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<strong>ST</strong>OR<br />


<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />

The UK’s number one in IT Storage<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember/<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2021</strong><br />

Vol 21, Issue 6<br />

<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong>:<br />

That winning feeling<br />


Over half of businesses use<br />

online/cloud backup<br />


Keeping I.T. cool<br />


The Kubernetes challenge<br />


The solution to ransomware threats?<br />


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Get multi-layer protection!<br />


The UK’s number one in IT Storage<br />

<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong>:<br />

That winning feeling<br />

<strong>Nov</strong>ember/<strong>Dec</strong>ember <strong>2021</strong><br />

Vol 21, Issue 6<br />


<strong>ST</strong>OR<br />


<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />



Keeping I.T. cool<br />


The solution to ransomware threats?<br />


Over half of businesses use<br />

online/cloud backup<br />


The Kubernetes cha lenge<br />


COMMENT….....................................................................4<br />

Can the Cloud save us from ransomware?<br />

06<br />

MANAGEMENT: DATA CENTRE COOLING...................6<br />

Dieter Bodemer, Systems Solutions Manager at Supermicro, discusses the options<br />

available for liquid cooling in modern data centres<br />

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: DAA......…..……........................................10<br />

Edge-to-cloud platform brings performance and capacity to mission-critical operational<br />

services at Dublin and Cork airports, while pay-as-you-go model was beneficial<br />

during pandemic slowdown<br />

10<br />

MANAGEMENT: BACKUP ............................................14<br />

Sarah Doherty of iland highlights the importance of creating backup and recovery<br />

plans in all industries, and lays out some best practices<br />

OPINION: CLOUD FILE-SHARING.................................16<br />

Andres Rodriguez, CTO at Nasuni, asks whether cloud file-sharing could offer a<br />

solution to daily ransomware attacks<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong>.............................18<br />

This year's awards ceremony returned to being an in-person event in October, and it<br />

was like we'd never been away<br />

14<br />

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: NTT GLOBAL DATA CENTERS...........30<br />

Rainer W. Kaese of Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH shares the story of a<br />

deployment that has required only one ten-minute (scheduled) downtime since 2017<br />

RESEARCH: BACKUP…………………....................………….34<br />

Tape remains popular due to its low cost and because of the 'arduous process' of<br />

eliminating historic backups, says new research from Databarracks<br />

18<br />

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: TOTAL SY<strong>ST</strong>EMS…...........................….36<br />

Insurance specialist technology firm Total Systems boosts D.R. capability and reduces<br />

costs<br />

BACKUP: SME FOCUS………...............................……….38<br />

Joe Noonan, VP of Products, Unitrends, a Kaseya company, describes how SMEs can<br />

put in place a backup and recovery plan to help navigate the cyber-threat landscape<br />

30<br />

TECHNOLOGY: KUBERNETES………..................………..42<br />

David Booth of Canonical describes how businesses can increase adoption of<br />

Kubernetes<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk @<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />




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EDITOR<br />

As many of you will no doubt know, Storage has a number of sister titles focused<br />

on specific IT niche topics (document management - another one of mine! - and<br />

networking, among them). But perhaps the magazine with which Storage has the<br />

most ongoing affinity at the moment is Computing Security, which even a few years<br />

ago might have seemed an entirely unrelated subject and of little interest to our<br />

readers.<br />

These days the landscape has changed significantly, and far quicker than many could<br />

have anticipated. As cyber-threats become ever more audacious and widespread, and<br />

the sums of money being stolen by ransomware attackers reach unimagined heights,<br />

organisations of all sizes are looking to the storage aspect of their IT infrastructure to<br />

protect them. While in the past we might have focused on data protection from a<br />

disaster recovery perspective, in <strong>2021</strong> the disaster is likely to be deliberate and<br />

malicious, and data protection itself is having to keep up.<br />

Cyber-criminals are creating more sophisticated attacks that can target backups as<br />

well as production files, leaving end users to play catch-up in terms of finding a<br />

possible 'good' copy of their data when the worst happens. Increasingly that copy will<br />

be held offsite in some kind of cloud environment. The days of organisations feeling<br />

that cloud backup was a less secure option than on-prem are long gone - everyone<br />

recognises that cloud businesses have systems in place that are designed from the<br />

ground up to be more resilient than anything most of us could deploy in house.<br />

As Joe Noonan of Unitrends comments in his article in this issue: "There is a<br />

misconception among SMEs that the cloud requires a lot of vetting to make sure it is<br />

secure. In fact, using the cloud as part of a cybersecurity strategy adds more<br />

resilience. The reality is that, in BCDR, cloud is an important additional component of<br />

resilience. If a cyber-attack breaks through to the SME's network, the odds of it also<br />

breaking into the cloud network in a similar fashion are very low."<br />

And Andres Rodriguez of Nasuni builds on this argument in his bylined piece:<br />

"Anonymised data indicates that organisations with modern cloud file storage systems<br />

can avoid paying ransoms despite attacks, with most returning to full productivity in<br />

under 24 hours. New cloud services deliver this level of protection and secure global<br />

file sharing in the same platform, providing up to five times faster file synchronisation<br />

across global locations, while offering rapid ransomware recovery that can restore a<br />

million files in under one minute. The cloud is not only the ideal infrastructure for our<br />

newly distributed workforces - it also delivers an unprecedented level of protection<br />

