2021 Nevada Nurses Association Yearbook

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NNA Meeting of the Members<br />

and free CEU opportunities<br />

November 6, <strong>2021</strong>

<strong>2021</strong><br />

Table of Contents<br />

NNA Mission, Goals & Objectives........................................................................................................................................3<br />

Annual Meeting Agenda...........................................................................................................................................................5<br />

Flyer for presentation on “Resiliency”.................................................................................................................................7<br />

NNA Board of Directors........................................................................................................................................................9<br />

Report of President Dr. Mary Bondmass.............................................................................................................................11<br />

Committee Reports:<br />

• Environmental Health .....................................................................................................................................................16<br />

• Summary of the <strong>2021</strong> Legislative Session....................................................................................................................17<br />

• Legislative Committee.....................................................................................................................................................19<br />

Continue Education Course – Polypharmacy Problems and Solutions........................................................................21<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation....................................................................................................................................................23<br />

Published for the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> by:<br />

Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency<br />

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<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


We are currently recruiting full-time and per diem<br />

Registered <strong>Nurses</strong> and other Clinical Support<br />

Come Join the Family! Apply online.<br />

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commitment to providing expert healthcare and excellent customer service.<br />

Our employees enjoy opportunities for professional development and career advancement,<br />

as well as a competitive compensation and benefits package. We offer:<br />

* Growth Opportunities<br />

* Generous 401k<br />

* Education Reimbursement<br />

* Vacation, Sick, Holiday Pay<br />

* Medical/Dental/Vision<br />

Recruiter: (702) 657-5551<br />

www.northvistahospital.com<br />

EOE<br />

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Earn your Executive Master in<br />

Healthcare Administration.<br />

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2<br />


NNA Mission, Goals and Objectives<br />

Mission<br />

The <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> promotes professional nursing practice through continuing education, community<br />

service, nursing leadership, and legislative activities to advocate for improved health and high-quality<br />

health care for citizens of <strong>Nevada</strong>.<br />

Goals<br />

• Promote and uphold excellence and integrity for the profession of nursing.<br />

• Educate and advocate for accessible, affordable, quality health care for clients/consumers.<br />

• Monitor the evolving role of the professional nurse.<br />

Objectives<br />

• Sustain a leadership role that actively supports individual nurses in their professional practice.<br />

• Educate nurses about professional practice advocacy.<br />

• Provide a proactive presence in legislative and regulatory activities for health related issues.<br />

• Participate with consumers and health care groups in establishing health care policy.<br />

• Encourage, promote, and support political candidates who demonstrated support of the mission, goals and<br />

objectives of the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong>.<br />

• Be Strong, proactive presence in working with local, state, and national regulatory agencies involved in<br />

healthcare.<br />

• Collaborate with programs of higher education for nurses to enhance the image and integrity of the profession.<br />

• Promote nursing as a career option for men, women, and minorities targeting the elementary, secondary, and<br />

postsecondary education settings.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


4<br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Saturday, November 6, <strong>2021</strong> (Zoom) 11:00-12:00 PM<br />

***Please ensure your mic is muted during the meeting unless you specifically are speaking.***<br />

1. CALL TO ORDER<br />

Reading of the NNA Mission Statement - President Mary Bondmass<br />

2. FOR POSSIBLE ACTION - Approval of the Agenda for the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />

Annual meeting on November 6th, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />


President Mary Bondmass<br />


Officer Installation Ceremony<br />

5. COMMITTEE REPORTS (Informational Only)<br />

a. Treasurer’s Expenditure Report/Financial Report - Glenn Hagerstrom<br />

b. Executive Directors Report - Starla Gallagher<br />

c. District 1 Report<br />

d. District 3 Report - Margaret Covelli<br />

e. RNFormation Editorial Committee - Linda Bowman<br />

f. Environmental Health Committee - Bernadette Longo<br />

g. Continuing Education Committee - Linda Bowman/Nicki Aaker<br />

h. Legislative Committee - Amie Ruckman<br />

i. Rural Health Committee - Melissa Washabaugh<br />

j. Incivility and Anti-Bullying Committee - Margaret Covelli<br />

k. ByLaws Committee - Nicki Aaker<br />

l. Nominations Committee<br />

6. BOARD MEMBER COMMENT - (This item is limited to announcements or topics/issues proposed for<br />

future workshops/agendas, 3 minute time limit applies.)<br />


a. For Announcement/Future Decision - The position of “Director of Operations” has been changed to “Executive<br />

Director.” Due to this change in position title, a member’s ballot will be sent out to vote on changing all<br />

instances within the NNA By-Laws where the wording “Director of Operations” is used to “Executive<br />

Director.” This vote and action will be sent out after approval of the changes has been made by ANA. - Starla<br />

Gallagher<br />

b. For Announcement/Future Decision - ANA offers a Value Membership plan for new incoming members. This<br />

plan lowers the overall membership dues for both ANA and NNA to under $200.00 annually and makes one set<br />

price for all members regardless of age, current working status, or student status. “Membership dues” changes<br />

require an update of our NNA By-Laws, requiring a member’s vote. This vote will be sent out to all members<br />

once the wording and By-Law changes have ANA approval and can be voted into place by NNA Members.<br />

A frequently asked questions flier will also be sent out to help with understanding and decision making. All<br />

members will be given a limited time frame to ask questions and voice concerns before the official vote. - Starla<br />

Gallagher<br />

8. GENERAL MEMBER COMMENT – (One minute time limit per person.)<br />

9. ADJOURNMENT: (Call Time of Adjournment.)<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Aesthetics and Medical courses are designed for the<br />

