Black Joy Lab Magazine

The Black Joy Lab magazine introduces its sixteen highly skilled and talented founding members. The Founding Members -- writers for stage, film and television, sports stars, business strategists, medical professionals, performing and visual artists, coaches, educators, and a philanthropy consultant-- form an impressive lab. Read the magazine in its entirety, and you will see that creating, nurturing, protecting, and sharing Black Joy is their commitment and how they do it. You too will have an opportunity to join them in this exciting and valuable commitment to spread Black Joy. Silver Wainhouse is the Founder of The Black Joy Lab. Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @BLACKJOYLAB

The Black Joy Lab magazine introduces its sixteen highly skilled and talented founding members. The Founding Members -- writers for stage, film and television, sports stars, business strategists, medical professionals, performing and visual artists, coaches, educators, and a philanthropy consultant-- form an impressive lab.

Read the magazine in its entirety, and you will see that creating, nurturing, protecting, and sharing Black Joy is their commitment and how they do it. You too will have an opportunity to join them in this exciting and valuable commitment to spread Black Joy.

Silver Wainhouse is the Founder of The Black Joy Lab.

Join us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @BLACKJOYLAB


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BLACK<br />

JOY<br />

b<br />

LAB<br />



l a c k j o y l a b . c o m<br />

Meet THE<br />


1<br />

Alandon Pitts<br />

Brian Shackelford<br />

Cody Valentine<br />

<strong>Joy</strong>ce Marie Fitzpatrick<br />

Karyn Kerr Pettigrew<br />

Kerra Bolton<br />

Linda Summlin Aitch<br />

Marvin Dee Petty<br />

Melody Cooper<br />

Naretha Hopson<br />

Patrick Rameau<br />

Rebecca Robinson<br />

Ronny Turiaf<br />

September Williams, M.D.<br />

Silver Wainhouse<br />

Tash Mitch



P04| SILVER WAINHOUSE An Invitation To Join<br />


P06|<br />

Meet The 16 Founding BLACK<br />

JOY LAB Members<br />

P08| TASH MITCH, Energy Creatrix<br />

‘<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> Soul Radiance’<br />

P12| KERRA BOLTON - Award<br />

Winning Writer / Independent<br />

Filmmaker ‘Return Of The <strong>Black</strong> Madonna’<br />

P14| REBECCA ROBINSON - Fine Art /<br />

Visual Artist ‘My work symbolizes the<br />

appreciation for music, empowerment, and beauty<br />

in our culture as a whole’<br />

P16| NARETHA HOPSON - Founder,<br />

CEO, Certified Etiquette<br />

Instructor ‘I protect <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong><br />

by exposing black people to the unspoken<br />

rules of business and social space’<br />


Physician-Writer & Bioethicist<br />

‘Into The Breeze’<br />


Filmmaker/Freelance Editor/<br />

Content Creator ‘His camera captures<br />

what words cannot’<br />


Filmmaker ‘Cancer Helped Me Choose<br />

Happiness’<br />

P24| MARVIN DEE PETTY - Clinical<br />

Research Specialist <strong>Joy</strong> in a Clinical<br />

Trial ‘BLACK JOY’ Poem<br />

P28| RONNY TURIAF - NBA Champion,<br />

Founder, Ambassador ‘Conclusion’ POEM<br />

P30| MELODY COOPER - Playwright<br />

/ Actor / Film / TV Writer /<br />

Director ‘BLACK JOY’<br />

P34| PATRICK RAMEAU - Actor /<br />

Directeur / Professor ‘<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is a<br />

supernatural connection with the forces of life’<br />


Philanthropy Consultant /<br />

Non-Profit Leader ‘How I Nurture,<br />

Protect, Create and Share <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>’<br />

P40| ALANDON PITTS - CEO/Founder<br />

‘Education is the platform that makes it possible<br />

to defeat all barriers’<br />


Business Strategist / Coach /<br />

Designer ‘Finding <strong>Joy</strong>’<br />

P44| CODY VALENTINE - Musician /<br />

Writer / Director / Actor ‘If GOD<br />

is with you, nothing can stop you’<br />

P48| SILVER WAINHOUSE -Author<br />

/ Coach / Dramatist /<br />

Astrologer / Speaker ‘With<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>’<br />

P54| Join Us At BLACK JOY LAB<br />

2 3

An Invitation To Join<br />

BLACK<br />

JOY<br />

LAB<br />

BLACK JOY is a form of resistance.<br />


We recognize the value of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.<br />

We create, nurture, protect, and share it.<br />

BLACK JOY has among its ingredients healing balms, infusions to restore<br />

and fortify, stepping stones to elevate, tears of joy, love for blackness,<br />

“soul,” and a big helping of you can get through this sauce. Look around<br />

and you will see its influence in every facet of culture. It flows. This savory,<br />

bubbling resource is well-tapped throughout the world.<br />

It charges visual and performing arts, propels science and politics, caresses<br />

literature, and buoys economies. These are only some of the things BLACK<br />

JOY does. I believe that BLACK JOY unimpeded, with its inherent<br />

properties, has the ability to connect and heal the world.<br />

We, the members of the BLACK JOY LAB, invite you to celebrate BLACK<br />

JOY with us as you explore these pages and in your life. BLACK JOY<br />

creates to survive.<br />

We recognize the value of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.<br />

We exist to create, nurture and protect it.<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> unimpeded has, by its inherent<br />

nature, the ability to connect and heal<br />

the world.<br />

Join Us At BLACK JOY LAB<br />

Join the <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> <strong>Lab</strong> on Facebook!<br />

