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Holi Demi-Permanent Color is an oil color range that stands out for its bright

and vivid shades.

As the name suggests, it draws inspiration from India’s Holi Festival and its

celebration of life. A mild, ammonia-free, tone-on-tone demi-permanent

oxidation coloring service for natural, colored, lightened, and bleached hair.

Its oily ingredients and the exclusive Deva-Plex complex protect the hair fiber.

The innovative Deva-Plex complex of natural ingredients makes hair extremely

shiny and hydrated. Bamboo, cotton, and papaya enhance the radiance and

color of the lengths. "Deva” is a Sanskrit word that means “being of light”.

Deva-Plex has extraordinary properties and ensures optimal results.








via Lorenzo Mascheroni, 27

CAP 20145 - MILANO (MI)



Passion4hair Ltd.

41 Queen St,















We’ve come a long way since this time last year, when we were felt poised on the

edge of a precipice, not sure about what the immediate future held in store. Now

thanks to vaccines, things are gradually returning to normal. Live events are once

Concept: Sens.ùs



Photo: Paco Di Canto

Make-up: Vania Cesarato

Styling: Veronica Spadaro

again on the calendar, albeit with the necessary protocols in place. Maggie Mulhern

was able to go to NewYork Fashion Week and shares her reporting on the latest trends

for spring. ABS, MCB, OMC, Cosmoprof and other events are also back on track.

And positive vibes and creativity are

reaching new heights, with trends that

overwhelmingly invoke self-confidence

“In the depth of winter,

I finally learned that

within me there lay

an invincible summer.”

Albert Camus

and individuality. Maybe because during lockdowns we came to

terms with ourselves, with both our limitations and our potential. Not only have we

survived, we have overcome. And the future is looking bright again.

Marie Scarano

The world of hairdressing at

Estetica n. 3/2021




Roberto Pissimiglia


Marie Scarano



Laura Castelli



Monica Tessari


Manuela Artosi

Davide Cardente


Nives Carena



Maggie Mulhern


Elisabet Parra,

Cristina Hernández


Michaela Dee


Marie Coccoluto


Gary Kelly


Lucia Preziosi,

Glorianna Vaschetto, Clara Danubio


Erica Balduini,

Erika Marchese,

Wilma Sommariva,

Shoot Cover Story 6

Trends Beautiful Brunettes 10

Catwalks Ethnic catwalks 18

Trends Curls & waves 22

Men’s trends Just chillin’ 24

Vision Variety... the spice of life 26

Events A passion for creativity 82

Events MCB by Beauté Sélection 85

Headshot Lights, camera, action! 88

Waves, curls and

textures – whether

short, long or

medium lengths –

are all the rage.

Tools Cutting Edge 92

international trends

Texture & Shape 33

Tools, men’s grooming

and fashion runways

bring it all together.

Cover Story

The Sens.ùs IRIS Collection 2021/22 draws its inspiration

from a wintry spectrum of light, where nature is the artist

and the elements and flora are her palette. Marie Scarano

We can see the beauty that surrounds us. So the Sens.ùs team began with the iris of our eyes. Our

window onto the world, the diaphragm filled with light that brings our eyes to life. A color from

within that completes our view of the wonders of the world. Etymogically speaking, the word derives

from ancient Greek word 'iris' - meaning 'rainbow'. Hence 'iridescent' like the colorful clothes of the

goddess Iris, who would leave a richly-colored trail in the sky as she passed, forming a rainbow.

Today there is a more scientific explanation of this marvelous natural phenomenon, but nevertheless

it continues to convey a message of fair weather and hope. All of these considerations put the concept

of light and its refraction at the very heart of the Iris collection. Light is the element that brings colors

to life, produces mirror-like effects on water and is reflected on snow, creating a magical atmosphere.

The Sen.sùs Iris collection is indeed a tribute to our Earth. The color palette chosen, in line with 2022

trends, is reminiscent of natural elements and the many shades of rainbows. Light gray like ice on

water and white like snow, the golden yellow of sunlight, emerald green like the trees reflected in the

lake, red/mahogany like the barks of trees, purple like the heather still in bloom. Contrasts of

saturations and pastels, light and shadows, warm and cool tones, complementary hues and

graduations of the same. Mother Nature's palette lends itself to art.



Hair: Sens.ùs Creative Team

Photo: Paco Di Canto

Make-up: Vania Cesarato

Styling: Veronica Spadaro

Concept: Sens.ùs

Marketing&Communication Team

Behind the scenes

Technically there was no curtain, no props, no stage, no backstage. A courageous and unique

choice, allowing Nature to provide the ultimate setting. The shoots for the summer and winter

collections took place in the space of just two weeks and it was extraordinary to see the scenery

change in a handful of days. The hair looks alternate classic romantic waves with braided

lengths and bold cuts. The various styles blend harmoniously together, portrayed as if set in a

timeless place.

Sens.ùs defines its mission as the research and development of cosmetics for maintaining and

coloring beautiful hair, while always guaranteeing the highest levels of Quality, Safety, and

Innovation. In today’s world of cosmetics, hair color and maintenance products require both highly

specialized technologies as well as the most sensitive balance between function and effectiveness. So

Sens.ùs is also focused on the safety and quality of the results in order to offer clients and consumers

the best possible personal care products possible. The Iris collection embodies a commitment to

nature and individualism, an appreciation of primordial beauty and becoming a part of it. More than

just trending colors and styles, but an overwhelming triumph of scents, sensations and interplays of

light that only our Earth - and Sens.ùs - is able to create.



Beautiful Brunettes

Move over, blondies! Brunette is the hottest color trend this

season, from cappuccino to ebony and everything in between.

Brunettes are no longer dull or mousey, but rather luxurious and sensual. Just add a touch of dimension

or detail with balayage or other techniques to warm tones like cinnamon, chestnut, and caramel or cool

ones like ash, cacao, and burgundy. Ask your colorist to open up a world of possibilities!


Raven black hair is perfect for this ecletic Bohemian look with an exotic oriental vibe. A perfect example of less being more. The finish is

smooth with an ever-so-subtle texture for some soft, touchable volume. The idea of the half-open zip accessory being used as a sort of punk

snood for the half-beehive in the back is brilliant. This image is the ultimate example of brunette hair being a highly artistic proposal of

alternative elegance.

US_Hair: Shirley Gordon @shirleyghautehair; Photo: Roberto Ligrest; Make-up David Maderich for MAC

Gary Kelly and Marie Scarano


The inspiration for this collection moves from Sunset to Twilight, encompassing a Brunette Plum, Melding Copper, Red, Oranges

shaped into a bob with whispers of Violet and Blue hues. The shape of this bob is softer and moves freely with a multi-texture and

asymmetric overlay fringe. What better way to celebrate the winter season than with warmth and sophistication?

US_Hair and Styling: Nick Paganon n@nickpaganohairdesign Goldwell National Artist/Make-up: Jenny

Thomas @jennythomasbeautry @rod_novoaPhoto: @KeffMil\kkelson Jeff Mikkelson Photography

10 trends


This look from the Go Goldwell Masterbrand Campaign says it all. This espresso brunette is the

ideal base for slightly lighter contours to fame the face. Then from the chin down a grayish-teal

sombre is both subtle and soft. Another enormous advantage is that maintenance is minimum. So

this technique makes it the perfect option for the client on the go who still wants to make a fashionforward

statement. Experiment with different hues, not only blue, but greys, reds, violets and more.

Hair: Go Goldwell Masterbrand Campaign


Not your everyday updo! This look is perfect for any formal occasion. The sleek polished finish enhances

the reflections of light on the dark base. The sculpted interwoven layers lend an artful touch of

sophistication, while the runaway wisps evoke a sense of rebellion. Simplicity and complexity wrapped

up in one magically elegant coif.

