DRIVE NOW December 2021/January 2022

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Australia's only Magazine for the Commercial Passenger Transport Industry. News and views for Drivers, Owners and Operators of Taxi, Hire Car, Limousine, Ride Share, Booked Hire Vehicles, Rank and Hail Cars.


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DECEMBER <strong>2021</strong>/JANUARY <strong>2022</strong> - EDITION 51<br />

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4 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

30<br />

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SUMMER<br />

HEAT<br />


8 TAA - <strong>2021</strong>: A year in review.<br />

12 Melbourne Airport taxi terminal rank given to Uber.<br />

13<br />

DOs and DON’Ts for transporting passengers with<br />

disability.<br />

14 Melbourne Airport in bed with Uber.<br />

NSW<br />

18 NSW Taxi Council partnership with Mobil.<br />

20<br />

NSW Government’s electric vehicle strategy helping<br />

bridge the EV costs.<br />


24<br />

30<br />

Where you can go in Australia - the rules for each<br />

State and Territory.<br />

Driver fatigue is the second biggest killer on<br />

Australian roads.<br />

34 Staying cool in Summer heat.<br />

28 Taxi fares for rank and hail trips.<br />

29 Mobile phone and seatbelt cameras.<br />


44 Uber’s application to expand in B.C. rejected.<br />

46<br />



32 Road closure in Perth during New Year’s eve.<br />

32 Special Christmas day co-payment for WAV drivers.<br />

SOUTH AUS.<br />

36 Driver vaccination update.<br />

37<br />

Is RedBook the right entity to be undertaking<br />

personal passenger transport vehicle RWCs?<br />

38 Access taxi drivers to get new lifting fee.<br />

Massachusetts’ taxi business see hope after the<br />

pandemic shifts power in transportation.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


FROM THE<br />

Editor<br />

Governments around Australia are constantly<br />

updating their requirements to ensure the<br />

cleanliness of taxis, hire cars, and rideshare<br />

vehicles, and their drivers due to the COVID-19<br />

pandemic.<br />

Presently, every Australian State and territory,<br />

except Tasmania, mandatorily require all drivers<br />

and passengers of a commercial personal<br />

passenger vehicle to wear a mask. Rightly so,<br />

as there is mounting international evidence<br />

that COVID-19 is an airborne or dropletborne<br />

disease, and masks play a critical role in<br />

preventing the spread of this disease.<br />

Moreover, only Victoria, South Australia,<br />

Western Australia and Tasmania have mandated<br />

that drivers must be fully vaccinated (albeit<br />

that for some States this does not come into<br />

effect until the end of <strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>). The<br />

other States should rethink their stance because<br />

the risk of becoming severely unwell due to<br />

non-vaccination against COVID-19 infection is<br />

enormous.<br />

Scientists worldwide are currently reporting<br />

that the risk of becoming infected by touching a<br />

surface has been proven to be substantially low.<br />

The Victorian government updated their<br />

COVID-19 restrictions and pandemic orders on<br />

15 <strong>December</strong> to include:<br />

• “tour and transport operators, gyms and<br />

creative arts premises such as theatres and<br />

cinemas will not need to clean equipment<br />

between uses” and<br />

• “workplaces exposed to a positive<br />

COVID-19 case no longer need to be deep<br />

cleaned”.<br />

It is unquestionable that Commercial Passenger<br />

Vehicles (CPVs) fall within the category of<br />

“transport operators” and also serve as CPV<br />

drivers’ “workplace”.<br />

Victoria is the ONLY State to mandate that<br />

(CPV) drivers MUST clean frequently touched<br />

areas before and after their passengers. NSW<br />

MUST clean their vehicles at the end of their<br />

shift, and in South Australia, Queensland and<br />

ACT it is only recommended to clean when the<br />

shift ends.<br />

Not only are the Victorian orders over-cautious<br />

in comparison to the other States, but, for now,<br />

the Victorian regulator has not announced<br />

any changes to the cleaning of frequent<br />

touchpoints.<br />

Imagine how much time and money would be<br />

saved by only cleaning the CPV at the end of<br />

each shift.<br />

Toni Peters<br />

6 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

To all our friends, advertisers, readers<br />

and associates in the Australian Taxi<br />

and Hire Car industry<br />

MERRY<br />

Christmas<br />


Thank you for your support and friendship<br />

throughout the year.<br />

We wish you peace and hope at Christmas<br />

and a new year full of better days. Have a<br />

safe and wonderful holiday season.<br />

from the team at<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />


<strong>2021</strong>:<br />

A YEAR<br />


Transport Alliance Australia – looking after the interests of those<br />

in the Australian commercial passenger transport sector.<br />

<strong>2021</strong> kicked off with a feeling that it was going to be a better year than 2020.<br />

Restrictions were eased, people were out and about, and life appeared to be<br />

getting back to normal - or so we thought.<br />

Just after a month we saw the implementation of restrictions hit harder and<br />

longer than ever expected. We saw our economy dwindle - much like our taxi and<br />

hire car industry, thanks to the pandemic and the CPVV for allowing our roads to<br />

be cluttered with inexperienced “drivers”.<br />

André Baruch, TAA Director, reflected on the matter in the February <strong>2021</strong> <strong>DRIVE</strong><br />

<strong>NOW</strong> edition “Driver’s Accreditations – A Right or Privilege”. André noted,<br />

‘The responsibilities of being a taxi or hire car driver are more onerous than just<br />

driving a car. You take on the primary responsibility for the care and safety of<br />

paying passengers – people who assume you are a professional driver and are<br />

paying you for your service’. He continued, ‘Transport Alliance Australia (TAA)<br />

believes that <strong>2021</strong> is the year in which our industry – an industry that has been<br />

trampled and destroyed by the governments that were supposed to protect it –<br />

should be fixed’.<br />

TAA is a cohesive national<br />

network advocating for the<br />

betterment of the Australian<br />

commercial passenger transport<br />

sector.<br />

An objective of TAA is to<br />

promote ideas and programs<br />

to assist in maintaining a high<br />

standard for all members.<br />

Through this objective, TAA<br />

has fostered an affiliation<br />

with corporate sponsor DRVR<br />

Training, who have developed<br />

a Fatigue Management course.<br />

The course is comprised of 23<br />

lessons that have been specially<br />

designed to give drivers an indepth<br />

understanding of; driver<br />

fatigue and its consequences,<br />

importance of sleep, causes of<br />

fatigue from medical issues,<br />

lifestyle choices or psychological<br />

problems, detecting fatigue and<br />

ensuring safety at the wheel.<br />

TAA represents its members<br />

at government and industry<br />

stakeholder meetings.<br />

As outlined in the June and July<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>NOW</strong> editions, TAA<br />

facilitated meetings between<br />

CPVV and the Wedding Car<br />

Association (WCA) to address<br />

current issues, from both<br />

ends and exchange ideas on<br />

how to move forward. WCA<br />

voiced concerns over CPVV’s<br />

8 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

competency in making the<br />

Commercial Passenger Vehicle<br />

(CPV) industry a fairer playing<br />

field, illegal operators providing<br />

and advertising their services,<br />

and compliance check protocol.<br />

All parties agreed that public<br />

awareness on the issue of<br />

illegals needs to be increased,<br />

and suggestions of an effective<br />

advertising campaign across the<br />

hire car industry to highlight<br />

illegal operators as well as<br />

a social media campaign<br />

to encourage commercial<br />

passenger drivers to apply for<br />

a CPV Driver’s Licence and an<br />

Australian Business Number and<br />

to be registered for GST.<br />

Although the changes and<br />

resolutions involving WCA’s<br />

concerns are still being<br />

addressed and implemented,<br />

TAA will continue to ensure its<br />

members are updated with the<br />

most prevailing information.<br />

The Leader of the Transport<br />

Matters Party (TMP), Rod<br />

Barton MP, frequently joined<br />

TAA’s meetings throughout<br />

the year to discuss TMP’s<br />

achievements and the changes<br />

within the Victorian CPV<br />

industry.<br />

This year, Rod successfully<br />

achieved a taxi fare increase,<br />

the first one for 13 years. Taxi<br />

fares will now be set each year<br />

by the Fair Work Commission<br />

around the Consumer<br />

Price Index. Rod was also<br />

instrumental in moving the<br />

Multi-Purpose Taxi Program<br />

(MPTP) review, a huge concern<br />

of the Victorian CPV industry, to<br />

a parliamentary inquiry.<br />

The most significant action<br />

brought forward by Rod Barton<br />

this year was convincing the<br />

Victorian Treasurer to allow<br />

booked and unbooked CPVs<br />

to be included in the Business<br />

Support Package. However,<br />

some issues did arise with<br />

inactive drivers receiving grants<br />

– which was considered a<br />

misuse of public funds.<br />


TAA held an Open Forum in<br />

August <strong>2021</strong> to discuss the<br />

future and sustainability of<br />

Victoria’s taxi and hire car<br />

industry (outlined in September<br />

<strong>2021</strong> <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>NOW</strong> edition).<br />

