Groveport Messenger - October 17th, 2021

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October 17-30, 2021 www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XXXIX, No. 9

Photo courtesy of Warren Motts, Motts Military Museum

Painting plane to preserve it

Madison Township firefighters and other volunteers pitched in to give a World War

II era C-47 aircraft a fresh coat of paint at Motts Military Museum in Groveport on

Oct. 10. Motts Military Museum Director Warren Motts thanked the firefighters and

other volunteers stating, “They did a great job of painting this World War II aircraft

to help preserve it for history. It was amazing to see how all those firefighters

jumped in and got the job done. Our volunteers are older and are not quite as agile

as those with the Madison Township Fire Department. It truly was a blessing to

have the firefighters come and help preserve this WWII C-47 aircraft for future generations

to learn from. It truly is a great piece of history. Thank You Madison

Township Fire Department.” Motts Military Museum is located at 5075 S Hamilton

Rd, Groveport. For information call (614) 836-1500.


Libby Gray

Groveport Madison Board of Education

• Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting - The Ohio State University

• Master’s Degree in Taxation - Capital Law School

• Co-Chair - Committee for Better Schools

• School Board President - 3 yrs

• School Board V. President - 2 yrs

8 yrs. of success

• Financial stability • Funding for new HS

• Programming to prepare students beyond HS

Because Experience Matters

Paid for by the committee to elect Libby Gray NOV. 2, 2021

Sain Insurance Agency Inc.

Lisa Sain, Agent

Groveport, OH 43125


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Marylee Bendig

580 Main St., Groveport, OH 43125

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A name you KNOW,

the name you TRUST

Thieves target unlocked cars

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Thieves are taking advantage of

unlocked cars in Groveport to steal money,

credit cards, electronics, and more from

inside the vehicles.

According to Groveport Police officials,

the recent rash of thefts from vehicles have

occurred on and around Center Street,

Hickory Alley, and other alleys in town.

One incident occurred in the GrovePointe

subdivision where a theft happened when

a garage door was left open.

“Ninety percent of these thefts are from

vehicles that are unlocked or the vehicles’

windows are left open,” said Groveport

Police Chief Casey Adams. “It’s rare that

the suspects actually physically break into

the vehicles. They don’t want to attract

attention with noise because, if they are

quiet, they can hit a lot of cars. They go

along jiggling car door handles to see

which ones are unlocked because it’s easier

than breaking into the vehicle.”

According to Adams, the suspects are

most likely teenagers or people in their

early 20s.

“They often are people seeking money to

feed their chemical dependency issues,”

said Adams.

Adams said the thefts are happening at

night. He said security camera videos can

sometimes help identify suspects, but it is

difficult to get detailed images after dark.

He said cameras often show the suspects

“brazenly walking through yards going

from car to car and not trying to hide.”

Adams also said thieves have been cutting

off and stealing catalytic converters

from underneath vehicles in the Elmont

Place and Hickory Grove subdivisions.

“They steal the catalytic converters for

the valuable metals in them,” said Adams.

“They take them to salvage yards to get

quick money.”

Adams said the Groveport Police will

concentrate patrols in the residential areas

where the thefts are occurring. He said citizens

can help prevent thefts by locking

their cars, closing their garage doors, and

not leaving valuable items in their cars in

plain sight. He encouraged people to keep

their porch lights on at night and to report

it to the city if the streetlights on their

streets are out. Additionally, he said that,

if residents are going out of town on vacation

or for other reasons, they can fill out a

police house watch form at the Groveport

Police Department, 5690 Clyde Moore

Drive, Groveport.

Toy Road improvements underway

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Two cul-de-sacs have been constructed

on Toy road near Centerpoint Parkway to

help relieve traffic problems in that area.

“The proposal includes an ‘until such

time’ closure of Toy Road between two,

already-constructed cul-de-sacs on Toy

Road, approximately 200 feet east of the

intersection of Centerpoint Parkway (until

such time that future commercial development

justifies it’s reopening),” said Carla

Marable, director of Communications for

the Franklin County Engineer’s Office.

“The two cul-de-sacs are proposed to be

physically separated via a grass mound

that will extend around the perimeter of

the cul-de-sacs. Traffic control signage will

See TOY ROAD, page 2


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Get ready for trick-or-treat fun

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

It’s time for jack o’ lanterns, colorful leaves, and


Here are the trick-or-treat dates and times, as well

as some other Halloween activities, for the area’s communities.

Canal Winchester

The city of Canal Winchester will hold trick-or-treat

on Oct. 28 from 5:30—7:30 p.m.

According to Canal Winchester Events and

Communications Coordinator Hannah Voss, immediately

following trick-or-treat at 7:30 p.m. VFW Post

#10523 will host its annual free Halloween Party at

the Frances Steube Community Center, 22 S. Trine St.


The city of Groveport will hold trick-or-treat on Oct.

28 from 5:30-7 p.m.

Mayor Lance Westcamp said the annual Halloween

block party at Main and Front streets will not be held

this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, the annual Blacklick Haunted Park will

be held on Oct. 22-23 from 7:30-11 p.m. and Oct. 24

from 1-3 p.m. in Blacklick Park, 799 Blacklick St. in

Groveport. Cost is $5 per person with the proceeds

going to Groveport Madison Human Needs and the

Groveport Food Pantry. This event is very scary and

parental discretion is advised.

Madison Township

Madison Township will hold trick-or-treat on Oct.

28 from 5:30-7 p.m.

Madison Township officials conducted a survey of

residents to see which day and time was preferred for

trick-or-treat and 80 percent of those responding chose

Oct. 28.


Continued from page 1

also be utilized in advance of, and in between, the two


The grass mound will be constructed over the

asphalt so it could be removed in the future in case the

Toy Road would ever reconnect.

There will be no emergency vehicle access at the

Toy Road closure.

Marable said representatives of the Franklin

County Engineer’s Office met with representatives of

local emergency services including Madison Township

Police and Fire, Obetz Police, and Groveport Police.

“All agreed that emergency access at the closure

point was not necessary and that fully closing the roadway

would not negatively impact the services that they

provide,” said Marable. “Fully closing the roadway

between the two cul-de-sacs will minimize the potential

of drivers attempting to unsafely drive through the

closure location.”

According to Marable, the location of this closure

allows Toy Road west of the closure location to operate

and handle the commercial and commuter traffic generated

by the Rickenbacker Area warehousing. East of

the closure location will be limited to residential use

and public services such as school transportation and

refuse pick-up.

“Details of the ‘until such time’ closure are still

being developed,” said Marable. “The cost associated

for this portion of work is not yet available. However,

it will be minimal in comparison to the overall cost of

the project. This project was combined and bid together

with the Toy Road and Swisher Road improvements

project. The contractor’s low bid for the overall project

was $2.2 million. Funding is being provided by the

More information on locations of treat stations with

the Madison Township police officers and firefighters

will be made available closer to the time of the event.


Obetz will hold trick-or-treat on Oct. 28 from 6-8


“Halloween festivities will be held at Fortress

Obetz, 2015 Recreation Trail in Obetz, on Oct. 29 from

6-10 p.m. featuring a Haunted Maze as well as some

other tricks and treats,” said Obetz Mayor Angela



According to Lockbourne Mayor Christie Ward, at

Lockbourne Village Council’s Sept. 27 meeting it was

decided that Lockbourne will hold its trick-or-treat on

Oct. 31 from 4- 6 p.m.

Hamilton Township

Hamilton Township’s trick-or-treat date and time is

still to be determined.

Franklin County Motor Vehicle Registration and Gas

User Fees, the city of Groveport, Madison Township,

the Ohio Public Works Commission, the Franklin

County Transportation Improvement District, and private

partners. Final completion for this project is currently

scheduled for early spring 2022.”

Marable said these improvements are necessary for

Toy, Swisher, and Saltzgaber roads because these portions

of Toy Road, Swisher Road, and Saltzgaber Road

are old township roadways.

“They were never designed or intended to carry

high commercial and commuter traffic,” said Marable.

“Along Toy Road and Swisher Road, the improvement

will repair the roadway and improve drainage so that

the residents can safely and efficiently access their

homes. The project also provides dual cul-de-sacs east

of Centerpoint Parkway that will act as turnaround

locations for commercial, school bus, and refuse truck

traffic. Along Saltzgaber Road, the roadway is being

widened and reconstructed to account for traffic being

generated by new warehouses in the area.”

