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Every Year, somewhere on the Mountains, our Photographers , the Pierce Brothers

have waited for Santa Claus to come out of the White Star and when he does a big

HO HO HO, he yells Merry Christmas as they get their magic photo dust!

Merry Christmas


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Vol 3 December 2020 issue 12

6 6 Hey Pete! Printing your ELF Stamp!

9 Biz Cards board!! Hey its free


11 Tommy’s Christmas… Christmas Story

14 Georgio the fly… Christmas Story

18 7 Safe Ways to Celebrate Christmas That Have

Nothing to Do With Zoom

22 Retailers need to stoke the Christmas spirit to

hit lofty holiday sales targets

27 December 7th 1941 Pearl Harbor

28 DAV Card

29 Christmas Card to our readers

Outside Sources On This Month issue

Santa Claus / Lisa Milbrand

Front Cover..

Picture by Oliver Pierce

“Waiting for Santa to come out of his star!”

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North Pole

Vol 4 December 2021 issue 12


From Pete’s Desk

To our readers:

This has been an up and down year

and for some of you getting your

Christmas decorations is plus for your

home and because of this it has put

all of us in a strong Christmas spirit,

Santa and ELFS Books & Magazine gave us the go ahead. My

staff and I have put together a Christmassy magazine and 2

stories, from Santa Claus to make this holiday a loved one. We

got the permission from Santa History Library, the story 1 of

“Tommy’s Christmas” written about 1805 and story 2 “Georgio

the Fly” this story is from Naples Italy and his name is Franco

This is our 4 th Santa and the staff decided to make the

magazine look like an old fashion book and the staff along with

Santa wants to keep this design!

We hope you enjoy this Christmas edition and like always we

hope we made your Christmas shopping easy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Santa Claus made a stop somewhere in the Middle East to give a

present only to learn that Joe gave his life for freedom. With tears

in his eyes he kneeled ,then he took off to drop off his presents. He

was amazed to see presents at veteran’s doors and to those who live

in tents, HoHoHo he let out a laugh and laid extra presents under

their Christmas tree for the love and kindness these people and

their children did!! Blessings to you and your family -- Have a

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Made Available by Elf’s Publishing Inc


Printing your ELF Stamp!

It is back again the most desirable

stamp this time of the year, an ELF


I found it some yrs ago and used on my

grandchildren‟s presents and it kept the miracle of Christmas alive for few

more yrs.

Press “PrtScn or Print Screen” on your keyboard then load “windows

paint” and paste it, with the select tool outline the whole ELF STAMP

then select crop then print it and use school paste (the blue one) with your

finger smear a very lightly amount… Works great especially on 13 yr

olds, have a very Merry Christmas

Or press Zazzle link to buy elf certified stamp stickers!


Some more of Santa elf‟s mailing dept…





By Nomar Shaw

The Legend of St. Nicholas: The Real Santa Claus

Where does Santa Claus live, where is Lapland and where

is the North Pole?

Real Santa Claus Images

Is Santa Claus Real?


Tommy’s Christmas

Written by Santa Claus

Our story takes you back to the late 1800‟s somewhere in the Appalachian

Mountains where there was an 8 year boy going to have the Christmas of a lifetime.

It was a very snowy week, but, this enhanced the fun for Tommy who was having

the time of his life playing in the snow and not counting on Christmas was in a few

days. He lived in a log cabin somewhere deep in the forest about 18 miles from the

closest town and for Tommy he knew were everything was like Smudge Creek,

Dingaling Hill, Umbrella Forest, just to mention a few. Tommy opened the front

door and told his mom he was going to Smudge Creek, but, mom said no it was too

dangerous in that snow covered area, but, like all kids he waited for mom to go

back inside the house. Very carefully he snuck away and headed to Smudge Creek,

the walk was not that far, oh, I would say as the crow flies about 3/4 of a mile.

Tommy was smiling as much as he could, hearing the crackling on snow covered

branches, sounds of different birds and the crunching of his boots on the snow.

As he walked to Smudge Creek he heard a cry of a animal in pain, he ran as fast as

he could and saw as he came to the top of the hill a reindeer in a Grizzly Bear trap.

He walked over to the reindeer ever so gently saying “Hi Mr. Reindeer let me help

you, please don‟t be scared” as he ever so slowly and tenderly pet him.