Silver Wainhouse<br />

Twitter @blackjoylab<br />

Instagram @blackjoylab<br />

Website blackjoylab.com<br />

4 5

16<br />

BLACK<br />

MEET THE<br />

JOY<br />

LAB<br />



Tash Mitich<br />

(Energy)<br />

Kerra Bolton<br />

(Film)<br />

Rebecca Robinson<br />

(Visual Artist)<br />

Naretha Hopson<br />

(Etiquette)<br />

September Williams, M.D.<br />

(Physician Bioethicist Writer)<br />

Brian Shackelford<br />

(Film)<br />

<strong>Joy</strong>ce Marie Fitzpatrick<br />

(Film, Cancer Survivor)<br />

Marvin Dee Petty<br />

(Clinical Research Specialist)<br />

Ronny Turiaf<br />

(NBA & CEO:Founder)<br />

Melody Cooper<br />

(TV Writer, Playwright, Director)<br />

Patrick Rameau<br />

(Actor, Professor, Director)<br />

Linda Summlin Aitch<br />

(Philanthropy Specialist)<br />

Alandon Pitts<br />

(Educator)<br />

Karyn Kerr Pettigrew<br />

(Business Strategist, Coach, Fashion Designer)<br />

Cody Valentine<br />

(Musician, Writer, Director, Actor)<br />

Silver Wainhouse<br />

(Dramatist, Author, Coach)<br />

6<br />


TASH<br />

MITCH<br />

Energy Creatrix<br />

Life & Business Alchemist,<br />

Energy Master Teacher,<br />

Kundalini Yoga Teacher,<br />

Theta Healer, EFT<br />

Practitioner, Intuitive Guide,<br />

Doula, Channel, Creative,<br />

Writer and Speaker.<br />

I always felt a massive sense<br />

of purpose in being born at<br />

this specific time. As one way<br />

of being breaks down giving<br />

rise to another, there’s a need<br />

for thought leaders, healing<br />

catalysts, creatives and world<br />

bridgers to evolve, to awaken<br />

and to step forward. My path<br />

is to support and assist the<br />

awakening process.<br />

Silver: Tash invited me to an event she was<br />

hosting and told me that I would meet her<br />

mother, Carol Vazquez. At first glance we knew<br />

that we had met before. But where?<br />

Carol and I racked our brains trying to remember.<br />

We practically had on the same dress. Then Carol<br />

shortly thereafter passed on. I know that she<br />

wanted to reconnect and to connect me to her<br />

beautiful daughter, Tash Mitch.<br />

I asked Tash Mitch to call in the energies to<br />

support us on our BLACK JOY LAB journey.<br />

You must hear her voice. After hearing it, you will<br />

understand.<br />

Tash Mitch has a voice--an instrument- - that<br />

simultaneously soothes you and gently nudges you<br />

forward. I encourage you to listen to Tash’s audio,<br />

giving it the time it deserves. Relax, breathe in her<br />

words and don’t be rushed.<br />

https://soundcloud.com/tash-mitchalchemist-healer-intuitive/black-joy-soulradiance<br />








And I wanted to just record something that<br />

was straight from the heart. No notes. No real<br />

delving into thought. Just allowing <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> as<br />

a frequency, as an energy, as a soul radiance,<br />

to just emanate and flow freely and without<br />

hindrance through me. And just to record what<br />

comes along.<br />

So when I think of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> I immediately<br />

think of the drumbeat. I think of a connectivity<br />

to earth that is bare feet meeting the<br />

consciousness and the divinity of the earth. I<br />

think of stamping feet waking up the radiance<br />

of the energy grids within earth. I think of the<br />

deep-seated love for earth that is inherent,<br />

natural.<br />

It comes from spending time in nature,<br />

communing with nature, being with nature,<br />

being guided by nature. And a lot of black<br />

beings have come from places where they<br />

have been outside. Where they’ve been near<br />

oceans, and trees and earth. And have had a<br />

deep seated appreciation for what the earth can<br />

bring. And what the earth can do.<br />

8<br />


When I think of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>, I think of rhythm<br />

that flows through the body. Rhythm that is<br />

so connected to the frequency of sound that<br />

the flowing through the body is like physicality<br />

meeting sound current and sound vibration. It<br />

is one of the reasons why when people describe<br />

<strong>Black</strong> movement, it is always described with<br />

words around fluidity and rhythm and beauty.<br />

And yes, JOY.<br />

And then I think of <strong>Black</strong> laughter. I think of<br />

groups and circles of women. I think of groups<br />

and circles of men. I think of groups and<br />

circles of men and women gathering together<br />

in community where a remembrance of humor<br />

is put into the center of that group and the<br />

laughter that comes from that has no bounds.<br />

It isn’t contrived. It comes straight from the<br />

soul. And is exuberant and full. And expresses<br />

an inherent frequency of joy that feels like it’s<br />

a coded thumbprint of the culture. A coded<br />

thumbprint of the people.<br />

When I think of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>, I think of the<br />

food, full of spices and flavor. They awaken<br />

the senses. They bring a homecoming<br />

and a celebration to nourishment and to<br />

replenishment. They are like a warm hug.<br />

When I think of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>, I think of ancestry.<br />