Residents living on Toy Road, Saltzgaber Road, and

Swisher Road have been frustrated for several years

by the poor conditions of these roads as well as the

heavy traffic from nearby commercial warehouses that

use these narrow, formerly rural roads. The residents

sought relief from the vehicle and semi-truck traffic

they say damages the roads, tears up yards, knocks

over mailboxes, causes noise, generates trash, and creates


The three roads fall within several different government

jurisdictions including Madison Township, the

towns of Groveport and Obetz, and Franklin County.


October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 3

Frightful fun returns at Blacklick Haunted Park

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport’s Blacklick Haunted Park

returns for its fourth year with a host of

ghouls, monsters, and other assorted

things that go bump in the night to give

visitors a Halloween fright.

The scary event, sponsored by the city of

Groveport and Groveport residents, will be

held Oct 22 and 23 from 7:30-11 p.m. and

Oct. 24 from 1-3 p.m. in Blacklick Park,

799 Blacklick St. (The park is located at

the eastern end of Blacklick Street in

Groveport.) Cost is $5 per person on Oct. 22

and 23 with proceeds going to Groveport

Madison Human Needs and the Groveport

Food Pantry. Organizers said the event on

Oct. 22 and 23 is very scary and parental

discretion is advised. However, the Sunday

session will be a bit different.

“The Sunday, Oct. 24 session is free for

little kids age 10 and under and this session

will be a little less scary for the little

ones,” Bruce Smith, one of the Blacklick

Haunted Park organizers.

The idea for Blacklick Haunted Park

arose in 2017 from three friends who share

a love of Halloween — Bruce Smith, Scott

Clinger, and Larry Geis. They came up

with the idea for the haunted park as a way

to raise money for Groveport Madison

Human Needs and the Groveport Food

Pantry while also providing an outlet for

frightening fun.

“Each of us has set up elaborate ‘haunted

houses’ at our own homes during trickor-treat

in the past and we always wanted

to do something bigger like this,” said


Blacklick Haunted Park consists of a

large area at the park’s shelterhouse and a

haunted trail. Around 30 relentlessly scary

costumed monsters, as well as fearsome

scenes and eerie music are featured.

“The haunted trail aspect has been

extended this year by about another 150 to

200 feet,” said Smith. “It’s much longer and

spookier than in the past.”

Smith said Blacklick Haunted Park will

include some old favorite scary creatures,

but will also add some new twists, such as

featuring a frightening scene from the popular

“Purge” films.

“We try to stay contemporary,” said


“We’re the masters of distraction,” said

Clinger, who said a key to a good haunted

house or haunted park is creativity and

providing the unexpected.

Smith said Blacklick Haunted Park

draws good sized crowds each year and visitors

get a good, fun fright.

“People scream and we’ve had adults

who got so scared they just walked away,”

said Smith.

The event is a large fundraiser for

Groveport Madison Human Needs and the

Groveport Food Pantry.

“One year we raised $4,000 that we

divided between the two charitable

groups,” said Smith.

The organizers of Blacklick Haunted

Park said a main motivation for creating

their scary event is to “do something fun

and affordable for the kids.”

“People have fun, we have fun, and

we’re able to help out Groveport Madison

Human Needs and the Groveport Food

Pantry,” said Smith. “We love to do it.

We’re thankful to the city of Groveport for

its help in enabling Blacklick Haunted

Park to be successful.”

For information call (614) 836-3333.

Reeves-Wyke is new

community affairs director

City of Groveport Public Relations

Coordinator Jessica Reeves-Wyke has been

named the city’s new community affairs

director and will begin work at Groveport

Town Hall, 648 Main St., on Oct. 20.

She replaces Patty Storts, who retired

Oct. 13 after 28 years of working for the

city in various capacities.

The job, which has a pay range of $26.66

to $42.85 per hour, is a promotion for


According to Groveport City

Administrator B.J. King, city officials plan

to eliminate the position of public relations


Drug Take Back Day

in Groveport

The city of Groveport and Groveport

Police Department, in cooperation with the

Drug Enforcement Administration, will

host a National Prescription Drug Take

Back event on Oct. 23 at the Groveport

Police Station, 5690 Clyde Moore Drive,

Groveport, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The National Prescription Drug Take

Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient,

and responsible means of disposing of

prescription drugs, while also educating

the general public about the potential for

abuse of medications. The DEA has collected

nearly 15 million pounds (more than

7,000 tons) of expired, unused, and

unwanted prescription medications

through Take Back Day events over the

last ten years.

The Groveport collection site is set up in

a convenient stop and drop model, allowing

those discarding unwanted prescription

drugs to remain in their vehicles, drop

medications with collection agents, and

then continue on their way.

Collectors may only accept pills. Liquids

(including inhalers and their refills), as

well as needles or sharps, may not be

dropped off.

he service is free and anonymous; no

questions asked.

Visit www.DEATakeBack.com for information.

PAGE 4 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021


Groveport Police officer honored for heroic efforts

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport Police Officer Ryan Ripson

was honored for his heroic efforts in rescuing

a driver from a car that had gone off the

road an splashed into Blacklick Creek last


With the temperature in the 20 degree

range, Ripson waded into the waist deep

icy water of the creek on Jan. 21 around 7

a.m. to rescue the driver from her partially

submerged car, which was about 30 yards

from the shore line.

The incident occurred at the State Route

317 bridges over Blacklick Creek near

Bixby Road.

Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams

said Ripson received the Franklin County

Sheriff's Department’s STAR Award

(STAR is (S) Selflessness, (T) Teamwork,

(A) Accountability, (R) Respect) presented

by Franklin County Sheriff Dallas Baldwin

on Oct. 15. Ripson will also receive the

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Award at the

Central Ohio Crime Stoppers annual recognition

banquet on Oct. 20.

“We are all very proud to see one of our

own just not only receiving the Franklin

County Sheriff's Department STAR Award,

but also the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers

Award for his dedication to protecting and

serving the city of Groveport community,”


said Adams.

According to Adams, when Ripson

arrived at the scene of the accident that

cold January morning, he could only see

the vehicle’s roof top due to the rest of the

vehicle being submerged under the icy,

murky water.

“He saw the female driver struggling to

exit the vehicle’s driver side window to get

Photo courtesy of Sgt. Josh Short and the Groveport Police Department

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Rescue Dive team helped secure the car with

straps for crews from Long’s Towing and Eitel’s Towing to haul it up out of the creek

after Groveport Police Officer Ryan Ripson rescued the driver.

out of the frigid water and the vehicle was

still sinking in the muddy bottom of the

creek,” said Adams. “He could see that the

driver was struggling in the cold weather

and frigid water temperature and attempts

to throwing a life jacket to the driver were

unsuccessful. Without hesitation, Officer

Ripson decided the best course of action

was to enter the frigid water himself and go

to the stranded female to check on her wellbeing

to make sure she had not sustain

serious injuries.”

“The water was so cold it took my breath

away and the footing of the creek was

muddy and difficult, so I assisted her wading

back to the creek bank after reaching

the vehicle,” said Ripson. “I could see the

driver was uncomfortable getting out of the

car herself and, after an attempt to throw

her a life vest was unsuccessful, I decided

to wade out into the creek and escort her to

the bank before the situation got worse.”

Adams said Ripson’s actions were risky

due to the cold temperature of the water,

but as retired Groveport Police Chief

Ralph Portier stated at the time, “Officer

Ripson did not have a second thought about

going into help, it’s a decision he made from

the heart and it’s something that cannot be

police statistics


After this incident ended and the scene

was secured, Adams said, “Officer Ripson,

as usual, did not want recognition for his

actions, he just wanted to go home, take a

shower, put a clean uniform on, and go

back to work.”

According to Groveport Police Lt. Josh

Short, the investigation revealed the driver

was allegedly traveling northbound in the

southbound lane of State Route 317 and

swerved into the median to avoid southbound


“The driver and car went into the median

and then vaulted over the Three Creeks’

bike path, down between the bridges, striking

the south bank of Blacklick Creek and

skimming two thirds of the way across

before coming to a rest in the water,” said


According to Short, Ripson is “a quiet,

unassuming person, but for him to choose

to go help this freezing woman out of that

car comes as no surprise. Rip (Officer

Ripson) is a Groveport guy at heart, grew

up and graduated from high school here,

and has always tried to help maintain a

higher quality of life for our residents.”

