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Project report summary

A Roadshow of Public


03 Testimonials





Larger project events

Educational entrepreneurship


Summary of Communication


Project Communication

Empowering young women


Project report


Our goal was to raise awareness on the issue of gender equality in

entrepreneurship, the tech industry, and the importance of work readiness for

youth as well as promote women entrepreneurship over young people from 29

towns and 106 educational institutions. Over 5000 young people (with over 2600

girls and women) were reached directly through school visits, online webinars,

and events. Over 50 women professionals were involved in delivering guest

lectures and discussions about their career journeys, mentoring youth and

participating in jury panels during entrepreneurship education events.

“I realized that you can’t give up when pursuing your goals. That you shouldn’t

be discouraged after unsuccessful attempts and don’t listen to people who say

you won’t succeed.”

- Katerina, 17 years old

“I enjoyed it very much. The children were engaged, listened, and had questions.

Some even stayed after the lecture to ask questions in person. It was a very

inspiring experience, especially when there is feedback from them as well.”

- Guoste, business representative

Stories and testimonials were collected from students, teachers and women

participating in the project to both evaluate the impact, and promote the

project and its results through social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)

and traditional media (news articles, radio, tv appearances and live event

broadcasts). The #EmpoweringGirls campaign successfully reached over 1

million impressions on social media and exceeded the project goal.

3 Empowering young women

Project report summary

1+ million

Impressions on social media

Furthermore, to have a lasting impact and engage more girls to

participate in entrepreneurship and tech-based fields, an online

educational course (with video interviews of successful women

entrepreneurs) has been created. This online course is also available to

all teachers with access to Junior Achievement Lithuania programs



Young People

To measure the project's impact over the following two years, data and

impact management system "Salesforce" has been installed within

Junior Achievement Lithuania. It also helps to monitor which students

that participated in the project join other Junior Achievement

Lithuania's programs and to track the percentage of girls that are

engaged in entrepreneurship education.


Educational Institutions


Women Professionals



Empowering young women


A Roadshow of Public


A roadshow of public presentations took place

from September 2019 until March 2020. It was

carried out by prominent Lithuanian women -

entrepreneurs, professionals, opinion leaders

who shared their personal success stories in

tech, entrepreneurship.

During those months 94 schools were visited,

with 17 more visits planned for the rest of

Spring. Due to the COVID-19 lock-down most

live visits were canceled. To reach planned

project targets new virtual events, webinars

were organised. 11 online webinars were

organised engaging youth from 11 towns in

Lithuania. Recordings of the live events will

remain for the teachers future use.

Link to public webinars

5 Empowering young women


Students testimonials

Testimonials were collected from project participants to evaluate the impact of roadshow. The most frequently mentioned thing

was that students engaged at a very high level and asked many questions both during and after the sessions. Furthermore,

having business volunteers coming into the schools is greatly beneficial because the information can be perceived in a

completely different way when presented by a practitioner. A few examples of student, teacher, and women in tech testimonials

illustrate the given feedback.

“I took away the idea that starting a business requires a lot of

determination. I learned that oats can be used to make drinks.

What I liked most was the way (modern, not boring) the

presenter chose to present herself and her business idea. It is

important to organize such presentations to broaden your

horizons, to provide inspiration.”

- Diana, 18 years old

“In the presentation, I liked the speaker’s success story the

most. It was interesting to know what path you need to take to

reach the top that will bring money and fame. I thought for a

long time what I could do to achieve my goals, and after the

presentation I realized that to achieve something I just have to

not be afraid to try something new because without trying it

we won’t know what our choice was worth.”

- Eva, 17 years old

Empowering young women


Teachers testimonials

“Everything was super. The children liked and thanked Skaiste.

They miss alternative lessons. Students willingly got involved in

the activities. In my head, such activities are beneficial

because when a teacher says those things it’s uninteresting

and they don’t hear it. But when a person from a business

field shares, then it is especially useful for them. Students

listen, question, reflect. It is useful. Don’t stop and keep

creating and acting.”

“I rate the meeting with woman in tech very highly. Egle

shared her success story in detail and in an interesting way,

interested the young people in engineering and expressed

that it is never too late to start all over again. We have agreed

on possible further cooperation, the children want to visit her

workplace, which is what Egle promised to help us realize.”