against ransomware."<br />

04 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />


<strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />






Data centres worldwide are estimated to<br />

consume between 1% and 3% of<br />

electricity as of <strong>2021</strong>. A significant<br />

amount of this power generated, depending<br />

on the geography, may come from fossil fuel<br />

plants. In an effort to reduce the carbon<br />

footprint of data centres and decrease<br />

operating costs, new technologies can be<br />

implemented that decrease data centre<br />

cooling costs and reduce the Power Usage<br />

Effectiveness (PUE) of the data centre.<br />

The current generation of high end CPUs<br />

from the major manufacturers uses between<br />

270 and 280 Watts per socket. Add in the<br />

latest GPUs that are used for AI training and<br />

inferencing at 400 Watts each, and a single<br />

server can require over 2 Kwatts and then the<br />

need to cool these CPUs and GPUs. While<br />

using more powerful fans can help<br />

somewhat, servers are reaching the point<br />

where liquid cooling may be required.<br />

Installing liquid cooling technologies not only<br />

can cool these hotter systems better than air<br />

cooling but reduce the need for data centre<br />

massive air conditioners.<br />

Looking at the physics of liquid cooling<br />

compared to air cooling, the liquid option<br />

will cool quicker due to more molecules in<br />

touch with the hot surface than the spacing<br />

of air molecules.<br />


Many years ago, supercomputers were<br />

immersed in a special liquid to cool the<br />

components. As technology progressed, air<br />

cooling prevailed, but new options are<br />

needed with the recent rise in performance<br />

and watts that a high-end CPU can draw.<br />

The most popular methods to cool CPUs<br />

and GPUs with liquid or associated with liquid<br />

cooling are Direct To Chip, sometimes<br />

shortened as D2C, full system immersion, and<br />

rear door heat exchangers. Looking in more<br />

detail at each of these:<br />

Direct To Chip (D2C) - in this method, the<br />

chilled liquid is passed over each CPU or<br />

GPU in a closed system. Then, the now<br />

warmer liquid is sent back to the chilling<br />

unit that brings the liquid temperature<br />

back down to the specified temperature,<br />

and the cycle begins again. This method is<br />

the most popular today, and the chilling<br />

units can be installed in each rack or in<br />

a central location. Thus, liquid cooling<br />

can be applied to certain servers or a<br />

specific rack.<br />

Immersion Cooling - for immersion<br />

cooling, the entire server is placed in a<br />

tank filled with a liquid. The cooler liquid<br />

that is at the bottom of the tank rises as it<br />

moves over the hot CPUs, and once at the<br />

top of the tank is removed through pumps<br />

to get chilled. Certain server features must<br />

be turned off, such as the fans, but most<br />

servers will be OK when immersed in a<br />

special liquid. This method removes heat<br />

most efficiently, but the downside is that<br />

additional real estate within a data centre<br />

is used for these tanks.<br />

Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) -<br />

although not technically using liquid<br />

cooling directly on the CPUs, this method<br />

brings the power of liquid cooling closer to<br />

where the heat is presented. A rear door to<br />

the rack is installed and has liquid running<br />

through the pipes in the door. Many data<br />

centres have hot aisles and cold aisles,<br />

and these doors would be in the "hot" aisle<br />

side. As the warm or hot air comes out of<br />

the servers, the air is passed over the cold<br />

06 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />



"The current generation of high end CPUs from the<br />

major manufacturers uses between 270 and 280<br />

Watts per socket. Add in the latest GPUs that are<br />

used for AI training and inferencing at 400 Watts<br />

each, and a single server can require over 2<br />

Kwatts and then the need to cool these CPUs and<br />

GPUs. While using more powerful fans can help<br />

somewhat, servers are reaching the point where<br />

liquid cooling may be required."<br />

coils where the air is cooled. The now<br />

warmer liquid in the coils is returned to a<br />

cooling system external to the rack. The<br />

benefit of using RDHx is that it can be used<br />

with any rack and can be used on<br />

specified racks within a data centre.<br />

REDUCING CO<strong>ST</strong>S<br />

Liquid cooling reduces OPEX by removing or<br />

lessening the need for Computer Room Air<br />

Conditioners (CRAC). In addition, the server<br />

fans can be run at lower speeds if less air<br />

flowing over the hot electronics is needed,<br />

further reducing power consumption.<br />

The PUE of a data centre is measured by the<br />

total electricity delivered to a data centre,<br />

divided by the amount of electricity dedicated<br />

to the servers, storage, and network<br />

infrastructure. While a value of 1.0 would<br />

mean that all power is used just for the<br />

computing and associated infrastructure, a<br />

typical PUE is in the 1.5 to 1.8 range. The<br />

PUE is reduced to the 1.10 to 1.20 range<br />

when implementing various liquid cooling<br />

technologies. A quick calculation can show<br />

that using liquid cooling over a year can<br />

reduce CAPEX, allow data centre operators to<br />

upgrade components (to more efficient ones),<br />

or purchase additional servers and storage<br />

systems.<br />


Supermicro has years of experience in<br />

supplying liquid cooled servers with various<br />

technologies. The BigTwin, SuperBlade,<br />

GPU, and Ultra product lines, featuring 3rd<br />

Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors, can<br />

easily accommodate a liquid cooling option<br />

for maximum performance. Supermicro<br />

works with customers and a range of vendors<br />

to deliver the most optimal solution for the<br />

given workload.<br />

Through the Supermicro Rack Plug and Play<br />

program, systems that require liquid cooling<br />

can be completely tested, including the<br />

desired liquid cooling technology before<br />

delivery. In addition, Supermicro's<br />

manufacturing facilities are equipped with the<br />

latest liquid cooling options and work closely<br />

with the leading suppliers.<br />


Choosing the most appropriate liquid cooling<br />

technology, whether a D2C, Immersive, or<br />

RDHx, depends on many factors. These<br />

include whether this is a retro-fit situation, for<br />

example, installing new and hotter servers into<br />

an existing rack. An RDHx system would be<br />

the best choice for this environment. If new<br />

servers generate more than 1 KW of heat,<br />

then the D2C would be the best option,<br />

primarily when a server consists of dual CPUs<br />

and multiple GPUs. An immersive cooling<br />

situation may be the best choice for<br />

environments where systems are expected to<br />

run very hot, and there may not be sufficient<br />

two-phase cooling for D2C or ultimate<br />

cooling. For example, suppose a new physical<br />

data centre is being designed. In that case,<br />

the architects and building managers need to<br />

plan for the future and install options for the<br />

next generation of servers, which will<br />

undoubtedly be generating more heat.<br />

Whatever the preferred solution, liquid<br />

cooling will ultimately become a critical<br />

technology to keep the latest and future<br />

generations of CPUs and GPUs within<br />

operating thermal envelopes. While liquid<br />

cooling may be considered more justifiable for<br />

very high-end clusters today, upcoming CPUs<br />

and GPUs will undoubtedly require novel<br />

solutions to maximise performance from future<br />

microprocessors.<br />

More info: www.supermicro.com<br />

08 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


Performance Begins Now<br />

Software-defined<br />

Storage Solutions<br />

Driving advanced platform innovations for scale-out cloud and datacenter<br />

infrastructure featuring 3 rd Gen Intel ® Xeon ® Scalable processors<br />

Learn More at www.supermicro.com/storage<br />

© Supermicro and Supermicro logo are trademarks of Super Micro Computer, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: DAA <strong>ST</strong>UDY: DAA<br />






Ireland-based global airports group daa<br />

has selected the HPE GreenLake edgeto-cloud<br />

platform for a major<br />

performance and capacity upgrade to its<br />

mission critical operational services. All of<br />

the airport operator's 'Gold Services' -<br />

passenger and baggage handling, security<br />

systems, business intelligence, and retail<br />

operations - have migrated to the HPE<br />

GreenLake platform running from daa's<br />

two data centres. This significant upgrade<br />

was achieved with no upfront investment<br />

and on a pay-as-you-go model, which<br />

helped daa manage, predict, and control<br />

costs and spend during the pandemic.<br />

daa is a global airports and travel retail<br />

group headquartered at Dublin<br />

Airport with operations in<br />

16 countries. It<br />

owns<br />

and manages Dublin and Cork airports,<br />

the two largest airports in the Republic of<br />

Ireland that welcomed a combined 35.5<br />

million passengers in 2019, as well as<br />

operating travel retail outlets in Europe,<br />

North America, the Middle East, India and<br />

Asia-Pacific. Prior to the HPE GreenLake<br />

platform migration, daa's reliable estate<br />

of HPE servers and storage was reaching<br />

end of life and, although performance<br />

was still good, they needed to prepare for<br />

the next generation. The airport would<br />

grind to a halt if the mission critical<br />

services running on these systems were<br />

down for even a few minutes, so getting<br />

this upgrade right was absolutely vital.<br />


Following the impact of the pandemic,<br />

capital funding for all projects, including<br />

IT infrastructure replacement, was facing<br />

significant challenges. By choosing the<br />

HPE GreenLake edge-tocloud<br />

platform this problem was taken<br />

away and the daa team didn't need to<br />

make a business case for capital<br />

investment in servers and storage. With<br />

HPE GreenLake, daa could achieve<br />

significant cost savings as they did not<br />

have to make any upfront investment and<br />

are only required to pay for what they<br />

use. This pay-as-you-go model truly<br />

came into its own during the pandemic,<br />

as it removed the need for ongoing<br />

lifecycle replacements and upgrades,<br />

which typically bring ongoing capital<br />

expense costs.<br />

"During this period where passenger<br />

numbers dropped from 115,000 to under<br />

10,000 per day, every cent of capital that<br />

we were spending was being closely<br />

scrutinized, but with HPE GreenLake that<br />

whole headache was removed," said<br />

Padraic Doyle VP Technology at daa.<br />

"Although<br />

10 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


A better way to optimise<br />

and protect your business<br />

Save thousands of dollars<br />

and gain value with three<br />

enterprise-class data services<br />

for IBM FlashSystem® 5015<br />

and 5035—at no additional cost.<br />

Optimise placement<br />

IBM Easy Tier®<br />

Optimise cost and performance<br />

with AI-driven tiering that<br />

automatically places data<br />

on the fastest storage tier.<br />

Enhance resilience<br />

IBM Remote Mirror<br />

Protect against outages by mirroring<br />

data to a remote location, service<br />

provider or cloud provider.<br />

Accelerate recovery<br />

IBM FlashCopy®<br />

Mitigate the risk of data loss<br />

by easily delivering near-instant<br />

copies of active data for backup<br />

or parallel processing needs.<br />

“IBM FlashSystem<br />

5000 provides the same<br />

performance as systems<br />

from other vendors that<br />

are 10X the price.”<br />

Jonas Dahlgren,<br />

CIO, Höganäs Borgestad AB<br />

Limited time offer!<br />

Contact your IBM Business Partner® to get<br />

started. Discover IBM FlashSystem® 5000!<br />

For details, prices<br />

and special offers,<br />

please visit:<br />

ibm.biz/betterway<br />

Eligible period: July 1 to <strong>Dec</strong>ember 31, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Terms and conditions: This promotion is valid for qualifying<br />

products from July 1 to <strong>Dec</strong>ember 31, <strong>2021</strong>. Orders for the<br />

eligible machines must be placed with IBM no later than<br />

<strong>Dec</strong>ember 30, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

©International Business Machines Corporation <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

All rights reserved.

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: DAA <strong>ST</strong>UDY: DAA<br />

"During this period where passenger numbers dropped from 115,000 to under<br />

10,000 per day, every cent of capital that we were spending was being closely<br />

scrutinized, but with HPE GreenLake that whole headache was removed. Although<br />

the primary driver was cost savings, the performance of the systems has exceeded<br />

our expectations and was an unexpected bonus. HPE GreenLake brings us many<br />

of the benefits of using a public cloud service, without some of the risks which are<br />

less palatable to us, such as latency, security and an increased dependency on<br />

external networks."<br />

the primary driver was cost savings, the<br />

performance of the systems has exceeded<br />

our expectations and was an unexpected<br />

bonus. HPE GreenLake brings us many of<br />

the benefits of using a public cloud<br />

service, without some of the risks which<br />

are less palatable to us, such as latency,<br />

security and an increased dependency on<br />

external networks. Another really nice<br />

benefit of the HPE GreenLake platform is<br />

the built-in headroom that we don't pay<br />

for, so if someone asks for additional<br />

compute for a project we can deliver that<br />

in a day or so, whereas before it would<br />

take 8-12 weeks to add the physical<br />

servers to our environment."<br />


Airports, by their nature, are large<br />

physical infrastructure businesses and daa<br />

has made long term investments in their<br />

own data centres. Their IT team also has<br />

a high level of competency in managing<br />

data centres and networks. By running<br />

HPE GreenLake in their own data centres,<br />

daa control physical access to it and have<br />

peace of mind that it is behind their<br />

firewalls. The HPE GreenLake platform<br />

was up and running in a matter of weeks,<br />

with HPE Pointnext engineers installing<br />

and testing the systems then handing over<br />

to the daa team to complete the<br />

migration. HPE also provides daily<br />

monitoring and advisory support,<br />

including managing any necessary fixes or<br />

upgrades. This frees up the daa team's<br />

time to focus on adding value to the<br />

business, such as their latest project to<br />

transition the airports' CCTV systems to<br />

the HPE GreenLake platform.<br />

"HPE is proud of our role in supporting<br />

Ireland's critical national infrastructure, so<br />

we are delighted that our HPE GreenLake<br />

platform helped daa navigate a difficult<br />

period during the pandemic," said Maeve<br />

Culloty, Managing Director, HPE Ireland.<br />

"Customers like daa that run crucial<br />

international travel operations cannot<br />

afford to take risks or have concerns<br />

around security, latency and network<br />

outages. The HPE GreenLake platform<br />

gives daa full control of their businesscritical<br />

services, delivers high<br />

performance and value for money, and is<br />

helping keep Ireland connected to the rest<br />

of the world."<br />


daa saw further financial benefits by<br />

converting some of their newer systems<br />

into the HPE GreenLake platform while<br />

upcycling obsolete legacy assets through<br />

the HPE Financial Services (HPEFS) Asset<br />

Upcycling Service. This service allowed<br />

daa to take the residual market value of<br />

the old IT and apply it to the new<br />

program. It also helped daa meet its<br />

sustainability objectives as the HPEFS<br />

service extends the life of old technology<br />

rather than it becoming e-waste - an<br />

important circular economy initiative.<br />

Globally in 2020, HPEFS upcycled more<br />

than three million assets and returned<br />

over $230 million into customer budgets.<br />

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud<br />

platform provides customers with a<br />

powerful foundation to drive digital<br />

transformation that can run on premises,<br />

at the edge, or in a colocation facility. It<br />

combines the simplicity and agility of the<br />

cloud with the governance, compliance,<br />

and visibility that comes with hybrid IT.<br />

HPE GreenLake offers a range of cloud<br />

services that accelerate innovation,<br />

including cloud services for analytics,<br />

bare metal, compute, container<br />

management, core payment systems, data<br />

protection, electronic medical records,<br />

5G, HCI, high performance compute,<br />

machine learning operations, networking,<br />

risk management, SAP HANA, storage,<br />

VDI, and VMs.<br />

More info:<br />

www.hpe.com/us/en/greenlake.html<br />

12 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />



BACKUP<br />



PLANS IN ALL INDU<strong>ST</strong>RIES, AND LAYS OUT SOME BE<strong>ST</strong> PRACTICES<br />

