

So while Christmas can be magical, it can also be


Lets add a little more LOVE to the season, more

love for ourselves (make sure you do some of things

you want to do while you are off), more kindness for

others and more gratitude for the things we DO

have right now.

Let's make Christmas about LOVE and

MEMORIES and CHARITY…. Give gifts that money

can't buy like…




Make a handmade present, Invite a lonely

neighbour for Christmas Dinner, donate to

charity, volunteer at a good cause.

There are so many ways you can give without

spending money!

Jessi Carrera-Maybury

Tel: 07944 501998

Charmed Healing Therapies

Reiki Master Teacher,

Theta healing Practitioner

and Spiritual Coach


Natural health remedies and whole

foods are booming now more than

ever. The wellbeing industry, while

focusing on mindfulness,

meditation and physical exercise,

also emphasises the importance of

using natural ingredients in our

cooking, health and skincare

routines. Something that essential

oils are a good example of.

What Is Essential

Interestingly, ‘essential’ in the essential

oils’ name means that they contain ‘the

essence’ of the odour and flavour of the

plant that they’re derived from, not that

they are ‘essential’ to one’s body or its

functions. But even without being

essential, essential oils have been used

for centuries in practices such as

homoeopathy for healing infections and

such, and also have been proven to

improve our daily lives as they can help

with sleep, anxiety and life’s general

everyday stressful moments.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is huge within the

aromatherapy industry and is one of the

most common essential oils worldwide.

It has been used to assist people who

have difficulty sleeping or suffer from

anxiety due to its calming scent and

relaxing aroma. As well as its stunning

smell, it also has anti-inflammatory

qualities and can help with healing

fungal infections

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can be used daily for many

different purposes. Originating from

Australia, it is widely used as

treatments for bacterial infections and

fungal conditions as well as viruses.

With the right recipe, it makes an

excellent hand sanitiser and insect

repellent due to its natural essence to

kill E. coli. It is often used as an

ingredient in deodorant and shampoo,

as it can help fight bacteria and act as a

controlling substance against dandruff.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is an extract directly

from its plant and is most commonly

produced as tea leaves. It is known for

helping to soothe the digestive system

and also possesses a calming essence

that can benefit people who suffer from

depression or anxiety. The essential oil,

when diluted, can help relieve pain

through application to the skin.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a common extract for

fresh breath, as its flavouring is used in

mints, chewing gum and mouthwash

frequently. Due to its fresh taste, it is

often used in culinary dishes to add

extra flavouring. Peppermint tea is a

common beverage, and, unlike

lavender or chamomile, it can naturally

boost energy and help with staying alert

throughout the day.

Lemon Oil

Citrus is known for cleansing the

digestive system, and lemon oil is no

exception. It can aid with washing out

the body as part of a detox diet to filter

out any toxins and can also be used as

a natural exfoliator for the skin,

eliminating dead cells from the surface

of the face and body. Similar to

peppermint, the lemon oil scent can

cause moods to lift and the person to


Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon oil is commonly associated

with winter due to its comforting and

spicy smell. It is one of the stronger

scented oils and needs to be well

diluted before use. It can be used to

fight bacteria and acts as an antifungal

agent, as well as contributing to the

mood-enhancing area of aromatherapy.

It is a widely used ingredient in cooking,

especially around the holiday season

due to its subtle spice and sharp taste.

These oils, plus many more, have

made their way into mainstream

healthcare, with more of the public

using natural remedies to aid in treating

various physical and mental issues. As

well as using these to make a delicious

addition to home-cooked meals.


Pets & Aquatics

Aquariums are proven to provide stress and anxiety

relief, helping you to feel calm and relaxed. Time to

take up a new hobby!

Our aquatics department offers

a wide variety of livestock and

all the tanks and accessories

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For many people, the change of

seasons can have a dramatic effect,

particularly the darker and colder nights

that draw in during autumn and winter.

This change can often compromise

sleep quality and decreases cortisol

production, a side effect of which can

have a detrimental effect on mood. This

is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder,

or SAD.

What is S.A.D?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type

of Major Depressive Disorder1 which affects

sufferers seasonally, sometimes known as

‘winter blues’ due to its proliferation in the

colder, darker months. It is especially severe

between December and February. Research

has shown that SAD affects as many as 29%

of UK adults in the winter months.2

The NHS3 lists possible symptoms as:

• A persistent low mood

• A loss of pleasure or interest in normal

everyday activities

• Irritability

• Feelings of despair, guilt and


• Feeling lethargic and sleepy during the day

• Sleeping for longer than normal and

finding it hard to get up in the morning

What causes S.A.D?

The full cause of Seasonal Affective Disorder

is not known, however it has been linked to4

a malfunction of the hypothalamus, caused

by a lack of sunlight. This in turn can cause:

• Reduced serotonin production which can

increase feelings of depression

• Increased melatonin production which can

increase sleepiness levels

• A disrupted circadian rhythm which in turn

affects sleep and sleep quality

For some sufferers, the symptoms are

managed fairly easily, however others will be

more severe, impacting severely on day-today

life. If the symptoms above sound

familiar to you, you may want to consider

seeing your GP to discuss ways to help you


How Can You Deal With S.A.D?

Tara Best, qualified mindset and Neuro-

Linguistic Programming practitioner has

shared her recommendations of things you

can do at home that may help, including:

1. Gratitudes

Start each day by telling yourself at least 5

things that you are grateful for. This will train

your mind to look for the good in each day,

which in turn will help to generate more

good things. Doing this regularly will ‘reset’

your filter so that you subconsciously create

things to be grateful for and focus on the

positives in your day.

2. Create light

Brighten up your living or workspace. Open

your curtains each day for as long as

possible, spend time near windows if

possible, and you can even buy daylight

light bulbs which are designed to ease SAD


3. Spend time outdoors

Even if it’s raining. Getting some natural light

has enormous benefits, as does fresh air

and space. Taking just ten minutes a day (or

more if you are able!) to step outside,

breathe deeply and just be still will help to

de-stress you and regroup when you are

feeling low.

4. Get it on paper

Journal your thoughts and feelings to help

get the feelings out of your mind and onto

paper. This could be a diary entry, random

words or a drawing. Conveying how you are

feeling through a different medium can help

you recognise what you do and what you

don’t have control over which can in turn

help your mind see how to move forwards

from a situation or feeling.

5. Plan something positive

What makes you happy? Plan an activity that

you enjoy and make sure you always have

something to look forward to. It might be a

chat with a friend, it might be reading a new

book, or it could even be a pamper night in.

Whatever that thing is, get it in the diary!

6. Be mindful

Always be aware of the story you are writing

for yourself. If you tell yourself “I’m

miserable”, “I hate winter” or “life isn’t good”

every day, then that’s the tone you’re going

to set for yourself. The power of a positive

mindset is unbelievable and is essential in

setting you up for success.

“No need to wait!

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If, like many patients, you view the possibility of never having to wear glasses again as truly liberating, then you

should consider private cataract surgery. Privately, I can provide state-of-the-art premium multifocal, extended

depth of vision (EDoF), toric astigmatism–correcting and enhanced monofocal IOLs designed to give you much more

independence from glasses than the basic single vision lenses available through the NHS.

Your eyesight is precious, and you deserve the best range of vision that modern science can offer.

So, invest in your future with premium IOLs, and enjoy being able to read and use your computer or tablet with much

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Eye floaters are typically small pieces of debris that float in the eye’s vitreous humour. Often, they can also be caused

by sudden separation of the vitreous jelly from the back surface of the eye (posterior vitreous detachment), which is a

natural part of ageing). Most people find floaters minimally troublesome, but for some they can be a significant

source of irritation and may interfere with your quality of vision and life. Modern surgical techniques have made the

permanent treatment of eye floaters safer than ever. Mr Balaggan specialises in the permanent removal of

symptomatic troublesome eye floaters using the very latest micro-incision techniques, with the procedure being

performed in around 25 minutes as a day case patient. If you are over 45 years old and have suffered with eye floaters

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Moon Year Forecast - Nov / Dec 2021

Combining planetary influence, Astrology and Clairvoyance,

let these Moon Forecasts guide you in life with love and light....

45-minute readings giving guidance from the past present and future and information

from spirit are available at £20 via video. Telephone readings also available. contact

07519 584975 or Facebook page: Katie Anne Reynolds Clairvoyant and Artist

Capricorn - (22nd Dec - 20th January)

The focus upon the love life illuminates on November 5th

as Capricorn sees the arrival of Venus, if we have been

having disagreements with our loved one communication

is key. If we are a single Capricorn and looking for love

then now is a good time to take action, make first moves

or join the dating site.

Mercury arrives December 13th making saying what we

want so much easier! The Sun arrives in your sign

December 24th, wonderful for Capricorns who enjoy a

knees up!

Aquarius - (21st Jan - 18th Feb)

Aquarius the Moon in its First Quarter November 11th so

we may have a few hurdles to work hard to overcome,

the impulse might be to give up on a certain situation or

person, but sometimes the creases are worth being ironed

out, sticking with and working hard is really worth the

effort, we don't fall at the first hurdle Aquarius!

Confidence is something to be gained from looking at

how you learn and react right now. Promotions in the

workplace often take a bit to get used to. Grasp the

Christmas break to rest and let the mind rest...

Pisces - (19th Feb - 20th March)

Pisces sees the Moon on December the 10th in its First

Quarter stage so we may be putting the hours in or

engaging in physical graft, getting the sleeves rolled up

and stuck into tasks. Jupiter arrives December 29th and

we feel rather chilled generous and ready to plan a party

or arrange a get together. It is around now that we

choose to ignore the advice of others, they seem to be

coming with an old-fashioned perspective, where we

know the value of living in the moment, just smile and nod

and disregard...

Aries - (21st March - 20th April)

Aries enjoy the indulgence and showing off your lovely

things as you treat yourself during the onset of winter but

don't forget responsibilities... Hang in there as final stages

concerning family matters as the Waxing Gibbous Moon

on December 12th sees us working towards those last

stages of completion, the end is in sight.

Career and work wise we see your gifts of imagination


Taurus - (21st April -21st May)

Taurus sees the Full Moon of November 19th along with

the influence of a lunar eclipse which bring both gifts of

clarity as well as the disruptive but exciting rock n roll

energy of the eclipse! Yet instead of bringing a change to

your ways it in fact helps you see that the old way, that

your tried and tested ways are right, stubbornly hold on to

stability, this lunar eclipse will show you that your way is

the right way!

Gemini - (22nd May - 21st June)

Gemini the effects of the Waning Gibbous Moon

November 20th bring an urge declutter the home and

workplace, have a clear out it will clear the mind of

debris... This leaves us with a real sense of gratitude, after

all it’s the greatest way to manifest ambition... Be aware

of the Full Moon influence on December 19th which can

sometimes cause extreme behaviours, be careful with

being too blunt with your words.