September crime statistics from the

Madison Township Police: 7 accidents with

injuries, 8 assaults, 2 burglary, 19 domestic

complaints, 6 driving under the influence,

2 fights, 4 hit skip accidents, 12 juvenile

complaints, 23 larceny/theft, 3 missing

persons, 2 narcotics, 36 parking violations,

2 person with gun, 26 property damage

accidents, 2 sex offenses, 6 shots fired in

area, 6 stolen vehicles, 4 suspicious cars,

29 suspicious persons, 20 suspicious persons/vehicles,

8 threats or harassment, 45

traffic stops, and 4 vandalism.


Presbyterian Church’s worship items find a new home

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

After 168 years, the Groveport

Presbyterian Church congregation held its

last service in July, but some of the church’s

worship items have found a new home in

Sierra Leone with the helping hand of the

Groveport United Methodist Church.

“Magnus Jusu, who is from Sierra Leone,

came to the United States shortly after the

civil war in that country,” said Groveport

United Methodist Church Pastor Jonathan

Mann. “He came here to train as a trauma

counselor to help people in his country heal

after the effects of war. However, his home

was destroyed during the war and he needed

to stay and work in the U.S. to provide for

his wife and son. That was 16 years ago. He

is also an ordained pastor in the Sierra

Leone Conference of the United Methodist

Church. Magnus has had many jobs over the

16 years in the U.S., but he now works as a

custodian at the Groveport Madison High

School as well as a custodian at our church.

We are pursuing getting his credentials from

Sierra Leone recognized here in the United

States so he may one day get to serve as a

pastor again.”

Mann asked Jusu if there was anything the churches in Sierra

Leone could use.

“He said Bibles, hymnals, pretty much anything for worship,”

said Mann. “I announced from the pulpit one Sunday if anyone

knew of a bunch of Bibles or hymnals we could send we would be

happy to do it. Jean Ann Hilbert, one of our church members,

called Margaret Ann Cottrill, one of the members of Groveport

Presbyterian Church. It turned out the Presbyterian church had

all sorts of worship items they wanted to give to the churches in

Sierra Leone. About 20 members of our church went to Groveport

Presbyterian and picked up the items they wanted to donate and

brought them back to our church.”

According to Mann, Jusu coordinated the shipment of church

items to Sierra Leone.

“We (Groveport United Methodist Church) are paying to ship

all the items,” said Mann. “While the final amount is pending, I

estimate the bill to be about $1,200.”

When asked why the Groveport United Methodist Church

wanted to help with the donations, Mann said, “Our church has

gotten to know Magnus these past couple of years and we dearly

love him. Our church has a history of helping people and families

in this part of the world.”

He noted the Groveport United Methodist Church has an ongoing

Liberian Scholarship which supports schooling for children in

Liberia, has helped bring over a couple of church members’ families

from Liberia, and intends to help Magnus bring his wife and

son over as well.

“For us, this is another way to fulfill the Lord’s command to

love one another,” said Mann.

The Groveport Presbyterian Church items being donated to the

Sierra Leone churches include Bibles, hymnals, choir robes, an

advent wreath, bronze items used for worship such as candle

lighters and candle holders, children’s books for Sunday School

Groveport Garden Club

The Groveport Garden Club meets the first Tuesday each

month (unless otherwise announced) at Groveport Zion Lutheran

Church, 6014 Groveport Road. Anyone interested in gardening

welcome. Call Marylee Bendig at (614) 218-1097.

Special Olympics

The mission of Special Olympics Ohio and its Groveport Special

Olympics chapter is to provide year round sports training and

competition in a variety of Olympic type sports for intellectually

These candleholders and other worship items were donated by the Groveport

Presbyterian Church to churches in Sierra Leone. The Groveport Presbyterian Church

closed down this summer after 168 years of service.

and lessons, and sheet music.

“Magnus is still considered a United Methodist pastor in Sierra

Leone,” said Mann. “We knew through his contacts that churches

would receive the items donated and they would be put to good


Mann said the project has been “a truly wonderful experience

to see new life given to these items of worship” and he attended

the Groveport Presbyterian Church’s final worship service in July.

“There was a deep feeling of sadness to see Groveport

Presbyterian’s mission come to completion,” said Mann. “When

news got to me that the Presbyterian congregation wanted to send

through us its worship items to churches in Sierra Leone, I felt

great joy. In many ways it felt like a mini-resurrection in seeing

God bring something good out of something so sad. When the

church is able to come together despite denominations, geography,

language, and ethnicity, it becomes one of the most fulfilling

events in one’s life. To see such good come from working together

is such a blessing.”

On Aug. 29, the Groveport United Methodist Church held a

worship service and invited members of the Groveport

Presbyterian congregation. During that service the items being

sent to Sierra Leone were dedicated and Presbyterian members

went to the altar to lay hands on those items.

“There were many tears, but also joy to see God continue to

work with what is given to him,” said Mann. “One of my biggest

memories from the day was that they had given us a beautiful

altar cloth that was special to them. It was from their sister

church in Thailand that was specially made for them. I remember

thinking, a church in Thailand made an altar cloth for the

Presbyterian Church which was now being used and passed onto

us. At the same time we are dedicating worship items from the

Presbyterian Church to be sent to Sierra Leone. In that moment

I felt the mutual reciprocity and love that is shared with brothers

and sisters in the faith.”

disabled individuals.

For information contact local coordinators Penny and

Cassandra Hilty at groveportspecialolympics@gmail.com or at

(614) 395-8992 or 395-6640. Donations may be sent to Groveport

Special Olympics, P.O. Box 296, Groveport, OH 43125.

Groveport history

The Groveport Heritage Museum contains photographs, artifacts,

and documents about Groveport’s history. The museum is

located in Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St., and is open during

Groveport Town Hall’s operating hours. Call 614-836-3333.

October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 5

Groveport history films

Two documentary films on the history

of Groveport, produced by the Groveport

Heritage Society and Midnet Media, are

now available for viewing online on

YouTube.The films are: “Groveport: A

Town and Its People” and “The Story of

John S. Rarey and Cruiser.”

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PAGE 6 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021


Apple Butter Day

Messenger photos by Rick Palsgrove

Dan Foor sits in the seat of his 1952 Oliver tractor, one of several antique and classic tractors on display at

Apple Butter Day in Groveport on Oct. 9. Foor said the tractor was used for many years on his Madison

Township farm. Though its classic green paint has faded away, Foor said the tractor still operates. “It’s a real

handy tractor,” said Foor. “It maneuvers well and can get through tight spaces. It’s a versatile tractor.”

Joanne Casserly stirs a fresh batch of apple butter.

The acoustic folk band Delightful Sounds performed in the Groveport Log House during Apple Butter Day.

Sharon Mech of

the Central Ohio

Weaving and

Fiber Arts Guild


how to spin yarn

on the porch of

the Groveport Log



GMHS secretary killed

in Noe-Bixby Road car crash

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Paula Kennedy, a long time secretary at

Groveport Madison High School, was killed

when a suspect driving an allegedly stolen

vehicle crashed into her car on Noe-Bixby

Road on the morning of Oct. 3, according to

the Madison Township Police.

“Mrs. Kennedy was a tremendous part

of our school’s community and she considered

our school as part of her family,” said

Groveport Madison High School Principal

Paul Smathers. “It’s hard to adequately

articulate the extent of her impact on our

school, because she did so much for so

many people, whether they be staff members,

students, or parents. She was always

ready to help in any way she could. Her

loss has been felt by our entire Cruiser

family, and we want her family to know

how much she is loved and will be missed.”

Kennedy had worked at the school since


According to Maureen Kocot, the communications

director for the Franklin

County Sheriff’s Office, the sheriff’s office

received the initial report of a stolen vehicle

at 8:44 a.m. on Oct. 3 and at 8:47 a.m. a

Madison Township police officer spotted

the vehicle.

“The crash occurred less than one

minute later,” said Kocot. “Following the

crash, our sheriff’s deputies did respond to


According to the Columbus Police, the

suspect driving the allegedly stolen vehicle

left his lane and struck Kennedy’s car head

on. The crash occurred on Noe-Bixby Road

just south of Laraine Court. The suspect

was in critical condition following the accident

and Kennedy died of her injuries.

No police cruisers were involved in the


“Our officer was briefly involved with

this incident, attempting to stop a car that

had been reported stolen a few minutes

earlier,” said Madison Township Police

Chief Gary York. “Our officer turned on the

squad car’s lights and siren and then

slowed at a traffic signal that had turned


red to assure the safety of other vehicles

already crossing the intersection, before

proceeding. The (allegedly) stolen car went

through the red light and continued on, out

of sight. Moments later, the crash


York said a review of the dash cam

video available from the Madison

Township Police officer’s car and other

information confirms that “the incident

never evolved into a police pursuit, and

we’re satisfied that the Madison Township

Police officer involved followed proper procedures.