professionals that require custom blend treatments to achieve<br />

results for their clients by performing medical procedures with<br />

medical lasers, dermal fillers, onabotulinumtoxinA injectable<br />

and medical chemical peels. Aesthetics Medical Training was<br />

birthed after many years in the Aesthetics Cosmetic Education.<br />

Knowledge and hands on training are vital when the safety of<br />

patients is first and foremost every professional’s priority.<br />

Our Mission<br />

A Continuing Education offering<br />

practical theory and hands on training<br />

for all Licensed Medical professionals<br />

administering cosmetics procedures<br />

with knowledge and education. AMT<br />

offers 100% financing and continuing<br />

education CEU credits to all licensed<br />

medical professionals.<br />

Program Highlights:<br />

Botox Injectable<br />

Program Highlights:<br />

Laser Cosmetics<br />

Program Highlights:<br />

Dermal Filler Injections<br />

• Prerequisites available online<br />

• Certified Cosmetic Instructors<br />

• Students ratio 4 to 1<br />

• Training materials in Botulinum A<br />

• FDA approved products<br />

• Hands on training 8 hrs. Theory<br />

and extensive hands-on training<br />

is provided during the afternoon<br />

sessions, allowing participants to<br />

begin performing Botulinum Toxin<br />

a cosmetic injectable, procedures<br />

immediately.<br />

• Models provided<br />

• Certificate Awarded<br />

• Training is performed at our<br />

Training Facility.<br />

• Educators will demonstrate<br />

procedure to students and students<br />

will be able to model techniques to<br />

the educator. All injectable classes<br />

provide FDA approved products<br />

and Models; all students receive a<br />

50 unit vial of Botulinum Toxin A for<br />

practice Technique on their model<br />

at the facility.<br />

Certification received upon<br />

completion of class:<br />

• All Students will receive 8 CEU<br />

Credits<br />

• The Injectable Course is a 1 Day<br />

Class<br />

All classes are administered by a<br />

licensed Registered Nurse/Nurse<br />

practitioner<br />

• Prerequisites available online<br />

• Certified Laser Hair removal instructor<br />

• Students ratio 4 to 1 instructor or<br />

Customize Course<br />

• Training materials in Laser Hair<br />

removal and Laser Photo facial<br />

• FDA approved products<br />

• Hands on training 8 hrs. per day<br />

extensive hands-on training provided<br />

during afternoon session, allowing<br />

participants to begin performing –<br />

preparation of skin – Safety, efficacy,<br />

and complication issues – assessment<br />

and identification of areas to be<br />

treated – Safe application of Laser<br />

Hair removal and Laser Photo facial<br />

technique<br />

• Models provided<br />

• Certificate Awarded<br />

• Training is performed at our training<br />

facility<br />

• Educator will demonstrate procedures<br />

to students and students will be able<br />

to model techniques to the educator.<br />

All classes provide FDA approved<br />

products and models; all students<br />

receive a practice on their model at<br />

the facility.<br />

Certification received upon<br />

completion of class:<br />

• All Students will receive 24 CEU Credits<br />

• The Laser Safety and Laser Treatment<br />

Class is a 4 day class<br />

All classes are administered by a<br />

licensed Registered Nurse / Nurse<br />

practitioner.<br />

• Prerequisites available online<br />

• Certified cosmetic injectable<br />

instructors<br />

• Students ratio 4 to 1<br />

• Training material in Derma fillers<br />

• FDA approved Dermal Fillers<br />

cosmetic injectable products<br />

• Hands on training 8 hrs. Theory<br />

and extensive hands-on training is<br />

provided during afternoon session,<br />

allowing participants to begin<br />

performing Derma fillers cosmetic<br />

injectable, procedures immediately<br />

• Models provided<br />

• Certificate Awarded<br />

• Per FDA, our Training is performed<br />

at our Training facility.<br />

• Educator will demonstrate<br />

procedure to students and students<br />

will be able to model techniques to<br />

the educator. All injectable classes<br />

provide FDA approved products and<br />

models; all students receive 1 ml<br />

syringe of Dermal filler to practice<br />

techniques on their model at the<br />

facility.<br />

Certification received upon<br />

completion of class:<br />

• All Students will receive 8 CEU<br />

Credits<br />

• The Injectable Course is a 1 Day<br />

Class<br />

All classes are administered by a<br />

licensed Registered Nurse / Nurse<br />

practitioner.<br />

6<br />

http://aestheticsmedicaltraining.net<br />


Please join us for the presentation on:<br />


Saturday, November 6th<br />

10:00-11:00 am<br />

(You are invited to attend a meeting of NNA members immediately following)<br />

Objectives:<br />

• Define resiliency<br />

• Compare resiliency to compassion fatigue, burnout, and moral distress<br />

• Identify keyways to promote a healthy work environment<br />

• Apply strategies to promote self-awareness, mindfulness, and work/life balance<br />

(1.0 free CEU will be provided)<br />

Presented by Dr. Mary A. Bemker<br />

Adjunct Facility, Walden University<br />

Register Here!<br />

https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07eiljkpqf9ab44a78&oseq=&c=&ch=<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Phone: 619.684.5073 | info@MurphyJonesLaw.com<br />

Defending Professional Licenses in<br />

Administrative Proceedings.<br />

Kevin C. Murphy<br />

Managing Partner, President<br />

&<br />

Kathleen M. Jones<br />

Partner, Shareholder<br />

Protecting Clients’ Licenses, Reputations & Careers!<br />

Proudly Serving: Architects, Chiropractors, Contractors, Daycare Providers, Dental Hygienists,<br />

Dentists, Doctors, Engineers, Geologists, Medical Assistants, Medical Students, Mental Health<br />

Professionals, <strong>Nurses</strong>, Occupational Therapists, Paramedics, Pharmacists, Phlebotomists, Physical<br />

Therapists, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Residents, Respiratory Therapists, Social Workers,<br />

Speech Pathologists, Therapists (LMFT & otherwise) and Veterinarians, etc.<br />

Experienced • Tenacious • Diligent<br />

Voted: 2020 Top Lawyers Administrative Agency Practice • 2019 Top Administrative Law Attorneys • 2018 Top<br />

Attorneys in Rising Star • 2017 Top Attorneys in Rising Star • 2016 Best of the Bar, Administrative License Defense<br />

• 2015 Top Attorney, Municipal and Government • 2014 Best of the Bar, Administrative Law and Personal Injury<br />

8<br />


NNA Board of Directors 2020-<strong>2021</strong><br />

President<br />

Mary Bondmass, PhD,<br />

RN, CNE, MSN, BSN<br />

2020-2022<br />

Vice - President<br />

Nicki Aaker, MSN, MPH, RN,<br />


2020-2022<br />

Secretary<br />

Veloma Wolfe, RN<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-2023<br />

Treasurer<br />

Glenn Hagerstrom, PhD,<br />


2020-2022<br />

Director at Large<br />

Christa Secord,<br />

MSN, FNP-BC<br />

2018-2020<br />

Director at Large<br />

Norman Wright,<br />

RN, BSN, MS<br />

2019 -2022<br />

Director at Large<br />

Arvin Operario, MBA, BSN,<br />

RN<br />

2020-2023<br />

District 3 President<br />

Margaret Covelli, DNP, RN<br />

2019-<strong>2021</strong><br />

Director of Operations<br />

Linda Bowman<br />

Executive Director<br />

Starla Gallagher<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Seeking Adventurous,<br />

Compassionate <strong>Nurses</strong><br />

Primary<br />

Stroke<br />

Center<br />

Knee<br />

Replacement<br />

Hip<br />

Replacement<br />

Spine<br />

Surgery<br />


RNs, LPNs AND CNAs<br />

We will work with your schedule<br />

Tuition reimbursement available<br />

We welcome new GRADS!<br />

Offering Sign On Bonuses!<br />


Paul Kim, Administrator 702-952-2273<br />

3450 N. Buffalo Dr. • Las Vegas, NV 89129<br />

www.covenantcare.com<br />


Misty Harvey, Administrator 702-938-8333<br />

1151 S. Torrey Pines Dr. • Las Vegas, NV 89146<br />

www.silverridgehealthcarecenter.com<br />


Janee Flanders, Administrator 775-882-3301<br />

2898 US Hwy 50 East • Carson City, NV 89701<br />

www.covenantcare.com<br />

Pain<br />

Management<br />

Chest<br />

Pain<br />

Center<br />

Leapfrog<br />

Award<br />

Patient<br />

Safety<br />

Award<br />

Looking for<br />

Exceptional <strong>Nurses</strong>...<br />

Northern <strong>Nevada</strong> Medical Center offers progressive<br />

employee programs including a culture of Service<br />

Excellence that honors outstanding employee<br />

efforts at every level. We provide a generous<br />

benefits/compensation package, 401K and tuition<br />

reimbursement.<br />

You’ll enjoy the innovative approaches to<br />

personalized health care in our 124-bed acute care<br />

hospital located on a scenic hillside over looking the<br />

Truckee Meadows in Sparks, NV.<br />

For more information, please call<br />

Leah Webb at 775-356-4085 or<br />

visit www.nnmc.com/careers.<br />

2375 E. Prater Way, Sparks, NV 89434<br />

10<br />


President’s Report<br />

<strong>2021</strong> - The Year in Review<br />

Submitted by Mary Bondmass, Ph.D., RN, CNE<br />

As <strong>2021</strong> draws to an end and I prepare this report for our membership, I was trying<br />

to think of one word that might sum up our profession’s and our organization’s<br />

accomplishments before getting to the details of this report. After much thought,<br />

I came up with that word, but only when I compared 2020 to the current year.<br />