US_Hair: Liza Espinoza (@modaliza2), Hair Styling: Reynaldo Achurra (@rey.salonfluxx) Hair Colour: Dianna

Lesko (@diannaleskocolourist) and Makayla (Kay) Mappa ( for Salon Fluxx, Photo: Nohemi

Capetillo (@Noamyphotographer) Photo: Nohemi Capetillo (@Noamyphotographer) Make-up: Melissa Musseau

(@mmusse) Styling: Clare Frith Products: Moroccanoil


“Brunette is a colour that every colourist loves to work with – it can be filled with warmth, rich and glossy or can

be cool, creative and completely bespoke, all to suit the client, their hair vision and their lifestyle. When creating

this image, I want a colour that would work alongside the models complexion as well as the haircut, and help me

create the statement that I had envisioned. The colour created, worked so well with the lighting on the shoot, that

it showed off the multi-dimensional tones used throughout the look to give a much more creative look.”

UK_Haircut and Colour: David Murray JOICO Senior Creative Artist and member of the JOICO European

Design Team; Photographer ; Alan Keville; Make Up Artist: @talisman_makeupartist; Products: Joico


“I love how the strong look of this a very on-trend cheekbone grazing bob complements the

beautiful brunette hair colour. Brunettes are always on trend, but for 2021 and 2022 brunettes will

be multidimensional. You will see a number of different brunette tones through the hair, giving

dimension, depth and also a reflective shine. We wanted the brunette tones to stand out and enhance

the cut, yet to look a incredibly healthy, soft, and glossy.

UK_Hair: Diana Carson, Rainbow Room International; Photographer: Michael Young; Make-up: Kirsten Baillie;

Stylist: Detroit Law

124 trends trends 125


“This collection was inspired by the stillness of water and the reflection of the sky when it hit the water during the morning moon.

One of the directions I was moving towards was simplicity; soft solid hair color, white blonde, blue black, golden dark blondes and

espresso. Haircuts are precision, classic and defined,” explained Lisa Vann. The purity of this rich saturated espresso tone is almost

too perfect, so the touch of the crinkly fly-aways keeps this angelic vision grounded.

USA_Hair: Lisa Vann; Assistant Hair: Aspen Day-Flynn; Make-up: Hannah Vann all from Vann Studio, Seattle

WA Photo: David Rossa, Denver, CO; Designer Lisa Marie Lisa Marie Couture, Seattle WA


“Brunette is a gorgeous colour to shoot images with. It’s depth and slight mystery transpires beautifully through your images and

I love working with this hair colour. I wanted to pair the brunette with a classic, simple bob. Movement in the hair was important to

show off not only the colour, but the shape too. Brunette is a colour that suits many different skin tones and complexions due to the

different hues that run through it. Adding warmth to classic brunette works beautifully, too.”

UK_Hair: Simon Hill; Styling: Ian Todd; Photography: Chris Bulezuik; Make-up: Stacey Whittaker



“Inspired by the concept of “NATURAL, SOFT & ESSENTIAL” to embrace the feminine, hair must have movement. The creative

direction is going back to basics for comfort and creating a harmonious balance.” This delicious cinnamon shade and long,

touchable locks gently soften the overall mood of this look.

Asia, Hong Kong_Hair: Ritz Lam @Leonardo 3 Hair Corner in Hong Kong and TEN Studio; Model: Yvette




“I used Newance Fashion Brown Shades to make different colour placements throughout the hair using the Airtouch technique.

I paid special attention to the shape and structure of the head to create a seamless blend of colour. Also, this technique can

be applied to perfectly blend multiple natural brown shades, such as cool brown and warm brown; it adds translucency and

smokiness to the colour result.”

Asia, Taiwan_Hair: Autumn @ Aschön Salon; Photo: Adam @ howisadamtristan;

Make-up: Charlene charlene_makeupstudio


“This image epitomises our brand; gorgeous, wearable hair, and natural makeup, so the individual

looks and feels like the very best version of themselves. This tone-on-tone effect was achieved using

a soft colour palette that complements the model’s skin-tone, whilst leaving the authenticity of her

natural root intact. To emphasise the beauty of the hair’s natural texture, colour placement was really

important. Ribbons of caramel applied from the mid-section to the tip enhance the hair’s natural

curl and movement, resulting in a sun-kissed goddess vibe - and our vision of modern beauty!”

UK_Hair: Christopher Laird, November Collective Co-Founder; Photo: Vivienne Edge; Make-up: Emma

Cantwell; Styled by Christopher Laird and Emma-Louise Cantwell


“What I love about this image is the way the hair is dressed with the curls and texture, which really

showcases the hair colour. The shape of the hair lets us create extra dimension by layering multiple tones

of brunettes, copper brunettes, mahogany brunette and ash brunette on top of each other in a layered

system and this really created depth and texture so it wasn’t flat and dull.”

UK_Hair: Paul Dennison, Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s PROJECT: Colour Team Leader; Art Direction

and Styling: Robert Eaton; Photo: Richard Miles; Make-up: Anna Wild





Oribe sponsored a riotous celebration of the urban diversity

and individuality of the Big Apple at Fashion Week, teaming

up with like-minded brands for breakthrough looks.


Oribe artists enhanced

natural looks for ten

designers during New

York Men’s Day, like the

streetwear inspired

silhouettes at Chelsea

Grays to “summer heat”

inspired looks at Carter

Young (center).

This was the most fun NYFW in years - a true celebration of individual looks and natural texture.

The hair adorning the fashion this season was by far the most joyful and happy ever. It’s not that the

silhouettes of recent seasons were necessarily “boring”, but the hair designs featured in the Spring/

Summer 2022 collections were full of variety in shape, color, texture and style. Makeup was loud

and proud. Beauty was the star of the collections, and according to the key artists at the shows,

“realness” will be the star in the new year. Estetica was in New York for the shows and decided to

focus on one of the most active sponsors of NYFW, ORIBE. This season the brand sent artists and

products to 16 NYFW shows and brought in key leads like Kien Hoang, editorial artist James Pecis,

Coby Alcantar, Mandee Tauber and Christian Ceja-Compin among others. Dozens of Oribe artists

were on hand to follow their concept and direction to create fresh hair looks for, collectively,

hundreds of models.

18 catwalks

Hitting the runway

Oribe sponsored 16 shows this season, gravitating toward designers that allow a more creative

collaboration between hair stylist and designer. “We believe the best results come from working

together as a team,” Daniel Kaner says. “It’s thrilling to partner with emerging artists who

have something to say and to become a part of their creative process.” The creative process has

succeeded for Gabriela Hearst, shown here in her fourth Oribe-sponsored show.

Behind the scenes

Covid precautions did not hamper the creative process.

Social distancing was challenging, but styling stations were

well spaced, products were switched out regularly and fewer

guests were invited backstage to give the artists more space.

When it comes to sponsorship, the brand considers several factors and is quite selective on which

designer will get their support. “We want to support a mix of designers who align with our diversity,

equity and inclusion values as a brand,” Daniel Kaner, Oribe co-founder and President, says.

“Through our more than ten years of sponsorships, we’ve built long standing relationships with

designers who are very much in line with our brand aesthetic and beliefs. Oribe Canales was a

visionary and treated hair as a canvas, so we seek out like-minded creators who allow our brand to

creatively showcase its hair artistry as another way to honor that heritage of hair as an art form.”






This season was a celebration

of diversity and individuality,

and many of the designers

used “real people” as models,

like the artists and musicians

at Fried Rice. “I loved the

opportunity to create ‘real’

hair for these shows,” Kien

Hoang, Principal Educator

of Content & Training for

Oribe, and key artist for most

of the Oribe shows, says. “Our

team collaborated with each

designer to push the limits

and enhance each collection

with the hair look.”