I think of the challenges and the struggles<br />

of a soul journey. And I do believe that that<br />

journey has been a soul journey. We sometimes<br />

get distracted and it is very distracting when<br />

we think of the reality of being minimized,<br />

marginalized, reduced consciously. But<br />

ultimately as an energy alchemist, I see the soul<br />

journey. And I see a particular strengthening, a<br />

particular radiance, a particular eminence that<br />

has been crafted by hardships sometimes. By<br />

challenges. But it is asking us to come back to<br />

the table and remember the core of who we are<br />

as divine earth beings. Over and over and over<br />

and over again.<br />

And when we look at other cultures, there<br />

have been some cultures who have been asked<br />

to do that. But when we are feeling our own<br />

culture, witnessing our own culture, it is from<br />

an unique experience. Where we are basically<br />

being asked to clarify our connectivity to our<br />

divinity at all times. Sometimes that can get a<br />

little exhausting.<br />

But at the core of that is a level of<br />

sculpting of divinity in a human form<br />

that is like no other. And so a lot has<br />

been said about the black strength.<br />

About the black integrity. About the<br />

black creativity. About the black<br />

flow. And it comes from this level of<br />

crafting that is just creating the most<br />

beautiful of diamonds.<br />

So again thank you so much Silver<br />

for bringing this inquiry.<br />

Thank you for allowing my soul<br />

to bring in its remembrance of this<br />

journey of <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.<br />

Energy Creatrix<br />

tash@tashmitch.com<br />

Instagram @tashmitch<br />

insighttimer.com/tashmitch<br />

10 11

Return Of The<br />

KERRA<br />

BOLTON<br />

Award Winning Writer and<br />

Independent Filmmaker<br />

<strong>Black</strong> Madonna<br />

The joy of discovery in the<br />

filmmaking process fuels<br />

her. In her films, we are<br />

drawn as she shows how<br />

vulnerabilities are forged to<br />

strength.<br />

Kerra Bolton is an awardwinning<br />

producer and<br />

director. She is also the CEO/<br />

Founder of Woodbine Films,<br />

which specializes in firstperson,<br />

narrative nonfiction<br />

that examines the meaning of<br />

community, connection, and<br />

identity in the <strong>Black</strong> community.<br />

Her directorial debut, RETURN<br />


is currently in production.<br />

The documentary traces her epic quest to learn<br />

to swim, dive, and map sunken slave ships with<br />

<strong>Black</strong> marine archeologists. Kerra produced<br />

and starred in DETROIT RISING: HOW THE<br />


CITY (2020). The five-part docuseries follows<br />

Kerra as she witnessed restorative practices<br />

transform nearly every sector of the city<br />

during a time of racial reckoning. The series<br />

was an official selection of the San Francisco<br />

Independent Short Film Festival, called<br />

“illuminating” by The Mercury News, and<br />

won “Best Web Series” (2020) at the Cyrus<br />

International Film Festival.<br />



RIVERS.”<br />

— Novalis<br />

https://vimeo.com/611817376<br />

Andrew Quinn shot the cinematography<br />

and edited the clip.<br />

LOGLINE:<br />


chronicles my journey as a <strong>Black</strong> woman<br />

in my 40s to learn to swim, dive, and<br />

map sunken slave ships with a group of<br />

<strong>Black</strong> marine archeologists. A devastating<br />

health diagnosis forces me to confront the<br />

multigenerational trauma of racism that<br />

lives within my body.<br />


Instagram @KERRABOLTON<br />



12 13



Fine Art/Visual Artist<br />

Award-winning mixed<br />

media artist, Rebecca<br />

Robinson studied fashion<br />

design in Atlanta, Ga., and<br />

continued her education<br />

at North Carolina Central<br />

University where she<br />

majored in Art/ Visual<br />

Communications and<br />

graduated with high honors.<br />

Her background also includes<br />

art history, photography,<br />

graphic design, film, and creative<br />

marketing/branding.<br />

Rebecca was mostly known for her fashion<br />

design company PSNOB (pronounced snob)<br />

which launched in 2001 but in recent years, has<br />

taken a new direction with her craft.<br />

In the spring of 2019, Rebecca began the initial<br />

stages of forming her nonprofit organization<br />

called “ONE ARRT ”, which will become<br />

the first black-owned art supply brand that<br />

specifically supports all artists, art organizations,<br />

art education, museums/galleries, and<br />

communities in need who would prosper with<br />

proper funding and resources.<br />

Rebecca has also contributed to several<br />

nonprofit organizations throughout the country<br />

by auctioning her one-of-a-kind handbags<br />

and fine art.<br />

My work symbolizes the<br />

appreciation for music,<br />

empowerment, and beauty<br />

in our culture as a whole.<br />

Rebecca’s artwork has been featured<br />

in dozens of media outlets including;<br />

Indianapolis Business Journal Podcast,<br />

WFYI, NUVO, Jezebel <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

Atlanta, Pattern <strong>Magazine</strong>, Indianapolis<br />

Star, Indianapolis Recorder, New York<br />

Examiner, WTHR 13, WISH-TV 8.<br />

RTV 6, FOX 59, Creative Mornings<br />

Indianapolis, Indianapolis Monthly<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>, The National Endowment Of<br />

