Folsom Magazine 2021-2022

We are celebrating a landmark anniversary in Folsom – 75 years for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and the City of Folsom. This commemorative issue of the magazine captures the essence of Folsom – the spirt of community that defines our city. New to this magazine is a “New Resident Guide” as a service from the City of Folsom. Folsom has the ultimate blend of a thriving tech business culture combined with an authentic “hometown” vibe. Consistently ranked as one of the top cities in California to raise a family, Folsom has top-rated schools, safe streets and an abundance of outdoor recreation as well as new housing. Most of all, Folsom has a strong business climate which supports the outstanding quality of life that is our calling card. The Greater Folsom Partnership (which includes the Folsom Chamber, Visit Folsom and Choose Folsom) is what it is today thanks to the many who have come before. Past and present leaders, volunteers, and members have shaped our organization. The past 75 years have been a good start, but there are lots more to do as we look forward to the opportunities ahead in the decades to come. Joe Gagliardi, CEO

We are celebrating a landmark anniversary in Folsom – 75 years for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce and the City of Folsom. This commemorative issue of the magazine captures the essence of Folsom – the spirt of community that defines our city. New to this magazine is a “New Resident Guide” as a service from the City of Folsom. Folsom has the ultimate blend of a thriving tech business culture combined with an authentic “hometown” vibe. Consistently ranked as one of the top cities in California to raise a family, Folsom has top-rated schools, safe streets and an abundance of outdoor recreation as well as new housing. Most of all, Folsom has a strong business climate which supports the outstanding quality of life that is our calling card.
The Greater Folsom Partnership (which includes the Folsom Chamber, Visit Folsom and Choose Folsom) is what it is today thanks to the many who have come before. Past and present leaders, volunteers, and members have shaped our organization. The past 75 years have been a good start, but there are lots more to do as we look forward to the opportunities ahead in the decades to come.

Joe Gagliardi, CEO


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FOLSOM<br />


75 th<br />





New<br />

Resident<br />

Resource<br />

Guide Inside!


City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

FOLSOM<br />



Table of Contents<br />

6 Becoming a Tech Hub<br />

8 <strong>Folsom</strong> Trails<br />

10 Expansion of Health Care<br />

11 <strong>Folsom</strong> Non-profit<br />

Organizations<br />

13 South of 50<br />

10 Fast Facts<br />

15 <strong>Folsom</strong>’s Water<br />

The Real Story<br />

27 Sip on This<br />

Foothill Wine Experience in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s Backyard<br />

42 Cristina Mendonsa<br />

44 Can’t-Miss Community Events<br />

46 <strong>Folsom</strong>’s Growing<br />

Coffee Culture<br />

48 <strong>Folsom</strong> Development Map<br />

52 Meet Your Neighbors<br />



Resident Resource Guide<br />

Your Guide to City Services,<br />

Amenities, and Programs<br />

29.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident<br />

Resource<br />

Guide<br />

16 Discovering <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

On a Stand-up Paddleboard<br />

19 Granite Grammar School<br />

56 All About Education<br />

63 Bridging the Past and Present<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s Transportation<br />

21 75 Facts About <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

64 Riding Green in <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Cover photo taken by Tom Gomes<br />

@tomgomesphotographer<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 3


FOLSOM!<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />

Joseph P. Gagliardi<br />

CEO - Greater <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Partnership<br />

Mary Ann McAlea<br />

Senior Vice President<br />


Jennifer Cliff<br />

Director of Marketing<br />

& Communications<br />

Lisa Lorraine,<br />

Megan Murphy<br />

Marketing &<br />

Communications<br />

Shannon Robb,<br />

Sherri Merrick<br />

Business Development<br />

Nancy Christeson<br />

Visitor Center<br />

Jennifer Jiminez<br />

Accounting<br />

Colleen Schwietert<br />

Executive Assistant<br />

This publication produced in partnership with:<br />


Phil Scott<br />

Economic<br />

Development<br />

Libby Siino<br />

Events Management<br />

Kristine Keables<br />

Communications<br />

Debbie Hurst<br />

CPA<br />

Style Media Group, Inc.<br />

909 Mormon Street, Suite 104,<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> CA 95630<br />

916-988-9888, stylemg.com<br />

We are celebrating a landmark anniversary<br />

in <strong>Folsom</strong> – 75 years for the <strong>Folsom</strong> Chamber<br />

of Commerce and the City of <strong>Folsom</strong>. This<br />

commemorative issue of the magazine<br />

captures the essence of <strong>Folsom</strong> – the spirt<br />

of community that defines our city. New to<br />

this magazine is a “New Resident Guide” as a<br />

service from the City of <strong>Folsom</strong>. <strong>Folsom</strong> has<br />

the ultimate blend of a thriving tech business<br />

culture combined with an authentic “hometown” vibe. Consistently<br />

ranked as one of the top cities in California to raise a family, <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

has top-rated schools, safe streets and an abundance of outdoor<br />

recreation as well as new housing. Most of all, <strong>Folsom</strong> has a strong<br />

business climate which supports the outstanding quality of life that is<br />

our calling card.<br />

The Greater <strong>Folsom</strong> Partnership (which includes the <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Chamber, Visit <strong>Folsom</strong> and Choose <strong>Folsom</strong>) is what it is today thanks<br />

to the many who have come before. Past and present leaders,<br />

volunteers, and members have shaped our organization. The past<br />

75 years have been a good start, but there are lots more to do as we<br />

look forward to the opportunities ahead in the decades to come.<br />

Joe Gagliardi, CEO<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 5

Becoming a<br />

Tech HubBy Julie Ryan<br />

If you build it, they will come. That was true in the movie Field of Dreams, and it’s true in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>. The <strong>Folsom</strong> area has become a tech mecca—from companies like Intel and Micron to<br />

PowerSchool and brand-new startups. The city has a dynamic partnership with the Greater<br />

Sacramento Economic Council, which is bringing even more livelihood to the area. They<br />

foresee a 7% job growth in the tech industry in our area in the next five years.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is in the right place geographically to<br />

continue to build a network of tech careers.<br />

There’s enough land available to remain<br />

on this path for some time. A large part of<br />

the area’s appeal is the quality of life that<br />

comes with it. You’re always a step away<br />

from restaurants, nightlife, and recreation.<br />

That’s a huge draw—not only for businesses<br />

but for employees, too. <strong>Folsom</strong> offers just<br />

about anything on a wish list: biking to work,<br />

walking to lunch, and family outings aplenty.<br />

There’s a reason <strong>Folsom</strong> continuously makes<br />

“Best Places to Live” lists.<br />

In the early 1980s, Intel laid the foundation<br />

for what they are today. What started as a<br />

small building in the middle of a large field has<br />

turned into seven buildings spread over 1.5<br />

million square feet. As one of Intel’s largest<br />

sites, they employ over 6,000 people and still<br />

have room to grow. The campus hosts mainly<br />

research and development operations, where<br />

they create and test chips and chipsets. The<br />

company also does their best to be ecofriendly<br />

by promoting things like biking to<br />

work, rideshare programs, and incentives for<br />

using light rail and buses—all to help improve<br />

air quality and reduce our carbon footprint.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


Many of Micron’s <strong>Folsom</strong> employees<br />

were originally part of the Intel<br />

campus. Micron ventured out on<br />

its own in 2008 and remains in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> with around 500 employees.<br />

They focus on memory solutions<br />

and storage systems and are one<br />

of a few companies in the world<br />

to manufacture DRAM memory<br />

chips. They are “committed to the<br />

protection of the environment,<br />

including pollution prevention, and<br />

providing an incident and injury-free<br />

workplace for their team members,<br />

contractors and visitors.” Micron<br />

also believes in giving back. They<br />

donate to charities worldwide and<br />

their employees connect with the<br />

“<br />

community by donating and volunteering.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>-based PowerSchool has continued<br />

to grow since its start. They are now publicly<br />

traded on the New York Stock Exchange and<br />

the largest education software for grades<br />

K-12 with plans for continued growth in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>. They started as “the first webbased<br />

student information system, through<br />

industry-changing user interface and<br />

mobile apps, to their Student Information<br />

Systems and Unified Classroom platform.”<br />

PowerSchool also believes in supporting<br />

those who want to become teachers by<br />

providing grants to students to help with<br />

teacher certification.<br />

Inductive Automation has been in the tech<br />

industry for over 18 years and makes their<br />

home in <strong>Folsom</strong>. CEO, President, and Founder<br />

Steve Hechtman says their company comes<br />

down to three words: The new SCADA.<br />

(Supervisory control and data acquisition)<br />

Their impressive client list includes Shell,<br />

Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Sierra Nevada, and<br />

more.<br />

What started out<br />

small, but with big<br />

dreams and ideas,<br />

has flourished into<br />

something greater...<br />

and was originally part of the Granite School<br />

District. It eventually went on to become<br />

part of the <strong>Folsom</strong> Cordova Unified School<br />

District and is now owned by nonprofit<br />

FEDCorp (<strong>Folsom</strong> Community Development<br />

Cooperation). They’re dedicated to giving<br />

people a place to collaborate and launch their<br />

ideas into businesses; to that end, their goal is<br />

“is to become a hub that supports the growth<br />

of businesses in our community.”<br />

Granite City Coworking offers a space to<br />

meet, plan, and create as well. From coworking<br />

spaces that you can rent a few days<br />

a week to private offices, it’s a location that’s<br />

ready for the next startup. Bike trails and<br />

light rail are both nearby, adding ease to a<br />

commute.<br />

Office Evolution provides is also<br />

an area for hopeful start-up<br />

companies. Their accommodations<br />

include private offices, conference<br />

rooms, and even fully furnished<br />

spaces. Amenities consist of free<br />

parking and a fitness center; plus,<br />

they’re within walking distance of<br />

restaurants, parks, and trails.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is proud of what they’ve<br />

“<br />

accomplished with their tech hub.<br />

What started out small, but with big<br />

dreams and ideas, has flourished<br />

into something greater, and they’re<br />

not letting up any time soon. They<br />

attract many people from the Bay<br />

Area who are looking for more<br />

opportunities and a place to raise a family.<br />

There are enough employers and more on<br />

the rise, so jobs are available. Housing is<br />

affordable, too, which attracts people as well.<br />

Another trend <strong>Folsom</strong> is embracing is the<br />

change of career mid-life. A lot of people<br />

are turning to tech as new career paths.<br />

Whether they’ve lost their job or just need a<br />

change, tech is a growing industry for all age<br />

groups and stages of life. The city continues<br />

to grow and provide opportunities for jobs<br />

and a way of life for families, couples, and<br />

singles. The tech industry is opening doors<br />

for anyone who has the desire to join, and<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is prepared and excited for the<br />

growth to come.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

Another tech company making its mark in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is Kioxia America, Inc. (formerly<br />

Toshiba). Although relatively small with about<br />

50 employees, they’re still a leader in their<br />

field of electronics manufacturing. They’re<br />

known for the invention of flash memory, and<br />

they continue to create and develop cuttingedge<br />

memory solutions.<br />

In addition to the well-known companies<br />

that reside in this area, there are also lesserknown<br />

hopefuls looking for their spoke in the<br />

tech hub. <strong>Folsom</strong> boasts an innovative setting<br />

that gives startups a place to, well, start up.<br />

Granite Grammar School was built in 1915<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 7

Johnny Cash Bridge<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>Trails<br />

Rides Not to Miss<br />

By Kris Keables<br />

Need to try out that new electric bike?<br />

Or are you an experienced peddler<br />

looking for new experiences? With<br />

50+miles of beautiful cycling trails linking<br />

to the famed American River Parkway<br />

trail system, it’s obvious <strong>Folsom</strong> is a true<br />

destination for cycling enthusiasts.<br />

(Hint: there are both electric and regular bike<br />

rentals available at different access points to the<br />

trail!)<br />

While wandering these scenic pathways is<br />

a fun way to explore, we went to our trail<br />

expert Jim Konopka (designer of many<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s trails) to suggest some special rides.<br />

Touring Route:<br />

Humbug-Willow Creek (HBWC) Trail wanders<br />

through the oaks along two scenic creeks.<br />

Start at the Glenn Drive light rail station and<br />

head northeast along the HBWC trail. At the<br />

point where the trail goes under Blue Ravine<br />

Road and Riley Street, stay to the right and<br />

continue along the Willow Creek Trail. At<br />

Oak Ave Parkway, make a left turn and follow<br />

the sidewalk until you cross Creekside Drive.<br />

Follow the trail as it wraps around the front<br />

of Cummings Family Park. Follow the trail<br />

southwest, make a right turn onto a wood<br />

bridge across the creek. A left turn from the<br />

bridge will bring you back to the starting point at the Glenn Drive<br />

Light rail station. Along this section of the trail, you will cross East<br />

Bidwell Street on a 180-foot-long bridge and then you will cross<br />

over the meandering wood 300-foot-long Jim Konopka bridge – a<br />

fantastic example of the power of volunteers!<br />


There is a an easy 5-mile loop trail in Empire Ranch that meanders<br />

through the open space areas in the community. The best place to<br />

start is at Nisenan Community Park. The trail crosses at the front of<br />

the park. From the park, make a right turn onto the trail and you can<br />

follow the trail for 5 miles and returns you to the starting point at<br />

Nisenan Park. Families will enjoy this very scenic trail as it is mostly<br />

flat with some rolling hills.<br />


There is no place quite like the Lake Natoma Waterfront Trail as it<br />

has amazing lake and wildlife viewing. It is especially beautiful being<br />

on this trail just before sunset. The starting point is just 300 feet<br />

north of Karen’s Bakery (consider a patio breakfast/lunch before<br />

your ride) in Historic <strong>Folsom</strong>. At the trailhead, follow the trail to the<br />

