Groveport Messenger - October 17th, 2021

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<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

<strong>Groveport</strong><br />

<strong>October</strong> 17-30, <strong>2021</strong> www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XXXIX, No. 9<br />

Photo courtesy of Warren Motts, Motts Military Museum<br />

Painting plane to preserve it<br />

Madison Township firefighters and other volunteers pitched in to give a World War<br />

II era C-47 aircraft a fresh coat of paint at Motts Military Museum in <strong>Groveport</strong> on<br />

Oct. 10. Motts Military Museum Director Warren Motts thanked the firefighters and<br />

other volunteers stating, “They did a great job of painting this World War II aircraft<br />

to help preserve it for history. It was amazing to see how all those firefighters<br />

jumped in and got the job done. Our volunteers are older and are not quite as agile<br />

as those with the Madison Township Fire Department. It truly was a blessing to<br />

have the firefighters come and help preserve this WWII C-47 aircraft for future generations<br />

to learn from. It truly is a great piece of history. Thank You Madison<br />

Township Fire Department.” Motts Military Museum is located at 5075 S Hamilton<br />

Rd, <strong>Groveport</strong>. For information call (614) 836-1500.<br />

Re-Elect<br />

Libby Gray<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Board of Education<br />

• Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting - The Ohio State University<br />

• Master’s Degree in Taxation - Capital Law School<br />

• Co-Chair - Committee for Better Schools<br />

• School Board President - 3 yrs<br />

• School Board V. President - 2 yrs<br />

8 yrs. of success<br />

• Financial stability • Funding for new HS<br />

• Programming to prepare students beyond HS<br />

Because Experience Matters<br />

Paid for by the committee to elect Libby Gray NOV. 2, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Sain Insurance Agency Inc.<br />

Lisa Sain, Agent<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

www.lisasain.com<br />

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Hometown Realtor<br />

Marylee Bendig<br />

<br />

580 Main St., <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />

(614) 218-1097<br />

marylee@maryleebendig.com<br />

A name you KNOW,<br />

the name you TRUST<br />

Thieves target unlocked cars<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

Thieves are taking advantage of<br />

unlocked cars in <strong>Groveport</strong> to steal money,<br />

credit cards, electronics, and more from<br />

inside the vehicles.<br />

According to <strong>Groveport</strong> Police officials,<br />

the recent rash of thefts from vehicles have<br />

occurred on and around Center Street,<br />

Hickory Alley, and other alleys in town.<br />

One incident occurred in the GrovePointe<br />

subdivision where a theft happened when<br />

a garage door was left open.<br />

“Ninety percent of these thefts are from<br />

vehicles that are unlocked or the vehicles’<br />

windows are left open,” said <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Police Chief Casey Adams. “It’s rare that<br />

the suspects actually physically break into<br />

the vehicles. They don’t want to attract<br />

attention with noise because, if they are<br />

quiet, they can hit a lot of cars. They go<br />

along jiggling car door handles to see<br />

which ones are unlocked because it’s easier<br />

than breaking into the vehicle.”<br />

According to Adams, the suspects are<br />

most likely teenagers or people in their<br />

early 20s.<br />

“They often are people seeking money to<br />

feed their chemical dependency issues,”<br />

said Adams.<br />

Adams said the thefts are happening at<br />

night. He said security camera videos can<br />

sometimes help identify suspects, but it is<br />

difficult to get detailed images after dark.<br />

He said cameras often show the suspects<br />

“brazenly walking through yards going<br />

from car to car and not trying to hide.”<br />

Adams also said thieves have been cutting<br />

off and stealing catalytic converters<br />

from underneath vehicles in the Elmont<br />

Place and Hickory Grove subdivisions.<br />

“They steal the catalytic converters for<br />

the valuable metals in them,” said Adams.<br />

“They take them to salvage yards to get<br />

quick money.”<br />

Adams said the <strong>Groveport</strong> Police will<br />

concentrate patrols in the residential areas<br />

where the thefts are occurring. He said citizens<br />

can help prevent thefts by locking<br />

their cars, closing their garage doors, and<br />

not leaving valuable items in their cars in<br />

plain sight. He encouraged people to keep<br />

their porch lights on at night and to report<br />

it to the city if the streetlights on their<br />

streets are out. Additionally, he said that,<br />

if residents are going out of town on vacation<br />

or for other reasons, they can fill out a<br />

police house watch form at the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Police Department, 5690 Clyde Moore<br />

Drive, <strong>Groveport</strong>.<br />

Toy Road improvements underway<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

Two cul-de-sacs have been constructed<br />

on Toy road near Centerpoint Parkway to<br />

help relieve traffic problems in that area.<br />

“The proposal includes an ‘until such<br />

time’ closure of Toy Road between two,<br />

already-constructed cul-de-sacs on Toy<br />

Road, approximately 200 feet east of the<br />

intersection of Centerpoint Parkway (until<br />

such time that future commercial development<br />

justifies it’s reopening),” said Carla<br />

Marable, director of Communications for<br />

the Franklin County Engineer’s Office.<br />

“The two cul-de-sacs are proposed to be<br />

physically separated via a grass mound<br />

that will extend around the perimeter of<br />

the cul-de-sacs. Traffic control signage will<br />

See TOY ROAD, page 2<br />


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Get ready for trick-or-treat fun<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

It’s time for jack o’ lanterns, colorful leaves, and<br />

trick-or-treat!<br />

Here are the trick-or-treat dates and times, as well<br />

as some other Halloween activities, for the area’s communities.<br />

Canal Winchester<br />

The city of Canal Winchester will hold trick-or-treat<br />

on Oct. 28 from 5:30—7:30 p.m.<br />

According to Canal Winchester Events and<br />

Communications Coordinator Hannah Voss, immediately<br />

following trick-or-treat at 7:30 p.m. VFW Post<br />

#10523 will host its annual free Halloween Party at<br />

the Frances Steube Community Center, 22 S. Trine St.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong><br />

The city of <strong>Groveport</strong> will hold trick-or-treat on Oct.<br />

28 from 5:30-7 p.m.<br />

Mayor Lance Westcamp said the annual Halloween<br />

block party at Main and Front streets will not be held<br />

this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.<br />

However, the annual Blacklick Haunted Park will<br />

be held on Oct. 22-23 from 7:30-11 p.m. and Oct. 24<br />

from 1-3 p.m. in Blacklick Park, 799 Blacklick St. in<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>. Cost is $5 per person with the proceeds<br />

going to <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Human Needs and the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Food Pantry. This event is very scary and<br />

parental discretion is advised.<br />

Madison Township<br />

Madison Township will hold trick-or-treat on Oct.<br />

28 from 5:30-7 p.m.<br />

Madison Township officials conducted a survey of<br />

residents to see which day and time was preferred for<br />

trick-or-treat and 80 percent of those responding chose<br />

Oct. 28.<br />

TOY ROAD<br />

Continued from page 1<br />

also be utilized in advance of, and in between, the two<br />

cul-de-sacs.”<br />

The grass mound will be constructed over the<br />

asphalt so it could be removed in the future in case the<br />

Toy Road would ever reconnect.<br />

There will be no emergency vehicle access at the<br />

Toy Road closure.<br />

Marable said representatives of the Franklin<br />

County Engineer’s Office met with representatives of<br />

local emergency services including Madison Township<br />

Police and Fire, Obetz Police, and <strong>Groveport</strong> Police.<br />

“All agreed that emergency access at the closure<br />

point was not necessary and that fully closing the roadway<br />

would not negatively impact the services that they<br />

provide,” said Marable. “Fully closing the roadway<br />

between the two cul-de-sacs will minimize the potential<br />

of drivers attempting to unsafely drive through the<br />

closure location.”<br />

According to Marable, the location of this closure<br />

allows Toy Road west of the closure location to operate<br />

and handle the commercial and commuter traffic generated<br />

by the Rickenbacker Area warehousing. East of<br />

the closure location will be limited to residential use<br />

and public services such as school transportation and<br />

refuse pick-up.<br />

“Details of the ‘until such time’ closure are still<br />

being developed,” said Marable. “The cost associated<br />

for this portion of work is not yet available. However,<br />

it will be minimal in comparison to the overall cost of<br />

the project. This project was combined and bid together<br />

with the Toy Road and Swisher Road improvements<br />

project. The contractor’s low bid for the overall project<br />

was $2.2 million. Funding is being provided by the<br />

More information on locations of treat stations with<br />

the Madison Township police officers and firefighters<br />

will be made available closer to the time of the event.<br />

Obetz<br />

Obetz will hold trick-or-treat on Oct. 28 from 6-8<br />

p.m.<br />

“Halloween festivities will be held at Fortress<br />

Obetz, 2015 Recreation Trail in Obetz, on Oct. 29 from<br />

6-10 p.m. featuring a Haunted Maze as well as some<br />

other tricks and treats,” said Obetz Mayor Angela<br />

Kirk.<br />

Lockbourne<br />

According to Lockbourne Mayor Christie Ward, at<br />

Lockbourne Village Council’s Sept. 27 meeting it was<br />

decided that Lockbourne will hold its trick-or-treat on<br />

Oct. 31 from 4- 6 p.m.<br />

Hamilton Township<br />

Hamilton Township’s trick-or-treat date and time is<br />

still to be determined.<br />

Franklin County Motor Vehicle Registration and Gas<br />

User Fees, the city of <strong>Groveport</strong>, Madison Township,<br />

the Ohio Public Works Commission, the Franklin<br />

County Transportation Improvement District, and private<br />

partners. Final completion for this project is currently<br />

scheduled for early spring 2022.”<br />

Marable said these improvements are necessary for<br />

Toy, Swisher, and Saltzgaber roads because these portions<br />

of Toy Road, Swisher Road, and Saltzgaber Road<br />

are old township roadways.<br />

“They were never designed or intended to carry<br />

high commercial and commuter traffic,” said Marable.<br />

“Along Toy Road and Swisher Road, the improvement<br />

will repair the roadway and improve drainage so that<br />

the residents can safely and efficiently access their<br />

homes. The project also provides dual cul-de-sacs east<br />

of Centerpoint Parkway that will act as turnaround<br />

locations for commercial, school bus, and refuse truck<br />

traffic. Along Saltzgaber Road, the roadway is being<br />

widened and reconstructed to account for traffic being<br />

generated by new warehouses in the area.”<br />

Residents living on Toy Road, Saltzgaber Road, and<br />

Swisher Road have been frustrated for several years<br />

by the poor conditions of these roads as well as the<br />

heavy traffic from nearby commercial warehouses that<br />

use these narrow, formerly rural roads. The residents<br />

sought relief from the vehicle and semi-truck traffic<br />

they say damages the roads, tears up yards, knocks<br />

over mailboxes, causes noise, generates trash, and creates<br />

congestion.<br />

The three roads fall within several different government<br />

jurisdictions including Madison Township, the<br />

towns of <strong>Groveport</strong> and Obetz, and Franklin County.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 3<br />