Cancer - (22nd June - 22nd July)

The December Full Moon on the 19th ramps up our

emotions as we see people try and take you on or

oppose you Cancer, wherever we can go our own

individual way this serves us better, we may prefer more of

a hermit approach this Christmas time, a quiet one where

we can be ourselves, no false fronts or biting ones lip, the

simple things in life matter, a cosy home and nearest and

dearest and less fuss the better.....

Leo - (23rd July - 23rd August)

Leo the Waning Gibbous Moon on December 22nd sees

us feeling really grateful for our friendships, a general

feeling of goodwill this yuletide sees maybe an

unexpected visitor, or an unexpected announcement!

Remember our friends are there for support, it’s a two-way

thing, support them as they support you. Catching up,

moving forward in any disagreements, and wiping slates

clean are all recommended for feelings of peace and


Virgo - (24th August - 22nd Sept.)

November 27th sees the Moons Last Quarter stage and it

is a time where Virgo may seek balance in life, and be

possibly be plagued by thoughts of a time where we

didn't get justice, yet rather than 'putting right the past' it is

time to look to the future, an exciting new life path is

about to open up, let go of what was and grab with both

hands that which is new. Exciting creative times are

ahead, like a musician it is time to create your own tune,

as love blooms in many ways...

Libra - (23rd Sept - 23rd October)

Libra this may be an interesting holiday period as the

Moons last quarter December 22nd focusses upon

forgiveness... see where around you there is a sense of

letting go moving on, which makes life so much easier.

Also, you have been working so hard of late, work family

and love, all endeavours have required so much energy

from you. Please take time to take a 'few irons out of the

fire' recharging the batteries is essential so make sure you

delegate, let someone else peel the spuds.

Scorpio - (24th Oct - 22nd November)

Scorpio grasp the opportunity to bring in endings as the

influence of November 4th's New Moon needs you to

make new starts, the things you may have cosmic

ordered can be conceived! For new beginnings there

needs to be the 'death of the old ways'... the very next

day on November 5th Mercury step in promoting your

mental dexterity, which can help with communicating

your ideas and also letting go of old negative thinking


Sagittarius - (23rd Nov - 21st Dec.)

The Waxing Crescent Moon arrives November the 6th

seeing the start of beneficial partnerships! Be it as starred

lovers, spouses, work partners even teaming with the

neighbours, in some way being part of a pair is the way to

go in getting what you want, join forces! On November

22nd the Sun enters and sees you well and truly being

yourself Sagittarius as you take control in your own

happiness, being a fire sign your never one to stand back,

extroverted and full of excitement embrace the suns


Do your

legs let

you down?

Keyhole varicose vein treatment

Varicose veins can cause aching, swelling, itching and skin

changes as well as affecting the appearance of your legs.

Premier Veins offers a one-stop appointment where a

highly experienced consultant vascular surgeon, supported

by a vascular nurse specialist, will perform a careful

examination and duplex ultrasound scan of your legs and

recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Our approach is non-surgical, performing keyhole

treatments under local anaesthesia on a walk-in, walk-out

basis with minimal recovery time so that you can return to

work and most other activities soon afterwards.

Treatments include:

• Endothermal ablation

using radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

• Foam sclerotherapy

used alone or with RFA to treat all your veins at one sitting

• Liquid microsclerotherapy

for thread veins

Free mini


available at all

our clinics in the


est Midlands

We are recognised by all

major insurance prov


packages for

all procedures,

so you know where

you stand.

All endothermal ablation

and foam sclerotherapy

treatments include a

12 month guarantee.


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We Remember Jimmy Greaves

We at The Scene mourn the passing of probably England's

most natural goalscorer Jimmy Greaves, who left this mortal

coil on 19th September. Another member of that famous

1966 England Squad Jimmy was such a great player, one of

the greatest attackers of all time, he scored 357 goals in 516

games in the English First Division.

The son of a London Tube Driver James Greaves and his wife

Mary, Jimmy Greaves was born on 20th February 1940 in

London's East End in an area called Manor Park and was

brought up in Dagenham, so you would think he would have

started his footballing career at West Ham, however, Chelsea

at the time had an active scouting system, so he started for

the west end club instead.

But the writing was on the wall and he only played 10 times

in Italy (Scoring 9 goals!) and came back to England to Spurs

for a then record £99,999 transfer fee, Tottenham didn't want

to put the milestone round his neck of being the first 100k

player, my, how times change as a lot of Premier League

players earn that in a week! Jimmy played for the rest of the

60's for Tottenham, playing 321 times and scoring 220 goals

and effectively, finishing his football career back in the East

End for West Ham in 1970/71.

Probably his biggest disappointment (and many fans) would

have been Jimmy Greaves not playing in the 1966 World

Cup Final. Jimmy Greaves played in all three Group games in

the tournament, but unfortunately in the win against France

he was injured and replaced by Geoff Hurst who went on to

create immortality by scoring that Hat-trick in the Final and

the rest they say is history. He wasn't picked for the 1970

squad in Mexico but his record of 44 goals in only 57 games

for his Country was and is awesome!

In fact one of his first major games for the Blues as a young

17 year old had an effect in these parts, as it was against

Wolves in the FA Youth Cup Final. A two legged affair,

Jimmy scored one of Chelsea's goals in the first leg giving

them a supposed unassailable 5-1 lead, however, Wolves

unbelievably came back in the second leg to win 6-1 and

win 7-6 on aggregate. Jimmy again scored in that second leg.

The first time he would suffer disappointment in Football

and unfortunately, for such a great player not the last!

Unfortunately, with his footballing career coming to an end,

Jimmy Greaves lost his motivation and began to drink

heavily and in his own words, "I was drunk from 1972 to

1977", "I lost the 1970's completely!". But after several dark

years he emerged from his Alcoholism, starting in 1979 by

writing a column in the Sun newspaper and in 1985 came

the Football Programme The Saint and Greavsie Show,

alongside Ian St.John, a Football Punditry Show that many

people of my Generation grew up with and was the

forerunner of all today's modern football show's.

Jimmy Greaves also made his first appearance for Chelsea's

first team that season scoring on his debut against Tottenham

in the first game of the season, which actually set up a

remarkable sequence of him scoring on his debut for all his

major clubs!

His first appearance for England came in 1959 against Peru

where unfortunately England lost 4-1, however, again, he

scored on his debut! With his prolific goal scoring coming to

the attention of all the major clubs in World football (in the

1960/61 season Jimmy scored 13 goals in 8 matches alone

for England!) Chelsea accepted an offer of £80,000 from

Milan for him.

Unfortunately Chelsea (and Greaves) realised the mistake

they had made by selling their greatest asset and before he

had even kicked a ball in anger for the Italian club, Chelsea

tried to buy him back for £95,000!! Milan were having

none of it and off to the Italian Giants he had to go!

Attracting a regular audience of 5 million people on a

Saturday afternoon it was the staple diet of a lot of footie fans

going to there game at the weekend and was that popular it

also attracted catchphrases from Jimmy, such as "It's a funny

old game" and they even had their own Spitting Image


Jimmy Greaves Born 20th February 1940 Died 19th

September 2021 Rest in Peace mate!!

By Chris Dawson

Beautiful Photography by Lindsey B

Stunning Wall Art, Traditionally Framed, Gallery Acrylics or Premium Canvas

=Shropshire based Photography Tuition, 1:1, small group

=Workshops or UK Holidays =Accredited Guest Speaker W.I,

Photography Clubs, Societies =Commissions

Come see us: Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th November - Chillington Hall,

20th November, 4th, 11th, 17th & 18th of December in the square, Shrewsbury

and Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th December at Weston Park

Website: www.Lindseybimages.com

Email: lbucknor@sky.com I Telephone: 07984 407015


After the last couple of years of struggle and

heartache it's hard to imagine that a century ago we

had one of the most Flamboyant decades in history.

Rising from the flames of The Great War, the world

experienced an economic boom that contributed to the

prosperity of many countries like the UK, France,

Germany, but in particular The United States.

black!! During the twenties the number of automobiles had

passed the 10 million mark in the United states which then

meant a further $75 million had to be spent just to improve

the roads. The decade also brought a revolution in Flight with

Charles Lindbergh being the first person to fly solo across the

Atlantic from New York to Paris in 1927.

The Roaring 20's brought about the emergence of Jazz, Art

Deco and for Women after the Suffragette movement a

revolutionary freedom to express themselves as with the

fashion for Knee length skirts, bobbed haircuts and of course

The Charleston dresses and dances!! (These women were

known as Flappers.)

With Alexander Fleming discovering Penicillin and Howard

Carter finding King Tutankhamun's tomb, the twenties

brought in a decade of wonder and fascination, however, The

Twenties also brought in Prohibition, the time when America

poured millions of gallons of alcohol literally down the drain

and "Liquor" was banned. Can you imagine that happening


The Charleston was a dance named after the American City,

Charleston, South Carolina, and was a tune in the Broadway

show Runnin Wild in 1923, (Now if that's not a million pound

question in "who wants to be a millionaire" I don't know what

is!) it's a dance that I think we would all have a good go at

attempting and if any dance epitomises this decade then this

the one!

But why Ban alcohol? Well in the United States, Americans

were beset with a number of health and social issues that

alcohol was blamed for. The temperance and religious

groups in the US were a powerful society, funny enough like

the Gun groups in the US are today! and with their political

power, successfully lobbied Politicians to ban the booze! So

from 1920 to 1933 Alcohol was banned in the US!

New York, Chicago, Paris, London and Berlin were the

centres of this revolution of taste and well being, with Jazz

emerging as the force of great music, (I wonder what they

would have thought of the Rap and Hip Hop of today?) and

later in the decade, Blues was not far behind it,

Art Deco was the style of the twenties, it had a uniqueness

especially in the buildings and skyscrapers of that era, The

Chrysler Building and Empire State Building in New York to

name but a few, (Yes I know they were opened in 1930, but

were both designed and built during the 20's). You then look

at the buildings of today, say the Shard or the Gherkin and

which do you think look the better?

Films evolved during the Twenties with the first "Talkies", The

Jazz Singer coming out in 1927 putting a voice to a face, So

Bond and co, you have to thank them for that! and with John

Logie Baird inventing the first TV's during this period, Im sure

the first repeat wasn't that far behind!!

Transport massively evolved during this decade, especially

with the emergence of the Motor Car and Henry Ford's Model

T, remember you could have it in any colour as long as it was

As the Roaring 20's came to the end, unfortunately the

decade of decadence also came to an end with both the

Stock Markets of London and New York crashing in

September and October 1929 respectively which then led to

the great depression of the thirties, so like everything in life

nothing ever lasts forever, but wow what a decade it was.

In a hundred years time I wonder what people will say

about this decade of the 2020's ?