right and continue to follow the trail as it meanders through an oak<br />

woodland forest and then makes its way down the slope toward<br />

the shoreline of Lake Natoma. Feel free to stop often to take in the<br />

views of Lake Natoma, the Rainbow Bridge and the Lake Natoma<br />

Crossing Bridge. There are benches along the way to rest. Continue<br />

to follow the trail has it follows the shoreline and then continues up<br />

the slope. Not to far off the trail is Out of Bounds Brewery where<br />

you can stop for a pint, lunch and perhaps a game of corn hole or<br />

bocce ball.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


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(925) 787-5460<br />

www.BrittanyBlackRE.com<br />


of Health<br />

Care<br />


By Julie Ryan<br />

The expansion of health care in the Greater <strong>Folsom</strong> area<br />

is ongoing. What began as a one-hospital town has grown<br />

to several highly rated hospitals, with many other medical<br />

offices, and plans to continue growing.<br />

Dignity Health, Mercy <strong>Folsom</strong>, UC Davis,<br />

Sutter Health, (and coming soon, Kaiser), are<br />

all choices for local health care on a larger<br />

scale. Dignity Health will be adding a 30-acre campus<br />

and Kaiser has plans to build a campus here as well.<br />

Dignity Health Mercy Hospital has served <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

and their residents for over 35 years. The hospital<br />

has 106 licensed acute beds, provides surgical<br />

services, offers a Family Birth Center, and is a<br />

Certified Joint Commission Stroke Center. They’ve<br />

won a multitude of awards including America’s<br />

250 Best Hospitals, Critical Care Excellence<br />

Award, Hospital C-Section Honor Roll, and Best<br />

Maternity Care Hospitals 2020. Construction<br />

begins in <strong>2022</strong> on a new 30-acre campus that will<br />

house medical offices, urgent care, primary care,<br />

OB/GYN, and other specialty services.<br />

UC Davis Health in <strong>Folsom</strong> is the area’s only<br />

academic health system, which allows them<br />

to offer therapies and technology that other<br />

hospitals might not practice yet. The hospital<br />

has 646 licensed beds and provides primary<br />

care, specialty care, and a comprehensive cancer<br />

center. They’re also known for The Mind Institute,<br />

which focuses on research and therapy for<br />

children with autism, Down syndrome, fragile X<br />

syndrome, and more. UC Davis Health in <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

is ranked Sacramento’s #1 hospital by U.S. News<br />

and World Report and has also been recognized<br />

for nine consecutive years as a leader in LGBTQ<br />

Healthcare Equality.<br />

Kaiser currently has medical offices in <strong>Folsom</strong> and<br />

has plans to build a hospital in the coming years.<br />

They’ve been recognized for customer loyalty, as a<br />

Top-Rated Medicare plan in California, and as the<br />

nation’s best at controlling high blood pressure.<br />

StemExpress, located in <strong>Folsom</strong>, provides<br />

Biospecimens to those in need. They specialize<br />

in bone marrow, cord blood, diseased peripheral<br />

blood, and more. What’s more, they help in<br />

research and clinical studies all over the world.<br />

Blue Shield of California is sited in El Dorado Hills.<br />

They provide insurance, which in turn is used at<br />

the above hospitals, doctor’s offices, and labs.<br />

These companies complement each other and work<br />

as a team to ensure the best assistance for their<br />

patients and customers. As the health care industry<br />

grows in <strong>Folsom</strong>, so does the economy. New health<br />

care facilities spawn other businesses like labs,<br />

pharmacies, and medical supply stores. The trickledown<br />

effect brings in more jobs, so more homes will<br />

need to be built, which in turn brings even more jobs.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is in the right place geographically to expand<br />

in the health care industry. They have the space,<br />

they’ve planned for the growth, and they’re here to<br />

make <strong>Folsom</strong> the best place to live and work.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Non-profit Organizations<br />

By Kris Keables<br />

A strong non-profit sector is key to a thriving<br />

community. <strong>Folsom</strong>’s non-profits are diverse<br />

in purpose but united in the goal of the city’s<br />

success of being a shining star of the region.<br />

Here are three of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s non-profits that<br />

are community standouts.<br />


OUR MISSION: <strong>Folsom</strong>’s youth and families experiencing turmoil<br />

and stress in their lives. We offer mentoring, encouraging, tutoring<br />

and caring to students in need to help them thrive.<br />

BACK STORY: In 2008, Executive Director Salwa Kasabian saw the<br />

need first-hand when she enrolled her children at Theodore Judah<br />

Elementary School.<br />

DID YOU KNOW: To provide these services to an ever-growing<br />

number of youth, the non-profit is raising funds to build a dedicated<br />

center adjacent to the school.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s Hope<br />

1100 Blue Ravine Rd., <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

(916) 246-9978, <strong>Folsom</strong>hope.org<br />


OUR MISSION: The Christian non-profit, Powerhouse Ministries has<br />

helped people break the cycle of addiction, abuse and poverty while<br />

offering inspiration and empowerment to enact change in their lives.<br />

BACK STORY: Executive Director and Lead Pastor Nancy Atchley<br />

says “From the very beginning nearly 30 years ago, I knew that<br />

Powerhouse was to be a place that offers hope and help to people<br />

trapped in crime, addiction, abuse, and poverty.”<br />

DID YOU KNOW: 91% of the women who graduate from the<br />

Women’s and Children’s Center, never return to a lifestyle of<br />

addiction and abuse.<br />

Powerhouse Ministries<br />

311 Market St., <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

(916) 983-0658, Phmfolsom.org<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


OUR MISSION: With the support of 15 area churches, the Twin<br />

Lakes Food Bank fulfills its mission of “To be the hope in our<br />

community by providing the basic needs of nutritious food and<br />

social assistance with dignity and humility.”<br />

BACK STORY: Formed as a community food bank in 1986, it has<br />

become a vital resource to families and individuals in the region.<br />

DID YOU KNOW: In 2012, a quarter acre urban garden was<br />

established at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church across the street from the<br />

food bank that produces thousands of pounds of fresh food each<br />

year for food bank clients.<br />

Twin Lakes Food Bank<br />

327 Montrose Drive<br />

(916) 985-6232, Twinlakesfoodbank.org<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 11

Insured by NCUA<br />

are<br />

home here.<br />

Welcome to <strong>Folsom</strong>. Now you can experience the many benefits<br />

of borrowing with a local, not-for-profit partner, right here at<br />

home. Learn about our competitive rate loans and the many ways<br />

SAFE Credit Union will put YOU first at SAFEcu.org.

10 Fast Facts<br />

By Kris Keables<br />

Photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

• Full buildout of the area is projected to<br />

take another 25 years. At buildout, the<br />

area will have 11,000 single- and multifamily<br />

homes, along with at least two<br />

medical campuses, offices, retail, dining,<br />

recreation and entertainment, and provide<br />

an estimated 8,000 jobs.<br />

• The first new school at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch,<br />

Mangini Ranch Elementary School, will<br />

open in August <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

• A 11.8-acre site adjacent to Mangini Ranch<br />

Elementary School will be the first of more<br />

than 140 acres of parks to be developed in<br />

the area. It will include children’s play areas;<br />

a lighted ball field; a dog park; a lighted<br />

sports court with one tennis court and four<br />

pickleball courts; a lighted full basketball<br />

court; two lighted sand volleyball courts;<br />

and open space with native and droughttolerant<br />

plants.<br />

• Planning is underway for a joint police<br />

substation and fire station at the northwest<br />

corner of Savannah Parkway and Westwood<br />

Drive. The fire station, the first of two<br />

planned in the area, will be the <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Fire Department’s Station 34, according to<br />

Chief Ken Cusano.<br />

• Toll Brothers is selling homes at Regency<br />

at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch, a luxurious new 303-acre<br />

community of 919 homes for residents age<br />

55 or older. The community will include an<br />

18,000 square foot clubhouse with indoor<br />

lap pool, outdoor heated pool, spa, fire<br />

pits, prep kitchens, conference rooms, and<br />

a state-of-the-art fitness center, as well as<br />

pickleball, bocce ball, and two dog parks.<br />

• St. Anton Communities is planning Mangini<br />

Place, a $50 million, 152-unit workforce<br />

living community at the northwest corner<br />

of Mangini and Savannah Parkways in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch. It is for people who earn 30<br />

to 70 percent of the area median income.<br />

• There are 30 miles of new bike and<br />

nature trails planned, which will connect<br />

to <strong>Folsom</strong>’s existing trail system, and 30<br />

percent of the entire 3,520 acre site is set<br />

aside as permanent open space.<br />

• Construction has begun on the Capital<br />

SouthEast Connector, a new transportation<br />

corridor connecting Elk Grove and El<br />

Dorado Hills. Together with Alder Creek<br />

Parkway, two planned interchanges and an<br />

overpass, these routes will help relive traffic<br />

on Highway 50.<br />

• The plan area features flexible commercial<br />

zoning for corporate campuses that will<br />

provide economic benefit and employment<br />

opportunities to residents. This jobs/<br />

housing balance helps reduce or eliminate<br />

commutes and provides what community<br />

leaders call “the gift of time” for residents.<br />

• Construction is underway for the 34.5-acre<br />

UC Davis Health Sciences Campus at the<br />

southwest corner of Highway 50 and East<br />

Bidwell Street, and Dignity Health Medical<br />

Complex on 28 acres at the southeast<br />

corner.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 13



Revel <strong>Folsom</strong> is a brand-new independent living community where personalized<br />

experiences meet comfortable living, good food and good friends go hand-in-hand,<br />

and fun is never far from home.<br />



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• Our water rights entitle us to 34,000-acre<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

Water<br />

The Real Story<br />

It’s rare when the science and the data<br />

exist in a way that allows someone to<br />

make an uncompromising, declarative<br />

statement about anything, but concerning<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s water supply, this is one of these<br />

times. In short, <strong>Folsom</strong> has rights to all the<br />

water it needs, today and at full buildout in<br />

30 years.<br />

To summarize the facts that allow<br />

such a bold claim, a little data from the<br />

Federal Bureau of Reclamation, <strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

Department of Environmental Resources<br />

and Water, and <strong>Folsom</strong>’s 2020 Urban Water<br />

Management Plan:<br />

By Bill Romanelli<br />

• <strong>Folsom</strong>’s water rights date back to 1851,<br />

making our city’s some of the most senior<br />

and most enforceable rights in California<br />

today. It’s sometimes said that if there was<br />

only one drop of water in <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake,<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> would get it.<br />

feet of <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake water every year<br />

(about 11 billion gallons). On average, we<br />

use 19,400-acre feet every year—about<br />

57% of our entitlement. That consumption<br />

rate is actually down 40% from 20 years<br />

ago, despite the city’s growth. At full<br />

buildout, the city will need 27,000-acre<br />

feet annually.<br />

• At full capacity, <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake holds just<br />

under one million-acre feet of water. If<br />

lake levels dropped to 15% of capacity in<br />

a very severe drought, that leaves about<br />

146,000-acre feet, or enough to last<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> another five years (assuming no<br />

other uses, of course).<br />

“Ever since 2009, when state law mandated<br />

that water agencies across California reduce<br />

per-capita water use 20% by 2020, we’ve<br />

been working to meet and exceed that<br />

standard,” says Marcus Yasutake, director<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s Environmental and Water<br />

Resources. “That’s not to suggest anyone<br />

should stop water conservation efforts, but<br />

we have been very successful at reducing our<br />

water consumption.”<br />

Efforts began with a comprehensive,<br />

citywide leak and loss prevention program,<br />

now repeated every three years, to make<br />

sure water stays in the pipes. In 2013,<br />

the city moved to a metering program,<br />

which inherently drove down usage, and in<br />

recent years the departure of Aerojet has<br />

substantially reduced needs for water from<br />

the Willow Hill Reservoir behind <strong>Folsom</strong> High<br />

School.<br />

Moving forward, all new homes and<br />

development are governed by California’s<br />

Green Plumbing Code standards, which<br />

require water efficient appliances, smart<br />

irrigation systems, and a host of other<br />

innovative, water-saving technologies. This<br />

past September, <strong>Folsom</strong>’s City Council also<br />

approved a “Cash for Grass” program, which<br />

pay’s homeowners up to $2,000 to replace<br />

their front lawns with drought-resistant<br />

plants and landscaping.<br />

“<strong>Folsom</strong> has a very thoughtful and effective<br />

strategy on managing our water, and I would<br />

emphasize that in addition to ensuring the<br />

quantity of water the city needs, we’re also<br />

focused on the quality of that water,” says<br />

Joe Gagliardi, president and CEO of the<br />

Greater <strong>Folsom</strong> Partnership. “Companies like<br />

Gekkeikan Sake and Kikkoman researched a<br />

lot of communities, but they chose <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

because of our quality and reliability of our<br />

water supply.”<br />

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With more than 50 miles of paved trails,<br />

48 public parks, 1,000-plus acres of open<br />

space, and two lakes, <strong>Folsom</strong> is a mecca for<br />

nature enthusiasts. One outdoor activity, in<br />

particular, has been getting more residents and<br />

visitors out on <strong>Folsom</strong>’s beautiful waters: stand-up<br />

paddleboarding. “I love stand-up paddleboarding<br />

because I’m able to enjoy the areas that I normally<br />

explore on foot on the water,” says Elina Sushchik,<br />

who paddleboards two to three times a week in<br />

the summer months.<br />

A<br />

handful of access points and options to rent equipment make<br />

stand-up paddleboarding on <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake and Lake Natoma<br />

accessible to all. “There are so many great local spots, and I<br />

always have a hard time choosing, as all offer something quite special,”<br />

says Sushchik.<br />

Lake Natoma is a scenic five-mile stretch of water with 500 acres<br />

of surface water gathered by the Nimbus Dam. The lake’s five-mileper-hour<br />

speed limit for motorized crafts ensures calm waters for<br />

paddleboarders and kayakers exploring its coves and still water<br />

channels. Paddlers enjoy stopping for breaks at the lake’s small islands<br />

and spotting wildlife, like black-tailed deer, along the shore. The lake<br />

flows from <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake to Nimbus Dam, right up past Rainbow Bridge.<br />