“You know Mr. Reindeer you have to be very careful in these parts of the forest, a

lot of bear traps” As Tommy with all his strength tried to open the trap to set the

reindeer free, the reindeer looked down at him and gave Tommy a small kiss and all

of sudden Tommy opened it.

“WOW I DID IT!” Tommy said with glee as he stood up petting the reindeer.

The reindeer looked at Tommy and said “Thank you Tommy! My name is Dancer”

Tommy looked up in total surprise and said “Santa‟s Dancer?” Dancer chuckled

and said “Yes, I am… I gave you kiss on the back of your head and that way you

understand me and gave you the strength to open the bear trap”


Tommy gave Dancer a big hug and said “Love you Dancer, can you lie down and I

will wrap your leg with my scarf and no argument!”

Dancer again chuckled saying “You sound just like Santa!” so with his limping he

made it over to a nice pine tree and laid down. Tommy gathered some pine needles

and took of his scarf wrap it around Dancer‟s front leg with the pine needles.

Dancer looked at it and said “Not Bad for 8 year old boy” Tommy laughed and said

“learned it from my Dad.”

Tommy would not leave Dancer‟s side, he cuddled up next to him as the night fell

he fell asleep, meanwhile, Dancer was able to turn on his beacon locater and the

elves squadron came along with Santa. Santa heard the whole story about Tommy

and how he rescued him, with a big smile from everyone, they put some sleep elf

dust on Tommy and Santa took him home and like magic Tommy was in his bed, as

matter of fact, mom and dad were put to sleep to. The next morning Mom and Dad

took a peek and smiled as the closed the door and very quietly went to the table in

the kitchen, mom said “I don‟t remember putting Tommy to bed and as matter of

fact I don‟t remember you coming to bed!” Dad looked at his wife and said

“Neither do I, I left work and the next thing I remember is waking up next to you”

They looked at each other discussing for a while longer then they had coffee in

front of the fire that neither both of them remember starting it.

Tommy woke up and ran to his mom and dad and told them the whole story, mom

and dad looked at their son and said with a smile “what a beautiful and amazing

story” and Tommy looked at them with sad face and said “Geez I thought it really

happened” Dad took his son and sat with him and said “It‟s okay that was the

greatest Christmas story I ever heard, so, how about you and me champ lets go and

find a great Christmas tree” Tommy had big smile “YEP!” Tommy and his Dad got

dressed and went to the storage shed and got a double handle saw and rope, the

hike took about 10 minute walk and they found the perfect tree for their home. The

smile and laughter between them was contagious they swear that even the birds

were laughing, the tree feel they wrapped the tree with the rope and took it home.

Dad took some wood and made a stand, him and Mom, well, mom found the spot

for the tree and decorated with things around the housed and it was beautiful!


On Christmas day they saddled up their horse to the sleigh and went to a Christmas

dinner to a neighbor 2 miles away, ride was perfect, the snowing finally stop, the

blue sky and the sun made it absolutely beautiful. The dinner was fantastic, the kids

played indoors then outdoors back to indoors and well you get the picture. After

five hours, fantastic day it was time to go home before night fall, 15 minutes of

hugs, kisses, handshakes and leftovers, they were on their way home. Again the ride

back home was great, so, dad decided to give Tommy the reins for the first time and

let me say that HE WAS GREAT!

Well, when they got back home Tommy helped Dad to put the horse away and put

his blanket over him and closed the doors then helped mom with the food giving to

them as they walked up to their door they almost drop everything, the biggest and

most fantastic Christmas tree decorated with gold balls, beautiful skirts all sorts

decorations plus presents under and around the tree. In the center of the tree was a

card from Santa Claus and it read…

Dear Josepha, Mary and Tommy

I thank you for Tommy saving Dancers life.

Your Son should be Veterinary doctor as he

Knew what to do, we here at North Pole

Including Dancer Can’t thank you enough

At Dancer’s asking, here are some presents for you

Have a Merry Christmas

Thank You So Much

Santa Claus

So, there you have it, is the story real? Mmmm can‟t tell, your the reader, your heart

will know, be good!

Santa Claus

Elf History Library circa 1805 loaned to CEoMC


Georgio the Fly

A 12 year old orphan boy lived in the back streets of

Naples, Italy and his name is Franco. This is where our

story begins.

