behind the Brew Issue 3

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Behind <strong>the</strong><br />

BREW<br />

what’s going on in HEINEKEN UK<br />

<strong>the</strong><br />

Green<br />

issue<br />

What we’re doing to achieve our 2030<br />

<strong>Brew</strong> A Better World commitments.<br />

December 2021<br />


Contributors<br />

David Flochel<br />

Managing Director<br />

Alex Townsend<br />

Head of Supply Planning<br />

Chelsey Wroe<br />

Head of Sustainability<br />

Aileen Newall<br />

Head of Reward<br />

Paul Anderson<br />

Procurement Category<br />

Specialist<br />

Steve Cann<br />

Director, Future Food Solutions<br />

Andy McKnight<br />

Principal Project Manager,<br />

Manchester <strong>Brew</strong>ery<br />

Chris Sladen<br />

Head of Property,<br />

Star Pubs & Bars<br />

Emma Newberry<br />

B2B & Quality Manager,<br />

On Trade<br />

Steve Waygood<br />

Head of Quality of Product<br />

Design<br />

Henry Stremes<br />

Trade Marketing Controller<br />

Welcome to <strong>the</strong> third edition of Behind <strong>the</strong> <strong>Brew</strong>, our contributor-led<br />

magazine that takes you <strong>behind</strong>-<strong>the</strong>-scenes to see what’s going on<br />

around <strong>the</strong> business.<br />

In our Green <strong>Issue</strong>, we place a focus on sustainability, discussing <strong>the</strong><br />

actions we’re taking to achieve our ambitious 2030 <strong>Brew</strong> A Better<br />

World commitments.<br />

In addition, you’ll read about <strong>the</strong> recent Leadership Event in London<br />

where <strong>the</strong> Leadership Team met to discuss EverGreen 2025 – our<br />

bold and exciting strategy – and how it will shape <strong>the</strong> future of our<br />

business.<br />

I hope you enjoy catching up with what's been happening across <strong>the</strong><br />

business!<br />

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.<br />

Cheers!<br />

Editorial<br />

by Ann McDonagh<br />

Kelly Borland<br />

Digital Product Owner<br />

Joanna Dring<br />

Head of Media<br />


24<br />

30<br />

12<br />

Contents<br />

End of Year Message<br />

David Flochel reflects on 2021 and looks ahead to 2022.<br />

EverGreen 2025 in focus<br />

A strategy for now and <strong>the</strong> future.<br />

Who likes a challenge? The Project<br />

Availability team do…<br />

Unlocking our supply chain to meet customer needs.<br />

We’re supporting Christmas Plus One<br />

Showcasing <strong>the</strong> role pubs play in tackling loneliness.<br />

What’s <strong>Brew</strong>ing in Sustainability?<br />

How we’ll deliver on our <strong>Brew</strong> a Better World pledges.<br />

Toge<strong>the</strong>r in Electric Dreams<br />

Our commitment to make <strong>the</strong> entire HEINEKEN car fleet electric<br />

by 2026.<br />

No Barley, No Beer!<br />

Finding a more sustainable way to grow barley.<br />

The Sustainable Pub of <strong>the</strong> Future<br />

Roadmap to making our pubs sustainable by 2030.<br />

Get a Green Grip<br />

Our journey to removing customer-facing plastic.<br />

COP26 – In Pictures<br />

Showcasing our commitment to Net Zero in Glasgow.<br />

Finding a Better Way to Onboard<br />

SmartDispense Customers<br />

Working toge<strong>the</strong>r to achieve organisational effectiveness.<br />

‘Have a drink on us’: On Trade Christmas<br />

activations<br />

Helping our brands win battle for market share over Christmas.<br />

What's Hitting <strong>the</strong> Headlines<br />

HEINEKEN news in <strong>the</strong> media this month.<br />

Competitor News<br />

Keeping our eye on <strong>the</strong> competition.<br />

Green Energy in our <strong>Brew</strong>eries<br />

Our journey to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.<br />

Have you got a story you’d like us to cover?<br />

If you’ve got anything you’d like us to cover, please get in touch at<br />

employee.communications@heineken.co.uk<br />


An end of year message<br />

from David<br />


"EverGreen 2025 will help us meet <strong>the</strong> demands of a rapidly<br />

changing world – as we become more externally focused and<br />

step-up our consumer and customer-centricity."<br />

Faced once again with <strong>the</strong> unexpected, <strong>the</strong>re’s no denying that it’s been ano<strong>the</strong>r tough year for all of us.<br />

We asked for your resilience, commitment and hard work and you all rose to <strong>the</strong> challenge. For this I’d<br />

like to thank each and every one of you.<br />

Although it might not feel like it, particularly as we continue to<br />

navigate volatility caused by <strong>the</strong> pandemic and face unprecedented<br />

issues in our supply chain, we are in fact, winning in <strong>the</strong> market.<br />

We’ve been increasing our value share as a business in <strong>the</strong> on trade<br />

and protecting it in <strong>the</strong> off trade, meaning we’re doing better than<br />

<strong>the</strong> competition. We’ve a lot to be proud of in terms of what we’re<br />

achieving and our ability to re-invent ourselves. We’ve been turning<br />

around our Operating Profit into positive territories thanks to your<br />

great efforts on savings and a needed restructure at <strong>the</strong> beginning<br />

of <strong>the</strong> year.<br />

We’re also making great strides in addressing <strong>the</strong> challenges<br />

presented to us. Our plan to fix availability is gaining traction, with<br />

capacity and service levels improving. We’re committed to creating<br />

greater clarity, improving our processes and addressing <strong>the</strong> pain<br />

points through our Organisational Effectiveness work. While we’re<br />

still on a journey, we’re making great progress on clarity and<br />

alignment and starting to get back on track on availability, step<br />

by step.<br />

As we look towards <strong>the</strong> final weeks of 2021, our focus must be on<br />

protecting Christmas. This is <strong>the</strong> last peak of <strong>the</strong> year, and we can’t<br />

afford to miss it – our overall performance for <strong>the</strong> year relies on<br />

securing <strong>the</strong> best possible Christmas that we can by maximising our<br />

sales, despite <strong>the</strong> latest restrictions with <strong>the</strong> new COVID variant.<br />

We’ve learned a lot from digital connection, hybrid working, agile<br />

teams, more agile ways of working and we must embrace that<br />

change.<br />

Our revised Purpose & Values really speaks to all of us. The Joy of<br />

True Toge<strong>the</strong>rness is so very relevant at this time of polarisation,<br />

isolation and exhaustion.<br />

Looking ahead<br />

We’re working on future-proofing <strong>the</strong> business with <strong>the</strong> launch of<br />

EverGreen 2025, our bold and exciting strategy which will help us<br />

deliver superior and balanced growth as well as <strong>the</strong> next evolution<br />

of HEINEKEN UK.<br />

EverGreen 2025 will help us meet <strong>the</strong> demands of a rapidly<br />

changing world – as we become more externally focused and<br />

step-up our consumer and customer-centricity. We'll place bigger<br />

bets on premium beers, ensure 0.0% is everywhere and do more<br />

to go beyond beer.<br />

Freeing up resources and reinvesting in people, in growth with more<br />

innovation and in our supply chain will continue to be a focus, as<br />

will becoming bolder with our technology agenda and continuing<br />

our journey to becoming a ‘Digital First’ business.<br />

And, raising <strong>the</strong> bar on our environmental, social and responsible<br />

consumption actions, our <strong>Brew</strong> a Better World 2030 commitments<br />

will enable faster progress towards a net zero, fairer and healthier<br />

world.<br />

Here’s to hopefully a better, more positive and joyful 2022.<br />

We hope you have a well-deserved break with family and friends<br />

over <strong>the</strong> festive period – you deserve it.<br />

Best wishes<br />

David Flochel<br />

Managing Director<br />

"We hope you have a well-deserved break with family and<br />

friends over <strong>the</strong> festive period – you deserve it."<br />


in Focus<br />

EverGreen 2025 will shape <strong>the</strong> future of our business. Ashleigh Lloyd, our roving reporter, heard firsthand<br />

more about our bold and exciting strategy and <strong>the</strong> impact it will have in <strong>the</strong> UK at <strong>the</strong> recent<br />

Leadership Event in London.<br />

EverGreen on <strong>the</strong> agenda<br />

Following <strong>the</strong> Global launch of our EverGreen strategy in October,<br />