7 Empowering young women


Women in Tech Testimonials

“I met kids from two schools and both meetings were similar -

teenagers' eyes shone with curiosity when I talked about

hackathons, NASA data, neural networks, and that the gamer's

future isn't bad - like working as a game analyst in

Copenhagen . They also quite enjoyed hearing about my

failures and how I “fought” them. And it was useful to put

memes on slides - who doesn't like humour? They promised

to think about founding their junior companies - if not this

year, then next year. Well, I warned them all that they will have

lifelong learning like me, so the sooner they start a student

company - the better for them.”

- Virginija

"My visit to Raseiniai President Jonas Zemaitis gymnasium

seemed to be successful. Many students listened intently to

my story, which I started off by telling them that I sat on the

same benches as they are now. I used the sli.do app for them

to ask questions so they would be bolder and managed to get

a few questions. The questions were related to both business

in Lithuania and my Instagram profile that I shared so they

can follow how I manage to achieve my goal and dream. I have

seen perhaps the most surprised eyes when I talked about

how it is never too late to change everything radically and I

gave an example that even at the age of 50 it is possible to

become a programmer from a managerial, social work

specialist, because I heard such examples at Women Go Tech.

Since I tried to start a business myself three years ago which

cost me a lot but failed, I encouraged students to do it now,

without risking anything at all, just to try and find out if they

want to, can or should be entrepreneurs and create, realize

their ideas. I encouraged them to be brave, enterprising, to try

their best and even if they didn’t succeed, not to give up, but

to be sure to analyse situations, keep the most important

lessons for themselves and think about what they would do

differently next time. It's great that there are already two

groups of girls who have set up their Junior Achievement

companies. I look forward to meeting again at the Christmas


- Urtė

Empowering young women


Larger project events

Initially, six to eight large events, including the Junior Achievement programme

trade fairs, Women Go Tech season-opening, and closing events, were scheduled for

the duration of the project.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdowns, some of the events got canceled. However, to reach

our objectives, online events which helped to mobilise the participation of young

people, were organised.

Altogether, we have organised six events

(three face to face, and three online). The

face to face events included the opening

conference of Women go tech and two

of the Junior Achievement Lithuania

entrepreneurship events - Christmas

eXpo and Vilnius eXpo. Those events

brought together the students, teachers,

and other stakeholders, as well as the

public. One of the online events

consisted of a 72-hour challenge, inviting

the school students to come up with

solutions to the problems that arose due

to the pandemic. The other two of the

online events were the national Junior

Achievement company program

competition awards and the closing

conference of Women Go Tech. Within

all the events, women were included as

speakers, mentors, consultants, and jury

members judging competition results.

9 Empowering young women

Junior Achievement Capital Expo

Empowering young women


Junior Achievement Christmas Expo

More photos

11 Empowering young women

Junior Achievement National Expo

Junior Achievement national Expo, company

program final competition awards ceremony.

Broadcast live on national news portal Delfi.

Link to live broadcast

Empowering young women


Empowering Talens

Women Go Tech end of season closing


Link to broadcast

13 Empowering young women


entrepreneurship e-course

An online entrepreneurship course has been developed to engage young people and ensure a lasting project impact.

Throughout the course, ten videos with female entrepreneurs as role models were shown to inspire girls to delve into

entrepreneurship and technology fields. In order to achieve a greater scale the course is included as an introduction to

entrepreneurship education and acts as a preview to the Junior Achievement company program named AcceleratorX. It also

is an inspiration and motivation to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Within the course, students follow Lina, a female

character on a journey, to find out what entrepreneurship is and learn about the qualities of an entrepreneur through

examples and stories of successful local and international entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they learn about various roles within a

business (Marketing, Sales, Finance, Production) as well as the position of the CEO. At the end of the course, students are

encouraged to continue their entrepreneurial journey and create Junior Companies at school.

Empowering young women


Summary of

Communication Activities

The main communication goal of the project

“Empowering Young Women for the Future of Jobs“

was to increase public awareness of careers in

technology and encourage youth to build their

entrepreneurial skills. By using real-life examples of

women in the technology and business sector, we

aimed to showcase the broad spectrum of career

and vocational options that are available in the

technology sector. In total, 106 schools participated in

the project, with more than 5000 high schools, and

vocational schools students, and a broader audience,

attending the meetings and discussions with the

speakers of the #EmpoweringGirls project.