Frightful fun returns at Blacklick Haunted Park<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>’s Blacklick Haunted Park<br />

returns for its fourth year with a host of<br />

ghouls, monsters, and other assorted<br />

things that go bump in the night to give<br />

visitors a Halloween fright.<br />

The scary event, sponsored by the city of<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> and <strong>Groveport</strong> residents, will be<br />

held Oct 22 and 23 from 7:30-11 p.m. and<br />

Oct. 24 from 1-3 p.m. in Blacklick Park,<br />

799 Blacklick St. (The park is located at<br />

the eastern end of Blacklick Street in<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>.) Cost is $5 per person on Oct. 22<br />

and 23 with proceeds going to <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Madison Human Needs and the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Food Pantry. Organizers said the event on<br />

Oct. 22 and 23 is very scary and parental<br />

discretion is advised. However, the Sunday<br />

session will be a bit different.<br />

“The Sunday, Oct. 24 session is free for<br />

little kids age 10 and under and this session<br />

will be a little less scary for the little<br />

ones,” Bruce Smith, one of the Blacklick<br />

Haunted Park organizers.<br />

The idea for Blacklick Haunted Park<br />

arose in 2017 from three friends who share<br />

a love of Halloween — Bruce Smith, Scott<br />

Clinger, and Larry Geis. They came up<br />

with the idea for the haunted park as a way<br />

to raise money for <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison<br />

Human Needs and the <strong>Groveport</strong> Food<br />

Pantry while also providing an outlet for<br />

frightening fun.<br />

“Each of us has set up elaborate ‘haunted<br />

houses’ at our own homes during trickor-treat<br />

in the past and we always wanted<br />

to do something bigger like this,” said<br />

Smith.<br />

Blacklick Haunted Park consists of a<br />

large area at the park’s shelterhouse and a<br />

haunted trail. Around 30 relentlessly scary<br />

costumed monsters, as well as fearsome<br />

scenes and eerie music are featured.<br />

“The haunted trail aspect has been<br />

extended this year by about another 150 to<br />

200 feet,” said Smith. “It’s much longer and<br />

spookier than in the past.”<br />

Smith said Blacklick Haunted Park will<br />

include some old favorite scary creatures,<br />

but will also add some new twists, such as<br />

featuring a frightening scene from the popular<br />

“Purge” films.<br />

“We try to stay contemporary,” said<br />

Smith.<br />

“We’re the masters of distraction,” said<br />

Clinger, who said a key to a good haunted<br />

house or haunted park is creativity and<br />

providing the unexpected.<br />

Smith said Blacklick Haunted Park<br />

draws good sized crowds each year and visitors<br />

get a good, fun fright.<br />

“People scream and we’ve had adults<br />

who got so scared they just walked away,”<br />

said Smith.<br />

The event is a large fundraiser for<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Human Needs and the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Food Pantry.<br />

“One year we raised $4,000 that we<br />

divided between the two charitable<br />

groups,” said Smith.<br />

The organizers of Blacklick Haunted<br />

Park said a main motivation for creating<br />

their scary event is to “do something fun<br />

and affordable for the kids.”<br />

“People have fun, we have fun, and<br />

we’re able to help out <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison<br />

Human Needs and the <strong>Groveport</strong> Food<br />

Pantry,” said Smith. “We love to do it.<br />

We’re thankful to the city of <strong>Groveport</strong> for<br />

its help in enabling Blacklick Haunted<br />

Park to be successful.”<br />

For information call (614) 836-3333.<br />

Reeves-Wyke is new<br />

community affairs director<br />

City of <strong>Groveport</strong> Public Relations<br />

Coordinator Jessica Reeves-Wyke has been<br />

named the city’s new community affairs<br />

director and will begin work at <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Town Hall, 648 Main St., on Oct. 20.<br />

She replaces Patty Storts, who retired<br />

Oct. 13 after 28 years of working for the<br />

city in various capacities.<br />

The job, which has a pay range of $26.66<br />

to $42.85 per hour, is a promotion for<br />

Reeves-Wyke.<br />

According to <strong>Groveport</strong> City<br />

Administrator B.J. King, city officials plan<br />

to eliminate the position of public relations<br />

coordinator.<br />

Drug Take Back Day<br />

in <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

The city of <strong>Groveport</strong> and <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Police Department, in cooperation with the<br />

Drug Enforcement Administration, will<br />

host a National Prescription Drug Take<br />

Back event on Oct. 23 at the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Police Station, 5690 Clyde Moore Drive,<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.<br />

The National Prescription Drug Take<br />

Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient,<br />

and responsible means of disposing of<br />

prescription drugs, while also educating<br />

the general public about the potential for<br />

abuse of medications. The DEA has collected<br />

nearly 15 million pounds (more than<br />

7,000 tons) of expired, unused, and<br />

unwanted prescription medications<br />

through Take Back Day events over the<br />

last ten years.<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> collection site is set up in<br />

a convenient stop and drop model, allowing<br />

those discarding unwanted prescription<br />

drugs to remain in their vehicles, drop<br />

medications with collection agents, and<br />

then continue on their way.<br />

Collectors may only accept pills. Liquids<br />

(including inhalers and their refills), as<br />

well as needles or sharps, may not be<br />

dropped off.<br />

he service is free and anonymous; no<br />

questions asked.<br />

Visit www.DEATakeBack.com for information.

PAGE 4 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Police officer honored for heroic efforts<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Police Officer Ryan Ripson<br />

was honored for his heroic efforts in rescuing<br />

a driver from a car that had gone off the<br />

road an splashed into Blacklick Creek last<br />

winter.<br />

With the temperature in the 20 degree<br />

range, Ripson waded into the waist deep<br />

icy water of the creek on Jan. 21 around 7<br />

a.m. to rescue the driver from her partially<br />

submerged car, which was about 30 yards<br />

from the shore line.<br />

The incident occurred at the State Route<br />

317 bridges over Blacklick Creek near<br />

Bixby Road.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Police Chief Casey Adams<br />

said Ripson received the Franklin County<br />

Sheriff's Department’s STAR Award<br />

(STAR is (S) Selflessness, (T) Teamwork,<br />

(A) Accountability, (R) Respect) presented<br />

by Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin<br />

on Oct. 15. Ripson will also receive the<br />

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Award at the<br />

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers annual recognition<br />

banquet on Oct. 20.<br />

“We are all very proud to see one of our<br />

own just not only receiving the Franklin<br />

County Sheriff's Department STAR Award,<br />

but also the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers<br />

Award for his dedication to protecting and<br />

serving the city of <strong>Groveport</strong> community,”<br />


said Adams.<br />

According to Adams, when Ripson<br />

arrived at the scene of the accident that<br />

cold January morning, he could only see<br />

the vehicle’s roof top due to the rest of the<br />

vehicle being submerged under the icy,<br />

murky water.<br />

“He saw the female driver struggling to<br />

exit the vehicle’s driver side window to get<br />

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Josh Short and the <strong>Groveport</strong> Police Department<br />

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Rescue Dive team helped secure the car with<br />

straps for crews from Long’s Towing and Eitel’s Towing to haul it up out of the creek<br />

after <strong>Groveport</strong> Police Officer Ryan Ripson rescued the driver.<br />

out of the frigid water and the vehicle was<br />

still sinking in the muddy bottom of the<br />

creek,” said Adams. “He could see that the<br />

driver was struggling in the cold weather<br />

and frigid water temperature and attempts<br />

to throwing a life jacket to the driver were<br />

unsuccessful. Without hesitation, Officer<br />

Ripson decided the best course of action<br />

was to enter the frigid water himself and go<br />

to the stranded female to check on her wellbeing<br />

to make sure she had not sustain<br />

serious injuries.”<br />

“The water was so cold it took my breath<br />

away and the footing of the creek was<br />

muddy and difficult, so I assisted her wading<br />

back to the creek bank after reaching<br />

the vehicle,” said Ripson. “I could see the<br />

driver was uncomfortable getting out of the<br />

car herself and, after an attempt to throw<br />

her a life vest was unsuccessful, I decided<br />

to wade out into the creek and escort her to<br />

the bank before the situation got worse.”<br />

Adams said Ripson’s actions were risky<br />

due to the cold temperature of the water,<br />

but as retired <strong>Groveport</strong> Police Chief<br />

Ralph Portier stated at the time, “Officer<br />

Ripson did not have a second thought about<br />

going into help, it’s a decision he made from<br />

the heart and it’s something that cannot be<br />

police statistics<br />

trained.”<br />

After this incident ended and the scene<br />

was secured, Adams said, “Officer Ripson,<br />

as usual, did not want recognition for his<br />

actions, he just wanted to go home, take a<br />

shower, put a clean uniform on, and go<br />

back to work.”<br />

According to <strong>Groveport</strong> Police Lt. Josh<br />

Short, the investigation revealed the driver<br />

was allegedly traveling northbound in the<br />

southbound lane of State Route 317 and<br />

swerved into the median to avoid southbound<br />

traffic.<br />

“The driver and car went into the median<br />

and then vaulted over the Three Creeks’<br />

bike path, down between the bridges, striking<br />

the south bank of Blacklick Creek and<br />

skimming two thirds of the way across<br />

before coming to a rest in the water,” said<br />

Short.<br />

According to Short, Ripson is “a quiet,<br />

unassuming person, but for him to choose<br />

to go help this freezing woman out of that<br />

car comes as no surprise. Rip (Officer<br />

Ripson) is a <strong>Groveport</strong> guy at heart, grew<br />

up and graduated from high school here,<br />

and has always tried to help maintain a<br />

higher quality of life for our residents.”<br />

September crime statistics from the<br />

Madison Township Police: 7 accidents with<br />

injuries, 8 assaults, 2 burglary, 19 domestic<br />

complaints, 6 driving under the influence,<br />

2 fights, 4 hit skip accidents, 12 juvenile<br />

complaints, 23 larceny/theft, 3 missing<br />

persons, 2 narcotics, 36 parking violations,<br />

2 person with gun, 26 property damage<br />

accidents, 2 sex offenses, 6 shots fired in<br />

area, 6 stolen vehicles, 4 suspicious cars,<br />

29 suspicious persons, 20 suspicious persons/vehicles,<br />

8 threats or harassment, 45<br />

traffic stops, and 4 vandalism.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Presbyterian Church’s worship items find a new home<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

After 168 years, the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Presbyterian Church congregation held its<br />

last service in July, but some of the church’s<br />

worship items have found a new home in<br />

Sierra Leone with the helping hand of the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> United Methodist Church.<br />

“Magnus Jusu, who is from Sierra Leone,<br />

came to the United States shortly after the<br />

civil war in that country,” said <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

United Methodist Church Pastor Jonathan<br />

Mann. “He came here to train as a trauma<br />

counselor to help people in his country heal<br />

after the effects of war. However, his home<br />

was destroyed during the war and he needed<br />

to stay and work in the U.S. to provide for<br />

his wife and son. That was 16 years ago. He<br />

is also an ordained pastor in the Sierra<br />

Leone Conference of the United Methodist<br />

Church. Magnus has had many jobs over the<br />

16 years in the U.S., but he now works as a<br />

custodian at the <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High<br />