Curls &


Individualism is the latest trend, so if you are a curly-girl,

embrace the natural texture of your hair and just enjoy it!

With the latest fashion trends focusing on individualism and versatility, the best and easiest thing

someone with wavy or curly hair can do - whether male or female - is to just go with it. Of course, there

are ways of taming and enhancing your curls, but avoid conflict. Don’t fight it. Both you and your curls

will be much happier - and on trend! - for it.

Sam Villa Art Director Teresa Romero explains, “Natural texture is at the forefront of bold, beautiful,

expanded shapes. First you must understand the type and character of the natural curl pattern. Then

using a combination of cutting techniques to address the density of the hair to help enhance or minimize

volume. A good cut will celebrate natural texture, and allow style shifting into other looks more easily.”

22 trends

Goldwell Curls & Waves Collection

Hair: Sam Villa Team - Art Director: Teresa Romero - Photo: Nico Norsdstrom - Obsidian and Blush

- Makeup: Tanya Ortega and Leticia Tapia - Wardrobe: Michi Lafary - Obsidian and Blush

Wella Professionals North America Brand Ambassador Briana Cisneros

Lead Hair Color & Stylist: Lisa Vann, Vann, StudiSeattle WA - Photo: James Cheng, Seattle WA - Make-up: Hannah Vann, Vann Studio,

Seattle WA - Designer: Lisa Marie - Lisa Marie Couture, Seattle, WA - Photo: James Cheng, Seattle WA - Hair color: EuforaColor


For the look above-left, Wella

Professionals North America

Brand Ambassador Briana

Cisneros shares, “Nutricurls

Curlixer Defining Balm

gave her curls this beautiful

bounce and defined the curls.

I applied it roots through

ends on damp hair. Then I

used a small amount after

it was dry to slightly define

the curls further.”

Lisa Vann, creator of the look top right, also adds color. “Adding a rich, fall color will

enhance the shine and create depth in the hair. It’s the perfect season of the year to go for

a Deep Red, Burnt Copper or Violet Red guaranteed to liven up those curls as we head into

those often dreary winter months.” Lisa then opted fo Eufora Perfect Curl Curl Activator

on wet hair and Eufora Forming Cream to twist out the curls, diffuse and set style. Lastly,

she sprayed with Eufora Retain to set and hold the look for all day style. Another in-salon

breakthrough service is Goldwell’s NUWAVE, a revolutionary semi-permanent shape

change service that effortlessly creates cascading waves, while leaving hair feeling truly as

good as it looks. Follow up at home with the Goldwell Curls & Waves collection, a line of

at-home hair care and styling essentials, designed to help you create the perfect wave. KMS

CONSCIOUSSTYLE counts four essential products developed with a few high performing

ingredients with a minimum impact on the planet

– used in the most effective way to create pure,

individual hairstyles.




Just chillin’

Guys, like girls, are taking a more individualized approach

to their grooming. Embracing and enhancing their natural

attributes makes it easier to look good and feel better.

Jesse Linares, Sam Villa ArTeam and Master Stylist at Lunatic Fringe, sums up today's manscape, saying, “In the

salon, today’s male guest is looking for haircuts that can run the distance - so longer, brush-back styles are in top

demand. Men are looking for an “eight-weeker” or cuts that have room to grow in over time.” Some might observe

that low-maintenance looks are all the rage due to post-lockdown apprehension, just in case I can’t get to my barber or

hairdressers. But it’s not only that. It’s also about a DIY sense of individuality and demand for versatility. Like belowright.

Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Ambassador says, “The Metro Quiff hair is longer, with an effortless and natural cut.

These hybrid shapes can be styled in multiple ways by working pomades and/or styling creams, from looking vintage to

punk.” “Men’s hair trends are wildly eclectic,” observes Liza Espinoza of Salon Fluxx in Naperville, IL, “almost anything

goes as long as it suits their style. Today’s modern men are also accessing their softer, more expressive sides, and bending

the gender norms.” Indeed, while the man-bun seems finally to be out (thank goodness!), hair color is not necessarily

Passage Bleu

Jose Luis Salon and Boutique - Artistic Director: Teresa Romero, Sam Villa Ambassador

- Photo: Daniela Bauer - Hair and Make-up: Teresa Romero, Sarah and JLS Artistic

Team - Tools: Sam Villa - Wardrobe Stylist: Melania Leocadia - Model: Ian Geyer

men’s trends



Hair: Charley Tuck, Vann Studio Seattle Wa - Production & Styling: Lisa Vann & Charlie Price

Photo: David Rossa Denver Co. - Make up Vann Studio Team Seattle Wa

out of the question and many men are opting for longer lengths and natural waves, curls and

textures. For his collection above, Charley Tuck drew inspiration for the “Wolf of Wallstreet”

from the overly chunky suits of the 80s/90s, but with a deconstructed perspective. “Conforming

when necessary, while remaining true to yourself and always,” says Charley, “I see more and more

individuals stepping outside of their comfort zones and trying to incorporate a blend of different

styles together. Classic silhouettes with modern lines, more texture, and bold colors that stand

out amongst the men of the past ushering in a new era of self care and expression.”


“A lot of men are simply

‘letting it go’ and long shapes

are hitting hard in the

trends. From mild surfer boy

to straight up Point Break,

these designs require strong

knowledge in texturizing

techniques.” - Jesse Linares

Hair: Liza Espinoza, Dianna Lesko, Makayla (Kay) Mappa,

Raynaldo Achurra for Salon Fluxx


Hair: Jesse Linares/Sam Villa

ArTeamand Master Stylist at

Lunatic Fringe - Photo/Katie Parker


Something quirkily

sesnsorial... that appeals

to our senses of touch and

sight, tempting us to reach

out an make contact.

Hair: Angelo Seminara,

Goldwell Global Ambassador

Hair Color: Angelo Seminara

and Takashi Kurokawa using

Goldwell Color

Photo: Txema Yeste

Make-up: Laura Dominique

Styling: Niccolo Torelli

Variety... the

spice of life

Best of



design and

flights of fancy.

New dimensions

in hairdressing”

27 vision

28 vision

“Dare to be different!

Stylish and heroic, with an

audaciously bold edge”

Best of


Contemporary classics for

go-anywwhere looks. The

original fringes combined with

otherwise classic cuts lend a

sense of stunning individuality.

Hair: Liza Espinoza (@modaliza2)

Hair Styling: Reynaldo Achurra


Hair Color: Dianna Lesko

(@diannaleskocolourist) and Makayla

(Kay) Mappa (

for Salon Fluxx

Photo: Nohemi Capetillo


Make-up: Melissa Musseau


Red by any other name... dark

and luminous, rich and luxurious,

arcane and passionate. Simply


Hair and styling: Nick Pagano - @

nickpaganohairdesign Goldwell National


Photo: @KeffMil\kkelson Jeff Mikkelson


Make-up: Jenny Thomas @



Best of


“Not just any little

black dress... Not just

any red... Not just any

night out”

31 vision

Book your space now!

Make the most of this

unique opportunity to meet

thousands of visitors from

the industry on the show

floor, and get genuine leads.

Tel: +971 4 389 45 00

31 Oct – 2 Nov, 2022

Dubai World Trade Centre



Hair: Adrian Gutierrez/Photo: Damien Carney/Make-up: Joanne Gair/Styling: Nikko Kefalas





Historically hairstyles have taken on many connotations: from an insignia of social status as in elaborate 17th-century

wigs, to Lady Godiva’s eroticism, to the bobbed feminists of the 1920s, to Hair the Musical of the hippie counterculture and

sexual revolution of the late 1960s. Today’s hairstylists are a new breed who embrace hair as a blank canvas and sculptural

medium, pushing the limits of their creativity, also thanks to innovative products, tools and techniques. A contemporary

reflection of the 21st-century individualism.