From the beginning of the project, we have actively

used many social and traditional media channels.

Both Junior Achievement Lithuania and Women Go

Tech used Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to

promote the project and share inspiring stories. In

total, 1,078,809 impressions were reached, exceeding

the initial goal of 1 million impressions. Furthermore,

traditional media was used to reach the public and

increase awareness of the project. This included one

appearance on the television, three radio shows,

eighteen articles in national and regional press, and a

live event broadcast on a national news portal.

15 Empowering young women

Social Media Communication

through Junior Achievement

Lithuania Channels

Junior Achievement Lithuania chose playful, inspirational and uplifting tone for communication of the project

#EmpoweringGirls activities. The main narrative - to inspire youngsters in the 21st century to pursue a career they are

dreaming about, was communicated between two social media platforms - Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook was used to update on project activities, for

instance, moments from meetings in the schools along with

the project's participant messages to school students and

overall thoughts about entrepreneurship and gender

stereotypes. Furthermore, Facebook was used to publish

promotional project videos, articles, and other material.

Instagram was used to tell our project’s heroes' personal

stories and achievements - from introducing their

professions in technologies in an engaging manner to

sharing their motivating ideas about seeking out your


Moreover, Instagram was used to publish project's participants' tips on how to accelerate your career or what to watch,

read or listen to that could benefit youngster’s personal development. Ads were distributed across both platforms and

were displayed 614,368 (impressions) times, targeting firstly, youngsters and secondly, the public. LinkedIn was also

implemented in the overall communication activities. Still, it was only used when appropriate to build awareness about

project activities to business professionals and reached the number of 12,466 impressions throughout the

implementation of the project

Empowering young women


Social Media

communication through

Women Go Tech Channels

We have used three main social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) to increase project visibility and achieve

the target audience. Facebook was chosen as the primary communication platform because many of the Women Go

Tech community members use this social media channel. With regular updates on project activities, we have reached

370,119 impressions on Facebook.

LinkedIn has been a relevant tool in

reaching out to international audiences.

With many young professionals using this

platform, it was possible to reach a broader

audience and achieve 59,237 impressions on

this social platform.

Instagram has been used to connect with a

younger demographic as more and more

young people tend to use this social

platform instead of Facebook or LinkedIn.

With the help of posts and stories which

showcased the best moments from school

meetings, we have achieved 22,619 on


17 Empowering young women

20 most-displayed social media posts with the numbers of impressions, post previews and URLs


The launch of “Empowering Young Women for the Future

of Jobs” project. “Women Go Tech” alumni gathered to

celebrate the launch of the project.

Post URL


Facebook post with a quote from Women Go Tech alumna and #EmpoweringGirls

project participant Virginija Šniukštienė. Virginija is one of the most active

participants of #EmpoweringGirls project and her career story is truly extraordinary –

after many years working in law, she completed changed her direction to IT and

since then, never looked back.

Post URL


Press release about #EmpoweringGirls project in “Verslo Žinios” -

leading Lithuanian business daily newspaper. The publication

announced the launch of #EmpoweringGirls project and the first

visit to a school.

Post URL

Empowering young women



Interview with Women Go Tech alumna Justina Kasiulevičiūte

about her experience in #EmpoweringGirls project.

“Women Go Tech” alumna Justina who after studying economics,

switched to RPA (Robotic Process Automation) discussed with

high school students not only motivation to change and learn

new things but also the courage to pursue your dreams.

Post URL


Interview with Women Go Tech alumna Paulina Štreimikytė

about her experience in #EmpoweringGirls project. In the

interview Paulina shares her career story which is truly

extraordinary - Paulina is not only working on several innovative

food start-ups but also she is pursuing her PhD in food

technology! Coming from a business and academia

background, Paulina had a lot of meaningful discussions with

high school students as many of them actively think about

their vocational choices.

Post URL


An article with five Women Go Tech alumni and

#EmpoweringGirls project participants sharing their

experiences about visiting schools and discussing

future jobs and careers with high school students.

Post URL

19 Empowering young women


Facebook post with a quote from Women Go Tech alumna and

#EmpoweringGirls project participant Karolina Ambrazevičienė.

Post URL


Interview with Women Go Tech alumna Erika Vaškyte about her experience in

the #EmpoweringGirls project. Erika visited Plunge’s secondary schools and

discussed cyber security and her career path with high school students.