We understand the two individuals

involved in the crash sustained serious

injuries and our thoughts are with them

and their loved ones.”

York said the investigation of the case

and the charging of the suspect is being

handled between the Columbus Police

Department and the Franklin County

Sheriff's Office.

“The accident occurred on the jurisdiction

of the Columbus Division of Police and

it was determined that the Columbus

Police Accident Investigators would investigate

the crash,” said Kocot.

School Help Centers

at the libraries

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s

School Help Centers are now open offering

K-12 students after-school help, plus 24/7

access to free tools and resources.

Plus, students can get connected with

virtual tutors for one-on-one help Monday

through Friday from 2-11 p.m. using


Masks are required to visit School Help

Centers. Hours vary by library location.

Visit columbuslibrary.org/school-help for


Our Family Caring For Yours

October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 7






3246 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232

Dr. Sacheen Garrison

5055 S. Hamilton Road

Groveport, OH 43125 614-836-0500


Groveport city council

Groveport City Council holds its regular

meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second and

fourth Mondays of the month. Council

holds its committee of the whole meeting

on the third Monday each month at 5:30

p.m. Meetings are held in the municipal

building, 655 Blacklick St., Groveport.

Wagnalls Memorial Library

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located

at 150 E. Columbus St., Lithopolis. For

information call (614) 837-4765 or visit


Southeast Library

The Southeast Branch of the Columbus

Metropolitan Library is located at 3980 S.

Hamilton Road, Groveport. For information

visit For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org

or call 614-645-2275.

CW Library Branch

The Canal Winchester Branch of the

Columbus Metropolitan Library, 115

Franklin St., is located in the rear portion

of the former school at 100 Washington St.

For information visit www.columbuslibrary.org

or call 614-645-2275.

PAGE 8 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021


Crafting an effective cover letter


All Shifts

Apply in person or online at

3301 Toy Rd., Groveport, OH


Rates starting at $15 up to $30/hr.

A strong cover letter may not guarantee

you land a good job, but a poor cover letter

may guarantee you won't. On its own, an

effective cover letter can catch the eye of

hiring managers tasked with finding worthy

candidates among stacks of applications,

while a poor cover letter may ensure

hiring managers never even glance at an

applicant's resume.An effective cover letter

should be concise, conveying an applicant's

work history and goals in a few

paragraphs or less.

The following are some additional ways

men and women can craft effective cover


• Address a specific person when possible.

• State your purpose early on.

• Explain why you are a qualified candidate.

• Exhibit some knowledge about the company

to which you're applying.

• Be cordial in your closing

An effective cover letter can go a long way

toward making a strong first impression

on a prospective employer. Men and

women should look at their cover letters

as their first opportunities to connect with

a company and write their letters accordingly.


$$$ $$$


The Advertising Department at the

Columbus Messenger Newspapers

is seeking a Salesperson.

No Experience Necessary.

Base salary plus commissions, auto allowance.

Seniors welcome to apply.

Please send your resume or call:

Doug Henry, Advertising Manager

Columbus Messenger Newspapers

3500 Sullivant Ave.

Columbus, Ohio 43204



e-mail to doughenry@columbusmessenger.com



• Make $130 per day

• Earn a $500 bonus for every 45 days worked in our district this year

• Work with helpful & collaborative Teachers, Administrators,

and Staff

• For instructions on what steps to take to become a substitute

teacher, please visit:


Connect with us:

Phone: 614-49-8044 x 1202

Address: 775 Rathmell Rd, Columbus, OH 43207

Online: HamiltonRangers.org


October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 9

Building a business wardrobe





Kroger Pharmacy Warehouse

2nd and 3rd Shift

Positions Available

Scan for more details and

link to apply:

The transition from college student or stay-athome

mom to fulltime professional requires a number

of changes. Those changes include updating

your wardrobe to give it a more professional feel.

Clothing that's acceptable for a jaunt to the store

or a night out may not be appropriate for he office

Just what constitutes a professional wardrobe has

changed over the years, and the guidelines for such

attire are no longer as firm as they once were. But

it still behooves a woman to add some classic, professional

pieces to her closet. Any employers have

adopted dress-down days as benefits for their employees.

Although you may be invited to dress

more casually, avoid dressing for a day at the

beach or hanging around the house. Opt for

trouser-style jeans that are free of rips and embellishments.

If athletic shoes are allowed, make sure

they are clean and not the pair you wear while

tending to your garden.

HLSD is hiring Substitutes for our

Classified Staff! Jobs include:

Bus Driver - $15/hour

Cooks - $10.50/hour

Custodian - $12.50/hour

Educational Aides - $11.50/hour

Come work with helpful & collaborative

Teachers, Administrators, and Staff!

For more information on becoming a Classified

Substitute, please visit our employment page at


FedEx Ground is now hiring full-time and part-time Warehouse

Package Handlers at our greater Columbus locations:

Start as a

Package Handler.

Stay for a career.


Up to $23.00/hour + attendance bonus

4600 Poth Road, Columbus, OH 43213


Up to $23.00/hour + attendance bonus

9677 Tollgate Road SW, Etna, OH 43062


Up to $25.00/hour + attendance bonus

6120 South Meadows Drive

Grove City, OH 43123



Up to $23.00/hour + attendance bonus

6840 Pontius Road, Groveport, OH 43125


Up to $20.00/hour + attendance bonus

2969 Lewis Centre Way

Grove City, OH 43123


Up to $25.00/hour + attendance bonus

8285 Industrial Parkway

Plain City, OH 43064

• Weekly Pay

• Medical, Vision, Dental

• Flexible Schedules

• Paid Parental Leave

• Tuition Assistance

• Much more!

• Must be at least 18 years of age

• Must be able to load, unload and sort

packages, as well as perform other

related duties

With 6,000+ promotions per year, this is just the start of your career.

For more information, text FXground to 33011

or visit fedexgroundjobs.com

Standard message and data rates apply. 1 message per request. Text STOP to 33011 to cancel. Text HELP to

33011 for help.

committed to a diverse workforce.

PAGE 10 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021






• Community Oriented

Groveport Residents First

• Positive & Optimistic

• Responsive & Accessible

Paid for by Scott Lockett


Elect Bower for school board

As a lifelong community member and parent,

Seth Bower wants to help support the school district

by addressing the needs of the entire district.

Bower believes that a school board is successful

only if it is deeply rooted in supporting the community.

Seth Bower would like to address the current

issues at hand that face the district. This

includes addressing overcrowding in schools, further

engagement with the community, and identifying

ways to make Groveport Madison Schools

the school of choice.

Seth Bower will also work to build trust and

integrity within the community and the school

district. He will communicate openly with the


Re-elect Scott Lockett

It is an honor to serve on Groveport City

Council. I’m finishing my first elected term and

seeking re-election. I’m proud of Groveport and

the services we offer such as: excellent police,

snow removal, brush removal, sidewalk repair,

tree maintenance program, Recreation Center,

Golf Course, Aquatic Center, parks, Senior

Transportation, and Senior Center.

I’m excited to be a part of bringing new developments

to our historic downtown, which

includes three restaurants.

Groveport continues on solid financial ground

with the growing income stream in a healthy

rainy day fund.

I graduated from Groveport High School. I

received a bachelor’s degree from Capital

community, and use feedback that he receives in

decisions that will be faced down the road. Seth

Bower will seek to promote open and honest dialogue

between community leaders and parents of

Groveport Madison Schools.

Seth Bower has lived in the school district for

over six years. As the Independence Village

block watch coordinator, and as a current board

member of Groveport Madison Human Needs,

Seth Bower has strived to address the issues that

face his neighbors and community.

A vote for Bower is a vote for our community!

University and a master’s degree in psychology

from Ohio State University. I am semi-retired

working part-time as a psychologist for

Groveport Schools. I serve as the city liaison to

the Senior Center.

If elected I hope: to keep the city of Groveport

progressing on its current positive path; continue

to reduce our debt service obligations; shift the

focus of development from warehouses to small

business development in our historic downtown;

attract housing options for seniors; and revisit

traffic issues .

Call me at 614–804–0976, email at SLOCK-

ETT@Groveport.org, or attend any of our City

Council meetings.