Backups are more common than you<br />

think. Every day you most likely have a<br />

backup in place, whether it be<br />

someone who can cover for you to watch<br />

your puppy if something interrupts your<br />

schedule or even that spare tyre that is in your<br />

car in case of a flat.<br />

Backup and recovery plans apply to just<br />

about everything that you can think of in your<br />

daily life. Let's focus on your business now and<br />

look at top reasons why you really need to<br />

have a secure and reliable backup solution.<br />

We all make mistakes. Mistakes happen<br />

more than we would like to admit. Emails<br />

and documents containing some type of<br />

virus are accidentally opened all the time<br />

while critical documents are unintentionally<br />

deleted. One way to combat these<br />

problems is to continually backup your<br />

data and therefore, allow for the ability to<br />

restore your data. Or more importantly,<br />

recover the file prior to it being deleted.<br />

Audit and compliance requirements. Many,<br />

if not most organisations are required to<br />

keep records for extended periods of time<br />

depending on local or industry<br />

requirements. There may come a time<br />

when an audit forces your business to look<br />

<br />

at something from a few years ago. The<br />

big mistake here is that most assume that<br />

data is available on a computer when in<br />

fact it may not be. Relying on one copy of<br />

the data may be a mistake that you just<br />

don't want to have to deal with when it<br />

comes to an audit. Creating offsite<br />

backups of critical data can save you time<br />

and money with less headaches for all<br />

involved. Governing agencies won't really<br />

care if you say that you had a data<br />

disaster. It is critical for your business to<br />

remain compliant.<br />

Avoid deadly downtime. Studies show that<br />

40-60% of small businesses won't reopen<br />

after data loss. Of companies that suffer<br />

catastrophic data loss, 43% never reopen<br />

and 51% close within two years. Not every<br />

data loss event is caused by a disaster,<br />

human errors can also cause data<br />

catastrophes. The solution is to be sure to<br />

have an effective backup and disaster<br />

recovery plan in place that will help<br />

mitigate these types of data threats.<br />

Planning and preparing ahead of time<br />

when it comes to data security and<br />

availability can allow your business to be<br />

the winner.<br />

Stay a step ahead of your competitors. If<br />

your organisation experiences a disaster, it<br />

will be critical to get back online and up<br />

and running as fast as possible. It is a race<br />

to remain competitive while winning over<br />

other businesses. A pre-planned backup<br />

strategy means that you can be that much<br />

more prepared and win the business while<br />

others are struggling to get back to<br />

business as usual. You will survive the data<br />

disaster while others may not be so lucky.<br />

If you don't have time to do it right, when<br />

will you have time to do it over? Doing it<br />

right the first time will save time and money<br />

when it comes to protecting your data. If<br />

you don't have backups, you may only be<br />

able to recover some of your data and you<br />

may never know what critical data is really<br />

missing. Major data loss may mean recreating<br />

or re-doing everything that has<br />

ever been done at your business and very<br />

rarely do companies survive these types of<br />

data losses.<br />

The leading causes of data loss are similar in<br />

just about every type of business. Most of us<br />

believe that once the data is saved to a<br />

computer that it's safe and can always be<br />

accessed. The reality is that backing up data is<br />

critical - because data loss is unpredictable.<br />

More info: www.iland.com<br />

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www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


OPINION:<br />







Traditional approaches to storage are<br />

no longer sustainable or costeffective<br />

given constant, exponential<br />

growth in data volumes across all<br />

industries. With the arrival of the<br />

pandemic, the business world's rapid move<br />

to remote and hybrid work models<br />

heightened the need to transition from<br />

legacy, on-premises storage to a flexible<br />

and cost-saving cloud-first model. File<br />

sharing has also emerged as a key tool for<br />

enterprise growth in the post-pandemic era<br />

- end users need to share critical<br />

information assets and collaborate<br />

efficiently across boundaries.<br />

As enterprises move forward with these<br />

massive changes, IT must simultaneously<br />

contend with the growing threat of<br />

ransomware. Enterprise IT leaders have to<br />

determine the best and most efficient way<br />

to protect their evolving organisations and<br />

critical file data in the age of ransomware.<br />

RISKS IN A PO<strong>ST</strong>-PANDEMIC<br />


Over the past few years, ransomware has<br />

morphed into the number one cyber-threat<br />

- and it is still growing rapidly, both in<br />

terms of number of incidents and<br />

capabilities. In fact, the frequency of<br />

attacks has grown from 1,000 per day in<br />

2015 to one occurring every 11 seconds<br />

around the world - posing a daily risk to<br />

business IP and operations alike.<br />

Ransomware attacks have been<br />

happening for years. Now, with<br />

cryptocurrencies making payment easy and<br />

millions of people working remotely,<br />

attackers are growing more brazen. An<br />

emerging tactic in <strong>2021</strong> is encrypting an<br />

organisation's files and threatening to<br />

publish the compromised information<br />

online if the ransom isn't paid on time. This<br />

audacity is paying off. Research suggests<br />

that average ransom demands are already<br />

five times higher in <strong>2021</strong> than last year<br />

and the size of pay-outs by companies has<br />

nearly doubled.<br />

The attackers do not discriminate.<br />

Ransomware can disrupt any<br />

organisation, whether a private, public, or<br />

charitable one. And it doesn't matter if the<br />

target is a well-resourced corporation or a<br />

small voluntary body getting by with basic<br />

IT systems. Attackers are bringing every<br />

type of organisation's operations to a<br />

grinding halt.<br />


The standard approach to addressing<br />

ransomware that targets file servers is<br />

broken; traditional enterprise backup and<br />

recovery solutions do not work well for files<br />

because the process of copying files from<br />

backup takes way too long. The alternative<br />

comes from an unsung part of the cloud<br />

toolset: cloud-based file storage systems<br />

that allow companies to guard against<br />

attacks and set ground-breaking Recovery<br />

Point Objectives (RPOs) for as little as five<br />

minutes. Anonymised data indicates that<br />

organisations with modern cloud file<br />

storage systems can avoid paying ransoms<br />

despite attacks, with most returning to full<br />

productivity in under 24 hours.<br />

New cloud services deliver this level of<br />

protection and secure global file sharing in<br />

the same platform, providing up to five<br />

times faster file synchronisation across<br />

global locations, while offering rapid<br />

ransomware recovery that can restore a<br />

million files in under one minute. The<br />

cloud is not only the ideal infrastructure for<br />

our newly distributed workforces - it also<br />

delivers an unprecedented level of<br />

protection against ransomware.<br />

In other words, it's not all bad news. With<br />

the right cloud toolset and resources in<br />

place, organisations can flourish in the<br />

post-pandemic era and gain a competitive<br />

advantage in a global economy<br />

consistently being disrupted by devastating<br />

malware attacks.<br />

More info: www.nasuni.com<br />

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www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


SPECIALI<strong>ST</strong> <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE RESELLER OF THE YEAR<br />

2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | <strong>2021</strong><br />

For the 6th consecutive year, Epaton have been named<br />

Specialist Storage Reseller of the Year.<br />

<br />

We would like to thank all our staff, customers and partners for<br />

their continued support through these challenging times.<br />


Specialists in Next Generation storage, backup, HCI and hybrid cloud,<br />

we help to manage and secure our customer's critical informationall<br />

whilst saving them money!<br />

We can do the same for you, and help you<br />


sales@epaton.co.uk | 03333 111 001<br />

Your data, our business<br />


EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />




It is fair to say that we're all still slightly<br />

staggered here in the Storage office at<br />

the amazing success of our awards<br />

night on October 7th - we can't quite say<br />

it was as if Covid-19 had never happened,<br />

but it came pretty close!<br />

A total of almost 40 trophies were<br />

presented on the night, and the numbers<br />

of votes were comparable with a 'normal'<br />

year - it was great to see so many old and<br />

new faces from across the sector, with<br />

nearly 200 in attendance. Thanks for<br />

coming out and of course we hope you all<br />

had a fantastic time.<br />

We would of course like to thank all of<br />

our sponsors as well, without whom the<br />

awards night simply couldn't happen:<br />

Epaton, NGS, Accelstor, Barracuda,<br />

Exagrid, IBM, Nexstor, Pure Storage,<br />

Seagate, SoftIron, Supermicro, Titan,<br />

Veeam, Boston, CDS, DataCore, Park<br />

Place Technologies, Q Associates,<br />

StorageCraft, StorMagic and Veritas.<br />

Among the big winners on the night were<br />

Veeam (Storage Company of the Year) and<br />

IBM (Cloud Company of the Year), and<br />

Storage magazine editor Dave Tyler<br />

awarded his Editor's Choice awards to<br />

Veritas and Boston, commenting<br />

afterwards: "We were blown away by how<br />

the whole industry continued to support us<br />

last year as the pandemic forced us to<br />

move our awards event to an online<br />

ceremony - but honestly it's even more<br />

mind-blowing to see how quickly we've<br />

been able to return to our former glory.<br />

With the Storage awards and also more<br />

broadly, we're seeing a determination to<br />

return to normal now from so many<br />

organisations and individuals - and it can<br />

only bode well for the sector and for<br />

society as a whole over the coming<br />

months."<br />

The full list of all the winners and<br />

runners-up can be seen across the<br />

following pages.<br />

More info: www.storage-awards.com<br />

Storage Innovation of the Year<br />

WINNER: SuperMicro - A+ Servers - AMD EPYC<br />

RUNNER-UP: Infinidat - Infinibox SSA<br />

Built for modern data centre workloads, A+ servers fully utilise fast PCI-E 4.0 lanes with the latest technologies, including up to<br />