Post URL


Instagram post with a quote from Women Go Tech alumna

and #EmpoweringGirls project participant Judita Malininaitė.

Judita was highly active in the project and visited several

Lithuanian schools with a goal to motivate and inspire high

school students to pursue careers in technology.

Post URL


Facebook post with a quote from Women Go Tech alumna and

#EmpoweringGirls project participant Modesta Sakalauskaitė.

Post URL

Empowering young women



"The biggest mistake is to think that you're going to be

underestimated if you ask for help", Modesta Sakalauskaite, project

#EmpoweringGirls participant and manufacturing technician shared

from her own experience. During her visits to schools, Modesta

boosted students to pursue their dreams, keep on learning and

reminded youngsters that success is achieved by trial and error. A

glimpse of the meetings, alongside with a couple of encouraging

Modesta's thoughts makes a perfect update on the project's activities

and an ideal motivational post not only for youngsters but also for

everyone whose day needs a little bit of inspiration!

Post URL


What is the secret formula behind a successful career? Dovile

Vilciauskaite, project #EmpoweringGirls participant and

front-end developer, is confident - keep on learning and don't

be afraid of the unfamiliar! This is the exact road that Dovile

took to achieve her success, and today she's sharing a bit of it

with our school students! What is a better way to inspire

youngsters to reach an unreachable than showing them a

success story in one of our posts about project participants?

And which tells us - everything is possible!

Post URL


One more motivational story for out youngsters comes

from another post about project #EmpoweringGirls

participants - Migle Gudaviciute-Kapoor, entrepreneur

and founder of a virtual assistant and modern business

management company "VAMIGLE". Just imagine this:

although Migle already knew what she wanted to do, it

took even a decade to bring herself to go ahead and

achieve her goals! Naturally, today flourishing and

passionate about her career Migle speaks to school

students about the urge to strive for happiness - don't

wait for your dream to come true, just do it!

Post URL

21 Empowering young women


Feedback from the school students and their teachers who

participated in project #EmpoweringGirls meetings was what truly

motivated us throughout the whole process! So why not to share a

couple of their thoughts about the project activities in a social media

post with the public? That's what we did! 18-year-old David said that

the project meetings inspired him to think about his future, while

17-year-old Olivija was delighted to hear some interesting and useful

information! Their teacher Ana was happy that guest speakers

encouraged students and provided them with many valuable tips to

help youngsters plan their careers.

Post URL


A short video message in November 2019 to celebrate our first significant

milestone - 1000 school students reached during project

#EmpoweringGirls visits. And the excitement to show what is coming next!

Post URL


Lina Valiokaite, project #EmpoweringGirls participant and software

engineer, had a slightly different message to school students - a

message that no one can stand in the way of your dreams! Lina is a

history graduate, but it didn't stop her from pursuing her desired

career in technologies. In fact, nothing did! Even her family

members, some of whom suggested to Lina to seek a more

"feminine" profession. Her story inspired us a lot, so we shared it on

social media with an uplifting tone that in the 21st century, everyone

can do anything! The only thing standing in your way is you!

Post URL

Empowering young women



As project #EmpoweringGirls had so many amazing participants - women,

who held meetings in schools to embrace students to pursue their dreams,

we believed that it's crucial to not only communicate about the project's

activities but also about the participants themselves. To make it more

relatable for youngsters, we asked them to provide some useful tips to school

students how to achieve your goals or, for instance, recommend a book or

movie, or just write a couple of thoughts about how to fight your way through

stereotypes. In this post, we give out one of our participant's

recommendations for youngsters how to educate yourself during your leisure

time., We also introduce her as an inspiring personality a little bit more.

Post URL


Tatjana Grigaitiene - another living example that if you set your heart on

something, for instance, profession, aim for it, even though your choice

could be falsely considered to be more "masculine" or "feminine". At first, as

a construction and engineering graduate, Tatjana was developing her own

business - installation of marinas and other floating structures and, as she

said, faced many gender stereotypes. But it did not take a long time for

Tatjana and her professionalism to prove those stereotypes wrong! Later, she

decided to take her gained experience and self-confidence elsewhere, and

today Tatjana is engaged in different event organising activities! What an

inspiration for youngsters! We agree, and that's why we thought it's a must

for school students to hear about her on our social media platforms!

