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DSHS | The 2021 edition








Column: Bert van Marwijk 3

'The verdict is still out on Messi'

Heroes of our Time 7 - 12

The memories of Johan Heins

Sponsor Highlight 14 - 15

The key success ingredients of Zandonà

26 - 29


In Pictures 16 - 21

The wild horses of Alberta

A Familiar Face 22 - 23

The rise of André Thieme

Through it all.

DSHS Awards 24 - 25

Glamour Girl & Naomi van het Keizershof

At Home with 26 - 29

Martin Fuchs & family

The Next Generation 34 - 37

Michel Hendrix shows us around his new barn

16 - 21


14 - 15



Meet the Locals 40 - 41

Georgie Harvey & Oliver Lazarus are all settled

Get to Know 42 - 43

Barnbridge: A hub for elite auctions

Fun Facts 45

Horse talk that needs explaining





34 - 37




DSHS | The 2021 edition 3


‘Accepting and respecting each other is

the only way a team can achieve success'


I 've gotten to know Paul and the rest of the Hendrix family

because of Jumping Peel & Maas. Every year they host this

national showjumping event and on the eve before the

show the local business club organizes a get-together with

sports personalities and such. The proceeds of the evening

are always donated to the Jeugd Fonds Sport en Cultuur.

An organization that helps underprivileged children play

sports. I am an ambassador for this charity and hence

have attended the event in Kessel several times. And when

you get talking about sports you will find that teamwork is

always the basis of success.

Training • Showjumping • Quality sales

My understanding of showjumping is very limited, I just know it is equally

challenging, if not more challenging, than football. But since my daughter

also rides, I am on a learning curve when it comes to horses. We’ve asked

Paul for advice once or twice. He is always helpful and ready to share

his knowledge. I value that a lot and over time our friendship has even

evolved in me being a co-owner of a young horse with him. The fact that

he is also a soccer fan means we have very interesting conversations

about the similarities and differences between our sports.

Stern stuff

There are many similarities when it comes to teamwork and what is

expected of the athletes. Whether it being 11 men or a rider-and-horse

combination. However, in the world of football the pressure is different.

This sport and everyone involved is more in the public eye. The impact of

results or lack thereof is many times greater than in other sports. What

we do lies under a magnifying glass. You have to be made of stern stuff

if you want to keep your head in the game. In top sport the pressure

athletes experience is a form of positive tension that makes them

perform even greater. The adrenaline and will to win are accelerators.

But if the pressure to perform becomes too high the risk of losing more

than just a match is very great. It is a fine line between enough and too

much pressure and in top sport that is a reality you deal with every day.


It all comes down to the fact that in a team you are stuck with each

other, at least for a while, and you have to make the best of it. That is

the biggest challenge I encounter as a coach. The only way for a team

to achieve unity and success is to work together. Unlike other coaches I

do not believe in creating a hierarchy, nor do I rely on certain scientific

studies on how teams should be managed. A good group dynamic is

not created, it forms naturally as the result of mutual understanding,

acceptance, and respect. And I think that also applies to horses and

their riders. There are only a few 'unicorns' in football: players you can

place in any team anywhere in the world and they will perform and

bring success at the highest level. For example, Ruud Gullit, Marco van

Basten and Cristiano Ronaldo. The verdict is still out on Lionel Messi,

who has been a shining star at FC Barcelona for years and now has to

settle in at Paris Saint-German and prove his worth. I would compare

Messi to the Totilas story, if the match is right, he will rise again but

success is never a guarantee.

Bert van Marwijk

Former Dutch football player,

national team coach and

renowned international trainer,


A good coach is able to make the best team out of players that are not

all the best as individuals. To find the strengths of each player and

have the athletes use their skills to the benefit the team, that is what

coaching is about! I do not believe it is necessary for everyone to be

friends in order to perform well. As a coach or a player, you need to be

able to tell the truth to each other and get on with the task at hand.

And being truthful can be a little painful. I am known for being direct

because I believe it is the most efficient way to communicate. With

that said, I will try to be as tactful as possible. Us Dutch are known for

being quite direct or even blunt. Keeping that in mind, to get results

and meet goals you need to make it work for you and not against you. If

everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.


Being able to influence athletes and convey the feeling that they

matter as an individual but are invaluable as a team player, that is a big

part of a trainer's job. If there is no team spirit, there is no long-term

success. Winning and losing occasionally is not a sustainable goal. You

need to play at the top of your game every game and if you have the

right team that will lead to consecutive success. Loosing is inevitable in

any sport but the less it happens the more invincible you will become.

4 DSHS |

yveshoutackers Yves Houtackers y.houtackers@gmail.com


DSHS | The 2021 edition 5

The RED Carpet


Gerrit Derks and Jos Althuyzen


Jacky, Ricky and Marie Schalken

Emil Spadone, Tom Smeets and Darby Toben

Wilton Porter, Chris Dubbeldam, Lucas Porter,

Olivia Pleijsier and Brooke de Boer


forward to the


Ken Ruysen and Aniek Poels Sophie Hinners and Richard Vogel

"Always a great

ambiance and

a warm welcome"

Declan McGarry, Tiernan Gill, Elaine and Tom Slattery

Team Hattel Horse

Henrik von Eckermann

Alise Oken and Sean Crooks

Swedish showjumper Henrik von

Eckermann is a regular visitor

of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.

At the moment this picture

was taken he had no idea that

later on in the evening he would

be photographed again at the

DSHS Award ceremony. His ride

Glamour Girl won the title Horse

of the Year. To read more about

this winning team, see page 24.

Henrik von Eckermann

Matias Larocca, Sofie Slattery, Rebekka Gillespie and Nicolas Torro Ebba and Eva Danielson, Jonna and Vincent Voorn

See who joined us

for a great evening!

6 DSHS | The 2021 edition



DSHS | The 2021 edition 7

Fly First Class




Official flight partner of the

Johan Heins

The sportive career of Johan Heins has been marked by many highlights. A few years after winning

individual and team gold at the European Championships in 1977, he decided to stop as a top level

rider. Johan Heins has continued his impressive career as a trainer, scout, trader and coach. And

also as a breeder he has already had some remarkable successes. As far as he is concerned, the end

of those successes is not yet in sight.

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Remco Veurink

In the series 'Heroes of our lifetime' this time one of the most

successful showjumping riders in the Netherlands ever. After

Johan Heins started his professional career at the local riding

school of Roelof Werners, he made a big step in 1970 with moving

to the stables of the legendary Alwin Schockemöhle. He worked

for three-and-a-half year at this stable in Germany. “Back in the

days, Alwin was definitely one of the best riders in the world. It

was a fantastic experience to work for him”, tells Johan Heins.



Excellence in International Horse Shipping

Transporting the competitive horse world one flight at a time

Experience. www.horseflight.com

Big changes

When Johan Heins compares the sport of then with today, he sees

many differences. “The numbers have become much larger, in

terms of riders, horses as well as the competitions. Thirty five ago

you had 20 competitors in the 1.20m class and five in the 1.30m

class in this area. That has now multiplied. Also the horses have

changed much, they have way more blood. In the past it was all

about scope and power and the German horses excelled in that.

