Beatty Secondary School Yearbook 2021

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Our Story

school Yearbook 2021


03 school vision,


mission & Values


04 school song



05 principal’s foreword



07 school advisory committee 69




(Departments / Committees)







Non Vi Sed Arte


Every Beattyian -

A Thinker, Learner and Contributor


To nurture Beattyians of Character with a

sense of Purpose and Passion for Life



To be upright in word and deed, and to have moral

courage to stand up for what is right.


To give my best in every aspect of learning, and take

ownership for all my actions and decisions.


To persevere in the face of challenges and believe in my

ability to develop to my fullest potential.


To show respect and consideration for others, and

to contribute actively to the community.


To be innovative and resourceful.


School Song

Faithful and strong here together we stand,

Building our future with youth of our land.

Serving our school with hearts pure and true,

Sing we our motto that echoes anew!

Non vi sed arte, not with force but with skill,

All to the task we our duty fulfil.

Helping each other where’er there is need,

Forward to glory our school we shall lead.

Faithful and strong here together we stand,

Building our future with youth of our land.

Serving our school with hearts pure and true,

Sing we our motto that echoes anew!


I am heartened that despite all the challenges that we have

faced this year, our students and staff rose to the occasion. They

managed to transform problems into opportunities, challenging

themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Mr Ling Khoon Chow, Principal


Principal’s Foreword

2020 and 2021 have been unusual years for all of us in Singapore as we battled the

COVID-19 pandemic and adapted to the various Safe Management Measures (SMM). It has

been especially challenging for our staff and students as they had to adapt to changes in

SMM throughout the year, going into full Home Based Learning at times.

I am heartened that despite all the challenges that we faced this year, our students and staff

rose to the occasion. They managed to transform problems into opportunities, challenging

themselves in ways they never thought possible. They remained resilient, adapting to the

new ways of teaching and learning, and readily adapted to the different SMM.

In 2021, Beatty embarked on the Personalised Digital Learning Programme (PDLP) where

all our Secondary One to Three students were equipped with an iPad for learning in and

outside of school. We also started Blended Learning for our lower secondary students.

PDLP and Blended Learning have changed the way lessons are being conducted in the

class. These initiatives aim to develop Beattyians to be future-ready learners, with the skills

and habits for independent and lifelong learning, and is in line with our aspiration for them

to develop to be Thinkers, Learners and Contributors who possess a Joy for Learning and a

Passion for Life.

Fundamentally, we set out to nurture our students to be Beattyians of Character, with

a Sense of Purpose and a Passion for Life. Our Co-curricular Activities are designed for

our students to take their learning beyond the classrooms and appreciate social issues

beyond their immediate circles. Students deepen their learning by leveraging on local and

international partners, and working in teams guided by teacher mentors who champion the

same cause. More importantly, we want our school to be an inclusive community where our

students, teachers and partners work together, building on one another’s strengths and

appreciating our differences.

Beatty continues to excel in the academic and co-curricular areas. In the national

examinations, our students continue to do well with a high percentage of students

successfully gaining places in junior colleges and polytechnics. Our CCA groups have also

received numerous awards in the various uniformed group and sports competitions, and

SYF Arts Presentations. It is also noteworthy that our students have also done well in other


Beatty’s greatest strength is our staff. Over the years, the school has nurtured a cohesive

staff who are caring and whose first priority is the well-being of our students. We are also

grateful for the strong support of our partners, especially the School Advisory Committee,

the Beatty Alumni and the Parents Support Group. Let us all continue to uphold our school

motto, Non Vi Sed Arte, as we continue on this journey towards excellence together.

My best wishes to every staff and student at Beatty Secondary School.


School Advisory Committee

Mr Jimmy Soon


Mr Ling Khoon Chow

Honorary General Secretary


Mr Eddy Ho Chia Hwee


Mr Albert Lee Kay Hwa


Dr Loh Hong Sai


Mr Ma Poh How


Mr William Tan Chew Siah



Staff &


(Departments / Committees)

Teaching Staff

Mr Ling Khoon Chow


Mr Lim Soon Wai


Ms Lim Sok Ngin

Vice-Principal (Administration)

Ms Joanna Chong

How Yan

School Staff Developer

Mdm Azlina Bte Ibrahim


Ms Fauziah Binte

Mohd Shariff

HOD/Student Management

Mrs Florence Ng-Chan

Hui Lian

HOD/Infocomm Technology &

Media Resource Library

Mdm Jasmine Manimala


HOD/English Language & Literature

Mdm Joanna Peh Hui Ling

HOD/Aesthetics & Technology

Mr Lawrence Koh


Mdm Soh Ying Jing Stella

HOD/Character & Citizenship


Mdm Tay Wee Chin

HOD/Mother Tongue Language

Ms Tng Ee Hwei


Mr Yeo Chee Keong


Mr Lee Chau Loong

Year Head/Upper Secondary

Mdm Toh Pei Ling

Year Head/Lower Secondary

Mrs Cindy Samsol


Ms Estella Chin Ning

SH/Student Leadership


Ms Jacqueline Lim Ling

SH/Chinese Language

Mdm Jafarnisha Beebi

SH/Normal Course

Mdm Lim Yi Wen


Mr Loh Wan Quan David

SH/English Language

Mdm Low Beng Hong

SH/Character & Citizenship


Ms Marhainy Binte


SH/Food & Nutrition

Mr Mok Choong Leng

SH/Student Management

Mr Ong Guo Lin Xavier

SH/Knowledge Management


Ms Wee Yuting


Mr Wu Yuehong Calvin


Ms Yuen Shu Yan

SH/Infocomm Technology & Media

Resource Library (Covering)