200G networking, GPUDirect RDMA and Storage with ultra-fast NVMe and NVMe-oF capability, directly connected CPU-GPU, and<br />

GPU-GPU interconnection for the fastest I/O speed with lowest latency.<br />

The A+ product family packs more performance per rack unit with more CPU cores, more GPUs, more NVMe drives, and more highspeed<br />

networking connections, achieved through our innovative system architectures and thermal designs, developed in close<br />

collaboration with AMD.<br />

^<br />

18 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

One to Watch: Vendor<br />

WINNER: SoftIron<br />

RUNNER-UP: Hitachi Vantara<br />

"SoftIron builds storage infrastructure solutions that reflect the dramatic shifts we have seen for enterprises in the evolution of data<br />

infrastructure - providing them with a level of performance and control that hasn't existed prior to now. We've built our HyperDrive<br />

storage appliances to be the ultimate productization of Ceph, giving our customers an open-source, unified, distributed storage<br />

system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability. We're thankful to Storage Magazine and its readers for<br />

choosing SoftIron as the 'One to Watch' for <strong>2021</strong>." - Phil Straw, CEO of SoftIron<br />

One to Watch: Channel<br />

WINNER: Virtual Effect<br />

RUNNER-UP: Spinnakar<br />

For over 20 years our team has been helping businesses of all sizes across the UK, expertly guiding and advising them on how to<br />

intelligently implement and leverage the latest best suited technology for their data storage requirements. We scope, design, deliver<br />

and support solutions that focus on protecting one of the most valuable assets that any business has: data. No two customers are the<br />

same and the goal of Virtual Effect is to ensure that you receive dedicated resource who can engage and align their skills to meet the<br />

expectations and requirements that you have. We have an “attitude for gratitude”, appreciating that every one of our customers has<br />

a choice and we are extremely appreciative of the customers that choose us as their partner to work with.<br />

Storage Marketing Team of the Year<br />

WINNER: SuperMicro<br />


As a global leader in high performance, high efficiency server technology and innovation, we develop and provide end-to-end green<br />

computing solutions to the data centre, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, HPC, and embedded markets. Our Building Block<br />

Solutions approach allows us to provide a broad range of SKUs, and enables us to build and deliver application-optimised solutions<br />

based upon your requirements.<br />

The value we bring is to rapidly incorporate the latest technological innovations into our products. We work closely with technology<br />

partners to deliver the latest generation of cutting-edge solutions across server, storage, and networking platforms.<br />

Contribution to the Storage Industry<br />

WINNER: Rob Townsend, Nexstor<br />

RUNNER-UP: Phil Dick, Epaton<br />

“I was really flattered to pick up the award for ‘Contribution to the Storage Industry’ at the Storage Awards this year, so thank you.<br />

It came as a complete shock. However, it really is more of a team award for the whole of Nexstor. Without their commitment, hard<br />

work and enthusiasm in everything they do for the company, my job would be a whole lot harder.<br />

“Finally, a big thank you to everyone at the Storage Awards for such a great night, being able to be out mixing with our peers again<br />

was a real treat.”<br />

Channel Excellence Award<br />

WINNER: John Lucey, DataCore<br />

RUNNER-UP: Pam Napier, Veeam<br />

As VP for Sales for DataCore, Northern Europe and APAC, and having been in the storage industry for thirty years in various senior<br />

channel positions, it was fitting that the Channel Excellence award <strong>2021</strong> went to a longstanding channel champion in John Lucey.<br />

John reflected: “What an amazing night! It’s thrilling and very rewarding for our team to be formally recognised for DataCore’s<br />

channel relationships and for our innovation in object storage with DataCore Swarm. Our sincere thanks to all our partners and<br />

customers, and to the readers of Storage magazine who voted in this year’s awards”<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

^<br />

<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />



EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

Ransomware Protection Company of the Year<br />

WINNER: Veritas<br />

RUNNER-UP: Veeam<br />

It’s not enough to stay just one step ahead of ransomware. You’ve got to cover all of your bases, all of the time – from physical to<br />

virtual to cloud environments. With Veritas, you get a comprehensive, unified approach that stops ransomware from disrupting your<br />

business.<br />

Veritas products work together seamlessly to neutralise ransomware. Our unified platform lets businesses standardise data protection<br />

and data management. Get resilient against ransomware. Veritas can show you how.<br />

Cloud Backup Company of the Year<br />

WINNER: Altaro<br />

RUNNER-UP: Arcserve<br />

Founded in 2009, Altaro has grown rapidly over the years. We develop robust backup solutions to address the core data protection<br />

needs of businesses and organisations worldwide, as well as the IT resellers, VARs, consultants and managed service providers who<br />

serve them. Altaro is the only vendor that enables MSPs to manage different kinds of backups –like VMs, Office 365, physical servers<br />

and endpoints – across all their customers from a single pane of glass, simplifying their life. This is possible through Altaro's groundbreaking,<br />

multi-tenant online management console, a powerhouse for MSPs. It also provides centralised billing, with one convenient<br />

monthly invoice for the various backup services used by the MSP's different customers.<br />

Data Protection Company of the Year<br />

WINNER: Barracuda<br />

RUNNER-UP: Veritas<br />

We build enterprise-grade, cloud-ready security solutions.<br />

More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda to safeguard their employees, data, and applications from a wide range of<br />

threats. Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security,<br />

network security and data protection. We are continually innovating to deliver tomorrow’s security technology, today.<br />

Enterprise Backup Hardware Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Exagrid<br />

RUNNER-UP: StorageCraft<br />

ExaGrid’s Tiered Backup Storage for backup product line consists of seven appliance models. Each appliance is sized for a full<br />

backup and for long-term retention. Any ExaGrid appliance can be mixed and matched in the same scale-out system with any other<br />

size or age appliance, allowing customers to buy what they need as they need it. This pay-as-you-grow model allows up to 32<br />

appliances in a single scale-out system. All appliances and systems are managed by a single user interface. Multiple systems can be<br />

deployed in a single site, which allows for full backups up to petabytes. ExaGrid offers various-sized appliance models that can be<br />

mixed and matched with up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system. The largest scale-out system can take in up to a 2.69PB<br />

full backup with an ingest rate of 488TB/hr. This is 3X faster than any other backup storage on the market.<br />

Storage Innovator of the Year<br />

WINNER: Arcserve<br />


Arcserve, the world's most experienced data, and ransomware protection provider, with its breadth of product portfolio and combined<br />

innovation investments, brings immediate differentiation and value to the market.Its best-in-class solutions - that manage, protect,<br />

and recover all data workloads, from SMB to enterprise - eliminate standalone, discrete products for threat prevention, ransomware<br />

disaster recovery and application availability. Safeguarded by Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server, Arcserve uniquely combines<br />

deep learning server protection, immutable storage, and scalable onsite and offsite business continuity that delivers complete data<br />

resilience for the next generation of hybrid data centres. Channel partners and customers now have a first and last line of defence<br />

against cyberattacks.<br />

^<br />

20 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />



ngsuk.com<br />

THANK YOU!<br />

<strong>2021</strong> has been quite the year!<br />

We would like to thank our wonderful customers and partners for their<br />

continued support throughout these challenging times. and to our<br />

team who consistently deliver excellent service, year after year.<br />

Who is providing your consultancy, support and managed<br />

services?<br />

Whether you need to get started on your cyber security journey, or change<br />

your current solutions, NGS can help.

EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

Data Management & Monitoring Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Park Place Technologies<br />


Our mission is to drive Uptime, performance and value for critical IT infrastructure. We understand the urgency and expertise<br />

required to handle emergency issues that occur when you least expect it. We believe in being responsive and respectful. We<br />

understand the importance of friendly, accommodating and accountable service. And we know that at the end of the day,<br />

collaboration, competency and dependability are the keys to a successful partnership.<br />

Park Place provides industry-leading services and we are proud to have been recognised and awarded for our work to help our<br />

customers achieve success.<br />

Object Storage Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: DataCore<br />

RUNNER-UP: Object Matrix<br />

DataCore’s object storage solution DataCore Swarm is designed to securely manage billions of files and petabytes of information. At<br />

its heart, Swarm provides Software-Defined Object Storage for On-Premises and Private Cloud Environments. Swarm provides a<br />

foundation for hyperscale data storage, access, and analysis, while guaranteeing data integrity and eliminating hardware<br />

dependencies. It also serves as an attractive alternate for those considering repatriating workloads from clouds as an on-prem object<br />

storage solution that can manage, store, and protect data while allowing S3/HTTP access to any application, device, or end-user.<br />

Hyper-convergence Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: StorMagic<br />

RUNNER-UP: Boston<br />

"StorMagic is honoured to retain the prestigious 'HCI Vendor of the Year' title for a second year in a row at the Storage Awards.<br />

StorMagic SvSAN continues to gain traction with customers that have edge computing requirements - small sites, small budgets,<br />

small staff - but still need to keep their local applications running with 100% uptime. Our customers are saving significant money<br />

and time because our HCI solution is super simple to install and run and only requires two servers per site compared to three or<br />

more required by competing HCI vendors." - Bruce Kornfeld, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, StorMagic<br />

Hybrid Storage Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Boston<br />

RUNNER-UP: Seagate<br />

"Boston's mantra has been to excel in all our activities. With a dedication to helping our partners succeed, we strive to always provide<br />

our clients with first-to-market technology and award-winning, tailored solutions that are customised to fit their exact specifications.<br />

Now with over 30 years of experience, Boston is confident that we can help you excel too." Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of<br />

