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October Half Term Activities

In October half term we had a blast!

Each day we took young people out for

adventures, excitement and activity.

We swam at Coral Reef, we watched

DUNE at Vue Cinema, we skirmished

at Delta Force Paintball arena and we

putted at Spinners Crazy Golf!

Here’s a few snaps of all the fun:

STAY Light Party

While many children and young people dressed up like ghouls and witches hoping

to get their bucket filled with sweets at Halloween, for those of us at STAY, we

wanted to celebrate how the light of God always defeats the darkness!

We played a number of games which each had a point to make…

Kick the can: The young people were

heading towards a can of glow sticks

to win the game. I said, 'But in life, ask

yourself, what am I heading towards?' I

encouraged them to make sure they’re

heading towards good things such as

kindness, purpose and love.

Apple Bobbing: Next, their heads had

to go into water to search desperately

for an apple to beat their opponent. I

said, 'But in life, ask yourself, what am

I searching for?' I encouraged them to

search for the goodness in others!

Flour Game: This time they got

their faces covered in flour trying

to find a sweet. I said, 'But in life, ask

yourself what are the sweet things in

life worth getting covered in muck for?'

I encouraged them that friendship,

loyalty and trust are all things worth

finding even if it’s messy.

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