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Natick December 2021








Vol. 6 No. 12 Free to Every Home and Business Every Month December 2021

From Venezuela To Natick

A Musical Journey

By Sean Sullivan

For those who make the

move far from home to a new

way of life, heirlooms can be a

way to hold on to memories and

tradition. Such tangible items

from another life are powerful

touchstones, connections to

other times and places, phases

in one’s journey.

That’s been the case for

Natick resident Juan Wulff, who

imported the custom of the Cuatro

when he moved from Venezuela

to the United States in

2015. The musical instrument

is a fixture in his former country,

and Wulff has continued

playing the Cuatro - a practice

that keeps him connected to the

culture in which he was raised.

“In Venezuela, every family

has a Cuatro at home,” said

Wulff, who has been playing the

instrument for two decades. He

added that a dream of his is to

make it as famous as the ukulele

in the pantheon of instruments.

He’d studied and played

piano earlier in life, but sought

an instrument that’s more portable

and wieldy. The Cuatro

stood waiting for Wulff at the

friendly intersection of size, tradition

and accessibility.

“I wanted to have an instrument

that was easier to carry to

parties,” he said of the Cuatro,

which he originally learned to

play by watching other musicians.

To refine his acoustic

game, he has for the past few

years been taking professional


“It’s very rich,” he said of the

instrument. “You can learn for


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Boys’ Cross

Country Qualifies

For All State Meet

For the first time in more than

30 years, the Natick Boys’ Cross

Country team qualified for the All

State meet.

Head Coach Matthew Miller

was proud of the team’s performance.

“We have had a terrific 6-3

season and topped it off with the

third best showing from all Bay

State Conference schools, only

behind Brookline and Newton

North. This is the first time in

over thirty years that Natick Boys

Postal Customer


The award ceremony where Ben Feldman got his 7th place medal.

Courtesy photo.

have qualified for the All State

meet in cross country,” he said.

Miller, who is also a history

teacher at Natick High School,

has coached the team for more

than 10 years.

The post-season team that advanced

to the All State Meet consists

of one senior, four juniors,

and five sophomores:

Senior - Carson Moellering


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your entire life the Cuatro.”

Wulff has teamed up with a

friend who’d been a professional

harpist in Venezuela, the two

artists finding time to hone their

act and skills amid the myriad

responsibilities vying for their attention.

“Together, it sounds great,”

said Wulff of the two string instruments.

“For me, it’s just like a

class to be with him.”

The duo has lately been working

on an ode to “Ten Summoner’s

Tales,” the infectious

and whimsical narrative album

released by Sting in 1993. The

record features the then-ubiquitous

“Fields of Gold” and “If I

Ever Lose My Faith in You,” and

the album’s storytelling style and

frugal musical accompaniment is

ready-made for an acoustic artist

like Wulff and his Cuatro to cover.

The spartan songs “The

Shape of My Heart,” and “Seven

Days,” are among the tracks in

“Ten Summoner’s Tales” that

Wulff has been practicing. The

plucky ballads feature string melodies

front and center, seemingly

custom-made for cover versions

featuring the Cuatro.

The instrument is a descendant

of the Spanish guitar, whose

country of origin exerted colonial

influence over Venezuela in centuries

past. One legacy of that

history is the Cuatro. If the ring

of Wulff’s last name seems inharmonious

to his Venezuelan roots,

it’s because he owes that surname

to some German ancestry.

His voice and plucking of

strings amplified by a small microphone

and speaker system,

Wulff could be heard strumming

the Cuatro and singing on a

neighbor’s stoop in late September.

He was one of many performers

around town in Natick’s

“Porchfest,” an annual music

event in which residents lend out

their verandas as venues for local

musical acts. Wulff’s music journey,

his history with the Cuatro,

made him stand out somewhat

from that crowd of performers.

Porchfest found Wulff paired

that Saturday with a (distant)

neighbor on Washington Street,

where he plucked at the Cuatro’s

strings before a small audience

gathered upon the house’s lawn.

There, he performed a rendition

of Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole’s

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow/

What a Wonderful World.” The

piece blends the lyrics of the classic

Judy Garland and Louis Armstrong


Kamakawiwoʻole’s song became

a staple of popular culture

during the first decade of the

2000s - heard over airwaves, in numerous

films, television shows and

commercials. The Hawaiian artist

originally recorded it in 1988, to

the sound of his strumming ukulele,

an instrument whose warm

and sharp island tenor make it a

close cousin to the Cuatro. The

two instruments have traditionally

shared the feature of four stings

made of nylon. Wulff’s rendition

of the song arrived crisp and clear

among rows of houses that balmy

late-summer afternoon.

The Cuatro has kept Wulff in

touch with his erstwhile culture,

yes, but the act of making music

has also been centering in and of


“In between work and the

pandemic it’s been crazy,” said

Wulff, who works as a contractor,

and his wife as an architect. He’s

been playing more now since

Covid seems to have waned.

“I need to keep doing that. It’s

something that keeps your brain



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Juniors - Ben Feldman (#1

runner and 7th at the Division 1

meet), Ben Scharr-Weiner, Nate

Lord, Jack Kidd

Sophomores - Steven D’Alessandro

(#2 runner and 33rd at

D1 meet), Jacob Tobin, Sean

Fleming, Nick Bianchi, Brian Arthur.

Miller said, “Ben Feldman has

been one of the best runners in

the state all year, and the other

runners have progressed rapidly

to supplement his ability, culminating

in an 8th place finish at

the Division 1 meet, … where the

team qualified through to the All

State Meet.”

Carson Moellering and Ben Scharr-Weiner charge up the hill.

Courtesy photo.


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The boys qualified by placing

8th in the Divison IA Eastern

Massachusetts Championships

last month, at the Wrentham

Developmental Center’s 5k cross

country course.

Kathy Fleming, the Natick

High School Girls Assistant Distance

coach, said that race was

definitely challenging.

“The Division I race was by

far the most densely populated (

Division 1B and Division 1C also

competed at Wrentham later in

the day) with the best cross country

runners in the state.

“The Natick boys knew it

would be challenging to advance

to the All State meet having to

face the toughest competition race

in the Division 1A race. However,

after the regular season ended

they bonded as a team for the

postseason championships and

were really able to zone in on the

task at hand.

“Coach Miller taught them

visualizing techniques and even

took a trip to Wrentham a few

days before the race to really get

a feel for the course before the

big day. The experience of racing

Boys XC team after the race: (left-right, first row) Steven D’Alessandro,

Carson Moellering, Jacob Tobin, Nick Bianchi (second row) Ben Scharr-

Weiner, Ben Feldman, Sean Fleming. Courtesy photo.

the best in the Division IA meet

has set them up emotionally and

physically for the challenge that

they will face at All States,” she


Miller said it was an exciting

race they brought out the best in

his runners.

“We finished the season with a

6-3 record in the very challenging

Bay State Conference. Our last

meet was a 28-28 tie where we

won the tiebreaker because our

sixth runner finished ahead of

Framingham’s sixth runner. The

meet was especially exciting because

our sixth runner (Moellering)

actually sprinted past their

5th & 6th runners in the last 20

meters and that won the meet for


“Prior to this meet, I knew that

we had a chance to beat the favored

Framingham team and the

Natick runners performed our

plan flawlessly and courageously

to squeak out the win. After that

victory, the boys gained a lot of

confidence that I think has carried

over to the postseason success,”

coach said.

“Carson Moellering also ran

a great race at the divisional on

Saturday, passing 21 runners in

the last 2 kilometers to finish in

84th place (out of 188) with a 40

second 5K personal record. That

finish directly led to our chance to

advance to the All State meet. All

of the other top five scoring

runners ran 5K personal bests,

including Ben Feldman placing

7th,” he continued.

This is a group that really

loves running and enjoy being

together as a team. They are a

friendly bunch who are inclusive

with all of the members of the

team regardless of ability. I have

seen them put great effort into all

of their training that is paying off

now with postseason success.

“This sophomore class has a

bright future as they have greatly




contributed to the team success

even without two excellent runners

who have been injured all

season, Liam O’Neill and Owen


“I have been impressed with

team workouts all Fall as they

have met the challenging training

schedule with confidence and

great effort. The better runners

are encouraging to everyone in

the workouts, and proud of their

accomplishments after they finish

the workouts. They have set their

sights on some ambitious goals

and have trusted me to help them

accomplish the goals,” said Miller.

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Page 4 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

MassBay Partners with Dignity Matters to Provide Free

Menstrual Care Products to Students

MassBay Community College

is pleased to partner with Natickbased

Dignity Matters to provide

free period products to students

in need. “Period poverty” (or the

inability to afford or access menstrual

care products) is a growing

issue among homeless and disadvantaged

women and girls, exacerbated

here in Massachusetts

by the high cost of living and financial

stress of the COVID-19

pandemic. According to a recent

study by Kotex, more than two in

five people who have periods have

struggled to purchase menstrual

care products; between 2018 and

2021, that number increased by

35%. The study also found onethird

(35%) of people who menstruate

have had to miss events or

activities in the last year – such as

work, school, or an appointment


Published Monthly

Mailed FREE to the

Community of Natick

Circulation: 16,442

households & businesses


Chuck Tashjian


Susan Manning

Send Editorial to:

Advertising Director

Kathy Benoit


Advertising Sales Manager

Jen Schofield


Multi Media Sales Consultant

Jeremy Wardwell


Creative Design & Layout

Michelle McSherry

Kim Vasseur

Ad Deadline is the

15th of each month.