October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 11


PAGE 12 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021


Levy estimator

In advance of the November general

election, Franklin County Auditor Michael

Stinziano reminded voters that the auditor’s

office online levy estimator tool is

available to help residents understand how

the levies and bond issues on their ballot

will impact their property taxes.

Levies and bond issues are on the ballot

in several jurisdictions across the county,

including: Franklin Township, Minerva

Park, Reynoldsburg City School District,

Truro Township, Upper Arlington, and

Valleyview. The auditor’s levy estimator

has been updated to reflect the potential

tax impact of the passage of these issues.

“As the former director of the board of

elections, I want everyone to understand

the value of their vote by using the levy

estimator. Make sure your voice is heard

this November and go vote,” Stinziano said.

To use the levy estimator, visit


mator. After entering your home’s address

or parcel number, the estimator will show

both your current and estimated property

taxes if a levy or bond issue in your jurisdiction

passes in the November election.

Groveport Madison School Board

“Because Experience Matters”

8 Years of Success

• From Financial Crisis to Financial Stability


Libby Gray

• Funding for a New High School

• Major Repairs to Existing Buildings

• Programming to Prepare Students beyond High School

• Forward Thinking Implementation of One-to-One program, assigning

computers to every student K-12


Paid for by the Committee to Elect Libby Gray


on Groveport Council?



In 2019, I ran for Groveport City Council gaining 526 supporters!

I am asking for your support again!!


Voting update

Early and absentee voting began Oct. 5

and will continue through Nov. 1.

As a reminder, mail-in absentee ballots

must be postmarked by Nov. 1 or dropped

off at the Board of Elections office at 1700

Morse Road, Columbus, by 7:30 p.m. on

Nov. 2.

Election Day is Nov. 2, and polls across

Franklin County will be open from 6:30

a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Boards of election

•Franklin County Board of Elections is

located at 1700 Morse Road, Columbus, OH


Phone 614-525-3100 and fax 614-525-


Visit the website at vote.franklincountyohio.gov

•Fairfield County Board of Elections is

located at 951 Liberty Drive, Lancaster,

OH 43130.

Phone: 740-652-7000 or 614-322-5270.

Visit the website at www.fairfieldcountyohioelections.gov.

Research candidates for upcoming elections

Presidential elections may grab the

national headlines, but local elections also

have a big impact on voters’ daily lives.

Locally elected officials are typically

much more accessible to voters, whose participation

in local elections can bring about

real change. Here are some tips to prepare

for Election Day, whether you are selecting

state, county, town, or school officials.

•Solidify your stance. The first step to

casting your vote is deciding how you feel

about key issues and candidates. Make a

list of the issues that you find most important

and want addressed in this election.

Then research the stance each candidate

takes on the issues that most resonate with


•Research the candidates. Conduct

some preliminary research into each candidate

running for office. Chances are their

websites provide background information

regarding their qualifications as well as

their stances on certain issues.

Many times newspapers will offer their

own round-up on local candidates so you

can get to know them further. Such information

can save you the time and effort of

looking into candidates on your own. Delve

further when needed to see if the facts are


Because experience matters

During my tenure, the district went from

financial crisis to stability. In 2014 we had $43K

in the bank. The district borrowed $5M from

future tax revenues. With hard work, we no

longer borrow from future tax revenues and have

a $5M forecasted savings account. We secured

the funding for a new HS, which was needed due

to overcrowding, structural issues and not

designed for technology. We made major repairs

on existing buildings and eliminated three leases

by purchasing a building bringing the support

staff to one location. I have been an advocate for

the pathway programs that started during my


Vote Rupp for city council

correct. Examine public records for policies

candidates supported to confirm if their

ideals are similar to your own.

•Ignore the polls. If you strongly support

a candidate and his or her agenda,

then stick with your preferences rather

than relying on the polls.

Polls may be used to sway indecisive

voters. However, even though the polls

may be indicating one thing, the real test

of a candidate’s mettle is the end result

come Election Day.

•Attend a town hall meeting. Many

local candidates interact with voters at

informal town hall meetings. This is a

great chance to assess a candidate, and

provides voters the opportunity to have

their voices heard and ask questions about

the issues that concern them. You also may

be able to watch candidate forums on television

or online.

•Stick to the issues. The best candidate

is not necessarily the one with the biggest

campaign war chest.

Resist the temptation to be swayed by

the flashiest signs or the best slogan. Pay

more attention to the candidates’ answers

on tough questions.

tenure. Not all students want to go to college, and

we must prepare students for beyond high school,

whether going off to college or straight into the

workforce. We currently have the traditional college

pathway along with pathways in multiple

fields with credentials to build a resume while in

HS. I am proud to be a part of a forward-thinking

board that implemented the one-to-one program,

assigning computers to every student. When

COVID hit we were able to transition to online

learning immediately. My name is Libby Gray

and I would appreciate your vote for re-election.

Jack Rupp is the Plain Township Fire Chief.

Served as the Assistant Chief, after serving 27

years with Madison Township Fire Department.

Studied Retail Management / Production

Analysis at Franklin University, attended the

National Fire Academy. Holds Fire and EMS


Experienced in supervision, leadership, budgeting,

risk & strategic planning, grant writing,

also an experienced fire and EMS instructor.

Recent recognition’s: 2020 Inducted into the Ohio

Fire Service Hall of Fame, Ohio’s Distinguished

Service Award. Recognized by the Ohio Senate

and House of Representatives. Recognized by the

Ohio EMS Advisory Board.

Council should address City needs by working,

directing city administration to work cooperatively

with municipalities, county, state, developers,

small and large businesses. Ensure City

seeks all available grants, matching fund sources.

Review budgeting, spending reports for fiscal


While a new Councilman, because of my

years in public service, I would come with an

understanding that most would not have right

away. Knowledge, I have gained over the years

about Municipalities and Township regulations in

the Ohio Revised Code. Having served on a City

Charter Committee, I understand the Groveport

City Charter defines its governing process.

Currently serve as Chair of the City’s Personnel

Board of Review.


October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 13

The Ohio buckeye tree

One of six species of buckeye trees, the Ohio

buckeye earned its name from Native Americans

living in the area at the time of settlement. They

called the nut of the tree “hetuck” (meaning “eye

of the buck”) from its resemblance to a deer’s

eye. Early botanists discovered the tree growing

on the banks of the Ohio River and named it the

Ohio buckeye to distinguish it from its cousin, the

yellow buckeye.

During the presidential election of 1840, the

nut and lumber of the buckeye tree became a

campaign symbol for Ohioan William Henry

LaToya Dowdell-Burger is running for

Groveport Madison School Board. She brings

leadership, innovation, and service to the board.

She has experience as she currently serves on the

board as the Vice President. She is presently the

only parent on the board and represents a large

segment of our district. She is an army veteran.

And most important of all, knows there is still

work to do to ensure we are the best school district

we can be.

She's been a member of the Groveport

Community before she was officially a member

of the Groveport Community. Serving on the

Board of Education is full circle for her. When

My bio: Retired French, German, Spanish

teacher, 41 years. Groveport Madison High

School, Catholic Diocese of Columbus. United

States Fulbright. Capital University, B.A. in

French, German, Spanish, Secondary Education,

The Ohio State University, M.A. in Theoretical

Analysis of World Languages and Literatures.

Co- founder, Groveport Link Community Service

Program. Founder of NGO, Los Abrazos Para Los

Ninos Colombianos.




For Groveport City Council

Paid for by supporter of Cheryl Irving

Harrison. He defeated incumbent Martin Van

Buren and, at the same time, launched Ohio’s reputation

as the “Buckeye State.”

Collecting buckeye nuts from the ground after

they’ve fallen and broken out of the husk in

autumn is the first step to growing a tree from

seed. Before the nuts can dry out, plant them in

about three inches of loose, well-worked soil.

A mature Ohio buckeye tree stands as high as

40 feet with a narrow crown and a trunk that’s

about two to three feet in diameter.


Vote for Dowdell-Burger

she returned home from her deployment in 2005,

her “Welcome Home Ceremony” was held at the

Groveport High School. Then seven months

later, she built her home and has been here ever


She knows the importance of continually

working to close the learning gaps in our district,

connect the community, parents/the board

through stronger engagement, and leveraging networks

to get the resources our students desperately

need. Her background in business management

and marketing will help connect these dots.

Please visit www.votedowdellburger.com for

more information.