<strong>the</strong> Leadership Team came toge<strong>the</strong>r last month to explore, in<br />

depth, how EverGreen 2025 will shape <strong>the</strong> future of our HEINEKEN<br />

UK business – delivering superior and balanced growth.<br />

A strategy for now and <strong>the</strong> future<br />

David Flochel, Managing Director, kicked off <strong>the</strong> day, reminding<br />

attendees that throughout our 157-year history, HEINEKEN has<br />

continued to evolve and EverGreen 2025 is <strong>the</strong> next step in this<br />

evolution.<br />

Inspired by nature’s resilience and its ability to adapt and renew<br />

itself, our EverGreen strategy is a multi-year journey which focuses<br />

on both continuity – honouring and building on what has made us<br />

great – and change – adapting to an evolving market and futureproofing<br />

<strong>the</strong> company as we look ahead to <strong>the</strong> next 157 years.<br />

We know it’s not <strong>the</strong> biggest or <strong>the</strong> strongest that survive, but <strong>the</strong><br />

most agile and adaptable, and this is especially true when we look<br />

at <strong>the</strong> disruption happening in <strong>the</strong> market today. Our success will<br />

rely on our ability to respond to current times while staying true to<br />

our company values and heritage.<br />

EverGreen 2025 comes toge<strong>the</strong>r as a new strategy on a single<br />

page, encapsulating our new Purpose, Values and Behaviours and<br />

clearly defining our Dream, where we’ll play and how we’ll win.<br />

Unlock <strong>the</strong> full potential of our people<br />

In an interactive People-centric session, <strong>the</strong> team were asked to<br />

explore <strong>the</strong> impact of culture on our business and our colleagues.<br />

Embracing <strong>the</strong> skills that enabled success pre-COVID-19, whilst<br />

developing new skills to cope with new realities and challenges, <strong>the</strong>y<br />

discussed how our Behaviours can encourage ‘real conversations’<br />

between colleagues. The team also looked at <strong>the</strong> steps that need<br />

to be taken now to support and develop our teams to deliver our<br />

EverGreen 2025 ambition. Watch out for a Leadership Pledge in<br />

<strong>the</strong> new year!<br />

Optimising Availability, leveraging Sequoia<br />

Our 2022 targets <strong>the</strong>n came under <strong>the</strong> spotlight, with a focus placed<br />

on optimising product and service availability – and leveraging<br />

Sequoia, which is a Europe-wide project aimed at optimising our<br />

supply chain.<br />

Securing availability for Christmas is our immediate focus as a<br />

business before shifting our attention in 2022 <strong>behind</strong> delivering our<br />

plan, making our supply chain more efficient and fundamentally<br />

altering our longer-term availability strategy as we target 98.5%<br />

OTIF service levels.<br />

Driving Superior Growth<br />

Next on <strong>the</strong> agenda was Driving Superior Growth and <strong>the</strong> three key<br />

principles which can help when planning for growth:<br />

• Insight – matching our portfolio with where consumer demand<br />

is today and will be tomorrow.<br />

• Making bold choices – scoping out where to play and defining<br />

what success looks like.<br />

• Backing ourselves – executing our 2022 gameplans in both<br />

<strong>the</strong> on and off trade and knowing how to win.<br />


Raising <strong>the</strong> bar on Sustainability & Connectivity<br />

The day came to a close with a look at <strong>the</strong> plans we’ve in place to<br />

ensure we’re winning in <strong>the</strong> area of sustainability and responsibility,<br />

before reviewing <strong>the</strong> steps we’ll be taking over <strong>the</strong> next three to<br />

five years to revamp our digital journey and become <strong>the</strong> bestconnected<br />

brewer, to serve customers and consumers who are<br />

increasingly looking to buy our brands online.<br />

Our EverGreen 2025 ambition<br />

By <strong>the</strong> end of 2025, our global ambition is to:<br />

• Increase our revenue to mid-single digit growth.<br />

• Increase our operating margin by 17% by 2023 and operating<br />

leverage beyond.<br />

• Increase our capital efficiency.<br />

• Cut our CO 2<br />

emissions by 50% in production.<br />

Our Green Diamond is our ‘yardstick’ for success against our<br />

balanced growth ambition. It will ensure that we strike a balance<br />

between short-term delivery, long-term sustainability and between<br />

top-line growth and overall value creation.<br />

How we’ll get <strong>the</strong>re...<br />

Nothing More, Nothing Less 2022 is year one of our EverGreen<br />

2025 strategy. It lays <strong>the</strong> foundation for future growth and outlines<br />

<strong>the</strong> direction of travel for our business over <strong>the</strong> coming years.<br />

Placing a focus on cultural shifts, we’ll create a sense of belonging<br />

through our new Purpose, Values and Behaviours as we continue to<br />

meet <strong>the</strong> demands of a fast-changing world.<br />

Becoming more externally focused and stepping-up our consumer<br />

and customer-centricity will be key. We’ll place bigger bets on our<br />

premium beers, ensure <strong>the</strong>re’s Always A Choice with 0.0 and do<br />

more to stretch and go beyond beer, to win <strong>the</strong> hearts of customers<br />

and drinkers and regain momentum in <strong>the</strong> cider category. We’ll<br />

maximise our pub estate too, enhancing our use of capital and<br />

creating fantastic drinkers experiences of our brands.<br />

We must place continuous focus on productivity to free up<br />

resources and reinvest in growth, whilst being bolder with our<br />

technology agenda and tackling <strong>the</strong> digitisation of our business<br />

with more urgency.<br />

On top of this, we’re raising <strong>the</strong> bar on our environmental and social<br />

ambitions by continuing to champion responsible consumption<br />

and prioritising <strong>the</strong> implementation of our 2022 Carbon Neutrality<br />

plans, both of which are woven into our <strong>Brew</strong> a Better World 2030<br />

commitments, which you can read more about in this issue of<br />

Behind <strong>the</strong> <strong>Brew</strong>.<br />

We shared more about our EverGreen 2025 strategy and<br />

our Nothing More, Nothing Less plan for 2022 at <strong>the</strong> All<br />

Colleague Townhall on 6th December. If you missed it,<br />

you can catch up on <strong>the</strong> event website. Here you’ll find<br />

recordings from <strong>the</strong> event, along with o<strong>the</strong>r pre-recorded<br />

content from <strong>the</strong> Leadership Event and a number of videos<br />

bringing to life our new Values, our Brands and our <strong>Brew</strong> a<br />

Better World agenda.<br />


Who likes a Challenge?<br />

The Project Availablity<br />

Team Do…<br />


“Our overall aim is to achieve 98.5% of on time<br />

and in full deliveries to customers.”<br />

Alex Townsend<br />

Head of Supply Planning<br />

Alex Townsend, Head of Supply Planning, is leading Project Availability which has been established to address<br />

<strong>the</strong> recent challenges we’ve encountered across our supply chain.<br />

We’re unlocking our supply chain to meet customer needs<br />

Let’s face it, we’ve all faced challenges since 2020, but <strong>the</strong> past 18<br />

months exposed certain issues in our end-to-end supply chain in <strong>the</strong><br />

UK. So, we launched Project Availability in October to identify and<br />

unlock <strong>the</strong> bottlenecks we were facing as a result of <strong>the</strong> pandemic,<br />

Brexit import delays and <strong>the</strong> HGV driver shortages.<br />

Setting Goals<br />

Our overall aim is to achieve 98.5% of on time and in full deliveries<br />

to customers. At <strong>the</strong> moment it’s sitting at around 90% due to some<br />

of <strong>the</strong> issues mentioned above. We’ve adopted a new approach and<br />

brought in our best people to tackle <strong>the</strong> issues and help us hit our<br />

target.<br />

Our Strategy<br />

We’ve set up four workstreams – Procurement, Logistics, <strong>Brew</strong>ery<br />

Operations and Planning – to see what we can do in each area to<br />

improve availability and to deliver for <strong>the</strong> customer. We’ve started with<br />

improvement activity across <strong>the</strong> four workstreams:<br />

• Procurement is working with suppliers to reduce lead times and<br />

increase flexibility so we ensure a secure supply of materials.<br />

• Logistics is optimising transport routes and talking to hauliers to<br />

ensure we’ve <strong>the</strong> right stock in <strong>the</strong> right place at <strong>the</strong> right time,<br />

basically a stockholding strategy based on geographical location.<br />

• <strong>Brew</strong>ery Operations are focussed on improving production<br />

performance, so we have <strong>the</strong> right products available, with output<br />

exceeding customer demand. One key area <strong>the</strong>y are working on<br />

is reducing unplanned losses through a Sequoia initiative called<br />

‘Drive to Win’. Driven from <strong>the</strong> shopfloor, this defines <strong>the</strong> ‘perfect<br />

day’ in production based on a number of operational indicators.<br />

You’ll hear more about this initiative over <strong>the</strong> coming months.<br />