TwoJays Corner

Antiques & Vintage

We stock an eclectic mix for the home and garden

Unit ANTIQUES 21 Shifnal AND Industrial VINTAGE Estate, MAKE Lamledge GREAT Lane, UNIQUE Shifnal TF11 GIFTS 8SD

Open 6 days a week:

Tuesday - Sunday 10.30am - 4pm

Antiques Monday’s to can Thursday’s make we the could perfect, be out collecting unique or delivering Christmas stock present so it may

best to call us first if you are planning to visit us.

Tel: 01952 462340 or 07949385618


email info@twojayscorner.com

f Twojays Corner Antiques & Vintage

t @twojayscorner

Its a man thing... Support Local

After a tough year for most businesses, what better

way than supporting a local business when it comes

to this years Christmas gifts for him! Here’s a few

ideas for you...

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David Domoney says don't give up on your garden because of colder weather

With continuing concern about

restrictions and the onset of winter,

Broadcaster and Chartered

Horticulturist, David Domoney,

says the garden is essential in

helping us with our physical and

mental wellbeing.

Gardening helped many to live through

the social isolation that impacted many

people through lockdown, and David

advises that we #DontStopGardening

and says that it’s ‘a hobby that keeps

giving, for 12 months of the year’. As

we move from summer into autumn

there’s no need to stop gardening,

instead there’s plenty of plants, fun

tasks, and activities to get you right

through to Christmas and beyond.

David is the gardening champion for

mental health charity SANE and said

that engaging with and getting closer to

nature is one the best things we as

humans can do for our health and

wellbeing, and gardening enables us to

do that regularly.

Keeping Busy

There are many plants, jobs, and

activities will keep families busy over

autumn and winter.

Planting colourful bulbs

As gardeners we love looking ahead

and planning for the flowers and fruits

of the following year. If you’ve ever

looked at other people’s borders in

springtime, bursting with blooms and

wanted the same, yours can be like that

too. So, plant some hope for spring and

get the kids involved too as flower bulbs

are really easy to handle and plant and

they can then have the joy of watching

their own flowers bloom next spring and

know they helped to make it happen.

1.) Daffodils

2.) Tulips

3.) Crocus

4.) Snowdrops

5.) Hyacinths

6.) Alliums

Shrubs to Add Interest

Keep your garden looking glorious in

the autumn and winter months with

these shrubs that provide colourful

flowers, foliage and fruit and different

times of the year. With plenty of

evergreens in the mix, your garden will

have constant structure and plenty of

greenery and colour.

1.) Skimmia japonica (Japanese


2.) Gaultheria procumbens


3.) Viburnum tinus (laurustinus)

4.) Winter jasmine

5.) Winter flowering pansies

6.) Winter flowering heather

7.) Daphne

Growing Your Own

Growing your own food to add flavour

and nutrition to your dishes doesn’t

mean you need a huge veg patch.

In fact, you can grow produce all year

round, both indoors and outdoors. Your

windowsill can be used to grow

sprouting mung beans in jars by

soaking them in water, draining them

and leaving them to sprout in a dry jar,

and you can also grow cress, basil,

chillies and many more inside your

home. In your garden you can still grow

winter crops like kale, perennial

spinach, as well as planting onion and


Watching Wildlife

Autumn is a great time for getting out

and seeing which creatures you can

spot. Get comfy and see which birds

are paying your garden a visit. In the

UK, you’ll likely see robins which are

considered an icon of the winter.

Starlings, blue tits, and sparrows may

be spotted too.

Children's Activities

The season may be a little less sunny,

but there’s plenty that can keep the kids

busy. These activities are fun, creative,

and educational too, so their minds will

be working.

Making fat-balls as food for birds is a

great activity for the kids to get hands

on and make something whilst learning

about wildlife in the garden. You’ll only

need a few things to get started: lard,

bird seed, mixing bowl and an old,

clean yoghurt pot. Mix the lard and

seeds together to bind them and use

the pot as a container to fill with the

mixture. Use string to tie the pot to a

branch and hang it on its side. In

addition, putting up nesting boxes will

encourage different species of birds

into your garden too, depending on the

type of box you choose.

Get the kids a magnifying glass and

play animal detective or do a mini-beast

hunt. They can make a tally of the

beasts that they see from millipedes to

beetles. Once they’ve spotted them,

they can draw pictures of what they’ve

found and keep notes on where they

found each creature.

Let the kids get crafty and create

animals using plant pots. Make a spider

by painting the pot black, using pipecleaners

for the legs, and sticking or

painting plenty of googly eyes.

“The shorter days of

wintertime can be difficult for

many us, particularly for

anyone suffering from Seasonal

Affective Disorder (SAD).

Broadcaster and gardener,

David Domoney

Gathering twigs and leaves together

and placing them in your border can

provide a safe and cosy space for small

mammals and invertebrates.

Over the cooler period there’s no need

to stop gardening. With activities to

keep the whole family gardening and

engaging with nature over the cooler

months, you won’t be short of things to


So, join David and ‘don’t stop


Car Review:

Nissan Qashqai

By Sue Cooke

Towing a caravan is not for the

faint hearted and I much appreciate

the training I had from the Caravan

and Motorhome Club some years

ago. Reversing has to be the most

tricky manoeuvre. You have to

move the wheel in the opposite

direction to that if you were

reversing the car with no caravan

or trailer.

The rise in popularity of the

staycation means more of us are

towing but it helps with tricky

manoeuvres if you drive the winning

tow car of the year. The third

generation Nissan Qashqai Tekna+

Xtronic I road tested this week was

named overall winner of the Caravan

Weight 1300-1400kg category, just a

few months since the car went on


The large family crossover is packed

with technology and has increased

cabin space for people and luggage.

Three people will sit comfortably

across the rear seat and the longer

wheelbase provides adequate

legroom. The automatic tailgate

opens to reveal increased space in the

boot with several floor levels and a

capacity of 436 litres increasing to

1621 litres with rear seats folded.

I much prefer the new exterior

styling, with its shark fin antenna,

glass roof, roof rails and privacy glass.

The design is a big

improvement on

its predecessor.

The comfortable

practical cabin has

a quality trim

dashboard that

sweeps across the front of the car and

includes a large 12.3 inch touchscreen

displaying radio and satnav

information. Usefully, the volume

button is separate, for easy operation

while on the move. Beneath are the

automatic dual zone climate control

buttons with pollen filter. The

steering wheel has buttons for the

audio and for setting cruise control.

The quilted premium leather seats

have good side supports and a long

seat squab.

Gadgets include keyless entry and

with the key in my pocket I could

press a button on the door handle to

open or lock. Press the stop start

button and a picture of the car whirls

into view behind the steering wheel.

Either side of this display sit two

digital red and grey dials with large

bright numbers. An innovative new

10.8 inch head up display provides

the biggest in segment image size and

is a useful reminder of the speed of

the road and the speed of the car.

Exceed the speed limit and the

numbers will flash continually.

When not towing, the rear view

camera shows a very clear picture

and there is a 360 degree all round

camera which helps when reversing

where there is a limited view.

The Qashqai which continues to be

produced in Nissan’s state of the art

manufacturing facility in Sunderland,

Tyne and Wear, is powered by 1.3-

litre petrol engine, equipped with

mild hybrid technology which

optimises the car’s efficiency. There

are two power outputs – 138hp and

156hp – with either a 6-speed manual

transmission, or new Xtronic gearbox

(156hp only). This automatic

transmission is operated with just one

lever. Touch forward to reverse, press

back to drive and press the P button

to park. Simple.

There will soon be a change to the

rules for towing and all drivers with

full licences will be entitled to tow

trailers up to a combination of

vehicle and trailer mass of 8.25

tonnes. If a staycation and towing a

caravan appeals then there is nothing

better than driving the tow car of the

year, the new Nissan Qashqai.

Facts at a Glance

Model: Nissan QASHQAI Tekna+

Price: £36,125 on the road

Engine: 1.3 litre DIG-T 158PS petrol

Xtronic transmission

Performance: 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds and on

to a top speed of 124 mph

CO2 emissions: 146 g/km combined

Combined fuel consumption: 43.8mpg









We cater for all types of Waste Management Solutions:



Book Online via our website

Roll On

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Trade Waste Wheelie Bin Services

Grab & Tipper Hire Services

Integrated Software

Cartwrights has specialised in Integrated Waste Management for

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Running can be a cheap and effective alternative to working out indoors

If you can't get to the gym and have

seen enough of your old DVDs or the

newest YouTube fitness stars, running

could be an ideal alternative to keep fit.

It will add some variety to your exercise

routine and is not nearly as daunting as

it seems.

Many of us don’t want to pay for gym

memberships we'll not be able to enjoy

especially with flare-ups in Covid-19 cases

predicted and social distancing still strongly

recommended for many months to come. Even

in the best of times, a good number of

expensive gym memberships went unused

because many of us often lacked the energy or

willpower to go to the gym. And whether it's old

workout DVDs or following the latest social

media fitness stars, exercising indoors can get

boring very fast.

So, if you're looking for alternatives to going to

the gym or working out at home, running is a

great option that's worth considering. And what's

more, it doesn't cost a penny.

Exercise Anywhere

Say the word 'running' to most people and you'll

probably see a look of horror sweep across their

face, followed by a comment protesting their

complete inability to run even the shortest

distance. But running often includes related but

slightly different exercises like jogging and

sprinting. While most of us would not consider

ourselves sprinters, many of us are less averse

to jogging though there's little distinction

between running and jogging in layperson

terms. The important thing to remember is that

you won't be doing a marathon on day one. The

key to developing a running or jogging routine is

to take a gradual step-by-step approach.

Once mastered, the ability to run or jog is a great

asset and allows you to effectively exercise

anywhere you are. When done correctly, running

increases the density of your bones and can

significantly improve your health and fitness.

However, getting past the initial mental barrier of

starting to run is arguably the most difficult part

of the sport.

Five Steps to Becoming a Jogger

The key is to start off gently, then progress

gradually and before you know it, you'll be

running 10k without thinking. To help you get

started, here is a simple guide aimed at

complete beginners. So, what are you waiting

for? Get those running shoes on and give it a go.

Step One: You have to walk before you can

run. Besides, if you can't walk a circuit of your

local park without getting seriously out of breath,

you're not going to be able to run round it. So,

to get your fitness levels up, start walking for an

amount of time that feels comfortable—

anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Step Two: Once you can walk for 30 minutes

easily, sprinkle one to two-minute running

intervals into your walks. As time goes on, make

the running intervals longer and the time you

spend walking shorter until you are running for

30 minutes straight.

Step Three: The first goal is to set out a

maximum time period or distance to cover. This

should be something you can realistically do a

few times a week— maybe in your lunch hour or

in the time before or after work. Then build

toward achieving that.

Step Four: There’s no need to run or jog with

pain. Instead, take a step back and examine

what’s going wrong. Fitness experts say that

when jogging, the perceived exertion should not

go past 15 out of 20 where 5/20 is easy, 10/20

is comfortable, 15/20 is hard and 20/20 is

collapse. Use this as a guide to know when to

stop pushing yourself. Joggers are among the

most stubborn of all sportsmen for ignoring

aches and pains and causing more significant

damage as a result. Don't let this happen to you.

