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<strong>DSHS</strong><br />

Dutch Sport<br />

Horse Sales<br />

07<br />

ISSUE NO.<br />

ANDRE<br />

THIEME<br />

A familiar face<br />


'Home is were the horses are'<br />


All the lots of elite auctions on one platform<br />


Heroes of our time: 'I cherish a lot of beautiful memories'<br />


Dutch SOCCER pro<br />



stal hendrix KESSEL<br />

the next generation<br />


<strong>DSHS</strong> AWARDS<br />


in the spotlight<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition<br />


contents<br />

ISSUE NO.<br />

0<br />

7<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />


Column: Bert van Marwijk 3<br />

'The verdict is still out on Messi'<br />

Heroes of our Time 7 - 12<br />

The memories of Johan Heins<br />

Sponsor Highlight 14 - 15<br />

The key success ingredients of Zandonà<br />

26 - 29<br />


In Pictures 16 - 21<br />

The wild horses of Alberta<br />

A Familiar Face 22 - 23<br />

The rise of André Thieme<br />

Through it all.<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> Awards 24 - 25<br />

Glamour Girl & Naomi van het Keizershof<br />

At Home with 26 - 29<br />

Martin Fuchs & family<br />

The Next Generation 34 - 37<br />

Michel Hendrix shows us around his new barn<br />

16 - 21<br />


14 - 15<br />



Meet the Locals 40 - 41<br />

Georgie Harvey & Oliver Lazarus are all settled<br />

Get to Know 42 - 43<br />

Barnbridge: A hub for elite auctions<br />

Fun Facts 45<br />

Horse talk that needs explaining<br />

31<br />


FOAL<br />


34 - 37<br />

THE NEXT<br />


2 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 3


‘Accepting and respecting each other is<br />

the only way a team can achieve success'<br />

COLUMN<br />

I 've gotten to know Paul and the rest of the Hendrix family<br />

because of Jumping Peel & Maas. Every year they host this<br />

national showjumping event and on the eve before the<br />

show the local business club organizes a get-together with<br />

sports personalities and such. The proceeds of the evening<br />

are always donated to the Jeugd Fonds Sport en Cultuur.<br />

An organization that helps underprivileged children play<br />

sports. I am an ambassador for this charity and hence<br />

have attended the event in Kessel several times. And when<br />

you get talking about sports you will find that teamwork is<br />

always the basis of success.<br />

Training • Showjumping • Quality sales<br />

My understanding of showjumping is very limited, I just know it is equally<br />

challenging, if not more challenging, than football. But since my daughter<br />

also rides, I am on a learning curve when it comes to horses. We’ve asked<br />

Paul for advice once or twice. He is always helpful and ready to share<br />

his knowledge. I value that a lot and over time our friendship has even<br />

evolved in me being a co-owner of a young horse with him. The fact that<br />

he is also a soccer fan means we have very interesting conversations<br />

about the similarities and differences between our sports.<br />

Stern stuff<br />

There are many similarities when it comes to teamwork and what is<br />

expected of the athletes. Whether it being 11 men or a rider-and-horse<br />

combination. However, in the world of football the pressure is different.<br />

This sport and everyone involved is more in the public eye. The impact of<br />

results or lack thereof is many times greater than in other sports. What<br />

we do lies under a magnifying glass. You have to be made of stern stuff<br />

if you want to keep your head in the game. In top sport the pressure<br />

athletes experience is a form of positive tension that makes them<br />

perform even greater. The adrenaline and will to win are accelerators.<br />

But if the pressure to perform becomes too high the risk of losing more<br />

than just a match is very great. It is a fine line between enough and too<br />

much pressure and in top sport that is a reality you deal with every day.<br />

Unity<br />

It all comes down to the fact that in a team you are stuck with each<br />

other, at least for a while, and you have to make the best of it. That is<br />

the biggest challenge I encounter as a coach. The only way for a team<br />

to achieve unity and success is to work together. Unlike other coaches I<br />

do not believe in creating a hierarchy, nor do I rely on certain scientific<br />

studies on how teams should be managed. A good group dynamic is<br />

not created, it forms naturally as the result of mutual understanding,<br />

acceptance, and respect. And I think that also applies to horses and<br />

their riders. There are only a few 'unicorns' in football: players you can<br />

place in any team anywhere in the world and they will perform and<br />

bring success at the highest level. For example, Ruud Gullit, Marco van<br />

Basten and Cristiano Ronaldo. The verdict is still out on Lionel Messi,<br />

who has been a shining star at FC Barcelona for years and now has to<br />

settle in at Paris Saint-German and prove his worth. I would compare<br />

Messi to the Totilas story, if the match is right, he will rise again but<br />

success is never a guarantee.<br />

Bert van Marwijk<br />

Former Dutch football player,<br />

national team coach and<br />

renowned international trainer,<br />

Confrontation<br />

A good coach is able to make the best team out of players that are not<br />

all the best as individuals. To find the strengths of each player and<br />

have the athletes use their skills to the benefit the team, that is what<br />

coaching is about! I do not believe it is necessary for everyone to be<br />

friends in order to perform well. As a coach or a player, you need to be<br />

able to tell the truth to each other and get on with the task at hand.<br />

And being truthful can be a little painful. I am known for being direct<br />

because I believe it is the most efficient way to communicate. With<br />

that said, I will try to be as tactful as possible. Us Dutch are known for<br />

being quite direct or even blunt. Keeping that in mind, to get results<br />

and meet goals you need to make it work for you and not against you. If<br />

everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.<br />

Invaluable<br />

Being able to influence athletes and convey the feeling that they<br />

matter as an individual but are invaluable as a team player, that is a big<br />

part of a trainer's job. If there is no team spirit, there is no long-term<br />

success. Winning and losing occasionally is not a sustainable goal. You<br />

need to play at the top of your game every game and if you have the<br />

right team that will lead to consecutive success. Loosing is inevitable in<br />

any sport but the less it happens the more invincible you will become.<br />

4 <strong>DSHS</strong> |<br />

yveshoutackers Yves Houtackers y.houtackers@gmail.com<br />


<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 5

The RED Carpet<br />


Gerrit Derks and Jos Althuyzen<br />


Jacky, Ricky and Marie Schalken<br />

Emil Spadone, Tom Smeets and Darby Toben<br />

Wilton Porter, Chris Dubbeldam, Lucas Porter,<br />

Olivia Pleijsier and Brooke de Boer<br />

"Looking<br />

forward to the<br />

auction"<br />

Ken Ruysen and Aniek Poels Sophie Hinners and Richard Vogel<br />

"Always a great<br />

ambiance and<br />

a warm welcome"<br />

Declan McGarry, Tiernan Gill, Elaine and Tom Slattery<br />

Team Hattel Horse<br />

Henrik von Eckermann<br />

Alise Oken and Sean Crooks<br />

Swedish showjumper Henrik von<br />

Eckermann is a regular visitor<br />

of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.<br />

At the moment this picture<br />

was taken he had no idea that<br />

later on in the evening he would<br />

be photographed again at the<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> Award ceremony. His ride<br />

Glamour Girl won the title Horse<br />

of the Year. To read more about<br />

this winning team, see page 24.<br />

Henrik von Eckermann<br />

Matias Larocca, Sofie Slattery, Rebekka Gillespie and Nicolas Torro Ebba and Eva Danielson, Jonna and Vincent Voorn<br />

See who joined us<br />

for a great evening!<br />

6 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition<br />



<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 7

Fly First Class<br />

HEROES<br />

OF OUR<br />

TIME<br />

Official flight partner of the<br />

Johan Heins<br />

The sportive career of Johan Heins has been marked by many highlights. A few years after winning<br />

individual and team gold at the European Championships in 1977, he decided to stop as a top level<br />

rider. Johan Heins has continued his impressive career as a trainer, scout, trader and coach. And<br />

also as a breeder he has already had some remarkable successes. As far as he is concerned, the end<br />