While COVID-19 negatively impacted both years beyond most of our imaginations,<br />

one word continues to resound in my head – that word is resilience. The dictionary<br />

generally defines the word as the capacity to recover from difficulties, toughness,<br />

or the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape. I’m not sure about<br />

Mary Bondmass<br />

the ‘spring back into shape’ thing, but I agree with the definitions of the capacity to<br />

recover and toughness. Giving a more people-related definition, the online staff of<br />

Psychology Today indicates that “resilience is the psychological quality that allows some people to be knocked<br />

down by the adversities of life and come back at least as strong as before. Rather than letting difficulties,<br />

traumatic events, or failure overcome them and drain their resolve, highly resilient people find a way to<br />

change course, emotionally heal, and continue moving toward their goals.” The latter definition fits best for<br />

our profession in general and NNA in particular during <strong>2021</strong>. Therefore, because of your resilience, and as a<br />

preface to this annual report, I sincerely salute, honor, and thank all NV nurses and student nurses for their<br />

effort to improve health and healthcare in our state; you are all my heroes and the resilience I have personally<br />

seen throughout this year has been truly extraordinary. While we mourn those we lost, I wish for you all<br />

resilience and peace moving forward.<br />

The mission of the NNA is to promote professional nursing practice through continuing education, community<br />

service, nursing leadership, and legislative activities to advocate for improved health and high-quality health care<br />

for citizens of <strong>Nevada</strong>. Despite the dramatic effect of COVID-19 on us all, the NNA, in collaboration with<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> nurses, continues to improvise and innovate to achieve its mission. Below is a brief recap of the<br />

NNA’s activities and accomplishments related to our mission during <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Continuing Education<br />

The NNA is committed to lifelong learning for nurses and offers many free and discounted continuing<br />

education (CE) opportunities for NNA members. Non-members may be asked to pay a small fee for offerings<br />

such as the Bio-terrorism course, but most CEs during <strong>2021</strong> were provided free to members and nonmembers<br />

alike. Joining our learning center is free and includes access to online learning and other resources.<br />

In <strong>2021</strong>, NNA increased its free CE offerings. This increase is partly due to NNA’s support of our parent<br />

organization, the American <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong>’s (ANA), Health Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) movement.<br />

The NNA has had several HNHN lunchtime webinars, which have been recorded, and CEs offered at no cost<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


West Hills Hospital located in Reno, NV, a leader in<br />

the treatment of behavioral, mental health care and<br />

substance abuse treatment is seeking FT/PT/PRN<br />

Registered <strong>Nurses</strong> to implement the nursing process<br />

as it relates to our programs.<br />

Visit www.westhillshospital.net and click on<br />

CAREERS to apply.<br />

• Completely online<br />

• No out-of-state tuition<br />

• Finish in as little as 2 semesters<br />

• Part-time and full-time enrollment available<br />

• Admission available twice each fall, spring and summer semesters<br />

• DSU has low costs for the students<br />

• Ranked as the 12th most affordable and 16th best<br />

quality RN-BSN online program in the nation<br />

For more information and to apply, visit https://dxl.dixie.edu/rn-bsn/<br />

Program questions, call 435.879.4519 or email dru.bottoms@dixie.edu<br />

12<br />


to all <strong>Nevada</strong> (NV) nurses. Additionally, the NNA has collaborated with some of NV’s Doctor of Nursing<br />

Practice (DNP) students to offer presentations of their evidence-translation DNP projects via the NNA<br />

website, offering CEs, again at no charge to NV nurses.<br />

More educational activities are in the NNA’s CE development plans, collaborating with other nursing<br />

organizations within NV. In 2022, we plan to have CE offerings accessible online and just a ‘click’ away via the<br />

RNFormation publication. Additionally, APRN-specific offerings are also in development.<br />

Community Service<br />

Multiple NNA community service opportunities were, and still are, driven by the COVID-19 crisis. For<br />

example, many of the NNA Board members contributed across the state volunteering at COVID-19<br />

vaccination Points of Distribution (POD), and NNA continued PPE donations, specifically face-shields and facemasks,<br />

especially to hard-hit areas across the state.<br />

In <strong>2021</strong>, the NNA also contributed to the community with increased scholarship dollars and other donations<br />

to the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation (NNF). The NNF is the philanthropic arm of the NNA; its mission is<br />

to increase access to quality health care for NV citizens by promoting the professional development of<br />

nurses through recognition, grants, and scholarships. The NNA’s contributions to NNF add to the continued<br />

professional progression of the nursing workforce in NV. Among the significant events that NNA contributed<br />

to were the Big Hat High Tea (Virginia City), the Rural <strong>Nurses</strong> Symposium (online), and the most recent<br />

Shining Stars of Nursing in <strong>Nevada</strong> (SSON) Awards Gala held at the Aliante Hotel and Casino on October 2,<br />

<strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Nursing Leadership<br />

Consistent with our mission to promote nursing leadership in NV, the NNA continued its mentorship<br />

program collaborating with the <strong>Nevada</strong> Nursing Student <strong>Association</strong> (NVNSA). This mentorship program<br />

began in 2019 and has flourished through 2020 and <strong>2021</strong>. The NNA has a liaison to the NVNSA, who attends<br />

all Board meetings in an advisory role. Conversely, the NVNSA Board members rotate attendance at the<br />

NNA’s Board meetings. The NNA liaison additionally collaborated with the NVNSA at the recent SSON<br />

Student Event, which featured Dr. Ernest Grant, the ANA president, as their keynote speaker. Nursing<br />

leadership is modeled through this mentorship program and hopefully will result in future NV nurse leaders’<br />

succession for the NNA and other nursing organizations in NV. The program’s success was evidenced by a<br />

past mentee being appointed to an NNA Board position to replace a departing member shortly after her<br />

official entry into the profession.<br />

Legislative Activities<br />

In addition to having an active legislative committee during <strong>2021</strong> (their report is elsewhere in this yearbook),<br />

the NNA supported many bills during the legislative session. For example, the NNA supported AB327, which<br />

requires all nurses to receive two hours of cultural competency continuing education for re-licensure, and<br />

AB442, which requires prescribers to complete two hours of SBIRT continuing education within two years of<br />

their initial license or by January 1, 2024, for re-licensure; both bills passed.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


<strong>Nurses</strong> Day at the Legislature was a virtual event this year. It was well attended, and multiple legislators,<br />

including the Governor, provided video greetings saluting NV nurses for their efforts during the pandemic. In<br />

addition, NNA offered a CE at this event for a presentation by our lobbyists detailing the legislative processes<br />

and the bills that primarily affect nurses and healthcare.<br />

During <strong>2021</strong>, the NNA also provided educational webinars collaborating with the NV State Board of Nursing<br />

and the NV Hospital <strong>Association</strong> focused on the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC would give a<br />

multistate license allowing for a multistate license for NV nurses to practice with patients across state lines.<br />

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the NLC (AB142) did not pass, nor did it move past the first hearing<br />

deadline; however, keeping the definition of resilience in mind, we will be back in front of our legislators to<br />

address the Compact in 2023!<br />

As reported in a previous edition of the RNFormation, the NNA<br />

Board, for the organization, stand in solidarity with the ANA’s policy<br />

resolution on racial justice for communities of color. The image<br />

below, posted on the NNA’s website, indicates our position.<br />

Also legislatively and hopefully policy-related, NNA recommended<br />

Arvin Operario, APRN (NNA State Board member), to serve<br />

on the Governor’s Commission on Behavioral Health; Governor<br />

Sisolak recently appointed our colleague to this position. A special<br />

congratulations to Arvin; nurses on Boards, and especially this Board, dramatically increase our voice to<br />

improve health and healthcare in NV.<br />

Last But Not Least<br />

NNA Membership increased during <strong>2021</strong>. Whether this increase is because of or despite COVID-19 is<br />

undetermined. All NV nurses are welcomed and encouraged to join NNA to promote and protect nursing<br />

in NV. Moreover, because of our robust membership support, NNA remains fiscally resilient - from nearly<br />

dissolving in 2005 due to lack of participation and funds to a thriving, financially stable organization of<br />

professional nurses today. Our NNA financial report as of September 30, <strong>2021</strong>, included current assets of<br />