Storicamente le acconciature hanno assunto svariate connotazioni: a partire da simbolo dello status sociale come nelle

elaborate parrucche del XVII secolo, all’erotismo di Lady Godiva, alle femministe con il carré degli anni ’20, fino a Hair,

il musical della controcultura hippie e della rivoluzione sessuale alla fine degli anni ’60. Gli hairstylist di oggi sono una

nuova generazione che abbraccia i capelli come una tela bianca e un mezzo scultoreo, spingendosi oltre i limiti della propria

creatività, anche grazie a prodotti, strumenti e tecniche innovative. Uno specchio dell'individualismo del XXI secolo.

Historisch gesehen haben Frisuren viele Konnotationen:

aufwendigen Perücken des 17. Jahrhunderts, über

Feministinnen der 1920er Jahre bis hin zu Hair, dem

Revolution der späten 1960er Jahre. Die Hairstylisten

das Haar als Leinwand und skulpturales Medium

überschreiten, nicht zuletzt dank innovativer

Eine zeitgenössische Reflexion des

von Insignien des sozialen Status, wie in den

Lady Godivas Erotik und den Bobs der

Musical der Hippie-Gegenkultur und sexuellen

von heute sind eine neue Generation, die

begreifen und dabei die Grenzen ihrer Kreativität

Produkte, Tools und Techniken.

Individualismus des 21. Jahrhunderts.

Historiquement, les coiffures ont eu différentes

interprétations. De la représentation du statut social,

comme au XVIIème siècle, à l’érotisme de Lady Godiva ; du féminisme avec le carré des années 20,

jusqu’à Hair, la comédie musicale symbole

des contestations hippies et de la révolution sexuelle des

années 60. L’hairstylists d’aujourd‘hui aborde

la coiffure comme une nouvelle toile vierge.

A la fois peintre et sculpteur, il repousse les

limites de sa créativité grâce à de nouveaux produits, de

nouveaux outils et de nouvelles techniques

innovantes. La coiffure, un miroir de l’individualité du

XXIème siècle.

Históricamente, los peinados han

estatus social como en las elaboradas

las feministas de la década de 1920,

sexual de finales de la década de

adoptan el cabello como un lienzo

de su creatividad, también gracias

Un reflejo contemporáneo del

adquirido muchas connotaciones: desde una insignia de

pelucas del siglo XVII, hasta el erotismo de Lady Godiva,

Hair the Musical de la contracultura hippie y la revolución

1960. Los estilistas de hoy son una nueva generación que

en blanco y un medio escultórico, empujando los límites

a productos, herramientas y técnicas innovadoras.

individualismo del siglo XXI.

Art Direction: Beata Bourillon

& Pascal Latil

Hair: C. Coifier, S. Tesevic

and C. Théophile

Photo: Pascal Latil

Make-up: Johanna Pariente

Styling: Sylvie Théophile

Hair & Styling: Salon Sergio Molina

Photo: Marius Uzoni

Make-up: Gara de Zuppo

Hair: Lorems Ipsums

Photo: Aleglie Brazzoff

Make-up: Pico Pallo e sister

Styling: Alpibel Dladoirasuta

Products: Sumaimei Prof

Hair: José García Benítez @Kumenhair

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Raúl Castaño

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair: Manuel Mon

Photo: Bernardo Baragaño

Make-up: Lorena Fernández

Products: Revlon Professional

Hair & Styling: Salon Sergio Molina

Photo: Marius Uzoni

Make-up: Gara de Zuppo



Hair: Jason & Charlie Miller

Photo: Jason Miller

Make-up: Lauren Gollan

Make-up Academy

Art Direction: A. Abei,

J. Del Luca, M. Lamberti

Hair: Gogen Team

Colour: Gina Rossi

Photo: Alessandro Abei

Make-up: Claudia Ferri

Styling: Edoardo De Giorgio

Hair & Styling: Shelley Lane

Photo: Dan Thomas

Make-up: Roseanna Velin

Hair: Anja Zurawski

Photo: Sabine Dräger

Make-up: Hanna Abts

Art Direction: Hair: Lorems Christophe Ipsums Gaillet

@Haute Photo: Coiffure Aleglie Française Brazzoff

Hair: Baptiste Make-up: Santens Pico Pallo e sister

Photo: Pawel Styling: Willig Alpibel & Kamil Dladoirasuta Cichon

Make-up: Products: Izabela Szelagowska Sumaimei Prof

Art Direction: Andrew Smith

Hair: A. Smith, M. Calzavara,

A. Croci, D. Avellini

Photo: Kamil Strudzinski

Make-up: A. M. Negri Brida & A. Croci

Styling: Valentina Di Pinto

Hair & Make-up: Pelsynera

Photo: Oliver Viladoms

Styling: Laura García Baena

Hair: Imanol Oliver

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: José Méndez

Styling: Imanol Oliver & Mari Conesa

Hybrid bobs, pixies and mullets remind us

where we came from, where we are today, and

what we can aspire to in the future.

Hair: Angelo Seminara,

Goldwell Global Ambassador

Colour: A. Seminara &

Takashi Kurokawa

Photo: Txema Yeste

Make-up: Laura Dominique

Styling: Niccolò Torelli

Hair: Christine Alves

Photo: Maurizio Pighizzini

Make-up: Margaux Malte

Styling: Roxane Scudier

Creative Direction: Simon Ellis

@Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair: Essential Looks Team

- Arjan Bevers, Tyler Johnston,

Lesley Jennison

Art Direction: Francesco Arancio

Hair: Sabrina Randazzo,

Rosanna Dentici, Giovanni Galeota

Photo: Desirèe Di Bella

Make-up: Maria Luisa Daidone

Products: Alfaparf Milano



Hair: Rodrigo Araneda

Photo: Martin Tremblay

Make-up: Marika D'Auteuil

Styling: S. Bernard & A. Simard

Products: Denman

Hair: Hairstudio Infinity,

Gold Winner Salon Team of the year,

Goldwell Global Creative Awards

Photo: Petra Holland

Make-up: Gerdien van Westen

& Esmee De Mey

Hair: Carlos Alvares @Trademark Salon,

Silver Winner Editorial Colorist of the year,

Goldwell Global Creative Awards

Hair & Styling: Xaro Ferri

Photo: Juanjo Martín

Make-up: Karla Rillo

Hair: Mirko Schioppa

Photo: Marco Barbaro

Make-up: Cinzia Carletti

Styling: Carolina Turra

Hair & Styling: Anna Barroca

Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Anna González

Hair: Elle Broadhurst

Colour: Kristie Kesic

Photo: Georgia Wallace

Make-up: Gemma Elaine

Styling: Lucia Josephine

Creative Direction: Simon Ellis

@Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair: Essential Looks Team

- Arjan Bevers, Tyler Johnston,

Lesley Jennison

Sophisticated color

contrasts can be stark

or stealthy on a sleek

finish. Letting the light

bring it to life.