The Arts including the <strong>Black</strong> Creativity<br />

Exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science<br />

and History of her painting of jazz legend<br />

Miles Davis In the summer of 2019,<br />

Rebecca was selected by the Arts Council<br />

of Indianapolis to showcase her work for<br />

the annual High Art Billboard project<br />

(2019-2020).<br />

Rebecca is also a self-published author of<br />

the book “Arts Honor”.<br />


artistrebeccarobinson.com<br />

Instagram: @ psnob<br />

Facebook: @ psnob<br />

14 15

I protect <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong><br />

by exposing black people<br />

to the unspoken rules of<br />

business and social space.<br />


HOPSON<br />

Founder, Certified<br />

Etiquette Instructor at<br />

EVER-APPROPRIATE Etiquette<br />

Institute<br />

CEO Ever-Appropriate<br />

Etiquette<br />

https://youtu.be/Chuov3J8Br8<br />

We are empowered with the confidence,<br />

tools and information to authentically<br />

own our seat at any table. As a result,<br />

we build our own tables and make our<br />

own rules with a foundation of equity,<br />

excellence and pride.<br />

Naretha Hopson<br />

314.744.9383<br />

nhopson@ever-appropriate.com<br />

linkedin.com/in/narethahopson<br />

16 17




M.D.<br />

Physician-Writer &<br />

Bioethicist<br />

Cove international<br />

Publishers Author of<br />

Chasing Mercury and<br />

The Elephant in the Room:<br />

Bioethical Concerns in<br />

Human Milk Banking.<br />

“IN THE TIME<br />



LOVING<br />



LET THEM<br />

GO IS FOR<br />

COWARDS.”<br />

— Sicily Marshall, Berlin, 1973<br />

Amid the death and destruction of the Covid<br />

Pandemic, I find myself oddly content—not<br />

every<br />

minute but more often than ever before. It’s<br />

easy to see water mirages in a desert and feel<br />

relief<br />

until you drink the sand. But, I’m more<br />

inclined to ascribe my own joy to witchcraft.<br />

We “lost”<br />

my mother, Shyrlee Marie, to this hateful<br />

virus nearly a year ago. Though she had been<br />

among<br />

other things a nurse, the occupation on<br />

her death certificate is,“Political and Social<br />

Activist”. I<br />

am certain she has been sending me messages,<br />

masquerading as my own thoughts, since the<br />

day she died. After all, she had done so when<br />

she was sentient.<br />

Though not a scientific natural, I spent thirtytwo<br />

years practicing medicine until five years<br />

ago.<br />

If I could get the story, touch the person, share<br />

findings on rounds or the chart, I could also<br />

figure out the diagnosis and subsequent<br />

management. This was true in clinics,<br />

obstetrical<br />

wards, emergency rooms, surgical intensive<br />

care, geriatrics and hospice units. I became a<br />

crossover doc, working “cradle to the grave”.<br />

The edges of life are, after all, where stories<br />

live.<br />

From the time I was ten, I carried a camera—<br />

either motion picture, still, or in my mind.<br />

Now,<br />

under transcendental orders from my mother,<br />

I’m writing in words or sketches with<br />

thickened<br />

light what I’ve seen and heard from the density<br />

of my human contact. I try to infused my work<br />

with as much truth as the narrative forms can<br />

bear. Romance-suspense is my preferred genre<br />

as it often speaks to women. Women have the<br />

most ability to direct the course of history once<br />

we harness that power.<br />

Recently, I moved my home on the bucolic<br />

Marin County, California coast, across the San<br />

Francisco Bay to Oakland. This was the first<br />

move in my entire adult life made only to suit<br />

myself. It turns out to be useful to others of my<br />

family as well. My new home is a five minute<br />

walk from Lake Merrit. As a child, I saw the<br />

<strong>Black</strong> Panthers stand on the court house steps<br />

at<br />

the lakeshore, armed with the need to make<br />

change. Because of those images many others<br />

have marched that path. I smile and blow<br />

kisses to their memories, and to the sea birds<br />

overhead, as I row my single scull into history’s<br />

breeze.<br />

September Williams, MD-Writer,<br />

Bioethicist, Filmmaker<br />

August 25, 2021<br />

septemberwilliams.com<br />

415-505-2310<br />

september@septemberwilliams.com<br />

twitter @bioethicsscreen<br />

18 19

‘His<br />

camera<br />

captures<br />

what<br />

BRIAN<br />

Shackelford<br />

Filmmaker/Freelance<br />

Editor/ Content Creator<br />

words<br />

cannot.’<br />

Working flawlessly, Brian makes sure that<br />

what’s necessary behind the scenes works so<br />

that the onscreen image is perfect. Capturing<br />

the most subtle of movements and moods, he<br />

has earned the title of master filmmaker, having<br />

won multiple awards. The film “The Color of<br />

Medicine,” is a stunning representation of his<br />

work.<br />

We rejoice in the ways he portrays <strong>Black</strong> Life,<br />

protecting our legacies.<br />

https://youtu.be/Ne2Tq_j_CyM<br />

BRIAN Shackelford<br />

linkedin.com/in/brian-shackelford-0b4131a/<br />

imdb.com/name/nm3448224/<br />

Short video on <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong><br />

filmed by Brian Shackelford<br />

20 21





Filmmaker<br />

“IF NEED<br />

BE, YOUR<br />

ANGELS<br />

CAN SHAPE-<br />


WARRIORS.”<br />


https://youtu.be/BdqOk2j7NcE<br />

We often take our time on this big blue sphere<br />

for granted, thinking life will work out as<br />

we’ve planned it. I believed that philosophy<br />

wholeheartedly, until I was struck with an<br />

unforgiving illness that put a permanent stamp<br />

of uncertainty on my existence.<br />

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer<br />

in 2015, I didn’t understand why. I beat<br />

myself up…. trying to figure it out. I ate right,<br />

I exercised and had no history, but what I<br />

didn’t do was listen to my body. I practically<br />

killed myself, working a very stressful PR job,<br />

producing movies on my days off. I thought I<br />

was superwoman. What I didn’t do was ‘rest,’<br />

and through my stress,<br />

Cancer snuck up on me and knocked this<br />

black woman on her ass! Cancer woke me<br />

up and made me realize the one thing that<br />

every doctor, every health expert and every<br />

philosopher I met told me was to “Choose<br />

Happiness”!<br />

Happiness is different for everyone,<br />

and I chose to spread “<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>” by<br />

doing what I loved that made me the<br />

happiest in my life.<br />

So, I ditched the PR job and only<br />

do what makes me laugh,cry, sigh<br />

and jump for joy! Movies! Movies!<br />

Movies! I have no biological<br />

children, but I hope my legacy of<br />

documentaries, features, web series,<br />

podcasts, books that make my heart<br />

sing, will help bring happiness to<br />

others,GOD willing.<br />

In conclusion, “<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>” for me is<br />

“Choosing Happiness.”<br />

<strong>Joy</strong>ce Marie Fitzpatrick<br />

Flatcat-Productions<br />

flatcat-productions.com<br />

22 23













EVER.<br />

Marvin<br />

Dee<br />

Petty<br />

Clinical Research<br />

Specialist<br />

Closing the healthcare disparity gap drives<br />

me. I personally know what it is like to be<br />

on the other side of the desk and receive<br />

life-changing news. African Americans<br />

are too often targets of discrimination by<br />

physicians and healthcare systems and this<br />

discrimination is a significant contributing<br />

factor to healthcare disparities. Little<br />

attention has been awarded to this topic,<br />

fueling everyday distrust.<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> resides most easily in a healthy<br />

body. The possibility of increasing <strong>Black</strong><br />

<strong>Joy</strong> is what fuels my dedication to knocking<br />

down barriers blocking participation of<br />

African Americans and ethnic people of<br />

color in clinical trials. Clinical trials save<br />

lives. <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> aids in overcoming negative<br />

influences when recruiting clinical trials<br />

participants.<br />

24 25

Four things to consider before<br />

agreeing to participate in a clinical<br />

trial:<br />


What is your diagnosis and how<br />

long has it been since you received<br />

it? Have you had time to absorb<br />

what the diagnosis means for you<br />

personally? Are you still in shock or<br />

doubt? Have you done any research<br />

yourself gathering information from<br />

reliable sources? What steps could<br />

or should be taken by a person with<br />

your diagnosis? Have you gotten a<br />

second opinion? What is the rating of<br />

the healthcare facility?<br />

2. TRUST LEVEL<br />

What did you feel from your first<br />

interaction with the physician and<br />

her team? Did the physician fully<br />

listen to you and give you a chance<br />

to ask questions? Did they verify<br />

to make sure that you understood<br />

totally Do you feel that you were<br />

treated as a person or a number in an<br />

experiment? Did the physician appear<br />

competent? How easy will it be for<br />

you to reach the physician’s office<br />

after consent and how long does it<br />

usually take for them to respond?<br />


How are family members impacting<br />

your decision? Have they themselves<br />

had a similar diagnosis or experience?<br />

Their attitudes may influence the<br />

level of comfort you have regarding<br />

participation.<br />


Consider the possibility that a successful<br />

clinical trial will add more and healthier<br />

years to your life. What are the ways your<br />

life will improve? How will<br />

your work life be enhanced?<br />

Good health-- physical, mental and<br />

emotional are direct links to <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.<br />

When I look at information about the patient<br />

which includes the zip code they live in, that<br />

number will tell me a lot about particular<br />

challenges they face. It shouldn’t be that<br />

way, but it is.<br />

I have assembled a team of innovative<br />

healthcare professionals dedicated to closing<br />

the gap in healthcare. Our goal is to improve<br />

recruitment numbers and deliver positive<br />

experiences for African Americans in clinical<br />

trials.<br />

Let’s work together to improve <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.<br />

BLACK JOY by<br />

Marvin Petty<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is the feeling of free land.<br />

Mississippi Dirt.<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is the feeling when the first<br />

girl you ever had a crush on speaks to<br />

you.<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is creativity untethered.<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is love, caring, peace,<br />

