Your Guide TO KIRUNA IN Swedish Lapland - Swedeninfo

Your Guide TO KIRUNA IN Swedish Lapland - Swedeninfo

Your Guide TO KIRUNA

IN Swedish Lapland

Summer 2012 1

Welcome to KIruna

in Swedish Lapland

Hello, How nice that you’re looking in our travel guide right now. We hope it will fill

you with inspiration and curiosity to travel to Kiruna.

There are so many reasons to come and see us up here in the North. Well, the

location itself is quite cool. If you follow our latitude, 67° N, round the world, you’ll

discover that it runs through uninhabited wilderness on much of the globe – Kiruna

has quite an extraordinary geographical location.

We also have many extraordinary things to offer, apart from the location. How

about the world’s biggest underground iron-ore mine, the Icehotel, Sami culture and

the impending city move? Yes, soon we’ll start moving our houses to the new Kiruna.

Kiruna Church, several turn-of-the-century houses and Kiruna’s cultural cradle

Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården are on the list of buildings that will move to what will be

the new Kiruna – an exciting upheaval.

But, above all, we have fantastic nature – wild, beautiful and unspoilt with high

mountains and deep forests, free-flowing rivers and no less than 6200 lakes – nature

with magnificent views and magical details from which to take inspiration and

strength. And in the summer, it’s light 24 hours a day as the midnight sun shines, so

there is more summer here with us.

These are just some of the many reasons to visit Kiruna Lapland, you’ll find even

more in this guide.

So, welcome to us. Welcome to Kiruna!

cover photograph: Johan Ylitalo/Krauz&Co. • translated by: Gothia Translations

ProduCtion Kiruna Lappland Ek. Förening in collaboration with Krauz&Co. • PRINT: GTC Print AB

Tips from KirunA

On a tour to Trollsjön.

Go on a tour

Go on a tour by boat, on foot or, why not, by dog

sled – yes, even in summer. Hike in our nice mountain

environment to places like Trollsjön, Rommbakk,

Låktatjåkko or Treriksröset, or climb to the

top of Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise. And,

don’t miss a tour in the light of the midnight sun –

simply magical.

Nutti Sámi Siida ”Sámi Siida: Reindeer Park and Sámi Camp”

Culture enriches

There’s so much cultural inspiration in Kiruna

Lapland. Meet our indigenous population, the

Samis, and learn about pioneers and settlers who

came here from near and far to mine the ore and

build the town. Enjoy the rich culture of the countryside

in its villages with history dating back many

hundreds of years.

How about

a bit of adrenaline?

Butterflies in the stomach when you do something

out of the ordinary is great. In Kiruna Lapland you

don’t always have to be an extreme adventurer to

manage a more daring activity. Cave tours, whitewater

rafting, climbing and mountain bike tours

in the wilderness can be undertaken with skilful

guides who will make sure you are safe and get the

most out of the adventure.

Midnight Sun

During the period May 30 to July 14, you can see

the sun abovehorizon, if it is not cloudy, of course.

From the beginning of May to the beginning

August the nights are bright.

Foto: Magdalena Lindholm

Fishing for young and old

Fishing attracts many people, whatever their age.

And often it’s not primarily about the catch but

the nature experience. In Kiruna Lapland, you can

choose from exclusive tours with guides to fishing

camps in unspoilt nature or hiring tackle and making

your own trip into the surrounding area.

There are more

suggestions for

activities and tours to book

here in the Guide and on our

homepage: 3

Photo: Maritha Backe/Kafé Rost




Experience Alaskan Huskies and Icelandic horses for a day

Welcome out for a visit to our Icelandic horses and Alaskan Huskies

here at Djurgården. Get acquainted with the animals and go for a ride

or a sled tour with our Husky dogs. You will also get a chance to meet

our little puppies during your visit. We finish off together with a coffee

and snack over an open fire in our Lapp cot. PRICE PER PERSON: Kennel

visit and one tour from SEK 500, kennel visit only SEK 250. Children

under 12 years 50% discount. INCLUDES: transfer, guide, equipment,

coffee/tea and cookie. AVAILABILITY: 15 May-1 November, daily 10 am-

12 noon and 8-10 pm. MEETING PLACE: The Tourist Office.