Discovering<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

on a Stand-up<br />

Paddleboard<br />

“<br />

Quintessential<br />

By Nelly Kislyanka<br />

California<br />

views and<br />

native wildlife<br />

“<br />

There are four launching points along Lake Natoma, three offering<br />

paddleboard rentals, for adventurers wanting to enjoy the sport.<br />

Sacramento State Aquatic Center, open to the public, is a full-scale<br />

aquatics facility at the top of the Nimbus Dam offering equipment<br />

rentals and a launching dock. Adjacent to the aquatic center, Nimbus<br />

Flat State Recreational Area doesn’t offer rentals but provides a paved<br />

ramp and sandy shoreline to launch your own paddleboard from.<br />

Further upstream, rent a board at the Willow Creek Recreation Area<br />

and send off from your choice of the paved ramp, dock, or dirt inlet.<br />

Negro Bar State Recreation Area is the access point furthest upstream<br />

Lake Natoma. This area has a large paddleboarding community, says<br />

Sushchik. Not only can you connect with fellow adventurers here, but<br />

you can also rent equipment at the beach. With board underarm, head<br />

to the paved launch ramp with dock to get on the water.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake has been a favorite destination for <strong>Folsom</strong> and<br />

surrounding communities since the mid-1950s. Quintessential<br />

California views and native wildlife draw stand-up paddleboarders to<br />

this reservoir. To paddle <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake with your own board, <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Point Ramp has a launching ramp and dock. You can also launch from<br />

the sandy shores of Beal’s Point Recreational Area. No board? The<br />

Snack Bar, situated above the beach, at Beal’s Point rents them out.<br />

Whether you’re floating underneath the picturesque arches of<br />

Rainbow Bridge soaring above Lake Natoma or challenging yourself<br />

on prized <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake, stand-up paddleboarding connects you to<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s greatest assets: a fun community and natural beauty.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />



At Kaiser Permanente, we don’t see health as an industry. We see it as a cause. And one that we<br />

very much believe in. During this extraordinary time we are especially thankful to the heroism<br />

of our frontline workers. And, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of our<br />

outstanding care teams and individuals who deliver on the Kaiser Permanente mission each<br />

day to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. We are here to help<br />

you thrive. Learn more at kp.org.<br />

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Granite Grammar School<br />

Education to Innovation By Julie Ryan<br />

Granite Grammar School is a historic gem located on Mormon<br />

Street in <strong>Folsom</strong>. Built in 1915, it was part of the Granite School<br />

District and was considered a prototype of how schools would<br />

look in the future. Instead of a one-room schoolhouse, the school had<br />

several classrooms, as well as a library, offices, and an auditorium. It also had<br />

a unique layout. In addition to several rooms, the building was shaped like<br />

an “E,” which provided more sunlight and better ventilation and was a first<br />

for schools in the area. The classrooms were on the sides, while the offices<br />

and auditorium were in the center. The architects, George C. Sellon and<br />

Alden W. Campbell were ahead of their time with the design. The walkways<br />

could be opened in nice weather and closed in cold weather. And they had<br />

a system that freshened the air inside six times an hour. Sellon was the first<br />

state architect of California and built many notable structures, including<br />

some on the National Register of Historic Places, including Granite School.<br />

Unfortunately, the building could no longer be used as a school after 1966,<br />

due to earthquake standards, so they made some improvements and used it<br />

for other school-related needs like offices and storage. In 2013, the building<br />

was used by a group who used it as a place for tech-based entrepreneurs<br />

to get together with like-minded people. Later, they were offered a place to<br />

relocate in Sacramento, so the <strong>Folsom</strong> Economic Development Corporation<br />

(FEDCorp) leased part of the building for a while before purchasing it in<br />

December of 2020.<br />

FEDCorp is a nonprofit organization with the<br />

goal of helping expand businesses in <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

They’re utilizing the building as a place for<br />

people to collaborate with others in the same<br />

mindset. It’s a place of vision, helping others<br />

with startups. Support services are also<br />

available to those who want it. They have eight<br />

classrooms, an auditorium for meetings, and<br />

plenty of space to create new businesses—all<br />

while maintaining the history of Granite School.<br />

It will be kept in great condition and remain in<br />

use.<br />

FEDCorp has already seen some of their<br />

tenants move on. Their startups have turned<br />

into enterprises. And that’s the goal of providing<br />

this space to entrepreneurs. They want you<br />

to succeed and eventually move on to bigger<br />

things.<br />

The perfect location of the building puts you in<br />

walking distance to restaurants, light rail, Lake<br />

Natoma, Granite Park, and Historic <strong>Folsom</strong>. It<br />

also puts you in the middle of the tech hub that<br />

is <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

The city continues to grow as a leader in the<br />

tech industry and FEDCorp wants to keep it<br />

going in that direction by giving startups a place<br />

to start.<br />

Photos courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

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8<br />

1<br />

6<br />

9<br />

4<br />

2<br />

2 7<br />

3 9<br />

8<br />

5<br />

2<br />

9<br />

3<br />

Facts About<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Compiled<br />

by<br />

Chamber Staff<br />

As <strong>Folsom</strong> celebrates 75 years as a city, it’s only fitting that we share 75<br />

fun facts about <strong>Folsom</strong> including its history, community and some special<br />

treasures!<br />

Get wet! Two lakes<br />

1 |<br />

5<br />

Swimming for toddlers<br />

and a river! | to grandmas at the<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Aquatic Center.<br />

Interesting coves to<br />

2 |<br />

3 |<br />

4 |<br />

explore on kayaks,<br />

SUPS in the calm waters<br />

of Lake Natoma.<br />

Watch a fabulous sunset<br />

from your jet ski on<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake.<br />

Camp on your boat!<br />

Motor into a cool cove<br />

and throw out that anchor!<br />

6 |<br />

7 |<br />

Pack a picnic dinner and<br />

head to one of six<br />

beaches in your <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

backyard.<br />

The BEST water for<br />

collegiate rowers on<br />

Lake Natoma!<br />

4<br />

0<br />

6<br />

5<br />

7<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 21

50+ miles of Class<br />

A bike trails plus<br />

mountain biking<br />

and walking trails.<br />

9 |<br />

10 |<br />

11<br />

12 |<br />

13 |<br />

|<br />

14<br />

16 |<br />

17 |<br />

18 |<br />

19<br />

Challenging<br />

Get on the trails and never see<br />

a car—bliss!<br />

Nearly every home in <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

sits within a half-mile radius<br />

of a park.<br />

The Johnny Cash trail<br />

pays tribute to the<br />

Man in Black.<br />

Parkland-style golf is at the<br />

Empire Ranch Golf Club.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> has 2,00+ acres of<br />

open space.<br />

Two parks have fun water<br />

features including fountains<br />

for keeping cool.<br />

The new area around <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Ranch will feature 30+miles<br />

of paths and trails.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Kids Play Park has<br />

unique play equipment such<br />

as a wiggling rubber bridge.<br />

OHV enthusiasts test their<br />

skills at Prairie City PHV<br />

State Park<br />

21<br />

Pitch a tent or bring<br />

the RV (full hookups) to<br />

Beal’s Point State Park<br />

on <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake.<br />

22<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Cricket<br />

League is thriving.<br />

23<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s official Holiday<br />

Tree is in the middle of<br />

the skating rink<br />

24<br />

Historic <strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

Hometown Parade<br />

is all about the red,<br />

white & blue!<br />

mountain bike trails<br />

surround <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake.<br />

anyone? Econome Park<br />

offers play on both synthetic and<br />

natural fields<br />

20Lacrosse<br />

15<br />

A professionally<br />

designed BMX course<br />

and a fun skate park<br />

are in Cummings<br />

Family Park.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


25<br />

Celebrate July 4th at<br />

the <strong>Folsom</strong> Pro Rodeo<br />

– a 60-year family<br />

tradition!<br />

39<br />

97%<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

households have<br />

a computer.<br />

Rodeo photo by Menka Belgal. Other photo courtesy of its respective company or organization.<br />

Fresh produce year around<br />

26 | at the Historic <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Farmer’s Market.<br />

28<br />

27<br />

Elite runners start the<br />

| prestigious California<br />

International Marathon<br />

here in December.<br />

Pumpkins!! Zittel<br />

Farms – <strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

only family farm<br />

29 |<br />

30 |<br />

Celebrate the summer at FREE<br />

concerts held throughout the<br />

community!<br />

Intel inspired <strong>Folsom</strong>’s tech<br />

revolution.<br />

32 |<br />

33 |<br />

34 |<br />

36 |<br />

37 |<br />

38 |<br />

All aboard the ONLY<br />

12-gauge railroad in the<br />

nation in the <strong>Folsom</strong> Lions<br />

City Park.<br />

Learn the rescue stories<br />

at the unique <strong>Folsom</strong> Zoo<br />

Sanctuary.<br />

35<br />

Powerhouse<br />

52 years strong, the Historic<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Christmas Craft Fair<br />

features 200 artisan crafters.<br />

Theater LIVES at the Sutter<br />

Street Theater and the Harris<br />

Center for the Arts at <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Lake College.<br />

The Red Bus Brewery creates<br />

BREW here!<br />

Pub is the oldest<br />

continuing nightclub<br />

music venue in the<br />

Sacramento area.<br />

Two 350- year-old Japanese<br />

companies located here because<br />

our outstanding water quality.<br />

31<br />

Pet a stingray and experience a land<br />

and sea adventure at SeaQuest <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

Pines or surf – 1.5<br />

hrs to South Lake<br />

Tahoe OR 2 hrs to<br />

40the Bay Area.<br />

41 |<br />

42 |<br />

43<br />

44 |<br />

|<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s home values<br />

appreciated 134.6% between<br />

2000 – <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Award-winning vineyards<br />

produce signature wines a short<br />

drive away.<br />

10,000 students take advantage<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College’s<br />

coordination with area industries<br />

to offer courses for careers of<br />

the future.<br />

DownBeat <strong>Magazine</strong> awarded<br />

the <strong>Folsom</strong> High School Jazz<br />

Band and Jazz Choir as Best in<br />

the Nation!<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 23

45<br />

Five fire stations<br />

staffed 24hrs a day,<br />

provide emergency<br />

assistance.<br />

46<br />

Sacramento<br />

Regional Transit<br />

has its terminus in<br />

Historic <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

47<br />

The median age in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is 40.7 and<br />

51 percent of the<br />

community has a<br />

bachelor’s degree or<br />

higher<br />

48<br />

A luxury 55 and<br />

older Toll Brothers<br />

community is under<br />

construction in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch.<br />

49<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> High School<br />

football team has<br />

a decade of league<br />

dominance and four<br />

state titles.<br />

50<br />

Eight name-brand<br />

hotels including<br />

some extended stay<br />

and pet-friendly,<br />

offer quality<br />

lodging.<br />

51<br />

104-year-old<br />

Granite School is<br />

evolving into an<br />

innovative tech<br />

hub.<br />

52<br />

The 1946<br />

rallying cry for<br />

incorporation<br />

was policing the<br />

“unsavory” workers<br />

at <strong>Folsom</strong> Dam.<br />

53<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Powerhouse was<br />

the first to generate<br />

long-distance<br />

transmission of<br />

power.<br />

54<br />

The first <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

subdivisions in<br />

the 1950s were<br />

for those working<br />

on the Apollo<br />

Space Program at<br />

Aerojet<br />

55<br />

56<br />

On February 12,<br />

1962, the last dredge<br />

in <strong>Folsom</strong>, Natoma<br />

No. 6 was shut down<br />

57<br />

Miners from<br />

various origins<br />

has their legacy<br />

reflected in<br />

historic names<br />

Mormon Island,<br />

China Bar and<br />

Negro Bar State<br />

Park.<br />

58<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> has a<br />

sister city - Italy’s<br />

Crespano del Grappa<br />

59<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Telegraph<br />

(1856) is the fourth<br />

oldest weekly<br />

newspaper in<br />

California.<br />

60<br />

Emma Spence ran<br />

a boarding house<br />

offering female<br />

company for 30<br />

years until it was<br />

finally shut down in<br />

1950s.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Hotel was<br />

opened in 1880 and<br />

is rumored to be<br />

haunted<br />

61<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Prison<br />

Museum has<br />

one of the most<br />

international guest<br />

books in the region<br />

62<br />

Notable <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

family names are<br />

recognized on the<br />

city’s street signs<br />

including WWII<br />

veterans.<br />

63<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s iconic<br />

Rainbow Bridge<br />

celebrated its<br />

100th birthday in<br />

2019<br />

64<br />

More than $125<br />

million in gold was<br />

dredged in <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

65<br />

The Railroad<br />

Turntable on<br />

Sutter Street is<br />

a replica of an<br />

original which<br />

turned the railroad<br />

engine around<br />

to head back to<br />

Sacramento.<br />

67 |<br />

68 |<br />

69<br />

70 |<br />

71 |<br />

72 |<br />

73 |<br />

74 |<br />

75 |<br />

|<br />

In 1968, Cash sang his 1955 hit<br />

“<strong>Folsom</strong> Prison Blues” to<br />

an enthusiastic inmate crowd.<br />

When the blacksmith forge is<br />

roaring, the Pioneer Village in<br />

Historic <strong>Folsom</strong> is open<br />

Gold Rush miners<br />

established the need for a<br />

railroad from Sacramento<br />

to <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s Veterans Memorial<br />

has distinct elements - a flag<br />

court, granite rock of names, an<br />

eagle, a young scout dog handler<br />

and a grieving woman.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Handcar Races has the<br />

only known quadripede race in<br />

the world.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s Sutter Street was part<br />

of the original route of Hwy 50<br />

From July 1860 to July 1861,<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> was on the route of the<br />

Pony Express.<br />

The Railroad Turntable on Sutter<br />

Street is a replica of an original<br />

which turned the railroad engine<br />

around to head back to<br />

Sacramento.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is named for Joseph<br />

Libbey <strong>Folsom</strong> who purchased<br />

Rancho Rio de los Americanos<br />

from the heirs of San Francisco<br />

merchant William Alexander<br />

Leidesdorff, and laid out the<br />

town called Granite City, mostly<br />

occupied by gold miners seeking<br />

their fortune in the Sierra<br />

Nevada foothills.<br />

Johnny Cash was never a<br />

66<strong>Folsom</strong> Prison inmate.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