Post URL


As #EmpoweringGirls accelerated, in December 2019 Andzelika Rusteikiene, CEO of

Junior Achievement Lithuania shared an update on the first project results, also

presented the project itself and its activities in a video. Moreover, as we were already

receiving tons of exciting feedback from teachers and students about

#EmpoweringGirls meetings in the schools, we decided to share a bit of it with our

audience as well! Results? Positive and informative video about the initiative!

Post URL

23 Empowering young women


Another uplifting moment from project #EmpoweringGirls visits in

schools. Migle Gudaviciute-Kapoor, entrepreneur and founder of

virtual assistant and modern business management company

"VAMIGLE" shares her inspiring story and message - "Persevere with

your dream, your goal, and it will definitely become reality!"

Post URL

A list of all social media and publications can be found here

Empowering young women


Project Communication using

Traditional Media and further

Project Publicity

As mentioned before, all publicity goals of the project

have been reached and exceeded. It includes 1

television and 3 radio appearances, and also 18

articles in the national and regional press.

Furthermore, the project and “The Coca-Cola

foundation's” involvement in it, were shared during

the entrepreneurship education events with at least

5000 entrepreneurial youth participants and with all

of the schools that were involved in the project

before, within and after the roadshow events. The

project was also presented in various smaller events

such as ISM university open day, international visits

by partners’ Women Go Tech in Iceland, Estonia,

Latvia. On of the projects events - Christmas eXpo

was advertised in Vilnius public transport and city

billboards for 1 month reaching thousands of citizens.

25 Empowering young women

List of Publications

Television appearance talking about the project live on

National television morning show “Good morning


An interview with Women go Tech alumna

entrepreneur Migle Gudaviciute-Kapoor who visited


Interview with Aurelija Makselyte who visited schools

Radio show with a teacher, student and WGT alumna

who was visiting schools talking about the project

Empowering young women


Articles about the Project

Record breaking support for empower young people

and women in Lithuania

Start-up founder who met with final year secondary

school students: do not torture them with the

question "Where are you applying for studies?"

Miglė visits Kretinga schools to inspire students: I

walked with the idea for 10 years until I finally started a


A random decision opened the door to success for

Judita: sending a resume was never necessary again

Future engineer Eglė, who met with the students: I

hope that they will not have to change their mind

about their profession when they are 34 years old.

Guoda, who works in the construction sector, sent an

important message to high-school students: don’t

believe if someone thinks you can’t do something

27 Empowering young women

Articles about the project

Kamilė Kliukienė, a lawyer: "I am interested in

technologies that would repace me at work!"

Guoste, who discovered the field of technology after 10

years of working: it's easier for me to program a

website than to sew a skirt

Director of a Communication Agency: It is impossible

to reach the peaks in your career without making


Women with careers in the technology sector will visit

100 schools: why is it still believed that technologies

are a sector for men

Ukrainian woman in Lithuania leapt into a new

profession and learned the language in two years:

when you wants to survive, you can learn anything

Empowering young women


Articles about successful women entrepreneurs

The head of the largest cosmetics company in

Lithuania shared tips: 3 important things for success

Paulina, who creates novel food products: you can

build a business out of science

Extra articles mentioning the project

Vilnius residents and city guests are invited to a

Christmas fair fair: under the Christmas tree - products

of student-created businesses

Lithuanian students' ideas on how to solve the

problems caused by the coronavirus: virtual trips and

special apps

Non-governmental organization that educates

students in entrepreneurship in Lithuania is among

the ten best in the world

Non-governmental organization that educates

students in entrepreneurship in Lithuania is among

the ten best in the world

29 Empowering young women

More content

Promotional videos of the project can be found here

A list of all social media and publications can be found


A list of all schools visited can be found here

About Junior Achievement Lithuania

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programs on entrepreneurship, economics, and financial literacy, as well as work readiness, pave the way. The Junior

Achievement Lithuania organization annually reaches 20 000 students from 59 areas in Lithuania, working together

with 350+ teachers and 150 business volunteers.

Through practical entrepreneurship education activities vocational, high-school students develop enterprising skills,

attitudes and behaviours, including creative thinking and problem solving, communication and presentation skills,

confidence and a can-do attitude, teamwork and leadership, negotiation and decision making, setting goals and time

management, risk management, curricular or thematic relevance.

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Empowering young women


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