of those successes is not yet in sight.<br />

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Remco Veurink<br />

In the series 'Heroes of our lifetime' this time one of the most<br />

successful showjumping riders in the Netherlands ever. After<br />

Johan Heins started his professional career at the local riding<br />

school of Roelof Werners, he made a big step in 1970 with moving<br />

to the stables of the legendary Alwin Schockemöhle. He worked<br />

for three-and-a-half year at this stable in Germany. “Back in the<br />

days, Alwin was definitely one of the best riders in the world. It<br />

was a fantastic experience to work for him”, tells Johan Heins.<br />

Passion.<br />

Safety.<br />

Excellence in International Horse Shipping<br />

Transporting the competitive horse world one flight at a time<br />

Experience. www.horseflight.com<br />

Big changes<br />

When Johan Heins compares the sport of then with today, he sees<br />

many differences. “The numbers have become much larger, in<br />

terms of riders, horses as well as the competitions. Thirty five ago<br />

you had 20 competitors in the 1.20m class and five in the 1.30m<br />

class in this area. That has now multiplied. Also the horses have<br />

changed much, they have way more blood. In the past it was all<br />

about scope and power and the German horses excelled in that.<br />

Now we see as many female as male riders and that also<br />

'The sport requires a different<br />

type of horse nowadays'<br />

8 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 9

has consequences for the ideal<br />

type of horse. Certainly in the<br />

American style of riding it is<br />

all about lightness and agility<br />

instead of power. Sometimes<br />

the jumps used to be higher<br />

in my time, but with many<br />

poles, deeper cups and much<br />

less technical lines. The sport<br />

requires a different type of horse<br />

nowadays.” It’s remarkable that<br />

Johan Heins has achieved his<br />

greatest successes with sevenyear-old<br />

horses. “Now you would<br />

almost immediately be sent to<br />

prison for that,” he laughs. “In<br />

1978 I reached the 'final four'<br />

at the World Championship in<br />

Aachen with Pandur Z, who<br />

was just seven years of age. Gerd<br />

Wiltfang won that championship<br />

with the seven-year-old Romaan.<br />

You will never see that happen<br />

again. The selection of the horses<br />

was also very different, the<br />

farmers worked with the horses<br />

and every horse that could not<br />

handle the work, was send away.<br />

Now the vet is called immediately if a horse is not sound or in<br />

pain.” One of his biggest achievements, winning individual and<br />

team gold at the European Championship in 1977, Johan climbed<br />

aboard the nine-year-old Irish thoroughbred Seven Valleys.<br />

Educational<br />

After an intensive and instructive period with Alwin<br />

Schockemöhle, Johan Heins worked from 1977 to 1979 for Leon<br />

Melchior at Studfarm Zangersheide. “I had a wonderful time<br />

'At some point<br />

you have to make a<br />

decision'<br />

there and I am delighted to see<br />

that Judy-Ann is now following,<br />

in her own way, in the footsteps<br />

of her father.” Already at the age<br />

of 35, Johan retired from the top<br />

sport. “That was certainly early,<br />

but I had seen it all after these<br />

years, being away from home 40<br />

to 50 weekends a year. I wanted<br />

to focus on my own stable and<br />

have always enjoyed training<br />

young horses. At some point<br />

you have to make a decision. In<br />

1980 I had participated in the<br />

alternative Olympic Games in<br />

Rotterdam and that was already<br />

very difficult to accomplish<br />

without a sponsor. That is why<br />

I retired from the top sport in<br />

1982, two years after I started<br />

my own stable. I would have only<br />

continued when I was still able to<br />

win classes at top level, because<br />

I didn’t want to compete just to<br />

be in the starting lists. If I do<br />

something, I have always tried<br />

to be the best.” In 1999 and 2000<br />

Johan Heins acted as national<br />

coach of the Dutch show jumping team. Under his inspiring<br />

leadership, Jeroen Dubbeldam won individual gold at the Sydney<br />

Olympics, and Albert Voorn took the individual silver medal.<br />

United States<br />

Also in trading, Johan proved his value. Already in 1980, he sold<br />

his first horse to the United States and that turned out to be the<br />

beginning of a decades-long collaboration. “Still 80 or 90 percent<br />

of our clients come from the States. In all those years we have<br />

'Still 80 or 90 percent of our<br />

clients come from the States.<br />

In all those years we have built<br />

up a great network'<br />

built up a great network.” The Dutchman provided, for example,<br />

the American rider Beezie Madden with excellent horses many<br />

times. “Authentic was of course an absolute hit, but also horses<br />

like Q.Breitling, World Cup winner Simon and more recently<br />

her Grand Prix mount Garant were sold to her by us.” Authentic<br />

was purchased by Johan as a four-year-old and he started his<br />

career under the saddle of Harrie Smolders, who was working<br />

for Johan at that time. “Authentic is still one of the most winning<br />

showjumpers in history. He has won three Olympic medals and<br />

two World Equestrian Games medals. In 2007 they won the<br />

Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen and they achieved a list of excellent<br />