Boston Limited<br />

"As a Service" Platform of the Year<br />

WINNER: StorageCraft by Arcserve DRaas (Disaster Recovery as a Service)<br />

RUNNER-UP: Nexstor<br />

Being one of the first to pioneer an MSP offering through a one stop partner portal, StorageCraft, an Arcserve Company is proud to<br />

bring to the MSP community truly differentiated, next-generation solutions that empower standardisation within the data protection<br />

and management category - keeping customer data safe, accessible, and optimised, at any level of complexity, across any<br />

environment. StorageCraft provides MSPs a single source of business continuity, from on-premises to their journey to the cloud. This<br />

means a right-fit solution for all businesses, regardless of size, vertical, requirements, or complexity. As partners grow and the needs<br />

of their clients increase, StorageCraft’s flexible SaaS platform allows MSPs to boost efficiencies, scale easily and maximise<br />

profitability.<br />

^<br />

22 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

Flash/SSD Storage Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Pure Storage<br />


Pure has been a pioneer, from the all-flash data centre to the most modern data-protection solutions and the Evergreen subscription<br />

model. Pure Storage helps you embrace the future of cloud and data flexibility with a true, as-a-service model that's simple to<br />

manage and always evergreen.<br />

Performance Storage Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Accelstor<br />

RUNNER-UP: Pure Storage<br />

AccelStor is advancing the paradigm shift from conventional disk arrays to modern all-flash storage platforms. As an innovator of<br />

software-defined all-flash arrays, AccelStor enhances line-of-business operations by fortifying IT infrastructures with the true power of<br />

flash technology. FlexiRemap — AccelStor's award-winning RAID replacement technology — harnesses the latest advancements in<br />

processor architecture that enables AccelStor all-flash storage arrays to achieve unparalleled performance, versatility, and durability.<br />

Founded in 2020 by veterans of the storage, networking, and other IT industries, AccelStor is now focused on developing its business<br />

in worldwide enterprise storage markets.<br />

Cloud Enabler of the Year<br />

WINNER: Barracuda<br />


We build enterprise-grade, cloud-ready security solutions.<br />

More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda to safeguard their employees, data, and applications from a wide range of<br />

threats. Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security,<br />

network security and data protection. We are continually innovating to deliver tomorrow’s security technology, today.<br />

Software Defined Storage (SDS) Vendor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Object Matrix<br />

RUNNER-UP: Veritas<br />

"We are honoured to be awarded the Software Defined Storage Vendor of the Year award. After what has felt like one of the most<br />

turbulent times, we are extremely grateful to the entire Object Matrix team, not only for onboarding a record number of new<br />

customers this year, but for also providing our existing customer community with the best care and service they deserve. Our<br />

customer community is of the utmost importance to us, and we could not be more proud of our relationships with them and to be<br />

recognised for our hard work and dedication to them." Nick Pearce, Chief Revenue Officer, Object Matrix<br />

Storage Optimisation Company of the Year<br />

WINNER: Pure Storage<br />

RUNNER-UP: Exagrid<br />

Pure has been a pioneer, from the all-flash data centre to the most modern data-protection solutions and the Evergreen subscription<br />

model. Pure Storage helps you embrace the future of cloud and data flexibility with a true, as-a-service model that's simple to<br />

manage and always evergreen.<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

^<br />

<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />



EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

Capacity Storage Vendor of the Year<br />


RUNNER-UP: Supermicro<br />

IBM supports the storage transformation with offerings designed for high ROI, cost control, and pay-per-use. IBM hybrid cloud<br />

storage solutions make it simple to deploy container-enabled enterprise storage seamlessly across on-premises and cloud storage<br />

environments. IBM Storage consolidates multi-cloud, multi-app environments, delivering high performance, enterprise-level storage<br />

capabilities that are designed for modern data lakes.<br />

IBM FlashSystem, built on IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, is an ideal solution for meeting growing capacity and performance<br />

demands while bringing speed, scalability and savings to your business. The IBM FlashSystem family is a single platform of highperforming<br />

all-flash storage with an open, end-to-end architecture that can be deployed in any environment.<br />

Immutable Storage Company of the Year<br />

WINNER: Exagrid<br />

RUNNER-UP: Wasabi<br />

ExaGrid has the only non-network-facing tiered backup storage solution with delayed deletes and immutable deduplication objects.<br />

This unique approach ensures when a ransomware attack occurs, data can be easily recovered or VMs booted from the ExaGrid<br />

Tiered Backup Storage system. Not only can the primary storage be restored, but all retained backups remain intact.<br />

ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture keeps the backup window short as data grows, since growth is accommodated by simply adding<br />

additional appliances to the system. You get the shortest possible backup times with the ability to easily keep those times short as<br />

your data grows over time.<br />

Channel Partner Program of the Year<br />

WINNER: Seagate - Insider<br />

RUNNER-UP: StorMagic - Channel Program<br />

In today’s world, data is currency. Which means that our customers, and yours, are desperately craving solutions that will help<br />

harness their data’s full potential. The good news is: together we can deliver those solutions. The Seagate Partner Program is here to<br />

help you thrive in this growing data economy by offering the training, demand gen, and marketing support needed to capitalise on<br />

trends and capture new business. Join today and choose from customised tracks to meet your goals.<br />

Multi-Vendor Service Provider of the Year<br />


RUNNER-UP: Park Place Technologies<br />

Our mission is to help you prepare for today’s realities and tomorrow’s opportunities. We are redefining seamless multi-vendor<br />

support. From remote technical support and field engineering to data destruction and asset decommissioning, and everything in<br />

between, our Raytrix MVS platform gives our customers the data centre support they need to navigate their digital journeys.<br />

CDS is proud to deliver maintenance and support programs that provide greater levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.<br />

Security Storage Reseller of the Year<br />


RUNNER-UP: Qual<br />

We believe winning the Security Reseller of the Year is made possible by our hard-working team who are some of the best in the IT<br />

industry. Whilst we have won this for a second time, this is just the beginning. As we grow, develop and take on more exciting<br />

opportunities, NGS has a lot to look forward to in 2022- and we are excited to bringing you along with us!<br />

^<br />

24 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

Specialist Storage Reseller of the Year<br />

WINNER: Epaton<br />

RUNNER-UP: Q Associates<br />

Winning Specialist Storage Reseller of the Year for the 6th time is an honour as much as it is an indication of the consistent hard<br />

work demonstrated by our skilled, growing team at Epaton. In times as challenging as these, we have remained a strong force in this<br />

competitive industry and put this down to our strategy of always doing more, for less-better. As we grow in size and success, things<br />

are looking very bright for Epaton- and long may it continue!<br />

Corporate Storage Reseller of the Year<br />

WINNER: Q Associates<br />

RUNNER-UP: Insight<br />

Q Associates is an independent specialist IT services provider offering secure, reliable cloud and infrastructure solutions tailored to<br />

every customer’s unique business requirements. We achieve this by taking the time to understand your IT environment, including your<br />

challenges and goals, by embedding our team into your business so you know exactly who to turn to for help, and by recommending<br />

best-fit solutions driven by your needs and objectives.<br />

We do this because we recognise that every company’s circumstances are different, and only an independent approach gives you the<br />

insights you need to confidently make the right technology choices for your organisation.<br />

Storage Distributor of the Year<br />

WINNER: Titan Data Solutions<br />

RUNNER-UP: CMS Distribution<br />

Titan is a specialist distributor offering end-to-end data management solutions and cybersecurity services. Our hand-picked portfolio<br />

of innovative vendors helps our partners’ customers throughout the data lifecycle, from Creation, to Management, to Storage. Our<br />

collection of partner services, including Managed and Professional Cybersecurity services, Data Migration and Infrastructure Design,<br />

add value at every stage of your customer journey.<br />

Titan bridge the technical skills gap between vendors, resellers, and end users. By providing best-of-breed products and services, we<br />

simplify data management across the lifecycle, ensuring your customer always receives the best fit solution.<br />

Editor's Choice - Product<br />

WINNER: Veritas - Backup Exec<br />

RUNNER-UP: DataCore - Swarm<br />

Veritas Backup Exec focuses on keeping data protection simple, secure and unified. You choose what to back up, where to store it<br />

and how to pay for it. Your data remains secure and available at every stage - whether backing up on-premises to the cloud,<br />

protecting workloads within the cloud, recovering from the cloud or just connecting to on-prem storage.<br />

Backup Exec is available for purchase in either perpetual or term subscription licensing, with the level of functionality you require -<br />

Bronze, Silver or Gold. Manage your entire data ecosystem from a single console, eliminate the need for multiple backup solutions,<br />

as well as save time and resources with easy deployment.<br />

Editor's Choice - Company<br />

WINNER: Boston<br />

RUNNER-UP: DataCore<br />

"Boston's mantra has been to excel in all our activities. With a dedication to helping our partners succeed, we strive to always provide<br />

our clients with first-to-market technology and award-winning, tailored solutions that are customised to fit their exact specifications.<br />

Now with over 30 years of experience, Boston is confident that we can help you excel too." Manoj Nayee, Managing Director of<br />

Boston Limited<br />

^<br />

26 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />




Storage Distributor of the Year<br />

Titan is a specialist distributor offering end-to-end data management solutions and cybersecurity<br />

services. Our hand-picked portfolio of innovative vendors helps our partners’ customers<br />

throughout the data lifecycle, from Creation, to Management, to Storage.<br />

Blocky for Veeam<br />

Blocky for Veeam<br />


www.titandatasolutions.com/vendors/<br />

BE<strong>ST</strong> COMPANY TO WORK FOR<br />

www.titandatasolutions.com | sales@titandatasolutions.com | 020 3870 2130

EVENT:<br />

EVENT: <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE AWARDS <strong>2021</strong><br />

Cloud Product of the Year<br />

WINNER: IBM - Cloud Backup<br />

RUNNER-UP: Barracuda<br />

With digital transformation in full swing, the demand for increasingly scalable, capable, and affordable backup and recovery<br />

solutions has never been greater. IBM Cloud Backup is an enterprise-level backup storage and disaster recovery solution that is<br />

available for local access across globally dispersed data centers.<br />

With IBM Cloud Backup, you can add cloud-based backup to any physical, virtual, or hybrid server environment, leverage system<br />

image and granular recovery options and restore capabilities for dissimilar hardware, and schedule backups and retention schemes<br />

to follow custom timetables or employ the daily, or weekly preconfigured schedules as needed.<br />