Localtownpages assumes no financial

liability for errors or omissions in

printed advertising and reserves the

right to reject/edit advertising or

editorial submissions.

© Copyright 2021 LocalTownPages

– due to lack of access to

period products.

Dignity Matters is a

non-profit organization

that collects, purchases,

and supplies menstrual

care products, bras, and

underwear to women

and girls who are homeless

or in need. These

products help them stay

healthy, go to work and

school without interruption,

regain self-confidence,

and live with

basic dignity.

“The cost of feminine

products is often

a hidden burden for

women and girls,” said

Elizabeth Blumberg,

Psy.D., MassBay Vice President

for Student Development and

Dean of Students. “We are proud

to partner with Dignity Matters

to provide some assistance to

MassBay students who struggle

with the financial cost of these

vital health care products. This



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such as pizza, subs, sushi and more!

program is truly making a difference

in their lives.”

Free menstrual care products

provided by Dignity Matters

have been made available in the

women’s restrooms on all three

MassBay campuses in Wellesley

Hills, Framingham, and Ashland.

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Download & order in the Meals 2GO app for

carryout, curbside pickup or delivery

Students are encouraged to take

the products as needed, or to take

what they need to manage their

entire period with dignity. Dignity

Matters will replenish supplies as

needed throughout the fall semester.

“Financial aid covers tuition,


NOW $ 299. 00

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your old tub, reglaze it!

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much more

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books, and housing, but not

hygiene items. You can’t

purchase menstrual care

with Food Stamps/SNAP

either, so students literally

have no other way to afford

these products,” says Kate

Sanetra-Butler, Founder

and Executive Director of

Dignity Matters. “Recent

studies estimate that as

many as 12% of students

at state and community college

in Massachusetts are

homeless, and many more

are living in poverty. Some

of them have overcome incredible

barriers just to get

to college, and we can’t let

period poverty be the one

that holds them back.”

This initiative is led by Mass-

Bay’s Student Nourishment And

Care Committee (SNACC),

which is a group of staff, faculty,

students, and community volunteers

who are dedicated to eliminating

basic need barriers that

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Page 6 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Senate Prioritizes Veterans’ Services in American

Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding

The Massachusetts State

Senate passed a $3.82 billion

blueprint to invest funds from

the American Rescue Plan Act

(ARPA) to meet the urgent needs

of the Commonwealth’s ongoing

recovery. The bill includes increased

investments for veteran

services and supports that target

housing security, transportation,

and mental and behavioral health

care, among other areas.

“For too many veterans, the

COVID-19 pandemic has presented

physical, mental and

financial challenges,” said Senate

President Karen E. Spilka

(D-Ashland). “Reaffirming our

commitment to veterans is an important

piece of this legislation’s

broader goal of ensuring an equitable

COVID-19 recovery and

reimagining our future. I am truly

grateful to the many veterans

who have given so much for the

security of our nation, including

Senators Velis, Rush, and Cronin,

and I am proud to live in a state

where so many of us have worked

to build the best veterans’ services

in the nation, including with these

investments. I’d like to thank Senator

Rodrigues for his leadership

of the ARPA process, as well as

Senators Velis, Rush, and Moore

for their contributions to this legislation

and their steadfast commitment

to serving veterans in

our Commonwealth.”

“As we continue to build our

post-pandemic future, we must

recognize our veterans who made

sure that future was possible,”

said State Senator Michael J. Rodrigues

(D-Westport), Chair of

the Senate Committee on Ways

and Means. “I am proud that

our Senate ARPA spending plan

includes measures to strengthen

housing security, transportation

services, and food distribution

for veterans, while also ensuring

proper recognition for Massachusetts

service men and women who

died in the line of duty. Thank

you to Senate President Spilka

for her leadership and Senators

Moore, Rush, and Velis for their

diligent work to support our cherished


Many of the provisions

strengthening veterans’ services

were passed as amendments




• Window & Door Replacement

• Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

• Wood Flooring • Decks • Siding

• Roofs • Masonry • Power Washing

• Basement Finishing

Detailed & Meticulous

Reasonable Rates

on An Act relative to immediate

COVID-19 recovery needs (S. 2564).

The Senate’s ARPA plan

would invest $150 million in

supportive housing, including

$75 million for the chronically

homeless population. Priority for

permanent supportive housing

would be given to veterans, along

with individuals and families

who are chronically homeless,

experiencing behavioral health or

substance misuse needs, survivors

of domestic violence, involved in

the foster care system, or seniors.

An amendment proposed by

Senator Rush and adopted

directs $20 million be invested in

supportive housing for veterans

located across the state in areas

not primarily served by either

the Chelsea or Holyoke Soldiers’


“Veterans who have served

this nation and have been willing

to give their life for our freedom

deserve a place to call home,”

said Senator Michael F. Rush

(D-Boston), Senate Vice Chair of

the Joint Committee on Veterans

and Federal Affairs. “Thank you

to the Senate President and Ways

and Means Chair for their leadership

to ensure all our Veterans

have that home.”

Senator Velis, Chair of the

Joint Committee on Veterans and

Federal Affairs, contributed two

additional amendments relevant

to veterans. The first of these allocates

$500,000 to newly created

transportation services for participants

in the Massachusetts Veterans’

Treatment Courts in order

to reduce regional inequities and


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Call Mauricio

508.202.8602 FULLY INSURED MA HIC.#169427

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Your Money, Your Independence

Inflation: Increase assets, borrow, and lock in debits.

Social Security recipients

cheered 5.9% cost of living

adjustment for 2022. As consumers,

our experiences with inflation

say to put the pom-poms


I’m not here to guess how

high, how long, or place blame.

I can share some actions

based on “Inflation rewards

debtors and hurts creditors”, a

timeless premise reiterated recently

by famed Yale economist

Robert Shiller.

Consider the following:

Cash is Trash. Those shaking

their fists at me, yes cash is

needed for upcoming purchases,

but not at 10% or more of total

savings. Last 12 months, cash

earned 0.1% while inflation rose

6.1%, meaning your purchasing

power decreased by 6%. That’s

not coming back.

If cash is needed, close the

gap and hedge against Fed rate

increases by laddering CDs

across 6, 12, 18, and 24-month

terms. As CDs mature, reinvest

what isn’t needed 24 months


Diversify Fixed Income and

Increase Assets. With inflation

outpacing Treasuries, that part of

your portfolio loses buying power.

Don’t abandon all your treasuries,

but mix in assets that tend to

keep up with inflation.

Consider adding REITs (real

estate investment trusts), TIPs

(treasury inflation-protected securities),

commodities, and equities

growing their dividends consistently

above inflation.

Words of caution, high-yielding

stocks tend to move downward

like fixed-rate bonds during

inflationary times and evolve

beyond “oil and gold” for commodities

to include metals in renewable

energy and necessities

within technology.

Buy Instead of Rent or Lease.

Bad news renters, your landlord

will be hiking rates to keep pace

with inflation, thus you’re unprotected.

Homeowners, your

mortgage is fixed and the inflation-adjusted

value of your payments

declines at the same rate as

inflation rises. Also, the replacement

value of your home tends to

rise with costs of land, materials,

and labor.

Buy higher quality durable

goods that last longer (i.e.

clothes, appliances, machinery)

delaying replacement at higher

costs. Autos should be bought,

financed (see mortgage example),

and owned for extended periods.

Changing cars every 3-4 years

means you’re buying the same

utility (transportation) at a higher

price versus utility at a fixed cost

of 8-10 years.

Negotiate and Lock-In Expenses.

Subscription services,

cable, internet, phone plans, insurance

premiums, gym memberships,

credit card APRs are

recurring costs that are often

negotiable. Also, discounts if prepay,

pay annually, or commit to

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auto loans ~2%, HELOCs at

Prime minus 0.5%, and 15-year

mortgages ~2.5%.

Determine if you can manage

15-year mortgage payments,

even if currently 3.2% on a 30-

year refinance. Consider $500K

at 3.2% 30-year is $2,162 month

with ~$278K total interest versus

2.5% 15-year is $3,333 month

with ~$100K total interest.

You can’t control how inflation

rises and falls, but you can control

financial decisions today that will

help manage inflation tomorrow.

To learn more, talk with your

Certified Financial Planner.

The opinions voiced in this material

are for general information only and are

not intended to provide specific advice or

recommendations for any individual.