results. Authentic was just an extraordinary showjumper and<br />

it still makes me proud that I was involved in his story.” The<br />

sale of Garant, who became World Champion in the five-yearold<br />

category with Willem Greve in 2016, was also purchased by<br />

the Maddens through the mediation of Johan Heins. The Dutch<br />

bred horse is now one of her top horses. “Normally I went to the<br />

States several times a year, but everything has changed since<br />

the Corona break. Fortunately, we can still regularly sell a horse<br />

on the videos. Although it remains difficult to find new horses.<br />

Luckily have a number of future talents under saddle from our<br />

own breeding, that gives good hope for the future.”<br />

Training<br />

Over the past years, the American team has achieved good<br />

results and they are always serious competition for the European<br />

riders. “There are many people with a lot of money in the States<br />

and the sport has developed tremendously because of that.<br />

But luckily it is not just a matter of money in our sport. It is<br />

also about horsemanship, dedication, perseverance and talent.<br />

And of course you can only achieve success with a very good<br />

horse, because you can’t win the Tour de France on a cargo bike<br />

either.” The American team often used Johan Heins's stables in<br />

the small village De Schiphorst as their European base. Several<br />

pictures on the wall in his house remind him of that and those<br />

are more than once provided with kind words of thankfulness of<br />

his American clients. The Netherlands is known for knowledge,<br />

breeding and training of young showjumpers. But Johan sees<br />

that it’s still harder to find the right people. “The equestrian sport<br />

heroes of our time<br />

'It’s difficult to find the right<br />

people to train the young<br />

horses, not only here in the<br />

Netherlands but also in the<br />

countries around us'<br />

is something special, it takes a lot of time. Not only the training of<br />

the horses but also to take good care of them, seven days a week.<br />

It’s difficult to find the right people to train the young horses, not<br />

only here in the Netherlands but also in the countries around us.”<br />

Also the welfare issues are something that Johan sees as a threat<br />

for the equestrian sport. “We really have to work on that, to keep<br />

the image of our sport high. Although I am sure that 90 percent of<br />

the sport horses here have a better life than at least 50 percent of<br />

the people worldwide. But our sport is threatened and we all have<br />

to deal with it wisely.”<br />

Born in Havelte<br />

(NL)<br />

1970<br />

1947 Start riding<br />

for Alwin<br />

Schockemöhle<br />

Winning the<br />

Grand Prix of<br />

Indoor Friesland<br />

1976<br />

1974 Competing at the<br />

Olympic Games<br />

Start working for<br />

Zangersheide<br />

1977<br />

1977 Team gold and<br />

individual gold at<br />

the EC in Rome<br />

4th place and<br />

team silver at the<br />

WC in Aachen<br />

1978<br />

1980<br />

Start of own<br />

stable<br />

End of career as a<br />

competition rider<br />

1991<br />

1982 Birth of daughter<br />

Stefanie<br />

Coach of the<br />

Dutch national<br />

team<br />

2000<br />

1999 Dutch riders<br />

winning gold and<br />

silver at the OG<br />

Two homebred<br />

horses winning<br />

the WC young<br />

horses<br />

2008<br />

10 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 11

heroes of our time<br />

'I just followed<br />

my instinct by using<br />

that kind of mares<br />

for breeding.<br />

And it turned out very well'<br />




24/7 SERVICE<br />

Breeding<br />

In recent years, Johan has focused more on the breeding of<br />

showjumpers. It came to an absolute highlight in 2008, when two<br />

of his horses won the gold medal at the World Championship for<br />

young horses in Lanaken. Former rider Michael Greeve won the<br />

title for the seven-years-old aboard the Indoctro mare Ubalia,<br />

while Maaike Bijlsma achieved the same outstanding result in<br />

the six-year-old championship with the Indoctro son Vedor. Last<br />

mentioned participated years later at the Olympic Games of<br />

London under the saddle of Julia Lynch-Hargreaves. “The Lanaken<br />

adventure was truly amazing. I had a few mares for breeding that<br />

had too much blood for the sport itself. I would lie if I would say that<br />

it was all wisdom, because I just followed my instinct by using that<br />

kind of mares for breeding. And it turned out very well. Even now<br />

we have a lot of horses from our own breeding under the saddle,<br />

it always gives something extra.” This year Johan welcomed three<br />

foals and for 2022 he has one mare in foal.<br />

Grateful<br />

One of the riders at Stal Heins is Sophie Dalm from Ireland.<br />

She works for Johan and has her own stable based at his place.<br />

“My daughter Stefanie used to be the first rider, but due to her<br />

pregnancy she is now taking a break. We are lucky to have Sophie<br />

in our stable and we have around twenty horses between the ages<br />

of four and ten. I always try to help the riders with the jumping<br />

of the horses, it still brings me a lot of pleasure.” At the age of<br />

74, Johan Heins looks back on an impressive career. “I have had<br />

a great life and I've been lucky enough to find the right people,<br />

who had faith in me and who I had the pleasure of working with.<br />

I have always been able to do what I wanted. When I look back<br />

on my career now, I cherish a lot of beautiful memories, but I am<br />

especially grateful to be healthy. Successes are wonderful, but<br />

health is and remains the most important thing”, concludes the<br />

hero of our lifetime.<br />

12 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 13

ambassadors<br />



Over the years a fair number of horses<br />

have developed into true ambassadors<br />

of our auction. It is our pleasure to shine<br />

a spotlight on some of the super stars<br />

sold at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales<br />

between 2009 - 2017.<br />

1. Apart<br />

Larino x Burggraaf<br />

Pieter Devos (BEL)<br />

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level<br />

2. Constable II (prev.: Cloe)<br />

Harley VDL x Lupicor<br />

Laura Kraut (USA)<br />

Successful at CSI 5* 1.55m Level<br />

4. Hello Senator (prev.: Everest)<br />

Carambole x Indoctro<br />

Scott Brash (UK)<br />

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level<br />

7. Kamara van 't Heike<br />

Epleaser van 't Heike x Carthago<br />

Maikel van der Vleuten (NED)<br />

Successful at CSI5* 1.50m level<br />

9. Private Life (prev.: Gibraltar P)<br />

Verdi x Voltaire<br />

Scott Stuart (USA)<br />

Successful at top Hunter level<br />

11. Shangri-la (prev.: Grapje)<br />

Cardento X Goodwill<br />

Alise Oken (USA)<br />

Succesfull at CSI 3* 1.50m Level<br />

3. Coronado (prev.: Charlie Grey)<br />

Cassini I x Accord II<br />

Nayel Nassar (EGY)<br />

Successfull at CSI 5* 1.50m Level<br />

5. Escoffier<br />

Lord Z x Numero Uno<br />

Barbara Schnieper (SUI)<br />

Succesful at CSI 4* 1.55m level<br />

6. Elisabeth<br />

Applaus x Colman<br />

Ida Selin (SWE)<br />

Succesfull at CSI 2* 1.45m Level<br />

8. Gamble (prev.: Gino)<br />

Vingino x Indoctro<br />

Connor Swail (IRL)<br />

Successful at CSI 5* 1.50m level<br />

10. Glamour Girl<br />

VDL Zirocco Blue x Caletto I<br />

Henrik von Eckermann (SWE)<br />

Successful at CSI5* 1.60m level<br />

12. Chica B Z<br />

Canturano x Berlin<br />

Martin Fuchs (SUI)<br />

Successful at CSI 5*1.60m level<br />

14 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> 2020 edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> 2020 edition<br />


sponsor spotlight<br />


Zandonà begins its story in 1985, based in one of<br />

the most important industrial districts in the world,<br />

engaging in Research and Development of solutions for<br />

plastics-technology.<br />

In 1997 began the study and the implementation of the<br />

first Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that was<br />

completed and is on the market worldwide since 2001.<br />

Since 2012 Zandonà is a guarantee of competence<br />

and professionalism in the implementation of PPE<br />

for equestrian use, exclusively designed, certified<br />

and produced in Italy. The experience gained over<br />

time allows the company to offer innovative products,<br />

high in quality and covered by a functional design.<br />

Cooperation with professional horsemen, external<br />

designers, modellers and technicians is a stimulus<br />

for Zandonà to innovate and for continuous<br />

technical improvements. Sharing these experiences<br />

contributes to further enrichment of the Research &<br />

Development laboratory, making the Zandonà products<br />

better in quality, performance, style & comfort.<br />

Zandonà's reputation is growing among the horse<br />

riding community and it is now the first choice of many<br />

professional show jumping riders, dressage riders and<br />

eventing/cross-country riders.<br />

Among them there are Olympic medallists and<br />

horse riding legends such as Andrew Hoy, Simon<br />

Delestre, Penelope Leprevost, Laura Kraut, Gregory<br />

Wathelet, Maikel dan der Vleuten, Lorenzo de Luca<br />

but also rising stars in the equestrian world like<br />

Filippo Bologni, Sönke & Semmieke Rothenberger,<br />

Evelina Tovek, Valentina Remold and many others.<br />

When it comes to protection of both horse and rider,<br />

the wide and excellent variety of Zandonà products is<br />

impressive and can respond to their necessities while<br />

satisfying the needs and requirements to protect their<br />

horses and themselves. An important note must be<br />

also made to the highly rated customer service that<br />

Zandonà takes in very high consideration and that tries<br />

to quickly help all customers in the best possible way.<br />

In the end, the 100% Made in Italy production is a<br />

guarantee of quality, professionalism, innovation and<br />

state-of-the-art design.<br />

The mission is protecting passions,<br />

the goal is the satisfaction of our customers.<br />

16 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 17

in pictures<br />



The wild horses of Alberta: by Holly Grayton<br />

Holly Grayton has spent her lifetime building her understanding and enthusiasm for horses. The North<br />

American born photographer and designer has been a part of the equestrian industry for many years.<br />

Holly competed on the showjumping circuit herself, before dedicating her career to the beauty of photography<br />

and design. She is a well-known media representative at many sport's top events and has captured history<br />

both in and around the show arena.<br />

Her commitment to horses is not limited to top sport. A recent excursion to photograph wild horses in<br />

Alberta, Canada with award winning photographer Debbie Garside illustrates that Holly's love for horses<br />

knows no boundaries.<br />

The Alberta mountains are located not far from the prestigious Spruce Meadows show jumping venue. Here<br />

about 300 wild horses roam the Eastern slopes of Alberta. Life is not easy for these herds, especially the<br />

Canadian winters can be trying. But through the lens of Holly's camera it is certainly a sight for sore eyes.<br />

Being allowed to watch these beautiful horses in their natural habitat left Holly with strong feelings of<br />

protection and admiration for them. "Ultimately, horses always prove their resilience, they are nothing if not<br />

adaptable and competitive by nature."<br />

For more of Holly’s work visit: www.graytdesigns.com<br />

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<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 19

in pictures<br />

The mountains, they move us.<br />

Just like the wild horses that inhabit them.<br />

20 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 21

in pictures<br />

The wilderness<br />

can be a<br />

peaceful place<br />

but it's called<br />

wild for a reason.<br />

Photographs and editing courtesy of Holly Grayton<br />

22 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 23

a familiar face<br />


André Thieme will go down in history as the most successful German rider of <strong>2021</strong>. The forty-six-year-old<br />

rider competed in his first ever Olympic Games, won a team silver and individual gold medal at the European<br />

Championships, only to top it all off with a victory in the FEI Nations Cup Final in Barcelona. “I have been<br />

very fortunate with my horse, DSP Chakaria, she has been phenomenal! But I also owe part of my success<br />

to the people that have believed in me all this time and without them I would not be where I am today.”<br />

