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big university there are a lot of different

people and you have to be able to

differentiate who is right for you.

to think, as in, here are some options

and theories, and you get to pick what

aligns with you best.

do matter, but it all came down to

whether you wrote your personal

profile well enough.

Did you find that John Knox was too

small? What difference did a smaller

school make?

JKCS doesn’t have a specific

denomination and that has been very

beneficial to us. Some other Christians

on campus have a narrower mindset.

Mr. (Juergen) Rose (retired senior

sciences Christian studies teacher)

and Mr. (Adam) Wasik (principal and

senior sciences teacher) were very

open. And I don’t mean in a progressive

way, like they were pushing a left or

right agenda. They just encouraged you

In high school, what did you learn

was most important when applying

to universities?

What really matters is the way

you write your personal profile.

The number of workshops we

had on writing your profile and

putting together our cornerstone

presentations, and the amount of

editing and peer editing we did

is what made all the difference.

I didn’t even include all of my

extracurriculars, they didn’t seem to

matter as much as I thought. Grades

What’s next for you?

I’m applying to go on an exchange

program for my third year, to the

Philippines, Spain or France. I’d like to

go back to the Philippines and learn

more of my language.


Kristine with the Filipino Club at UBC (top left),

Kristine with friends at UBC (top right), Kristine’s

kindergarten class photo at John Knox Christian

School (bottom)

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