Mr Lai Chee Kit

ST/Computer Applications

Ms Ling Pei Ling


Ms Massuniza Binte Ismail

ST/Malay Language

Mrs Rose Ang


Mr Wong Kok Siang


ST/ Design & Technology

Ms Adriana Wong Yu Yi

Mr Anjappan S/O Sinna

K Arumugam

Mr Bobby Koh Yee Ee

Ms Boon Ka Ling


Mrs Buvana Ramalingam

Ms Catherine Solomon Mr Chan Jen Wuu Mdm Chua Siew Suan

Ms Chiang Cheow

Mr Chiang Heng Jaik

Hwee Glenda

Mdm C M F Rosnita

Binte Abdul Ghani

Ms Dawne Zhuang

Hui Zhi

Mr David Lau

Chee Yian

Mrs Domingo Alona

De Silva

Ms Ellie Soh Yu Bin

Mr Elliot Lee

Chun Chow

Mdm Er Lee Sim

Ms Eswari D/O


Ms Farah Binte

Mohd Yusop

Ms Fernandez

Pauline Esther

Mdm Fu Rong

Mrs Han Nam Toon

Mr Ibrahim Bin Ab Latif

Mdm Janne Ng Ling Ling

Mr Kamsani Bin Radi

Ms Kang Pei Yi Jessica

Ms Karen James

Ms Khoo Xin Han

Mdm Krishnaleela S


Mr Lee Kuan

Leng Bernard

Mr Lee Song Lim Mr Leong Soo Ching Mdm Li Hai Yu

Ms Liem Peng Lan

Mr Lim Chin Heng

Mr Lim Jing Hong


Ms Lim Ying Yi Jenna Ms Loo Kit Wan Mr Luqman Bin

Mr Mas Elfie Jaar

Mr Michael See

Mohd Ali

Bin Arshad

Chern Siong

Mr Muhammad Fazli

Bin Zulkifi

Mdm Nadiah Angelina Tan

Ms Nadirah Binte Sharin

Mdm Nafisah Binte

Mohd Amin

Ms Ng Hoon Ling Irene

Ms Ng Ying Hui

Mr Nicholas Khoo

Aik Phong

Mdm Noryati Binte

Abd Rasid

Mdm Nur Jeerah Bte

Mohd Amin

Ms Nur Rabiah

Binte Ishak

Ms Nurhayati

Binte Ahmad

Ms Oh Ying Jie

Mr Raffael

Ms Raja Shahridah Binte

Raja Suhaini

Ms Raistlina Kwek

Hwei Yee

Mdm Rosniati

Binte Zaharudin

Mrs Seah-Pay Ling Ling

Mdm See Huey Yi

Mdm Seow Siew Hong

Ms Sharon Fong

Mrs Sheilla Stephen

Ms Shivaani D/O


Mr Sim Yeow Chuan

Mr Sin Lai Keong

Mdm Siti Zubaidah Binte


Mr Sivaneson


Mr Soon Boon Eng

Mr Subramaniam


Mdm Suhaila Binte


Ms Suzanne Patrick

Mr Syed Muhammad

Mdm Tan Cheng Guat Ms Tan Ngee Tiang

Mdm Tan Seok Ting Mr Tay Boon Leong

Mr Tay Soo Thiam


Mr Teng Jun Boon

Mr Teo Chye Keong

Mr Theva Kumar Panaiyan

Mdm Wan Chia Jia

Mdm Wang Fang

Mrs Widya Barnwell

Mrs Wong-Pang Wai

San Ivy

Mdm Yong May May

Mrs Yong Ming Swan

Not In Photo:

Ms Chong Zhen Yi, Mdm Chow Yoke Wah, Mdm Chua

Geok Song, Mdm Ho Fui Ling, Ms Jamie D/O Ishwarlal,

Mr Lai Ern Chuen, Mdm Pavarthi, Ms Rosnani, Ms

Serena Tan Hwee Hwee, Ms Silver Lim Jia Pei, Mr

Sugunan Menadea, Mr Tan Liep Ming, Miss Tan Ming

Hui, Ms Teo Siew Hoon, Ms Toh Lian Ping Daphne,

Executive & Administrative Staff

Mdm Foo Hui Ling Linda

Administration Manager

Ms Goh Hwee Zi Sharon

Administration Manager

Mr Foo Say Soon

Operations Manager

Mr Quek Young Hwee

Operations Manager

Ms Nurul Aqila

Binte Zaroni

Administration Executive

Mdm Zaiton Binte Mohd

Administration Executive

Mdm Ang Chin Choo

Technical Support Officer

Ms Tay Liyin Lynn

Technical Support Officer

Mdm Arfan Bte Ahmad

Corporate Support Officer

Mdm Aishahton Binte


Operations Support Officer

Mr Lim Choon Seh

Operations Support Officer

Mr Shariff Bin Musoid

Operations Support Officer

Mdm Sulimah

Binte Rahaman

Operations Support Officer

Mr Ur Kok Seng

Operations Support Officer

Mr Rohmannan Amran

ICT Associate

Ms Brenda Pek Hwee Kian

ICT Executive

Mr Muhammad

Ibnu Fahmi

Desktop Engineer

Ms Nur Zuliyana Bte


Desktop Engineer

Ms Chan Mei Mei

Administrative Assistant

Ms Chris Goh


Mr Kamsari Bin Senin

Discipline TA

Not In Photo: Mr Lim Fook Tong, Kelvin

School Management Committee


Aesthetics & Technology Depar tment

English Language & Literature

Depar tment

YEARBOOK 2021 15

Humanities Depar tment

Mathematics Depar tment


Mother Tongue Languages

Depar tment

Physical Education Depar tment

YEARBOOK 2021 17

Science Depar tment

Special Education Depar tment


Applied Learning Programme


Ar ts Education Programme Committee

YEARBOOK 2021 19

Character & Citizenship Committee

Corporate Communications Committee


Information and Communication

Technology Committee

Internal Examinations Committee

YEARBOOK 2021 21

Normal Course Committee

Par tnership Committee


School Cockpit & Results Management


Staff Innovations & Development


YEARBOOK 2021 23

Staff Welfare Committee

Student Development Committee


Student Leadership Committee

Student Management Committee

YEARBOOK 2021 25



Student Management Committee

As 2021 unfolds its new chapter, it is filled with

both uncertainties and hope. Although this

journey might be challenging, our students know

they are never alone as they will be guided by the


We base our discipline approach and processes

on Restorative Practices (RP) which aim to

strengthen relationships. It is through this

fundamental belief in the importance of

relationships that much effort is put into

fortifying the Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR)

and Student-Student Relationship (SSR).