School as well as a custodian at our church.<br />

We are pursuing getting his credentials from<br />

Sierra Leone recognized here in the United<br />

States so he may one day get to serve as a<br />

pastor again.”<br />

Mann asked Jusu if there was anything the churches in Sierra<br />

Leone could use.<br />

“He said Bibles, hymnals, pretty much anything for worship,”<br />

said Mann. “I announced from the pulpit one Sunday if anyone<br />

knew of a bunch of Bibles or hymnals we could send we would be<br />

happy to do it. Jean Ann Hilbert, one of our church members,<br />

called Margaret Ann Cottrill, one of the members of <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Presbyterian Church. It turned out the Presbyterian church had<br />

all sorts of worship items they wanted to give to the churches in<br />

Sierra Leone. About 20 members of our church went to <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Presbyterian and picked up the items they wanted to donate and<br />

brought them back to our church.”<br />

According to Mann, Jusu coordinated the shipment of church<br />

items to Sierra Leone.<br />

“We (<strong>Groveport</strong> United Methodist Church) are paying to ship<br />

all the items,” said Mann. “While the final amount is pending, I<br />

estimate the bill to be about $1,200.”<br />

When asked why the <strong>Groveport</strong> United Methodist Church<br />

wanted to help with the donations, Mann said, “Our church has<br />

gotten to know Magnus these past couple of years and we dearly<br />

love him. Our church has a history of helping people and families<br />

in this part of the world.”<br />

He noted the <strong>Groveport</strong> United Methodist Church has an ongoing<br />

Liberian Scholarship which supports schooling for children in<br />

Liberia, has helped bring over a couple of church members’ families<br />

from Liberia, and intends to help Magnus bring his wife and<br />

son over as well.<br />

“For us, this is another way to fulfill the Lord’s command to<br />

love one another,” said Mann.<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Presbyterian Church items being donated to the<br />

Sierra Leone churches include Bibles, hymnals, choir robes, an<br />

advent wreath, bronze items used for worship such as candle<br />

lighters and candle holders, children’s books for Sunday School<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Garden Club meets the first Tuesday each<br />

month (unless otherwise announced) at <strong>Groveport</strong> Zion Lutheran<br />

Church, 6014 <strong>Groveport</strong> Road. Anyone interested in gardening<br />

welcome. Call Marylee Bendig at (614) 218-1097.<br />

Special Olympics<br />

The mission of Special Olympics Ohio and its <strong>Groveport</strong> Special<br />

Olympics chapter is to provide year round sports training and<br />

competition in a variety of Olympic type sports for intellectually<br />

These candleholders and other worship items were donated by the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Presbyterian Church to churches in Sierra Leone. The <strong>Groveport</strong> Presbyterian Church<br />

closed down this summer after 168 years of service.<br />

and lessons, and sheet music.<br />

“Magnus is still considered a United Methodist pastor in Sierra<br />

Leone,” said Mann. “We knew through his contacts that churches<br />

would receive the items donated and they would be put to good<br />

use.”<br />

Mann said the project has been “a truly wonderful experience<br />

to see new life given to these items of worship” and he attended<br />

the <strong>Groveport</strong> Presbyterian Church’s final worship service in July.<br />

“There was a deep feeling of sadness to see <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Presbyterian’s mission come to completion,” said Mann. “When<br />

news got to me that the Presbyterian congregation wanted to send<br />

through us its worship items to churches in Sierra Leone, I felt<br />

great joy. In many ways it felt like a mini-resurrection in seeing<br />

God bring something good out of something so sad. When the<br />

church is able to come together despite denominations, geography,<br />

language, and ethnicity, it becomes one of the most fulfilling<br />

events in one’s life. To see such good come from working together<br />

is such a blessing.”<br />

On Aug. 29, the <strong>Groveport</strong> United Methodist Church held a<br />

worship service and invited members of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Presbyterian congregation. During that service the items being<br />

sent to Sierra Leone were dedicated and Presbyterian members<br />

went to the altar to lay hands on those items.<br />

“There were many tears, but also joy to see God continue to<br />

work with what is given to him,” said Mann. “One of my biggest<br />

memories from the day was that they had given us a beautiful<br />

altar cloth that was special to them. It was from their sister<br />

church in Thailand that was specially made for them. I remember<br />

thinking, a church in Thailand made an altar cloth for the<br />

Presbyterian Church which was now being used and passed onto<br />

us. At the same time we are dedicating worship items from the<br />

Presbyterian Church to be sent to Sierra Leone. In that moment<br />

I felt the mutual reciprocity and love that is shared with brothers<br />

and sisters in the faith.”<br />

disabled individuals.<br />

For information contact local coordinators Penny and<br />

Cassandra Hilty at groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com or at<br />

(614) 395-8992 or 395-6640. Donations may be sent to <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Special Olympics, P.O. Box 296, <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> history<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Heritage Museum contains photographs, artifacts,<br />

and documents about <strong>Groveport</strong>’s history. The museum is<br />

located in <strong>Groveport</strong> Town Hall, 648 Main St., and is open during<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Town Hall’s operating hours. Call 614-836-3333.<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 5<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> history films<br />

Two documentary films on the history<br />

of <strong>Groveport</strong>, produced by the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Heritage Society and Midnet Media, are<br />

now available for viewing online on<br />

YouTube.The films are: “<strong>Groveport</strong>: A<br />

Town and Its People” and “The Story of<br />

John S. Rarey and Cruiser.”<br />

Letters policy<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong> welcomes letters<br />

to the editor. Letters cannot be libelous.<br />

Letters that do not have a signature, address,<br />

and telephone number, or are signed with a<br />

pseudonym, will be rejected. PLEASE BE<br />


<strong>Messenger</strong> reserves the right to edit or<br />

refuse publication of any letter for any reason.<br />

Opinions expressed in the letters are not necessarily<br />

the views of the <strong>Messenger</strong>. Mail letters<br />

to: <strong>Groveport</strong> <strong>Messenger</strong>, 3500 Sullivant<br />

Avenue, Columbus, OH 43204; or by email to<br />

southeast@columbusmessenger.com.<br />

southeast<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong><br />

(Distribution: 20,634)<br />

Rick Palsgrove ...................................<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

southeast@columbusmessenger.com<br />

Published every other Sunday by<br />

The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Co.<br />

3500 Sullivant Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43204-1887<br />

(614) 272-5422<br />

The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Co. reserves the right to edit, reject or cancel<br />

any advertisement or editorial copy at any time. The company is not<br />

responsible for checking accuracy of items submitted for publication.<br />

Errors in advertising copy must be called to the attention of the company<br />

after first insertion and prior to a second insertion of the same advertising<br />

copy.<br />

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<strong>Groveport</strong> & Madison Township<br />

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Say it with an announcement ad in<br />

the <strong>Messenger</strong> and spread the word.<br />

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our Web site or stop by our office<br />

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Friday, 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m.<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong><br />

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614-272-5422<br />


PAGE 6 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Apple Butter Day<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> photos by Rick Palsgrove<br />

Dan Foor sits in the seat of his 1952 Oliver tractor, one of several antique and classic tractors on display at<br />

Apple Butter Day in <strong>Groveport</strong> on Oct. 9. Foor said the tractor was used for many years on his Madison<br />

Township farm. Though its classic green paint has faded away, Foor said the tractor still operates. “It’s a real<br />

handy tractor,” said Foor. “It maneuvers well and can get through tight spaces. It’s a versatile tractor.”<br />

Joanne Casserly stirs a fresh batch of apple butter.<br />

The acoustic folk band Delightful Sounds performed in the <strong>Groveport</strong> Log House during Apple Butter Day.<br />

Sharon Mech of<br />

the Central Ohio<br />

Weaving and<br />

Fiber Arts Guild<br />

demonstrated<br />

how to spin yarn<br />

on the porch of<br />

the <strong>Groveport</strong> Log<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

GMHS secretary killed<br />

in Noe-Bixby Road car crash<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

Paula Kennedy, a long time secretary at<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High School, was killed<br />

when a suspect driving an allegedly stolen<br />

vehicle crashed into her car on Noe-Bixby<br />

Road on the morning of Oct. 3, according to<br />

the Madison Township Police.<br />

“Mrs. Kennedy was a tremendous part<br />

of our school’s community and she considered<br />

our school as part of her family,” said<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High School Principal<br />

Paul Smathers. “It’s hard to adequately<br />

articulate the extent of her impact on our<br />

school, because she did so much for so<br />

many people, whether they be staff members,<br />

students, or parents. She was always<br />

ready to help in any way she could. Her<br />

loss has been felt by our entire Cruiser<br />

family, and we want her family to know<br />

how much she is loved and will be missed.”<br />

Kennedy had worked at the school since<br />

2004.<br />

According to Maureen Kocot, the communications<br />

director for the Franklin<br />

County Sheriff’s Office, the sheriff’s office<br />

received the initial report of a stolen vehicle<br />

at 8:44 a.m. on Oct. 3 and at 8:47 a.m. a<br />

Madison Township police officer spotted<br />

the vehicle.<br />

“The crash occurred less than one<br />

minute later,” said Kocot. “Following the<br />

crash, our sheriff’s deputies did respond to<br />

assist.”<br />

According to the Columbus Police, the<br />

suspect driving the allegedly stolen vehicle<br />

left his lane and struck Kennedy’s car head<br />

on. The crash occurred on Noe-Bixby Road<br />

just south of Laraine Court. The suspect<br />

was in critical condition following the accident<br />

and Kennedy died of her injuries.<br />

No police cruisers were involved in the<br />

crash.<br />

“Our officer was briefly involved with<br />

this incident, attempting to stop a car that<br />

had been reported stolen a few minutes<br />

earlier,” said Madison Township Police<br />

Chief Gary York. “Our officer turned on the<br />

squad car’s lights and siren and then<br />

slowed at a traffic signal that had turned<br />


red to assure the safety of other vehicles<br />

already crossing the intersection, before<br />

proceeding. The (allegedly) stolen car went<br />

through the red light and continued on, out<br />

of sight. Moments later, the crash<br />

occurred.”<br />

York said a review of the dash cam<br />

video available from the Madison<br />

Township Police officer’s car and other<br />

information confirms that “the incident<br />

never evolved into a police pursuit, and<br />

we’re satisfied that the Madison Township<br />

Police officer involved followed proper procedures.<br />

We understand the two individuals<br />

involved in the crash sustained serious<br />

injuries and our thoughts are with them<br />

and their loved ones.”<br />

York said the investigation of the case<br />

and the charging of the suspect is being<br />

handled between the Columbus Police<br />

Department and the Franklin County<br />

Sheriff's Office.<br />

“The accident occurred on the jurisdiction<br />

of the Columbus Division of Police and<br />

it was determined that the Columbus<br />

Police Accident Investigators would investigate<br />

the crash,” said Kocot.<br />

School Help Centers<br />

at the libraries<br />

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s<br />

School Help Centers are now open offering<br />

K-12 students after-school help, plus 24/7<br />

access to free tools and resources.<br />

Plus, students can get connected with<br />

virtual tutors for one-on-one help Monday<br />

through Friday from 2-11 p.m. using<br />

HelpNow.<br />

Masks are required to visit School Help<br />

Centers. Hours vary by library location.<br />

Visit columbuslibrary.org/school-help for<br />

information.<br />

Our Family Caring For Yours<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 7<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