Storage Product of the Year<br />

WINNER: Seagate - Nytro X 2U24<br />

RUNNER-UP: Exagrid - EX Series<br />

Seagate Exos Nytro X 2U24 is the datasphere’s affordable all-flash array (AFA) system for critical workloads that demand the highest<br />

performance. The datasphere’s all-flash array system for critical workloads that demand the highest performance at a starter price.<br />

Benefit from components and features that lead the market in super high performance, ultra fast data access, and consistent low<br />

latencies. Get high performance, low latency, and intelligent features at a fraction of the cost of other AFA solutions, with up to 24<br />

super-fast solid state drives (SSD) that can deliver up to 7GB/s sequential read, 5.5GB/s sequential write throughput performance.<br />

New firmware ensures performance in every model is fast and access to data is virtually immediate. This Nytro product's dualredundant<br />

controllers enable consistent speed at 320K to 600K IOPS.<br />

Cloud Company of the Year<br />


RUNNER-UP: Veeam<br />

IBM makes it simpler for any organization to capitalize on the tremendous potential of Hybrid Cloud and AI. IBM Storage is the right<br />

foundation for the data-driven hybrid cloud providing simple solutions that address the modern data needs, from creation and<br />

storage management to archive.<br />

The Cloud storage services from IBM offer a scalable, security-rich and cost-effective home for data while supporting traditional<br />

and cloud-native workloads; moreover, they make it easier to provision and deploy services such as access object, block and file<br />

storage. With IBM it's possible to adjust capacity and optimize performance as requirements change and pay only for the cloud<br />

storage you need.<br />

Storage Company of the Year<br />

WINNER: Veeam<br />

RUNNER-UP: IBM & Pure Storage<br />

In the last year we’ve seen businesses of all sizes face greater data management challenges and we’re really proud of the great job<br />

our teams have done to support customers, all the while continuously innovating to help provide the scale and modern data<br />

protection practices that help support business growth. And we continue to innovate, with Veeam Backup & Replication v11a<br />

released just last month to further deliver modern data protection for our customers. We’re incredibly grateful to the readers of<br />

Storage magazine for the recognition of these efforts and look forward to celebrating the win with our team.<br />

To learn more, visit www.veeam.com<br />

Recognition of Service to the Storage Industry Award<br />

WINNER: Posthumously Awarded to Russell Nolan<br />

^<br />

28 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


Solve Tomorrow’s<br />

Data Challenges.<br />

Today.<br />

Seagate Enterprise Storage Solutions.<br />

Let data work for you.<br />

The Future of Enterprise<br />

Powered by next-gen<br />

high capacity data storage<br />

Now available at<br />

More info on seagate.com/enterprise

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY:<br />

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: NTT GLOBAL DATA CENTERS<br />

CAN <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE EVER BE IN<strong>ST</strong>ALLED<br />




Even the most stable and reliable<br />

storage systems still require some<br />

degree of maintenance. Many may<br />

believe that firmware updates, software<br />

updates and replacement of failed storage<br />

components can never be avoided. Really?<br />

This does not have to be so; here is a<br />

storage system example that has been<br />

running for four years without any need for<br />

maintenance or unexpected downtime.<br />

Back in 2017, Toshiba installed a ZFS<br />

storage system supporting the storage<br />

infrastructure needs of the "Technology<br />

Experience Lab" at NTT Global Data<br />

Centers. Since then, the storage system<br />

has proven its outstanding reliability:<br />

except for a scheduled 10 minutes of<br />

downtime to install some additional ZFS<br />

features, the system runs steadily without<br />

component failures in any of the 60<br />

HDDs, SSD, controllers, power supplies,<br />

fans, cables or other components.<br />

The Technology Experience Lab provides<br />

data centre managers and their teams with<br />

the room and infrastructure to explore<br />

innovative approaches for architecting<br />

their servers and storage. It enables<br />

businesses to evaluate the efficacy of<br />

private or hybrid clouds, distributed<br />

architectures, and alternative approaches<br />

to deliver IT services in a low-risk<br />

environment. In addition, its community of<br />

users provides support and ideas through<br />

meet-ups, boot camps, webinars, and<br />

hackathons.<br />



In total, 102 TB of net storage were<br />

desired, requiring 240 TB of raw storage,<br />

utilising the ZFS-based JovianDSS software<br />

of Toshiba's partner Open-E. This software<br />

had been proven to offer high availability,<br />

no single point of failure, and highflexibility,<br />

providing consistent snapshots<br />

and instant restore when required. The<br />

hardware to support it would need to be<br />

reliable and high-performance to take full<br />

advantages of the software, supporting<br />

several iSCSI block storage targets ranging<br />

in size from 10 TB to 40 TB, plus some<br />

shared file folders.<br />

The planning stage was central to the<br />

long-term success of the final storage<br />

implementation. Toshiba often undertakes<br />

research into server implementation in its<br />

laboratories. It has resulted in close<br />

relationships with a broad range of<br />

component and software suppliers coupled<br />

with a deep understanding of what works<br />

well. Leveraging this knowledge, the team<br />

was able to recommend a hardware<br />

architecture that worked with Open-E<br />

30 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


HyperDrive is purpose-built<br />

to optimize open-source<br />

software-defined storage<br />

Experience an enterprise-class, open<br />

source software-defined storage solution<br />

with full interoperability and support, yet<br />

no vendor lock-in.<br />

See how leading e-commerce giant<br />

THG relies on SoftIron for their globally<br />

distributed, mission critical IaaS and<br />

hosting products.<br />

VIEW THE CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY:<br />

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: NTT GLOBAL DATA CENTERS<br />

"The Technology Experience Lab benefits a lot from this storage solution, and we are<br />

truly impressed by its continuous stability. Set up within our highly available data<br />

centres, I can't imagine a more reliable way of running enterprise storage. We're<br />

looking forward to many more years of failure-free operation."<br />

JovianDSS and had proven itself in other<br />

projects.<br />

To form the 102 TB of net storage, the<br />

team selected Toshiba's 4 TB, 3.5" SAS<br />

Enterprise Capacity Drives<br />

(MG04SCA40EA). With their MTTF (mean<br />

time to failure) of 1,400,000 hours and a<br />

non-recoverable error rate of just ten<br />

errors per 1016 bits read, they were ideal<br />

for achieving the reliability required.<br />

Performance was not ignored either: the<br />

7,200 rpm drives achieved a Zpool read<br />

performance rating of 12.9 x single disk<br />

and 8.5 x single disk for writes. For the<br />

ZFS write logs and reach caches, reliable<br />

10 DWPD SAS Enterprise SSDs with 1.6 TB<br />

storage from KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba<br />

Memory) were selected.<br />


A significant factor in HDD failures is heat,<br />

so the HDD enclosure chassis had to be<br />

closely reviewed before selection. The<br />

team selected AIC's J4060-01 Dual<br />

Expander, 12 GB/s, 60 bay toploader<br />

JBOD. The 1400 W 1+1 hot-swap<br />

redundant 80+ Platinum power supply<br />

ensured electrical efficiency while also<br />

fulfilling the reliability requirements. The<br />

JBOD also features four 80 x 38 mm hotswap<br />

fans. System testing showed that the<br />

coolest and warmest drive temperature<br />

difference was just 4°C, confirming that<br />

the correct JBOD had been selected.<br />

Connectivity to the JBOD was provided by<br />

the Microchip Adaptec RAID Adapter ASR-<br />

8885 with 8 internal and 8 external ports,<br />

run in HBA mode. This model was<br />

highlighted as a top choice back in 2017.<br />

Finally, the storage server and JBOD<br />

location in the Technology Experience<br />

Lab, at the Frankfurt 1 Campus of NTT<br />

Global Data Centers, was the last piece<br />

of the reliability strategy. Its 60,000<br />

square meters of space offers exceptional<br />

network connectivity and its power is<br />

derived from two separate European<br />

power supply networks that reach directly<br />

to the server and drive enclosure.<br />

Physical security is ensured, while<br />

storage reliability is supported by their<br />

highly efficient cooling system.<br />


Until now the system has run failure-free<br />

for four years and the plan is to continue<br />

running the system to explore its<br />

reliability further - even when the<br />

supplier warranty ends for most of the<br />

enterprise-grade hardware components<br />

in one year's time. Based on field<br />

experience with Toshiba Enterprise HDDs,<br />

the team expects that the storage has<br />

many more years of failure-free<br />

functionality to offer.<br />

Over the course of its operation, the<br />

storage solution has handled a multitude<br />

of proof-of-concept activities in the<br />

Technology Experience Lab, much to the<br />

satisfaction of all involved. "The<br />

Technology Experience Lab benefits a lot<br />

from this storage solution, and we are<br />

truly impressed by its continuous stability.<br />

Set up within our highly available data<br />

centres, I can't imagine a more reliable<br />

way of running enterprise storage. We're<br />

looking forward to many more years of<br />

failure-free operation", said Dominik<br />

Friedel, Business Development Manager<br />

of NTT Global Data Centers.<br />

Having reviewed how the storage is<br />

used, with countless snapshots and<br />

scrubbing, and iSCSI block targets being<br />

connected and disconnected, week in,<br />

week out, the software has proven to be<br />

the optimal choice too. "I'm proud to see<br />

how well this installation works after all<br />

these years, but I am also sure that this is<br />

not all this setup can do. Excellent<br />

performance and reliability are ensured<br />

by the ZFS and Linux-based system in<br />

combination with first-class hardware, so<br />

it can last for decades. And that's not just<br />

a supposition; Open-E has been<br />

developing ZFS data storage systems for<br />

over 20 years and we have similar, longlasting<br />

installations like this in use at<br />

customers all over the world", said<br />

Krzysztof Franek, CEO of Open-E GmbH.<br />

Perhaps most critical to the success of<br />

this project has been the collaboration.<br />

Deep expertise in each field is essential,<br />

but is not enough in isolation. Only by<br />

bringing the best of what technology has<br />

to offer together, and exploring its<br />

capabilities and options, is it possible to<br />

successfully fulfil such demanding<br />

requirements. We at Toshiba Electronics<br />

Europe GmbH are exceptionally proud to<br />

have the partner network of Open-E,<br />

KIOXIA, AIC, NTT and Microchip. Even if<br />

your Toshiba Hard Disk Drives are<br />

incredibly reliable, they still need a<br />

reliable system built of many components<br />

to deliver real end-user value.<br />

More info: toshiba.semicon-storage.com<br />

32 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />




Meet the New Global Business Continuity Leader<br />

Arcserve & StorageCraft ushering in a new era of Data Protection.<br />

A First & Last Line of Defence against Cyberattacks<br />

Arcserve best-in-class solutions - that manage, protect, and recover all data workloads,<br />

from SMB to enterprise - eliminate standalone, discrete products for threat prevention,<br />

ransomware disaster recovery and application availability. Safeguarded by Sophos<br />