Many attendees agreed that<br />

Victorian regulator, CPVV,<br />

appears to change the rules<br />

to suit the needs of the big<br />

operators. Many also agreed<br />

that the government needs to<br />

increase the industry entry fees<br />

to be realistic and reflective of<br />

the work carried out by those<br />

who choose to be drivers and<br />

operators. Medium-sized BSPs<br />

were finding it difficult to<br />

control the compliance of their<br />

drivers and vehicles, yet CPVV<br />

won’t step in and help control<br />

it. Many wondered if Victoria<br />

Police or VicRoads would be<br />

sufficient in implementing<br />

directives and cutting out CPVV<br />

altogether since they are not<br />

following their own rules and<br />

regulations.<br />


In October <strong>2021</strong>, Victorian<br />

Parliament’s Economy and<br />

Infrastructure Committee<br />

conducted an inquiry into the<br />

Multi Purpose Taxi Program<br />

(MPTP). The inquiry was<br />

primarily about the safety<br />

standards for members of the<br />

public who travel via the MPTP.<br />

Tailored Hire Car Insurance Including:<br />

-Vehicle & Business Liability Cover<br />

-Downtime Cover Available<br />

-Own Choice of Repairer<br />

-24/7 Emergency Claims Assistance<br />

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www.simplexinsurance.com.au<br />

Ph: 1300 309 237<br />

AFSL: 284342<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


Multifarious industry<br />

stakeholders lodged written<br />

submissions to be considered<br />

by this inquiry, and a few were<br />

invited to present and called<br />

upon to be witnesses to this<br />

inquiry, including TAA, VTA,<br />

13cabs, Uber, Vision Australia,<br />

Bendigo Taxis, Geelong Taxis,<br />

Wodonga Taxis and CPVV.<br />

To assist with the inquiry, TAA<br />

made five recommendations<br />

that urgently need attention<br />

and action to ensure the needs<br />

of MPTP users are being met<br />

now and, in the future, and their<br />

safety is given priority.<br />

The recommendations were:<br />

• Introduction of mandatory<br />

training for all drivers<br />

operating within the<br />

MPTP scheme including<br />

education surrounding<br />

Disability Awareness, Sexual<br />

Harassment and Anti-<br />

Discrimination.<br />

• Introduction of a mandatory<br />

requirement for approved<br />

cameras in vehicles<br />

operating within the MPTP<br />

scheme to act as a deterrent<br />

of unethical acts and crimes<br />

and in the event of an<br />

unlawful act, accountability<br />

could be served.<br />

• Introduction of maximum<br />

fare rate for all MPTP trips<br />

to banish surge pricing<br />

during peak periods and<br />

unfairly eat into the annual<br />

limits of the MPTP user.<br />

• Introduction of a<br />

requirement for operators<br />

accredited to offer the<br />

MPTP rebate scheme to<br />

have a minimum percentage<br />

of their fleet as approved<br />

wheelchair accessible<br />

vehicles.<br />

• Introduction of mandatory<br />

requirement for MPTP<br />

service providers to have<br />

Comprehensive Insurance<br />

and Public Liability insurance<br />

to overlap the cover where<br />

one is limited.<br />

That concludes TAA’s year in<br />

review – what a year it’s been!<br />

We will continue to keep TAA<br />

members in the loop with the<br />

outcomes of key meetings and<br />

the status of ongoing issues,<br />

addressed in the future <strong>DRIVE</strong><br />

<strong>NOW</strong> editions.<br />

To our members, sponsors,<br />

supporters and associates -<br />

May the holiday season end the<br />

present year on a cheerful note and<br />

make way for a fresh and bright<br />

New Year. Here’s wishing you a<br />

Happy Holidays!”<br />

from the TAA Directors -<br />

André Baruch, Jacqui Shephard<br />

and Toni Peters.<br />

Martin Meters - Oz Cab Store<br />

Phone: 03 9335 1551 sales@martinmeters.com.au www.ozcabstore.com.au<br />

• 1TB Memory<br />

• 1080P External Color Camera<br />

• 720P Internal Color Camera<br />

(1080P Option)<br />

• Led Camera Status<br />

• Active GPS<br />

• Audio, 4G & WiFi option<br />

(Where permitted by state)<br />



Priced from:<br />

$1500+GST<br />

Standard Vic Spec.<br />

10 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Merry<br />

PO Box 2012<br />

Templestowe Lower<br />

VIC 3107<br />

P: +61 3 5990 3189<br />

E: admin@transportmatters.org.au<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

