Sleep Tech Kasım Aralık 2021

Sleep Tech Kasım Aralık 2021

Sleep Tech Kasım Aralık 2021


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November - December 2021



Yaysun is on the way to become

an international brand in

pocket spring production

Bedco’s2023 Target is 1

Million Production



Boyteks.............................................Back cover

Boyçelik................................ Inside back cover

Form Sünger............................. Front cover ear

Elektroteks............................. Inside front cover

Elektroteks.......................................................... 1

Durak Tekstil....................................................... 3

Sefox................................................................... 5


Robatech........................................................... 9

Kırayteks........................................................... 11

Nova................................................................. 13

Metal Matris................................................ 14-15

Comfytex.................................................... 18-19



Night Bedding............................................28-29

Giz Grup..................................................... 34-35

Milkay............................................................... 37

Ural Grup.......................................................... 39

Nano Yay......................................................... 41



Özen İplik......................................................... 47

Armador..................................................... 54-55


EMR................................................................... 61


Nefin........................................................... 68-69

Berfa................................................................. 71

Nerteks............................................................. 73

Histeks............................................................... 75

Feltturc............................................................. 77






New Tech’s New Year Goal:

Export to 25 Countries

Furniture and

mattress industry in

Poland, second largest

in the world


Mebel Expo opens to trigger

the trade

Promise of EMS Sünger to

increase production


CIFM / interzum guangzhou

paints new chapter in 2022 with

focus on sustainable innovation

Form Sünger;‘We export to

more than 250 companies in

nearly 100 countries’


Nova Sünger: “We Export

to More than 50 Countries”

Nerteks: Our general

point of view is solutionoriented

service approach



From The Editor

w w w . s l e e p t e c h m a g a z i n e . c o m

Do you know

what IBIA is?

It is a symbol of cooperation among machinery and material

suppliers for mattress manufacturing.

It is an opportunity to source all complements of the industry.

It is a roof sheltering friendly competitors.

It is an organization hosting all structures needed for mattress


IBIA is a place to get help for your needs.


Managing Editor


Editorial Consultants


Magazin Gazetecilik Yayıncılık

İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Adına sahibi

H. Ferruh IŞIK



Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ali OZBUDUN


Omer Faruk GORUN

Furkan AKAR

Domestic Sales Manager

Omer Faruk GORUN (omer.gorun@img.com.tr)

Advertising Coordinator

T: +90 224 211 44 50-51 M: +90 505 299 62 65

International Sales Manager

Ayca SARIOGLU (ayca.sarioglu@img.com.tr)

T: +90 212 604 5100 F: +90 212 604 5135

Art Director



IBIA is a place to help others.

IBIA is the place to get information and to consult with

about your needs for the Turkish market.

IBIA is the place that will lead you to the only trade fair in

Turkey to be held in the mattress manufacturing industry.

IBIA is the place to follow up the latest trends and technologies

in the industry.

Technical Manager

Web Developer

Finance Manager


Tayfun AYDIN


Amine Nur YILMAZ






It is an association.

It is international.

It is located in Turkey.

It is IBIA.

It reads International Bedding Exporters’ Association.



Merkez Mah. 29 Ekim Cad. No:11

Medya Blok Kat:1

34197 Yenibosna / İstanbul / Turkey

Tel: +90 212 454 22 22

Faks: +90 212 454 22 93


Buttim Plaza A. Blok Kat:4

No:1038 Osmangazi / Bursa

Tel: +90 224 211 44 50-51

Fax: +90 224 211 44 81



Merkez Mahallesi 29 Ekim Caddesi İhlas Plaza No:11 A/41


Tel: 0212 454 30 00

Sooner or later all roads in the mattress industry in the

region will lead to IBIA.

Mehmet Soztutan



Yaysun is on the way to

become an international brand

in pocket spring production

As an innovative brand in the production of bag springs, the

popularity of which is increasing day by day due to providing a

better sleep quality and sitting comfort, Yaysun is at the service of

its customers for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

YAYSÜN, Kayseri Sünger A.Ş.

was established with the aim

and purpose of being a solution

partner that offers tailor-made

products and specializes in the

production of pocket spring,

customized products for the mattress,

sleep related and seating

group product industries. In January

2021, the company started

to produce and sell pocket

spring in addition to its sponge

factory. Spring, which literally

means “YAY” in Turkish, refers

to first phase of its brand name


Popularity of the pocket spring

is increasing day by day due to

providing a better sleep quality

and seating comfort, since each

spring is positioned inside the

interlining independently from

each other.

Pocket spring properties

• Provides optimum support to

the body during sleep with excellent

point flexibility and most

importantly it is never makes


• Pocket springs provide 2

times more number of springs

and 3 times more collapse

resistance compared to other

spring systems. They also provide

independent movement and


• Movements during sleep do

not affect other parts of the

mattress thanks to the independent

movement feature of the

pocket springs.

• It balances body weight,

maintains natural back curves

and adapts to the spine.

•These are modern spring

systems produced by placing

independent springs in interconnected

fabric (interlining) bags.

Wires of different diameters and

springs of different hardness can

be composed in accordance with

the human body structure as

much as desired.





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Smart Terminal and FlexPort. The energy-efficient processing

of hot-melt adhesive also reduces your operating costs.


Scan QR code and get to

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Giant Step in the Mattress

Industry: MOYSAD Established

20 companies operating in the mattress and furniture sector, under

the leadership of Doğtaş, established the Furniture and Mattress

Industrialists’ Association (MOYSAD). The association aims to make

Turkey one of the 5 countries in the world in bedding and furniture


MOYSAD, which was announced

to be made in line

with the needs and goals

of the Turkish mattress and

furniture industry, was established

with a press conference

held on Tuesday,

November 2, 2021. Davut

Doğan, Chairman of the

Board of Doğanlar Investment

Holding, which includes the

Doğtaş and Kelebek brands,

speaking about the new

association, stated that the

brands within the association

have reached 6 thousand

stores, and that they make

about half of the exports.

Doğan, expressing it as

“institutionalization, making

synergy and fighting against

the informal economy”, said

“Informality in the sector was

more than 50 percent. Although

it decreases with the

VAT reduction, one third is

still unregistered. Our companies

face unfair competition

and our state loses revenue.

We want Turkey to have a

better quality and modern

fair. Muharrem Çilek became

the chairman of our fair committee”.


The biggest ones in the sector are


Having acquired its legal

personality in October 2021

and aiming to take the

furniture industry far beyond

its current position, MOYSAD

includes 20 leading companies

in the sector and

nearly 30 brands. Companies

and brands are as follows;

“Adore, Alfemo, Bellona, By

Kepi, Casa, Çetmen, Çilek,

Divanev, Doğtaş, Enza, Fatih

Kıral, Gündoğdu, İstikbal,

İşbir, Kelebek, Kilim, Konfor,

Lova, Modalife, Mondi, Rapsodi,

Vize, Yataş, Yatsan ,

Zebrano”. MOYSAD, managed

by Davut Doğan as a ‘Founding

Member’, stands out as

a strong and entrepreneurial

initiative. The common features

of the founding members

are that they have a

share of more than 50 percent

in the furniture market

in terms of export, production

and turnover. Another important

aspect of the association

is that it prioritizes the principles

of recording the sector

and institutionalization.

Doğan: There is no association left

to represent us

Doğan also underlined that

they aimed for a system

in which no one could see

the association as the gate

of the sultanate, and that’s

why they brought a oneterm

presidential system;

“Unfortunately, there is no

association left to represent

us because of the presidents

who did not leave their

seats. It has lost the missions

of other associations.

For this reason, we have

added the rule of one-term

and three-year presidency in

the new association to the

statute.” Doğan, noting that

the founding members of

MOYSAD have a large share

in the Turkish furniture market,

said “As an association,

we will focus on the problems

of the sector. In this

context, we will fight against

informality. The industry has

a problem with statistical

data, we will work for it.

We will join forces in foreign

markets. We will intervene in

the problems in the supply

of raw materials. The industry

needs a more modern

and high quality fair. We

see this need and plan a

good fair”.

The fair will be held

On the other hand, Turkey’s

furniture exports increased

during the epidemic process.

Currently, Turkey ranks number

8 among furniture exporting

countries in the international

market. MOYSAD aims

to rise to the 5th rank. It

plans to implement all kinds

of activities that will lead

the Turkish furniture and mattress

industry to have a say

and a share in the international

market. Organizing one

of the most important fairs

of Turkey next year is also

among the goals of MOYSAD.

2nd association in the mattress


MOYSAD has the distinction

of being the second association

in Turkey where the

word bed is mentioned.

Founded at the beginning of

this year, IBIA - International

Mattress Industry Association

serves the sub-industry

and technology side of the

sector, while MOYSAD is expected

to be effective in the

furniture and mattress production

part. This shows that

the rhetoric that the sector

has been saying for many

years that the “mattress

industry is being treated as

a stepchild” has been demolished,

and that the mattress

sector will now be represented




2023 Target is

1 Million Production

Bedco, planning to expand both

its production capacity and

export range in the new year,

is quite ambitious of offering

unique products to its customers.

Could you briefly describe your

company and personal business


As Abdullah Umit CANAN, I am

the co-founder and the sales

manager of the company BEDCO

TEXTILE. Once I look back, I see

that it has been 15 years since

I started the mattress industry.

The first experience was selling

mattresses internationally from

city of Kayseri in 2007. Then

it continued with raw materials

& machinery for mattresses. In

2012 I decided to open my

own company based on Mattress

Components as a trading

company. Since 2019 I run the

company BEDCO for mattress

covers and mattresses.

At the beginning BEDCO was

a small start up with three so

called young entrepreneur. We

started with only 4 sewing

machines, a quilter, and a tape

edge machine with only 6 brilliant



Today BEDCO Company is exporting

more than 14 countries,

serving with approx. 350.000

covers in 2021.

Manufacturing mattress covers

is a tough job, but with brilliant

workers we managed to

produce the required covers for

each market. We are offering

semi-finished mattresses as well

as zippered covers.

Do you have difficulty in finding

raw materials in your production

processes on mattress covers?

One of the most difficult aspects

of the mattress cover

industry is the raw material

problem, which occurs from time

to time. They are nonwoven as

quilt backing, the polyester and

the fabric from time to time.

But thanks to our contacts and

business contracts all over the

world it is always possible to

find the correct item at any


What is the production capacity of

your company?

Currently we are making around

450.000 covers in a year, and

we are planning to increase

it to 650.000 in 2022 and

1.000.000 in 2023.

How wide is your export range?

Which countries do you export to?

Our company is in free zone

of Kayseri as you know, which

means that we can only make

export. So we have committed

ourselves to export more and

more. We are serving 4 continents

right now and 14 countries.

We are planning to set

up agencies in each territory to

increase our sales and service.

We have established our company

in 2019 right after Interzum

Cologne exhibition, then

the pandemic started, we made

a booth in Interzum Cologne

and ISPA in USA but they were

all postponed. Hope fully we

will start with IBIA exhibition

then ISPA and Interzum.

Will you introduce innovative

products to the market in the new


We are famous with offering

some unique designs in the

market. We are doing anti-slip

covers, toppers, mattress in a

box series, pillow top models

where the foam in the topper

is already placed, FR covers and

semi-finished mattresses etc. we

are closely working with fabric

manufacturers using their latest

R&D products. In 2022 we will

be offering new models with

latest technology.

Do you attend fairs at home and



Luda Yay targets new

markets in Europe

Founded in Bursa, Turkey, Luda

Yay (Spring) company has extended

its operations worldwide to

become one of the leading spring

units manufacturers of Turkey. With

its experience in the sector since

2008 and institutionalized during

the process of time, with its

young team and founders, it has

organized its strategy and operations

with the aim of becoming

the right supplier for the clients.

Luda Yay has a great objective to

increase its production capacity by

30% in the new year. We asked

their success story to a company


Can you introduce yourself a little bit

as a corporate company?

We have been trading Bonnel and

Pocket Springs for mattress manufacturers

since 2008. With this experience

of years, we established

our Luda Springs company in Bursa

at the end of 2020, and now we

have activated our production line.

Our production portfolio is Bonnel

and Pocket Springs, and we deliver

as Rollpack and Flatpack.


How much is your annual

production capacity?

Bag Spring: 500 tons/year

Bonel Spring: 2000 tons/year

Which countries do you export to?

America, England, Puerto Rico,


Which fairs are you planning to

attend at home and abroad?

We are scheduled to participate

in Ibia Expo Istanbul, Ispa Expo

and Interzum Cologne.

What are your goals for the new


We want to continue our

investments without slowing

down to increase our production

capacity by 30% for both of

our products and to conduct all

activities to enter the French,

German and Polish markets.