Now we see as many female as male riders and that also

'The sport requires a different

type of horse nowadays'


DSHS | The 2021 edition 9

has consequences for the ideal

type of horse. Certainly in the

American style of riding it is

all about lightness and agility

instead of power. Sometimes

the jumps used to be higher

in my time, but with many

poles, deeper cups and much

less technical lines. The sport

requires a different type of horse

nowadays.” It’s remarkable that

Johan Heins has achieved his

greatest successes with sevenyear-old

horses. “Now you would

almost immediately be sent to

prison for that,” he laughs. “In

1978 I reached the 'final four'

at the World Championship in

Aachen with Pandur Z, who

was just seven years of age. Gerd

Wiltfang won that championship

with the seven-year-old Romaan.

You will never see that happen

again. The selection of the horses

was also very different, the

farmers worked with the horses

and every horse that could not

handle the work, was send away.

Now the vet is called immediately if a horse is not sound or in

pain.” One of his biggest achievements, winning individual and

team gold at the European Championship in 1977, Johan climbed

aboard the nine-year-old Irish thoroughbred Seven Valleys.


After an intensive and instructive period with Alwin

Schockemöhle, Johan Heins worked from 1977 to 1979 for Leon

Melchior at Studfarm Zangersheide. “I had a wonderful time

'At some point

you have to make a


there and I am delighted to see

that Judy-Ann is now following,

in her own way, in the footsteps

of her father.” Already at the age

of 35, Johan retired from the top

sport. “That was certainly early,

but I had seen it all after these

years, being away from home 40

to 50 weekends a year. I wanted

to focus on my own stable and

have always enjoyed training

young horses. At some point

you have to make a decision. In

1980 I had participated in the

alternative Olympic Games in

Rotterdam and that was already

very difficult to accomplish

without a sponsor. That is why

I retired from the top sport in

1982, two years after I started

my own stable. I would have only

continued when I was still able to

win classes at top level, because

I didn’t want to compete just to

be in the starting lists. If I do

something, I have always tried

to be the best.” In 1999 and 2000

Johan Heins acted as national

coach of the Dutch show jumping team. Under his inspiring

leadership, Jeroen Dubbeldam won individual gold at the Sydney

Olympics, and Albert Voorn took the individual silver medal.

United States

Also in trading, Johan proved his value. Already in 1980, he sold

his first horse to the United States and that turned out to be the

beginning of a decades-long collaboration. “Still 80 or 90 percent

of our clients come from the States. In all those years we have

'Still 80 or 90 percent of our

clients come from the States.

In all those years we have built

up a great network'

built up a great network.” The Dutchman provided, for example,

the American rider Beezie Madden with excellent horses many

times. “Authentic was of course an absolute hit, but also horses

like Q.Breitling, World Cup winner Simon and more recently

her Grand Prix mount Garant were sold to her by us.” Authentic

was purchased by Johan as a four-year-old and he started his

career under the saddle of Harrie Smolders, who was working

for Johan at that time. “Authentic is still one of the most winning

showjumpers in history. He has won three Olympic medals and

two World Equestrian Games medals. In 2007 they won the

Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen and they achieved a list of excellent

results. Authentic was just an extraordinary showjumper and

it still makes me proud that I was involved in his story.” The

sale of Garant, who became World Champion in the five-yearold

category with Willem Greve in 2016, was also purchased by

the Maddens through the mediation of Johan Heins. The Dutch

bred horse is now one of her top horses. “Normally I went to the

States several times a year, but everything has changed since

the Corona break. Fortunately, we can still regularly sell a horse

on the videos. Although it remains difficult to find new horses.

Luckily have a number of future talents under saddle from our

own breeding, that gives good hope for the future.”


Over the past years, the American team has achieved good

results and they are always serious competition for the European

riders. “There are many people with a lot of money in the States

and the sport has developed tremendously because of that.

But luckily it is not just a matter of money in our sport. It is

also about horsemanship, dedication, perseverance and talent.

And of course you can only achieve success with a very good

horse, because you can’t win the Tour de France on a cargo bike

either.” The American team often used Johan Heins's stables in

the small village De Schiphorst as their European base. Several

pictures on the wall in his house remind him of that and those

are more than once provided with kind words of thankfulness of

his American clients. The Netherlands is known for knowledge,

breeding and training of young showjumpers. But Johan sees

that it’s still harder to find the right people. “The equestrian sport

heroes of our time

'It’s difficult to find the right

people to train the young

horses, not only here in the

Netherlands but also in the

countries around us'

is something special, it takes a lot of time. Not only the training of

the horses but also to take good care of them, seven days a week.

It’s difficult to find the right people to train the young horses, not

only here in the Netherlands but also in the countries around us.”

Also the welfare issues are something that Johan sees as a threat

for the equestrian sport. “We really have to work on that, to keep

the image of our sport high. Although I am sure that 90 percent of

the sport horses here have a better life than at least 50 percent of

the people worldwide. But our sport is threatened and we all have

to deal with it wisely.”

Born in Havelte



1947 Start riding

for Alwin


Winning the

Grand Prix of

Indoor Friesland


1974 Competing at the

Olympic Games

Start working for



1977 Team gold and

individual gold at

the EC in Rome

4th place and

team silver at the

WC in Aachen



Start of own


End of career as a

competition rider


1982 Birth of daughter


Coach of the

Dutch national



1999 Dutch riders

winning gold and

silver at the OG

Two homebred

horses winning

the WC young




DSHS | The 2021 edition 11

heroes of our time

'I just followed

my instinct by using

that kind of mares

for breeding.

And it turned out very well'






In recent years, Johan has focused more on the breeding of

showjumpers. It came to an absolute highlight in 2008, when two

of his horses won the gold medal at the World Championship for

young horses in Lanaken. Former rider Michael Greeve won the

title for the seven-years-old aboard the Indoctro mare Ubalia,

while Maaike Bijlsma achieved the same outstanding result in

the six-year-old championship with the Indoctro son Vedor. Last

mentioned participated years later at the Olympic Games of

London under the saddle of Julia Lynch-Hargreaves. “The Lanaken

adventure was truly amazing. I had a few mares for breeding that

had too much blood for the sport itself. I would lie if I would say that

it was all wisdom, because I just followed my instinct by using that

kind of mares for breeding. And it turned out very well. Even now

we have a lot of horses from our own breeding under the saddle,

it always gives something extra.” This year Johan welcomed three

foals and for 2022 he has one mare in foal.


One of the riders at Stal Heins is Sophie Dalm from Ireland.

She works for Johan and has her own stable based at his place.

“My daughter Stefanie used to be the first rider, but due to her

pregnancy she is now taking a break. We are lucky to have Sophie

in our stable and we have around twenty horses between the ages

of four and ten. I always try to help the riders with the jumping

of the horses, it still brings me a lot of pleasure.” At the age of

74, Johan Heins looks back on an impressive career. “I have had

a great life and I've been lucky enough to find the right people,

who had faith in me and who I had the pleasure of working with.