Wine Bar - Tapas Style Cuisine<br />

Wine Bar - Tapas Style Cuisine<br />

Best Wine Bar<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

609 Sutter St. <strong>Folsom</strong> I 916. 932. 4234<br />

CitizenVine<strong>Folsom</strong>.com<br />

(916) 608-6500<br />

www.flc.losrios.edu<br />


(916) 608-6888<br />


Managing your money your way<br />

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Sip<br />

On<br />

This<br />

Foothill Wine<br />

Experience in <strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

Backyard<br />

by Kourtney Jason<br />

Photo by Menka Belgal.<br />

The emerging wineries in the Sierra Foothills offer a perfect<br />

afternoon outing for <strong>Folsom</strong> residents and visitors. The boutique<br />

wineries feature beautiful vistas as a backdrop for personal<br />

chats with winemakers. This region already boasts many firstclass<br />

outdoor adventure experiences from mountain biking to<br />

white water rafting and kayaking. “It is a fabulous itinerary<br />

for a Gold Country getaway weekend” commented Mary Ann<br />

McAlea with Visit <strong>Folsom</strong>. “A relaxing wine tasting experience<br />

with friends followed by a farm to table dining experience in the<br />

Sierra Foothills is the ultimate California itinerary!”<br />

Recognizing the opportunity that this<br />

growing industry represents for the<br />

regional economy, Joe Gagliardi,<br />

CEO of the Greater <strong>Folsom</strong> Partnership and<br />

Mike Owens, president & CEO of Crystal Basin<br />

Cellars put together an inaugural Foothill Wine<br />

Competition in May 2020. The competition<br />

was open to wines bearing labels from any<br />

District 10 county, including Amador, Calaveras,<br />

El Dorado, Mariposa, Nevada, Placer, and<br />

Tuolumne. Judges, which included media,<br />

sommeliers, and wine buyers from throughout<br />

California and Nevada, awarded five “Best in<br />

Show” winners.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 27

To further celebrate these award-winning wines and the<br />

winemakers who created them, a new local event, the<br />

Foothill Wine Fest has been added to the calendar. Over<br />

50 wineries will be sampling their fabulous varietals at<br />

the Palladio in <strong>Folsom</strong>. Event organizers plan to make<br />

this an annual event to showcase the exciting products<br />

coming from the Sierra Foothills.<br />

April <strong>2022</strong>. The events will be held within a three-week<br />

period of each other.<br />

“These local wineries are small, and they could sell out of<br />

their award-winning wines,” Schwietert says. “We want<br />

to have the Gold medal winners available for the public<br />

event.”<br />

The goal of the upcoming wine fest is to educate the<br />

local community about the incredible quality of the<br />

product and the great variety of choices available to<br />

consumers. Event coordinators are excited to get the<br />

local wines out in front of local consumers right in time<br />

for the holidays.<br />

“People don’t know all the regions,” says Competition<br />

Coordinator Coleen Schwietert. “They might lump<br />

Amador and El Dorado together, but there are many<br />

different wine areas within one big region. We hope<br />

these events are a gateway to new fans for the foothill<br />

wines and will create respect and appreciation<br />

for this local product.”<br />

The response to this year’s events has<br />

been so positive that the planning<br />

team is already working on the<br />

competition and festival for next<br />

year, taking place in March and<br />

Foothill<br />

Wine Fest<br />

Taste from<br />

Award Winning<br />

Wineries!<br />

El Dorado Winery Association Executive Director Kara<br />

Sather encourages residents to take time to explore the<br />

local regions on their own. Sather encourages shopping<br />

local, even when it comes to wine, and notes that you can<br />

visit the local wineries year-round, though some are open<br />

just on weekends and offer tastings by reservation only.<br />

She suggests visiting eldoradowines.org to get a list of local<br />

wineries and business information.<br />

When considering going wine tasting, Sather says to<br />

look in your own backyard. “The regions here produce<br />

absolutely fabulous wine that wins both national and<br />

international competitions,” she says. “I love the passion<br />

that everyone has here. There’s a real sense of<br />

pride and spirit amongst all the wineries and<br />

winemakers. There’s pride in the history<br />

of the region, the terroir, and the natural<br />

environment in which wine is produced,<br />

including the soil types, elevation, and<br />

what goes into the fruit.”<br />

Foothill Wine Fest<br />


Amador Cellars 2016<br />

Tempranillo<br />

Best of Show-Red;<br />

Amador County region<br />

diVittorio 2005 Merlot Port<br />

Best of Show-Dessert;<br />

El Dorado County region<br />

Element 79 Vineyards 2019<br />

Abby’s Rose<br />

Best of Show-Rosé;<br />

El Dorado and Fair Play region<br />

Gwinllan Estate 2018 Brut<br />

Best of Show-Sparking Wine;<br />

Fair Play region<br />

Skinner Vineyards & Winery<br />

2020 Grenache Blanc<br />

Best of Show-White;<br />

El Dorado region<br />

The 2020 Skinner Grenache<br />

Blanc was awarded the<br />

most points and praised for<br />

its varietal purity, pristine<br />

balance, overall deliciousness,<br />

and fun-to-drink factor.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />




Your Guide to City Services,<br />

Amenities, and Programs<br />

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide<br />



Incorporated in 1946, the City of <strong>Folsom</strong> is renowned for its<br />

highly ranked schools, low crime rate, strong employer base,<br />

natural amenities, and abundant recreational opportunities—plus<br />

outstanding shopping, dining, and entertainment options. We are<br />

a full-service city, providing a wide range of quality programs,<br />

services, and amenities to our residents. Excellence is our<br />

priority. City staff provides exceptional customer service and rolls<br />

out the welcome mat for our residents, businesses, and visitors.<br />



50 Natoma Street, <strong>Folsom</strong> CA 95630<br />

916-461-6000<br />

www.folsom.ca.us<br />

Hours of Operation:<br />

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday<br />


The <strong>Folsom</strong> City Council is dedicated to ensuring <strong>Folsom</strong>’s high<br />

standards for public health, safety, and quality of life. With an eye to<br />

the long-term, they guide the direction of the city as careful stewards<br />

for the residents and businesses of <strong>Folsom</strong>. <strong>Folsom</strong>’s Charter<br />

establishes the <strong>Folsom</strong> City Council as five members elected by<br />

the voters of the city.<br />

City Council meetings are held at 6:30 p.m. on the<br />

second and fourth Tuesdays each month at City Hall.<br />

For more information on how to watch and participate,<br />

visit www.folsom.ca.us/CouncilMeetings.<br />

BUDGET<br />

The city’s budget contains revenue and expenditure summaries and<br />

the capital improvement plan for each fiscal year. The city budget<br />

has two main sections: the operating budget, which covers the<br />

day-to-day work of the city, like police and fire services, library,<br />

parks and recreation, and other core services; and the capital<br />

improvement plan, which covers major construction projects.<br />

To view the annual city budget, visit: www.folsom.ca.us/Budget.<br />


City Attorney: 916-461-6025<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/CityAttorney<br />

City Clerk: 916-461-6035<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/CityClerk<br />

City Manager: 916-461-6010<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/CityManager<br />

Communications: 916-461-6013<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/Communications<br />

Community Development: 916-461-6200<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/CommunityDevelopment<br />

Building Permit Center: 916-461-6201<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/BuildingPermits<br />

Planning Counter: 916-461-6202<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/Planning<br />

Environmental and Water Resources:<br />

916-461-6162<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/EWR<br />

Finance: 916-461-6080<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/Finance<br />

Human Resources: 916-461-6050<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/HR<br />

Parks & Recreation: 916-461-6601<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/ParksandRec<br />

Facility and Park Rentals: 916-461-6620<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/Rentals<br />

Public Works: 916-461-6702<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/PublicWorks<br />

Utility Billing: 916-461-6101<br />




There are several ways to pay your utility bill—including online billing, your bank’s bill pay service, by mail,<br />

by phone, the red drop box in front of City Hall, and in person. For more information, visit www.folsom.ca.us/UtilityBilling.<br />

WATER<br />


The City of <strong>Folsom</strong> encourages all residents and<br />

businesses to use water efficiently. The current Water<br />

Conservation Stage and details on all stages can be found<br />

at www.folsom.ca.us/WaterConservationStage.<br />


Property owners are required to have underground utilities<br />

located before doing any digging. Always call 811 before<br />

you start any digging project—from planting trees to<br />

swimming pool installations. Learn about this free service<br />

at www.usanorth811.org.<br />


The City of <strong>Folsom</strong> utilizes applications that allow residents<br />

to have quick access to personal water use information,<br />

which helps identify water leaks and achieve water-saving<br />

goals. Visit www.folsom.ca.us/WaterConservation for<br />

more information.<br />


The City of <strong>Folsom</strong> offers water customers free Water-<br />

Wise House Calls. A city water conservation specialist<br />

will run your sprinkler system, evaluate its efficiency,<br />

and help you determine an effective watering schedule.<br />

To schedule your Water-Wise House Call, contact the<br />

Water Conservation Division at 916-461-6177 or visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/WaterWiseHouseCall.<br />


Rebates are available to help you save water and money!<br />

Learn more about what rebate programs the city has to<br />

offer at www.folsom.ca.us/Rebates.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // VISITFOLSOM.COM 31

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide<br />


The Streets Maintenance Division provides street sweeping<br />

to 420 curb miles of city streets and roadways biannually.<br />



Get your collection schedule, look up the best disposal<br />

options for an item, or schedule a household hazardous or<br />

bulky waste pickup at www.folsom.ca.us/WasteCollection<br />

or by using our <strong>Folsom</strong> Waste Collection app on your<br />

mobile device.<br />


PICKUP<br />

We can help you dispose<br />

of bulky items that do<br />

not fit in your curbside<br />

cans. Single-family<br />

households may schedule up to three Bulky Waste Pickup<br />

appointments each year.<br />


The City of <strong>Folsom</strong> replaces cans damaged due to normal<br />

wear and tear at no charge. To request a replacement<br />

can, visit www.folsom.ca.us/CanReplacements.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> is home to a lush, urban forest—a hallmark of<br />

our city that offers tremendous economic, health, and<br />

environmental benefits. Trees increase property values,<br />

enhance the vitality of business areas, provide shade,<br />

clean our air, and beautify the community. The City of<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> employs a City Arborist to oversee the planning,<br />

care, and management of an attractive, environmentally<br />

appropriate, and sustainable urban forest within our city.<br />

Resources are also available to help residents find the right<br />

tree for a property. Learn more at www.folsom.ca.us/Arborist.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> residents may request complimentary vacation<br />

checks for your home. Vacation checks are offered by the<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Police Department and Citizens Assisting Public<br />

Safety (CAPS). Simply complete an application at least<br />

three business days before your departure date at<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/VacationChecks.<br />


The Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) operates<br />

public transportation routes within the city, including a lightrail<br />

public transit with three stops in <strong>Folsom</strong> and a complete<br />

bus service. Visit the SacRT website at www.sacrt.com/<br />

apps/folsom for full details, routes, schedules, and fares.<br />


If you have more trash, recyclables, or organic waste than<br />

fits in the containers at your home, the city has additional<br />

or larger containers available. For occasional extra<br />

material, the City can schedule additional pickups upon<br />

request. For fee information or to request service, visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/ResidentialWaste.<br />


Hazardous waste is any gas, liquid, or solid used in the<br />

home labeled with the words caution, warning, danger,<br />

poison, toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive. These<br />

items pose a health threat to people, animals, and the<br />

environment due to their chemical nature. Remember,<br />

never place household hazardous waste products in a<br />

trash or recycling bin, toilet, sink, or storm drain. Learn<br />

how to identify household hazardous waste and<br />

schedule a pickup at www.folsom.ca.us/IdentifyHHW.<br />




NON-EMERGENCY LINE: 916-461-6400, option 1<br />

POLICE<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Police Department prides itself on building<br />

proactive community partnerships and providing a high<br />

level of service. The dedication of the men and women<br />

of the <strong>Folsom</strong> Police Department and the support of our<br />

community contribute to <strong>Folsom</strong>’s ranking as one of the<br />

safest cities in the U.S.<br />

DEPARTMENT LOCATION: 46 Natoma Street<br />


The Community Crime Map provides <strong>Folsom</strong> Police crime<br />

reports on an interactive map. Visit www.folsom.ca.us/<br />

CrimeMap for more information.<br />


Home security cameras may capture valuable information<br />

if a crime is committed in your neighborhood. Registering<br />

your surveillance cameras with the <strong>Folsom</strong> Police<br />

Department allows the department to know who in the<br />

neighborhood may have video if a crime is committed<br />

nearby. Learn more at www.folsom.ca.us/SecurityCamera.<br />


Alarm permits are required for all residences with a<br />

functioning alarm system. For more information on how to<br />

apply for a house alarm permit, visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/AlarmPermit.<br />


The Animal Services team is committed to providing<br />

exceptional service to <strong>Folsom</strong>’s four-legged community<br />

members and their owners. Services include: licensing your<br />

pet, addressing barking dog complaints, and reuniting lost<br />

or missing pets with their families. Visit www.folsom.ca.us/<br />

AnimalServices for additional information.<br />


The <strong>Folsom</strong> Police Department offers resources to assist<br />

families and caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s,<br />

dementia, Down syndrome, autism, and other intellectual<br />

and developmental disabilities. The various programs<br />

provide assistance to help locate individuals who may<br />

wander from home and become lost or confused, or have<br />

difficulty communicating with first responders. Visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/AutismDementiaAssistance for details.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // VISITFOLSOM.COM 33