$296,689.03 with $55,812.76 in checking, $11,891.64 in Savings, $873.58 in PayPal, $75,338.00 in our Money<br />

Market and a CD valued at $152,773.05.<br />

On behalf of the NNA Board of Directors and myself, I want to extend a special thank-you to all NV nurses<br />

for their continued professional efforts to provide quality health care to NV citizens in whatever capacity they<br />

practice.<br />

14<br />


NNA Highlights 2020-<strong>2021</strong><br />

When COVID began, NNA purchased what they could to help support nurses. Over 2,200 face shields, cloth<br />

masks, antibacterial wipes, tote bags, and KN95’s were distributed throughout the state to <strong>Nevada</strong> nurses.<br />

The following Continuing Education events occurred during 2020 and <strong>2021</strong>:<br />

• October 2020 - Importance of Religion and Spirituality in the Clinic (45 registered)<br />

• November 2020 – Intimate Partner Violence: A public health priority (37 registered)<br />

• March <strong>2021</strong> - Luncheons at the Legislature (130 registered) presentations by Jessica Ferrato and Paige<br />

Barnes with Crowley & Ferrato Public Affairs (Introduction to the Session); Cathy Dinauer, Executive<br />

Director, NSBN (Nursing Compact)<br />

• April <strong>2021</strong> - Adverse Childhood Experience/Diabetes (57 registered)<br />

• May <strong>2021</strong> - Foundations of Health (27 registered) and the Balancing Act – Tips for Resiliency (20<br />

registered); NNA and <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> also sponsored the Lung Force Walk<br />

• NNA and the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation (NNF) collaborated on two events which raised money for<br />

scholarships for rural and frontier nurses.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


NNA’s Environmental Health Committee<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

By Committee Chair:<br />

Bernadette M. Longo, PhD, RN, CNL, PHNA-BC, FAAN<br />

NNA’s Environmental Health Committee was established in 2013 with goals<br />

to: (1) educate nurses on ANA's Principles of Environmental Health, (2) inform<br />

nurses in an unbiased manner on a variety of issues affecting our state as selected<br />

from national-level initiatives, (3) disseminate knowledge via RNFormation, and (4)<br />

represent NNA on state/national events or initiatives for environmental health. The<br />

committee meets quarterly online and is welcoming new members; please contact<br />

NNA’s Director.<br />

Topics addressed & activities this year included:<br />

• For the 3rd year, NNA proclaimed January as “Radon Testing Awareness<br />

Month” as we continue to partner with <strong>Nevada</strong>’s Radon Education<br />

Program.<br />

• The article Environmental health and the homeless was published in RNFormation.<br />

Bernadette M.<br />

Longo<br />

• The article Sustainable fashion: Moving from disposable fashion consumption to ecological conservation and<br />

ethical labor practices was published in RNFormation<br />

• The article Planetary health nursing was published in RNFormation<br />

• In November 2020, Dr. Longo represented NNA and gave an invited Opening Address before the<br />

public viewing of “Unbreathable: The Fight for Healthy Air" Webinar, sponsored by the American<br />

Lung <strong>Association</strong> <strong>Nevada</strong> Chapter.<br />

• In January & July <strong>2021</strong>, NNA joined multi-group letters sponsored by the American Lung<br />

<strong>Association</strong> of <strong>Nevada</strong> sent to the <strong>Nevada</strong> Division of Environmental Protection on air quality<br />

and climate policy. The letter from many <strong>Nevada</strong> Health Organizations urged support for Clean Car<br />

Standards.<br />

• In April <strong>2021</strong>, Dr. Longo was an invited speaker who represented NNA presented “Climate Change<br />

– the Nurse’s Role.” Health District After Dark Series sponsored by Southern <strong>Nevada</strong> Health<br />

District.<br />

• In May <strong>2021</strong>, NNA sponsored and had a team for the 1st Lung Force Walk for Northern <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

(virtual due to the pandemic) sponsored by the American Lung <strong>Association</strong> of <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

• In September <strong>2021</strong>, the committee encouraged NNA members to be prepared for earthquakes and<br />

register with this year’s ShakeOut Drill.<br />

16<br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> 81st Legislative Session<br />

The 81st Legislative Session began with a call for unity from Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson (D) for the<br />

sake of the state and its residents during unprecedented times. All eyes were on the state’s budget amid the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic as the governor’s proposed budget presented cuts across the board. While many of the<br />

traditional activities on opening day were set aside due to the pandemic, ceremonial celebrations to welcome<br />

new members and to follow longstanding procedures went ahead – but without the usual gallery of observers.<br />

Families and lobbyists were not present, and media presence was only a fraction of normal levels.<br />

While Governor Sisolak’s proposed budget included 2% cuts totaling $500 million, the Legislature restored<br />

most of the budget cuts, filled vacancies in state government and gave $502 million for k-12 education.<br />

The Legislature also focused on the COVID-19 recovery, including federal stimulus funding, unemployment<br />

compensation, eviction procedures and public health supports. Of the federal COVID-19 money, the<br />

Legislature appropriated $54 million into the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR)<br />

to upgrade unemployment compensation information systems. SB461 also appropriates federal funding to<br />

go toward paying back the federal government for unemployment compensation, food insecurity and public<br />

health services such as behavioral health, substance abuse treatment and data systems.<br />

Other democratic priorities passed including election reform and a new mining tax. Speaker Frierson passed<br />

two bills related to election reform. The first changes the state from a presidential caucus to a presidential<br />

primary; state leaders hope to move <strong>Nevada</strong> up to be the first state to vote in presidential primaries. The<br />

second bill permanently expands mail-in voting, which was initially passed during the summer special sessions<br />

to address voting access in the pandemic. The Legislature also passed a new mining tax on gross revenue;<br />

the new funding – forecasted at $170M for the upcoming biennium – will go first to the general fund for the<br />

upcoming biennium and then toward k-12 education starting July 2023. The mining tax was part of a package<br />

deal that will remove the two ballot initiatives proposed by CCEA, which would have asked voters in the next<br />

election if they wanted to increase sales and gaming taxes. Additionally, the negotiated deal prevented more<br />

aggressive ballot questions regarding mining taxes from moving forward.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Priority Legislation<br />

AB327: Requires all nurses to receive 2 hours of cultural competency CEUs upon initial licensure or licensure<br />

renewal.<br />

AB442: Requires prescribers to complete 2 hours of continuing education on the screening, brief intervention<br />

and referral to treatment (SBIRT) approach to substance use disorder. This is a one-time requirement to be<br />

completed for licensure renewal or initial licensure by Jan. 1, 2024.<br />

AB181: Requires health providers or hospitals to report attempted suicides to the Chief Medical Officer.<br />

Reporting will be completed in a manner similar to opioid overdoses and communicable diseases.<br />