Hair & Make-up: Pelsynera

Photo: Oliver Viladoms

Styling: Laura García Baena

Art Direction: Stefano Bugada

Creative Direction: Emiliano Fratarcangeli

Photo: Max Valerio

Make-up: Roberta Siani

Art Direction & Styling: Robert Eaton

Hair: Fellowship Project Colour Team

Photo: Richard Miles

Make-up: Anna Wild

Hair & Styling: Shelley Lane

Photo: Dan Thomas

Make-up: Roseanna Velin

Hair: Manu Aroa

Photo: Ruben Dario

Make-up & Styling:

Carlos Escalante



Hair: Paige Cameron

@Cobelle Creative Salon

Photo: Georgia Wallace

Make-up: Gemma Elaine

Hair: Ivan Rodríguez

Photo: Jell Loya

Make-up: Thessa Peralta

& Greg del Toro

Styling: Roberto de la Nuva

Art Direction: Hooker & Young

Hair: Fame Team

Photo: Michael Young

Make-up: Kirsten Baillie

Styling: Bernard Connolly

Hair: Brandon Messinger

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Priscilla White

Styling: Jamie Russell

Products: Denman

Art Direction: Sam Burnett

Hair: Fellowship Project X Team

Photo: Ben Hards

Make-up: Coco Hirani

Styling: Masha Mombellie

Products: Goldwell and KMS

Braids are

always an


protagonist. A


manifesto. An


twist and shout.

Hair: Anja Zurawski

Photo: Sabine Dräger

Make-up: Hanna Abts

Art Direction & Hair: Marco Iafrate

Photo: Lorenzo Sampaolesi

Make-up: Massimo Palasciano

Hair: Alexander Kiryliuk

Hair: @SK Lorems Style Barcelona Ipsums

Photo: Aleglie David Brazzoff Arnal

Make-up: Pico Miguel Pallo Silva, e sister

Styling: Natalia Alpibel Sidorova Dladoirasuta

Products: Styling: Agata Sumaimei Karobka Prof

Hair & Make-up: Hairkrone

Photo: David Arnal

Styling: Visori Fashion Art

Products: Wella Professionals

Art Direction: Christophe Gaillet

@Haute Coiffure Française

Hair: Baptiste Santens

Photo: Pawel Willig & Kamil Cichon

Make-up: Izabela Szelagowska



Art Direction: Jo Capelli &

Alessandro Galetti for Art Hair Studios

Hair: Elisa Ferrari

Photo: Severino Orlandi

Make-up: Prolab Agency

Styling: Angela Marcato

Products: Wella

Art Direction: Jo Capelli &

Alessandro Galetti for Art Hair Studios

Hair: Elisa Ferrari

Photo: Severino Orlandi

Make-up: Prolab Agency

Styling: Angela Marcato

Products: Wella

Hair: Sean Chiu @M Plus Salon,

Gold Winner Avant Garde Stylist of the year,

Goldwell Global Creative Awards

Hair & Make-up: Pelsynera

Photo: Oliver Viladoms

Styling: Laura García Baena

Even within the

apparent randomness

of chaotic complex

systems, there are

underlying patterns,


Hair: Arjan Bevers @Avanti


Photo: Andrew O’Toole

Make-up: Mireille Bevers Brunt

Styling: Luca Termine

Hair: Brandon Messinger

Photo: John Rawson

Make-up: Priscilla White

Styling: Jamie Russell

Products: Denman

Art Direction: Sam Burnett

Hair: Fellowship Project X Team

Photo: Ben Hards

Make-up: Coco Hirani

Styling: Masha Mombellie

Products: Goldwell and KMS

Hair: Naomi Brooks @The Hair Sanctuary

Photo: Desmond Murray

Make-up: Nikki Bassy

Hair: Aurora Ramos Ramos

Photo: Jhow Ferso

Styling: Ivanna Mestres Ibiza

Hair: José García Benítez


Photo: David Arnal

Make-up: Raúl Castaño

Styling: Eunnis Mesa

Products: Revlon Professional



Hair: Viktoriia Vradii

Photo: Aleksandr Chernega

Make-up: Svetlana Sharapova

Styling: Irina Dzhus

Hair: Mikelah-Jayde Riley Studio

Photo: Aaron McPolin

Make-up: Ashley Brockman

Styling: Rebecca Paterson

Hair: Jean-Jacques Ayache, Vanessa

Giani & Martyn Foss-Calder for JLD

Photo: Vivienne Balla

Make-up: Elsa Durrens

Styling: Fabrice Leonard

Hair: Angelo Seminara,

Goldwell Global Ambassador

Colour: A. Seminara &

Takashi Kurokawa

Photo: Txema Yeste

Make-up: Laura Dominique

Styling: Niccolò Torelli

Art Direction: Simon Shaw,

Wahl Global Artistic Director

Hair: Fellowship Project Men Team

Photo: Ayo Banton

Styling: Dynamite Terrace Menswear

Creative and Art Direction:

Miquel García Cotado

Hair: Revlon Professional Artistic Team

Photo: Miguel Reveriego

Make-up: Dani Rull

The quiff: variations on a theme. The perfectlypunk

crest, the less-is-more pixie, and catching

the perfect wave. Color highlights and low-lights

play a role as well.

Creative Direction:

James Longagnani

Art Direction: Manuel Sunda,

Angelo Rosa Uliana

Photo: Fulvio Maiani

Products: Wella

Creative direction:

James Longagnani for

James Hair Fashion Club

Art direction: Manuel Sunda,

Angelo Rosa Uliana

Hair: A. Spaggiari,

G. Mastriani, N. Canario

Photo: Fulvio Maiani

Styling: Federica Reali

Products: Wella

Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs

Products: Wella Professionals,




Hair: Emmanuel Esteban

& Sofia Geideby

Photo: Vishal Baharani

Make-up: Orlando Martín

Hair, Photo & Styling:

Keith Bryce, Finalist NAHA 2021

Make-up: Marie Fuentes

Art Direction: David Katchadourian

& Pascal Latil

Hair: Alexandra Grey Team

Photo: Pascal Latil

Make-up: Marian Miteva

Styling: Veronique Suchet

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional

Hair: Shi-Han-Zhou @Eros Hair Styling,

Silver Winner Avant Garde Stylist of the year,

Goldwell Global Creative Awards

Hair: Marcela Blechová @Salon TOP,

Bronze Winner Avant Garde Stylist of the year,

Goldwell Global Creative Awards

Art Direction: François Mazeau

for Intercoiffure

Hair: N. Astruc, A. Baz, D. Cognin,

V. Moutault, D. Suquet, P. Thénard

Photo: Yves Kortum

Art Direction: Hooker & Young

Hair: Fame Team

Photo: Michael Young

Make-up: Kirsten Baillie

Styling: Bernard Connolly

Hair: Galina Sardaryan

Photo: Yakovenko Volodymyr

Make-up: Ksenia Erneva

Styling: Andrey Projeev



A new digital way to enhance

international business is

now available!

An editorial and digital

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A passion

for creativity

It’s back! Eufora Global Connection 2022 will reignite

your passion for beauty, inspire new goals, and spark

the creative genius that propels you toward success.

Throughout last year’s pandemic, Eufora continued to manifest

their dedication to nurturing and serving the professional

beauty industry, providing the high performance products, tools,

education and inspiration essential for salons and stylists to

prosper and thrive in the face of unprecedented difficulties.

But now that is all in the past, and the company is now poised

to revive their Eufora Global Connection event in 2022.

The brand is hard at work to be able to welcome hairdressers

from all over the world to the Marriott Marquis San Diego

Marina Hotel in San Diego on April 4 and 5.

Two ticketing options provide access to all general sessions,

including keynote speaker, daily international runway

presentations, the Eufora Stylist of the Year Awards Celebration

and even more when you register as a VIP!

You won’t want to miss out on any of the exciting goings-on!

Eufora has a fully

holistic view of the

salon industry, fostering

and promoting success

through personal

development, business

and management

training, and the

honing of cutting,

coloring, and styling

skills, all while

providing abundant

inspiration and top

quality products.



Eufora acknowledges that success as a salon professional is founded on much more than

cutting, coloring and styling skills. It’s also about reliable, safe, ethically sustainable, and

quality products. And the brand is also determined to cultivate the personal growth of the

salon professional as a foundation for business success. Hence the event will feature a

keynote presentation entitled “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” by Mel Robbins, a public speaker,

teacher and author of well-known books like “The 5 Second Rule” and “The High 5 Habit”.