I have always been able to do what I wanted. When I look back

on my career now, I cherish a lot of beautiful memories, but I am

especially grateful to be healthy. Successes are wonderful, but

health is and remains the most important thing”, concludes the

hero of our lifetime.


DSHS | The 2021 edition 13




Over the years a fair number of horses

have developed into true ambassadors

of our auction. It is our pleasure to shine

a spotlight on some of the super stars

sold at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales

between 2009 - 2017.

1. Apart

Larino x Burggraaf

Pieter Devos (BEL)

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level

2. Constable II (prev.: Cloe)

Harley VDL x Lupicor

Laura Kraut (USA)

Successful at CSI 5* 1.55m Level

4. Hello Senator (prev.: Everest)

Carambole x Indoctro

Scott Brash (UK)

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level

7. Kamara van 't Heike

Epleaser van 't Heike x Carthago

Maikel van der Vleuten (NED)

Successful at CSI5* 1.50m level

9. Private Life (prev.: Gibraltar P)

Verdi x Voltaire

Scott Stuart (USA)

Successful at top Hunter level

11. Shangri-la (prev.: Grapje)

Cardento X Goodwill

Alise Oken (USA)

Succesfull at CSI 3* 1.50m Level

3. Coronado (prev.: Charlie Grey)

Cassini I x Accord II

Nayel Nassar (EGY)

Successfull at CSI 5* 1.50m Level

5. Escoffier

Lord Z x Numero Uno

Barbara Schnieper (SUI)

Succesful at CSI 4* 1.55m level

6. Elisabeth

Applaus x Colman

Ida Selin (SWE)

Succesfull at CSI 2* 1.45m Level

8. Gamble (prev.: Gino)

Vingino x Indoctro

Connor Swail (IRL)

Successful at CSI 5* 1.50m level

10. Glamour Girl

VDL Zirocco Blue x Caletto I

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE)

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level

12. Chica B Z

Canturano x Berlin

Martin Fuchs (SUI)

Successful at CSI 5*1.60m level


DSHS | The 2021 2020 edition


sponsor spotlight


Zandonà begins its story in 1985, based in one of

the most important industrial districts in the world,

engaging in Research and Development of solutions for


In 1997 began the study and the implementation of the

first Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that was

completed and is on the market worldwide since 2001.

Since 2012 Zandonà is a guarantee of competence

and professionalism in the implementation of PPE

for equestrian use, exclusively designed, certified

and produced in Italy. The experience gained over

time allows the company to offer innovative products,

high in quality and covered by a functional design.

Cooperation with professional horsemen, external

designers, modellers and technicians is a stimulus

for Zandonà to innovate and for continuous

technical improvements. Sharing these experiences

contributes to further enrichment of the Research &

Development laboratory, making the Zandonà products

better in quality, performance, style & comfort.

Zandonà's reputation is growing among the horse

riding community and it is now the first choice of many

professional show jumping riders, dressage riders and

eventing/cross-country riders.

Among them there are Olympic medallists and

horse riding legends such as Andrew Hoy, Simon

Delestre, Penelope Leprevost, Laura Kraut, Gregory

Wathelet, Maikel dan der Vleuten, Lorenzo de Luca

but also rising stars in the equestrian world like

Filippo Bologni, Sönke & Semmieke Rothenberger,

Evelina Tovek, Valentina Remold and many others.

When it comes to protection of both horse and rider,

the wide and excellent variety of Zandonà products is

impressive and can respond to their necessities while

satisfying the needs and requirements to protect their

horses and themselves. An important note must be

also made to the highly rated customer service that

Zandonà takes in very high consideration and that tries

to quickly help all customers in the best possible way.

In the end, the 100% Made in Italy production is a

guarantee of quality, professionalism, innovation and

state-of-the-art design.

The mission is protecting passions,

the goal is the satisfaction of our customers.


DSHS | The 2021 edition 17

in pictures



The wild horses of Alberta: by Holly Grayton

Holly Grayton has spent her lifetime building her understanding and enthusiasm for horses. The North

American born photographer and designer has been a part of the equestrian industry for many years.

Holly competed on the showjumping circuit herself, before dedicating her career to the beauty of photography

and design. She is a well-known media representative at many sport's top events and has captured history

both in and around the show arena.

Her commitment to horses is not limited to top sport. A recent excursion to photograph wild horses in

Alberta, Canada with award winning photographer Debbie Garside illustrates that Holly's love for horses

knows no boundaries.

The Alberta mountains are located not far from the prestigious Spruce Meadows show jumping venue. Here

about 300 wild horses roam the Eastern slopes of Alberta. Life is not easy for these herds, especially the

Canadian winters can be trying. But through the lens of Holly's camera it is certainly a sight for sore eyes.

Being allowed to watch these beautiful horses in their natural habitat left Holly with strong feelings of

protection and admiration for them. "Ultimately, horses always prove their resilience, they are nothing if not

adaptable and competitive by nature."

For more of Holly’s work visit: www.graytdesigns.com


DSHS | The 2021 edition 19

in pictures

The mountains, they move us.

Just like the wild horses that inhabit them.


DSHS | The 2021 edition 21

in pictures

The wilderness

can be a

peaceful place

but it's called

wild for a reason.

Photographs and editing courtesy of Holly Grayton


DSHS | The 2021 edition 23

a familiar face


André Thieme will go down in history as the most successful German rider of 2021. The forty-six-year-old

rider competed in his first ever Olympic Games, won a team silver and individual gold medal at the European

Championships, only to top it all off with a victory in the FEI Nations Cup Final in Barcelona. “I have been

very fortunate with my horse, DSP Chakaria, she has been phenomenal! But I also owe part of my success

to the people that have believed in me all this time and without them I would not be where I am today.”

How did you get to know the Hendrix family & the DSHS?

“I got to know Paul Hendrix through a mutual friend, Emil

Spadone. That must’ve been over twenty years ago now when

I was riding in the United States. Emil had a stallion from

Paul, Almir’s Enterprise but he did not really enjoy the ride, so

he asked me to ride him. That’s how it all started.

Over the years I have ridden or bought horses from the

Hendrix family a lot. Starting with Kingston. He was the

first horse that I rode international classes with. Then there

was Neander, I won my first World Cup with him. And then

we ended up trading Neander back to Hendrix because

Michel needed a horse to compete with at the European

Championships for young riders.

I got Nacorde in Neader’s place. And Nacorde is the famous

horse that I won the Hamburg Derby with three times.

After that I got to ride Aragon Rouet who I won the HITS $1

Million-dollar Grand Prix in 2011 and Contendrix who I won

the same Grand Prix with in 2017, among other top prizes.

Your partnership with the Hendrix family goes way back.

Can you tell us about that piece of history?

