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types of Christians at the school. I

see how narrow the door is, as Jesus

said, but how wide open the door is

because there are so many different

representations of Jesus here within our

community. These are people who are

true followers of Christ, but who come

from very different traditions.

Sometimes within those traditions there

are different viewpoints. And that can

be everything from how to raise a child

to baptism. There are many varying

opinions and as a superintendent of

a Christian school I very much feel

humbled in recognizing that I don’t have

a perfect view. Rather, what I do is I very

much feel that I need to respect the

people of God and to hear their voices.

So, I see my role as listening profoundly

and deeply to those voices, supporting

staff in helping recognize that there will

be students who carry different voices

within their classrooms, and that those

need to be honored. And yet, as students

get older, we need to challenge them so

that they can be firm and strong in their

faith and then step into the world where

they can be effective.

One of my roles is connectivity to the

board, and I think it’s important to

say that a Christian school board is

vital, and the relationships between

the superintendent and the board and

the board chair are also vital. It helps

describe and prescribe a healthy running

of the school. We have a board that is

looking forward and seeking out what is

coming next. One thing I’ve been trying

to do is be very open with the board, talk

to them and let them know that I need

to lean into them, at times, for areas of

wisdom. Each one of them is there for a

reason, each one has a specific expertise.

Every day you spend time at both our

elementary and secondary campuses.

What do you love about each campus?

I love walking into the high school and

seeing and hearing and feeling the

intelligent buzz of activity. You will

see groups of organized kids heading

towards a club or to an event where,

for example, they are going to go out to

support people within the community

or farther afield. But you’re also seeing

a teacher working with a group of kids

on high level chemistry or mathematics.

You’re walking through the hallway and

you’re hearing music coming through

from the music room, as our students

are being challenged musically in band

or choir. There’s just this very beautifully

orchestrated sense of a wonderful noise

of intelligence, spiritual life education,

activity, and excited chatter. In the

Student Commons, you’re going to hear

foosball or ping-pong being played, both

things that I really love.

At the elementary campus, there is such

a beautiful sense of innocent education

and faith, and it’s lovely. Sometimes that

looks like a Kindergarten or Grade One

student stopping me in the hallway and

telling me, “I hope you have a good day.”

I love that. Among the staff there’s a lot

of playfulness, but there’s also a lot of

care and deep concern for one another.

Outside of COVID, you see a ton of

parent involvement, like parents reading

to kids in the hallways. It’s a constant

sense of parent buzz and interaction

with our students.

What are your hopes and dreams for

our school?

My hope is that our staff, our students,

and our administration are firm in

knowing who we are, and that our

culture and our faith are strong and

remain strong, no matter what the waves

that crash against us might be. This

means being alert and awake to that,

listening into what other schools are

experiencing or feeling, supporting one

another and doing as we were called to

do, which is to love one another deeply

from the heart. One of our mandates

is to support Christian families looking

for Christian education. That could

mean increasing the scope of how many

families we’re reaching at the primary

level. I think it also means to recognize

the differences within our school. We

have an elementary school and we

have a high school, but there’s a part in

the middle that needs a lot of support

and a lot of work. We have incredibly

dedicated teachers, but they need help

with a system that lets them do the work

they need to do.

You’ve got a great team supporting you.

I’m going to go through the entire team

and would like you to tell me what you

value most about each of them.

Kim Beunk, Vice Principal and

Primary Coordinator

What Kim brings to our team is

experience in understanding the child.

She knows how humans that are at

a very early stage of life think and

how they develop. That is absolutely

invaluable for areas such as our

admissions team and working with

new parents trying to figure out how

to do this whole thing called education.

The other thing that Kim brings us is a

tremendous sense of calm and wisdom

to our admin team. She’s a person that

I will frequently lean into to pray over

the admin team. She’s a pastor’s wife,

she’s been through it! She’s seen all that

you can see. To have her voice speaking

into our admin team is invaluable.

Kelly Blackmore,

Intermediate Coordinator

Kelly is a firebrand of education. She

is a person that has an insatiable

curiosity for how to move forward,

how we can increase what we have,

how we can become better than who

we are. And she takes it on herself the

most. She wants to make sure that her

own mind, her own person, her own

spiritual health are all growing in order

to help others. Her capacity for growth

and for finding and looking for areas

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