How did you get to know the Hendrix family & the <strong>DSHS</strong>?<br />

“I got to know Paul Hendrix through a mutual friend, Emil<br />

Spadone. That must’ve been over twenty years ago now when<br />

I was riding in the United States. Emil had a stallion from<br />

Paul, Almir’s Enterprise but he did not really enjoy the ride, so<br />

he asked me to ride him. That’s how it all started.<br />

Over the years I have ridden or bought horses from the<br />

Hendrix family a lot. Starting with Kingston. He was the<br />

first horse that I rode international classes with. Then there<br />

was Neander, I won my first World Cup with him. And then<br />

we ended up trading Neander back to Hendrix because<br />

Michel needed a horse to compete with at the European<br />

Championships for young riders.<br />

I got Nacorde in Neader’s place. And Nacorde is the famous<br />

horse that I won the Hamburg Derby with three times.<br />

After that I got to ride Aragon Rouet who I won the HITS $1<br />

Million-dollar Grand Prix in 2011 and Contendrix who I won<br />

the same Grand Prix with in 2017, among other top prizes.<br />

Your partnership with the Hendrix family goes way back.<br />

Can you tell us about that piece of history?<br />

It must've been luck on those horses. I am grateful the<br />

Hendrix family choose me as a rider for them. I started my<br />

career as a dressage rider (André’s father used to work as the<br />

head trainer at the state stud in Redefin) and back in the day<br />

I was known for willing to try and making a go of horses that<br />

others might’ve thought were too strong or difficult. Because<br />

I got to know the family so well over the years, they knew<br />

which horses would fit me. They found<br />

me lots of horses to ride, or we did a<br />

partnership and they really helped me<br />

develop my career. I’ve also bought a<br />

few horses at the Dutch Sport Horse<br />

Sales. One of them developed into<br />

a very successful Grand Prix horse,<br />

Ramona de Flobecq. The <strong>DSHS</strong> is<br />

basically the only auction I visit. I find it hard at auctions to<br />

find a horse that really meets the expectations. Since I’ve<br />

known the family for so long it gives me confidence that when<br />

I buy at the auction, I know every detail about the horse and<br />

they will only have me try the ones that really suit me.<br />

The past two years have been a roller coaster with COVID<br />

and the Equine Herpesvirus. For you however it has been<br />

quite a smooth ride?<br />

It has been a period of mixed emotions for sure. Firstly, I want<br />

to say the us equestrians have been very lucky and privileged.<br />

The corona pandemic has not kept us from doing our jobs<br />

during lockdown and relatively early we were also able to ride<br />

at competitions again. For me I was very lucky to be at the<br />

right place at the right time. During the winter in the USA<br />

there are no indoor shows, we were able to keep on jumping<br />

in Florida. And at that time the equine herpesvirus broke out<br />

in Spain and never really reached America either. I was able to<br />

keep on going there with Chakaria.<br />

Two years ago, people started saying to me I had a real<br />

chance to compete at the upcoming big championships with<br />

Chakaria. When the Olympic Games were postponed for a<br />

year due to COVID that was my luck. That gave me the time<br />

develop the horse and give it enough experience to be on the<br />

shortlist. Things just went pretty much perfect from there on<br />

out. Chakaria jumped a clear round in every Grand Prix we<br />

entered and then she won the final $1 Million-dollar Grand<br />

Prix at the HITS too. After than I got to compete at basically<br />

every Nations Cup there was and realized there was a real<br />

chance to go to the Olympics. Eventually we got send to<br />

Tokyo, it was too soon in Chakaria’s career. It was the first big<br />

championship, not only for her but also for me. And things did<br />

not go perfect. It was just a bit too much, but we did learn a<br />

lot.<br />

When we got back Otto Becker said we should go to the<br />

European Championships. I was not sure about that and a<br />

little nervous that it would be too much right after Tokyo. But<br />

Otto was right. The experience was like nothing I’d ever had<br />

before. I did not expect anything after the OS but Chakaria<br />

just felt like she was ready to overcome anything. I do not<br />

want to say she made it feel easy, but it did feel like she did not<br />

'There was always<br />

luck for me with the<br />

Hendrix horses'<br />

have to try hard at all. Day after day she kept on jumping clear<br />

and I became more confident. Then at the last show of this<br />

year, the Nations Cup finals in Barcelona she made those two<br />

clear rounds feel like a breeze and easy as one-two-three. The<br />

whole season with her was amazing!<br />

What did this do to your confidence?<br />

At the Olympics I struggled with myself for the first time,<br />

I felt so much pressure. Being stuck like a prisoner in the<br />

hotel room did not help and was<br />

tough. Since Chakaria did not react<br />

in the way I knew her, it felt like the<br />

handbrake was on. I realized I needed<br />

to fight for my country but there<br />

was only so much I could do. Those<br />

days were not nice. Especially since I<br />

normally have a very stable frame of<br />

mind and am able to calm my nerves before a competition<br />

very well. But the pressure of everyone at home watching<br />

and counting on me was harder than I envisioned. My<br />

admiration for the riders that jump championships year after<br />

year really grew so much! They all make it look like any other<br />

competition, some do it even in an ice cold-robot like way.<br />

When things did go the way I hoped at the European<br />

Championships I realized I'd become mentally stronger by<br />

overcoming that tough period. I felt like I could take on the<br />

world and that maybe I was now also a legitimate member of<br />

the championship squad of riders. I am very grateful to Otto<br />

Becker and the other four gentlemen that decide who is part<br />

of the team. The faith they had in me helped me become even<br />

more confident as a rider.<br />

A True Story<br />

André has not just earned his successes by hard<br />

work and good horsemanship. He recalls a moment<br />

in time which shaped his career. “This is a true<br />

story. It was almost twenty years ago. If knew Paul<br />

quite well back then already, but it was before we<br />

became the best of friends. During the winters in the<br />

USA, we stay at the same house, we watch football<br />

together and so forth and one night we were having<br />

a conversation. I said: ‘I will never have a chance in<br />

Germany to ride the big championships. There are<br />

so many good and famous riders. I don’t feel I will<br />

ever break those ranks and I am not sure I should<br />

keep trying or just do something else.’ Then Paul<br />

said: ‘No, you should keep going and have faith.'<br />

He spoke about his brother Emile's career and how<br />

that was also not always easy. Finally he said: 'I think<br />

you do have a chance if you just believe in yourself.<br />

And you know what, I will help you get there.’ In<br />

the end Paul was so right! At that point it did not<br />

really make sense, but he gave me the push I needed<br />

and the faith to keep on going. I cannot begin to<br />

tell you how happy I am we had that conversation!<br />

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<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 25

dshs awards<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> awards<br />

Hello Senator<br />

Winner 2019<br />

Carambole x Indoctro<br />

And the<br />

award for Horse<br />

of the year goes to...<br />

And the<br />

award for Youngster<br />

of the year goes to...<br />

Iberlina<br />

Winner 2019<br />

Vittorio x N-Aldato<br />

With already 19 international victories the Zirocco Blue VDL daughter Glamour Girl has developed into an amazing ambassador<br />

for the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. She recently won two 1.50m classes at the Global Champions Tour competition in Rome under<br />

Henrik von Eckermann. Her track record and potential were the reason to choose this mare as the <strong>2021</strong> <strong>DSHS</strong> Horse of the Year.<br />

As a five-year-old, Glamour Girl (Zirocco Blue VDL x Caletto I,<br />

breeder Mieke Zoetelief), was purchased by Francois Mathy<br />

in the Dutch Sport Horse Sales. One year later she started her<br />

international sports career under the saddle of Senne Thomas,<br />

with whom she participated in the World Championships for<br />

six-year-olds in Lanaken. Charlotte Bettendorf then took over<br />

the reins of this competitive mare and the first successes soon<br />

followed.<br />

Winning mood<br />

In 2018, Glamour Girl finished 4th at the World Championships<br />

for seven-year-olds with this rider and she continued to achieve<br />

good results under Gaj Riossa and Richard Howley. Shortly after<br />

winning the three-star Grand Prix of Opglabbeek under Howley,<br />

the mare changed hands and started her amazing adventure<br />

under top rider Henrik von Eckermann, who is now based in<br />

Limburg. Out of the 19 victories already achieved, Glamour<br />

Girl delivered ten under this rider, including recently in 1.50m<br />

classes at five-star competitions in Stockholm, Valkenswaard<br />


VDL Zirocco Blue x Caletto I<br />

and twice in Rome. The duo also remained unbeatable in the<br />

1.55m class of CSI5* Dinard and at the same competition they<br />

finished sixth in the Rolex Grand Prix. Being only ten years<br />

old, this Dutch bred mare has already a very respectable track<br />

record and we hope to witness many more sporting successes in<br />

the coming years. In the month after being named <strong>DSHS</strong> Horse<br />

of the Year, Glamour Girl has claimed victories in the 1.60m<br />

class of CSI5* Lyon and the 1.50m class of CSI5*-GCT Samorin.<br />

Ceremony<br />

Glamour Girl follows in the footsteps of Hello Senator,<br />

Coronado, Chica B Z, Apart and others. During the 17th edition<br />

of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales, an award made by the Limburg<br />

artist Jos Dirix was presented to the original buyer of Glamour<br />

Girl, Francois Mathy. His current rider Henrik von Eckermann<br />

and his partner Janika Sprunger, who rode Glamour Girl for a<br />

while herself, were also involved in the ceremony.<br />

Text: Jenneke Smit<br />


Cardento x For Pleasure<br />

With her excellent victory in the prestigious Youngster Cup final in Aachen, the Cardento mare Naomi van het<br />

Keizershof has made great publicity for the Dutch Sport Horse Sales last summer. This mare was auctioned in 2019<br />

and is a promising future top showjumper under the saddle of Lorenzo de Luca.<br />

Therefore she has been elected as this year’s <strong>DSHS</strong> Youngster of the Year.<br />

Two years ago, Naomi van het Keizershof was one of the<br />

favorites in the collection of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales<br />

and during the auction she turned out to be the highlight of<br />

the evening with a top price of 445,000 euros. This special grey<br />

mare, bred by Leon Otten out of a For Pleasure mare, came<br />

into the hands of Olympic rider Jessica Springsteen, with<br />

whom she has already achieved several good international<br />

results in both Europe and the United States of America.<br />

Careful and fast<br />

Under Jessica Springsteen’s partner Lorenzo de Luca, the<br />

Cardento daughter Naomi van het Keizershof recently<br />

experienced her greatest sporting success to date.<br />

At the prestigious CHIO in Aachen, the mare performed well<br />

with a lot of quality and carefulness. They claimed the victory<br />

in the Youngster Cup final. This was a very technical course<br />

at 1.45/1.50m level in which Lorenzo and Naomi stayed ahead<br />

of a very strong field of competitors. Two days earlier, the<br />

promising pair had already finished second in Aachen, after<br />

starting well with a fourth place in the Youngster Tour on the<br />

first day.<br />

Great future<br />

The eight-year-old mare has a great future ahead of her and<br />

she can continue it as the <strong>DSHS</strong> Youngster of the Year <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