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide<br />


The Code Enforcement Division responds to complaints,<br />

investigates violations, and obtains compliance with<br />

the <strong>Folsom</strong> Municipal Code. The Code Enforcement<br />

Division is available to receive reports of hazards and<br />

concerns, including abandoned or inoperable vehicles,<br />

property maintenance issues, graffiti, illegal construction<br />

or occupancy, and more. Contact Code Enforcement<br />

Services at 916-461-6227 or visit www.folsom.ca.us/<br />

CodeEnforcement.<br />


FIRE<br />

Established in 1857, the <strong>Folsom</strong> Fire Department is a<br />

full-service fire department, providing a wide range of<br />

programs, including emergency medical services, fire<br />

suppression, water and technical rescue, hazardous<br />

materials response, fire and life safety enforcement,<br />

and public education to the community.<br />


Report non-emergency community issues with SeeClickFix<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>. Submit and track non-emergency service requests<br />

through an online and mobile platform. Report issues such as:<br />

• Abandoned Vehicles<br />

• Graffiti<br />

• Illegal Dumping<br />

• Litter or Debris<br />

• Potholes<br />

• Streetlights Not Working<br />

• Damaged/Downed<br />

Traffic or Street Signs<br />

• Water Leaks<br />

• Sanitary Sewer Issues<br />

ADMINISTRATION: 916-461-6300<br />

Station 35: 535 Glenn Drive<br />

Station 36: 9700 Oak Avenue Parkway<br />

Station 37: 70 Clarksville Road<br />

Station 38: 1300 Blue Ravine Road<br />

Station 39: 2139 Ritchie Street<br />


Location 1: 48 Natoma Street (Next to City Hall,<br />

behind the <strong>Folsom</strong> Senior & Art Center)<br />

Location 2: 9700 Oak Avenue Parkway (West of<br />

Fire Station 36 along the Hinkle Creek bike trail)<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Fire Department offers a variety of<br />

programs and services to residents, including Vial of<br />

Life, car seat installations, life jacket loan program,<br />

sharps disposal program, and sandbag centers.<br />

Information on these programs can be found at<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/FireServices.<br />


crimes that previously occurred or traffic accidents with no<br />

injuries, call 916-461-6400, option 1.<br />


HAZARDS to the city, such as localized flooding, fallen<br />

trees or limbs, and clogged storm drains by calling<br />

916-461-6722.<br />


signs down can be reported by calling 916-461-6702.<br />


anywhere in <strong>Folsom</strong> on residential, commercial, public,<br />

or private property, call 916-461-6177 during normal<br />

business hours (7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). For water or sewer<br />

emergencies after business hours, call 916-461-6400.<br />



Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure, family fun, or premier dining, shopping, arts, and<br />

entertainment, you’ll find it in <strong>Folsom</strong>. You’ll also find smiling, friendly faces and a variety of unique<br />

attractions nestled within stunning scenery. Get ready to have some fun and explore <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is located 20 miles east of Sacramento. The city is only two hours’ drive from the San Francisco<br />

Bay Area and 90 minutes from beautiful South Lake Tahoe. We’re also centered within a hub<br />

of major highway connections and just over 40 minutes from the Sacramento International Airport.<br />

Discover what <strong>Folsom</strong> has to offer at www.folsom.ca.us/Visitors and Visit<strong>Folsom</strong>.com.<br />


When we shop local, we ensure the economic impact of our purchases<br />

stays local. Shopping locally supports the local economy, promotes a<br />

thriving community, and contributes to a high quality of life in <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

Dollars you spend in <strong>Folsom</strong> fund vital public services, such as police,<br />

fire, road maintenance, and parks. When you shop online, a smaller<br />

percentage of the sales tax is invested locally. Find what shopping<br />

options <strong>Folsom</strong> has to offer at www.folsom.ca.us/Visitors.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // VISITFOLSOM.COM 35

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> City Zoo Sanctuary<br />

403 Stafford Street<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> City Zoo Sanctuary is a unique facility that<br />

provides a forever home for dozens of rescued wild and domestic<br />

animals. Visitors can learn the story of each animal<br />

resident, plus fun facts about each species. The<br />

zoo sanctuary is open year-round; days and hours of operation<br />

vary. Visit www.folsom.ca.us/Zoo for more details.<br />

Andy Morin Sports Complex<br />

66 Clarksville Road<br />

The Andy Morin Sports Complex provides an indoor recreational<br />

and competitive venue for <strong>Folsom</strong> residents and the<br />

surrounding communities. The sports complex amenities<br />

include drop-in table tennis, pickleball, basketball, and batting<br />

cages. For hours of operation,<br />

visit www.folsom.ca.us/SportsComplex.<br />

Steve Miklos Aquatic Center<br />

1200 Riley Street<br />

The Steve Miklos Aquatic Center is <strong>Folsom</strong>’s premier<br />

outdoor swimming facility. Take part in our popular Sea<br />

Squad swim lesson program, get your laps in, or cool<br />

off during the hot summer months. The aquatic center is<br />

open year-round for lap swim. For programs and more<br />

information, visit www.folsom.ca.us/AquaticCenter.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Community Center<br />

52 Natoma Street<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Community Center is a beautiful setting for<br />

weddings, meetings, or special events with up to 560<br />

guests. For more information on reservations and scheduling<br />

a tour, visit www.folsom.ca.us/CommunityCenter.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Art & Senior Center<br />

48 Natoma Street<br />

Residents and visitors can enjoy fine arts classes at the<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Art Center, unique public art throughout the city, a<br />

variety of cultural arts events, and professional art exhibits<br />

at the Gallery at 48 Natoma.<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Senior Center offers programs for ages 55+<br />

including weekly activities in the lounge, support services,<br />

and special events. For hours and information, visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/ParksFacilities.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> Public Library<br />

411 Stafford Street<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Public Library offers storytimes, book<br />

clubs, author events, free Wi-Fi and computers,<br />

and a collection of over 100,000 items to check out. Visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/library for current hours and information<br />

and to register for a library card.


FIDO Field Dog Park<br />

1775 Creekside Drive<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s off-leash dog park has separate play areas for<br />

small and large dogs. The dog park is open every day<br />

except Wednesdays, year-round. Find hours of operation<br />

at www.folsom.ca.us/DogPark.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> Parks & Recreation maintains 48 developed parks<br />

in the city, featuring a variety of recreational amenities<br />

including playgrounds, walking paths, sports fields and<br />

courts, and picnic areas. <strong>Folsom</strong> is home to more than<br />

50 miles of Class I recreational trails for cycling, walking,<br />

running, and hiking. Access points for the city’s trails are<br />

located within most neighborhoods and near parks,<br />

businesses, and retail centers. Visit www.folsom.ca.us/parks<br />

to find a complete listing of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s parks and trail maps.<br />


Cool off with the refreshing water features at one of the<br />

city’s three spray parks. Find spray park addresses and<br />

hours of operation at www.folsom.ca.us/SprayParks.<br />

Cummings Family Skate & Bike Park<br />

1775 Creekside Drive<br />

The 21,000-square-foot skate park includes features for<br />

both transitional and street-style boarding and skating.<br />

The bike park includes features for mountain bikers and<br />

BMX riders. The skate and bike parks are open yearround.<br />

Visit www.folsom.ca.us/SkatePark for details.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> Parks & Recreation offers rentals for park facilities,<br />

fields, indoor venues, an arena, and an amphitheater.<br />

We can help you host wedding receptions, graduations,<br />

reunions, company gatherings, family picnics, seminars<br />

and meetings, concerts and plays, birthday parties,<br />

and nearly any other type of special event. Visit<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/Rentals for details.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // VISITFOLSOM.COM 37

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide<br />



The open waters of <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake, Lake Natoma, and the<br />

American River draw kayakers, swimmers, and other water<br />

sports enthusiasts.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> is a cyclist’s dream, with options for short<br />

local rides, renowned mountain biking trails, and<br />

connections to the Gold Country foothills and the<br />

American River bike trail.<br />


Channel your competitive spirit with <strong>Folsom</strong>’s fun runs<br />

and serious competitive events. The California<br />

International Marathon starts here and is a qualifying<br />

event for the Boston Marathon.<br />


<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake provides a habitat for largemouth,<br />

smallmouth, and spotted bass, along with rainbow<br />

trout, kokanee salmon, crappie, bluegill, and<br />

catfish. Learn where to fish on <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake at<br />

www.californiasgreatestlakes.com.<br />


Enjoy the view and marvel at the architecture of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

distinct bridges.<br />

• Rainbow Bridge (featured in the city’s logo),<br />

Historic Truss Bridge, Lake Natoma Crossing, Johnny<br />

Cash Trail and Bike/Pedestrian Overcrossing, and many<br />

more.<br />

ART<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s art scene is thriving. Here are a few ways to<br />

experience art in <strong>Folsom</strong>:<br />

• <strong>Folsom</strong> Public Art: Take a walk around <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

to spot our city’s diverse collection of public art.<br />

You can also take a virtual tour of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s public<br />

art at www.folsom.ca.us/PublicArt.<br />

• Gallery at 48 Natoma: Take a free, self-guided tour of<br />

the current exhibit during the gallery’s regular hours or<br />

make a reservation to visit at another time. For more<br />

details, visit www.folsom.ca.us/Galleryat48Natoma.<br />




<strong>Folsom</strong> schools are recognized as among the highest<br />

achieving in the region and are regularly ranked<br />

statewide and nationally. The <strong>Folsom</strong> Cordova Unified<br />

School District operates over 15 schools in the city.<br />

For more information, visit www.fcusd.org.<br />



• <strong>Folsom</strong> Parks & Recreation operates the CAVE Teen<br />

Center after-school programs for students in<br />

6th through 8th grade. Participants can register<br />

and learn more about teen programs at<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/TeenPrograms.<br />

• <strong>Folsom</strong> Parks & Recreation operates nine-month<br />

Fun Factory and Kindergarten Readiness preschool<br />

programs—focusing on developmental and academic<br />

skills in a positive learning environment.<br />

Visit www.folsom.ca.us/FunFactory for more<br />

information and locations.<br />


The <strong>Folsom</strong> Parks & Recreation<br />

Rec Guide includes classes<br />

and programs for every<br />

age, facility information,<br />

family-friendly special<br />

events, camps for youth and<br />

teens, and other resources of<br />

interest to the community.<br />

The interactive digital Rec<br />

Guide is updated frequently<br />

and published on the City<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong> website. Learn<br />

more at www.folsom.ca.us/<br />

RecGuide.<br />


Recognized as one of the top schools in the nation,<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College—part of the Los Rios<br />

Community College District—continues to grow<br />

and prosper, serving more than 9,700 college<br />

students and offers more than 90 different degrees<br />

and certifications. Visit www.flc.losrios.edu for details.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // VISITFOLSOM.COM 39

City of <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Resident Resource Guide<br />



Start your career with the City of <strong>Folsom</strong>! The Human<br />

Resources Department administers the recruitment,<br />

retention, and development of well-qualified and<br />

productive employees. Open positions are posted at<br />

www.governmentjobs.com/careers/folsom.<br />


• Volunteer at the citywide Community Service Day<br />

held annually on the third Saturday of September.<br />

• Participate in the Citizens Assisting Public Safety<br />

(CAPS) Program.<br />


Contact the <strong>Folsom</strong> City Council with your thoughts and<br />

ideas to help our community flourish. The City Council meets<br />

at 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays each<br />

month at City Hall, 50 Natoma Street, <strong>Folsom</strong>, CA, 95630.<br />

Meetings are also broadcast at 9 a.m. on the Friday and<br />

Saturday of meeting weeks on Metro Cable Channel 14.<br />


One of the ways that residents can get involved is by<br />

serving on one of the city’s commissions and committees.<br />

There are a variety of opportunities available, serving<br />

different areas of interest, and residents are encouraged<br />

to take part in helping develop city programs. Find all<br />

City of <strong>Folsom</strong> committees and commissions at<br />

www.folsom.ca.us/CommitteesCommissions.<br />

• Help keep your community safe and participate in<br />

the City’s Business Watch and Neighborhood Watch.<br />

• Join the City of <strong>Folsom</strong> Community Emergency<br />

Response Team (CERT).<br />

• Volunteer at the <strong>Folsom</strong> City Zoo Sanctuary.<br />

• Support the <strong>Folsom</strong> Public Library and join<br />

the volunteer team.<br />


50 Natoma Street<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>, CA 95630<br />

916-461-6000<br />

www.folsom.ca.us<br />


Sign Up for Email Alerts at www.folsom.ca.us/enews<br />

facebook.com/Cityof<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

twitter @Cityof<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

@Cityof<strong>Folsom</strong><br />




Imagine your greatest goals within reach.<br />

Together, we can create a strategy to help<br />

that can guide you forward on the path<br />

to success.<br />

Let’s work together.<br />

Contact me today to<br />

schedule a consultation.<br />

P laicnaniF LG<br />

D L anai , C yena , C ®CFh ®CPR<br />

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F , CA moslo<br />

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9 6709.96.61<br />

O ecfif<br />

D moc.laicanaiFLGP@anai<br />

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D<br />

a .seititne etarapes era laicnaniF LGPdn<br />

laicnan<br />

PRT-00000-0000 MKT-0060-0417 Tracking #0-000000 #1-819222 (Exp. 02/22) 00/00)

Your relocation & ProPertY connection<br />

Judy Black<br />


(916) 533-3344<br />

Judy is a residential professional and provides her<br />

clients with the information and professional service<br />

needed to bring about the highest quality and greatest<br />

value to their search for a new home and community.<br />

Whether you are buying or selling your home, Judy is<br />

experienced with your real estate needs and goals in<br />

focus... it is all about YOU!!!<br />

www.judyblack.com<br />

Legends Real Estate<br />

CalBRE 01129479 / NV Lic 0171198<br />

Spotlight on<br />

Cristina<br />

Mendonsa<br />

By Tara Mendanha<br />

Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awardwinning<br />

journalist and local <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

resident celebrity, Cristina Mendonsa,<br />

has many feathers in her cap. Not only is she<br />

a veteran television and radio journalist, and<br />

host of KFBK Morning News (kfbk.iheart.<br />

com/featured/the-morning-news), but she’s<br />

also a female and minority business owner of<br />

Mendonsa Media (cristinamendonsa.com).<br />



• Home • Auto • Life • Business<br />

Call me to get covered today!<br />

877-777-2469<br />

Maria Britton<br />

Your Local Agent I CA License # 0E84027<br />



The talented storyteller has contributed to<br />

the world of journalism for the past 25 years<br />

and has garnered a reputation for being as<br />

direct as she is warm. Illustrious professional<br />

career aside, she’s also been an advocate<br />

for community initiatives on mental health,<br />

cancer research, and veteran services, thereby<br />

significantly impacting the community.<br />

Her newest endeavor is hosting and moderating<br />

the <strong>Folsom</strong> Women’s Conference that serves<br />

as a resource for women looking to enhance<br />

their professional and personal development.<br />

The event is organized by The Greater <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Partnership, for more information about the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> conference please visit<br />

folsomwomenconference.com<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


Cycling. Kayaking. SUP. Historic District. Zoo. Trains.<br />

Johnny Cash Trail. Whitewater & Wine in our Backyard.<br />

V i s i t F o l s o m . c o m<br />

@ V i s i t _F o l s o m<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // VISITFOLSOM.COM 43

