SHILL Issue 27

Solana ecosystem zine.

Solana ecosystem zine.


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What fuses elements of fantasy



What IS the GenesysGO project

about exactly? PART2


Tangible and digital matter.


What happened to the NFT auction?


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the Editor

FINAL issue for 2021. Wise

words or ramblings?


Spotlight. Start looking

6 now or you are NGMI!


16 ZenFT Generative geometry and

procedural generation.






Project artist and


creative hans takes us

into tangible and digital




Launching? Not


launching? What’s the





Dropping, holding and 23 hoping

SHILL the Mint

Dropping, holding and



7D Volume rankings


SolsWatch analysis of

current NFTs on market.


New section, where the f* have

these artists been hiding?


Keep an eye out for this artist!


The one-of-one mints you

wish you had ALPHA about!


The $SHDW token and

where the project is

heading. Part 2.





Issue 27. Nice to see you.

A big ‘G’Day’ to those who are new to #Shill zine. Hoping that you

get some real alpha from this zine and perhaps a perspective on the

ecosystem that you haven’t previously.

Firstly, props to @norokkun who quickly spotted one of the pieces

fetured in issue 26 as a rip-off from @thejum569 (an artist on eth). The

Twitter account of the offender quickly disappeared and the Holaplex

storefront was taken down 8hrs later. Some unsuspecting buyers were

obviously stung!

This is an unfortunate evolution of the sapce. It exists on eth and is so

hard to spot. By the time you do realise it is too late. Stay vigialnt!

Another trend that is starting to emerge in the space is the auctioning

of photography. Pretty soon we will have sales up there with the best of

them. Keep your eye open for emerging photographers (HINT this issue

spotlights a couple).

A cool tip that I thought many were aware about that you may not know

of...bidding on so many plex auctions can be hard to keep track of.

You can always use sweeper.immaterial.ink It will scour through plex

auctions using your wallet address and tell you if anything is outstanding.

I know Soltoshi, Databstract and others managed to recoup some long

lost SOL using this website (during a recent Twitter Spaces chat).

But what about CandyMachine auctions I hear you ask. Well, there’s an

app for that too. https://www.sol-nft.tools/find-stuck-sol


SHILL Issue #27

Before I sign off for this issue- I think I have Google Analytics set

up correctly. Initial stats are telling me that a LOT of iOS device are

reading this zine. Fantastic! Just be aware that it has been designed

to view 2 pages at a time. Works perfectly on an iPad or desktop

computer. On a phone you will only see 1 page at a time.

Enjoy the issue. Retweet the link to all your friends and enemas! (sic)

Now go read! There is no COMMNITY without U!


SHILL Issue #27 5









Heads up boys and girls. Sit up straight and pay attention! We have

a ‘pop-up’ interview this issue with ZenFT.

Welcome to Shill. Let’s start with a little background about you and

the team.

My name is Ali, sometimes I go by Balt. I love strategy games,

sports, and new challenges. I’m a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, and

I’m currently based in Chicago studying for an MFA in Game Design.

The ZenFT team consists of myself, my brother Samer, and my


SHILL Issue #27

sister Maysam. Samer has been the main writer for each ZenFT’s

description and Maysam has led ZenFT’s graphic design.

ZenFT is a collection of generative geometric art that sparked a

world of imagination. While developing the script for ZenFT, each

iteration caused an explosion of inspiration in my mind. As a lover of

fantasy worlds in games, I couldn’t help but build a world every time

I viewed one. Thus, each ZenFT carries a story from the World of Zen

(working title) that frames an event, a character, and their emotions.

We did not want to allow this inspiration to be restricted to us alone.

This led to the inception of the vision of ZenFT; collaboratively

building a fantasy world.

ZenFT is a celebration of storytelling, procedural generation, and the

essence of the blockchain.

SHILL Is1ue #27 17

Your pieces could easily have been minted on other chains. Why


Although Solana is a much smaller network compared to Ethereum,

the efficiency of its protocol makes it the more future-proof

blockchain in my opinion. Moreso, the cost of entry for an artist into

Solana marketplaces allows for ALL artists to celebrate and share

their work with the world. For this reason, even after only a few days

being part of it, Solana is the right choice for me and ZenFT.

Your ZenNFT project is intriguing. Tell us a little about the project.

ZenFT is about celebrating mankind’s imagination sparked by

procedurally generated art. We don’t only want to make art that

looks cool and inspires, we want to let that inspiration flow into the

World of Zen.


SHILL Issue #27

Put simply, ZenFT is about creating together.

Where do you see the project going?

