Reflection and Rebellion A Loudspeaker project Autumn 2021

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Our Thoughts

“It was the first time I had been to

an art gallery as I never I thought I

was worthy of it; not knowledgeable

enough. I realise I don’t need to worry

about that, I can go to an art gallery

and decide what grabs me. I can

have my opinions and don’t have to

conform to the norm.”

“My favourite thing about

Loudspeaker was being able to meet

women from other areas and walks of

life and be accepted.”

“Your mental health is not a stigma;

you are seen for who you are, not your

‘diagnosis’, without judgement.”

“Taking part in Loudspeaker has

really helped me to find myself again.

Being introduced to different types

of Art such as sculpture has been

really interesting and educational.

This has allowed me to spend more

time on myself and reassured me I’m


“Loudspeaker has helped me to

feel less isolated, alone and ‘other’.

I feel more confident in seeking out

creativity within the city and at home

in my own time. I have more courage

to express myself.”

“My favourite thing has been the

group work that we do. I enjoyed

being with other women who have

similar interests and listening to their


“Veronica, Gill and Katy have provided

a safe space that has allowed me to

be myself without the fear of being

judged or criticised. Through working

with the other women in the group I

have gained some self confidence and

self worth and remembered that I’m


“Loudspeaker has given me a little bit

more confidence to express myself

and re-inspired me to go back to arts

and crafts.”

“It’s just fun to come and have a talk, a

natter, a giggle with other people.”

“Loudspeaker definitely changed

things for me. It is like I have opened

a shut door, which was a long time

closed. It brought me happiness and

opened the creative side of me which

I enjoyed a long time ago. I forgot how

happy I can be. I now feel artistic again

inside and also have created projects I

am proud of.”


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