Since we have very competitive

products, I believe we will succeed

this in a short time and

start exporting to these important

markets soon.

We will build up a respectful

brand image worldwide through

our innovative and quality

products developed by our R&D

department. We have a dedicated

team to realize these

major goals.

Can we get your comments and

evaluation on the spring sector in


The spring sector in Turkey is

taking on a different dimension

with new investments day by

day, quality standards are increasing,

and existing companies

are now taking serious steps

towards transitioning to corporate

identity with the support of

exports. This makes our country

more attractive as a supplier to

foreign countries. In fact, as a

leading mattress manufacturing

country, we need a strong supply

industry as well. Fortunately,

we have a strong mattress

manufacturing sub-sector in all

fields required. From mattress

manufacturing machinery to

springs, felts, mattress ticking

fabrics and accessories, we

have a strong industry. As in

all these products, we have a

strong, competitive and leading

position in the spring industry

in Turkey.


New Tech’s New Year Goal:

Export to 25 Countries

New Tech, one of the young

companies of the sector, aims

to become one of the leading

companies in the sector by

accelerating its R&D studies in

the new year, expanding the

export market and increasing

its production capacity.

How many years have you been

serving in the mattress industry?

As a company, we have been

serving in the sector under our

own brand for 2 years. But I

and my partners have been in

this sector for more than 15


Which machines do you have in

your production portfolio?

In our production portfolio,

there are quilting machines

(Multi-needle chain stitch and

lock stitch, double head and

single head quilting machines)

Edge Sealing Machines (Manual

and Automatic), Packing

Machines (Full Automatic Mattress

Packing Machine, Manual

Mattress Packing Machine, Fully

Automatic Mattress Roll Packing

Machine) , Fully Automatic

Folding Mattress Roll Packing

Machine, Semi-Automatic

Coil and Flat Bed Packing

Machine,) Automatic Production

Line, Automatic Mattress

Gluing Line, Mattress Conveyor


What is your annual production


Our annual production capacity

is 70 machines.

Can you tell us about your export


90 percent of our production

is for export. Since our main

goal is to serve abroad,

almost all of our sales are exports.

As a company, we are

aware that the marketing of

value-added and technological

products abroad is extremely

important and we continue our

work in this direction. We are

aware that the more we in-


crease the number of machines

working in the world and the

number of countries; we will

do important work both for

our country and for our company.

I think this purposeful work

will bring us to our goal.

Do you have a new product

development target within your


R&D and P&D studies in the

machinery sector should never

stop. The absence of R&D and

P&D is to stand still. Since

we act with the awareness of

this, we are constantly working

in this direction. We are

always striving to achieve the

better by constantly producing

for the machines in our current

product range. As R&D, we

carry out R&D studies for the

machines needed in the sector

according to the ever-changing

technological product variety of

the valuable mattress manufac-

turers who use our machines

in the market. This perspective

makes our company more dynamic.

In this context, we aim

to introduce a new machine

to the market in the middle of


Which companies do you work

with at home and abroad?

We have reached 15 countries

abroad. Our target by the end

of 2023 is to reach 25 countries.

We have machines working

in the regions of Istanbul,

Tekirdağ, Kayseri, İzmir, Adıyaman

and Eskişehir in Turkey.

What are your growth targets for


The pandemic period we are

in affects every sector negatively,

as well as our sector.

As our customer portfolio is

generally investors, they may

delay their investments during

the pandemic period. Despite

these negative conditions,

we continue on our way by

thinking positive and setting a

30% growth target for ourselves.


Inter Sünger Aims to Move

from a Regional Scale to a

National Scale

Inter Sünger, sees its customers

as a kind of business partner

and conducting operations in

this way, aims to keep customer

satisfaction at the highest

level by serving them at the

fastest level of delivery with

reasonable prices. Inter Sünger,

aiming to increase its production

capacity, is planning a

25% increase in next year.

Mr. Sami, can you tell us a little

about your personal business life

and the history of your company?

In 1987, we took our first step

into the sector as a wholesaler

of upholstery materials. After

the establishment of Modoko,

our focus in our business life,

which we started in Dudullu to

serve the surrounding upholstery

workshops, was to provide all

the furniture raw materials the

sector needs within one shop

the highest quality and in the

fastest way.

We have increased our product

range in order to meet customers

all demands by renewing

ourselves day by day along

with the furniture and upholstery

sector, which has been constantly

changing and developing for


years. We have adopted the

principle of providing the fastest

and highest quality service.

In this period, we started to

look for production in line with

the demands of our customers

and to focus on polyurethane

foam manufacturing, cutting and

service. We established our

foam production facility in 2010.

Combining our foam processing

experience with production has

increased our awareness in the

sector and led us to new sectors

alongside upholstery. While

we started to serve customers

in a wider perspective, we renewed

our machine park in line

with the needs of the sector

and latest technology. We have

raised our service level with

our expert colleagues who have

adopted the principle of customer-oriented,

comfort, quality and

fast service and high-tech computer

aided cutting machines.

While contributing with fast

and reliable delivery service

in an increasingly competitive

environment, with the sincere

bond we have established and

our efficency oriented working

principles our focus has been on

the comfort and satisfaction of

end users. We have achieved

the success of exporting to

every continent by taking part

in projects abroad as well as


While adding industry to our

commercial life, which we started

with the trade of upholstery

materials, we strive to

take part in all sectors where

foam is used. In the upcoming

period, we have put an investment

outside of Istanbul on our

agenda. As we aim to increase

our production capacity with this

modern facility, where we plan

to use the latest technology

in for foam manufacturing, we

also want to increase our direct


To what do you owe your

company’s success and customer


Customer satisfaction is the

main goal of all companies,

from the biggest to the smallest.

At this point, we see our

customers as our business partners

and we are very happy to

provide them with the fastest,

highest quality raw materials at


the most reasonable prices. It is

very important for us to get to

know our customers closely and

to determine a strategy that

suits their needs. I can say that

our growth story overlaps with

most of the companies that

are our customers. Today, there

is an experience and mutual

trust, coming from working with

many companies which are at

the forefront of the sector since

their establishment.

Especially since we first stepped

into the sector, we have had

a harmonious and transparent

commercial relationship with the

companies we work with. I think

that the fact that we see them

as a partner of our business

has a great impact on the

basis of the warm relationship

we have established with our

customers. We realized that as

our customers win, we will also

win. During the ups and downs

of business life, we supported

our customers in meeting their

needs and we always felt their

support. In order to make a

difference in the market where

very strong players are present,

we have set customer-oriented

goals with our entire team

and put a lot of effort in order

to evaluate customer demands

correctly and to offer them the

service they need quickly. While

our respect for our work, our

customers, our colleagues and

the environment is our source of

motivation, we act with the belief

that honesty and transparency

are a very valuable means

of progress.

Thanks to our three branches in

Istanbul and our strong logistics

infrastructure, we have offered

our customers the advantage of

being very close to them. We

have become aware of investing

in both human resources

and technology in order to act

with the vision of unconditional

customer happiness. Our aim is

to use production technologies

that will contribute to reducing

their costs in order to use their

resources more effectively while

providing the highest quality

service to our customers.


Which companies do you work

with as Inter Sünger?

As Inter Sünger, I can say that

we do business with many

companies operating in the

Marmara Region and using

foam in their production. We

serve not only foam but also

product range related to all the

needs of the sector with three

branches in Istanbul. We have

a customer portfilo concentrated

in the furniture, bedding,

textile, footwear and medical

industries, both wholesale and

retail. At this point, we work

with many companies as we

are involved in both production

and marketing in the sector. In

line with our goal of meeting

the needs of the sector from

a single point, we are the

sformal dealer of many companies

in the supply of products

other than the foam that we

produce. For this reason, we

have long-standing commercial

relations with the leading manufacturers

and suppliers of the


Do you have difficulties in

finding raw materials during the

production phase?

Unfortunately, most of the raw

materials we use are imported.

We have to follow and manage

the process very well, especially

since we encounter supply

problems in foam production in

certain periods. We are very

sensitive in this regard as there

were often extraordinary price

movements and shortages of

raw materials in the past. As

everyone knows, the raw material

prices are constantly changing

due to increased freight

prices and supply-demand

imbalance, especially during the

pandemic. During this period,

we managed the process well

and responded to the demands

of our customers with appropriate

solutions without leaving

them unanswered. At this point,

we have seen the benefits of

the close cooperation based on

trust that we have established

with our suppliers for a long


How do you position yourself

among foam manufacturers in


It is a sector that provides

regional service since the transportation

cost is expensive due

to its foam structure. We compete

with well-established companies

in the Marmara region,

where intensive production is

in question. Although we are in

a strong position on the sales

side, especially due to the fast

service we provide, we had to

postpone the necessary investments,

as our growth capability

was limited in our location on

the production area. We took

the first step of the new factory

by buying an industrial land

piece. Hopefully, with the completion

of our investment, we

will have accomplished our goal

to move from a regional scale

to a national scale.

What are your production and

export targets for 2022?

We continue to work to increase

our existing capacity and

use it more efficiently, especially

on the production department

in 2022. We aim for a 25%

increase in production and sales

on m3 basis, and we plan the

technical and organizational

studies accordingly.


Furniture and mattress

industry in Poland, second

largest in the world

For global importers Poland is a favorite source country for

purchasing furniture. It is not surprising, as the highest European

quality and relatively low prices encourage many international


In Poland, importers are offered

a wide range of products of

all kinds; made of chipboard

or solid wood, upholstered and

designed for kitchen, furniture

for office or garden, as well as


Poland’s furniture assembly lines

have made the country a production

powerhouse, the fourth

biggest manufacturer of furniture

in the world. The country

after all has a glorious design

history. From 1904, it had the

Warsaw School of Fine Arts –

Poland’s answer to the Bauhaus

– and later the Communist

government established the

Institute of Industrial Design,

whose mission was to generate

collaboration between design

and industry. Furniture was art

first and foremost.

Today the domestic sector employs

approximately 23,500 people.

It is highly competitive and

largely export-driven. Poland, for

example, exported over EUR8bn

worth of furniture in 2014, with

90 per cent of Poland’s furniture

products sold on global markets.

Poland is currently the fourth

largest exporter of furniture in

the world and tenth manufacturer

on a global scale. On a

European scale, Poland is the

third largest supplier of furniture,

after Germany and Italy.

The Polish mattresses market

segment includes spring, foam

and latex mattresses.

The furniture included in the

Bedroom Furniture segment ranges

from beds with mattresses to

clothes closets, nightstands and


dressers. Overall, Bedroom Furniture

generated US$285 billion

in revenues worldwide in 2019,

and by 2025, this is forecast to

rise to US$349 billion.

The Bedroom Furniture segment

includes everyday bedroom

items such as beds, mattresses

as well as closets, nightstands

and dressers. Due to rising

living standards and a higher

income, consumers are replacing

their furniture more frequently.

The Bedroom Furniture segment

is experiencing a steady growth

after recovering from the economic

crisis of 2007. In the

rather conservative Bedroom

Furniture market, innovation

comes from retailers focusing on

offering comfort and convenience

directly to consumers.

“Vitra, Thonet, Fritz Hansen,

Kinnarps and BoConcept all use

Polish manufacturers. Tesco,


John Lewis and Ikea also have

products coming out of the

country’s factories. Meanwhile a

handful of manufacturers including

furniture companies Noti and

Vox and traditional upholstery

brand Iker are trying to raise

the standard of design in the

country using local talent.

“But, and here’s the rub, most

of the time these items are

marketed under a foreign brand.

This despite success in exports

and some lucrative contracts

such providing offices desks

in Apple Stores or furniture in

Palais Elysee in Paris. Moreover

31 per cent of revenue comes

from sales of furniture elements.

There are only a handful internationally

recognized brands like

Kler, Forte, Paged, Klose, Nowy

Styl or Ludwik Styl.”

The furniture sector is one of

the most competitive of Poland

and generates about 2 per

cent of GDP, i.e., more than


EUR7.6bn. It contributes relatively

more to the Polish economy

than it is the case in the rest

of the European Union, where

the figure is 0.5 per cent of


Given that 90 per cent of furniture

produced in Poland is exported,

the industry is essential

for Poland’s general economy

as well as a key player among

Polish exporters. One example

illustrating the importance of

this industry is the fact that the

value of Polish furniture exports

in 2011 was higher than all the

exports to France put together,

according to Central Statistical

Office (GUS) data.