Diversity, Security,

Controlled Healthy Growth

We must maintain a strong fire and safety

force as well as encourage diversity in our community

in order to maintain the richness of a welcoming

community that is Groveport.

I believe in strong unions, many of whom

helped my working class parents put food on our

table and enabled me to have a good education.

I humbly ask for your support and vote.

Cheryl Ann (Raver) Irving

The following tips can help voters prepare

for Election Day.

•Confirm your polling location. Voters

can contact their local board of elections or

visit www.Vote411.org to confirm the correct

polling locations.

•Bring photo identification.

•Confirm registration. Voters can confirm

that they have registered to vote by

contacting their local board of elections in

On Election Day

Last Chance

advance of Election Day.

•Be familiar with the candidates and

issues on the ballot. Voters should familiarize

themselves with the candidates and

issues on the ballot in the weeks leading up

to Election Day.

Voters should learn about local issues

that may have a more direct impact on

their daily lives.


Advertise in our Election Section

10/31—Ad with Free Story



Our papers reach over 81,000 households!

200 Word Story

With Your Ad

Call or Email Doug Henry

Phone: (614) 272-5422

Email: doughenry@columbusmessenger.com

PAGE 14 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021

Madison Christian donates to Motts

The Madison Christian School Athletic Department presented a $1,375 check to

Motts Military Museum in memory of Marion and Ruth Gray. The funds came from

proceeds of the school’s annual Marion and Ruth Gray Cross Country Invitational,

which took place on Sept. 25. Marion and Ruth Gray were founding members of

Madison Christian Church and donated the land where the church and school

stand today. Marion served in World War II as a combat medic on the beaches of

Normandy and was a great supporter of the Motts Military Museum. Pictured here,

from left to right, are: Carole Witosky (MCS athletics admin. assistant), Wendy

Souzis (MCS athletics admin. assistant), Lori Byrd (Motts Military Museum assistant

director), Warren Motts (Motts Military Museum founder/director), Andy Scholz

(MCS athletic director), and Mike Egenreider (MCS head of school).


Township reviews 2022 budget

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

Madison Township officials are planning

for next year’s capital projects and

vehicle expenses in the 2022 budget.

According to Madison Township

Administrator Susan Brobst, general fund

spending could include resurfacing the

parking lot from the police department to

the public works building, new fencing at

the ball diamonds in Brobst Park, and

cameras installed at the park and on all


The projected cost for the parking lot

between the administrative building and

public works is $35,000 to $40,000. The

estimated cost for the police department

lot is $32,000.

The Public Works Department is seeking

$210,000 for road improvements. To

pay for the project, the township is up

against 1,300 other townships vying for a

piece of an $8 million state pie.

Madison Township Public Works

Superintendent Dave Watkins said he

would like to upgrade a trailer and purchase

an excavator to help with repairs.

“We’re heavily looking at park drainage

improvements,” Brobst said, “but we have

not allotted any township money for that.

We hope to work with our state representative

for that.”

Madison Township Fire Chief Derek

Robinson said his department held off on

capital projects this year due to increased

costs and difficulty obtaining materials, so

2021 projects were rolled over to 2022. On

the list are radio repeaters, in-house remodeling

and a 2023 purchase of a new medic.

Madison Township Police Chief Gary

York said his department is looking at

interior remodeling, including adapting

current offices as a secure processing room.

On the police department’s vehicle list

are two new cruisers. In addition, a number

of the department’s radios are outdated

at least 10 years and York said he wants to

slowly start replacing them.

However, when asked how the new

radios might impact communication with

A house fire led to the discovery of a

murder victim.

According to information from the

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, on Sept.

30 at 1:24 p.m. the Madison Township Fire

Department and Madison Township Police

responded to a house fire at in the 3500

block of Noe-Bixby Road in Madison

Township. The first responders found a

deceased female victim in the basement of

the house tentatively identified as

Fatoumata Diallo, 32. She was pronounced

dead at the scene by responding fire

department medics. There were two children

in the home at the time of the fire,

however, the Sheriff’s Office stated the

children were unharmed.

According to the Franklin County

Sheriff’s Office, State Fire Marshal’s Office

Fairfield County and coverage of the Canal

Winchester area, York said the issue is not

with the township radios–which are dispatched

through Franklin County. The

issue is a failure between two different

communication systems between Fairfield

County and township officers. He said calls

for service in Canal Winchester are routed

down to the Fairfield County Sheriff’s

Office in Lancaster and then dispatched to

the deputies in Canal Winchester, which

could impact response times. To fill in the

gap, York said township officers have additional

portable radios that monitor

Fairfield County, but they cannot scan the

Fairfield County radio system on their

main township radios.

“Their deputies on scene may ask their

dispatcher to call us, but at the end of the

day, it’s two different radio systems,” said


Trustee Chairman John Pritchard

called the issue a two-fold problem, not just

for township residents in Canal

Winchester, but for officers as well.

“I don’t understand why Fairfield

County is behind,” said Pritchard. “One of

these days, it’s going to cost a life. Right

now, we’re monitoring the best we can and

offer assistance.”

Pritchard recalled an incident a few

years ago when township officers were eating

lunch in Canal Winchester and there

was a bank robbery not far away from

them. The only reason they knew something

was going on is when they saw cruisers

flying past them.

“Our taxpayers deserve better than

this,” said Trustee Michele Reynolds.

Other news

•Watkins said a recent tire drive collected

586 old tires.

•The fire department received a $6,245

donation from the Knowlton Development

Corporation to purchase an inflatable fire

safety house that can be taken on the road

to students.

“It’s going to be a great resource for our

department,” said Robinson. “We’re going to

be one of the first to have something like this.”

Fire and murder on Noe-Bixby Road

investigators and Franklin County

Sheriff’s Office detectives investigating the

case “discovered evidence at the scene that

the victim had been strangled and set

ablaze. Investigators arrested and

charged the victim’s husband, Mamadou

Aliou Diallo, 41, with alleged aggerated

arson, murder and tampering with evidence.

He is currently being held in the

Franklin County Jail.”

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is

investigating the case with the assistance

of Franklin County Sheriff’s Office detectives.

Investigators ask if anyone has information

about this homicide, to contact the

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Detective

Bureau at (614)525-3351. You can remain



October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 15

Bus driver shortage impacts Groveport Madison

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

A nationwide problem, believed to have

been brought on by the effects of the

COVID pandemic, has resulted in a shortage

of commercial vehicle drivers, including

school bus drivers.

This includes fewer school bus drivers at

Groveport Madison Schools.

“We have a shortage of bus drivers now,”

said Groveport Madison Superintendent

Garilee Ogden. “It’s something every school

district and superintendent is dealing


Ogden said Groveport Madison currently

has 51 bus drivers. Of those, four are on

medical leave and six are still in training.

She said the trainees should be ready to

work by Thanksgiving.

She said Groveport Madison currently

has 51 school bus routes, but in an ideal

world, a district of this size should have at

least 65 routes.

“With the driver shortage we can’t staff

that many routes,” said Ogden.

She noted Groveport Madison has 79

school buses.

“We have the buses,” she said.

Ogden said all the staff members in the

transportation department who have CDL

driver’s licenses are out driving buses,

including the receptionist and route manager.

She said, because the transportation

office staff is out driving buses, that is why

at times there is no one in the transportation

office to answer the phone when parents

call in.

Adding to the problem, according to

Ogden, is that Ohio House Bill 110

requires public schools to transport charter

and private school students who live in

their district. She said that means

Groveport Madison is busing for 17 additional


“That’s eight additional routes with

multiple stops,” said Ogden.

The district also buses 106 McKinney-

Vento Act students.

The McKinney-Vento Act defines homeless

children and youth as individuals who

do not have a regular nighttime residence.

It also includes students who are sharing

the housing of other persons due to loss of

housing, economic hardship, or a similar


“This creates 19 additional bus stops,”

said Ogden.

Additionally, she said, Groveport

Madison has enrolled 1,334 new students

this year, which adds to the busing needs.

Because of the fluid nature of enrollment

and other busing requirements, bus

routes can often change or more are could


Cruisers on the air

The Groveport Sports Network and Rick

Cooper will provide live play-by-play coverage

of 20 Groveport Madison High School

athletic contests in football, boys basketball,

girls basketball, baseball, and softball

in 2021-22.

The broadcast includes high definition

video as well as live audio.

Each broadcast begins 25 minutes prior

to the scheduled start time with the pregame


Tune in after the game for interviews

with players and the head coach, along

with a look at the final stats during the

post-game show.