One example to strengthen TSR and SSR is the

Cooking Sense Series, which is one of our After

School Engagement programmes planned for

our Secondary One and Two students. This

programme allows the students to make good

use of their creativity to learn culinary skills.

In addition, the spirit of teamwork and time

management are also inculcated. Their final

product tasted of hard work and sweet success.

Giving back to others fills our hearts in

so many ways. My students find meaning

in conducting a cooking lesson.

Ms Shahridah, Teacher-in-charge

In an attempt to extend the culture of care,

appreciation and gratitude beyond the school,

our students engaged in a project to create

decoupage products to thank our unsung heroes

working in Tan Tock Seng Hospital. This project

provides an opportunity for the students to feel

a sense of achievement because they know that

their final products will put a smile on someone’s

face. We believe that experiencing a meaningful

activity by giving back to the community will

enrich our students’ school experience.

Showing gratitude is one of the simplest

yet most powerful things humans can

do for each other.

Ms Tan Ngee Tiang, Teacher-in-charge

YEARBOOK 2021 27

Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

Community Youth Leadership

Beatty’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP) aims

to instil in every Beattyian the five exemplary

leadership practices: model the way, inspire a

shared vision, challenge the process, enable

others to act and encourage the heart.

The Secondary One Orientation was planned

jointly by the Student Councillors and the Sports

Leaders. The student leaders stepped up to

assume roles as the friendly and approachable

Orientation Group Leaders to the secondary

one students, helping them to feel welcome and

comfortable in their new school environment. The

experience was indeed impactful and memorable.

Leading the Secondary one Orientation is

an experience I’ll never forget. Despite

the many restrictions that were put in

place due to COVID-19, seeing how much

the Secondary one students enjoyed

themselves throughout the entire

orientation made me proud that I was able

to give them such a memorable start to

their secondary school journey.

Brielle Ang, Vice-President of the

18th Student Council

2021 has been fraught with unexpected

challenges and difficulties due to the pandemic

situation, which saw many activities and

programmes being affected. However, the LLP

committee took the challenges in our stride

and utilised technology to deliver meaningful

leadership experiences for our student leaders.

For example, the Student Leaders Investiture

was modified to an online ceremony instead,

which provided an avenue to recognise the hard

work and dedication of all our student leaders. It

was definitely not an easy process as it required

cooperation and perseverance from many groups

of student leaders.

Despite not being able to hold a physical

ceremony, the student leaders still

felt appreciated and it was a good

platform for the incoming leaders to be

recognised and acknowledged.

Mdm Siti Zubaidah, Teacher-in-charge


Student Council

The Student Council comprises a group of

student leaders who are chosen through rigorous

selection processes and developed through

a myriad training opportunities. The council’s

motto of Duty, Honour, Service speaks of their

calling to serve the school and improve the

Beatty experience for all our students.

In planning and organising the Secondary One

Orientation Programme, the Student Councillors

have demonstrated leadership skills that are

crucial to navigate the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain,

Complex and Ambiguous) world. In particular, the

Orientation Group Leaders displayed confidence

and public speaking skills when managing the

Secondary One classes. The Student Councillors

in charge of the Great Beatty Race learnt how

to organise a mass event, and troubleshoot the

unexpected issues which arose. Most importantly,

they learnt about the power of teamwork.

In unity, there is strength.

Ng Kok Ching, President of the

19th Student Council

The biannual Student Dialogue Session organised

by the Student Council proved to be a success.

This year, the theme focused on changes in the

school due to COVID-19 and the related Safe

Management Measures that were put in place.

The student leaders were proactive in voicing

their concerns and opinions.

The student dialogue session was an

effective way to allow the student

leaders to represent their peers in

interacting with the school leaders.

This platform gives students an

opportunity to voice their opinions and

concerns in making the school a better

place for everyone.

Ms Nadirah, Teacher-in-charge

YEARBOOK 2021 29



Secondary 1 Orientation Programme

YEARBOOK 2021 31

Secondary 1 Inauguration


Chinese New Year Celebrations

YEARBOOK 2021 33

Total Defence Day


Secondary 1 Study Skills Workshop

YEARBOOK 2021 35

Secondary 2 Level Camp


Secondary 3 Level Programme

YEARBOOK 2021 37

Secondary 4NA/NT Elective Modules


Secondary 4/5 Motivation Workshops

YEARBOOK 2021 39

International Friendship Day


Annual Awards Day

YEARBOOK 2021 41

Youth Day Celebrations


Racial Harmony Day

YEARBOOK 2021 43

National Day Celebrations


Teachers’ Day Celebrations

YEARBOOK 2021 45





• Ms Dawne Zhuang

• Mr Lee Song Lim

• Ms Yuen Shu Yan

• Ms Estella Chin

• Mr Chan Jen Wuu

Student Leaders

• Captain:

- Jovinna Chow Zhi Xuan

(Zhou Zhixuan)

• Vice-Captains:

- Dyllan Sim

- Tee Wei Wen

• Executive Committee Members:

- Jamie Song Jia Jue

- Dolphus Tng Jun Jie

It has been a year of challenges and changes for

members of the canoeing team in light of the

COVID-19 global pandemic. While canoeists were

still able to train at MacRitchie Reservoir in the

earlier part of the year, senior canoeists initiated

the newest members into the sport by showing

them the ropes and guiding them in the technical

know-how. Individual canoeists also volunteered

to participate in the Go! 50km Paddle Challenge

organised by the Singapore Canoe Federation

in partnership with Children’s Aid Society

to support the children and raise funds for

Melrose Home. This enabled them to contribute

meaningfully to society even as they trained with

their peers. As the physical training sessions

were halted, our members remained undeterred

in honing their skill sets and maintaining their

physical strength as they attended online CCA

training sessions.