The largest recipient of Polish

furniture is Germany, buys

EUR2.5bn or 39 per cent of the

sector’s export value, according

to OIGPM. Nine percent of

exports go to France, while the

rest goes to the Czech Republic,

the UK, Sweden and the

Netherlands. The highest growth

rate of exports has been seen

in destinations like Spain, Italy

and the USA.

The Eurostat statistics confirm

the predictions of professional

analysts. In 2018, according to

official data, Poland has overtaken

Germany in terms of the


value of furniture sold abroad

and has become the European

leader in furniture exports. “Polish

Furniture Outlook 2020” is a

report published by B+R Studio,

which shows that in 2019

Poland exported furniture worth

over EUR 11 billion, which making

the country second in this

sector led by China. Buy Poland

website offers accurate information

about the Polish furniture

and mattress industry:

The whole world buys furniture

from Poland

For years, large international

trade groups have been

purchasing furniture from Poland

for their stores and retail

chains, including XXXLutz,

Alinea, Antares, Cilek, Bolia.

com, Conforama, Diego, EVOK,

Genomaks, HomeWorld Furniture,


Homster, Wayfair, Westwing,

Bega, Begros, Garant, Home24,

Kika-Leiner, Multi-Möbel, EMV,

Möbelix, Otto, Poco, Porta and

Roller. Few people know that

Polish furniture is present in the

prestigious restaurant La Petite

Maison in the Majestic Hotel in

Cannes or in the Presidential

Palace in Paris. The Russian

President, Vladimir Putin, who

is known for his passion for

quality and comfort, also has a

Polish leather couch. The launch

of the first iPhone model in

Germany was held with the use

of display furniture made by

a Polish producer. Polish furniture

can be also found in the

conference rooms used to hold

a number of European Union

summits. Thousands of stores

and points selling furniture

manufactured in Poland located

around the world, dealerships of

Polish furniture companies and

logistics centers further confirm

that Polish furniture is everywhere

from Washington to Moscow

via Paris and from Moscow

to Washington via Singapore.

Polish furniture is primarily a

long-standing tradition, excellent

product quality and functionality.

This is evidenced by certificates

and approvals confirming compliance

with the strictest world

standards concerning ergonomics

and safety. Importantly, Polish

producers are extremely flexible

and open to any changes

expected by foreign customers,

regardless of whether they

relate to the size, color or other

characteristics of furniture.


Production of furniture in Poland

has doubled

Polish furniture industry is truly

a global player. In the last ten

years, the production of furniture

in Poland has doubled and

exports increased by 116%.

In 2019, the furniture industry

revenue amounted to nearly

EUR 12 billion and increased

by 5% year-on year. Poland

is listed as the sixth largest

furniture manufacturer in the

world (following China, the

USA, Germany, Italy and India).

Polish producers achieve good

results both in the sector of

furniture made of chipboard and

solid wood. Polish upholstered

furniture gained international

popularity, constituting the

largest export group with a

share of 26% (EUR 2.9 billion).

Poland is also a global leader

in the production and export of

mattresses. During the last year,

the highest growth rate was recorded

for the kitchen furniture.


Mert Makina is in the best

markets of the world with

its production power

The company,

which continues

its production in

the best way with

its experience

and production

power, is making

progress as one of

the best machine

manufacturers in the


Compensating many needs of

the sector with its machines

with the best technology, Mert

Makina started its production

in 1993. The company has

developed a machine park to

provide the best service to

mattress manufacturers. Mert

Makina, which produces all

kinds of mattress machines,

continues to be one of the

most important companies in

the sector for many years. The

company offers the best service

to its customers with its

experience in machinery.

We talked to Mehmet

Demirok, Member of the Board

of Mert Makina, which has a

different position in the sector

with its production power and

experience. Stating that they

always want to be in the

best markets, Mehmet Demirok

emphasized that they have

great respect for all their competitors.

How did you decide to start this

business? First of all, i would like

to learn about your work and plans

in machine production.

In this industry, we have a

story that has been going on

for 30 years. I planned my

education and business life

according to this sector. This

business is a family business

for us. Therefore, we have

great responsibilities. Ever

since i was a kid, i always

wanted to be in this business.

Therefore, i worked with the

masters in many departments

related to machine production.

In order to be more successful

in this sector, i graduated


from the Department of Electrical

and Electronics.

I gained experience in both

software and R&D departments.

I pioneered the application

of many innovative

ideas to our machines. I am

currently in marketing activities

in the sales department. In

addition, i continue to work

as a Board Member of our


Could you please give information

about your production capacity

and product range? Also, i would

like to know your usage areas.

We are currently able to

prepare a newly established

mattress facility on turnkey

basis in about 1 month with

our new investments. We have

tripled our capacity in the last

year with the new investments

we have made. Our target

capacity will be much higher

with our future investments.

Our products are used in

many industries. As you know,

our machines are primarily

used in the mattress industry.

Afterwards, it is also used in

sectors such as furniture, home

textiles and automotive.

What do you think about R&D and

innovation? Do you continue to

work on new products?

As you know, technology

changes day by day. We

have always tried to adapt

ourselves to the best technological

conditions. We strive

to produce the best quality


We currently have a very

strong R&D team and we are

constantly working on new machines

and existing machines.

In addition, we are working

on new machines that the industry

does not know yet. We

believe that these studies will

provide great benefits to the

mattress industry in the future.

How do you supply raw materials?

Most of the products we use

come from Europe. For this

reason, we unfortunately supply

raw materials from abroad.

I would like to learn about the

main reasons that make your

products different in the industry.

Why do your customers choose


Thanks to our experience from

the past, we produce power-

What is your most requested


Our most requested machine

by our customers is our quilting

machines. Our machine

portfolio includes production

lines, packaging machines,

edge sealing machines, border

machines and off-balance

cutting machines. From time to

time, we have different densities

on different machines. In

the last two years, the highest

demands have been for

roll pack machines.


ful and long-lasting machines.

We have customers that we

have worked with for over 20

years and their machines are

still working very well. This

makes us very proud. We are

trying to produce long-lasting,

easy-to-use and problem-free

machines by combining our

experience with technology.

In addition, one of the most

important factors that enables

us to progress is our after-sales

service. Thanks to our

structuring within the company

and in certain countries, our

customers are satisfied with

our after-sales service.

Which countries do you export to

and what is your export target?

Also, what is the ratio of your

exports to your total sales?

Currently, the number of countries

we export to is 105. Our

export rate is over 95%. We

determine our export target as

turnover and number of countries.

We aim to be a leader

in the countries in our target


great contributions especially

to Turkish companies and the

mattress industry. I think we

will achieve a great solidarity

within the association. Thus,

our association will support

the development of our industry.

Will you participate in the fairs

to be organized in the upcoming

period? Also, what are your views

on fairs?

Fairs are always very important

to us. We always participate

in regional and international

fairs. Thus, we find the

opportunity to showcase our

products. The pandemic period

has affected the fairs, but

i think the fairs will be held


Finally, i would like to know your

goals in the industry.

First of all, we need to be

aware of where we are in

the industry. We have many

goals, but how hard we try

to achieve these goals is very

important. That’s why we work

hard to achieve our goals. We

do not underestimate any of

our competitors in the industry

and we treat everyone with

respect. Our goal is to be in

the right place at the right

time and to continue to be a

reliable company.

As a member of the International

Mattress Industry Association

(IBIA), what would you like to say

about the association?

I believe that IBIA will make


Sefox sticks to

be a world brand

Sefox products are

used conveniently in

over 80 countries.

The company aims


Operating in the adhesives

industry, Sefa Kimya is headquartered

in Ankara, Turkey

but its activities are around

the world with its brand name

SEFOX. The company official

made the following explanations

about their success story.

“Every day, we go to work

wanting to accomplish two

goals: Share fantastic Sefox

Adhesives with our customers

and contribute to making the

world a better place. Sefox

Adhesives, which is one of the

leading adhesive manufacturers

in the world, exports across

five continents. We are delighted

to serve our customers

from more than 80 nations.

We have been supplying

raw materials from leading

importers in the world. With

its high quality and excellent

performance, Sefox Adhesives

has built customer trust and


Mattress And Spring Industry

“Good mattresses are the

basis for a restful sleep and

rejuvenation, and they are


more than just a piece of

furniture. Modern adhesives

are especially suitable for

mounting bases and mattresses

frames plays a leading

role in mattress production. A

high adhesion during production

and later use, such as in

the rapid pressing and rolling

process strength is extremely


“Different types of materials

in mattress production, the

number the remaining layers

are laminated together.

Adhesives used in application

must be highly flexible and

adhere to a wide variety of

materials. This results in lower

energy consumption and faster

mattress production processes.

“Harmless adhesives for a

good night’s sleep in a wide

variety of mattresses. Good

mattresses are the foundation

of a restful sleep and

rejuvenation and are more

than just a piece of furniture.

“Mattress and spring industries;

offers a wide range of

products to customers who are

looking for the most suitable

mattress for them. Different

foam and cover fabrics in

the sector are completed by

choosing the right adhesive.

Among the adhesives that are

generally applied with spray

guns or automatic application

systems, Sefox are just a few

of the reasons why they are

preferred in the sector with

its ideal spraying performance,

holding ability and high thermal





opens to


the trade

The important

meeting of the

furniture industry

will be held at

Expocenter, 22 - 26

November 2021.

Mebel Expo is the most anticipated

industry event of 2021.

In November, the leading furniture

and components manufacturers,

international brands,

wholesalers and retailers,

designers and decorators will

gather at Expocentre Fairgrounds

after a forced hiatus

to showcase new collections

and the best examples of

interior fashion for the coming


For many years now, Mebel

has been setting the current

trends in the furniture market

and bringing the entire industry

together on one platform.

The broad range of the exhibition

products covers all segments

of the furniture industry

and makes it possible to find


business solutions in all price


More than 500 Russian and

foreign companies are expected

this year. Thanks to the

activity of regional export and

business support structures,

group stands of 16 Russian

regions are planned for the

2021 exhibition.

The exhibition participants

include: Lubidom Furniture,

Neo-Kuhni, Ormatek, O’PRIME,

Soyuz-M, Silva, Triya, Blum,

Hettich, Hafele, Sonberry,

Rival, Russta, Ametist, Adilet,

Valmaks, Interior-Center,

Boyard, Arben Textile, Lerom,

Melodia Sna, Ipek Mobilya,

Boyteks, GTV, Arredo Classic,

Brass, Pinskdrev, Progress,

KAMI, Anrex, АСМ, Liga, Mebel Impex,

Lamarty, Mr.Mattress and


In addition to the regular

exhibitors, this year’s exhibition

will feature the stands of

major companies that have returned

after a break of several

years. These include MAKMART,

Express Office, Eve Spring,

OdinArt, Prospect, M-Stone,


MAGAMAX and others. It

should be noted that the flow

of requests for participation in

the exhibition has not weakened.

For example, for the first

time, the Mebel exhibition will

feature products from Venezia

Stone, AKS-Mebel, Alencio, MB

Mebeler, M-ART Group, Mebelsnab,

MATTEX and others.

Companies from Belarus, Italy,

Turkey, Germany, Uzbekistan,

Poland and Croatia have already

booked space.

A vast exposition, high-quality

networking, long-awaited

meetings and new ideas are

waiting for you at the Mebel

2021 exhibition.

Mebel organizers pay great

attention to the organisation

of the conference programme

events. The key topics for

2021 will be:

- Promising markets for furniture


- Ways to increase sales in

the current environment

- Development of the export

potential of Russian enterprises


- Woodworking and slab industry

The stars of interior design

will share their experience and

talk about leading furniture

and interior design trends.

Professional competitions and

awards are an integral part

of the Mebel exhibition. Every

year, the exhibition summarizes

the results of the national

furniture design award, the

Golden Cabriole, and the

WoodWorking Skills competition

for furniture and woodworking

industry professionals.

At the 2021 trade show, all

the traditional product sectors

will be on display, while new


topics and special projects will

emerge. One of this year’s

special projects will be devoted

to furniture retail: Furniture

Retail Fest. The festival will

showcase the most effective

and innovative retail business

models currently being applied

to by global retailers. The

aim of the FRF festival is to

show how global technological

advances in the field of retail

directly or indirectly influence

the development of furniture

retail in Russia. Companies will

share their know-how in this

matter and present solutions

for furniture shops.

The Furnished Flats special

project will bring together

ready-made furniture solutions

for new buildings.

Furniture companies and young

designers are preparing their

premieres. Custom-made furniture

and exclusive design will

be showcased at the Future

Stars salon. For the third time

in a row, the salon will be an

effective platform for presenting

new names and talentsz

Mebel exhibition team is in

constant contact with exhibitors

and professionals planning

to attend the exhibition.