Glenn Brown

Glenn Brown is a Holliston resident

and owner of PlanDynamic, LLC, Glenn is a

fee-only Certified Financial Planner

helping motivated people take control of

their planning and investing, so they can

balance kids, aging parents and financial



continued from page 6

provide services to veterans across

the state. The second explicitly

ensures that the Massachusetts

Medal of Liberty can be awarded

to service men and women who

have died as a result of training

accidents while in the line of duty.

“As we approach Veterans

Day, we are reminded of the

impact that the COVID-19

pandemic has had on Veterans

throughout our communities and

the importance of recognizing

those who have served our nation,”

said Senator John C. Velis

(D-Westfield), Chair of the Joint

Committee on Veterans and

Federal Affairs. “Extending the

Medal of Liberty to those who

died as a result of a training accident

will ensure that we are properly

honoring the sacrifices that

those service members and their

families have endured. Additionally,

the critical funding allocated

to our Commonwealth’s Veteran

Treatment Courts will resolve the

transportation barriers that keep

Veterans from participating in

this valuable program and getting

the help they need. I am grateful

to the Senate President and the

Chairman of Ways and Means

for their leadership and commitment

to ensuring that Massachusetts

is the premiere state for

our Veterans and their families.

These important amendments

are a continued step in that direction.”

An amendment offered by

Senator Michael O. Moore extends

$1 million of state financial

support to the Massachusetts Military

Support Foundation, Inc.

for ‘empowerment centers’ which

distribute food services to veterans

in need in Worcester County.

“The brave men and women

who have served in our armed

forces are true heroes, and we

should be doing everything in our

power to make their transition

back to civilian life as easy as possible,”

said Senator Michael O.

Moore (D-Millbury). “Through

their programs, events and other


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Expires 12-31-2021

Want financial independence?

Are you building with:

resources the Massachusetts Military

Support Foundation has

become a leader when it comes

to providing services for our veterans.

Because of this I am both

grateful and proud that we were

able to allocate funding for them

so that they can continue to provide

exceptional service for our

service members.”

With both the House and Senate

having passed their own versions

of ARPA spending plans,

the two bills must now be reconciled

before heading to the Governor’s


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We help you take control of planning and investing,

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Glenn Brown,



PlanDynamic, LLC is a registered investment advisor. Please visit our website for important disclosures.

Page 8 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Trendy Fashion Without The Expensive Price Tag

By Susan Manning

Staff writer

Opening a local business is

never an easy task, but it’s especially

difficult when a pandemic

is in play.

But that didn’t stop mother

daughter duo Baylee and Debbie


Last month the pair celebrated

its one year anniversary of its

fashion store: Baylee Bee. Despite

only being open in Natick for one

year, business is going well.

Debbie said, “People are really

starting to discover our little

shop, especially with the holidays


The pair has a simple mantra:

“We all deserve fun fashion at affordable

prices that will make you


Baylee Bee takes pride in finding

unique, quality pieces that

not every boutique offers. Part

of what makes this shop different

from many others is the price

range for its clothing.

“People come into the store

and expect prices to be expensive,

but most of the time they are

pleasantly surprised and become

repeat customers,” said Debbie,

who moved to Natick seven years

ago with Baylee and family.

While most boutiques work

on a high markup price, slow

merchandise turnover principle,

Baylee Bee has a low markup and

quick turnover.

“The store is always getting in

new merchandise and customers

often come to shop every week,”

she said.

Donovan said some of the

dresses they carry are especially

popular with educators and pediatricians

because the fun patterns

are intriguing to the children.

Clothing features owls, triangles,

sloths and other large prints,

which children love.

And while the store is trendy,

it’s also generation-spanning.

They offer clothing for ages 8

and over.

“We run the gamut of ages.

Many of the customers are

mothers shopping with their teenage

daughters and that means

the clothes are meant for every

woman,” Donovan said.

Opening during a pandemic

certainly caused some challenges,

but the support from amazing

friends, family and customers was


“When we had strict regulations

in place, we could only have

six customers in the shop at one

time. People would lineup in the

freezing winter weather and wait

patiently to come into the store.

Support has been so amazing,“

said Debbie.

The duo sources its products

from online wholesalers, but

hopes to be able to attend trade

shows in the near future.

“Everything we sell is unique.

You will not find it in the mall,“

she said.

She said people seem to enjoy

not only having a boutique in the

center of Natick, but they enjoy

the atmosphere too. They always

have candy and snacks on hand,

as well as hot cocoa, tea and even

Prosecco for the over-21 crowd.

“We like to keep it cozy,” she



Join METfit by December 25

and you will be entered into a raffle to receive 3 FREE months.

The winner will be announced on Christmas day.

Donovan said one way the

boutique has filled a void in people’s

lives is their private sip and

shop events.

“After hours, we would host a

private event that included drinks

and snacks, a couple of hours of

shopping and a discount to those

attending. It was really popular,

especially during the pandemic


In addition to the fashion

items, there are also locally inspired

products. Donovan said

they sell a host of Natick swag

such as blankets, mittens and

masks all adorned with the Natick


So far, the mother-daughter

duo is enjoying its time in Natick.

“We love our storefront. We

love Natick. And we love the

community,“ Debbie said.

Baylee Bee is located at 19 Main

St., Natick. It is open every day, Monday

through Saturday, 10 AM to 6

PM. Sundays it is open noon to 6 PM.

Find it online at: and @

bayleebeeclothing on IG and FB.

Wishing you a Happy and

Safe Holiday Season

-The staff of Natick Town News

Ron Saponaro

245 West Central St.



Mon-Thur: 5am - 11pm

Fri: 5am - 8pm

Sat/Sun: 7am - 5pm

635 Waverly Street, Rte 135

Framingham, MA 01702

Tel: 508-872-2266

Fax: 508-872-2011


December 2021 Find us on Facebook | Natick Town News Page 9

Santa makes many lists,

including his own Wish List!

New Roof Installation

Fascia, Soffit, Trim

Seamless Gutters

Chimney Re-Leading

Window Installation

Skylight Installation



Luckily for Santa, Robert Roofing & Gutters

can help with them all!

• Free Estimates

• Licensed & Insured

• Serving the North Pole,

South Shore &

Surrounding Areas

Robert Greene


One Call Sends a Roofer, Not a Salesman

Page 10 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Hamwey Among 7 to be Inducted into Millis Hall of Fame

Local Town Pages sports

writer Ken Hamwey will be inducted

into Millis High School’s

Athletic Hall of Fame on March

19, 2022 at the Medway VFW.

The 78-year-old Hamwey,

a Bellingham resident who’s

worked for Local Town Pages

for 10 years, was a unanimous

choice of the selection committee.

The veteran sports journalist

continues to cover feature

stories in semi-retirement for

Local Town Pages, focusing on

seven communities — Medway,

Millis, Norfolk, Wrentham, Holliston,

Natick and Franklin.

Hamwey, who previously

lived in Millis after earning a

bachelor’s degree from Babson

College, started his newspaper

career in 1967 with the Framingham

News, now known as

the Metrowest Daily News. His

first story, which was published

54 years ago, focused on Millis’

varsity football team. Early on,

his reporting ranged from high

school and college sports to the

professional beat where he covered

the Boston Celtics and the

New England Patriots.

“I’m honored and

humbled to be selected

for induction into Millis’

Hall of Fame,’’ Hamwey

said. “It’s heart-warming

to have a wonderful community

like Millis recognize

me for my reporting.

Some of my fondest memories

during a 54-year

career involve Millis. Gordon

Browne, a three-sport

athlete at Millis High, will

be presenting me at the

ceremony in March and

for those unaware of his

stature, he was the first

Tri-Valley League football

player to be drafted

(second round by the Jets)

into the National Football

League. He was an offensive

tackle who blocked

for quarterback Joe Namath for

two years before suffering a career-ending


Hamwey will be inducted as a

contributor and he’ll be honored

along with star athletes Molly

Breen, Dennis Breen (posthumously)

and Rich Monaghan;

coach and athletic director Peter

Vigue; the 2008-09 girls state

championship basketball team

and the 1980 boys track team.

After six years in Framingham,

Hamwey was hired at the

Providence Journal where he

spent the next 35 years working

for the four-time Pulitzer-prize-winning


He finished his career

there as the paper’s Night

Sports Editor, retiring in

2008. On Hamwey’s last

day in Providence, the

Rhode Island State Senate

read aloud a citation

for his efforts and contributions

to R.I. athletics.

Two years later, in 2010,

he was honored by the

Mass. Interscholastic Athletic

Association (MIAA),

which presented him with

its Distinguished Friend


At the Metrowest

News, which included

the Milford News and

the Country Gazette,

Hamwey wrote a popular

weekly column —

“Yesterday’s Heroes’’

— that focused on athletes’ and

coaches’ past achievements.

In 2007, Hamwey began covering

sports for the Bellingham

Bulletin. As Sports Editor at the

Bulletin, he launched a column

similar to Yesterday’s Heroes

called “Where Are They Now,”

reporting on former Bellingham

athletes. For the next 11 years,

Hamwey extensively covered

Bellingham sports while also filing

stories for Local Town Pages.