Step Five: In the beginning, try to aim for at

least a couple of sessions a week and build up

to three or four times as you feel more

comfortable. These goals should be fairly

attainable depending on your current fitness. The

key is to let your body dictate your progress.

Listen to your Body

After a few weeks, you should have an idea if

this is the sport for you. If so, then invest in a

pair of good running shoes, as these will help

soften the impact on your joints and support

your ankles. There are countless magazines and

running websites that where you can find advice

on which shoes to buy. The key to becoming a

good runner is to listen to your body.

Raven's Nest Antiques & Retro is located in the picturesque

village of Wombourne, Staffordshire.

Our showroom is filled with collectable items, so whether you enjoy a look around for the

unusual or you are looking to aquire particular items we are here and happy to help.

There's plenty of items for everyone and our stock changes daily!

We also pay CASH for your interesting items!


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Items We Sell

We have a wide selection of items for sale,

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Die Cast Collectable Cars I Costume

jewellery I Mid Century Glassware

Retro items I Figures toys I Industrial

Clocks I Man Cave I Furniture

Items We Buy

We have cash waiting to buy items of interest.

Antique & Collectables, everything from

Decorative Coloured Heavy Glass,

Automobile Parts, Toys, 1.18 Scale Diecast

Cars, Bikes - Choppers, Lamps,

Clocks, Pub Items, Military Items,

Unusual items + JOB LOTS

29 Station Road, Wombourne, WV5 9EY

Tel: 01902 324724 I 07770 444161 (Mel) I 07970 722654 (Marcus)

Email: ravensnestantiques@outlook.com

Web: https://ravensnestantiques.co.uk

Christmas is the time of the

year when we indulge and feel

good about ourselves and while

we are at it, treat our best

friends, those doggies that give

us all that unconditional love, all

year round, give them the love

that they deserve, but in our

excitement we need to make

sure they enjoy the festivities as

much as we do.

We all know Chocolate is bad for

our furry friends but there are a

number of Christmas foods that we

love but unfortunately our doggies

will definitely not! For example

those lovely Mince pies and

Christmas puddings that contain

currants, sultanas and raisins are

toxic to dogs and can cause severe

kidney damage! Onions, garlic,

leeks and shallots are also

dangerous for dogs as initially they

can cause vomiting which can lead

to anaemia!

Fortunately there are foods that we

can share with our doggie friends

that will be safe, for instance

Turkey meat, (No bones), Lamb

meat, (again no bones), scrambled

Doggies at Christmas

egg, green beans, parsnips,

carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Peas,

Swede and potatoes, so in fact

they can just have as great a

Christmas lunch as there owners!!

and as an added extra if you have

those in-laws that might have

overstayed there welcome then

what a great idea if you have a

frenchie, feed them a couple of

brussel sprouts and as we all know

normally there flatulence can be

overpowering to say the least, but

with a couple of Bussels in the

system, it becomes nuclear!!

Remember even if the food is okay

for them, any change in diet may

cause diarreah or stomach

problems for our poochies as they

may not be used to the richness of


If you are going to get a real

Christmas tree then watch out for

the pine needles because if a

doggie was to eat one of those

sharp needles they may get some

internal damage!

Also remember your house is there

house too and if you are going to

have an invasion of friends and

family you are not the only one who

is going to have to tolerate Auntie

Gladys and her constant jibber

jabber! So try to keep the dogs

routine as normal as possible, i.e.

walks, toilet breaks, eating

etc..etc..Let the doggies meet them

at there own pace and give them

somewhere quiet and peaceful to

retreat to.

If you are spending Christmas day

with friends and taking your doggie

with you, remember to bring with

them something which smells

familiar, like there bed which will

help them feel secure.

Also absoulte worse case scenario,

keep a number handy for an

emegency vet, so if they did eat

something they shouldnt have, you

can quickly call them and also if

your pet is on medication make

sure you are stocked up during the


After all that I'm sure you and your

doggies will have a brilliant

Christmas and if your dogs are

anything like my westie they will

think that all the presents are for

them!! Merry Christmas

By Chris Dawson

Unit 9 Walton Works Industrial Estate

Macrome Road, Claregate, Wolverhampton WV6 9HD


Car Review:

CUPRA Leon Hatchback

By Sue Cooke

Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of

drivers say they now feel more

nervous about driving than they did

before the COVID-19 pandemic

started. A survey by Spanish car

manufacturer, SEAT reveals that

almost half of the drivers surveyed

said it’s the lack of driving over the

last year that has made them more

nervous. 42% put the blame on the

return of the high volume of traffic.

So it really helps to be able to drive a

car like the CUPRA Leon Hatchback

which is packed with the technology

which almost drives the car for you.

CUPRA is the sporty brand of the

Spanish manufacturer, SEAT and

stands for cup racing.

Come across a tight parking space and

this Leon will park the vehicle for

you. An action that 26 per cent of

drivers in the survey worried about. I

like the 360 degree top view camera

and the front and rear parking sensors

which helped me with reversing and


When motorway driving on

unfamiliar roads, I like the Adaptive

Predictive Cruise Control which

maintains a driver-selected speed and

automatically reduces speed

depending on traffic, change of speed

zone and road layout. In the survey,

one in five respondents said the

Dynamic Road Sign Display would

help make them feel less nervous.

Front Assist (which alerts the driver if

they get too close to the vehicle in

front and automatically applies the

brakes in an emergency to prevent a

collision) and Lane Keeping System

(which helps keep the car in lane

using corrective steering

intervention), also help provide

reassurance, with a respective 24 and

19 per cent of drivers stating these

safety systems provide them with the

feeling of added security behind the


Once I had fiddled with the settings

and moved to comfort there was

absolutely nothing about this Leon

that I could criticise. Our potholed

roads are just not looked after well

enough to remain in sport setting

experiencing the sports suspension!

The cabin is sheer luxury with sports

bucket seats, a CUPRA leather flat

bottomed steering

wheel and CUPRA

sports pedals.

Mirror link and

wireless apple car

play are included

as standard in the

digital cockpit.

I really like the

ambient lighting.

A blue line which

trims the front

dash changes to

red. The chrome

and copper detailing, which comes

with every CUPRA, is distinctive and I

like the wolf’s head logo which lights

up on the tarmac as the driver opens

the door. A red line of light streaks

across the rear end, linking the rear

lights, leaving the car behind in no

doubt that this CUPRA is about to

stop. The front LED headlights have

dynamic turn signals.

Exterior paintwork of the road test

car was in a gorgeous ‘Desire Red’

with dark tinted rear windows and 18

inch sport black and silver alloy

wheels which hinted at its sporty


Acceleration is instant and this Leon

drives as if it is on rails. An e-Hybrid

version is available. Until we build

up our miles and our driving

experience, it is good to have a little

technological help from the CUPRA

Leon Hatch.

Facts at a Glance

Model: CUPRA Leon Hatchback

Price: £35,125 otr

Engine: 2 litre TSI VZ2 300 PS

7 speed automatic

Performance: 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds and

on to a top speed of 155mph

Combined fuel consumption: 35.8-37.2


CO2 emissions: 171g/km




Welcome to our regular column

where we keep you up to date

with the latest vegan news

and views

The Parade, Shrewsbury


We are buzzing about Playin

Choc. These are boxes

containing two organic vegan

chocolates with a cardboard toy

to assemble, great alternative to

plastic toys and make ideal

stocking fillers.

We hope you all have a very vegan

festive season.

It might seem that Christmas is a time when vegans are going to miss

out on special treats and in the past that was certainly true. However,

every year there are more and more vegan food items on sale and

lots of amazing recipes too. So whether you are a vegan yourself, or

catering for a vegan this year, there are plenty of amazing options


Christmas Cards

It is great to be able to support charities at Christmas by buying cards

that support their cause. There are plenty of animal related charities

and animal sanctuaries that sell fundraising cards. You can also

choose to buy a card from an artist helping a small business survive

in these really difficult times. They often have interesting and original

designs too, so your card will really scard will really stand out.

Buying Vegan Gifts

It can be quite daunting to find a gift for a vegan. Food products that

look like the would be suitable for vegans can contain ingredients like

milk and honey. Toiletries and cosmetics can contain all kinds of nonvegan

chemicals and you can’t always tell what these are simply by

reading the ingredient list on the product. They might also come from

a company that still tests on animals abroad. If you want to buy

clothing you will be looking to avoid wool, feathers and silk as well as

leather and fur. Other gifts could be difficult too, items might contain

glue or paint that contains animal products. The safest way to be sure

is to either buy from a vegan company or a vegan shop. Alternatively

you could look for a vegan logo on the item.

Roast Dinner

The main part of a roast dinner is very easy to make suitable for

vegans. Serve plenty of vegetables and use vegetable oil in your

roast potatoes. If you want a quick and easy option to go with your

roast dinner, then getting a nut roast is a great idea. This works

particularly well if someone is cooking for you, as there are lots of

options that you can just put in the oven, either by mixing with water

like the ones pictured, or some come ready made. There are also lots

of other options available such as fake turkey roasts and chestnut

pies. If you want something more interesting there are lots of vegan

cookbooks with a wide range of interesting recipes. There is no

shortage of ideas for a vegan main course, so you can ensure that

the vegans in the room have the best looking plate at the Christmas


This wonderful side dish is easy to make and

can be prepared in advance and just

warmed up ready to eat. The quantities

below can serve 4.

Ingredients (approx)

Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts

20 whole sprouts, peeled

20 cooked chestnuts

20 small shallots (or 10 large ones halved)

2 crusts wholemeal bread, grated

salt to taste

vegetable oil


Boil the sprouts for 10 minutes or until they are

just soft, then drain and put aside.

Gently heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan.

Add the shallots and cook on a medium heat

for 5 mins. Add in the sprouts and chestnuts

and allow to brown slightly. Add a little more

oil and put in the salt and the breadcrumbs.

Fry until the breadcrumbs are browned and .

Join us on Facebook @theveganhubshropshire


After all that Christmas food, many people want

to get more healthy for January. It is well worth

considering doing Veganuary where you are

given day by day guidance to having a vegan

diet which will help you become more healthy

and lose some of the Christmas pounds as well as

helping animals and the environment. If you want

any advice feel free to pop into the shop where

the staff are always willing to help

Gift Vouchers

If you are really stuck for ideas, The Vegan

Hub offers gift vouchers in a range of different

values so you can allow the recipient to

choose for themselves what they might like for

a gift, with the bonus of being able to take

advantage of our January sale!.

The Vegan Hub can be found downstairs in The Parade Shops, Shrewsbury. To find out more you can go

to their website www.the-vegan-hub.co.uk or email theveganhub@yahoo.com


Providing your space to work, train, rest and

play, from design to installation



+ a FREE

Christmas Tree

with orders placed

in 2021

If you’re looking for something a little unique for your garden or are looking for a way to extend

your living space outdoors, a garden room offers the perfect solution.

