SLOAN! Autumn 2021

In this issue: Interviews and profile features with John Legend, Katie Piper, Jessica Henwick and DJ BBQ; Luxury Travel; Active Affluent for Full-On Outdoor Enthusiasts; Magimix Cook Expert; Traeger Grills; Tech-tastic Treats; Christmas Gift Guide with Luxury Gifts for Her. Him and the Home, Luxury Spirits, Luxury Christmas Hampers, Advent Calendars, Festive Fizz and Gifts for Foodies; SLOAN! Baby, Kiddo Luxe, Toddlertainment and SLOAN! Kids; The Best Children's Books of 2021; London Restaurant Reviews and a host of features on Beauty & Grooming, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Parenthood and Personal Development plus Ask The Expert with practical advice and festive top tips from media-friendly experts and leading specialists in their fields.

In this issue: Interviews and profile features with John Legend, Katie Piper, Jessica Henwick and DJ BBQ; Luxury Travel; Active Affluent for Full-On Outdoor Enthusiasts; Magimix Cook Expert; Traeger Grills; Tech-tastic Treats; Christmas Gift Guide with Luxury Gifts for Her. Him and the Home, Luxury Spirits, Luxury Christmas Hampers, Advent Calendars, Festive Fizz and Gifts for Foodies; SLOAN! Baby, Kiddo Luxe, Toddlertainment and SLOAN! Kids; The Best Children's Books of 2021; London Restaurant Reviews and a host of features on Beauty & Grooming, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Home & Garden, Parenthood and Personal Development plus Ask The Expert with practical advice and festive top tips from media-friendly experts and leading specialists in their fields.


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Private Island



Best Books

of 2021

Luxury Gifts







Ask The Expert

Autumn 2021


Culinary Sensation with

Magimix Cook Expert

Inside this issue:

Katie Piper

Vogue Williams










Sloan Sheridan-Williams

We discover the woman behind the successful entrepreneur,

media personality and international speaker to find out what

makes Sloan Sheridan-Williams stand out from all the rest!

Sloan Sheridan-Williams is a uniquely talented celebrity life coach who has

worked with rock stars to royalty and politicians to CEOs. Her VIP clients

include Hollywood actors, professional athletes and reality TV stars. She

also works with brands from start ups to global leaders such as Unilever,

BMW, Honda, David Brown Automotive, eHarmony, Whirlpool, Hotels.

com and Booking.com to name a few.


Sloan Sheridan-Williams is known for her work as one of the leading

“diagnosticians in the complementary therapy world” She is often

commended for having the fastest results in the shortest time often tackling

problems that have yet to be solved by others. Sloan achieves this using

over a decade of experience and is unique in the fact that she has trained in

so many different areas using their diversity to fix problems that a single

qualified practitioner may not be able to address. She talks about all these

area in the press on a regular basis both in the UK and globally.


Sloan was originally known in her capacity as an experienced therapist and

success coach, but she is impossible to pigeon hole. Over the last 15 years,

she has had the opportunity to work in many different arenas from legal to

political, medical to media, and corporate to academia. Educated at Oxford

University where she originally read Medicine,

Sloan then attended University College London

before converting to Law. Sloan has collaborated

with some of the finest institutions and brands in

the UK, if not the world, and has had the pleasure

to work with some very talented individuals.

Sloan’s latest work is her new book, “Slap Fear

In The Face” which is available in e-book and

paperback at www.slapfear.com

Visit www.celebritylifecoach.co.uk to learn more

about Sloan and her extraordinary work.


Sloan has worked with rock

stars to royalty and politicians to

CEOs. Her VIP clients include

Hollywood actors, professional

athletes and reality TV stars


As a respected relationship

expert, Sloan has appeared in

the UK and international media

over 200 times. She is also a

charismatic media personality,

radio host and trained presenter.



Sloan is an engaging and

inspirational world class

international speaker and has

shared the stage with some of

the top business experts and

entrepreneurs in the UK. Sloan's

2020 TEDx talk on Fear Hacking

empowered people to unleash the

biggest version of themselves.


Sloan has a combined social

media following of over 400K on

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and

LinkedIn. She is also the founder

and editor-in-chief of SLOAN!

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27 th



VIP & Celebrities



















Baby & Kids












As we approach Thanksgiving

and the festive season, now more

than any other time in our recent

history, it is important for us all to

look at what we are truly thankful

for, be that family, health, work or

whatever we couldn't live without

in our lives.

Here at SLOAN! we have always

focused on gratitude and as the

pressures and expectations of the

party season and Christmas loom

large, we want to provide you

with not only options in our everpopular

Christmas Gift Guides but

also new possibilities for all areas

of your life and the lives of your

nearest and dearest - especially

your children who are the future.

So in this 27 th edition of SLOAN!,

in addition to the usual gift guide

sections you know and love, we

are also delighted to bring you a

wealth of knowledge from some of

the UK's leading experts including

our special 12 Days of Wellness

feature where our 12 experts offer

quick and easy tips for the mind,

body and soul for the festive


As well as our fabulous cover star

John Legend - who we could all

learn a thing or two from - we

have features with actress Jessica

Henwick, the amazing Katie

Piper and the grill master himself,

DJ BBQ. Plus there are features

on luxury travel, outdoor gear,

journaling, the best children's

books of 2021 and much more.

As always I applaud my team who

have curated some insightful,

informative & interesting content

to keep you on the road to success

as we welcome the colder months.

Finally, a big thank you to you,

our readers, for your continued

support. We love hearing how

SLOAN! makes such an impact to

you and your life.

Be inspired!


4 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



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Ask The Expert














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Arguably the most exclusive and luxurious resort in the world

Velaa Private Island raises the bar in wellness with its series

of world class practitioners in holistic healing and osteopathy

in residency at the luxury resort and spa in the Maldives

6 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

To round off the year, Velaa Private

Island in the Maldives – arguably the

most exclusive and luxurious resort in

the world – invites fitness seekers to reenergise

and fulfil their fitness ambitions

whilst taking care of the mind, body and

soul with their Visiting Practitioners

Programme. Mirroring Velaa’s passion

for ultra-luxurious personalised

experiences, the programme works with

world class athletes and practitioners

to tailor exclusive workshops designed

to promote inner balance, health and

harmony, working in perfect synergy

alongside the range of high-tech spa and

fitness facilities Velaa has to offer.

Already in early November Casper

Ruud, the 10th best singles tennis player

in the world, hosted 1-2-1tennis lessons

during his residency. Throughout the

rest of November, Antonio Herrer, the

master of osteopathy, will be on hand

to help guests reach optimal physical

function during their stay. With more

practitioners to be announced for next

year’s programme, Velaa is also excited

to welcome back Dr Song Qinggeng and

Buathon Thienarrom, experts in holistic

healing, sound vibration and body


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Antonio Herrer: Physiotherapist and personal trainer (9th-24th


Specialist in posture analysis, offering private osteopath and

physiotherapy sessions

Recognised as a world-class physiotherapist and personal

trainer, Antonio originally specialised in posture analysis

graduating with a double degree in Physiotherapy and Sports

Science. He has a wealth of experience in osteopathy and

physiotherapy and will be available for private sessions

throughout his residency at Velaa Private Island. Alongside

assisting with immediate tension relief, Antonio’s speciality

is long term posture correction, where he teaches preventative

exercises to help strengthen the weaker areas of the body,

taking a holistic approach, he is able to help keep muscle

tension at bay. For full body regeneration, guests can also take

advantage of Velaa’s spa including the Maldives’ only snow

room, a sauna and stream room, or indulge in a deep tissue

Oriental Fusion Massage.


Dr Song Qinggeng: Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

(2022, exact dates tbc)

Qi Gong, acupuncture and energy balancing

A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and an expert in

drug-free treatment, Dr Song specialises in neck, back and

acute care treatment using Tuina and acupuncture, as well as

weight loss and mental health focused programmes for those

suffering from anxiety, depression and insomnia. Dr Song is

also an expert in anti-ageing treatments and teaches martial arts

and Qi Gong – an Asian form of yoga practice that translates to

‘energy work’. During his residency at Velaa Private Island, Dr

Song will guide guests to restore balance through his teaching

of Qi Gong and carry out acupuncture sessions to stimulate the

body’s natural healing abilities and promote both physical and

emotional wellbeing by balancing a person’s energy.


Buathon Thienarrom Ph.D.: Director of Sukkasart Institute of

Healing Arts (2022, exact dates tbc

Integrative bodywork, sound healing and mind training.

Originally from Thailand, Buathon is a holistic practitioner

with extensive knowledge of alternative medicine and

specialises in Taoism, sound healing, Tibetan medicine and

mind training. Following extensive training, Buathon went

on to create her own unique approach to holistic healing,

‘ZenNaTai’, which encourages inner peace through releasing

tension and generating chi flow in the body. Having worked

with a network of celebrity clientele, Buathon is now set to

bring this unique healing practice to Velaa Private Island,

where she will carry out bespoke consultations with guests

to analyse the influence of body structure on an individual’s

lifestyle, followed by energy-enhancing sound vibration rituals.

These sessions are designed to offer an insight into developing

personal awareness, and a guide to mindfulness that can be

implemented in guests’ everyday lives.

To find out more, please visit www.velaaprivateisland.com

8 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

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Avoiding Winter

Weight Gain

Personal trainer and fitness influencer Bradley Simmonds is

a huge social media sensation, providing fitness enthusiasts

around the world with new workout routines and motivational

posts on a daily basis. SLOAN! spoke to Bradley about his top

ten workout tips to avoid gaining weight during the winter



Have your workout schedule ready before

the week has started. Have it on your fridge

to remind yourself. Tick off each workout

each day.

It’s so important to stick to your schedule – a huge

part of training is remaining disciplined. It’s also

great to visually see how much you have achieved

and remind yourself how hard you have worked.




Have your workout outfits ready to go so

you feel organised and stylish. Look good &

feel good walking into your workouts.

One of the best ways I can boost my motivation is by

being excited to wear a new outfit in the gym.


Set your alarm early and smash out a

high intensity workout; whether it’s a run

outdoors or a HIIT class indoors – you’ll

release those endorphins to your brain making you

feel positive for the day ahead.

I personally love working out in the mornings,

getting that sense of achievement and endorphin hit

to kickstart the day. I also find it sets the tone for the

rest of the day, making me feel more productive and





Train with a friend; someone who will keep

you motivated to stay consistent.

This is a great way to stay motivated – make your

friends keep you accountable. Whenever I’m lacking

in motivation, it’s great to know my mates will give

me a boost. Likewise, I’m there to give them the good

energy they might need.


Download a fitness app so you can become

part of a community. This will keep you

motivated, and a structured plan and

10 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

schedule will already be created for you.

This is one of the main reasons I developed Get It

Done. So many people find it overwhelming to create

a structured plan for themselves, often leading to

them becoming bored due to repetitive workouts. By

having a structure and offloading the responsibility

of planning to someone else, you’ll find it easier to

stay on top of your training programme.



Wrap up warm and get those steps up with

friends with a coffee in hand. Gossip or

catch up whilst you’re on the move. Every

step counts to maintaining a healthy weight.

Any movement is good movement in my eyes – even

a gentle walk in the park. It’s a great way to burn a

few extra calories without even realising.



Mix up your training. Invest in some fitness

equipment and improve your overall fitness

levels with strength training, HIIT and core.

This will keep it challenging so you don’t get bored.

It’s important not to become fatigued by your

training routine, so try and keep it interesting. New

equipment is great – it will open up new ways to train

and keep you engaged.



Mobilising each day spending 10-15 minutes

stretching is an important part of your

workout regime to ensure you’re your body

is mobile and not at risk of muscular injuries.

I can’t overestimate how important it is to stretch and

keep your body healthy. 10-15 minutes may sound

like a lot but it goes a long way to preventing injury –

I find it’s a great time to reflect and think, too.



Come out of your comfort zone and try

something completely new. Whether it’s

boxing training, yoga or Pilates or even

running. If you enjoy it, it will be a game changer.

Get It Done offers all different types of classes, all

of which are beneficial for different reasons. I never

thought I’d enjoy yoga, but I love it now. Give it a go

– worst case scenario, you don’t have to try it again!



Have a goal set by the end of winter, have

it written on your phone screen to remind

yourself everyday. This will keep you

motivated to stay on track.

It’s important to remember why you’re doing this –

whether it’s muscle gain, weight loss, or even just

spending less time in the pub. I keep my targets

on my lock screen so that I’m seeing them at least

10 times a day. It’s a simple trick but it really helps

reinforce why the hard work will be worth it!

Get It Done is available at getitdone.fitness

online and via app on iOS, Android & Apple TV.

Subscriptions start at £22 per month.

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Active Affluent

We choose the best outdoor gear

and clothing for full-on outdoor

enthusiasts and urban adventurers

Canada Goose

The Summit Jacket was designed with the

Mountaineer as a starting point, but lighter

weight and incorporates many of the features

of a classic quilt-through parka. Inspired by the

Arctic and made for enduring daily warmth, this

laminated 2-layer shell is ideal for high altitude

performance but is also a welcome addition to

urban adventures during the coldest months of

the year.

It's cut is longer in the back for greater protection

and warmth with drawcords to seal out the cold

and wind. Offering versatility with its removable,

adjustable down hood and adjustable cuffs for

added element protection, the quilt-through

design provides even heat distribution and bulk

reduction. Two exterior fleece-lined pockets

keeps hands cosy and two interior pockets offer

the perfect place to stash your phone and other

important bits. Reflectivity on the right chest

pocket and hood add visibility in low light


£825 from www.canadagoose.com

Vango Joro 450

The new Vango Joro 450 4-man tent is a poled tent within the new Earth Collection. The new collection

launches Vango's Sentinel Eco Fabric, made from recycled single use plastics. Not only does the Joro reduce

plastic waste from the environment but it also benefits from many key features including an integrated front

awning with a large front door, which can be fully rolled back and a side door that can be King-Poled open to

enjoy the good weather, or zipped up when more shelter is required, giving a

real outdoors feel. Fresh airflow is also a key feature as both the living room

doors have mesh panels which increase the airflow, whilst keeping the bugs

out. Space is plentiful with a large dining and social area. The Joro also

sleeps up to four people in the King-Sized, Nightfall bedrooms, designed

to reduce early morning light. The Clear Access design allows you to

enter the bedroom with no step over and gives you a wider entrance.

£515 from www.vango.co.uk

Leatherman Wave+

With 18 essential locking tools, a 100% stainless steel body and quick one-hand

opening blades, the Leatherman Wave+ is the upgraded version of Leatherman's

best selling multi-tool ever. The Wave+ boasts tools including replaceable wire

cutters, a saw, screwdriver and two types of pliers so you won't just be saving

time, but space too! Perfect for tackling jobs outdoors as well as DIY tasks at

home, it's easy to see why this is the most popular Leatherman to date.

£135.95 from www.multi-tool-store.co.uk

12 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Versatile and luxuriously warm, the Janhukot Jacket has been designed as

a luxurious warm and robust piece of 'do-it-all' down insulation equally

at home for belaying as it is for winter walking throughout the colder

months. Protective 40 Denier PERTEX® QUANTUM PRO provides high

levels of water resistance and the jacket is filled with high quality 650+

fill power down. Other features we loved include the fully adjustable

roll-away insulated climbing helmet compatible hood with stiffened

peak, semi-elasticated cuffs with Velcro tab adjustments, adjustable hem

with cinchable drawcord and midi baffle construction throughout. The

microfleece lined hand pockets keep you toasty warm in the cold.

£220 from montane.com


For active dogs who love the thrill of the chase, this water-resistant

PetSafe® Automatic Ball Launcher is great for interactive play in

the great outdoors. With 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings

the launcher shoots standard sized tennis balls between 2.5 to 9

metres and up to a 45 degree angle. Multiple built-in safety sensors

keep pets and people safe while playing fetch and the automatic

rest mode makes sure your dog does not get overworked.

£152.99 from www.petsafe.com/uk

Helly Hansen

The W Blume Puffy Parka is a stylish and feminine parka for those

cold days. Featuring a waterproof fabric combined with high loft

synthetic insulation for extra warmth this will keep you dry and

comfortable when exploring the urban outdoors making it the perfect

women's winter coat for city life and commuting. Lightweight yet

durable, the parka is insulated and highly breathable, waterproof and

moderately windproof. Details like the HH® metal badge on sleeve

add to its charm. We love the red but it is also available in black.

£210 from www.hellyhansen.com


Founded over 25 years ago on the East Coast of Scotland, the perfect place to

innovate and test outdoor garments for the changeable British weather, Keela

provide quality outdoor clothing packed with innovation and technology.

One of our favourite bits of kit are the Munro Salopettes which are capable

of tackling every Munro and all the world’s Mountains. Used by Mountain

Rescue Teams and Tactical Forces, this high specification mountaineering

salopette is constructed from advanced System Dual Protection technology.

£144.95 from keelaoutdoors.com

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Active Affluent

Escape to the

Great Outdoors

this winter with

this cool kit

Precision Movements

Redesigned to combine sophistication with a

powerful look, RAYMOND WEIL’s newest

edition of its best-seller, chronograph,

embodies the freelancer collection’s freespirit.

The freelancer chronograph combines

sophistication with a powerful and

extremely stylish aesthetic.

Equipped with a chronograph and day and

date functions, this Freelancer watch will

tempt you with its smooth design. Powered

by a mechanical self-winding RW5200

movement providing a 46-hour power

reserve, this latest addition to the freelancer

collection features a sophisticated blue dial

with silver sub dials, antique brown leather


Its style is assured and it will be with you

every step of the way, both throughout your

sporting adventures and on special occasions.

The freelancer 7732-TIC-50421 is £2,495 from


Woven With Performance

For warming up, cooling down, or simply

relaxing in style, this hoodie combines

classic functionality with new tech details

for comfort that's woven with performance.

The elbow dart is a signature On detail,

ensuring the hoodie keeps its shape. And

the all-new lace guard holds

the drawstring laces in place

so you can move or relax

without distraction.

Made from a technical mix

of recycled fabrics, this


hoodie is one of

a kind and

might just

be the only

hoodie you'll

ever want to

wear again.

£120 from www.


Waterproof Running

Cloud Waterproof is the all-day, everyday shoe with

a 100% wind and waterproof membrane upper that's

engineered to keep your feet dry in rainy conditions.

Details like the step-in heel loop and reflective elements

add comfort and practicality. Zero-Gravity foam

and CloudTec® in the outsole provide soft landings.

Advanced abrasion pads ensure superior grip, while the

moulded heel provides a snug, secure fit.

The Speedboard® within transforms the energy

generated as your foot lands into forward motion. The

signature speed-lacing system allows your foot to slip in

and out with ease, yet keeps the shoe firmly in place on

the move.

£135 from www.on-running.com

14 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Simply The Vest

The W Crew Insulator Vest from

Helly Hansen is a lightweight

insulator vest in a classic feminine

design featuring wind resistant and

water repellent fabric, PrimaLoft®

Black down insulation and

elasticated inside hem, armholes

and collar for a snug fit that's

perfect for layering when things

get chilly.

£110 from www.hellyhansen.com

Keep On Track

Easy to layer so you can keep

moving in all weather, this

Swiss-engineered elevated Track

Pant is packed with features.

The elasticated waistband

and lightweight fabric keeps

you comfortable and free to

move. Mesh insert offer added

breathability to help regulate your

temperature during warm-ups and

cool-downs. With four spacious

pockets and drawstrings at the

ankles and waist to adjust final fit.

£100 from www.on-running.com

Fleecy Does It

With a brushed grid back construction, the

THERMO GRID fleece manages moisture and

regulates heat effectively, making the Protium

Fleece Jacket an excellent mid-layer piece as

well as being effective as an outer layer in

warmer weather.

£60 from montane.com

An Ideal Base Layer

The ideal base layer, this

long sleeved 200gsm

Merino top is designed

to keep you warm in

cooler temperatures by

remaining breathable.

It helps your body

regulate its temperature

when you’re pushing

yourself to the limits.

£54.95 from


Get A Grip

Ideal for a variety of

temperatures, these Waterproof

All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted

Gloves will keep your hands

dry and protected in rain, light

snow, and mud while

also preserving the

grip and dexterity

you need to get

things done. The

close fitting glove

also boasts silicone

printed fingers and

palm to offer firm

handling and added grip

control and touchscreen

enabled capabilities.

£40 from www.sealskinz.com

Keep Your Head Cosy

This Water Repellent Cold Weather

Bobble Hat keeps your head

dry and cosy when you need it

most. The micro fleece lining

adds warmth and moisture

control while a water repellent

outer fabric coated with Teflon

provides protection against

water and stains.

£20 from


Extreme Expedition

The Keela fully cushioned

Expedition sock is the top of the

range sock ideal for the harshest of

conditions. The PrimaLoft® Silver

and Merino Wool blend offers next to

skin comfort along with antibacterial,

enhanced warmth and performance,

wicking moisture away from skin

keeping feet dry and comfortable.

£24.95 from keelaoutdoors.com

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With 84% of Brits

admitting to finding

gift shopping stressful,

here are five top tips on

how to enjoy the

gifting experience

Five Gifting Tips for a

Stress-Free Christmas

By Louise Doyle, founder and resident gift expert at needi.co.uk

Christmas is quickly creeping up

on us, and like every year, it will

soon be time to scour the everchaotic

shop shelves or indulge

in some quieter, yet equally as

stressful, internet shopping – to

ensure we find the perfect gifts

for our loved ones. Here are

five top tips on how to enjoy the



Think about how much money

you want to spend - it doesn’t have

to be a massive budget to get an

incredibly thoughtful and unique

gift. There are many pop-up stalls

at Christmas markets in the run up

to Christmas offering token festive

gifts. This could be anything from

a box of individually wrapped

homemade donuts in beautiful

packaging to a cheeseboard paired

with the perfect chutney. It is

after all, the thought that counts

and who doesn’t like chocolate or



What does the person LOVE?

Do they have any particular

interests? Your gift is more likely

to be appreciated, wanted and not

thrown away if you think about

Louise and Steph, her co-founder, have set up their own

intelligent gift-matching marketplace. It removes the

stress of finding the perfect gift at Christmas, whether it

be for a colleague for Secret Santa to an elderly relative

that insists they have everything they need.

needi.co.uk has a resident team of gifting experts that

personally match the present to the person to ensure the

seasonal gifting experience is easy and stress-free.

what they enjoy doing i.e. sports,

games or even food. They may

have a passion for home interiors,

therefore anything slightly out

there or new (try to avoid the

standard photo frames as these

will most probably be placed in

the giftee’s gift cupboard to be

passed on to someone else). You

could choose the latest kitchen

gadget if they like to cook,

whether small or big, expensive or

not, everyone marvels at the latest

cooking utensil (think electric

corkscrews, bizarre bottle stoppers

or a rolling pin that doubles up as

a cheese grater) – you get the gist.


Are they passionate about any

causes or beliefs? There are

so many amazing sustainable

businesses producing plastic

free products and supporting

the environment, they may also

16 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

offer charity donations from a

percentage of the gift price or

100% vegan products.


How do you want to make your

giftee feel? This is at the centre of

the type of gift you buy - do you

want to make them laugh, cry or

just feel loved? There’s something

out there for everyone, just try to

remember when you last laughed,

cried and loved together. A gift

that connects you and the giftee

will always evoke emotions and

will be remembered forever.


There are so many amazing

independent businesses offering

bespoke and special gifts at a

variety of prices. After such a

challenging year, each purchase

you make is supporting the local

businesses that need it the most –

so spread the seasonal joy along

the gifting chain and put a smile

on everyone’s faces.

For Him

Forget chocolate, have fun with the Smith &

Sinclair edible cocktail gummies. Mixed like a

drink but enjoyed best as two bites, these delicious

sweets are a great stocking filler.

The Party box, £15, www.smithandsinclair.com

For Her

You can’t get much more festive than traditional

German marzipan. John Lewis & Partners have the

luxury Niederegger marzipan range.

Christmas Marzipanerie Assortment 182g, £12, www.johnlewis.com

For Kids

PLAYin CHOC festive gift set comes with 6 ToyChoc boxes.

Each box has 2 vegan, organic and natural chocolates, a

fun card puzzle toy to build and a festive fun

fact card. Plastic free and 100% recyclable.

Festive Gift Set, £15, PLAYinCHOC.com

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Luxury Gifts for Him

From timeless accessories & stylish clothing

to luxury fragrance & skincare, here's our

choice of generous gifts for gentlemen


We love the new Spinnaker Dumas

watches in Tangerine, Bordeaux,

Sahara and Blue Yonder. The iconic

Dumas leans on a strong, vintage

1970s inspired shape. The octagon

case is bold, sturdy and offers the

right frame for the bezel and dial.

This already iconic watch is receiving

a new, sturdy, hexagonal-shaped link

bracelet upgrade. It catches the light

and detail of its finish while delivering

a securely robust yet comfortable wear

at any time. Each edge of each link is

Impress Him This Christmas

AVI-8 Watches

precisely chamfered and assembled

into a bracelet that perfectly mirrors

the strong geometry of the Dumas


With its Japan NH35 TMI Automatic

movement and Sapphire Lens with

Anti-Reflective Coating, the Dumas

is the perfect choice to impress

the discerning man in your life

this Christmas. We love the bold

Tangerine colourway and the refined


£315 from spinnaker-watches.co.uk

Inspired by an American hero, the Hitchcock Automatic from

AVI-8 pays tribute to the Lafayette Escadrille member and

national polo champion who directly influenced the development

of the P-51 Mustang during WWII.

The Hitchcock Automatic is built from the iconic 43mm P-51

Mustang inspired case, featuring a crown guard echoing the

engine exhaust of the aircraft. Drawn from both the cockpit and

body of the P-51 Mustang, the Hitchcock's multilayered dial

blends modern watchmaking sophistication with vintage aviation

elements to create a clear and legible dial.

Powering the Hitchcock is the ever-reliable and accurate NH35

self-winding movement. In a tribute to Hitchcock's heroics

outside the cockpit, the case back features the words "Ten Goal

Tommy," referencing his 10-goal handicap in polo.

Given his prominence and accomplishments in polo, the

colourways of the Hitchcock Automatic are suitably inspired by

the various polo clubs Hitchcock represented over the years.

£275 from avi-8.co.uk

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Maui Jim is the Official Vision Partner of

Manchester United and have launched a range of

styles have been expertly-crafted to celebrate your

man's passion for the game.

Maui Jim

Located on Kaihalulu Bay, Red Sand Beach is one of the only red

sand beaches in the entire world. Like their namesake, the Red

Sand polarized rectangular sunglasses are one of a kind with their

combination of durability and lightweight ease-of-wear. We prefer

the Matte Black frames with the visually arresting HAWAII

LAVA red mirror coated lenses, but there is

a variety of cool colourways to choose


£218 from www.mauijim.com

Brave the elements

with a Lyle & Scott Lyle & Scott

Winter Weight Fleece-

Lined Parka. Made

to last in the coldest

of British winters and adorned with their iconic

golden eagle, this men's parka jacket comes with a

removable faux fur hood and an adjustable waist

and cuffs to customise your fit for anything the

wintry months throw your way. Also available

in plus sizes.

£180 from www.lyleandscott.com


Strike a commanding impression

in the Murray trench coat from

T.M.Lewin. Its double-breasted

design and cinched waist create a

distinctively powerful silhouette.

Crafted from a fine cotton

blend, it is exceptionally

lightweight and will

stand up to sudden

winter downpours.

The coat also

comes with

a detachable

PrimaLoft lining

that gives you

the option to add

further insulation

on the very coldest

days. This makes

it a true year-round


£200 available from


The inaugural scent from Saunders

& Long, the distinguished grooming

label by Nick Saunders and Jonny

Long, Q is an elegant, sophisticated

fougére, masterfully blended by

François Robert of Grasse. Q is inspired by the earthy aromas of

unlit tobacco leaves and the layered woods of the humidor.

Designed for stylish global nomads, the meticulously crafted, matt

black canister recalls the smooth curve of a cigar tube and the

silencer from a vintage spy movie. The compact, robust aluminium

case has a removable base and a tactile grip detail around the cap.

It contains a refillable glass atomiser. At 12ml, it complies with

airline restrictions for carry-on liquids. Refillable and recyclable to

lessen waste, the 125ml aluminium bottle comes with a matching

black funnel for decanting and provides up to ten refills.

Top notes of Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Basil, Nutmeg, Mandarin,

Grapefruit. Heart notes of Tobacco Accord, Olibanum, Geranium,

Cedar wood, Lavender. Base

notes of Haitian Vetiver,

Patchouli, Amber, Precious


Q Eau de Toilette is £195 for The

Set (12ml refillable atomiser,

125ml bottle & black funnel)

from saundersandlong.com

Saunders & Long

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It’s impossible

for me to think

about Christmas

music without

thinking about Nat

‘King’ Cole


20 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

SLOAN! talks about John Legend - the youngest-ever and

first African-American Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony

award winner - and the "nice" judge on NBC's The Voice

According to celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams, there are three important life lessons to

learn from John Legend.



John Legend explains his song writing process

doesn't follow the traditional methodology. In his

2006 interview with Seventeen magazine, John says,

"I have a structured songwriting process. I start with

the music and try to come up with musical ideas,

then the melody, then the hook, and the lyrics come

last. Some people start with the lyrics first because

they know what they want to talk about and they just

write a whole bunch of lyrical ideas, but for me the

music tells me what to talk about."

It is important to let your passion lead you. John

is clearly passionate about music, and he allows it

to guide him to produce the amazing music that

inspires others to follow their dreams.



John Legend was actually born John Roger

Stephens. He chose his stage name two decades

ago after some hesitation in changing it. A lot can

be achieved by a name, not only from how you

are perceived but how you perceive yourself. It's

important to find authenticity in your name, and

when someone gives you a name based on your

talent, there is even more power in that. John

Legend was hired to sing part of the hooks for

Kayne West. It was then he realised he may need to

choose a stage name. As mentioned, in his Oprah's

Next Chapter interview, John Legend's artist name

actually originated from poet J. Ivy who described

John's sound as old-school. J. Ivy stated, "I heard

your music and it reminds me of that music from the

old school. You sound like one of the legends. As a

matter of fact, that's what I'm going to call you from

now on! I'm going to call you John Legend." And so

the name became a reality, despite John's' original

reluctance to adopt a stage name.