Can’t-Miss<br />

Community<br />

Events<br />

By Tara Mendanha<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Pro Rodeo is an institution,<br />

boasting 60 successful years of<br />

family fun filled with nonstop rodeo<br />

action, outstanding fireworks, mutton busting,<br />

skydivers, and much more. <strong>Folsom</strong> residents are<br />

lassoed into the excitement of this wholesome<br />

and patriotic event each July where cowboys,<br />

cattle, and love of country all converge at the<br />

popular Dan Russell Rodeo Arena.<br />

The Historic <strong>Folsom</strong> Hometown Parade is a<br />

chance for <strong>Folsom</strong> residents to revel in the<br />

history and charm of their hometown. A<br />

colorful assortment of entries takes over the<br />

heart of <strong>Folsom</strong> each June with entertainment<br />

galore—from color guards, vintage vehicles, and<br />

floats to Wild West groups, soap box derby<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


cars, and horses, just to name a<br />

few. It’s yet another chance to<br />

exhibit some of that <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

pride!<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> hosts two exceptional<br />

artisanal fairs come spring and<br />

winter, with the Historic <strong>Folsom</strong> Spring<br />

Arts and Crafts Fair and the Christmas Arts<br />

and Crafts Fair. Each event brings one-of-akind,<br />

handmade items to town with over 200<br />

artisan crafters displaying their dazzling wares,<br />

friendly strolling musicians, and your favorite<br />

local merchants and restauranteurs. Free light<br />

rail transportation is usually available, making<br />

the fair accessible and easy to enjoy.<br />

Historic <strong>Folsom</strong> turns into a winter wonderland<br />

each year, with the <strong>Folsom</strong> Historic District<br />

Ice Rink that provide skating fun all winter;<br />

Christmas Light Promenade that’s decked out<br />

in Christmas lights and closed to cars over the<br />

weekends for relaxed or romantic strolling; and<br />

the always-magical Christmas Tree Lighting<br />

that’s brimming with singing, dancing, and<br />

merrymaking of all kinds. It’s a feast for the<br />

senses all holiday season long.<br />

you can sense the music in the air<br />

and under your feet anywhere<br />

you go in <strong>Folsom</strong>, making for a<br />

memorable summer each year.<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Renaissance Faire<br />

promises magic, mayhem, and<br />

merriment each fall with an actionpacked<br />

itinerary of jousting, Shakespearean<br />

vignettes, jolly jesters, skilled archers, expertly<br />

staged battles, riveting storytelling for adults<br />

and children, and lots more. Rub elbows with<br />

nobility and step back in time to the days<br />

of Queen Elizabeth I. You can also shop for<br />

ceramics, woodworks, unique jewelry, clothing,<br />

historic weapons, and leather goods at this<br />

otherworldly event.<br />

Considering <strong>Folsom</strong> folk live mostly outdoors,<br />

it comes as no surprise that we love a good<br />

fun run. Whether it’s the <strong>Folsom</strong> Turkey Trot,<br />

California International Marathon, Christmas<br />

Classic 5K/10K, or the <strong>Folsom</strong> Blues Breakout,<br />

there’s something for all abilities and seasons,<br />

keeping us on our toes and always among the<br />

great outdoors.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s always been a champion of women<br />

and nowhere is it more apparent than at the<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Women’s Conference. This year’s<br />

conference was held on November 18 and was<br />

themed “Hear, Empower, & Revive” and enabled<br />

businesswomen and leaders to come away with<br />

practical tactics and strategies to navigate the<br />

changing landscape of our world today. Hosted<br />

by talented media mogul, Cristina Mendonsa,<br />

the guest speaker was Gabrielle Bernstein,<br />

who’s been labeled by New York Times as the<br />

next generation guru and who’s on the Forbes<br />

list of 200 best branded women.<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Family Expo has been entertaining<br />

families for 15 years now. Always oodles of<br />

fun for young and old alike, this day-long fest<br />

at the beginning of fall, offers lots of free<br />

entertainment, goodies, and giveaways. It’s a<br />

day for families to be carefree and discover all<br />

the goodness <strong>Folsom</strong> has to offer.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />

Summer and concerts are synonymous<br />

somehow and <strong>Folsom</strong> knows how to turn<br />

up the heat with lively tunes and fun vibes.<br />

Whether it’s the Summer of Music Series at the<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> City Lions Park, the Twilight Concert<br />

Series at the Zittel Family Amphitheater or<br />

the Summer Concert Series at the Palladio,<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 45



THE<br />


HUMAN<br />


WELFARE."<br />

Bahá'í Writings<br />

Growing<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s<br />

Coffee Culture<br />

By Nelly Kislyanka<br />

Join us for a<br />

discussion on the<br />

spiritual path to<br />

unity.<br />

folsombahais.org<br />

Amongst the large coffeehouse chains that have long<br />

dominated in <strong>Folsom</strong>, a fresh crop of independent<br />

shops have popped up and revitalized the city’s<br />

coffee culture. Midtown meets <strong>Folsom</strong> with some of<br />

Sacramento’s favorites: Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters and<br />

Temple. Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters, Temple Coffee<br />

Roasters, both serving award-winning coffee that has been<br />

meticulously sourced and roasted, are among the new crop. In<br />

addition to the regional roasts, <strong>Folsom</strong> boasts of small business<br />

coffee shops that are big with flavor and vibe: World Travelers,<br />

Chant’el Cafe, and Sociology.<br />

As the local farm-to-fork movement has taught us, the best<br />

product starts with the freshest ingredients. The same goes<br />

for great coffee. Both Chocolate Fish and Temple work directly<br />

with farmers rather than through an importer. The roasters<br />

believe in investing in mutually beneficial relationships with<br />

their providers. “As a result, we’re able to get their best<br />

coffee offerings year after year,” says Temple Founder Sean<br />

Kohmescher. These relationships give Chocolate Fish access to<br />

exclusive batches of beans, “micro lots,” not available to other<br />

roasters. “A micro lot could be a small area on the farm or a<br />

special coffee varietal that’s been separated and sorted from<br />

the other coffees,” explains Chocolate Fish Co-owner Edie<br />

Baker.<br />

Both coffee shops roast locally, ensuring the beans ground<br />

and brewed in-store are a fresh, never stale batch. Chocolate<br />

Fish roasts to draw out the bean’s inherent sweetness and<br />

fruit acidity for a complex brew without any bitterness;<br />

Temple, on the other hand, takes a tailored approach to their<br />

roasting and creates custom roasting profiles tailored to each<br />

coffee’s unique flavor characteristics. “We strive to bring out<br />

the intrinsic flavor characteristics from the farm, region, and<br />

country of each coffee,” says Kohmescher.<br />

Photos Courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />


Other<br />

Notable<br />

Brews<br />

About<br />

Town!<br />

Think pink! Chant’el<br />

Cafe offers a pink<br />

aesthetic with<br />

homemade Ukranian<br />

sweet treats.<br />

Must try: the Ukranian<br />

Syrniki (farmer’s cheese<br />

pancakes). Pairs well<br />

with a Raspberry latte.<br />

Let’s get social!<br />

Sociology<br />

nestled in the<br />

#historicfolsomdistrict<br />

is known for their<br />

specialty coffee drinks.<br />

The owners create a<br />

custom menu for each<br />

season.<br />

Must try: The Bourbon<br />

Vanilla Cappuccino.<br />

Take a coffee<br />

adventure! World<br />

Traveler’s Coffee in<br />

the Central Business<br />

District is a cozy<br />

coffee shop with<br />

European flair.<br />

Must try: The Brown<br />

Sugar Latte.<br />

Coffee shop photos by:<br />

Menka Belgal; /@<strong>Folsom</strong>Eats<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 47


CANYON<br />

(NORTH)<br />

Beal’s Point<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Dam<br />

Brown’s Ravine<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake Crossing<br />

Ernie<br />

Sheldon<br />

Park<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Point<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Prison Boat Launch<br />

Empire Ranch<br />

Golf Course<br />

Johnny Cash Crossing<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>-Auburn Rd<br />

Oak Ave Pkwy<br />

Fire<br />

Station<br />

Natoma St<br />

East Natoma St<br />

Sutter St<br />

Greenback Ln<br />

Natoma St<br />

Lembi<br />

Park/<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Aquatic<br />

Center<br />

Amos B.<br />

Catlin Park<br />

Livermore Park<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Sports<br />

Complex &<br />

John Kemp<br />

Community Park<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Kids<br />

Play Park<br />

Creekside Dr<br />

Blue Ravine Rd<br />

Wales Dr<br />

E. Bidwell St<br />

Empire Ranch Rd<br />

Glenn Dr<br />

Harris Center<br />

for the Arts<br />

(<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake<br />

College)<br />

The<br />

Parkway<br />

Police<br />

Station<br />


CANYON<br />

Negro<br />

Bar<br />

Riley St<br />

Broadstone Pkwy<br />

Sibley St<br />

Broadstone<br />

Plaza<br />

Broadstone<br />

Marketplace<br />

Oak Ave Pkwy<br />

Prairie City Rd<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Blvd<br />

Saratoga Way<br />

Iron Point Rd<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Premium<br />

Outlets<br />

Wal-Mart<br />

Shopping<br />

Center<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> High<br />

School<br />

Willow Hill<br />

Reservoir<br />

Community<br />

Park<br />

BT Collins<br />

Disc Golf Course<br />

BMX/ Dog<br />

Park<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Gateway<br />

Palladio at<br />

Broadstone<br />

Vista Del Lago<br />

High School<br />

Alder Creek Pkwy<br />

Sacramento State<br />

Aquatic Center<br />

Senior &<br />

Art/Cultural Center<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lions Park,<br />

Zoo, Library<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Community Center<br />

City Hall<br />

To Sacramento<br />

Alder Creek Pkwy<br />

NORTH (Open OF Space) HIGHWAY 50<br />

In<br />

Raley’s<br />

Chamber of<br />

Commerce<br />

Fire<br />

Station<br />

35<br />

Fire<br />

Station<br />

In Bel Air<br />

Fire<br />

Station<br />

Fire<br />

Station<br />

39<br />

Willow Creek<br />

Recreation Area<br />


FOLSOM<br />

NATOMA<br />





OAKS<br />

WILLOW<br />




Placerville Rd<br />

Savannah Pkwy<br />

E. Bidwell St<br />




HILLS<br />

EMPIRE<br />

RANCH<br />

To S. Lake Tahoe<br />


FOLSOM<br />


Fire<br />

Station<br />


Bike Trail<br />



Hospital<br />

Urgent Care<br />

Light Rail Station<br />

Park / Golf Course<br />

Post Office<br />

Schools<br />

New Homes<br />

wy<br />

2 Mangini Ranch Elementary School<br />

28<br />

29<br />

26<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>Chamber.com Choose<strong>Folsom</strong>.com<br />

14<br />

15<br />

16<br />

12<br />

31 32<br />

17 18<br />

19 20<br />


30 ESTATES<br />

25<br />

8<br />

10<br />

9<br />

11<br />


Ernie<br />

Sheldon<br />

Park<br />

Livermore Park<br />

Complex &<br />

John Kemp<br />

Community Park<br />

Oak Ave Pkwy<br />

Prairie City Rd<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Blvd<br />

Saratoga Way<br />

Willow Creek<br />

Recreation Area<br />

Iron Point Rd<br />

Alder Creek Pkwy<br />

Sacramento State<br />

Aquatic Center<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Premium<br />

Outlets<br />

NATOMA<br />



OAKS<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> High<br />

School<br />

Willow Hill<br />

Reservoir<br />

Community<br />

Park<br />

WILLOW<br />


Broadstone<br />

Plaza<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Gateway<br />

Palladio at<br />

Broadstone<br />

Vista Del Lago<br />

High School<br />

To Sacramento<br />

Alder Creek Pkwy<br />

Placerville Rd<br />

Savannah Pkwy<br />

E. Bidwell St<br />

(Open Space)<br />



To S. Lake Tahoe<br />


FOLSOM<br />


Fire<br />

Station<br />




Oak Ave Pkwy<br />

Mangini Parkway<br />

Prairie City Rd<br />

White Rock Rd<br />

2 Mangini Ranch Elementary School<br />

12 Medical campus<br />

14 <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch Town Center<br />

15 The Marketplace at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch<br />

16 The Shops at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch<br />

18 Apartments<br />

19 Future Fire Station<br />

20 Future Elementary School<br />

21 <strong>Folsom</strong> High School<br />

22 Future Middle School<br />

26 <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch Corporate center<br />