AUTO HOME <br />

Beplerinsurance.com<br />

614.837.4379<br />

staff@beplerinsurance.com<br />

3246 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232<br />

Dr. Sacheen Garrison<br />

5055 S. Hamilton Road<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125 614-836-0500<br />

www.groveportsmiles.com<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> city council<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> City Council holds its regular<br />

meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second and<br />

fourth Mondays of the month. Council<br />

holds its committee of the whole meeting<br />

on the third Monday each month at 5:30<br />

p.m. Meetings are held in the municipal<br />

building, 655 Blacklick St., <strong>Groveport</strong>.<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library<br />

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located<br />

at 150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. For<br />

information call (614) 837-4765 or visit<br />

www.wagnalls.org.<br />

Southeast Library<br />

The Southeast Branch of the Columbus<br />

Metropolitan Library is located at 3980 S.<br />

Hamilton Road, <strong>Groveport</strong>. For information<br />

visit For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.<br />

CW Library Branch<br />

The Canal Winchester Branch of the<br />

Columbus Metropolitan Library, 115<br />

Franklin St., is located in the rear portion<br />

of the former school at 100 Washington St.<br />

For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org<br />

or call 614-645-2275.

PAGE 8 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Crafting an effective cover letter<br />


All Shifts<br />

Apply in person or online at<br />

3301 Toy Rd., <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH<br />

skfoodgroup.com<br />

Rates starting at $15 up to $30/hr.<br />

A strong cover letter may not guarantee<br />

you land a good job, but a poor cover letter<br />

may guarantee you won't. On its own, an<br />

effective cover letter can catch the eye of<br />

hiring managers tasked with finding worthy<br />

candidates among stacks of applications,<br />

while a poor cover letter may ensure<br />

hiring managers never even glance at an<br />

applicant's resume.An effective cover letter<br />

should be concise, conveying an applicant's<br />

work history and goals in a few<br />

paragraphs or less.<br />

The following are some additional ways<br />

men and women can craft effective cover<br />

letters:<br />

• Address a specific person when possible.<br />

• State your purpose early on.<br />

• Explain why you are a qualified candidate.<br />

• Exhibit some knowledge about the company<br />

to which you're applying.<br />

• Be cordial in your closing<br />

An effective cover letter can go a long way<br />

toward making a strong first impression<br />

on a prospective employer. Men and<br />

women should look at their cover letters<br />

as their first opportunities to connect with<br />

a company and write their letters accordingly.<br />


$$$ $$$<br />

MONEY<br />

The Advertising Department at the<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers<br />

is seeking a Salesperson.<br />

No Experience Necessary.<br />

Base salary plus commissions, auto allowance.<br />

Seniors welcome to apply.<br />

Please send your resume or call:<br />

Doug Henry, Advertising Manager<br />

Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers<br />

3500 Sullivant Ave.<br />

Columbus, Ohio 43204<br />

614-272-5422<br />

or<br />

e-mail to doughenry@columbusmessenger.com<br />



• Make $130 per day<br />

• Earn a $500 bonus for every 45 days worked in our district this year<br />

• Work with helpful & collaborative Teachers, Administrators,<br />

and Staff<br />

• For instructions on what steps to take to become a substitute<br />

teacher, please visit:<br />

www.escco.org/stepstobecomeasubstitute<br />

Connect with us:<br />

Phone: 614-49-8044 x 1202<br />

Address: 775 Rathmell Rd, Columbus, OH 43207<br />

Online: HamiltonRangers.org

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 9<br />

Building a business wardrobe<br />

FREE<br />


+<br />

$1000 SIGN-ON BONUS<br />

Kroger Pharmacy Warehouse<br />

2nd and 3rd Shift<br />

Positions Available<br />

Scan for more details and<br />

link to apply:<br />

The transition from college student or stay-athome<br />

mom to fulltime professional requires a number<br />

of changes. Those changes include updating<br />

your wardrobe to give it a more professional feel.<br />

Clothing that's acceptable for a jaunt to the store<br />

or a night out may not be appropriate for he office<br />

Just what constitutes a professional wardrobe has<br />

changed over the years, and the guidelines for such<br />

attire are no longer as firm as they once were. But<br />

it still behooves a woman to add some classic, professional<br />

pieces to her closet. Any employers have<br />

adopted dress-down days as benefits for their employees.<br />

Although you may be invited to dress<br />

more casually, avoid dressing for a day at the<br />

beach or hanging around the house. Opt for<br />

trouser-style jeans that are free of rips and embellishments.<br />

If athletic shoes are allowed, make sure<br />

they are clean and not the pair you wear while<br />

tending to your garden.<br />

HLSD is hiring Substitutes for our<br />

Classified Staff! Jobs include:<br />

Bus Driver - $15/hour<br />

Cooks - $10.50/hour<br />

Custodian - $12.50/hour<br />

Educational Aides - $11.50/hour<br />

Come work with helpful & collaborative<br />

Teachers, Administrators, and Staff!<br />

For more information on becoming a Classified<br />

Substitute, please visit our employment page at<br />

www.hamilton-local.k12.oh.us/Employment<br />

FedEx Ground is now hiring full-time and part-time Warehouse<br />

Package Handlers at our greater Columbus locations:<br />

Start as a<br />

Package Handler.<br />

Stay for a career.<br />


Up to $23.00/hour + attendance bonus<br />

4600 Poth Road, Columbus, OH 43213<br />


Up to $23.00/hour + attendance bonus<br />

9677 Tollgate Road SW, Etna, OH 43062<br />


Up to $25.00/hour + attendance bonus<br />

6120 South Meadows Drive<br />

Grove City, OH 43123<br />



Up to $23.00/hour + attendance bonus<br />

6840 Pontius Road, <strong>Groveport</strong>, OH 43125<br />


Up to $20.00/hour + attendance bonus<br />

2969 Lewis Centre Way<br />

Grove City, OH 43123<br />


Up to $25.00/hour + attendance bonus<br />

8285 Industrial Parkway<br />

Plain City, OH 43064<br />

<br />

• Weekly Pay<br />

• Medical, Vision, Dental<br />

• Flexible Schedules<br />

• Paid Parental Leave<br />

• Tuition Assistance<br />

• Much more!<br />

<br />

• Must be at least 18 years of age<br />

• Must be able to load, unload and sort<br />

packages, as well as perform other<br />

related duties<br />

With 6,000+ promotions per year, this is just the start of your career.<br />

For more information, text FXground to 33011<br />

or visit fedexgroundjobs.com<br />

Standard message and data rates apply. 1 message per request. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. Text HELP to<br />

33011 for help.<br />

<br />

committed to a diverse workforce.

PAGE 10 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Scott<br />

Lockett<br />

FOR<br />


• Community Oriented<br />

• <strong>Groveport</strong> Residents First<br />

• Positive & Optimistic<br />

• Responsive & Accessible<br />

Paid for by Scott Lockett<br />


Elect Bower for school board<br />

As a lifelong community member and parent,<br />

Seth Bower wants to help support the school district<br />

by addressing the needs of the entire district.<br />

Bower believes that a school board is successful<br />

only if it is deeply rooted in supporting the community.<br />

Seth Bower would like to address the current<br />

issues at hand that face the district. This<br />

includes addressing overcrowding in schools, further<br />

engagement with the community, and identifying<br />

ways to make <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Schools<br />

the school of choice.<br />

Seth Bower will also work to build trust and<br />

integrity within the community and the school<br />

district. He will communicate openly with the<br />


Re-elect Scott Lockett<br />

It is an honor to serve on <strong>Groveport</strong> City<br />

Council. I’m finishing my first elected term and<br />

seeking re-election. I’m proud of <strong>Groveport</strong> and<br />

the services we offer such as: excellent police,<br />

snow removal, brush removal, sidewalk repair,<br />

tree maintenance program, Recreation Center,<br />

Golf Course, Aquatic Center, parks, Senior<br />

Transportation, and Senior Center.<br />

I’m excited to be a part of bringing new developments<br />

to our historic downtown, which<br />

includes three restaurants.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> continues on solid financial ground<br />

with the growing income stream in a healthy<br />

rainy day fund.<br />

I graduated from <strong>Groveport</strong> High School. I<br />

received a bachelor’s degree from Capital<br />

community, and use feedback that he receives in<br />

decisions that will be faced down the road. Seth<br />

Bower will seek to promote open and honest dialogue<br />

between community leaders and parents of<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Schools.<br />

Seth Bower has lived in the school district for<br />

over six years. As the Independence Village<br />

block watch coordinator, and as a current board<br />

member of <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Human Needs,<br />

Seth Bower has strived to address the issues that<br />

face his neighbors and community.<br />

A vote for Bower is a vote for our community!<br />

University and a master’s degree in psychology<br />

from Ohio State University. I am semi-retired<br />

working part-time as a psychologist for<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Schools. I serve as the city liaison to<br />

the Senior Center.<br />

If elected I hope: to keep the city of <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

progressing on its current positive path; continue<br />

to reduce our debt service obligations; shift the<br />

focus of development from warehouses to small<br />

business development in our historic downtown;<br />

attract housing options for seniors; and revisit<br />

traffic issues .<br />

Call me at 614–804–0976, email at SLOCK-<br />

ETT@<strong>Groveport</strong>.org, or attend any of our City<br />

Council meetings.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 11<br />


PAGE 12 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Levy estimator<br />

In advance of the November general<br />

election, Franklin County Auditor Michael<br />

Stinziano reminded voters that the auditor’s<br />

office online levy estimator tool is<br />

available to help residents understand how<br />

the levies and bond issues on their ballot<br />

will impact their property taxes.<br />

Levies and bond issues are on the ballot<br />

in several jurisdictions across the county,<br />

including: Franklin Township, Minerva<br />

Park, Reynoldsburg City School District,<br />

Truro Township, Upper Arlington, and<br />

Valleyview. The auditor’s levy estimator<br />

has been updated to reflect the potential<br />

tax impact of the passage of these issues.<br />

“As the former director of the board of<br />

elections, I want everyone to understand<br />

the value of their vote by using the levy<br />

estimator. Make sure your voice is heard<br />

this November and go vote,” Stinziano said.<br />

To use the levy estimator, visit<br />

apps.franklincountyauditor.com/LevyEsti<br />

mator. After entering your home’s address<br />

or parcel number, the estimator will show<br />

both your current and estimated property<br />

taxes if a levy or bond issue in your jurisdiction<br />

passes in the November election.<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison School Board<br />