The broadcasts can be accessed free of

charge by anyone around the world on

their computer or handheld device.

All 20 broadcasts will also be available

to view on demand free of charge.

To watch go to facebook.com/groveportsportsnetwork.

The schedule:

•boys basketball (7:30 p.m.): Dec. 3 at

Reynoldsburg; Dec. 14 at Canal

Winchester; Dec. 17 at Pickerington

Central; Dec. 22 vs. Gahanna; Dec. 30 vs.

Teays Valley; Jan. 21 vs. Reynoldsburg;

Feb. 1 at Hilliard Bradley; Feb. 4 vs.

Pickerington Central; Feb. 11 at Newark;

•girls basketball (3:30 p.m.): Dec. 4 vs.

Hilliard Darby;

•softball: March 26 at 11 a.m. vs.

Westerville North; April 9 at 11 a.m. vs.

Gahanna; April 11 at 5:15 p.m. vs.

Lancaster; April 15 at 5:15 p.m. vs.

Newark; April 30 at 10 a.m. vs. Canal

Winchester; May 2 at 5:15 p.m. vs.

Pickerington Central; May 4 at 5:15 p.m. at


•baseball: to be determined.



1000 Noe-Bixby Rd.

Columbus, OH 43213

Telephone: 614-866-7755

Traditional Worship Service: 9:00 AM

Sunday School at 10:30 AM

Visit us on Facebook or

visit our website at:


Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide

Our Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers

connect with religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers

know how you can help with a presence in this very special section distributed to

more than 19,000 households in the Groveport area.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.

614.272.5422 • kathy@columbusmessenger.com



Please visit the

Groveport Church

of your choice.

List your Worship

Services here.

For info. call 614-272-5422

PAGE 16 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021

I like autumn.

Wait, rewind that…I love autumn.

How do I know that? Well, it has been my favorite

season since I was a kid and after more than six

decades on this planet, I do not see that changing anytime

soon, especially when it comes to a time filled

with pumpkins and falling leaves.

I like August, but only because I can say “Fall starts

next month” and I can decorate my whole house, top to

bottom, on Sept. 1. It drives my mother nuts because I

follow the meteorological fall calendar, which starts

the first of the month and runs through the end of


The next three months, which are December,

January and February, are meteorological winter and

so on. No need to wonder about specific dates.

You turn the calendar and poof…the applicable season

arrives along with a big smile on my face.

My mother is a purist.

When her wall calendar says the first day of

autumn is Sept. 22, that is good enough for her. I, on

the other hand, want to squeeze every possible

moment out of a season hallmarked by a rainbow of

orange, red, yellow.

Those colors just do not look right in December,

when fall ends. So, by listening to the meteorologists–

the one time I follow them 100 percent–I get three

months of celebration…and I take full advantage of

the situation.

At the end of August, I climb a ladder inside our

shed (much to the chagrin of my husband) and pull

down three boxes full of faux pumpkins in every possible

form–from glass to wax, resin, cast iron and papier


Tucked in between and serving as a space saving

form of packaging, are leafy garlands and picks.

After years of use, some of the silk leaves look like

they spent too much time in a compost pile, but when

paired with pumpkins, pinecones and strands of flickering

orange lights, they take on a new life, much like

“Charlie Brown’s Christmas” tree.


An autumn reverie





At night, the rooms in my

house are dressed in twinkling

autumn hues.

By day, it is a riot of pumpkins,

pumpkins and more pumpkins

from the mantle in the den to

a bookcase my daddy bought with

his first paycheck.

On my shelves reside my collection

of fall and Halloween

books - a loving hodgepodge of

seasonal anthologies, non-fiction

devoted to the history of autumn

celebrations, and a couple of kids

books with which I will never


On two shelves sit my homage

to the village of Willoughby–

made famous in an episode of

“The Twilight Zone”–where a

tiny ceramic cider mill, gazebo

and two shops serve as the background

for miniature townspeople going about their

daily lives.

Willoughby was an idyllic village where time stood

still and where the episode’s protagonist dreamed to


I feel the same way when I look at my tiny town.

Come the first of October, I crawl back up the ladder

in the shed and take down four gray plastic tubs

filled with Halloween decorations–mainly comprised

of vintage pieces from my childhood and reproductions

of the same.

They are tucked among the pumpkins and leaves

adorning our sideboard, shelves and the top of cabinets.

The pumpkins reign supreme and twinkle in the

twilight of shorter days, cooler nights, and toes tucked

under fleece blankets.

Linda Dillman is a Messenger staff writer.

The genius of the old cartoons

The best of the Warner Brothers cartoons created in

the late 1940s and into the 1950s - featuring Bugs

Bunny and assorted other well known characters - are

pure genius both in the quality of the animation and in

the writing.

This is the era when the studio refined its cartoon

offerings with improved animation and better storylines

that did not rely on the outrageous or the offensive.

The animation pays close attention to tiny details,

such as when after Bugs takes a big bite of carrot his

cheeks puff out a bit as he chews it. He does not gulp

the carrot, he takes time to chew the chunks of carrot

and savor them. This is high pop cultural art.

The drawing and animating of these cartoons flows

smoothly and the colors are rich and vibrant. Plus the

accompanying music to the cartoons fits the action to

near perfection.

But I think it is in the writing where these cartoons

truly shine with quick quips, painful puns, sly sarcasm,

and servings of slapstick.

While the jokes and one liners come rapidly, the

writers and directors of these Warner Brothers’ classic

gems also knew how to let a joke take time to play out

and breathe for

m a x i m u m

comedic effect.

One of my

favorite examples of this is in the

Bugs Bunny classic from 1949,

“Rabbit Hood,” directed by

Charles M. Jones with story by

Michael Maltese.

The cartoon plays off the

fabled story of Robin Hood and

pits Bugs Bunny against the

Sheriff of Nottingham. The feature

includes lots of fast paced

humor and wonderfully crafted

scenes (as well as a clever cameo

by Errol Flynn as Robin Hood

from the 1938 film, “The

Adventures of Robin Hood.” But

Editor’s Notebook



it also has an extended joke tucked into the cartoon

that really makes it for me.

In the scene, the Sheriff of Nottingham is chasing

Bugs and they come upon the Royal Garden of the king.

See CARTOONS, page 17


October October 17, 17, 2021 2021 - - GROVEPORT MESSENGER -- PAGE PAGE 17 17


Continued from page 16

The Sheriff is appalled that Bugs is

standing on “royal ground” which leads to

a back and forth about this ground being

better than that ground.

It prompts Bugs to go into character as

a fast talking real estate salesman who

tricks the Sheriff into “buying” the land

where the Royal Garden stands so the

Sheriff can build a six room Tudor dream

home upon it. With the real estate “deal”

completed, the Sheriff starts building his

house on top of the Royal Garden. One

gets the sense that much, much time has

lapsed between the Sheriff falling for

Bugs’ trick and his actual construction

work on the house because the structure is

half completed when the Sheriff pauses

and looks slowly around at the house he

has been building on top of the Royal

To advertise in the

Messenger, call Doug Henry

at 614-272-5422.

Garden. It’s then he realizes he has been

duped, which comically enrages him. The

humor comes from the slow pace of the

Sheriff surveying the scene of the halfbuilt

house and slowly coming to the conclusion

he’s been had.

The whole scene plays out for nearly a

minute and a half, which is a long segment

in a cartoon with a running time of

only seven minutes and 55 seconds. The

segment proves to me that the Warner

Brothers’ cartoon writers, while fond of

quick jokes, also had a high appreciation

for letting a joke take its own time in

building to the punch line.

Magnificent stuff.

Rick Palsgrove is editor of the Groveport


Check out the Groveport

Messenger on Facebook and at


Photo courtesy of the Groveport

Heritage Museum

At the bank

In this photo from the early

20th century, John Moody is

pictured standing on the

steps of the Groveport Bank,

which was located at 235

Front St. directly behind

Groveport Town Hall. Note the

fanciful striped awning on the

front of the building. The bank

opened in 1901 and failed in

the early 1930s during The

Great Depression. The building

is still there and over the

years has housed various

business ranging from a

pizza parlor to a financial


Our Pictorial Past

by Rick Palsgrove


Deadlines: Groveport and West editions, Wednesdays at 5 p.m., • South/Canal Winchester, Grove City, Madison editions, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.

All editions by phone, Tuesdays at 5 p.m. • Service Directory, Tuesdays at 5 p.m.