To find out more about the

Mebel exhibition, and to fill

out a preliminary application

form for booking a stand or to

receive an e-ticket, go to the

exhibition website https://www.



Armateks: “As long as you are

open to innovation, it will be

inevitable for you to renew”

Recep Çolak, who connects their success in mattress cover and quilting

production with the importance they give to customer satisfaction

and quality, emphasized that they aim to be a good brand in the


ARMATEKS, which produces for

the mattress industry with its

50 years of sectoral experience

and 11 years of corporate identity,

continuously increases its

product variety and production

capacity, does not compromise

on its quality, and acts with

the motto ‘Being the company

that creates the fashion, not

the one that follows the fashion’,

constantly adopting its

technology and management

systems. It aims to become

one of the sought-after companies

in the world textile sector

by renewing it in a way that

Defining itself as an ‘open to

innovation’ company, ARMATEKS

does not neglect its environmental

awareness while doing all


We talked with Recep Çolak,

the representative of ARMATEKS,

about the sector and its targets

in the sector. Stating that they

work with many world-famous

companies, Çolak gave the

signal that they will grow even


Could you briefly introduce

yourself as Armateks company?

As ARMATEKS® (Armacan Tekstil

San.Ltd.Şti.), we have been

manufacturing mattresses, mattress

covers and quilting since

2010 with our expert staff in

the home textile sector, with

the knowledge and experience

we have during the production

experience of more than 50


years. Since the day it was

founded, it has become one of

the leading companies in home

textiles in a short time thanks

to the importance it gives to

customer satisfaction and quality.

What is your annual production


We are weaving 225,000

Mattress Covers and 700,000

meters of quilting, excluding the

production of other by-products


Do you plan to increase your

capacity in the new year?

Our primary goal in the new

year is to maintain the production

units and meters of the

previous year, and to increase

production in line with the demands

without compromising the

quality and satisfaction.

Will you be in search of a new

market in 2022?

New Market; new companies

bring new people and new

demands. This is the other fun

side of production. As you are

open to innovation, it is inevitable

that you will be renewed.

Are you having trouble with the

need for raw materials?

Today, not only in our country,

but also in almost every

production sector around the

world, there is a shortage of

raw materials. The fact that the

raw material prices purchased in

foreign currency are not directly

proportional to the increase in

the exchange rate affects us

very much in cost calculations.

How do you position yourself in the

mattress cover industry?

ARMATEKS ® , which we have

made a tradition of using quality

and good materials , has

always adopted the principle

of producing better and higher

quality products. For this reason,

we have worked with many

world-famous brands in many

countries and they have been a

reference for us. As we aim for

excellence in the sector, we are

a company that is at the center

of the growing sector systematically.


Promise of EMS Sünger

to increase production

EMS Sünger Marketing Manager

Erdoğan Durmuş, in his speech

to our magazine, promised that

they would invest in different

areas related to the mattress


You have half a century of sector

experience and 18 years of

corporate identity. To what do you

owe this success?

I think that the most important

factor of success is based on

disciplined work, being innovative

and following the dynamics

of the sector closely, as well as

the years we have spent in the

mattress and furniture industry.

You come to the fore in the

mattress sector with the

production of mattress fabric and

sponge. Will you have investments

in different areas related to this


Of course it will. As EMS

Sünger, our most important goal

is to increase our diversity in

product groups and try to meet

the demands in the sector,

thanks to our R&D studies and

feedback evaluations for customer

satisfaction. In addition, we

spend a lot of time in the field

of mattress accessories to design

beds, complete them with

labels and the right piping, and

present them to the end consumer

in the best possible way.

Our investments will continue in

order to improve our machinery

in accessory production.

How do you position yourself in

the mattress industry, both in the

domestic market and in exports?

We are developing our customer

portfolio in the domestic market

with new business partners

every day. Besides, of course,

one of the most important targets

is export. We participate

in fairs and organizations in

order to play a more active role

in export and foreign markets.


What is your annual production


Currently, an average of

120,000 m3 sponge cycle is

provided annually in our enterprise.

In addition, approximately

1,000,000 meters of quilting is

processed and produced, and

with this, 10,000,000 beds

meet the labels and piping

produced in our company.

Do you plan to increase your

production capacity in 2022?

Of course, our goal will be continuous

innovation and development.

In this context, we aim to

increase our production capacity

at the same rate by continuing

our mechanization in 2022.

How do you evaluate the

functioning of the mattress

industry and the state of the

market in Turkey?

The mattress industry in our

country is growing and developing

with new investors joining

every day. This development

increases the cycle and export

capacity in the domestic market.

Hopefully, next year, I think that

the pandemic that caused great

distress in the global sense will

get rid of, the mattress industry

will grow and develop and

export capacities will increase.


CIFM / interzum guangzhou

paints new chapter in 2022 with

focus on sustainable innovation

China’s ability to control the

coronavirus pandemic and subsequent

emergence as an even

stronger economy has attracted

global attention, including

major furniture companies. As

Asia’s flagship furniture manufacturing

exhibition, CIFM / interzum

guangzhou, to take place

in conjunction with the China

International Furniture Fair from

28 - 31 March 2022, is in a

favorable position to leverage

the growth.

According to statistics, China’s

furniture manufacturing output

reached 520 million units in the

first half of 2021, a year-onyear

increase of 30.1 per cent.


terms of exports, the cumulative

value of the country’s furniture

and parts exports as of July hit

US$40.926 billion, a year-onyear

increase of 47.20 per cent.

Among them, furniture exports to

Germany in the first half of the

year increased by 45 per cent,

replacing Poland as Germany’s

most important furniture supplying


International platform for global


China is experiencing a good

momentum as a continuously

growing economy. Under

the country’s dual circulation

economic policy powered by

domestic consumption, the Pearl

River Delta region’s concentration

of custom furniture makers


and reputation for producing

‘everything under the sun’

makes it particularly appealing

for global players to mine the

China market.

As an affluent society, the

expansion of domestic demand

further drives lucrative industry

opportunities, digitalization and

new materials to emerge at


CIFM / interzum guangzhou

2022 will take up 340,000

square meters in floor space

and is expected to feature over

2,000 well-known companies

from around the world. Some

200,000 visitors are also slated

to source at the event.

Backed by a wealth of global

resources, the exhibition covers

the entire industry vertical.

Exhibit categories include:

hardware accessories and

components; interior decoration

materials and accessories;

machinery, auxiliary materials

and accessories for upholstered

furniture; wood products and

panels; adhesives, coatings and

other chemical raw materials;

and machinery, accessories and

equipment for woodworking

furniture production.

International companies have

been showing active interest in

CIFM / interzum guangzhou to

open up the business opportunities

and gain a foothold in the

immense China as well as Asian


At present, a number of international

giants have confirmed

their participation, including

Homag, IMA, Nanxing, KDT,

Paolino Bacci, Freud, SANDAR,

HOLD, Leitz, Lianrou, Yuantian,

Hengchang, Hengye, Kehua,

Schattdecor, REHAU, LG, Hyundai,

Kronospan, Henkel, LINAK,

Dilong, Taiqiang, Yaodonghua,

Jiashijia, SINODECOR, Yongwei,

Huamei, Zhuokai, KINNAY,

Liwang, Zhaogang, DREAM

LEADER, Tianye, Anran, DTC, SH-



KEA, King Slide, REPON, TITUS,



ing, Sugatsune, SUSPA.

In addition to regular product

displays, the exhibition will continue

to feature diversified content

and business opportunities

through a variety of formats,

such as the Business Package

Plus (BPP) area, in-person business

matching, offline-2-online

live business matching, industry

forum sessions, as well as

conceptual spaces to promote

the industry’s cutting-edge

technology, and help companies

respond to the shifting consumer


Return of “20 PLUS 20” Awards

With the mission to uncover

the most innovative furniture

accessories and give recognition

to the companies behind them,

the “20 PLUS 20” Annual List

will return once again to CIFM /

interzum guangzhou in 2022.

Details impart vitality to a

piece of furniture, while design

is the soul and materials

form the backbone. A piece of

furniture that pays attention to

details can have long-lasting

longevity in the continuously


changing market. The 20 PLUS

20 Annual List – with origins

from the influential “interzum

Award” in Cologne, Germany

– will feature the theme “In

Pursuit of Furniture Accessories

with Vitality” for 2021-2022.

Compared with 70 per cent

penetration rate abroad, China’s

custom furniture market is

still in its infancy. Through the

contest, organizer Koelnmesse

aims to encourage accessory

makers to create functional yet

novel and aesthetically pleasing


Calls for 2021-2022 nominations

are currently underway. Winning

products will be showcased at

the 20 PLUS 20 feature display

to serve as inspirations for the


Industry engagement - Innovation


Traditional manufacturing model

and product functions have

gradually been unable to meet

the needs of the times. Product

features are becoming increasingly

diverse, and the introduction

of smart products has

become an inevitable trend. The

further integration of technology

and practical functions of furniture

products is poised to become

a new area of growth for

the industry. Innovation drives

development. Revolving around

the topic “Vitality of Sustainable

Innovation to Life”, the interzum

guangzhou 2022 forum will see

the gathering of business representatives,

renowned designers

and trend experts to examine

ways to inject life into furniture

through design and technological

innovation. More information

about CIFM / interzum guangzhou

can be found at www.



Form Sünger;

‘We export to more than

250 companies in nearly

100 countries’

Form Sünger, keeping customer satisfaction above all else and using

the latest technology in the production process, plans to increase its

export targets in the new year.

We talked to İdris BABACAN,

International Sales and Marketing

Manager of Form Sünger,

about future investments, export

targets and R&D studies.

Can you introduce yourself as a

corporate company?

Form Sünger, the leading brand

of Erciyes Anadolu Holding in

the chemistry sector commenced

its operations in February 2002.

Form Sünger, which has become

a well-known and preferred

brand all around the world within

a short time with its high

quality production and service

understanding, is now among

the leading brands of the sector

today by growing day by day

with the investments for the


From furniture to automotive,

home textiles to insulation ,

our products provide solution to

many industries.

Quality assurance is paramount

at Form Sünger in order to offer

1st class products and services

to the customers.

Inspecting compliance of the

production from the raw material

input to the finishing processes


with the standards, products

that Form Sünger produces have

been certified by the top certification

bodies in the world.

Carrying out production at world

standards with its ISO 9000,

ISO 10002, 14000, OHSAS

18001, TSE, Oeko-Tex, Satra,

TSEK and FIRA certificates, Form

Sünger, offers to its customers

services and products in accordance

with quality standards.

Can you tell us about your R&D

studies and analysis laboratories?

Foam Casting Laboratory is the

laboratory where all studies

are carried out step by step

for creating foam rubber recipes,

making improvements in

the product and determining

the superior raw materials for a

better product.

Form Sünger employs state-ofthe-art

technology in its R&D

studies for sustainability and

utmost customer satisfaction in

production. The studies are carried

out in stages and then the

work is finalized by operating

pilot foam casting machine in

the last stage prior to industrial


This device we own has a high

pressure process just like the

industrial foam casting machine

and runs with the same principle;

it is the laboratory version

of an industrial foam casting

machine, including the software


Form Sünger offers this technology,

owned only by a few reputable

raw material companies in

the world, to its customers as

an R&D service

Our Instrumental Analysis Laboratory,

which also operates

under the control of the R&D

department, uses highly sensitive

and state-of-the-art devices

to perform raw material input

controls and analyze the effects

of raw materials in foam rubber

recipes. This laboratory is conditioned

with an air conditioning

system according to normal


Mass measurements are made

in an airless and vibration-free

environment in the Instrumental

Analysis Laboratory.

Parameters such as how the raw

material will be physically treated

in the foam casting, under

how many bars of pressure it

can work, what kind of pipeline

can be used to transport it to

the mixture are calculated by

doing kinematic viscosity measurement

with the viscometer

device . Measurements are held

Under Normal Conditions.

NCO&OH measurements and

Water Determination Experiments

are carried out with a titration

device. The device has the


top technology of its segment.

NCO&OH and water values are

very important parameters in

preparation of foam casting

recipe, and the quality parameters

of the foam (density, cell

structure, hardness, breaking,

tearing, strength under pressure,

air permeability, etc.) are highly

affected by measurement and

inclusion of these values in the


How do you go about production


By meeting customer demands

of various kinds with high

technology production equipment

and methods combined

with years of experience, Form

Sünger aims to raise the bar on

product and service quality even

further. Form Sünger has been

successful in differentiating itself

form others in the industry,

especially in the moulding and

cutting techniques, and continues

to provide high technology

products with various features

like Flexi Foam, Visco Foam, Soft

Foam, Dura Foam, HR Foam and

Mould Foam available in different

colors and densities. As

the first company in Turkey with

continuous moulding technology

to manufacture highly elastic,

stable cell structure foams, Form

Sünger has the capability to

supply ‘’flexible polyurathane

foam’’ in densities required

by European, USA and British

standards. Form Sünger takes

advantage of advanced cutting

techniques like cylinder,revolving,

profile and CNC cutters to

give shape to foams of varying

types and easily meet custom

cut foam demands customers

may make. The cylinder foam

cutting is available at Thickness

varying between 0,17

cm to 5 cm, while the CNC

cutting technique allows foams

of all density and firmness to

be transformed into qualified

products cut to precision thanks

to computer controlled programming.

