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By Arusha Vegt, Development Director

Kristine Bernardino, from the JKCS

graduating class of 2020, shares

details about her life at UBC and

looks back at her transition from high

school to university.

You’re in your second year at UBC.

What are you studying?

I’m studying political science with

a minor in sociology. I hope to do a

year abroad and eventually work in

government or at an embassy after

getting a graduate degree.

Last year UBC was entirely online.

How was that?

Being entirely online was difficult

because there was no need to go

outside and it was hard to have good

study habits. We had to create an

online community, and now that we’re

in person you may recognize someone

from Instagram or Facebook and say,

“Oh, you’re a second year, too!” You don’t

really have that classic friend group

from first year because it was all online.

What do the faith-based clubs at UBC

look like?

There are thousands of clubs. It’s

insane. There are five different

Christian clubs. There are clubs for

everything and every religion.

Do you go to church near campus or

back to your home church?

The church I’ve gone to since birth is in

Vancouver so I can just take the bus. Or

I visit my parents overnight and go with

them on Sunday. My mom usually brings

me food to take back to my dorm.

Do you see fellow JK grads at UBC?

17 of the 26 people in my graduating

class went to UBC. We’re all in different

faculties but I see them all the time.

It’s the same group just at a different

school. I see a lot of 2021 grads, like

Sam Tso, around campus too.

How do you find UBC academically?

In the arts if you’re good at time

management, put the time in to work,

enjoy writing essays, enjoy reading

and enjoy the subject matter, it’s not

too hard, although it can get pretty

crammy at times.

When you look back at your time at

John Knox, do you think that John

Knox prepared you to go to university?

Yes. We talk about this so often. We

thought, “Oh, university is so hard!” but

now we say university is really easy.

For example, Kevin (Battilana) who is

at Sauder (School of Business at UBC)

already has two internships set up in

big accounting firms. Even he says it’s

not that’s hard. He says part of that is

because Mr. (Sergio) Brock (senior math

teacher) wasn’t big on calculators and

that really set him up for moving onto

university. It still can be hard, but the

workload is fine. I read more in Mrs.

(Rebekah) Loconte’s classes (senior

humanities teacher) than in university.

What else is surprising to you about

being in university after going to

high school?

At John Knox it was fun to have that

sense of community, but I realized that

community isn’t everywhere. It’s kind

of hard to find that small group. And it’s

hard to find that teacher connection.

Do you keep in touch with any

JK teachers?

I talk to them all the time! Mr. (Jaason)

Bennett (senior humanities teacher)

is the one that inspired me to go into

the program that I’m in now. I had an

interest in business because that’s

what my family does, but then I took

Mr. Bennett’s classes, like history

and socials and law, and thought, this

history and political stuff is where it’s

at for me. In my first year I emailed

Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Loconte all the

time when I didn’t want to do school

anymore. Mrs. Loconte was a big

influence too, with her courses on

ethics and philosophy.

What advice would you give to

students who are in grade 11 and 12

right now?

Take time to branch out and meet

different people, and learn to discern

who is going to be a good friend. In a

22 | Knox News - December 2021

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