Kiruna Sleddog Tours

MOBILE +46 (0)70-555 93 03

Activity day with optional overnight stay

Three exciting activities in one day: a trip with sled dogs, purebred

Siberian huskies, an ATV tour, and survival/wilderness knowledge. All

equipment is included. Optional overnight stay in cottages/Lapp cots with

sauna. PRICE PER PERSON: adult SEK 995, student SEK 895, children under

12 years SEK 495. INCLUDES: transfer, hot lunch and equipment. AVAILABI-

LITY: June-September, daily 9 am-3 pm. MEETING PLACE: The Tourist Office.

Jukkasjärvi Vildmarks Turer

MOBILE +46 (0)70-674 12 07

With reservation for possible changes.

Tourist Office Booking

Tourist Office Booking

4 Wheel Trip

4 wheel trips, Quad trips

Daily guided 4 wheel trips. You can choose to drive alone or in pairs.

Overnight stay at a wilderness camp with sauna and the chance to go

fishing. PRICE PER PERSON: adult fr. SEK 795, student 10% discount and

children 50%, driver’s license for car or motorcycle required.

INCLUDES: all necessary equipment and lunch/coffee.

AVAILABILITY: daily 10 am-6 pm. MEETING PLACE: The Tourist Office.

Jukkasjärvi Vildmarks Turer

MOBILE +46 (0)70-674 12 07


Sport fishing along the Lainio River by catamaran

5-day sport fishing trip to one of northern Lapland’s untouched rivers.

We sail on small catamarans while fishing along the rapids and stay

overnight in wilderness cottages with access to sauna as well as in

Lapp cots around the campfire. Aimed first and foremost towards people

who have previous experience of sport fishing and have their own

fishing equipment. Can be tailored to specific requirements.

PRICE PER PERSON: adult SEK 7875, 2-5 pers/tour. INCLUDES: transfer,

guide, equipment, full board, accommodation, sleeping bag and

sauna. AVAILABILITY: 11 June - 26 August, Tuesdays-Saturdays. Other

times by agreement.

MEETING PLACE: Your hotel.

Lapland Tourist & Service

MOBILE +46 (0)70-549 65 47

More Activities and tours on:

Photo: Tomas Utsi/ Photo: Peter Rosén/www.rosenmedia.


Tourist Office Booking


A city in motion – guided tour of the city move

Kiruna will change in many ways as the mining area grows. The oldest city

district will disappear. Environments and houses will be moved or demolished.

People and businesses will be affected. Our round-trip starts in Kiruna’s

oldest cultural building. We will guide you through the first area to be affected

by the social change, and we will offer an insight into the near future.

Tailor made packages on request.

PRICE: Adults SEK 395, student SEK 295, youth 12-16 years SEK 195, children

under 12 years (snack) SEK 50. Rec. min. age: 12 years. Min. number:

2 pers./tour. INCLUDES: Multislide presentation, lecture, coffee and guiding.

ACCESSIBILITY: All year round, Monday-Thursday 2-4.30 pm. Other times

on request. MEETING PLACE: Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården.

Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården

PHONE +46 (0)980-701 10, +46 (0)70-578 04 98

Come along to the underworld!

Come along to the world’s biggest underground iron-ore mine. We will take a

coach direct from the Tourist Office into the mountain and down to the show

mine LKAB InfoMine at a level of 540 metres. Here in Kiruna, much revolves

around our mine. The guide will talk about modern mining and how it can

cause a whole town to be moved.

PRICE: Adult from SEK 295, student from SEK 195, children 6-15 years SEK

50. Min age 6 years. INCLUDING: Transfer, guide, coffee/tea and cookie. AC-

CESSIBILITY: June - August 2012, daily trips in Swedish, English & Deutsch.

MEETING PLACE: Tourist Office.

Kiruna Lappland Turistbyrå

PHONE +46 (0)980-188 80

Turistbyrån Bokar

Photo: Magdalena Lindholm Photo: Ofelas Islandshästar & Guideservice/

Activities labelled with this sign can be booked at the Tourist Office.