During the 17th edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales in<br />

the Peelbergen Equestrian Centre, an award made by the<br />

Limburg artist Jos Dirix was presented to Naomi’s proud<br />

owners and riders Jessica Springsteen and Lorenzo de Luca.<br />

After the memorable victory in Aachen, the Italian rider<br />

took this amazing Belgian bred mare to the international<br />

show in Samorin, where they produced two clear rounds<br />

in the 1.40/1.45m classes. The <strong>DSHS</strong>-committee have high<br />

expectations of Naomi and foresees many more top results<br />

like this in the future!<br />

Text: Jenneke Smit<br />

26 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 27

At home with<br />



The stables of Martin Fuchs and his family are situated in Wängi, in the north of Switzerland. Six years ago,<br />

the family found they had outgrown their stables in Bietenholtz and purchased a bigger accommodation,<br />

to which they have added new buildings to meet the needs of the expanding business. Last September<br />

there were no less than three horses from the <strong>DSHS</strong>-auction that also moved into Martin’s stables. Therefor<br />

we found it was high time we paid the family a visit.<br />

What are the features of the stables that are essential to you?<br />

The extra space was essential for us to keep growing and to meet<br />

the needs of the horses to allow them to keep advancing to a<br />

higher level. We have a bigger indoor arena now, larger boxes, a<br />

nice big grass ring and lots of fields. All the horses have outside<br />

facing hatches, sand paddocks etc. They have all they need and<br />

that is what’s most important.<br />

How much were you involved with the building of the newer part<br />

of the stables?<br />

Part of the reason we moved there was to help me grow as a<br />

rider. I was jumping at a continuously higher level back then<br />

and my parents, Thomas and Renata, took charge of the whole<br />

operation. They are very involved in everything and make what I<br />

do possible. They took charge of all the technical aspects of the<br />

new stables, tack rooms, the big new storage barn, the covered<br />

truck parking, and apartments for the grooms. It has been a job<br />

in motion but they have been there through all of it so I could<br />

focus mainly on the sport.<br />

What is your favorite sport at the stables?<br />

On horseback in the grass ring, definitely!<br />

What does a typical day look like when<br />

you are at home?<br />

Usually I ride the horses from 8h00<br />

till 13h00 and after lunch I divide my<br />

time between the necessary office<br />

work, planning shows, horse dealing<br />

etc. When I have the time, I like taking<br />

Chaplin out for a hack to the nearby river.<br />

My father has several clients at the stables<br />

that he trains. When he is away, I help with<br />

the training a little as well.<br />

With your parents, grandfather<br />

and uncle all being successful<br />

equestrians, how big was the chance<br />

you would not pursue the same<br />

career?<br />

Very small! I’ve had a big<br />

advantage to come from such<br />

a background with so many<br />

knowledgeable and experienced<br />

people to help me. My whole family is<br />

invested in my career, and we have the<br />

same goals. It still took a lot of work to get<br />

to where I am today, but the lessons I learned<br />

and support I got made that road a lot easier.<br />

I learned from the best, not only how to ride but also how to treat<br />

a horse to become as good as possible as a combination.<br />

What is your connection to the Hendrix family?<br />

One of my owners, Adolfo Juri, used to buy horses from the<br />

Hendrix family while he was still an owner for my uncle Markus.<br />

One of the top horses my uncle jumped up till 1.60m level came<br />

from Emile, Nirmette. A Dutch bred mare by Ramiro. Our families<br />

have remained close.<br />


Karin II CH<br />

I jumped my first Grand Prix’s with Karin and<br />

European Junior Championships and my first Nations<br />

Cup.<br />

Principal 12<br />

Principal was also a special horse to me. He took me<br />

round in my first 5* Grand Prix and on many other<br />

classes.<br />

PSG Future<br />

I’ve had him since he was a seven-year-old and<br />

brought him up to top level. He is one of my most<br />

successful Grand Prix horses.<br />

Clooney 51<br />

Obviously. He has played a huge part in my career<br />

so far. Besides the silver medal at the WEG in Tryon,<br />

winning the European Championships in 2019 and<br />

jumping my first Olympic games he means more to<br />

me than victories can tell. He is the most successful<br />

horse in Swiss history, and I am so proud of<br />

him.<br />

Chaplin<br />

This horse is larger than life. He is the biggest<br />

fighter, the coolest horse with such a huge<br />

character. He has won so many Grand Prix and<br />

other top-level classes with me and besides that<br />

also won my heart.<br />

Leone Jei<br />

Winning team gold and individual silver at the <strong>2021</strong><br />

European Championships is quite an achievement<br />

for an only nine-year-old horse. He also place eight<br />

in the Grand Prix of Aachen so I expect this horse will<br />

amount to a lot more in his future career for sure.<br />

28 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 29

At home with<br />

'When I have the time,<br />

I like taking Chaplin<br />

out for a hack<br />

to the nearby river'<br />

'Clooney has played a huge<br />

part in my career. He is the most<br />

successful horse in Swiss history,<br />

and I am so proud of him'<br />

Emile kept saying that if he even came across a horse that he<br />

believed would suit me, he would call. And a few years ago, he<br />

did. When Emile called, that is when we went to Baarlo to try<br />

Leone Jei as a six-year-old. We fell in love right away and has lived<br />

up to our expectations. As a seven-year-old he jumped clears only<br />

in the youngster tour in Aachen which is when you could really<br />

tell he had the capability to become a great Grand Prix horse. I<br />

mean it is a long way from having a talented horse to proving it.<br />

So we spent his eight year building him up for the big sport and<br />

with him winning a silver medal at just nine-year-old at a big<br />

championship like the Europeans, it is fair to say has it all.<br />

bought for me at the auction. The other two horses, Harry &<br />

Lusina HX, are just five-years old but I still see a lot of potential<br />

in them although it is harder to judge. I said that if I could have<br />

any of the three it would be Viper Z, so I am very happy that Luigi<br />

secured all three.<br />

What about the horses bought at the <strong>DSHS</strong>, tell us a bit more<br />

about them.<br />

We’ve acquired quite a few horses at the auction. For instance,<br />

Chica B Z (by Canturano), who was one of the best horses we<br />

bought. She placed up to 1.60m level and was very successful<br />

with me for many years. There was also Dino (by Vingino) who<br />

we sold on to Brian Cournane who jumped him at five-start level<br />

and represented the Irish team with him many times.<br />

This year we had our eye on several horses. I tried them all and<br />

afterwards they were all on the potential purchase list with<br />

Viper Z as a favorite. As a seven-year-old he is the most experienced<br />

out of the three horses that my owner, Luigi Baleri,<br />

30 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 31

Limburg Foal Auction<br />



Quality and<br />

great genes<br />

in the Limburg Foal Auction<br />


EVENTS<br />

No less than 75 jumping foals were auctioned during the 20th edition of the Limburg Foal<br />

Auction. The genetically interesting Reflex by Nature (s.Cento) was sold to France for<br />

the top price of €42,000 and with an average price of €10,800, the auction has once again<br />

proven its great value. The majority of the foals are sold to clients from abroad.<br />

Stal Hendrix Baarlo<br />

Napoleonsbaan Zuid 32<br />

5991 ND Baarlo<br />

The Netherlands<br />

baarlo@stalhendrix.nl<br />

HX Breeding<br />

Rijksweg 45<br />

5995 NT Kessel<br />

The Netherlands<br />

info@stalhendrix.nl<br />

Stal Hendrix Kessel<br />

Rijksweg 45<br />

5995 NT Kessel<br />

The Netherlands<br />

kessel@stalhendrix.nl<br />

In recent years the average price has<br />

improved almost every year. Even after<br />

a year of absence, that line continued<br />

in <strong>2021</strong>. Two days after the traditional<br />

auction another 30 foals were sold for good<br />

prices in an online Limburg Foal Auction.<br />

International sales<br />

The collection of the live auction included<br />

many genetically valuable foals, such as<br />

direct offspring of Grand Prix mares.<br />

The Cento offspring Reflex by<br />

Nature, out of the<br />

Text: Jenneke Smit<br />

Grand Prix mare Carrière (s.Catoki), was<br />

the top seller. This future talent bred by<br />

Stan and Daan Creemers goes to France<br />

for €42,000. Also for promising foals<br />

such as Bon Bini Z (s.Balou de Reventon,<br />

€29,500), the daughter of the Grand<br />

Prix mare Rosana du Park: Charlotte O<br />

Z (s.Conthargos, €25,500) and Rapollo<br />

(s.Colman, €26,000) good prices were paid.<br />

“I estimate that at least 80 percent of the<br />

foals have been sold to foreign clients<br />

and we have again achieved a very high<br />

sales percentage”, tells Paul Hendrix. “It<br />

appears time and again that it’s a very<br />

strong concept to auction the foals the day<br />

after the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.”<br />

Great average<br />

In the online auction, the Carrico filly Candy<br />

Girl G Z -out of the direct damline of the<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> Horse of the Year Glamour Girl, was<br />