It's never to late to use your rebranding to inspire

you to be the very best you can be. "I am" statements

not only define a person but it defines the habits and

the actions that people take. Changing your name

to match your identity clearly worked wonders for

John. He is a true legend not only by name but also

in everything he does.


John's actions give a clear message to not be held

back by fear and to take the risk if the possibility of

reward is greater than the pain of failing. But he also

is a realist and points out that he is an exception, not

everyone will get the fame and rewards he got when

taking their risks.

In a radio interview in 2013 after playing the

fabulous song "All of Me" John Legend said to

Michael Martin on NPR News,

"People see me as pretty low key in a lot of ways.

And this song sort of goes against type for me

because my brothers on the rap side, they usually

are more flossy and more willing to talk about how

much they floss. But to me, the song partly is about

being bold, being audacious, taking risks for love

and also for life. And for me, like, even choosing

to be John Legend and to be who I am as a star, as

an artist, it's a risk 'cause I - you know, I graduated

from college and worked as a management

consultant, and I could have had this very kind of

buttoned-up life and worn suits to work every day.

I could've done very well for myself, but I chose a

more risky path and a more kind of flashy path as

well. Taking that risk meant that the possibility of

failure was high, but the possibility of reward was

worth it for me."

Clearly the risk paid off for John, but it's not one he

entered into lightly. However, John isn't into blindly

following a dream, it takes talent, hard work and

giving 110%. John Legend goes on to say in the

same interview,

"I do speak to kids a lot. I am very clear with them

that not all of them should aspire to be me and not

all of them should be aspire to be LeBron. We have a

responsibility as a community, as a society, to make

sure that the only examples of success that they

see aren't me and LeBron, so that they see a clear

path out of poverty, out of, you know, a tough life.

But in this song [Who Do We Think We Are], I'm

not saying everyone should follow my path, but I'm

embracing my path and celebrating the path that I've


Talking of his Bigger Love tour this year, "the first

leg of the tour has been truly so fun and so inspiring

and full of energy and life," Legend tells New Times.

"The response we're getting from the fans and

critics, and everybody has been so good. I think it's

my best tour yet creatively. Just thinking about the

way we put the setlist together, the visuals, the flow

of the show just feels like we've outdone ourselves.

We've done better than we've done before. It's a team


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And John's going from strength to strength with

this October seeing the release of "A Sentimental

Christmas with Nat 'King' Cole and Friends: The

Cole Classics Reimagined". The album’s lead

single, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting

on an Open Fire), sees a virtual duet with John

Legend, the 12x GRAMMY® Award-winner.

Speaking about the album, Legend said, “It’s

impossible for me to think about Christmas music

without thinking about Nat ‘King’ Cole.”

First recorded by Cole in 1946, this year marks

the 75th anniversary of the beloved holiday classic

of The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting

on an Open Fire). The unique holiday album

weaves Nat 'King' Cole’s unparalleled, beautifully

restored vocals with new arrangements and

contemporary artists to create a collection of

beautiful sentimental duets of holiday classics.

The album also features virtual duets with Kristin

Chenoweth on the track The Very Thought of

You, Gloria Estefan on the track A Nightingale

Sang in Berkeley Square, Johnny Mathis on the

track Deck the Hall/Joy to the World, and Calum

Scott on the track O Holy Night.

Co-produced by Jay Landers and GRAMMY®

Award winner and Oscar nominee Jorge

Calandrelli, who also arranged and conducted,

the album’s material was sourced from Nat 'King'

Cole’s timeless album, The Christmas Song, and

other recordings from his esteemed catalogue. The

album was co-produced, mixed, and mastered by

multi-GRAMMY-winning engineer and mixer

Dave Reitzas (Natalie Cole, Whitney Houston,

Celine Dion). Reitzas was responsible for mixing

the historic Grammy®-winning virtual duet,

Unforgettable, by Natalie and Nat 'King' Cole.

John Legend: Live at Baloise Session

(Sky Arts) © Photo Dominik Plüss

With Ryan Gosling in La La Land

(Sky Cinema) © Lionsgate Entertainment


1. Deck the Hall/Joy to the World (duet with

Johnny Mathis)

2. O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)/The

First Noel

3. The Very Thought of You (duet with Kristin


4. Auld Lang Syne (Interlude)

5. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons

6. O Holy Night (duet with Calum Scott)

7. O Little Town of Bethlehem/Silent Night

8. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Interlude)

9. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (duet

with Gloria Estefan)

10. The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot

11. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on

An Open Fire) (duet with John Legend)

“A Sentimental Christmas With Nat 'King' Cole And

Friends: Cole Classics Reimagined” is available

now on CD, vinyl, and all digital formats released

by Capitol Records

22 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Winning an Oscar at the 87th Academy

Awards (Sky Movies) ©A.M.P.A.S.

With wife Chrissy Teigen at the 87th

Academy Awards (Sky Movies) ©A.M.P.A.S.

Attending the Global Citizen Prize 2020

(Sky One) © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

With the all-star cast of Jesus Christ

Superstar Live in Concert

(Sky Arts) © Major Entertainment Gmbh

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Gifts For Him

From affordable essentials to

indulgent luxuries, there's something

to suit every budget when looking

for some great gifts for the boys

24 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Crafted from waterproof fabric,

with fully taped seams, the

Shoreline Men's Recycled

Jacket is guaranteed to keep

you warm and dry.

£70 from www.animal.co.uk


Made from soft environmentally

conscious cotton, the Recline

Mens Organic Tracksuit Bottoms

features an adjustable drawstring

waist, elasticated cuffs and slim

pockets for life essentials.

£40 from www.animal.co.uk


This Shoreside Mens Organic

Sweatshirt is made from an

environmentally conscious cotton

blend with a soft brushed lining

and reinforced ribbed trims.

£35 from www.animal.co.uk


Positive Vibration XL Anti Noise

Cancellation Over-Ear Headphones

offer 26/32 hours of playback with

ANC switched on/off and quickcharge

technology for 2-hour

playback boost from 15-min charge.

£149.99 from Amazon, HMV and



Luxury indoor footwear with an

affinity for Scandinavian style that

are built to last. The Curve is their

hero product now available in new

colourways including santorini blue.

£99 from mahabis.com


Detox Face Mask is a 5-minute

oxygenating gel mask to

thoroughly purify & brighten skin.

£36 from



10% Sulfur Paste is an overnight

spot treatment to effectively treat

blemishes without drying skin

£19 from www.malinandgoetz.co.uk


Your total guide to the astrology of

2022, this book is part astro planner,

part cosmic almanac.

£14.99 published by Octopus


An inspirational manifesto for re-igniting

our passion for life and our inner drive from

Sharath Jeevan, a leading expert on motivation.

£14.99 published by Octopus


S p i r i t s

Yamazaki® 55

The House of Suntory pays tribute to the

passage of time and the legacy of the founding

family of Japanese whisky with Yamazaki® 55.

Bottled in 2020, Yamazaki 55® is a blend of

precious single malts featuring components

distilled in 1960 under the supervision of

Suntory’s founder Shinjiro Torii and then

aged in Mizunara casks; and in 1964 under

Suntory’s Second Master Blender Keizo Saji

and then aged in White Oak casks. Suntory’s

Fifth-Generation Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo

worked closely with Third-Generation Master

Blender Shingo Torii in deploying their

signature art of blending to properly reveal

the exceptional depth, complexity and wisdom

that is Yamazaki 55. The resulting expression

features a deep amber color; robust aroma

redolent of sandal wood and well-ripened fruit;

sweet, slightly bitter and woody palate; and

slightly bitter yet sweet and rich finish.

$60,000 from Harrods, Harvey Nichols, The

Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop and

Master of Malt


A distinctive whiskey from the creators of the

original single malt, Bushmills 16 Year Old Single

Malt Whiskey is a story in three chapters. Aged

in a combination of Oloroso Sherry and bourbonseasoned

barrels, before going through a final

finishing period in Port wine casks, the unique

maturation process creates a truly fantastic

whiskey. With complex notes

of juicy fruits, nuts and spice,

as well as a hint of ruby

redness, the 16-Year-Old

Single Malt is best enjoyed

neat or with a small ice

cube to open up the unique

flavours. Enjoy a perfectly

balanced whiskey after an

indulgent Christmas dinner.

£80 from The Whiskey


The Macallan

The Macallan: A Night On Earth in Scotland is the

first expression in a new limited edition seasonal

gifting series, themed around the joy of the new year

and Scotland’s Hogmanay celebrations. Created from

a selection of exceptional American and European

oak sherry seasoned casks, the sweet velvety whisky

incorporates flavours like Scottish shortbread, vanilla,

lightly toasted marshmallow and dried oranges.

The bottle comes in an innovative, multi-layered

presentation box from celebrated artist, Erica Dorn.

£75 from The Whisky Exchange & Master of Malt

26 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


With a very peaty character, Kornog

(meaning the west wind) has a

bouquet of aromas from lemon

peel to beeswax enhanced with a

touch of vanilla on the nose perfect

balanced in the

mouth blending

the smokiness of

peat with fruit and

spices (ginger,

white pepper), the

result of patient

ageing. The finish

is intense and


£81.25 from The

Whisky Exchange

Glann Ar Mor

With a name meaning by the sea,

Glann Ar Mor is truly elegant. The

nose offers notes of honey and toffee

and a hint of brine and iodine from

the Brittany coast. The palate offers

honey, toffee, notes of apricot and

mild spices and the finish is smooth

and delicate.

Once the ageing

in bourbon

barrels has come

to an end Glann

Ar Mor is bottled

at 46% ABV.

£77.75 from

The Whisky



A sensational sipping rum for the

discerning drinker, the Goslings

Family Reserve is utterly unique.

It is crafted from the same

incomparable Bermuda blend

used for their renowned Black

Seal Rum but it is left resting

in oak barrels, ageing it until it

has acquired an extra luscious,

nuanced complexity much like a

rare Scotch or Cognac

£60 from Waitrose Cellar


With 240 years of history distilled

into every bottle, the Bowmore

15-Year-Old is a young and bolder

option. This award-winning

whisky is first matured in bourbon

barrels then oloroso sherry casks

for the final three years. Cedar

wood and rich treacle toffee

flavours combine with a dark

chocolate and raisin core.

£57 from Waitrose & Partners,

Amazon, The Whisky Exchange,

Master of Malt

Salcombe Distilling Co.

This Salcombe Gin & Liquid Garnish Gift

Set features a 50cl bottle of the multiaward

winning Salcombe Gin ‘Rosé

Sainte Marie’ and a unique liquid

garnish. ‘Seamist’ for ‘Rosé Sainte

Marie’ has been specifically distilled

and handcrafted with olive, coastal

botanicals and Cornish sea salt to

elevate your ‘Rosé &

Tonic’ experience and

encapsulate the essence of

the Mediterranean Sea.

£55 available from


Hernö Gin

A world first, Hernö Juniper Cask Gin is gently

matured for 30 days in juniper wood casks. This

multi-award winning gin is intense, inviting and

engaging. It has an herbal sweetness to start with

followed by more intense juniper notes

finishing with a long harmonious hint of

citrus peel.

£57.95 from


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Making Wow Factor

Cocktails At Home

Anthony Peart is the Bar Manager at two

Michelin-starred pub, The Hand & Flowers

founded by Tom Kerridge in Marlow.

Anthony is a cocktail obsessive with over 20

years bar experience. He has been at The

Hand & Flowers for over a decade.


Anthony's creations for The Hand

and Flowers include The Pirates

of The Caribbean, Duck Fat Old

Fashioned, Coconut Espresso Martini

and Quincey Jones to name a few. He

finds inspiration from the pub kitchen

as well as his travels across the world.

He is responsible for maintaining

the exceptionally high bar standards

of the two Michelin-starred pub in

Marlow, founded by Tom Kerridge.

His knowledge of syrups, bitters, oils,

aromatics and tinctures is exemplary,

and each cocktail has been created

with consideration and care. Anthony

oversees the day to day running of

the bar and manages a team of five,

his role also encompasses mixology

training and development as well

as maintaining bar stock and a

progressive spirit list for the pub.

Anthony has consulted on a rum

series book with Octopus Publishing

and created signature serves for a

range of premium drinks brands.

Your drinks

game will be

higher than ever

with these hacks

How do I make “Wow!” cocktails

at home, I hear you ask? You

need to elevate your homemade

concoctions with a strong


I’m talking basic liquor, herbs,

fruits, larder items and of course

the right kit. They are much

easier to get hold of these days,

thanks in part to those pesky

lockdowns and our reliance on

online purchasing.

Below, I will be sharing which

tools and ingredients will give

your drinks that little edge over

your friends.

I will share the recipes that you

need to up your drinks game

and once you know the basics,

I promise, you will be looking

to try different ingredients and

make your own signature twists!


Your liquor: vodka, gin, white

and dark rum, whisky (both

blended malt and Scotch), Triple

Sec, dry and red vermouths,

reposado (rested) tequila and


Your larder should contain: fresh

herbs (mint, rosemary, dill), extra

virgin olive oil.

Your equipment: cocktail shaker,

mixing glass, spirit jigger, tea

strainer, small aromatise bottles,

ice cube moulds, citrus juicer

(I use something that’s called a

Mexican elbow), paring knife,

wooden spoon and 1 litre glass



Let’s start with the drink that

shows no sign of slowing down…

the humble gin & tonic.

The citrus garnish is the key to

changing the way you perceive

the flavour of the spirit. I love

using lemon, lime, orange and

grapefruit but you can easily

incorporate the fruit into the ice.


First put pieces of the fruit into

each mould and fill with water.

Before freezing simply express

the oil from the corresponding

fruit’s skin into the water for

extra zing! Once frozen, these

ice cubes will slowly give up

their zesty flavour and aroma to

the bubbling tonic as its poured

creating an exquisite perfume.


A Negroni needs no introduction

but trust me on this… prebatching

gives this cocktail the


Place equal measures of gin,

Campari and red vermouth into a

glass jar, seal and leave on your

kitchen sink for 30 days, just

make sure it’s bright! The UV

light permeating the glass ‘rests’

the cocktail making it silky

smooth and a touch sweeter on

the palate.

28 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

All you need to do after the resting stage

is to pour 75ml into your chosen vessel

and add a big cube of ice. Done! Garnish

is optional.


Your vodka martinis will be loved by

adding a spritz of salt and black pepper

tincture! A tincture is essentially a herb

or spice macerated (softened) in neutral



Start by creating your tincture; add 1

teaspoon of sea salt to 200ml of vodka.

Add 6 slightly crushed peppercorns and

seal in a non-reactive container for a

week. Make sure to shake the mixture

once every day. Strain into an aromatise



Next, mix your martini by stirring 50ml

of vodka with 5ml of dry vermouth over

ice. Strain the mixture into a chilled

martini glass and spray just the once

with your tincture. It’s essential to keep

your tinctures out of direct sunlight. You

can also twist some lemon peel over the

top for a glorious balance of citrus and



Dill oil is a lovely thing and will

transform the finish to your gin martinis.


To make the oil make sure you are

using the best virgin olive oil you can

buy. Gently heat 200ml of olive oil in

a pan and add a handful of dill. Stir

periodically with a wooden spoon for

a few minutes until warm. Decant and

strain into a bottle once the oil has

cooled. Your dill oil can then be stored in

the fridge until you need to use it. Make

your martini as above but substitute

the vodka for gin. Once served in your

chilled martini glass slowly drop 3 drops

of the fragrant oil using the tip of a

teaspoon or pipette if you have one.


I’m pretty sure that your drinks game

will be higher than ever with the above

hacks! It takes a bit of time to prepare but

it will be worth it. I use these methods

behind the bar at The Hand and Flowers

(www.thehandandflowers.co.uk) and all

the guests love that the attention to detail

for the food is equally matched by the


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Katie Piper: My Bedroom Has

Been A Sanctuary To Me

On the debut of her beautiful bedding collection with Bedeck,

the author, broadcaster & mother talks about her latest venture

based on colour psychology & her love of positive affirmations

Katie Piper has launched her debut bedding

collection with Bedeck, one of the world’s leading

bed and bath suppliers.

Starting from £20, Katie’s debut bedding range

includes 11 different duvet-set designs, all based

on colour psychology and Katie’s love of positive

affirmations. There are four key colour stories and

Katie’s quotes are on the pillows of each set.

Katie commented:

"I am absolutely thrilled to be launching my debut

bedding and interiors collection with Bedeck. I have

been working closely with the talented Bedeck design

team to bring you a beautifully detailed collection for


The opportunity to collaborate with Bedeck, one

of the world’s leading bed and bath suppliers is a

dream come true. They truly brought my vision

to life after many meetings, over many months,

discussing themes, materials, fabric swatches and

colour-ways. The result is a stunning, affordable,

bedding collection and I am honoured to be the first

partnership and collaboration for Bedeck.

For a long time now, my bedroom has been a

sanctuary to me. It’s so important to have a peaceful,

lovely space to retreat to and of course sleep in.

As we all know, a positive mindset, and positive

start to a day, is kickstarted by great sleep. I have

always loved treating myself to new bedding, and

accessories, to really enjoy my bedroom and that’s

exactly the joy I hope my collection will bring. We all

know the sheer delight of new, fresh bedsheets after a

long day - there’s nothing better! Truly!

The colour palette was the starting point, and we

looked at the psychology of colour and how each

emotive tone can have such an effect on your

mindset. In light of this, I decided on 4 key colour

stories for my collection:

1. Uplifting yellows and subtle silvers to energize and

promote happiness

2. Refreshing green and aqua to link with nature and


3. Feminine pink and lilac symbolizing nurturing and


4. Inspiring blues to promote confidence and stability

The patterns and design used throughout are

feminine and not too busy. It’s just the right

balance to introduce a fresh and inspiring feel

to the bedroom. Connected to my love of nature

we’ve included beautiful florals and leafy patterns

alongside an alternative of stunning, simplistic woven

bedding for those just after soothing textures which

really add to that element of calm.

An extra uplifting detail to my collection is the lovely

typography affirmation wording on the pillowcases –

a final dose of positivity to end or start the day.

The lovely accompanying accessories that can layer

in to enhance the collection, or stand-alone of course,

are very dear to me.

Comforting pieces include warm chunky throws

which allow you to wrap up and get lost in relaxation

and fun pom pom and fluffy cushions to really

surround you with a safe cosy feel – I love them all!

There is one more special edition which is a weighted

blanket proven to reduce anxiety and stress which

really is the cherry on top. It’s something extra which

will really improve the sleep experience, in a safe and

stylish way.

I am so excited to launch my first bedding collection

with Bedeck – it’s an absolute dream come true for

me and I can’t wait for it to transform bedrooms

across the UK and beyond.

Thank you so much and I guess I should say... sleep


The Katie Piper Collection is available from Bedeck

at www.bedeckhome.com/katie-piper.html and

stockists including Next, Very and Wayfair.

30 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Sleep Well

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Gifts for the Home

Whether you like luxury or something

affordable, show your home some TLC



The Pearl Ridge range offers classic shapes and

beautifully crafted glass. Including wine goblets,

trifle bowls and tumblers. The range encapsulates a

traditional assortment, reminiscent of summer and

the countryside. Our favourite piece has to be the

nostalgic Pearl Ridge Trifle Bowl - at £37.75, it's

perfect for the classic Sherry Trifle this Christmas.

Prices start from £24.50 and the range is available

from notjustjugs.com

Evie & Skye


We absolutely adore the luxurious layered look

of beautifully plump cushions in the home

- especially those from Evie & Skye whose

cushions are all handcrafted in the UK.

The Fontana (£225) exudes a sophisticated

artistic aesthetic that touches on the gorgeous

style of the Art Deco era. The Fontana’s

intricate design includes beautiful flourishes

that are reminiscent of a fountain in an Italian

plaza. The Fontana measures 50cm x 50cm

with 5cm exquisite French fringing and is

filled with an oversized down and feather

insert to ensure a deep luxurious feel. It has

an invisible zip along the bottom seam and is

made from a gorgeous mix of silk and cotton.

It pairs perfectly with the Velvet (£165)

cushions in sumptuously rich shades of blue

and the dark blue Delray (£95) reminiscent of

the leaves of Los Angeles iconic palm trees in

their towering opulence. These cushions and

more are available to purchase online from


O by Olfacto


OBYO mini is a stunning luxury mini diffuser

which offers an elegant design for any discerning

homeowner and is ideal for smaller spaces like the

bedroom, bathroom or study. Its delicate brushed

stainless-steel design houses the ‘easy-to-insert’ glass

65ml cartridge and a 2.5W power force that enables

the fragrance to immerse your chosen space quickly.

It operates in three-hour cycles and comes with a USB

port for recharging. A Bluetooth-operated function

enables full control of scent strength, any time of the

day for a chosen duration. Choose from nine blended

fragrances combining French romanticism and British

elegance to create sensory experiences that create an

aura of pleasure in the home. Depending on usage, the

65ml cartridge will last between three to five months.

£129 from obyolfacto.com

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The Fine Cotton Company


The Como luxury towel collection from The Fine Cotton Company are

fully combed 700 gram organic cotton towels making them very thick

and plush with a deep rib border.

The high quality combed yarns ensure the Como towels are

exceptionally soft and luxurious to the touch, and the lusciously dense

pile ensures they are super absorbent. The rib end border gives a stylish

finish at one end of each towel.

Available in White, Latte and Ice Blue (our favourite colour), we

recommend buying the 3 piece set comprising of face cloth, hand towel

and the full-coverage bath sheet.

This 3-piece set is £39 from www.thefinecottoncompany.com

Anton Studio Designs


Manhattan is a spectacular collection of sophisticated modern

barware. The rounded bowl of each piece, twinned with the

heavy & curvaceous base makes for a uniquely voluptuous

assortment. The thick stems & bases create stunningly

weighted glasses, whilst still maintaining a great clarity.

From £20 from notjustjugs.com




Sinking into the Icon® Morgan Cord Armchair is our new

favourite way to relax with a hot drink and a good book on

rainy days. The cocooning, cloud-soft lounge chair with

the cuddly, sensory texture of cord provides maximum

comfort to experience hours of undisturbed lounging.

If furnishing a reading nook is not your thing, why not

kick back with your favourite movies in your informal

drawing room or man cave. Don't forget the popcorn!

But be warned... this squidgy beanbag lounge chair is so

comfortable that you might never want to get up again!

Available in a range of colours, we like the stylish look

that navy blue adds to the room.

£149.99 from www.beanbagbazaar.co.uk


Perfect for updating your kitchen, bathroom, front door or just about anywhere!

Weatherproof Al Fresco is a water based, eco-friendly chalk and mineral

furniture paint from Frenchic with a low, almost flat finish. Requiring simple

prep, it is self-priming, self-sealing and suitable for wood, laminate, UPVC/

composites and metal both indoors and out. Having minimal VOC content and

UKCA and EN71-3 compliance, it is safe for use on children’s toys. It is hard

wearing, weatherproof with a robust and chalk finish and it paints like a dream.

£19.95 from frenchicpaint.co.uk

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Sloan At


Magimix Cook Expert:

The Kitchen Companion

Cook Expert

The hidden gems that Magimix

have really got right include:

The 30 year motor warranty

and a 30 year availability of all


Separating the scales to improve

accuracy and longevity

A powerful rinse cycle that does

much of the cleaning for you

Creating a fabulous spatula that

can be detached from its silicone

making cleaning super easy if like

me you are cooking stickier items

like rice. The bowl is resistant to

scratching so scrape away.

A generously sized bowl of 3.5l

which not only provides larger

portions or allows you to invite

more friends and family round for

dinner to connect and bond over

your delicious creations.

Cook Expert is

like your very own

personal sous chef

helping in the kitchen

Ever dreamt of having your very

own personal sous-chef to lend a

hand now and then in the kitchen?

The Magimix Cook Expert has

been developed to be a helpful

kitchen companion that gets on

with the chopping, slicing, stirring

and cooking, so you can get on

with being the culinary sensation

you always wanted to be.

For beginners and aspiring

chefs, the Cook Expert is a

multifunctional cooking food

processor which has been

designed to take on numerous

tasks in the kitchen effortlessly.

Simple lunches can be whipped

up in, minutes, whilst speedy

suppers are created at the touch

of a button. It will take the stress

out of show-stopping dinner

party dishes or simple one pots.

The Cook Expert will multi-task,

giving you the confidence to whip

up a soufflé, create a sorbet or dip

your toe into sous-vide.

Drawing on 55 years of kitchen

know-how, trusted brand Magimix

have designed the sturdy yet

stylish Cook Expert – an appliance

which combines the functions of

over 12 different kitchen machines

into one. The Cook Expert

brings together the functionality

of Magimix’s award-winning

food processor loved by many,

alongside the cooking capability of

a smart induction heating system

and the versatile, large capacity,

insulated metal bowl.

With 13 automatic programmes

and a manual Expert programme,

the Cook Expert enables home

cooks to create thousands of

dishes from starters to desserts

at the touch of a button. These

include slow-cooking, saucemaking,

steaming, soup-making,

blending and stir-frying. In no

time at all, the Cook Expert will

knead dough, prove bread, mix

cakes, melt chocolate, steam buns,

create sorbets, whip up meringues,

crush ice for cocktails, produce

jams, chutneys, preserves and the

list goes on… And when all that

is done, it will rinse itself with the

auto rinse programme for speedy


Saving space in even the smallest

of kitchens, the Cook Expert

brings together a range of

functions and roles, streamlining

your appliances and reducing

clutter. It will replace your food

processor, stand mixer, soupmaker,

egg cooker, smoothie

maker, bread-maker, sous-vide

machine, yoghurt maker, slow

cooker, and much more.


Get adventurous: The Cook

Expert makes more complicated

dishes easy as well as taking the

guesswork out of cooking.

Variety: Spice up your weekly

menu with access to hundreds of

recipes, from starters to desserts,

via the specially created book and


Family friendly: The machine’s

safety features enable the family

to cook together and get everyone

involved in making dishes.

Reduce food waste: Use up

leftover ingredients and reduce

the need for packaged products by

making your own.

Healthy: Easy to prepare

homemade food. Make dishes

from scratch with fresh

ingredients and replace processed


Good investment: Everyday

essentials can be made affordably

– homemade bread, condiments,

baby foods – all helping the

monthly budget. A long-lasting

product with a 30-year motor


34 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Free up time: With an extra ‘pair of hands’ in

the kitchen you can conjure up hundreds of

recipes within 15 minutes of prep time, giving

you time to focus on other things.

This is what celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams had to say about her experience using

the Magimix Cook Expert…

When I try a product like this for the first time

I put it through its paces by choosing one of my

favourite meals and seeing if it can make a dish

that’s not been quite perfected by another similar

product on the market. My choice was risotto.

I have used a different machine that did a

similar function but when it came to risotto I

was always straight back to my hob, doing it

the old fashioned way. Standing over a risotto

stirring continuously for 20 minutes is not

conducive to getting things done, and so I have

been searching for a product that would be up to

the challenge. Magimix assured me it could and

would surprise me but did it?

The simple answer is yes, but it truly exceeded

my expectations. It was ridiculously simple to

make and not a mushy grain of rice in sight.

The trick is getting the measurements of water

to rice just right and replacing the usual blade

with a dough hook, but apart from that, the

complexity is up to you as to what oils you

choose and which grain of rice to make your

risotto the perfect combination of al dente and


Your toughest thought will be “do you add wine

before the stock or go teetotal”. Then it’s the

jewel of the risotto the star of the show, the key

ingredients. For me I choose seafood but there

are so many choices, and Magimix can handle

them all.

I originally thought the flaw I would be

mentioning here is that the recipes are not within

the machine but accessible via an app, but that

actually has not made any difference to me at

all. It’s easy to get your phone, tablet or old

fashioned cookbook out and follow a recipe and

I am very much looking forward to when they

allow us to upload our own recipes to their app.

The only thing I would change is to be told

that certain things prepare better with a dough

hook because risotto is one of them. Had I not

known this before I started cooking with my

Magimix I could easily have missed out on

my perfect risotto. Should it be included as

standard, not necessarily but it should definitely

be highlighted more as a key piece to bakers and

risotto makers!

Magimix Cook Expert is £1,195 in a choice of

Satin (silver), Black or Red available from


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Now available in two new colours, Cast Iron Black

and Dried Rose, the legendary Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift

Stand Mixer is the most powerful, the most durable,

the quietest and, undoubtedly, the very best in its class.

With added power and capacity, this mixer is for

those who want every kitchen experience to be

extraordinary. Capable of preparing 14 batches of

biscuits, 8 loaves of bread or dough for 16 pizza

bases, the Artisan 6.9L has 10 speeds to gently knead,

thoroughly mix and briskly whip ingredients for a

wide variety of recipes. Dishwasher safe standard

stainless steel accessories include a Flat Beater, Dough

Hook, 11-Wire Whip, Pouring Shield and, of course, a

highly polished 6.9L bowl with ergonomic handle.

For even more versatility there are over 15 optional

extras which work with the famous attachment-ready

Culinary Hub enabling everything from slicing,

grating, mincing, chopping and peeling, to juicing and

spiralizing and making fresh pasta. There’s also the

splendid Sifter & Scale. Assembled in sturdy die-cast

metal, the stable Artisan 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

fuses legendary design with outstanding engineering

and durability making it, quite simply, the ultimate

culinary companion for serious cooks.

£699 from www.kitchenaid.co.uk


Easy to use, intuitive controls

include variable speeds, the

KitchenAid signature 3-part

blending system and unique

asymmetric stainless-steel

blades - precisely angled to

work with the 1.4L BPA-free

ribbed jar - creating a vortex

drawing ingredients down

onto the blades, even ice,

which is crushed in just 10


The KitchenAid K150

Blender provides new

opportunities for makers to

get creative in the kitchen,

elevating the everyday with

unexpected blends of the

smoothest, best tasting soups,

sauces and smoothies.

£229 available from


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The Elite Ice X50 knife set is the perfect set for a passionate

home cook. Complete with a sturdy leather knife storage

case and a 25 year guarantee, the set includes a paring,

utility, small and large chefs, small and large santoku, bread

and carving knife. Beautifully crafted, these knives are made

from the finest X50 German stainless steel, which contains

0.5% carbon for durability, and are ice hardened. The range

features hard wearing composite wood resin handles that are

ergonomically contoured for a supremely comfortable hold.