28 Hillsborough Commercial Development<br />

29 Westland/Carpenter Commercial Development<br />


28<br />

29<br />

21<br />

22<br />

26<br />

14<br />

15<br />

16<br />

24<br />

13 23<br />

12<br />

17<br />

19<br />

31 32<br />

18<br />

20<br />

1 1A<br />


30 ESTATES<br />

25<br />

2<br />

5 6<br />

3<br />

8<br />

4<br />

10<br />

9<br />

11<br />

7<br />

7A<br />

HOMES<br />

1 Aster at White Rock Springs by Lennar, lennar.com<br />

1&1A Copperwood, Oakleaf by Lennar, lennar.com<br />

1A Lunaria at White Rock Springs by Lennar, lennar.com<br />

1A Stone Haven at White Rock Springs Ranch by Richmond<br />

American Homes, richmondamerican.com<br />

3 Azure II by Taylor Morrison, taylormorrison.com<br />

3 Stone Bluff at White Rock Springs Ranch by Richmond<br />

American Homes, richmondamerican.com<br />

4 Dakota II by Taylor Morrison, taylormorrison.com<br />

5 Waterstone by TRI Pointe Homes, tripointehomes.com<br />

6 Brookstone by TRI Pointe Homes, tripointehomes.com<br />

7 Mesa at White Rock Springs by Richmond American<br />

Homes, richmondamerican.com<br />

7A Ladera at White Rock Springs by Richmond<br />

American Homes, richmondamerican.com<br />

8 Iron Ridge by Anthem United, ironridgefolsom.com<br />

8 Sycamore Creek by JMC Homes, jmchomes.com<br />

9 Silver Crest by The New Home Company,<br />

liverussellranch.com<br />

10 Steel Canyon by Meritage Homes, liverussellranch.com<br />

11 Golden Hill by The New Home Company,<br />

liverussellranch.com<br />

13 Regency by Toll Brothers, tollbrothers.com<br />

17 The Enclave at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch by KB Home, kbhome.com<br />

23 Creekstone by TRI Pointe Homes, tripointehomes.com<br />

24 TRI Pointe Homes, tripointehomes.com<br />

25 Soleil at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch by KB Homes, kbhomes.com<br />

30 Broadstone Estates, elliotthomes.com<br />

31 Rockcress at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch by Lennar Homes,<br />

lennar.com<br />

32 Legacy at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch by Signature Homes,<br />


Homes South of Highway 50<br />

Broadstone Estates<br />

Broadstone Estates,<br />

elliotthomes.com--------------------------------------------------- 30<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch<br />

Azure II by Taylor Morrison,<br />

taylormorrison.com ----------------------------------------------- 3<br />

Brookstone by TRI Pointe Homes,<br />

tripointehomes.com ----------------------------------------------- 6<br />

Copperwood, Oakleaf by Lennar,<br />

lennar.com SOLD OUT ------------------------------------------ 1 & 1A<br />

Creekstone by TRI Pointe Homes,<br />

tripointehomes.com ----------------------------------------------- 23<br />

Dakota II by Taylor Morrison,<br />

taylormorrison.com ----------------------------------------------- 4<br />

Legacy at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch By Signature Homes,<br />

sighomes.com ------------------------------------------------------ 32<br />

Regency at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch by Toll Brothers,<br />

tollbrothers.com --------------------------------------------------- 13<br />

Rockcress at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch By Lennar Homes,<br />

lennar.com --------------------------------------------------------- 31<br />

Soleil at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch By KB Home,<br />

kbhome.com ------------------------------------------------------- 25<br />

The Enclave at <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch by KB Home,<br />

kbhome.com ------------------------------------------------------- 17<br />

TRI Pointe Homes,<br />

tripointehomes.com ----------------------------------------------- 24<br />

Waterstone by TRI Pointe Homes,<br />

tripointehomes.com ----------------------------------------------- 5<br />

Russell Ranch<br />

Gold Hill by The New Home Company,<br />

nwhm.com --------------------------------------------------------- 11<br />

Iron Ridge by Anthem United,<br />

anthemunited.com ------------------------------------------------ 8<br />

Silver Crest by The New Home Company,<br />

nwhm.com --------------------------------------------------------- 9<br />

Steel Canyon by Meritage Homes,<br />

meritagehomes.com ---------------------------------------------- 10<br />

Sycamore Creek by JMC Homes,<br />

jmchomes.com ---------------------------------------------------- 8<br />

White Rock Springs Ranch<br />

Aster at White Rock Springs by Lennar,<br />

lennar.com --------------------------------------------------------- 1<br />

Ladera at White Rock Springs<br />

by Richmond American Homes,<br />

richmondamerican.com ------------------------------------------ 7A<br />

Lunaria at White Rock Springs by Lennar,<br />

lennar.com --------------------------------------------------------- 1A<br />

Mesa at White Rock Springs<br />

by Richmond American Homes,<br />

richmondamerican.com ------------------------------------------ 7<br />

Stone Bluff at White Rock Springs Ranch<br />

By Richmond American Homes,<br />

richmondamerican.com ------------------------------------------ 3<br />

Stone Haven at White Rock Springs Ranch<br />

By Richmond American Homes,<br />

richmondamerican.com ------------------------------------------ 1A<br />

*Estates can be located by their number according to the <strong>Folsom</strong> map on previous page.<br />


eset: cafe by day<br />

first class free<br />

use code: folsom21<br />

916.467.7677<br />


Meet Your<br />

Neighbors<br />

By Eunice C. Majam-Simpson<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> stands out as a vibrant town<br />

that welcomes diversity in many forms,<br />

including its residents, neighborhoods,<br />

and community connections.<br />

Like many of its neighbor towns in the Sierra<br />

foothills, <strong>Folsom</strong> boasts a gold-plated history.<br />

The small town began along the American River<br />

where gold-seekers arrived during the Gold<br />

Rush. From the town’s inception, and prior to its<br />

incorporation as a city in 1946, diverse groups<br />

of people were cornerstones in <strong>Folsom</strong>’s history.<br />

The gold-seekers of <strong>2021</strong> are looking for housing<br />

treasure consisting of a great variety of housing<br />

styles and high quality of life for their families.<br />

Tanya Morales, resident and local realtor, noted<br />

that like its residents, each neighborhood in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> is diverse. <strong>Folsom</strong> consists of multiple<br />

distinct neighborhoods, each with its own<br />

unique style. Some of the features of the<br />

different neighborhoods are highlighted below.<br />

• The American River Canyon and American River Canyon North areas are known for their<br />

large, luxury, upscale homes. The houses here are a mixture of custom and semi-custom<br />

homes. Davies and Lew Howard Community Parks are also in this area, and the river can be<br />

easily accessed through the Negro Bar State Park.<br />

• The Central District is near the city hall, zoo, library, <strong>Folsom</strong> Community Center, Senior Arts<br />

and Cultural Center, and several parks. The homes in this area are within walking distance of<br />

these notable amenities.<br />

• The neighborhood of Natoma Station is unique in that it offers a one-mile walking tour of its<br />

21 pieces of public art, which includes monuments, sculptures, and ceramic tile murals.<br />

• Briggs Ranch is another neighborhood that has a mixture of custom and semi-custom homes.<br />

The area is near parks—namely Econome Park and Elvie Perazzo Briggs Park—and considered<br />

to have a sparse urban feel with many young professionals living in the area and owning their<br />

own homes. The schools in Briggs Ranch, including <strong>Folsom</strong> Hills Elementary, are highly rated.<br />

• Broadstone, on the other hand, is known for having easy access to the outdoor mall Palladio<br />

at Broadstone, Harris Center, <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College, and the <strong>Folsom</strong> Sports Complex. The<br />

schools here include Golden Ridge Elementary and <strong>Folsom</strong> High. The homes in Broadstone<br />

include higher-end custom homes.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />


“Morales noted that,<br />

like its residents,<br />

each neighborhood<br />

in <strong>Folsom</strong> is diverse.<br />

While more than 1,000 homes have already<br />

been sold, <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch is anticipated to be<br />

built over the next 25-30 years. It will include<br />

a variety of housing types, some will be stately<br />

homes, others modeled after <strong>Folsom</strong>’s most<br />

popular neighborhoods, a 55+ plus active-adult<br />

community, and a 265-unit apartment complex<br />

with state-of-the-art, luxury amenities. The<br />

inclusion of varied housing types is designed<br />

to better serve different family situations and<br />

income levels of residents and future residents<br />

in <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

“<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />

• The Parkway, an award-winning master-planned community, is known for its mixed-use<br />

amenities and features. It includes over 200 acres of open space, and its amenities feature<br />

access to trails along the Humbug-Willow Creek Parkway, vernal pools, and riparian habitats.<br />

• Another master-planned community in <strong>Folsom</strong>, Empire Ranch, is a newer neighborhood<br />

located on over 1,700 acres of rolling hills with scattered oak groves. Within Empire Ranch is<br />

a golf club that offers an 18-hole course in a beautiful setting.<br />

• The <strong>Folsom</strong> Historic District is surrounded by old time charm. There are unique historic homes<br />

in this area within walking distance to historic Sutter Street businesses that include restaurants,<br />

wine bars, a full-service hotel, and many antique and specialty shops. The over 30 miles of the<br />

American River Bike Trail that connects to Downtown Sacramento also starts here.<br />

• Finally, <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch, the newest and up-and-coming neighborhood, integrates the many<br />

natural areas for which <strong>Folsom</strong> is known for. According to Ian B. Cornell from Cornell Group,<br />

the company responsible for <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch’s community outreach, <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch is part of a<br />

3,520-acre plan that includes over 1,000 acres of open space. Within <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch there will<br />

be 144 acres of parks, 30 miles of trails that will connect to the city’s already extensive trail<br />

system, and more than 500 acres of contiguous oak woodlands.<br />

According to Morales, the neighborhoods in<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> have always been highly sought-after<br />

because of the access to many parks (both<br />

mini-neighborhood parks and large community<br />

parks), over 40 miles of trails, and easy lake and<br />

river access. <strong>Folsom</strong> allows for a quality of life<br />

that encourages one to be active, enjoy nature,<br />

and appreciate the town’s rich historic past. The<br />

low crime in the area is also very attractive, in<br />

addition to its highly rated school district.<br />

The community connection of the people<br />

and neighborhoods in <strong>Folsom</strong> is also strong.<br />

The residents love to give back to their<br />

communities. Every year, for almost a decade<br />

now, <strong>Folsom</strong> celebrates a community service<br />

day, when residents come together to take on<br />

several volunteer projects—from neighborhood<br />

cleanups to collecting canned goods for Twin<br />

Lakes Food Bank to helping seniors.<br />

The quality of life in <strong>Folsom</strong> is highly prized and<br />

protected so that generations to come may<br />

enjoy the “95630” experience.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 53


36 YEARS<br />

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All About<br />

Education<br />

By Kourtney Jason<br />

Serving a combined 150,000 residents in <strong>Folsom</strong> and Rancho Cordova, The<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD) is committed to providing<br />

excellence in educational programs that carry high expectations for each<br />

student’s achievement and success.<br />

“Education is<br />

at the heart<br />

of the <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

community.<br />

“<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College (FLC), serving the<br />

diverse communities of eastern Sacramento<br />

and western El Dorado counties, makes it<br />

its mission to open minds and doors through<br />

the power of education, inspiring students to<br />

become socially responsible global citizens.<br />

Through its educational programs, <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Lake College offers students opportunities to<br />

transfer to four-year institutions, to improve<br />

foundational skills, to achieve career goals, and<br />

to earn associate degrees or certificates.<br />

With the continued growth of the local<br />

communities, <strong>Folsom</strong> continues to expand its<br />

educational programs and offerings. Read on<br />

to learn the latest local educational news and<br />

happenings.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College: An Interview<br />

with President Dr. Whitney Yamamura<br />

In 2017, Dr. Whitney Yamamura stepped<br />

into the position of President at <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake<br />

College. He had served in the Los Rios district<br />

for nearly 30 years and is the second Asian<br />

American college president in the history of<br />

the Los Rios district. Before leading the <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Lake College campus and administration, Dr.<br />

Yamamura served as interim President of<br />

Sacramento City College. He also worked as<br />

Vice President of Instruction at Cosumnes River<br />

College, the founding Dean of American River<br />

College’s Natomas Center, as well as American<br />

River College’s dean of Behavioral and Social<br />

Sciences. Dr. Yamamura began his tenure<br />

as a member of the American River College<br />

faculty, as an adjunct and full-time professor of<br />

economics.<br />

Photos Courtesy of <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College.<br />


Here, he shares with us the latest news at<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College, its valued role in the<br />

community, the quick pivot to virtual learning<br />

during the pandemic, its mission to support its<br />

students, and more.<br />

Q: <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College is a valued part of the<br />

local community. Tell us about that as well as<br />

the relationships with local businesses.<br />

Dr. Whitney Yamamura: Our ties are strong.<br />

For example, we have the Intel <strong>Folsom</strong> campus,<br />

which provides internships for Los Rios<br />

students. We also have worked closely with<br />

Inductive Automation, both on collaborative<br />

tech projects in our Innovation Center<br />

Makerspace (a center on campus dedicated to<br />

the exploration of knowledge and making) and<br />

with mentor/mentee relationships with our<br />

students and their employees. They also make<br />

donations to support Makerspace for which<br />

we are grateful. Mercy <strong>Folsom</strong> helps support<br />

our students in our Medical Lab Technician<br />

program. Our Vice President of Administration<br />

and I also have seats on the <strong>Folsom</strong> Chamber<br />

of Commerce and TEDCorp (Tourism and<br />

Economic Development Corporation). As<br />

pandemic restrictions ease, the Harris Center<br />

for the Arts will once again resume its role to<br />

enhance the quality of life in the area as one<br />

of many reasons why businesses and families<br />

locate here. The Harris Center contributes<br />

to the economy as performers stay locally,<br />

and patrons eat and shop nearby. I am always<br />

looking for new ways to collaborate with our<br />

community and create opportunities for our<br />

students.<br />

Q: What drives these relationships?<br />

Dr. Whitney Yamamura: We’re lucky to have a<br />

shared interest with our local businesses. We<br />

want to expose our students to the expertise<br />

right here in our local community, and these<br />

companies are looking to work with talented<br />

and highly skilled people like our students.<br />

Another important aspect is our career<br />

education advisory committees, in which<br />

community members help provide input as<br />

we develop new courses and programs. Our<br />

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program and<br />

our Adult Caregiver course are great examples<br />

of curriculum influenced by community<br />

members. A local community need was<br />

shared with the college and this new program<br />

was launched this past year amidst remote<br />

operations.<br />

Q: What’s ahead for these relationships?<br />

Dr. Whitney Yamamura: We are always looking<br />

for additional ways we can expand or deepen<br />

our ties. One new relationship we are excited<br />

about is with Ansync Labs, which is a local<br />

prototyping and manufacturing company.<br />

We are looking forward to collaborating on<br />

some tech projects in our Innovation Center<br />

Makerspace, and we have had several students<br />

working for them as interns. We’ve also<br />

launched a new<br />

page on our Los Rios<br />

website called “Hire<br />

Los Rios,” which<br />

allows employers<br />

to submit interest<br />

in hiring a Los Rios<br />

intern or employee,<br />

or joining an advisory<br />

committee. If they<br />

are interested in<br />

hiring an employee<br />

or intern, Los Rios<br />

pre-screens students<br />

for their interests and<br />

skill-sets and matches them with an appropriate<br />

company. Any business reading this is welcome<br />

to contact us to create more internships for our<br />

students.<br />

Q: When the pandemic started and stay-athome<br />

orders were in place, how did FLC pivot<br />

to support its students and staff with virtual<br />

learning?<br />

“I am always looking<br />

for new ways to<br />

collaborate with<br />

our community and<br />

create opportunities<br />

for our students.<br />

Dr. Whitney Yamamura: We previously offered<br />

online classes, but the pandemic also led us to<br />

offer all student services virtually as well. This<br />

includes Admissions & Records, Counseling,<br />

Financial Aid Services, Student Health Services,<br />

access to our Affinity Programs, and remote<br />

tech support. Our student support services<br />

were not offered online prior to the pandemic,<br />

but we plan to continue this moving forward as<br />

we understand the importance of providing as<br />

much flexibility as possible to accommodate our<br />

students’ needs, including their work schedules<br />

and family obligations.<br />

Students are now able<br />

to make appointments<br />

in person again but can<br />

still access our staff via<br />

virtual appointments<br />

that can be made<br />

online. We also had to<br />

work quickly to ensure<br />

all students had access<br />

to the technology<br />

they needed to be a<br />

successful student<br />

during remote<br />

operations. The college<br />

provided students with technology resources,<br />

including Chromebooks and hotspots for those<br />

that needed it, and connected students with<br />

free and low-cost WiFi options. Faculty with<br />

expertise helped train faculty new to online<br />

teaching. I am proud to say that there was a<br />

great spirit to support and help each other to<br />

help our students.<br />

Q: FLC encourages students to learn<br />

“upskilling.” What is it? What resources for<br />

upskilling does FLC offer?<br />

Dr. Whitney Yamamura: Upskilling is<br />

developing new skills that you need to be<br />

“<br />

successful in your career, both now and in the<br />

Photos Courtesy of <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake College.<br />