respect,<br />

Disagreeing, passion.<br />

Being told you look like your secret<br />

hero. Your father.<br />

Sweet smell of your favorite desert<br />

childhood desert,<br />

Fried Apple Pies.<br />

Riding your first two-wheel bicycle<br />

Without training wheels.<br />

Seeing your favorite cousin for the<br />

summer<br />

Your paternal side<br />

The sweet kiss on the forehead and a<br />

tight embrace<br />

Mothers Love<br />

Getting name called for graduation at<br />

an HBCU<br />


CallTheseDoctors.com<br />

linkedin.com/in/marvin-petty-3b81233a<br />

26 27

“Conclusion”<br />

RONNY<br />

TURIAF<br />

NBA Champion, Founder,<br />

Ambassador<br />

I walked through the valleys of my life<br />

Erring without purpose<br />

Heart full of grief<br />

Darkness taking a toll<br />

KABOOM, Came out the other me<br />

Roaring with control<br />

Because of my height, just<br />

a bit under seven feet, I’ve<br />

always projected height--<br />

going higher--jumping<br />

higher. If your goal was to<br />

get the ball in the basket,<br />

my goal was to block you<br />

and to not let you reach<br />

your goal.<br />

I made a good living doing that.<br />

I earned an NBA championship<br />

ring. But, I want it to be known<br />

that my real goal is to go lower-<br />

-to go deeper--to get to the<br />

roots of things, of people, and of<br />

events.<br />

My venture, Wanderlust Driven, is at this<br />

intersection. Wanderlust is defined as a strong<br />

desire to travel. My voyage is as much internal<br />

as external. I move my feet and seek ways to<br />

connect with my heart.<br />

The following poem was percolating inside me<br />

for some 8 or 9 years. It was a volatile energy in<br />

my brain that I needed to get out. Then in 2014,<br />

right before I retired from the NBA, I got the last<br />

two sentences.<br />



WHO DO NOT<br />


ONE PAGE.”<br />

— Saint Augustine<br />

Wearing my scars proudly<br />

Mind liberated knowing I’m Ready,<br />

Full of determination,<br />

Alive with options<br />

More and More Aware,<br />

Realizing my true Potential,<br />

Breathing this quintessential air<br />

Faced with a choice<br />

Back against the wall<br />

Listening to my inner voice.<br />

Answering my Call,<br />

Choosing to,<br />

Live the life I love<br />

Love the life I live<br />

Descendant of Charismatic lineage<br />

Not interested in cleavage<br />

More so uniting the Masses<br />

Rising from the ashes,<br />

I Found my Identity, a lion, perceived as a<br />

leopard, With the DNA of a Crocodile<br />

I never had to go too far to finally look within,<br />

And realize I AM… Wanderlust Driven<br />

I invite you to Join me at<br />

www.wanderlust.com<br />

Travel and discover yourself.<br />



wanderlustdriven.com<br />

Twitter @Ronny_Turiaf<br />

28 29

MELODY<br />

COOPER<br />

Playwright / Actor / Film /<br />

TV Writer / Director<br />

A 2021 Sundance Episodic<br />

<strong>Lab</strong> Fellow, Melody Cooper<br />

was in the 2019 HBO<br />

Access Writing program<br />

before she moved to LA<br />

to write on Two Sentence<br />

Horror Stories. Melody has<br />

been named one of the Top<br />

25 Screenwriters to Watch<br />

in 2021 by ISA. She was<br />

winner of the Grand Jury<br />

Prize for Best Screenplay at<br />

the 2018 Urbanworld Film<br />

Festival. In addition to a<br />

feature for Netflix, she is<br />

also developing a TV series<br />

with a major producer.<br />


I am a storyteller. I came to it first through<br />

acting, then playwriting and now writing,<br />

directing and producing for TV, film, comic<br />

books and narrative podcasts.<br />

I made a key decision this year in the face of<br />

so much <strong>Black</strong> pain, sorrow and anger over<br />

racism, police violence, medical inequity,<br />

economic disadvantages, voting suppression and<br />

so much more disparity that has built up over<br />

decades and centuries. I decided to acknowledge<br />

the difficult realities, but to refocus my work<br />

to explore and celebrate <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> in its many<br />

and nuanced forms. I see this focus as an act of<br />

resistance and defiance, and a redirection of my<br />

creative energy to much needed stress relief and<br />

healing for our community.<br />

Do I still address the real-life issues that affect<br />

us? Of course. Is social pathology central to the<br />

stories I want to tell? No.<br />

What I will highlight is character exploration,<br />

resourcefulness, winning strategies, moments of<br />

joy and sensuality, courage and the willingness<br />

to fight for what’s right. Storylines with<br />

setbacks? Yes. Characters who go through a<br />

dark night of the soul? Yep. But I don’t stay<br />

there.<br />

There is power in epiphany and success. God<br />

knows, we need to see success to believe it is<br />

possible. (And it is!) I made sure to include a<br />

positive story line in my episode “Our Words<br />

will Not Be Heard” in this past season’s Law<br />

& Order: SVU in which the case of a missing<br />

<strong>Black</strong> woman is not allowed to be ignored, as<br />

often happens in our society. Incredibly, it was<br />

the first episode to specifically deal with the<br />

issue of missing <strong>Black</strong> women in the show’s<br />

storied long run of twenty-two seasons.<br />

It was essential to me that the story<br />

ended on a positive note of survival.<br />

What we create is a reflection, and<br />

that creation also reflects back onto<br />

those who take it in. Who are we if<br />

we rarely explore survival and the<br />

joyous aspects of our culture and<br />

lives?<br />

However, the focus on success,<br />

survival and joy is not always easy<br />

to achieve in the genres I usually<br />

work in: sci fi and horror. Sci Fi<br />

is easier because, like in my story<br />

“Igbo Landing” in the graphic novel<br />

anthology NOIR IS THE NEW<br />

BLACK, the future can be positive<br />

and powerful, even if elements that<br />

want to destroy us follow us across<br />

the universe.<br />

30 31

“Tenderness is our superpower.”<br />

The sci fi and Afrofuturism of writers<br />

like Nnedi Okorafor and TV director/<br />

producers Olatunda Osunsanmi and<br />

Hanelle Culpepper (of Picard and Star<br />

Trek: Discovery) explore extraordinary<br />

possibilities through imagined worlds<br />

and situations based on science.<br />

My comic book OMNI is about<br />

a young <strong>Black</strong> woman who is a<br />

doctor with a unique superpower:<br />

superintelligence in the form of several<br />

avatar personalities. She deals with new<br />

social issues in each story and tracks<br />

down others like her who have very<br />

different superpowers. Possibilities are<br />

endless with those kind of concepts.<br />

Horror, however, instills fear to trigger<br />

examination of the human condition.<br />

One thing I am not interested in is<br />

retraumatizing a community that has<br />

experienced and witnessed actual<br />

violent death against black and brown<br />

bodies played out again and again.<br />

Fortunately, I am not alone, and many<br />

creatives have decided to change the<br />

narrative.<br />

My episodes “Quota” and “Ibeji” on the<br />

second season of the TV horror anthology<br />

series Two Sentence Horror Stories<br />

(currently on Netflix) is a good illustration<br />

of my new approach and artistic evolution.<br />

“Quota” features two <strong>Black</strong> women who<br />

are friends and work in a company that<br />

quite literally might end up being the<br />

death of them. But the cornerstone of<br />

the episode is their friendship and their<br />

connection to their families and children.<br />

Their decisions come from a place of<br />

agency and love. They courageously<br />

control their future, even if it may not be<br />

ideal.<br />

In “Ibeji” I was able to take the motif<br />

of sisterhood a step further and tell the<br />

story of African twin sisters who have to<br />

fight to be heard and seen by the medical<br />

establishment and go on to literally fight<br />

a monster. Their joyful success comes in<br />

finding the power of working together,<br />

not just for themselves but also for their<br />

community.<br />

What does the future look like for <strong>Black</strong><br />

<strong>Joy</strong> in TV and film?<br />

On the romantic front, I adored LOVE<br />

& BASKETBALL so many years ago<br />

and have wanted more of that. We’ve<br />

gotten the films BEYOND THE LIGHTS,<br />


COULD TALK, SLYVIE’S LOVE, as well<br />

as Queen Sugar on TV. And now it looks<br />

like the upcoming film REALLY LOVE<br />

will take us there via art and love, in<br />

which the lead actor says, “Not making<br />

any kinda statement. Just showin’ <strong>Black</strong><br />

people. Just normal and beautiful.”<br />

With my own upcoming genre work I<br />

hope to chart some new territory. I’m<br />

writing a feature for Netflix that will<br />

explore a whole new, fantastic world<br />

with room for joy and love along with<br />

dramatic action.<br />

It is time to illuminate <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> and<br />