Tourist Office Booking

Tourist Office Booking

Package Tour

Package tour to the midnight sun

Experience a fantastic stay in the mountains including Kebnekaise and

Abisko, Sámi culture, breathtaking nature, the ICEHOTEL Production,

the world’s biggest underground iron-ore mine and the midnight sun. PRICE

PER PERSON: adult SEK 6875 in double room, children up to 12 years SEK

5875. INCLUDES: flight or train from Stockholm, transfers, 3 nights’ hotel

accommodation, guided tour to LKAB InfoMine and Abisko National

Park, boat trip on Torne River with dinner, visit to a Sámi village, Jukkasjärvi

Church, midnight-sun trip to the top of Luossavaara.

Kiruna Guidetur

PHONE +46 (0)980-811 10

Vittangi Älgpark

+46(0)70-247 69 06 5


Stay at ICEHOTEL in the summer

The world’s first and largest hotel built of snow and ice, has a little sister in the summer.

Stay cool in -5 degrees celcius in one of our ICEHOTEL Art Suites

and experience the land of the Midnight Sun.

Midnight Sun river rafting

The rapids will give you an adrenaline kick

that will make you forget your everyday

troubles and trivialities.

Every day is Lapland day

Experience a fun filled day in the Jukkasjärvi

surroundings. Our vehicle for the day - a river

boat with enough room for the entire family!

+46 (0) 980 668 00

Ice sculpting in the summer

Imagine yourself standing under the Midnight

Sun, creating with crystal-clear ice, it doesn’t

get more inspiring than that.


-Hike in the mountains

(Mon, Thu & Sat)


-Hike to the mountain lake

(Tues & Sun)

Sámi eco adventures Comfortable guest house accom-

Reindeer Lodge

modation in rural Arctic Sweden

Accommodation the Sámi

way in lávvu-tents & cabins

in the forest. 3 km outside

Jukkasjärvi village.

Guided hiking tours in

the mountain area

We take you to our beautiful nature

close to Abisko national park and

the Kebnekaise massif.


(lunch & transfer incl)

Sámi Siida:

Reindeer Park & Sámi Camp

Visitor centre in Jukkasjärvi

with reindeer and information

about the Sámi people.

Cafe Sápmi & handicraft shop.

Daily 10:00-18:00

Tel: +46(0)980 - 213 29

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden E-mail:


Large on-suite rooms that can sleep

up to 4 people

Sauna and Spa bath

Self catering or catered for


Quad bike safari’s




+46(0)76 788 02 85 7

Cosy rooms!


• Paddle through scenic

Vistasdalen valley and spend

the night in a mountain


• Canoe hire

• Canadian canoe

• Kayak

• Elk safari with motorboat

• Canoe trip in the Vistasdal +46(0)980-540 00

Welcome to the underground!

We will take a bus direct from the Tourist Office into

the mountain and down to the show mine at a level

of 540 metres underground.

Daily tours June - August from the Tourist Office.





In between

Kiruna and Gällivare - - +46 (0)970-50170

Good food !

Local crafts in the

center of Kiruna


Lars Janssong. 23, Kiruna tel. +46(0)980-179 08


Cottages – Sauna – Kiosk – Fishing permits – Conference

Self-catering – the right level of comfort Wide footpath and snowmobile trail approx 110 km

Fishing in a land without roads

Vittangi Älgpark

+46(0)70-247 69 06

Phone: +46 (0)981 211 10


Photo: LKAB

Children under 6 years are not allowed for safety reasons. Information: Kiruna Lappland Tourist Office +46 980-188 80








Photo: LKAB/ Fredric Alm

Breathtaking Views

Genuine Experiences

Exciting Activities

Sweden’S cooleSt experienceS!

Climb Mount Kebnekaise – Sweden’s tallest mountain

Hike the Kungsleden trail – Sweden’s longest hiking trail

Visit the Abisko National Park – with Lapporten and the Panorama café

Visit the World Heritage Site Laponia – with Sarek and the Padjelanta National Parks

Photo: Niklas Widell

Photo: Peter Rosén

Borderless cooperation in the North Calotte

Region Arctica offers genuine experiences of Lapland and the Arctic regions. Meet the

local population, experience the tranquillity of the small villages and receive warm and

generous service.