Hands-on technical and creative breakouts are also available as add-ons, including an extensive

collection of both color and cutting classes on the agenda. There will be something for every

licensed stylist, no matter their skill level. Those wanting to hone their editorial styling skills

will enjoy up close and personal conversations with runway artists. Moreover, there will be

personal development and salon business breakouts on the 2022 menu as well; perfect for

salon coordinators and managers.

The Eufora Global Store will once again be open for business offering attendees everything

from exclusive Eufora logo wear to the most coveted tools and product packages available.

So pre-register and find out more about the Eufora Global Connection 2022 at



The World’s Leading

Trade Beauty


• 17 editions:

7 in-house + 10 licensed

• Over 176,000 copies

of each issue distributed in

over 60 countries worldwide

• More than 800k fans/followers


• 20 online platforms

and much, much more...

Follow us on:

Free for iPad

For further information please contact:

Edizioni Esav

Via Cavour, 50 - 10123 Torino (Italy)

Tel.: +39 011 83921111 - Fax: +39 011 8125661

w w w . e s t e t i c a m a g a z i n e . n e t

on AppStore

What a great achievement! In spite

of the social and economic

situation of these difficult times,

MCB by Beauté Sélection Paris

2021 was a huge success: organizing

a live event, in total safety,

guaranteeing beauty professionals

the utmost quality. Given extenuating

health and travel regulations,

the event welcomed about 30%

fewer participants than those at

previous editions, yet 30,000

beauty professionals traveled to

Paris to discover new products

Planning for MCB by

BS 2021 edition was

an enormous challenge

for its organizers.

MCB by

Beauté Sélection

A live international event

brimming with talent and

optimism for the future

of the beauty industry.

and trends, drawing inspiration

from the shows, learning techniques

and gaining know-how, but

also meeting with sector experts.

And despite the Delta variant

having further slowed down air

travel with very rigid health

restrictions, even many foreign

visitors were eager to attend.

Indeed, 4.5% of this year’s guests

came from abroad.

Three days of live meetings,

exchanges, creativity, trends,

business and innovations revolving

around six main areas:

Hair Care Products, Labelling &

Packaging, Services and Furniture,

Nails and Make-up, Men’s and

Barbering, Store/Shopping.

The high points of the fair

included the 8th edition of

The Mentor, Best Emergent Talent

2021, the competition born in

collaboration with Estetica:

30 minutes for the 8 international

talents prepared to unveil their

creations on the MCB stage.

Presented by four Mentors –

Loris Hug, Sandrine Ruiz, Pascal

Lombardo and Agnes Soronellas

– all the participants demonstrated

advanced technical-styling

skills. It was a difficult decision,

but it was the young Stéphanie

Michel who won the award (photo

bottom left), followed by her

mentor Loris Hug. The stylist

commented: “I’ve always wanted

to do this job. Since I was 16 years

old I have participated in many

Rotary Club competitions, where

I always won. There were also

other inter-regional competitions

of the Meuse department in France

where I always ranked in first or

second place. I was also elected

‘Best Apprentice of Lorraine’”.

The next edition of MCB by

Beauté Sélection will be from

10 to 12 September 2022












PARIS SEPT 10 - 12 2022





Damien Carney

Doug McCoy

Roberto Ligresti

Lights, camera,


Editorial and competition collections never fail to enchant

us. The model is gorgeous, the hair is perfect, the make-up

on point. But there’s more to getting it picture perfect!

88 headshots

As a trade publication, we put a lot of effort into presenting spectacular images of hair for our

readership - focussing on the style and color, whether they be commercially viable looks or over-thetop

avant-garde coifs from national or international competitions. But while we often talk about the

hairdresser(s), the second name in the credits tends to be somewhat overlooked. So if you are a

hairdresser seeking a photographer for an editorial collection or photo competition or if you are

considering taking on the challenge yourself, here is some perspective. Because yes! - often

hairdressers and photogs are one and the same - whether by choice or by necessity. Doug McCoy was

driven by the latter. “It came from me needing to document the work I was doing. I learned early on

that documenting the work trains the eye and enables me to see proportion and balance and depth,

which for a hairdresser are key. I found I did not always have a photographer around so I needed to

learn to photograph the work myself…so I did.!” Damien Carney had a similar story, saying that

desperation spurred him to take the leap. “The really good photographers I wanted to shoot with were

too expensive. I simply did not have a “gigantic budget,” he explains, “Or they really didn’t want to

shoot hair at all, it just wasn’t their thing. Unless, your paying them a loads of money or your doing

hair with a well known model or celebrity.”

“It’s best to give each artist the ability to fully express their

creativity. Working on an image is very much like working

on a painting made by all of us (hair stylist, clothing stylist,

and ultimately, me). While on set, it's a constant adding or

removing of elements, it's always a wonderful collaboration.

Lastly, I always suggest the hairstylist deconstruct the hair

on set once we achieve the perfect shot, and often these

'surprising mistakes' become a great asset for the photo.”

– Roberto Ligresti

Hair: Nick Stenson/Photo: Roberto Ligresti

“We’re all creative, but we have to listen, assimilate, and then come

together as one. Remember each team member is contributing to your

imagery. Work with the best that you can afford. This is not the time

for your friends to play make-up artist or wardrobe stylist.

Get the real pros on your team and it will elevate your concept and

final images. Often it's finding the right team. The right synergy,

energy. And controlling creative chaos. Too many ideas ends up

looking very messy.” - Damien Carney

Photo: Damien Carney /Hair: Adrian Gutierrez

MUA: Joanne Gair /Wardrobe Stylist: Nikko Kefalas

“When I am shooting, I always come from a cinematic esthetic. I tend to like

my photos to look cinematic, like a film still, and a character in a movie. It

makes the viewer want to know who this person is. Then I will light accordingly

to get the shot I am after. I want to embrace the character that the model is

giving, I want to play up the look, whether it is shot in black and white, or color,

backlit or blown out, whatever it takes to make the character come alive.”

– Doug McCoy

Then, for the perfect collection, there are so many other things to coordinate and decide. Where to

start? All three of our photogs here agree: the concept, a story board. Then maybe the model.

Roberto Ligresti claims he prefers a model with some experience in acting. “In a beauty

photograph the expression of the model and the gestures are as important as the hair work,” he

observes. Doug McCoy agrees, ironizing, “Most important is the model, the face. Everything

depends on that. It is really easy to put the right haircut on the wrong face.” Damien Carney

concludes. “The small things are the most important things to pay attention to. Sometimes its not

how much you do. It actually how little you do. Finding the right balance.”



Cutting Edge

You’ve got the passion and have perfected your skills. Now

you can achieve your goals and even push your limits with

the best and most innovative professional tools available.

Estetica has been out and about to prepare this round-up of what's now available in hot and cutting

tools, brushes and combs. So take some time to browse this round-up of the latest quality tools that

can make all the difference in the final results of the salon professional. You should want nothing

but the best if you want to be the best. Whether you are working on defining your brand, designing

your next editorial collection, or even just starting out on building your client base, investing in

innovative materials and technology is sure to result in a sound return. Moreover, these are all

brands that also offer training and inspiration, enabling you to optimize their use.

92 tools


The Denman D81 Style & Shine Brush comes in Small, Medium and Large and

features a light weight balanced handle for all-day use. A blend of natural bristle

and nylon quill for shaping, smooth, polishing and conditioning. It is perfect for

taming curls and texture for a glossy finish. The Denman D25 Fantail Comb is

ultra-smooth, with eight widely spaced round-teeth that easily penetrate thick

or curly hair and a double-pronged fantail that’s perfect for teasing or sculptural

styling. The ideal comb for barbers, too.


