Frontline Annual Report 2021

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“Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing<br />

seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.”<br />

Psalm 126:5-6<br />

Conscience Captive to the Word of God Reformation<br />

500<br />

This year, to mark the 500 th anniversary of Professor Martin<br />

Luther’s courageous stand before the emperor, 18 th April<br />

1521, we organised and hosted the Reformation 500<br />

Conscience Captive to the Word of God Conference.<br />

Conscience Captive to the Word of God was a theme<br />

throughout the year for many services, seminars, radio and TV programmes. You can view the<br />

presentations here. You can read the Cape Town Declaration – Steadfast in the Storm here.<br />

“Contend earnestly for the Faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” Jude 3<br />

Faith, Family and the Future ACA 30 Years<br />

To mark 30 years of Africa<br />

Christian Action, we<br />

hosted the Faith, Family<br />

and the Future<br />

Conference on Ascension<br />

Day, 13 May. The videos<br />

of this conference can be viewed here.<br />


Stand for Life Outreaches<br />

When lockdown regulations prevented our<br />

annual March for Life to Parliament, we<br />

organised Stand for Life outreaches at eight<br />

different busy traffic intersections throughout<br />

the Cape Peninsula, distributing over 4,500<br />

Pro-life and evangelistic leaflets and Gospel<br />

booklets to passing motorists. You can view<br />

the Stand for Life video that we produced<br />

here. “Wisdom calls aloud outside; she<br />

raises her voice in the open squares. She<br />

cries out in the chief concourses, at the<br />

openings of the gates in the city she<br />

speaks her words …” Proverbs 1: 20 – 22<br />

30 Years of Biblical Worldview Summits<br />

This year also marked 30 years of conducting Biblical Worldview Summits. Despite level 3 lockdown<br />

restrictions, we still managed to conduct a<br />

successful Biblical Worldview Summit. You<br />

can view a video Christopher made on this<br />

year’s BWS here. Videos of the<br />

presentations can be viewed here. “And do<br />

not be conformed to this world, but be<br />

transformed by the renewing of your mind<br />

…” Romans 12:2<br />


30 Years of Back to the Bible Mission<br />

This year also marked the 30 th anniversary of Back to the<br />

Bible Mission and we produced a video documentary<br />

celebrating 30 years of Back to the Bible Mission and<br />

helped organise and establish their new Emmanuel<br />

Library with over 14,000 titles. You can view Libraries are<br />

Gyms for the Mind here. You can view the video we<br />

produced on 30 Years of Back to the Bible Mission here.<br />

“… to declare to you the whole counsel of God.” Acts<br />

20:27<br />


10 th Anniversary of the Independence of South Sudan<br />

This year also marked a major milestone with South Sudan celebrating<br />

the 10 th anniversary of their successful struggle for self-determination and<br />

secession from the Arab North. It was a major victory against the<br />

oppressive Sha’ria law of the National Islamic Front government of Sudan.<br />

“… proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants …”<br />

Leviticus 25:10<br />

Bibles for South Sudan<br />

We organised shipments of Bibles in indigenous Sudanese languages to<br />

be delivered to pastors and chaplains in South Sudan. “Cush will submit<br />

herself to God.” Psalm 68:31<br />

Bibles, Books and Medicines to the Nuba Mountains<br />

We also organised Bibles and Christian school textbook shipments, Digital<br />

Libraries and audio Bibles for the beleaguered Christians of the Nuba<br />

Mountains. Dr. J. Pons, an eye surgeon and Johan of Doctors for Life<br />

travelled to the Nuba Mountains and conducted a successful medical<br />

mission, performing 153 cataract surgeries, in many cases literally enabling<br />