Form Sünger is able to

meet consumer demands for

varying profile cut types including

single, three or four design

options. The recycle unit within

Form Sünger presents foam that

is made by reproducing the

scrap pieces off cutting lines

into block form , which is later

cut and shaped to meet customer



What kind of work do you do on


Innovation is not only a matter

of R&D but also a matter

that is constantly have a place

in our agenda in all aspect

from all of the departments of

ours. As R&D, we follow the

innovation ideas at the point

of chemical production, but we

never limit this subject only to

chemical production, innovation

is one of our keywords in all

areas of production, shipping,

planning, purchasing and sales

processes, and even human

resources. The rising trend in

chemical production is about

recycling and sustainability. We

proceed with the philosophy

of less petroleum derivatives

and more biodegradable raw

materials on this subject and

we direct our research in this

way. In addition, the continuous

improvement of comfort, the

creation of cleaner and healthier

sleeping and comfort areas,

and the pursuit of innovations

in terms of health are also

a part of our innovation culture.

We have a wide supplier

network, so we are aware of

the developments in the sector

and trying to integrate these

innovations into Form Sünger.

We follow the innovative ideas

developed on nesting (grouping)

in order to reduce the foam

scraps remaining from the processed

foam at the production

point as much as possible; our

P&D team is constantly working

on this issue. Similarly, we aim

to reduce exhaust emissions

by trying to transport as much

volume as possible with the

least number of vehicles and

this is only possible with producing

high quality foams and

we are assertive about this. In

the marketing side, we make

innovations to make access to

information as easy as possible,

both in domestic and international

platforms, and in the way

of digitalization.

Which countries are you currently

exporting to?

As Form Sünger, we export to

more than 250 companies in

nearly 100 countries from the

USA to Europe, from the Middle

East to North Africa, from South

America to the Far East.

What are your targets about export

and domestic market for 2022?

The Industrial Market structure

in which we operate varies

in two ways: Demand-Supply,

Supply-Demand. Since we have

a leading product variety in

the market, increases observed

in the customer structure after

publicity and promotion activities.

This situation also directly

affected by the increase in

demand in the market. Especially

for the year 2022, with the

contribution of the Turkey’s eco-


nomic model, our export-based

production target is among our

main targets. In order to be

ready for this structure, in addition

to all necessary production

and capacity studies, we reflect

the risks in the supply chain

affected by the globally experienced

and ongoing Pandemic

to our customers at a minimum

level, ensuring satisfaction and

trust of customers. Operating as

to developing new products, determining

distribution channels,

having researches on all aspects

of the product for determining

customer preferences or creating

needs, determining the pricing

strategy, and planning, implementation

and auditing so that

all these can be realized at the

most appropriate time and in

the most efficient way.

Which fairs at home and abroad do

you attend?

As Form Sünger, we export to

more than 250 companies in

nearly 100 countries from the

USA to Europe, from the Middle

East to North Africa, from South

America to the Far East.

Finally, how do you see the current

situation of the mattress industry

in Turkey?

Turkey’s share in the mattress

industry is growing every year,

and we believe that this growth

will increasingly continue in the

coming years. Although there

are dozens of companies, large

and small, engaged in mattress

production in many cities

of our country, especially in

Kayseri, each company operating

in the sector has been

developed and has gained

experience and know-how on

mattress production and development.

When you look at the

amount of mattress production

and export in our country, you

will see that these amounts

increase every year. There are

steps to be taken, such as

increasing brand awareness

and R&D investments, in order

to move the mattress production

in Turkey to higher levels

worldwide. However, one of the

biggest advantages ahead is

the increase in the online sales

of the mattresses both in our

country and in the world. In

case the mattress manufacturers

in Turkey keep up with the

online sales channel and follow

the developments in the world

closely and keep up with the

trend, the mattress production

in Turkey will reach much better

points worldwide.


Bedding industry gets

together with IBIA

EXPO 2022

IBIA EXPO - Mattress Sub-Industry and Technologies Fair, which is the

only fair of the mattress industry, will gather all the innovations of the

sector and the mattress sub-industry and technologies under one roof

on 06-09 October 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center.

IBIA EXPO, which will open its

doors with the cooperation of

BİFAŞ - United Fair Construction

Inc. and IBIA - International Mattress

Industry Association, brings

together the giants of mattress

sub-industry and technologies.

The International Mattress Industry

Association (IBIA), which was

formed by the big exporting

companies operating in the field

of mattress industry in Turkey,

which has reached 83 companies

and was established to

contribute to the development

of the sector, aims to increase

its exports of 2 billion dollars

in 2020 to 3 billion dollars in

2023 with the acceleration of

the fair

IBIA EXPO, the fair aiming to

increase the competitiveness

of Turkish mattress sub-industry

manufacturers and to provide

equality of opportunity in business

opportunities, will bring

together foreign and domestic

visitors with its participants

from approximately 10 different

sub-categories with machinery,

fabric, spring, sponge,

yarn, chemistry, fiber and other

auxiliary products that supply

mattress production.

Turkish mattress industry ranks

14th in exports of 31 Billion Dollars


Osman Güler, Chairman of the

IBIA Board of Directors, having

dynamics of the sector and

being pioneer of the establishment

of the association, said

“There are not many sub-industry

and technology companies


in Turkey, but they have an

important place in export figures

with approximately 160 companies.

We will represent our

industry, making a significant

contribution to the country’s

economy in every domestic and

international platform, under the

umbrella of our association. Our

industry is advancing with high

potential targets. Companies,

whose number is over 160 at

the moment, are ready to open

up to the global market”.

Güler, talking about the export

figures of the sector as well as

their contribution to employment

and Turkey’s world ranking in

this segment, said “As for the

numerical size of our sector, a

very bright picture emerges. The

production of the companies

in the sector is 3 billion dollars,

their exports are around 2

billion dollars and they have an

employment of 25,000 people.

In the near future, I think that

we can be among the top 3

countries in this regard. Turkey,

having an export volume of 31

billion dollars worldwide, ranks

14 in mattress production.

Mattress industry meets at this


At the IBIA EXPO press conference,

where Bellona General

Manager Mustafa Karamem,

Bambi Mattress Board Member

Emre Gökmen, Yataş Product

Group Officer Özkan Özkul and

İTHİB Board Member Ali Sami

Aydın, the leading brands in

mattress production in Turkey,

the commercial volume of the

mattress industry was on the


Bambi Mattress Board Member

Emre Gökmen, held the floor at

the meeting, said “The mattress

industry needs to act together

with its industry and production.

As we participated in international

fairs, we saw that it was

inevitable to become a global

brand. As for mattresses, it is

necessary to make a quality

product. I am confident that IBIA

EXPO will be very effective.”

Bellona General Manager

Mustafa Karamiş expressed his

views on the IBIA EXPO fair,


“The establishment of the IBIA

Association is very important

for the whole industry. Data

collection and accurate analysis

will guide our R&D studies. This

construction and fair, which will

eliminate the problem of market

focus, will make all of us


Yataş Product Group Manager

Özkan Özkul said “We desire

and hope that IBIA Association

will be beneficial for the sector.”

Ali Sami Aydın, Member of the

Board of the Istanbul Textile Exporters’

Association, said “I am

confident that IBIA will lead the

industry, engage in anti-competitive

activities and the fair will

have an impact on our export


The sector representatives,

participating from many cities

of Turkey, especially Istanbul,

Bursa and Kayseri, are waiting

very excitedly for the IBIA EXPO,

which will provide an important

opportunity for the development

of the business network and the

announcement of their brands in

the world market.

Osman Güler

IBIA Expo will open its doors to all

professional visitors on 6-9 October 2022 at

the Istanbul Expo Center.

The fair industry will experience

its golden year in 2022

Ümit Vural, Chairman of the

Board of BİFAŞ (United Fair

Yapım A.Ş.), which organizes

the leading fairs of our country

and has achieved great success

in the sector, said “IBIA EXPO

will take place on 6-9 October

2022 in Istanbul Expo Center in


a 15.000 m2 net closed area.

This fair will be international

for the first time. We believe

that the Mattress Sub-Industry

and Technologies Fair will make

a significant contribution to the

sector. We will host hundreds

of companies from home and

abroad. As Mr. Osman Güler,

President of the International

Mattress Industry Association,

stated, our goal is to increase

the competitiveness of our companies

with mattress supplier

companies in the world and to

help them find new markets.”

With the traces of the pandemic

gradually disappearing

from the service sector, the fair

industry is preparing to return

to its old days. Vural, speaking

about the contribution of the

fairs to trade, talked about the

2022 targets of IBIA EXPO, “We

aim to host 20,000 visitors from

Turkey and approximately 70

countries at the fair. With the

participation of over 200 leading

companies and manufacturers

in the sector, we will open

our doors for the first time

under the name of IBIA EXPO

at the Istanbul Expo Center. In

addition to hosting thousands

of visitors, business people,

private buyers, investors and

leading manufacturer brands at

the fair, we started our preparations

for the development of

a business network with B2B


Ümit Vural

IBIA Expo will open its doors to

all professional visitors on 6-9

October 2022 at the Istanbul

Expo Center.


The world mattress

industry meets in Istanbul:


Turkey’s and the world’s leading mattress supply industry and

technology companies will come together at the IBIA EXPO Fair, which

is planned to be held at the Istanbul Expo Center on 6-9 October 2022

IBIA EXPO 2022, which will

host over 200 leading companies

and manufacturers,

plans to open its doors to

industry professionals with

thousands of visitors from

target buyer countries.

Bringing together thousands

of innovative products and

technologies that make up

the components of the mattress

industry under the same

roof, IBIA EXPO aims to host

nearly 20 thousand domestic

and foreign buyers from

14 countries at the Istanbul

and to create a business

network between buyers and

manufacturers. IBIA EXPO,

which has the distinction of

being the only fair organized

on mattress technologies in

Turkey; In addition to bringing

together mattress supply

industry, machinery and hard-


ware manufacturers, it also

has the feature of being an

export platform that exhibits

the latest technologies and

innovative products.


With all kinds of innovative

changes and transformations,

the mattress industry, in its

most modern form, is gaining

even greater speed and

momentum with the latest

technologies in mattress

components. The industry will

be following all these newly

developed products and more



With the increase in the

need for mass production

of mattresses thanks to the

supply-demand situation and

technology in the mattress

industry, the needs of poten-


tial buyers are fully met with

these high-tech machines,

thanks to the fact that IBIA

EXPO brings together all

kinds of high quality and

machine manufacturers.


While a quilting machine

with an increased capacity

with a new design can contribute

to faster production

and your mattress to be ventilated

faster with its newly

designed ventilation capsule,

a mattress with an attractive

design may be in high

demand. At IBIA EXPO, there

are new design products

in the field of machinery,

equipment, or complementary

pillows and sleep products.

Who Can Participate?

Mattress production machines;

mattress edge closing machines,

single head, double

head and multi-needle

quilting machines, mattress

packaging machines, automatic

roll pack machines,

side border machines, sewing

machines, spring pulling machines,

fiber preparation and

mixing machines, nonwoven

- fiber preparation machines,

fiber back recovery machines,

pillow filling machines, quilt

machines, automatic glue

line, pillow press machines,

automatic mattress cover zipper

sewing machines.

