Rouge Magazine Issue #5

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I’m excited to start a new chapter in my organization and business. Past two

years I went through so much in life. Some of that was in Second Life but

mostly in my personal life. It was one of those moments in life where you just

know things are going to change or need to change for the future.

Next few months I spent time working on my stores, magazines and

websites. It is a lot of work hours each day. What I do enjoy the most

about it is I get to be my hermit self. No distractions of any kind. It’s just

me and my projects.

In this publication readers will notice some changes. The magazine is

majority the same but reduced in pages to cut out some work load. This

was done for my other magazine as well. We do hope readers enjoy reading.

Athena Blackwood

Founder | Editor in Chief

F ounder’s L etter

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Autumn • Winter 2021

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Founder/Editor in Chief

Athena Blackwood

Cover Model

Heidi Salty


Athena Blackwood

Gabie Meads


Seasonal Trends


5th Issue Guests

Eva Madenwald

Martine Lisa Viper Aristocrat

Zephie Vyper

Official Models

Fae Bell

Gabie Meads

Heidi Salty

Sha Anne

Terry Grauman


Cover Model | Heidi Salty

Photographer | Athena Blackwood

6 7

Miss Globe Universal

The 2021 Winner

Blackwood Photography Studio

Athena Blackwood

8 9

When I first met

Heidi she was nervous but

very excited. A long time

friend introduced us. My

friend being one of the few

people who knew I have

been a mentor for a long

time. Even fewer knew I

have taken one model under

my wing for the past

several years. Originally

I wasn’t planning on continuing

but talking to Heidi

changed my mind.

I had not seen passionate

excietment in a model for a

long time. Many go into this

business for many reasons.

For Heidi just like majority

of models through the

years the reasons are similar.

However what I saw in her

was something much different.

Being able to teach in a

way most do not helped her

see there are all these other

adventures out there. While

runway is great. There is

more to a models life then

just runway. It is how Heidi

discovered the world of

pageantry. She was very

happy and eager to join

Miss Globe Universal. Not

only that she also knew she

just had to represent her

home country of Spain. The

second person to do so.

Patience is not her strong

trait so having to wait

was nerving. All that wait

though was worth it. Not

only did she submit one of

the best applications but

passed through with flying

colors. The feeling in me

started to grow and grow.

Throughout each step she

proved she is Queen material.

An essence only so few

have held since pageants


10 11

After a few months of competition the Finals

had finally arrived. The most special

night for everyone but also the most

difficult. We pageants we started with the

tradition of National Costume and then

Formal Wear.

She had asked me to be her designer

sponsor and I happily accepted. The gown

in the photo is not only special to Heidi

but also me as well. It marked the first

time my gown came in 1st place and I

ended up winning the Designer award.

Can’t believe it has been seven months.

Just crazy how time has flown by since.

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16 17

1st Runner Up

Miss Globe Universal France 2021

Terry Grauman

18 19

2nd Runner Up

Miss Globe Universal USA 2021

Zephie Vyper

20 21

Miss Globe Universal

The Award Winners 2021

Miss Belgium

Martine Lisa Viper Aristocrat

Miss Canada

Eva Madenwald

Miss France

Terry Grauman

Miss Spain

Heidi Salty

Miss United States

Zephie Vyper

Miss Congeniality

Best in National Costume

Best in National Costume Designer

Lamu Fashion

Lamu Freidman

Best in Community Service

Best Use of Title

1st Runner Up

Miss Photogenic

Best in Interviews

Crowned Winner

Spirit of Pageantry

Best in Formal Designer

Athena Couture

Athena Blackwood

2nd Runner Up

Miss Top Model

Covergirl Award

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