£ 279 from www.procook.co.uk


The Opinel Les Forgés 1890 Santoku knife is perfect for cutting and trimming. The blade remains rigid and

stable when cutting. Hollow edge air pockets prevent cut material from sticking to the blade which enables

easier and faster motion. Features include: unvarnished beech handle, 17cm stainless steel blade, 3mm blade

thickness, 30° sharpening angle (15° per side) and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

£129.95 from www.whitbyandco.co.uk


The new Bowl Grater easily and efficiently grates vegetables, fruit and hard cheeses

directly and neatly into a container or bowl. The grater with its extra coarse blade

has been created to sit comfortably across any round bowl (up to 16cm in diameter).

It can be placed horizontally across the surface or inside / at an angle in the food

bowl, allowing for secure, comfortable and quick grating thanks to its two rounded

and non-slip handles on both sides that are perfectly moulded to the contours of the

container preventing slippage.

£19.95 from John Lewis & Partners

Nordic Ware

Offering cast aluminium bakeware with a

lifetime warranty, Nordic Ware is a family-owned

American company that sells beautiful bundt

pans and much more besides like this Honeycomb

Pull-Apart Dessert Pan (£62.50, Amazon) that

creates a honeycomb-inspired dessert that divides

into 19 perfectly portioned cakelets.

Inspired by the legendary water lotus, the smooth

and dreamy symmetry of the Lotus Bundt Pan

(£40, www.divertimenti.co.uk) is truly lovely.

The Gingerbread House Duet Pan (£41.60, www.

hartsofstur.com) puts a fun twist on the classic

festive tradition with playful design and detailing

that allows you to go to town when decorating.

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The T700 LTE Connected dash cam is equipped with intelligent ‘Connected

Service’ features that enable you to access, monitor, and download footage

from the dash cam conveniently and remotely via your smartphone using

Vodafone Smart SIM connectivity (£3 per month). We thought many of these

features give you peace of mind when you're away from your car such as

Real-Time Parking Impact Video which detects all forms of vehicle contact

sending footage of incidents directly via notifications on the THINKWARE

Connected app. Another great feature is Remote Live View which allows you

to view real-time footage of your car in both ‘continuous recording mode’ and

‘parking mode’ with a click of a button.

The T700 connected dash cam is available from Thinkware’s EU stores,

Amazon, the RAC and a number of independent professional resellers at £269

for a 1CH with a 16GB SD card and £349 for a 2CH with a 32GB SD card.



The Pocketalk S language translator can translate 82 languages bi-directionally

at the touch of a button and has a text-to-translate camera which instantly

recognises and translates text, the written word and signs - ideal if you need help

reading menus or are trying to find your way around a new city. By utilising the

best translation engines from around the world, Pocketalk S provides consistently

accurate translation and creates the best experience by picking up localised

dialects and slang. It also comes with a complementary 2-year mobile data plan

that provides coverage in over 130 countries/regions so you don’t need to rely on

Wi-Fi or Roaming data.

The Pocketalk S is £249 from Amazon



This dynamic vocal XLR mic delivers exceptional clarity for close-range, talkfocused

podcasts, broadcasts or live streams. The combination of a modern circuit

and professional dynamic capsule produces smooth, crystal clear audio. Limelight’s

hypercardioid pattern creates a hyper-focused pickup field to capture your voice and

cut out unwanted ambient noise. The built-in pop shield and switchable, low-frequency

filter remove intrusive plosives and low-end rumble for a clean, uncompromised

sound to give you the natural audio of a professional broadcast studio in your home..

The 512 Audio Limelight microphone is £189.99 from Amazon



The highly affordable Taxon 2K QHD webcam from Trust

Electronics Ltd features dual microphones, autofocus, a privacy

filter and an 80° wide angle lens. Video is captured in QHD

resolution (2560x1440) with 30 frames per second and it supports

720p HD and 1080p Full HD resolutions. £69.99 from Amazon

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Designed and developed in the heart of the UK’s Motorsport Valley, the

Halo Capsule cordless vacuum cleaner is the only ultra-light cordless

with the power and capacity of a full size upright.

The revolutionary carbon fibre body is a world first for vacuum

cleaners using the same material commonly found in the worlds

of motor sport and aviation. This makes it incredibly lightweight

- at 2.6kg it is is less than half the weight of traditional full

size uprights. The revolutionary design also allows it to have

unexpectedly large capacity of 1.6 litres which is nearly 5 times

the capacity of some cordless vacuums.

Thanks to the latest brushless digital motors coupled with highperformance

Lithium Ion batteries, Halo Capsule has a run time of

up to 60 minutes and takes only 3 hours to charge to full capacity

- that's 90 minutes less time compared to charging the battery of

the Dyson V11.

Features we love about the Halo Capsule include the fact

that it is the only cordless model that gives the capacity

of a full-size upright. Also the ultra-light weight at just

2.6kg - thanks to the ultra-thin yet strong carbon fibre

construction - makes it easy to carry around and operate

when cleaning.

We also love the eco-friendly fully

compostable dust pouches which help provide

excellent filtration levels, filtering 99.95% of

particles down to 0.5 microns. The unique dust

pouch system also means no clouds of dust when

emptying the bin which is the major downside of

all conventional bagless cordless vacuum cleaners.

Independent lab test have shown even premium

bagless vacuums re-emit 10 times more fine dust and

allergens than Halo when emptying.

Although the brush bar isn't tangle free, unlike some other

cordless vacuums, it can be completely removed by a quick

twist with a coin, making it super simple to clean tangled

hair. It may not have as many accessories as the Dyson V11

Outsize but Halo keep things simple with just the tools you

will really need to clean your whole home - a crevice tool, a

dusting brush and the versatile power brush which is small

enough to do stairs. An upholstery tool is also available.

Scientifically tested for over 10 years of use, Halo

Capsule also comes with an industry competitive 2

year warranty for complete piece of mind.

We think the Halo Capsule cleaner has the lightness,

power and capacity to make the unpopular job of

vacuuming simply a breeze.

The Capsule is £249.99 from www.capsuleclean.com

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Viva La Vacuuming

Gtech System K9

Strengthened with aluminium, the Gtech System K9

cordless vacuums are specifically designed for pet

owners and are good for homes with tougher cleaning

challenges. The Gtech AirRAM K9 upright vacuum

is designed to deal with pet hair and busy homes.

Move from carpets to hard floors, and from room

to room, with no settings or plug sockets to change.

Also suited to pet hair and busy homes, the Multi

handheld vacuum comes with attachments to tackle

other areas of your home, from stairs and upholstery

to those hard-to-reach spots.

Features we love include the LED headlights and the

easy-empty bins. We also like the powered brush bar

and AirLOC Technology which mean the AirRAM

and Multi can tackle everything from dust & dirt to

fluffy pet hair.

Things we didn't like were that the upright only has

up to 40 minutes of runtime so not great for larger

homes. For little jobs, the handheld has 20 minutes

runtime which is sufficient but not great if you need

to clean the staircases of your country home. Also

hair gets tangled around the brush bars which is

irritating to remove.

£349.98 from www.gtech.co.uk

VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet & Car

VAX ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet & Car cordless vacuum

has an antimicrobial treatment on the brush bars which

helps protect the bristles from bacteria and fungi

by preventing their growth. So when cleaning and

maintaining the vacuum cleaner, these nasties won’t

have built up on the brush bars.

Proven to clean carpets better than the UK’s top three

best-selling cordless vacuum cleaners and to have the

same cleaning performance of the UK’s best-selling

corded upright vacuums, this was only when using

boost mode which drains the battery reducing run


We did like the flexible powered hose that works

with all tools especially the compact, mini motorised

pet tool to agitate and lift stubborn dirt and pet hair,

making this cordless vacuum ideal for reaching into

the furthest corners of awkward spaces under seats,

into footwells and the boot of your car.

We did not like the short run time of up to 45 minutes

of cleaning with the floor brush switched off but a dual

battery option is available at extra cost.

£299.99 from www.vax.co.uk

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BISSELL® SmartClean Pet

The BISSELL® SmartClean

Pet features Automatic Floor Type

Recognition Technology which

detects either carpet or hard floor

and adjusts the suction power on

the go for optimal performance.

We also like the Tangle-Free Brush

Roll eliminates hair wrap and

features LED lights; the 12 metre

operating radius covers even the

largest floors and the extra long

hose hose stretches up to 3 metres.

We didn't like the weight (9.98kg)

which makes manoeuvrability

harder especially up stairs. Also the

cleaning tools provided - a Crevice

Tool and Dust Brush - cannot be

clipped on to the machine which is

not ideal as they can get mislaid.

£ 249.99 from major electrical

retailers and bisselldirect.co.uk

From the




Discover what we liked and what we

didn't like in these honest reviews

S t or a g e Fa c ili t y


Vacuum storage bags are the homemaker’s ideal solution

to seasonal decluttering. Packmate is the UK's best-selling

brand with a wide range of space saving vacuum storage

bags, which allow you to store up to three times more. By

simply removing the air with a vacuum cleaner, Packmate

bags compress items taking up less precious storage space

and protects them from damp, dust and household pests.

From £6.99 at buypackmate.co.uk


The Zyliss Twist & Seal set of 5 containers are the perfect

modular storage solution for your kitchen and around your

home. Designed to stack safely, they come in a variety of

sizes so you can maximise space. The simple twist to lock

function seals in freshness and keeps moisture out, perfect

for dry goods as well as other items around the home.

£52.49 from www.zyliss.co.uk

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Christmas is Coming

Fill your home with the Christmas spirit

and some festive cheer with the help of

some our favourite festive things


Bloom, the UK’s first 100% plasticfree,

London-based online flower

delivery service, has a beautiful

range of luxury Christmas Wreaths

this year. The perfect festive gift for

loved ones, the hand-made wreaths

are an exploration of nature and the

epitome of style, featuring sustainable

ingredients while encompassing the

latest decorative trends and unique

floristry techniques.

Designed by award-winning, celebrity

florist Larry Walshe and his team of

expert florists, the Luxury Christmas

Wreath Collection features nine

luxurious designs that capture the true

spirit of Christmas, with something to

suit every taste and budget. Inspired by

the beauty of nature, all wreaths feature

contrasting textures, rich scents and

striking colours, sure to compliment

the most discerning of households.

Our personal favourite is the Festive

Clementine wreath (opposite) which

starts from £130 and is available in

three sizes from www.bybloom.co.uk

Pines & Needles

The delightful Fraser Fir Christmas trees originally hail from

Canada and North America, where they are at the very top.

Its popularity is down to its shape, slightly narrow than its

Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce cousins and its beautiful

silvery-green colour. Excellent needle retention is another

plus. If you like the whiff of a Christmas tree, these will not

disappoint. Fraser Firs do last well but it is as well to keep them

watered and you can easily do that by buying one of Pines &

Needles excellent water holding Christmas Tree stands.

The 7ft Fraser Fir is £81.95 available to pick up from 17th

November at one of the 36 Pines & Needles stores across

London or buy online with nationwide delivery at


42 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Gressingham is renowned for its high

welfare duck and goose, which both make

a great centrepiece for the festive table,

especially for smaller celebrations.

Our favourite for a really traditional

Christmas - think Charles Dickens' A

Christmas Carol - is a Gressingham Goose.

Often likened to beef in its flavour, goose

is all dark meat, with an intense flavour

that pairs wonderfully with fruity flavours

such as apples, cranberries and prunes. It

is best served with deliciously-crispy goose

fat potatoes and traditional root vegetables.

Gressingham Whole Goose is available

from Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Asda, Tesco

and Ocado in three weights: 3-5kg, 5-6kg

and 6kg.

Wild & Game

Wild and Game (www.wildandgame.co.uk) wants to help people in the UK rediscover the pleasures of eating

game. A more interesting alternative to supermarket meats, game has relatively low food miles and is lower

in fat and higher in protein than farmed meats. Game meat can also be a much more sustainable option, as the

animals need to be culled to protect natural habitats. Here are just a few of our favourites for your festive table.

1lb Game Pie, £10.49 - Wild and Game's generous 1lb game pie

is crammed with layers of venison, pheasant, wild boar sausage

meat and smoked dry cured bacon wrapped in a crisp and

crumbly traditional pastry crust.

Pork, Pheasant & Caramelised Onion Pie, £8.15 - This

generous pie is made with tender strips of pork and pheasant

layered with a gently spiced seasoning and deliciously sweetsavoury

caramelised onion wrapped in a wonderful, traditional

hot water pastry, it's delicious eaten cold.

Venison & Cranberry sausages, £6.29 - These delicious

gluten-free venison and cranberry sausages combine lean,

full-flavoured venison with fruity cranberries, warm spices,

fragrant herbs and a touch of onion.

Venison & Pheasant Sausages, £5.35 - These meaty and

succulent venison and pheasant sausages are perfectly seasoned

and made with premium wild British venison and pheasant.

Wild Boar & Grouse Sausage, £5.75 - Wild and Game's

premium Grouse and wild boar sausages are juicy, succulent

and full of flavour thanks to our special combination of grouse,

wild boar, spices and fragrant herbs.

Pheasant, Pistachio & Port Pâté, £3.95 - Wild and Game's

delectable pheasant, pistachio and Port pâté has rich savoury

bass notes balanced with nutty, buttery pistachios and a

decadent touch of Port.

Grouse, Brandy & Herbs Pâté, £3.95 - This heavenly Grouse,

Brandy & Herb Pâté is a luxurious treat that teams rich,

flavoursome grouse with chicken liver, thyme, brandy and

warm spices. It's perfect served simply with crackers or

crusty bread, and works beautifully in a pheasant or venison

wellington or as a decadent, melting meatball centre.

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Luxury Christmas Hampers

From Royal Warrant holders and Italian artisans to cheese feasts and

meaty treats, these foodie treats are best shared with family & friends


It's A Wonderful Life hamper offers a taste of the

very best of Dukeshill with a savoury selection

of a delicious Wiltshire Ham, traditional Oak

Smoked Salmon, Isle of Mull Cheddar, Cote Hill

Blue Cheese, Boxing Day Chutney and Pork

Rillettes made in France. Sweet picks include a

Family Christmas Pudding, Luxury Mince Pies,

Scottish Shortbread Box and Grandad’s Light

Fruitcake Loaf made to a special family recipe.

£150 from dukeshillham.co.uk

Darts Farm

The Italian Artisans Festive Hamper contains

a selection of Darts Farm's favourite Italian

artisanal products, sourced from small scale

producers that champion slow food and are

obsessed with provenance. These are some of

the finest ingredients, accompaniments and

showstoppers in the world. This hamper would

satisfy the festive cravings of any lover of Italian

food. Packed in a beautiful Darts Farm wicker.

£125 from shop.dartsfarm.co.uk


The Big One features a pack of Jumbo New

Zealand Greenlip Mussels, two packs of extra

large Wild Supersized Whole Black Tiger

Prawns, a 700-900g Wild Giant Raw King Crab

and a Wild Whole Spanish Cleaned Octopus.

Restaurant-quality seafood delivered nationwide.

£205 from hookdseafood.com

Harvey Nichols

The Continental Hamper features Chocolate &

Amaretti Panettone and Baci di Dama of Italy, to the

Premier Cru Champagne and Marc de Champagne

Pink Chocolate Truffles of France and the Gouda

Cheese Palmiers of the Netherlands. Earl Grey Tea,

cherry jam and all the other delicacies in this wicker

hamper will ensure this holiday season is full of

sugar, spice and all things nice.

£140 from www.harveynichols.com

Cartwright & Butler

The Swaledale Luxury Wooden Crate Hamper is one

of Cartwright & Butler's most popular hampers, it

includes a huge range of exquisite treats housed in a

rustic wooden crate. Includes English breakfast tea,

after-dinner blend coffee and an array of the finest

preserves. Satisfy your sweet tooth with cherry

and almond loaf cake, all butter fudge, lemon and

dark chocolate Viennese and a selection of Belgian

chocolates to name but a few of the treats within.

£135 from www.cartwrightandbutler.co.uk


The Luxury Christmas Cracker boasts sweet treats

like chocolate truffles, gourmet fudge, luxury

mince pies, Gold Crown fruit cake and mini brandy

Christmas Pudding. Savoury delights include awardwinning

Snowdonia cheese, chutney and sourdough

crackers. A bottle of full-bodied, Savian Primitivo is

joined by artisan ground coffee and classic English

Afternoon Tea.

£85 from www.hampers.com

44 Foods

The Bundle of Joy Christmas Treats Box contains a selection of sweet treats for someone special including All

Butter Mince Pies (6), Brandy Butter (210g), Fudge Tasting Collection (9 Pieces), Merry Christmas Chocolate

Box (90g), Iced Christmas Loaf Cake (550g), Hot Chocolate Bombe (3 Pack), Strawberry with Champagne Jam

(112g). If you fancy something extra, why not add the Carved Angel Traditional Christmas Pudding.

£40 or £50.95 with Christmas Pudding from www.44foods.com

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Advent Calendars

However you countdown to

Christmas, here's something

for everyone in the family


Start your Christmas countdown with 24 best-selling

and award-winning loose leaf tea blends in an exquisite

advent calendar gift box. This Christmas Gift Set

includes 100% natural blends of Chai tea, Green tea,

Herbal tea, Oolong tea, and Black tea with such gems as

Sweet Cinnamon Spice Masala Chai, Himalayan Green

Tea, Turmeric Ginger Herbal Tea Tisane, Chocolate

Vanilla Herbal Tea Tisane, Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea,

Darjeeling Premium First Flush Black Tea, Assam

Exotic Black Tea and High Mountain Oolong Tea.

£61 from www.vahdam.com

Charbonnel et Walker

Bunnies are not just for Easter! Have a Hoppy

Christmas with Charbonnel et Walker’s Peter Rabbit

Chocolate Advent Calendar. Behind each one of the

25 doors (yep, there’s a

bonus one people), there’s

a milk chocolate truffle

topped with a festive

sugar print inspired by

the illustrations of Beatrix


£24.95 from



Godiva Advent Calendar takes the form of an

elegant snow globe concealing either a milk

chocolate carré (a bite-sized square of creamy

goodness) or a chocolate sujet (a charming

chocolate figurine). The

chocolate sujets of snowmen,

penguins and Father Christmas

are in white, milk and dark

chocolate, filled with either

praline or chocolate ganache.

£19.95 from



HAPPi's new Oat mi!k chocolate advent calendar

is the perfect festive treat for dairy-free chocolate

fans, featuring 24 delicious, rich and creamy 4g

ethically-sourced HAPPi oat m!lk

chocolate pieces, all contained in a

bright and funky advent calendar that

features HAPPi’s distinctive branding.

The HAPPi Advent Calendar has

sustainable packaging.

£7.50 from www.happifreefrom.com


Celebrate Christmas in style with

a traditional marzipan advent

calendar with a beautiful Santa

illustration. Jam packed with a

selection of their best selling treats,

including mini loaves, truffles,

pralines and marzipan figures.

Niederegger Santa advent calendar

is £35 from www.johnlewis.com

Personalisation Boutique

If you want to move away from traditional advent calendars and are looking for

something individual and sustainable, why not get a personalised reusable Advent

Calendar from Personalisation Boutique. Made from slate, it comes with wipe away

chalk and can be used each and every year. Have names engraved when you place

your order and watch faces light up when they open their extra special gift. This is the

perfect Advent gift with a difference that's sure to become a new tradition.

£25 from www.personalisationboutique.co.uk

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Mamas & Papas

Your little one will love counting down the days until

Christmas with this fabric Santa Advent Calendar.

Finished with embroidered

text and pockets for hiding

little treats, it even comes

with a soft Santa toy that

your baby can move along

as the December days go by.

And thanks to the rope-style

loop at the top, this advent

calendar will be really easy

to hang up.

£25 available from


Love Cocoa

This fabulously festive plastic-free Advent Calendar

available from the shop at the Royal Opera House

contains 23 rich and creamy chocolate truffles, in

four delicious flavours, Giant Rocher,

Hazelnut Praline, Dark Chocolate

Ganache and Gianduja Square

Truffle. For added excitement, there

are two surprise mystery bars in the

final run up to the big day. Single

Origin Chocolate from Love Cocoa.

£24.95 from Royal Opera House

Shop and shop.roh.org.uk

The Works

The Gruffalo and Friends Storybook

Advent Calendar contains 24 mini

activity, song and rhyme books to

ignite the imaginations of young

children with festive tales based on

the family-favourite picture books,

The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom,

The Snail and the Whale and more.

£12 from www.theworks.co.uk

Pip & Nut

Pip & Nut's very first Advent Calendar

features 24 dark chocolate vegan nut butter

cups, in both peanut butter and almond butter

flavours. Each individually wrapped nut butter

cup features Pip & Nut’s award-winning real

nut butter, which is made using naturally sweet

Hi-Oleic peanuts and Californian Almonds

with absolutely no palm oil.

The nut butter cups are made

in the UK and are generously

coated in ethically sourced,

single-origin Colombian dark

chocolate, for the perfect Vegan


£20 from Pipandnut.com,

Selfridges, Planet Organic and



The Lindt Advent Calendar 280g is filled with an

assortment of smooth-melting Lindt chocolate,

all created by Lindt Master

Chocolatiers to delight both

children and grown-ups this


£15 from Lindt Chocolate

Shops and www.lindt.co.uk


This Pixar’s Cars Advent Calendar comes packed

with racers, holiday details and special surprises.

Over the 24 days, kids will build a complete

playset with five die-cast mini vehicles plus

Disney and Pixar’s Cars-themed and wintery

accessories for lots of imaginative storytelling

fun! Perfect for Disney

and Pixar’s Cars fans,

age 3 and older.

£19.99 from Amazon

So Wrong It's Nom

Back again for 2021, The Original

Cheese Advent Calendar contains

24 'chuckles' (miniature wheels) of

Ilchester cheese, in 9 different varieties

- including a brand new cheese for 2021,

as voted for by over 1000 fromage fans.

£8 from Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Lidl,

Ocado and Booths (North of England)

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Ginza St. James's

Ginza St. James’s is an authentic

Japanese restaurant right in the heart

of London offering an exclusive fine

dining experience just minutes away

from Green Park, Mayfair and Saint


The restaurant offers the ultimate

multi-sensorial culinary journey

where you can rediscover the true

taste of Japan. They use the finest

ingredients to bring together a menu

that celebrates traditional Japanese

cooking styles prepared by their

talented chefs. Ginza St. James’s

offers guests a relaxed atmosphere

within elegant stylish surroundings

whilst taking them on a culinary

journey through Japan. The attention

to detail reconnects to the search for

balance and harmony, distinctive of

Japanese cuisine.

Your experience at Ginza St. James’s

will be nothing short of 5 star. Guests

can enjoy their favourite cocktail in

the Oyster Bar as they arrive before

being escorted downstairs into the

main restaurant. The elegant dining

room oozes sophistication with subtle

Japanese hints and precision cut

wooden beams emphasising luxury

in an intimate setting.

With a sumptuous choice of Japanese

delicacies to choose from, the A La

Carte Menu features dishes such as

A4 grade Kobe Gyu and cherry wood

smoked Salmon Teriyaki. Alongside

the stunning cuisine, Ginza St.

James’s boasts one of the most

extensive Sake lists in London.

Ginza St James’s offers a number

of unique dining experiences. From

2 Teppan-yaki counters, Ginza’s

expert chefs will cook right in front

of guests creating the ultimate theatre

of food.

Read the full online review at


15 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AL

+44 (0)207 839 1101




for the latest



From Japanese

cuisine in Mayfair

to the cosiest winter

terraces, here’s some

of our favourite

restaurants for indoor

dining and outdoor


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The Sipping Room

Immerse yourself in an urban floral

jungle at The Sipping Room created

in partnership with Monkey 47 gin

and inspired by the exotic spices of

India and the rich landscape of the

Black Forest where the brand began.

Get that Insta shot on the expansive

waterside terrace with a background

of vibrant tropical trees and beautiful

foliage. Go bananas for bespoke Monkey 47 cocktails.

West India Quay, 16 Hertsmere Rd, E14 4AX

+44 (0)20 3907 0320


Devonshire Terrace

Devonshire Terrace’s Alpine Garden

is in collaboration with unique

botanical spirit MOOSE, proudly

made in the heart of the Alps. Enter

the all-weather fully covered terrace

through an archway adorned with

fairy lights, surrounded by potted

pine trees and evergreens and

experience mountain vibes with a

life-size winter gondola. Bespoke cocktails include Chocolate Orange

Espresso Martini (£9.95) and a Winter Mojito (£10.95).

Devonshire Terrace, Devonshire Square, EC2M 4WY

+44 (0)20 7256 3233


The Happenstance

A stone’s throw away from St Pauls,

enjoy a respite from the city chaos and

unwind on the striking terrace created

with Chambord. Fully geared up for dark

and chilly winter evenings, enter through

a purple floral archway and take shelter

under the large parasols with delicate

fairy lights. Capture magical moments

on the beautiful floral swing whilst

you enjoy twists on classics such as the

Chambord Old Fashioned (£9.95) or order

a showstopping Sharing Tree (£54.95)

with six magical French Martinis for the

ultimate taste of the magnifique.

10 Paternoster Square, EC4M 7DX

+44 (0)20 7618 9520


The Refinery Bankside

Take refuge from the cold and cosy

up at The Refinery Bankside’s Après

Ski Terrace, complete with festive

sparkle and plenty of cover, courtesy

of Casamigos Tequila.

Guests will be greeted with glittery

trees adorned with fairy lights and

plush faux fur blankets for a luxe

alpine finish, whilst the Insta-worthy

gondola, bookable for up to four

people for drinks, will provide the

perfect spot for that après shot!

Enjoy tequila cocktails including

the Casa Hibiscus Tea (served hot

or cold, £9.95) and the Après Ski

Paloma (£9.95), alongside a selection

of grazing plates, steaks and hearty


110 Southwark St, SE1 OTF

+44 (0)20 7921 2920


Drake & Morgan King’s Cross

With beautiful ribbons in streams of

rose gold, burgundy and pink, the

stunning winter terrace at Drake &

Morgan’s King’s Cross, in partnership

with the House of Laurent-Perrier,

will whisk you away to an enchanted

land. Surrounded by elegant ribbons

and lush florals, cosy up with soft

faux-fur blankets and experience glitz

and glamour whilst you sip in style on

the finest Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée

and Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé,

alongside sharing charcuterie platters,

mezze boards and a range of festive

bites. What’s more, there’s a giant rose

gold birdcage decked out with glittery

fairy lights and gorgeous pink and

purple flowers for you to step inside

and snap the perfect pic for your Tik

Tok, Instagram and Reels.

6 Pancras Road, Kings Cross, N1C


+44 (0)20 3826 4870



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Fabulous Festive Fizz

1. Champagne Ayala

Champagne Ayala Le Blanc de Blancs 2014 was produced in small quantities

from an exceptional year and fully expresses the superb calibre of great

Chardonnays from the best crus of the Côte des Blancs. 6 years of ageing in their

cellars, remarkable minerality and low dosage create an outstanding wine that can

accompany a variety of gastronomic dishes or be served on its own as an aperitif.

£58 from The Champagne Company, Majestic and Grapesmith

2. Champagne Bollinger

Champagne Bollinger Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition

celebrates over 40 years of Bollinger as the Official

Champagne of 007 and the film No Time To Die. The

limited edition gift box features the silhouette of

James Bond alongside his Aston Martin DB5. The iconic

Special Cuvée bottle has been adapted to feature a black and

gold neck collar with a 007 blazon.

£50 from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Virgin Wines, The Finest Bubble

and The Champagne Company




3. Hattingley Valley

Hattingley Valley Blanc de Blancs 2014 is pale golden in colour. It

displays beautifully the pure linear character of the

Chardonnay - white stone fruit, citrus fruit and a

delicious honeyed character on the nose; clean and

mineral flavours with pastry and brioche notes

on the palate. Well balanced & refreshing acidity that gives way to a

creamy mouthfeel and long, complex finish.

£39.50 from hattingleyvalley.com


4. Champagne Paul Langier

Paul Langier Champagne Brut NV is a delightful classic crafted from

a blend of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes in the heart of the

French Champagne region. An elegant dry Champagne it has

a gentle mousse and fine flavours including apple, citrus

fruits and hints of brioche.

£20.99 from Wickhams


5. Hambledon Vineyard

Hambledon Vineyard Rosé NV has magnolia blossom and strawberry compote on

the nose with hints of buttered toast. The rich palate has flavours of strawberry

balanced by cranberry and citrus notes. The texture is creamy with a clean,

crisp, yeasty finish.

£35 from Waitrose, Majestic, Saxty’s, Lay & Wheeler, Booths and

Wimbledon Wine Cellars


6. Pale Fox

Pale Fox Vintage Pale Fox Rose Prosecco 2020 is a complex sparkling wine reminiscent of red berries,

pomegranate and white flowers. It is more reminiscent of a Provencal rose, as opposed to a rose

50 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Champagne. It has a great depth of flavour, a more structured wine and finer,

more persistent bubbles.

£29.95 from www.palefoxprosecco.com


7. Tesco Finest

Tesco Finest Premier Cru Brut Champagne is a multi award-winning

Champagne made from hand-harvested grapes grown in Premier Cru

vineyards in the Côte des Blancs, south of Epernay. Aged for 36 months, this

extra maturation results in elegant flavours of citrus, green fruits and brioche

with a fine mousse.

£21 from Tesco




8. Klein Constantia

Klein Constantia Méthode Cap Classique 2016 is made

from 100% Chardonnay grapes, Spicy citrus aromas fill

the nose supported by saline and green apple notes. The

palate is rich and zesty, defined by a fine and delicate mousse.

Complex and creamy with a balanced acidity, the wine finishes with

a fresh and flinty finish.

£18.50 from Champagne Company and Thorne wines

9. Ceretto

Ceretto Moscato d’Asti 2020 has a characteristic and intense nose of sweet

melons, orange blossoms, jasmine, and honeysuckle. On the palate, the

sweet melon, pear, and floral flavours are balanced

by low alcohol and refreshing acidity that gives a

pleasant freshness.