the blind to see. Over 1,500 Bibles were distributed in the Nuba Mountains<br />

and 30 audio Bibles were distributed during this mission. “Heal the sick …<br />

freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8<br />


Literature for Africa<br />

During <strong>2021</strong> Literature for Africa received<br />

76 tonnes of resources and distributed 71<br />

tonnes. This included: 20,510 Bibles;<br />

28,126 Theological and Library books;<br />

58,080 children’s Sunday school booklets<br />

and manuals; 37,980 Gospels of John and<br />

Epistles of Roman booklets; 16,260 Bible<br />

study books; 127,900 youth/adult group<br />

study packs, magazines and devotionals;<br />

1,700 Chapel Library booklets; 69,600<br />

tracts; 1,157 Scripture memory card packs;<br />

10,230 DVD’s and CD’s and 2,086,360<br />

World Missionary Press Gospel booklets.<br />

This is a total of 2,496,603 Scriptural,<br />

evangelistic and discipleship resources. You can read the full Literature for Africa <strong>Report</strong> with the<br />

Answers to Prayer From the Mailbag testimonies here. “So shall My Word be that goes forth from<br />

My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please and it shall<br />

prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11<br />

20 Years of Literature4Africa<br />

Next year our Literature for Africa ministry will celebrate 20 years of supplying hundreds of tonnes of<br />

Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets, Christian textbooks and Sunday school materials<br />

throughout Southern and Central Africa. You can view our Literature 4 Africa video here and our<br />

Bibles for Africa video here.<br />

40 Years of <strong>Frontline</strong> – Behind Enemy Lines for Christ<br />

God willing, 2022 <strong>Frontline</strong> Fellowship will celebrate 40 years<br />

since our first cross-border mission into Mozambique, April 1982. I am planning to have my book:<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> – Behind Enemy Lines for Christ completed, published and available in time to mark this<br />

four-decade milestone of ministry in Restricted Access Areas serving persecuted churches.<br />


Africa Overland Missions to Remote Regions<br />

Despite on-going, erratic, irrational and inconsistent bureaucratic regulations and restrictions, we<br />

have succeeded in conducting extensive Africa overland missions throughout Zambia, Malawi and<br />

Mozambique, conducting film evangelism and mass literature distribution, outreaches, school<br />

ministry, women’s ministry, leadership training for pastors, chaplains, evangelists and teachers. Our<br />

team delivered tonnes of Bibles and books to remote regions, even to areas where not even the<br />

pastor had a Bible, or New Testament!<br />

20 Years of Covenant College Zambia<br />

Our mission team was able to visit and see the development of Covenant<br />

College which marked 20 years since it was established by <strong>Frontline</strong><br />

Fellowship.<br />

Muslim Evangelism<br />

Our mission team also ministered in areas of Malawi, Zambia and<br />

Mozambique where over 95% of the population were Muslim. By God’s<br />

grace, our missionaries in Cape Town have been conducting Bible studies<br />

with Muslims and developing regular outreaches and presentations in Muslim<br />

communities. You can visit and share www.TheMessageofNabiisa.org. “For<br />

I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to<br />

salvation for everyone who believes …” Romans 1:16<br />


Missions to The Transvaal, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu<br />

Along with conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar in Pretoria, the Biblical Worldview Summit near<br />

Cape Town and the Great Commission Course, I conducted missions to the Transvaal, Mpumalanga<br />

and KwaZulu. I spent two weeks at Back to the Bible Mission, which included presenting lectures on<br />

Reformation History. I was a guest speaker at KragDag in the Transvaal where over 6,000 farmers<br />

gathered. I was also invited to be a speaker at the Youth Conference at KwaSizabantu Mission in<br />

KwaZulu. In the last year I have conducted over 440 meetings, including more than 200 radio and<br />

TV programmes.<br />

Radio and TV Ministry<br />

Every week I present From the <strong>Frontline</strong>,<br />

Christian Perspective on the News for Radio<br />

Cape Pulpit and programmes for English Radio<br />

host Andrew Harrington Hitchcock. We continue<br />

to host the Salt and Light radio programme<br />

which is broadcast on Radio Tygerberg. This we<br />

have done for over 27 years. Every month I have<br />

ministry opportunities on a variety of radio<br />

stations and some TV shows across America<br />

and with Loving Life TV broadcasting out of<br />

Australia. On occasions I have radio and TV<br />

interviews with stations as far afield as the<br />

Netherlands, Germany, Kenya, Zambia and<br />

New Zealand. I was also a speaker at the National Alliance for Life Conference and with a number<br />

of other international events by Zoom or Skype.<br />


William Carey Bible Institute Satellite School in North Africa<br />

This year marked an important milestone, as one of our satellite schools in a country in North Africa,<br />

held its first graduation service for WCBI students in this Arabic speaking, Muslim country. WCBI<br />