While walking the alleyways of Naples he found a half

empty bottle of water with a fly larva in it, he took it.

Every day he would talk to him about his adventures

for that day. One day he saw the larva became a fly

with a “G” on his back. He named his fly Georgio. With

a big smile Franco said “Georgio, welcome my buddy”

Georgio flew out of the bottle and landed on Franco’s

shoulders and after that they were inseparable

Some say that Franco and the fly talk to each other all

the time and was becoming a nuisance; however, their

lives were going to change!

Way up on the North Pole, a new doll that could talk

and answer little girl’s questions came to a halt on the

assembly line over a very small wire inside the doll’s


head could not be connected. The Head assembly line

manager took the doll’s head and went straight to

Santa’s office, he knocked on the door and Santa said

come in…

“Santa, see this very small wire, none of the elves have

small enough hand’s to connect that tiny wire and we

tried everything”

Santa picked up the doll head and looked inside the

tiny hole at the bottom of the doll and Mac was right,

so, Santa said “Mac shut the line down and let me see

if I can find a way to connect it, oh, give the boys a few

days off” Mac said “yes Santa”

Santa pondered while looking at the doll’s head then

he remembered “Franco! I wonder if he still has

Georgio?” He got up and as he walked out of the office

he told his secretary Candy to get the sleigh ready with

Prancer and Comet. Candy asked Santa where he was

going for the flight path and Santa said while walking

to the stairs “Naples, Italy!” He walked to the takeoff


plat- form and the prep elf gave him his flight jacket

and his flight glasses.

“Okay boys, let’s go” and off he went at a speed that

some plane pilots wished they could fly like that.

About 1 hr later Santa turned on the cloaking switch so

not to be seen and quietly went over the city. He then

remembered the Pin he gave to Franco to always wear.

Santa turned on the spotter and it bleeped, slowly and

quietly landed, Santa walked up behind Franco and

softly called his name. Georgio and Franco both turned

around then happiness and tears came over them.

Santa then said “We need both of you, how would like

to be part of the family?” Georgio and Franco looked

at each other and answered yes. As they and Santa

walked through the cloaking field, from a 3 story

window an old woman stuck her head out the window

to throw some old bread out for Franco and she got

the shock of her life as she watched Franco and a fat

man disappear. She told what she saw and nobody

believed her, she was always called crazy!


After 4 days Franco was cleaned up, new clothes and

Georgio was fitted with a micro mini voice interpreter,

Franco and Georgio talked the whole day. Santa and

Mrs. Claus were very happy on having “A SON” of… I

forgot that Mr. & Mrs. Claus adopted Franco through

the Elf’s High Court, now Franco is Franco Claus.

Georgio with his little red vest and his training got the

baby dolls back into production.

A foot note: Georgio managed to get 50 flies as

workers on the line with the same micro mini voice

interpreter, little red vests and training AND they are

still alive and well!

With All My Love

Santa Claus

Elf History Library circa 1912 loaned to CEoMC



7 Safe Ways to Celebrate Christmas That Have

Nothing to Do With Zoom

Here‟s how to find joy this holiday season—even if coronavirus cases change your


By Lisa Milbrand


Click on REALSIMPLE for the main site or Lisa’s

This Christmas, it may be hard not to feel a little Grinchy. But before you say,

“Bah, humbug,” and try to fast forward into the New Year, look for ways to find

some fun this holiday season. The coronavirus pandemic may mean your Christmas

won‟t look exactly the same as it usually does, but you can get creative and find


some new ways to celebrate—and some of your ideas may be so good you‟ll make

some new traditions along the way.

Here‟s how to make your Christmas special, even if concerns about COVID-19

mean you‟ll have to celebrate the holidays away from your friends and family.

1 Prioritize the traditions that matter most to you

“Think about what is the essence of the holiday for you, so you can try to preserve

it,” says happiness expert Gretchen Rubin, author of Happier at Home. “Even if

you‟re not doing everything you used to, you can set up the holiday decorations, if

that‟s really important, or make the special foods you love.”

RELATED: How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

2 Do your gift shopping and shipping early

Since more people will be shopping online to avoid the stores, shipping companies

will be inundated—so you‟ll want to shop and send gifts early to make sure they

arrive right on time. (Check the USPS holiday shipping deadlines to make sure

you‟re on track.)