Photos Courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />

future as the environment changes. Our Career and Transfer Center is a great<br />

upskilling resource for students. This is a place students can go to work on<br />

some of the soft skills they may not develop directly in the classroom. They<br />

host workshops with topics such as resume building, interview strategies,<br />

preparing for career fairs and networking. We also have a Work Experience<br />

and Internship program, where students can find an internship in a field that<br />

interests them or take a work experience course, which allows students to<br />

apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to a work environment while<br />

earning college credit. Students have access to Handshake, an easy-to-use<br />

platform where students and alumni can find internships and employment<br />

opportunities, and in turn, employers can search for Los Rios students to<br />

employ. One example of upskilling at FLC is radiology technicians can take<br />

advanced imaging courses that allow them to specialize, and by doing so,<br />

their salaries are several thousand dollars higher.<br />

Q: Who can benefit from these resources?<br />

Dr. Whitney Yamamura: All students, both those on ground and those online,<br />

can benefit from the resources at the Career and Transfer Center, as they<br />

are now offered remotely. We also value upskilling for our employees, and<br />

continuously offer professional development opportunities for employees<br />

of all classifications to engage in. We survey our employees to find out what<br />

they’d like to learn and develop workshops based on that feedback.<br />

Inside <strong>Folsom</strong> High School’s Career Technical<br />

Education Programs<br />

With the completion and opening of the new state-of-the-art building,<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> High School students will be able to develop skills in product<br />

innovation and design, engineering design, architectural design, and other<br />

crucial pathways, as part of its Career Technical Education (CTE) program of<br />

study.<br />

CTE is a program of study involving a multi-year sequence of courses<br />

integrating core academic curriculum with technical and occupational<br />

curriculum, and leadership skills through the Career Technical Student<br />

Organization SkillsUSA to provide students with a pathway to post-secondary<br />

education and careers. <strong>Folsom</strong> High School offers seven CTE pathways<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 59<br />

St. John Notre Dame<br />

St. John Notre Dame is more than a<br />

school, it is a Catholic Christ-centered<br />

community. If you are looking for a<br />

strong TK–8th academic and faithfilled<br />

program schedule a school tour<br />

today.<br />

309 Montrose Drive • <strong>Folsom</strong> • (916) 985-4129<br />

www.sjnds.org • #sjndfolsom

<strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch in the years to come. The school<br />

currently has more than 300 students in grades<br />

K-5.<br />

Located south of Highway 50 at 4640 Sparrow<br />

Drive, Mangini Ranch is a state-of-the-art<br />

facility, designed and built with student<br />

collaboration and learning embedded into every<br />

square foot.<br />

The school broke ground in February 2020,<br />

with construction on an aggressive, 18-month<br />

timeline to open for the current <strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong><br />

school year. The 10-acre campus features an<br />

innovative 75,000-square-foot, two-story<br />

single building designed with state-of-the-art<br />

collaborative spaces for students in grades K-5.<br />

Currently, it’s ready for 668 students and will be<br />

able to expand enrollment to 750 students.<br />

The 25 classrooms have mobile furnishings<br />

and operable partitions, allowing flexibility for<br />

different desired set-ups. Collaboration areas,<br />

including break-out spaces for project-based<br />

activities and smaller-group instruction connect<br />

the classrooms.<br />

including: Architectural Design, Engineering<br />

Design, Film/Video Production, Games and<br />

Simulations, Graphic Design, Product Innovation<br />

and Design, and Systems Programming.<br />

Current classes include Digital Art (1,2 &<br />

AP), Video Production (1 & 2) and Television<br />

Occupations, Honors Civil Engineering<br />

& Architecture, Advanced Drafting &<br />

Architecture, Honors Introduction to<br />

Engineering Design, Honors Principles of<br />

Engineering, Exploring Computer Science,<br />

Computer Science & Programming, AP<br />

Computer Science A, Computer Animation<br />

& Game Design, Manufacturing & Product<br />

Design, Advanced Manufacturing & Product<br />

Design and more.<br />

The pathways create an educational<br />

environment that integrates core academics<br />

with real-world relevance and experience<br />

to prepare students for college and career<br />

readiness. Many CTE programs are aligned with<br />

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,<br />

and Mathematics).<br />

Students will have access to pivotal training<br />

that will prepare them for some of the most<br />

in-demand jobs in today’s market.<br />

Key components of CTE programs include highquality<br />

curriculum and instruction, an inquirybased<br />

approach, project-based learning, career<br />

exploration and guidance, sequence of courses,<br />

student leadership development, industry<br />

certifications, and industry partnerships,<br />

including industry advisory meetings,<br />

community classroom/internships, workbased<br />

learning, field trips, and featured guest<br />

speakers. Students can earn college credits<br />

and/or A-G credit (U.C. approved course).<br />

FHS CTE department members include Drew<br />

Bias, Jean Cavanaugh, Pam Goldman, Summer<br />

Halverson, Tyler Johnstone, and Scott Southard.<br />

The new building was a $12 million project<br />

led by Rainforth Grau Architects and Clark<br />

Sullivan Construction. It was funded by <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Measure G and state grants.<br />

FCUSD offers high quality Career Technical<br />

Education programs of study at all high schools:<br />

Vista del Lago, Cordova, <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake and<br />

Kinney and vary in the pathways at each site.<br />

The district offers students CTE programs in 10<br />

industry sectors, 21 pathways and five Career<br />

Technical Student Organizations (FCCLA, FFA,<br />

DECA, HOSA & SkillsUSA).<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s Newest Elementary<br />

School<br />

On August 25, <strong>Folsom</strong> Cordova Unified School<br />

District hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at<br />

Mangini Ranch Elementary School, the first<br />

of five new elementary schools, one middle<br />

school, and one high school planned for<br />

A focal point of the building—the large entry<br />

area and gathering staircase—is designed to<br />

welcome the local community and can serve as<br />

a meeting place and hub for the students and<br />

teachers on campus.<br />

A large multipurpose room is connected to<br />

the main entry and will function as a space<br />

for dining, physical education, athletics,<br />

performances, and events.<br />

The innovative technology, supporting both<br />

virtual and on-campus learning, is available<br />

through wireless connectivity, inter-connected<br />

monitors, and device compatibility. The media<br />

center offers space for reading, digital research,<br />

independent study, group instruction, and<br />

larger-group meetings.<br />

Canen Peterson, who has been a part of the<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong> Cordova Unified School District since<br />

2000, is serving as the school’s principal.<br />

Peterson started as a teacher at Gold Ridge<br />

Elementary and later became the principal for<br />

Natoma Station Elementary School, Theodore<br />

Judah Elementary, and White Rock Elementary.<br />

With experience in Positive Behavior and<br />

Intervention Supports (PBIS) and Professional<br />

Learning Communities (PLC), Peterson is<br />

recognized for his skills and abilities to form<br />

strong relationships with teachers and staff,<br />

as well as for building a positive culture for<br />

students.<br />

Photos Courtesy of their respective companies or organizations.<br />


Making a positive difference.<br />

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Dream it. Do it.<br />

Bridging the<br />

Past<br />

and Present<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong>’s Transportation<br />

By Eunice C. Majam-Simpson<br />

When it comes to <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

transportation, there is no better<br />

person to speak with than Bob<br />

Holderness. Holderness held a long record of<br />

public service, including former councilmember,<br />

former vice mayor, and former mayor. He was also<br />

very involved in <strong>Folsom</strong>’s transportation, being<br />

instrumental in building Lake Natoma Crossing<br />

and the portion of the light rail’s Gold Line for<br />

the Sacramento Regional Transit, from Sunrise to<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

Holderness explained that in 1856, the<br />

Sacramento Valley Railroad, California’s first<br />

railroad, became operational. The train was<br />

the first in the West and was a significant<br />

development because it linked <strong>Folsom</strong> to<br />

Sacramento.<br />

We believe that ideas are the most<br />

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and opportunities for service and leadership abound.<br />

<strong>Folsom</strong>’s historically unique location on the<br />

American River eventually necessitated the<br />

creation of other modes of transport that would<br />

allow for crossing rivers. Because of this, a<br />

series of bridges have served <strong>Folsom</strong> since its<br />

early years, including the Rainbow Bridge—built<br />

in 1919 to address the growth of automobile<br />

transportation across the American River—and still<br />

standing as a signature landmark today.<br />

Support<br />

& Training<br />

Sales<br />

Software<br />

Engineering<br />

Information<br />

Systems<br />

Sales<br />

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Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />

Lake Natoma Crossing opened in 1999 in response<br />

to population and traffic density growth. <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

Lake Crossing came about in 2009, necessitated<br />

by the closure of the <strong>Folsom</strong> Dam Road. According<br />

to Holderness, both bridges are true regional<br />

bridges, serving mobility and transportation needs<br />

in the region.<br />

The light rail’s Gold Line opened in <strong>Folsom</strong> in<br />

2005. Today, it operates between Sacramento<br />

Valley and Historic <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

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Riding Green<br />

In <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

By Eunice C. Majam-Simpson<br />


There is no question that <strong>Folsom</strong> is a big cycling community, which is<br />

why the town’s transportation network has always supported this mode<br />

of transportation. With an extensive trail system of over 40 miles and<br />

additional trails planned, cycling is more than a recreational activity for<br />

residents of the town.<br />

Photos by Menka Belgal.<br />

The <strong>Folsom</strong> Lake Trail at Beal’s Point<br />

connects to the American River Bike<br />

Trail (Jedidiah Smith Memorial Trail),<br />

which goes all the way to Discovery Park in<br />

Old Sacramento. This means that a resident<br />

of <strong>Folsom</strong> who works in Sacramento has the<br />

option to commute from <strong>Folsom</strong> via a 32-mile<br />

bicycle ride on paved trails. <strong>Folsom</strong>’s extensive<br />

trail system can also be used to getting around<br />

town.<br />

The new development south<br />

of highway 50, <strong>Folsom</strong> Ranch,<br />

is anticipated to have over 30<br />

miles of additional trails that<br />

will connect to the existing<br />

trail system. With all these<br />

trails, using a bicycle in <strong>Folsom</strong><br />

is indeed a feasible alternative<br />

for transportation.<br />

With this backdrop, the advent of the electric<br />

bicycle, e-bike for short, is also a welcome mode<br />

of transport.<br />

It is no surprise companies that sell e-bikes are<br />

thriving in <strong>Folsom</strong>. One such store, Practical<br />

Cycle, believes that bikes are indeed a viable<br />

transportation option, especially in <strong>Folsom</strong>.<br />

Practical Cycle’s mission is to make cycling more<br />

practical, so its inventory includes commuter<br />

and cargo e-bikes. Practical Cycle also has<br />

rental options so one can try out an e-bike<br />

before deciding to purchase one.<br />

“<br />

It is more<br />

than just a<br />

tool for fitness<br />

or recreation.<br />

Riding a regular bicycle is already a healthy<br />

transportation alternative; however, according<br />

to the owner of Practical Cycle, Tim Castelman,<br />

the e-bike has been a game-changer. It is more<br />

than just a tool for fitness or recreation. First,<br />

you can ride faster and longer with an e-bike—<br />

even when you’re not athletic. An e-bike has<br />

a “pedal-assist” that is battery powered, so it<br />

can be less strenuous than pedaling a manual<br />

one. Most e-bikes also have a feature known<br />

“<br />

as boosting technology,<br />

which makes it possible for<br />

even non-athletes to tackle<br />

challenging terrains, including<br />

hills or steep inclines. With<br />

that said, if you wish to have<br />

a real workout, you can<br />

always opt to not turn on the<br />

“pedal-assist” and ride it as<br />

a regular bicycle. An e-bike<br />

can also be a money saver. If you can commute<br />

to work using an e-bike, it will be cheaper to<br />

use and maintain than an automobile that<br />

uses gas. Depending on how you’re riding the<br />

e-bike, a fully charged battery can cover very<br />

long distances, some over 40 miles. In addition,<br />

the price range of e-bikes is significantly less<br />

expensive than cars. Finally, an e-bike is a green<br />

and sustainable mode of transportation. With<br />

problems in urban pollution, e-bikes can help to<br />

maintain and/or improve air quality.<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> // CHOOSEFOLSOM.COM 65

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