We specialise in designing, making and installing a range of beautiful garden rooms and

buildings, tailor-made for practically any outdoor space. We can tailor make your garden

structure to your very own layout and design, making it totally unique.

Your garden room - Your way!


Our firm was born from a joinery construction design

company, Enigma Fit Out, which has been manufacturing &

installing stunning interiors and exteriors since 2001. Our

designer team, therefore, boasts the best of both worlds –

decades of experience fused with an eye for the latest

cutting-edge trends. We have passion for bold yet practical

design and believe that the garden should be a natural

extension of your home.


From £15,245


We’re based in Wolverhampton. You can find our online

showroom, where you can view examples of our work and

request to speak to a specialist about your requirements.

We design and make a variety of garden rooms and

structures and can customise yours in a number of ways.

Chose fixtures, fittings and colour schemes that suit you –

and add a whole new layer to your outdoor living space.


Our garden rooms have many possible functions – from an

extra bedroom, playroom, office space or gym – we offer a

totally bespoke service. When you order a garden room or

building through us, we let you take control of the design.

We will bring ideas to life, but you get to choose interior and

exterior materials, finishes, lighting, flooring and decorations.


From £15,245

Garden rooms are, on average, 50% cheaper than a home extension, and because

so much of the work is done in the factory before being delivered for installation,

there is less disruption to your family life too. Planning permission is often not required, but

we can advise you at the consultation stage of all the requirements and apply to

your local authority on your behalf, if needed, for a fixed fee.


The cost of a single storey extension is a min of £1850.00 PSM. The cost of a loft conversion is a min of £1320.00

PSM. The cost of a conservatory is a min of £1120.00 PSM Imperial Garden Structures Start at £924.00 PSM


All timber used within your garden structure build is FSC certified & is sourced and supplied from sustainable

forestry programmes.


Finance can be arranged with our finance partner Kandoo, please visit this link to see how getting an instant decision

on finance can help you get your dream garden room.


From £10,000

To arrange a free design consultation with one of our experts at your home,

where we can advise & discuss your unique requirements in finer details.


Imperial Garden Structures

Unit 20 Wulfrun Trading Estate, Stafford Road,

Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 6HH


01384 280420 / 07957 871646

E: sales@imperial-structures.com

W: www.imperialgardenstructures.com

F: Imperial Garden Structures

Feel the festive warmth this Christmas

and enjoy a tropical experience without

having to leave the UK!

Whatever the weather you can walk amongst

hundreds of the world’s most beautiful butterflies

in a unique rainforest environment, with

splashing waterfalls, fish-filled pools and

tropical blossoms.

Discover the fascinating link the butterfly farm

has to Belize and the Maya, an ancient rainforest

civilisation. Maya artifacts have been replicated

and are displayed throughout the flight area.

In the flight area it’s not just butterflies, here you

will find our resident green iguanas, Prudence

and Bennie, who like to bask in the tropical


Minibeast Metropolis is teeming with life, where

tree frogs and sun beetles live alongside snakes,

reptiles and leafcutter ants.

The Nature Inspired Gift Shop is a treasure trove

of ideas for all the family, a perfect place to look

for stocking fillers and nature inspired gifts.

Gift ticket vouchers are a lovely idea for family

and friends and are available to purchase from

the website.

Stratford-upon-Avon Butterfly Farm and Gift

Shop is open daily from 10 AM (except

Christmas Day) including Boxing Day and

New Year’s Day. For more information and

to book tickets please refer to the website




• Halloween pottery painting • Slime workshops & spooky teas

• Baby & Toddler Halloween and Christmas messy play

• Adult workshops in glass, felt, pottery and wreath making

• Pots & Prosecco and Clay & Cocktail evenings for adults

• Make your baby keepsakes & Christmas gifts



26th Nov and 10th Dec


Plus much, much more!




Call for info or to book or see our Facebook events


Tel. 01902 842771



The idea of selling up, taking to the

waters and making a new life aboard a

boat appeals to a lot of people.

Narrowboats and canal boats have a

rich and interesting history as well as a

huge community around the country.

Whether you already have a narrowboat

you use on holidays or are thinking of

buying one to live in full-time it is

certainly a great adventure to embark

on. But one you’ll want to think through

carefully before going ahead.

The Positives of the Narrowboat Life

Cruising on your own private boat, which

also doubles up as your home, sounds like

a romantic and fascinating adventure. And

for many people, it has huge positives and

advantages over the regular city or even

village life. These can include:


The chance to escape from the clutches of

society and live your own way is certainly

appealing. Living aboard a boat means you

can essentially live where you want and

move your boat to new locations as you see

fit. Your boat may also mean you can live in

areas that may have been too expensive for

you to consider when living in traditional


Improved Fitness

You may not realise until you get started, but

living on a boat requires a fair amount of

physical exercise as you walk towpaths,

move the locks and fetch and carry supplies

from your boat. It keeps you active and



On the water, you can explore locations and

see amazing sights in a way which isn’t

always possible from land. You can cruise

past beautiful rural countryside, cultural

cities and other locations at your own pace.

You can also get closer to nature than ever

before with ducks, swans and geese

becoming your neighbours and travel


Home from Home Travel

There’s nothing as nice as being able to

travel with all your worldly possessions

alongside you. You’ll never have to worry

about forgetting something important or

needing to pick up items you have left at

home but need for your travels. Most

modern narrowboats have all your home

comforts, with washing machines, fridges

and cookers all on board.

Considerations to keep in mind before

cruising off

Switching to life on Britain’s waterways is a

big step, however, and perhaps not for

everyone. There are some considerations

and potential downsides to keep in mind:

Cold and Damp

You need to maintain your boat well to

ensure the cold and dampness are kept

under control. Ensure you have a quality

heating system and while some damp is

inevitable, you can keep it at bay with good

insulation and ventilation.

Limited Privacy

If you’re quite a private person then you may

not enjoy living in close quarters, even with

your closest friends and family. There isn’t

often much private space aboard a

narrowboat so you have to be comfortable

spending all your time with those you’re

living with.

Maintenance Costs

Maintaining your boat so it can be lived in

and keep you cruising is a cost you cannot

avoid. Of course, this isn’t anywhere near as

much as you may spend on a traditional

house, but it is a cost you have to incur and

plan for.

Tight Space

The most difficult thing to get used to, if

you’re used to living in a traditional home, is

the minimal storage space you have to live

with. You’ll have to downsize in advance if

you’re making a big change or consider

storage for most of your belongings.

The chance to spend your days on the water

is something that can be a real bucket list

dream. If you’re committed to it, it can be a

fulfilling and enjoyable way of living from

which you may never want to return again.

We Love Reading

at Old Hall!

A Shropshire school has been

given a special gift to encourage

youngsters to read more ­ a

literacy 'shed' for the playground.

The new Reading Shed at the Old

Hall School in Wellington has been

packed with books and forms part of

an outdoor learning area for

youngsters at the school. It was

given to the school by a former

member of staff to encourage

reading for pleasure as much as for


Headteacher Mr Martin Stott said

today that the school had held a

special outdoor assembly to

officially unveil the new shed and it

had caused great excitement among

the pupils.

“All our children go to the school

library at least once a week and this

is an additional vibrant place where

children can choose from an

extensive selection of different

reading material,” he added.

“And the shed has helped to take

some of this enthusiasm outside and

allows the children to share a

passion for books in a more informal


“I think it may even make it less

intimidating for some so they are

more likely to explore books

independently. Outdoor learning is

also very important to us and we are

always looking at ways in which the

children can take their lessons


Mr Stott said it was lovely to see the

children get so excited to find out

what books were inside the shed

and talk about the books they would

love to have in there.

“We are extremely grateful for this

gift to the school. Staff past and

present have always supported our

drive to find imaginative ways to

help the children enjoy learning and

trying something new. This is a

wonderful addition to the


The school will be holding a

Discovery Morning, especially

for younger children on

January 22nd, 2022, when

parents can come along and

see the library and Reading

Shed in action.

For more information visit


or call 01952 223117






10AM - 12.30PM

Register your interest:

www.oldhall.co.uk • admissions@oldhall.co.uk • 01952 223117

Especially for

families with

younger children

Independent co-educational

day school 4-11

Wellington, Shropshire TF1 3LB

Registered Charity No. 528417

Award winning education is

closer than you think

Wolverhampton Grammar School is an

extraordinary school. Founded in

1512, it's one of the oldest schools in

the country, within easy access of the

wider West Midlands, Staffordshire and

Shropshire thanks to flexible school bus


The independent day school has

expanded its provision to incorporate

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Wolverhampton Grammar School is a

fully all-through school, providing the

opportunity for children of all school

ages (4-18) to join a truly unique

community and experience its awardwinning

approach to education.

Means-tested bursaries and

scholarships are available for

exceptional and deserving applicants

to the Senior and Sixth Form.

If you’ve never visited the stunning 25

acre campus, you can register at any

time for an open event or personal

tour. Simply visit

www.wgs.org.uk/openday to register

for events that are taking place across

the coming months.

First priority is the happiness of

your child.

Children at Wolverhampton Grammar

School receive pastoral care like

nowhere else – that’s because happy

children do well, thrive, and leave the

school with excellent exam results and

the confidence to embrace whatever

opportunities come their way in their

young adult lives.

Your child will never feel alone at

Wolverhampton Grammar School.

Assistant Head in charge of Pastoral

Care, Claudine Jones, leads a team

of staff to support and work with

families. Support includes a

dedicated, expert pastoral team,

school counsellor and annual

adolescent mental health tracking

using the latest digital tools.

Academic excellence

The staff are totally committed to

providing the best teaching and

learning experience for your child –

something that continued in

lockdown, thanks to high expertise in

online delivery. Wolverhampton

Grammar School offers a very wide

range of subjects, from sciences to

humanities, creative arts to

languages. The timetable is built

around the academic choices that

the students make. They grow up to be

confident, curious and independentminded,

and their academic

achievements speak for themselves.

Despite the pressures of the

pandemic, students were awarded

stellar results at GCSE and A Level.

Sixth Form students are also able to

study towards Cambridge Technical

and BTEC awards in a range of

subjects. Sixth Form students achieved

the highest number of A*- A grades for

over 10 years, with 66% of entries

receiving nothing but the top two

grades. Alongside, 165 A* – B grades

awarded (85% of all students). At

GCSE, 641 Grade 9, 8 or 7 awards

(equivalent to A* and A) – 79% of all

grades were awarded. Students in

Years 11 and 13 enjoyed another

exceptional year with 100% pass rate.

The School offers a tailored and

individual approach to UCAS and

Careers support and students can

expect the very best preparation

possible when it comes to life after


Interested to learn more?