continue to present the complexity and<br />

gentle beauty of our community. To that<br />

end, I am looking forward to exploring a<br />

concept that I came across in artwork in<br />

an LA museum that declared “Tenderness<br />

is our superpower.”<br />


melodymcooper.com<br />

Twitter @melodyMcooper<br />

mdb.com/name/nm6077508/<br />

32 33

‘<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong><br />

is a supernatural<br />


RAMEAU<br />

Actor / Directeur /<br />

Professor<br />

Conservatoire National<br />

Superieur d’art Dramatique<br />

L’Acteur Sans Frontieres<br />

Actor Without Borders<br />

<strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is a supernatural<br />

connection with the forces of<br />

life. It’s the connected sense of<br />

a cadence and rhythm of life. A<br />

pulse that defies the unlimited<br />

conflicts of life. It is Boukman<br />

and Toussaint saying no to<br />

slavery...It is earthquakes that<br />

kills our loved ones but never<br />

our will as a people.<br />

It is a joy that manifests even in the most tragic<br />

of circumstances born out of love for our<br />

sisters and brothers. <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> is forged out of<br />

adversity, the pressure that forges diamonds.<br />

Patrick Rameau graces a stage bringing a<br />

smoldering fire that pulls you toward him.<br />

Whether he be on the little screen, the big<br />

screen, or on stage, he will get your attention.<br />

Follow him. See him if you are able.<br />

Treat yourself and experience <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong>.<br />

He has recently produced Othello at the<br />

Conservatoire National Superieur d’Art<br />

Dramatique, in Paris.<br />

connection<br />

with the<br />

forces<br />

of life’<br />

Patrick directs Othello at<br />

Conservatoire National<br />

Superieur d’art<br />

Dramatique<br />


imdb.com/name/nm0708152/<br />

34 35

How I Nurture,<br />

Protect, Create and<br />

Share <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong><br />

LINDA<br />


AITCH<br />

Philanthropy Consultant /<br />

Non-Profit Leader<br />

Before I could nurture, protect or create<br />

<strong>Black</strong> joy for others, I first had to define and<br />

determine it for myself. It’s easy to look to or<br />

feel that someone else was responsible for my<br />

fulfillment or joy, but the reality is it’s my<br />

responsibility. I had to learn the difference<br />

between happiness and joy, and that “<strong>Joy</strong> is<br />

an inner feeling. Happiness is an outward<br />

expression. A person pursues happiness<br />

but chooses joy.” I also had to realize that<br />

there was nothing wrong with putting my<br />

happiness first. It’s called self-love -- and I<br />

surely could not reach out to others to show<br />

and give love if I didn’t do it for myself.<br />

Over the years, I have read studies that<br />

illustrate joyful people typically have less<br />

chance of having a heart attack, maintain a<br />

healthier blood pressure, and tend to have<br />

lower cholesterol levels.<br />

The studies also state that joy<br />

boosts our immune systems, fights<br />

stress and pain, and improves our<br />

chance of living a longer life, quite<br />

literally adding years to life. Thus,<br />

joy is not a luxury but a necessity<br />

for our lives and our health. Given<br />

the plethora of health issues in my<br />

family, these findings have and<br />

continue to resonate with me.<br />

And yes, a healthy lifestyle --<br />

nutrition and exercise as well as<br />

mental health -- is definitely a<br />

significant part of the equation.<br />

36 37

Everyone wants to achieve and have a joyful life<br />

with a bright and fulfilling future. Thus, I sought<br />

to find joy in my journey, both professionally and<br />

personally.<br />

Awhile back (actually years ago), I ran across,<br />

saved and adopted these 10 tenets and refer to<br />

them often to cultivate and maintain my joy:<br />

1. Be with others who make you smile.<br />

2. Hold on to your values.<br />

3. Accept the good.<br />

4. Imagine the best.<br />

5. Do things you love.<br />

6. Find purpose.<br />

7. Listen to your heart.<br />

8. Push yourself, not others.<br />

9. Be open to change.<br />

10. Bask in the simple pleasures.<br />

In every conversation and meeting, I strive to raise<br />

And these tenets serve as the basis of how I<br />

nurture, protect and create <strong>Black</strong> <strong>Joy</strong> and are<br />