We are immensely proud of the canoeing team

for demonstrating discipline and resilience in

such extraordinary times!

With sound advice from Coach Ismail, we

guided the new canoeists on paddling

and boat control techniques. We are

heartened to see our Secondary one

canoeists display motivation and

commitment to pick up this new sport.

Mr Lee Song Lim, Teacher-in-charge

alThough the 50km challenge was long

and tough, it was a meaningful experience

that I will never forget. The thought of

being able to do something I am passionate

about while being able to help others

sparks joy within me.

Jovinna Chow, 3E4

YEARBOOK 2021 47



• Mdm Wan Chia Jia

• Mdm See Huey Yi

• Mr Teng Jun Boon

• Mr Tay Soo Thiam Matthias

• Mdm Chua Geok Song

Student Leaders

• Captain:

- Leong Shu Ting Jolene

• Vice-Captains:

- Koh Jing Wei

- Ng Jun Rui Joshua

• Committee:

- Kenneth Gan Jin Hao

- Tan Jaey Chong

In 2021, though our CCA has been affected by

COVID-19, there are still unforgettable moments

that our members will treasure. In February, we

had our first online Lunar New Year celebrations.

Wushu has always been one of the items and

this time it was no exception. Though there were

restrictions we had to adhere to, our members

adapted to the changes and put up a great

performance. The other unforgettable moment

would be our participation in the National

School Games. Our members were glad and

thrilled when news about the resumption of

the ‘B’ division was announced. Although the

group event was cancelled, our members still

looked forward to the individual events. Their

time and effort put into training did not go to

waste. Our competitors participated in their first

ever competition with additional restrictions but

no audience. We are proud that our members

were able adapt to changes and face challenges

bravely and brought back valuable experience to


It is always encouraging to see how our

teams endure the tough training and put

up their best performance during the

national school games (NSG). well done

Wushu team!

Mdm Wan Chia Jia, Teacher-in-charge

Wushu training before NSG was tough and

tiring, however, I always remember this

encouragement from a friend–when you

feel like giving up, remember why you held

on for so long in the first place. That gave

me strength to continue to strive on!

Leong Shu Ting Jolene, 3E2




• Mr Elliot Lee

• Mdm Wang Fang

• Ms Nadiah

• Mrs Domingo Alona

• Mrs Ivy Wong

Student Leaders

• Captain (Boys’ Team):

- Caleb Kong Eng Liang

• Vice-Captain (Boys’ Team):

- Sathishkumar Laeshaanth

• Captain (Girls’ Team):

- Erika Rayman

• Vice-Captain (Girls’ Team):

- Yeh Pin Ling

2021 has been an eventful year for the Badminton

Squad. Comprising the boys’ and girls’ team,

weekly badminton training sessions were planned

to develop all its members holistically. From

rigorous footwork routines to bonding sessions

over tea, members of the Badminton Squad

demonstrated their commitment to better their

performance by training wholeheartedly and

with vigour. One highlight of the year was the

Badminton Squad’s participation in the National

School Games ‘B’ Division South-Zone Badminton

Championship, a platform which showcased the

tenacity, competitive spirit and sportsmanship of

all team members.

The camaraderie of the team will propel its

members to greater heights in the coming years.

It was heartening to see the team’s

perseverance during the national school

games. The players fought tooth and nail

for each and every point earned. Good

job, girls!

Ms Nadiah, Teacher-in-charge

Badminton sessions are fun and enjoyable.

The coach assigns us teams and we play

friendly matches against each other.

While honing our skills, we also build


Wong Min Hui, 1N3

YEARBOOK 2021 49



• Mr Sivaneson

• Mr Luqman

• Mr Leong Soo Ching

• Mr Anjappan

Student Leaders

• Captain (B Boys):

- Li Jiawen Matthew

• Vice-Captains (B Boys):

- Cheah Shao Feng, Marcus

- Ojashwo Singh Budha Magar

• Captain (C Boys):

- Samyog Lama

• Vice-Captains (C Boys):

- Jaden Tan

- Muhammad Aneeq Bin

Muhammad Fairus

2021 has been a very trying year for our Football

team. From the cancellation of the National

School Games to the reduction of face to face

sessions to hone their skills, our boys have been

finding different ways and means to keep up with

the demands of the COVID-19 situation. Innovation

has been a key phrase this year with the boys

having to adapt to training via Zoom sessions and

engaging in more small-sided games. Though

restricted, they remain motivated to always

improve and have fun, hoping to take on any

challenges that may come their way in 2022.

The camaraderie amongst the

footballers is noteworthy. They remain

good friends off and on the pitch. Training

hard together has brought them closer

and I observe this even when they help

each other out during training and off

the pitch.

Mr Sivaneson, Teacher-in-charge

The small-sided games we play allow us

to learn but still be safe from COVID-19.

Within the small area, we can practice

our ball control and short range passing

to improve communication skills, and build

teamwork. However, I do feel the COVID-19

situation has limited us in terms of the

way sessions can be conducted. however,

we are still able to make our practice

sessions fruitful and fulfilling.