• Planning is revising its stock strategy and capacity planning<br />

process to maximise availability for customers across <strong>the</strong> network.<br />

It’s complicated!<br />

As you can see, everything is interlinked, which is why <strong>the</strong> project is<br />

looking at <strong>the</strong> entire supply chain.<br />

Balancing Christmas with long-term solutions<br />

The big challenge right now is balancing <strong>the</strong> day job to deliver<br />

availability for Christmas, whilst keeping an eye on <strong>the</strong> longer-term.<br />

Freeing up time and resources to fix problems now so we’re not facing<br />

<strong>the</strong> same challenges this time next year.<br />

In a perfect world…<br />

Ideally, we want to be in a position where our customers experience<br />

great service in line with <strong>the</strong>ir expectations, and we can deliver on<br />

time and in full. We want to unlock <strong>the</strong> bottlenecks in our end-to-end<br />

supply chain and work closer with suppliers to make us less vulnerable<br />

to factors beyond our control. We want a more robust supply chain<br />

that will allow us to wea<strong>the</strong>r all storms.<br />




We’re Supporting<br />

Christmas Plus One<br />

We’re throwing our support <strong>behind</strong> <strong>the</strong> national campaign – Christmas Plus One – by<br />

showcasing <strong>the</strong> role pubs play in local communities, bringing people toge<strong>the</strong>r and<br />

helping to fight loneliness. Chelsey Wroe, Head of Sustainability explains why.<br />

Earlier this month we made <strong>the</strong> joint decision with our charity partners<br />

to postpone <strong>Brew</strong>ing Good Cheer this Christmas.<br />

The majority of people we were looking to support through our<br />

campaign are deemed to be vulnerable, and with so much uncertainty<br />

surrounding <strong>the</strong> new COVID variant, Omicron, we feel this is <strong>the</strong> right<br />

approach.<br />

Time for ‘true toge<strong>the</strong>rness’<br />

However, as Christmas is a time for toge<strong>the</strong>rness – this December<br />

we’re supporting <strong>the</strong> Christmas Plus One campaign by inviting our<br />

licensees to use <strong>the</strong>ir pub as a festive hub – helping to connect people<br />

within <strong>the</strong>ir local communities.<br />

The Christmas Plus One campaign is organised by ‘Toge<strong>the</strong>r’, a<br />

coalition of charities and organisations, with <strong>the</strong> joint aim to build<br />

kinder, closer and more connected communities. The focus of this<br />

year’s campaign is encouraging people to take <strong>the</strong>ir Christmas cheer<br />

one step fur<strong>the</strong>r and involve someone new, or to reconnect with an<br />

old friend, or family member <strong>the</strong>y haven't seen for some time in <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

festive plans.<br />

In addition to this, pub customers, charities, community groups and<br />

volunteers are being asked to do small acts of kindness throughout<br />

December by taking someone along as a ‘Plus One’ to <strong>the</strong>ir local pub<br />

for a chat, a drink, some food or to a community event.<br />

This initiative is also being supported by Pub is The Hub – a not for<br />

profit organisation helping pubs to broaden <strong>the</strong>ir range of services and<br />

play a bigger role in <strong>the</strong>ir community.<br />

Return of <strong>Brew</strong>ing Good Cheer<br />

In <strong>the</strong> new year we’ll bring back our <strong>Brew</strong>ing Good Cheer initiative, and<br />

will invite people from local charities and good causes, to bring a ‘plus<br />

one’ for a drink or lunch on <strong>the</strong> house, in one of our pubs.<br />


Social isolation is not something that just affects people at Christmas<br />

time, and so we look forward to continuing to work with <strong>the</strong> Toge<strong>the</strong>r<br />

Coalition, Pub is <strong>the</strong> Hub and with local good causes in <strong>the</strong> new year to<br />

bring <strong>Brew</strong>ing Good Cheer to life for a sixth year running.<br />

The pub is a positive place for social wellbeing<br />

Following numerous lockdowns and restrictions, <strong>the</strong> pubs has shown<br />

itself to be crucial in bringing back normal life for communities. People<br />

are going back to <strong>the</strong>ir local, and it’s proving to be integral in tackling<br />

<strong>the</strong> issue of loneliness and social isolation.<br />

The pub is no longer just about drinking, it’s a social centre and a<br />

positive force for good.<br />

Last year, we carried out research with <strong>the</strong> Campaign to End Loneliness,<br />

Pub is <strong>the</strong> Hub and Loughborough University to find out if and how<br />

pubs help to tackle loneliness.<br />

The research confirmed that pubs are identified as places with an<br />

important social function in providing a space for different forms and<br />

levels of social interaction.<br />

• 64% of people asked said <strong>the</strong>ir pub was one of <strong>the</strong> main places for<br />

locals to socialise.<br />

• 86% of people agreed that ‘When a pub closes <strong>the</strong> local community<br />

suffers’.<br />

They said that conversations in pubs, between regulars or with<br />

members of staff, helps people feel less lonely, even if it is just a<br />

short chat.<br />


What’s <strong>Brew</strong>ing in<br />

Sustainability?<br />

Our <strong>Brew</strong> A Better World strategy will shape our sustainability agenda and <strong>the</strong> future of our business. The<br />

commitments we’ve made and <strong>the</strong> actions we’re taking were brought to <strong>the</strong> forefront during our Sustainability<br />

Town Hall in November.<br />

In a first of its kind event, <strong>the</strong> Sustainability Town Hall showcased<br />

how HEINEKEN is delivering on its <strong>Brew</strong> A Better World (BABW)<br />

commitments. Interviews and films explored <strong>the</strong> key actions planned<br />

to reach net zero emissions in production by 2030 and to be carbon<br />

neutral across <strong>the</strong> value chain by 2040.<br />

James Crampton, Corporate Affairs Director, and host of <strong>the</strong> session,<br />

opened <strong>the</strong> Town Hall by saying how inspiring <strong>the</strong> COP26 Summit<br />

in Glasgow had been, putting HEINEKEN at <strong>the</strong> centre of <strong>the</strong> global<br />

debate.<br />

With Sir David Attenborough calling for urgent action now, James said:<br />

“I want you to feel proud of <strong>the</strong> commitments HEINEKEN has made<br />

and understand more about some of those actions we’re taking. Our<br />

net zero journey is at <strong>the</strong> heart of our EverGreen strategy. It’s a decade<br />

since we introduced BABW, so we’ve raised <strong>the</strong> bar with commitments<br />

as far as 2040 to transform <strong>the</strong> way we operate.”.<br />

Matt Callan, Supply Chain Director, who co-hosted <strong>the</strong> event, added:<br />

“The majority of our impact lies outside our immediate sphere of<br />

control, and so working toge<strong>the</strong>r with suppliers, customers and o<strong>the</strong>r<br />

partner businesses is key and arguably <strong>the</strong> hardest challenge. Everyone<br />

has a role to play.”<br />

Our BABW journey<br />

Over <strong>the</strong> past decade, our BABW strategy has had a profound<br />

influence on our business. It's driven us to innovate and collaborate<br />

to protect <strong>the</strong> environment, support local communities and make a<br />

positive contribution to society.<br />

First launched in 2009, <strong>the</strong> strategy focused on <strong>the</strong> areas where we as<br />

a business could make <strong>the</strong> biggest impact.<br />

Fast forward to 2021, our world is in a much different place, facing<br />

even more pressing challenges. Challenges which require immediate<br />

action from each and every one of us.<br />

In response, earlier this year, we launched our 2030 <strong>Brew</strong> a Better<br />

World programme – a new set of ambitious commitments which will<br />

enable faster progress towards a net zero, fairer and healthier world.<br />

Chelsey Wroe, Head of Sustainability, and speaker at <strong>the</strong> event, said:<br />