(William Carey Bible Institute www.WilliamCareyBI.com) was founded to provide free tertiary<br />

education for Christians in Restricted Access Areas. “The discerning heart seeks knowledge …”<br />

Proverbs 15:14<br />

Research and Writing Projects<br />

Articles, Lectures and sermons that I have produced this year include: Triumph over Temptations;<br />

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy; Giving Thanks in All Circumstances; Adventures in Home Schooling;<br />

A Balanced and Biblical Response to Lockdowns and Masks; A Macedonia Call for World Changers;<br />

The Real Story Behind Fake History and Fake News; Standing for Truth in a Fake World; The Toxic<br />

Waste of Bitterness; 30 Years of Africa Christian Action; Standing for Life; Responding to Resistance<br />

to Reformation; The Spiritual State of the Nation; Libraries are Gyms for the Mind; True Love is the<br />

Fulfilment of God’s Law; Civilisation in Crisis – The Threats that Confront Us; The Inerrancy of<br />

Scripture – The Great Watershed; The Cape Town Declaration – Steadfast in the Storm; Wildfires in<br />

Cape Town; Putting Feet to Your Faith; Responding to Revolution with Resistance and Reformation;<br />

For Faith, the Family and the Future; Godly Zeal vs. Fanaticism; Superficial, Selfish, Satanic<br />

Spirituality; What Can We Practically do to Work for Secession, Independence and Freedom?;<br />

Hymns, Gospel Songs and Choruses; We Should Pay More Attention to What is Deleted than What<br />

is <strong>Report</strong>ed; Communist Chaos and Criminal Opportunism Fuel Riots in South Africa; When the State<br />

Fails to Protect Lives and Property; The History Behind the American Retreat and Defeat in<br />

Afghanistan; Can You Not Do Something More for God?; 30 Years of Standing for Life and Liberty;<br />

The Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights, Informed Consent and Freedom of Choice; Mission<br />

to the Transvaal; Upheaval in Sudan; Lenora Hammond Has Fought Her Final Battle with Pain;<br />

Steadfast in Suffering; Should Vaccinations Be Made Mandatory?; Without a Vision a People Perish;<br />

Live Not By Lies, 1666 and the Sabbatean Roots of the New World Disorder and Those Who Hate<br />

God Love Death.<br />

Audios, Videos and Power Points<br />

Many of these were made into Power Points and videos. Those that were presented as lectures can<br />

also be listened to on our sermonaudio page. Many of these and other articles can be accessed on<br />

our www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org; www.LivingstoneFellowship.co.za; www.ReformationSA.org;<br />

www.HMSSchoolofChristianJournalism.org and www.ChristianAction.org.za websites.<br />


Magazine Articles<br />

Aside from regular articles that I write for <strong>Frontline</strong> Fellowship,<br />

Africa Christian Action, Gospel Defence League and Henry Morton<br />

Stanley School of Christian Journalism, I also write regular articles<br />

for other publications worldwide. This last year I wrote 74 articles.<br />

Creation Science Ministry<br />

We hosted Creation Science Author and Engineer, Dr. Philip Stott, at our Biblical Worldview Summit<br />

and for a variety of other meetings including a webinar and Creation Science Seminar in the Upper<br />

Room, Bathman Memorial Hall. The videos and audios of Philip Stott’s Creation Science lectures are<br />

available on our www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org website. “For since the creation of the world His<br />

invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His<br />

eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.” Romans 1:20<br />

16 Years of the Reformation Society<br />


Our Reformation Society, which has been meeting every Thursday night for the last 16 years, has<br />

seen its attendance double since the Upper Room was built. We also held a Classical Music Concert<br />

on Heritage Day and a Variety Concert and Awards for the Reformation Art & Essay Competition,<br />

along with our Home Education Fair. Other missions have also made use of our expanded residential<br />

facilities at Livingstone House and of the Upper Room.<br />

Biblical Preaching Workshops<br />

Hunter and Daniel have organised four Biblical Preaching Course workshops and a variety of other<br />

events. You can view videos of these Biblical Preaching Workshops, or listen to audios of the<br />

lectures, on our www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org audio and video pages.<br />