Bedding fabrics; Woven,

knitted bedding fabrics, side

border fabrics, plinth fabric,


upholstery fabrics, headboard

fabrics and artificial


Spring and spring production

machines; Boney springs,

bundle spring, micro springs,

wire drawing machines,

automatic bundle spring coil

machines, fully automatic

bundle spring typesetting

machines, bundle spring

typesetting machines, bonnel

spring coil and typesetting

machines, spring winding


Sponges; sponge, visco, latex

and gel Technologies

Glue and Packaging materials:

solvent-based, water-based

glues, hotmelt


Bed accessories; bed wicks,

handles, plinth feet, air

capsules, fabric and leather


mattress labels, metal accessories,


Felt-fiber-Nanwoven; felts, natural

felts, synthetic and natural

fibers, nonwoven fabrics

Production materials; quilting

yarn, bed cover fabric yarn,

shock absorbers, mattress

covers, movable mechanisms,

plinth frames

Complementary products;

pillows, duvets, home textile

products, mattresses, bed

bases, headboards and bedsteads

IBIA EXPO 2022 Istanbul,

where private sector experts,

bedding industry purchasing

authorities, mattress man-

ufacturers, pillow manufacturers,

quilt manufacturers,

sleep products manufacturers,

component exporters, prive

label sleep product manufacturers,

bedding material

manufacturers, home textile

manufacturers, material companies,

distributors, agencies,

companies that want to get

distributorship, professional

import and export companies,

designers, chambers of

commerce and sector institutions

can come as visitors,

will open its doors to visitors

between 10:00-19:00

on 6-7-8-9 October. It is

expected that many participants

from the Middle East,

Europe, USA, China, Russia,

Africa, the Balkans and Turkic

Republics will take part in

the fair.



Comfytex’s goal is to be

at the top 5 in exports

Comfytex, manufacturing mattress fabric, working with 46 brands

and exporting to 62 countries, plans to increase its export, production

and investment capacity, by stepping up in the new year.

We talked to Recep Kezik,

General Manager of Comfytex

operating in Kayseri, about the

company’s targets in the coming

years, its current situation and

the mattress industry in the

world and in Turkey.

Mr. Recep Kezik, can you tell us

about your past and your crossing

paths with Comfytex?

I was born in 1979 in Kayseri.

I completed my primary, secondary,

high school and university

education in Kayseri. I graduated

from Erciyes University KMYO

Accounting Department in 2000.

Then, after graduating from

Eskişehir University Faculty of

Business Administration in 2003,

I was entitled to get the CPA

license in 2009. I married my

wife Şengül Kezik in 2006. We

have 2 children, Ali Can and

Zeynep Şevval.

In the first year of my university

education, I asked myself this

question. “Recep, what do you

want to be?” I decided that the

success, prestige, appreciation,

career, etc., all of these, for

me, are gathered under the roof

of “Holding”, a large commercial

organization, in senior management.

For the last 21 years, I

have been trying and working

to realize my dream.

In my professional business

life of about 21 years, started

as the Accounting and Finance

Manager in the HES Group in

2000 I had the opportunity to

work as Financial Affairs Manager

in various companies including

construction, tourism and

hotel management, health and

hospital, industrial production

sectors and many of the top

500 companies in Turkey.

In August 2019, upon recommendation

of a mutual friend of us,

to Mr. Hasan Küçük, Chairman

of the Board of Comfytex, and

with his suggestion that there

is a company where I can write

my own success story, I started

to work in Comfytex as Financial

Affairs Manager at the beginning

of September 2019, and

I am still working as General

Manager of Comfytex.

Comfytex has undergone a change

in the past months, can you tell us

what you have experienced in this

change, what has changed?


As you know, the world itself is

in a state of change, especially

with the pandemic, the textile

production in the world economy

has started to shift from China

to Turkey. We expect this process

to accelerate and continue.

The main change for us and our

business has been to realize

the processes in the world and

in the international economy

and to achieve the necessary

adaptation on behalf of our

own business.

Can you talk about the investments

made by Comfytex in 2021 and the

machine production capacity it has


While our daily production

capacity was approximately

22.000 meters at the beginning

of 2020, our daily production

amount has reached 57.000

meters thanks to the machinery

investments we have made until

the first quarter of 2021. While

the amount of closed area

used was 8,500 sqm at the

beginning of 2020, our current

indoor area amount increased

to 17,500 sqm. The mentioned

machinery investments have

enabled our company to double

its turnover and profitability in


Can you tell us about near, medium

and long-term goals of Comfytex?

Our company completed its

initial investment in 2021 and

doubled its production and

turnover capabilities despite the

pandemic, aims to enter the

ISO Second 500 with the increase

in net sales in the budget

period of 2022. We hope

that our company, which is the

12th in Turkey in 2020 textile

exports, will be among the top

5 in 2022 textile exports.

Our company, evaluating the

international economic orientation

positively on behalf of our

country and the textile industry

in the medium and long term,

purchased a 53.000 sqm land in

Kayseri Free Zone at the end of

2020 and started the integrated

bedding fabric plant project in

accordance with international

standards on this land. This facility,

which will have a monthly

production capability of 1.5

million kg of fabric, will have

an integrated facility that will

convert from polyester chips to

POY, and from that to textured

yarn and mattress fabric, when

completed. The projected investment

period of our integrated

facility is 5 years, and it will

be commissioned in 2 stages.

After completing the processes

we mentioned, we aim to take

our place in ISO 500.


Innovation in the fabric sector has

gained a lot of value, what are

your studies on this?

As we all know, the rapid

adoption of technology in our

lives, especially in the last 15

years, has been important for

our rise in parallel with the

world, in terms of renewal and

fulfilling the requirements of the

age, even in well-established

companies in the world and in

Turkey. From the date it was

established, our company has

adopted its innovative stance

as its principle and has been

increasing its investments in

this sense.

By following the developments

seriously, in the last quarter of

2021, we have made our production

systems in accordance

with the latest technology,

data traceable and reportable.

In addition, we act with the

responsibility of training our

employees; not only in terms

of company development, but

also that they are members of

the society in the “New World


As for our products, we follow

the world trends closely and

integrate innovative ideas in

the mattress sector into our

structure as a result of our R&D,

P&D and Design units and the

work we do with various universities.

We know that you are an R&D

center, what is your annual R&D

investment, what kind of returns

do you get from here?

Our company received the title

of 491st R&D center in 2017.

It has been certified that the

conditions requested by the

Ministry are met and that our

competence is at the desired

standards, by going through

many examinations during the

stages of becoming an R&D

center. We have many projects


carried out jointly with the

Ministry of Industry, TÜBİTAK

and KOSGEB. From the moment

R&D center was established,

we have signed many projects

and brands with 14 patents,

56 brands and 1,200 registered


With the energy investment you

have made, your costs must have

decreased. Will this strengthen

your position?

In particular, the concept of

solar energy or green energy

has revealed its importance and

necessity with global warming.

Our country’s ratification

of the Paris Agreement and

our investment in green energy,

depending on this process,

both caused us to make energy

inputs at affordable prices and

paved the way for our access

to long-term international funds.

If you are going to start

participating in fairs as of 2022, in

which fairs will we see Comfytex?

The certain fairs we will participate

in now are ISPA 2022

America Fair, IBEA EXPO 2022


2023 Germany Fair. However,

our fair research continues.

Where is the mattress industry

going in the world, where is

Turkey in this?

As you know, there is both

competition and trade relations

between America, Europe and

China. Especially in the last

period, that China directed its

rising commercial power to hightech

products, that it stopped

the incentives it gave to the

textile sector, that international

shipping prices increased

and that the minimum wage

amounts increased over 500

USD in China caused the textile

sector to shift to countries such


as Egypt, India and Mexico, especially

Turkey. This process has

accelerated with sectoral investments

in our country for the last

1 year. The prolongation of the

deadlines of the machine manufacturers

is the most obvious indicator

of the issue. In addition,

this situation reflects positively

on export figures, investments

and balance sheets, and we

believe that it will continue

to be reflected in the next 5

years. When the investments of

competing countries are evaluated,

it is obvious that Turkey

is the country that invests the

most in the sector and accelerates

the development process.

New incentive packages are

announced by the country’s

administration, and thanks to

monetary policies, it is ensured

that the rising exchange rate is

held at a level that will support

exports by resisting the

effects of the domestic market.

Besides, the domestic producers

unite to form associations and

try to transfer the power made

by the union to international

trade. The closest example is

the establishment and activities

of the International Mattress

Industry Association (IBIA) in the

mattress sector.

When we consider all of these

together, it is an inevitable fact

that our country will make a

breakthrough in the bedding industry

and other textile branches

in world trade and produce

very serious brands in the next

5 years. I believe that Turkey

will evaluate most of these



You know that the IBIA

International Mattress Industry

Association was established. What

are your views on this association?

In 2022, the IBIA EXPO fair will

be organized in a very wide area,

will this fair meet the needs of

the industry, and can we get your


When we evaluated the situation

in the world and Turkey,

we mentioned that the mattress

industry in our country is

developing and will continue to

develop rapidly. We have summarized

that the macro dynamics

are in favor of our country.

In these circumstances, one of

the most important duties for

us, the companies operating in

the mattress industry and their

representatives, is to carry out

activities in international platforms

with the power of cooperation

and to take high-level

responsibilities on this way.

The most important organization

of this business is that IBIA

International Mattress Industry

Association organizes the 2022

IBIA EXPO Fair with international

participation by bringing

together all sector representatives

from small to large for this

purpose. Such studies are very

valuable in terms of increasing

the number of them at home

and abroad with the synergy

provided by the partnerships

and for the Turkish mattress

industry to achieve in a rapidly

changing world.

I would like to express my gratitude

to all the small and large

enterprises of our country’s mattress

industry by sacrificing their

time and trade, and to the

valuable managers who strive to

contribute to their opening to

the world. I wish you success in

your work.


Nova Sünger: “We Export to

More than 50 Countries”

Nova Sünger, exporting to

more than 50 countries and

producing wire, spring and

sponge, is determined to increase

its exports and production


You are one of the leading

companies in your sector. Can you

tell us about your establishment

story and the investments you

have made so far?

As a Nova Sünger company,

it operates in Sakarya.

In the production of sponge,

steel and bonnell and pocket

springs, our company is

among the leading companies

in Europe. We are a company

that gives importance to R&D.

We shape our investments

by following technology and


You produce wire, spring and

sponge in the mattress sector.

Will we see you in other areas of

the mattress sector in the coming


We prefer to grow by focusing

on the products we produce,

specializing and increasing


our production capacity with


Do you experience raw material

problems in production processes?

We are not experiencing any


Which countries do you export to

and are there any countries you

want to expand to?

As Nova Sünger, we export to

over 50 countries. Our marketing

department manages

the process in line with sales


Do you participate in domestic and

international fairs?

We were participating in domestic

and international fairs

before the pandemic. During

the pandemic process, fair

organizations were limited. As

of 2022, our fair participation

will start again in the country

and abroad.


Milkay ambitious: We will be

there wherever in the world

mattresses are produced

Milkay, known for producing felt in the mattress industry, focused its

export target on production as a global company in the new year.

Abdullah Nursaçan, Milkay Board

Member, Speaking to Sleep

Tech magazine, said that they

have become a memorable

brand in felt production. Nursaçan,

saying that they export

to 55 countries, stated that

they are working to be a global

company. Referring to the

raw material shortage in the

market, Nursaçan stated that

they were able to manage this

process correctly thanks to their


Can you tell us about your

company’s product portfolio?

With our standard products such

as the desired size 500gr/m2

to 2500gr/m2, Soft Felt (Thermobond),

Hard Felt, Ultra Hard Felt,

the special felts can be made

on the desired touching with

the requested technical conditions.

Hard felt is used as an

isolation material on the Spring,

especially in the Spring mattress

and Soft Furniture group. Beside

this, our White Felt and Milform

and Milsoft products are offered

to the use of the industry.

Will you have R&D and innovation

studies in order to develop new

products in the new year?

We think that quality is one of

the most important conditions

for talking about the existence

of a sustainable company. For

this, our company, managing a

process starting from raw material

input control, intermediate

control and finally final control,

continuously carries out product

development and research and

a team is substituted for this.

Our 100% polyester-based MIL-

FORM product, we have been

producing since 2016, has taken

part as polyester sponge for an

alternative product to sponge

usage in the sector.

What is your monthly product



We serve with a daily installed

capacity of 150 tons. As the

market leader, we dominate

55% of the domestic market.

We got a place in the memories

with Milkay felt title.

Do you experience shortage of raw

materials in production processes?

It is true that we are experiencing

a supply shortage of raw

materials. However, our past

experience directs us to act

when and how, and pushes us

to take action very quickly. The

pandemic has negatively affected

the entire supply process.

The raw material we use in

production ultimately mainly consists

of textile wastes from the

textile and apparel industry, the

workshops that are not working,

and the reduced production volumes

have caused a reduction

in waste. This influenced us

negatively. When some of our

raw materials started to be exported

as raw materials directly

from the source without being

finished, a contraction occurred

in the domestic market.

Which countries do you export to

and will you open to new markets

in the new year?

Milkay is a brand that is

sought and preferred in 55

countries around the world. We

have been supplying the world’s

largest mattress manufacturers

for more than 25 years. Our

macro goal is to exist wherever

mattresses are produced in the


Which companies do you work

with in the mattress industry?