integrated into everything that I do. I have<br />

devoted my professional career to working in the<br />

nonprofit field, more specifically philanthropy<br />

and grantmaking. There is an abundance of<br />

data that highlights the gross inequities in <strong>Black</strong><br />

communities with respect to such areas as<br />

health care, education, affordable housing, safe<br />

neighborhoods, employment, etc. As such, being<br />

able to attain stability and happiness, let alone joy,<br />

often seem elusive and unattainable.<br />

While my work overall focuses on improving<br />

the quality of life in this region where we work,<br />

live and play, I am particularly attuned to<br />

organizations, namely <strong>Black</strong>-led agencies, whose<br />

services impact the lives of <strong>Black</strong> people, families<br />

and neighborhoods.<br />

the awareness of racial equity and how <strong>Black</strong><br />

communities are represented -- or not, but how<br />

solutions must be developed with and not for <strong>Black</strong><br />

communities.<br />

I also take this stance in my volunteer efforts as<br />

well as share the above tenets among other things<br />

in conversations, especially with <strong>Black</strong> youth. It is<br />

my hope that by effectively addressing community<br />

issues, not only would our <strong>Black</strong> neighborhoods<br />

begin to stabilize and thrive, but that residents in<br />

those neighborhoods can then ultimately begin to<br />

define, create and choose joy.<br />


InSTAGRAM @boldfiercestrong<br />

Twitter @62LMS<br />

linkedin.com/in/linda-summlin-aitch-3b101a8<br />
















38 39


PITTS<br />

CEO/Founder<br />

Alandon Pitts meets the<br />

students where they are<br />

and together, using their<br />

skills in unique ways, they<br />

go places neither has been.<br />

Alandon is passionate<br />

about developing pathways<br />

whereby the talents of his<br />

students are made known<br />

to the community. By doing<br />

this, the community can see<br />

the richness to be developed<br />

and all may benefit.<br />

Education is the<br />

platform that<br />

makes it possible to<br />

defeat all barriers<br />



Mentorsnmotion.org<br />

40 41



Business Strategist/<br />

Coach/ Designer<br />

CEO/ FoundeR<br />

If you want to find joy, let<br />

Karyn coach you. Attend<br />

one of her workshops and<br />

you will immediately see<br />

how, by working with her,<br />

you will be a better you.<br />

Skillfully, Karyn will help<br />

you to see and erase your<br />

blindspots and coach you so<br />

that you can thrive. Then,<br />

with Zoe Goes, Karyn’s<br />

fabulous fashion creations,<br />

you are well-dressed for the<br />

new places you will go!<br />

<strong>Joy</strong>: /joi/ A feeling<br />

of great pleasure<br />

and happiness.<br />

Words can be so tricky. A single word can<br />

change the sentiment or meaning of a thought.<br />

If I had titled this article, Finding <strong>Joy</strong>. The<br />

word finding might have implied elusiveness,<br />

something for which a search is required. I<br />

could have titled it Claiming <strong>Joy</strong> which might<br />

have implied the imminent presence of joy;<br />

or even, Being <strong>Joy</strong>, an act of embodiment.<br />

Instead, I simply call it <strong>Joy</strong>. You can attach<br />

whatever verb aligns with the word for you<br />

because, joy is, at its core, a very personal,<br />

intimate thing.<br />

Our society attaches great value to joy.<br />

For much of my life, I viewed joy as the<br />

penultimate emotion. There was a striving for<br />

it; an amazement when I felt it and a clear<br />

acknowledgement when it was gone.<br />

That simple awareness of absence, creating a<br />

devaluation of the rest of my life experiences.<br />

If someone were to ask me to make a list of<br />

some of the most joyful times in my life, I<br />

could create a very, very long list. It would<br />

include things like the first plane ride I really<br />

remember, summer camp in Irons, Michigan,<br />

being accepted to business school, having<br />

my children, launching my businesses. But I<br />

have more recently taken to acknowledging<br />

the entirety of my experiences and the value<br />

inherent in all of them.<br />

I now believe that every experience<br />

in my life is happening for me as<br />

opposed to happening to me. What<br />

this means is that I have found value<br />

in all my life experiences. What we<br />

might classify as the good, and the<br />

bad.<br />

I see that there is learning in every<br />

experience and that it is all intended<br />

to make me my greatest possible<br />

human self.<br />

I’ve stopped judging my life in a<br />

binary way and as a result have<br />

found the richness in simply living<br />

each day. Yes, I feel emotions,<br />

but I have taken away the value<br />

judgement which in turn reduces<br />

my suffering. With my clients I refer<br />

to this as turning the kaleidoscope<br />

or reframing. <strong>Joy</strong> is no longer the<br />

golden ticket. It is one of the many<br />

tickets that make my life golden.<br />

Karyn Pettigrew<br />

ZoeGoes<br />

beyondblindspots.com<br />

linkedin.com/in/karynpettigrew<br />

42 43

If GOD is with you,<br />

nothing can stop you<br />

CODY<br />


Musician / Writer /<br />

Director / Actor<br />

Where did your journey start?<br />

As a child I loved to perform. I remember<br />

stomping out the drum pattern to The Bridge<br />

Is Over in the back seat of my mother’s car as<br />

a 3 year old. I remember rapping the lyrics to<br />

Fight The Power, Criminal Minded, and De<br />

La Soul all before I was in kindergarten.<br />

I always dreamed of performing and<br />

entertaining, but I never knew what it would<br />

look like. I didn’t have many family members<br />

who could coach me. My biggest coaching<br />

came from my DJ Uncle David, who was an<br />

originator of HipHop, and came from The<br />

Bronx.<br />

When in High School, I was a part of a 3<br />

person hip hop group that recorded and<br />

released 4 mixtape albums during our run.<br />

We sold the tapes and CDs in<br />

school. After high school, I moved<br />

to Atlanta and New York to pursue<br />

a career in Music Production. The<br />

insincerity turned me away and I<br />

returned to the DMV after a few<br />

years.<br />

I started a 10 person Hiphop<br />

Psychedelic Rock band and carried<br />

that ship for 8 years. This band<br />

played most venues here in DC,<br />

and also traveled to states along<br />

the east coast, including VA, West<br />

VA, MD, & NYC. We released 2<br />

albums produced, recorded and<br />

mixed by me. It was through this<br />

time that I learned how to produce<br />

a commercially sound recording.<br />

WHO ARE YOU?<br />

I am a well traveled <strong>Black</strong><br />

Man born in Augusta<br />

Georgia in the 1980s. I am a<br />

musician, writer, electronics<br />

enthusiast, director, and<br />

actor. I’ve performed at the<br />

9:30 Club, The Howard<br />

Theater, and The Kennedy<br />

Center.<br />

When I was born, my parents brought me<br />

home to Alan Homes housing projects. I’ve<br />

seen many different life experiences and levels<br />

of comfort. I have a huge family, and I cherish<br />

each member.<br />

44 45

Any Setbacks?<br />

Though music production has always<br />

been second nature, I didn’t always have<br />

it easy. There were many starts and<br />

stops. With my band, I faced quite a few<br />

setbacks. We had hundreds of people<br />

coming to our shows. That attracted the<br />

attention of those who felt threatened.<br />

Our message was positive, and our songs<br />

left the audience feeling uplifted.<br />

We were called Allthebestkids,<br />

which always gave me a rush to lead<br />

the audience in chanting “We are<br />

Allthebestkids!” There were people who<br />

wanted to destroy us for whatever reason.<br />

I met many people who tried to infiltrate<br />