Intercept X Advanced for Server, Arcserve uniquely combines deep learning server<br />

protection, immutable storage, and scalable onsite and offsite business continuity that<br />

delivers complete data resilience for the next generation of hybrid data centres.<br />





BACKUP - BUT 15% <strong>ST</strong>ILL USE<br />

TAPE<br />




New research has revealed that<br />

15% of organisations are still<br />

using a combination of disk and<br />

tape backups, with 51% now using online<br />

or cloud backups.<br />

The findings are from Databarracks'<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Data Health Check. Running since<br />

2008, the annual report surveys over 400<br />

IT decision-makers in the UK on cloud,<br />

backups, cybersecurity, IT resilience and<br />

remote working.<br />

Other key figures from the report<br />

include:<br />

Cloud and online backups have<br />

continued to increase in popularity,<br />

climbing from 23% in 2008 to 51% in<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

4% still use tape as their only backup<br />

medium, unchanged since 2012<br />

Combined disk and tape use has<br />

declined from a peak of 29% in 2012,<br />

to 15%<br />

Peter Groucutt (pictured), Managing<br />

Director of Databarracks, said: "When we<br />

first started the Data Health Check in<br />

2008, almost a fifth of organisations were<br />

still using tape as their only backup<br />

medium. By 2012, companies were<br />

moving to a combination of disk and tape<br />

or switching to online or cloud backup.<br />

"Reports of tape's death seem to have<br />

been greatly exaggerated. It still remains<br />

relatively popular. There are several<br />

reasons for this.<br />

"Storage prices have reduced to make<br />

cloud backup viable for the majority of<br />

the market, but the lowest-cost method of<br />

storage is still tape. For organisations with<br />

vast data volumes - in industries such as<br />

life sciences or broadcast media - it meets<br />

that need.<br />

"Tape is also difficult and slow to<br />

eliminate completely due to the years of<br />

historic backups you need to keep.<br />

Smaller businesses often make a clean<br />

break and switch to a new method, but<br />

larger firms and those with compliance<br />

requirements need to keep tape drives<br />

and tapes for several years. This puts<br />

some companies off moving due to the<br />

cost and manpower required to manage<br />

two backup methods while older<br />

retentions expire.<br />

"The industry has been lamenting the<br />

decline of tapes for decades but even<br />

now, it seems they are here to stay"<br />

Groucutt went on to say that there are<br />

still major benefits to moving to faster and<br />

more efficient cloud backups: "Backup is<br />

one of the repetitive jobs that can really<br />

take time away from the IT team.<br />

Improving the speed of backups is not<br />

one of the most exciting IT projects, but it<br />

has a huge impact on the efficiency of IT<br />

operations. The lockdowns over the last<br />

18 months have also driven more interest<br />

in completely automated backup solutions<br />

that don't require manual interaction like<br />

with tape libraries."<br />

Readers can download the full report<br />

here:<br />

https://www.databarracks.com/resources/<br />

data-health-check-<strong>2021</strong>.<br />

More info: www.databarracks.com<br />

34 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

@<strong>ST</strong>MagAndAwards<br />

www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />


THE CU<strong>ST</strong>OMERS’ CHOICE<br />

StorMagic SvSAN scoops HCI Vendor of the Year<br />


OF THE CU<strong>ST</strong>OMER REPORT<br />

Last month, Storage Magazine announced<br />

the winners of its <strong>2021</strong> Storage Awards, with<br />

StorMagic named Hyperconvergence<br />

Vendor of the Year, for the second year<br />

running. In addition, StorMagic’s prominence<br />

as a key player in the HCI space was further<br />

accentuated through its recognition in the<br />

Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’<br />

report.<br />

StorMagic has been recognized for its virtual<br />

SAN solution, SvSAN. Thousands of<br />

organizations rely on SvSAN’s lightweight,<br />

low-cost two-node architecture that<br />

eliminates the need for physical SANs and is<br />

designed to be very simple to install and<br />

manage.<br />

Discover what verified end users have to say<br />

about SvSAN and other leading HCI vendors<br />

by downloading the <strong>2021</strong> Gartner Peer<br />

Insights "Voice of the Customer" report. Visit:<br />

stormagic.com/voice-of-the-customer-<strong>2021</strong><br />

How have StorMagic<br />

customers rated<br />

SvSAN on Gartner<br />

Peer Insights?<br />



<strong>ST</strong>ORMAGIC<br />

97%<br />



stormagic.com/voiceof-the-customer-<strong>2021</strong><br />

Intuitive storage<br />

solution backed by<br />

responsive technical<br />

support<br />

SY<strong>ST</strong>EM INTEGRATOR<br />

Energy & Utilities<br />

Industry<br />

The best platform for<br />

shared storage with<br />

excellent security<br />


Services Industry<br />



SALES<br />






An efficient and very<br />

reliable software SAN<br />

for small clusters<br />

INFRA<strong>ST</strong>RUCTURE<br />


Education Sector<br />

4.6<br />

4.7<br />

4.5<br />

4.5<br />

A superbly reliable<br />

product for high<br />

availability services<br />

CTO<br />

Services Industry<br />


stormagic.com/voice-of-the-customer-<strong>2021</strong><br />

Gartner, Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, Peer Contributors, 12 May <strong>2021</strong>. The Gartner Peer Insights Logo and Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice badge are trademarks and service marks of Gartner, Inc., and/or its affiliates, and are<br />

used herein with permission. All rights reserved. Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an<br />

endorsement by, Gartner or its affiliates. Total Rating out of 5. Based on 50 reviews as on March <strong>2021</strong>. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

CASE <strong>ST</strong>UDY: TOTAL <strong>ST</strong>UDY:<br />

SY<strong>ST</strong>EMS<br />


INSURANCE SPECIALI<strong>ST</strong> TECHNOLOGY FIRM TOTAL SY<strong>ST</strong>EMS BOO<strong>ST</strong>S D.R. CAPABILITY<br />

AND REDUCES CO<strong>ST</strong>S<br />

number of the company's clients as well as<br />

all key business processes, from R&D and<br />

marketing to finance and sales.<br />

Additional hourly backups protect critical<br />

data on Exchange and SQL servers, and<br />

90% of the company's data is replicated to<br />

the Arcserve Cloud. With inbuilt ransomware<br />

protection, Total Systems can safeguard this<br />

data against malicious attacks.<br />

Total Systems is a software development<br />

company specialising in solutions for<br />

the insurance industry. Its modular<br />

software supports the full insurance lifecycle<br />

across the total range of both commercial<br />

and personal lines of insurance.<br />

To prevent disruption to clients, sales,<br />

services and development, the company<br />

must ensure its systems and data can be<br />

quickly recovered in the event of an<br />

outage. "We host software for some of our<br />

clients and run a number of proof of<br />

concept exercises onsite, so long recovery<br />

times could potentially lead to a loss of<br />

service for our clients and a loss of<br />

revenue for us, both of which impact our<br />

reputation," explains Dave Hornby, IT<br />

Manager at Total Systems.<br />

The company's DR strategy had not been<br />

reviewed for a number of years and the<br />

service had become costly and the<br />

technology dated. For daily onsite<br />

backups, Total Systems was using a<br />

combination of backup solutions, but<br />

these were complex to manage and<br />

resulted in an overly extended backup<br />

window. "With the lengthy backup window<br />

and protracted recovery times, we were<br />

sometimes challenged to respond to user<br />

requests to restore files in a timely<br />

manner," adds Hornby. "We decided to<br />

look for a new Disaster Recovery and<br />

backup solution at the same time."<br />

Total Systems worked with data<br />

protection specialists Cognitive Network<br />

Solutions to investigate the solutions on<br />

the market. Following a proof of concept<br />

exercise the team selected a solution<br />

based on an Arcserve appliance and<br />

Arcserve Cloud Hybrid with DRaaS. With<br />

Arcserve's assistance, the implementation<br />

and configuration were completed in just<br />

two days.<br />

"We chose the Arcserve solutions as they<br />

were very easy to use and simplified<br />

management with a single point of contact<br />

for both daily backups and DR," says<br />

Hornby. "The appliance approach was a<br />

good option for us, as we avoided the need<br />

to specify requirements, buy and maintain<br />

hardware - we have a multi-service solution<br />

that we don't have to worry about."<br />

Total Systems now backs up its entirely<br />

virtual IT environment every night to the<br />

Arcserve appliance. This includes 100<br />

virtual servers, comprising a mix of Unix<br />

and Windows systems that support a<br />

With the Arcserve appliance, Total<br />

Systems can restore a server following an<br />

outage in just six minutes. "In the event of<br />

a disaster, we could recover our entire<br />

environment in two to three hours with<br />

Arcserve," confirms Hornby. "It's also cut<br />

our backup window to just three hours,<br />

including replication to the cloud."<br />

Faster restores mean that the IT team<br />

can respond immediately if a user<br />

accidentally deletes a file, instead of<br />

having to wait a day to avoid disrupting<br />

the nightly backup window.<br />

Day-to-day management is also easier,<br />

as the team no longer has to manage an<br />

offsite storage facility. In the event of a<br />

backup failure, they are alerted first thing<br />

in the morning and can re-run the backup<br />

in minutes without slowing down<br />

production systems and impacting users.<br />

"By strengthening our data protection<br />

and DR credentials with the Arcserve<br />

solution, we're in a better position to meet<br />

client SLAs and can give a stronger<br />

response to RFPs," comments Hornby. "As<br />

a software company, we need to<br />

demonstrate that we're committed to<br />

protecting our clients' data, and with<br />

Arcserve we can achieve this."<br />

More info: www.arcserve.com<br />

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www.storagemagazine.co.uk<br />