www.transportmatters.org.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


VIC News<br />

Melb Airport<br />



Melbourne Airport has given the<br />

main taxi terminal rank, situated<br />

at the primary exit point for<br />

passengers at terminal 2, to Uber,<br />

thereby pushing taxi services<br />

hundreds of metres away to<br />

terminal 1 and upstairs at terminal<br />

4.<br />

Disabled passengers will suffer the<br />

greatest - as they will be forced<br />

into an obstacle course merely to<br />

reach their wheelchair accessible<br />

taxi.<br />

Melbourne Airport advises that<br />

in 2019, the rideshare company<br />

accounted for 27 per cent of<br />

commercial vehicle pick-ups at<br />

Melbourne Airport, compared to<br />

22 per cent for taxis.<br />

Jai McDermott, Chief of Ground<br />

Transport at Melbourne Airport,<br />

said that this was the reason<br />

behind the change.<br />

This data is two years old - how<br />

can it be used as an analytical basis<br />

for making decisions?<br />

A secretive commercial financial<br />

arrangement appears to exist<br />

between Uber and Melbourne<br />

Airport.<br />

Victorian MP Rod Barton said,<br />

“This is an appalling decision. This<br />

is a shameful commercial grab<br />

to prioritise the Uber business<br />

model over disability services and<br />

industry participants”.<br />

“Disabled passengers will now<br />

have to travel the length of<br />

the airport, and up a lift in a<br />

wheelchair, dragging a bag, just<br />

to reach a wheelchair accessible<br />

vehicle.”<br />

Uber does not offer wheelchair<br />

accessible vehicles and has stated<br />

on many occasions that this will<br />

not change in the near future.<br />

Melbourne Airport has cleared<br />

the way for Uber, providing<br />

them with an unfair commercial<br />

advantage, while dismissing the<br />

needs of vulnerable and disabled<br />

passengers.<br />

Moreover, this new Uber rank is<br />

not available for other rideshare<br />

services - just Uber.<br />

Is this a fair and level playing field?<br />

No, it is certainly is not!<br />

Melbourne Airport, you are<br />

shameful for acquiescing to<br />

a silicon valley multinational<br />

company that does not even keep<br />

its profits in Australia.<br />

Shame on you!<br />

12 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

VICTORIA news<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


VICTORIA news<br />



by Isobel Sparrow<br />

Uber has Melbourne Airport in<br />

their bed, as they have colluded<br />

to kick taxis from their own<br />

home. Melbourne Airport has<br />

sanctioned this rideshare giant<br />

the upper hand, as they will<br />

now have priority over taxis by<br />

surmounting the taxi rank in front<br />

of Terminal 2 and some of Terminal<br />

4. Taxis will be left to go to mainly<br />

Terminal 1. This innate decision<br />

will ultimately make it harder for<br />

those with a disability to travel to<br />

their destination by coercing them<br />

to navigate a maze of obstacles<br />

to reach wheelchair accessible<br />

vehicles.<br />

You may be wondering, but why<br />

can’t those with disabilities ride<br />

in an Uber? Well, it is simple. Uber<br />

has no disability-convivial vehicles.<br />

Sure, they have a few vehicles that<br />

may be able to hold a collapsible<br />

wheelchair or walker, but is this<br />

really good enough?<br />

Taxis are currently the only fully<br />

equipped public entity in Victoria<br />

that can house the personal needs<br />

of those with disabilities, such<br />

as issues with sight (have tactile<br />

words and reflective signage), or<br />

handling equipment like canes,<br />

walkers, and wheelchairs.<br />

The egalitarian nature of Australia<br />

is reflected in this accommodation,<br />

as these accessible cabs allow<br />

any person with a disability to<br />

be entitled to the same service<br />

as anybody else, without an<br />

additional charge. To make this<br />

service more convoluted and<br />

difficult for those with a disability<br />

to utilise contradicts our already<br />

progressive and equitable<br />

position.<br />

We should have vehicles readily<br />

available for those who need<br />

them, and Uber cannot provide<br />

this.<br />

14 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

VICTORIA news<br />

Multiple media outlets have<br />

focussed on the obvious,<br />

conspicuous issue with Uber’s<br />

take-over of Melbourne Airport’s<br />

taxi ranks, but they have forgotten<br />

to mention the blatant anarchy<br />

of the event. The main distinction<br />

between a taxi and rideshare<br />

vehicle is the taxi driver’s ability to<br />

accept rank and hail work. If we<br />

consider an e-hail to be a hail, then<br />

it means we are allowing Uber to<br />

remove itself from the definition<br />

of being a rideshare entity. It<br />

simply contests the Commercial<br />

Passenger Vehicle Industry Act<br />

(2017). But why would we enforce<br />

the law, right?<br />

Around the world, taxis have<br />

faced a lack of support from<br />

regulators. Where Uber was<br />

allowed to operate unregulated,<br />

taxis suffered licence fees,<br />

tests, security requisites,<br />

fare regulations, and other<br />

miscellaneous costs.<br />

Moreover, the Australian<br />

government let Uber run around<br />

here for a very long time illegally,<br />

and practically did nothing. So,<br />

it comes as no surprise that they<br />

are hiding their heads in the sand<br />

now. It makes us wonder, who has<br />

Uber bedded to make themselves<br />

somewhat omnipotent in the eyes<br />

of those who are supposed to<br />

enforce the law?<br />

Merry Christmas<br />

Best wishes for <strong>2022</strong><br />

to all our valued<br />

members and colleagues.<br />

Our Club continues to offer<br />

discounted special prices to<br />

support our members during the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic.<br />


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<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


EVs are critical to<br />


A survey of 1,001 Australians by<br />

Savvy has revealed that 73% agree<br />

that moving to Electric Vehicles<br />

(EV) is a significant move to reduce<br />

CO2 emissions and keep global<br />

temperature rises to 1.5°C.<br />

As for putting their money<br />

towards the cause, 40% stated<br />

that they might purchase EVs in<br />

the future. However, according<br />

to the survey, the biggest obstacle<br />

to going electric is price. 79% say<br />

that affordability needs to improve<br />

before considering an EV as their<br />

next vehicle.<br />

Participants were asked their top<br />

three barriers to buying EVs, and<br />

their responses were: minimal<br />

government subsidies, insufficient<br />

infrastructure and limited travel<br />

range.<br />

As for brands, 24% said they’d most<br />

rather have a Hyundai, followed<br />

by Tesla (20%) and Mazda (12%).<br />

However, with 37% of respondents<br />

saying they would spend $25,000-<br />

$40,000 on their next car, most EV<br />

models would be well out of their<br />

price range.<br />

“There is a taste for EVs in Australia,<br />

but I wouldn’t say that it’s what<br />

everyone is clamouring for just yet,”<br />

says Savvy Managing Director Bill<br />

Tsouvalas.<br />

“We need an economy of scale<br />

and infrastructure before we hit<br />

anything nearing critical mass. But<br />

there are shoots rising out of the<br />

ground, and that’s a good start,” he<br />

added.<br />

The majority of those surveyed said<br />

they felt adamant that Australia<br />

should go “all in” on electric uptake<br />

– that means aggressively pursuing<br />

subsidies, more robust emissions<br />

standards, and buyer incentives.<br />

“There needs to be a push from<br />

industry and government to really<br />

make the case that EV is the future<br />

in terms of the environment and the<br />

hip-pocket,” Tsouvalas says.<br />

Merry Christmas<br />

Wishing you and your family health,<br />

happiness, peace and prosperity this<br />

Christmas and in the coming New Year.<br />

AMS<br />

LAW<br />


176 Upper Heidelberg Rd, Ivanhoe<br />

E: amsr@amslaw.com.au P: (03) 9497 2622 W: amslaw.com.au<br />

16 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Rest In Peace<br />


19.11.1945 - 2.11.<strong>2021</strong><br />

Kevin Francis Gange was a true gentleman and a<br />

matriarch of the taxi industry. Unfortunately, on<br />

2 November <strong>2021</strong>, Kevin lost his long battle with<br />

health issues.<br />

Kevin had been involved in the taxi and hire car<br />

industry since the day he could walk - it was<br />

literally in his blood. The Gange family business<br />

evolved from the horse-drawn Hansom Cabs of<br />

the 19th Century to the historic Astoria Taxis and<br />

then Silver Top Taxis. Only a few people could<br />

lay claim to a longer or more decorated family<br />

heritage within the industry.<br />

Kevin was involved with all things to do with the<br />

Victorian taxi industry and was also the Victorian<br />

Taxi Association’s president for 10 years.<br />

Kevin’s dedication to the Victorian taxi industry is<br />

a testament to his commitment and dedication to<br />

stewardship of the taxi industry.<br />

A husband, father, father-inlaw,<br />

grandfather, and great<br />

grandfather, Kevin will be<br />

dearly missed.<br />

Time can never fade the<br />

memories of Kevin. He<br />

touched so many lives in<br />

so many ways that it is<br />

impossible to ever forget<br />

him.<br />

Farewell, but not forgotten.<br />

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<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


NEW SOUTH WALES news<br />

NSW News<br />

Low Taxi<br />

Fuel Costs<br />

The NSW Taxi Council is pleased to launch a new relationship to support<br />

Taxi networks and operators – ‘Taxi Fuels’ with Mobil Oil Australia.<br />

The initiative leverages the NSW Taxi Council’s role as the recognised peak<br />

organisation for the NSW Taxi Industry and a major contributor to the<br />

NSW public transport system.<br />

The NSW<br />

Taxi Council<br />

and Mobil<br />

announce<br />

new<br />

relationship<br />

to launch<br />

‘Taxi Fuels’.<br />

Mobil’s reputation for reliably delivering quality fuels to Australian drivers,<br />

from the city to the country, since 1895.<br />

The Taxi Fuels offer will provide participants with the opportunity to<br />

access high-quality Mobil fuels, which will deliver significant benefits to<br />

the NSW Taxi industry, that has more than 200 authorised Taxi networks,<br />

over 5,000 Taxi operators and more than 30,000 authorised drivers.<br />

“Joining with Mobil Australia to deliver quality fuels for our NSW Taxi<br />

operators will allow our members to maximise their vehicle operating<br />

efficiencies, thanks to Mobil quality fuels,” said Greg Kay, NSW Taxi<br />

Council Head of Partnerships.<br />

“We hope this will help our members to achieve significant savings on one<br />

of their major operating costs, supporting them to improve their business<br />

profitability.”<br />

“We’re looking forward to supporting NSW Taxi operators and providing<br />

opportunities to save on fuel and better manage their vehicle fleets. We<br />

know that Australia’s cities and regions are terrific places to visit, and with<br />

Mobil-branded service stations opening regularly across NSW, there’s<br />

plenty of opportunity to fuel with Mobil”, said Charles Ewart, from Mobil<br />

Oil Australia.<br />

“Enriched with a high-quality additive package, Mobil quality fuels protect<br />

against rust corrosion, remove harmful engine deposits and improve fuel<br />

18 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

NEW SOUTH WALES news<br />

economy whilst protecting<br />

your vehicle’s engine from<br />

the first fill.”<br />

Mobil will become a key<br />

part of the NSW Taxi<br />

Industry ecosystem, and the<br />

collaboration demonstrates<br />

both Mobil and the NSW Taxi<br />

Council are well placed to<br />

meet the needs of the NSW<br />

transport market now, and<br />

into the future.<br />

Mobil Cards can be used<br />

at participating Mobil<br />

branded service stations and<br />

commencing in November<br />

<strong>2021</strong> at all 7-Eleven service<br />

stations nationwide.<br />

Visit the NSW Taxi Council<br />

website – www.nswtaxi.<br />

org.au to get Taxi Fuel Cost<br />

Benefits in NSW.<br />


YEP, THAT’S IT!<br />

Are you a<br />

• NSW Taxi Operator,<br />

• NSW Taxi Driver, or<br />

• NSW Taxi Network,<br />

and interested in lowering your<br />

ongoing fuel costs for your taxi(s)?<br />


MOBIL<br />


TODAY!<br />

For more information, visit NSW Taxi Council website www.nswtaxi.org.au/taxi-fuel<br />