While all sector players, having

daily production of 50/bed or

more are our potential target

audience, we have cooperation

with all valuable companies

located in Turkey that have

reached a certain brand value.


Yataş Sünger Aims to Triple

Production in 2023

Yataş Sünger, carrying out all

kinds of R&D studies for the

comfort and satisfaction of its

customers and offering a variety

of products to their service,

plans to increase its R&D

studies, export and production

capacity in the coming years.

Can you tell us about the R&D and

innovative studies your company

has developed on mattress sponge?

Our R&D activities, which we

carry out together with raw

material companies and independently

within the company,

go on continuously. R&D of

structural changes in sponge

is carried out together with

raw material companies. We

have recently developed our

Biocrystal product, containing

100% natural crystal powders.

It provides a relaxing sleep by

helping to reduce the stress

and muscle tension accumulated

in the body throughout

the day. It helps your body to

gather energy during the night

by regulating your breathing.

We added this technology to

the open-cell visco sponge


structure that puts less pressure

on the body. Our R&D

studies, which prioritize health

and comfort, are continuing.

Our studies on this subject

are carried out in order to

increase the comfort of people

in order to fall asleep more

easily and to increase their

deep sleep time. In addition,

we have a product portfolio

enriched with cooling, relaxing

and energy-enhancing additives,

providing extra comfort

to people. In addition, with

the acceleration of exports

and e-commerce, the boxing

and packaging processes are

carried out thanks to the

volumetric reduction of the

products by exposing them to

pressure. We have increased

the shelf life in this process

by concluding our work on

sponges that will withstand

this pressure for the longest

time and will be affected the

least. Once more, according

to the hardness and comfort

preferences of the exporting

countries, our R&D activities

continue to develop products

that will meet these demands.

Which machines and raw materials

do you use in terms of production


The most important issue that

we pay attention to both in

purchasing raw materials and

in choosing machines is to

work with companies that will

develop us, carry us forward,

present us with the innovations

of the sector, with

whom we can make innovative

studies and establish strategic

partnerships. We continue

to work with the leading

companies of the world and

our country, which can make

these collaborations and have

the necessary competence.

As there is no raw material

production in our country, we

have collaborations all over

the world, mainly with European

companies whose raw

material supply meets the

criteria we have mentioned

above. In terms of machinery,

we have the strongest brands


in terms of quality and brand

awareness worldwide. Quality

is kept at high levels with

Albrecht Baeumer in the field

of sponge cutting and Laader

Berg Sponge casting machines,

where you can buy the highest

quality sponge as production

quality. There have been

serious developments in machine

production in our country

in recent years. Our company

follows these developments

closely, and if our expectations

are met, we also use

domestic machinery in order

to support the development of

the domestic sector.

What is your annual production

capacity and how much do you

plan to increase it in the new year?

We have an annual production

capacity of 650 thousand m3.

In 2021, we will have used all

of this capacity. In 2022, we

will increase capacity by 20%

- 30%. Considering the scale

size and other risks, it is not

preferred to grow more in a

single facility in the sponge

industry. As Yataşfoam, we

aim to triple our growth with

our İncesu Factory, whose project

works are about to finish

and will start production in

the first months of 2023. As

of 2023, we will have a total

capacity of 1.7 million m3 in

our two factories.

Do you experience raw material

problems in production processes??

We are very sensitive about

quality stability and deadline

for raw materials. Especially

in the last 2 years, serious

problems have been experienced

in the supply and

transportation of raw materials

under pandemic conditions. In

these periods, we used the

strategy of bearing inventory

costs more effectively against

the risk of being without raw

materials or being in need

of poor quality raw materials,

which we generally adopt. In

this way, we did not encounter

a serious problem related

to raw materials. Of course,

due to the measures we took

to eliminate this problem, we

had to undertake the stocking

costs and the risk of high

prices of the raw materials in

stock. However, we fulfilled

the orders of our dealers and

customers without making

them feel the difficulties experienced

in raw materials.

Which countries do you export

to and can you tell us about your

export targets in the new year?

In 2021, we exported to 5

countries, Georgia, Israel,

Palestine, Libya and Iraq. We

aim to keep our export figures

and the number of countries

stable until the İncesu Sünger


production facilities, which we

will run in 2023, due to the

intense domestic demand and

that our factory capacity is

filled with domestic demands.

We expect to complete our

infrastructure and investment

works first, as significant

increases in sales due to our

capacity utilization rate being

at maximum levels will adversely

affect our service quality

to both our existing customers

and those we will add. In

this period, we strengthen our

investments in this direction

by closely following our market

research, expectations and

developments of the market.

By 2023, we aim to increase

our exports in terms of country

and tonnage at significant


How do you see the latest situation

of the mattress industry in Turkey

and what are your predictions for

the new year?

Pandemic conditions had an

impact on the mattress sector

as well as the others. Online

commerce accelerated during

this period. The shift of shopping

on e-commerce and the

concentration of transactions in

digital environments accelerated

the work of manufacturing

companies in this direction.

In this context, in addition to

the strengthening of electronic

infrastructures, the products,

packaging and logistics structures

suitable for this trade

gained serious importance.

Now, while designing the

product, the attention has

been paid to the fact that it

is suitable for cargo shipping.

In addition, the strengthening

of the foreign exchange

brought the demand for

exports. These efforts significantly

increased the export of

mattresses. Of course, the roll

pack event was inevitable due

to the increase in container

and transportation costs.

Efforts are made to ensure

that the products made are

suitable for roll packs and that

the raw materials used in the

products are not deformed too

much due to this compression.

There is a contraction in demand

in the domestic market.

Inflation and the decrease in

purchasing power negatively

affect the products that are

not in the basic needs item,

as well as the mattress sector.


Baleko: “We Export to

More Than 20 Countries”

Mahmut Özustaoğlu, the company representative of Baleko, the

sub-industry production for the mattress industry, emphasized that

they took part in contract manufacturing by making an investment

partnership, and they did not compromise on quality and could

determine their own position.

We talked to Mahmut Özustaoğlu,

the company representative

of Baleko, producing for the

mattress sector in many fields

from textile to packaging, from

plastic to mattress spring and

providing export-oriented services,

both the general situation

of the sector and the role of

Baleko in the sector. Özustaoğlu,

stating that they export to

25 countries, underlined that

they spend all their energies on

international marketing.

You are operating in many

products in the field of bedding

materials. Are you having trouble

with the supply of raw materials?

In the bed, base and soft

furniture group, we supply raw

materials to companies that

produce in countries on many

different continents, and we

collect products from companies,

producing in a wide variety of

sectors. This can cause difficulties

in supply from time to time

due to market conditions and

non-standard product demands

arising from the production

culture of each country according

to its own structure.


How do you position yourself

regarding the products you


BALEKO Foreign Trade is an

organization that spends all its

energy on international marketing.

Therefore, it will not

undertake the production itself,

but will only spend its energy

on production and take part in

contract manufacturing by making

investment partnerships with

experts in the field. As this

provides more benefits in quality

and service diversity, we can determine

our own position according

to the demands of customers

and prospective customers in the


What is your annual export


Since BALEKO Foreign Trade is

a service-oriented company, not

production-oriented, it would

not be right for us to comment

on capacity. However, we can

summarize as follows that we

have reached our annual target

of 150 declarations.

Which countries do you export to?

According to the data of 2021,

we serve more than 20 countries.

Our main markets are

Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and

Herzegovina, England, Russia and

South Africa.

Will you be in search of a new

market in the new year?

Our first goal is to expand our

customer network in the markets

we are in and to provide

a more dominant service. Of

course, it is also among our

plans to conduct market research

such as fairs, travel plans, etc.

How do you evaluate the current

situation of Turkey in the mattress


We think it would be correct

to analyze it with numbers. The

mattress industry sector, which

supplies mattress production factories

in the country and abroad

and exported approximately 2

billion dollars last year, aims to

increase exports to 3 billion dollars

in 2023. Turkey assumes an

innovative, quality-oriented and

export-oriented role in this sector.

Most importantly, Turkey will

gain much larger market shares

in this sector where serious

investments and technologically

focused moves are made.






to Innovative


Hasplast, one of the rising companies

of the plastics sector,

emphasized that the development

of the packaging sector

is directly proportional to the

development of Turkey.

Can you tell us a little about your

company history?

Hasplast Plastik Inc. is a company

operating in the plastic

and packaging industry since

1994. The product range of our

company, which carries out its

production in an area of approximately

12.000 m2, is printed

and unprinted packaging nylon,

shrink film, pallet cover, perforated

bag, stretch film, bubble

wrap, nylon rolls. It can meet

the demands of its customers

from 10 cm to 320 cm with

high quality and quickly.

What would you like to say about

your company’s vision?


What is your annual production

capacity and do you plan to

increase this capacity?

Our annual production capacity

is approximately 12,000,00

tons. Of course, we will continue

to increase according to

market conditions.

It is to maintain customer satisfaction

with sustainable quality

at every stage.

To what do you owe the success of

your company?

It is to provide products to its

customers in international standards,

to develop innovative

products by constantly following

the developing technology.

Do you experience shortage of raw

materials in production processes?

Until 2021, we did not have a

problem with the supply of raw

materials. Unfortunately, due

to the conditions during the

pandemic process, there is a

shortage of raw materials for a

short time.

What would you like to say about

the current situation and future of

Turkey regarding the packaging


We can draw attention to the

fact that the development of

the packaging sector is proportional

to the development of a

country. When it is the case,

it is obvious that it will be a

sector that will go even further.


“The strong

demand and

tight supply

continue to put

upward pressure

on industrial sector in


Cushman & Wakefield, a global

leader in the commercial real

estate consultancy market, has

published the ‘Turkey Market

Analysis 2021 Third Quarter’

report prepared for the office,

retail, industry and logistics


While the rise in logistics rents

accelerates investment activities,

the eyes of international investors

seeking solutions to global supply

chain problems and increasing

costs and risks are in Turkey

While there was a 20% increase

in logistics rents in 2021

compared to the same period of

the previous year, International

investors interest may accelerate

to Turkey by creating opportunity

from its advantageous

geopolitical location in the long

term. It is expected that the upward

trend in leasing activities

and rents will continue in the

upcoming periods as well. While

the total transaction volume of

warehouse space rental activities

was realized as 64,000 m²

in the third quarter of the year,

a 20% increase was recorded

in logistics rentals in 2021 compared

to the same period of

the previous year. It is expected

that the significant increase

in warehouse leasing activities

and rents will be maintained

in the upcoming period. In the

third quarter of the year, industrial

and logistics investment

transactions gained momentum.

While investment transactions

mainly consist of land purchases,

significant rental transactions

on a category basis; logistics

users and packaged food manufacturers

and wholesalers.

While the fluctuations in the

exchange rate and supply chain

problems lead to cost increases,

these factors create negative

pressure on the manufacturing


industry, but the improvement

is expected to continue in the

future. Along with the increasing

demand for qualified storage

areas in the developing e-commerce

axis, new development

projects, technology and automation

investments in storage,

and investments in transfer

center and regional warehouses

will also increase.

Due to the limited supply of

qualified buildings, users are

expected to turn to the built-tosuit

model with the project developers

for properties that can

meet their needs for modern

production facilities and logistics


Retail showing signs of revival

post lockdown

The online sales volume, which

increased in parallel with the

change in consumer habits

as a result of the pandemic,

increased by 44% in August

compared to the same month

of the previous year, and the

online sales turnover increased

by 61.8%. Along with the rise

of online retail, the concept

of experience merchandising

maintained its popularity in this

quarter, while shopping malls

started to turn into socialization

areas again.



and limited

supply create



on logistics



When we look at the square

meter productivity indices on

the basis of categories, it is

seen that the most notable

increase was experienced in the

food and beverage category

with 100%, as in the previous


While digitalization gains momentum

in the reshaped retail

market, retailers strengthen their

technological infrastructure in

their physical stores. This trend

will continue to strengthen in

the following periods of the

year. However, property owners

and investors must address the

need for more open spaces,

interactive entertainment and

cultural activities, new health

and safety standards, and

concept change in response to

changing consumer demand. The

revival observed in retail will be

shaped by concepts that offer

useful, unique and target-oriented


As the trend towards hybrid

working model and return to office

increases, the demand for qualified

and high quality office buildings is


In the third quarter of 2021, the

general supply in the Istanbul

office market remained at the

same level of 6.5 million m²,

while leasing transactions were

recorded as 64,018 m² in total.

New lease agreements accounted

for 84.9% of the leasing

transactions realized in the third

quarter and the highest office

rents were realized in Istanbul

Levent with ₺190 per square


In line with the normalization

steps in the third quarter of

2021, companies have determined

new strategies with the

start of the return to office process.