Leadership Training and Muslim Evangelism<br />

Hunter reports conducting 89 Bible studies and outreaches in Muslim communities, he organised<br />

four Biblical Preaching Workshops, a Students Café, a Christmas Meeting and a Two-Week course<br />

in a Muslim area. He also presented 35 sermons, devotions and lectures and 36 radio programmes.<br />

Rhodesia Association of South Africa<br />

For the last six years I have served as chaplain to the local Flame<br />

Lily Foundation-Cape Peninsula, conducting their Remembrance<br />

services each November. For the last three years I have been<br />

Chairman of Flame Lily Foundation-Cape Peninsula. This has<br />

involved giving presentations to members gathered every month,<br />

either in the MOTH hall, or in the Methodist church hall, in Fish<br />

Hoek. I now edit the Fish Eagle and Rhosarian magazines and we<br />

host<br />

the<br />

Rhodesia Heritage Library. You can view<br />

the RASA website here and the Flame<br />

Lily Foundation – Cape Peninsula<br />

Facebook page here. I regularly<br />

contribute to the Rhodesians Worldwide<br />

magazine and Reclaiming Rhodesia. We<br />

are caring for 14 destitute Rhodesian<br />

pensioners and supporting food parcels<br />

to pensioners in Zimbabwe, along with<br />

our Boxes with Love programme.<br />

Wildfires and Widespread Looting<br />

As Cape Town was hit by devastating wildfires<br />

on 18 April, I conducted investigative journalism<br />

to expose the arson and cover-ups and the<br />

agenda behind it. You can read my article, and<br />

view the video exposing the arson and coverups<br />

behind the wildfires in Cape Town, click<br />

here. The communist chaos, looting and riots<br />

which devastated so much of KwaZulu/Natal<br />

and Gauteng from 9 July on also needed a clear<br />

response and led to many radio and TV<br />

programmes, public meetings and articles<br />

published worldwide. View my presentation<br />

here. Read the article here.<br />


Cape Independence Forum<br />

For over two years I have been the Chairman<br />

of the Cape Independence Forum, hosting<br />

meetings every month and negotiating and<br />

counselling with various leaders in this<br />

growing movement. This has led to the<br />

publication of the Cape Independence<br />

Handbook, which includes Eye-witness to<br />

Successful Secessions and Secessions in<br />

the Bible and in History. These are available<br />

freely on our new website: www.capeofgoodhope.africa. You can also visit our new The Cape of<br />

Good Hope Facebook page here.<br />

Resisting the Revolutionary Globalist Agenda<br />

I have numerous opportunities to speak to protestors marching or rallying against the lockdown<br />

lunacy, masquerade madness, salvation by vaccination Covid Cult and the increasingly irrational and<br />

intrusive state regulations that have silenced, sidelined and shut down thousands of churches<br />

country wide. Many ministry opportunities have developed out of these, including to Muslim<br />

communities. The threat to Faith and Freedom by increasingly arbitrary restrictions clearly advancing<br />

a globalist agenda must be resisted. More churches have been closed in the name of fighting a virus<br />

than the combined total closed by communistic dictators Stalin and MaoTse-Tung during the Cold<br />

War.<br />

Biblical Issues Voters Guide<br />

This last year, being a municipal election year, we updated our<br />

Biblical Issues Voters Guide and another Voters Guide on where the<br />

various parties stand on decentralisation, referendums, selfdetermination<br />

and secession and where the different parties stand<br />

with regard to masks, lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations and<br />

vaccine passports. This led to many radio and TV interviews. I was<br />

also asked to draft the Cape Town Declaration on Human Rights and<br />

Informed Consent. All this you can access on our<br />

www.SAvotersguide.org website.<br />

Publications<br />

We also completely<br />

revised, updated and<br />

expanded our Salt and<br />

Light Starter Pack, the<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> Fellowship<br />