The North Calotte, in the northernmost corner of Europe, is full of fantastic views of snowy

mountains to majestic fjords. Here, it is still possible to experience the magic of unspoilt

wilderness and to walk through nature surrounded by complete silence.

The unique Arctic nature can be enjoyed all the year round. Experience magnificent views

in the light of the midnight sun and watch the array of colours of the northern lights

against the polar night.

Sweden’S cooleSt

place of work

we are looking for competent

chefs and restaurant staff

to work at our mountain


Photo: Thomas Lahtinen

Photo: Thomas Lahtinen 9


Food & drink

There are many nice restaurants to choose from in the centre of

Kiruna with menus containing tasty dishes made with raw produce

from the region as well as international dishes. Reindeer meat is also

on the menus in cafés and hamburger bars.

BiShops Arms

Sample the largest assortment of beer and whiskey in

town or enjoy good food from our à la carte menu.

Föreningsgatan 6, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-155 00

camp ripan restaur ang

The kitchen at Camp Ripan turn the fantastic

produce of the region into delicious dishes and the

wine cellar holds the perfect wines to compliment

the tastes on the menu.

Campingvägen 5, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-630 00

café hjalmar

Hjalmar Lundbohmsgården offers a relaxing and

unique historical environment. Freshly baked goods,

waffles or sandwiches served at your table. Group

bookings for lunch/dinner.

Ingenjörsgatan 2, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-701 10

gr apes bar & matsalar

Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with views of the

mountains. Our menu with fish, reindeer and moose

is a regular feature.

Lars Janssonsgatan 15, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-39 86 00

❶ ❷ ❸

CAfé Sápmi

Enjoy the open fire while sitting in our big Sámi

tent. Buy a cup of coffee, snack or eat a light meal.

Sámi visitor centre with reindeer adjacent to café.

Next to Jukkasjärvi church

Phone: +46 (0)980-213 29

Foto: Maria Siviö

ICEHOTEL restaurant

We offer a high-end a la carte menu in a bright and

modern atmosphere. An exclusive menu is served on

plates and bowls made of crystal clear ice from the

Torne River.


Phone: +46 (0)980-668 00

kafé rost

Enjoy food from Lapland, salads, sandwiches, etc.,

indoors or outside on our lovely veranda. Licensed

to serve beer and wine. We are in the town centre (in

the same house as the Tourist Office).

Lars Janssonsgatan 17, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-166 05

nikkaluokta sarri

Taste the Nikkaluokta menu and take in the

mountain views. Enjoy great food prepared from

local produce in our kitchen, both for lunch and

exclusive multi-course dinners.


Phone: +46 (0)980-550 15

restaurang lapporten

Take in the breathtaking views of the mountains

while enjoying everything from northern delicacies

to deliciously prepared traditional Swedish home

style cooking.


Phone: +46 (0)980-641 00

lappeasuando lodge

Charming restaurant between Kiruna and Gällivare.

We offer a range of menus with local and

fresh produce, like moose, reindeer and bear.



Phone: +46(0)970-501 70

North canyon center

Welcome to North Canyon Center and Masugnsbyn.

Homely fare served daily in our new, fresh, fully

licensed restaurant.


Tel: +46(0)70-295 14 90

restaurang låktatjåkko

Venture up to the highest situated mountain lodge

in Sweden and reap the rewards! We serve everything

from our famous Låkta waffles to delicious

3-course dinners.


Phone: +46 (0)980-641 00

Mommas pub

Pub with rustic decor, good food and a great


Lars Janssonsgatan 15, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-39 86 00

Photo: Ben Nilsson/Big Ben Productions

Old Homestead Restaur ant

Overlooking the Torne River, you’ll find the

authentic, charming Old Homestead Restaurant.

This timber building was built in 1768.


Phone: +46 (0)980-668 00

STF Abisko

Enjoy food inspired by the Lapland cuisine with a

focus on local and organic produce. Complete with

mountain views included in the meal.