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<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


NEW SOUTH WALES news<br />




The NSW Government is<br />

committed to helping private<br />

businesses, not-for-profits, and<br />

local councils bridge the cost to<br />

transition their fleets to electric<br />

passenger, light commercial<br />

or sports utility vehicles. NSW<br />

Government will invest $105<br />

million via a competitive reverse<br />

tender auction process to assist<br />

this transition.<br />

NSW Government has launched<br />

the Drive electric NSW EV<br />

fleets incentive, helping private<br />

businesses, not-for-profits, and<br />

local councils across the state<br />

accelerate their transition to EVs at<br />

a lesser cost while lowering state<br />

transport emissions.<br />

When organisations electrify their<br />

fleets, they are not only presented<br />

with a huge opportunity to reduce<br />

their emissions and save money<br />

but can have a powerful impact<br />

on the national market, spurring<br />

demand for and increasing supply<br />

of electric vehicles, both new and<br />

used.<br />

The incentive will help bridge the<br />

cost of transitioning passenger,<br />

light commercial or sports utility<br />

vehicles to either battery EVs or<br />

fuel cell EVs through a reverse<br />

tender auction process, with<br />

additional funds also available for<br />

smart base charging.<br />

Registrations for the first round of<br />

funding opened on 30 November<br />

<strong>2021</strong>, with funding rounds offered<br />

around every six months until the<br />

end of 2024.<br />

This incentive will help meet<br />

outcomes of the EV Strategy to<br />

increase EV sales to 52% by 2030-<br />

31 and see the vast majority of<br />

new car sales being EVs by 2035<br />

while working towards net-zero<br />

emissions by 2050.<br />

20 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Merry Christmas<br />

A huge thanks to all the readers of <strong>DRIVE</strong> <strong>NOW</strong> magazine<br />

for your ongoing support to the NSW Taxi Industry<br />

through this challenging year.<br />

We look forward to sharing more stories about the NSW<br />

Taxi Industry with you all in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Have a Merry Time & Enjoy the Holidays!<br />

All the best from the team at the<br />

NSW Taxi Council and the NSW Taxi Industry<br />


CONFERENCE <strong>2022</strong><br />

MARCH<br />

27-29<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />



at West HQ, Rooty Hill, NSW<br />

SAVE<br />

THE<br />

DATE<br />

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<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


BE SAFE...<br />


RACV is urging Victorians to<br />

prepare for the holiday season<br />

by keeping safety top of mind<br />

at home, on the road and<br />

during holidays at our favourite<br />

destinations.<br />

After a challenging year, Victorians<br />

have a lot to celebrate with<br />

family and friends over the<br />

festive season. RACV is expecting<br />

an uptick in travel both on<br />

public holidays and throughout<br />

<strong>December</strong> and <strong>January</strong>.<br />

RACV Policy Lead - Safety, Elvira<br />

Lazar, said keeping some simple<br />

tips top of mind will help ensure<br />

everyone’s safety.<br />

“Whether you’re driving to a<br />

regional town or just across<br />

Melbourne for a day, it’s very<br />

important that you plan your<br />

travel,” Ms Lazar said.<br />

“Before you get in your car, make<br />

sure you do a safety check of your<br />

vehicle.”<br />

Check your fluid levels<br />

under your bonnet,<br />

including oil, coolant and<br />

even the windscreen<br />

washer level. Be sure to<br />

check your tyre pressure<br />

and that your roadside<br />

assistance is up to date.<br />

“When planning your journey,<br />

especially if you’re going regional,<br />

plan your drive along safer main<br />

roads. Schedule stops on these<br />

longer trips as this gives you a<br />

break from driving and means you<br />

are not rushing.”<br />

RACV also reminds everyone to<br />

make sure their homes are safe<br />

over the holiday period.<br />

“Make sure you’ve cleaned<br />

up any clutter that might be a<br />

trip hazard. If you have a pool,<br />

ensure it complies with safety<br />

requirements,” Ms Lazar said.<br />

“If you do have some time off<br />

work over the break, now is the<br />

perfect time to clean out those<br />

gutters which may be a fire hazard.<br />

Ensure your home insurance is up<br />

to date at an appropriate level of<br />

cover.<br />

“If you’re heading away on<br />

holidays, make sure your home is<br />

secure and let a trusted neighbour<br />

know that you will be away. If you<br />

don’t have one already, consider<br />

installing a security alarm.”<br />

Online Australian<br />

Training<br />

Courses<br />

www.drvrtraining.com.au<br />

Limousine, Taxi, Hire Car, Ride Share<br />

Fatigue Management<br />

23 Lessons | $49.00<br />

Limousine, Taxi, Hire Car, Ride Share<br />

COVID-19 Hygiene Awareness<br />

for Transport Drivers<br />

22 Lessons | $ FREE<br />

22 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


and protect your loved ones<br />

from COVID-19<br />


LOVED ONES | COVID-19 |<br />

The best way to keep your family and friends safe<br />

is to get vaccinated.<br />

Wear a mask in public indoor<br />

settings.<br />

Avoid crowded, poorly ventilated spaces.<br />

Test to prevent spread to others.<br />

Delay travel until you are fully vaccinated.<br />

If you are sick or have symptoms,<br />

don’t host or attend gatherings.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />






by Caroline Riches<br />

24 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

As Queensland opens its border, Tasmania eases travel restrictions, and<br />

Western Australia announces plans to finally open up, here’s a round-up of<br />

the latest advice if you’re travelling interstate this summer.<br />

With eight different jurisdictions announcing different border rules - and<br />

some of them adapting restrictions in the lead-up to the festive season - it can be hard to<br />

know what forms to fill in, whether or not to get tested and whether you may need to<br />

quarantine once you arrive.<br />

So, if you’re heading interstate this summer, these are the rules you need to follow.<br />