“Because Experience Matters”<br />

8 Years of Success<br />

• From Financial Crisis to Financial Stability<br />

Re-Elect<br />

Libby Gray<br />

• Funding for a New High School<br />

• Major Repairs to Existing Buildings<br />

• Programming to Prepare Students beyond High School<br />

• Forward Thinking Implementation of One-to-One program, assigning<br />

computers to every student K-12<br />

libbygrayforgmschoolboard.com<br />

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Libby Gray<br />

Want SOMEONE NEW<br />

on <strong>Groveport</strong> Council?<br />

Vote<br />


In 2019, I ran for <strong>Groveport</strong> City Council gaining 526 supporters!<br />

I am asking for your support again!!<br />


Voting update<br />

Early and absentee voting began Oct. 5<br />

and will continue through Nov. 1.<br />

As a reminder, mail-in absentee ballots<br />

must be postmarked by Nov. 1 or dropped<br />

off at the Board of Elections office at 1700<br />

Morse Road, Columbus, by 7:30 p.m. on<br />

Nov. 2.<br />

Election Day is Nov. 2, and polls across<br />

Franklin County will be open from 6:30<br />

a.m. until 7:30 p.m.<br />

Boards of election<br />

•Franklin County Board of Elections is<br />

located at 1700 Morse Road, Columbus, OH<br />

43229.<br />

Phone 614-525-3100 and fax 614-525-<br />

3489.<br />

Visit the website at vote.franklincountyohio.gov<br />

•Fairfield County Board of Elections is<br />

located at 951 Liberty Drive, Lancaster,<br />

OH 43130.<br />

Phone: 740-652-7000 or 614-322-5270.<br />

Visit the website at www.fairfieldcountyohioelections.gov.<br />

Research candidates for upcoming elections<br />

Presidential elections may grab the<br />

national headlines, but local elections also<br />

have a big impact on voters’ daily lives.<br />

Locally elected officials are typically<br />

much more accessible to voters, whose participation<br />

in local elections can bring about<br />

real change. Here are some tips to prepare<br />

for Election Day, whether you are selecting<br />

state, county, town, or school officials.<br />

•Solidify your stance. The first step to<br />

casting your vote is deciding how you feel<br />

about key issues and candidates. Make a<br />

list of the issues that you find most important<br />

and want addressed in this election.<br />

Then research the stance each candidate<br />

takes on the issues that most resonate with<br />

you.<br />

•Research the candidates. Conduct<br />

some preliminary research into each candidate<br />

running for office. Chances are their<br />

websites provide background information<br />

regarding their qualifications as well as<br />

their stances on certain issues.<br />

Many times newspapers will offer their<br />

own round-up on local candidates so you<br />

can get to know them further. Such information<br />

can save you the time and effort of<br />

looking into candidates on your own. Delve<br />

further when needed to see if the facts are<br />


Because experience matters<br />

During my tenure, the district went from<br />

financial crisis to stability. In 2014 we had $43K<br />

in the bank. The district borrowed $5M from<br />

future tax revenues. With hard work, we no<br />

longer borrow from future tax revenues and have<br />

a $5M forecasted savings account. We secured<br />

the funding for a new HS, which was needed due<br />

to overcrowding, structural issues and not<br />

designed for technology. We made major repairs<br />

on existing buildings and eliminated three leases<br />

by purchasing a building bringing the support<br />

staff to one location. I have been an advocate for<br />

the pathway programs that started during my<br />


Vote Rupp for city council<br />

correct. Examine public records for policies<br />

candidates supported to confirm if their<br />

ideals are similar to your own.<br />

•Ignore the polls. If you strongly support<br />

a candidate and his or her agenda,<br />

then stick with your preferences rather<br />

than relying on the polls.<br />

Polls may be used to sway indecisive<br />

voters. However, even though the polls<br />

may be indicating one thing, the real test<br />

of a candidate’s mettle is the end result<br />

come Election Day.<br />

•Attend a town hall meeting. Many<br />

local candidates interact with voters at<br />

informal town hall meetings. This is a<br />

great chance to assess a candidate, and<br />

provides voters the opportunity to have<br />

their voices heard and ask questions about<br />

the issues that concern them. You also may<br />

be able to watch candidate forums on television<br />

or online.<br />

•Stick to the issues. The best candidate<br />

is not necessarily the one with the biggest<br />

campaign war chest.<br />

Resist the temptation to be swayed by<br />

the flashiest signs or the best slogan. Pay<br />

more attention to the candidates’ answers<br />

on tough questions.<br />

tenure. Not all students want to go to college, and<br />

we must prepare students for beyond high school,<br />

whether going off to college or straight into the<br />

workforce. We currently have the traditional college<br />

pathway along with pathways in multiple<br />

fields with credentials to build a resume while in<br />

HS. I am proud to be a part of a forward-thinking<br />

board that implemented the one-to-one program,<br />

assigning computers to every student. When<br />

COVID hit we were able to transition to online<br />

learning immediately. My name is Libby Gray<br />

and I would appreciate your vote for re-election.<br />

Jack Rupp is the Plain Township Fire Chief.<br />

Served as the Assistant Chief, after serving 27<br />

years with Madison Township Fire Department.<br />

Studied Retail Management / Production<br />

Analysis at Franklin University, attended the<br />

National Fire Academy. Holds Fire and EMS<br />

Certifications.<br />

Experienced in supervision, leadership, budgeting,<br />

risk & strategic planning, grant writing,<br />

also an experienced fire and EMS instructor.<br />

Recent recognition’s: 2020 Inducted into the Ohio<br />

Fire Service Hall of Fame, Ohio’s Distinguished<br />

Service Award. Recognized by the Ohio Senate<br />

and House of Representatives. Recognized by the<br />

Ohio EMS Advisory Board.<br />

Council should address City needs by working,<br />

directing city administration to work cooperatively<br />

with municipalities, county, state, developers,<br />

small and large businesses. Ensure City<br />

seeks all available grants, matching fund sources.<br />

Review budgeting, spending reports for fiscal<br />

responsibility.<br />

While a new Councilman, because of my<br />

years in public service, I would come with an<br />

understanding that most would not have right<br />

away. Knowledge, I have gained over the years<br />

about Municipalities and Township regulations in<br />

the Ohio Revised Code. Having served on a City<br />

Charter Committee, I understand the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

City Charter defines its governing process.<br />

Currently serve as Chair of the City’s Personnel<br />

Board of Review.

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 13<br />

The Ohio buckeye tree<br />

One of six species of buckeye trees, the Ohio<br />

buckeye earned its name from Native Americans<br />

living in the area at the time of settlement. They<br />

called the nut of the tree “hetuck” (meaning “eye<br />

of the buck”) from its resemblance to a deer’s<br />

eye. Early botanists discovered the tree growing<br />

on the banks of the Ohio River and named it the<br />

Ohio buckeye to distinguish it from its cousin, the<br />

yellow buckeye.<br />

During the presidential election of 1840, the<br />

nut and lumber of the buckeye tree became a<br />

campaign symbol for Ohioan William Henry<br />

LaToya Dowdell-Burger is running for<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison School Board. She brings<br />

leadership, innovation, and service to the board.<br />

She has experience as she currently serves on the<br />

board as the Vice President. She is presently the<br />

only parent on the board and represents a large<br />

segment of our district. She is an army veteran.<br />

And most important of all, knows there is still<br />

work to do to ensure we are the best school district<br />

we can be.<br />

She's been a member of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Community before she was officially a member<br />

of the <strong>Groveport</strong> Community. Serving on the<br />

Board of Education is full circle for her. When<br />

My bio: Retired French, German, Spanish<br />

teacher, 41 years. <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High<br />

School, Catholic Diocese of Columbus. United<br />

States Fulbright. Capital University, B.A. in<br />

French, German, Spanish, Secondary Education,<br />

The Ohio State University, M.A. in Theoretical<br />

Analysis of World Languages and Literatures.<br />

Co- founder, <strong>Groveport</strong> Link Community Service<br />

Program. Founder of NGO, Los Abrazos Para Los<br />

Ninos Colombianos.<br />

Vote<br />

CHERYL<br />

IRVING<br />

For <strong>Groveport</strong> City Council<br />

Paid for by supporter of Cheryl Irving<br />

Harrison. He defeated incumbent Martin Van<br />

Buren and, at the same time, launched Ohio’s reputation<br />

as the “Buckeye State.”<br />

Collecting buckeye nuts from the ground after<br />

they’ve fallen and broken out of the husk in<br />

autumn is the first step to growing a tree from<br />

seed. Before the nuts can dry out, plant them in<br />

about three inches of loose, well-worked soil.<br />

A mature Ohio buckeye tree stands as high as<br />

40 feet with a narrow crown and a trunk that’s<br />

about two to three feet in diameter.<br />


Vote for Dowdell-Burger<br />

she returned home from her deployment in 2005,<br />

her “Welcome Home Ceremony” was held at the<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> High School. Then seven months<br />

later, she built her home and has been here ever<br />

since.<br />

She knows the importance of continually<br />

working to close the learning gaps in our district,<br />

connect the community, parents/the board<br />

through stronger engagement, and leveraging networks<br />

to get the resources our students desperately<br />

need. Her background in business management<br />

and marketing will help connect these dots.<br />

Please visit www.votedowdellburger.com for<br />

more information.<br />


Diversity, Security,<br />

Controlled Healthy Growth<br />

We must maintain a strong fire and safety<br />

force as well as encourage diversity in our community<br />

in order to maintain the richness of a welcoming<br />

community that is <strong>Groveport</strong>.<br />

I believe in strong unions, many of whom<br />

helped my working class parents put food on our<br />

table and enabled me to have a good education.<br />

I humbly ask for your support and vote.<br />

Cheryl Ann (Raver) Irving<br />

The following tips can help voters prepare<br />

for Election Day.<br />

•Confirm your polling location. Voters<br />

can contact their local board of elections or<br />

visit www.Vote411.org to confirm the correct<br />

polling locations.<br />

•Bring photo identification.<br />

•Confirm registration. Voters can confirm<br />

that they have registered to vote by<br />

contacting their local board of elections in<br />

On Election Day<br />

Last Chance<br />

advance of Election Day.<br />

•Be familiar with the candidates and<br />

issues on the ballot. Voters should familiarize<br />

themselves with the candidates and<br />

issues on the ballot in the weeks leading up<br />

to Election Day.<br />

Voters should learn about local issues<br />

that may have a more direct impact on<br />

their daily lives.<br />


Advertise in our Election Section<br />

10/31—Ad with Free Story<br />



Our papers reach over 81,000 households!<br />

200 Word Story<br />

With Your Ad<br />

Call or Email Doug Henry<br />

Phone: (614) 272-5422<br />

Email: doughenry@columbusmessenger.com

PAGE 14 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

Madison Christian donates to Motts<br />

The Madison Christian School Athletic Department presented a $1,375 check to<br />

