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Poetry corner

Blessed Birth

By Steven Rolling

Tune: Personent Hodie (‘Long ago,

prophets knew’)

Matthew 1:18-25 parts

Now the birth of Jesus

Is recorded for us

Matthew writes, these his words

Mary was with child by

The Holy Spirit nigh


Fulfilled prophecy

A virgin would, see

Be with child, they shall call

His name Emmanuel

Angel to Joseph said

Her betrothed, thus he led

In a dream, angel shared

That he should then fear not

To take Mary, his lot

For child conceived in her

Is by the Spirit sure

There good tidings revealed

She would bring forth a son

Jesus, to save each one

For He shall His people

Save them from their sins all

God in human form shown

Yet He be divine too

Comes to make all things new

Isaiah’s prophecy

Of these things, they would be

Sure to pass, God’s own words

Joseph then did awake

Mary as wife did take

Book Reviews

Christmas Activities

By Bethan James, Authentic, £2.50

All the events of the first

Christmas are retold and

illustrated in this small

format paperback book

with on-the-page puzzles

and activities to complete.

Kids will enjoy reading

the story and immersing themselves in

the related activities. A little book for

little fingers!

God Gave Us Christmas

By Lisa Tawn Bergren and David Hohn,

Authentic, £7.99

A story to help young

children understand

the true meaning of

Christmas, and to learn

how much God loves

them. As Little Cub and her family

prepare to celebrate the curious young

polar bear wonders , 'Who invented

Christmas?' So Mama and Little Cub

head off on a polar expedition to find

God and find signs that he is at work all

around them.

WOW! Christmas – creatively explore

stories in the Bible

By Martha Shrimpton & Sarah Nolloth,

Candle Books. £10.99

Explore six aspects

about the birth of

Jesus — the light of the

world, the ordinary yet

extraordinary shepherds,

the journey of the wise

men, the giving of gifts, the excitement

and anticipation waiting for Christmas

and why Christmas is something

to celebrate. Each story is explored

through activities including engaging

prayer, craft and create, acting the

scene, time for reflection, ideas for

discussion and creative praise.

A Pirate Christmas Activity Book

By Suzy Senior, Bible Society, £3

An activity book, full of

crafts and games based

on Suzy Senior’s popular

children’s book. It may

help children aged 2-5

feel immersed in the

Christmas story, using

stickers and by making their own

guinea pig, drawing a treasure map and

cooking party treats!

It Begins in Bethlehem — a Nativity

Rhyme for Christmas time

By Bob Hartman

and Mark Beech,

10Publishing, £2

This new children’s

booklet offers a

fresh perspective

on the nativity, with rhymes from Bob

Hartman and lively illustrations by

Mark Beech.

Nativity Activities — a Puzzle and

Colouring Book

By Martin Young, 10Publishing, £2.99

A festive fun activity book for young

children, packed with

mazes, spot–the–

difference, drawings to

copy, colouring pages,

word puzzles and lots


Adorning the Dark — thoughts on

community, calling and the mystery

of making

By Andrew Peterson

10Publishing, £12.99

There are many books

about writing, but none

deal first-hand with the

intersection of songwriting,

storytelling, and vocation,

along with nuts and bolts exploration of

the great mystery of creativity.

Andrew describes six principles for the

writing life — serving the work, serving

the audience, selectivity, discernment,

discipline, and community — and

shows how these principles are not only

helpful for writers and artists, but for

anyone interested in imitating the way

the Creator interacts with his creation.

Held in Your Bottle

By Jeannie Kendall, Authentic, £9.99

There are many reasons

why we cry, and why

tears are important to

our wellbeing and to

God. Whether we are

crying tears of regret,

loss, gratitude or anger,

the Bible says that God

holds them all in his bottle. We can

draw comfort from knowing that

no tear goes unseen by God. Each

of these emotions is explored by

a modern story that mirrors the

experience of a Bible character.

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