Hamwey’s upcoming induction

in Millis will be his first Hall

of Fame honor. However, he has

been nominated for induction

into Bellingham’s Hall of Fame

but that committee has yet to select


Hamwey moved to Bellingham

in 1972. He’s married to

Pauline Allard, a school teacher

who taught in Bellingham at

the Macy Elementary School.

His son, Travis, graduated from

Bellingham High in 1989.

Tickets for the ceremony cost

$50 and can be ordered until

March 12, 2022. They can be

obtained by writing a check

to the Millis Athletics Hall of

Fame and mailed to 155 Plain

St., Millis, MA 02054. Tickets

can also be obtained via Venmo

(money amount to @Millis-

AthleticsHOF). A cocktail hour

will begin at 6 p.m. and dinner

will be at 7 p.m. followed by the


December 2021 Find us on Facebook | Natick Town News Page 11

Papa Gino’s Honors Natick Team Member

for 25 Years of Service

Fatima Lights

Shine Again

This year the Festival of Lights at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

will begin on Dec. 9, and end on Dec. 28.

The lights go on at 5pm and are off at 9pm.

There will not be a concert this year.

Mass on Christmas Eve is at 8pm. Mass on Christmas

morning is at 10 am.

New England’s neighborhood

pizzeria, Papa Gino’s, is excited

to announce that Gerald Rose

Jr., Shift Leader for the Papa Gino’s

located in the Natick Travel

Plaza off the Mass Pike, is celebrating

his 25th anniversary with

the company this month! Gerald,

also known as JR, is known

and loved throughout the Natick

community, and Papa Gino’s is

honored to have him as a valued

member of their team.

“After a quarter-century of

working with Papa Gino’s, Gerald

has become such an important

part of our team, leading by

example and bringing a positive

outlook to everything he does,”

said Trenna Ahlberg, Area Manager

at Papa Gino’s. “It has been

an honor to have him on our

team for all these years and we

are excited to celebrate this special

milestone with him.”

Gerald currently works as a

Shift Leader at the Papa Gino’s

and D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches

dual restaurant, where he has enjoyed

spending time with coworkers

and guests alike. Gerald has

made countless fond memories

during his time with Papa Gino’s,

from team bowling nights, to

winning Red Sox tickets the year

they broke the Curse, to getting to

know his regulars and watching

their families grow throughout

the years. He appreciates the time

spent with his coworkers and values

the unique opportunities and

experiences he has had over his 25

years with the company

“My favorite part of working

with Papa Gino’s for two and a

half decades has been building

relationships with our regulars

in the neighborhood,” said

Rose. “Over 25 years, it’s been

an honor to watch the growth of

guest’s families and the community

as a whole.”

“We are so grateful to Gerald

for being such a wonderful and

dedicated member on the Papa

Gino’s team and for helping us

to serve our community for a

quarter-century!” said Deena

McKinley, CMO of Papa Gino’s.

“Gerald embodies our values as a

neighborhood pizzeria with deep

ties to the community, and we’re

thrilled to have him on our team.”

Gerald’s anniversary coincides

with Papa Gino’s 60th birthday

in New England. It was back in

1961 when Mike Valerio opened

his first Papa Gino’s restaurant

in East Boston. That restaurant

soon became known throughout

Boston as the place to go for the

best pizza, and 60 years later,

guests can still enjoy that authentic

Italian taste at nearly 100 Papa

Gino’s restaurants across New

England. This year marks a time

of celebration all year long for the

Papa Gino’s team and guests.

About Papa Gino’s

Founded in 1961 and celebrating

its 60th birthday this year,Papa

Gino’s Pizzeria is a proud New

England staple with a heritage of

serving high quality, handmade

pizzas with fresh ingredients and

an over 80-year-old Italian family

recipe. From a single restaurant in

East Boston, Papa Gino’s has expanded

to nearly 100 restaurants

in Massachusetts, Rhode Island,

New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Follow Papa Gino’s on Facebook,

Twitter and Instagram.


Disposal Service

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Page 12 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Sudbury Valley Trustees

(SVT) has welcomed Anthony

Serra as its new Land

Protection Associate. In this

recently created position, Mr.

Serra will provide support to

SVT staff on land protection

projects while also playing an

important role in community

outreach and in collaborative

initiatives with SVT’s conservation


No hoops. No tricks. No fine print.

Just make sure you keep enough money in your account to cover any

payments or other activities (but you knew that already).

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n Deposit a check with our mobile app

n And more that won’t fit on this ad

(but can be found on our website).

Open your account today!

Go to

or visit any office.

Member FDIC | DIF

Anthony Serra Joins SVT

SVT is a nonprofit land

trust that protects natural areas

and farmland in the region

around the Sudbury, Assabet,

and Concord Rivers. The organization,

which has 2,900

members, has helped to protect

more than 8,500 acres of

land since its founding in 1953,

and it has a goal of protecting

12,000 more by 2050.

“We are delighted to have

Anthony join our land protection

team,” said Christa Collins,

SVT’s Director of Land

Protection. “His particular experience

in outreach and communications

will really help us

make the case about why we

need to accelerate our efforts.”

A native of Brockton, Massachusetts,

Mr. Serra holds a

bachelor’s degree in biology

from McGill University in

Montreal and master’s degrees

in public affairs and environmental

science from Indiana


He has previously worked

as an Environmental Quality

Analyst for the Department

of Environment, Great Lakes,

and Energy in Lansing, Michigan,

and he has also served

with the national AmeriCorps

program at the U.S. Forest

Service in MacDoel, California,

and at Wildlands Trust in

Plymouth, Massachusetts.

“I am excited to be joining

SVT and doing my part to

protect the special places in my

home state,” said Mr. Serra.

“This endeavor is critical for

biodiversity, public health,

and climate mitigation, and I

hope to promote that message

through my work here.”

Mr. Serra will be based out

of SVT’s headquarters in Sudbury.


SVT is a member-supported

non-profit organization that

works to protect natural areas

and farmland for wildlife and

people in the 36 communities

that surround the Sudbury,

Assabet, and Concord Rivers.

SVT, 18 Wolbach Road, Sudbury,

MA 01776.

Free Checking

Get More.

Pay Nothing.

Natick 49 Main Street

Framingham One Lincoln Street • 828 Concord Street

(508) 820-4000

Anthony Serra will support SVT’s efforts

to accelerate its pace of land protection

in order to conserve an additional 12,000

acres by 2050.


Pet Safety


How to keep your pet

safe in New England

By Theresa Knapp

Winter Pet Safety Tips from

• Keep pets indoors when possible

• Provide outdoor shelter for

your pets

•Care for your pet’s feet

• Provide extra food and water,

if outside for extended periods of


• Use a leash when walking

near water

• Don’t lock pets in cars

• Keep antifreeze out of reach

of pets also recommends


your vehicle



the engine



cars attract


and small


that like to crawl under the hood

seeking warmth. Simply bang on

your vehicle’s hood to scare away

animals before you start your engine.

For more information, visit

Image credit: Theresa Knapp

December 2021 Find us on Facebook | Natick Town News Page 13


Snoeyink A Key Component For Natick’s Football Team


Staff Sports Writer

Jacob Snoeyink could easily be

the poster child for how a football

captain leads and how a lineman

in the trenches handles adversity.

A senior at Natick High,

the 6-foot-1, 230-pound

Snoeyink has started for

two seasons at nose guard

and offensive tackle. A Bay

State Conference all-star

as a junior, the 18-year-old

plays both positions aggressively

and instinctively. His

leadership style and the resiliency

he’s shown by playing

hurt were prime assets

for a football team that was

8-2 at Local Town Pages

deadline but out of the

running for a Super Bowl


Natick opened the playoffs

by downing North

Andover, 31-21, but was

unable to beat Milford in

the quarterfinals, losing,


For Snoeyink, whose

goal in the pre-season was

to get to the Super Bowl,

the loss at Milford was

difficult. It stung and it

hurt more than his aching

shoulder and feet.

Natick’s coach, Mark Mortarelli,

didn’t hesitate for a second

to praise Snoeyink for his intense

and aggressive play, not only

during the regular season, but

also in the playoffs.

“Jacob played both ways with

multiple injuries,’’ Mortarelli said.

“He set the tone for his teammates

to always put the team first.

His ability to play through two

painful foot injuries and a shoulder

injury has been incredible to

watch. He is, without a doubt,

one of the toughest kids we’ve

had in a long time.’’

Snoeyink’s immediate reaction

after losing was anger. A day after

the setback, a different feeling

took over.

“I was angry at first,’’ Snoeyink

said. “Then I felt hollow. We

lost to Milford during the regular

season by a point and we wanted

to avenge that defeat. After our

quarterback (Colby Leblanc) got

hurt throwing a TD pass and left

Jacob Snoeyink (50) played defense at a high

level for Natick High’s football team.

Snoeyink hopes to continue playing football at

the collegiate level next year.

the game, it seemed like we lost

our momentum after leading,

7-0. We weren’t able to avenge

the one-point loss earlier and we

were out of the playoffs. It’s an

empty feeling. I played hurt

but everyone on our offensive

line was dealing with injuries.’’