Li Jiawen Matthew, 3E4




• Mdm Rosniati

• Ms Soh Yu Bin

• Miss Loo Kit Wan

• Miss Tan Ming Hui

Student Leaders

• Captain:

- Ang Kai Xin, Kellie

• Vice-Captains:

- Nicolette Raymond Gabriel

- Almyra Nabilah Binte Ahmad


We are pleased to share that Volleyball is now

included as one of the CCAs under the school’s

Direct School Admission. This is a testament

to our CCA’s ability to engage our players and

push them to realise their fullest potential. We

started the year with great enthusiasm where

we showcased our CCA activities and milestones

through a video presentation to the Secondary

One students. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,

the ‘B’ Division team adapted well and trained

with great determination as the tournament was

organised based on a new competition format.

Being a sports CCA, maintaining our physical

fitness and stamina is of utmost importance.

Therefore, when CCA sessions reverted to

online sessions, the players remained unfazed

and continued with their weekly CCA sessions

comprising physical training and match analysis

via Zoom.

Indeed, our team’s motto of “winners are not

people who never fail but people who never quit!”

always rings true.

During every training session, our players

aspire to be the best for the team rather

than to be the best in the team.

Mdm Rosniati, Teacher-in-charge

Due to the COVID-19 situation, there was

uncertainty as to whether the ‘B’ division

championship would proceed. when it was

eventually announced that it would

proceed and that the school would

participate, I felt motivated to train

hard and play as well as I could during

the matches. The team trained hard and

performed well despite the last minute


Siti Nurdiana Binte Hashim, 5N1

YEARBOOK 2021 51

Boys’ Brigade


• Mr Bobby Koh

• Mr Sim Yeow Chuan

• Mr Fu Si

• Mr Brandon Lim

Student Leaders

• Company Sergeant Major:

- SSG Lee Wei Hao

• Deputy Company Sergeant Majors:

- SSG Yang Haowen

- SSG Tan Jian Ming, Austin

• Squad Leaders:

- LCP Htoo Thi Ha Aung

- CPL Phoon Jun Yan

- CPL Teo Tung Tong

2021 has been nothing short of exciting and

unforgettable for members of the Boys’ Brigade

10th Singapore Company. Amongst the many

memorable stories that we have to share, the

highlight would definitely be the Marksmanship

Training Enrichment Programme held during

the March school holidays. Our Boys were fully

engaged during the course, where they were

taught the basics of shooting and were given the

opportunity to put theory into practice. At the

end of the highly stimulating course, they took

away with them invaluable skills as well as fond

memories forged with their comrades. Another

story which left an indelible mark on the Boys

would be the meaningful experience they had

distributing care packs to our migrant workers as

part of their community spiritedness project. We

are truly proud of our Boys’ sincere intention to

show their heartfelt appreciation for the frontline


As the chapter of 2021 draws to a close, we look

forward to creating more heartwarming stories in


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it is truly

heartening to see how the Boys have

displayed resilience and sportsmanship to

overcome the various challenges!

Mr Bobby Koh, Teacher-in-charge

As the new Company Sergeant Major, I feel

energised to bring the company to greater

heights. Relax and the world will bring

you to where you belong!

Lee Wei Hao, 3N3


where our guiders participated in outdoor

activities such as dome tent pitching, outdoor

cooking and experimenting with knots and

lashing. We are truly proud of our Guides’ journey

and growth through this tumultuous year.

Girl Guides


• Mrs Yong Pauline Fernandez

• Ms Shivaani

• Mrs Han Nam Toon

• Ms Raistlina Kwek

Student Leaders

• Company Leader:

- Sureshkumar Kirtana

• Assistant Company Leaders:

- Ng Zhi Xuan

- Ng Wan Qi

• Patrol Leaders:

- Neo Hui Yi

- Yip Ning Enn

- Adele Ng Jinshan

- Charlotte Cheok Wan Lin

- Yusuf Chouthury Harlinah Fajula

- Nurfitriana Novita Sari Binte Sabri

2021 has been a meaningful and exciting year

for the Beatty Girl Guides Unit. Amongst the

many memorable stories that we have to share,

the highlight would definitely be the Plogging

Experience, which started in April in conjunction

with the 2021 World Thinking Day themed

‘Environmental Peacebuilding’. Plogging refers to

walking/jogging and picking up litter along the

way. Our Guides were fully engaged in plogging

around the school, the neighbourhood and

the nearby parks. To commemorate Earth Day,

they shared about their plogging experiences

with their fellow Beattyians to raise awareness

of the importance of maintaining a litter-free

environment for all to enjoy. Another memorable

story was the annual Girl Guides Camp in school

One of the most meaningful activities

that our guides carried out this year

was keeping the school and their

neighbourhood clean by picking up litter.

the guides encouraged their schoolmates

to join them in their efforts to keep the

school as clean as possible. They clearly

demonstrated the school values of care

and responsibility, and we guiders are

proud of them.

Ms Shivaani, Teacher-in-charge

Due to COVID-19, I was not able to attend

any camp last year. this year, I found the

day camp the most memorable as I got a

chance to learn how to pitch a tent and

prepare a meal through outdoor cooking.

I had the opportunity to step out of my

comfort zone and participated actively

in the various activities planned for us.

I was also able to bond with my patrol

members and get to know them better.