Handbook and Great<br />

Commission<br />

Handbook. We are<br />

completing an<br />

unpublished manuscript<br />

of Rev. Bill Bathman’s:<br />

Reformation and<br />

Revival in Romania<br />

which should be ready for printing early in the new year. We placed five our most popular titles on<br />

Print on Demand, making them readily available worldwide: Victorious Christians who Changed the<br />

World; Greatest Century of Reformation; Greatest Century of Missions; Slavery, Terrorism and Islam<br />

– the Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat and Security and Survival Handbook. Thirty of our<br />

books are now available as e-books.<br />


New Book for Educators<br />

We brought to publication Professor Deborah Pelzmann’s (my sister inlaw)<br />

book: She Who is Called To Teach. With Deborah’s extensive<br />

and innovative experience in four countries, on three continents, in two<br />

hemispheres, there is much to encourage, edify and empower<br />

educators in this insightful book.<br />

Real History Resources<br />

We also launched a new website dedicated to Historic articles, audio<br />

lectures, Power Points and videos: www.realhistoryresources.org<br />

Witnessing Through the World Wide Web<br />

<strong>Frontline</strong> Fellowship maintains sixteen active websites, which have over 300,000 articles and links.<br />

In the last year these websites received 269,447 page views from 122,670 new users. The most<br />

popular web site is our:<br />

www.<strong>Frontline</strong>MissionSA.org which received 58,726 page views from 27,182 visitors.<br />

www.ChristianLibertyBooks.co.za received 50,993 page views from 14,335 visitors.<br />

www.ReformationSA.org received 33,270 page views from 19,284 visitors.<br />

www.Christianaction.org.za received 32,409 page views from 20,560 visitors.<br />

www.Reform500.org received 19,022 page views from 10, 625 visitors.<br />

www.LivingstoneFellowship.org.za website received 7,099 page views from 3,819 visitors.<br />

www.HMSSchoolofChristianJournalism.org received 9,771 page views from 6,020 visitors.<br />

www.LivingstoneFellowship.co.za received 7,099 page views from 3,819 visitors.<br />

www.WilliamCareyBI.com received 6,779 page views from 2,674 visitors.<br />

www.GospelDefenceLeague.org received 5,589 page views from 3, 754 visitors.<br />

www.TheMessageofNabiIsa.org received 2,770 page views from 774 visitors.<br />

Vimeo<br />

We uploaded 113 new videos onto our Vimeo channel this year and now have 642 videos with a<br />

total of 26,053 views this year by 15,354 visitors. On our YouTube channel we have 185 videos<br />

uploaded, 579 subscribers and 39,572 views this last year.<br />

Sermonaudio<br />

This year we uploaded 104 sermons, presentations and lectures onto our sermonaudio page which<br />

now has over 1,000 messages recorded available online. We now have over 202,000 listeners on<br />

this channel.<br />

Power Points<br />

This year we uploaded another 32 of my Power Point presentations onto slideshare, making a total<br />

of 353 presentations available online. Downloads this year: 109,235.<br />


From the <strong>Frontline</strong><br />

This year we uploaded 50 new podcasts and now have a total of 200 podcasts which have received<br />

over 4,595 downloads on Podbean.<br />

Sound Cloud<br />

This year we uploaded 114 audio tracks, making a total of 743 audio programmes and<br />

presentations available online. Sound Cloud recorded over 5,719 plays of our audio tracks this year.<br />

Audio Visual Boxsets<br />

This year 3 new MP3 audio, DVD and Data Disc boxsets were produced, including the Great<br />