"Our new commitments – woven into our EverGreen strategy – put<br />

sustainability and responsibility front and centre as we write our next<br />

chapter and transform <strong>the</strong> way we operate.<br />

Over <strong>the</strong> next few pages, we go Behind <strong>the</strong> <strong>Brew</strong> on a number of topics<br />

that were discussed at <strong>the</strong> Sustainability Townhall – from low carbon<br />

farming to greener breweries and from electrifying our car fleet to<br />

greener pubs."<br />

If you missed <strong>the</strong> Sustainability Townhall, you can catch up<br />

here, to gain a better understanding of why businesses, like<br />

ours, need to act now when it comes to sustainability.<br />




Toge<strong>the</strong>r in<br />

Electric Dreams<br />

Ahead of <strong>the</strong> Government’s 2030 net-zero commitment to end <strong>the</strong> sale of new petrol or diesel cars, we’ve<br />

committed to making our entire company car fleet electric by 2026. We caught up with Aileen Newall, Head of<br />

Reward, and Paul Anderson, Procurement Category Specialist, to explore <strong>the</strong> future of our fleet.<br />

Aileen Newall<br />

Head of Reward<br />

Paul Anderson<br />

Procurement Category Specialist<br />

Planning for <strong>the</strong> future<br />

In early 2021 our company fleet was almost entirely diesel or petrol<br />

vehicles, some hybrid, but no fully electric vehicles. This was definitely<br />

not supporting our sustainability credentials as a business.<br />

After <strong>the</strong> introduction of new worldwide emission testing procedures<br />

in April 2020, official CO 2<br />

emissions figures generally increased, which<br />

had a direct impact on <strong>the</strong> car tax our company car drivers were having<br />

to pay, leaving <strong>the</strong>m financially worse off.<br />

Moving to all electric<br />

With a large number of car lease replacements due, we realised if we<br />

didn’t act now, we’d be managing a non-eco-friendly fossil fuel fleet for<br />

ano<strong>the</strong>r full lease cycle, which is at least four years.<br />

The solution was to offer only electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrid<br />

options from 2023 and in 2024 remove <strong>the</strong> option to order hybrid. It<br />

will be a gradual transition with no immediate pressure on colleagues<br />

to change and, as ever, we’re putting <strong>the</strong>ir business and safety needs<br />

first.<br />

The benefits to colleagues and <strong>the</strong> planet are clear<br />

We’re proud to be supporting <strong>the</strong> sustainability credentials of <strong>the</strong><br />

company and helping colleagues make <strong>the</strong> shift to electric before <strong>the</strong><br />

Government ban comes into effect.<br />

In <strong>the</strong> first year we estimate we’ll save up to 625 tonnes of CO 2<br />

.<br />

And for colleagues, we’ll be reducing <strong>the</strong>ir costs. For example, at <strong>the</strong><br />

moment a 20% taxpayer can be paying over £160 per month for a<br />

diesel car and £150 for a petrol car. This cost is double for drivers who<br />

are paying a higher rate of tax. The monthly tax for a fully electric<br />

car is typically under £6 for a 20% taxpayer or £12 for a higher rate<br />

taxpayer.<br />

Our move to a fully electric fleet not only generates great benefits for<br />

colleagues, HEINEKEN and <strong>the</strong> environment, it also future-proofs our<br />

company car strategy and champions responsible choices.<br />

We’ve done our research and our electric fleet meets <strong>the</strong> needs<br />

of colleagues<br />

Historically <strong>the</strong> most popular brands have been Audi and BMW,<br />

however nei<strong>the</strong>r have suitable EVs – as an example <strong>the</strong> BMW i3 is too<br />

small for our drivers and, at <strong>the</strong> time of <strong>the</strong> research, <strong>the</strong> Audi e-tron<br />

was too expensive.<br />

Therefore, we researched a number of o<strong>the</strong>r electric cars on <strong>the</strong><br />

market. They needed to have a range of at least 200 miles, good<br />

safety features and to be <strong>the</strong> right size for colleagues to do <strong>the</strong>ir work,<br />

while also suiting any lifestyle requirements outside of work.<br />

The ones which met all <strong>the</strong>se criteria were VW, Peugeot, and Skoda.<br />

We’ve also added in some Hyundai models.<br />

Changing our mind-set<br />

We know cars can be an important part of people’s identity. We know<br />

change can be challenging. However, we’re offering interest-free loans<br />

to fund <strong>the</strong> purchase and installation of home charging units and you<br />

can still take advantage of local authority grants or funding. This is a<br />

great chance to get on board with EVs before <strong>the</strong> nationwide deadline.<br />

See you in <strong>the</strong> future!<br />

Our electric fleet<br />

The VW ID.3 is about <strong>the</strong> same size as<br />

a Golf but feels more spacious inside<br />

as <strong>the</strong>re’s no engine taking up room.<br />

It comfortably seats four adults and<br />

for those who don’t want a big car,<br />

this is perfect for squeezing into tight<br />

parking spots in town, with excellent<br />

navigation and safety features. The<br />

car has a futuristic feel about it.<br />

Next up in size is <strong>the</strong> Peugeot e-208, a<br />

compact SUV with a large boot, and<br />

all <strong>the</strong> latest gadgets, including a<br />

state-of-<strong>the</strong>-art audio system. Great<br />

navigation system, smooth drive and<br />

all <strong>the</strong> safety features you’d expect.<br />

Finally, <strong>the</strong> Skoda Enyaq iV is <strong>the</strong><br />

biggest car with <strong>the</strong> largest battery.<br />

It’s a great-looking car, inside and out.<br />

It’s refined and has <strong>the</strong> same high<br />

specification as any Audi or BMW.<br />

The Skoda brand is now sought after<br />

and <strong>the</strong> Enyaq is <strong>the</strong> most popular<br />

choice in our fleet. Style personified,<br />

this Electric Dream car comes in a<br />

glorious range of colours.<br />


No Barley, No Beer!<br />

Barley is one of <strong>the</strong> key ingredients in beer and tto ensure we meet our bold commitment of a carbon neutral<br />

value chain by 2040, we need to find a more sustainable way to grow it. To cut our carbon emissions we’re<br />

running an innovative low carbon farming trial in Yorkshire. Our partners in <strong>the</strong> trial are malt supplier Muntons,<br />

11 barley farmers and Future Food Solutions. Steve Cann, Director of Future Food Solutions, tells us more.<br />

Drop <strong>the</strong> C<br />

About 40% of <strong>the</strong> carbon footprint in HEINEKEN’s beer is at <strong>the</strong><br />

agricultural end of production and nitrogen is a major part of that<br />

footprint. So, one of <strong>the</strong> main aims of sustainable farming is to reduce<br />

<strong>the</strong> amount of nitrogen that farmers use and to harness CO 2<br />

more<br />

efficiently.<br />

Pop-up rainforests<br />

Cover crops act like pop-up rainforests, drawing CO 2<br />

out of <strong>the</strong><br />

atmosphere, ensuring <strong>the</strong> soil becomes nutrient-rich, whilst also<br />

increasing organic matter in <strong>the</strong> soil.<br />

All good things happen in Yorkshire!<br />

It’s also a fact that Yorkshire is historically a great place to grow barley.<br />

The wea<strong>the</strong>r conditions mean <strong>the</strong> area is less prone to drought and<br />

with many of <strong>the</strong> farms we work with close to Muntons Malting Plant<br />

at Flamborough, and <strong>the</strong> Tadcaster brewery also close by, we’re using<br />

less transport in <strong>the</strong> whole process – ano<strong>the</strong>r win for sustainability.<br />

Better crops and better margins<br />

Better soil health means better crops and better margins for our<br />

farmers.<br />

HEINEKEN also benefits from a more sustainable, more resilient<br />

supply of barley that will help <strong>the</strong> business meet its ambition to hit<br />

carbon neutrality through its entire value chain by 2040.<br />

Perhaps most importantly, <strong>the</strong> consumer enjoys a tasty, refreshing<br />

beer in <strong>the</strong> knowledge that it has had a significantly reduced impact<br />

on <strong>the</strong> environment.<br />

Cover crops are a variety of plant types, like radishes, clovers and<br />

grasses. They’re not for harvesting – but keeping a growing root in <strong>the</strong><br />

ground between harvests improves <strong>the</strong> soil health.<br />

This, in turn, means <strong>the</strong> farmers have to add less nitrogen to <strong>the</strong> soil<br />

which reduces <strong>the</strong> overall carbon footprint. Every 1% increase in soil<br />

organic matter allows each hectare of land to absorb an additional<br />

240 tonnes of water, helping <strong>the</strong> soil to act like a sponge, avoiding<br />

drought and also preventing flooding in <strong>the</strong> area.<br />

This saves <strong>the</strong> farmer money, reducing <strong>the</strong> amount of nitrogen that<br />

needs to be added to <strong>the</strong> barley crop and makes <strong>the</strong> crop more<br />

resilient to drought.<br />

It really is a win for everyone.<br />

A Farmer’s Viewpoint:<br />

Tamara Hall from Molescroft Farm in Beverley, East Yorkshire,<br />

said:<br />

“This collaboration has been a big risk, but one we had to take<br />

as it’s essential to change <strong>the</strong> way we farm going forward. The<br />

cost of nitrogen and loss of carbon over <strong>the</strong> years means we<br />

need to be more sustainable and working with HEINEKEN<br />

has helped us by covering <strong>the</strong> cost of <strong>the</strong> cover crop seed.<br />

