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Bungalows or villas used to be the ideal home of India's upper-middle and affluent sections only a few years

ago. The rowhouse or the builder floor were the next best things if it wasn't economical. The high-rise

apartment first caught the attention of the upper-middle and affluent classes in the 1980s or 1990s. Builders

were eager to seize the opportunity, and it was only a matter of time before they began to adorn the tower

complex with luxuries such as a clubhouse, spa, restaurants, sports facilities, and, in some cases, even a retail

center. Shimmer ocean pearls bring to the market, luxury bungalows project near Mumbai with all the

aristocracy one needs.

Retirement plans come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Investing in Second Homes is one of the most

popular ways to secure your retirement. Second houses, as the name implies, are properties where you don't

live full-time but invest wisely. Depending on one’s objectives and lifestyle, he may use these dwellings in a

variety of ways.


• Their bungalows provide an unrivaled blend of country-styled bucolic ambiance with adorning amenities

meant to lift your spirits. It's a place for brief escapes where you can make lifelong memories.

• This place is suitable and The Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) has established a stable and functional

regulatory framework for real estate matters. It gives the customer a place to talk about his or her

difficulties. Simmer Ocean Pearls is nearing completion and is RERA registered with the number

P51700024373, as well as meeting all other Real Estate requirements for smoother project execution.

• Healthy people live in wholesome homes. Maintenance, Electrical components, and Pipework (MEPL) of

Shimmer Ocean Pearls are protected by Falcon Group – one of the largest, believed, and renowned groups

that offer assistance to leading organizations such as Lodha, International Airport, Shapoorji Pallonji,

BARC, BPCL, India Bulls, Larsen & Toubro Ltd, Reliance Industries Ltd, and many others.

• As a Real Estate Company, Shimmer Ocean Pearls has built inexpensive exquisite residential houses that

meet all of the practicalities and pleasures that NRIs seek. So come, put your money where your mouth is,

and put your confidence in us.

There are a variety of incentives to consider investing in these second houses. Rental revenue, holiday

houses, and tax benefits are just a few examples. Before purchasing a property for a second home, be sure

you can afford it. They should conduct study and purchase the property depending on their preferences or

intended purpose. Some individuals choose to purchase residences with a view. They will be able to relax as

a result of this. To take advantage of these initiatives, you might hunt for a Luxury Bungalow for sale near

Mumbai or another nearby city.


Almost every person desires to possess a home that not only suits their wants and demands but also allows

them to live comfortably in luxury villas in Mumbai. A home is one of the most valuable things a person can

own, thus it should be one of the greatest, meeting all of their demands. People are shifting from their old

choices of constrained living quarters to ones that are considerably larger and enlarged in these times of

expanding modernization.

The Shimmer Ocean Pearls is one such Luxury Bungalow project near Mumbai. There are bungalows

available, all of which are exquisitely decorated. These projects are situated outside of Mumbai's suburbs and

might help you escape the city's cacophony. These Bungalows feature a lovely sea view from where you

may relax and contemplate near the water. Given below are the reasons why you need such luxury


EXCLUSIVITY: A big percentage of purchasers are looking for houses that may be used as a form of a

luxury item. Because luxury villas are at the upper end of the market, they have an aura of exclusivity and


SMART INVESTMENT: Villas are usually a good investment option since they are large and spacious.

This is particularly true in a city like Mumbai, where real estate space is scarce. There are several luxury

villas for sale across the city, all of which are likely to appreciate in value in the future years.

COMPLETE PRIVACY: A luxury villa is a wonderful choice for purchasers who want complete solitude.

It allows for a tranquil and quiet existence because there are no shared walls or communal rooms. In essence,

it provides all of the benefits of a luxury apartment without the disadvantages.

These were a few of the main reasons why individuals opt to acquire luxury villas in a crowded city like

Mumbai is because of this. If you are reading this then this is your sign to check out luxury Bungalows for

sale in Mumbai by Shimmer Ocean Pearls.

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