It must've been luck on those horses. I am grateful the

Hendrix family choose me as a rider for them. I started my

career as a dressage rider (André’s father used to work as the

head trainer at the state stud in Redefin) and back in the day

I was known for willing to try and making a go of horses that

others might’ve thought were too strong or difficult. Because

I got to know the family so well over the years, they knew

which horses would fit me. They found

me lots of horses to ride, or we did a

partnership and they really helped me

develop my career. I’ve also bought a

few horses at the Dutch Sport Horse

Sales. One of them developed into

a very successful Grand Prix horse,

Ramona de Flobecq. The DSHS is

basically the only auction I visit. I find it hard at auctions to

find a horse that really meets the expectations. Since I’ve

known the family for so long it gives me confidence that when

I buy at the auction, I know every detail about the horse and

they will only have me try the ones that really suit me.

The past two years have been a roller coaster with COVID

and the Equine Herpesvirus. For you however it has been

quite a smooth ride?

It has been a period of mixed emotions for sure. Firstly, I want

to say the us equestrians have been very lucky and privileged.

The corona pandemic has not kept us from doing our jobs

during lockdown and relatively early we were also able to ride

at competitions again. For me I was very lucky to be at the

right place at the right time. During the winter in the USA

there are no indoor shows, we were able to keep on jumping

in Florida. And at that time the equine herpesvirus broke out

in Spain and never really reached America either. I was able to

keep on going there with Chakaria.

Two years ago, people started saying to me I had a real

chance to compete at the upcoming big championships with

Chakaria. When the Olympic Games were postponed for a

year due to COVID that was my luck. That gave me the time

develop the horse and give it enough experience to be on the

shortlist. Things just went pretty much perfect from there on

out. Chakaria jumped a clear round in every Grand Prix we

entered and then she won the final $1 Million-dollar Grand

Prix at the HITS too. After than I got to compete at basically

every Nations Cup there was and realized there was a real

chance to go to the Olympics. Eventually we got send to

Tokyo, it was too soon in Chakaria’s career. It was the first big

championship, not only for her but also for me. And things did

not go perfect. It was just a bit too much, but we did learn a


When we got back Otto Becker said we should go to the

European Championships. I was not sure about that and a

little nervous that it would be too much right after Tokyo. But

Otto was right. The experience was like nothing I’d ever had

before. I did not expect anything after the OS but Chakaria

just felt like she was ready to overcome anything. I do not

want to say she made it feel easy, but it did feel like she did not

'There was always

luck for me with the

Hendrix horses'

have to try hard at all. Day after day she kept on jumping clear

and I became more confident. Then at the last show of this

year, the Nations Cup finals in Barcelona she made those two

clear rounds feel like a breeze and easy as one-two-three. The

whole season with her was amazing!

What did this do to your confidence?

At the Olympics I struggled with myself for the first time,

I felt so much pressure. Being stuck like a prisoner in the

hotel room did not help and was

tough. Since Chakaria did not react

in the way I knew her, it felt like the

handbrake was on. I realized I needed

to fight for my country but there

was only so much I could do. Those

days were not nice. Especially since I

normally have a very stable frame of

mind and am able to calm my nerves before a competition

very well. But the pressure of everyone at home watching

and counting on me was harder than I envisioned. My

admiration for the riders that jump championships year after

year really grew so much! They all make it look like any other

competition, some do it even in an ice cold-robot like way.

When things did go the way I hoped at the European

Championships I realized I'd become mentally stronger by

overcoming that tough period. I felt like I could take on the

world and that maybe I was now also a legitimate member of

the championship squad of riders. I am very grateful to Otto

Becker and the other four gentlemen that decide who is part

of the team. The faith they had in me helped me become even

more confident as a rider.

A True Story

André has not just earned his successes by hard

work and good horsemanship. He recalls a moment

in time which shaped his career. “This is a true

story. It was almost twenty years ago. If knew Paul

quite well back then already, but it was before we

became the best of friends. During the winters in the

USA, we stay at the same house, we watch football

together and so forth and one night we were having

a conversation. I said: ‘I will never have a chance in

Germany to ride the big championships. There are

so many good and famous riders. I don’t feel I will

ever break those ranks and I am not sure I should

keep trying or just do something else.’ Then Paul

said: ‘No, you should keep going and have faith.'

He spoke about his brother Emile's career and how

that was also not always easy. Finally he said: 'I think

you do have a chance if you just believe in yourself.

And you know what, I will help you get there.’ In

the end Paul was so right! At that point it did not

really make sense, but he gave me the push I needed

and the faith to keep on going. I cannot begin to

tell you how happy I am we had that conversation!



DSHS | The 2021 edition 25

dshs awards

DSHS awards

Hello Senator

Winner 2019

Carambole x Indoctro

And the

award for Horse

of the year goes to...

And the

award for Youngster

of the year goes to...


Winner 2019

Vittorio x N-Aldato

With already 19 international victories the Zirocco Blue VDL daughter Glamour Girl has developed into an amazing ambassador

for the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. She recently won two 1.50m classes at the Global Champions Tour competition in Rome under

Henrik von Eckermann. Her track record and potential were the reason to choose this mare as the 2021 DSHS Horse of the Year.

As a five-year-old, Glamour Girl (Zirocco Blue VDL x Caletto I,

breeder Mieke Zoetelief), was purchased by Francois Mathy

in the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. One year later she started her

international sports career under the saddle of Senne Thomas,

with whom she participated in the World Championships for

six-year-olds in Lanaken. Charlotte Bettendorf then took over

the reins of this competitive mare and the first successes soon


Winning mood

In 2018, Glamour Girl finished 4th at the World Championships

for seven-year-olds with this rider and she continued to achieve

good results under Gaj Riossa and Richard Howley. Shortly after

winning the three-star Grand Prix of Opglabbeek under Howley,

the mare changed hands and started her amazing adventure

under top rider Henrik von Eckermann, who is now based in

Limburg. Out of the 19 victories already achieved, Glamour

Girl delivered ten under this rider, including recently in 1.50m

classes at five-star competitions in Stockholm, Valkenswaard


VDL Zirocco Blue x Caletto I

and twice in Rome. The duo also remained unbeatable in the

1.55m class of CSI5* Dinard and at the same competition they

finished sixth in the Rolex Grand Prix. Being only ten years

old, this Dutch bred mare has already a very respectable track

record and we hope to witness many more sporting successes in

the coming years. In the month after being named DSHS Horse

of the Year, Glamour Girl has claimed victories in the 1.60m

class of CSI5* Lyon and the 1.50m class of CSI5*-GCT Samorin.


Glamour Girl follows in the footsteps of Hello Senator,

Coronado, Chica B Z, Apart and others. During the 17th edition

of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales, an award made by the Limburg

artist Jos Dirix was presented to the original buyer of Glamour

Girl, Francois Mathy. His current rider Henrik von Eckermann

and his partner Janika Sprunger, who rode Glamour Girl for a

while herself, were also involved in the ceremony.

Text: Jenneke Smit


Cardento x For Pleasure

With her excellent victory in the prestigious Youngster Cup final in Aachen, the Cardento mare Naomi van het

Keizershof has made great publicity for the Dutch Sport Horse Sales last summer. This mare was auctioned in 2019

and is a promising future top showjumper under the saddle of Lorenzo de Luca.