Additionally, <strong>the</strong> capture of carbon from <strong>the</strong> atmosphere and<br />

locking it into <strong>the</strong> soil has made a positive difference already.”<br />


"Better soil health means better crops and<br />

better margins for our farmers.<br />

HEINEKEN also benefits from a more<br />

sustainable, more resilient supply of barley<br />

that will help <strong>the</strong> business meet its ambition<br />

to hit carbon neutrality through its entire<br />

value chain by 2040."<br />



Green Energy in<br />

Our <strong>Brew</strong>eries<br />

Andy McKnight, Principal Project Manager, at Manchester brewery, tells us about our journey to<br />

achieve carbon neutrality in Manchester by 2025, with <strong>the</strong> o<strong>the</strong>r breweries following by 2030.<br />

Andy McKnight<br />

Principal Project Manager<br />

Green energy is <strong>the</strong> future<br />

Currently, all our sites use a mix of electricity or natural gas creating a<br />

carbon footprint. We’re trying to achieve carbon neutrality across all<br />

our breweries starting with Manchester, eventually running on green<br />

energy and <strong>the</strong>refore reaching net zero emissions.<br />

Electricity<br />

The National Grid is decarbonising all <strong>the</strong> time and using more<br />

electricity from renewable sources, such as solar and wind. We’re<br />

looking to support this decarbonising by investing in technology so<br />

that in <strong>the</strong> future we’ll generate our own green electricity.<br />

Manchester 2022/23<br />

We’ll start installing this new energy efficient system in Manchester<br />

next year, with <strong>the</strong> heat pumps in operation from 2023. That takes<br />

us part of <strong>the</strong> way to carbon neutrality, but not to zero. Electricity is<br />

about one-third, heat pumps ano<strong>the</strong>r third, with <strong>the</strong> final third still left<br />

to solve.<br />

Natural gas<br />

De-carbonising natural gas is harder to achieve. At our breweries we use<br />

massive gas boilers to make steam to heat up <strong>the</strong> wort to make beer.<br />

We also use steam in our cleaning processes and for pasteurisation.<br />

We’re replacing <strong>the</strong>se boilers with heat pumps which use less natural<br />

gas to generate heat.<br />

Biogas<br />

To solve <strong>the</strong> final third, one of <strong>the</strong> solutions we’re looking at is how we<br />

reuse <strong>the</strong> biogas generated through our wastewater treatment plant.<br />

At <strong>the</strong> moment it goes to an effluent plant where <strong>the</strong>re’s an anaerobic<br />

digester, that during <strong>the</strong> process of treating our wastewater, produces<br />

biogas or methane. We may be able to put this gas back into <strong>the</strong><br />

boilers to produce steam.<br />

This process will take us almost <strong>the</strong> whole way, to above 95%, with a<br />

few final steps required to get us up to 100%.<br />

Cooling<br />

The cooling systems we have on site work in <strong>the</strong> same way as your<br />

home fridge. To cool <strong>the</strong>ir contents <strong>the</strong>y create waste energy that<br />

comes out as heat. At <strong>the</strong> moment this heat goes straight out into<br />

<strong>the</strong> atmosphere, so we’re going to recover it and put it through a heat<br />

pump to generate <strong>the</strong> hot water and steam we need. Clouds of steam<br />

coming out of a brewery will be a thing of <strong>the</strong> past!<br />


The Sustainable Pub<br />

Of The Future<br />

Chris Sladen, head of Property, Star Pubs & Bars, talks about <strong>the</strong> roadmap for making all pubs<br />

in our estate sustainable by 2030.<br />

Investing in a sustainable future for our pubs<br />

We’ve teamed up with sustainability consultants, Carbon Architecture,<br />

to establish where our carbon footprint is now and to plan a roadmap<br />

for <strong>the</strong> future.<br />

Last year, we ran a pilot in six Just Add Talent (JAT) managed pubs<br />

to see how energy efficient measures affected <strong>the</strong>ir carbon footprint,<br />

water usage and energy efficiency. Unfortunately, due to COVID we<br />

were unable to capture this data, so had to turn to industry estimates<br />

instead. This provided us with <strong>the</strong> confidence that <strong>the</strong> measures were<br />

working and so we've now rolled out <strong>the</strong> measures to a fur<strong>the</strong>r 30<br />

JAT pubs.<br />

To date, we’ve invested £450,000 in JAT pubs as part of this energy<br />

saving project, which amounts to £15,000 per pub.<br />

Our sustainability checklist<br />

As part of our journey to make all pubs in our estate sustainable<br />

by 2030 we’ve created a checklist of measures to be introduced<br />

where possible:<br />

• Solar Panels: we now have solar water heating at 23 sites.<br />

• Cellar Manager and Fridge Manager: apps that monitor <strong>the</strong><br />

temperature and switch on and off as necessary.<br />

• Loft Insulation.<br />

• Movement activated and LED low energy lighting.<br />

• Right-sizing of all cellars: installing plastic curtains to bring large<br />

cellars down to <strong>the</strong> right size. In <strong>the</strong> past, cellars and fridges were<br />

sometimes in <strong>the</strong> same space, by dividing <strong>the</strong> space, we make big<br />

savings.<br />

• Self-closing taps to save water.<br />

• Movement activated flushing in urinals to save water.<br />

• New windows that are airtight to reduce heat loss and save energy.<br />

Along with Carbon Architecture we’re also looking at how to change<br />

old habits, such as leaving cellar doors open or switching on <strong>the</strong> hobs<br />

to heat a cold kitchen when staff arrive in <strong>the</strong> morning.<br />

Emerging technologies to help us<br />

New legislation is being consulted on at <strong>the</strong> moment which proposes<br />

that by 2027 pubs will not be able to trade unless <strong>the</strong>ir EPC (energy<br />

performance certificate) is at Level C. By 2030 we’re expected to be at<br />

Level B or beyond. The JAT pilot has projected that we can achieve <strong>the</strong><br />

2027 deadline, but we’ll need to use emerging new technologies to<br />

help us reach <strong>the</strong> 2030 target.<br />

First electric kitchen<br />

We’ll be rolling out our first electric kitchen over <strong>the</strong> coming months.<br />

We’ll monitor how much energy it uses and how this will work when<br />

we have electric vehicle charging stations outside. Chefs traditionally<br />

love to cook on gas – so we need to understand what this will mean<br />

for future training of staff – exploring how to change mindsets and old<br />

patterns of behaviour.<br />

As well as <strong>the</strong> investment we’re making to our pub infrastructure,<br />

we now have SmartDispense in over half of our Star Pubs & Bars<br />

outlets. Emma Newberry, B2B & Quality Manager, tells us about<br />

how our innovative draught dispense solution is helping pubs<br />

pour greener pints.<br />

HEINEKEN overhauled every aspect of <strong>the</strong> traditional dispense<br />

system to create SmartDispense, an energy-efficient smart<br />

technology which keeps <strong>the</strong> beer chilled and away from light all<br />

<strong>the</strong> way from <strong>the</strong> keg to <strong>the</strong> tap, meaning it stays fresher for<br />

longer and that <strong>the</strong> time between line cleans can be extended.<br />

This means a reduction of up to 83% of beer, cider, water and<br />

dispense CO 2<br />

waste, which is better for our planet, without<br />

compromising on <strong>the</strong> great taste of your favourite pint. To date,<br />