Currently, ZenFT is in its early stages; having only had our first listings

start on the 1st of January. Generation 1 ZenFTs will be coming out

in waves until ZenFT - 99. The next steps for ZenFT are community

building and creating a foundation for its future. The vision for

ZenFT includes on-chain generation and using a DAO to govern the

development of the World of Zen.

Community- Discord/Twitter engagement- how is the community

engaging with the project?

So far, ZenFT has received a positive response from the Solana

twitter community. It’s been heart-warming to be embraced by the

community so quickly and with open arms. I believe that creative

writing on Solana is an undersized space, and we hope that ZenFT

can encourage and empower writers to share their imaginations

through the World of Zen. Currently there is no Discord server for

ZenFT, however a collectors list is in the works. We aim to build and

stay in touch with each owner because owning a ZenFT isn’t only

about holding a piece of art, but also about becoming a part of the


Has the team considered working with other artists/projects/


So far, we have not worked with other projects, however ZenFT is

open to collaborations with other creators on Solana.

Thanks for spending time with Shill today. Is there anything that we

may not have touched on that you would like to add?

I personally want to thank the readers of Shill, Pixeltoy, and everyone

who has shown support.

Follow us on Twitter @ZenFT_official to learn more.

Visit zenft.holaplex.com to see our latest listings.

We’re also on instagram @zenft.art!

SHILL Is1ue #27 19




SHILL Issue #27



@joemccann 42.9K Followers

2022 Alpha:

Risk taking is the purest form of virtue. Entrepreneur.

Angel Investor. Margin Trader. NFT

collector. @monkedao & @ftx_official from

Day 1.

Defi Options Vaults’ (DOVs) aggregate TVL will grow triple digits

y/y, highest on @solana and @terra_money (assuming structured

products ships later in the year for Terra).

Options by extension become “mainstream” and eventually become

creative tools for NFTs and Web3 games (sell covered calls against

your @SolanaMBS, buy puts against your @staratlas spaceship).

@RobinhoodApp did an excellent job of abstracting away the

complexity of equity options trading. I suspect we’ll see folks like

@ZetaMarkets follow suit on the UX to onboard even more into

options in crypto.

Developers are flocking to web 3.0 dApp building so much

so that “crypto” developer is now the highest-paying remote

work job behind Swift (mobile) and AWS (cloud). Solana’s

most recent hackathon in June of 2021 observed a 1250%

increase in the number of applicants from its first hackathon

just six months prior.

SHILL Issue #27 23





Within the last three years, Hans (George Teglas & Jonathan Jimenez)

has been progressing on the premise of collecting tangible data,

more specifically, material interactions. Through such development

whilst operating in the world of design, we aim to bridge the gap

between tangible and digital matter. Components ranging from builtin

environments to typographic systems primarily represent analogue

media used to express such purpose. While this purpose stems from

an unknown source, we find it imperative to acknowledge its direct/

indirect correlation to our contextual backgrounds. Although the

direct parallel between such influences and our present propositions

remains unclear, it is rooted within our core to expand within diverse

practical pillars to build and nurture innate operating frameworks.


SHILL Issue #27

Following the set premise, our desired aftermath centers around

constructing an ecosystem where design attributes and digital

components can be utilized towards the integration of design

within the dialogic equation of social optimism. Hans has dealt with

physical and digital propositions such as publications, products,

web interfaces, photography, videography and soundscapes; all of

which have contributed to the growth and overall expansion of the

entity. Moving forward, H.1 — Inorganic materials, contextualizes

three substances: shale, copper, ceramic. Each of these, have

been carefully curated based upon specific attributes mainly their

abundance and prominence within our surroundings, distinctive

individual properties, and their emotional connection to our being.

The product; 3 materials / 3 soundscapes / 3 photos in context 1

ethos explored through various media.

SHILL Issue #27 25

In the hope of integrating purposeful design into the space of NFT’s,

Hans utilizes its conceptual systems to put forth an orchestra of

optical outputs triggering specific human outcomes. Starting from

H.1, an integral push towards the implementation of photographic

means, we plan on following with the integration of videography,

publication and product.


SHILL Issue #27


SHILL Issue #27 27



NFT Launch


By Anvi https://nftevening.com/

Solana’s Phantom wallet will soon launch its iOS app. In fact, the

team initially planned to sell 7,000 NFTs and provide owners with

early access to the release. Following the above announcement,

Solana received a lot of criticism from users.

After which, Phantom scrapped its NFT launch.


SHILL Issue #27

Solana’s Phantom Wallet: What’s the whole matter?