Snoeyink was voted a captain

by his teammates and he fulfilled

that role magnificently. He does,

indeed, lead by example, but he

gets vocal when the time is ripe

— like giving pre-game and halftime

pep talks.

“When a speech is necessary,

I’m not afraid to speak up,’’ he

emphasized. “I try to help our

cause by using the right words.

I stress playing hard, competing

for one another and to take each

repetition responsibly.’’

At halftime against Milford

with the score knotted at 7-7,

Snoeyink was unable to offer any

inspiring words. “I was with the

trainer getting my feet wrapped,’’

he revealed.

On dealing with adversity and

relying on resiliency, Snoeyink

gets an A plus. The “nagging’’ injuries

his coach refers to are a dislocated

shoulder and turf toe in

both feet. None of those injuries

caused him to miss any games.

I dislocated my shoulder and

dealt with turf toe in my right

foot (torn toe ligament) last season,’’

Snoeyink noted. “This year,

I’ve had turf toe

in my left foot.

All three injuries

still bother me

but I’ve learned

to play through

the pain. The

shoulder injury

happened in

practice. I just

wrap it. As for

the toe injuries, I insert a

metal plate in my shoes and

wrap the toes.’’

Snoeyink’s strengths as a

lineman are a high football

IQ, sound technical skills,

athleticism and speed and

quickness. “I’d also include

mental toughness,’’ he said.

“That enables me to bounce

back and be resilient.’’

Snoeyink plays hurt because

he knows football can

disappear from his radar

on short notice. “I’m not

going to be playing football

forever,’’ he said. “I want to

make the most of my opportunity

and enjoy the camaraderie

and the spirit of the

locker room.’’

Enjoying his role on defense

a bit more than playing offensive

tackle, Snoeyink says it’s because

he likes to hit. “On defense,

there’s more of a chance to make

an impact,’’ he offered. “I like to

pursue, tackle and sack an opponent.

Offensive tackle is more

about blocking and protecting.’’

Against Needham in Natick’s

opener this year, Snoeyink was

playing his first game as a captain.

There was another first —

he scored his first touchdown.

“Our defensive end (Ryan

Lebrun) hit the quarterback,’’

Snoeyink recalled. “I made the

second hit and jarred the ball

loose in the endzone. I fell on the

ball for my first TD.’’ The strip

sack gave the Redhawks momentum

enroute to a 24-0 victory

over the Rockets.

Snoeyink, however, rates his

first-ever start, as a sophomore

against Framingham on Thanksgiving,

as his most memorable

game. “Right tackle Jakoby Holiday

was hurt and I started in his

place,’’ said Snoeyink. “I played

well and did my job. We won and

that effort enabled me to grow in

my role. I gained confidence and

was able not to overthink the situation.’’

Snoeyink, who moved to

Natick from Miami as a twoyear-old,

rates his top gridiron

thrills as being selected as a captain

and being chosen as a BSC

all-star. “I’m more humbled by

being a captain,’’ he said. “That’s

because it shows I earned the respect

of my teammates.’’

Three teammates Snoeyink

admires and recognizes for their

contributions are Natick’s senior

captains — Aaron Becker

(guard/defensive end), Jake

Adelman (linebacker/running

back), and Jason Little (receiver/

defensive back). “They’re quality

leaders who give 100 percent all

day every day,’’ he said.

Snoeyink also is quick to laud

Mortarelli, a coach who calls

Snoeyink “one of the best linemen

in the BSC.’’

“Coach Mortatelli has lots

of great qualities,’’ Snoeyink

noted. “He’s a no-nonsense guy

who’s eager for us to roll up our

sleeves and get to work. He’s an

exceptional motivator who really

knows football strategy and his

pre-game speeches really fire me

Offer valid Nov 26 - Dec 24

Buy Online SKYBOKX

see full line-up

3 1 9 S p e e n S t r e e t , N a t i c k | 5 0 8 - 9 0 3 - 1 6 0 0


A good student, Snoeyink

would like to continue playing

football in college. He’s still undecided

on what school he’ll attend

and whether he’ll major in

business or biology. His future

at Natick, however, still involves

some competitive battles.

“After our final game against

Framingham, I’ll strive to get

healthy again and to get ready to

play lacrosse,’’ he said. “It’s difficult

to see the football season end.

I loved playing with a great group

of guys. After the playoff loss, I

felt badly for our coaches who

worked so hard. It’s an empty

feeling because we couldn’t get

the job done.’’

Calling his parents (Craig

and Marah) role models for their

support and encouragement,

Snoeyink relies on an athletic

philosophy that combines winning,

reaching one’s potential

and having fun. “I’m competitive,

I love to win but really hate

to lose,’’ he said. “Valuable life

lessons I’ve learned from football

are to be vocal, accountable, and

prepared. Overcoming adversity

is another great lesson that football


Jacob Snoeyink is a leader in

so many ways and it’s his desire,

dedication and devotion that

make him a breed apart.

Page 14 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021


Natick High’s Girls Soccer Team Wins First State Title


Staff Sports Writer

Mission accomplished for the

Natick High girls soccer team.

Before the 2021 campaign

began, coach Dave Wainwright

listed four objectives for his

squad — build team chemistry,

build confidence as the season

progresses, compete for the Bay

State Conference’s Carey Division

championship and advance

as deep as possible in the State


The Redhawks not only

achieved all four goals, but they

also kept their eye on the big

prize throughout the Division 1

Tournament. When the playoffs

ended at Whitman-Hanson Regional,

sixth-seeded Natick captured

a hard-earned 3-2 victory

over top-seeded Hingham and

the program had its first State


Junior Zoe Graves scored

Natick’s first two goals but junior

Emma Grant’s goal in the 77th

minute was the difference in the

title match. Natick’s smothering

defense also can take a bow

because it made the Redhawks’

journey through the tourney

memorable and historic.

The Redhawks shut out all

four of their playoff opponents

before facing the Harborwomen.

Natick’s four tourney triumphs

came against Attleboro (4-0),

Needham (1-0), Acton-Boxboro

(2-0), and Bishop Feehan (2-0).

“Our defense peaked at the

right time,’’ Wainwright said.

“The shutouts built confidence

and game by game our defense


Two defenders who competed

tenaciously were senior Kiyo

White and sophomore Kaitlyn

LeBrun. “Kiyo did a marvelous

job,’’ said Wainwright. “She’s our

guiding light. And, Kaitlyn did

a masterful job on the back line.

She was assigned a huge task —

to mark Hingham’s All-American

striker (UCLA-bound Sophie

Reale). Kaitlyn did a formidable


If any coach can guide a team

to a deep tourney run, it’s Wainwright.

In his just-completed

fourth season at Natick, he led

the Redhawks to the State final

in his first year in 2018. Natick

bowed to Wachusett on penalty

kicks. In 2011, however, he and

his Dover-Sherborn girls soccer

team won the States, and his boys

lacrosse squad at Needham High

rolled to a State crown in 2003.

The victory over Hingham

provided the Redhawks, who

finished their season at 16-1-5,

with validation and vindication.

By downing Hingham, Natick

showed that a No. 6 seed can

beat a No. 1. That’s an underdog

achieving validation. The triumph

also was vindication after

coming so close in 2018 when the

Redhawks lost to Wachusett.

“As an underdog, we were

playing with house money,’’

Wainwright said. “Being the underdog

provided motivation. It

galvanized both our veteran players

and our younger kids. Five

teams were seeded higher than

Above, the 2021 Natick High girls soccer team won the State Championship after defeating Hingham in

the tournament final. Coach Left, Dave Wainwright guided the Natick girls soccer team to the first State

championship in the program’s history. Courtesy photos.

us. We beat the top seed (Hingham),

the No. 2 seed (Bishop

Feehan) and the No. 3 seed (Acton-Boxboro).

“As for 2018, we feel like we

took care of some unfinished

business. The girls on our 2018

squad were pioneers. They not

only showed how to handle pressure,

but they also laid the path on

how to compete on a big stage.’’

The 51-year-old Wainwright

has a knack, or is it a formula,

for getting results in pressure situations.

“It’s important to be healthy

and to have some luck in tournament

soccer,’’ he noted, “but perseverance,

resiliency and mental

toughness are huge. Our journey

in the playoffs took 22 days and it

was an emotional roller-coaster.’’

Wainwright relies on an athletic

philosophy that focuses on

making sure his players reach

their potential and enjoy playing

their sport.

“If those two things occur,

then winning will follow,’’ he emphasized.

“As for life lessons that

can be learned though athletics,

my motto is ‘expect nothing, earn

everything.’ That means paying

the price for success, overcoming

adversity, being resilient and also

mentally tough.’’

Graves and Grant combined

for Natick’s three goals, and

Wainwright knew a multi-goal

effort would be needed to beat

Hingham, which entered the final

at 21-0-1.