VIC<br />

Domestic visitors to Victoria no<br />

longer need to get a travel permit<br />

to enter the state (unless they<br />

have been overseas in the past 14<br />

days).<br />

Furthermore, they do not need to<br />

get a COVID-19 test, nor do they<br />

need to quarantine.<br />

If you have completed hotel<br />

quarantine interstate and wish to<br />

enter Victoria, you also don’t need<br />

a permit.<br />

NSW<br />

The NSW border is open to people<br />

from all states and territories, and<br />

there is no need to complete an<br />

entry declaration, do a COVID test<br />

or self-isolate.<br />

However, there are rules and<br />

restrictions in place if you have<br />

been to an affected area or an area<br />

of concern in the previous 14 days,<br />

whereby you must complete a NSW<br />

entry declaration within the 24<br />

hours before you enter NSW.<br />

If you have been to an area of<br />

concern, upon entry you must<br />

travel immediately to your place<br />

of residence and stay there until it<br />

has been 14 days since you visited<br />

the area of concern or the area of<br />

concern is revoked.<br />

You are only able to leave home to:<br />

• get food or services;<br />

• travel for work, education,<br />

childcare or shared parenting<br />

arrangements;<br />

• for medical care, get<br />

vaccinated, health supplies or<br />

to fulfil caring responsibilities;<br />

• move home;<br />

• exercise outdoors alone, with<br />

your household, or with one<br />

other person;<br />

• feed an animal or for animal<br />

welfare;<br />

• in an emergency.<br />

If you have visited an area of high<br />

concern, check the COVID-19<br />

concerns notice to determine if<br />

you are considered casual or close<br />

contact.<br />

Residents who are casual contacts<br />

must get tested as soon as they<br />

return to NSW and isolate until they<br />

receive a negative result.<br />

If you’re a non-resident who is a<br />

casual contact, you may enter NSW<br />

if you have been tested and your<br />

test returns a negative result.<br />

Residents who are close contacts<br />

are permitted to enter NSW. You<br />

must travel immediately to your<br />

place of residence and self-isolate<br />

until 14 days since you last visited<br />

the place of high concern. If you are<br />

fully vaccinated, you only need to<br />

self-isolate for seven days.<br />

Non-NSW residents who are close<br />

contacts are allowed to enter the<br />

state if they are fully vaccinated.<br />

You must self-isolate for seven days<br />

since you were last at the place of<br />

high concern.<br />

If you are not fully vaccinated and<br />

are a close contact, you are not<br />

permitted to enter NSW. Instead,<br />

you must follow the rules of the<br />

state or territory that you are<br />

currently in.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


SA<br />

South Australia has opened its<br />

borders to vaccinated travellers,<br />

with COVID-19 vaccination<br />

requirements applying to all<br />

travellers over 12 years and two<br />

months of age, including returning<br />

SA residents.<br />

If you’re arriving in South Australia<br />

from interstate, including residents,<br />

you must complete an EntryCheck<br />

SA application and can apply for it<br />

up to 14 days before your planned<br />

arrival. It’s recommended you apply<br />

at least 72 hours before.<br />

If you are an unvaccinated traveller<br />

and do not have an approved<br />

medical exemption, you are not<br />

permitted to enter South Australia.<br />

This includes returning residents.<br />

Exemptions will be considered for<br />

select reasons (such as funerals and<br />

end-of-life visits), with applications<br />

for an exemption made as an<br />

extension of your EntryCheck SA<br />

application.<br />

If your exemption is approved, you<br />

will be advised of your quarantine<br />

and testing requirements.<br />

NT<br />

Only fully vaccinated people,<br />

residents and people unable to be<br />

vaccinated (such as children under<br />

12 years) can enter the Northern<br />

Territory.<br />

Everyone travelling to the<br />

Northern Territory is required to<br />

complete an online Border Entry<br />

Form five days or less before<br />

entering.<br />

Eligible fully vaccinated domestic<br />

arrivals coming to the Northern<br />

Territory from a COVID-19 red zone<br />

may be permitted to undertake<br />

seven days home quarantine.<br />

Unvaccinated Territory residents<br />

travelling from a green zone<br />

will still be able to enter the<br />

Northern Territory but will be<br />

required to travel to a suitable<br />

place of quarantine, get tested for<br />

COVID-19 and self-isolate until a<br />

negative test is returned.<br />

Unvaccinated Territory residents<br />

coming from a red zone will be<br />

required to undertake 14 days<br />

mandatory supervised quarantine.<br />

If you are unvaccinated and are<br />

not a returning resident, you need<br />

to apply for an exemption to enter<br />

the Northern Territory. If you meet<br />

those entry requirements, you will<br />

be required to undertake 14 days<br />

mandatory supervised quarantine.<br />

ACT<br />

All residents and non-residents<br />

who have not visited a high-risk<br />

geographical area in the previous<br />

14 days are permitted to enter the<br />

ACT for any reason, and no forms<br />

are required to be completed.<br />

If you are a vaccinated resident or<br />

non-resident but have been to a<br />

high-risk area in the past 14 days,<br />

you must complete an exemption<br />

form within 72 hours prior to<br />

arriving in the territory. Then you<br />

must monitor for symptoms.<br />

If you are an unvaccinated<br />

resident who has been to a highrisk<br />

area in the past 14 days, you<br />

must complete an exemption<br />

form within 72 hours prior to<br />

arriving in the territory. You must<br />

stay at home for 14 days and are<br />

only allowed to leave home to:<br />

• undertake essential work or<br />

study;<br />

• attend usual childcare<br />

arrangements;<br />

• shop for essentials such<br />

as groceries, medicine and<br />

necessary supplies;<br />

• attend to medical or<br />

health care needs<br />

including compassionate<br />

requirements, and looking<br />

after the vulnerable;<br />

• receive a COVID-19<br />

vaccination;<br />

• exercise outdoors, limited to<br />

one hour per day;<br />

• for essential animal welfare<br />

purposes (eg to feed<br />

pets or livestock that live<br />

elsewhere);<br />

• in an emergency.<br />

If you are an unvaccinated<br />

non-resident who has been to a<br />

high-risk area in the past 14 days,<br />

you may not enter the ACT unless<br />

you obtain an exemption before<br />

arriving.<br />

26 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

QLD<br />

Everyone entering the state<br />

must apply for and receive a<br />

Queensland entry pass prior<br />

to arrival. There are no travel<br />

restrictions if you are travelling<br />

from a safe or green zone.<br />

If you are fully vaccinated, you<br />

can travel freely from the nonrestricted<br />

NSW border zone. If<br />

you are not fully vaccinated, you<br />

can only travel for permitted and<br />

essential purposes.<br />

If you are fully vaccinated you can<br />

travel from the restricted NSW<br />

border zone to Queensland for<br />

permitted, essential or essential<br />

worker purposes.<br />

If you are not fully vaccinated,<br />

your travel to Queensland from<br />

the restricted border zone will be<br />

limited to essential purposes only.<br />

If you have been in a declared<br />

hotspot in the previous 14 days,<br />

you will be able to enter the state<br />

as a “hotspot traveller” if you<br />

are fully vaccinated and have<br />

a negative result of a COVID-19<br />

test taken in the 72 hours prior<br />

to arrival. You must also get a<br />

COVID-19 test on day five after<br />

you arrive in Queensland.<br />

If you enter as a hotspot traveller,<br />

you will not need to quarantine<br />

though state health authorities<br />

require you to monitor the list<br />

of interstate exposure venues<br />

for the first 14 days after arrival<br />

and get tested if you develop any<br />

COVID-19 symptoms.<br />

If you have been to an interstate<br />

exposure venue in the 14 days<br />

before arriving, you can enter<br />

Queensland if you are fully<br />

vaccinated and have a negative<br />

result of a COVID-19 test taken 72<br />

hours prior to arrival.<br />

WA<br />

Western Australia will open to<br />

fully vaccinated domestic and<br />

international travellers on 5<br />

February. After that date, you will<br />

no longer need to quarantine.<br />

At present, only visitors from<br />

Tasmania can enter Western<br />

Australia without quarantining.<br />

Travellers from other Australian<br />

states and jurisdictions must selfquarantine<br />

for 14 days.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


NEW SOUTH WALES news<br />

QLD News<br />

Taxi Fares<br />


Taxi drivers picking up passengers from a taxi rank<br />

or from a street hail, must not charge more than<br />

the maximum fare for a taxi journey, whether<br />

the journey is charged through the meter or the<br />

passenger wishes to negotiate a fare. And taxi<br />

drivers must not refuse to provide a taxi service to<br />

any person because a passenger wishes you to use<br />

the taxi meter to calculate the fare.<br />

The Department of Transport and Main Roads<br />

(TMR) has received increased in complaints<br />

from taxi customers regarding overcharging<br />

and drivers refusing to provide a service. TMR<br />

is investigating these for potential penalties for<br />

breaches of transport legislation.<br />