3 Trim a tree outdoors

Since you might be entertaining outdoors more than you usually do this time of

year, this is the year to go overboard with decking out your deck or patio—and

adorning an outdoor-friendly tree (or even a live Christmas tree in a planter) with

LED lights and shatterproof ornaments is the way to go. (Tip: Use twist ties or

florist‟s wire to secure the ornaments to the tree, so they‟ll stay put even in a stiff


Maybe Santa could even leave some of the best outdoorsy Christmas gifts of the

year, such as snowshoes, skis, or sleds, at the outdoor tree, too.

4 Make special memories

Yeah, you and your household members may be a little tired of each other right

now, but think of fun ways to help set the holiday season apart. Create a little

advent calendar with festive activities for each day, rather than a treat. Your

Christmas activities don‟t have to be elaborate—it could just be drinking hot cocoa

together wearing Santa hats or watching one of the best Christmas movies on

Netflix—but it‟ll help make the season brighter.

5 Find ways to make the most of your time with loved ones

To keep everyone as safe as possible, your best bet is following CDC

recommendations and avoiding indoor get-togethers. (An outbreak of COVID is the

Christmas gift that no one wished for.) And that means if you live in the northern

part of the country, your time together will probably need to be briefer (and chillier)

than you‟d probably like. Zoom fatigue is real, though: If you can, make events inperson

and outdoors, even if it means a quick chat while everyone‟s bundled up.

When gathering in person outdoors, consider keeping celebrations to the daytime

hours, when it might be a little bit warmer and more comfortable to spend time

outside. Look for outdoor activities that can be socially distanced and keep you

active, like sledding or snow-fort making. And don‟t forget to serve hot foods and

drinks to help keep everyone toasty. Do your Secret Santa or white elephant gift

exchange around an outdoor picnic table or fire pit; for ugly sweater competitions,


strategize layering options so you can show off your light-up sweater and stay warm

at the same time.

6 Spread some joy

If 2020 has taught us anything, it‟s how much the people in our lives mean to us, so

go ahead and spread some happiness where you can. Write down how much the

people you love mean to you and send it out to them. Make Christmas cookies and

leave some with your friends and neighbors—or drop off pizza or other treats at a

local nursing home, hospital, or fire department to brighten the lives of the people


RELATED: 23 Amazing Gift Ideas That Don‟t Cost A Thing

7 Remember that what’s different may make this holiday more special

You may not remember exactly what happened at the holidays from year to year,

but when something this different happens, it‟ll stick out. “Things that go wrong

often make the best memories,” Rubin says. “This exceptional holiday season will

probably be more memorable because it‟s so different. We just have to find a way

to make the most of it.”

For more on this article and video click HERE

Click on REALSIMPLE for more great articles



Retailers need to stoke the Christmas spirit

to hit lofty holiday sales targets

Published Wed, Dec 1 2021 3:11 PM EST Updated Thu, Dec 2 2021 11:13 AM EST

Melissa Repko @melissa_repko

Lauren Thomas @laurenthomas

Key Points

Target, Walmart and other retailers hope to keep holiday sales going strong in

December, despite a wave of early holiday shopping, scarcer deals and new concerns

over the omicron variant.

The total number of shoppers and average spending dropped during the extended

Thanksgiving weekend compared with each of the past two years, according to the

National Retail Federation.

The trade group has reiterated its forecast for a record holiday season and

projected a total of between $843.4 billion and $859 billion of sales in November and



Shoppers ascend and descend an escalator at the Willow Grove Park Mall in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, November 14,


Mark Makela | Reuters

Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? Perhaps not, this year.

With 24 days until the big holiday, retailers hope consumers will keep spending. Shoppers

started purchasing holiday gifts early this year, but the Thanksgiving weekend shopping events,

from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, weren‟t as strong as some had hoped.

Although analysts expect retail sales will hit lofty expectations, there is a lack of holiday buzz,

according to Deborah Weinswig, founder and CEO of Coresight Research.

“Typically, people are like „How‟s your holiday shopping going? What are you getting so-andso?,‟”

she said. “I feel like some of that we don‟t have this year — and I‟m not sure why it is.”

She said that could be due to consumers feeling distracted by the return of family gatherings

and bigger parties, disenchanted by inflated prices or more measured about their shopping

approach as they work ahead to avoid out-of-stocks and shipping delays.