SmartDispense technology has allowed pubs to save over 110m<br />

pints of water (or over 347,000 bathtubs!) and over 396 tonnes<br />

of CO 2<br />

.<br />

Pubs Sustainability Cabinet<br />

Chris and Sophie Goodall, Head of Corporate Affairs for<br />

Star Pubs & Bars, are chairing a Pubs Sustainability Cabinet,<br />

which includes 10 o<strong>the</strong>r colleagues. Their first meeting was<br />

in November and Behind <strong>the</strong> <strong>Brew</strong> will be following <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

findings and initiatives over <strong>the</strong> coming months – so watch<br />

this space.<br />


"To date, we’ve invested £450,000 in JAT<br />

pubs as part of this energy saving project,<br />

which amounts to £15,000 per pub."<br />

quote here<br />



Get a<br />

Green Grip<br />

Steve Waygood, Head of Quality and Product Design, explains how <strong>the</strong> cardboard<br />

Green Grip became a reality, replacing plastic hi-cones and meeting our target to<br />

remove customer-facing plastic.<br />

Stephen Waygood<br />

Head of Quality and Product Design<br />

Aim to remain as carbon neutral as possible<br />

Finding a sustainable replacement for plastic hi-cone rings has been<br />

an exciting and fast paced project to work on. Tesco, one of our biggest<br />

customers, had an ambition of having no customer-facing plastic by<br />

early 2020 – which drove our timeline faster.<br />

We went with <strong>the</strong> innovative, minimalist design of Green Grip ra<strong>the</strong>r<br />

than <strong>the</strong> easier option of conventional packaging, such as cardboard<br />

boxes, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. It’s no good<br />

finding an alternative to plastic that actually adds to our carbon<br />

footprint.<br />

Hitting our targets<br />

In <strong>the</strong> breweries, we’ve phased out four plastic ring machines and have<br />

just one left to go. In Tadcaster, we’ve installed a sleever as an interim<br />

measure, but will remove this and install Green Grip in 2022.<br />

Our overall target is to eliminate 500 tonnes of plastic from <strong>the</strong> market<br />

through <strong>the</strong> introduction of <strong>the</strong> Green Grip. To date, through installing<br />

<strong>the</strong> three Green Grip machines and <strong>the</strong> sleever we’ve dispensed with 50<br />

million plastic rings, and we’ve done away with 100 tonnes of plastic.<br />

COVID didn’t stop us<br />

Kudos to everyone involved – from suppliers to engineers – for getting<br />

this done. We collaborated with production teams across <strong>the</strong> UK, <strong>the</strong><br />

Innovation team in <strong>the</strong> Ne<strong>the</strong>rlands, cardboard suppliers in Spain and<br />

machine suppliers in Italy. When COVID hit and international travel<br />

was restricted, this meant a lot of <strong>the</strong> work had to be done remotely.<br />

This made getting <strong>the</strong> machines manufactured, signed off, imported,<br />

installed, and commissioned very complicated – but we didn’t let that<br />

stop us!<br />

Plastic’s durability is one of its better attributes, and so replacing it<br />

with cardboard that is not as strong, has resulted in some instances<br />

where <strong>the</strong> packs have broken in store, in part due to <strong>the</strong> different<br />

handling requirements compared to <strong>the</strong> plastic rings. And so we’re<br />

currently looking at how we can enhance <strong>the</strong> design of <strong>the</strong> Green Grip<br />

to maximise its strength and minimise any damaged in store<br />

Bringing customers & consumers on <strong>the</strong> journey<br />

We’re closely monitoring how Green Grip performs in trade – we<br />

appreciate that it’s quite a shift for our customers. The old plastic rings<br />

were very robust, so we need to ensure we’re bringing our customers<br />

with us on our sustainability journey, providing <strong>the</strong>m with engaging<br />

communications which detail <strong>the</strong> environmental benefits.<br />

From a consumer point of view, I’m pleased to say that our sales reflect<br />

consumers’ willingness to change <strong>the</strong>ir habits for a greener alternative.<br />

Steve says: Thanks, Grazie, Gracias, Danke…<br />

The delivery has required a lot of trust between <strong>the</strong> production teams, global production and international suppliers, and has required <strong>the</strong><br />

involvement of teams from across HEINEKEN UK. I thank <strong>the</strong>m all.<br />


COP26 in pictures<br />

We joined NGOs, climate diplomats, government officials and like-minded companies at COP26<br />

in Glasgow last month to discuss, learn and commit to tackling climate change.<br />

At a number of events we outlined our commitment to reaching net<br />

zero carbon emissions in our production by 2030 and across our full<br />

value chain by 2040 – ahead of expectations set out in <strong>the</strong> Paris<br />

agreement. This included co-hosting <strong>the</strong> Frontrunners Dinner toge<strong>the</strong>r<br />

with <strong>the</strong> Ne<strong>the</strong>rlands British Chambers of Commerce. Held at one<br />

of our amazing Star Pubs & Bars, The Ardnamurchan, 50 business<br />

leaders, including CEOs and Sustainability leads, ga<strong>the</strong>red to discuss<br />

<strong>the</strong> challenges and possible solutions businesses can offer to halt <strong>the</strong><br />

climate emergency.<br />

We also sponsored <strong>the</strong> Holyrood Green Giant awards in <strong>the</strong> presence of<br />

<strong>the</strong> Business Minister, Ivan McKee MSP. The awards recognised some<br />

of Scotland’s most notable environmental campaigners, businesses<br />

and academics.<br />

As well as attending <strong>the</strong> Net Zero Now COP26 fringe event, which<br />

brought toge<strong>the</strong>r brewers and hospitality businesses to learn more<br />

about <strong>the</strong> journey to net zero and <strong>the</strong> actions that we can and should<br />

already be taking.<br />



Finding a Better Way to<br />

Onboard SmartDispense<br />

Customers<br />

Powered by<br />

Technology<br />


Kelly Borland<br />

Digital B2B Product Owner<br />

Kelly Borland, Digital B2B Product Owner, describes how experts from two teams came<br />

toge<strong>the</strong>r to include SmartDispense on our onboarding tool for new customers.<br />

An automated solution to help our sales teams<br />

The onboarding tool is an online solution that allows our sales teams<br />

to onboard new customers seamlessly. This automated tool creates a<br />

clear process and captures all <strong>the</strong> information needed in one place. It<br />

increases transparency for everyone involved.<br />

Turning a vision into reality<br />

Simon Thomas and his team were not only subject matter experts,<br />

<strong>the</strong>y also had a clear vision of what <strong>the</strong>y wanted: to make selling and<br />

onboarding customers to SmartDispense simple and efficient.<br />

Our skill lies in turning this into a reality, it takes hard work and time<br />

to understand <strong>the</strong> detail of <strong>the</strong> challenges. It also takes a lot of trust<br />

from both teams to step back and let <strong>the</strong>m focus on <strong>the</strong> areas in which<br />

<strong>the</strong>y excel. A perfect example of how cross functional collaboration<br />

has worked to automate processes for our teams.<br />

Great feedback<br />

We’ve had over 400 SmartDispense applications submitted via <strong>the</strong><br />

tool so far. A recent survey highlighted that 87% of <strong>the</strong> sales team<br />

believed that <strong>the</strong> onboarding tool made it easier for <strong>the</strong>m to complete<br />

a SmartDispense application. In addition, 86% of <strong>the</strong> sales team<br />

also said that <strong>the</strong> onboarding tool will improve <strong>the</strong> experience for our<br />

customers.<br />

It’s a win:win<br />

The tool saves time, increases efficiency, and reduces <strong>the</strong> risk of errors,<br />

as well as significantly improving <strong>the</strong> customer experience. It improves<br />

<strong>the</strong> accuracy of data, meaning that <strong>the</strong> process is more streamlined<br />

<strong>the</strong>reby enabling <strong>the</strong> sales team to have more time for conversations<br />

with <strong>the</strong>ir customers.<br />

Bringing SmartDispense on board<br />

As a Product Owner, I’m approached on a regular basis with suggestions<br />

to improve <strong>the</strong> tool. It’s my responsibility to manage and optimise all<br />

of <strong>the</strong>se requests to maximise <strong>the</strong> tools value. When approached by<br />

<strong>the</strong> SmartDispense team to add it as an option on <strong>the</strong> tool, it was an<br />

easy decision to make.<br />

Organisational Effectiveness and teamwork<br />

A big focus within On Trade at <strong>the</strong> moment is Organisational<br />

Effectiveness. The 2021 Climate Survey Results showed areas<br />

needing more focus, including giving colleagues <strong>the</strong> skills to do <strong>the</strong>ir<br />

job effectively, more effective collaboration across departments and<br />

clearer communication.<br />

The onboarding tool is a good example of how two different teams<br />

worked toge<strong>the</strong>r to achieve organisational effectiveness, by changing<br />

what was a clunky process and delivering an automated solution. The<br />

SmartDispense team were fantastic to work with and we will continue<br />

to work toge<strong>the</strong>r to add to this ever-evolving tool in 2022.<br />