start of the journey after the person, and their<br />

wheelchair have been secured in the taxi,<br />

• For a service to any other person – after the<br />

hirer enters the taxi,<br />

If the driver reasonably believes they will not be<br />

able to obtain the fare at the destination, they may<br />

ask for the estimated fare (must be a reasonable<br />

estimate) or fixed fare amount as a deposit.<br />

Overcharging attracts a maximum penalty of<br />

$5,514, and refusing a taxi service attracts a<br />

maximum penalty of $2,757 – don’t risk it!<br />

You may only negotiate a fixed fare for rank or<br />

hail trips if:<br />

• your passenger agrees,<br />

• the fare is negotiated before the trip starts,<br />

and<br />

• the fare does not exceed the maximum fare if<br />

you were using the meter.<br />

If the fare for the journey has not been agreed<br />

before the rank or hailed journey starts, a taxi<br />

driver must not charge a booking fee and must<br />

activate the taximeter:<br />

• For a service provided to a Taxi Subsidy<br />

Scheme member using a wheelchair – at the<br />

28 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

QUEENSLAND news<br />



Mobile phone and seatbelt<br />

cameras are installed throughout<br />

Queensland.<br />

Their locations are based on where<br />

road crash injuries or fatalities<br />

have occurred where using a<br />

mobile phone or not wearing a<br />

seatbelt were contributing factors.<br />

Two types of mobile phone and<br />

seatbelt cameras are used in<br />

Queensland:<br />

• Fixed cameras fitted to<br />

existing infrastructure and<br />

operating 24 hours, 7 days a<br />

week,<br />

• Portable cameras used at<br />

random locations in both<br />

urban and regional areas, for<br />

shorter periods of time.<br />

How the cameras work<br />

The cameras take multiple images<br />

of every vehicle passing the<br />

camera, including the registration<br />

number plate and images of the<br />

front seats of the vehicle.<br />

Using artificial<br />

intelligence software<br />

The cameras use Artificial<br />

Intelligence (AI) software to filter<br />

images and detect possible mobile<br />

phone use by the driver or failure<br />

to wear a seatbelt by the driver<br />

and front seat passenger.<br />

If no possible offence is detected,<br />

AI automatically excludes the<br />

images from any further analysis,<br />

and the images are deleted.<br />

If AI suspects a possible offence,<br />

the image is passed on to the<br />

Department of Transport and Main<br />

Roads to determine if an offence<br />

has been committed.<br />

Mobile phone use and<br />

driver distraction<br />

Research shows that using a mobile<br />

phone while driving quadruples<br />

the risk of crashing. Using a mobile<br />

phone while driving is just as<br />

dangerous as drinking driving.<br />

Vehicle occupants not wearing<br />

seatbelts have a much lower<br />

chance of surviving a crash than<br />

those who wear their seatbelt.<br />

Wearing a properly adjusted<br />

seatbelt improves the chance of<br />

surviving a crash by 200%.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


<strong>DRIVE</strong>R FATIGUE<br />

The second biggest killer on Australian roads<br />

Being awake for 17 hours can<br />

have a similar effect on your<br />

driving performance as a blood<br />

alcohol content of 0.05.<br />

Fatigue is not just extreme<br />

exhaustion, but includes<br />

everyday mental or physical<br />

tiredness that affect a person’s<br />

ability to function.<br />

Fatigue reduces attentiveness<br />

and alertness to dangers, slows<br />

reaction times and can lead to<br />

microsleeps.<br />

Tiredness can occur on any drive<br />

- no matter how long or short, or<br />

the time of day.<br />

Driving at night is when you are<br />

most at risk of tiredness, as well<br />

as after lunch and early in the<br />

morning.<br />

Avoid driving tired<br />

It’s important to think about<br />

how tired you are before and<br />

while you are driving. There are a<br />

number of key strategies you can<br />

use to lower the risks of driving<br />

tired.<br />

Get a good night’s<br />

sleep<br />

Where possible, avoid driving<br />

between midnight and 6:00am,<br />

when your body naturally wants<br />

to sleep.<br />

Plan regular<br />

breaks<br />

Know the early warning signs<br />

of fatigue - yawning, sore<br />

eyes, difficulty concentrating,<br />

restlessness, oversteering.<br />

While driving take<br />

regular breaks<br />

If you start to feel tired, or<br />

experience any early warning<br />

signs, pull over somewhere safe<br />

and take a nap - 15-20 minutes<br />

works best.<br />

30 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


The shortest but the most deadliest sleep.<br />

It might be your last sleep if you are driving.<br />

What is a Microsleep?<br />

A microsleep is a brief and unintended<br />

episode of sleep characterised by head<br />

snapping, nodding or closing your eyes. It<br />

can be deadly behind the wheel. During a<br />

four-second microsleep, a vehicle travelling<br />

at 60km/h will travel 67 metres while<br />

completely out of the driver’s control.<br />

Signs of Microsleep<br />

Microsleeps occur when an individual loses<br />

and regains awareness after a brief lapse<br />

in consciousness, often without warning,<br />

or when there are sudden shifts between<br />

states of wakefulness and sleep. In<br />

behavioural terms, microsleeps manifest as<br />

droopy eyes, slow eyelid closure and head<br />

nodding.<br />


Embassy<br />

Cafe<br />

WE’re open<br />


547 Spencer Street<br />

West Melbourne<br />


www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


DinkumRide is the newest<br />

News<br />

ride share service for WA.<br />

ROAD<br />



Special Christmas<br />

Day co-payment<br />

for WAV taxi<br />

drivers<br />

A special Department<br />

of Transport (DoT) copayment<br />

of $20.00 is<br />

available to Wheelchair<br />

Accessible Vehicle (WAV)<br />

drivers for all TUSS<br />

wheelchair journeys<br />

completed on Christmas<br />

Day (Saturday 25 <strong>December</strong><br />

<strong>2021</strong>) between 8.00am and<br />

6.00pm.<br />

This payment is in addition<br />

to any regular co-payments<br />

drivers may be entitled to.<br />

WAV drivers and ondemand<br />

booking services<br />

are reminded that to claim<br />

this payment they must<br />

submit Christmas Day TUSS<br />

vouchers on time, and<br />

separately from regular<br />

TUSS vouchers.<br />

The City of Perth has announced<br />

temporary road closures in<br />

Northbridge to facilitate New<br />

Year’s Eve celebrations.<br />

William, James, Lake and Roe<br />

streets will be closed between<br />

4.00pm, Friday 31 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

and 5.00am, Saturday 1 <strong>January</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong>, as shown on the map below.<br />

Active towing will begin from<br />

3.00pm, Friday 31 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>,<br />

with associated costs to be paid<br />

by the vehicle owner prior to the<br />

release of the impounded vehicle.<br />

A dedicated on-demand transport<br />

rank will be located on Melbourne<br />

Street. The Melbourne Street<br />

taxi rank will be a one-way<br />

loop with the southbound lane<br />

closed as part of the Roe Street<br />

Development road closures and<br />

construction works.<br />

32 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house<br />

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;<br />

No stockings were hung by the chimney or stair,<br />

Would anyone notice? Did anyone care?<br />

Her phone was switched off and stashed away<br />

There was nothing planned for his Christmas Day<br />

Nothing to celebrate, no festive affair<br />

Just this empty room and that empty chair.<br />

There used to be friends and places to see<br />

But today there is nowhere she needs to be<br />

Just this dinner for one, a small treat after tea<br />

His only connection will be the TV.<br />

Is there someone you know who might be alone?<br />

Who could do with a friend, so they’re not on their own?<br />

You can make a difference, here’s what you can do<br />

For someone who’s waiting for contact from you<br />

Invite them to lunch, visit or call<br />

It’s not much to ask of you, not much at all<br />

Chat on a screen or jump in the car.<br />

Find out how they’re going, how they really are.<br />

Give a conversation as your gift today<br />

A hello, a how’s it, an “Are you OK?”<br />

Some chit-chat, a natter, a check in or two<br />

To say “I’m here and I care about you.”<br />

Visit ruok.org.au<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />



SUMMER<br />

HEAT<br />

by Antonella Kearns<br />

It’s officially hot outside, and the<br />

inside of your car is even hotter.<br />

Yikes!<br />

We know what you’re thinking, “I’ll just put the air conditioner on”, as<br />

simple as that sounds, it’s not recommended during these times (thanks<br />

COVID-19) as the recirculated air in the vehicle and closed windows does<br />

not allow for external airflow and therefore, not COVIDSafe.<br />

But do not fear - we’re bringing you the hottest tips and tricks (no pun<br />

intended) to keep you cool this Summer while you’re on the road.<br />

Keeping hydrated is at the top of the list!<br />

Dehydration is a serious concern for summer drivers, especially<br />

on those scorcher days, as it can impact mental clarity, reaction<br />

time, focus, concentration, thinking and even your mood. Keeping<br />

hydrated will help you stay alert behind the wheel, so always keep<br />

some water in the car with you.<br />

34 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Use a blanket or a towel<br />