Charlotte Cheok Wan Lin, 3E5

YEARBOOK 2021 53

National Cadet

Corps (Land)


• Mr Sugunan Menadea

• Ms Nadirah binte Sharin

• Mr Thevakumar

• Mr Muhammad Fazli bin Zulkifli

• Mr Lai Ern Chuen

Student Leaders

• Unit Sergeant Major:

- 3SG Razin Muzhaffar

• Assistant Sergeant Major:

- 3SG Foo Yong Kwang Matthew

• Cadet Leaders OIC:

- 3SG Mohammad Ashish Maniam

• Senior Cadets OIC:

- 3SG Low Jun Siong Darrel

• Junior Cadets OIC:

- 3SG Tai Bing Xue


- 3SG Mohammad Ashish Maniam


- 3SG Lim An Cai Marcus


- 3SG Ng Kok Ching

2021 marks the 120th anniversary of the

founding of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) in

Singapore. To celebrate the occasion, Beatty

NCC participated actively in the various projects

organised by Headquarters (HQ) NCC. Our cadets

engaged in the Virtual Race, TikTok Challenge,

Creative Video Competition and Guardians of the

City Tournament, just to name a few. Additionally,

our outgoing Unit Sergeant Major, Scott Chia

was awarded the Outstanding Cadet Award by

HQ NCC for his stellar contributions to the unit.

Although the Precision Drill and Freestyle Drill

competitions were cancelled due to the pandemic,

our cadets continued to train religiously to

sharpen their skills. Beatty NCC continues to find

ways to engage the cadets in meaningful ways

despite the current challenging national posture.

the NCC 120th Anniversary event gave

cadets an opportunity to be involved

in varied activities. This is especially

important in a year when many of the

usual events were cancelled due to the

pandemic. Cadets enjoyed the virtual

run, mural design, GOTC competition, Tik-

Tok Challenge and many more. It was

rewarding to see cadets enthused about

the various learning opportunities.

Mr Sugunan Menadea, Teacher-in-charge

The NCC120th guardians of the city

competition was an interesting experience

for my team. Although we managed

to win most of the matches during the

preliminary rounds, we were not placed

Top 8 in the finals. However, we were glad

to be able to participate in the competition

and walk away with a memorable


Jovan Neo Zheng Xuan, 2E1


National Civil

Defence Cadet



• Ms Farah Bte Mohamed Yusop

• Mr Tay Boon Leong

• Mr S. Kanesananthan

• Ms Serena Tan

Student Leaders

• Unit Sergeant Major:

- SSG Lim Si Ting, Luanne

• Assistant Sergeant Major:

- SSG Ho Josen

• Unit Advisor:

- SSG Sukriti Rai

• Logistics IC 1:

- SSG Kento Teng Qian Zhi

• Logistics IC 2:

- SSG Sieck Si Jia

This year, we celebrated our 16th founding

anniversary via a virtual platform. Despite the

various constraints, the spirits of our cadets were

high. During the course of the year, our cadets

and teacher officers explored different options

to make the CCA sessions, both online and

physical, as exciting and meaningful as possible.

We will continue to strive and grow in the face of

adversity and will always be there to learn with

everyone, lead by example and serve wherever

we can.

this CCA has given me a very fun and

unique experience. I have made many new

friends and picked up many useful skills.

Having taken part in this year’s Annual

Awards ceremony was a very fulfilling

experience for me. My batch-mates and

I managed to conquer the challenges

posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and have

emerged stronger than ever.

Lim Si Ting Luanne, 3N2

Being in this CCA has been an enriching

experience for me. It has taught me to be

resilient and to continuously strive to

be better. The challenges the year posed

forced us to think out of the box and

pushed us to be creative. All in all, this

CCA has allowed me to learn and grow

as a person.

Tanisha Ismail, 3E4

YEARBOOK 2021 55

The Secondary Three cadets attended their

Cadet Leader Camp organised by our instructors.

During the two-day camp, they learnt teamwork

and discovered their own strengths as well as


In May, we celebrated NPCC Day as a unit where

we recited the NPCC Pledge as one and swore our

allegiance to the Corps. It was a celebration unlike

the ones held in the past years, where we viewed

several of our cadets who participated in a virtual

National Police Annual Parade online.

National Police

Cadet Corps


• Mdm Siti Zubaidah

• Ms Dennesa Boon

• Mdm Krishnaleela

• Ms Jessica Kang

• Ms Chong Zhen Yi

Student Leaders

• Chairperson:

- CPL(NPCC) Goh Wayne

• Vice-Chairperson:

- Diesto Terence Gale Eduardo

- Neo Jia Yu

• Head of Training and Administration:

- Tan Zhi Kai, Rykes

• Head of Logistics:

- Isaiah Chiong Zach Shyn

• Head of Projects and Publicity:

- Han Yu Zheng

For the first time, the NPCC Day was

conducted via Zoom. It was a nervewrecking

but memorable experience as

I recorded myself singing the national

anthem on behalf of Beatty NPCC.

However, the end product was amazing

as we watched how all the videos were

weaved into one beautiful music video.

it was Definitely an unforgettable


Ms Dennesa Boon, Teacher-in-charge

Being a leader, I learnt to treat everyone

fairly. Everyone has different strengths

and weaknesses and as a leader, I need to

adapt to the different people I am working


Kang Ming Yi, Andrew, 4N1

As we transit to a new normal in the midst of the

current pandemic, our Beatty National Police

Cadet Corps (NPCC) cadets have shown resilience

and determination to adapt to the new and

innovative ways in which our CCA sessions are


Our unit celebrated Chinese New Year with our

very own Amazing Race. We had so much fun

and laughter writing the Chinese characters, using

chopsticks to pick up items and making lanterns.




• Mr Xavier Ong

• Miss Oh Ying Jie

• Mdm Fu Rong

• Mrs Sharon Fong

Student Leaders

• Troop Leader:

- SPL Zhu Peihao Ryan

• Asst Troop Leader:

- SPL Matthew Low Ying Wei

• Patrol Leaders:

- PL Chua Chiang Joon

- PL Goh Eu Hung Wayne

- PL Nalangan Elizer Don Dato

attend to casualties, they attended a standard

first aid course during the March holidays and

learnt useful tips on rendering assistance and

administering treatment to the injured.