The sleek, new reSURGE Shaver (left). features an easy pivot head that hugs the

contours of the face, head, and neck, as well as an integrated long hair trimmer that

reduces the amount of pre-trimming needed before shaving. Pros can also rely on the

powerful, high-speed motor to glide through wet or dry hair — eliminating the need

for a straight razor. Its dual, independent gold titanium, hypoallergenic foils combat

irritation and deliver ultrasmooth results, for ultimate comfort for your clients.


The New Binge Power Gloss Dryer uses its power-packed indulgence haircare

technology to dry hair faster - while producing smooth, high-gloss, soft, manageable

blowouts. A dominant force DC motor dries hair faster with an airflow power

exceeding 70 MPH, while a negative ionic generator adds moisture to the hair and

tourmaline gemstone adds high gloss shine.


The FX3 Collection features a professional hightorque

clipper, a trimmer, and a shaver - representing

the 3rd generation of Ferrari-powered products from

BaBylissPRO®. Every item features advanced high-torque

engines, ultra-sleek ergonomic European housings, and a

unique embedded carbon texture grip surface for ultimate

comfort. The X3 Collection Travel Case fits all three tools,

plus chargers, clipper guards, and blades while travelling.

Dark Stag

The new Dark Stag DS+ Offset

offers incredible long-lasting

precision and an effortless

reliable feel when cutting.

Available in 6.0" and 7.0", its

offset design allows the hand

and arm to work in a more

natural and comfortable cutting

position, reducing strain and

fatigue. Moreover there is also

a silent and smooth tension

system to make every the hardest

days easier.

Sam Villa

The Sam Villa 14-Tooth Point

Cutting Shear 6” is one that

every stylist can rely on for on

point cutting to create a soft

seamless texture. These shears

have a polished straight blade,

so hair is pushed across the top

of the teeth and cut at slightly

different lengths, blending hair

beautifully and eliminating

lines. It gives the look of

traditional point cutting, with

much less effort.


The Wahl Cordless Legend was

originally known for its extended

wide range fading wedge blade

that provides you with a better

fade and blending range. With the

new added element of this clipper

going cordless, you can now

benefit from 100 minutes cordless

run time from a single 60-minute

charge. The Legend cordless hair

clipper has a wide taper throw

that provides an extended range of

fading capabilities.

Meet the Winners of the

Global Creative

Awards 2021

On 3-4 October, 2021, Kao Salon Division invited stylists from all over

the world to the Kao Salon Virtual Experience 2021 to experience

48 hours of creativity and inspiration.

Artists from around the world shared the best in technical and artistic education in color,

cutting and styling. And the highlight of the event was the Global Creative Awards with the live

announcement of the final winners. For stylists from all over the world, the Global Creative Awards

offer the chance to show off their full creativity - without limits.

The Global Creative Awards are an opportunity for stylists to create their own, unique hair look,

showcasing their innovative skills and full creative vision. “The first ever Global Creative Awards

proved that stylists around the world are ready to create inspiring images again, proving that despite

the times we live in, Creativity Never Stops”, said John Moroney, VP Creative & Communication.

New Talent


of the year


Harley Liu / EROS Hair Styling



Chloe Ng / Mainstage Hairdressing




Britt Sturing /

Twins Hair & Beauty

Men’s Hairstylist of the year





Renat Murzahaleiev / HDRM Salon


Lydia Wolfe & Jack Mead / Jack & the Wolfe


Rustam Mirasov / Samedy

Avant Garde Stylist of the year


Sean Chiu / M Plus Salon





Shi-Han Zhou / EROS Hair Styling


Marcela Blechová / Salon TOP

Editorial Colorist of the year




Svetlana Zaytseva / Laimalux Academy



Carlos Alvares / Trademark Salon


Casey Coleman / CHAIR Studio

Salon Team of the year





Hairstudio Infinity




New Wave Hair







Let your ideas shine

Three things separate a true creative artist from

a dreamer: extraordinarily creative ideas, the ability

to bring them to life, and doing it so well that it

inspires others to reach for greatness too. And

you’re a true artist. Everything you do shows this.

You see the world as an opportunity. We get that.

And now, we want to celebrate that. We invite you

to share your work with us and the world. You have

the talent; we have the stage for you.

Share your creative vision

// imagine: Let your imagination run wild.

Envision your collection. What will you show

the world? How will the colors, shapes and textures

look? Once you have your vision, assemble your

mood board to bring it to life. Review. Refine.

Reimagine. Repeat until you’re satisfied.

// create: Find your muse. Assemble your team.

It’s time for you to bring your vision to life.

Be clear. Be focused. Push yourself

and make it big. Make it great. Make it stand out.

// inspire: Now it’s time for you to put your creation

out there. Enter the Global Creative Awards and

share your vision with the world. Impress our judges

with your collection. Inspire the entire world.

In 2022 stylists can compete in two different

ways - the Technical Awards with three different

categories and the Editorial Awards

with four categories:

Technical Awards

Creativity that starts with a photoshoot

and ends with a live technical competition.

// new talent colorist of the year.

// creative colorist of the year.

// creative haircutter of the year.

Editorial Awards

Four exciting categories of photo-only global

competition that celebrate the ultimate

in editorial creativity.

// men’s hairstylist of the year.

// salon team of the year.

// avant garde stylist of the year.

// editorial colorist of the year.

The participants of the editorial categories

have to compete globally in this

Photo-Only International Competition.

The Gold Winners of each of the technical

categories deserve the recognition

and reward for all of their creative efforts.

In addition to their trophy, they will receive

global editorial coverage with

ESTETICA Magazines.

Take the chance to show the world what

a true creative does: Imagine,

Create and Inspire.

For more information and all of the

requirements, rules and regulations

of the Global Creative Awards, please

go to



The Kao Salon Family is looking forward to seeing

you LIVE again at the Kao Salon Experience 2022!




800.648.2505 | #americasbeautyshow

Americas Beauty Show is a registered trademark of Cosmetologists Chicago.

Amidst all our recent

adaptations, one

thing hasn’t changed:

our ability to have

FUNN at America’s

Beauty Show!



Alot has changed over the

last few years. Day-to-days

were reimagined,

creativity reanimated.

Even our approach to

our livelihoods was

- quite honestly -

redesigned. But you know what

hasn’t changed?

Our ability to have some FUNN.

2022 America’s Beauty Show is an

in-person, engaging, FUN

experience designed to help us all

do what we do best even better. All

salon professionals are invited to

our in-person, immersive

experience, organized to provide a

space for our industry to: Flourish,

Unite, Network, and Navigate.

FUNN is our WHY, and you’re

more than welcome to our FUNN


Come and see the latest in

education, the hottest trends and

the opportunity to see and try

what’s new in the beauty industry.

ABS 2022 offers an unprecedented

lineup of education to feed your

artistic soul. It’s where colorists,

cosmetologists nail pros and

estheticians can focus on improving

your craft and boosting your

careers. Each year the “who’s who”

and the “who’s new” of the industry

come together for a 3-day weekend

of hairdressing magic. It’s where

you go to see what’s new, experience

captivating beauty, be with your

team and immerse yourself into the

gold-standard of beauty with beauty.

Get ready to have some fun on

April 9-11, 2022 as we return to the

Donald E. Stephens Convention

Center and entertainment district

of Rosemont, Illinois.

America’s Beauty Show is a

non-profit event focused on

serving licensed beauty

professionals. It is owned by

Cosmetologists Chicago, a nonprofit

association for the last 112

years. America’s Beauty Show is

known for education, innovation,

community, shopping, and fun! It

is a treasure within the professional

beauty industry and is evolving to

be relevant for both attendees and

brand partners.