SB372: Limits the types of burns to be reported to only those caused by an open flame, explosion or flash<br />

fire; extended the reporting timeline to seven working days after the person is treated; and requires the burn<br />

reporting to go to Washoe County or Clark County local fire departments or the State Fire Marshall in all<br />

other counties.<br />

18<br />


<strong>2021</strong> Legislative Committee Report<br />

The committee is responsible for engaging members in the implementation of resolutions related to health<br />

policy and advocacy. NNA lobbies for issues that are important to nurses by reviewing and weighing in on<br />

nursing and healthcare-related bills introduced in state legislatures each session, including but not limited<br />

to nursing scope of practice and workplace issues. <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> and the <strong>Nevada</strong> Legislature<br />

recognize the invaluable role nurses fulfill every day and are committed to ensuring that nurses have what they<br />

need at the bedside to provide their courageous work.<br />

The focus of the <strong>Nevada</strong> Legislature during the <strong>2021</strong> Legislative session was primarily on COVID-19 support<br />

for healthcare workers and the financial recovery of our economy. There is much to be done, and nurses are<br />

an integral part of informing our legislators about what nursing at the bedside is like while caring for patients<br />

in relation to equipment and supplies and staffing concerns. We need the Legislature to continue to focus<br />

on rebuilding our health care infrastructure by funding community-based care so that <strong>Nevada</strong> can continue<br />

to manage and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and respond to any future national health crises in a<br />

proactive manner.<br />

We need nurses to engage in the legislative process to affect positive and lasting change in healthcare at<br />

both the local and the national levels. The Legislative Committee invites all NNA members to join us in the<br />

legislative process even if you are not on the committee. We encourage you to contact your legislator(s) and<br />

provide them with your healthcare expertise and nursing knowledge. Most legislators are part-time and do<br />

not have a healthcare background.<br />

They really appreciate their nursing constituents acting as a resource on these healthcare bills. Please see the<br />

NNA website for details on how to contact your legislator.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Some key points to know and understand about the NNA Legislative Committee and the <strong>Nevada</strong> Legislature:<br />

• <strong>Nevada</strong> has biennial legislative sessions that last from February to June in odd years.<br />

• NNA does not endorse candidates for office.<br />

• NNA is a respected authority on legislative issues that affect nursing, our profession, public health, and<br />

patient care.<br />

• NNA pays and utilizes a lobbyist firm year-round to guide us and provide direction and strategies for<br />

our legislative efforts.<br />

• The Legislative Committee meets monthly throughout the year and weekly when the legislature is in<br />

session from January to June.<br />

• The committee meets by teleconference at no additional cost to the members.<br />

• When the legislature is in session, the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong>, in conjunction with the legislature,<br />

hosts a day for the nurses to come to the capitol. For many nurses and students, this is a new<br />

experience: sitting with their legislator during the session, attending legislative committee hearings, and<br />

seeing and hearing testimony and presentations from our peers.<br />

The Legislative Committee welcomes new members and fostering legislative advocacy in all nurses. You can<br />

make a difference! Please contact us via the information on our NNA’s website.<br />

20<br />


FREE CEU!<br />

Authored by: Tracey Long PhD, MS, MSN, RN, APRN-BC, CDE, CNE, CHUC, COI, CCRN<br />

NNA Course #001 Polypharmacy Problems and Solutions<br />

Section 1: The Problems of Polypharmacy<br />

Section 2: Adverse Effects of Overmedication<br />

Risks Overview<br />

Risk for Falls<br />

Section 3: Pharmacokinetics<br />

Absorption<br />

Distribution<br />

Metabolism<br />

Excretion<br />

Other Factors<br />

Section 4: Screening Strategies<br />

Beers Criteria<br />


The ARMOR Tool<br />

Section 5: Improving Medication Management<br />

Reducing Inappropriate Prescribing<br />

Decreasing Polypharmacy<br />

Avoiding Adverse Events and Reactions<br />

Section 6: Implications for Healthcare Professionals<br />

Section 7: Resources and References<br />

Section 8: Post-Test<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Polypharmacy: Problems and Solutions<br />

(Image Source: wiki commons images url:<br />

https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-overflowing-pillbox-closeup-image25488840)<br />

1.0 contact hours<br />

Author: Tracey Long PhD, MS, MSN, RN, APRN-BC, CDE, CNE, CHUC, COI, CCRN<br />

Course Summary: This course discusses the problems of polypharmacy, especially seen in the elderly.<br />

Pharmacodynamics will be explained in context to the aging body. It includes an introduction to Beer’s criteria,<br />

which is used to identify inappropriate medications for older adults. Measures to improve safe medication<br />

management and adherence will be discussed.<br />

To continue taking the Course, please click on the link below:<br />

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pasouCBlwHa6lyaLFF5Rzx9K_1iM7iRL/view?usp=sharing<br />

22<br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation Est. 2014<br />

Happy Year of the Nurse in 2020-<strong>2021</strong>!<br />

Thank you to all of our healthcare providers, first responders, support staff, and<br />

their family. We appreciate you and thank you for being a nurse who provides safe,<br />

competent, and compassionate care.<br />

Since 2014, I have had the privilege and honor of being a co-founder and to<br />

serve as the president and CEO for the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation (NNF).<br />

Awarding scholarships and grants and recognizing individuals and organizations,<br />

is by far the best part of my role. The NNF proudly reports awarding over $140K in scholarships and grants<br />

since its fruition in 2014. By the end of <strong>2021</strong>, we hope to surpass $160K. With a combined effort from<br />

nurses throughout <strong>Nevada</strong> and engaged community members, the NNF has hosted virtual and face-to-face<br />

fundraising events during the pandemic. The success of the NNF is completely due to the generosity of others.<br />

I am grateful for the outpouring of support. Thank you to our amazing and dedicated Board, outstanding<br />

volunteers and donors, and extremely supportive community partners.<br />

If you are interested in creating a Legacy Scholarship or an Endowment but you have questions, please let us<br />

know at scholarships@NV<strong>Nurses</strong>Foundation.org.<br />

The NNF has been hosting nursing dinner and awards galas since 2016. Because the Foundation serves all of<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong>, the gala rotates locations from the south to the north. The Shining Stars of Nursing in <strong>Nevada</strong> Awards<br />

Gala was held at the Nugget Hotel and Casino in Sparks, <strong>Nevada</strong> in 2018 and 2020. In 2022, we anticipate<br />

returning to the Nugget Hotel and Casino inside the Celebrity Showroom.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation Est. 2014<br />

Get your outfits and Big Hats ready for the 2022 8th Annual Big Hat “Kentucky Derby” High Tea in the spring.<br />

We plan to return to the <strong>Nevada</strong> Governor’s Mansion! The Big Hat High Tea has sold out within a week of<br />

advertising. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We will be sharing the flier on social<br />

media.<br />

The <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have an allnurse<br />

executive board and the advisory board is made up of nurses and non-nurses. If you would like to help<br />

raise funds for scholarships and grants by donating your time, services, or resources, please let us know at<br />

Stars@NV<strong>Nurses</strong>Foundation.org. All gifts, no matter the size, are always appreciated.<br />