❷ ❸

Abisko Turiststation

Phone: +46 (0)980-402 00. 11

Photo: Magdalena Lindholm



Foto: Markus Alatalo

stf Kebnekaise

Breakfast, lunch buffet, home-made bread,

coffee and hot drinks served during the day and

a nice three-course dinner with good wines in

the evening.



Phone: +46 (0)980-550 00

• Arctic Thai & Grill +46(0)980-681 58

• Café Oscar +46(0)980-614 10

• Hotel Arctic Eden +46(0)980-611 86

• Hotell E-10 +46(0)980-840 00

• Guldgrävarens Bar +46(0)981-310 60

• Landströms Kök & Bar +46(0)980-133 55

• Restaurang Ebbes kök +46(0)980-430 60

• Restaurang Palladium +46(0)980-632 00, 139 55

• Restaurang La Guna +46(0)980-130 00

• Sopperogårdens Servering +46(0)981-301 53,

Photo: Magdalena Lindholm

Hotel cabin Conference

Restaurant Adventure


Hotel- and family cottages • Camping

Restaurant with terrace

Heated pool,

18-hole minigolf course

+46 (0)980–630 00

Ideal location in the centre of Kiruna,

offering famous breakfasts, marvellous

beds, good prices and a pleasant

atmosphere. We look forward to

your visit!

Föreningsgatan 6

Tel. + 46 (0)980 - 155 00

Konduktörsg. 7, 981 34 Kiruna

Phone: +46(0)980-681 80 • Fax: +46(0)980-681 81 •

A green land of midnight sun waits

FOR YOU outside Scandic Ferrum

In Kiruna, the sun lights up the city round the clock. If you stay at Ferrum, you’ll have the

land of the midnight sun and all of Kiruna’s sights right outside your door. Borrow a cycle

from us, go shopping, enjoy on a guided tour of the city or take the children on a nature

walk along the Midnight Sun Trail near the hotel.

Relax in the sauna or eat dinner at one of our restaurants. The hotel also

has a gym with views of the mountains, a play area for the children

and wireless Internet.

Welcome to Kiruna and Ferrum in the summer.

+46 (0)980 39 86 00


turiststation / a part of friluftsfrämjandet

Experience unique activity opportunities at Katterjokk

With minimal




Accommodation - Restaurant - Shop - Boat - Sami feast

Experience lovely days in the mountain village

of Nikkaluokta

Go hiking and enjoy the nature close to Mount Kebnekaise

- pure mountain air – drink the mountain river water – get up

close to the mountains.

A Sami family business +46 980-550 15

Youth hostel in Kiruna Town centre.

Single, double & family size rooms.

Breakfast, self-catering, sauna

& restaurant

Bergmästaregatan 7

Tel: +46 (0)980 171 95



Newer hotel in central Kiruna.

Free Internet, sauna, breakfast,

restaurant & self-catering access.

Best rates!

Bergmästaregatan 7

Phone: +46 (0)980 666 55 13


accommodation Kiruna Town

Kiruna offers different accommodation options ranging from hotels with a sauna in the room to youth hostels with selfcatering,

from large log cabins with open fires, whirlpools and views of Lapporten to accommodation in suites made of

ice and snow – even in the summer! Here and on the following spread you’ll find accommodation options in the centre

of Kiruna, in the mountains and the countryside. How would you like to sleep tonight?


❶ ❷ ❸

❹ ❺ ❻

Hotel Youth Hostel Budget Accommodation

Mountain Facility Cabins Wilderness Camp

Camp ripan

An obvious choice when you are looking for

that little extra. Comfortable accommodation

and good food close to an array of activities year


Tourist Office Booking

❶ ❺

Campingvägen 5, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-630 00

HOtell Kebne

Fresh and homely hotel with newly renovated

rooms. Our main efforts go towards improvements

that benefit our guests. We are famous for our

delicious breakfast.

Tourist Office Booking

Konduktörsg. 7, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-681 80

hotel bishops arms

Enjoy comfortable accommodation, suitable for

both rest and work. Our 37 brand new and fresh

rooms are decorated in a warm and cosy Britishinspired


Hotell Vinterpalatset

Small, privately owned hotel, centrally located

in one of Kiruna’s oldest buildings. Light,

individually decorated rooms. Free wireless

broadband, relaxation area with sauna.