In this process, the importance

of the existence of offices

has emerged as a result of the

decrease in employee engagement

and business continuity as

a result of the remote working

model. Many companies adopted

the hybrid working model

that sees individuals in the

office 2 or 3 days a week and

plan to continue this system

permanently in the post-pandemic

period. List prices that

remained stable for almost two

years due to high inflation and

exchange rate pressure, started

to move upwards. Rents are

now increasing in local currency

at a rate below the inflation

rate, and the increase is expected

to continue. In this case,

it is foreseen that the balance

of supply and demand will be

equiatable in the medium and

long term.


Kaytela’s Export Target in

New Year is 70%

Kaytela Board Member Dündar

Öz underlined that they will

increase both their production

capacity and export rates in the

new year in his statements to

our magazine.

Mr. Dundar; You have a corporate

history of 21 years, 8 of which

were in Kaytela. Can you tell us

about this process?

Kaytela Tekstil has been supplying

intermediate products in the

furniture sector for more than

8 years. During the pandemic,

it has made a customer profile

in the medical and filter sector,

as well as the furniture sector.

Our company, which exported

50% of its total sales in

2021 in line with the previous

targets, aims to increase this

export rate to 70% next year. It

exports to more than 20 countries,

especially European Union

countries and Balkan countries.

Can you tell us about the R&D

projects you have developed in

interlining production?

We have investments to

expand the production capacity

and customer profile. We

are currently doing feasibility

studies for a new interlining

machine investment. At the

same time, a machinery

investment has been made for

printing on interlining in line


with customer demands and it

was commissioned in November


Do you experience shortage of raw

materials in production processes?

In the last period, some problems

have been experienced

due to the excessive fluctuation

in raw material prices. However,

these problems remained


What is your monthly production


Our monthly production capacity

is around 350 tons.

How much do you plan to exceed

your capacity in the new year?

We are targeting 400 tons

of monthly capacity with the

increase in productivity in 2022

and 750 tons with capacity

increase in 2023.

How do you position yourself in

interlining as a manufacturing

company in Turkey?

During the pandemic process,

along with the new machinery

investments, a large number

of machine installations were

carried out in Turkey and in the

world, and some of these newly

established companies remained

idle after the pandemic process

continued stable. However,

thanks to our company’s industry

experience and customer-oriented

approach, we continue to

work at full capacity.


R&D studies for raw material

production from 3A Tekstil

3A Tekstil, producing materials on bedding and sleep products, went

about for the solution of raw material need and import, which is one

of the biggest problems of the sector.

We talked to Muhammed Alkurt,

one of the company’s partners,

about the vision, production

processes, export range and

R&D studies of 3A Tekstil.

Can you tell us about your history

and the story of your company?

After working for more than 10

years in various companies both

at home and abroad in the

mattress and sleep sector, we

established our own company in

2017 to offer special services

and products to the mattress

sector. Since then, we have

been serving the sleep industry

with various products we have

developed and designed entirely

by ourselves.

You produce materials for the

mattress sector. What materials

do you serve? What processes do

these materials go through while

being produced?

Our company offers various

products to domestic and

foreign companies, producing

mattresses and sleep products.

Our product range is very wide

and we are producing various

bed covers, sleeping pads,

specially designed pillows and

sleep products made of different

materials, CNC sponge, sandwich

mattresses and pillows.

Do you experience raw material

problems in production processes?

Can you mention?

In our production process, we

are using a wide variety of raw

materials from both domestic

and foreign sources. As we do

not violate product standards,

we are sometimes having

difficulties in supplying some



Will you invest in other products,

making up the components of

mattress in the next years?

Our company carries out R&D

and investment studies for the

production of some raw materials

imported from abroad, the

industry needs in the coming


Which companies at home or

abroad do you work with or are in

close contact with?

Generally, we are serving most

of Turkey’s leading mattress

manufacturers. In addition, we

serve many mattress manufacturers

in countries such as Germany,

Israel, Belgium, Netherlands,

USA, Switzerland and Denmark.

Which countries do you export to?

What are your export targets in the

new year?

Our company is making export

to many countries. Some

of them are Israel, Germany,

Switzerland, Macedonia, Kosovo,

USA, UK etc.

Finally, is there anything you

would like to add?

Although the mattress and sleep

sector is a rapidly growing and

developing sector in the world,

the demand for the products

produced in Turkey is increasing

day by day. Companies that

analyze this well and increase

the quality of service and

product will grow very quickly.

For this reason, we believe that

organizations and fairs that will

develop this sector should be

held much more frequently.


Mavera Kimya is on the way to

become an international brand

Mühiddin Ergüneş, Chairman of

the Board of Mavera Kimya,

which has been operating under

the Ergüneş Group for 20 years,

hinted that they are on the

way to become an international

brand, underlining that they

will follow a determined way in


You have been serving in many

sectors under the umbrella of

Ergüneş Group for nearly 40 years,

and one of these sectors is the

chemical industry. Can we hear

from you about the founding story

of Mavera Kimya and how it came

to be today?

In fact, we can say that Mavera

Kimya has become the

most important milestone of the

Ergüneş Group. Mavera Kimya

was founded in May 2011 with

the cooperation of two companies

that have been trading

for many years, BKS Kimya and

Huzur Malzemecilik, with tremendous

effort and excitement.

Hüseyin Başak, who revealed

his professional experience of

nearly 25 years as of the year

of establishment, and Seyfi

Ergüneş and his brothers,

who revealed his 30 years of

sectoral knowledge, were the

names that were instrumental

in the beginning of a very long

and valuable success story.

Solvent-Based Sponge Adhesive,

which was formed in the first

days of its establishment with

the experience of both founding

companies, providing production

and supply services to its

customers without a break for

a day, Mavera Kimya started

the production of Hot-melt


Adhesive, which is perhaps

the most important topic within

its establishment purpose

and vision, in 2012. The process,

in which we managed

to come to a very important

position in the production of

Hot-melt Adhesive in Turkey in

a very short time, continued

non-stop with new production

techniques and new products

that emerged as a result of our

R&D activities. In this process,

we started to produce Pocket

Spring Hot-melt Adhesives and

PSA Hot-melt Adhesives used in

mattress production, which are

two different types of Hot-melt

Adhesives that are very critical

for the mattress industry, and

as a result, we started to be

favored by the most important

bag spring and mattress manufacturers

of our country and

surrounding countries.

In its first years, Mavera

Kimya continued its investments

with products

and customers with high

brand value and trade

volume, which it added to

its portfolio and exports.

Perhaps the first important intersection

in the investment title

was the fact that Mavera Kimya

moved to the factory building,

which is currently active and

owned by us, in 2015, and

went through a new restructuring

in this direction. As a result

of this new structuring and new

opportunities, we started to

produce Wax Silicone, two very

important innovative and value-added

products for Turkey,

and of course Pillow type PSA

Hot-melt Adhesives, which we

started to produce for the mattress


In short, Mavera Kimya, which

started with only 4 people at

the beginning, continues its

activities with the same enthusiasm,

although it has come to

the present day by developing

products for many new and

different sectors with the same

determination and determination

with its team that has grown

both in quality and quantity.

What are the differences between

your vision at the foundation stage

and your vision today?

During the foundation years, we

had a vision based on quality

products. We focused on product

development, leaving almost

all commercial concerns. This has

been a very important motivator

for us. When I look back, I see

how right we were.

It is because Mavera Kimya,

whose vision for the future is

to create a brand and company

with international value,

had to reach a certain point

in both product and service

quality. Today, the vision of

Mavera Kimya, which has a very

important position and value

in Turkey, is to become an

international brand that adds

value to all humanity, especially

its nation, with its advanced

products in terms of quality and


Can you explain to us the

production processes of the

glue and its use in the mattress


There is a process that requires

technical experience and ability

in the manufacture of glue. The

process that starts with finding

the right raw material is followed

by raw material quality

control, R&D, laboratory formulation

studies, manufacturing,

quality control and packaging


Of course, the formulation stage

of chemical products is very

difficult and requires experience

and knowledge. But adhesive

manufacturing also has complex

manufacturing processes that are


uniquely challenging, but also

lengthy and require a highly

skilled team of multi-component


Of course, all these challenging

processes are for our customers

to use these products efficiently

and easily without difficulty.

It is very important for us

to produce products that will

provide the same efficiency in

the mattress industry and that

can be used without creating

recycling costs. Pillow type

PSA Hot-melt Adhesives, Pocket

Spring Hot-melt Adhesives and

Solvent Based Adhesives that

we produce in this direction are

consumed in line with different

purposes and usage habits in

mattress manufacturing.

Each mattress manufacturer

prefers products in line with

their own manufacturing capabilities

and targets. Of course,

at this stage, we try to help

our customers in this preference

process by providing technical

consultancy and providing the

necessary technical support so

that they can use the right

product correctly.

What developments do you think

will happen in the glue industry

in the new year? Can we get your


As you know, the future is

being tried to be built on

environmentally friendly products

and consumption habits that

are trying to be made in this

direction, with contents that are

environmentally friendly and not

harmful to human health.

Undoubtedly, the adhesive

industry will have to keep

up with this change. On this

occasion, we will have more

environmentally friendly and

healthier products. This is of

course difficult, but it will also

be a necessary change, both

individually and socially. However,

this wind of change started

to blow very hard and almost

destructively with the effect of

the global epidemic and supply

crisis, and negatively affected

the glue diversity and production

efficiency by making a

negative effect on the supply

of all manufacturing components,

especially all chemical raw

materials and energy. It seems

that 2022 will also be very difficult

under the influence of the

same strong wind. This situation

heralds that we will witness

new developments in the new

year, especially in the adhesive


As Mavera Kimya, we fully believe

that we will overcome this

process in a solid and even

more advanced manner together

with our valuable team, all our

stakeholders from our suppliers

to our customers, and other adhesive

industrialists with whom

we operate in the sector.

Will we be able to see you with

new investments in the following


Investment does not stop. The

industrialist cannot stop the

investment. Being determined

to invest as long as possible is

one of the principles of industrialism.

Follow Mavera Kimya.


Nerteks: Our general point

of view is solution-oriented

service approach

Fırat Akıncı, Domestic Sales

Coordinator of Nerteks, which

manufactures yarn used in the

production of bedding and

sleep products, stated that they

aim to grow by using technology.

You have 50 years of experience

in the sector and 22 years of

institutionalism as a company. Can

you tell us about your history and

the story of your company?

As Nerteks yarn, we began our

commercial activities by starting

to manufacture textile accessories

in Istanbul in 1969. In the

following years, our textile accessories

started to continue in

our factory in Gaziosmanpaşa,

and our yarn production started

in our factory in Hadımköy. We

are trying to be a solution partner

in the sector by investing in

the latest technological machinery

every day.

You produce materials for the

mattress industry. What materials

do you serve?

Our apparel sewing threads

are sectoral appealing to a

production segment from shirts

to suits, from denim pants

to combed cotton. We started

the production of sewing

threads used in the production

of mattress and sleep products

in 2008. We continue on our

way by incorporating the latest


technology machines into our

factory for this growing sector.

We meet the orders of our

valued customers by preparing

the sewing threads used in the

sector with great care.

Will you invest in other products

that make up the components of

the mattress in the coming years?

As Nerteks, we only help with

sewing threads for all existing

and future customer groups in

this sector. We do not consider

any investment in other materials


Do you experience raw material

problems in production processes?

Of course, the raw material

problems in our country make

us suffer from time to time,

but we are trying to solve this

issue with great devotion without

reflecting it on our valued


Which countries do you export to?

In the production of mattresses

and sleep products, we have an

increasing sales momentum in

the manufacturers in our country.

In terms of exports, we have

a considerable sales chart in

Russia and Europe, especially

in the Balkan countries. As

the wish of each company, we

strive to develop our domestic

and foreign portfolios in line

with our capacity.

Which companies at home or

abroad do you work with or are in

close contact with?

As Nerteks company, our general

point of view is solution-oriented

service approach. We have

all kinds of technology and

knowledge for this. Every order

passed to our company has a

high value and it is our primary

duty to protect this value.

Finally, is there anything you

would like to add?

We are proud of the right to

exist in this sector, where there

are many valuable companies

and which is built on solid foundations

day by day. We carry

our respect and greetings to all

companies that have contributed

to this sector. Regards.


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Vegan mattress ticking has been

developed with natural threads.

Whole process accomplished completely

away from animals, with using

plant-based fibers.


MEBEL 2021

Hall: 8.1 Booth: 81B10

Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

22-26 NOVEMBER 2021

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