Simply visit the website to register

for an open event or to book an

individual school tour,


alternatively please contact the

Admissions team at

Wolverhampton Grammar School


01902 422939 email


Independent Day School for Boys and Girls

Junior School ages 4-11 Senior School ages 11-16

Sixth Form ages 16-18


TES Independent

acre site

School Award Winners

Judged ‘Excellent’ in all

areas by the Independent

Schools Inspectorate

Book a

School tour

with us

Monday - Friday,

9.30am - 1pm

To book your school tour with our Admissions team,

please complete our online form: www.wgs.org.uk/schooltour

Alternatively, for more information about joining our School,

please contact Pindi Rai, Admissions Assistant

telephone: 01902 422939 or email: admissions@wgs-sch.net

Extra and

co-curricular curricular clubs

Flexible and convenient

school bus services

across 3 counties

Wrap around care

from 7.30am - 6.15pm


class sizes

Dedicated, expert

pastoral team

Register for

our Year 7

Entrance Test



Research confirms what we have

long suspected - that lack of

sleep among primary school

children is having a devastating

effect, with nine out of 10

teachers complaining that pupils

are too tired to learn.

The poll conducted on behalf of the

Sleep Council also revealed that more

than half - 55% - of teachers agreed

that the brightest children in the

classroom are the best slept and most

wide awake.

And while many parents with young

children worry about the effect that

computers, gaming and mobile

phones are having on their offspring,

88% of the 250 teachers questioned

felt that distractions in the bedroom,

such as games machines and TVs, are

at the root of the problems, along with

the fact parents are not strict enough

about enforcing bedtimes.

“As part of our project we wanted to

establish just how much of an issue

lack of sleep has become among

young school children. Even we have

been taken aback by the sheer scale

of the problem.”

Jessica Alexander, The Sleep Council

Long Term Problems

The issue has now become so

widespread that nearly a quarter of

teachers admitted they have had had

to resort to letting very tired children

nap in a corner of the classroom.

Nearly two thirds - 65% - say the

problem is so serious they fear for their

pupils’ long-term progress, while

nearly half said lack of sleep made

children unruly and badly behaved.

More than two-thirds of teachers say

that up to a quarter of their pupils

regularly came into school looking

tired, and a further one in five said

between a quarter and half the class

is regularly affected.

Less than four in 10 teachers - 38% -

felt a poor diet was to blame for

sleep-related problems.

When asked how they dealt with the

problem, more than six in 10 said they

contacted the parents but worryingly,

a small minority - six per cent - say

they ignore it as they just don’t have

time to deal with it.

“Schools cannot succeed without

effective partnerships with the home.

A tired and irritable child will not thrive,

particularly in the active and pacey

modern classroom. NAHT is particularly

concerned about the still small but

rising numbers of pupils who stay up

late engaged in online gaming.”

A spokesperson for the National

Association of Headteachers (NAHT)

Free Booklet

The Sleep Council’s free ‘Good-

Night Guide for Children’ booklet

is filled with hints and tips for

parents on how to help their

children get a good night’s sleep.

It can be downloaded from



Dental Implants I Hygienist Service I Teeth Whitening

Invisalign I Cosmetic Dentistry I Facial Aesthetics

Veneers I IV Sedation and more...


2 Park Crescent, Wolverhampton WV1 4PY

01902 423136




Brewood CE Middle Academ

king forward to the futur




re at

Brewood CE Middle



An appointment system will be in place please

see our website for furth her details



CE Middle Academy

01902 850266



please look at our website for


ther information.

Proud to be part

of the Brewood

and Wheaton Aston Federation

Whatever place you’re into

Wolverhampton Swimming

and Fitness Centre


Memberships from


per month

Join us on a Premium

Membership you can add

up to 4 juniors for free!

Your membership also means

you get a wide range of benefits

including: a variety of group exercise

classes, swimming, gym-use, the

Places Locker app and more!

Junior memberships are a great

way to get kids active!

Juniors can enjoy free access to the

swimming pool, free junior gym-use

and free entry to Adventure Play!

Search online for ‘Wolverhampton

Swimming and Fitness Centre’ to find

out about the latest offers

For a tour around the centre

with our Placemaking team,

call us on 01902 384777

*Excludes Aqua Fit

Quote Scene Magazine for a free Group Exercise Class in our centre

Offer expires 10 January 2022

Find out more at placesleisure.org

Built and operated by Places for People

Leisure Ltd. in partnership with City of

Wolverhampton Council

From the office to office party!

In the hope that the 2021

Christmas season is more

normal this year it’ll soon be

time to glam-up from head

down to toe in a bid to look

stylish and turn heads when

you enter that Christmas party.

You’ve planned it all: hair

coiffured; make-up applied

and contoured to perfection;

party outfit selected with shoes

and jewellery to match... but is

there something missing?

Do your everyday glasses hit the

mark for your party look? Do

you have a day look and a

night look in your eyewear like

you do in your wardrobe?

Would you rather be glasses

free? Don’t risk letting your

Christmas party outfit down with

the wrong choice of eyewear!

At Samantha Hague Optometry

we are passionate about

helping you find the right type

of vision correction for you. We

offer an array of contact lens

products expertly fitted by

principal optometrist Samantha

Hague but recognise that

they’re not for everyone which

is why at SHO there’s been a

shift towards stocking more

interesting frame designs

especially those from luxury

fashion houses inspired both by

the catwalk and top designers.

This is great for you and your

party dilemma!

“You really shouldn’t be coy

when it comes to selecting

frames you adore!” says fashion

graduate and SHO’s head stylist

Robyn, “Fashion eyewear is

about being brave; it is about

embracing your style and

feeling confident in your look.

My ‘day look’ is different to my

‘party look’ whether that’s with

alternative glasses or with

contacts - I have both and

really enjoy having that choice.

With our styling and advice

service we can help you look

and feel better than ever! Or

why not try contact lenses for

occasional use - with lenses

being available for over 90% of

spectacle wearers they can be

a great option for your party


There are so many different

frame styles and design themes

to choose from – you can jazz

up your party outfit with a

sparkles from Swarovski ,crystals

from Tiffany, brightly coloured

finishes from Face à Face and

Anne Et Valentin, chic style from

Paul Smith and Tom Ford or

classically beautiful pieces from

Dita, Gucci or Cartier. Don’t

worry about being too daring,

just choose a luxury designer

frame, get out of your comfort

zone and ensure your glasses

revive and invigorate your party

outfit this Christmas!


Clinical excellence with impeccable service and style.

Specialists in luxury eyewear.

Giving you time, expertise and the very best in technology for

unparalleled eye care in a beautiful, boutique environment.


10 High Street, Tettenhall WV6 8QT 01902 757454

Compton Care –

Make This Christmas Matter

At Compton Care we provide free care and

support for people living with incurable illnesses

and their families. We support families

to navigate every aspect of life with an

incurable condition, including emotional and

spiritual aspects such as bereavement support

for those who need to express their

thoughts, feelings and emotions throughout

the duration of a person’s illness and after


Christmas is a special time for many people, but

for some people it might be their last Christmas

with family and friends. This Christmas, we’re encouraging

people to share how they will be making

Christmas matter to them, whether it’s

volunteering in the local community or just

spending the day in your pjs for the whole of

Christmas Day! We’d love to hear about it,

please share using the hashtag #MakeThis-

ChristmasMatter and tag in Compton Care.

There are plenty of other ways you can support

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If you would like to support the work of

Compton Care please visit comptoncare.org.uk,

email fundraising@comptoncare.org.uk

or call

0300 323 0250.

Twitter: Compton_Care

Facebook: ComptonCare

Instagram: Compton_Care



For individuals with Dementia,

Alzheimers or Mental Health issues

Newbridge House oer a safe, positive and homely environment for

the elderly and those with complex needs.

With purpose built rooms and weekly GP visits from neighbouring

surgery, we guarantee that our residents have the best of care from

our experienced team of dedicated long serving sta.

Long and short term respite care/emergency placements.

To suit all budgets and circumstances

Single rooms all with en-suite, some with wet rooms

Private suites suitable for couples

For further details please contact Nicola Whittingham

on 01902 751092 / 07463710420

Email: nicola@newbridgecarehome.co.uk

Visit our new website: http://newbridgecarehome.co.uk


Antiques & curios from Chillington Hall to

sell at Cuttlestones in December…

A taxidermy menagerie and tribal art

are just some of the treasures hailing

from stately Chillington Hall near

Brewood that will go under the

hammer at local auction house

Cuttlestones’ December Antiques


The lots have been consigned by

owner John Giffard as he and wife

Crescent prepare to hand tenure of

the main hall to the next generation, as

Head Auctioneer & MD at

Cuttlestones, Ben Gamble, explains:

“We’re honoured that John has chosen

Cuttlestones to handle their attic sale

lots – and we’ve made some really

interesting finds. Chillington is a such a

landmark we’re sure the items will

generate significant interest not only

from serious collectors but also from

locals keen to invest in a piece of the

estate’s history.

“This sale is even more special as the

catalogue also features items from the

estate of well-known Penkridge

Antiquarian book and antique dealer

Mr Ray Roberts, who sadly passed

away last year. Locals will no doubt

remember Ray for his dapper style and

for driving around in his stunning

vintage Bentley – which is among the

lots we will be selling in December.”

Lots from Chillington and from Ray

Roberts’ estate – including the 1949

Bentley Mark VI Sports model - will

feature in a diverse catalogue which

will also cover vintage advertising

signs, paintings, furniture, jewellery,

silver, ceramics and other traditional


The two-day online auction will take

place on Wednesday 1st and Thursday

2nd December at Cuttlestones’

Penkridge Sale Room. Live online

bidding, telephone and commission

bidding options will be available



ewing will be strictly by

appointment on Monday 29th &

Tuesday 30th November.

For details visit


or call 01785 714905.

Two-Day Winter Antique Auction

Wednesday 1 st & Thursday 2 nd December 2021

Cuttlestones, Penkridge

Chillington Hall

Catalogue to include lots from the Giffard family’s Chillington Hall and the Estate

of the late Mr Ray Roberts, Penkridge…

Paintings ~ Taxidermy ~ Antiques ~ Vintage Signage ~ Jewellery ~ Vehicles ~ Object D’Art ~ Silver ~ Collectibles ~ and more...

Online sale – live online, telephone & commission bidding options. Viewing strictly by appointment at Cuttlestones’ Penkridge saleroom on 29th & 30th November 2021

For details of how to bid or to arrange a viewing appointment, visit our website,

email: office@cuttlestones.co.uk or call: 01785 714905


The pictures feature lots from Chillington and Ray Roberts estate. Please visit website for latest catalogues.

prior a committal at the crematorium or the whole service and

committal at the crematorium. The local Crematoria which serve

our community are Bushbury, Telford and Gornal Wood. Following

a cremation, there are various options on a final resting place for

the cremated remains (ashes) which we can advise you on.