10. Les Quarterons

£18 from Harvey Nichols and Saxtys

Les Quarterons, Crémant de Loire Brut NV is an exceptional `méthode

traditionelle` organic sparkling wine. It has a lovely, soft mousse with notes

of lemon, apple, honeysuckle and brioche followed by a crisp and clean


£18.50 from Wickhams



11. Langlois Château

Langlois Château Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut is the

winery’s emblematic cuvée with freshness, balance and elegance. Its

freshness, its fine bubbles and its elegance make Langlois Crémant de Loire

Blanc Brut a reception wine par excellence, or for aperitif, cocktail or dinner.

£16.50 from Bray Valley Wines, The Champagne Company and Noble Green


12. Harlot - Charmat of England

Harlot - Charmat of England is the new kid on the block revolutionising the

English sparkling wine market. Made from a blend of Bacchus, Pinot Noir,

Meunier and Chardonnay, Harlot Brut is bursting with aromas and flavours of

English elderflower, pears and ripe apricots.

£15 from www.thewinecaverns.co.uk

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Novikov Asian Restaurant

As they celebrate their 10th anniversary this autumn,

Novikov Restaurant & Bar maintains its reputation as

one of London’s most successful restaurants, combining

an innovative dual culinary offering, exemplary service

and cool, contemporary surroundings.

Located in the heart of Mayfair, Novikov Restaurant

& Bar was founded in December 2011 by legendary

Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov. It is divided into

two distinct restaurants and one stylish Lounge Bar.

The main entrance off Berkeley Street leads into the

Asian Restaurant. Here cool granite walls complement

the striking lacquered ebony bar-counter decorated

with a jade stone belonging to Arkady Novikov

himself. Materials used in this area – wood, stone

and leather – are all natural. They are offset by subtle

features such as a wall of cracked stone and bamboo

chandeliers.When dining at the Asian Restaurant, a real

feature you can hardly miss is its open kitchen. Fronted

by an amazing display of seafood and vegetables, it

evokes the atmosphere of an Asian food market.

Read the full review on www.sloanmagazine.com

50A Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8HA

+44 (0) 207 399 4330


52 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Bar + Block

With locations

nationwide, Bar +

Block offers stylish

and modern all-day

dining steakhouses with

cocktail bars has an

extensive range of highquality

steaks, handmade

burgers and grazing plates, alongside creative

cocktails, and craft brews. All the steaks, are selected

from British and Irish Angus breeds renowned for

their taste, tenderness and unique marbling with every

steak is matured for at least 30 days.

Locations nationwide


The Gate

Located across three

sites in the heart of

London - Marylebone,

St John’s Wood and

Hammersmith - The

Gate, London’s

celebrated plant-based

restaurants, has been

reinventing meat-free meals with their flavourful and

imaginative dishes for more than 30 years.

The weekend brunch menu is served from 10am to

4pm at Marylebone and St John’s Wood.

51 Queen Caroline St, Hammersmith W6 9QL

22-24 Seymour Pl, Marylebone W1H 7NL

87 Allitsen Rd, St John’s Wood NW8 7AS


Aquavit London

A contemporary all-day dining destination, Aquavit

London offers a unique take on classic Nordic cuisine

with a menu defined by its fresh flavours, simple

yet elegant presentation, and quality ingredients.

Young sister restaurant to the two Michelin-starred

Aquavit New York, Aquavit London offers elevated

dining in a casual setting at accessible prices.

Drawing inspiration from across the Nordic regions,

as one would expect, seafood features prominently on

the menu. Standout choices include shrimp Skagen;

smoked Devon eel with pan-seared foie gras, apple

and aquavit; and Icelandic cod with savoy cabbage,

purple carrot and ansjovis sauce.

St James’s Market, 1 Carlton Street, London, SW1Y 4QQ



Arros QD

Arros QD is the result of chef Quique Dacosta’s lifelong

passion for paella and wood-fired cooking, brought to

life in the heart of Fitzrovia. Everything revolves around

the six-metre woodfire stove where the chefs weave

their magic, with theatrical seating around the open

kitchen downstairs and a classic dining experience on

the upper floor.

The restaurant space was conceived by globally

renowned Spanish interior designer Lázaro Rosa-

Violán, with open fires and a glazed wine cellar

providing a spectacular visual backdrop in which to

experience the evolution of paella. The menu combines

Mediterranean influences with locally sourced

ingredients, accompanied by classic wines from around

the world, as well as many undiscovered Spanish gems

that you will find nowhere else in London.

Read the full review on www.sloanmagazine.com

64 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8NQ

+44 (0)20 3883 3525


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If it wasn’t for

Jamie Oliver, I

wouldn’t be DJ


BBQ and have got

the exposure it did

54 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

SLOAN! chats with DJ BBQ about his culinary inspirations,

the famous people he's cooked for and the future of BBQ


Tell us about your story! How did the concept

of DJ BBQ come about?

We started in 2012 with tunes and BBQ

D because the stomach and ears are the best

way to peoples’ hearts – and we use fire as

an ingredient. It’s about the way you breakdown

woods and charcoals to bring flavour to the

food - we champion live fire cooking. Our ethos

is we take our food seriously, but we take our

fun even more seriously. Some people get afraid

of going into the kitchen and going outside, so

we try to help them. We like to make it easier to

goof–proof your cooking because a lot of chefs

overcomplicate things! We’re just trying to make

cooking fun and easy, nutritious, and delicious.


Where does your inspiration come from? Do

you have any recipes passed down through

the generations?

My father – I’m a single father, my dad was

D too so from the age of six, I was learning

his recipes from his father and that really

inspired me. Whenever I come to see my father

at Christmas, it’s his Iowa flank steak, where he

marinates it – I documented it in my first book

‘The Taste of Home’. You can use Italian dressing

and marinate it for a night or two – the savoury

texture is the taste of my home. My dad’s home

fries are also awesome - I use day old baked

potatoes and put onions, peppers and mushrooms

in mine!


You have worked with Jamie Oliver in the

past. Are you still in contact and will Food

Tube ever make a return?

Jamie has given me the best advice in the

D world. If it wasn’t for Jamie Oliver, I wouldn’t

be DJ BBQ and have got the exposure it did

– he signed us up to his YouTube Channel. I was

the first chef signed to it. We became the biggest

food network in Europe within a year and a half.

It was a fun time but Food Tube was five years too

early! We’re still friends, he helped me with my

company, life, he’s a good dude.

Speaking of chefs – what is the best tip you

S have ever learnt from another famous chef?

What famous chef would you love to work

with and haven’t yet? Who are your grill gurus

and why?

Jamie is so good at what he does he can cook

D and present with all the adjectives! There is

a chef in New York called Tyson Ho, who’s

studied the history and can give you the origins of

a fillet o-fish. He has studied Carolina BBQ like

no one else. He’s gone to every pocket and sits

with the locals, he studied under Pit Master Ed

Mitchell learning the nuances of Carolina whole

hog technique. Tyson knows all these barbecue

methods from different regions and they’re all

different; BBQ is African, Asian, Central and

South American …

I interview the best chefs in the world, Marco

Pierre White, Niklas Ekstedt, I’ve picked up

tips from them all. Tom Brown taught me about

resting fish, how you have to rest it like meat.

It’s the big chefs who know how to work with

mushrooms. The more you can work out how to

use them, it’s a meat it’s a veg, it’s flavour it’s a


I like to watch how they work, how they handle

tongs or how they season food. Marco Pierre

White has a machine gun hand - I’ve never seen

a quicker hand that fires salt from far away, so

he gets more purchase on the salt. I have a thing

where I spin a basketball on my finger and drop

the salt on the basketball, so it spins and rains salt

on my food.

I’d be scared to work with Gordon Ramsey, I’m

sure he’d be alright, I’ve heard he’s 95% amazing,

but heard horror stories the other 5%. I would

cook him grilled lettuce because he frickin hates


Niklas Ekstedt runs an entire kitchen only by fire.

He’s super high end. We do it in festivals, I can’t

imagine doing it in a kitchen, but we do have a lot

in common, he’s an ex-pro snowboarder and I was

a snowboard film maker.

Have you cooked for anyone famous? What

S did you cook for them and where? What

celebrities are on your phone? What celebrity

would you love to cook for and why?


I cooked for Mary Berry when she came

to Camp Bestival and taught her to do a

smacked rib eye – that was cool!

We cooked for Fat Boy Slim’s birthday at Camp

Bestival this year, he then headlined the festival.

We had Nathan Outlaw with us and he did some

insane lobster burger. Billie piper eats our BBQ

– she fills up loads of trays, DJ Yoda, Lawrence

Dellaglio got in our queue three times in a row to

get pulled pork sandwiches.

Celebs in my phone? Jimmy Doherty, Jamie

Oliver, Ferne Cotton, Reef, Friendly Fires, loads

of bands because I am a DJ, The Fowls, Reef, the

Cuban Brothers.

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 55

Who would I like to cook for? Dolly Parton – she did

a lot for women’s rights in general and is sweet as a

button but hard-nosed. She’s a phenomenal woman.

There has been lots in the media about BBQs

S being bad for the environment – can you give

us your top tips on how to make a BBQ more

sustainable and environmentally friendly?

A charcoal maker who is looking after local

D woodlands is carbon neutral – a woodland that

pays is a woodland that stays. The problem is gas

is horrible. It’s a lot easier to work with charcoal but

you need to buy it from sustainable sources.

Always buy British, local and buy seasonal. Luckily

mushrooms are year-round – they’re so unusual I

think they came from outer space to tell you the truth

because the only things that eat mushrooms are pigs

and humans, so I reckon we all came on an astronaut.

They’re too magical, they couldn’t have come from

our earth.

My friend thinks mushrooms came from space – the

aliens said ‘hey you want something awesome we

will gift you this! It’s the best planet ever, we have

humans, bacon and mushrooms.’

Do not use disposable and don’t use charcoal covered

in lighter fluid –it will make a horrible smoke and

piss off everybody. Just get good sustainable log

wood charcoal and you’re laughing.

In the past you have clearly been a meathead!

S However, with the rise in vegans and

flexitarians, are you prone to cook more meatfree

meals on the grill? Would you ever turn vegan

yourself? Can you give us some tips on making the

most out of veggies?

I’ve been working more in vegan and veggie

D foods in the last five years than ever. The earth

needs animals and animals need the earth. I’d

never turn vegan myself but the reasons I understand,

animals die to give us all foods. Not just meat but

veg. Mushrooms are the purest of them all – the

perfect food.

I grill vegetables in the coals, onions, peppers and

mushrooms but also fruit; oranges lemons, limes,

peaches, apples, peaches make great desserts –

vegetables and fruit are perfect over live fire. Add

mushrooms for pure flavour. If you want to flavour,

mushrooms take up the flavour from the fire because

they’re sponges.

Always have day-old potatoes in your fridge – use

them throughout the week, make fries, caramelised

onions and peppers and I make hash and home fries.

With umami mushrooms give a meat flavour without

the meat.

Smoked baked potatoes and mushrooms are my

two staples. Also, a shawarma butter, steak with

broccoli and sesame seed oil and mirin too – there’s

so many easy things to do to liven vegetables just add

mushrooms for savoury goodness!

There are a lot of people out there that lack

S confidence when catering for vegans and

flexitarians. What would your top tips be to turn

these people into meat-free grilling masters?

Some sautéed mushrooms in olive oil or butter

D can add excellent flavour to all dishes. I can add

garlic mushrooms into everything and make it

taste better!

It's good to not dry out mushrooms, they’re great

at taking base because they’re sponges, so don’t hit

them too hard – they still hold that flavour.

A recipe we’re doing is a chicken kebab recipe with

mushrooms and broccoli– I love mushrooms on


British barbecues have become a bit of a joke in

S the past because of our bad weather but with the

BBQ boom this year, do you believe Brits are as

good as Americans when it comes to grilling?

I think a British team won the world champs

D in America – British BBQ has come on so

far! It’s one of the best countries for BBQ; its

empowering and everyone is always sharing tips

because everyone wants to do better! You guys

are ruthless, but BBQ is a community of really

supportive people and lockdown did a lot for BBQ –

you couldn’t get grills for love nor money, because

everyone was investing in their back yard.

It was good for me because I sold a lot of books

– showing people how to make the most of it, in

lockdown I was doing the morning cook out with my

mushroom hash in the backyard over live fire live

online because I thought people may be a bit lonely.

The more people do it the more people encourage

others; why don’t you try it! It‘s good for mental

health and I think it empowers people! Women are

better at multitasking so they’re great at live fire

cooking. Genevieve Taylor devoted a whole book

about it, devoted to vegetables and fire.


Do you have any unique food combinations you

love putting on the grill? Surprising ingredients?

Surprising cooking methods?

There are so many weird food combos that

D shouldn’t go together but when you put them

together they work; like chocolate covered

pretzels. Chris Martin from Cold Play said double

cream on Weetabix but that’s not too weird. Salt on a

chocolate cake.

I make a white sauce it’s like a mayo vinegar sauce

I put on pork and mushrooms and it’s tangy and

sugary, but you have to be careful when you add it

because sugars burn over live fires. I introduced this

more tangy and savoury sauce which lends itself well.

I cook big portobello mushrooms upside down like a

cup you can stuff – baste them all the time and add

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cheese on top. They’re capsules for everything.

Everything can be cooked in there, then you slice it,

and the mushrooms have been soaking in all those

flavours – I don’t understand why people don’t cook

with them more it’s ridiculous they’re so good and


What upcoming projects can you tell us about?

S The hospitality and live event sectors have

suffered due to Covid – will DJ BBQ be opening

a restaurant or heading back on tour?

We’re in the middle of shooting book no. 4 out

D in Spring, it will be our fourth best-selling book

and we’ll feature a lot of vegetables including


We’ve been on tour for two months, we’re back on

for another month bringing live fire to the people and

getting people stoked on BBQ.

BBQ is not a summer thing – it’s silly to cook BBQ in

the hot summer, I’d rather do it in the fall, spring, this

kind of weather. Who wants to stand around hot coals

in the hot sun?

Do the main events. You only have so much room in

your kitchen, so take the main event outside – slow

cooked squash or suede or pumpkins, turkey ham

goose, take it outdoors.

People get nervous about BBQ but set your grill

for indirect cooking, you can’t have coals all over,

because then there’s no safe place to go with your

food it gets really hot, you want to have different

temperatures in your kettle style grill.

I use a little bit of charcoal on one third of the base

then everything else different levels of heat. Get your

cover on your food, or if you’re doing something

slower move it to the indirect side, put the lid down

and turn your outdoor grill to an indoor oven – feed

the fire and keep that 180 degree temperature. It’s the

same as an oven but with more flavour.

Then whatever your main event is, throw some

mushrooms, onions and potatoes grill some fruit and

make an extravaganza with mushrooms to send it to

the upper echelons of tasty town!


Tell us about the campaign ‘Made With

Mushrooms’! What made you want to get


I’ve been eating them since I was a young kid, I

D embraced them from an early age. The best pizza

in the world is pepperoni and mushroom no

better pizza than that! What’s not to love? We always

have mushrooms in the fridge, chestnut, bell or field,

they’re like a sponge packed with vitamin D, they’re

umami bombs and are really easy to do vegan from

tacos to easy grilling recipes.

The UK and Ireland Mushrooms Producers has

partnered with DJ BBQ to inspire the nation to cook

new and flavourful food that highlights the versatility

of mushrooms in recipes. For inspiration on how to

use tasty mushrooms in an array of meals, head to @

madewithmushrooms on Instagram to see the latest


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Wood Fired Grills

Take Outdoor Cooking To

Another Level With Traeger

Traeger Grills make woodfired meals faster, easier & full of

flavour so they're perfect for outdoor grilling all year round

Traeger Grills, the Salt Lake City

based grilling experts, have been

revolutionising BBQ grilling and

outdoor cooking for 30 years

using 100% natural hardwood fuel

to infuse food with unparalleled

flavourful smoke, making food

taste absolutely delicious.



As the inventor of the world's top

selling wood-fired grill, Traeger

Grills use hardwood-fired grilling

to provide the utmost versatility

to outdoor cooking, from BBQ,

grilling and smoking, to baking,

roasting and braising – creating

BBQ meals to perfection every




Cooking with a Traeger wood

pellet fuelled grill infuses

flavour in your food, delivering a

superior taste, and the precision

temperature control makes it

simple to use. New D2 Direct

Drive technology means grills get

hotter, faster, delivering superior

smoke production and best ever

wood-fired flavour.



Traeger’s patented WiFIRE®

technology means grills can be

controlled via the smart phone

app that maintains precise

temperatures, so you can focus on

friends, family and flavour instead

of constantly monitoring the fire.

Previously, grill aficionados have

dabbled with different fuels and

grilling styles to get the perfect

results, but now universally the

wood pellet grill is considered the

grill of choice - the Rolls-Royce of

the grilling world, where Traeger

is the pioneer.

Here's our run-down of the

different models of Traeger Grills.


The Pro Series is the best-selling

wood pellet grill in the world,

from £899. Key features include

WiFIRE® which allows you to

control grill from anywhere with a

temperature range of 75 to 260ºC.

The digital meat probe means

precise temperature readings and

the D2® Controller with Turbo

Temp gets Pro Series grills hotter,

faster for less waiting and more



Designed to elevate your craft, the

Ironwood Series makes woodfired

meals faster, easier and packed

with more flavour. Starting from

£1,499, in addition to the same

features as the Pro Series, these

grills boast double sidewall

insulation for consistent

58 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

temperatures all year round -

yes you heard right, true grill

aficionados get grilling in any

weather! The Ironwood grills also

feature Super Smoke Mode to

enhance that all-important smoke

flavour and a special Downdraft

Exhaust® which ensures the

smoke is circulated for maximum

flavour. In addition, adjustable

grill grate positions are possible

using the Smoke/Sear setting.

The Ironwood 650 is our choice

for families and small groups

of friends that love the smoky

flavour of woodfired meals.


The Timberline Series reaches

the pinnacle of outdoor cooking,

featuring the most cutting-edge

grill technology to maintain

precise temperatures every time.

Starting from £1,999, these

BBQs are for perfect for grill

masters looking for a superior

grilling experience. Building

on the features of the Ironwood

Series, Timberline Series grills

are fully insulated construction

for consistent temperatures even

when grilling outdoors in the

rain and snow. Three tiers of

stainless steel grates allow more

cooking surfaces and a magnetic

bamboo cutting board provides

a convenient workspace when

cooking woodfired meals. The

Timberline grills also boast a

concealed grease management

system - a very important feature.


Also available from Traeger is

The Ranger. Starting from £549,

this is a compact travel grill

which is ideal to take with you

when camping or on staycation -

always make sure you are within

a designated barbecue area and

take care to avoid the risk of fire

and scorch damage. The Ranger

features Traeger’s Digital Arc

controller with an added ‘Keep

Warm’ mode, to ensure your food

is ready to eat whenever you are.

To find your nearest Traeger Grill

dealer visit www.traegergrills.eu

For the chicken wings

1.4kg chicken wings

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 tbsp paprika

2 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp salt

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1 tsp cayenne pepper


Hellfire Wings

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp granulated garlic

1 tsp celery seed

For the hot sauce

8 tbsp unsalted butter

4 jalapeño peppers, thinly sliced

100g coriander leaves

100g hot sauce

1. Cut the tips off wings and discard. Transfer to a large mixing bowl

and pour the oil over the chicken.

2 Make the Rub: In a small mixing bowl, combine the paprika, sugar,

salt, black pepper, cayenne, onion powder, granulated garlic, and celery


3. Sprinkle over the chicken and toss gently with your hands to coat the


4. When ready to cook, set the Traeger to 180°C and preheat, lid closed

for 15 minutes.

5. Grill the wings for 35 to 40 minutes or until the skin is crisp and

golden brown and the chicken is cooked through. Turn once halfway

through the cooking time.

6. Make the Sauce: Melt the butter over medium-low heat in a small

saucepan. Add the jalapeños and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Stir in the

coriander and hot sauce.

7. Pour the sauce over the wings and toss to coat. Enjoy!

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Tasty Tipples


Incorporating oak from founder Leanne

Carr's family farm overlooking Hope

Cove to give a hint of vanilla, this oakaged

golden rum is lovingly created

from molasses with locally produced

Quince Devon Honey, Cocoa Nibs from

their friends at Salcombe Dairy and the

smoothest Devonia Spring Water.

Cove Rum has hints of orange blossom,

smooth caramel, creamy light spice and a

lick of tobacco with rich vanilla to finish.

It is the perfect base of a Cuba Libre.

£38 from www.devoncove.co.uk


Scottish Fruits Cider Liqueur

is blended with the new Thistly

Cross Scottish Fruits cider,

a lip-smacking

combination of real

British elderflowers,


strawberries and

apple cider. At 20%

abv it’s a fruity

delight on its own,

or can be lengthened

with elderflower

pressé or Thistly

Cross Elderflower


£28.75 from



Tesco Finest Dessert Semillon is

an award-winning dessert wine

from Australia’s De Bortoli

family winery. Made from lateharvested

grapes which are left

to ripen on the vine until their

natural sugars and

flavours have grown

incredibly rich and

intense. The result is

a golden hued wine

boasting a delicate

concentration of

citrus, peach and

apricot flavours that

are simultaneously

sumptuous and fresh.

£6 from Tesco


The Woodford Reserve

Distiller’s Select Gift Pack

includes a 70cl bottle of

bourbon and their unique Old

Fashioned Syrup. Made from

a blend of bitters, sugars and

botanical extracts, the syrup

has been specifically developed

to carefully complement the

signature taste of Woodford

Reserve bourbon

so now anyone can

enjoy the perfect

Old Fashioned

from the comfort

of their own home.

£30.75 from

Master of Malt


Tesco Finest Late Bottled

Vintage Port is an Aged

Ruby Port, from a single

year, produced for Tesco by

Symington Family

Estates. It displays

complex notes of

cassis blackberry and

dark chocolate, with

a palate elegantly

balanced with tight

tannins. The perfect

tasty tipple to pair

with Christmas

pudding or blue


£11 from Tesco


The Ice Cider Gift Box is

the perfect gift for those

who like their cider a little

more refined. Icing is a

method used widely in

wine-making, and now

introduced to Sandford's

Devon cider. During the

specialist process the

cider apple juice becomes

intensified, sweeter and

richer. The powerful warmth

and rich complexity match

perfectly the floral bouquet

and sweet apple finish.

£22.99 from www.



Monkey Shoulder Original

Malt Whisky features notes of

zesty orange, vanilla, honey and

spiced oak followed by mellow

vanilla with spicy hints. The

smooth, malty and

fruity character is bold

enough to stand out in

a drink, but balanced

enough not to take it

over making it perfect

for whisky cocktails

during the festive

season and beyond.

£29 from


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Inspired by the Margarita and

Mexico, the Limited Edition

Tropicool bottle from Cointreau

arrives just in time for Christmas

£29.95 from Fortnum & Mason


The Signature Rum is full

bodied and buttery with rich

notes of treacle, toffee, ginger

and muscovado sugar.

£38 from John Lewis & Partners


A smooth, light-medium bodied,

blended aged white rum that is

dry and fruity, yet not sweet.

Notes of vanilla pod, nutty

pineapple & fudge with a long

cream finish.

£37.50 from Waitrose & Partners


The Six Wines of Christmas case has something for

everyone - white, fizz, rose and full bodied reds. From

plummy Mendoza Malbec to delicious Pinot Noir and

elegant Traditional Method fizz, this case will satisfy

any wine lover who finds themselves at your table this

Christmas. Order online or in one of the London shops

with free local and nationwide delivery.

£65 from www.realdrinks.co.uk

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Christmas at


Here's some of our

favourites from the turkey

& sensational sides to

delicious desserts & new

vegan options


The Main Event


Sensational Sides

Tesco Finest Free Range Bronze Stuffed

Turkey Crown with Tender Cooked Stuffed


Tesco Finest Pork, Dark Cherry & Smoked

Chestnut Garland Stuffing - Port-infused

pork stuffing with smoked chestnuts, dark

cherries and dates.

£6 at www.tesco.com

Succulent British bronze free range turkey

crown, stuffed with a classic pork sage and

onion stuffing, accompanied with juicy slow

cooked turkey thighs.

Serves 8 - 10

Available from 19 December 2021

Price TBC


Vegan Friendly


Vegan Friendly

Tesco Plant Chef Portobello Mushroom

Wellington - Handcrafted portobello

mushroom wellington finished with a

beetroot and cranberry stuffing.

£6 at www.tesco.com

Wicked Kitchen No-Turkey Roast Crown -

Soy and wheat protein ‘No-Turkey’ crown,

topped with a sage and onion stuffing.

£5 at www.tesco.com

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Boxing Day Ham


Something Special

Tesco Finest Burnt Orange & Maple Ham -

Dry-cured ham smothered with an orange and

maple glaze, garnished with a candied orange

and cranberries. Price TBC


Cheesy Does It

Tesco Finest Black Forest Christmas Pudding

- Christmas pudding packed with vine fruits,

chocolate chunks and glacé cherries.

£10 at www.tesco.com


Delicious Desserts

Tesco Finest French Brie with Truffle - Soft

and creamy French Brie infused with a layer

of white Italian truffle.

£2.50 at www.tesco.com

Tesco Finest Caramel & Orange Torte - Baked

cheesecake with caramel and orange sauce, caramel

mousse and a biscuit base. £8 at www.tesco.com


Sensational Sides


Plant Based Puds

Tesco Lobster Mac & Cheese - Macaroni

covered in a rich and creamy cheese with

succulent Canadian lobster.

£3.50 at www.tesco.com


Sensational Sides

Tesco Finest Free From Honeycomb Dome - A

hand-decorated dark chocolate dome with crunchy

honeycomb pieces and chocolate biscuit.

£6 at www.tesco.com


Get The Sauce

Tesco Finest Garnish Pack - Every garnish

needed for a festive dinner, including pigs in

blankets and stuffing. £10 at www.tesco.com

Tesco Finest Bread Sauce with Sourdough - Rich

and creamy bread sauce with a sourdough crumb.

£2 at www.tesco.com

Festive Foodies

Top treats for friends &

family this Christmas












9 16

1. The Festive Four £12.95, 2. The Tounge-Tinglingly Hot Trio £13.95, 3. The Cheese Collection £15.95 all from

www.tracklements.co.uk and fine food delis and farm shops nationwide | 4. Lazy Keto Kitchen by Monya Kilian

Palmer £14.99, 5. One Dish Fish by Lola Milne £17.99, 6. Freeze by ByRuby £16.99, 7. At Home by Monica Galetti

£20, all published by Octopus Books | 8. Ladurée x Mellerio Box of 16 Macarons £41 www.laduree.co.uk | 9.

Chocolate Almond & Nougat Selection in a Nine-Way Gift Box £30 www.farhi.co.uk | 10. Gold Sugared Almonds

in a Gift Bag £20 www.farhi.co.uk | 11. The Essential Devon Cheese Board £25 sharphamcheese.co.uk | 12.

Christmas Taster Box £35 www.flapjackery.co.uk | 13. Bonci Panbriacone £21.50, 14. Limoncello Panettone £17.65,

15. Chocolate Cherry Figs £10.50, 16. Chocolate Fig Salame £6.50 all from seggiano.com | 17. Fabbri Amarena

64 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com













22 26

Cherries £9.75 dukeshillham.co.uk | 18. Panettone with Pistachio Cream £27 dukeshillham.co.uk | 19. Mince Pies

available in Original, Gingerbread and Peanut Butter & Chocolate varieties (box of 6) £12 jackandbeyond.com |

20. Belgian Deluxe Assortment £11 www.guylian.com | 21. Baileys Chocolate Collection 227g £8 Asda | 22. Lily

O'Brien's Desserts Collection £7 All major supermarkets | 23. Tiptree Christmas Pudding (454g) £9.99 Independent

grocers and www.tiptree.com | 24. Thursday Cottage Organic Orange Marmalade with Gin 340g £3 Independent

stores and www.thursday-cottage.com | 25. Bûche Haute Couture ‘Blanche’ £59 Mariage Frères Covent Garden |

26. Lindt TEDDY & Storybook gift set £10 www.lindt.co.uk/shop | 27. STARLINO Maraschino Cherry Gift Set

£24 Amazon

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Rachel MacLynn

66 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

A Guide for Singletons

at Christmas

Ask The


‘Tis the season to be jolly.. well

not necessarily for everyone.

The Holiday Season stirs up all

kinds of emotions for singletons

at Christmas and it certainly

doesn’t help that everywhere

you look, festive romance seems

to ooze out of couples, making

you feel like you have a huge

neon sign over your head saying

“Help, I’m single!”. But fear not,

there is so much to celebrate and

embrace as a singleton – yes even

at Christmas time, and if you

follow my guide and top tips, am

confident you’ll have a merry one




It is always comforting to remind

yourself that you don’t actually

need a partner, and yes, whilst

you may still want one, you’re

in a position where you can turn

away advances from those who,

quite frankly, don’t make the cut.

Focus on spending quality time

with your family and friends and

on the many benefits that single

life brings (yes, benefits.. such as

the freedom to travel on a whim

and no run-ins with the motherin-law!),

until the right partner for

you comes along. Remember how

amazing you are, and in my book,

it is always preferable to be single

than being with the wrong type of

person for you.


There is no denying that social

media has become an important

part of many people’s lives and

although it can bring many

positive and enjoyable benefits, it

can also exacerbate loneliness. We

know that most people share an

idealised version of themselves on

social media, cherry-picking only

the best images, not to mention

filters; we are seeing what they

want us to see and not the blazing

row they may have had with their

partner the day before! We could

all do with reminding ourselves

more often that the images we see

every day on social media, is not

real life. So, switch it all off for

a couple of weeks and I have no

doubt you’ll feel so much better

for it!



As much as the Holiday Season

is about feasting around the

dinner table, getting merry with

loved ones and laughing at the

naff Christmas cracker jokes,

the true essence of Christmas is

about giving. There are so many

people who are truly alone in

every sense of the word, then

why not consider sneaking out

of the house for a few hours and

give your time to someone else.

Volunteering is rewarding on so

many levels, not just for those you

are helping, but yourself as well.

Don’t underestimate the power of



It’s a fact that the festive season

is one of the busiest times of year

in the dating world calendar. It

is also a time many people are

most likely to have off work and

therefore are at their least stressful

work-wise, hence, people are in

a great mood for dating – it’s the

perfect time to go out on dates.