And while she anticipates that retailers will put up a solid performance, she said it will be

interesting to see how much of that comes from inflation and more merchandise that is bought

at full price rather than an increase in volume sold.

‘Halftime’ instead of the kickoff

Retailers including Amazon, Walmart and Target blasted holiday deals and Black Friday-style

promotions as early as October. Consumers had other motivators this holiday season to buy

gifts early, too. Instead of chasing deep discounts or nabbing the hot, must-have gift, many had

fears of not finding anything worth buying because of supply chain woes. For months, shoppers

heard about temporarily shuttered factories, congested ports and a shortage of truck drivers.

That wave of early shopping may have stolen some of the thunder from major shopping

holidays, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The total number of shoppers and average

spending dropped during Thanksgiving weekend, which spans from Thursday to Cyber

Monday, according to the National Retail Federation. Nearly 180 million Americans shopped

during the five-day holiday weekend compared with about 186 million shoppers in 2020 and

about 190 million in 2019, the trade group said.

Average spending fell, too, with Thanksgiving weekend shoppers forking over an average of

$301.27 on holiday-related purchases versus $311.75 in 2020 and $361.90 in 2019, NRF said.

Consumers spent $10.7 billion on Cyber Monday, marking a 1.4% decrease from year-ago

levels, according to data released Tuesday by Adobe Analytics. That is the first time that Adobe

has tracked a slowdown in spending on major shopping days since it started reporting on e-


commerce transactions in 2012. However, it comes after last holiday season when spending on

the shopping holiday grew by 15.1% versus 2019.

The price point of shopping carts rose by nearly 14% on Cyber Monday — and 19% for the

holiday season overall — as some shoppers bought big-ticket items like furniture and others felt

the pang of inflation, Adobe said.

NRF CEO Matt Shay said early shopping has shaken up the role of peak sales days. Consumers

started buying gifts, decor and more in October a year ago to avoid crowds. This year, supply

chain concerns pushed up that timetable once again.

“The Thanksgiving weekend and Black Friday, in particular, are closer to halftime now than the

kickoff,” he said.

Shay said NRF stands by its forecast for a record holiday season. The trade group projected

spending in November and December will rise between 8.5% and 10.5%, for a total of between

$843.4 billion and $859 billion of sales.

Holiday retail sales have risen by 4.4% on average over the past five years, NRF said. Last year,

they hit an all-time high of $777.3 billion, which represented a 8.2% year over year jump.

Steve Sadove, former chairman and CEO of Saks and a current senior advisor for Mastercard,

said he expects a strong season for the retail industry. He points to pent-up demand among

consumers who have higher levels of savings.

Mastercard SpendingPulse forecasts U.S. retail sales, excluding autos and gas, to grow 7.4%

from Nov. 1 to Dec. 24 from year-ago levels. It sees sales up 11.1% compared with 2019.

And Sadove reiterated that expectation even after some data showed Black Friday and Cyber

Monday demand tapering from each of the past two prior years. Mastercard sees particular

strength in the luxury space, jewelry and apparel, compared with 2020 and 2019 levels.

“Clearly, it‟s been a spread out season,” he said. “Retailers started their promotions early. Black

Friday wasn‟t about just that day.”

A new variant and scarce deals

To hit high expectations, retailers will have to overcome fears of the new strain of the

coronavirus, nudge shoppers to buy despite scarce deals and fight off a potential December lull.

News of the omicron variant broke just as Black Friday shoppers geared up for store visits.

Some shoppers have run into unavailable items. Out-of-stock messages surged by 169% in the

month of November compared to pre-pandemic levels in January 2020, according to data from

Adobe Analytics. They are more than triple (258%) the levels of November 2019.


And discounting has been lackluster — even on shopping holidays. On Cyber Monday, for

instance, discount levels for electronics were 12% off versus 27% last year, TVs were 13% off

versus 18% last year and appliances were 8% off versus 20% last year, according to Adobe.

Those discounts are expected to fade even more and settle into the 5% to 10% range in the

weeks ahead, the company predicted.

NRF‟s Shay said the omicron variant could actually lead to more sales for retailers. He said

some consumers who had planned to book a trip, buy theater tickets or give another experiential

gift may opt for goods instead.