“Zoe’s two goals gave us a 2-0

lead,’’ Wainwright said. “She’s always

at the right place at the right

time. She was a massive presence.

Emma’s winning goal was a shot

from the right, about 25 yards

out, and it was at an impossible

angle. The ball sailed into the

upper left corner past their goalie.

When Emma took the shot, our

staff knew at that moment it was

meant to be.’’

Other key efforts were turned

in by Mikayla Henderson (midfielder/defender),

Allison Jeter

(goalie), Briar Grady (center

midfielder) and Kyra Hacker (defender).

“Mikayla is the x-factor,’’ said

Wainwright. “We use her where

she’s needed. She assisted on one

of our goals but her play and effort

on our journey were crucial

to our success. Allison provided

a solid foundation. She’s skilled,

composed and instinctive. Briar

is a big part of our nucleus. One

of our top facilitators, she handles

her role effectively. Kyra is a true

field general who’s a force on defense.

She’s been selected to the

All New England team and the

voting was done by the Eastern

Mass. Coaches Association.’’

Wainwright, a three-time Boston

Globe coach of year, keeps

Natick’s opponents guessing on

what mode of attack he’ll employ

from game to game. “We can

be an up-tempo team or a possession-oriented

group,’’ he said.

“We’re balanced but whatever

we’re faced with we can adapt

and overcome.’’

That flexibility was on full

display in the final and it was a

prime factor in helping the Redhawks

capture the first State

championship in the program’s


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Are Your College Aged Children Protected?

Tiffany A. O’Connell,


Principal Attorney

O’Connell Law LLC

Do you have a child turning

18 years old anytime soon

or has turned 18 years old and

is in college? You may be surprised

to learn this, but when

your child turns 18 years old,

your child is an adult, and you

no longer have access to their

medical records or financial records.

Further, once your child

turns 18 years old, you no longer

have the parental right to

make decisions for them. If

you want to be able to continue

helping your kids, read on.

HIPAA Authorization:

Let’s first talk about medical

records. Maybe your now adult

child has a doctor. Maybe your

child doesn’t. If your adult

child does not sign a form that

says, “My parent has access to

my medical records”, you won’t

be able to get access to their

medical information. You can

solve this with what’s called a

Universal HIPAA Release Form

(“HIPAA”). If your adult child

is willing, they can execute and

sign a HIPAA that appoints you

to have access to their medical


Health Care Proxy: Now,

what about being able to make

health decisions for your adult

child? Again, if your adult child

is willing, your adult child can

execute and sign a health care

proxy where your child gives

you authority to make medical

decisions for them when

they cannot. Think about this

– They are away at college…or

they’re traveling (maybe they’re

taking that trip you wanted, but

couldn’t because you’re putting

them through college). A health

care proxy is the document that

will give you legal authority to

make those medical decisions

for your child when they cannot.

Financial Durable Power

of Attorney: Now, what happens

to access to your adult

child’s financial records or to

your ability to gain access to

your child’s financial information

and accounts? When your

child turns 18 years old, they

probably don’t want you on

their bank account any longer.

That’s not surprising, right?

Legally, they can now have

their own bank account. If you

have a joint account with your

child, your child can remove

you from the bank account,

but they still may need help. If

your child executes and signs a

financial durable power of attorney,

where they name you as

the power of attorney agent to

act for them, you can then go to

the bank or handle any financial

matter for them if they are

unable to do so. Until you are

officially named as a power of

attorney agent, you have absolutely

no ability to access their

financial records should something


If something does happen

and your adult child has not put

in place the above legal documents,

you may be faced with

having to go into the court system

to get officially appointed

as your child’s guardian and/or

conservator if something happens

to them. This can take up

a lot of precious time and is expensive

and stressful.

Parents, consider helping

your child along so that your

child understands what being

an adult is and what responsibilities

they now have. At

O’Connell Law LLC, we take

this seriously and have set up

a special and affordable online

package to help young

adult children easily get the

above documents in place and

still have an attorney who will

guide them on the decisions

they are planning to make.

Talk with your child now, and

encourage them to get their

key estate planning documents

in place. When your child is

ready, you can have them go to

this landing page at: https://

young-adult/. You can also

find information at our website:

Your son or daughter may not

think this is very important (do

you remember feeling immortal?);

but think of the peace of

mind this will bring you…and

the protection it will give your

child should something unexpected


Be a leader

in your

Community ...

Sponsor your hometown news sources and receive permanent placement on your chosen

town site for 12 months! Tie in your corporate profile, company branding and social media

feed into one neat place and reach your target audience with our local service directory.

We also include Sponsored Content and Digital Advertising year round. No better way of

keeping your company branding top of mind throughout the year!

For more package info and to reserve your spot, please contact Jeremy Wardwell

at 413-204-5296 or by email at

Only 10 available per site! They will go quick!


Ashland | Franklin | Holliston

Hopedale | Medway/Millis | Natick

Norwood | Norfolk/Wrentham

Reason #7 to name Guardians

For Your Kids?

Your mother-in-law,


• Offers you lots of free

parenting advice

• Thinks the answer to all baby

problems is “more solid foods”

• Most important values are

family and carpeting

• Believes in “spare the rod, spoil

the child”

• Would do a much better job than

you if given the chance

Are you sure the court won’t assign

guardianship of your children to her?

Contact us at 508-893-4935 to Schedule Your

Complimentary Legacy Planning Session

3 Eliot Street Natick, MA 01760 • P 508-202-1818

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Dancing Arts Center Presents The Nutcracker at

The Norwood Theater

Dancing Arts Center is pleased to

announce the return of The Nutcracker at

the Norwood Theater on Dec. 17-19.

This will be Dancing Arts

Center’s seventh production

of the Nutcracker presented in

Norwood and will feature fresh

costumes, choreography, fun

surprises, and guest artists. Telling

the story of Clara’s Christmas

Eve dream battling the

Mouse Queen alongside her

Nutcracker, dancing through

the Land of Snow, sampling

the Kingdom of Sweets, and

meeting the Sugarplum Fairy

and Cavalier, the Nutcracker

has been captivating audiences

and inspiring young dancers

for generations. The beautiful

and historic Norwood Theater

located in downtown Norwood,

Massachusetts makes an ideal

setting for this family-friendly

and professional production of

the traditional holiday ballet.

Throughout the rapidly

changing health environments

of 2020 and 2021, Dancing

Arts Center remained steadfast

in providing their students with

the development opportunities

so important to their growth as

young people and positioning

them to be prepared for this

season’s Nutcracker.

Chocolate for the Holidays!





“Holliston's Hometown Candy Store”

Chocolates • Truffles • Gift Baskets

Dairy, Nut & Gluten Free Chocolates

Stocking Stuffers • Peppermint Pigs • Hot Cocoa Bombs

Open Every Day Until Christmas

Starting December 7th - Call for Daily Hours

44 Central Street, Holliston | (508) 429-5544

“We’re thrilled to be returning

to the stage after being

absent in 2020,” said DAC

co-director Gregg Saulnier.

“We have a renewed energy.

Chocolates Last year made for us realize just

what a special place the arts

have, how much we need them,

and what a gift it is to have the

opportunity to work with our

own students on such a topnotch

production. We also want

to thank all the parents of our

students for being so supportive

and flexible and helping us continue

bringing the arts to their

children. This long-awaited

Nutcracker season is exciting

for the kids, and for us.”

The Holidays

Tickets are on sale now for

four general public matinées

and evening performances

from Dec. 17-19. Purchase options

and health and safety protocols

are available at https://

Playbill advertising

packages with opportunity

to reach over 2800 patrons are

also available; please contact

Dancing Arts Center at


508-429-7577 for information

(deadline of Dec. 3, 2021).

About Dancing Arts Center:

Located in Holliston, Massachusetts,

Dancing Arts

Center provides world-class

instruction in classical ballet

grounded in the American Ballet

Theatre® National Training

Curriculum, modern dance,

improvisation, tap, jazz, and

choreography to children of all

ages as well as open classes for

teens and adults. With a faculty

of teaching artists, a variety

of performance opportunities

throughout the year, exceptional

summer programs, and

exposure to professional companies,

Dancing Arts Center

is committed to providing a

uniquely supportive artistic environment

where young people

can embark on their own journeys

of personal growth. Open

Enrollment is available yearround

with prorated tuition and

discounts for families.

For more information about

the Dancing Arts Center contact

DAC Directors Patrick

Notaro and Gregg Saulnier

at 508-429-7577 or,

or visit

The Smart Call for Heating & Cooling

Gas, Oil and AC Equipment Sales & Service • 888-818-2028

New England


Ballistic Services

Instant cash paid for

your valuable firearms.

Call today for a confidential consultation

508-381-0230 •

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Bacon Free Library


Visit the website for the latest

information: baconfreelibrary.


BFL Hours

The Bacon Free Library is

open every Monday through Friday

from 9:30am to 5:30pm, with

extended hours on Tuesdays until

7:00pm. Patrons are welcome to

come into the library and browse.