You have to be in it to win it; you

never know who is around the

corner, and if they do turn out to

be your special someone, what a

great story for the grandkids!


Rest assured that as a single

person, it is totally normal to get

a case of the Christmas blues

leading up to the Holiday Season,

but the good news is, there is an

antidote! When feeling helpless

or despondent with a situation,

taking action is the best antidote

there is and there are proactive

steps you can take to help you find

your dream partner.

What I suggest as an initial step,

is to take stock and think about

compatibility and who you are

compatible with. I’ve been a

professional matchmaker for

15 years and I have found most

people are unable to answer this

clearly or accurately. Could this be

why you are single? How can you

find the right person if you don’t

really know who you should be

looking for?

Here at The Vida Consultancy,

we focus heavily on compatibility

as we believe this is the secret to

longevity in relationships. Seeking

the expertise of a dating coach

or professional matchmaker can

help you define the biggest life

goal of your life and hopefully by

next Christmas, you’ll be playing

footsie with your dream partner in

front of the roaring fire.


Rachel MacLynn is CEO &

Founder of The Vida Consultancy

– a bespoke, international,

professional matchmaking agency

specialising in helping successful

individuals across the globe. For

more information, please visit


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Luxury Gifts for Her



HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat is the ultimate (and

only) Amethyst crystal, Tourmaline and Charcoal-infused PEMF

mat and is of course in line with one of the UK's hottest infrared

wellbeing trends of 2021. Experience a deeper sense of calm and

enjoy the benefits of infrared heat without needing an intense

sweat session. Feel the long-term benefits of combining the

power of infrared with the healing frequency of PEMF (Pulsed

Electromagnetic Field) technology. HigherDOSE fans include the

likes of Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, Gwenyth Paltrow and more.

£469 from higherdose.com



This beautiful watch from the toccata line encapsulates the

elegant philosophy lived by free, independent and distinguished

women. Its uber-classic rectangular case with an art deco-inspired

dial symbolises everything that is simply chic. The roman numerals

hark back to the classicism of the traditional codes of horology,

together harmoniously combining tradition and elegance. The other

pieces in the toccata collection truly defy time - available in yellow

PVD gold or steel and set with or without diamonds.

The toccata 5925-P-00300 is £950 from raymond-weil.co.uk



Absolute CellActive Skincare cares for your skin with

unmatched enzymes and leading dermatology technology and

science. The Absolute CellActive Skincare is a revolutionary

product that stems from Atomy's original "Skincare 6 System“,

following six years of additional research. Absolute CellActive

6-Step Care Programme cares for the skin with cutting edge

technology adding vibrancy and elasticity to damaged skin, while

recapturing and maintaining a youthful complexion.

£180 from www.atomy.uk



Alongside its premium casing made from rose gold stainless

steel and a rose gold strap made from satin-finish metal links,

the dial with its sandblasted look adds an especially sophisticated

touch with sparkling Swarovski® crystals in a delicate toneon-tone

design. Worn alone or in combination with timelessly

beautiful jewellery from COEUR DE LION, this model is the

perfect addition to any look.

The 7611721640 rose gold watch is £175 at www.coeur-de-lion.org

68 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



23andMe’s Health + Ancestry kit can give a wellrounded

view of how genes may impact health and lifestyle

patterns, with a package of 125+ reports available. As part of

this service, the kit also tests for genetic links to more serious

health conditions such as celiac disease and type 2 diabetes,

providing insights into potential future health issues. These

health predisposition reports can only be viewed on an opt-in

basis, (so only those who actively choose to be in-the-know

will get their results) and are not diagnostic.

£149 from 23andme.co.uk


Pen Heaven

Once hailed as the “world’s most wanted” pen, the Parker

51 has been given a contemporary makeover whilst retaining its

original distinguishing features. Inspired by aeronautical design

the sleek cigar shaped silhouette coupled with a durable resin barrel

makes the 51 lightweight and nimble in the hand. This dark plum

version of the iconic 51 design from leading brand, Parker, offers

classic good looks with a glamourous edge thanks to its gold-plated

cap. Making a perfect gift, this and many other styles are available

from online gift emporium, Pen Heaven.

£125 from www.penheaven.co.uk


Dip and Doze

Dip and Doze have the perfect loungewear for a cosy

Christmas. The Perfect Cropped Sweatshirt (£50) is just right for

those days when it’s too cold for just a tee. You want a warm layer,

but not too warm. This fashionable sweatshirt is the perfect all year

round, lightweight layer designed with a slightly cropped length, so it

can be used day after day. Pair with The Palazzo Trouser (£55) which

is designed to be the perfect combo of flattering and comfortable

with a wide waistband and pockets. The Palazzo Trouser begs to be

seen in, but is so comfy you might not want to go anywhere at all.

Available from www.dipanddoze.com



Perfino is an innovative natural scent jewellery brand.

Perfino combines expertly blended, 100% natural, pure essential

oils with exquisite jewellery so you can wear scent all day long

without any chemicals touching your skin. The solid recycled silver

and 18ct gold vermeil, artisan designed pendant comes with six

lava stones and 10ml of carefully blended natural essential oils – all

sourced from sustainable growers. One drop of oil on the stone in

the pendant will give you a delicate fragrance that can last for days.

£100 from www.perfino.co.uk

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Hair Trends with

Gusto Hairdressing

Before it became trendy, celebrity life coach

Sloan Sheridan-Williams was already

embracing going grey. To update her look,

she visited Gusto hair salon in London

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Denise immediately knew

that I was a busy lady, who as

she described took care of my

appearance but liked to be natural

with my hair. She was spot on

as I like to let my hair do what it

wants. So her task was to make a

style that not only looked effortless

but was actually effortless, as my

hair is lucky to see a hairdryer let

alone any styling tools!

It's refreshing to have someone

like Denise who takes the time to

listen to your needs and wants but

also is strong enough to steer you

away from following a fashion

trend to get what would actually

work for you.

It is clear her goal is to make sure

the client gets a look that they are

happy with not just at the salon

but for weeks and months to come

after they leave.

Women are now

using grey hair

as a source of


Award-winning Gusto Hairdressing has re-written the rule book when

it comes to the expectations you may have from a high-end London hair

salon by offering the best cut, colour and style services in London at an

affordable price.

With established salons in Covent Garden and Soho, they recently

opened a third salon just off Oxford Street on Wigmore Street. Gusto

Hairdressing, Oxford Street offers their signature Balayage, freehand

and colour expertise, a blow-dry bar, Brazilian Blow Dry and Bridal

plus a full range of barber and men’s hair services. Hair for the people –

all the people, in a vibrant, fun, friendly and safe salon.

Talking about the new salon, Andre Johnson, owner of Gusto

Hairdressing said: “It’s been a tough year for our industry but equally

has highlighted how much everyone loves their hairdresser and values

having their hair done as essential to their wellbeing.

“I know we are bucking the trend somewhat by opening a new salon in

unsettled times but judging by the bookings for our current salons I’m

expecting Gusto Hair Oxford Street will be equally as popular. Some

retail may have been shifting online, but getting your hair done will

always be a destination”.


Emile G, Gusto’s Creative Director, is an extreme talent with a

reputation that well and truly precedes him in the most positive way

possible. A Wella Master Colour Expert among a litany of other credits,

Emile is truly one of London’s best for all things colour. He had this to

say about the latest hair trends for autumn/winter.

“A simple bob that takes inspiration from the middle part of the 20th

century. No longer than two inches above the shoulder with blunt ends

and a ruffled parting. Low maintenance yet highly voluminous and



Emile also commented: “Another autumn trend that is beautiful with

minimal effort is the face-framing slick cut. When you think of faceframing

hair, images of Jennifer Aniston in her Friends heyday are

conjured up. Straighter and sleeker, this take on the look is refined and

manageable yet still shapely enough to bring out the cheekbones. For

extra sleekness and to keep a healthy reflective gloss give the WNt

London shampoo and conditioner duo a go.”


On the Greyvolution trend, Andre commented: “No longer is grey a

source of insecurity, women are now using it as a source of confidence,

and with good reason. The curated transition from dye to natural blends

70 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

can look striking and empowering. The fact that we

have so many of our younger clientele are asking for

the icy grey effect shows that the colour, natural or

otherwise, is glamour epitomised.”


A good hairdresser knows hair. A great hairdresser

knows their craft. An extraordinary hairdresser

knows the person and matches the finished result to

their clients needs not just their wants.

Denise is a pure artist when it comes to hair. She

made me feel like my hair was a blank canvas.

Denise expertly hand painted specific areas to give

me definition that other methods could not. The

colour was so beautiful when she had finished that it

incentivised me to go for a much larger chop of my

hair, so that my grey reached right down to the end

of my cut, embracing the greyvolution. The amazing

thing is I can style it at home, or not style it and still

have fabulously healthy hair that keeps its colour and



Gusto Hairdressing has three salons in London

located at 11 Brewer Street in Soho, 224 Shaftesbury

Avenue in Covent Garden and now 110 Wigmore

Street just off Oxford Street. For further information

or to book an appointment online, please visit


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Gifts for Her

Mountain Warehouse

Extreme Thunder Walking Shoes

are a sport hiking classic for the

lady who likes to aim higher

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Crabtree & Evelyn

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Rice Exfoliating Cleanser &

Lemongrass Skin Toner

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Renew Moisturiser & Jade Roller

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Shadow Stick Collection in 3

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delilah cosmetics

Alibi Fluid Foundation is utterly

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Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation

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TEINT Concealer reduces dark

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Finch Bakery by Lauren

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Learn the secrets to

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Evolve Organic Beauty

True Balance SOS Treatment

Mask helps reduce clogged pores

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Create Space by Dilly Carter

A room-by-room guide to

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Skin Republic

Retinol Hydrogel Face Sheet Mask

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Skin Republic

Spots + Blemish Face Sheet Mask

is drenched in spot fighting serum

for a clean & clear complexion

£4.99 at www.theskinrepublic.co.uk

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Maria Nila

The Excited Mind Gift Box will

lift thin or flat hair to new levels

by boosting volume and vitality

thanks to Pro-Vitamin B5

£49 at marianila.com


Radiance Booster is perfect for an

all over ‘mirror-skin’ glow. The

formula is vegan and cruelty-free

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Noble Isle

Botanist's Bouquet Gift Set contains

five 75ml Bath & Shower Gels of the

Noble Isle all-time favourites from five

different realms of fragrance.

£27 at www.nobleisle.com

Ted Baker

Travel In Style Vanity Case has

been designed to organise your

toiletries with a place for everything

£28 at www.boots.com

Meee in a Minute series

The books cover 60 ways to

improve your life, your work &

your family in 60 seconds. £8.99

each at www.meeebooks.com

Laura Ashley

Ultimate Bloom Collection contains

bud vase, room fragrance diffuser & a

timeless set of bath & body luxuries

£45 at www.boots.com

Pretty Little London by Sara

Santini & Andrea Di Filippo

100 Insta-worthy places to visit in

London from spring to winter

£16.99 published by Frances


RHS Botanical Art

Watercolour Art Pad by

Rachel Pedder-Smith

An easy way to create botanical

paintings using template outlines

£16.99 published by Octopus

The Numinous Tarot Guide

An interactive, self-study guide

by The Numinous that unlocks

the meaning of any deck of Tarot

cards in an instant

£14.99 published by Octopus

Forget About The Price Tag

W7 makeup performs better than some more

expensive brands and makes great stocking fillers.

Here are just some of our favourites...

Genius Foundation £4.50

Just Tinted Natural Skin Tinted Moisturiser £5.95

Keep It Glassy Illuminating Face Primer £5.50

Extra Extra! Mascara £4.50

Extra Fine Eyeliner Pen £3.50

Better To Pout Matte Liquid Lip Stick Gift Set £6.95

Set It Up! Special FX Finishing Powder £4.50

Available from www.w7makeup.co.uk

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Microdosing in

Aesthetics & Skincare

Miss Jonquille Chantrey, a world leading

surgeon and international lecturer specialising

in Aesthetic Medical procedures, has been

microdosing patients for years. So what are

the secrets? SLOAN! asked her to reveal all

Miss Jonquille Chantrey

Miss Jonquille Chantrey is a world

leading surgeon, international

lecturer and founder of ØNE

aesthetic studiø. She specialises

extensively in Aesthetic Medical

procedures to enhance and

rejuvenate the face and body. Her

services are in high demand at

both locations in Alderley Edge,

Cheshire & Selfridges, London.

She has over 16 years of aesthetics,

plastic and cosmetic surgery

experience in beautification, body

contouring, facial deformity and

transformational makeovers. she

has published articles in many

peer-reviewed medical journals

including The Lancet. Miss

Chantrey is regularly asked to

lecture as a Key Opinion Leader

at top international Aesthetics and

Plastic Surgery conferences.

For more information visit


I’ve been microdosing

my patients in

injectables and

skincare for years

Microdosing is a buzz word

right now in wellness and mental

health, but what microdosing

innovations can be applied to

aesthetics and skin health?

Other than running my 2 aesthetic

practices in London and Cheshire

and treating my thousands of

patients, a huge part of my career

is innovation. As an international

lecturer for 12 years and a

scientific developer in beauty

products I am constantly thinking

at least 5 years ahead. As patients

want faster, better results they

also want no down time but often

want a comparable result to highly

invasive procedures. As a surgeon,

much of my work is pioneering

how to achieve such comparable


Skincare is a fundamental step

in achieving superior patient

aesthetic results. I have 16

years experience in advanced

aesthetics and leadership with

the top medical skincare brands

worldwide, as well as providing

bespoke skincare protocols for

my patients. This is for a range of

skin conditions - from photoaging,

rosacea, pigmentation disorders,

scarring and acne to preventative

positive ageing protocols, all

with an intention to improve

skin quality and skin health. But

patient compliance is essential.

Like anything that is a continuous

process and requires upkeep and

maintenance, expecting quick

results with minimum effort is

unrealistic as we are continuously

ageing and our skin is constantly

subjected to different stressors.



It essentially means using products

that contain an active ingredient

but in a lower concentration than

usually clinically manufactured or

scientifically recommended. This

may be in a product that contains

the low dose or by buffering it

to a lower dose using additional


Products that contain active

ingredients at an effective dose

may require building up some

degree of tolerance. During that

phase, there may be associated

“down time” with redness,

peeling, dryness or irritability.

Many people want to see the result

but don’t accept the down time

and so become less compliant with

keeping up to a medical skincare


I have micro dosed certain

patients for 16 years. I have honest

conversations with my patients.

The patients that don’t tolerate

downtime and simply won’t stick

to a complex routine, I need to

make the process as simple as

possible for them. In these specific

circumstances I’d rather them

use a micro dose more often than

having a product on the shelf that

they never use because they hate

how it makes them red and peel. It

takes these patients much longer

to see a comparable result to the

more motivated and therefore their

realistic expectations need to be


74 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com




The one product I microdose the

most frequently is retinol as it is

usually the one that requires the

more dedication and patience for

downtime, plus there is evidence

that this can still bring benefit at

least 0.025%.. In many medical

ranges retinol can start at 0.5%

and are often at 1%. Over the

counter formulations tend to be

a lower dose. I am a global key

opinion leader for SkinCeuticals,

the number one cosmeceutical

brand worldwide and they produce

a well tolerated retinol at 0.3%

which is a great entry level for

skin savvy retinol newbies. I

recommend SkinCeuticals 0.3% to

these patients (this isn’t technically

micro dosing as it is efficacious at

this %) and if they can not tolerate

any downtime whatsoever I buffer

it with either Triple Lipid Restore

2:4:2 or Metacell Renewal B3.

When applied immediately on top

of the retinol it effectively reduces

the potency of the penetration

and then creates less redness and


So what about Vitamin C? I

would never compromise on L

ascorbic acid dosing (Vic C) as a

total dose delivery. For instance,

if a product contained a less than

therapeutic dose but delivered

other active ingredients with

benefits then I would also use a

separate Vitamin C as an adjunct

at effective dosage. There are a

plethora of products coming to

market containing subclinical,

low dose Vitamin C. Vitamin

C is a highly unstable product

and like Vitamin A has different

active derivatives. Formulation of

Vitamin C is extremely important

to protect the cells from DNA

damage and collagen from

breakdown. A concentration of 5%

is much lower than the majority of

effective, clinically proven Vit C

products which usually commence

at 10% L Ascorbic Acid. There are

many other acids used in skincare

which may bring some subclinical

benefit of cumulative microdosing

over time, this depends on their

chemical compounding and

availability in the skin - essentially

the “true value” of the acid.


Depending upon the ingredient,

the %, the product and the patient,

the time to building tolerance can

vary widely. Many patients are

highly motivated and don’t worry

about “down time” because they

see the huge benefits that “normodosing”

(to create a term) can

bring, objectively to their skin

quality. The people that benefit

mostly from micro-dosing are

ones that don’t tolerate downtime

mostly because of social activity

and are more likely to stop any

form of active ingredient quickly

if they see any dryness, redness or

peeling whatsoever.





We know that in order for retinol

to be efficacious it must be

delivered at a concentration of

at least 0.025%. More evidence

is needed to support sub-clinical

dosing of other beneficial active




I always recommend to start

active ingredients by clinically

proven skincare ranges as soon

as possible. In both my Alderley

Miss Jonquille Chantrey is a world leading

aesthetic surgeon and international lecturer

Edge and Selfridges London

clinic I advise regular skin health

check ups with my team so we can

strategically adapt throughout the

year to changing skin function and

diagnoses. That initial consultation

is key – it needs to be accurate,

specific and bespoke with a high

level of clinical acumen. Working

in the beauty hall at Selfridges

London I have had to close my

ears to so much of the nonsense

“advice”I hear on the counters –

that will actually make consumers

skin worse!

Clinical skincare is not to

be feared but starting slowly

and microdosing a retinol can

gradually bring benefits such as

brighter, smoother skin quality

with more even tone and less

congestion. Potential pandemic

influences to consider right now

that may affect skin function

include - stress, inflammation,

dietary changes and the wearing

of masks. As such, the behaviour

of skin to active ingredients

may slightly alter and reduce

the compliance of use or the


In short - the more motivated

you are to a dedicated, effective

clinical skincare routine, the

better results you’ll see. This is

dose, frequency and formulation

dependent and so see a highly

qualified, advanced clinician

who can guide you ethically and


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Being Positive & Proactive

about the Menopause

Dr Liza Thomas-Emrus

Dr Liza Thomas-Emrus is

Medichecks’ Mind-Body

Medicine Specialist and an

award winning GP, providing

lifestyle medicine for a holistic

approach to health, focused on

compassion and connection.

She is passionate about the

transformation of everyone’s

health and wellbeing through

empowerment, co-creation and

reducing inequalities.

Medichecks (www.medichecks.

com) is the UK’s leading directto-consumer

and business to

consumer blood testing service.

They offer a Menopause Blood

Test that measures levels of

five key hormones, including

FSH, LH and oestradiol.

Levels of FSH rise in women

as egg production declines,

for example, so this can be

identified and doctors can

provide actionable advice.

Did you

know menopausal

symptoms can be

similar to those of a

thyroid condition?

The menopause can carry a heavy

emotional, mental and physical

burden for many women.

The term itself means ‘last

menstrual period’ and is

caused by the ovaries no

longer producing oestrogen

and progesterone. Ordinarily, a

woman will reach menopause

around the age of 51, with the vast

majority of natural menopause

occurring between the ages of 45

and 55.

It is important to be aware of the

various stages of the menopause.

Some women, around one in 20,

will be affected by early (aged

40-45) or premature (under 40)

menopause, and we are seeing

more cases of this. This might

be for a range of reasons, from

more people in their 30s having

hysterectomies, to advances in

chemotherapy impacting early




Many women in and around

their 40s are in the prime of their

careers with busy lives that may

also involve looking after children

and older relatives. Our natural

inclination is to ‘get on with

it’. In fact, some women value

themselves based on the amount

of stress they can cope with, but

it is important to realise that it is

OK to seek help.

One of the things I focus on with

my patients is lifestyle, because

this can have a huge impact on

the experience of menopause.

Plan A for all women should be to

live a healthier lifestyle for longer,

which can help delay the onset of

menopause symptoms.

An observational study around

diet and the menopause found

that eating lots of refined

carbohydrates such as rice

and pasta was associated with

reaching menopause around 18

months earlier. It found that in

some cases, dietary changes to

staples such as fresh oily fish and

legumes could delay menopause

by several years. Making your

plate look colourful, with plenty

of fresh fruit and vegetables is a

good rule of thumb.

In terms of reducing the severity

of symptoms, exercising and

cutting down on alcohol and

caffeine can help with hot flushes.

Because of the complexities of

menopause, a first port of call

should be to speak with a GP –

they have expertise in listening

to all symptoms described and

advising on the likely cause

and best management options.

In women over 45, usually

blood tests aren’t needed as

the symptoms and signs can be

used to conclude a diagnosis of

perimenopause or menopause.

Blood testing has a role to play in

ruling out other health issues that

could be at play, such as thyroid



Too often menopause is framed

entirely negatively, and that isn’t

always the case. In fact, when we

asked what advice women would

give to others facing menopause,

the responses were all about


The women I find cope the best

with menopause are those who

are accepting of what’s happening

and show themselves compassion.

My plea is to address it sooner

rather than later, don’t suffer in

silence for years and hit rock

bottom, because there are things

that can be done to help. Most

women try to battle through,

probably longer than necessary.

To read the full article, please

visit www.sloanmagazine.com

76 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Your Health Is Your Wealth


If you are experiencing symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings

and erratic periods, the Menopause Home Blood Test from Medichecks measures

five key hormones such as FSH, LH and oestradiol to assess your menopausal status.

Levels of FSH rise in women as egg production declines, so it may be used in certain

circumstances to assess the likelihood of whether a woman is going through the

menopause. Menopausal symptoms can be similar to those of a thyroid condition

and this home blood test allows you to check your status for both. Collecting blood

at home is easier than you think and the results are back in a few days.

£69 from medichecks.com

The Turmeric Co.

These Raw Turmeric Vitamin C & D3 shots combine vitamin C (1,000mg per shot)

and vitamin D3 (3,000iu per shot) with raw turmeric to help support immunity and

wellbeing. The vitamins are delivered in a liposomal format for faster absorption.

£35 for 14 shots from www.theturmeric.co


Provacan Premium Gold CBD Oil Spray 600mg contains superior CBD oil made

to ISO/GMP standard. Just a spray or two under the tongue everyday is all that’s

needed to experience the empowering benefits of quality hemp extract. A great

alternative for those who want the benefits of CBD without measuring oil drops.


£39.99 from provacan.co.uk

These naturally delicious beauty gummies are all joy, no junk. The advanced, targeted

formulation is super-charged with natural ingredients: astaxanthin, biotin, inulin and acai berry

to support strong, healthy, happy hair, skin and nails. The sustainable gummy supplement brand

uses plastic-free packaging and aluminium tins which are 100% reusable and recyclable.

£39.90 for 30 days supply from www.manifesto-nutrition.com


Sealions provides a top-quality range of vitamins and supplements that won't

break the bank offering affordable, low prices across all products for all ages and

stages of life with a year supply of vitamins for £5 across a selected range. All

the eco-conscious products are provided in plastic-free packaging and in bulk

rather than monthly tubs.

From £5 at www.sealions.com

Morning Meditations by Danielle North

The perfect introduction to develop a morning meditation practice to encourage clarity and

energy for the day ahead. The book covers energising essential oils, simple breathwork,

stretches, focus journaling and morning tea blends with weekend morning meditations to help

let go of the past week. Mantras are included to help bring awareness to particular words and

phrases and set you off on a positive path for the day ahead. £10 from www.waterstones.com

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Bring Joy To Not Drinking



With warmth and spice, Luscombe’s

authentic Hot Ginger Beer is a popular

choice during autumn and winter

months. A classic winter warmer

which packs some punch, organic

Hot Ginger Beer is crafted using only

the best organic Peruvian fresh root

ginger, Sicilian lemons and carbonated

Dartmoor spring water, giving it a

distinctive yet not overpowering heat.

£21.30 for a case of 12x 27cl bottles

from luscombe.co.uk

Inspired by the joyful rhythms and colours of Colombia, Caleño

Light & Zesty is a tropical infusion of juniper berry, pineapple,

papaya, green cardamom and the golden South American Inca berry,

making it the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to gin.

Caleño Dark & Spicy is a distilled golden and spicy blend, packed

with warming pineapple tropical notes, ginger and kola nut spices,

making it the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to spiced rum.

Caleño’s Christmas Cocktail Bundle

is the perfect gift for those looking to

find more balance. Includes 50cl Caleño

Light & Zesty and 50cl Caleño Dark &

Spicy, 2x 200ml Double Dutch Skinny

Tonic, 2x 200ml Double Dutch Soda,

gold stirrer and a bar blade.

£34 from www.calenodrinks.com


Here's some of the best

non-alcoholic drinks for

those wanting to take a more

balanced approach to drinking


Whole Earth

Whole Earth’s Organic Sparkling

Elderflower presents a blend of

subtle floral flavours while Organic

Sparkling Ginger features extract of

ginger and capsicum for a fiery kick.

Made with only natural, organic

ingredients, the drinks are flavoured

with real fruit juice Each pack is

made with fully recyclable materials.

£4 for pack of 4x 330ml cans from


Distilled and bottled in the UK, STRYKK

is a London based non-alcoholic spirits

brand featuring an impressive range of the

highest quality alternative-alcohol options.

STRYKK was the first brand to mimic

the mainstream spirits and was meticulously

developed for over two years in collaboration

with top bartenders. The expert STRYKK

team carefully reconstructed flavours of

spiced rum, London dry gin and traditional

vodka and created NOT G*N, NOT R*M and

NOT V*DKA, providing the best non-alcohol

alternative without missing out on any of the

flavour or notes and aromas – STRYKK

truly has all of the spirit but none of the

alcohol. STRYKK has now launching the

very first vanilla vodka alcohol alternative, the


£16 each from strykk.com

78 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Clean R is a take on Spiced Caribbean Rum. Warming

spice, golden caramel and cayenne pepper - delicious.

Big flavoured Jamaican rum is mixed with our

secretly guarded blend of spices. This boldly flavoured

distillate is combined with other ingredients to create

the finished non-alcoholic spirit.

Clean T offers a sequence which is earthy and fruity

(reminiscent of ripe melon), with woody, oak notes, green

olive and a peppery rocket and watercress finish.

Launched in 2019 by founder Spencer Matthews, CleanCo

has created a range of delicious, full flavoured non-alcoholic

alternatives to the popular full strength spirits.

£19 per bottle from clean.co, Sainsbury's & Morrisons

Non-alcholic drink s

Real Drinks

This case explores the world of alcohol free craft

drinks covering a range of great tasting styles - from

craft soda, AF beer, kombucha and Aperitif - with

the common denominator being that they are all

thoughtfully made with natural ingredients, and the

utmost craft.The case includes: 1x Zingi Bear Ginger

Switchel, 1x Rothaus Alcohol Free Tanenzapfle,

2x Square Root - Alcohol Free G&T, 1x Momo

Elderflower Kombucha, 1x Lervig No Worries

Pineapple Pale Ale, 1x Mikkeller Weird Weather, 1x

Gimber - Organic Ginger Concentrate

£35 from www.realdrinks.co.uk


The Sprigster Gift Box is packaged in a beautiful reusable

cedar wood box with a 20cl bottle of Sprigster, two cans of

Fever-Tree tonic, fruit and herb garnishes, natural drinking

straws and a cocktail recipe card. This is a high quality

spirit with sustainable values and offbeat personality.

£25 from www.sprigsterdrinks.com.

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12 Days of Wellness

So long partridge in a pear tree! Here's 12 tips for the mind,

body & soul from our favourite health & wellbeing experts

1 2 3




Ellie Webb, founder of

non-alcoholic spirits brand

Caleño (calenodrinks.com), says,

"Alcohol is a known depressant

so appreciate the mental health

benefits of having a balanced

December. Being ‘balanced’

with your drinking doesn’t mean

cutting out alcohol completely –

think about why you are drinking

and prioritise when you might

want to drink. Change your vocab

around not drinking for an instant

change of mindset – instead

of “giving up alcohol” you’re

going “alcohol free” for 2 or 3

consecutive days."

Dr Adam Friedmann,

consultant dermatologist

at Stratum Clinics (stratumclinics.

com) says,

"The wind and cold and the

transition between heated and cold

environments can dry the skin.

Therefore, it’s good to moisturise

as often as possible especially

before going outside as this retains

the skins moisture. Moisturisers

add a waterproof coating onto the

skin thereby reducing evaporative

loss of water from the skin so the

greasier the product, the better this

function is carried out."

Natural skincare expert

Lisa Harris (www.

lisaharrisskinscience.co.uk) says,

"When it’s cold outside it can

be tempting to have the bath or

shower really hot but don’t, as

this can damage skin. Also try

not to stay in the shower for more

than about five minutes, as this is

enough time to cleanse the skin

without damaging the natural oils

in the skin. Once this begins to

happen the natural microbiome

begins to face attack."

4 5 6




Working in partnership

with the UK and Ireland

Mushroom Producers, Dr Rupy

(thedoctorskitchen.com) says,

"Try including Vitamin D

enriched mushrooms in your

diet daily as just eight of these

mushrooms provides the average

recommended daily allowance."

80 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Spiritual and mindfulness

expert, Arika Trimnell

(prismvibes.com) says,

"Give yourself five extra minutes

of me-time. Whether in the

morning, evening or in the

middle of your day. Purposely

plan out five minutes where you

do something towards your own

personal goals."

Mathura Baheerathan,

Marketing Manager at

Comvita (www.comvita.com) says,

"Manuka honey is the perfect

addition to your diet especially in

the colder months due to its purity

and soothing properties. Tales of

its unique healing properties have

long been told since consuming

Manuka honey grew popular in

the 1970’s.”


8 9


Fitness & nutrition

expert Penny Weston

(welcometomade.com) says,

"Keeping a record of your

progression in terms of fitness is

so beneficial both mentally and

physically. Practically it helps

you to see at a glance your fitness

programme or routine, and it

also provides a brilliant source

of motivation to keep going.