Undoubtedly, the most memorable experience for

the Beavers would be the annual campfire held

during the unit camp. Cheers and Gang Shows

put up by the different patrols to showcase their

creativity were the main highlights. All Beavers

enjoyed themselves and everyone was present in

the moment.

As the chapter of 2021 draws to a close, we are

excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and

are looking forward to many more discoveries and

writing many new stories.

2021 proved to be yet another year where we

had to make unprecedented changes to the way

things had to be done. Through our effort in

building a strong and committed Beatty Beaver

Scouts unit, we have proven that our Beavers

possess the necessary dispositions to manage any

challenge they may face in life.

After what seemed like a long time, our Beavers

were finally able to enjoy being in the cool and

refreshing water, where they were all pumped up

for their One-Star Kayaking Course at the Kallang

Water Sports Centre over a weekend in February

2021. Even the scorching hot sun did not dampen

their enthusiasm to complete the course.

Safety does not happen by accident. However,

when an accident occurs, every second counts.

To ensure that the Beavers are well prepared to

night hiking was a refreshing experience

and it heightened my awareness as most

of the hike was in pitch darkness. besides

teamwork, Resilience allowed everyone to

successfully complete the walk.

Zhu Peihao Ryan, 3E1

Seeing the boys becoming more confident

and prepared day after day is truly


Mr Xavier Ong, Teacher-in-charge

YEARBOOK 2021 57

The pandemic has changed how we work, learn

and interact as social distancing guidelines have

led to a more virtual existence and CCA sessions

are not an exception. In 2021, we resumed face-toface

sessions to prepare for the Singapore Youth

Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP) in April.

Chinese Orchestra

All our members persevered against all odds, and

went the extra mile to work hard to prepare for

the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

2021. Our effort paid off as we managed to clinch

the Certificate of Distinction. However, before

we had the chance to celebrate our success,

practice sessions were suspended due to Phase

2 (Heightened Alert). These unprecedented

experiences turned out to be teachable moments

for our members, as we learnt how to be resilient

and adapt in spite of difficulties. Going through

this together helped the troupe build closer bonds

and a sense of belonging.


• Mr Sin Lai Keong

• Mr Chiang Heng Jaik

• Mdm Ho Fui Ling

• Mdm Li Hai Yu

Student Leaders

• President:

- Wong Wen Bing

• Vice-President 1:

- Lee Ruo Hwee

• Vice-President 2:

- Jing Zixi

• Secretary 1:

- Gwendy Tan Wee Ci

• Secretary 2:

- Dai Anqi

• Instrument:

- Lee Bin Heng Jonathan

• Score:

- Janelle Sim Shi Min

Section Leaders

• Cello/Bass:

- Gordon Leong Jun Xiang

• Pipa/Liuqin:

- Yeo Zixin Joelle

• Yangqin/Ruans:

- Ooi Shi Ying

• Erhu:

- See Qi Yang

• Percussion:

- Chua Bei Kang

• Sheng/Dizi:

- Toh Xin Hui

• Suona:

- Leow Teng Yi Shermen

2021 has been a special year with

many memories we will continue

to hold on to for a long time.

Everyone was working hard together

adapting to the different safe management

measures. The journey was strenuous, yet

this year’s SYF would be an unforgettable

one. it was Truly a special year and a very

special achievement indeed.

Wong Wen Bing, 3E1

With passion and determination, our

members put in tremendous effort during

the online training sessions. Against

all odds, we attained a Certificate of

Distinction for the Singapore Youth Festival

Arts Presentation 2021. Well done, CO!

Mr Sin Lai Keong,Teacher-in-charge


The Beatty Choir is a 60-member strong group

and we seek to instil a passion for choral music

in our students. Under the tutelage of Mr Adrian

Poon, the Choir welcomes all who are interested

and share the love for music. Beatty Choir is

committed to exposing its members to music

literacy and performance, and ensures that

the members are able to apply what they have

learnt through internal and external performance



In 2021, Beatty Choir participated in the biennial

SYF Arts Presentation. Having to cope with new

guidelines while practising via face-to-face and

online CCA sessions, limited numbers when

singing in groups of five with masks on, as well as

having online eCCA sessions, the choir members

had to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances.

That said, the situation brought out the best in our

members and this would be a unique experience

for us to look back on in the future.


• Ms Liem Peng Lan

• Ms Janne Ng

• Mdm Rosnita

• Ms Wong Yuyi Adriana

• Ms Rosnani

Student Leaders

• President:

- Chua Rui En Alicia

• Vice-President:

- Riley Sim En Hao

• Logistics Officer 1:

- Gu Yu Han

• Logistics Officer 2:

- Arien Chua May Yen

• Librarian:

- Izzath Yasmin

• Publicity Officer:

- Chua Chyi En

• Welfare Officer:

- Joshua Kwan En Lok

To celebrate the contributions and show our

appreciation to the outgoing graduating choir

members, the rest of the choir also organised

a farewell tea. This session gave them the

opportunity to get to know one another better,

especially the new Secondary One members.

With the strict pandemic COVID-19 limitations

in place, 2021 proved to be a challenging year

for Beatty Choir. However, this did not deter our

members from having fun and creating memories

in the midst of these challenges.

We had online CCA sessions which were

difficult to adapt to initially, but we did not

give up and overcame the challenges, and

managed to put up online performances for

our schoolmates to enjoy.

Alicia Chua Rui En, 3E2

this year, we welcomed new members into

our CCA. It was an enjoyable and eventful

experience being in Choir with our juniors.