Word is spreading<br />

We're always looking for feedback on <strong>the</strong> onboarding tool to improve<br />

its performance and efficiency. Now news is travelling about <strong>the</strong><br />

success of <strong>the</strong> addition of SmartDispense to <strong>the</strong> tool, we’re getting<br />

approached. We’d encourage o<strong>the</strong>r teams looking for help in setting<br />

up digital projects to come and see us!<br />

“The onboarding tool has freed up a huge amount of time for<br />

<strong>the</strong> sales teams. They no longer have to duplicate <strong>the</strong> input<br />

of <strong>the</strong> same data manually into multiple forms. This has<br />

improved <strong>the</strong> quality and consistency of <strong>the</strong> outputs for <strong>the</strong><br />

contracting team and also improved <strong>the</strong> customer experience,<br />

making it easier for <strong>the</strong>m to sell.”<br />

Simon Thomas, SmartDispense Director<br />

“Quicker, as only having to input details in once.”<br />

Simon Ptolomey, SmartDispense Specialist<br />

“Timescales, less paperwork, all info being in <strong>the</strong> same place,<br />

ease of use.”<br />

James Horrocks, Regional Sales Manager<br />


Have a<br />

Drink on Us<br />

Christmas is always a key trading period for us and it’s important our brands are<br />

prominent during this time to win <strong>the</strong> battle for market share. Henry Stremes, Trade<br />

Marketing Controller for On Trade, highlights our Christmas activations for 2021.<br />

Henry Stremes<br />

Trade Marketing Controller<br />


“We’re encouraging consumers to visit <strong>the</strong>ir local great British pub over<br />

<strong>the</strong> festive period to enjoy an evening with friends, whilst rewarding<br />

<strong>the</strong> driver for getting <strong>the</strong>m home safe at <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong> night. ”<br />

Supporting our customers during this busy time<br />

There’s no denying that it’s been a challenging year for pubs with<br />

lockdown at <strong>the</strong> beginning of 2021 and various supply issues<br />

throughout <strong>the</strong> year. So, to help <strong>the</strong>m get <strong>the</strong> most out of <strong>the</strong> festive<br />

period we’re supporting <strong>the</strong>m with initiatives to help drive more people<br />

to <strong>the</strong> pub, whilst complementing <strong>the</strong>ir in-outlet experience and<br />

spreading some Christmas Cheer!<br />

Also, in Young’s outlets we’ll be offering Birra Moretti blankets to<br />

consumers when taking advantage of outdoor areas. There will also<br />

be competitions to win free Birra Moretti gilets. In addition, a range of<br />

goodies will also be on offer to help keep pub staff happy and warm<br />

when serving outdoor drinkers over <strong>the</strong> colder months.<br />

Designated Driver? Have a drink on us!<br />

Our key campaign for <strong>the</strong> season revolves around <strong>the</strong> hero in any<br />

group, <strong>the</strong> ‘Designated Driver’. Drivers can get a free Heineken 0.0 or<br />

Coke Zero throughout December across <strong>the</strong> on trade and in Star Pubs<br />

& Bars outlets.<br />

Keeping it social<br />

Working with Lisini Group, we’ll be running a digital campaign that<br />

targets new consumers, offering <strong>the</strong>m a free pint when <strong>the</strong>y visit a<br />

participating pub. To maximise this campaign, we’ve provided each<br />

pub with a suite of social assets that <strong>the</strong>y can use to promote <strong>the</strong> offer<br />

across <strong>the</strong>ir social media platforms.<br />

Get Home Safe<br />

We’re also supporting St Austell <strong>Brew</strong>ery’s ‘Get Home Safe’ campaign,<br />

in collaboration with Devon and Cornwall police. Vouchers for a free<br />

Lo & No or soft drink will be given to drinkers of Heineken 0.0 and Old<br />

Mout Berries & Cherries alcohol-free cider, alongside Coca-Cola.<br />

We’re encouraging consumers to visit <strong>the</strong>ir local great British pub over<br />

<strong>the</strong> festive period to enjoy an evening with friends, whilst rewarding<br />

<strong>the</strong> driver for getting <strong>the</strong>m home safe at <strong>the</strong> end of <strong>the</strong> night.<br />

Baby, it’s cosy outside<br />

Helping customers make <strong>the</strong> most of <strong>the</strong>ir outside space is important.<br />

At Mitchells & Butlers, we’re helping achieve this with <strong>the</strong> addition of<br />

Old Mout winter huts over <strong>the</strong> colder months. It’s hoped this set up<br />

will help <strong>the</strong>m drive additional revenue during a critical trading time.<br />

In Young’s, Marston’s, Greene King, Trust Inns and SSP outlets, we’re<br />

extending <strong>the</strong> cider season and creating a buzz in <strong>the</strong> category<br />

through our Orchard Thieves Mulled Cider campaign.<br />

Digital advent calendar<br />

With a focus on getting more people through <strong>the</strong> door and spending<br />

longer in pubs, Birra Moretti - in collaboration with <strong>the</strong> Stonegate Group<br />

and some o<strong>the</strong>r suppliers – have created a digital advent calendar.<br />

Celebrating <strong>the</strong> countdown to Christmas, <strong>the</strong> advent calendar will<br />

offer a host of branded prizes for consumers throughout December.<br />

It’s a team effort<br />

I’d like to thank my team for delivering <strong>the</strong>se great ideas. We’re helping<br />

our customers drive people back to <strong>the</strong> pub, encouraging <strong>the</strong>m to stay<br />

longer and spend more, and to make <strong>the</strong> most of any outside space.<br />

It’s all about creating a special festive ambience and experience which<br />

will get people off <strong>the</strong>ir sofas and into <strong>the</strong> local for a happy and safe<br />

Christmas.<br />


From left to right:<br />

Hitting <strong>the</strong><br />

Headlines<br />

Joanna<br />

Dring<br />

Head of Media<br />

In her regular feature, Joanna Dring, Head of Media, explains <strong>the</strong> challenges<br />

and messaging <strong>behind</strong> <strong>the</strong> headlines.<br />

Getting <strong>the</strong> press interested<br />

The first rule of generating media coverage is ‘is <strong>the</strong> story interesting<br />

to <strong>the</strong> audience?’ And for ‘interesting’, read unique, a first, human<br />

interest, timely… Because if a story doesn’t have <strong>the</strong> wow factor, it’s<br />

unlikely a journalist will want to run with <strong>the</strong> news.<br />

That’s why for any press release or PR campaign we run, we need to<br />

find that X Factor point to <strong>the</strong> story.<br />

And this month has seen all those things come toge<strong>the</strong>r perfectly with<br />

<strong>the</strong> launch of our category leadership campaign in Lo & No alcohol.<br />

Finding our X Factor moment<br />

From <strong>the</strong> start, our objective was to be seen as leaders in this rapidly<br />

expanding category. There are numerous articles and broadcast<br />

packages about <strong>the</strong> rise of Lo & No, and to date, a company hasn’t<br />

‘owned’ <strong>the</strong> messaging. So yes, we were often mentioned, but so are<br />

<strong>Brew</strong>dog, Lucky Saint, ABI and Carlsberg.<br />

We wanted to do something about this! We’ve <strong>the</strong> most popular alcohol<br />

free beer in our portfolio so it’s right that we lead that conversation.<br />

But where to start?! There are so many aspects of Lo & No to talk<br />

about - <strong>the</strong> technicalities and expertise needed in brewing it, <strong>the</strong> taste,<br />

<strong>the</strong> psychology of drinking it in pubs and <strong>the</strong> stigma which sadly still<br />

exists, <strong>the</strong> health benefits… <strong>the</strong> list is endless!<br />

So we needed to find that ‘X Factor’ moment to really get <strong>the</strong> press<br />

interested.<br />

Step forward Heineken 0.0 on draught. Following a successful trial in<br />

<strong>the</strong> summer it will be available in pubs across <strong>the</strong> country from next<br />

year. This will be <strong>the</strong> first time that an alcohol free beer will sit alongside<br />

o<strong>the</strong>r beers on <strong>the</strong> bar and utilise a pub’s existing cellar set up.<br />