Looking back in the journal to

see how much you’ve improved

and progressed over time also

helps to improve confidence and

mindset, resulting in a sense of



Gemma Soul, Head

of Yoga at Psycle

(psyclelondon.com) says,

"During the festive frenzy, yoga

can be a useful tool to get you

in the right place for a restful,

deep sleep. Combining mindful

movement with conscious breath

helps to slow down our thoughts

and raises feelings of relaxation

over stress. It has also been proven

that dynamic exercise followed by

mindful movement such as yoga,

helps the body relax even more

and brings the nervous system into



Dr Federica Amati, Chief

Nutrition Scientist for Indi

Supplements (indisupplements.

com) says,

"To help you avoid unhealthy

snacks at Christmas time, have

a good meal before any events

that may have this sort of food

on offer. That way, you don’t

arrive hungry and have already

consumed some nourishing food.

Try to be mindful of what you

choose to eat, really savour it

and chew each morsel properly,

noticing the flavours and


10 11 12




Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson,

personal trainer, fitness

expert and co-founder of the

holistic health collective URWell

(www.urwell.co.uk) says,

"Exercising improves mental

health and helps deal with the

stress of a demanding period.

Exercises don’t have to be

necessarily hard core; walking

after a meal or a jog in the

morning or some low-impact

mobility exercises would be

relevant and great. There is always

time for a short breathing exercise

or a meditation session before a

busy day."

Conscious Breathwork

Coach, Melike Hussein

(breathzone.com) says,

Try Belly Breathing to help

tackle stressful situations. Find a

comfortable seated position. Take

a moment to allow your body

to relax and close your eyes (or

drop your gaze). Place one hand

on your chest and the other on

your belly. Breathing in through

the nose, slowly and deeply,

and notice your belly to expand.

Breathe out through mouth with

pursed lips and notice your

belly fall. Continue for ideally 2

minutes or as needed.

Royal nutritionist and

former model, Gabriela

Peacock (gpnutrition.com) says,

"Ensuring you eat the right type

of food is key when you have

a hangover. A combination of

proteins and carbs will help you

on your way. I often opt for a slice

of smoked salmon, two eggs and

some dark rye bread. Or I make

a smoothie from mixed nuts and

seeds, half an avocado, mixed

berries, a tablespoon of coconut

oil, mixed superfood powders,

half a banana, a scoop of protein

powder and some oat milk. This is

both delicious and will make you

feel a thousand times better!"

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The Joy of Journaling








And Breathe by Suzy Reading

is a journal for all of your

wellbeing goals, activities and

reflections. Eight self-care

themes are included for selfdiscovery.

Prompts and practices

are included, along with ways

to encourage free and expansive

self-expression and self-discovery.

Sections include: What is selfcare?;

Movement & Nutrition;

Values & Purpose; Goal Setting;

and Coping Skills for Tough


£12.99 published by Octopus


For those looking for the perfect

place to start journaling, we love

this trendy Paperblanks Flexi

Flutterbyes Notebook Ultra that

has a flexible cover and eyecatching

butterfly design. Ryman

has a great selection of notebooks.

£17.99 from www.ryman.co.uk


The revolutionary bullet journal

helps you coordinate life into one

streamlined book system. This hot

pink Flamingo design, A5 journal

comes with a 300gsm outer cover

that is bound together with 76

pages of dot, grid, lined and plain

page layouts.

£12 from storigraphic.com


This beautiful Floral Bloom A5

Notebook and Pen features a

signature Laura Ashley heritage

print inspired by the English

garden. We love its feminine style.

£14 from www.boots.com


Looking for a splash of colour

to add to your journal? Well,

say hello to the premium Stabilo

Pen 68 Fibre Tip Pack of 12.

The robust medium 1mm tip is

great for strong lines and large

areas – making them the most

suitable choice for those who love

to add colour to the pages of their


£11.99 from www.ryman.co.uk


This is one for the stationery

obsessed journal writer. The

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pen

Pack of 20 have a 0.3mm line and

long-lasting, water-based ink,

making these pens ideal for those

who spend a lot of time writing or


£11.49 from www.ryman.co.uk

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As k The Ex p e r t

The Self-Care Practice of Journaling

Suzy Reading is a Chartered Psychologist specialising in

wellbeing, stress management and facilitation of healthy

lifestyle change. Her latest book, And Breathe, is out now

Journaling is one of the best self-care practices

– writing things down relieves stress, helps to

process emotions and express feelings, clears the

mind and improves sleep. We can also set our goals

and ambitions in motion and check in with our

commitments such as nourishing ourselves through

food and movement.


Simply put, self-care is nourishment for the head,

the heart and the body. I always say that self-care is

health care – because without our health, what do we

have? By health, we are referring to physical health,

emotional health, energetic health and mental health.

If it’s ok to brush your teeth and hit the gym, it is

equally ok to give yourself permission to stop, rest

and top up your energy bank. I urge you to take a

look at your self-care practices and make sure there

is something in there for every aspect of your wellbeing:

mind and body.

Please don’t equate self-care with pampering: it

can be pampering but it is not limited to luxurious

practices. Sometimes a restorative act is just what

you need; in other moments, the true act of self-care

might be the last thing you actually feel like doing,

something that challenges you or requires you to

step up, like sitting to meditate when your mind is

whirring or heading out for a jog when the sofa is

calling to you.

To make it easier to understand self-care there is a

second part to my definition. Self-care is nourishing

yourself in this moment AND nourishing the person

you are becoming. If you’re not sure, ask your

‘Future Self’. There is great wisdom to be mined

there. The manner of asking will vary from person to

person and for you from moment to moment but this

definition and a broad toolkit will serve you well


Self-care helps us cope in the moment, whether we’re

rising to meet a work challenge or digging deep to

meet our children’s needs. Self-care helps us navigate

these experiences with a sense of calm, poise and


After periods of stress, loss, conflict or change,

self-care can also put us back together. We all need a

toolkit to help us restore, replenish and heal because

no one is immune from these experiences.

Engaging in proactive self-care helps to boost our

resilience, providing us with a protective buffer

against future challenges. Just like a car needs fuel

to move, we need energy to get through our day and

the greater the reserves in our energy bank the more

effective we are. An act of self-care is like a deposit

in our energy bank and we need a healthy balance

because it’s not just crisis and illness that deplete us;

things we desperately want – like promotions, having

kids, getting married, buying or renovating a house

or just planning a holiday – have an energetic tax on

us too! Self-care allows us to keep giving and keep

going. Energetic bankruptcy serves no one.

And last but not least, self-care gives us access to our

best selves. Think of any goal or quality you aspire

to possess – you are more likely to achieve it when

you are well nourished. Self-care helps us all become

kinder, more compassionate people and this benefits

everyone our lives touch.


We all know broadly what we need to do to feel

energetic and healthy, the purpose of the And Breathe

journal is to help you get clear on what this means

personally to you.

Use the journal daily and in as little as five minutes

it will bring a sense of fresh purpose and zest to

your day. Achievable and sustainable change is

best created in small increments, so every time you

check in with the journal there is the opportunity to

reaffirm your commitment to your healthy habits and

to embark on a new wave of change once that habit is

integrated into everyday life.

Start by ‘connecting with your why’ using the

prompts to identify the scaffolding in life that you

need to flourish. Celebrate what you are already

doing well, acknowledge what needs some tweaking

and use goal setting to break it down into mini action

steps. Draw practical inspiration from the journal on

how to boost your wellbeing, going straight to where

you feel drawn. Work on that aspect of your health

and keep returning to your journal to build your selfinsight,

motivation and to grow your self-care toolkit.

And Breathe by Suzy Reading is £12.99 published

by Octopus.

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Active Affluent Kids


Frugi’s new season sustainable ski range for

toddlers 18 months to kids 10 years is made

from 100% recycled polyester (recycled plastic

bottles) and is beautifully wadded and lined

for comfort and warmth - perfect for winter

fun on the slopes.

Guaranteed to keep your little ones warm and

cosy whilst on adventures in the snow, Frugi’s

Snow and Ski Coat in two colourful prints has

an inner layer of comfy wadding and a fluffy

fleece lining in the hood and above the waist.

Packed full of clever details and features, the

coat has adjustable arms that can be made

longer as little ones grows for extra longevity.

Snow & Ski Coat (£70), Snow & Ski

Salopettes (£50) and Snow & Ski Mittens

(£18) available from www.welovefrugi.com


Made from post consumer

recycled polyester, these

Expedition Trousers have lots

of clever features for your

mini explorer to discover. The

double-layered reinforced

knee patches are great for

extra protection, and the fluffy

fleece lining is ideal for helping

to keep them warm and cosy.

The two combat-style pockets

on the sides, with popper

fastenings, are perfect for

storing little treasures within.

From £40 available from



We love these Explorer Waterproof All

In One overalls from Frugi's Explorer

range in the new Polar Bears all over

print. They have an inner layer of comfy

wadding and a Falun Red recycled

polyester fleece lining in the hood,

body and legs for extra snuggliness to

keep your little bear cub warm and dry

during their wintertime outdoor play.

From £55 at www.welovefrugi.com

The matching natural rubber Explorer

Wellington Boots are soft, flexible and

super-duper comfy in a slim fit taller

design making these wellies great for

puddle jumping whilst keeping your

kiddo's feet and toes dry.

From £28 at www.welovefrugi.com


This Explorer Gilet is fully reversible with a cool Polar Bears

all-over-print on one side and a contrasting Falun Red on the

reverse. With an inner layer of comfy wadding, this body

warmer is perfect for popping over your little one's outfit

when layering on cooler days! Part of Frugi's sustainable

range made from post consumer recycled polyester.

From £36 at www.welovefrugi.com

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This super lightweight reversible insulator from

Helly Hansen features a blowable synthetic down

insulation and polyester rip stop fabric. Reversible

with two different looks, it has Lycra edge bands

on the hood, hem and cuffs. It can be

packed into its separate small bag

that can be stored in one of the

two hand pockets. Moderately

windproof and water repellant,

the K Storm Reversible

Insulator is highly breathable

and can be used during the

colder months for urban

adventures or getting

closer to nature when

camping or hiking.


These smoking Snazzy Heelys feature printed

flames on the canvas upper, padded tongue and

collar for optimal comfort and protection, full

lace closure and Powerstrap above laces with

HEELYS logo. The durable rubber sole has an

abrasion resistant brake pad.

The shoe has 2x2 wheels with

ABEC 3 bearings.

£49.99 from Heelys.eu

and Skate Hut

£70 from www.



This Tony Hawk Signature Series 360 complete

skateboard (£54.99) features Smash artwork, a

superior 7-play Hard Rock Maple, double kicktail

deck, Aluminium trucks and 54mm wheels

to take skaters to the next level! Ensure a safe

skate for your little ripper with the Tony Hawk

Signature Series Protection

Set (£34.99). The helmet

has a size adjuster and 14

air vents for improved air

flow. The elbow, knee and

wrist guard padset offers full

coverage for crucial impact

areas, with the elastic straps

giving a snug fit.

Available from Skate Hut,

Skate Pro and Skate Station


The Bobcat Hoody from Canada Goose is the

perfect lightweight jacket to wear in the early

days of winter or spring. It's our favourite jacket

for kids at £325 from www.canadagoose.com

The Bobcat Hoody features a down hood

for extra warmth in unpredictable weather,

reflective detailing on the centre back of the

hood for added visibility, stretch cuffs help keep

out the cold, 2 fleece-lined side welt exterior

pockets with zipper closure and 1 lower mesh

drop-in interior pocket on wearers left.

It is self-packable into an interior pocket for

a travel-friendly pillow and has a tricot lined

collar and chin guard for added softness against

skin. The hem is cut longer in

back and by using the Gosling

Graduate System, additional

fabric in the sleeve allows

for 1 ½"" extension to grow

with your child. The Polar

Bears International (PBI)

logo disc means $50

from the sale of

each PBI jacket

will go directly

to supporting


research and

advocacy by

PBI and the


of polar bear



With a flexible bounce mat thanks to the 48 springs,

this Domyos 2.4-metre hexagonal trampoline allows

your child to safely learn basic jumps. Impact protection

is provided by the net inside the jumping area and

foam around the poles. The posts fold down in a flash

to easily install the cover when protecting from bad

weather in the winter.

The heavy-duty frame

comes with a 5-year

warranty for lasting use

and safety, with an antirust

treatment on frame

and anti-UV treatment

on jumping surface, net

and foam.

£164.99 from


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Stanley Tucci

and I are hoping

they'll put us

both in the booth

together at the

same time. That

would be so much

fun because

we both love to



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Jessica Henwick talks to SLOAN! about going

Dotty for Moley, her memories of bedtime stories

and why she wants to work with Stanley Tucci



You do the voice for Dotty in the new

kids TV show Moley on Boomerang.

How would you describe the character?

Dotty and Moley have been best

J friends for many years. They balance

each other out really nicely, because

while Moley is centred, steady and

thoughtful, Dotty always wears her heart

on her sleeve and plunges in headfirst,

so there's a nice push and pull between

them. She is a little bit hare-brained and

chaotic, but full of gusto and willing to

try everything. She feels very passionate

about so many different parts of her life,

which gets them into trouble sometimes

and definitely creates a lot of shenanigans,

but her heart is in the right place. She’s

definitely a wonderful, strong female

character to play. There's an episode called

Squirm’s Day Out where Dotty features

very heavily and it's just peak Dotty, she's

at her quirkiest, so that’s my favourite story.


How challenging was it to find Dotty’s


I did a much safer voice for her

J originally, which was just a very

generic girl next door American

accent, and the team listened to it and

suggested being a little kookier. The voice

we ended up with is everything I could

have hoped for, I’m so glad they let me play

around to find her voice.

Playing Dotty is very tiring vocally though

– we normally do our recording sessions

in four-hour batches, and by the end I

can't speak, which you don’t think about

when you start creating the voice. But it

doesn't matter because she's so much fun!

I'll probably go through three or four cups

of ginger, lemon and honey tea during a

session, several bottles of water and some

lozenges. There's a lot of upkeep in voice

acting, which people don't think about, but

your voice is a tool and you have to look

after it.


What made you decide to become part

of the Moley family?

It’s been so long since I worked in

J family friendly entertainment and if

I ever have kids one day then I want

them to be able to see my work. So, it was

a little bit of forward planning on my part I

guess, and the show just really touched my

heart. I thought it was such a cute story and

Dotty is so wonderful to play.

The beauty of voice work is also that I can

do any voice I want and I won't be judged

on my physical features. Honestly Dotty’s

voice is one that I will probably never be

able to do in live action because people will

say it’s too different from how I physically

look to be believable. So, that is the beauty

of it, getting to do crazy voices that you

would never normally find.


How did you feel when you first saw

Dotty on screen?

They sent me a drawing of Dotty when

J I got the job offer, so I already knew

she was going to look really cool,

but it's something's completely different

when you see her animated. She's just so

adorable with her little beanie hat and she

loves purple like me – if I were a mole I’d

probably look like Dotty! I've been working

on Dotty for a year and a half now, so I

know her like the back of my hand.


What is it like being in the voiceover

booth, recording Dotty’s voice?

The recording sessions are so much

J fun, I really look forward to them – it

doesn’t matter how tired or busy I

am, it’s always such a joy. Dotty's voice is

so hoarse that getting into the character is

mainly just me starting to clear my throat.

At my first recording, I was able to see

the animation as I delivered the lines,

but later you're just reading scripts and

there's nothing to look at because they start

drawing around what you say. It’s lovely

because it gives me a chance to improvise,

so I'm always throwing in lines and often

they end up in the show. I act out the lines

to help with the voice too, and I do a lot of

big expressions, which have also made their

way into the animation.


You’ve written an episode of Moley

too, was that a fun experience?

It was great, I got to create a Dotty and

J Moley mad day out adventure. Writing

for children is its own beast because

there are lots of rules and regulations for

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 87

children’s TV and you have to keep the script to a

length that children will understand, so you’ve got to

get good at bitesize storytelling, it’s a skill. Plus, it has

to be visually interesting and translate internationally. I

loved writing it, I would definitely do another episode.


You’re part of a dazzling cast – but have you met

any of your co-stars yet?

I've never been able to meet them! Stanley Tucci

J and I have been crossing paths for years, so we’re

hoping we will finally have a recording session

where they'll put us both in the booth together at the

same time. That would be so much fun because we

both love to improvise – we probably wouldn't get

through the script, because it would just dissolve into

chaos! But it would be a blast and could make for some

great behind the scenes footage…


Moley began as a bedtime story, do you have fond

memories of storytime growing up?

James’ story and the background to Moley is

J so wonderful, and definitely part of the reason

why I signed on to do the show. My dad did read

me bedtime stories when I was growing up but he

read me young adult books like Lord of the Rings

and The Hobbit, so I was exposed to pretty serious

literature from a very young age. I don't remember

understanding any of Lord of the Rings, but I just

enjoyed the ritual of bedtime stories!


Which TV shows were special to you as a child

and what did you love most about them?

I remember watching The Powerpuff Girls as a kid

J and I can still hear their voices in my head, Teen

Titans too. The voice acting in those shows was

so phenomenal, I still use it as a character reference to

this day. I really hope Dotty joins their ranks!

Do you think Moley has the potential to become a new

family favourite?


Yes, it’s just such an interesting world that they've

created – I can't really think of any other show

J doing this underground world, and visually it's

just stunning. I was so blown away. You can see

the individual hairs on the moles, they've put so much

work into it, and it's a really funny, heart-warming

script, which kids will love and parents will enjoy too.

They’ve thought about everything – how do moles get

around, what do they eat and drink, what sports and

activities do they like…

I don’t think moles have really had their moment in

the spotlight either – we've got pigs, meercats, spiders

in Charlotte's Web, even a sponge at the bottom of the

ocean, so now is the time for moles. They’re pretty cute

in real life too, so soft and squishy.

I can’t wait to get some audience feedback on Dotty, I

would love there to be a fluffy Dotty toy one day, I’m

putting it into the universe so it’s going to happen! As

long as Moley is on air, I 100% want to play Dotty so

hopefully I’ll be doing that voice forever.



1. Jessica at the red carpet premiere of "Moley"

at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square

2. Jessica starring as Nymeria Sand in Game of

Thrones S5 E6 (Sky Atlantic) ©2015 Home Box

Office, Inc. All rights reserved.

Moley airs daily on Boomerang UK at 5.30pm.

Find out more at MoleyOfficial.com

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What's next for Nuna?

TODL next £275 BASE next £200

PIPA next £220 CARI next £230

The NEXT System

Nuna, the premium baby brand and number one

choice for A-list celebrities, launched the innovative

new NEXT system this autumn featuring one base

called the BASE next which is compatible with four

different car seats - the two new TODL next and

CARI next, as well as the ARRA next and PIPA next.

Offering parents ultimate flexibility during their little

one’s first four years, the NEXT system has it all.

The sleek and sophisticated TODL next (£275)

is suitable from birth right up to 18.5kg. With five

recline positions and a shoulder harness that expands

with each of the six headrest positions, the TODL

next adjusts easily to accommodate for all your

little ones stages of growth. With everything from

removable infant head and body inserts made from

Merino wool and patented Tailor tech memory

foam, to EPP energy-absorbing foam and a norethread

five-point harness – the sleek TODL next

makes sure little ones are safe and secure at all times.

The PIPA next (£220) is lightweight enough to take

while doing your shopping and versatile enough to

transfer from a taxi to the family car, thanks to the

option of belt path or base installation. It’s i-Sizeapproved

and designed to ensure a cosy ride. Feel

the freedom to go anywhere with features including

an adjustable headrest with no-rethread harness, a

Dream drape, and superior side impact protection

with built-in wings that automatically deploy when

the car seat is installed – making life simpler and less

stressful for parents.

Offering ultimate adaptability as the foundation of

the modular NEXT system, the BASE next (£200

is made from resilient, shock-absorbing plastics to

reduce force and keep babies safe. It is fitted with

a low rebound bar for more legroom, True lock

base installation technology and a button for 360°

seat rotation. Compatible with the TODL next and

PIPA next as well as the CARI next and ARRA next,

it features 13 ISOFIX positions which allow for a

custom fit on your vehicle seat.

All models mentioned are available from

www.nunababy.com and Nuna retailers.

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The DockATot® Grand Dock is the perfect

lounging dock for little ones aged 9 months to

36+ months. The Grand Dock is an essential go-to

spot for tots lounging around the house or when

travelling. The built-in, air permeable sides on

the Grand Dock gives little ones a familiar sense

of security. For older tots, the Grand Dock will

help ease a child into their new setting when they

are otherwise ready to sleep in a toddler bed. It

provides a comforting and safe environment.

The 100% cotton Indigo Chambray style below is

a denim-inspired shade of indigo pairs well with

anything and has subtle highs and lows woven

directly into the fabric. Before using for the first

time, parents are advised to read the safety sheet.

£205 from eu.dockatot.com


The perfect addition to the home for any grownup

with a budding artist in the family, we love

the ergonomic Medium Masa Desk & Bench. A

tabletop and seat in one, little ones will love sitting

at their own desk getting crafty, playing with toys

or even doing their homework once they start prep

school. Featuring an integrated paper roll, they can

create designs on there before asking an adult to

trim it off to pop on the fridge. Made from wood,

it's a stylish looking furniture piece, that will look

great in contempoary playrooms & modern homes.

£130 from mamatoyzuk.com

Lua Bedside Crib

This innovative bedside crib makes it easier than ever

to have your baby safely by your side. Whether you

choose to place it by your bed or use the removable

bassinet around the house for daytime naps, the Lua

has adjustable sides that have an auto-return option,

making it a breeze for you to lift your baby in and out

for comforting cuddles or night-time nursing.

With breathable mesh fabric panels and a soft comfy

mattress with breathable fibre core, your little one

will be extra-comfy snoozing in the Lua - whilst you

can sleep with added peace of mind knowing you can

easily keep an eye on them. The adjustable leg heights

and incline options means you can get the crib into the

perfect position and the removable washable fabrics

allow you to easily deal with any little accidents.

The contemporary minimalist design that feels a little

more grown up - so it won't look out of place in your

bedroom. The Lua bedside crib has also been tried and

tested by real parents, so you can be sure it's supersafe

for your baby to snooze soundly next to you.

£229 from www.mamasandpapas.com

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Juice Highchair

Perfect for taking them from first

tastes to full on family feasts, the

flexible Juice highchair easily

adapts into a junior chair as your

baby grows.

Taking inspiration from Scandi

style, the Juice has been designed

to look good in your home, even

when splattered in pea puree. It's

light and portable too, so your

little one can dine by your side no

matter where you are in the house.

And because it's easy-to-clean,

comfy and super-secure for your

mini diner, you're free to focus on

all the fun of finding their new

favourite flavours.

£119 available from



The Bouncer Balance Soft is an

ergonomic baby bouncer that

gently soothes your baby with a

natural rocking without batteries.

Made from soft jersey, comfy

cotton and an airy mesh, we love

this silver/white style with a light

grey frame that suits both classic

& contemporary homes.

The lightweight bouncer is easy to

move around and a cosy place for

your baby to play or rest close by

you. Once your baby grows and

learns how to control the rocking,

the bouncer becomes even more

fun, and also stimulates your

baby's balance and motor skills.

£210 from www.babybjorn.co.uk


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For Scandinavian design at its best, look no further than the award-winning iconic Tripp Trapp®

chair - now available in Oak Brown. Over the last 45 years, more than 12 million children around

the world have enjoyed their meals and grown up using the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair. The

intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both a depth and height adjustable

seat and footplates. This unrivaled adjustability of this premium designer chair ensures that your

child is in a comfortable seating position at any age - right up to adulthood!

The Tripp Trapp® chair in Oak Brown boasts a rich texture and unique grain for a one-of-a kind

look that becomes more attractive over time and is perfectly suited to any style of dining room.

From £217 plus accessories from www.stokke.com

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Love To Dream

The award-winning Love To Dream Sleep Suit is a

versatile “all-in-one” style wearable blanket with legs.

Designed to keep little ones warm, whilst providing

freedom of movement. Perfect for little wrigglers.

£46.49 from www.cheekyrascals.co.uk


Start-Rite have teamed up with JoJo Maman Bébé

to launch a charming collection of animal-themed

first walking shoes and boots. These cheery fox

first boots in tan leather are made from the softest

leather to make them extra comfy on your child’s

feet, complete with a lightweight, flexible sole.

The easy-to-put-on design, thanks to the side zip

and elasticated side panel, to help foster your kid’s


£42.99 from www.startriteshoes.com and in-store at

JoJo Maman Bébé


Beloved by French parents and now available in the UK,

JOONE has a beautiful range of organic eco-friendly

care products for both mum and baby. They also offer

monthly nappy subscriptions so families can receive

healthy, stylish and traceable nappies monthly from

£49.99. The range offers complete product traceability

and transparency giving parents the ultimate assurance

that they are using only the very nicest, most caring

products on their little one’s delicate skin.

Now available from joone.co.uk


The Bumbo® multi seat is designed for babies

and toddlers who can already sit up unaided. You

can convert this multi seat to accommodate the

different stages of your child’s development. The leg

openings are larger than the Bumbo® floor seat’s,

the backrest is not as round, and the seating does

not slope like the Bumbo® floor seat’s, allowing

more room for growing toddlers.

£65.99 from bumbo.co.uk

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Sl oa n Ba by


From Christmas motifs & Fair Isle jumpers to

friendly foxes and woodland colours , here's a selection

of our favourite festive fashion for your little ones




94 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com













Blade & Rose - 1. Festive Sweater £20, 2.

Festive Leggings £10, 3. Festive Socks £3.50

all from bladeandrose.co.uk | Mamas and

Papas - 4. Reindeer Pocket Cardigan £22, 5.

Fairisle Reindeer Knit Jumper £19, 6. Woven

Red Check Pyjamas £19, 7. Woven Check

Shirt £16, 8. Taupe Zip Hoodie £16, 9. Striped

Slogan Sweatshirt £16, 10. Taupe Jogger £12,

11. Long Sleeve Jersey T-Shirt £10 all from

www.mamasandpapas.com | JoJo Maman

Bébé - 12. Blue Fox Fair Isle Jumper £24, 13.

Green Fox Appliqué Gloves £12 all from www.

jojomamanbebe.co.uk | MORI - 14. Knitted

Cardigan from £35.55, 15. Knitted Reindeer

Jumper from £37.50, 16. Knitted Mittens from

£15.30, 17. Knitted Beanie Hat from £19.35 all

from babymori.com | Patachou - Navy Tricot

Sweater £53 patachou.com

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The Must-Haves

For Little Ones



The Mini Micro 3in1 Push Along Scooter converts

from a ride-on scooter - with adjustable removable

parent steering handle from 12 months, an

independent sit-on scooter - with adjustable seat height for

more confident toddlers, and finally into the iconic Mini

Micro Deluxe - with adjustable handlebar and extra grippy

footplate from 2 years through to starting school. Available

in pink, red, purple, and navy.

Always perfectly attuned to

your child’s size and physical

development, the Mini Micro

3in1 Push Along Scooter helps

little ones build confidence

along with crucial balance and

coordination skills. The only

scooter you’ll need from first

steps to first days at school.

Why not customise your

scooter with Micro Scooters’

range of scooter accessories.

£117.95 from




This feature packed fire station from Hape is crafted in

wood with realistic details to bring rescue adventures to

life. Includes rooftop helipad, garage with working doors,

helicopter, fire engine, firefighter figure with arms and legs you can

move plus there's even a Dalmatian rescue dog. The fire station has

flashing lights and fire bell sounds to bring the firefighting fun to

life for lots of role play possibilities. The fire engine doesn't have

a siren or flashing lights which encourages imaginative play as

children can make their own "nee naw" sounds when playing with it..

£75 from Smyths



The Large City Zoo promises hours of fun

for your budding naturalists and animal

lovers. In the adventure zoo the animals

live in spacious enclosures. Visitors can observe

the animals at close range via the observation path.

Souvenirs, drinks, sweets and a map can be bought

in the entrance area. The observation path can be

combine with the sets 70343 Outdoor Lion Enclosure

and 70348 Zoo Viewing Platform Extension. Other

species are available separately.

£59.99 from www.playmobil.co.uk



Great fun playing with the cheerful

water ride! The first water experiments

playfully promote the fine motor skills

and the understanding of Contexts. Water fans

will immediately discover the various game

functions by means of the elements marked

in red. By turning the crank (both directions

possible) a water flow is generated in the water

channel, which sets

the water vehicles

and animals in

motion. Fish and

baby octopus hide

in the water channel

during swimming

and suddenly

reappear on the other


£49.99 from www.


96 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



The Smoby Be Move

Tricycle is a progressive

tricycle for children between

15 months - 3 years. With a steering

handle, this is the perfect tricycle

for adventurous children. Developed

with safety at the forefront, it comes

equipped with a security belt, free

wheel configuration and handlebar

locking system to prevent the child

from interfering while the parent is

pushing. The three-wheel system, wide

handlebars and non-slip pedals provide a

safe anti-tip trike. This sleek and

modern tricycle is guaranteed to

provide endless hours of fun for your

kid as they continue to learn and grow.

£44.99 from Amazon



Match each food's pieces together with

hook-and-loop fasteners, then "slice" them

apart using the play knife and cutting

board. All foods separate into two pieces, except

the pineapple, which separates three ways. Great

for building fine motor skills, oral language, and

for introducing healthy food choices and parts of a

whole. £22 from www.learningresources.co.uk



A classic must-have toy, these colourful,

versatile, super high-quality 3D magnetic

building tiles are designed for cool learning

activities, sparking creativity and imaginative play.

Little ones can make, create, learn, stack, build, and

explore any way they want with this educational toy.

Our choice would be the 32-piece set for hours of fun.

19.99 from Smyths



Build your own truck with

Design & Drill® Bolt

Buddies® Pick-It-Up Truck,

the truck building toy that teaches early

STEM and construction skills. Use the

real working drill to build your truck

and add the Bolt Buddy to the driver’s

seat. Use the

clear plastic

scoop to collect

and carry bolts.

Then lift the

arms up and

watch the bolts

drop into the

truck bed.

£36 from www.learningresources.co.uk



With TONKA Micro Metals all of

your favourite TONKA vehicles

are now available in miniature.

Offers all the rescue, construction and

service vehicles in awesome micro sized

metal versions. Each free-wheeling vehicle

is crafted with attention to detail and is

built micro-sized, but TONKA tough!