Motts Military Museum in memory of Marion and Ruth Gray. The funds came from<br />

proceeds of the school’s annual Marion and Ruth Gray Cross Country Invitational,<br />

which took place on Sept. 25. Marion and Ruth Gray were founding members of<br />

Madison Christian Church and donated the land where the church and school<br />

stand today. Marion served in World War II as a combat medic on the beaches of<br />

Normandy and was a great supporter of the Motts Military Museum. Pictured here,<br />

from left to right, are: Carole Witosky (MCS athletics admin. assistant), Wendy<br />

Souzis (MCS athletics admin. assistant), Lori Byrd (Motts Military Museum assistant<br />

director), Warren Motts (Motts Military Museum founder/director), Andy Scholz<br />

(MCS athletic director), and Mike Egenreider (MCS head of school).<br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

Township reviews 2022 budget<br />

By Linda Dillman<br />

Staff Writer<br />

Madison Township officials are planning<br />

for next year’s capital projects and<br />

vehicle expenses in the 2022 budget.<br />

According to Madison Township<br />

Administrator Susan Brobst, general fund<br />

spending could include resurfacing the<br />

parking lot from the police department to<br />

the public works building, new fencing at<br />

the ball diamonds in Brobst Park, and<br />

cameras installed at the park and on all<br />

buildings.<br />

The projected cost for the parking lot<br />

between the administrative building and<br />

public works is $35,000 to $40,000. The<br />

estimated cost for the police department<br />

lot is $32,000.<br />

The Public Works Department is seeking<br />

$210,000 for road improvements. To<br />

pay for the project, the township is up<br />

against 1,300 other townships vying for a<br />

piece of an $8 million state pie.<br />

Madison Township Public Works<br />

Superintendent Dave Watkins said he<br />

would like to upgrade a trailer and purchase<br />

an excavator to help with repairs.<br />

“We’re heavily looking at park drainage<br />

improvements,” Brobst said, “but we have<br />

not allotted any township money for that.<br />

We hope to work with our state representative<br />

for that.”<br />

Madison Township Fire Chief Derek<br />

Robinson said his department held off on<br />

capital projects this year due to increased<br />

costs and difficulty obtaining materials, so<br />

<strong>2021</strong> projects were rolled over to 2022. On<br />

the list are radio repeaters, in-house remodeling<br />

and a 2023 purchase of a new medic.<br />

Madison Township Police Chief Gary<br />

York said his department is looking at<br />

interior remodeling, including adapting<br />

current offices as a secure processing room.<br />

On the police department’s vehicle list<br />

are two new cruisers. In addition, a number<br />

of the department’s radios are outdated<br />

at least 10 years and York said he wants to<br />

slowly start replacing them.<br />

However, when asked how the new<br />

radios might impact communication with<br />

A house fire led to the discovery of a<br />

murder victim.<br />

According to information from the<br />

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, on Sept.<br />

30 at 1:24 p.m. the Madison Township Fire<br />

Department and Madison Township Police<br />

responded to a house fire at in the 3500<br />

block of Noe-Bixby Road in Madison<br />

Township. The first responders found a<br />

deceased female victim in the basement of<br />

the house tentatively identified as<br />

Fatoumata Diallo, 32. She was pronounced<br />

dead at the scene by responding fire<br />

department medics. There were two children<br />

in the home at the time of the fire,<br />

however, the Sheriff’s Office stated the<br />

children were unharmed.<br />

According to the Franklin County<br />

Sheriff’s Office, State Fire Marshal’s Office<br />

Fairfield County and coverage of the Canal<br />

Winchester area, York said the issue is not<br />

with the township radios–which are dispatched<br />

through Franklin County. The<br />

issue is a failure between two different<br />

communication systems between Fairfield<br />

County and township officers. He said calls<br />

for service in Canal Winchester are routed<br />

down to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s<br />

Office in Lancaster and then dispatched to<br />

the deputies in Canal Winchester, which<br />

could impact response times. To fill in the<br />

gap, York said township officers have additional<br />

portable radios that monitor<br />

Fairfield County, but they cannot scan the<br />

Fairfield County radio system on their<br />

main township radios.<br />

“Their deputies on scene may ask their<br />

dispatcher to call us, but at the end of the<br />

day, it’s two different radio systems,” said<br />

York.<br />

Trustee Chairman John Pritchard<br />

called the issue a two-fold problem, not just<br />

for township residents in Canal<br />

Winchester, but for officers as well.<br />

“I don’t understand why Fairfield<br />

County is behind,” said Pritchard. “One of<br />

these days, it’s going to cost a life. Right<br />

now, we’re monitoring the best we can and<br />

offer assistance.”<br />

Pritchard recalled an incident a few<br />

years ago when township officers were eating<br />

lunch in Canal Winchester and there<br />

was a bank robbery not far away from<br />

them. The only reason they knew something<br />

was going on is when they saw cruisers<br />

flying past them.<br />

“Our taxpayers deserve better than<br />

this,” said Trustee Michele Reynolds.<br />

Other news<br />

•Watkins said a recent tire drive collected<br />

586 old tires.<br />

•The fire department received a $6,245<br />

donation from the Knowlton Development<br />

Corporation to purchase an inflatable fire<br />

safety house that can be taken on the road<br />

to students.<br />

“It’s going to be a great resource for our<br />

department,” said Robinson. “We’re going to<br />

be one of the first to have something like this.”<br />

Fire and murder on Noe-Bixby Road<br />

investigators and Franklin County<br />

Sheriff’s Office detectives investigating the<br />

case “discovered evidence at the scene that<br />

the victim had been strangled and set<br />

ablaze. Investigators arrested and<br />

charged the victim’s husband, Mamadou<br />

Aliou Diallo, 41, with alleged aggerated<br />

arson, murder and tampering with evidence.<br />

He is currently being held in the<br />

Franklin County Jail.”<br />

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is<br />

investigating the case with the assistance<br />

of Franklin County Sheriff’s Office detectives.<br />

Investigators ask if anyone has information<br />

about this homicide, to contact the<br />

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Detective<br />

Bureau at (614)525-3351. You can remain<br />


www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 15<br />

Bus driver shortage impacts <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison<br />

By Rick Palsgrove<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Editor<br />

A nationwide problem, believed to have<br />

been brought on by the effects of the<br />

COVID pandemic, has resulted in a shortage<br />

of commercial vehicle drivers, including<br />

school bus drivers.<br />

This includes fewer school bus drivers at<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Schools.<br />

“We have a shortage of bus drivers now,”<br />

said <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison Superintendent<br />

Garilee Ogden. “It’s something every school<br />

district and superintendent is dealing<br />

with.”<br />

Ogden said <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison currently<br />

has 51 bus drivers. Of those, four are on<br />

medical leave and six are still in training.<br />

She said the trainees should be ready to<br />

work by Thanksgiving.<br />

She said <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison currently<br />

has 51 school bus routes, but in an ideal<br />

world, a district of this size should have at<br />

least 65 routes.<br />

“With the driver shortage we can’t staff<br />

that many routes,” said Ogden.<br />

She noted <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison has 79<br />

school buses.<br />

“We have the buses,” she said.<br />

Ogden said all the staff members in the<br />

transportation department who have CDL<br />

driver’s licenses are out driving buses,<br />

including the receptionist and route manager.<br />

She said, because the transportation<br />

office staff is out driving buses, that is why<br />

at times there is no one in the transportation<br />

office to answer the phone when parents<br />

call in.<br />

Adding to the problem, according to<br />

Ogden, is that Ohio House Bill 110<br />

requires public schools to transport charter<br />

and private school students who live in<br />

their district. She said that means<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Madison is busing for 17 additional<br />

schools.<br />

“That’s eight additional routes with<br />

multiple stops,” said Ogden.<br />

The district also buses 106 McKinney-<br />

Vento Act students.<br />

The McKinney-Vento Act defines homeless<br />

children and youth as individuals who<br />

do not have a regular nighttime residence.<br />

It also includes students who are sharing<br />

the housing of other persons due to loss of<br />

housing, economic hardship, or a similar<br />

reason.<br />

“This creates 19 additional bus stops,”<br />

said Ogden.<br />

Additionally, she said, <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Madison has enrolled 1,334 new students<br />

this year, which adds to the busing needs.<br />

Because of the fluid nature of enrollment<br />

and other busing requirements, bus<br />

routes can often change or more are could<br />

be<br />

Cruisers on the air<br />

The <strong>Groveport</strong> Sports Network and Rick<br />

Cooper will provide live play-by-play coverage<br />

of 20 <strong>Groveport</strong> Madison High School<br />

athletic contests in football, boys basketball,<br />

girls basketball, baseball, and softball<br />

in <strong>2021</strong>-22.<br />

The broadcast includes high definition<br />

video as well as live audio.<br />

Each broadcast begins 25 minutes prior<br />

to the scheduled start time with the pregame<br />

show.<br />

Tune in after the game for interviews<br />

with players and the head coach, along<br />

with a look at the final stats during the<br />

post-game show.<br />

The broadcasts can be accessed free of<br />

charge by anyone around the world on<br />

their computer or handheld device.<br />

All 20 broadcasts will also be available<br />

to view on demand free of charge.<br />

To watch go to facebook.com/groveportsportsnetwork.<br />

The schedule:<br />

•boys basketball (7:30 p.m.): Dec. 3 at<br />

Reynoldsburg; Dec. 14 at Canal<br />

Winchester; Dec. 17 at Pickerington<br />

Central; Dec. 22 vs. Gahanna; Dec. 30 vs.<br />

Teays Valley; Jan. 21 vs. Reynoldsburg;<br />

Feb. 1 at Hilliard Bradley; Feb. 4 vs.<br />

Pickerington Central; Feb. 11 at Newark;<br />

•girls basketball (3:30 p.m.): Dec. 4 vs.<br />

Hilliard Darby;<br />

•softball: March 26 at 11 a.m. vs.<br />

Westerville North; April 9 at 11 a.m. vs.<br />

Gahanna; April 11 at 5:15 p.m. vs.<br />

Lancaster; April 15 at 5:15 p.m. vs.<br />

Newark; April 30 at 10 a.m. vs. Canal<br />

Winchester; May 2 at 5:15 p.m. vs.<br />

Pickerington Central; May 4 at 5:15 p.m. at<br />

Newark;<br />

•baseball: to be determined.<br />



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PAGE 16 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