This one sounds odd, but hear us out. Using a blanket or a towel will<br />

help protect your body when getting in the car, particularly if you<br />

have leather seating. Leather seats can get extremely hot during<br />

Summer when parked out in the sun, so if you have leather seats in<br />

your vehicle, try laying a blanket or towel on the seats to keep them<br />

cool. Another tip, remember to use light coloured blankets as they<br />

don't attract and absorb more sun.<br />

Use ice packs to keep cool<br />

The key to staying cool is placing an ice pack on your wrists and the<br />

back of your neck. These areas of your body are pulse points and<br />

are closely connected to the part of your brain that controls body<br />

temperature. If you don't have an ice pack handy, a cold cloth will<br />

work just as fine.<br />

Take a break<br />

It's essential to take regular breaks, especially on those scorcher<br />

days. A break doesn't have to be time-consuming; it could mean a<br />

quick run in to get a bite to eat or stretching your legs after being<br />

seated at the wheel for so long. Listen to your body; it knows what<br />

to do!<br />

Apply sunscreen<br />

It goes without saying, using sunscreen as part of your everyday<br />

skin routine in Australia, no matter your age or gender, is SunSmart<br />

101. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer globally.<br />

We can hear you thinking, ‘But I'm in a car’, well, even more reason<br />

to use sunscreen. Today, most vehicles have tinted windows, which<br />

reduces your exposure to the sun's UV radiation, reducing the risk<br />

of sunburn, so if you like rolling with the windows down, ensure you<br />

slip, slop, slap!<br />

Wind the window down<br />

Don't you hate when you wind down your window only to get<br />

that constant thumping noise on the freeway? Well, we've got the<br />

solution to not only fix this annoying issue (you're welcome!), but<br />

it'll also help keep you cool - turn the fan on in the car and then open<br />

a rear window enough to draw the draft through your car. Instant<br />

cool feeling.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


NEW SOUTH WALES news<br />

SA News<br />

Driver<br />


Keep evidence of your vaccination status and any medical certificate with you<br />

when driving. SAPOL may ask to see this information to ensure you are complying<br />

with the requirements. Evidence of your vaccination status must be provided to<br />

any booking service provider from whom you accept trip bookings, as and when<br />

requested.<br />

The booking services should have in place policies, systems, procedures etc., that<br />

support the Direction requirements so far as reasonably practical and within the<br />

limits of the law, which may include sighting proof of vaccination.<br />

You do not need to be vaccinated if you have a medical certificate or letter from a<br />

medical practitioner certifying that you have a medical exemption from receiving<br />

the vaccine or have an appointment to be assessed by a medical specialist to<br />

determine whether you have a medical exemption.<br />

Unvaccinated drivers<br />

are now unable to<br />

provide point to<br />

point services to and<br />

from the airports<br />

listed, including<br />

Adelaide Airport.<br />

You will also not be<br />

able to do any point<br />

to point driving work<br />

from 3 <strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

If you are<br />

unvaccinated and<br />

normally come into<br />

contact with point to<br />

point drivers as part<br />

of your work, you<br />

will not be able to do<br />

work that involves<br />

coming into close<br />

contact with drivers<br />

and passengers after<br />

3 <strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Penalties apply if<br />

you do not comply<br />

with the vaccination<br />

requirements for<br />

point-to-point<br />

workers.<br />

36 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>





The Department of Planning,<br />

Transport and Infrastructure<br />

(DPTI) has decided to allow<br />

RedBook to commence service<br />

in South Australia in the coming<br />

months by joining existing<br />

providers of vehicle inspections<br />

- Rightway Automotive and the<br />

RAA.<br />

All passenger transport vehicles<br />

must pass a periodic inspection<br />

to be eligible for registration or<br />

registration renewal. For taxis, a<br />

roadworthy inspection is required<br />

every six months. For chauffeured<br />

vehicles and rideshares, a<br />

roadworthy inspection is required<br />

yearly.<br />

Currently, only Rightway<br />

Automotive and the RAA have<br />

been approved to undertake these<br />

regular roadworthy inspections.<br />

The DPTI hopes that by<br />

endorsing a third provider for<br />

the roadworthy inspections, it<br />

will make it even easier for all<br />

operators to meet their inspection<br />

responsibilities.<br />

Passengers take more than eight<br />

million trips annually in Adelaide<br />

using personalised passenger<br />

transport services.<br />

The DPTI states that it assesses<br />

the accreditation of all<br />

passenger transport drivers<br />

and vehicle services to ensure<br />

safety standards, efficiency and<br />

competency are met.<br />

A few years back the Victorian<br />

regulator authorised RedBook to<br />

undertake vehicle inspections of<br />

the taxis, hire cars and ride-share<br />

vehicles. But, unfortunately, they<br />

allowed RedBook to get away with<br />

just a “vehicle inspection”- not a<br />

roadworthy inspection.<br />

It is hoped that the South<br />

Australian regulator has<br />

scrutinised RedBook sufficiently<br />

and are ensuring that RedBook<br />

doesn’t cut corners, but genuinely<br />

undertake roadworthy inspections<br />

of these essential public transport<br />

vehicles.<br />

The safety of drivers and<br />

passengers must be a priority!<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />



ACCESS TAXI <strong>DRIVE</strong>RS TO GET<br />


The South Australian Government<br />

will now pay a lifting fee of $25<br />

plus GST to the driver for all 50,<br />

75 and 100% South Australian<br />

Transport Subsidy Scheme<br />

(SATSS) trips booked through<br />

the Access Centralised Booking<br />

Service.<br />

This replaces the on-time bonus<br />

previously payable to the driver<br />

and the $10 lifting fee that applied<br />

to 75 and 100% SATSS trips.<br />

What are the changes?<br />

Drivers will receive a $25 lifting<br />

fee for any passenger who uses a<br />

SATSS voucher or card to receive<br />

a 50%, 75% or 100% fare subsidy<br />

where the trip is booked through<br />

the Access Centralised Booking<br />

Service (CBS).<br />

The lifting fee tariffs will be<br />

displayed on the meter as:<br />

• Tariff 5 (weekdays 6am to<br />

7pm); and<br />

• Tariff 6 (other times).<br />

This replaces the existing lifting<br />

fee and driver on-time bonus<br />

payments for operators to<br />

streamline the fees paid by the<br />

State Government for provision of<br />

this essential service.<br />

What are the benefits?<br />

The increased lifting fee payable<br />

on a broader category of trips<br />

seeks to improve service delivery<br />

through reduced wait times and<br />

improved services for Access Taxi<br />

customers.<br />

How does it work for<br />

drivers?<br />

50% member trips where a<br />

voucher is being used will now be<br />

treated in the same way as 75%<br />

trips. The effect of this will be to<br />

ensure the meter is paused and<br />

Tariff 5 or 6 applied.<br />

What's next?<br />

From early <strong>2022</strong>, the $25 lifting fee<br />

will be expanded to all trips taken<br />

by SATSS members regardless of<br />

whether SATSS funds their trip.<br />

38 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Uber and Lyft promised ubiquitous<br />

self-driving cars as soon as this<br />

year. They promised an end to<br />

private car<br />

See the world in colour.<br />

Australia’s largest taxi network<br />

Free training<br />

EFTPOS paid every day<br />

A 4.8 star booking app on over<br />

2 million phones<br />

Around the clock support<br />

Monitored alarm system<br />

COVID support<br />

Vehicle and insurance finance<br />

available<br />

Build regular clients with MyDriver<br />

And that’s just the start. To find out more, contact us today.<br />

1800 546 687 join@13cabs.com.au<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

Get our app. Go your way.<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


<strong>2022</strong><br />


IONIQ 5<br />

Game-changing exterior design with retro<br />

’80s cues and 3D-pixel LED lights.<br />

Spacious, futuristic but ultimately practical<br />

interior layout.<br />

Class-leading battery recharge times thanks<br />

to 800V electrical system.<br />

40 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

It only takes one glance at the Hyundai IONIQ 5’s<br />

show-stopping concept car design to see this is no<br />

ordinary SUV. Based on an all-new electric vehicle<br />

platform and offering up to 450km of range, the<br />

IONIQ 5 is one of the most expensive models ever<br />

offered by the Korean brand in Australia, priced<br />

from $71,900 plus on-road costs.<br />

As a fully electric car, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is<br />

brimming with technology. On top of the usual<br />

automatic braking and blind-spot warning systems,<br />

it’s the first Hyundai ever to feature evasive<br />

steering assist, junction crossing<br />

assist and perpendicular braking protection. It<br />

means the car will help prevent accidents at tricky<br />

intersections and can assist during emergency<br />

steering efforts. However, the <strong>2022</strong> Hyundai<br />

Ioniq 5 is yet to be tested locally by ANCAP or<br />

internationally by NCAP.<br />

The Ioniq 5 simply oozes appeal and is already a<br />

sell-out success, with the first batch of cars on sale<br />

in Australia snapped up in record time.<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />





Donate Your Car is run by Kids Under Cover, a not for profit organisation that prevents youth<br />

homelessness in Australia. Kids Under Cover does that by providing studio accommodation in family<br />

backyards as well as education scholarships.<br />

100% of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle will go towards helping young people<br />

stay connected to their families, education and community and stop them from experiencing<br />

homelessness. Plus, your vehicle donation is 100% tax-deductible!<br />

Ready to get started?<br />

Visit our website today!<br />


TRADE<br />


Ph: 1300 309 237<br />

Tailored Hire Car Insurance Including:<br />

-Vehicle & Business Liability Cover<br />

-Downtime Cover Available<br />

-Own Choice of Repairer<br />

-24/7 Emergency Claims Assistance<br />

-Dedicated Account Manager<br />

www.simplexinsurance.com.au<br />

AFSL: 284342<br />


www.drivenow-magazine.com.au/<strong>2021</strong>-specials.html<br />

CAR<br />

WASH<br />




MELROSE <strong>DRIVE</strong>, TULLAMARINE<br />

Hot drink available at Melrose Lounge - Taxi Holding Area<br />

Collect voucher from Unigas Office<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


overseas news<br />

Uber’s application to<br />

expand in B.C. rejected<br />

CANADA - The Passenger<br />

Transportation Board (PTB) says it<br />

has reviewed evidence showing a<br />

decline in demand for passenger<br />

transportation services across<br />

British Columbia (B.C.) since the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic began.<br />

The board had granted Uber<br />

approval to operate in the Lower<br />

Mainland on <strong>January</strong> 23, 2020.<br />

Uber had applied in April 2020<br />

to expand further, but the PTB<br />

rejected that request last week.<br />

According to the PTB, the decision<br />

was made in part due to declining<br />

taxi-service usage during the<br />

pandemic.<br />

It says in its decision posted this<br />

month, that taxi recovery from the<br />

pandemic in the Lower Mainland<br />

has been further hampered by<br />

more ride-hailing, which has<br />

assumed a significant share of the<br />

market at the expense of taxis.<br />

application at this time would<br />

“unduly harm” existing ride-hailing<br />

companies in regions outside<br />

the Lower Mainland and those<br />

areas are unable to absorb more<br />

competition.<br />

While it found Uber to be “fit and<br />

proper” to deliver transportation<br />

services, the PTB says it’s not<br />

convinced there is a public need<br />

for Uber’s service in the rest of the<br />

province.<br />

X<br />

“Further, the PTB considers that<br />

the application, if granted at<br />

this time, would not promote<br />

sound economic conditions in the<br />

passenger transportation business<br />

in B.C,” it said.<br />

Prior to the pandemic and launch<br />

of Uber in the region, there were<br />

1,017,921 taxi trips in <strong>January</strong> 2020.<br />

The following month, taxi trips fell<br />

to 849,520, while ride-hailing trips<br />

were about 420,425.<br />

By May <strong>2021</strong>, ride-hailing trips in<br />

the region surpassed one million,<br />

while taxi trips had risen only<br />

589,328.<br />

X<br />

The PTB says granting Uber’s<br />

44 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

VICTORIA news<br />

www.drivenow-magazine.com.au<br />

<strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />


NEW SOUTH WALES news<br />

overseas news<br />

Massachusetts’ taxi business sees<br />

hope after the pandemic shifts<br />

power in transportation<br />

by BOB SEAY<br />

BOSTON, MA - When the first ridesharing<br />

companies arrived on the<br />

scene almost a decade ago, many<br />

thought they would spell the end of<br />

the traditional taxi industry. Then,<br />

the pandemic struck, and there was<br />

little hope that taxis would even<br />

survive.<br />

But it is now clear to drivers and<br />

owners that the pandemic actually<br />

provided an opportunity for taxis<br />

to adapt and potentially thrive. The<br />

industry benefited government<br />

grant money and less competition<br />

from ride-sharing services during<br />

the pandemic. Now, shifts in pricing<br />

and new technology that allows<br />

customers to call cabs, just as they<br />

do ride-shares, is feeding optimism.<br />

“We’re not back to our pre-Uber<br />

and Lyft days,” said Cheryl Horan,<br />

owner of the Green and Yellow<br />

Taxi Company in Somerville, “but<br />

we’re sustainable right now. And,<br />

actually, instead of losing money,<br />

we’re a little bit profitable, and<br />

we’re looking to expand on that<br />

and continue our success.”<br />

It was the work taxis were doing<br />

just before the pandemic that<br />

ultimately helped them find a<br />

path forward. As their regular<br />

business was siphoned off by<br />

ride-share companies, taxis began<br />

providing non-emergency medical<br />

transportation for local residents.<br />

That service suddenly surged when<br />

the pandemic hit and the state<br />

stepped in to help, committing to<br />

doling out $1 million in subsidies<br />

through the Metropolitan Area<br />

Planning Council.<br />

“[The state] released a lot of<br />

grant money for programs such<br />

as vaccinations and getting<br />

people to grocery shopping and<br />

medical appointments that were<br />

necessity transportation [because]<br />

they were afraid to go on public<br />

transportation,” Horan said.<br />

Another upside for cabbies was<br />

the fact that many Uber and<br />

Lyft drivers stayed home during<br />

the pandemic, leaving taxis as<br />

the only alternative. Horan said<br />

that transporting people during<br />

the pandemic is what kept her<br />

company afloat.<br />

“We supplied our drivers with<br />

Lysol wipes, the fogging of the<br />

vehicle, the plastic partition, masks,<br />

gloves,” she said. “We really felt<br />

that it was important to protect our<br />

46 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2021</strong>/<strong>January</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

drivers so that they could, in turn,<br />

protect the passengers that they<br />

were transporting.”<br />

The future appears to be<br />

brightening for Boston-area taxis,<br />

but even with hope in the air,<br />

there’s still some uncertainty. And<br />

taxi drivers like Jose Rodriques<br />

know that, these days, you can’t<br />

wait for the business to come to<br />

you.<br />

“I don’t like sitting around,”<br />

Rodriques said. “That’s why I don’t<br />

play the airport. I do work in the<br />

neighborhoods. People in the<br />

neighborhoods need taxis, and it’s<br />

so busy you can go to Dorchester,<br />

Roxbury — everywhere, and you<br />

will be busy all day long.”<br />

He’s also seeking out riders with<br />

apps like WAAVE that allow users<br />

to call cabs from their phone like,<br />

Uber or Lyft.<br />

Taxis are also benefitting from<br />

pricing shifts, said Paolo Santi,<br />

a principal research scientist at<br />

MIT’s Senseable Cities Lab and<br />

board member at Massachusetts<br />

nonprofit Way Forward Taxi<br />

Alliance. Better prices are what<br />

drew so many customers to ride<br />

shares in the first place. That’s<br />

changing.<br />

“The prices of Uber and Lyft<br />

services initially were very low<br />

because they were subsidized by<br />

investors,” he said. “They just were<br />

burning money.”<br />

But ride-sharing companies<br />

eventually had to raise rates to<br />

show a profit. Now, taxis are more<br />

competitive, something Rodriques<br />

has heard from his riders.<br />

“I just took a gentleman from<br />

South Boston to Newton Heights,”<br />

he said. “An Uber wanted $80,<br />

and he actually used WAAVE, and<br />

it was $42.15. From the airport to<br />

Somerville, Uber wanted $50, and it<br />

was $27 with the taxi.”<br />

Another indication that the<br />

industry is on the upswing is seen<br />

in the buying and selling of taxi<br />

medallions — the city-issued<br />

OVERSEAS news<br />

permits that allow taxis to operate.<br />

There has been a big transition in<br />

the ownership of taxis, according<br />

to Chenelle Brown, director of<br />

external affairs at Way Forward Taxi<br />

Alliance. Gone are the large taxi<br />

fleets of the past. Now, there are<br />

more individual owners.<br />

“The taxi industry in Boston<br />

essentially is largely made up of<br />

small, minority-owned businesses,”<br />

Brown said. “And I think that’s an<br />

important thing to note. A lot of<br />

medallions have been purchased<br />

over the last year or two.”<br />

Those medallions used to go for<br />

$300,000 to $400,000 each, but<br />

now they cost about $18,000. The<br />

fact that medallions are being<br />

repurchased is a sign that some<br />

taxi drivers are optimistic they can<br />

make a go of it, Brown said.<br />

There’s hope that the taxi<br />

business, which was once<br />

thought as nearly dead, has<br />

plenty of life left in it.<br />

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