Curbside pickup is available

during all open hours as well as

Saturday mornings from 10am to


For programs that require registration,

please call the library

(508-653-6730) or register on our


Kids Programs

In-person, personal story

times: Monday and Tuesday

mornings from 9:45-12:00. As the

days get a little too chilly for outdoor

story time, the BFL is happy

to offer you a personal, indoor

story time: just you, your kiddos,

and a librarian. We’ll gather in

a corner of the children’s area to

read stories for about 20 minutes.

We will choose the books–feel free

to make requests!–or you are welcome

to bring or select your own.

Registration is required.

Virtual story time on

Zoom: Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Registration is required.

Adult Special Programs

Garden Design: a Deeper


Weds, Dec. 1st at 7:30pm

Through her beautiful photographs

of showcase gardens in

Europe and across the US, professional

photographer and landscape

designer Joanne Pearson

will explore garden design and

the elements that make a design

shine. You’ll learn how to create a

concept plan for your own yard as

well as ways you can modify and

incorporate some of the grand

themes seen in showcase gardens

into a scale suitable for your own

backyard, your pocketbook, and

your schedule. This presentation

is great for gardeners as well as for

those who want to broaden their

appreciation of great landscape


This program will be held on

Zoom. Registration is required.

History of Christmas

Weds, December 8th at


From ancient societies to

modern times, Irish historian

Sean Murphy will guide you on

a journey through the fascinating

history of Christmas through the

ages. You’ll also learn about the

rich yuletide traditions in Ireland

and enjoy music and videos of

the season.

This program will be held on

Zoom. Registration is required.

A Victorian Christmas

Sunday, December 12 at


Many of our holiday traditions

and much of our Christmas

music was revived or created

during the Victorian era, in the

mid-1800s. Singer/song-writer

Diane Taraz will present these beloved

carols, together with fascinating

stories about their origins,

as she performs in a hand-sewn

1850s dress and accompanies

herself on guitar and dulcimer.

This program will be held on

Zoom. Registration is required.

Adult Clubs

The BFL offers 5 monthly

book clubs and 1 film discussion

club. These clubs meet virtually,

over Zoom meeting. Copies of

the books (normal, large print,

and audio) are available at the

library. Check the BFL website,, in order

to register for a book or film club.

Mystery book club - the

first Thursday of each month at


December 2nd: The Windsor

Knot by SJ Bennett

History book club - the second

Thursday of each month at


December 9th: The Firebrand

and the First Lady: portrait of a

friendship: Pauli Murray, Eleanor

Roosevelt, and the struggle for social

justice by Patricia Bell-Scott


Environmental book

club - the third Tuesday of each

month at 7:00pm

December 21st: Finding the

Mother Tree : discovering the

wisdom of the forest by Suzanne




That’s right,

Natick Town News

has its own Facebook page!

Like Natick Town News on Facebook to keep

up-to-date with articles, events, giveaways

and contest announcements for Natick!


And as always, find us online at


Keep Your Loved One Active and Engaged

with Our Memory Care Programming

508-533-3300 |


From cooking pies for a dessert social with family to gathering dried wildflowers for

holiday centerpieces, SALMON at Medway’s Memory Care community offers your

loved one daily programming to keep them active and engaged with Residents and

their family and friends. Our state-of-the-art, secure community accommodates

the unique and changing needs of Residents with Alzheimer’s or other memory

impairments and our expert staff strives to ensure your loved ones live a happy

and fulfilling life.

To learn more about our Memory Care Programming visit

Page 18 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Kitchen/Bath Remodels

Basement Refinishing

Roofing, Siding,

Windows and more!

Octo Construction LLC is the one-stop shop

for your home and business remodeling

needs. Our expert contractors will bring

you a piece of mind and offer their years of

Reuse. Recycle. Rock.

Guitars • Drums • Keys • Horns • DJ and more

We Buy Used Gear | Lessons | Repairs

Route 9 Natick 508-647-6874

experience to best execute your remodeling

project with precision. Our team is here to

transform your vision into reality. Contact us

today for a free quote!

Call Jean to schedule your Free Consult! • 781-299-5950 •

2021 Holiday

Happenings with

Natick COA

Sign up on Community Pass or call our front

desk, 508-647-6540. All ages welcome.

Celebrate Hanukkah with

Rabbi Cantor Ken Richmond-


Wednesday, December 1,

1:30-2:30 pm, free

Join Rabbi Cantor Ken Richmond

from Temple Israel in

Natick in a fun celebration of Hanukkah,

through songs, traditions

& stories.

Acoustic Holiday Music

with guitarist Sean Fullerton-


Tuesday, December 14, 1:30-

2:30pm, free

Enjoy in person holiday music

with guitarist and singer Sean

Fullerton! Made possible by a

grant from the Natick Cultural


Riverbend of South Natick

Trinity Rep - A Christmas

Carol- ZOOM

Wednesday, December 8,

1:30-3:00pm, free

Join us for this streamed theatrical

production from Rhode Island’s

Trinity Rep theater of this

timeless Dickens tale. Guided by

Jacob Marley and the ghosts of

Christmas Past, Present, and Future,

and ultimately inspired by

his community, Ebenezer Scrooge

embarks on a heartwarming journey

toward redemption. Timothy

Crowe is Ebenezer Scrooge & Directed

by Joe Wilson Jr.

Meet Up at Festival of Trees,

Mass Hort - IN PERSON

Thursday, December 9,

4:00pm, free. Meet at the entrance

gate, Visitor Parking Lot, 900

Washington St. RSVP required

with limited spaces. Browse decorated

holiday trees and enjoy the

classic model train display.

Thanks to Riverbend of

South Natick & Rehabilitation

Associates for paying for admission

for this event who provide

Exceptional Post Surgery Rehab

& Skilled Nursing Care. A goody

bag will be offered from Riverbend,

Holiday Dinner Grab N’ Go

for Natick Seniors

Monday, December 13 and

Wednesday, December 15, 11:30

am or noon pick-up at Natick


Call to reserve your holiday

dinner, sign up begins 11/17,


Exceptional Short Term Rehab & Skilled Nursing Care

On Call Physicians

24 Hr Nursing Coverage

Post Surgical Rehab

Respite Stays Welcome


Alzheimer’s Residents Welcome

Hospice & Support Services

34 South Lincoln Street, South Natick, MA

A Victorian Christmas-


Wednesday, December 15,

1:30-2:30 pm, free

Join historian, actor, singer

Anne Barrett for this theatrical

zoom performance of Christmas

1895! “Victoria Yule” will

entertain you with the history of

holiday traditions, readings from

Dickens, and songs of the season

in her clear soprano voice.

Thank you to our sponsor of this

program, Whitney Place Assisted

Living Residences and Memory

Care, Natick.

Mondays at a Museum-

Newport Mansions at

Holiday Time- ZOOM

Monday, December 20, 11-

noon, free

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Artwork In

The Center

Carol Krentzman installed her latest mosaic

art piece on court street in Natick Center

last month. The 12-foot-high piece represents

Natick history.

Shop Local for Quality Cards and Gifts!

This holiday season, order your cards

from a trusted, local vendor.

Our Town Publishing now offers

holiday cards, prints, photos gifts

and more!

Go to

to get started today!

74 Main St., Suite 16 • Medway, MA 02053

508-533-NEWS (6397) •

Page 20 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Do you have money waiting

in the Unclaimed Property


Search state’s database for money in your name

By Theresa Knapp

Have you heard the commercials for Find- Have you searched the

state’s database for your personal or business

name and address

(old and


The Massachusetts




Property Division


over $3 billion

- with a “B” -

in unclaimed

funds for residents

and business

of the Commonwealth.

According to,

the Unclaimed

Property Division receives abandoned property

from banks and other holding companies

after they have been unable to reach the owners

for three years.

The service “connects citizens with their

abandoned property such as bank accounts,

uncashed checks, stocks or dividends, insurance

policies, or the contents of safe deposit boxes.

The state holds this reported property until the

rightful owner or heir claims it.”

To see if there is abandoned property in

your, or your family’s name, visit


Share the Warmth of

the Season with Our

Holiday Sharing Tree.

Take a mitten tag from our Sharing Tree.

Share the Warmth of

the Season with Our

Holiday Sharing Tree.

Help bring some holiday cheer to a local child. Beginning

November 18th, just take a “mitten tag,” listing age and gift

ideas for area children from the Sharing Tree in our lobby and

return all wrapped gifts to us by December 10th. Lobby

hours are Mon-Wed & Fri 8:30 to 4pm, Thurs 8:30 to 6pm

and Saturday 8:30 to 12:30pm. For more information call

781-762-1800 or email us at

Help bring some holiday cheer to a local child. Beginning

November 18th, just take a “mitten tag,” listing age and gift

ideas for area children from the Sharing Tree in our lobby and

return all wrapped gifts to us by December 10th. Lobby

11 Central Street Norwood, MA 02062 781-762-1800

hours are Mon-Wed & Fri 8:30 to 4pm, Thurs 8:30 to 6pm


and Saturday 8:30 to 12:30pm. For more information call

781-762-1800 or email us at

Take a mitten tag from our Sharing Tree.