For a burial you can use an existing family grave in a local

cemetery or churchyard. Permission will need to be obtained from

the grave owner or you can purchase a new grave in your local

cemetery or at a Natural Burial Site. You can choose to have the

service in a church or chapel or even at the graveside.

Arranging a funeral for a family member or a loved one can

be a confusing and daunting task, especially as you will also

be grieving at this time. At McGinn & Sons we will help and

guide you through every step of the funeral arrangements

and inform you of only the relevant options. We will help

and also guide you if you wish, so you and your family are

easily able to decide on the most important decisions,

making the process as easy as it can possibly be.

Funeral arrangements can be made at our office in Springhill Lane

at a time to suit you and your schedule, there is plenty of parking

and our advice is free without obligation, or if you prefer we are

more than happy to visit you in your own home to go through your


McGinn & Sons have been independently voted in the top three

funeral directors in 2020 for Wolverhampton, this is now the 4th

year we have achieved this

Please see

what some the

family’s we

have helped

say about

us on


Early on one of your first most important decisions is who to

choose to take care of your loved one and guide you through and

make the funeral arrangements on your behalf, Diane & Thomas

McGinn have over 40 years’ experience between them, helping

and guiding families with these important and unique choices,

Diane listens to your personal wishes and then with this

information she advises you as to your options.

Soon after a bereavement, you will be very busy with both practical

and official matters, there will be official paperwork and documents

to attend to such as Registering the death, Finances, informing

organisations etc, McGinn & Sons will help you with all of this and

give you all the necessary information in order to complete this


Your family, in the best

of hands. That’s a


You will also need to consider what type of funeral you would like,

this is a very personal decision so we recommend you take your

time to decide, don’t be rushed. Each funeral is a unique

celebration of that loved one’s life. You may want a traditional

funeral or add unique additions like a Horse drawn Carriage,

Motorcycle Hearse, a Wicker or a personal picture coffin, a special

piece of music, unique prayers or poetry, a musical soloist or

release some Doves.

After that choice is made your next decision is whether the funeral

is to be a burial or cremation and where and when you would like it

to be held.

If cremation is chosen, decide whether to have a service in church

Springhill Lane, Penn, Wolverhampton WV4 4SH



Wentworth Community Care was

established in 2018 as a family run


We have over 15 years of

experience in the provision of

care combined with a portfolio of


Wentworth Community Care

Office 14 Bizspace,

Planetary Road,


WV13 3SW

Telephone: 01902 683359

Email: wentworthcommunitycare@gmail.com

Facebook: Wentworth Community Care

Website: www.wentworthcommunitycare.co.uk

We are based in Wolverhampton and

work within the community to ensure

our service users are receiving the

care packages they need to safely

remain in the environment of their own

home. We produce a person-centred

care and support package that is

implemented and delivered by our

qualified community carers. Within our

family we have a residential care home

which allows us to offer a smooth

transition of care should a residential

care home be needed in the future.

We can provide up to 24-hour services locally covering the following range of requirements;

• Personal care requirements based upon individual needs.

• Preparation of meals and snacks including assistance with nutritional supplements

to assist in ensuring a well-balanced and nutritious diet is maintained.

• Supervised medication visits.

• Companionship and interaction time.

• Respite care provision.

• Temporary care packages.

• Housekeeping and laundry services.

• Shopping visits.

• Night sitting and sleep-in services.

• Mini cleans, whole house cleans, tailored cleans available upon request.

• Chaperone and escort services to medical appointments and social arrangements.

We provide a free initial assessment prior to commencement of your care package

Office Hours:

Mon 09.00 – 17.00

Tue 09.00 – 17.00

Wed 09.00 – 17.00

Thu 09.00 – 17.00

Fri 09.00 – 17.00

Sat Closed

Sun Closed

Emergency Number available 24/7

Wentworth Lodge is a mainly purpose built home, owned and operated by the same

proprietors since 1997. We were one of the first residential care homes in Bushbury

and are proud of our reputation for providing quality care for older people and

clients with dementia.

At Wentworth Lodge we like to operate as a ‘home away from home”. Our aim is to

provide a person centred, caring and comfortable environment, in which our

residents may live as normally as possible. We provide assistance with physical tasks

and administration of medication, whilst respecting the independence, privacy &

dignity of each individual.

Wentworth Lodge Residential Care Ltd

Wentworth Road,


WV10 8EH

Phone: 01902 570208

Email: info@wentworthlodge.co.uk

Brighten your home with a unique and abstract Vase all available at




Abstract vases &

Candle holders

from £18.99


Ceramic Face abstract vases from £21.99

Abstract Glass vases £11.99

Creating Faces vases from £14.99

Greek Godess Vases from £37.99

Beautiful blushing

face vases £26.99

Retro / Funky flower vase or make up brush holder £16.99

All at


Hand holding

flowers Vase


Beautiful blushing fac vases £26.99

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What is Reiki?

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher with over 10 years

experience and I am very passionate about the

benefits of Reiki. I found Reiki many years ago when I

was struggling to cope with physical illness as well as

anxiety and depression. It helped me so much I

decided to become a Reiki Practitioner myself. I then

went on to complete my Masters and Teacher level

qualification and, as well as being a practitioner, I now

teach Reiki to others. I find a lot of people do not know

what Reiki actually is or what to expect during a

treatment so I have put together some frequently

asked questions.

I had a session of Reiki and felt very tearful.

Is this always going to happen?

NO! Sometimes you can experience a few tears during Reiki,

this happens as you allow yourself to relax and let go.

Sometimes pent up emotions can be released and this is

always something I encourage. An emotional release during a

treatment is very helpful for the client and passes

quickly. Once the emotions have been released you will

quickly return to your normal state and often people feel

energised by the release as they have ‘let go’ of negative

emotions they have been carrying.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of energy healing that originates from Japan.

The Reiki practitioner channels energy and transmits this

through their hands to the client. Reiki is a scientifically

proven method of energy healing and is used extensively

throughout the world by many therapists and

healthcare professionals.

What can I expect during a Reiki Session?

After your initial consultation you will get comfortable on the

bed, wrapped up nice and warm in cosy blankets and I will

check the energy centres of your body. I then play gentle

music and talk you through a guided relaxation technique to

help you relax your body and mind. I then move

from your head travelling down the body and gently placing

my hands on areas that need healing. Many clients relax so

deeply that they fall asleep, I would gently wake you at the

end of the treatment and we discuss anything that you felt

during the session before you leave feeling

relaxed and recharged.

Can I drive or go straight back to work


YES! It is completely safe to return to your normal life

immediately after a Reiki Session, if it’s possible to stay in a

relaxed state and go home then that is great but by the time

you leave my company you will ready to return to your day.

Most people feel revitalised and recharged.

How many sessions should I have?

After just one session of Reiki you will feel better as it lifts and

boosts your energy. If you are dealing with emotional or

physical pain then I would always recommend at least 3

sessions in close succession. Sometimes if people have very

low energy it may take a few sessions to get things in


Is it beneficial to have Reiki even when I feel

good? Would it be helpful to have a regular


YES! Your energy body, just like your physical body, needs

regular care and attention. Having Reiki when you feel well is

equally beneficial if not more so. When you are physically

and emotionally well the energy can move around the body to

balance and recharge your cells and you will feel physically

and mentally refreshed and revitalised

Jessi Carrera-Maybury

Tel: 07944 501998

Charmed Healing Therapies

Reiki Master Teacher,

Theta healing

Practitioner and Spiritual Coach

Spruce up your home this Christmas






FREE Fitting on all carpets

from £16.99 sq yd

FREE Measuring and


FREE Delivery on Carpets

Supplied & Fitted






Ron’s Furnishers

7 Marsh Lane Parade, Fordhouses, Wolverhampton

01902 783847 or 07419 986828



*Excludes headboard


Marsh Lane Parade

Ming Car Park


Stafford Road A449

Let’s get FUNKY

Tiger Cushion

covers £11.99



wall art



French Bulldog £61.99

3D Reindeer wall decor


Banksy ‘life is short’ canvas from £8.99

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animal statues

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cushion covers


Choice of retro canvases from £11.99

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Yoga Cat £11.99


Est. 40 Years


= Design & Planning = Plastering = Fully Fitted Service = Tiling

= Plumbing= 7 Days Start to Finish = Electrical Work

= All Work Guaranteed



Remove Existing Suite,

Replaster in needed

Supply Walk in Cubicle

Grab Rails, Shower Seat

Thermostatic Shower

All Fitted & Tiled

All Rubbish Removed









Remove Existing Suite

Replaster if needed

Supply/Fit Luxury Suite

Grab Rails, Shower Seat

(inc. Vanity Unit)

Wall Tiles to Ceiling

(Upto 18sqm)

All Rubbish Removed

ONLY £3499

= Utopia = Roper Rhodes = Roca = Marflow = Burlington = Lakes and more

WE ARE OPEN: Monday - Saturday 9am to 4pm & Sundays 10am - 4pm

7 Millfields Road, Bilston WV14 0QJ TEL: 01902 401020

Your home is where you feel the

most comfortable and the happiest.

It is the place you know the best. If

you want to stay living comfortably

at home, Home Instead ® can help

make that possible.

Home Help


Personal Care

Dementia Care

01902 943235



Each Home Instead franchise is independently owned and operated.

Copyright © Home Instead® 2021.


Roofing Services


=New Roofs & Repairs =Dry Verge

=Flat & Pitch Roofs

=Barge Boards & Cladding

=Re-pointing & Chimney Work =Quality Assured Workmanship

=Guttering, Fascias & Soffits =Roof Cleaning

=Loft Insulation - For Cooler =No Job too Big or too Small!

... summers and warmer winters

Family run Business

T: 0800 959 6791

M: 07769 668863

E: leecontractors@contractor.net

=Based in Telford


C & T Doors & Windows LTD

National company established for over 20 years

uPVC Replacement Doors

& Windows

For Your


Specialists in replacement

caravan double glazing

doors & windows



For Your


Codsall, Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Tel: 01902 842706

Mob: 07759 53818








Bespoke Windows, Doors, Conservatories in uPVC, Timber and Aluminium



= Keeps you Cooler in the summer and Warmer in the winter

= Create extra living space with no maintenance for your home

= Plastering and electrics included = Wide range of tile finishes

= Versatile, attractive & energy efficient

www.derosawindows.co.uk = www.derosaroofing.co.uk

Unit 42, Wombourne Enterprise Park, Bridgnorth Road, Wombourne WV5 0AL 01902 897111

Our famous


displays are

now open!

Follow our

Facebook page

for info

Come and visit the region's largest independent

garden centre - there's something for everyone!

10% off













20% off






TEL 01922 418050

Our brand new coffee shop and

outdoor seating area is now open



Forget popping supplements

and visits to the health food

store: more and more

evidence is pointing towards

the fact that a little bit of

what you fancy does you


ingredient, resveratol, slows

down aging in the bones, eyes

and muscles. Certain wines from

France and Sardinia appear to

be the most useful, but as with

chocolate, it is important to be

sensible and keep alcohol

consumption low.