Yesterday, Solana wallet announced their NFT drop featuring 7,000

collectables. This drop was part of a collaboration with the Solana

NFT marketplace, Magic Eden.

Originally, the plan was to conduct an NFT Dutch auction starting

at the price of 8 SOL, with a decrease of 0.25 SOL every 10 minutes

until all NFTs sold out.

Subsequently, users shared their frustration towards the whole


Twitter user 0xMav wrote “web2: get paid to test apps web3: pay

to test apps”. By the same token, other users addressed that the

NFT release might go against Apple’s App store rule, which states

beta products “cannot be distributed to testers in exchange for

compensation of any kind, including as a reward for crowdsource


Phantom also mentioned it “never meant to alienate anyone and

never intended on profiting from the auction in any way.”

At last, Solana’s wallet Phantom decided to change its approach.

Given that, Phantom distributed 1,000 free invites which ran out

within minutes. However, the remaining invites will be sent out

throughout this week. So keep an eye out!

That’s not it; Phantom also pledged to donate $200,009 worth of

SOL to a tech-focused non-profit, “Girls Who Code” Despite the

backlash, Phantom has been performing well with over 1.8 million

monthly active users. Solana will launch Phantom’s iOS app properly

in early 2022.

SHILL Issue #27 29


Send your playlist to:


to be included in the next issue. LIVE LINKS - CLICK IMAGE


SHILL Issue #27




SHILL Issue #27 31




SHILL Issue #27



SHILL Is1ue #27 33



SHILL Issue #27



SHILL Issue #27 35

Dimension Of Solana


Newborn Iguanas





SHILL Issue #27



SHILL Issue #27


The Astronaut @thexastronaut

SHILL Is1ue #27 43




SHILL Issue #27

Did you see it?


SHILL Issue #27 45



SHILL Issue #27

Did you see it?


SHILL Issue #27 47

48Did you see it?

SHILL Issue #27


SHILL Issue #27 49


Did you see it?



Did you see it?


SHILL Issue #27

SHILL Issue #27 53

Did you see it?



Did you see it?

a l p h a m i n t s



James Johnson












and the


IDO cont...


That’s great… but what are you actually building towards?

A slide from the third Shadowy Super Coder Town Hall

First, a recording of our third Town Hall is viewable here: https://

youtu.be/sFAQ9hPqaBg — In this Town Hall we go over, in depth,

what the Shadow Protocol is, what we are building, and how it plugs

into the Solana ecosystem.

Second, to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as the

nomenclature goes…

Shadow Protocol = Broad sweeping term which includes all things

related to the $SHDW token, decentralized RPC, decentralized


SHILL Issue #27

storage, and the community that contributes compute to earn rewards.

Shadow Network = Decentralized RPC Network

Shadow Drive = Decentralized Storage Solution

Shadow Nodes = The actual servers that make up the Shadow Network/

Shadow Drive

Shadow Operator = The person who contributes compute power in

exchange for token rewards paid out in $SHDW

Tech Talk AMA hosted by Steven is here — https://youtu.be/gbeOzLq8N0Y

In this Tech Talk, Steven peeks under the hood of our RPC network and

how it operates… in addition to highlighting the process for Shadow

Operators to connect to our network and begin earning rewards.

SHILL Issue #27 73

There are many RPC providers out there at this point, sure. However,

all but two (we will touch on the two decentralized providers shortly)

are fully centralized and have significant overhead. The RPC server

space is also becoming increasingly crowded and, as such, it will

continue to be (as someone once phrased it) a “race to zero” as RPC

providers are forced to provide more bells and whistles for less.

The two decentralized RPC from other chains (POKT and ANKR)

both struggle to generate the throughput needed to power Solana.

To date, both have failed to launch a working server on Solana.

POKT and ANKR both suffer from the same thing that makes

RPC servers powered by AWS, Hertzner, and Google Cloud highly

unreliable on Solana… they are incapable of handling Solana’s

throughput requirements without failing. Solana is incredibly

performant and, as such, it will always be hard for RPC providers,

who built their foundational architecture on other chains, to port over

to Solana and thrive. In order for that port to happen successfully, it

would require a fundamental redesign of their key architecture which

would be expensive and time consuming.

As such, our Shadow Network will be the first fully functioning

decentralized RPC server network that is designed specifically to

handle Solana’s throughput needs.

What is the benefit of this and why would you eat such a huge cost

like that?

Well, it very much fits into our ethos of empowering the community

to help strengthen and expand the infrastructure of Solana! Anyone

supporting GenesysGo, the SSC-DAO, and our IDO is directly

contributing to the expansion and future success of Solana.