Tourist Office Booking

Föreningsgatan 6, Kiruna

Phone: +46(0)980-155 00

Järnvägsg. 18, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-677 70

Hotell City

Newer hotel in the centre of Kiruna. Close to

shopping and entertainment with the absolute

best rates in town.

Tourist Office Booking

Kiruna Rumservice

Fully equipped flats with the same standard as home,

central location 5 minutes from Kiruna centre, free

wireless Internet connection and 1-6 bed rooms.

Tourist Office Booking


labelled with this sign

can be booked at the

Tourist Office.

Tourist Office Booking

Bergmästareg. 7, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-666 55

Hjalmar Lundbohmsv. 53, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)70-594 49 93

Kiruna Vandr arhem SVIF

Larger youth hostel with high standard in the

centre of Kiruna, internet connection and access

to hotel breakfast. Restaurant in the building.

Bergmästareg. 7, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-171 95

Yellow HOuse

A cosy, good-value youth hostel in central Kiruna.

Light, pleasant 1-4-bed rooms. TV in all rooms.

Shower, toilet and sauna outside the room.

Tourist Office Booking

Hantverkaregatan 25, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-137 50

❷ ❷

Scandic Ferrum

Comfortable rooms in Scandinavian style in the heart

of Kiruna with Wi-Fi, telephone and TV. Sauna,

relaxation area and gym with views of the mountains

and, of course, a play area for the children.

Youth hostel Point North

Central accommodation with a familiar atmosphere,

bright 2 and 3-bed rooms and fully equipped

kitchen. Just a few minutes’ walk to the grocery

shop, city centre and hiking trails. Wireless Internet.

Tourist Office Booking

Lars Janssonsgatan 15, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-39 86 00

Hermelinsgatan 31A, Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)980-833 83

Tommy’s House

Small homely youth hostel with 10 beds over 3 rooms.

Kitchen, TV room, WC and bathroom. 250 metres

to the city centre and train station.

Tourist Office Booking

Lars Janssonsg. 2, Kiruna.

Phone: +46 (0)70-691 35 61. 15

Abisko Fjällturer

Lonely Planet describes it as a “backpackers’

delight”, and few would disagree. 225 SEK/person

in multi-bed room and 300 SEK/person in double

room. Access to shower and sauna.

Tourist Office Booking



The Mountains and the countryside


❶ ❷ ❸

Hotel Youth Hostel Budget Accommodation

❹ ❺ ❻

Mountain Facility Cabins Wilderness Camp

Abisko Östra

Phone: +46 (0)980-401 03

Camp Kurr a

You won’t find anything more snug. Stay in a

wilderness suite at our camp by the Torne River.

Own sauna in the cottage, shower and toilet.

Warm and cosy soapstone stove.

Björkliden Fjällby

Hotell Fjället and Stugbyn Kåppas, with fantastic

views over Lapporten, are located further up the

mountain. Stay in a hotel room or in your own

cottage with a sauna.

Tourist Office Booking

❶ ❹ ❺


Phone: +46 (0)980-811 10

❺ ❻ ❶ ❻


Phone: +46 (0)980-641 00

Explore The North

An incredibly beautiful place, hotel standard, nice

food, good hosts, experiences and huskies. Visit

us, you won’t regret it!.


Phone: 070-626 19 09


Here you can stay in a quiet and peaceful area by

Lake Altajärvi, 15 km from Kiruna. We have 3-9bed

self-catering cottages. Access to sauna. Price

from 150 SEK/person.


labelled with this sign

can be booked at the

Tourist Office.

Tourist Office Booking


Phone: +46 (0)70-652 93 74

gir jas adventure

6-bed cottage fully equipped for normal living,

with outside privvy. Collect your water from a

nearby jokk (river).


Phone: +46 (0)980-193 83, +46 (0)70-635 72 59

ICEHOTEL - cold accomodation

The world’s first and largest hotel built of snow

and ice, now has a little sister in the summer. Stay

cool in -5 degrees celcius in one of our Art Suites.