Thank you and have great days,<br />

Sandy Olguin<br />

Sandra Olguin, DNP, MSN, RN<br />

President, CEO<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation<br />

24<br />


Forever Stars in Nursing<br />

Freddy Espinoza<br />

Las Vegas Valley nurses are mourning the loss of one of their own after a 59-<br />

year-old nurse practitioner died from COVID-19. Freddy Espinosa died early<br />

Thursday after nearly a month battling coronavirus. He had worked at several<br />

hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley. Most recently he was working as a nurse<br />

practitioner in the ICU at St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Siena campus. “He had a<br />

passion to help people, and he died doing what he most loved,” said Espinosa’s<br />

wife, Lydia, 67. “He died in action.” The Espinosas were married 35 years. He<br />

helped raise Lydia’s three children, Ray, 49, Cindy, 48, and Rudy Sandoval, 47, as<br />

well their own child, Daniel Espinosa, 32. The couple had nine grandchildren,<br />

two great-grandchildren and one great-grandchild on the way.<br />

Brenda Pamplona<br />

Brenda Pamplona was born on July 29, 1950,<br />

and passed away on April 29, 2020.<br />

Yvette Wintermute<br />

Yvette Wintermute, 47, of Las Vegas, passed away November 13, 2020. She was<br />

born August 20, 1973 in Pueblo, Colorado, and was a 24-year resident of <strong>Nevada</strong>.<br />

Yvette was a loving wife, sister, daughter, aunt and friend to many. She was the<br />

Chief Nurse (R.N.) with Clark County School District, as well as a labor and delivery<br />

nurse for multiple hospitals over the last 20+ years. She was a kind, loving,<br />

supportive soul, with a gentleness that touched many. Yvette’s calming demeanor<br />

was felt by all and will truly be missed by family, friends, and work colleagues. She<br />

was a strong advocate for education and healthcare, related to students and<br />

children. She is survived by her husband of 26 years, Matthew Wintermute and<br />

her two fur babies, Lola and Hazel.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Forever Stars in Nursing<br />

Margaret Hatton<br />

On July 27, <strong>2021</strong>, friends and family had to say goodbye to<br />

Margaret Hatton (Reno, <strong>Nevada</strong>). She was loved and cherished<br />

by many people. She married John Hatton in Reno in 1944, and<br />

was married for 54 years until his death in 1998. Following high<br />

school, Margaret attended the University of <strong>Nevada</strong> for two years<br />

until she reached age 18 when she could begin her education to<br />

become a registered nurse. She completed her nursing education<br />

in 1941 at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento, California. She returned<br />

to Reno where she practiced nursing at St. Mary's Hospital for<br />

many years as a staff nurse, head nurse, and nursing supervisor. In<br />

1967, she accepted a position as a school nurse with the Washoe County School District<br />

where she practiced until she retired in 1982. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to<br />

the <strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation: P. O. Box 34047, Reno, NV, 89533-4047.<br />

Zarina B. Rose<br />

Zarina B Rose, age 42, of Las Vegas, passed away on Tuesday, February<br />

9, <strong>2021</strong>. Zarina was born December 26, 1978 in the Philippines. As a<br />

child, she grew up in the Philippines. Zarina was married to Niki Rose<br />

from December 28, 2018 to the present. Zarina loved studying and<br />

going to school. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the<br />

College of Southern <strong>Nevada</strong> where she was also studying to be a Nurse<br />

Practitioner. Zarina has worked in gaming and healthcare, as a pit clerk<br />

at the Mirage, a table games dealer at the Golden Nugget, Mirage and<br />

Wynn Las Vegas, and a Registered Nurse at Valley Home Health, Promise Home Health,<br />

Invision Home Health, In-House Home Health and, most recently, at Centennial Hospital.<br />

Contributions in Zarina's memory are requested to a fund to help toward Zarina's funeral<br />

and memorial expenses and to support her children and family, or to an organization<br />

which supports nurses. The family wishes to thank the nursing community, friends and<br />

family. "God Will Provide"<br />

26<br />


Forever Stars in Nursing<br />

Jose Maximo<br />

Jose Maximo or as many knew him as JM was born on<br />

9-4-1977. He was a great friend, co-worker, father, brother,<br />

and son. He originally went to college to study law but one<br />

year before graduating he moved to the United States and<br />

began a career in healthcare. He was a critical care nurse in a<br />

trauma ICU and in 2016 came to work for Carson Tahoe<br />

Health. He was always willing to help wherever needed. He<br />

picked up extra shifts in the main hospital, floated to LTACH,<br />

BHS, and even floated to night shift during the Covid<br />

pandemic when we were so desperate for nurses to cover shifts. He always had a smile<br />

and was right behind you when you needed help with a patient. The common greeting<br />

“hey buddy” could always be expected anytime you saw him. Jose was more than a coworker<br />

to many; he was a true friend and trusted teammate. He will be greatly missed<br />

not only in Tele but around the organization.<br />

Greg Peistrup<br />

Greg Peistrup, MSN, ENP-C, FNP-C, an esteemed and<br />

beloved Las Vegas emergency nurse practitioner, mentor,<br />

colleague, and friend, died on September 17, 2020, twelve<br />

days after testing positive for COVID-19. At the time of his<br />

passing, Greg worked for Superior Emergency Physicians At<br />

North Vista Hospital. Greg has been the cornerstone in the<br />

Las Vegas nursing and health care community for decades,<br />

having worked at nearly every hospital in the city. Greg gave<br />

selflessly of his time to students and novices in the nursing<br />

and in the nursing and nurse practitioner professions,<br />

serving professions, serving as a preceptor to countless<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> nurses who chose to advance their careers. Working<br />

with Greg, it was always known that the patients were in the<br />

very best of hands, and as his colleague that it was going to<br />

be a good day. His tireless positivity, energy, and humor made every moment with him a joy,<br />

even under the most stressful of circumstances. Donate to his Endowed Scholarship to ensure<br />

that Greg's legacy of support and education for <strong>Nevada</strong> nurses lives on, along with his cherished<br />

memory. This scholarship honors our memories of Greg and the many people he touched.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Forever Stars in Nursing<br />

Remelinda Tecson<br />

Remelinda “Dayin” Tecson, R.N., died unexpectedly on<br />

January 19, <strong>2021</strong> at the age of 57. She was born on May 23,<br />

1963 in Surigao City, Philippines. She graduated from Velez<br />

College in Cebu City with a degree in Nursing and immigrated<br />

to the US in 1983. She worked as a beloved ICU Nurse in<br />

Chicago, IL for over 30 years before continuing her career in Las Vegas, NV. She had a keen<br />

ability to make people laugh and worked hard to provide for her family and travel the world as<br />

much as possible. She is survived by her daughter, Ashley Emmeline. She will also be forever<br />

remembered by her lifelong friends, extended family, fellow nurses and anyone that had the<br />

opportunity to know and love her.<br />

Vianna Thompson<br />

Vianna was born Vianna Fye in Port<br />

Huron,Michigan. She met her husband, Bob, in<br />

1991 on the Osan airbase in South Korea, where<br />

she was a veterinary technician and cared for<br />

military police dogs. They bonded over two-step<br />

dancing and country music. Vianna was a proud<br />

mother who worked long hours to provide for her<br />

three sons. In late March, she spent two night<br />

shifts caring for a co-worker who was suffering<br />

from Covid-19. Two weeks later, she was lying in an intensive care unit, with a colleague holding<br />

her hand. She was one of three VA healthcare workers in Reno, <strong>Nevada</strong>, who died within a<br />

two-week span from the novel coronavirus. “It’s pretty devastating. It’s surreal. Reno’s not that<br />

big of a city,” said Robyn Underhill, a night nurse who worked with Thompson. Vianna came to<br />

work with a cough on March 29 th . ”We were all very concerned,” Underhill said. That shift was<br />

Thompson’s last. Over the next four days, she wrestled with fever, weakness and shortness of<br />

breath. The following Thursday, she texted her husband from the bedroom: “Call the<br />

ambulance, I can hardly breathe.” As a veteran, she qualified for an “honor flight”, in which the<br />

patient’s body is covered with a black box and wheeled through the hospital while others line<br />

up and salute. Because of the infectious nature of the coronavirus, a US flag could not be safely<br />

draped over her body, so a family friend walked in front of her and carried it. Thompson said<br />

the ceremony drew more people lining the hallways than staff had seen in 20 years.<br />