Each pack includes 4 diecast vehicles

(including a suprise mystery vehicle in a

Toolbox capsule) and Tonka Tough Dirt,

a no-mess sand compound that mimics

real construction site conditions. Highly


£10.99 from John Lewis & Partners



This fun colour-in cotton placemat is filled with

iconic vehicles, from sports cars to diggers,

buses, tractors and emergency service vehicles.

There's even space to design and draw your own vehicle on

the reverse! A set of 10 wash-out felt tip pens are included

and all the ink disappears after a warm machine wash leaving

the placemat ready for endless truck colouring in. The cotton

placemat is ideal for keeping kids entertained at the table

£14.95 from www.eatsleepdoodle.com

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Parenting & Educating

the Young and Gifted

Chloe Dorrington

Chloe Dorrington, Deputy Head at Cameron Vale

School and The Chelsea Nursery, shares guidance on

parenting & educating your gifted young child

Recognising that your young child is gifted and

exceeding expectations can be an exciting yet

daunting time. Whether you have noticed the signs

yourself that your child’s behaviour is advanced or it

has been pointed out to you by others, naturally as a

parent you will be eager to help them make the most

out of their abilities and nurture their early interests.

A significant stage in their development and

educational journey is the transition to nursery school

or pre-prep, with many considerations to take into

account when selecting the right school for your

gifted child. First and foremost, think about your

child’s curiosity and their innate nature to learn,

and look for a school that will really nurture those

curiosities. A school or nursery that is very child-led

in its approach to learning for example, will allow

your child to develop along their own trajectory

and not just in line with the standard expectations

suggested by the Early Years Statutory Framework.

Look out for skilled practitioners within that

environment who can identify and engage with your

child’s teachable moments, enabling them to ensure

that your child is making progress and is exposed to

things that are developmentally appropriate for them.

It’s also important to remember that a child is

often gifted in just one particular area or aspect of

their development, and therefore it’s not only about

understanding how you can develop that and how

the nursery environment can support that but, also

about where they are in other aspects of learning and

development and what kind of support they might

need. For example, is your child highly creative

with a vivid imagination but, they are not so well

developed personally, socially and emotionally. If

that’s something that needs to be nurtured more,

what kind of environment would suit them? Can

you find a nursery or pre-prep that focuses on

developing children’s independence, self-regulation

and emotional skills, but also a setting that really

understands their creative talent?

Notably, I believe it’s important that the nursery

or pre-prep understands your child as a whole and

does not solely focus on their talent or area of gift. A

setting that is holistic in its approach to development

and does not restrict your child within boundaries,

instead allowing them to follow their own learning

journey, would enable your gifted child to thrive. For

example, at The Chelsea Nursery and Cameron Vale

School we are very child-led and –centred in our

approach so those young gifted individuals do really

well with us because they’re given the time to be

curious and their curiosity is supported, stretched and

challenged by the teachers and the resources that are

available to them.

For toddlers and young children who do show gifted

areas, they need to carefully be challenged and

stretched, and it’s a fine art of the practitioner or

teacher to understand how to nurture their success

in their area of expertise whether that’s science,

creative arts or music, without pressurising them.

When exploring nurseries and pre-preps consider

what opportunities they will be given to be stretched

and challenged. Children need to be engaged and

motivated to show their true selves.

There is a plethora of ways that as a parent you can

nurture your child’s gifted abilities and talents at

home however, it’s important to remember that age

two to five is still very young. My advice is to not

get too hung up on the one area that you believe they

are gifted in but, provide them with a wide range of

experiences to develop them as a whole and to see

98 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

what might captivate their mind. They may have a

specific interest and talent in one thing for now but if

you open them up to many different areas, interests

and experiences, who knows what they might

actually turn out to be motivated by or interested in.

In terms of practical things, make use of the

resources available around you. For example, if

your child is showing an interest in nature, take the

opportunity to explore local nature parks, if it is

science that sparks their curiosity a simple activity

to do at home would be baking whereby lots of

chemical changes happen. Perhaps if they’re very

musically talented, explore all genres of music and

instruments with them, but also discover what sounds

you can make from items around the house, which in

turn will also develop their critical thinking skills.

Overall, I firmly believe that throughout your

child’s journey it’s important to continue focusing

on what we identify as the prime areas of learning;

physical development, personal, social and emotional

development, and communication and language.

Alongside their intellectual development, the

foundations of being a rounded person need to be

harnessed and nurtured to allow your gifted young

child to truly flourish.

To discover more about Cameron Vale School or The

Chelsea Nursery visit, www.cameronvaleschool.com

or www.cameronvaleschool.com/thechelseanursery

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Fabulous Frugi

Not only are nearly all of their clothes made from organic cotton,

Frugi make the rest (like fleeces) out of post consumer recycled

polyester - that's recycled plastic bottles, how clever is that!?

Nee Naw Woof

The long-sleeved Adventure

Applique Top (from £22) features

a fun Fire Engine meets Huskies

applique on the front and sleeve.

Made from super-soft organic

cotton to keep your little chap

warm and cosy on cooler days.

Cosy Hoody

This long-sleeved Campfire

Hooded Top (from £26) has a fun

hiking themed applique on the

front that features all the things

your little chap might need for a

big adventure, which is sure to

spark his imagination! Ideal as

an extra cosy layer of warmth,

this hoody is perfect for pairing

with the Tyler Ripstop Combats to

create a ready-for-anything outfit.

Ripstop Combats

Packed full of clever features

and amazing details, these Tyler

Ripstop Combats (from £40) are

ready to go! These 3-in-1 trousers

can be turned into shorts by

simply zipping off each leg. They

can also be rolled up with button

fastening tabs on the sides to keep

them in place. Or wear them at

full-length to help keep your little

one warm on chillier days.

Northern Lights

Inspired by the magical Northern

Lights, this 3-pack of super-soft

Rock My Socks (from £7.20)

feature stars, mountains and even

a polar bear. These organic cotton

snuggly socks will help to keep

their tootsies warm and toasty

when exploring the great outdoors.

100 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Check It Out

These Caden Check PJs (from

£26) tick all the boxes. Made from

super-duper soft organic cotton,

they are both snuggly and stylish

with a sleepy fox applique on the

top and colourful check design on

the bottoms.

All items are available from


Get Teddy

This Ted Half Zip Fleece (from

£36) is made from a super soft and

fluffy recycled fleece with a cosy

high neckline. The zip fastening

on the front has a handy chin

guard and Gold Yellow zip pull for

easy peasy dressing. Made from

post consumer recycled polyester -

that's recycled plastic bottles!

Dapper in Denim

These classic fit Lumberjack

Lined Jeans (from £40) are made

from super-soft and durable

organic denim. In a check design,

the snuggly flannel lining is

perfect for keeping kiddos warm

and toasty during their outdoor

adventures, as well as looking

great when the cuffs are turned


Star of the Wardrobe

Made from super soft organic

cotton, the long-sleeved Storm

Stripy Jumper (from £36) will

keep your little superstar warm

and cosy. The colourful Rainbow

stripes on the sleeves and the fun

Star design on the front are sure to

brighten up the gloomiest of days

this wintertime.

Sing A Rainbow

The long-sleeved Louis Top

(from £28) has a fun Rainbow

embroidery on the front and is

made from snuggly organic cotton

loopback, perfect for keeping your

kid cosy when exploring the great

outdoors this chilly season.

Go Everywhere

Made from lightweight and

hardwearing organic cotton, these

Everywhere Trousers (from £27)

work for smart casual and special

occasions. The comfy elasticated

waistband has an adjustable cotton

drawcord for a great fit.

Gone Fishing

This Fishermans Cardigan (from

£TBC) makes a perfect cosy

addition to the winter wardrobe

when layering up is the key to


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Whether you've just moved to a new

city or would just like a helping hand,

Diana Mather shares top tips on how

to be the perfect parent at school

102 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Sending your little one to school for the first time

can be a traumatic experience for both parent and

child. You are desperate for them to fit in. Will they

make friends? Will the teachers like them? Will

they be happy? Will they learn anything? Here are

my 10 Top Tips on how to be the perfect parent at



When you go to see your child’s school, the Three

Ls are very useful: Look, Listen and Learn. This is

something I use at Diana Mather Training. Look at

the surroundings, look at the teachers and look at

the children. Listen carefully to what the teachers

are saying and if possible, listen to snatches of the

children’s conversation. Learn from what you have

seen and heard, and this will give you a good idea of

the environment your child is moving into.


A regular routine helps children feel safe and

secure. Try and keep the mornings as calm as

possible. Get them up in plenty of time and make

sure they have everything they need for the day;

nothing is more stressful than a panic because

someone has forgotten sports kit or swimming gear.


Always try to be at school on time when they come

out as it can make some children feel insecure if

they are the last ones left with the teacher. My

mother was often late when picking me up and I

hated it!


Getting to know other parents will create friendship

groups for you and your children. It will help your

children build relationships that can last for the

whole of their lives. A strong network of friends

means that you can also ask for help with things like

pickups or overnight stays etc, but always offer to

help them first.

Try not to indulge in gossip. Gossip can be seen

as malicious talk about others, or just harmless

chat. However, it can be serious, so it is important

to think before you repeat rumours. Email or

WhatsApp gossip can be spread unintentionally if

it is sent to unintended recipients, so always check

them before pressing send!


A good rapport with your child’s teachers will let

you know how they are getting on; whether they

are making friends, if they are keeping up in class

or struggling a bit. But be careful that they (or you)

don’t become ‘teacher’s pet’ as this can lead to

teasing or even in extreme cases, bullying.


Offering to help with the school play will give you

the opportunity to meet more parents and teachers.

But try not to show disappointment if your child

doesn’t get a part and never criticise anyone – even

if you think the costumes are a bit naff or the lead

actor not up to scratch!


When children start school and haven’t really

formed friendships, it’s best to ask the whole class

to a party if possible, as no one likes to be left

out. It also means your child will get to know the

children out of the classroom and learn to see them

in a different light. Take advice on the size and

cost of presents and party bags other parents are

giving. You don’t want to appear mean or miserly

but spending too much is also bad manners as it can

make others feel uncomfortable.


Children hate being teased so again, try and gauge

what other parents are spending as a guideline

for your gifts. By the time Christmas comes most

children have formed friendships and you will

probably have got to know more of the class, which

makes life easier.


It’s not necessary to buy everything new if there is

a good second-hand shop at the school but try and

ensure those items are in tiptop condition and fit

properly. I was one of three girls and starting school

in one of my older sister’s over-large hand me downs

did my school cred no good at all!


When you are bursting with pride over your little

genius’s achievements, praise them to the roof to

family and close friends, but try not to sing their

praises too high in public because, despite your best

intentions, boasting about your child will not endear

them to other parents or friends.


Diana Mather has been teaching

etiquette and good manners

around the world for over

fifteen years. She is a regular

contributor to radio and television

programmes, commenting

on matters of style, personal

presentation and international

etiquette. She has taught etiquette

in China, India, Africa, Russia,

Iran and Uzbekistan as well as

Europe and the UK. She has

worked with members of Middle

Eastern Royal Families and

international hotel groups. Diana

is the author of 12 books. Her

latest, ’Speak’ was published in

2020 and ‘Change your Attitude –

Change your Life’ will come out

in 2022.

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Something for every little chap from personalised

t-shirts to luxury childrenswear fit for a prince

Classic Burgundy

This formal shirt in

premium ivory piqué

cotton is trimmed with a

contrasting burgundy piping

at the collar edge, cuffs and

button placket. Teamed with

a pair of corduroy shorts

in matching burgundy,

we think it makes for the

perfect festive outfit during

the winter season.

Burgundy Pique Piped Shirt

and Corduroy Shorts in

Burgundy Red are £49 each

from www.rachelriley.co.uk

Busy Snowflakes

The perfect seasonal sweater for

bold and brave boys but suitable

for girls too, this red crew neck

sweater looks very festive with

ivory snowflakes in a soft cosy

wool and cashmere mix. The

unisex sweater is more delicate

than it looks so remember

to use the Hand Wash cycle

when washing.

Snowflake Sweater is £59

from www.rachelriley.co.uk

Tuck Into Tartan

A sweet formal outfit

comprising tartan shorts with

a bias cut waistband and a

peter pan collar shirt with

matching tartan trim. The

premium cotton shirt has

neat pin tucks at the front and

a full button opening at the

back, on to which the shorts

button. The shorts have an

elasticated back for comfort

and fit and flat front.

Pin Tuck Shirt & Tartan

Shorts Set is £79 from


Check It Out

This checked brushed cotton flannel shirt is a versatile

everyday shirt that can be worn casually with jeans or

dressed up with corduroy trousers for special occasions.

The shirt features bias cut yoke, mock chest pockets and

convenient snap fastening so there's no fiddling around with

buttons. The tartan check is the perfect look for the festive

season but works equally well at any time of the year.

Checked Pocket Shirt is £45 from www.rachelriley.co.uk

104 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Switched On Shoes

Combining street-style and

creativity, this premium leather

trainer from Bobux offers

adjustability and ease of use with

its new mix-and-match strap design.

With a speckled sole detail, the

Switch comes with a full set of

matching navy straps, PLUS two extra straps per shoe in red and

silver metallic for a versatile and playful look. The double strap

closure provides an easy, secure fit while a cotton knit lining and

padded collar keeps feet comfortable throughout the year.

Bobux Grass Court Switch Trainers are priced £46, £49 and £54

depending on size, available from www.bobux.co.uk

Let's Vogue

Perfect for winter sun holidays

with your little man, this adorable

Theodore two-piece romper

designed by Vogue Williams for

her new VogueXRoco collection

combines the traditional silhouette

with a contemporary check. The

shorts double as a dungaree, keeping

him looking his best while crawling,

walking, or strutting his stuff on

a Caribbean island like St Barth's.

Available in sizes 6 months - 3 years.

£55 from www.rococlothing.co.uk

Personalised Fun

This personalised

T-shirt painting kit is an

imaginative and thoughtful

gift for creative kids.

Choose the child's initial or

age alongside their favourite

colours and theme to

create their 'Dream T-shirt

painting kit' full of fun

and their favourite things.

A present including an

activity to do, a T-shirt to

keep and craft supplies to

use for other projects.

The Me-shirt Kit is £16.50

from www.meshirtkits.com

Counting Sheep

This is an exclusive warm and chunky Aran jumper designed by

Yorkshire-based Glencroft, featuring a cheeky little Dalesbred breed

lamb. The Dalesbred sheep roams the hills around Glencroft where

they are based in the Yorkshire Dales. The jumper is made from 100%

British Wool, in the North of England. As it uses undyed British Wool

it will smell of wool, which is a fantastic material for children's jumpers

- warm but breathable, natural, biodegradable and odour resistant.

Glencroft Kids Sheep Jumper is £42.95 available from


Happy Snappy

SnapWatch is a brand new wearable featuring flexible display technology enabling it to be snapped around

a wrist and stay there securely without a buckle. There are six options - two plain designs Icy Black

and Spring Purple and four with fun character graphics Sharkies, Astronauts, Dragons and Unicorns.

Designed for interactive kids aged 5 and over, SnapWatch requires no software or app and features

easy control buttons for 12/24 time, seconds, date and month. The bright daytime LED display has big

numbers so easily readable and remembered, particularly helpful for visual learners. Made of soft

touch silicone, SnapWatch is lightweight, splashproof and shockproof. A replaceable battery with

two years life is included - so they’re all ready for action.

£9.99 plus P&P from www.snapwatch.co.uk

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Buy The Right Size

Shoe For Your Kids

Start-Rite Measuring

Gauges come in two sizes

Jen Tyley, Head of Marketing and

E-commerce at Start-Rite Shoes,


"To provide peace of mind, at

Start-Rite, we offer two sizes of

solid measuring gauges to use at

home – small for shoe sizes S2 to

S8½ (or up to around 3 years old)

and the large gauge for shoe sizes

S9 to L12 (ages 3+) – ideal for

measuring toddlers feet through

to teenage feet. Just like you find

in a shop, these gauges measure

the length and width of your

child's feet."

Start-Rite's range of toddler

school shoes for boys and girls

are made in smaller sizes perfect

for their first day at school. No

matter what look you're going

for, or what the school uniform

requirements, our toddler school

shoes are ready for anything.

70 percent of

pre-school children

are wearing the

wrong sized shoes


Start-Rite Shoes recently

undertook research with 500

UK parents to understand

misperceptions and lack of

knowledge around the importance

of fitted footwear. The research

revealed two thirds (66 percent)

of parents with pre-school aged

children are confident they know

the size of their children's feet

however, 70 percent of parents

with pre-schoolers have found

their children are wearing the

wrong sized shoes and 60 percent

have felt guilty to find their

pre-schooler's shoes have rubbed

their feet sore. Only one fifth

(21 percent) or parents with preschoolers

prioritise foot health.


Jen Tyley, Head of Marketing and

E-commerce at Start-Rite Shoes,

provided this advice:

"Research has shown that most

forefoot problems develop in

response to wearing poorly styled

shoes that aren't suitable for


Not many people know that

babies' feet don't have fully

formed bones‚ just soft cartilage.

This cartilage can easily be

pushed out of shape by badly

fitting shoes. By the time

children reach pre-school age,

this soft tissue is starting to

become stronger, replaced by

ligaments that are better prepared

for carrying more weight,

although bones don't fully form

until around 10 years of age.

The biomechanics experts that

we work with advise that any

compromise to a foot's natural

movement can make the brain

compensate for what the foot

can't achieve. This can affect the

child's ability to move and can

result in injury or even inefficient

physical development which

might lead to future problems.

That's why correctly fitted,

quality shoes that enable the

whole body to move and develop

naturally are so important for

little feet.

To ensure your child has the

correct fitting shoes at this stage

of development, we recommend

measuring their feet every 2-4



Start-Rite shoes are designed

specifically for the shape of a

child's foot. Available in whole

and half sizes and multi-width

fittings to ensure the best possible

fit and a choice of fastenings.

Features include:

1. Biomechanically engineered

ultra-flexible soles with just the

right amount of grip, designed

to flex as the foot flexes at the

metatarsal joints so your child's

foot can perform naturally as an

important part of the locomotor


2. Soft leather uppers that mould

to the shape of the foot made

from breathable linings for

maximum comfort, allowing

perspiration to escape through the

surface of the shoe.

3. Rounded toe with added

growing room for feet that are

soft and growing at pace.

4. Enhanced comfort with

soft padded ankle support and

improved underfoot cushioning.

5. Outsoles engineered to give

plenty of grip as the child's sense

of adventure increases.

For more information, please visit


106 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Geox at Very

For something more casual, we love the Geox Wader

Leather Strap School Shoes. These highly protective

shoes from Geox at Very are playground-proof with

outstanding grip. They feature a durable rubber outsole,

as well as a reinforced toe cap and heel counter to look

after growing feet.

£53 from www.very.co.uk

Pre-School Days

Start-Rite Shoes

We love Lucky black leather boys riptape pre-school shoes

from Start-Rite. In the park or playroom, these smart yet

practical shoes are a top choice as they are leather lined to

absorb moisture and feature padded collars to give instant

comfort. Two riptape fastenings give an extra secure fit

and the lightweight, flexible sole helps feet to move with

ease for safe playground antics. In soft black leather, the

Lucky boys shoes are ideal at pre-schools where there is a

school uniform requirement.

£42.99 from www.startriteshoes.com


The Nike Court Borough Toddler Trainers at Deichmann

are the perfect all-white trainers for pre-school PE

days. These white touch strap trainers for boys have a

comfortable fit with strong and secure Velcro strap and

soft lining for kids sized 21 to 43.5. These will quickly

become go-to trainers and a wardrobe staple for your kids

providing practicality, comfort and style.

£22.99 from www.deichmann.com

Miles Kelly

This must-have educational range supports and extends learning from

preschool to year 2 (ages 3–7), to ensure children are prepared for school

and beyond. Young learners can practise number skills, get to grips with the

alphabet, explore colours & shapes and learn about animals. With colourful

photos and simple text, children will enjoy exploring new concepts. Each

box contains 27 glossy colour cards that are robust enough for little hands.

The 4-box card tray is £28 from www.mileskelly.net

Amazon Handmade

Effective Flash Cards for Teaching &

Learning Times Tables

£3.99 from www.amazon.co.uk/handmade

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SLOAN! K ids

The best educational toys, games &

activities for children this Christmas

Craft & Crumb


Each of these 14 stage-based

Play Kits—serving ages 0–36

months—is packed full of

expert-designed Playthings

and information, delivered at

just the right developmental

window every 2–3 months.

The Play Kits for twoyear-olds

(25–36 months)

encourage a child’s budding

independence and teach

early science and math

lessons. Also includes


board books with real

images and stories of real

people. £40 per month

from www.lovevery.co.uk

On a mission to make baking

accessible and fun, no matter the

age, Craft & Crumb create easy-tofollow

cake, cooking and brownie

mixes, delivered to doorsteps

across the UK. Now available

exclusively for Ocado, the Ocado

Van Baking Kit (£11.99) allows

children to decorate their own

Ocado van biscuits, and craft one

too. The Little Artisan Baking Kit

(£19.99) is perfect for kids who

want to get creative in the kitchen.

Available from Ocado

My Little Morphée

My Little Morphée is a nondigital,

screen-free sleeping

aid designed especially for

children aged three to eight

years. The younger sibling

of the French-founded

Morphée - its best-selling

adult counterpart - My

Little Morphée contains

192 meditative journeys

to prepare children before

bedtime or help calm them

down during the day.

Includes visualisations

(or ‘journeys’),

breathing and



and guided


All sessions

were designed

and carried out

by sleep experts

specialising in child


£79.95 available from


Learning Resources

Beginning Sorting Set of

durable, soft rubber counters

with 48 Mini Dino, 36 Fruity

Fun Animal, 36 Mini

Motors® and 48 Friendly

Farm® Animal in two sizes.

£33 available from


108 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Learning Resources

Dodo Puzzles

Dodo Puzzles offer educational

and developmental benefits

to help children learn whilst

having fun. The Dodo ‘4 in 1 -

Daily Routines’ Gift Set (£9.99)

is an exciting box of puzzles for

children aged 3+ that includes

4 separate puzzles of varying

difficulty levels. The Dodo

‘Construction Vehicles’ Puzzle

(£3.99) is a perfect puzzle

for pre-schoolers, featuring a

variety of colourful construction

vehicles hard at work.

From shop.halilit.co.uk

Edx Education

ABC Party Cupcake Toppers helps

children to learn the alphabet, make

simple words using the coloured

alphabet and vocabulary toppers,

improving their early language skills

and communication! Six pretend

cupcakes come ready to decorate with

52 letter and picture toppers that help kids

work on learning the alphabet, mastering

beginning sounds, building vocabulary skills,

and more. All 52 toppers store inside the 6 cupcake

bases, turning clean-up from a chore to a delight.

£25 from www.learningresources.co.uk

Wild Thing Books

Wild Thing Books offer book boxes for

0-2 years, 3-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-12

years and more. Carefully selected

books for mini bookworms are

delivered straight to your door. They

offer one-off gift boxes of either 2 or

3 books plus monthly subscriptions.

For every box of books delivered, they

donate a book to UK Reads, a World

Literacy Foundation initiative, supporting

children out of poverty through literacy.

£18.99 from www.wildthingbooks.co.uk

Edx Education’s Early Maths 101 To Go - Number &

Measurement - Level 2 set is a fantastic bumper maths

kit to support your 4-5 year old at home with learning

early mathematical concepts. It contains everything you

need to create a fun and hands on experience for your

child to learn numbers and measurement through play.

The kit includes a colour activity booklet, 25 activity

cards and 7 different types of tactile maths items,

including 40 linking cubes, 28 dominoes, 1 bead

string (with 20 beads), 2 ten frames, 20 two-colour

counters, a six-sided and a ten-sided jumbo dice, all

conveniently packaged in a sturdy case.

£34.99 from www.shopedx.co.uk

Stuff: Extraordinary Stories of

Ordinary Things

Written and researched by CBBC's

Maddie Moate and illustrated

by Paul Boston, this book is

full of mind-bursting facts and

extraordinary stories of the

ingenious ways people around the

world, and across history, have

made, used and re-used the stuff

around them.

£12.99 published by Puffin

Amazon Handmade

This Hand-painted

Personalised Name Sign is

a fantastic way to help your

child learn how to spell

their name. Each plaque

is lacquered for a shiny,

protective finish.

£15.99 from www.amazon.co.uk/


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Let's Get Rocking

This Christmas

Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-

Williams reveals how a rocking horse can

improve your child's mental health


The Mars IV rocking horse

(£280) is suitable for little ones

aged 3 years plus. Built on a

sturdy wooden frame with solid

wooden swing stand, the Mars

IV rocking horse is beautifully

handmade with carved wooden

nose, soft padded synthetic

leather saddle and adjustable


For younger children, there is

the rocking unicorn 'Celeste &

Fae' (from £130) recommended

for little ones aged 9 months

up. Built on a sturdy wooden

frame, she comes in a stunning

star print fabric and carries her

lovely friend 'Fae' the fairy in

her pocket.



If you are looking to buy a

rocking horse you most likely

know these fabulous toys are the

perfect balance of fun factor and

educational development.

Some are stylish and classic like

the Mars IV rocking horse from the

Rocking Horse Toy Shop. Others

imitate unicorns, dragons and


As far as I'm concerned, traditional

is best and I still think that

rocking horses make the ultimate

Christmas gift.

Rocking horses, like the Mars IV

rocking horse from the Rocking

Horse Toy Shop, stand out in an

age of technology overload as

the perfect open-ended toy to

encourage imaginative play. Your

child will love playing with their

rocking horse for years to come.

But did you know that a rocking

horse can also improve your child's

mental health in just a few rocks of

a horse!


When your child first mounts

their rocking horse things can feel

very new. The younger they are

the more likely that they look to

you to learn how to put their feet

in the stirrups, hold the reins, help

rock the horse and expect tou to

stand behind them to stop them

falling. This builds trust between

the two of you, but the greater

benefit is when they learn to trust

themselves. Encourage them to

have trust in their own abilities. To

know that they can balance on their

own, rely on their new skills and

gallantly ride where most children

want to go - a world of imaginative

play and independence.


It takes a skilled child to hold a

horse's reins and a phone or tablet.

Although it may be novel to some,

learning to be in the moment and

more mindful of what is going on

around rather than to be lost in a

screen is one of the simplest but

very beneficial ways to improve

mental health. Studies have shown

at least 1 in 8 children suffer with

mental health issues, but those who

have reduced screen time benefit

greatly from a reduction in mental

health symptoms by improving

sleep, increasing physical activity,

decreasing depression and anxiety

while sharpening focus.


The rocking motion of the horse

is also very soothing for those

who are feeling over stimulated

by life and the consistency of the

same motion repeating provides

comfort and certainty resetting the

basic human need in children and

adults alike. Take your childs new

found calmness to the next level by

teaching them breath work which

times perfectly with each stride.



Educate and entertain your child

to support their emotional growth.

Use each rock of the horse to mark

a new affirmation. Get your child

to repeat each one with you. These

are motivational, a good tool for

new vocabulary and have been

shown to maximise happiness by

helping prepare your child on how

to handle stress, doubts and fear.

Good affirmations for children

include "I am calm", "I believe in

me", "I am unique" or "Today, I

choose to be brave".

110 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Play is the work of the child


myFirst Fone R1 is a 4G LTE Music

Smartwatch Phone with GPS & Video

Call that's specially designed for nextgen

kids. The all-in-one device combines

phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS

tracker and fitness tracker. One of the

coolest on-the-move entertainment that

the kids ever had.

£150 from myfirst.tech


Globber Flow 125 Lights is a

stylish scooter for 6 years plus.

The robust materials and 360°

front wheel spin make the scooter

ideal for stunts and intensive use.

The adjustable handlebar allows

the scooter to grow up with

your child. The non-slip deck

and handlebar grips ensure your

children are in full control of the

scooter and stay safe as they ride.

£79.99 from www.plumplay.co.uk


Geomag Magicube Word Building Set

helps to strengthen children's early

literacy skills, with letter recognition

and first words using 16 magnetic cubes

and 63 clips. Stimulates imagination and

creative thinking to make learning fun.

Also includes a handy illustrated booklet

containing tips and examples

£37.78 from Amazon


myFirst Headphones BC Wireless

uses bone conduction technology to

transmit sound via the cheekbones.

This technology leaves ears open to the

surrounding sounds. Audio is set to an

appropriate volume, ensuring safe levels

of listening to the child.

£75 from myfirst.tech

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The Best

Books of 2021

You can't judge a book by its cover

so here are 95 recommended books

from the UK's leading publishers

112 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

The Witchling's Wish

by Lu Fraser & Sarah Massini

From hugely talented writer and rising star Lu Fraser

and the incomparable illustrator Sarah Massini,

comes a heart-warming, magical picture book about what

it means to be a friend. Gorgeously illustrated and written in appealing

rhyme, this is a beautiful friendship story full of gentle charm.

£12.99, Bloomsbury Children's Books

The Viking Who Liked Icing

by Lu Fraser & Mark McKinley

Nut isn't like the other vikings; he doesn't climb hills

or swim icy lakes... but he does have one great

passion – Nut loves to bake cakes! Told in effortless

verse, this hilarious picture book is an original take

on believing in yourself & learning how to shine.

£6.99, Bloomsbury Children's Books





A gorgeous

debut picture book from a huge

new talent, this is a moving

story about the leaves that grow

and fall, and the memories we

hold dear of intergenerational

relationships - perfect for fans of

Benji Davies and Oliver Jeffers.

Filled with Stephen’s luminous,

atmospheric artwork, this is a

truly beautiful book that shines

in both its moving message and

its gorgeous illustration style.

£12.99, Bloomsbury Children's


The Same but


by Molly Potter &

Sarah Jennings

From the author of the

bestselling How Are You Feeling

Today?, comes a picture book to

help children explore diversity

and celebrate everything that

makes us unique as well as the

similarities we share. There are

also helpful notes for parents and




Snow Ghost

by Tony Mitton & Diana Mayo

A timeless story of hope and belonging as Snow

Ghost searches for a happy home. With Tony

Mitton's lyrical rhyming text and sumptuous

illustrations from Diana Mayo, this the perfect

gift at Christmas that will be treasured and

shared with loved ones lots and lots this winter.