Tourist Office Booking

Photo: Ben Nilsson/Big Ben Productions


Phone: +46 (0)980-668 00

Lappeasuando lodge

Lappis Lodge is located by the E10 between Kiruna

and Gällivare, with views over the Kalix River. Cosy

rooms with breakfast, lunch, dinner and a sauna


Tourist Office Booking

❶ ❻


Phone: +46 970-501 70,

North canyon center

A night or two in one of our Sami tents is a

wonderful memory for life. Quality sleep!

Tourist Office Booking


Phone: +46 070-295 14 90

ICEHOTEL - warm accomodations

ICEHOTEL offers hostel, cabins and hotel rooms

with 1-4 beds. Access to TV, telephone, bathroom,

WC and shower is included in all accomodations.

Tourist Office Booking

❶ ❷ ❺

Låktatjåkko fjällstation

Sweden’s highest mountain station (1228 m asl),

Låktatjåkko offers 18 beds, a sauna, restaurant

and bar. Reach us by foot or helicopter.

Tourist Office Booking


Phone: +46 (0)980-641 00

polar night guest house

Situated in an unspoilt rural village where you are

made to feel one of the family. Large family-size

rooms, all en suite, lounge/dining area, home

cooking, sauna and spa bath.

Tourist Office Booking

Foto: Ben Nilsson/Big Ben Productions


Phone: +46 (0)980-668 00


Phone: +46 (0)76-788 02 85

KatterjOkk Turiststation

Comfortable accommodation in self-catering room

in magnificent mountain environment. Men and

women’s saunas as well as large and comfortable

common room.

Nikkaluokta Sarri

Stay in the mountains in Nikkaluokta. Choose

your accommodation from three levels of

comfort: house, charming cottage or mountain

cottage. Wake up in the mountains and enjoy

your day in nature.

Tourist Office Booking

❹ ❺


Phone: +46 (0)980-431 08


Phone: +46 (0)980-550 15

reindeer lodge

Accommodation the Sámi way in lávvu-tents on

reindeer hides and in cosy cabins. A peaceful spot

in the woods outside Jukkasjärvi at river Torneälv.

Tourist Office Booking

❺ ❻

Foto: Peter Gant

3 km outside Jukkasjärvi village

Phone: +46 (0)980-213 29 17



Rostujávri vildmarkscamp

Sweden’s northernmost wilderness camp, beautifully

situated by the mountain lake of Rostujávri.

Relaxing environment with accommodation in

2–4-bed self-catering cottages with “just the right

level” of comfort.

❺ ❻

Abisko Mountain Lodge +46 (0)980-401 00

Aurora Retreat +46 (0)978-300 61

Gullriset Lägenhetshotell +46 (0)980-109 37

Hotel Arctic Eden +46 (0)980-611 86

Hotell E-10 +46 (0)980-840 00

Hotell Samegården +46 (0)980-170 29

Järnvägshotellet +46 (0)980-844 44

Kristallen +46 (0)981-310 60

Turistbyrån Bokar

Turistbyrån Bokar


Phone: +46 981-211 10

Turistbyrån Bokar

Turistbyrån Bokar

Quality in Kiruna

Many companies in Kiruna are certified

by different quality assurances, guarantee

memorable, safe, environmentally friendly

and ecologically sound experiences.

Some of these are:

STF Abisko

Discover the mountains with us. Sleep in

comfort, eat well and experience the beautiful

mountains around Torneträsk. Kungsleden Trail

starts here, in the heart of Abisko National Park.


Abisko Turiststation

Phone: +46 (0)980-402 00 |

❷ ❹ ❺

Naturum Abisko

-Visitor centre in Abisko national park

-exhibits, slide shows, guided tours

Welcome to visit us in Abisko, by Abisko Turiststation

Open 2012: 18/2-2/5 and 9/6-29/9 Phone 0046-(0)706198860

Foto: Markus Alatalo

STF Kebnekaise

Choose from two or four bedrooms with access

to shower and toilet in the corridor, or the cheaper

alternative in a multi-bed room. Sauna and

kitchen available.