PROTECTION <strong>ST</strong>RATEGIES<br />




Over the past few years, SMEs<br />

have become painfully aware of<br />

the importance of backup and<br />

disaster recovery and the very real risks<br />

associated when organisations fail to<br />

properly protect their data.<br />

Cybercriminals have taken advantage of<br />

remote and hybrid work environments to<br />

conduct increasingly sophisticated<br />

attacks that have resulted in downtime<br />

and significant financial repercussions<br />

for SMEs-in fact, it's estimated that SMEs<br />

spend an average of $955,429 to<br />

restore normal business in the wake of a<br />

cyberattack.<br />

Thanks in part to these rapidly-evolving<br />

cyber-threats, the data recovery process<br />

after a cyberattack has become more<br />

complex. Cyber insurance companies are<br />

instating new requirements including<br />

critical audits and tests that SMEs must<br />

comply with in order to restore their<br />

data and receive a payout after an<br />

attack. Additionally, SMEs are<br />

often juggling multiple<br />

backup solutions that<br />

do not<br />

communicate with each other, resulting<br />

in an inability to view the entire data<br />

landscape and catch early warning signs<br />

of cyber-attack.<br />

For SMEs to best protect their<br />

environments, they need to take a close<br />

look at their business continuity and<br />

disaster recovery plans to ensure they're<br />

implementing the right cloud strategy,<br />

testing their systems often, and<br />

prioritising unified BCDR solutions that<br />

save time and provide more<br />

opportunities for automation.<br />


<strong>ST</strong>ORAGE<br />


The shift to<br />

remote<br />

working has changed the way<br />

organisations protect and store their<br />

data. Businesses had to accelerate their<br />

move to the cloud in the wake of the<br />

pandemic, resulting in data now living in<br />

more places than it ever did before.<br />

Analyst firm IDC found that 64.2<br />

zettabytes of data were created in 2020<br />

alone. This now means that backup<br />

solutions must also look to protect the<br />

data centre, endpoints, cloud and<br />

software as a service (SaaS).<br />

The shift to cloud technologies has<br />

enabled SMEs to better protect a growing<br />

amount of data and can increase cyberresilience,<br />

as organisations can utilise<br />

disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)<br />

cloud technologies to recover off-site in<br />

the event of a cyberattack. When SMEs<br />

assess their cloud storage options as part<br />

of their BCDR plan, it's crucial that they<br />

weigh key factors like their organisation's<br />

compliance and security requirements as<br />

well as their technicians' bandwidth to<br />

manage and maintain key systems.<br />

Oftentimes highly regulated industries<br />

like finance and healthcare that deal<br />

with large volumes of sensitive data<br />

will opt for private cloud solutions<br />

due to the need for enhanced<br />

security while smaller<br />

organisations may opt for<br />

a combination of<br />

public and private<br />

cloud solutions<br />

to protect<br />

critical<br />

data in<br />

a<br />

38 <strong>ST</strong>ORAGE <strong>Nov</strong>/<strong>Dec</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

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Performance Begins Now<br />

Introducing the Most Comprehensive Portfolio of X12 Server and Storage Systems<br />

with 3 rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors<br />

Learn More at www.supermicro.com/X12<br />

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"As cyber-threats continue to proliferate, SMEs need to<br />

ensure they are frequently testing and updating their<br />

backup and recovery systems—because the worst time<br />

to realise backups are not working is immediately after<br />

a cyberattack. Testing should ideally happen once a<br />

month, or even weekly for more critical machines.<br />

When testing, SMEs need to ensure that they can do<br />

more than simply access the data—organisations need<br />

to be ensuring key applications are running smoothly<br />

by taking actions like testing transactions. As SMEs look<br />

to update their BCDR plans, they should prioritise<br />

solutions that allow for automated testing to<br />

ensure that testing efforts are streamlined and<br />

comprehensive."<br />

more cost-effective way.<br />

As the amount of data continues to grow<br />

from employees spread out across the<br />

globe, SMEs are finding that traditional<br />

on-premises data storage solutions will no<br />

longer meet their needs and that cloud<br />

storage is an inevitable part of their digital<br />

transformation efforts to safeguard data.<br />

TE<strong>ST</strong>, TE<strong>ST</strong>…AND THEN TE<strong>ST</strong> AGAIN<br />

As cyber-threats continue to proliferate,<br />

SMEs need to ensure they are frequently<br />

testing and updating their backup and<br />

recovery systems-because the worst time to<br />

realise backups are not working is<br />

immediately after a cyberattack. Testing<br />

should ideally happen once a month, or<br />

even weekly for more critical machines.<br />

When testing, SMEs need to ensure that<br />

they can do more than simply access the<br />

data-organisations need to be ensuring<br />

key applications are running smoothly by<br />

taking actions like testing transactions. As<br />

SMEs look to update their BCDR plans,<br />

they should prioritise solutions that allow<br />

for automated testing to ensure that testing<br />

efforts are streamlined and<br />

comprehensive.<br />

INVE<strong>ST</strong> IN A UNIFIED BCDR<br />


SME technicians spend up to 33% of their<br />

day monitoring, managing, and<br />

troubleshooting backups, which stretches a<br />

technician's already limited time and<br />

increases the risk of error. When SMEs are<br />

assessing their BCDR plans, they should<br />

look for a unified solution that provides a<br />

single view of the entire data landscape<br />

and includes time-saving automation<br />

capabilities that proactively fix common<br />

problems in the backup environment.<br />

These technologies include cutting-edge<br />

artificial intelligence (AI) and machine<br />

learning technologies that play a key role<br />

in detecting anomalies in backup<br />

behaviors that are often associated with<br />

ransomware and other malicious cyberthreats.<br />

By thoroughly assessing their BCDR plans<br />

before an attack occurs, SMEs can ensure<br />

their IT environments are adequately<br />

protected from a range of threats now and<br />

in the future.<br />

www.unitrends.com<br />

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and comprehensive data protection<br />

for all your data storage needs.<br />

The complete solution delivers:<br />

Enhanced data protection<br />

Including recovery, replication,<br />

retention and reuse for VMs,<br />

databases, applications, file<br />

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Cyber resilience<br />

Reduce the risk of business<br />

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Cost-efficiency<br />

On-premises and<br />

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All rights reserved.






Kubernetes is moving beyond hype and<br />

early adoption to broader production,<br />

redefining how software is built and<br />

deployed across business environments. The<br />

technology has matured, growing from a<br />

simple container orchestration tool to a<br />

strong open source community and a solid<br />

platform for managing apps and services<br />

across clouds.<br />

Fundamentally, Kubernetes and cloud native<br />

technologies provide a platform for businesses<br />

to innovate and achieve their goals. But<br />

despite high adoption rates in recent years,<br />

enterprises have yet to cross the chasm to fullblown<br />

adoption. According to new research<br />

from Canonical, only 15.7% of respondents<br />

report using exclusively Kubernetes, 15.3% are<br />

planning a full migration, 29.9% use a mix of<br />

bare metal, VMs, and Kubernetes - and the<br />

remainder haven't added Kubernetes to their<br />

infrastructure layer. Over the next few years,<br />

we expect to see continued adoption, but<br />

today, many businesses still struggle with<br />

getting started.<br />

Any new significant shift in technology and<br />

practices comes with challenges. The number<br />

one challenge? Nearly 55% of respondents<br />

believe they lack Kubernetes in-house skills -<br />

but I consider this a solved problem. If your<br />

enterprise has ever rolled out a significant<br />

initiative, you make a buy vs. build decision:<br />

assess your core competencies, then decide to<br />

train your staff, hire new staff, and/or utilise<br />

outside resources. Many firms turn to industry<br />

experts to either help with launch and<br />

deployment or to manage services going<br />

forward - enabling the enterprise to expect a<br />

level of excellence, without the cost of a large<br />

internal team.<br />

Rounding out the top 5 challenges, we noted<br />

training users, company IT structure, security<br />

and compliance, and integrating cloud-native<br />

applications together.<br />

Let's take a step back for a moment. If<br />

Kubernetes is effectively an opinionated<br />

infrastructure layer which enables<br />

applications and services to be managed<br />

consistently, then what comes next? If you're<br />

in IT Operations and you get to a place<br />

where your infrastructure operates consistently<br />

and your daily tasks are consistent, you're<br />

going to want to automate. The next major<br />

wave in the cloud native space that we see<br />

coming is the drive towards automation, and<br />

one path leading there is through modeldriven<br />

operations.<br />

The fact remains that the best infrastructure<br />

for your applications is the infrastructure<br />

combination that makes the most sense to<br />

your teams. 77.8% of people report using<br />

hybrid or multi-cloud solutions and we expect<br />

that to grow. The next big challenge, once<br />

those decisions are made, is the automation<br />

of operations across clouds. From deployment<br />

to integration to upgrades, scaling, and high<br />

availability - it is going to take time, trust, and<br />

the right technology before software-managed<br />

operations become a reality.<br />

There is a stepping stone beginning to<br />

emerge on that path. 30% of respondents<br />

suggested that trying out "Operators" or<br />

"Charmed Operators" is on their to-do list.<br />

Another 7-17% are already getting<br />

comfortable with them. A Charmed Operator<br />

is software that encapsulates a single<br />

application and all the code and know-how it<br />

takes to operate it on Kubernetes or machines,<br />

and to integrate it with other applications as<br />

needed by the service being run. Communities<br />

are growing in this space today.<br />

In short, the Kubernetes and cloud native<br />

community is actively transforming the way<br />

software is built, deployed and operated in the<br />

long term. Ultimately, it is a shift from<br />

traditional approaches, and it is very optimistic<br />

to see that people have started thinking about<br />

solving Day 2 issues at scale. Many industries<br />

are leveraging Kubernetes well. If<br />

organisations can overcome the challenges<br />

listed above, they can expect efficiency gains<br />

that will help them reach new heights.<br />

More info: www.canonical.com<br />

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