Therefore she has been elected as this year’s DSHS Youngster of the Year.

Two years ago, Naomi van het Keizershof was one of the

favorites in the collection of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales

and during the auction she turned out to be the highlight of

the evening with a top price of 445,000 euros. This special grey

mare, bred by Leon Otten out of a For Pleasure mare, came

into the hands of Olympic rider Jessica Springsteen, with

whom she has already achieved several good international

results in both Europe and the United States of America.

Careful and fast

Under Jessica Springsteen’s partner Lorenzo de Luca, the

Cardento daughter Naomi van het Keizershof recently

experienced her greatest sporting success to date.

At the prestigious CHIO in Aachen, the mare performed well

with a lot of quality and carefulness. They claimed the victory

in the Youngster Cup final. This was a very technical course

at 1.45/1.50m level in which Lorenzo and Naomi stayed ahead

of a very strong field of competitors. Two days earlier, the

promising pair had already finished second in Aachen, after

starting well with a fourth place in the Youngster Tour on the

first day.

Great future

The eight-year-old mare has a great future ahead of her and

she can continue it as the DSHS Youngster of the Year 2021.

During the 17th edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales in

the Peelbergen Equestrian Centre, an award made by the

Limburg artist Jos Dirix was presented to Naomi’s proud

owners and riders Jessica Springsteen and Lorenzo de Luca.

After the memorable victory in Aachen, the Italian rider

took this amazing Belgian bred mare to the international

show in Samorin, where they produced two clear rounds

in the 1.40/1.45m classes. The DSHS-committee have high

expectations of Naomi and foresees many more top results

like this in the future!

Text: Jenneke Smit


DSHS | The 2021 edition 27

At home with



The stables of Martin Fuchs and his family are situated in Wängi, in the north of Switzerland. Six years ago,

the family found they had outgrown their stables in Bietenholtz and purchased a bigger accommodation,

to which they have added new buildings to meet the needs of the expanding business. Last September

there were no less than three horses from the DSHS-auction that also moved into Martin’s stables. Therefor

we found it was high time we paid the family a visit.

What are the features of the stables that are essential to you?

The extra space was essential for us to keep growing and to meet

the needs of the horses to allow them to keep advancing to a

higher level. We have a bigger indoor arena now, larger boxes, a

nice big grass ring and lots of fields. All the horses have outside

facing hatches, sand paddocks etc. They have all they need and

that is what’s most important.

How much were you involved with the building of the newer part

of the stables?

Part of the reason we moved there was to help me grow as a

rider. I was jumping at a continuously higher level back then

and my parents, Thomas and Renata, took charge of the whole

operation. They are very involved in everything and make what I

do possible. They took charge of all the technical aspects of the

new stables, tack rooms, the big new storage barn, the covered

truck parking, and apartments for the grooms. It has been a job

in motion but they have been there through all of it so I could

focus mainly on the sport.

What is your favorite sport at the stables?

On horseback in the grass ring, definitely!

What does a typical day look like when

you are at home?

Usually I ride the horses from 8h00

till 13h00 and after lunch I divide my

time between the necessary office

work, planning shows, horse dealing

etc. When I have the time, I like taking

Chaplin out for a hack to the nearby river.

My father has several clients at the stables

that he trains. When he is away, I help with

the training a little as well.

With your parents, grandfather

and uncle all being successful

equestrians, how big was the chance

you would not pursue the same


Very small! I’ve had a big

advantage to come from such

a background with so many

knowledgeable and experienced

people to help me. My whole family is

invested in my career, and we have the

same goals. It still took a lot of work to get

to where I am today, but the lessons I learned

and support I got made that road a lot easier.

I learned from the best, not only how to ride but also how to treat

a horse to become as good as possible as a combination.

What is your connection to the Hendrix family?

One of my owners, Adolfo Juri, used to buy horses from the

Hendrix family while he was still an owner for my uncle Markus.

One of the top horses my uncle jumped up till 1.60m level came

from Emile, Nirmette. A Dutch bred mare by Ramiro. Our families

have remained close.


Karin II CH

I jumped my first Grand Prix’s with Karin and

European Junior Championships and my first Nations


Principal 12

Principal was also a special horse to me. He took me

round in my first 5* Grand Prix and on many other


PSG Future

I’ve had him since he was a seven-year-old and

brought him up to top level. He is one of my most

successful Grand Prix horses.

Clooney 51

Obviously. He has played a huge part in my career

so far. Besides the silver medal at the WEG in Tryon,

winning the European Championships in 2019 and

jumping my first Olympic games he means more to

me than victories can tell. He is the most successful

horse in Swiss history, and I am so proud of



This horse is larger than life. He is the biggest

fighter, the coolest horse with such a huge

character. He has won so many Grand Prix and

other top-level classes with me and besides that

also won my heart.

Leone Jei

Winning team gold and individual silver at the 2021

European Championships is quite an achievement

for an only nine-year-old horse. He also place eight

in the Grand Prix of Aachen so I expect this horse will

amount to a lot more in his future career for sure.


DSHS | The 2021 edition 29

At home with

'When I have the time,

I like taking Chaplin

out for a hack

to the nearby river'

'Clooney has played a huge

part in my career. He is the most

successful horse in Swiss history,

and I am so proud of him'

Emile kept saying that if he even came across a horse that he

believed would suit me, he would call. And a few years ago, he

did. When Emile called, that is when we went to Baarlo to try

Leone Jei as a six-year-old. We fell in love right away and has lived

up to our expectations. As a seven-year-old he jumped clears only

in the youngster tour in Aachen which is when you could really

tell he had the capability to become a great Grand Prix horse. I

mean it is a long way from having a talented horse to proving it.

So we spent his eight year building him up for the big sport and

with him winning a silver medal at just nine-year-old at a big

championship like the Europeans, it is fair to say has it all.

bought for me at the auction. The other two horses, Harry &

Lusina HX, are just five-years old but I still see a lot of potential

in them although it is harder to judge. I said that if I could have

any of the three it would be Viper Z, so I am very happy that Luigi

secured all three.

What about the horses bought at the DSHS, tell us a bit more

about them.

We’ve acquired quite a few horses at the auction. For instance,

Chica B Z (by Canturano), who was one of the best horses we

bought. She placed up to 1.60m level and was very successful

with me for many years. There was also Dino (by Vingino) who

we sold on to Brian Cournane who jumped him at five-start level

and represented the Irish team with him many times.

This year we had our eye on several horses. I tried them all and

afterwards they were all on the potential purchase list with

Viper Z as a favorite. As a seven-year-old he is the most experienced

out of the three horses that my owner, Luigi Baleri,


DSHS | The 2021 edition 31

Limburg Foal Auction



Quality and

great genes

in the Limburg Foal Auction



No less than 75 jumping foals were auctioned during the 20th edition of the Limburg Foal

Auction. The genetically interesting Reflex by Nature (s.Cento) was sold to France for

the top price of €42,000 and with an average price of €10,800, the auction has once again

proven its great value. The majority of the foals are sold to clients from abroad.