❷ ❹


Phone: +46 (0)980-550 00

OFELAŠ Islandshästar +46 (0)980-500 13 +46 (0)70-397 69 77

och Guideservice

Sopperogården +46 (0)981-301


Davvi Dallú

+46 (0)980-410 84

Turistbyrån Bokar

Turistbyrån Bokar

Your Hotel Katterjokk +46 (0)70-537 65 90


Turistbyrån Bokar

Lainio Vildmark +46 (0)981-410 25



SAS: +46 (0)770-727 727,


SJ: +46 (0)771-75 75 75,


Lokaltrafiken Kiruna, Hörvalls Buss.

+46(0)980-170 44

Länstrafiken: +46(0)771-100 110,


Kiruna Buss AB: +46 (0)980-124 00

Kiruna Trafik AB: +46 (0)980-156 90


The airport is located 10 km from

Kiruna centre. The buses run only

during high season. For more

information, please call

+46 (0)980-156 90.


Europcar: +46 (0)980-666 00,

Hertz: +46 (0)980-190 00,



0980-666 00

The right car in the right place

at the right time

Welcome to Europcar!

+46 (0)980-666 00 Forvägen 33


Taxi Kiruna: +46 (0)980-120 20.


Kallax Flyg AB: +46 (0)980-202 50,


Arctic Administrations

Center: +46 (0)980-660 15

Kiruna Affärs- & Privatresebyrå: +46

(0)980-836 45


+46 (0)771-23 11 23


outdoor equipment

Team Sportia: +46 (0)0980-629 83

Intersport: +46 (0)980-820 40

Vildmarkshörnan: +46 (0)980-822 15


Outside central Kiruna there are

filling stations at: Abisko, Svappavaara,

Vittangi, Övre Soppero and



May +3,5° C

June +9,6° C

July +12,1° C

Aug +9,9° C

Sep +8,5° C

distances from Kiruna

The distances from Kiruna to the following cities

and communities are as follows:

Abisko .................................................. 93 km

Björkliden ............................................ 103 km

Gällivare ............................................... 127 km

Jokkmokk ............................................. 217 km

Kilpisjärvi (Finland) ............................. 296 km

Luleå .................................................... 341 km

Narvik .................................................. 180 km

Nikkaluokta .......................................... 66 km

Nordkap (via Finland) .......................... 639 km

Riksgränsen .......................................... 130 km

Stockholm ............................................ 1352 km


Ateljé Nord: +46 (0)980-179 08

Carl Wennbergs Sameslöjd: +46 (0)980-100 79

Icehotel AB, Jukkasjärvi: +46 (0)980-668 00

Kiruna Guidetur: +46 (0)980-811 10

Kristallen Stenslip: +46 (0)981-310 60 (Lannavaara)

Nikkaluokta Sarri, Nikkaluokta: +46(0)980-550 15

Nutti Sámi Siida, Jukkasjärvi: +46(0)980-213 29

Sven Hörnell AB: +46 (0)980-431 11

Made in Jukkas, Jukkasjärvi: +46 (0)73-830 21 80

Airport Bus

- quick and good value

The airport bus will take

you quicklyand comfortably

between the airport and

the centre of Kiruna.

Daily airport buses

Tourist Office - Airport. 19

welcome to

Kiruna In Swedish Lapland

Kiruna’s unique and exciting nature attracts visitors from around the

world. At the tourist office, we will help you make the most of your

visit. Please contact or visit us for help to book accommodation and

activities, and for suggestions on exciting things to do. The tourist

office also sells postcards, Arctic Circle certificates, maps, fishing and

hunting permits, and we will look after your luggage for a small fee.

If you’d like to share your experiences with your nearest and dearest

at home, we offer wireless Internet access, but don’t forget to tell

us at the tourist office too – we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

You will find us in Folkets Hus in the centre of Kiruna.


Kiruna Lappland Tourist office

Lars Janssongatan 17, 981 31 Kiruna

Tel: +46(0)980-188 80 •

opening hours

Monday-Friday 08.30-18.00

Saturday-Sunday 08.30-16.00

The job of Kiruna Lappland Ekonomisk Förening (Kiruna’s economic

association) is to market and develop the visiting industry in Kiruna

Lapland. The association has approx 130 member companies, primarily

within the visiting industry. The association runs the authorised Tourist





Arctic Circle




Photo: Jörgen Medman/Krauz&Co.

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