Poems and stories by Bruce Levine, Duane Anderson, Ivan de Monbrison, Ivanka Fear, Jane Ellen Glasser, John Grey, Nolo Segundo, Steve Slavin

Poems and stories by Bruce Levine, Duane Anderson, Ivan de Monbrison, Ivanka Fear, Jane Ellen Glasser, John Grey, Nolo Segundo, Steve Slavin

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Complete System Shutdown

Ivanka Fear

6:30 am radio alarm jolts us to back to life

after a night of howling lullabies promising

a day of hibernation cocooned in our dens

All bets were placed yesterday afternoon, the talk all around,

whether the weather would shut down the town. (again)

They may as well just shut the schools and the highways till spring,

some folks said, tired of winter, and it's only December.

Children hopeful as they were scurried off to bed, parents worried there'd be bus cancellations for the day ahead. (yet


Weather alert - BLIZZARD WARNING - our attention glued to our screens, our kids screaming in glee, as we

contemplate whether to attempt the dangerous trek to work. A futile glance out the window pane encrusted with frost

and lined with snow, the wind tearing the door out of our grasp, and reality greets us in the form of a five foot tall snow

wall just off the front porch. The roaring of the snow monster, the silence of the empty street devoid of traffic and plows

assails us. Cars buried under waves of white, driveway denying escape, we come to an understanding as the white

enshrouds us.

SNOW DAY! shout the children and the youth.

No work, celebrate the salaried employees.

No pay day, lament the hourly workers.

A whole day stuck inside with the kids, worry the parents.

TRAPPED! realizes everyone.

(City people just don't get it, freaking out over a few stray pellets of ice hitting their concrete city, some unsightly

mounds of snow huddled by the curbs, declaring a state of emergency on their golden streets, as icy shards fall from

glass towers.)

It's just another ordinary winter's day in an ordinary small town north of the city...

schools shut down in all five area school boards

daycare unavailable

all events cancelled

medical centre and pharmacy closed

most businesses not open

county services not operating

plows pulled off the job

barricades up on the roads

stranded motorists waiting

emergency responders overworked

warming centres open at arenas

offers for lodging on Facebook

OPP warnings for no unnecessary travel

Stay at home, folks.

This is another complete system shutdown.

No way in, no way out.

BTW, take care heading out to Tim's for your coffee...

And LCBO's open

for those who can get there safely.

Founder’s Favourites | December 2021—Issue 17 | 21

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