Commission Course – 6-disc boxset and the Biblical Worldview Summit – 6-disc boxset. We also<br />

produced a BWS 2-disc DVD boxset.<br />

Christian Liberty Books – Bestselling Books<br />

The overwhelming majority of books and audio-visual<br />

materials sold by CLB in the last year were Home<br />

Education books. Our Best Sellers for <strong>2021</strong> were:<br />

Sketse uit die Suid-Afrikaanse Geskiedenis; Security<br />

and Survival Handbook; Sketches from South African<br />

History; Greatest Century of Missions; Genocide of the<br />

Boers; Tien Gebooie; Reforming our Families; Praktiese<br />

Dissipelskap and Under Fire in South Africa.<br />

Most popular Audio Visuals<br />

The most popular audio MP3 boxsets were: Heroes of the Faith; Finally Free – Purity is Possible;<br />

and Sketse uit die Suid-Afrikaanse Geskiedenis MP3.<br />

The most popular DVD’s were: Genesis; Paradise Lost; Agenda – Grinding America Down; Agenda<br />

2 – Masters of Deceit; David Livingstone – Missionary Explorer to Africa and Call for Discernment.<br />

CLB sold 1,904 items and sent out 203 parcels by courier.<br />

Events and New Catalogue<br />

For KragDag, Home School Expos and the Home Education Fair, we designed and printed a new<br />

full-colour Home Education catalogue of in-house and education books and biographies.<br />


Living Waters Africa<br />

Numerous Living Water tracts and leaflets were reprinted, with permission, under license, in South<br />

Africa. This dramatically reduces the costs and therefore the price. The best seller for Living Waters<br />

Africa remains the Evidence Bible. Some of the popular leaflets which are now printed in South Africa<br />

include: The Atheist Test; The Million Dollar Bill; The Trillion Dollar Bill and Are You a Good Person?<br />

Printing Projects<br />

Printing projects this year included: Abortion – The Facts and Considering Abortion in time for our<br />

March for Life/Stand for Life campaign; It’s My Body; Dit Is My Lyf and Considering Abortion for the<br />

Life Chain; and the Biblical Issues Voters Guides. Other printing items were evangelistic and teaching<br />

tracts; Fire of Pentecost; Abortion – The Facts; What Really Matters?; Philemon – Set Free to Serve<br />

Christ; Waar Gaan Jy die Ewigheid Deurbring?; Shattered Hopes – Broken Dreams and Die Harde<br />

Woorde van Jesus.<br />

Communications<br />

Our <strong>Frontline</strong> secretary informs me that she typed 779 of my letters, 25 Livingstone Fellowship<br />

sermons, sent out 182 emails on the <strong>Frontline</strong> Fellowship Bulk email list, 38 emails to the Gospel<br />

Defence League email list, 145 messages to the ACA e-groups, 69 messages to Christian Action<br />

Network bulk mailing list; 72 emails to Reformation Society members and friends; another 46 emails<br />

to Reformation Society Cape Town Events bulk mailing list. She also typed up 49 Reformation<br />

Society lectures; 5 Prayer and Praise Updates; 6 Answers to Critical Questions as well as Tributes,<br />

Memos, Film Reviews and Articles for various magazines. My computer informs me that I have<br />

generated more than 1,000 memos and 3,200 letters this last year.<br />

Mailing Lists<br />

Diane informs me that our mailing list statistics, as at 7 December <strong>2021</strong>, are: 6,175 on FF Bulk emails,<br />

3,078 on Christian Action; 182 on Christian Action Network; 674 for the Reformation Society; 116 for<br />

Cape Town Events; 360 for the Gospel Defence League; 1,792 for Literature for Africa, 1,858 for<br />

Christian Liberty Books; 1,712 for Living Waters Africa; 187 for Radio stations; 119 newspapers and<br />

magazine editors; 219 for Christian Media; 69 for WCBI students; 96 for our German email list; 42<br />


for our French email list and 108 for our Afrikaans articles. We also have 213 Christian schools on<br />

our emailing list database and 505 intercessors. We also have 14 distributors of the Christian Action<br />

magazine.<br />

Film Projects<br />

Ndumiso reports that he has produced videos on the Biblical Worldview Summit <strong>2021</strong>; Stand for Life;<br />

30 Years of Back to the Bible Mission; Life Chain <strong>2021</strong>; Heritage Day Classical Music Concert;<br />

Spoken Word in Poetry and TTUG talks. Our most popular film on Vimeo this year was the Stand for<br />