28<br />


Forever Stars in Nursing<br />

Erick Christopherson<br />

September 1993 – April 2020<br />

With a heavy heart we announce the sudden passing of our<br />

beloved son, Erick. Erick was born in Reno and considered<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> his home, despite his many travels. After high school<br />

he volunteered with AmeriCorps enjoying time outdoors doing<br />

natural resource work across <strong>Nevada</strong>. He then attended Lewis<br />

and Clark College where he earned a degree in biology. He had<br />

backpacked throughout the western U.S. and his love of travel<br />

led him to Europe, Central America, Africa, and most recently India and Nepal. Erick<br />

returned to Reno to pursue a career in nursing last fall. He made the Dean's List at Orvis<br />

School of Nursing and was due to graduate this December.<br />

Erick's family and friends will miss his gentle hearted spirit, his special gift of awareness,<br />

his tales of adventure, his compassion and kindness, and his wonderful sense of humor.<br />

He was talented but humble, driven but liked to have fun. He was a natural musician and<br />

played guitar, percussion and any other instrument he picked up. Erick could lift anyone's<br />

spirits and he never judged. He will be forever in our hearts. Erick is survived by his<br />

parents John and Kathleen, his brother and best friend Kevin, his grandparents, and his<br />

many aunts, uncles, and cousins. The family was touched to learn that Erick's nursing<br />

classmates and faculty have established the Erick Christopherson Endowed Legacy<br />

Scholarship. Donations to this nursing scholarship can be made<br />

at: https://nvnursesfoundation.org/Donations/erick.php.<br />

Those we love remain with us<br />

For love itself lives on<br />

Cherished memories never fade<br />

Because one loved is gone<br />

Those we love can never be<br />

more than a thought apart<br />

For as long as there is a memory<br />

They live on in our heart.<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Congratulations<br />

2020 Fall Scholarship Recipients<br />

Taylor Tracy, CNA<br />

CNA to RN - $1,000<br />

Great Basin College<br />

Jaimie Robinson, CNA<br />

CNA to RN - $1,000<br />

College of Southern <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

Sonya Cress-Thorton, LPN<br />

LPN to RN - $1,000<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> State College<br />

Nikki Stone<br />

RN Program - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

Sherri Park, RN<br />

RN to BSN - $1,000<br />

Capella University<br />

Lia Harris, BSN, RN<br />

MSN - $1,000<br />

Touro University, <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

Hannah Kohler, RN, BSN, CEN, EMS-RN<br />

Doctorate - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

Carrie Hintz, MSN, RN CEN<br />

Doctorate - $1,000<br />

Duquesne University<br />

30<br />


2020/<strong>2021</strong> Scholarship Recipients<br />

Natalie Edran<br />

Philippine <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />

- $500<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>,<br />

Las Vegas BSN Program<br />

Angel Jackson, MSN, RN<br />

Pat Alfonso Legacy - $1,200<br />

University of Phoenix<br />

FNP Program<br />

Iris Martinez<br />

Arthur L. Davis - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>,<br />

Las Vegas BSN Program<br />

Jaimee Garcia<br />

Philippine <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> - $500<br />

College of Southern <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

ADN Program…<br />

Darlene Salvo, MSHI, RN, BSN<br />

Dignity Health Global Education<br />

Valued at $2,000…<br />

Certificate in Nurse Leadership<br />

Carloth V. Aquino, RN<br />

John & Debra Scott Endowment - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno …<br />

DNP in PMHNP Program Nicole Fernandez, BSN, RN<br />

Optum - $1,000<br />

Western Governors University<br />

Masters in Health Leadership Program<br />

Stephanie McGilvey, RN<br />

Rural & Frontier - $1,000<br />

Great Basin College<br />

BSN Program<br />

Michael John Fulgencio, RN<br />

Sandy Klepzig - $1,000<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> State College<br />

BSN Program…<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


32<br />


Congratulations<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Spring Scholarship Recipients<br />

Sheila Bennefield<br />

CNA to LPN - $1,000<br />

Unitek College<br />

Dawn Sheldon<br />

LPN - $1,000<br />

Unitek - $1,000<br />

Unitek College<br />

Kyle Simon<br />

LPN - $1,000<br />

Unitek College<br />

Christina Scilacci<br />

CNA to RN - $1,000<br />

Great Basin College<br />

Juan Ramirez, LPN<br />

LPN to RN - $1,000<br />

Nightingale College<br />

Katie Snow<br />

RN Program - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

Shelby Lee, RN<br />

RN to BSN - $1,000<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> State College<br />

Meron Teffera<br />

RN Program - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Las Vegas<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Congratulations<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Spring Scholarship Recipients<br />

Lisa Thayer, RN<br />

MSN - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

Cheryl Morena<br />

Philippine <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong> - $500<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> State College<br />

BSN Program…<br />

Brian Dankowski, MS, RN, BSN<br />

NNA District 1 - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

DNP Clinical Nurse Educator Program<br />

Ronald Gonzalez, RN<br />

Doctorate - $1,000<br />

Touro University<br />

Chelsea Erickson<br />

Brooklyn Butler<br />

Chamberlain University - $1,000<br />

Carson Tahoe Health – Jessie J. Chamberlain University<br />

Valentine - $1,000<br />

BSN Program…<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

DNP Clinical Nurse Educator Program<br />

Erin Pate, MSN, RN<br />

Arthur L. Davis - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

DNP Program<br />

Keesha Davis, DNP , MPA, RN<br />

Doctorate - $2,000<br />

Duke Nurse Leadership<br />

Sponsored by Dignity Global<br />

Health Education<br />

34<br />


Katrina Mesias, CNA<br />

CNA to RN - $1,000<br />

Truckee Meadows Community College<br />

Rebecca Paulson<br />

Pre-Licensure RN - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

Larissa Diaz<br />

LPN to RN - $1,000<br />

College of Southern <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

Leilani Ferrer<br />

Greg Peistrup - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Las Vegas<br />

Hannah Kohler, MSN, RN<br />

Doctorate- $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

Jay Brownson<br />

Greg Peistrup - $1,000<br />

University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Reno<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Congratulations<br />

Grant Recipients<br />

Joy Patrick - $1,000<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

“Advance Care Planning – Improving<br />

Health Care Providers Engagement to<br />

Initiate the Conversation”<br />

UMC Integrative Care Group - $1,350<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

“The Effects of Healing Touch on<br />

Pain, Anxiety, and Quality of Life for<br />

Burn Patients”<br />

Wei-Chen Tung - $1,200<br />

2020<br />

“Breast Cancer Screening Among<br />

Hispanic/Latina American Women”<br />

Katie Visman - $350<br />

2020<br />

“Knowledge, Attitudes, and Barriers to HPV<br />

and Vaccine Among Homeless Youth in<br />

Northern <strong>Nevada</strong>”<br />

36<br />


Congratulations<br />

Grant Recipients<br />

Letricia Perry - $850<br />

2020<br />

"Perceptions of the Subjective Aging Experience<br />

for Older Adults Following Interactions with<br />

Health Care Providers During a Recent<br />

Hospitalization"<br />

Dawn Taylor - $850<br />

2019<br />

“The Meaning of a Healing Environment to<br />

Sex/Gender Diverse Females who have<br />

Experience Intimate Partner Violence”<br />

Lisa Thomas - $2,525<br />

2019<br />

"Undergraduate Nursing Student Perceptions<br />

of and Engagement in Academic Dishonesty"<br />

Nora Lusk - $908<br />

2018<br />

“Increasing Services of<br />

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners in<br />

Rural <strong>Nevada</strong>”<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