sold to Emil Spadone as the top seller. “With<br />

the Limburg Foal Auction, we have really set<br />

ourselves the goal of helping the breeders<br />

to move forward. Our auction is a perfect<br />

bridge between the best breeders from this<br />

area, and a large network of international<br />

buyers. The foals have been sold to the United<br />

States, Canada, Lebanon, Italy, France and<br />

Scandinavia, and other countries. As an<br />

organization we are proud that with such<br />

a large number of foals we have been able<br />

to achieve a higher average price in the live<br />

auction than ever before”, says Paul Hendrix<br />

www.stalhendrix.nl<br />

32 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 33

ambassadors<br />



We continue from page 11 -12 with another<br />

collection of ambassadors. Sold at the Dutch<br />

Sport Horse Sales between 2017 - 2019.<br />

Some of these horses are all still relatively<br />

young, but they are all jumping from strength<br />

to strength.<br />

13. Harvard HX<br />

Bustique x Calido<br />

Shane O'Maera (IRL)<br />

Successful at CSI 2* 1.45m level<br />

15. Icebreaker (prev. Investment)<br />

Nabab de Reve x Heartbreaker<br />

Dakoda Mower (USA)<br />

Successful at CSI 2* 1.45m level<br />

18. Jean Couture<br />

Arezzo VDL x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve<br />

Donald Whitaker (GBR)<br />

Succesful in International Young Horse Classes<br />

20. Night's Watch<br />

Coratio x Golden Miller<br />

Oliver Lazarus (RSA)<br />

Successful at CSI2* 1.45m level<br />

22. Jykarlos<br />

Warrant x Holland<br />

Fredrik Spetz (SWE)<br />

Successful in International Young Horse Classes<br />

14. Ici<br />

Douglas x Lux<br />

Shane O'Maera (IRL)<br />

Succesful in International Young Horse Classes<br />

16. Joyko van Keysershof<br />

Entertainer x Lovefever<br />

Jill Silvandersson (SWE)<br />

Successful in International Young Horse Classes<br />

17. Naomi van het Keizershof<br />

Cardento x For Pleasure<br />

Lorenzo de Luca / Jessica Springsteen (USA)<br />

Winner Youngster Cup CHIO Aachen <strong>2021</strong><br />

19. Isabella HX<br />

Diamant de Semilly x Libero H<br />

Sanna Backlund (FIN)<br />

Succesful in International Young Horse Classes<br />

21. Illusion<br />

Don Diablo HX x Voltaire<br />

Edouard Schmitz (SUI)<br />

Successful in International Young Horse Classes<br />

23. Golia<br />

Bustique x BCoriano<br />

Marlo Modolo Zanotelli (BRA)<br />

Successful at CSI 3* 1.45m level<br />

34 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> 2020 edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />


<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> 2020 edition 35

the next generation<br />


Michel Hendrix<br />

Text: Jenneke Smit | Photography: Digishots<br />

In the summer of 2020, Michel Hendrix and<br />

his partner Kim Huige moved to their new<br />

facility in Kessel. With the welfare of the<br />

horses in mind, they designed an extraordinary<br />

accommodation which offers the very best<br />

training facilities. Michel was involved in<br />

creating this dream from the first draft and<br />

enjoys the result day in, day out. At this new<br />

department of Stal Hendrix, the focus is on<br />

training showjumpers up to Grand Prix level.<br />

One team<br />

Michel (34) comes from a family that has revolved around<br />

horses for generations and at the age of 21, after completing<br />

his study, he decided to gain valuable experiences at other<br />

renowned stables. “First I went to Emil Spadone in the<br />

United States for a few months, where I have learned a<br />

lot about the American sport, their way of working and<br />

trading. At that time, the States were already one of the<br />

most prominent markets for Stal Hendrix, which made it<br />

extra valuable for me to experience everything up close.”<br />

From one to two locations<br />

After returning to work at home for a while, Michel then<br />

moved to the stables of Ludger Beerbaum. “You can learn a<br />

lot there and I could really focus on riding and management.<br />

You already learn a lot just by participating in their<br />

system. After that period, I returned home and in the same<br />

moment my cousin Timothy also returned to Baarlo, after<br />

he had gained experiences elsewhere. At that time we were<br />

all together at Stal Hendrix Baarlo. After Timothy and I<br />

indicated that we would really like to continue with our<br />

family business, my father and uncle decided to continue<br />

at two locations. Because of that decision we have all<br />

been able to grow. I have always mainly concentrated on<br />

the sport, had a successful Young Riders period and then<br />

progressed to the highest level with horses like my former<br />

top mount Baileys.<br />

At the same time, the breeding part of Stal Hendrix also<br />

grew steadily, which had consequences for my father’s<br />

stable in Kessel.” A stallion stud has been realized at this<br />

Stal Hendrix location, and at the same place the foals are<br />

born and young horses are raised. “That takes up a lot of<br />

space and there is always a lot going on. And because I really<br />

36 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 37

Facilities Stal Hendrix Kessel<br />

Michel's stable is just a stone’s throw<br />

away from Paul’s Stal Hendrix stable<br />

in Kessel. The new accommodation,<br />

which was realized in 2020, includes<br />

the following facilities:<br />

• 24 spacious stalls<br />

• Indoor arena 30x60m<br />

• Outdoor arena 50x80m<br />

• Indoor walker<br />

• Outdoor lunging circle<br />

• 8 grass fields<br />

• Tack rooms & washing places<br />

• Reception area & offices<br />

want to focus on top developing horses in the international<br />

sport, it is not always easy to have to train the Grand Prix<br />

horses in the same arena as the just broken in three-yearolds.<br />

My sister Janou and I are closely involved in the<br />

Hendrix breeding and see it as an important part of our<br />

family business. In order to maintain this, certain choices<br />

had to be made, and that has led to this beautiful new barn.<br />

Only a few hundred meters away from my father’s stable.”<br />

Thought of every detail<br />

After about a year and a half of construction, Michel and<br />

Kim could move into the new stable in June 2020. Pieter<br />

Keunen also moved to the new location.<br />

“We complement each other very well<br />

and Kim supports me and Pieter with<br />

riding the horses. The three of us take<br />

care of 24 horses over here. A lot of time<br />

has gone into designing and building<br />

the new barn, but I am happy with every<br />

single detail. We have clearly opted for a spacious layout,<br />

with lots of light and a wide view. Because I have worked at<br />

other stables and of course gained all the experience with<br />

our locations in Baarlo and Kessel, I knew exactly how<br />

the new facility had to be. This barn is really built to our<br />

wishes.”<br />

Michel's wishes included a centrally located entrance and<br />

a wonderful, spacious reception area. The horses have<br />

‘We enjoy our<br />

accommodation<br />

every day’<br />

the next generation<br />

spacious stables in which they can have contact with other<br />

horses, there is lots of light and air coming in from all<br />

sides. The horses all have windows to the outside and every<br />

stable is covered in rubber. The washing areas are centrally<br />

located and separated from the stables, which makes sure<br />

the horses can rest during the day and it’s always quiet<br />

in the stable area. The horse walker is located under the<br />

same roof, at the backside of the building with again a lot<br />

of light, air and a great view. The farrier and the vet have<br />

their own workplace with a canteen, and besides that<br />

there is a lot of space for storage of blankets, stuff, food and<br />

roughage. Everything seems to have been thought of and<br />

with great attention to detail. “We enjoy<br />

our new accommodation every day. We<br />

can work optimally with the horses and<br />

we really notice that the horses feel very<br />

comfortable here. They are relaxed and<br />

we make great use of our paddocks and<br />

grass fields. And we have tried to bring<br />

the feeling from the outside in. This is partly due to the<br />

many windows, a high roof and natural light.”<br />

Bright future<br />

Michel’s sporting ambitions are undiminished, although<br />

more and more things have been added to his list ofthings<br />

that require his attention. “I certainly have some very good<br />

up and coming talents in the stable, including Bustique<br />

son Hendrick’s HX which comes from our own breeding<br />

It is sometimes quite a challenge to keep up with the sport,<br />

while trading is one of the main activities of Stal Hendrix.<br />

The trading not only requires a lot of effort, but sometimes<br />

also forces you to make choices that do not benefit you<br />

as a rider with top level ambitions. My father is still very<br />

active and is responsible for all breeding related activities<br />

at Stal Hendrix. But in the future my sister Janou and I<br />

will increase our involvement in this. Luckily, we see the<br />

positive results of the Hendrix breeding day in, day out. As<br />

a family we work very closely, and we all have the same<br />

vision, ambitions and mindset. Over the years we have<br />

created a great team around us and especially with this<br />

new accommodation, I can’t wait to see what the future<br />

brings for us”, concludes Michel.<br />

‘This<br />

barn<br />

meets<br />

all of our<br />

wishes’<br />

38 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 39

Family Hechme, Tim Hendrix and Oda Charlotte Lyngvaer<br />

Francie Looke and Frederica Fiorentini<br />

The RED Carpet<br />


The <strong>DSHS</strong>-auction is a place<br />

where old friends meet and<br />

keep a keen eye out for the<br />

extraordinary horses at the<br />

Dutch Sport Horse Sales, like<br />

Francois Mathy. The Belgian<br />

equestrian was the original<br />

buyer of Glamour Girl, the<br />

horse that earned the title<br />

Horse of the Year <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

McLain Ward, Francois Mathy and Ezequiel Peralta<br />

Family Vos<br />

'We look forward<br />

to it every year'<br />

Burcu Ozdemir, Efe and Agata Siyahi<br />

Yves Houtackers and Brigitte Vanhalme<br />

'We enjoy a night filled<br />

with family, friends and<br />

a top ambiance'<br />

Family Calabro<br />

Ioli Mytilineou<br />

and Harold Megahey<br />

Mrs. and Mr. Thieme<br />

Marie Valdar Longem and Cilia Ghaibi<br />

This happy couple are also regular<br />

visitors at our auction. It was the<br />

first time however that we got<br />

to enjoy a performance by Ioli at<br />

the European Championships for<br />

Seniors this year. Her EC-debut<br />

performance with Levis de Muze<br />

was thus impressive that she was<br />

named 'most likely to succeed<br />

debutante' by the Dutch press.<br />

Mrs. & Mr. Goltz<br />

40 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition<br />



<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition<br />


meet the locals<br />

Georgina, known as Georgie, and Oliver were very much<br />

involved with the design process and build of the yard,<br />

and it shows. The venue is set-up to cater to each<br />

horse's needs and to make the day-to-day running's perfectly<br />

effective and comfortable for their clients and staff. Due to the<br />

immaculate maintenance, the showjumping stable still looks<br />

like new but at the same time it also feels like home.<br />

Rocky start<br />

Seated in the welcoming lounge of the main building, Georgie<br />

and Oliver look back how it all began. Besides the vast distance<br />

of their origins, the likelihood of the pair ending up together<br />

was very slim. "We did not particularly like each other the<br />

first time we met, which was back in 2014", Georgie smiles.<br />

"I was looking for new stables to rent in Germany and one of<br />

the places we visited was were Oliver rented his stables at the<br />

time. It was definitely not love at first sight, but he did help us<br />

find the stables we eventually ended up renting."<br />

By then Oliver had already started his own business after riding<br />

on and off for Ludger Beerbaum's stables for several years.<br />

He had also actively pursued the options of building his own<br />

stables together with a business partner. But those plans did<br />

not turn out as expected, the project to set up shop in Belgium<br />

fell through and he was once again sent back to the drawing<br />

board. "After about two or three years things got more serious<br />

between Georgie and me and we started looking for a place<br />

to develop together. Because I was able to win her heart<br />

eventually", Oliver says with a wink to Georgie.<br />


Meet the locals<br />

Australian born Georgina Harvey and South-African Oliver Lazarus are a well-known couple on the equestrian circuit. Even<br />

though they were born worlds apart, their paths crossed thanks to a joined passion for the showjumping sport. Almost<br />

three years ago, the pair settled on the 'equestrian strip' in Valkenswaard were they run their venture, Team Equest.<br />

"We've both lived in many different places, but from the start we knew that this location was right for us", Oliver begins<br />

to explain the journey that led them to the Netherlands.<br />

Premium location<br />

"When this plot came up with the planning permission already<br />

settled, we knew it was a great opportunity in a premium<br />

location. We are close to many other countries, show venues<br />

and airport and have quite a lot of friends living nearby. Looking<br />

back on the build there is really nothing we would've done<br />

differently. It is a mirrored layout with one side of the stables<br />

for us and one side for clients. All the horses have a window<br />

in and outside, we have individual tack rooms, lots of storage,<br />

nice apartments for the guests and staff and good footing in<br />

the indoor and outdoor arena. We could not be happier how the<br />

stable has turned out.<br />

New home<br />

It is a good thing that the couple is now fully settled in and grown<br />

accustomed to the Netherlands, because not before long their<br />

family of two will welcome a new member. Georgie jumped her<br />

last international show in July and has shifted her focus on<br />

becoming a parent. Something that is extra challenging when<br />

the rest of your family lives far away. Georgie was born and<br />

raised in New South Wales/Sydney, Australia. Both her parents<br />

are serious horse lovers, and the family is known for setting up<br />

Magic Millions. A thoroughbred auction house renowned for<br />

'When Ollie first jumped<br />

Nicky, he smiled<br />

all the way round'<br />

'We feel at home here.<br />

It's just the cold Dutch<br />

winters that are hard to<br />

get used to'<br />


its Gold Coast Yearling Sale which also organizes the biggest<br />

race event on the Southern Hemisphere, the ten-day long Star<br />

Gold Coast Magic Millions Carnival and Raceday.<br />

It was a sure bet that Georgie would catch the 'horse bug', but to<br />

the discontent of her father his daughters love for horses was<br />

not for the many thoroughbred horses the family breeds and<br />

sells. "It took years before my dad gave up hope I would develop<br />

an interest in racing. And when that did not happen, he hoped I<br />

would jump the thoroughbreds. He had loads of those and felt<br />

spending money on showjumpers was unnecessary. I spent<br />

my first summer in Europe in 2011 with my then trainer Julia<br />

Hargraves. Eventually we knew that to really professionalize<br />

in showjumping we had to move to Europe." A path that Oliver<br />

also took but at a younger age.<br />

The right way<br />

"I began spending my school holidays in the UK with Geoff<br />

Billington when I was 12 years old. We'd always had horses at<br />

home because my mum was an avid amateur rider. I jumped in<br />

all the pony classes back in South Africa, but the difference in<br />

level and overall experience in Europe was mind blowing. Back<br />

home we had staff for everything and at Geoff's I really got<br />

to learn how to muck out a stable, tack-up and live the horse<br />

show life, sleeping in the truck etcetera. It was great fun", Oliver<br />

looks back. " At seventeen I had ridden my first senior Nations<br />

Cup and started working for Ludger. I have had the pleasure<br />

of representing my country twice in a big championship: the<br />

World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in 2010 and in Cannes<br />

in 2014. These experiences are like a nasty drug, you keep on<br />

wanting more. When the 2018 WEG in Tryon came into view I<br />

had one horse that would be able to compete but was not really<br />

at the level to make a difference. Don't get me wrong, I am very<br />

ambitious, but not at all costs. Both me and Georgie believe<br />

in taking our time and developing horses the right way. To let<br />

them grow into their own and not rush them to top level just<br />

because they show potential. Like Nicky for instance. He has<br />

quite a funny story actually..." Read on below.<br />

One of the horses the pair is slowly developing is Night's Watch,<br />

known as Nicky. A now eight-year-old gelding (by Coriato x<br />

Golden Miller) which was sold at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales<br />

back in 2019. "The funny thing is that the first meeting with<br />

Night's Watch was also not love at first sight. Mathijs van Asten<br />

send me a video about a year ago, saying a friend's girlfriend had<br />

a horse that was quite sharp and careful, and thought I should<br />

have a look. We did and I asked him if I could have a sit on the<br />

horse. When I first tried Nicky as a seven-year-old he trotted<br />

around lazy and looked like the lacked blood. I said to Georgie:<br />

'I do not want to jump him, I am not feeling it'. Out of politeness<br />

I said I would jump some verticals and after three obstacles I was sold! I had a hard time controlling my enthusiasm to be honest."<br />

Oliver continues: "You see, when Nicky sees a jump, he changes into a completely different horse. He is hyper intelligent and waists<br />

no energy. At home he is often quite lazy but when the jumping starts, you see a glint in his eyes appear and he is ready to go. Jumping<br />

so careful and eager. Because of his compact confirmation, people wonder if he has enough scope to go up another level. But each<br />

time we do, he proves them wrong. The bigger it gets the easier he makes it feel. I have very high expectations for him indeed."<br />

42 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 43

Home of<br />

auctions.<br />


Bridging the gap between elite auctions<br />

With more equestrian auctions being held online or in a hybrid<br />

form with live auctions, it is not easy to keep track of them all.<br />

Remembering which lot is a favorite and when a specific foal, horse or<br />

embryo is up for auction can be a challenge. Barnbridge was founded<br />

to make the auction market more accessible and easier to keep track of.<br />

The founders of Barnbridge saw an opportunity to bring individual<br />

auctions together on one platform and to help auction organizers<br />

reach an even broader audience. The aim of Barnbridge is to gather all<br />

the lots of equestrian auctions and keep their website users connected<br />

and up to date.<br />

Search alerts<br />

The Barnbridge website gives an overview of upcoming and past<br />

auctions, including each individual lot per auction. Members can create<br />

personalized search alerts to get notifications when specific auctions<br />

or horses match their filters. This feature ensures that members will<br />

never have to miss an auction or a specific lot.<br />

Erik Jerneld<br />

Select pedigrees & more<br />

For example, say you' d like to invest in a horse bred from of a specific<br />

sire. Or a lot that has a certain stallion in the dam line. Just enter your<br />