Celebrities Assemble<br />

So, we had our story. However, it’s all very well us telling journalists how<br />

great our products/campaigns/innovations are, what’s more powerful<br />

is when it’s told through experts and celebrities who <strong>the</strong>ir readers or<br />

viewers are interested in.<br />

We brought toge<strong>the</strong>r a crack team of celebrities, all of whom have a<br />

point of view on Lo & No alcohol. From Denise Van Outen who loves<br />

going to <strong>the</strong> pub but doesn’t always want <strong>the</strong> alcohol because of her<br />

busy filming schedule, to Mark Wright who is fanatical about his fitness<br />

so wants to balance a night out with <strong>the</strong> lads with an early morning<br />

gym session, to <strong>the</strong> musician Lucy Spraggan who doesn’t drink at all<br />

and gets frustrated at <strong>the</strong> lack of choice for non-drinkers in pubs.<br />

We also had experts including Marverine Cole, a beer sommelier, Laura<br />

Willoughby MBE, <strong>the</strong> founder of <strong>the</strong> mindful drinking movement Club<br />

Soda, and Will Higham, a consumer futurologist who likened <strong>the</strong><br />

launch of alcohol free on draught in pubs to be as big as <strong>the</strong> advent<br />

of gastro pubs in <strong>the</strong> nineties. And last but in no means least was our<br />

global master brewer himself - Willem Van Waesberghe.<br />

A unique, interesting, exciting, game-changing news hook<br />

Leading with <strong>the</strong> news that <strong>the</strong> UK’s most popular alcohol free beer<br />

will be available on draught, coupled with experts and celebrities who<br />

can give <strong>the</strong>ir view on this and appeal to media, has given us a story<br />

with a unique, interesting, exciting, game-changing news hook.<br />

Exclusive with <strong>the</strong> Sunday Times<br />

It was a courageous and bold move for us here in <strong>the</strong> UK to make <strong>the</strong><br />

announcement, and it was worthy of a significant exclusive, which we<br />

landed with <strong>the</strong> Sunday Times in print and online.<br />

Spreading <strong>the</strong> story far and wide<br />

Once <strong>the</strong> exclusive was published on 21st November we turned our<br />

attention to spreading <strong>the</strong> story as far and wide as possible. We’ve<br />

already secured [eight] pieces of national coverage and I’m quite sure<br />

that by <strong>the</strong> time you read this, <strong>the</strong>re will be much more – delving into<br />

<strong>the</strong> different aspect of Lo & No alcohol.<br />

And this is just <strong>the</strong> beginning. We’ll continue to push our Lo & No<br />

category leadership message for <strong>the</strong> foreseeable future. Whe<strong>the</strong>r<br />

that’s around talking points such as how to moderate over <strong>the</strong><br />

Christmas party season or how Dry January is evolving.<br />



We want to stay ahead of our competitors and <strong>the</strong> best way to do this is to know what <strong>the</strong>y’re up to! So,<br />

what’s <strong>the</strong> latest with <strong>the</strong>m?<br />

The UK’s brewing sector launched a roadmap to net zero carbon<br />

ahead of COP26, which took place in Glasgow in November. This<br />

latest pledge, created specifically for brewers, will be distinct in<br />

recognising <strong>the</strong> unique challenges of brewing as a key part of UK<br />

food and drink manufacturing. See page [x] to see how we were<br />

involved at COP26.<br />

<strong>Brew</strong>Dog has launched its first international joint venture in<br />

Japan, with Punk IPA, Hazy Jane and Elvis Juice beers being rolled<br />

out across <strong>the</strong> country via a partnership with Asahi <strong>Brew</strong>eries. The<br />

Ellon-based business will retain a controlling interest in <strong>Brew</strong>Dog<br />

Japan, but it will operate as a standalone entity, with its own sales,<br />

marketing and back-office teams.<br />

Tennent’s <strong>Brew</strong>ery has launched a multi-channel advertising<br />

campaign to underline <strong>the</strong> importance of sustainable brewing<br />

practices. The campaign hopes to show why quality, local<br />

brewing is a sustainable option for drinkers and will highlight <strong>the</strong><br />

sustainable processes undertaken by <strong>the</strong> brewer; including using<br />

100% renewable electricity at Wellpark and o<strong>the</strong>r sites across<br />

Scotland, only brewing with local barley and reducing <strong>the</strong> distance<br />

from brewery to bar.<br />

Guinness has launched a new, single nitrogen dispense solution,<br />

Guinness MicroDraught. Previously rolled out across pubs,<br />

restaurants and bars earlier this year, drinkers will have <strong>the</strong> chance<br />

for <strong>the</strong> first time to buy <strong>the</strong> dispense solution for use at home. Two<br />

years in <strong>the</strong> making, Diageo claims that <strong>the</strong> latest launch is <strong>the</strong><br />

biggest innovation since <strong>the</strong> invention of <strong>the</strong> Guinness widget 30<br />

years ago.<br />


With a view to creating <strong>the</strong> first green hydrogen supply to a brewery,<br />

Budweiser <strong>Brew</strong>ing Group UK&I and Protium have teamed up to<br />

explore <strong>the</strong> deployment of zero emission green hydrogen at Magor<br />

brewery in South Wales. Bolstering Budweiser <strong>Brew</strong>ing Group’s<br />

ambitious sustainability objectives, <strong>the</strong> project would build <strong>the</strong> first<br />

large-scale hydrogen generation system at a brewery. The hydrogen<br />

will fuel <strong>the</strong> brewery’s production, as well as HGVs and forklift trucks<br />

that deliver <strong>the</strong>ir beer.<br />

Planning permission for Innis & Gunn’s brewery at Heriot-Watt<br />

University’s Research Park has officially been granted by The City of<br />

Edinburgh Council, <strong>the</strong> first major brewery to be built in Edinburgh<br />

for over 150 years. The new facility, spanning a two hectare site,<br />

will be built to provide increased brewing capacity and support <strong>the</strong><br />

brewer‘s growth. Guided tours will be on offer for visitors at <strong>the</strong> new<br />

site, where Innis & Gunn’s The Original, Lager Beer and Session IPA,<br />

as well as o<strong>the</strong>r cask-matured beers will be brewed.<br />

Asda has partnered with a specialist craft beer and cider retailer,<br />

Craft on Draft, to be <strong>the</strong> first supermarket to offer a refillable<br />

beer service to customers at its trial store in Milton Keynes. The<br />

supermarket will offer a changing menu of 12 beers on draught,<br />

which are freshly pumped by staff into 1L or 2L glass bottles that<br />

can be brought back to <strong>the</strong> store to be refilled or returned to get<br />

<strong>the</strong> deposit back.<br />

Diageo has extended its partnership with Molson Coors Beverage<br />

Company, which will allow Diageo’s beer portfolio to be distributed<br />

in most Central and Eastern European markets as of January. For<br />

Diageo, <strong>the</strong> partnership will help its key brands such as Guinness,<br />

Kilkenny and Hop House 13 grow fur<strong>the</strong>r through <strong>the</strong> strong on<br />

trade and off trade distribution channels Molson Coors has via its<br />

companies in <strong>the</strong> local beer markets.<br />

Gordon’s Gin, owned by Diageo, has revealed a new bottle design,<br />

made from up to 85% recycled glass, which is being rolled out<br />

globally. Made at Cameronbridge distillery in Fife, which is 100%<br />

powered by renewable electricity, <strong>the</strong> newly designed range is<br />

an important step in Diageo’s aim to make its packaging widely<br />

recyclable by 2030.<br />

Pub news<br />

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that <strong>the</strong> retail, hospitality<br />

and leisure sectors would be able to claim a 50% discount on<br />

<strong>the</strong>ir bills up to £110,000 for a year. The tax cut worth £1.7bn<br />

would benefit pubs, music venues, cinemas, restaurants.<br />

Taken in conjunction with <strong>the</strong> existing small business relief,<br />

more than 90% of hospitality, retail and leisure businesses<br />

would see a discount of “at least 50%”.<br />

Vaccine passports will not be extended to fur<strong>the</strong>r Scottish<br />

hospitality venues, announced <strong>the</strong> First Minister in a<br />

statement to MSPs in Holyrood in November. Customers<br />

will be allowed to present negative lateral flow tests ra<strong>the</strong>r<br />

than proof of two jabs to enter venues already covered by<br />

<strong>the</strong> scheme, including nightclubs and concerts from 6th<br />

December. Nicole Sturgeon said an extension of <strong>the</strong> scheme<br />

to o<strong>the</strong>r hospitality businesses would “not be proportionate”<br />

given its impact on business.<br />



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