People’s Choice Award<br />

2020<br />

People’s Choice CNO<br />

Patience “Pat” Walker,<br />

MSN, NEA-BC, RN<br />

Valley Hospital<br />

People’s Choice DON<br />

Tracey McCollum<br />

Carson Tahoe Hospital<br />

Judging for this award - Public online voting<br />

People’s Choice<br />

Chief Nursing Officer/Director of Nursing Criteria<br />

•A leader who provides a positive, supportive, and collaborative work<br />

environment for colleagues, physicians, and leaders, demonstrated by high<br />

morale and low turnover, which ultimately leads to the delivery of an<br />

exceptional patient experience.<br />

•A leader who fosters the enhancement of the nursing profession in <strong>Nevada</strong><br />

through leadership and ongoing support in the development of professional<br />

nursing practice.<br />

•A leader who is respected by healthcare stakeholders statewide, including,<br />

but not limited to, professional associations, educational programs,<br />

healthcare facilities, regulatory bodies, and legislative entities.<br />

38<br />


People’s Choice<br />

CNO/DON/Dean Nominees<br />

Congratulations<br />

Chief Nursing Officer<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Thank You to the Distinguished<br />

Nurse 2020 Leader Distinguished with Lifetime Nurse<br />

Achievement Judges<br />

Leaders with Lifetime<br />

Achievement Winners<br />

Nicki Aaker, MSN, MPH, RN (center)<br />

Ellie Lopez-Bowlan, MSN, APRN (left)<br />

Doris Bauer, RN (right)<br />

40<br />


Congratulations<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Distinguished Nurse Leader with<br />

Lifetime Achievement Nominees<br />

Jennifer Brown<br />

Amy Dalbol<br />

Samuel McCord<br />

Denise Ogletree-McGuinn<br />

Alyson Rogers<br />

Carol Swanson<br />

Debra Toney<br />

Maria Wilcox<br />

Criteria for Selection of Award Recipient: Nominees are evaluated for<br />

their lifetime achievements and services provided in the following areas:<br />

Leadership<br />

Community Service<br />

Scholarly Contributions<br />

Political Voice<br />

Advocacy for Nursing & Healthcare<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation Board of Directors<br />

Sandra M. Olguin<br />

DNP, MSN, RN<br />

President/Chief Executive Officer<br />

Denise Ogletree McGuinn<br />

APRN, RN, D. Minn.<br />

Vice President<br />

Nicki Aaker<br />

MSN, MPH, RN<br />

Chief Financial Officer<br />

Glenn Hagerstrom<br />

PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, CNE<br />

Treasurer<br />

Karen Bearer<br />

MA Ed, BSN, RN<br />

Secretary<br />

Dave Tyrell, BSN, RN<br />

Outreach Coordinator<br />

Arvin Operario<br />

MBA, BSN, RN<br />

Community Service<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation Advisory Board<br />

Paula Anderson<br />

Mary Bondmass<br />

Vicky Lang Catlin<br />

Stacy Crouch<br />

Rocio Cruz<br />

Maria D’Errico<br />

Rhone D’Errico<br />

Kelly Farley<br />

Kim Foote<br />

Cathy Hamel<br />

Caren Jaggers<br />

Heidi Johnson<br />

Madelon Lawson<br />

Sherri Lindsey<br />

Jessica Lynch<br />

Shelley Martin<br />

Scott Norris<br />

Lauren Parker<br />

Lyle Pritchett<br />

Elizabeth “Liz” Shephard<br />

Darlene Salvo<br />

Dawn Taylor<br />

Julie Wagner<br />

42<br />


Thank You<br />

Endowed Scholarship Sponsors!<br />

Dr. John & Debra Scott<br />

Nursing Scholarship Endowment<br />

Margaret & Ian Curley<br />

Endowed Nursing Scholarship<br />

Lauren Delameter<br />

Donated by her Friends and Family<br />

Erick Christopherson<br />

Donated by his Friends and Family<br />

Joan & Arvin Operario<br />

Nursing Scholarship Endowment<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Thank You<br />

Endowed Scholarship Sponsors!<br />

Greg Peistrup<br />

Endowed Legacy Scholarship<br />

Yvette Wintermute<br />

Endowed Legacy Scholarship<br />

Front Line Nurse Endowed<br />

Scholarship. Donate at<br />

www.nvnursesfoundation.org/Do<br />

nations/frontline_form.php.<br />

Margaret Hatton<br />

Donated by her Friends and Family<br />

De Leon-Gamboa Seeds of Hope<br />

Nursing Scholarship<br />

44<br />


Shining Stars of Nursing Contributors!<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


Shining Stars of Nursing Contributors!<br />

46<br />


Tymeeka Davis, DNP, RN<br />

Founder, CEO From I Nurse II Another<br />

Linda Bowman, RN<br />

Operations Director<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />

Regina McFerren, RN<br />

Black <strong>Nurses</strong> Rock<br />

Susan Drossullis, DNP, RN, ONC-BC<br />

Oncology Nursing Society<br />

Carrie Hintz, DNP, RN, CEN, CNML<br />

President, Sigma Theta Tau Nu Iota<br />

Kay Fontanilla, DNP, RN<br />

Asian American Pacific Islander <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation Est. 2014<br />

Happy Year of the Nurse in 2020-<strong>2021</strong>!<br />

Thank you to all of our healthcare providers, first responders, support staff, and<br />

their family. We appreciate you and thank you for being a nurse who provides safe,<br />

competent, and compassionate care.<br />

The 2020 Big Hat High Tea, although it was virtual, was a huge success! Thank you<br />

to Kelly Farley, of Farley Photography and NNF Advisory Board member for being<br />

the backbone to the virtual event! Thank you, Nicki Aaker, Karen Bearer, Mary<br />

Bondmass, Darlene Bujold Salvo, Kelly Farley, Glenn Hagerstrom, Caren Jaggers, Heidi Johnston, Vicky Lang<br />

Catlin, Shelley Martin, Scott Norris, Denise Ogletree McGuinn, Alyx Olguin, Arvin Operario, Lyle Pritchett,<br />

Martin Salvo, Dawn Taylor, Dave Tyrell, Julie Wagner, Vicki Walker, and Val Wedler for your contributions to the<br />

2020 Big Hat High Tea. Thank you, Carson Tahoe Health, Chamberlain University, Orvis School of Nursing,<br />

Touro University <strong>Nevada</strong>, and University of <strong>Nevada</strong>, Las Vegas for your continued support. Thank you to all of<br />

our entertainers, Marsh Broeder, Darcy & Frank, Darlene Bujold Salvo, Martin Salvo, Robert Miller, and Sean<br />

Lacsamana (videographer), Erika Manasewitsch, Shelby Pauletto, and Robert Branda.<br />

48<br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> Foundation Est. 2014<br />

On June 26th, <strong>2021</strong>, the Big Hat High Tea on the Comstock was held at the infamous Piper’s Opera House in<br />

Virginia City. Just like 2018 and 2019, the Tea was sold out!<br />

It was unexpected to hold the Tea in Virginia City at the Piper’s Opera House because we have always held<br />

the Tea at the <strong>Nevada</strong> Governor’s Mansion. Because of the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, we had<br />

to find a new venue. I cannot think of a more fitting place to hold the 7th annual Big Hat High Tea on the<br />

Comstock!<br />

<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


50<br />


<strong>Nevada</strong> <strong>Nurses</strong> <strong>Association</strong><br />


52<br />


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