And even as public health officials and consumers learn more about the variant, he said “there‟s

no need to panic.” He said the backdrop looks very different this holiday season, thanks to the

majority of Americans being fully vaccinated.

“We remain confident that we will continue to have a very positive trajectory in the overall

economy and specifically, the retail industry, for this holiday season,” he said.

Fighting December lull

A wave of early shopping could increase the risk of a December lull, said Craig Johnson,

founder of the consumer research firm CGP.

The December lull in the retail industry refers to those few weeks after Black Friday and Cyber

Monday and before the final days leading up to Christmas Eve when consumers may feel

shopped out and decide to put their wallets aside for a pause in spending.

Johnson said he has tracked the lull for more than a decade. As retailers pull promotions earlier

and earlier into the season, they can steal sales from later in the season without increasing

overall demand, he said.

“People are either de-energized or they‟re taking a breather,” he said.

According to his company‟s estimates, U.S. retail sales online and in stores on Black Friday

totaled a record $34.9 billion, up 18% from a year earlier and up 12% from 2019. It is

forecasting sales for the entire holiday season, including November and December, to be up

6.7% year over year.

He said two wildcards — the omicron variant and the rise of smash-and-grab crimes — could

spook customers from returning to stores. In recent weeks, Best Buy, Nordstrom and Louis

Vuitton have all been targets of organized retail crime.

“That puts a damper on everything,” Johnson said. “There could be an exacerbated December

lull if that activity keeps popping.”


NRF‟s Shay said shoppers still have plenty of gifts to buy. About 84% of shoppers said they

have already started holiday purchases, according to a survey of nearly 6,000 consumers in late

November by the trade group. On average, they said they have completed about 52% of their

holiday purchases, the survey found — meaning they have a little under half of their purchases

still to make.

Extended discounts, shoppable events and new merchandise are among the ways that retailers

aim to grab attention and sustain momentum.

The day after Cyber Monday, Rent the Runway sent an email to potential customers saying its

one-day-only sale had been extended for another day. Fashion retailer Rebecca Minkoff‟s

marketing email blasted out on Tuesday read: “Surprise! It‟s Cyber Tuesday!” Athletic apparel

maker Bandier extended its deals. Department store chain Saks Fifth Avenue also had a twoday

Cyber Monday promotion, similar to previous years.

Target will debut a limited-time collection of nearly 300 Lego-themed items in early December

on its website and in stores. It will include colorful clothing, home goods, pet accessories and

more. The big-box retailer has a long history of using short-term collaborations with brands,

such as Hunter, Lilly Pulitzer and more, as a way to drive foot traffic and web traffic.

And Walmart will have more than 30 livestreaming events over the holidays to point out

products people may want to add to the gift list.

Delayed shipments: A blessing or a curse

Delayed shipments could be a blessing in disguise for some retailers, if they receive inventory

in the next week or two that could freshen up store displays and fill up emptying shelves,

Johnson said.

“There may be a silver lining that alleviates some of the early December lull issues,” he said.

“But I think the risk is still more to the downside than the upside.”

Retailers could lure some people back to spend more money if they clearly communicate about

new inventory or new deals, said Adam Pressman, a partner at the multi-industry consulting

firm AlixPartners. Not everyone will have the flexibility to expand their budgets, he said, but

some consumers do.

“Customers who were buying in early October versus potentially the end of November might be

open to additional purchases or other things that are coming back into stock,” he said.

Mastercard‟s Sadove said the biggest challenges could come after the holidays. Retailers may

receive a delayed shipments of inventory that is out of season, and wind up with a glut of items.

That would trigger a higher level of markdowns.


“The supply chain could mess things up quite a bit,” he said. “Let‟s say you‟re a retailer that has

Christmas trim that comes in February.

Click on the Link : holiday sales targets for more information

As American and Veteran I will never forget all those who served and

perished. For those who are still here you’re not alone, enjoy your

grandchildren and great grandchildren. At 11:48 am central times (7:48 am

Hawaii) give a toast to their memory, with tears in my eyes, to all the

brothers and sisters that gave it all, salute!



From my family and staff to your family, have a

Merry Christmas and May Peace dwell in your home.


Peter Nadal, Pam Kennoy, Rodrigo Esperanza,

Nomar Shaw, Diane G and Big Poppa


The Nanomites


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