I like autumn.<br />

Wait, rewind that…I love autumn.<br />

How do I know that? Well, it has been my favorite<br />

season since I was a kid and after more than six<br />

decades on this planet, I do not see that changing anytime<br />

soon, especially when it comes to a time filled<br />

with pumpkins and falling leaves.<br />

I like August, but only because I can say “Fall starts<br />

next month” and I can decorate my whole house, top to<br />

bottom, on Sept. 1. It drives my mother nuts because I<br />

follow the meteorological fall calendar, which starts<br />

the first of the month and runs through the end of<br />

November.<br />

The next three months, which are December,<br />

January and February, are meteorological winter and<br />

so on. No need to wonder about specific dates.<br />

You turn the calendar and poof…the applicable season<br />

arrives along with a big smile on my face.<br />

My mother is a purist.<br />

When her wall calendar says the first day of<br />

autumn is Sept. 22, that is good enough for her. I, on<br />

the other hand, want to squeeze every possible<br />

moment out of a season hallmarked by a rainbow of<br />

orange, red, yellow.<br />

Those colors just do not look right in December,<br />

when fall ends. So, by listening to the meteorologists–<br />

the one time I follow them 100 percent–I get three<br />

months of celebration…and I take full advantage of<br />

the situation.<br />

At the end of August, I climb a ladder inside our<br />

shed (much to the chagrin of my husband) and pull<br />

down three boxes full of faux pumpkins in every possible<br />

form–from glass to wax, resin, cast iron and papier<br />

mache.<br />

Tucked in between and serving as a space saving<br />

form of packaging, are leafy garlands and picks.<br />

After years of use, some of the silk leaves look like<br />

they spent too much time in a compost pile, but when<br />

paired with pumpkins, pinecones and strands of flickering<br />

orange lights, they take on a new life, much like<br />

“Charlie Brown’s Christmas” tree.<br />

columns<br />

An autumn reverie<br />

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Places<br />

Linda<br />

Dillman<br />

At night, the rooms in my<br />

house are dressed in twinkling<br />

autumn hues.<br />

By day, it is a riot of pumpkins,<br />

pumpkins and more pumpkins<br />

from the mantle in the den to<br />

a bookcase my daddy bought with<br />

his first paycheck.<br />

On my shelves reside my collection<br />

of fall and Halloween<br />

books - a loving hodgepodge of<br />

seasonal anthologies, non-fiction<br />

devoted to the history of autumn<br />

celebrations, and a couple of kids<br />

books with which I will never<br />

part.<br />

On two shelves sit my homage<br />

to the village of Willoughby–<br />

made famous in an episode of<br />

“The Twilight Zone”–where a<br />

tiny ceramic cider mill, gazebo<br />

and two shops serve as the background<br />

for miniature townspeople going about their<br />

daily lives.<br />

Willoughby was an idyllic village where time stood<br />

still and where the episode’s protagonist dreamed to<br />

dwell.<br />

I feel the same way when I look at my tiny town.<br />

Come the first of <strong>October</strong>, I crawl back up the ladder<br />

in the shed and take down four gray plastic tubs<br />

filled with Halloween decorations–mainly comprised<br />

of vintage pieces from my childhood and reproductions<br />

of the same.<br />

They are tucked among the pumpkins and leaves<br />

adorning our sideboard, shelves and the top of cabinets.<br />

The pumpkins reign supreme and twinkle in the<br />

twilight of shorter days, cooler nights, and toes tucked<br />

under fleece blankets.<br />

Linda Dillman is a <strong>Messenger</strong> staff writer.<br />

The genius of the old cartoons<br />

The best of the Warner Brothers cartoons created in<br />

the late 1940s and into the 1950s - featuring Bugs<br />

Bunny and assorted other well known characters - are<br />

pure genius both in the quality of the animation and in<br />

the writing.<br />

This is the era when the studio refined its cartoon<br />

offerings with improved animation and better storylines<br />

that did not rely on the outrageous or the offensive.<br />

The animation pays close attention to tiny details,<br />

such as when after Bugs takes a big bite of carrot his<br />

cheeks puff out a bit as he chews it. He does not gulp<br />

the carrot, he takes time to chew the chunks of carrot<br />

and savor them. This is high pop cultural art.<br />

The drawing and animating of these cartoons flows<br />

smoothly and the colors are rich and vibrant. Plus the<br />

accompanying music to the cartoons fits the action to<br />

near perfection.<br />

But I think it is in the writing where these cartoons<br />

truly shine with quick quips, painful puns, sly sarcasm,<br />

and servings of slapstick.<br />

While the jokes and one liners come rapidly, the<br />

writers and directors of these Warner Brothers’ classic<br />

gems also knew how to let a joke take time to play out<br />

and breathe for<br />

m a x i m u m<br />

comedic effect.<br />

One of my<br />

favorite examples of this is in the<br />

Bugs Bunny classic from 1949,<br />

“Rabbit Hood,” directed by<br />

Charles M. Jones with story by<br />

Michael Maltese.<br />

The cartoon plays off the<br />

fabled story of Robin Hood and<br />

pits Bugs Bunny against the<br />

Sheriff of Nottingham. The feature<br />

includes lots of fast paced<br />

humor and wonderfully crafted<br />

scenes (as well as a clever cameo<br />

by Errol Flynn as Robin Hood<br />

from the 1938 film, “The<br />

Adventures of Robin Hood.” But<br />

Editor’s Notebook<br />

Rick<br />

Palsgrove<br />

it also has an extended joke tucked into the cartoon<br />

that really makes it for me.<br />

In the scene, the Sheriff of Nottingham is chasing<br />

Bugs and they come upon the Royal Garden of the king.<br />

See CARTOONS, page 17

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

<strong>October</strong> <strong>October</strong> 17, 17, <strong>2021</strong> <strong>2021</strong> - - GROVEPORT MESSENGER -- PAGE PAGE 17 17<br />


Continued from page 16<br />

The Sheriff is appalled that Bugs is<br />

standing on “royal ground” which leads to<br />

a back and forth about this ground being<br />

better than that ground.<br />

It prompts Bugs to go into character as<br />

a fast talking real estate salesman who<br />

tricks the Sheriff into “buying” the land<br />

where the Royal Garden stands so the<br />

Sheriff can build a six room Tudor dream<br />

home upon it. With the real estate “deal”<br />

completed, the Sheriff starts building his<br />

house on top of the Royal Garden. One<br />

gets the sense that much, much time has<br />

lapsed between the Sheriff falling for<br />

Bugs’ trick and his actual construction<br />

work on the house because the structure is<br />

half completed when the Sheriff pauses<br />

and looks slowly around at the house he<br />

has been building on top of the Royal<br />

To advertise in the<br />

<strong>Messenger</strong>, call Doug Henry<br />

at 614-272-5422.<br />

Garden. It’s then he realizes he has been<br />

duped, which comically enrages him. The<br />

humor comes from the slow pace of the<br />

Sheriff surveying the scene of the halfbuilt<br />

house and slowly coming to the conclusion<br />

he’s been had.<br />

The whole scene plays out for nearly a<br />

minute and a half, which is a long segment<br />

in a cartoon with a running time of<br />

only seven minutes and 55 seconds. The<br />

segment proves to me that the Warner<br />

Brothers’ cartoon writers, while fond of<br />

quick jokes, also had a high appreciation<br />

for letting a joke take its own time in<br />

building to the punch line.<br />

Magnificent stuff.<br />

Rick Palsgrove is editor of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong>.<br />

Check out the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

<strong>Messenger</strong> on Facebook and at<br />

columbusmessenger.com<br />

Photo courtesy of the <strong>Groveport</strong><br />

Heritage Museum<br />

At the bank<br />

In this photo from the early<br />

20th century, John Moody is<br />

pictured standing on the<br />

steps of the <strong>Groveport</strong> Bank,<br />

which was located at 235<br />

Front St. directly behind<br />

<strong>Groveport</strong> Town Hall. Note the<br />

fanciful striped awning on the<br />

front of the building. The bank<br />

opened in 1901 and failed in<br />

the early 1930s during The<br />

Great Depression. The building<br />

is still there and over the<br />

years has housed various<br />

business ranging from a<br />

pizza parlor to a financial<br />

company.<br />

Our Pictorial Past<br />

by Rick Palsgrove<br />


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PAGE 18 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

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<strong>Groveport</strong> Community School<br />

Now Enrolling K-8<br />

Check out our Facebook Page or our website<br />

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to see what we are all about.<br />

Developing Character<br />

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Need to Get Rid of Something Fast - Advertise It Here For FREE!<br />

FREE Garden Straw for gardens or bedding. Call for appointment for pickup.<br />

Circle S Farms, 9015 London-<strong>Groveport</strong> Road, Grove City, 43123<br />

Grove City - 614-878-7980<br />

Sandbox Full of Sand; Small Bookcase - Fair Condition.<br />

MB - Columbus - 614-308-1064<br />

WOOD from two trees that we cut down two years ago. FREE.<br />

Call me and let me know when you canp ick it up.<br />

TH - Canal Winchester - 614-949-8963<br />

Come and Get It! is a bi-weekly column that offers readers an opportunity to pass<br />

along surplus building materials, furniture, electronic equipment, crafts, supplies,<br />

appliances, plants or household goods to anybody who will come and get them - as<br />

long as they’re FREE. NO PETS! Just send us a brief note describing what you want to<br />

get rid of, along with your name, address and phone number. Nonprofit organizations<br />

are welcome to submit requests for donations of items.<br />

Send information to The Columbus <strong>Messenger</strong>, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500<br />

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Mondays publication. <strong>Messenger</strong> Newspapers is not responsible for any<br />

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Come & Get It!<br />


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Classic Car Wash<br />

6099 Winchester Pike<br />

Canal Winchester, Ohio<br />

$12.00/hr, 4-6 hrs/day<br />

2-3 days/week<br />

Looking for Self-Motivated<br />

Mechanically inclined<br />

individual<br />

If interested,<br />

call 740-527-1130l<br />



LPs and 45s - 1950-80s<br />

Rock, Pop, Jazz, Soul.<br />

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We Buy Cars & Trucks<br />

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Call anytime 614-774-6797<br />