We might be told that the things

we like aren’t best for our health

but it would seem that a little bit

of what we fancy might be

doing us good.

Here are five treats that have

more going for them than you

might think.


Not as bad as you might think.

Flavonoid-rich chocolate should

help to protect against heart

disease while its antioxidant

properties are reported to be

cancer busting too. According

to the most recent reports, our

favourite sneaky snack even

has anti-ageing powers. Go for

dark chocolate with upwards of

70% cocoa solids for the real


Red Wine

We all know that too much

alcohol is seriously bad news,

but the French know a thing or

two about the healthy side of a

little tipple.

Like chocolate, the skins and

seeds of red wine grapes

contain antioxidants ,flavonoids

and tannins which can help to

lower cholesterol and reduce

blood pressure. Another


This news probably made Mr

Starbuck’s day - coffee isn’t all

bad for you! In fact, the

antioxidants in the coffee bean

unclog the arteries and are

good for the old ticker. While

overindulgence can cause

thumping headaches, scientists

in Italy say that a lower dose of

java can even cure headaches

and help the liver by preventing

gallstones and cirrhosis - enough

excuse to hail it as the perfect

hangover remedy. Avoid

overdoing it and drink freshly

ground and brewed espresso

for maximum benefit.


Rarely a day goes by during the

summer months when we aren’t

bombarded with stories about

the dangers of the sun. But let’s

not forget that when you’re

sensible about it sunshine does

great things for you. So slap on

that sunscreen and get out

there to soak up some vitamin

D, which provides the best

protection possible from colds

and flu and boosts endorphins -

your feel-good hormones.

Twenty minutes in the sun every

day could make all the

difference to you if you feel run

down and in the dumps.


The ad-men weren’t kidding

when they said Guinness was

good for you. In light of recent

advice that we shouldn’t be

taking aspirin as a matter of

course to avoid heart attacks, it

looks like a Guinness a day

could be on call to keep the

doctor away. Research has

proved that the black stuff

works as well as low dose aspirin

at keeping clots and heart

attacks at bay. Believed to be

high in iron, at one time

pregnant women and nursing

mothers were told to drink

Guinness too, though advice

now says otherwise.







10% off when you mention SCENE magazine

Unit 8, Trench lock 3, Telford TF1 5ST

Tel: 07983 664550





We’re living in challenging times

right now – and for many people

this is compounded by feeling

anxious about money.

Almost everyone has some sort of debt,

whether it’s the mortgage, credit cards,

an overdraft or loans. And whether it’s

hundreds or thousands of pounds,

finding yourself in debt is both

frightening and overwhelming.

Getting into debt is always easier than

getting out. Credit card companies and

retailers encourage shoppers to take

out cards with attractive sign-up

benefits, and banks continually offer

their customers loans - all involving

repayment at a healthy annual

percentage rate. Lenders have made it

far too easy to get into trouble.

Depending on how deep in debt you

are, you may feel like there is no light at

the end of the tunnel, but rest assured

there is.

Don't Ignore Debts

People find themselves in financial

difficulty for any number of reasons,

such as unemployment, illness, marital

breakdown, or other unforeseen


Although you cannot do anything about

these or past mistakes, there are things

you can do to improve your current


Many people ignore debts when they

experience financial difficulty. Some

fear contacting their creditors. They do

not understand the consequences of

not paying bills.

Ignoring debts will affect your credit

rating. In addition, creditors may take

action against you in an effort to get

payment. Or your bill can be turned

over to a debt collector, your property

can be repossessed, or you may be

forced into bankruptcy.

If trying to get out of debt seems like

trying to run a race while being tied to

the starting line, and no matter how

much energy you put into it you never

seem to get anywhere, it’s time to get

some serious help. The key to solving

the financial difficulty is communication.

There is help

The National Debtline estimates that

more than 8 million people in the UK

have financial difficulties, and has come

up with a plan called ‘How to deal with

debt’ to help you take your first steps

towards a fresh start with your finances,

which can be downloaded from


Here’s a summary of their 3 key


1. Know what you’ve really got.

• Get all your information together on

your income and outgoings – bank

statements, wage slips, benefit/pension

statements, bills, letters from creditors.

• Work out your monthly outgoings

• Work out your debts and categorise

them by priority

• Use this information to complete the

budget template available on the

National Debtline website.

2. Maximise Your Money

• Check out the advice on

www.moneysavingexpert.com – you

may be able to save hundreds or

thousands of pounds by following their


• Plan your grocery shopping carefully –

make a list, use vouchers where you

can, and buy own brands wherever


• Check your utilities, water, phone, and

broadband tariffs to make sure you are

on the best deals. You may also be

eligible for certain grants depending on

your circumstances.

3. Choose your debt solution

• Deal with your priority debts first - for

example, debts that could mean losing

your home or having the gas or

electricity cut off.

• Get in touch with your creditors

straight away and explain your


• Contact everyone you owe money to.

If you make arrangements to pay some

creditors but not others, you could run

into difficulties again.

• Always respond to any

correspondence regarding County

Court action. Don’t think that going to

the County Court makes you a criminal;

it isn’t that type of court. You won’t go to

prison and there’s no jury. Keep copies

of any letters or court forms you send

or receive.

Free Advice

For detailed and comprehensive

guidance on dealing with your debts, go

to www.nationaldebtline.org and

download their ‘How to deal with debt’


National Debtline is a charity who

give free, confidential, and

independent advice over the phone

and online. Call them on 0808 808

4000 or visit their website for

details of how to set up a webchat

with an advisor.


Paving Ltd

Specialists in

Block Paving,


Slabbing & Cobbles

=Clay & Block Paving

=Tarmacing (red or black) = Patios

=Cobbles = Slabbing = Gravel

=Drainage Sytems = Resin bound

=Landscaping = Fencing = Brickwork

=Wooden Sleepers, Walls &

Flower Beds = Driveway Maintenance

=Turfing & Astro Turf

=Tumbler Brick Driveways and Patio





Email: sandstonepaving1969@gmail.com

01902 585 104

01543 886 945 I 07466 459 358

79 Oak road Brewood, Staffordshire ST19 9HJ

Energy proof your home AND

save money before it’s too late

As energy prices skyrocket,

and with energy companies

going bust affecting just

under 1.5 million households,

now is the perfect time to

reduce your energy bills.

That’s the view of Neal Harper,

Managing Director of leading

Midlands home improvement

company Wolverhampton

Glass. Keeping the heat in this

winter will be a priority and the

easiest way to insulate your

home is by getting new

windows and exterior doors.

“The price of gas has soared in

recent weeks, putting several

energy suppliers out of business,

and this has seen all the major

energy suppliers confirm

massive price hikes to their

standard variable tariffs from

the beginning of October 1,”

said Neal.

“According to figures from Oil &

Gas UK, the price of wholesale

gas has surged by 250% since

the beginning of the year, and

with an increase in energy bills

this winter expected to be

followed by an even larger

energy bill rise from next April,

homeowners need to think

seriously about reducing their

energy spending.”

The good news is, upgrading

your windows, doors, or

conservatory roof are the most

instantly rewarding ways of

energy-proofing your home.

Windows and exterior doors are

vulnerable points for heat to

escape or the cold to enter and

modern energy efficient ones

virtually lock the heat inside a

home while blocking the cold

out, containing, and conserving

heat within the home in the


Cutting-edge materials now

mean that a modern

conservatory roof replacement

will keep your conservatory

warm in the winter and cool in

the summer.

Neal said: “Single glazed

windows and old existing

double-glazing, should be

replaced and upgrading

older windows with modern,

energy efficient double, triple,

or secondary glazing, frames

and panels could save as much

as 30-40% on your heating bills

during the winter.

“And by insulating your home

and making it more energy

efficient, you will not only be

protecting your pocket, you’ll

also be helping to protect the

environment too.”

To help you get the home

improvements you need to

reduce your energy bills at a

time when prices are rocketing,

Wolverhampton Glass is offering

up to 30% off all products this


With over 45 years of industry

experience your home is in good

hands with Wolverhampton Glass,

a part of Sustainium Group, a

consortium of world-class home

improvement companies that

believe homeowners deserve

innovative, quality products and

wonderful customer experience – all

provided in an ethical and

sustainable way.

For more information call

01902 773831

or email
















We’re here to help energy proof your home and save you money

this winter

Get your quote today,

call 01902 773831

Wl Wolverhampton


pServing the MidGlass

Midlands for over 45 years

Bay 1, Block C, Progress Point,

Kingswinford, DY6 7FT


Discover 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes at Partridge Walk, Stafford and find

your new home in the heart of Staffordshire. Featuring plenty of

open green spaces, a bustling new community,

and properties that’ll make you feel right at home.

Whether you’re a first­time buyer or

a family looking for room to grow,

we’ll help you find your perfect

home. With higher ceilings, larger

staircases, and better kitchen

upgrades than the average

developer we’re proud to share

with you all the things that make a

Bovis Home just slightly more


On top of the unique specification of

a Bovis home we’re also offering you

the chance to add even more

finishing touches to your property by

utilising the Bovis Homes Select

brochure. From upgrading your

bathroom with stunning ceramics, or

adding smooth sliding wardrobes to

your master bedroom, there’s a wide

range of additional options for you

to really personalise your new home.

We know that moving can be

stressful, whether you’re a first­time

buyer or a growing family. So, we’ve

adopted lots of buying schemes to

make sure you can live in your brand

new Bovis home without breaking

the bank.

To find out more head across to



With plenty of going on around the

town of Stafford, Cannock Chase and

the Shugborough Estate are some of

the biggest attractions. The walks are

great for a rambler’s retreat or sunny

day out. At Cannock Chase, there is a

Go Ape Adventure park that’s great

for families, and for history lovers

you can enjoy the sights of Stafford


For children there is the Amerton

Working Farm and Railway and for

those wildlife­lovers you can

experience Trentham’s Monkey

Forest and Gentleshaw Wildlife


In 5­10 minutes, you can be in the

centre of Stone and Stafford with

further shopping areas and a short

drive takes you to the Staffordshire

Moorlands and further afield the

entrance to the Peak District.

To find out more about Partridge

Walk give us a call on

01785 508 223 to chat to one of our

friendly sales advisers.

Please note that all offers, and schemes are

subjected to T&Cs and may only be

available on selected homes.

Find your new home at Partridge Walk, Stafford

View your new home at Partridge Walk,

Beaconside without heading out into the cold...

Walk our latest Bovis Homes development and even

personalise your new home, all from your phone. Head across

to our website to walk the site, pick your home, and even

receive a personalised brochure with all your own touches.

For more information

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Photographs depict typical Bovis Homes interiors. Internal images may include optional upgrades at an additional cost. Price & availability correct at time of going to print/broadcast. YOUR HOME MAY







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