Life.<br />

Lenora and Her Legacy<br />

The traumatic deterioration in health of my wife, Lenora,<br />

necessitated that we care for her at home. She did not want<br />

to die in hospital amongst strangers when not even visits<br />

would be allowed. Therefore, we rose to the challenge of<br />

receiving instruction and equipment from Hospice to make<br />

Lenora’s last months as comfortable as possible. It was<br />

always Lenora’s desire to have her children “no further<br />

than 5 minutes away” and to live to see her grandchildren.<br />

By God’s grace, all four of our children and our three<br />

grandchildren live at our fairly crowded home. Lenora would light up every time she saw her<br />

grandsons come into the room.<br />

Thank You for Your Prayers, Love, Encouragement and Support<br />

We have been overwhelmed by the<br />

love, support and prayers of our<br />

friends and intercessors worldwide.<br />

You can view the tributes and eulogies<br />

to Lenora at the Memorial Service<br />

which was held in the Upper Room,<br />

Bathman Memorial Hall and the<br />

Funeral service at the Dutch Reformed<br />

Church in Franschhoek. We praised<br />

God for the birth of our third grandson,<br />

Oliver David in May of this year.<br />

Lenora has left behind a tremendous<br />

legacy in her children and<br />

grandchildren and in the beautiful<br />

home, the Livingstone House Upper Room extension project and gardens which she invested so<br />

much into.<br />

Upcoming Events<br />

Please pray for our Upcoming Events which<br />

include: a Mission to a Restricted Access Area<br />

in North Africa, the delivery of Digital Libraries,<br />

audio Bibles and other Arabic Scriptures to a<br />

Restricted Access Area in North Africa; Special<br />

Projects Bible deliveries in indigenous<br />

languages to mission stations, schools, colleges<br />

and churches throughout Africa; the Biblical<br />

Worldview Summit (6 – 13 January 2022); the<br />

publication of “<strong>Frontline</strong> – Behind Enemy<br />

Lines for Christ”; “Reformation and Revival<br />

in Romania” and the Great Commission Handbook. We are also organising the Sanctity Life<br />


Sunday (29 January 2022) and March for Life to Parliament (1 February 2022) to mark the<br />

anniversary of the legalisation of abortion in South Africa.<br />

We have numerous missionary and staff training programmes and outreaches scheduled in January<br />

and more cross-border missions planned.<br />

The mission team which left on the Africa Overland Mission to Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique is<br />

still in the field and we are praying for their safe return before our Biblical Worldview Summit.<br />

It is our duty and destiny to be involved in ministry of multiplication with a multigenerational<br />

vision. We are called to be steadfast and faithful as we encourage,<br />

equip and empower evangelists and Bible teachers to seek first the Kingdom of<br />

God, make disciples of nations and teach obedience to all things that the Lord<br />

has commanded. The Great Commission is our Supreme Ambition. Christ’s last<br />

command must be our first concern. “And the things that you have heard from<br />

me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men, who will be able<br />

to teach others also. You, therefore, must endure hardship as a good soldier<br />

of Jesus Christ.” 2 Timothy 2:2 – 3<br />

Thank You<br />

The missionaries, interns and staff of <strong>Frontline</strong> Fellowship join me in expressing our deep gratitude<br />

for your prayers, encouragement, love and support. We have much to be grateful for. God has<br />

protected us from many dangers, blessed and multiplied our humble, inadequate efforts for the<br />

extension of His Kingdom and to serve suffering Christians. We are deeply grateful for all of His<br />

provisions and gracious answers to many prayers. It is a tremendous privilege to be His sons and<br />

daughters, His servants and soldiers, serving the suffering, training and mobilising evangelists and<br />

educators, soul-winners and nation transformers.<br />

By God’s grace, we trust our Lord Jesus Christ for a far more productive and effective year of ministry<br />

ahead.May God continue to be your strength and shield.<br />

Yours for Reformation, Revival and the fulfilment of the Great Commission.<br />

Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Director<br />


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