Find inspiration, beauty

and more magic at ABS.

For further information, visit



Cosmoprof Worldwide

From 10 to 14 March 2022, Bologna will

turn the spotlights on excellence and the

innovations in all sectors of the cosmetics

industry. From packaging to hair...

The return of Cosmoprof

Worldwide Bologna 2022 -

live! - in March will welcome

the leading international

players to the fair district of

the city with the objective of

creating new synergies and

dealing with the transformations of

the market. “The 53rd edition of

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna will

be a moment of extraordinary

importance for the sector: we will be

able to once again welcome players

from all over the world and shine

spotlights on the excellence,

innovation, and creativity that have

made it possible for the industry to

overcome unpredictable scenarios

presented by the spread of Covid19

on an international scale”, declared

Gianpiero Calzolari, President of

BolognaFiere. “There is a desire to

get back to in-person trade relations,

to discover innovations, and

rediscover partners and collaborators

- explained Enrico Zannini, General

Manager of BolognaFiere

Cosmoprof S.p.A - The 2022 edition

will be a constructive and stimulating

event to help producers, brands,

Bologna 2022

buyers, distributors, and retailers

from all over the world find new

ideas to relaunch the sector.”

The fair will take place in full

compliance with the safety protocols

and reproposing traditional visitor

itineraries: from Thursday, the 10th

to Sunday the 13th of March, the

pavilions dedicated to Cosmopack

and the production supply chain

and to the retail and perfumery

segments of Cosmo|Perfumery and

Cosmetics, while from Friday, the

11th to Monday, The 14th of March,

the Bologna Fair District will

welcome professional operators with

Cosmo|Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon.

108 events

The area that promises to be flooded

with innovation and new technological

solutions is Cosmopack,

which foresees an increasingly

defined Division between the

different specialities of the supply

chain. The 19PK is bigger and better

than ever, the section inside Hall 19

dedicated to leading companies

specialized in machinery and

production solutions; Pavilion 15

has been confirmed as the point of

reference for international producers

specialized in offering full-service

for the industry, while the focus

of Hall 18 will be the OEM and

packaging sectors. Pavilion 20, next

to the innovations in the machinery

sector, will also house the companies

specialized in packaging.



The companies specialized in

products, accessories, and furnishing

for hairdressing salons will be

exhibiting in Pavilions 25, 31, 32, 33,

35, and 37. On Hair returns to

Pavilion 37, a newly inaugurated

space of BolognaFiere: an arena

with a capacity of more than 8,000

will host spectacular hair shows by

teams and masters known worldwide

and heralders of innovation and

creativity. Products and services for

professional beauticians, spas, and

nails will occupy Pavilions 28, 29,

30, and 36. The program features

other exciting initiatives: Cosmo

Onstage, the stage dedicated to

innovations in the beauty and hair

sectors, will will welcome Masterclasses,

the new advanced training

project of Cosmoprof, with the

participation of professional

academies and trainers; World

Massage Meeting will offer beauty

operators the opportunity to meet

for training and updating; Wunderkammer,

or the cool salon of beauty,

will welcome the videos of exhibitors

with product launches, and the most

innovative equipment and treatments.


Many areas are dedicated to the

most innovative and high-profile

companies, beginning with

Cosmoprime, the pavilion dedicated

to selective and high-quality

cosmetics, that will host premium

and luxury brands with a strong

commitment to sustainability.

Another special area has confirmed

Zoom on Emerging Prime, where

15 selected companies will present

new ideas about ingredients and

formulation, methods of using

products and new consumer

functionalities. The Extraordinary

Gallery will welcome companies

with innovative concepts in terms of

formulas and packaging, while the

exhibition area will be completed

with round tables and the in-depth

observations of CosmoTalks.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is supported by the Italian

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

and ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and the

internationalization of Italian businesses, as part of the

extraordinary plan to promote Made in Italy.



Your Business

Top salon software

from Fresha is FREE

for hair and beauty


“Fresha marketplace

actively connects our

partners to people

searching for hair and

beauty services in their

area,” explains CEO

and Founder William

Zeqiri (below left with

Co-founder, Nick Miller).


n an online, digital and

mobile-centric world,

technology is enriching the

hair and beauty industry

with booking software and

apps now integral to running

a salon business. However,

not all platforms are the same.

Every now and then, something

truly game-changing emerges that

redefines the market and sets new

benchmarks by which all other

software providers are measured.

Fresha is such an innovation!


With over 60,000 partners and

200,000 beauty and wellness

professionals in 120 countries -

from freelancers to multi-outlet

businesses - Fresha is positioned

as the world’s fastest growing salon

management platform. With its

intuitive, user-friendly modern

interface, and wide range of

free-to-use features, it has also

become the most popular platform

for salons and spas.



Fresha is a 100% subscription-free

platform with unlimited team

members, bookings, locations and

transactions among its free-to-use

features. Fully integrated reporting,

POS and unlimited inventory are

also included, with low cost-pertransaction

rates via the App or

in-store card terminals ensuring

fast and secure payments.


Key to the success of any salon

business is attracting new clients

and retaining existing ones, and by

joining Fresha, partners gain access

to Fresha marketplace - the ultimate

search engine for hair, beauty and

wellness services. This generates

appointment bookings for

partners that are boosted by

reviews, so consumers can book

online with complete confidence.


This seamless end-to-end

experience helps generate new

clients for partners, as well

as protecting their incomes:

“Fresha marketplace is one of our

greatest innovations, as it actively

connects our partners to people

searching for hair and beauty

services in their area,” explains

CEO and founder William Zeqiri.

“We’ve already processed over 250

million appointments worldwide

and this feature allows partners

to promote their business, attract

new clients and exceed their

commercial potential.”

Co-founder Nick Miller goes

on to explain why Fresha is free,

and why Fresha is urging salon

businesses to stop paying for

software: “Fresha gives salons free

access to innovative software and

our business grows as they attract

more clients and generate more

revenue. Salon businesses should

only pay for software when it’s

working for them and this

partnership philosophy means

that we collaborate and grow

alongside our partners. This is the

Fresha way.”

Join Fresha FREE now by visiting





The BaBylissPRO ®


Dryers : designed to

empower hairstylists

and barbers.


Perfectly balanced.


The BaBylissPRO®



offer the superior engineering

and sleek styling that make all

BaBylissPRO® collections so

popular. Compact housing

contains a high-speed brushless

engine to allow faster styling and

maneuvering. A turbo button

boosts wind speed to 100 MPH,

making this one of the fastest

dryers available. A long, knurled

metal handle ensures the ultimate

no-slip grip, even with styling

products on your hands. Dual heat

and speed settings, snap-on

concentrator, beard pic, and

diffuser make this an essential

styling tool.

What more could a hairdresser

want? Maybe more clients to keep

super-satisfied with the great

looks you can get with this

cutting-edge tool.

Estetica went to hairstylist-barber

Nicole Renae @_nicolerenae to

ask her more about which features

in particular of the GOLDFX

Turbo Dryer empowered her

behind the chair.

“I use my blow dryer for every

client and even in between each

client to keep my work space clean

and hair free. Because it’s so light,

I never struggle with it being too

heavy while using it.”

“But the stand-apart feature are

the nozzles! It comes with a Beard

Pic - that I use it to blow out

beards to their true length so I

can sculpt them. The Diffuser is

diverse enough to bring out the

texture in the hair whether it’s

curly, straight, or wavy.”

“Number 3 is the Concentrator - I

love using it to focus on one section

of the hair while I’m either drying

it or trying to focus on bringing out

volume in the hair.”

The BaBylissPRO


turbo dryers come in

two fashion-forward

colors: of Gold and

Rose Gold... to add

an elegant touch to

your salon.

112 tools

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