Stal Hendrix Baarlo

Napoleonsbaan Zuid 32

5991 ND Baarlo

The Netherlands


HX Breeding

Rijksweg 45

5995 NT Kessel

The Netherlands


Stal Hendrix Kessel

Rijksweg 45

5995 NT Kessel

The Netherlands


In recent years the average price has

improved almost every year. Even after

a year of absence, that line continued

in 2021. Two days after the traditional

auction another 30 foals were sold for good

prices in an online Limburg Foal Auction.

International sales

The collection of the live auction included

many genetically valuable foals, such as

direct offspring of Grand Prix mares.

The Cento offspring Reflex by

Nature, out of the

Text: Jenneke Smit

Grand Prix mare Carrière (s.Catoki), was

the top seller. This future talent bred by

Stan and Daan Creemers goes to France

for €42,000. Also for promising foals

such as Bon Bini Z (s.Balou de Reventon,

€29,500), the daughter of the Grand

Prix mare Rosana du Park: Charlotte O

Z (s.Conthargos, €25,500) and Rapollo

(s.Colman, €26,000) good prices were paid.

“I estimate that at least 80 percent of the

foals have been sold to foreign clients

and we have again achieved a very high

sales percentage”, tells Paul Hendrix. “It

appears time and again that it’s a very

strong concept to auction the foals the day

after the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.”

Great average

In the online auction, the Carrico filly Candy

Girl G Z -out of the direct damline of the

DSHS Horse of the Year Glamour Girl, was

sold to Emil Spadone as the top seller. “With

the Limburg Foal Auction, we have really set

ourselves the goal of helping the breeders

to move forward. Our auction is a perfect

bridge between the best breeders from this

area, and a large network of international

buyers. The foals have been sold to the United

States, Canada, Lebanon, Italy, France and

Scandinavia, and other countries. As an

organization we are proud that with such

a large number of foals we have been able

to achieve a higher average price in the live

auction than ever before”, says Paul Hendrix



DSHS | The 2021 edition 33




We continue from page 11 -12 with another

collection of ambassadors. Sold at the Dutch

Sport Horse Sales between 2017 - 2019.

Some of these horses are all still relatively

young, but they are all jumping from strength

to strength.

13. Harvard HX

Bustique x Calido

Shane O'Maera (IRL)

Successful at CSI 2* 1.45m level

15. Icebreaker (prev. Investment)

Nabab de Reve x Heartbreaker

Dakoda Mower (USA)

Successful at CSI 2* 1.45m level

18. Jean Couture

Arezzo VDL x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve

Donald Whitaker (GBR)

Succesful in International Young Horse Classes

20. Night's Watch

Coratio x Golden Miller

Oliver Lazarus (RSA)

Successful at CSI2* 1.45m level

22. Jykarlos

Warrant x Holland

Fredrik Spetz (SWE)

Successful in International Young Horse Classes

14. Ici

Douglas x Lux

Shane O'Maera (IRL)

Succesful in International Young Horse Classes

16. Joyko van Keysershof

Entertainer x Lovefever

Jill Silvandersson (SWE)

Successful in International Young Horse Classes

17. Naomi van het Keizershof

Cardento x For Pleasure

Lorenzo de Luca / Jessica Springsteen (USA)

Winner Youngster Cup CHIO Aachen 2021

19. Isabella HX

Diamant de Semilly x Libero H

Sanna Backlund (FIN)

Succesful in International Young Horse Classes

21. Illusion

Don Diablo HX x Voltaire

Edouard Schmitz (SUI)

Successful in International Young Horse Classes

23. Golia

Bustique x BCoriano

Marlo Modolo Zanotelli (BRA)

Successful at CSI 3* 1.45m level

34 DSHS | The 2021 2020 edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM


DSHS | The 2021 2020 edition 35

the next generation


Michel Hendrix

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Digishots

In the summer of 2020, Michel Hendrix and

his partner Kim Huige moved to their new

facility in Kessel. With the welfare of the

horses in mind, they designed an extraordinary

accommodation which offers the very best

training facilities. Michel was involved in

creating this dream from the first draft and

enjoys the result day in, day out. At this new

department of Stal Hendrix, the focus is on

training showjumpers up to Grand Prix level.

One team

Michel (34) comes from a family that has revolved around

horses for generations and at the age of 21, after completing

his study, he decided to gain valuable experiences at other

renowned stables. “First I went to Emil Spadone in the

United States for a few months, where I have learned a

lot about the American sport, their way of working and

trading. At that time, the States were already one of the

most prominent markets for Stal Hendrix, which made it

extra valuable for me to experience everything up close.”

From one to two locations

After returning to work at home for a while, Michel then

moved to the stables of Ludger Beerbaum. “You can learn a

lot there and I could really focus on riding and management.

You already learn a lot just by participating in their

system. After that period, I returned home and in the same

moment my cousin Timothy also returned to Baarlo, after

he had gained experiences elsewhere. At that time we were

all together at Stal Hendrix Baarlo. After Timothy and I

indicated that we would really like to continue with our

family business, my father and uncle decided to continue

at two locations. Because of that decision we have all

been able to grow. I have always mainly concentrated on

the sport, had a successful Young Riders period and then

progressed to the highest level with horses like my former

top mount Baileys.

At the same time, the breeding part of Stal Hendrix also

grew steadily, which had consequences for my father’s

stable in Kessel.” A stallion stud has been realized at this

Stal Hendrix location, and at the same place the foals are

born and young horses are raised. “That takes up a lot of

space and there is always a lot going on. And because I really


DSHS | The 2021 edition 37

Facilities Stal Hendrix Kessel

Michel's stable is just a stone’s throw

away from Paul’s Stal Hendrix stable

in Kessel. The new accommodation,

which was realized in 2020, includes

the following facilities:

• 24 spacious stalls

• Indoor arena 30x60m

• Outdoor arena 50x80m

• Indoor walker

• Outdoor lunging circle

• 8 grass fields

• Tack rooms & washing places

• Reception area & offices

want to focus on top developing horses in the international

sport, it is not always easy to have to train the Grand Prix

horses in the same arena as the just broken in three-yearolds.

My sister Janou and I are closely involved in the

Hendrix breeding and see it as an important part of our

family business. In order to maintain this, certain choices

had to be made, and that has led to this beautiful new barn.

Only a few hundred meters away from my father’s stable.”

Thought of every detail

After about a year and a half of construction, Michel and

Kim could move into the new stable in June 2020. Pieter

Keunen also moved to the new location.