and frustrate our movement. This was<br />

the biggest setback, because I couldn’t<br />

see it for what it was at the time. GOD<br />

kept me, and I can look back now and<br />

see how GOD communicated with them<br />

through me.<br />

On a personality level though, I was left<br />

spinning in circles, wondering why my<br />

efforts were being met with concealed<br />

resistance.<br />

https://vimeo.com/615427946<br />

Now I can see the hidden hands at play. Now I<br />

also see that no one can diminish GOD’s work.<br />

A few of the lesser setbacks were easily taken<br />

care of. I wanted a light curtain like my<br />

favorite band at the time, so I learned how to<br />

build one and made 3. The final model was<br />

16’ x 4’ and consisted of 2400 LEDs. I wanted<br />

to make an LED ball pit for the audience, so<br />

I built a 10’ x 5’ Ball pit and placed it right in<br />

front of the stage at a show in 2018. It was a<br />

hit.<br />

Pretty much anything I put my mind to, I<br />

create. I don’t believe in fear, rather, I don’t<br />

believe that fear is beneficial in creation. There<br />

is truly nothing you can’t do if someone else<br />

has done it before. The only thing in the way<br />

may be resources (money), time, or knowledge.<br />

If you attain two of the 3, you can create it. If<br />

you have all 3, nothing will stop you.<br />

Some people believe in a thing called Imposter<br />

Syndrome. I don’t.<br />

Let’s break it down to it’s core and see what<br />

it’s saying.<br />

The idea of being an imposter is saying that<br />

you are fronting, and you can’t do something.<br />

There is a nugget of truth in there, which is<br />

why it strikes so many to the core.<br />

The truth is that “you can’t do it” is an<br />

unfinished statement. The full statement is<br />

“You can’t do it without GOD”.<br />

This world tries to sell you on self idolatry,<br />

as if to do anything major, you must do it<br />

yourself. This is false. It is through GOD that<br />

all dreams are attained. By tapping in to your<br />

higher source, you will receive the insight and<br />

wisdom to achieve whatever dream you have.<br />

If you think you need to do it by your self,<br />

you cut your self off from GOD’s direction.<br />

When you realize this truly, no one can ever<br />

call you an imposter, because they don’t have<br />

the sight to see if GOD is with you or not.<br />

Anyone who walks with GOD doesn’t go<br />

around breaking the confidence of those who<br />

are pure at heart. Make sure you are pure in<br />

all you do. If you need more knowledge or<br />

time, give it to yourself. Don’t be too hard<br />

on yourself when you are learning. Everyone<br />

needs to learn what they are creating. It might<br />

take a year, it might take 10, but trust that it<br />

will be worth it.<br />

All those setbacks and frustrating agents of<br />

Washington DC have taught me quite a bit.<br />

I am now working on a project that I’m not<br />

quite ready to share with the world. It will<br />

be filled with LOVE, and those involved are<br />

handpicked by me. Perhaps a year from now<br />

you will look back on this article and see<br />

the seeds of my project. I can tell you it is<br />

the grandest idea I’ve had, and it is coming<br />

together wonderfully. Even better than I ever<br />

expected.<br />

If GOD is with you, nothing can stop you.<br />

Even a pentagrammed city like Washington<br />

DC can’t touch what GOD has ordained.<br />

46 47

SILVER<br />


Author | Coach | Dramatist |<br />

Astrologer | Speaker<br />


Silver Wainhouse excels at<br />

something people need. She<br />

helps people to frame their<br />

challenges and to discover,<br />

value, and use their<br />

uniqueness to meet them<br />

with creativity.<br />

Go See Silver, her company, is a brand that<br />

claimed her. After having been visited by many<br />

of her clients, and being told by them that they<br />

had been told to just “go see Silver” to find the<br />

help they needed, she took it as her brand. See<br />

her and you will leave, as did they, refueled<br />

and with the knowledge that your business<br />

side and creative sides are friends. You will be<br />

fused with Successatude, a word Silver coined,<br />

denoting fortitude and resilience, and the<br />

courage to take your next best step.<br />

At Columbia University Global Center,<br />

Paris, Silver Wainhouse received a standing<br />

ovation and critical acclaim for her play,<br />

“Amazing Grace is Yellow,” the journey of<br />

painter Beauford Delaney.<br />

Silver is co-author of the book, Unlimited<br />

Beautiful Questions., released in Summer<br />

of 2021. Unlimited Beautiful Questions is<br />

a fun and provocative book helping you to<br />

ask yourself the best questions to advance<br />

in all stages of life.<br />

Clients who choose her benefit from<br />

what she pulls from what she calls<br />

her magic woman-bag. This bag<br />

contains her ample and varied skills<br />

and experiences. Silver’s combination<br />

of skills, talents, and experiences is<br />

truly unique and renders a successful<br />

coaching experience that will lift you<br />

and propel you forward.<br />

48 49

She combines corporate management<br />

experience, coaching certifications,<br />

(CIQ) Conversational Intelligence<br />

and ROI Return on Investment),<br />

certifications in myotherapy, and decades<br />

as a professional astrologer, and her<br />

documented intuition.<br />

Ninth Month Productions, an innovative<br />

film company based in California, has her<br />

on the board.<br />

Silver can rock a stage. Her magnetic<br />

personality motivates. Borders Books,<br />

recognizing her speaking ability, hired her<br />

to speak as an alternative to the Super<br />

Bowl.<br />

She values the ability to connect and form<br />

relationships with others not like oneself.<br />

Her writing group, Pens Unleashed, is a<br />

source of great pleasure for her.<br />

Silver Wainhouse, born in “Motown’’<br />

and raised by “ The Lou” is international.<br />

She has had a home in France for over<br />

twenty-five years, having been convinced<br />

by her late husband to join him there.<br />

He established in France because of his<br />

family’s connection to Albert Einstein.<br />

Silver travels. She can be found as well<br />

creating with clients on the Pacific and<br />

Atlantic coasts of the USA.<br />

Not only does she cross time zones, she<br />

jumps dimensions!<br />

Someone who forgot to knock before<br />

opening her office door after hearing<br />

music, swears that they discovered her<br />

dancing with Prince and Marvin Gaye!<br />



goseesilver.com<br />

linkedin.com/in/silverwainhouse<br />

Twitter @blackjoylab<br />

Instagram @blackjoylab<br />

WITH<br />


We get in formation<br />

Swag<br />

Box braids<br />

Shine shoes<br />

Polish cars<br />

Color the blues<br />

Choir gospel<br />

Jazz<br />


We brush Grandma’s hair<br />

Fry Sweet potatoes<br />

Kiss<br />

Follow Stacey’s lead<br />

Rap hip hop<br />

Make baby clothes<br />

Sign the contract<br />

Slam the dominoes<br />


We grace dance floors<br />

Season the greens<br />

Throw the deuce<br />

Stretch the soup<br />

Say prayers<br />

Give it a try<br />

And survive<br />


50 51

“No matter what<br />

all your teeth<br />

and wet fingers<br />

anticipated,<br />

there was no<br />

accounting for<br />

the way that<br />

simple joy could<br />

shake you.”<br />

Toni Morrison<br />

“There’s joy<br />

in repetition”<br />

Prince<br />

“It’s something<br />

like the joy<br />

of loving you<br />

baby, joy of<br />

dancing too<br />

It’s something<br />

like the joy<br />

of loving you<br />

baby, joy of<br />

being with you”<br />

Marvin Gaye<br />

“Find a place inside where<br />

there’s joy, and joy will<br />

burn out the pain.”<br />

Joseph Campbell<br />

BLACK<br />

JOY<br />

LAB<br />

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Twitter @blackjoylab<br />

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