WANTS TO Purchase<br />

minerals and other oil &<br />

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to: P.O. Box 13557,<br />

Denver, CO 80201<br />

We Buy Junk Cars &<br />

Trucks. Highest Prices<br />

Paid. 614-395-8775<br />


WANTED<br />

Victrolas, Watches,<br />

Clocks, Bookcases<br />

Antiques, Furn.<br />

Jeff 614-262-0676<br />

or 614-783-2629<br />


Englewood, Florida<br />

Palm Manor Resort<br />

Within minutes of white<br />

sand Gulf beaches,<br />

world famous Tarpon<br />

fishing, golf courses, restaurants/shopping,<br />

Bush<br />

Gardens. 2 BR 2 BA<br />

condos with all ammenities,<br />

weekly/monthly, visit<br />

www.palmmanor.com<br />

or call 1-800-848-8141<br />

<strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong> - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 19<br />

xClassified Services<br />



Driveways & Parking Lots<br />

614-875-6971<br />


Sealcoating & Services LLC<br />

Quality Materials Used<br />


Driveway Seal & Repair!<br />

Top Seal Cracks!<br />

Residential & Commercial<br />

Mulching, Edging & Clean-ups<br />

“Ask for whatever you need.”<br />

BBB Accredited-Fully Insured<br />

Call or text for Free Est.<br />

614-649-1200<br />

AGM OHIO<br />

ROOFING &<br />


Free Estimates<br />

Cell 614-512-1699<br />

11/7<br />

A/M<br />



Any 5 areas ONLY $75<br />

Home Powerwash-$99-$200<br />

614-805-1084<br />

Specializing in Pet Odors<br />


CARPET<br />

Gray Saxony<br />

540 sq.ft. & 6 lb<br />

Pad & Normal Installation<br />

Only $999.00<br />

Phone or text Ray<br />

740-927-3404<br />




614-829-2905<br />

Looking for Mrs. Clean?<br />

For excellent cleaning serv<br />

at reas. rates w/great refs,<br />

dependable. 10% Senior<br />

Disc. Free Est. Gwen<br />

614-226-5229<br />


www.hastingsnsons.com<br />

Driveways & Extensions<br />

Patio & Walkways,<br />

Porches & Steps,<br />

Garage/Basement Floors<br />

Hot Tub/Shed Pads,<br />

Stamped/colored concrete<br />

Sealing of new &<br />

existing concrete.<br />


Contact Adam<br />

614-756-1754<br />

hastingsandsons.<br />

columbus@gmail.com<br />

Buckeye City<br />

Concrete & Excavating<br />

* Concrete * Foundations<br />

* Waterlines * Drains<br />

*Catch Basins<br />

614-749-2167<br />

buckeyecityconcreteand<br />

excavating@yahoo.com<br />



All Types Concrete Work<br />

New or Tear Out-Replace<br />

39 Yrs. Exp.<br />

(614) 207-5430<br />

Owner is On The Job!<br />

10/24 A/M<br />

10/24 A/M<br />


AJ’s Concrete,<br />

Masonry<br />

Good Work - Fair Prices<br />

Block Foundations<br />

Driveways • Sidewalks<br />

Epoxy/Overlay Floors<br />

Bonded-Ins. • Free Ests.<br />

614-419-9932<br />



Quality Concrete Work<br />

Lt. Hauling & Room Add.,<br />

Block Work & Excavation<br />

Stamp Patios,<br />

Bsmt. Wall Restoration<br />

35 Yrs Exp - Lic & Ins.<br />

Free Ests. 614-871-3834<br />



Groceries, Prescriptions,<br />

etc. Dependable with<br />

great refs at reasonable<br />

rates. 10% sr. disc. Free<br />

Est. Gwen 614-226-5229<br />


Bates & Sons<br />


5 ★ Google Reviews<br />

614-586-3417<br />



Complete System Clean & Check<br />

$49.95<br />

Free Carbon<br />

Monoxide Testing<br />

Gas-Oil-Electric Heat/Pumps<br />

All Makes • All Models<br />

45 yrs exp. • Sr. Discount<br />

614-351-9025<br />

HOME<br />


SINCE 1973<br />

Phil Bolon Contr.<br />

Windows & Siding<br />

Decks, Kitchens, Baths<br />

Room Additions,<br />

Flooring, Roofing<br />

Bsmt Waterproofing<br />

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.<br />

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.<br />

Lic.-Bond-Ins.<br />

10/24<br />

A/M<br />

Free Est. - Financing Avail.<br />

Member BBB Of Cent. OH<br />

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273<br />

614-419-3977<br />

or 614-863-9912<br />

C&JHandyman<br />

Services LLC<br />

Minor Plumbing<br />

& Electric<br />

Install Hot Water Tanks,<br />

Dishwashers & Disposals<br />

Also Fencing &<br />

Interior/Exterior Painting<br />

Free Est. ~ 18 Yrs. Exp.<br />

CDC/EPA Approved Guidelines<br />

614-284-2100<br />

10/24 A<br />

4/11 A<br />

11/7 A<br />

HOME<br />




Siding-Windows-<br />

Doors-Roofing-Soffit-<br />

Fascia-Gutters-Trim<br />

Earn FREE Seamless<br />

Gutters with Siding Over<br />

1000 Sq. Ft.<br />

FREE Shutters with<br />

Soffit & Trim<br />

EPA Certified<br />

Member of BBB<br />

Financing Available<br />

Over 20 yrs exp. • Free Est.<br />

Licensed-Bonded-Insured<br />

Owner & Operator<br />

James 614-419-7500<br />


The Lawn Barber<br />

Cut, Trim, Blow away<br />

Hedge Trimming, Edging<br />

Garden Tilling<br />

614-935-1466<br />



Fall is Here!!<br />

e!!<br />

We Treat Your Lawn As If<br />

It Were Our Own!<br />

Taking on New Accounts In The Area<br />

Aeration Special -$59.95 + up<br />

Gutter Cleaning Special - $75.00 + up<br />

Fall Yard Clean-up • Leaf Removal<br />

• Shrub Cut Back<br />

Free Est.<br />

614-238-9237<br />

10/24<br />

Ask For Bob E/SE<br />



FOR YOU<br />

Summer, Spring,<br />

Winter or Fall<br />

WE DO IT ALL!!!!<br />

Lawn Cuts, Edging,<br />

Trees & Shrubs, Garden,<br />

Mulching, Hauling,<br />

Garden Pond &<br />

Home Maint.<br />

Free Ests. Low Rates<br />

$20 & Up<br />

Kevin - 614-905-3117<br />

MOVING<br />

Aaron Allen<br />

Moving<br />

Local Moving since 1956<br />

Bonded and Insured<br />

614-299-6683<br />

614-263-0649<br />

Celebrating<br />

over 60 yrs<br />

in business<br />


A Job Well Done Again<br />

A lic. General Contractor<br />

Some Skilled Services<br />

Incl: Painting • Stucco,<br />

Repair•Carpentry•Exterior<br />

Drainage & Home Maint.<br />

Call Today! 614-235-1819<br />

Classified Services<br />

10/10 A<br />

10/24 A&M<br />


DRYW<br />

YWALL &<br />


11/7<br />

A&M<br />

REPAIR<br />

Textured Ceilings<br />

614-551-6963<br />

Residential/Commercial<br />

BIA<br />


MYERS<br />


Exp. Expert Plumbing<br />

New Work & Fast Repairs<br />

Lic. - Permit Available<br />

Water • Sewer • Gas<br />

614-633-9694<br />

All About Drains & Plumb.<br />

Will snake any sm drain<br />

$145. 614-778-2584<br />

CHRIS’<br />


“Plumbing & Drain Professional<br />

That You Can Count On”<br />

24 Hrs., 7 Days/Week<br />

No Overtime Charges<br />

24 Yrs. Exp. in Plumbing &<br />

Drain Cleaning Field<br />

Call For A Free Phone Estimate<br />

$100.00 For Any Small Drain<br />

614-622-4482<br />

30% OFF with AD<br />



Any house wash $149+tax<br />

Single deck $69+tax<br />

2 Tier deck $99+tax<br />

Best Wash in Town<br />

Over 45,000 washes<br />

Ashley 614-771-3892<br />

Bates & Sons<br />

Soft Wash & Powerwash<br />

5 ★ Google Reviews<br />

614-586-3417<br />


Robinson roofing & repairs<br />

30 yrs. exp. Lifetime Cols.<br />

resident. Lic./bonded/Ins.<br />

Reas rates. Member of<br />

BBB. Dennis Robinson<br />

614-330-3087, 732-3100<br />


REPAIR<br />

REPAIR all makes 24 hr.<br />

service. Clean, oil, adjust<br />

in your home. $49.95 all<br />

work gtd. 614-890-5296<br />


Brewer & Sons Tree Service<br />

• Tree Removal<br />

• Tree Trimming 10/24<br />

A&M<br />

• Stump Grinding<br />

• Bucket Truck Services<br />

Best Prices • Same Day Service<br />

614-878-2568<br />


Trimming, Removal &<br />

Stump Grinding.<br />

614-584-2164<br />

11/7 A&M<br />

11/7 A<br />

10/24 A&M

PAGE 20 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - <strong>October</strong> 17, <strong>2021</strong><br />

www.columbusmessenger.com<br />

THANK YOU!<br />

In recognition of National School Bus Safety Week, we thank the bus drivers and staff of<br />

Petermann Transportation for their hard work and dedication during this unprecedented<br />

nationwide bus driver shortage. They have gone above and beyond to safely and<br />

expeditiously get our students to and from school each day.<br />

Jessica Adkins<br />

Mashala Baldwin<br />

Crystal Bangura<br />

Kim Bartholomew<br />

Francis Braswell<br />

Victoria Briggs<br />

Phalean Brown<br />

Lynettia Bruner<br />

Jeanette Carter<br />

Nicole Coen<br />

Shontay Cooper<br />

Jane Crawfor<br />

awford<br />

Lana Crydus<br />

LaRhonda Dulaney<br />

Sandy Dunlap<br />

Debbie Eisnaugle<br />

Marsha Estridge<br />

Regina Farris<br />

Suzanne Felstead<br />

Tamara a Finch<br />

Diana Fluck<br />

Julie Fox<br />

Barbara a Gale<br />

Christine Garvin<br />

Jessica Gathers<br />

Corey Gillman<br />

Jammie Gray<br />

Tykwisha Green<br />

Mike Hageman<br />

Amber Hartley<br />

Shanelle Hayes<br />

James Heglar<br />

Latasha Hensley<br />

Paul Huffer<br />

Bryan Jenkins<br />

Johnda Kapteina<br />

Michaele Kennedy<br />

Christine Klos<br />

Richard Lama<br />

Carroll Lanman<br />

Tiffany fany Logan<br />

Ter<br />

eresa esa Mathias<br />

Daron McAllister<br />

Holli McClarren<br />

Mel McCoy<br />

Julius McIntyre<br />

Melissa McKnight<br />

Michelle McNeal<br />

Margaret Miller<br />

Steve Miller<br />

Shanetta Montgomery<br />

Gary Moore<br />

Susan Moore<br />

Jodie Oiler<br />

Jama Paas<br />

Annette Peacock<br />

Jimmy Peacock<br />

Leanne Perowski-Mcclune<br />

Peggy Randazzio<br />

Debbie Riffe<br />

Bonita Saunders<br />

Mila Sayre<br />

Sandy Sicilian<br />

Antawn Sidberry<br />

Shannon Stout<br />

Tracy Stringer-Richar<br />

-Richardson<br />

Ann Toner<br />

T yrone Travis<br />

Iva Trout<br />

Jimmie Turner<br />

Cynthia Walker<br />

Shirley Whightsel<br />

Keeli White<br />

Tonya Wilkins<br />

Tinejah Wilson<br />

Jeff Wood<br />

Alexandra a Woodson<br />

Rhoda Woodson<br />

James Yarger<br />



If you would like to apply to be a bus driver<br />

, contact Barak W ells at Barak.W<br />

ak.Wells@nationalexpresstransit.com<br />

or call 614-836-4962. The company offers fers a $2000 signing bonus if you currently have a<br />

CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and a $1000 bonus if you do not.

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