“We complement each other very well

and Kim supports me and Pieter with

riding the horses. The three of us take

care of 24 horses over here. A lot of time

has gone into designing and building

the new barn, but I am happy with every

single detail. We have clearly opted for a spacious layout,

with lots of light and a wide view. Because I have worked at

other stables and of course gained all the experience with

our locations in Baarlo and Kessel, I knew exactly how

the new facility had to be. This barn is really built to our


Michel's wishes included a centrally located entrance and

a wonderful, spacious reception area. The horses have

‘We enjoy our


every day’

the next generation

spacious stables in which they can have contact with other

horses, there is lots of light and air coming in from all

sides. The horses all have windows to the outside and every

stable is covered in rubber. The washing areas are centrally

located and separated from the stables, which makes sure

the horses can rest during the day and it’s always quiet

in the stable area. The horse walker is located under the

same roof, at the backside of the building with again a lot

of light, air and a great view. The farrier and the vet have

their own workplace with a canteen, and besides that

there is a lot of space for storage of blankets, stuff, food and

roughage. Everything seems to have been thought of and

with great attention to detail. “We enjoy

our new accommodation every day. We

can work optimally with the horses and

we really notice that the horses feel very

comfortable here. They are relaxed and

we make great use of our paddocks and

grass fields. And we have tried to bring

the feeling from the outside in. This is partly due to the

many windows, a high roof and natural light.”

Bright future

Michel’s sporting ambitions are undiminished, although

more and more things have been added to his list ofthings

that require his attention. “I certainly have some very good

up and coming talents in the stable, including Bustique

son Hendrick’s HX which comes from our own breeding

It is sometimes quite a challenge to keep up with the sport,

while trading is one of the main activities of Stal Hendrix.

The trading not only requires a lot of effort, but sometimes

also forces you to make choices that do not benefit you

as a rider with top level ambitions. My father is still very

active and is responsible for all breeding related activities

at Stal Hendrix. But in the future my sister Janou and I

will increase our involvement in this. Luckily, we see the

positive results of the Hendrix breeding day in, day out. As

a family we work very closely, and we all have the same

vision, ambitions and mindset. Over the years we have

created a great team around us and especially with this

new accommodation, I can’t wait to see what the future

brings for us”, concludes Michel.




all of our



DSHS | The 2021 edition 39

Family Hechme, Tim Hendrix and Oda Charlotte Lyngvaer

Francie Looke and Frederica Fiorentini

The RED Carpet


The DSHS-auction is a place

where old friends meet and

keep a keen eye out for the

extraordinary horses at the

Dutch Sport Horse Sales, like

Francois Mathy. The Belgian

equestrian was the original

buyer of Glamour Girl, the

horse that earned the title

Horse of the Year 2021.

McLain Ward, Francois Mathy and Ezequiel Peralta

Family Vos

'We look forward

to it every year'

Burcu Ozdemir, Efe and Agata Siyahi

Yves Houtackers and Brigitte Vanhalme

'We enjoy a night filled

with family, friends and

a top ambiance'

Family Calabro

Ioli Mytilineou

and Harold Megahey

Mrs. and Mr. Thieme

Marie Valdar Longem and Cilia Ghaibi

This happy couple are also regular

visitors at our auction. It was the

first time however that we got

to enjoy a performance by Ioli at

the European Championships for

Seniors this year. Her EC-debut

performance with Levis de Muze

was thus impressive that she was

named 'most likely to succeed

debutante' by the Dutch press.

Mrs. & Mr. Goltz

40 DSHS | The 2021 edition



DSHS | The 2021 edition


meet the locals

Georgina, known as Georgie, and Oliver were very much

involved with the design process and build of the yard,

and it shows. The venue is set-up to cater to each

horse's needs and to make the day-to-day running's perfectly

effective and comfortable for their clients and staff. Due to the

immaculate maintenance, the showjumping stable still looks

like new but at the same time it also feels like home.

Rocky start

Seated in the welcoming lounge of the main building, Georgie

and Oliver look back how it all began. Besides the vast distance

of their origins, the likelihood of the pair ending up together

was very slim. "We did not particularly like each other the

first time we met, which was back in 2014", Georgie smiles.

"I was looking for new stables to rent in Germany and one of

the places we visited was were Oliver rented his stables at the

time. It was definitely not love at first sight, but he did help us

find the stables we eventually ended up renting."

By then Oliver had already started his own business after riding

on and off for Ludger Beerbaum's stables for several years.

He had also actively pursued the options of building his own

stables together with a business partner. But those plans did

not turn out as expected, the project to set up shop in Belgium

fell through and he was once again sent back to the drawing

board. "After about two or three years things got more serious

between Georgie and me and we started looking for a place

to develop together. Because I was able to win her heart

eventually", Oliver says with a wink to Georgie.


Meet the locals

Australian born Georgina Harvey and South-African Oliver Lazarus are a well-known couple on the equestrian circuit. Even

though they were born worlds apart, their paths crossed thanks to a joined passion for the showjumping sport. Almost

three years ago, the pair settled on the 'equestrian strip' in Valkenswaard were they run their venture, Team Equest.

"We've both lived in many different places, but from the start we knew that this location was right for us", Oliver begins

to explain the journey that led them to the Netherlands.

Premium location

"When this plot came up with the planning permission already

settled, we knew it was a great opportunity in a premium

location. We are close to many other countries, show venues

and airport and have quite a lot of friends living nearby. Looking

back on the build there is really nothing we would've done

differently. It is a mirrored layout with one side of the stables

for us and one side for clients. All the horses have a window

in and outside, we have individual tack rooms, lots of storage,

nice apartments for the guests and staff and good footing in

the indoor and outdoor arena. We could not be happier how the

stable has turned out.

New home

It is a good thing that the couple is now fully settled in and grown

accustomed to the Netherlands, because not before long their

family of two will welcome a new member. Georgie jumped her

last international show in July and has shifted her focus on

becoming a parent. Something that is extra challenging when

the rest of your family lives far away. Georgie was born and

raised in New South Wales/Sydney, Australia. Both her parents

are serious horse lovers, and the family is known for setting up

Magic Millions. A thoroughbred auction house renowned for

'When Ollie first jumped

Nicky, he smiled

all the way round'

'We feel at home here.

It's just the cold Dutch

winters that are hard to

get used to'


its Gold Coast Yearling Sale which also organizes the biggest

race event on the Southern Hemisphere, the ten-day long Star

Gold Coast Magic Millions Carnival and Raceday.

It was a sure bet that Georgie would catch the 'horse bug', but to

the discontent of her father his daughters love for horses was

not for the many thoroughbred horses the family breeds and

sells. "It took years before my dad gave up hope I would develop

an interest in racing. And when that did not happen, he hoped I

would jump the thoroughbreds. He had loads of those and felt

spending money on showjumpers was unnecessary. I spent

my first summer in Europe in 2011 with my then trainer Julia

Hargraves. Eventually we knew that to really professionalize

in showjumping we had to move to Europe." A path that Oliver

also took but at a younger age.

The right way

"I began spending my school holidays in the UK with Geoff

Billington when I was 12 years old. We'd always had horses at

home because my mum was an avid amateur rider. I jumped in

all the pony classes back in South Africa, but the difference in

level and overall experience in Europe was mind blowing. Back

home we had staff for everything and at Geoff's I really got

to learn how to muck out a stable, tack-up and live the horse

show life, sleeping in the truck etcetera. It was great fun", Oliver

looks back. " At seventeen I had ridden my first senior Nations

Cup and started working for Ludger. I have had the pleasure

of representing my country twice in a big championship: the

World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010 and in Cannes

in 2014. These experiences are like a nasty drug, you keep on

wanting more. When the 2018 WEG in Tryon came into view I

had one horse that would be able to compete but was not really

at the level to make a difference. Don't get me wrong, I am very

ambitious, but not at all costs. Both me and Georgie believe

in taking our time and developing horses the right way. To let

them grow into their own and not rush them to top level just

because they show potential. Like Nicky for instance. He has

quite a funny story actually..." Read on below.