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the value of their service

or product is advised by

this publication. In order

to avoid misunderstandings,

some advertisers do

not offer “employment”

but rather supply the

readers with manuals, directories

and other materials

designed to help

their clients establish mail

order selling and other

businesses at home. Under

NO circumstance

should you send any

money in advance or give

the client your checking,

license ID or credit card

numbers. Also beware of

ads that claim to guarantee

loans regardless of

credit and note that if a

credit repair company

does business only over

the phone it’s illegal to request

any money before

delivering its service. All

funds are based in US

dollars. Toll Free numbers

may or may not

reach Canada. Please

check with the Better

Business Bureau 614-

486-6336 or the Ohio Attorney

General’s Consumer

Protection Section

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information on the company

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do business with.

xPublic Notices




MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2021 - 6:00 P.M.



#2021-05 A request by Bobby Sykes for a Final

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#185-001164 (tabled from the September 7, 2021


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Local Ombudsman Program Seeking Volunteers

By: Samantha Cummins

The Central Ohio Long-Term Care Ombudsman program is seeking volunteers

to connect to residents in long-term care settings such as nursing homes,

assisted livings and homes in the community. The Long-Term Care Ombudsman

program advocates for excellence for people receiving long-term care wherever

they live. These volunteers would maintain a regular presence in the facilities,

educate the residents and their families about the Ombudsman program and

their rights, and assist the staff investigating complaints. The goal would have

Ombudsman volunteers in the over 280 buildings that the program serves in

Central Ohio. Those that are interested in volunteering will receive training

which to get the skills needed to be an effective advocate for the residents.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact Samantha

Cummins, Volunteer Coordinator at 614-345-9198 or 1-800-536-5891.

Public Notices


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PAGE 18 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021



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614.574.4100 Grades K-4 614.574.0037 Grades 5-8

4485 S. Hamilton Rd., Groveport, Ohio 43125

Groveport Community School

Now Enrolling K-8

Check out our Facebook Page or our website


to see what we are all about.

Developing Character

and Enriching Minds

xCraft Shows

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Craft Shows


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or national origin.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law.

Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity

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October 17, 2021 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 19

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39 Yrs. Exp.

(614) 207-5430

Owner is On The Job!

10/24 A/M

10/24 A/M


AJ’s Concrete,


Good Work - Fair Prices

Block Foundations

Driveways • Sidewalks

Epoxy/Overlay Floors

Bonded-Ins. • Free Ests.




Quality Concrete Work

Lt. Hauling & Room Add.,

Block Work & Excavation

Stamp Patios,

Bsmt. Wall Restoration

35 Yrs Exp - Lic & Ins.

Free Ests. 614-871-3834



Groceries, Prescriptions,

etc. Dependable with

great refs at reasonable

rates. 10% sr. disc. Free

Est. Gwen 614-226-5229


Bates & Sons


5 ★ Google Reviews




Complete System Clean & Check


Free Carbon

Monoxide Testing

Gas-Oil-Electric Heat/Pumps

All Makes • All Models

45 yrs exp. • Sr. Discount




SINCE 1973

Phil Bolon Contr.

Windows & Siding

Decks, Kitchens, Baths

Room Additions,

Flooring, Roofing

Bsmt Waterproofing

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.




Free Est. - Financing Avail.

Member BBB Of Cent. OH

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273


or 614-863-9912


Services LLC

Minor Plumbing

& Electric

Install Hot Water Tanks,

Dishwashers & Disposals

Also Fencing &

Interior/Exterior Painting

Free Est. ~ 18 Yrs. Exp.

CDC/EPA Approved Guidelines


10/24 A

4/11 A

11/7 A








Earn FREE Seamless

Gutters with Siding Over

1000 Sq. Ft.

FREE Shutters with

Soffit & Trim

EPA Certified

Member of BBB

Financing Available

Over 20 yrs exp. • Free Est.


Owner & Operator

James 614-419-7500


The Lawn Barber

Cut, Trim, Blow away

Hedge Trimming, Edging

Garden Tilling




Fall is Here!!


We Treat Your Lawn As If

It Were Our Own!

Taking on New Accounts In The Area

Aeration Special -$59.95 + up

Gutter Cleaning Special - $75.00 + up

Fall Yard Clean-up • Leaf Removal

• Shrub Cut Back

Free Est.



Ask For Bob E/SE




Summer, Spring,

Winter or Fall


Lawn Cuts, Edging,

Trees & Shrubs, Garden,

Mulching, Hauling,

Garden Pond &

Home Maint.

Free Ests. Low Rates

$20 & Up

Kevin - 614-905-3117


Aaron Allen


Local Moving since 1956

Bonded and Insured




over 60 yrs

in business


A Job Well Done Again

A lic. General Contractor

Some Skilled Services

Incl: Painting • Stucco,


Drainage & Home Maint.

Call Today! 614-235-1819

Classified Services

10/10 A

10/24 A&M








Textured Ceilings







Exp. Expert Plumbing

New Work & Fast Repairs

Lic. - Permit Available

Water • Sewer • Gas


All About Drains & Plumb.

Will snake any sm drain

$145. 614-778-2584



“Plumbing & Drain Professional

That You Can Count On”

24 Hrs., 7 Days/Week

No Overtime Charges

24 Yrs. Exp. in Plumbing &

Drain Cleaning Field

Call For A Free Phone Estimate

$100.00 For Any Small Drain


30% OFF with AD



Any house wash $149+tax

Single deck $69+tax

2 Tier deck $99+tax

Best Wash in Town

Over 45,000 washes

Ashley 614-771-3892

Bates & Sons

Soft Wash & Powerwash

5 ★ Google Reviews



Robinson roofing & repairs

30 yrs. exp. Lifetime Cols.

resident. Lic./bonded/Ins.

Reas rates. Member of

BBB. Dennis Robinson

614-330-3087, 732-3100



REPAIR all makes 24 hr.

service. Clean, oil, adjust

in your home. $49.95 all

work gtd. 614-890-5296


Brewer & Sons Tree Service

• Tree Removal

• Tree Trimming 10/24


• Stump Grinding

• Bucket Truck Services

Best Prices • Same Day Service



Trimming, Removal &

Stump Grinding.


11/7 A&M

11/7 A

10/24 A&M

PAGE 20 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 17, 2021



In recognition of National School Bus Safety Week, we thank the bus drivers and staff of

Petermann Transportation for their hard work and dedication during this unprecedented

nationwide bus driver shortage. They have gone above and beyond to safely and

expeditiously get our students to and from school each day.

Jessica Adkins

Mashala Baldwin

Crystal Bangura

Kim Bartholomew

Francis Braswell

Victoria Briggs

Phalean Brown

Lynettia Bruner

Jeanette Carter

Nicole Coen

Shontay Cooper

Jane Crawfor


Lana Crydus

LaRhonda Dulaney

Sandy Dunlap

Debbie Eisnaugle

Marsha Estridge

Regina Farris

Suzanne Felstead

Tamara a Finch

Diana Fluck

Julie Fox

Barbara a Gale

Christine Garvin

Jessica Gathers

Corey Gillman

Jammie Gray

Tykwisha Green

Mike Hageman

Amber Hartley

Shanelle Hayes

James Heglar

Latasha Hensley

Paul Huffer

Bryan Jenkins

Johnda Kapteina

Michaele Kennedy

Christine Klos

Richard Lama

Carroll Lanman

Tiffany fany Logan


eresa esa Mathias

Daron McAllister

Holli McClarren

Mel McCoy

Julius McIntyre

Melissa McKnight

Michelle McNeal

Margaret Miller

Steve Miller

Shanetta Montgomery

Gary Moore

Susan Moore

Jodie Oiler

Jama Paas

Annette Peacock

Jimmy Peacock

Leanne Perowski-Mcclune

Peggy Randazzio

Debbie Riffe

Bonita Saunders

Mila Sayre

Sandy Sicilian

Antawn Sidberry

Shannon Stout

Tracy Stringer-Richar


Ann Toner

T yrone Travis

Iva Trout

Jimmie Turner

Cynthia Walker

Shirley Whightsel

Keeli White

Tonya Wilkins

Tinejah Wilson

Jeff Wood

Alexandra a Woodson

Rhoda Woodson

James Yarger



If you would like to apply to be a bus driver

, contact Barak W ells at Barak.W


or call 614-836-4962. The company offers fers a $2000 signing bonus if you currently have a

CDL (Commercial Drivers License) and a $1000 bonus if you do not.

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