£6.99, Bloomsbury Children's Books

Attack of the

Giant Baby!

by David Lucas &

Bruce Ingman

Featuring loveable characters,

daring deeds and exciting

adventures, this largerthan-life,


picture book is

perfect for igniting

giant imaginations and

destined to be a repeat

read at bedtime.

£12.99, Bloomsbury

Children's Books

Tilda Tries


by Tom


Bold, bright and

empowering, this is an inspiring

story about coping with difficult

situations. It's the ideal book for

helping children to build resilience,

self-confidence and manage feelings

and embrace a ‘can do’ approach to

life. Every child's bookshelf should

contain Tom's books.

£6.99, Bloomsbury Children's Books

Jingle Smells

by Mark Sperring &

Sophie Corrigan

A hilarious festive romp from

the creators of Mince Spies and

Santa Jaws, this picture book

stars a stinky skunk who saves

Santa making it an unmissable

Christmas story with a difference.

Children will love the funny

rhyming text so

its perfect for

reading out loud.





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Hidden Animals

by Mia Cassany &

Albert Corberó

This unique, beautifully illustrated

board book teaches kids brilliant

animal facts. With something

new to spot on every page, the

bright colours, hidden animals

and graphic style

helps to develop

attention skills

with counting

activities at every

turn of the page.

£8.99, DK

Spin and Spot:

Moon and


This interactive board book

has a picture wheel which

supports baby's fine motor

development and encourages

interaction and engagement

between toddlers and adults.

This introduction to night-time

features nocturnal animals

and the moon

and stars.



by Anna


£7.99, DK

We Are Friends:

In The Sky

This adorable baby book

illustrated by Sue Downing

introduces babies to the world of

friendship. It is also an important

but subtle


to nature

and the Solar


£7.99, DK

This Is How We...

This Is How We is a series of handy books that teaches

little ones the key skills for starting school, and for life!

This Is How We Get Ready encourages the parent and

child to share this crucial experience and milestone in a fun,

nondidactic way. It also includes a handy morning checklist.

This Is How We Make Friends explains how to share and

take turns plus remembering when to say please & thank

you, teaching the skills needed to be a good friend.

£4.99 each, DK

Once Upon A Time...

The Once Upon A Time series introduces your little

one to lesser-known fables and fairy tales from around

the world. Maja Andersen's colourful illustrations bring

the magic and wonder of the stories to life and the

board books are the perfect length for bedtime reading.

The series taps into the growing movement for

greater diversity in children's literature and a renewed

commitment to tell stories from varied world cultures.

The latest books in the series are Once Upon A Time...

there was a Thirsty Frog, a tale about sharing based

on an Aboriginal Australian story, and Once Upon A

Time... there was an Little Bird, a tale about kindness

teaches children how important it is to care for others.

£7.99 each, DK

Jonny Lambert's Bear

and Bird: Learn to Share

by Jonny Lambert

With stunning illustrations by renowned artist Jonny

Lambert, this is a beautiful book about friendship

and the importance of sharing with others - vital life skills that

grown-ups should be teaching children around the age of three.

£7.99, DK

That Dinosaur Has Talent!

by Lily Murray & Richard Merritt

From the best-selling author and illustrator team behind

The Dinosaur Department Store, this charming picture

book about overcoming fears, discovering your talent

and the wonderful power of friendship will also

encourage an interest in prehistoric animals with a variety

of dinosaurs in the book, from the familiar to the not-so-familiar.

There's a pronunciation guide to all the dinos at the back of the book.

£6.99, Buster Books

114 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

The Rapping Princess

by Hannah Lee & Allen


This is a completely original rhyming picture book

that celebrates daring to be different. Features

glorious illustrations inspired by rapping ‘queens and princesses’ of our

time such as Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce.

£6.99, Faber

Emergency Vehicles

by Simon Tyler

A thrilling book packed with full-colour technical

illustrations and information about emergency

vehicles from around the world. Featuring various

emergency scenarios and fully researched to be up to the minute.

£7.99, Faber

I Like Bees I Don’t Like Honey!

by Sam Bishop & Fiona Lumbers

This funny and thought-provoking book encourages

children to express their feelings and build

confidence. It will also enable a much broader

conversation about individuality, fear and hope.

£6.99, Faber

What's in the Truck

by Philip Ardagh & Jason Chapman

The Naming of Cats

by T. S. Eliot & Arthur Robins

A wonderful new picture book edition of one of T.

S. Eliot’s most popular cat poems, brought to life

for younger children by the delightfully humorous

illustrations from Arthur Robins.

£6.99, Faber

A surreal, brilliantly original picture book featuring

a truck-driving dog-prince and a series of vehicles

that reveal themselves one-by-one Russian-doll style.

£6.99, Faber

Not Yet, Zebra

by Lou Kuenzler & Julia Woolf

This picture book brings the alphabet to life in a

totally new and inventive way.

£6.99, Faber

The Longer the

Wait, the Bigger

the Hug

by Eoin McLaughlin

and Polly Dunbar

A charming and touching new tale

from the creators of the bestselling

While We Can’t

Hug. Tortoise and

Hedgehog return to

help kids through

challenging times.

£6.99, Faber

What Happened

to You?

by James Catchpole

& Karen George

This is the first

ever picture book

addressing how a

disabled child might

want to be spoken

to. It helps educate

young readers and

their parents on how to address

difference. It also speaks directly

to disabled children to try to offer

them acknowledgement, guidance

and reassurance.

£6.99, Faber

Richard Scarry's

ABC Word


Packed with zany humour

and warmth, this book by

internationally adored Richard

Scarry was previously unavailable

in the UK. It promises to restore

Scarry’s place as a national

treasure and bring

his best loved

characters to a

new generation of

young readers.

£12.99, Faber

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Swim, Shark, Swim

by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou

Featuring Hammerheads, Great Whites, stingrays, dolphins, ocean

forests coastal reefs and more, this is the second book in the Wild

Wanderers series of poetic picture books exploring the natural world

around us. Each book takes a gentle and lyrical journey through

biodiversity, environment and challenges to

unlock a world of wonder. With rich language and

enchanting art, Wild Wanderers is a landmark

series delivering STEM education with fascinating

facts about principle species and key topics in

order to embed a love of science and the natural


£7.99, Graffeg

George the Wombat

by Eva Papoušková and Galina Miklínová

A tender, humorous picture book helping to

introduce potty training to young children through

the character of George the Wombat. Originally

published in Czech, this book has been expertly

translated by Alexandra Büchler. Features a

relatable and lovable main character brought to life

by fun and original illustrations.

£7.99, Graffeg

Rita wants a Robot

by Máire Zepf and Mr Ando

This is a humorous story encouraging children

to tidy up after themselves. Rita has a messy

bedroom and wishes for a robot that could tidy

it for her. But how much chaos could a supersorting

robot make? With colourful illustrations by

Andrew Whitson, an award-winning artist and Belfast native

who likes to be called Mr. Ando! The picture book is part of

a new series helping parents with challenging behaviour

£7.99, Graffeg

I am an Artist

by Kertu Sillaste and Adam Cullen

This book provides an insight into the life of an artist and introduces

children to a range of different art forms including

drawing, sculpture, painting and photography. The

creative and encouraging text inspires creativity

and discussions about determination and careers

accompanied by colourful illustrations. Originally

published in Estonian, this book has been expertly

translated by Adam Cullen.

£7.99, Graffeg

What Can You


by Jason Korsner &

Hannah Rounding

The gentle rhyming text

encourages young children to

look at the world and relish in

the objects around them, from

everyday items

found in the

home to more

far-off places

like the jungle

and sky.

£7.99, Graffeg

Albert and the


by Ian Brown & Eoin


Comical, charming illustrations

with a classic feel bring this

timeless tale to life, revealing the

importance of helping others and

showing gratitude for that help.

Based on a

real-life pet

tortoise owned

by the author’s


£7.99, Graffeg

Rita wants a


by Máire Zepf and

Mr Ando

A spooky tale with a heart of gold

that quietly celebrates motherly

love. Perfect for Halloween or at

any time of

year, the vivid


will give your

little one both


and giggles.

£7.99, Graffeg

116 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



by Sam Taplin &

Federica Iossa

Little children will love pressing

the ten buttons inside this bright

and lively book to hear all kinds

of different dinosaurs. From a

roaring T-Rex to a squawking

pterodactyl, the prehistoric world

comes vividly

to life with

fun noises and


£12.99, Usborne

Count to Ten

and Back Again

by Felicity Brooks &

Magali Mansilla

Learn to count to 10 by lifting the

flaps of this appealing board book

to find one bee, two croaking

frogs, and many more animals.

There's a little

surprise at the end

of the book with

encouragement to

count back down

from 10 to zero.

£9.99, Usborne

Peep Inside a

Coral Reef

by Anna Milbourne

& Stephanie Fizer


This book is full of accessible

information about our planet's

precious coral reefs and the

creatures that live there. Flaps

encourage independent discovery

and beautiful




£7.99, Usborne

Very First Questions and Answers:

Why should I get dressed?

by Katie Daynes & Marta Alvarez Miguens

A book for little children about why they can't wear

pyjamas all the time. Flaps, facts and an exciting range of

outfits will inspire kids to get dressed for the day. From

sports kit and superhero costumes to coats and wellies,

this delightful book makes getting dressed fun.

£7.99, Usborne

Poppy and Sam's Favourite

Fairy Tales

by Kate Nolan & Heather Amery

An illustrated collection of classic fairy tales for

very young children with Little Red Riding Hood,

Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty and the Three

Little Pigs - written for a modern audience. Delightful illustrations are

provided by Stephen Cartwright who has left a little yellow duck to spot

on every page. Ideal for sharing at bedtime and reading aloud anytime.

£9.99, Usborne

I'm Not (Very) Afraid of

Being Alone

by Anna Milbourne & Sandra

de la Prada

Separation anxiety is common to many young children. Sweetly

told from the little girl's perspective, this story explores that worry

in a gentle, humorous way, coming to a comforting conclusion

that might help allay any similar fears your little one may have.

Beautiful laser-cut doorways and threads of connection illustrate

her feelings throughout the book. The little girl and her family are

brought warmly to life in the gorgeous, characterful artwork.

£12.99, Usborne

Peep Inside How a Fire

Engine Works

by Lara Bryan & Caroline Attia

An action-packed non-fiction book exploring the

inner workings of a fire engine. Peep into the

cab,roll out the hoses and slide out the ladder to find

out how it works. Truck-obsessed toddlers will love all the details

to spot, flaps to lift and holes to peep through. Encourages young

children to ask questions and builds learning confidence.

£7.99, Usborne

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Howard the Average Gecko

by Wendy Meddour & Carmen Saldana

With so much pressure on children to be special,

this story reminds us that you don't have to be

'exceptional' to be loved. It's an entertaining

introduction to camouflaged creatures, which

children will be able to spot hidden throughout the

book (even if Howard can't!).

£6.99, Oxford University Press

Everybody Has Feelings

by Jon Burgerman

This book is a perfectly pitched way of encouraging

young children to talk about their emotions. The

book introduces over twenty feelings, providing

young children with the vocabulary they need to talk

about how they are feeling. It will help children to

become good listeners and be there for their friends.

£6.99, Oxford University Press

Big Words for

Little People


by Helen Mortimer &

Cristina Trapanese

This little

hardback book

on friendship

introduces words

to talk about

feelings with

confidence and

in a way that

feels good. Written in an engaging

art style with fun characters. Part

of a 12 book series.

£5.99, Oxford University Press

Turbo Bunnies

by Matty Long

A laugh-out-loud picture book

with a pitchperfect

story about

teamwork and


£6.99, Oxford



I'm The Fire

Engine Driver

illustrated by David



will love

using their


to pretend

to use the

fire engine's

controls to switch on the siren and

turn on the flashing lights!

I'm The Digger


illustrated by David


An imaginative and immersive

insight into different vehicles and

jobs. Children will love using their

imagination to take the driver's

seat and pretend to use the digger's

controls to dig, move, and scoop!

£6.99 each,




Big Words for

Little People

Doing Your


by Helen


& Cristina


This little hardback book is

packed with educational goodness.

Equips children with the language

skills to grow in confidence.

£5.99, Oxford University Press

All Aboard the

Words Train

illustrated by Sean


This fun-filled

story, which

gently explores

early learning

concepts, is great

to share with very

young children. Vocabulary is

divided into nouns, adjectives, and

verbs, as a gentle introduction to

word classes.

£6.99, Oxford University Press

All Aboard the

Sounds Train

illustrated by Sean


This fun-filled

story, which

gently explores

early learning

concepts, is great

to share with very

young children. In

addition to the core concept, the

books are full of things to spot,

remember and talk about.

£6.99, Oxford University Press

118 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

My Beautiful Voice

by Joseph Coelho & Allison Colpoys

This beautifully illustrated, powerful text shows children that everyone's

voice can be powerful and beautiful, however small.

Written by poet and playwright Joseph Coelho with

Allison Colpoys’ gorgeous artwork on every page,

the picture book encourages empathy in young

children and shows shy children how to feel brave.

The book is also a nod to the role that teachers play

in shaping children's lives and self confidence.

£11.99, Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story

by Sean Taylor, Alex Morss & Cinyee Chiu

A mix of fiction and non-fiction, this book is a

beautiful bedtime story which will also teach

children about why some animals hibernate

during winter - perfect for expanding children’s

knowledge of the natural world. After the story,

annotated illustrations explain the hibernation

facts for each animal and what they will do when

they wake up for spring.

£7.99, Happy Yak

Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up

by Sean Taylor, Alex Morss & Cinyee Chiu

A follow-on title from Winter Sleep, this beautiful picture book

with a strong, original format, featuring an imaginative narrative

with scientific information weaved in throughout

and explored in the final pages. This is the perfect

introduction to the science behind spring. Children

will discover all the different ways nature wakes up

when spring arrives in this fresh and fun story of a

family exploring their garden.

£7.99, Happy Yak

Croc O’Clock

by Huw Lewis Jones & Ben Sanders

This is a hilarious sing-a-long counting book starring a very hungry

crocodile. Providing a unique, alternative spin on a familiar song, this

delightfully silly story is contemporary, quirky and

playful – kids will love to follow Croc’s antics and

sing along with him as he guzzles all the food he

can snap up. The illustrations are stylish, bright

and eye-catching whilst the tone is light-hearted,

accessible and funny with clever rhyme that helps

children practise counting skills.

£6.99, Happy Yak

5 Wild Animals

illustrated by

Margaux Carpentier

This innovative book uses

finger trails with sliding discs

to introduce young children to

the numbers 1 to 5. Children can

count the animals on each page

and trace their fingers over the

numbers. Perfect

for developing

motor skills, handeye


and pre-writing


£11.99, Happy Yak

Sleeping Beauty

illustrated by Cynthia


This exquisite board book

introduces the classic story to the

youngest children with engaging

text, beautiful

illustrations, and

die -cut and layered

pages. Clever

abridged, modern

text matches the

beautiful, bright



£9.99, Happy Yak



by Carly Madden &

Natalie Marshall

Little ones are presented with a

series of bright and engaging wild

animals, each with their mouth

open (a v-fold pop-up), eagerly

awaiting a tasty treat. The child

can choose which

snack (a ‘dangly’

hanging from the

spine of the book)

they will feed to

each safari animal.

£7.99, Happy Yak

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The Dragon with the

Blazing Bottom

by Beach

This is the first book in a

fabulously funny and hugely

appealing A Very Fiery Fairy Tale

series about a dragon who has lost

his flame from the hugely exciting new picture book

talent, Beach. This hilarious and dynamic characterdriven

picture book has a truly explosive ending!

£12.99, Simon & Schuster Children's

I'm Sticking With You Too

by Smriti Halls & Steve Small

A joyful tale about acceptance and belonging. This

beautifully written, gorgeously illustrated follow-up to

the bestselling I’m Sticking with You

is the perfect book for examining how,

even if new friends might disrupt the

rhythm at first, the sense of belonging

that friendship can bring has the

potential to make your heart sing!

£12.99, Simon & Schuster Children's

Supertato: Night of the

Living Veg

by Sue Hendra &

Paul Linnet

Check out the next spooktacular

new adventure in

the bestselling, blockbuster

Supertato series, from Sue Hendra and Paul

Linnet! Perfect for Supertato fans everywhere.

£6.99, Simon & Schuster Children's

Little Bear

by Richard Jones

This is a tender, stunningly illustrated story

about the friendship between a boy and a little

polar bear is helps children

understand the concept of

letting go with love. From

the highly talented author

illustrator Richard Jones,

the creator of Perdu.

£12.99, Simon & Schuster


How to Track a



by Caryl Hart & Ed


Get ready to be transported to the

Stone Age in the latest adventure

in the bestselling Albie series as

we join Albie on a prehistoric

adventure where he meets lots

of amazing animals on the way.

Children will want to get involved

in the fun

and name

them all.


Simon &



The Runaway

Pea Left Behind

by Kjartan Poskitt &

Alex Willmore


strikes when

Pea falls

out of the

shopping bag.

Follow Pea as

he journeys

across the

city on a skateboard, and bus, and

even on the wings of a passingby

bird for the adventure of a

lifetime. Sometimes it pays to be


The Runaway Pea Left Behind

is laugh-out-loud funny, bursting

with imagination, and the most

perfect third story in this muchloved


£6.99, Simon & Schuster


The History of

the World in 100


by Simon Barnes

and Frann Preston-


An exquisite edition of The

History of the World in 100

Animals by author and journalist

Simon Barnes, adapted and

abridged for younger readers.

With superb illustrations by

Frann Preston-Gannon. This book

proposes the 100 animals who

have had the

greatest impact

on humans and

the way we

view the world

around us.

£20, Simon

& Schuster


120 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

The Big Book

of Belonging

by Yuval Zommer

The Big Book

of Belonging

is for all the

children who

like to climb

trees, run

barefoot, splash

in paddles,

search for

bugs, sing with

the birds, taste

snowflakes and count the stars. By

placing children at the heart of the

natural world, the book celebrates

our connection with planet Earth

and reveals the often surprising

similarities between humans,

animals and plants. Illustrated

in Yuval Zommer's inimitable

style and packed with quirky

natural history facts, the book's

uplifting message will inspire

environmentalists young and old


£14.99, Thames & Hudson


by Janik Coat & Bernard Duisit

In this latest addition

to the Flip Flap Pop-Up

series, young readers

will be startled by some

scary-looking sights... then

delighted to discover that

there's no need to be afraid

- it's only friendly animals

having fancy-dress fun!

£8.99, Thames & Hudson

Are You Hungry?

by Janik Coat & Bernard Duisit

This Flip Flap Pop-Up book

is packed with flaps to

lift, tabs to pull and plenty

of surprises. Encourages

discussion about food, like &

dislikes and mealtimes.

£8.95, Thames & Hudson

The Library Book

by Gabby Dawnay & Ian Morris

This book helps early readers understand the

plethora of books available to them through their

local library and encourages parents, guardians and

teachers to help children find books that appeal to

their personal interests. Written in a catchy rhyming

style by bestselling author Gabby Dawnay, The

Library Book will trigger a love of words in readers

of all abilities, while Ian Morris' inventive watercolour illustrations

make Zach's emotional journey come alive. The combination is a

picture book that will inspire a love of libraries, reading, books and

words in even the most reluctant reader.

£12.99, Thames & Hudson

Home Alone

by Barbara Nascimbeni

When Frido the dog is left at home by himself, he

feigns loneliness just long enough to get his owner

out the door - and then the fun begins. Frido

embarks on a strict agenda of all his favourite

things: dressing up, chatting online, yoga, and

disco-dancing with friends. But the day goes by

too quickly! Can he cover his tracks in time?

£10.99, Thames & Hudson

The Sea

by Piret Raud

This surreal story about The Sea and

her fish children and the importance

of reading and bedtime stories blends

a highly imaginative narrative and

illustrations with an empathetic

understanding of the challenges of


£9.99, Thames & Hudson

Operation Alphabet

by Al MacCuish & Luciano Lozano

Charlie Foxtrot starts school and finds mastering the

alphabet confusing. But thanks to the

help of the Special Alphabet Service,

he learns about the power of letters

and words. The charming artwork,

reminiscent of classic children's book

illustrations from the 1950s and 1960s,

combines with the witty text to bring

the characters of the alphabet to life.

£6.99, Thames & Hudson

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Jack and the

Giant Tantrum

by Louis Growell &

Chris Jevon

The first in a brand new

picture book series about tricky

behaviours for tantrum-prone

toddlers, this book will help

young children learn to control

their temper and contains a list

of coping

methods for

tantrums at

the back of

the book.




100 Birds

by Michael Whaite

This hilarious picture book is a

rip-roaring readaloud guide to 100

different feathered friends. With

stylish yet accessible illustrations

with broad appeal, the book is

full of endless funny details, silly


and a rare

bird to spot,

making it a

joy to read

again and


£6.99, Puffin


I Can...

These colourful board books

presented in a handy slipcase

feature beautifully illustrated

scenes feature a different animal

completing an activity related

to the themes of eating, feeling,

moving and trying. Little ones will

love guessing what each animal is

trying to do,

then folding

out the page

to reveal each


£28, Miles


Poo Poo, Bum Bum, Wee Wee

by Stephen Cowell & Erica Salcedo

Featuring bright, friendly illustrations and a very

catchy rhyme, this fun picture book has been

written in consultation with parents to break down

all the stages of using the toilet into easy steps.

This book will help take the stress out of toilet

training for grown-ups, as children can sing the

song and learn to use the toilet without fear or fuss.

£6.99, Ladybird Books

Everything Under

The Sun

by Molly Oldfield

With 366 questions from children answered

by the original QI ‘Elf’, Molly Oldfield,

this delightful hardback gift book is

perfect for Christmas. Molly has found the

answers children long for by working with a

variety of experts, from astronauts to athletes, zookeepers to writers,

scientists to artists. The book answers the questions that stump adults,

whether they’re about nature, the body, or anything else under the Sun.

£20, Ladybird Books

Peter Rabbit: Head Over Tail

by Rachel Bright & Nicola Kinnear

Complete with charming illustrations from

Kinnear and a text full of humour and heart

from Bright, this new direction for Peter

Rabbit respects Beatrix Potter’s legacy and

celebrates the essence of her creations whilst

delivering a story for modern parents that's

full of scrapes, adventure, and trademark

quick-thinking by our blue-jacketed hero.

£6.99, Puffin Books

We're Going to Find the Monster

by Malorie Blackman & Dapo Adeola

Join two intrepid adventurers as their

imaginations transform their home into a

wild wonderland – and their big brother

becomes a mighty monster! A joy to read

aloud, full of funny, relatable characters,

this is a contemporary celebration of

creativity, fantasy and family.

£6.99, Puffin Books

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Where is Everyone

by Tom Schamp

The celebrated illustrator, Tom Schamp,

has turned everyday objects inside out in

marvelously zany ways in his latest lift-the-flap

board book. Each highly detailed whimsical

illustration offers a chance to explore, discuss

and giggle at the unexpected. Every page will encourage kids to

think creatively and differently about the world around them and the

possibilities that lie hidden in the things we see every day.

£10.99, Prestel

The Day Time Stopped

by Flavia Ruotolo

In different time zones but at the same single

moment on Earth this brightly coloured book hops

across the globe to deliver a simple but profound

message about diversity. When time stops, people

and animals are frozen in action - captured by this

book’s warm, quirky illustrations and clever, time-stamped captions.

In this playful introduction to time zones, hemispheres and life in

different climates, kids will identify with all the ordinary things going

on at the same time in on our extraordinary planet Earth.

£10.99, Prestel

The Weather: Pop-up Book

by Maike Biederstädt

From stormy seas to a vivid rainbow, weather’s

most exciting moments come to life in this

fantastic new pop-up book which takes book

engineering to new heights as readers are

immersed in five electrifying weather scenarios.

As each spread unfolds, a meticulously designed

landscape emerges with each page featuring an

informative description of its weather event and

the book closes with sobering commentary on

the effects of climate change.

£19.99, Prestel

Before I Wake Up...

by Britta Teckentrup

This book is a dreamy, colourful nighttime

journey that will captivate and soothe young

children everywhere. Award-winning children’s

illustrator Britta Teckentrup’s collage-like

artwork creates a magical world of captivating

colours, classic shapes and softly detailed textures. The gently told story

reassures children that they are never alone, even in their dreams.

£6.99, Prestel

Busy Machines

by Amy Johnson

Bursting with bright illustrations

of tractors, trucks, diggers and

emergency vehicles, busy little

people will love exploring this

big book of busy machines. With

engaging text, action-packed

scenes and delightful characters

throughout, there's plenty for

vehicle fans

to look at,

talk about and

discover on

every page.

£12.99, Miles


100 Nursery


Classics such as Little Bo

Peep, Humpty Dumpty and

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

sit alongside new favourites to

discover - however sadly these are

not in any particular order which

can be confusing.

Beautiful gift book

with stunning cover

effects and contains

100 rhymes,

accompanied by

bright illustrations

£12.99, Miles Kelly

My First 1000


Young children can

explore the busy

world around them

with this beautifully

illustrated, engaging

book. Through

words and pictures

they can learn the names of 1000

familiar objects around the home

and on the farm, different foods,

amazing animals and all kinds of

vehicle. Each page is packed with

lots to spot and talk about.

£14.99, Miles Kelly

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The Burpee Bears

by Joe Wicks & Paul Howard

From the nation's favourite PE teacher, The

Burpee Bears is infused with Joe’s signature

passion, energy, and sense of fun with stories

and characters that jump off the page. Children

will laugh out loud when they recognise the ups

and downs of everyday family life, and will delight in the Burpee Bear

characters, who bring a little bit of Wicks magic and a whole lot of Joe

energy to each and every page. The Burpee Bears will touch your hearts

and get families moving together and reading together.

£12.99, HarperCollins Children’s Books

Dogs in Disguise

by Peter Bently & John Bond

Featuring jaunty rhyming text and brilliantly

witty illustrations, this is a joyful peek

into the crazy antics of all sorts of dogs in

disguise! Dressing up in clothing they find at

home, these adventurous pooches blend into

the crowd at all the places dogs aren’t allowed, like the store, the

cinema and the swimming pool! But, not all of their disguises go

quite to plan, with hilarious results

£12.99, HarperCollins Children’s Books

Numberblocks 2022


The official 2022 annual for Numberblocks, the

BAFTA-winning most-watched show on Cbeebies is

perfect for children aged 4+ who are learning how

to count. The book is filled with games, puzzles,

quizzes plus lots of learning fun as numbers come

to life and every day is an adventure with the

Numberblocks. Your little learner will be introduced

to Numberblocks up to One Hundred as they learn

about each number along the way.

£7.99, Sweet Cherry Publishing

Numberblocks Christmas

Sticker and Activity Book

An official sticker activity book for the BAFTAwinning

show on CBeebies! It’s Christmas in

Numberland and your little one can play games,

solves puzzles and have fun with the Numberblocks.

With lots of engaging activities, this book has 32

pages of festive fun and includes over 100 festive


£6.99, Sweet Cherry Publishing

Bat Can't Sleep

by Carly Gledhill

A peep-through bedtime

story specially developed for

preschoolers with peep-through

holes, shaped pages and a surprise

gatefold ending, Bat Can't Sleep

is a playful and

highly interactive

bedtime story

for preschoolers,

from talented

creator Carly


£7.99, Macmillan

Children's Books

Feast Your Eyes

on Food

by Laura Gladwin &

Zoe Barker

Learn how flour and water were

revolutionized as you pore over

different pasta and noodle shapes,

discover how cheese is made, find

out why onions make you cry

and marvel at nature's ingenuity

as you take a bite from eighteen

varieties of apples and pears.

Taking inspiration from a vintage

cookery compendium, this visual

guide offers families a way of

celebrating and experiencing

food from all around the world

from the comfort of a chair, with

interesting, quirky facts about

each inclusion. Each spread

features a different ingredient

or food type, with a short

introduction about the origins, and

a single fact about each variety.

£20, Magic Cat

124 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com




A gorgeous new festive Bing

picture book that shows children

the importance of patience,

resilience and imagination. £6.99,

HarperCollins Children’s Books

Green is for


by Drew


& Oliver


Green Crayon

is certain that

he is the only

Christmas colour in the box. Of

course, Red, White, Silver and

even Brown have something

to say about that. £6.99,

HarperCollins Children’s Books

Penguin Parcel

by Victoria Cassanell

From rising star Victoria

Cassanell, Penguin Parcel is a

sparkling Arctic adventure about

friendship, empathy, and a very

long journey. This is a warmhearted,

funny and breathtakingly

beautiful book about kindness and

learning to

think about






Clarice Bean: Think Like an Elf

by Lauren Child

The one and only Clarice Bean is back to save

her family’s Christmas in this sparkling story of

joy, goodwill to all peoplekind, and some very

Clarice catastrophes, perfect for sharing with all

the family! Wrap yourself in the warmth and wit

of former Children’s Laureate Lauren Child and

be transported by the love and laughter that is

Christmas with the utterly irreplaceable Clarice


£14.99, HarperCollins Children’s Books

An Odd Dog Christmas

by Rob Biddulph

Squirrel's Snowman

by Julia Donaldson &

Axel Scheffler

Lift the flaps and join in the fun with

Squirrel's Snowman, a new story in the

Tales from Acorn Wood preschool series

by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler,

creators of The Gruffalo. With sturdy flaps on every spread and

rhyming stories that are a joy to read aloud, Squirrel's Snowman is

the sixth book in the Tales from Acorn Wood series which have been

delighting parents and children for over twenty years.

£6.99, Macmillan Children's Books

A gloriously festive illustrated story

about friendship and the real meaning

of Christmas. This is the perfect story

for children aged 4+, fans of Odd Dog

Out and anyone who loves Christmas!

Brimming with Rob Biddulph’s

trademark warmhearted humour.

£12.99, HarperCollins Children’s


Fly, Fly, Fly Your Sleigh

by John Hay & Garry Parsons

A hilarious Christmas story – full of brilliantly

funny rhymes, inspired by the much-loved song

Row Row Row Your Boat. Perfect for sharing

together at Christmas time, children will love

joining in and making up their own funny

Christmas rhymes.

£6.99, Macmillan Children's Books

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