Clean Slate Estate Inc.

Estate Clean-Out Specialists



WE BUY ...

Small & Large

Collections Of Artwork,

Baseball & Basketball Cards,

Coins, Comics,

Diamonds, Gold, Jewelry,

Pokemon Cards, Silver, Stamps,

Trains & Toys (Antique)


New England’s Premier Clean-Out Company

401-640-9385 • 800-989-4521



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New Firefighters in Natick

State Fire Marshal Peter J.

Ostroskey and Deputy State

Fire Marshal Maribel Fournier

announced the graduation of

35 firefighters from the Massachusetts

Firefighting Academy

today. Graduates completed

the 50-day Career Recruit Firefighting

Training Program at two

campuses: Class #296 trained in

Stow and Class #BW14 trained

in Bridgewater.

“First responders are on the

frontlines protecting their communities,

and these newest firefighters

are needed now more

than ever,” said State Fire Marshal

Ostroskey. “The rigorous

professional training they’ve received

provides them with the

physical, mental, and technical

skills to perform their jobs effectively

and safely.”

Class #296 (Stow): 22

Graduates from 12 Fire


The 22 firefighters of Class

#296 represent the fire departments

of Billerica, Blackstone,

Devens, Everett, Foxborough,

Lincoln, Lowell, Natick, Plainville,

Upton, Winthrop, and Woburn.

Basic Firefighter Skills

Students receive classroom

training in all basic firefighter

skills. They practice first under

non-fire conditions and then

during controlled fire conditions.

To graduate, students must

demonstrate proficiency in life

safety, search and rescue, ladder

operations, water supply, pump

operation, and fire attack. Fire

attack operations range from

mailbox fires to multiple-floor

or multiple-room structural fires.

Upon successful completion of

the Recruit Program all students

have met the national standards

of National Fire Protection Association

1001 and are certified to

the level of Firefighter I and II,

and Hazardous Materials First

Responder Operational Level by

the Massachusetts Fire Training

Council, which is accredited by

the National Board on Fire Service

Professional Qualifications.

Today’s Firefighters Do Far

More than Fight Fires

Today’s firefighters do far

more than fight fires. They train

to respond to all types of hazards

and emergencies. They are

the first ones called to respond

to chemical and environmental

emergencies, ranging from the

suspected presence of carbon

monoxide to Fentanyl overdoses

or a gas leak. They may be called

to rescue a child who has fallen

through the ice or who has locked

himself in a bathroom. They rescue

people from stalled elevators

and those who are trapped in

vehicle crashes. They test and

maintain their equipment including

self-contained breathing apparatus

(SCBA), hydrants, hoses,

power tools, and apparatus.

At the Massachusetts Firefighting

Academy, they learn all

these skills and more, including

the latest science of fire behavior

and suppression tactics, from

certified fire instructors. They

also receive training in public fire

education, hazardous material

incident mitigation, flammable

liquids, stress management, and

self-rescue techniques. The intensive,

10-week program for municipal

firefighters involves classroom

instruction, physical fitness training,

firefighter skills training, and

live firefighting practice.

MA. CSL 105479 MA. REG 135975





(508) 875-8789 office

(508) 561-2080 cell

Since 2001

Licensed and Insured

Basements | Kitchens | Baths | Decks

Interior & Exterior Remodeling & Structural work

Visit our website to view more @

• Patios

• Walkways

• Fire Pits

• Outdoor


• Pool


• Lot Clearing

• Grading


Free Estimates • Fully Insured

• Pergolas

• Retaining


• Water


• Landscape

Design &


• Lawn


Page 22 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Natick Woodworker Featured In Online

Craft Holiday Show

CraftBoston Holiday 2021,

the Northeast’s annual craft

showcase presented online by

the Society of Arts + Crafts,

runs through Jan. 30, 2022,

with nearly 90 artists from New

England and across the country.

This year’s artists offer

unique handmade items and

limited edition works for holiday

shopping. The show features

home decor, jewelry,

wearable textiles, sculptural

works, and basketry in a variety

of price points, ranging from

small gifts to spectacular showpieces.

This year’s craft show includes

educational and entertainment


designed to enhance shoppers’

interactions with the makers

via artist demos, live-streamed

conversations offering direct

access to artists, and workshops

where viewers can learn craft


CraftBoston Holiday’s online

format and extended timeline

offers an advantage to

participating artists, said Executive

Director Brigitte Martin.

“By providing access to a

well-respected destination show

like ours, without the costs of

booth rental, travel and lodging,

CraftBoston Holiday offers

artists an incredible opportunity

to showcase their work to

a nationwide audience without

the overhead an in-person event

requires,” Martin says. “As a

result, we provide a supportive

platform for a wider variety of

artists to reach buyers and tell

their stories.”

Natick woodworker Stephen

Strout, whose finely-detailed

food presentation and cutting

boards come to life through

intricate layers of wood in a

variety of colors and styles, including

exotic species and recycled


Visit https://societyofcrafts.


for more information

and to view Strout’s work.

The only Energy


you’ll ever need.

Family owned and operated since 1954


• Heating Oil

• Propane

• Diesel

• Bagged Coal

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!


• Oil & propane

heating systems

and water heaters

• Oil to propane



• Flexible pricing and

budget programs

• Ask about our Veteran,

Military, Police and

Fire discount.


• Emergency

service 24-7

• Oil & gas fired


Be Sure to Ask About our New Customer Program

FREE: 100 gallons of home heating oil or propane*

FREE: $ 100 Account credit towards your first tune-up or service plan*

Give us a call today! 800-649-5949


*New automatic delivery customers only. Offer ends the last day of the month.

December 2021 Find us on Facebook | Natick Town News Page 23

Friends of the Morse

Institute to host

annual holiday raffle

The Friends

of the Morse

Institute Library

will host its annual


“lottery tree”

raffle from November

27 to

December 22,

for a chance to

win one of TWO

prizes: $100

worth of Massachusetts


scratch tickets.

The proceeds of

this fundraiser

make everyone

a winner, since

raffle ticket sales

help support the

Friends and the

programs of the

Morse Institute


Raffle tickets are $5 /1 ticket, or $20/5 tickets and are available

through December 22 at the circulation desk on the main floor of the

library. We’ll draw the winners’ names on Thursday, December 23.

Winners do not need to be present to win.

For more information about the sale,


There’s no place like



71 Central St., Wellesley, MA 02482


177 Plain Street (2-Family)

Millis - $549,900


Home for the

Wellesley, MA 02482


Wishing You a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

Real estate agents affiliated with Coldwell Banker Realty are independent contractor sales associates, not employees. ©2021 Coldwell Banker Realty. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Realty

fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Owned by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks

owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.




New Construction -

Ava Marie Model $519,000


68 Glenview Street

Upton - $915,000


“Serving and Living in Natick for over 38 years”

Home for the


342 Village Street

Millis - $489,000

51 Lincoln Street

Natick - $1,250,000

Chip Sulser





One Common St.

Natick, MA 01760

592 Washington Street

Wellesley, MA 02482





Looking to

advertise in our

Real Estate Corner?


Jeremy Wardwell

today at


or by email at


78 Fisher Street

Medway - $699,000

100-102 Congress Street

Milford - $499,900

7 Meadow Parkway

Franklin - $449,900

Let my 21 years experience of

selling homes help you with your next move.

15 Baltimore St, Millis & 10 Speen St, Framingham Offices

64 Village Street

Millis - $675,000

Page 24 Natick Local Town Pages | December 2021

Janice C. Burke

realtor ® 71 central st



janice clover burke


1 cidermill ln, natick



certified senior real estate specialist



wellesley ma 02482


Allain and Warren Group is proud to be #1 in Natick for the 4th year in a row!

Here are just some of our past sales...




26 Arbor Circle

16 Charles Street

4 Archer Drive 56 Marion Street 18 Hammond Road 37 Walnut Street 11 & 13 Cross Street



163 Boden Lane

32 Mill Street

16 Baystate Road 15 Point Street

9 Foley Drive 51 Washington Street

7 Gibbs Steet


15 Sheffield Road

12 Mohegan Trail 43 Charles Street 8 Rathburn Road 15 Pumpkin Pine Road 281 Beacon Street 15 Greenlead Road



Scan the QR code to see

even more sales from Allain

and Warren Group.

17 Arthur Street 138 Bacon Street 16 Charles Street 28 Winter Street 67 Lakeshore Road

Interested in moving in 2022?

Reach out today!

Compass is a licensed real estate broker and abides by Equal Housing Opportunity laws. All material presented herein is intended for informational purposes only. Information is compiled from sources deemed reliable but is subject to errors, omissions, changes in price, condition, sale, or withdrawal without

notice. No statement is made as to the accuracy of any description. All measurements and square footages are approximate. This is not intended to solicit property already listed. Nothing herein shall be construed as legal, accounting or other professional advice outside the realm of real estate brokerage.

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