Secondly, a decentralized RPC structure allows us to include a very

important KPI to use as a measure for the sustainability of both

$SHDW and the Shadow Protocol… that KPI is the number of Shadow

Operators contributing compute to the network. To date, we already

have 20 individual operators who are planning to connect machines

and add their compute to the network.

Why is this the main KPI for us? Well, there are many levers one can

pull in order to create a sustainable project… and one of those levers

is in regards to expenses. Every Shadow Operator who comes on

board to the Shadow Protocol earns rewards in $SHDW tokens…

and, every Shadow Operator who contributes compute allows us


SHILL Issue #27

to reexamine and potentially reduce the amount of compute that

our network contributes. This, in turn, reduces our expenses while

spreading said expenses across the Shadow Operator layer. This

“spreading of the expenses” reduces their overall impact and makes

them much more manageable. Our goal then becomes to ensure that

the emissions of $SHDW are incentive enough to make becoming a

Shadow Operator appealing.

In addition, Shadow Operators serve a key role in reducing the

circulating supply of $SHDW tokens which acts as a drag on the

overall token velocity of $SHDW. This is due to the fact that Shadow

Operators are required to stake a certain number of $SHDW tokens

in order to earn rewards (more on this below). This creates a

deflationary effect on the total supply which means the onboarding

of Shadow Operators is a key mechanism for judging the direction

and health of the project as a whole.

Ultimately, over the long term we expect our server expenses to

drop below 95% of their current levels as we integrate more Shadow

Operators and the need for a centralized server backbone is reduced.

Through the use of smart contracts, open-sourced resources, and

server redundancies on the Shadow Operator level, we are building

a fully self sustaining architecture that can scale automatically as

Solana scales while not being reliant on a core team in order to


This is best summed up using slides from our 3rd Town Hall.

So what’s the TL;DR? Solana needs an optimized storage solution

that protects the integrity of the consensus when storing the data.

We have a unique perspective when viewing the ecosystem because

we communicate directly with developers about their needs on a

daily basis.

The need for full access to a copy of the Solana historical ledger

and broad “Account State” that is truly immutable has increased

dramatically over the past several months. This is a mission critical

need for the Solana blockchain if it is to continue growing and


This is also a relatively easy lift in terms of the workload because

of our in-depth knowledge of how information is shared between

different validators and validators to RPC servers. As such, we expect

the timeline around storing a truly immutable copy of the total state

SHILL Issue #27 75

of all accounts in the Solana AccountsDB to be measured in weeks

rather than months.

Our most recent talent acquisitions have all been focused on bringing

onboard engineers with strong backgrounds in building distributed

database systems in both the web2 and web3 spaces, as well as

hands on experience building in Rust (the native programming

language of Solana).

As such, our ability to warp a general decentralized storage solution

for the Solana ecosystem would also be measured in a matter of

weeks rather than months.

At the moment, Arweave is the primary storage solution used by a

great many builders on Solana however this is largely a function of

there not being any other alternative. We receive messages from

developers on a consistent basis asking why they are receiving RPC

errors when doing Arweave uploads and we explain that this is due

to the fact that Arweave’s chain is not fast enough to keep up with

Solana’s. When this happens, transactions start to fail but the failure

is coming from Arweave’s side.

There is an appetite in the Solana ecosystem for an optimized

storage solution and, due to the sheer amount of data that the Solana

ecosystem creates, we see this as a huge market opportunity.

Plus, this is right in our wheelhouse… we started GenesysGo and

our RPC network with the mindset that existing RPC services

enforced rate limits because their architecture was not optimized

for Solana. We then examined the landscape, took the best qualities

of all providers, and then bootstrapped what has turned into an

incredibly successful venture. Stepping into the landscape, building

an optimized solution, and then growing user adoption is what we

do best.

That’s fair! I appreciate you letting me lay all of that information out

for you. Context setting is important simply because of the broad

nature of where we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

It also drives home what I’m about to say, which is… The $SHDW

token is meant to be a 100% utility token. However, in order for it to

be a true utility token, it is important we take the time to understand

the full context of the protocol it is providing utility for.

Without this context then $SHDW goes from being a “utility token”


SHILL Issue #27

to just another “coin” that is tied to faceless Discord server that

posts every week or so that “big things are happening” and “big

announcements are coming soon!”

The use case and utility for the token should be clearly spelled out

rather than us simply waving our hands, saying that “We’re an infra

provider and we’re powered by a token” and letting people draw their

own conclusions of what that means. The token use case and the

project it is powering should be clearly and plainly laid out rather

than loose associations drawn.

(continued next issue)

SHILL Issue #27 77


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