preferences in your personal profile and when new lots are added that<br />

meet your requirements, you will receive a notification.<br />

All the lots of<br />

elite auctions<br />

gathered on<br />

one platform.<br />

Database<br />

Barnbridge is also gradually building an archive. Together with the<br />

auction partners the platform will provide an extensive database of<br />

equestrian lots that have been auctioned. Each sold lot will be saved<br />

and if made available the hammer price of each individual lot will be<br />

accessible to Barnbridge members.<br />

Partnerships<br />

Auction organizations can use the platform to increase their visibility<br />

and connect with potential clients. Even though the platform only<br />

launched two months ago, many elite auctions have already signed up<br />

as a partner. These include among others the Zangersheide Auction,<br />

KWPN Auction, The Billy Stud Auction, Flanders Auctions, Prinsjesdag<br />

Auction, Bolesworth Elite Auctions, F.O.S. Auction, Swedish Select<br />

Horse Sales and the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.<br />

Become an insider<br />

With a passion for auctions the founders are also planning to add in<br />

depth interviews with people from the industry and market statistics<br />

in the new year. The platform highlight's the best of the auction world<br />

and is due to become the go-to website for live and online auctions.<br />

Janou Hendrix<br />

The Founders<br />

Barnbridge is the brainchild of Erik Jerneld and<br />

Janou Hendrix. Both entrepreneurs are involved<br />

with organizing horse and or foal auctions<br />

and they’ve joined forces to make the world<br />

of equestrian auctions more easily accessible<br />

and transparent. “At any given moment there<br />

can be up to twenty auctions going on at the<br />

same time. As a potential buyer it is easy to<br />

miss lots that could be interesting, just because<br />

there is so much information spread over the<br />

different auction websites. With Barnbridge the<br />

information is all in one place.”<br />


Scan to learn more &<br />

to become a member<br />

44 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 45

Fun facts<br />

Fun facts<br />

Have you ever had an angel pee on your tongue? Sounds awful we know, but for a chef in the Netherlands it<br />

is a big compliment to hear dinner guests claim they have. This is just one of many Dutch sayings that raises<br />

an eyebrow or two. And on that note we thought it would be fun to take a look at other phrases and sayings<br />

us equestrians have and make little to no sense to those outside the world of horses. We are sure you will<br />

recognize some phrases which might’ve left you explaining yourself at one point or another.<br />

Being knocked down at an<br />

auction is a good thing and<br />

does not hurt at all<br />

There are many green horses<br />

although chances you have<br />

actually seen one are very small<br />

Hacking is<br />

considered a<br />

great passing of<br />

time and is not<br />

illegal by any<br />

means, unless<br />

you wander off<br />

the beaten path<br />

If you google grooming<br />

will find the first results<br />

all refer to sex offences.<br />

Luckily in the equestrian<br />

world, grooming means<br />

something very different<br />

Talking lovingly about<br />

you ‘chestnut’ might<br />

also require some<br />

explaining<br />

Heels down has nothing to do<br />

with dragging one’s feet, it is<br />

a vital part of a rider’s posture<br />

and considered a good thing<br />

46 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 47


MISSED IT!<br />

<strong>2021</strong><br />

SEE YOU IN 2018!<br />

We would like to invite you to the 2018<br />

edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.<br />

Mark October 1st and 2nd on your<br />

calendar so you won’t miss the event.<br />

The following day, October 3rd, the<br />

prestigious Limburg Foal Auction will be<br />

held at the same location. Last year, 109<br />

dressage- and jumper foals went under<br />

the hammer.<br />

In the meantime, we would be pleased<br />

to inform you of news regarding the<br />

auction. Please see below for our contact<br />

details.<br />

If you have any suggestions or notices,<br />

you can always contact us by e-mail. Our<br />

team is at your disposal throughout the<br />

year!<br />

info@dutchhorsesales.com<br />

www.dutchsporthorsesales.com<br />

ISSUE NO.<br />

03<br />


IT WAS A<br />


EVENING!<br />

2017<br />

Website<br />

Timothy Hendrix<br />

You can find the latest news<br />


about the auction on our<br />

website. Visit the site regularly<br />

to stay up to date.<br />

Publisher<br />

Hendrix Events B.V<br />

Rijksweg 45<br />

5995 NT Kessel (NED)<br />

info@dutchhorsesales.com<br />

www.dutchhorsesales.com<br />

Production<br />

Equine MERC<br />

P.O. Box 91084<br />

3063 AD Rotterdam (NED)<br />

info@equinemerc.nl<br />

www.equinemerc.nl<br />

Editor in chief<br />

Luc van Moorsel - Equine MERC<br />

Daisy van Nieuwkasteele - Equine MERC<br />

Articles<br />

Equine MERC<br />

Peter van der Waaij<br />

Eva van den Adel<br />

Poppy Blandford<br />

Annette Paterakis<br />

Manon Kitslaar<br />

Luc van Moorsel<br />

Liz van de Vorstenbosch<br />

Print<br />

DTP Graphic Products<br />

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5980 AE Panningen (NED)<br />

info@dtp-group.nl<br />

www.dtp-group.nl<br />


www.dutchhorsesales.com<br />

Lay out & DTP<br />

Liz van de Vorstenbosch - Equine MERC<br />

Photography<br />

Cover: Meghan Bacso<br />

P1: Luc van Moorsel, Ridemagazine,<br />

Dick Holthuis, Digishots<br />

P2,3: Digishots<br />

P4,5: Luc van Moorsel, Digishots<br />

P6: You'll Adolfo automatically Juri see our<br />

P9: news Luc van on Moorsel your timeline if you<br />

P10,11: Noelle Floyd, Chronofhorse,<br />

‘liked’ the Dutch Sport Horse<br />

Ridemagazine<br />

P12: Dick Sales Holthuis Facebook page.<br />

P15: Interplast dutch Holland sport Foundation horse sales<br />

P16-19: Berny Zeekaf<br />

P21: Luc van Moorsel, Horse Service<br />

International<br />

P22,23: Digishots, Jack Mancini, Sportfot<br />

P25: Digishots<br />

P26,27: Luc van Moorsel<br />

P30,31: Dick Holthuis<br />

P32,33: Sportfot, Erin Gilmore, Clicphoto,<br />

Stefan Keturi, Jack Mancini, Ben Radvayni,<br />

Haley Kane Photography, S. McMiller, Digishots<br />

P34-37: Follow Luc van us Moorsel on Instagram! Take<br />

P32: a look Dick at Holthuis the gorgeous pictures<br />

P34-37: Luc van Moorsel<br />

that were taken during the<br />

P38,39: Luc van Moorsel<br />

P41-43: Pexels, Shutterstock auction<br />

P45: Dick Holthuis<br />

selection committee<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> Presentation<br />

Monday, October 1,<br />

2018<br />

#dutchsporthorsesales<br />

Emile Hendrix<br />

Michel Hendrix<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> Auction<br />

Tuesday, October 2,<br />

2018<br />

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Presentation <strong>DSHS</strong><br />

Monday<br />

September<br />

26 st 2022<br />

Auction <strong>DSHS</strong><br />

Tuesday<br />

September<br />

27 th 2022<br />

Limburg Foal Auction<br />

Wednesday<br />

September<br />

28 th 2022<br />



Janou Hendrix<br />

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website: www.dutchhorsesales. CREATIVE EDITOR MailChimp. E-mail us at info@ Cover: Remco Veurink<br />

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5995 NT Kessel<br />

info@dutchhorsesales.com<br />

www.dutchhorsesales.com<br />

P12-13: Jenny Abrahamsson/World of<br />

Showjumping, Sportfot<br />

P16-21: Holly Grayton<br />

P22: Dirk Caremans<br />

P24: Digishots, Dirk Caremans<br />

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P25: Digishots, Sportfot<br />

DTP &<br />

P26-29: Katja Stuppia<br />


P31: Digishots<br />


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5057 AG Berkel-Enschot<br />

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Wednesday, October 3,<br />

2018<br />

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P32-33: Digishots, Sportfot, Pernilla Hägg,<br />

Kristian Strøm, Dirk Caremans, Equisport.photo<br />

P34-39: Digishots<br />

P40-41: Eva van den Adel, Sportfot<br />

42-43: Digishots, Stefan Kemper<br />

45: Eva van den Adel, Digishots<br />

46-48: Digishots<br />

TEXT<br />

As stated in the articles or:<br />

Eva van den Adel<br />

colophon<br />

48 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 49<br />

DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM <strong>DSHS</strong> | The 2017 edition 45



We courteously invite you to the next<br />

edition of the Dutch Sport Horse Sales.<br />

Please mark September 26 st and 27 th in<br />

your calendar. It will be our pleasure to<br />

welcome you on these days.<br />








The following day on September 28 th<br />

the Limburg Foal Auction will be held<br />

at the same location.<br />

In the meantime, you can always<br />

contact us by e-mail should you have<br />

any questions or suggestions:<br />

info@dutchhorsesales.com<br />


THE 2022 EDITION<br />



50 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM<br />

<strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition 51<br />




Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam<br />

+31 (0)20 238 4792 | vintage@schaapcitroen.nl | preowned.schaapcitroen.nl<br />

52 <strong>DSHS</strong> | The <strong>2021</strong> edition DUTCHSPORTHORSESALES.COM

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