One of the horses the pair is slowly developing is Night's Watch,

known as Nicky. A now eight-year-old gelding (by Coriato x

Golden Miller) which was sold at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales

back in 2019. "The funny thing is that the first meeting with

Night's Watch was also not love at first sight. Mathijs van Asten

send me a video about a year ago, saying a friend's girlfriend had

a horse that was quite sharp and careful, and thought I should

have a look. We did and I asked him if I could have a sit on the

horse. When I first tried Nicky as a seven-year-old he trotted

around lazy and looked like the lacked blood. I said to Georgie:

'I do not want to jump him, I am not feeling it'. Out of politeness

I said I would jump some verticals and after three obstacles I was sold! I had a hard time controlling my enthusiasm to be honest."

Oliver continues: "You see, when Nicky sees a jump, he changes into a completely different horse. He is hyper intelligent and waists

no energy. At home he is often quite lazy but when the jumping starts, you see a glint in his eyes appear and he is ready to go. Jumping

so careful and eager. Because of his compact confirmation, people wonder if he has enough scope to go up another level. But each

time we do, he proves them wrong. The bigger it gets the easier he makes it feel. I have very high expectations for him indeed."


DSHS | The 2021 edition 43

Home of



Bridging the gap between elite auctions

With more equestrian auctions being held online or in a hybrid

form with live auctions, it is not easy to keep track of them all.

Remembering which lot is a favorite and when a specific foal, horse or

embryo is up for auction can be a challenge. Barnbridge was founded

to make the auction market more accessible and easier to keep track of.

The founders of Barnbridge saw an opportunity to bring individual

auctions together on one platform and to help auction organizers

reach an even broader audience. The aim of Barnbridge is to gather all

the lots of equestrian auctions and keep their website users connected

and up to date.

Search alerts

The Barnbridge website gives an overview of upcoming and past

auctions, including each individual lot per auction. Members can create

personalized search alerts to get notifications when specific auctions

or horses match their filters. This feature ensures that members will

never have to miss an auction or a specific lot.

Erik Jerneld

Select pedigrees & more

For example, say you' d like to invest in a horse bred from of a specific

sire. Or a lot that has a certain stallion in the dam line. Just enter your

preferences in your personal profile and when new lots are added that

meet your requirements, you will receive a notification.

All the lots of

elite auctions

gathered on

one platform.


Barnbridge is also gradually building an archive. Together with the

auction partners the platform will provide an extensive database of

equestrian lots that have been auctioned. Each sold lot will be saved

and if made available the hammer price of each individual lot will be

accessible to Barnbridge members.


Auction organizations can use the platform to increase their visibility

and connect with potential clients. Even though the platform only

launched two months ago, many elite auctions have already signed up

as a partner. These include among others the Zangersheide Auction,

KWPN Auction, The Billy Stud Auction, Flanders Auctions, Prinsjesdag

Auction, Bolesworth Elite Auctions, F.O.S. Auction, Swedish Select

Horse Sales and the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.

Become an insider

With a passion for auctions the founders are also planning to add in

depth interviews with people from the industry and market statistics

in the new year. The platform highlight's the best of the auction world

and is due to become the go-to website for live and online auctions.

Janou Hendrix

The Founders

Barnbridge is the brainchild of Erik Jerneld and

Janou Hendrix. Both entrepreneurs are involved

with organizing horse and or foal auctions

and they’ve joined forces to make the world

of equestrian auctions more easily accessible

and transparent. “At any given moment there

can be up to twenty auctions going on at the

same time. As a potential buyer it is easy to

miss lots that could be interesting, just because

there is so much information spread over the

different auction websites. With Barnbridge the

information is all in one place.”


Scan to learn more &

to become a member


DSHS | The 2021 edition 45

Fun facts

Fun facts

Have you ever had an angel pee on your tongue? Sounds awful we know, but for a chef in the Netherlands it

is a big compliment to hear dinner guests claim they have. This is just one of many Dutch sayings that raises

an eyebrow or two. And on that note we thought it would be fun to take a look at other phrases and sayings

us equestrians have and make little to no sense to those outside the world of horses. We are sure you will

recognize some phrases which might’ve left you explaining yourself at one point or another.

Being knocked down at an

auction is a good thing and

does not hurt at all

There are many green horses

although chances you have

actually seen one are very small

Hacking is

considered a

great passing of

time and is not

illegal by any

means, unless

you wander off

the beaten path

If you google grooming

will find the first results

all refer to sex offences.

Luckily in the equestrian

world, grooming means

something very different

Talking lovingly about

you ‘chestnut’ might

also require some


Heels down has nothing to do

with dragging one’s feet, it is

a vital part of a rider’s posture

and considered a good thing


DSHS | The 2021 edition 47




SEE YOU IN 2018!

We would like to invite you to the 2018

edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.

Mark October 1st and 2nd on your

calendar so you won’t miss the event.

The following day, October 3rd, the

prestigious Limburg Foal Auction will be

held at the same location. Last year, 109

dressage- and jumper foals went under

the hammer.

In the meantime, we would be pleased

to inform you of news regarding the

auction. Please see below for our contact


If you have any suggestions or notices,

you can always contact us by e-mail. Our

team is at your disposal throughout the












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You can find the latest news


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Cover: Meghan Bacso

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P32,33: Sportfot, Erin Gilmore, Clicphoto,

Stefan Keturi, Jack Mancini, Ben Radvayni,

Haley Kane Photography, S. McMiller, Digishots

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P32: a look Dick at Holthuis the gorgeous pictures

P34-37: Luc van Moorsel

that were taken during the

P38,39: Luc van Moorsel

P41-43: Pexels, Shutterstock auction

P45: Dick Holthuis

selection committee

DSHS Presentation

Monday, October 1,



Emile Hendrix

Michel Hendrix

DSHS Auction

Tuesday, October 2,






Presentation DSHS



26 st 2022

Auction DSHS



27 th 2022

Limburg Foal Auction



28 th 2022



Janou Hendrix

You can find the latest news

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Kristian Strøm, Dirk Caremans, Equisport.photo

P34-39: Digishots

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42-43: Digishots, Stefan Kemper

45: Eva van den Adel, Digishots

46-48: Digishots


As stated in the articles or:

Eva van den Adel



DSHS | The 2021 edition 49




We courteously invite you to the next

edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.

Please mark September 26 st and 27 th in

your calendar. It will be our pleasure to

welcome you on these days.








The following day on September 28 th

the Limburg Foal Auction will be held

at the same location.

In the meantime, you can always

contact us by e-mail should you have

any questions or suggestions:







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