Avril Koh Rui En 3E2

YEARBOOK 2021 59

Concer t Band


• Ms Irene Ng

• Mrs Seah-Pay Ling Ling

• Mr Teo Chye Keong

• Ms Glenda Chiang

Executive Committee

• Chairperson:

- Lim Xuan Hui Alegria

• Vice-Chairpersons:

- Skyler Tay Kaile

- Yaw Jie Xi

Committee members

• Librarians:

- Tok Hong Xuan Eunice

- Enriq Chan Yi Yang

- Liu Kai Ting, Krissa

• Quarter Masters:

- Issac Leung Ngai Lok

- Joseph Lisa

- Karine Teo Shen Ru

• Welfare/Wardrobe:

- Lim Xuan Hui Alegria

Section Leaders

• Clarinet:

- Karine Teo Shen Ru

• Flute:

- Chen Jing Fan

• Saxophone:

- Skyler Tay Kaile

• French horn:

- Enriq Chan Yi Yang

• Trumpet:

- Ravichandiran Pravinrajan

• Euphonium/Tuba:

- Irfan Johan Chan

• Trombone:

- Cheang Shan Ming

• Percussion:

- Siew Jun Yong

• Assistant Percussion leader:

- Isaac Leung Ngai Lok

2021 was a challenging year for Concert Band as

our members had to overcome the challenge of

playing instruments in harmony and hearing each

other out from a distance in order to abide by the

safe management measures. To prepare for the

Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF)

AP), our band members came together as one

to envision what we wanted to achieve and went

the extra mile as we worked towards our goal.

Our efforts paid off as we attained a Certificate of

Accomplishment in SYF 2021.


Activities we organise prepare the

members to take on challenges

head on and enable them to think

critically. Experiences and skills

acquired through these co-curricular

sessions make students proactive and

prepare for their future endeavours.

I am heartened to see the members

persevere and stay committed during

every practice session.

Ms Irene Ng, Teacher-in-charge

This year’s annual awards

day was a fulfilling

experience as we managed

to conquer the challenges

posed by the safe

management measures and

put up a good performance.

lt taught me the

importance of teamwork

and it made me a more

confident individual.

Guai Li Xuan, 4E1

Every member worked alone

to sharpen his or her musical

skills within each section. Our

members also worked together

during combined practice

sessions to create what was

music to the ears. Our students

grew to be more resilient and

developed strong camaraderie

during this period. Besides

presenting for the SYF AP,

the band also performed for

the school’s Annual Awards Day to celebrate

the achievements of our students. Even though

we were not able to assemble as a full concert

band for both performances, our band members

ensured that they always gave their best when the

opportunity was presented to them.

2021 has given us a great learning experience, and

stretched our capacities to deal with uncertainties.

We look forward to being able to perform as a full

band for the school again!

Drama Club


• Mrs Widya Barnwell

• Ms Jamie Ishwarlal

• Mr Ibrahim Abdul Latif

• Mdm Tan Seok Ting

Executive Committee

• Chairperson:

- Janice Song Jia Yi

• Vice-Chairperson:

- Mohamed Sajith S/O Shahul


• Welfare Officer:

- Lim En Jia Metta

- Lan Hai Rui

• Communications I/C:

- Anson Lee Jun Yang

• Logistics I/C:

- Ong Wen Kai Titus

When the safe management measures and

performance constraints for the SYF Arts

Presentation (SYF AP) were revealed, we asked

ourselves if we could tell an engaging story with a

maximum of fifteen actors on stage. Furthermore,

all the actors had to wear face masks and stand

one metre apart. We refused to be daunted.

The script that we chose, ‘The Story of Boy and

Girl’, was one that questioned the validity and

relevance of existing gender stereotypes. That was

a story worth telling.

The gruelling three months of intensive

rehearsals sometimes made us question whether

we could pull off a good performance. Things

did not always go according to plan; lines were

dropped, cues were missed, props fell apart, and

costumes did not fit. Nevertheless, on the eve

of our performance, everything came together

beautifully, and we finally believed in what we

could achieve together. With this newfound

confidence, we delivered our best performance

at the Gateway Theatre for the SYF AP. We

will never forget how we felt when it was over:

ecstatic, proud, relieved and a little sad. At

the end of the day, our journey as a team was

what mattered the most although attaining a

Certificate of Accomplishment in SYF 2021 was

surely an icing on the cake.

My time in Drama Club has been a

meaningful experience. It has allowed me

to grow as a person and work better in a

group. I have also learnt to respect others

and their opinions.

Samskruti Sanjay, 4E5

I have learnt to be more confident and

a better team member who embraces

everyone. My Drama experience has been

a memorable one and I hope it will be the

same for my juniors.

Jovita Jeanne Rachel Canonigo, 4E1

YEARBOOK 2021 61

presentation. Our dancers’ attitude throughout

the journey was admirable as we witnessed how

they worked together to support each other and

adapted to the many changes. We are proud

that both of our dance teams have attained a

Certificate of Accomplishment in SYF 2021.

We will always be “One Beatty, One Dance, One


Modern Dance


• Ms Nurhayati Ahmad

• Ms Jenna Lim Ying Yi

• Ms Ng Ying Hui

• Mdm Nur Jeerah Mohd Amin

Student Leaders

• Chairperson:

- Wong Zi Yi Jamie

• Vice-Chairperson:

- Caitlin Tan Zi Ying

• Upper Sec Executive Committee:

- Syahindah Aisyah Binte Khairul


- Lau Cyn Yi, Natalie

- Poh Hui Yuan Gwyneth

- Tan Xuan En Clarissa

- Lu En Xuan

• Lower Sec Executive Committee:

- Jacki Yeong Yi Chen

- Ashley Tan Yu-Xuan

- Celeste Hoi Zhi Yan

- Eliza Puteri Binte Md Fhaizar

2021 has been an eventful year for the Modern

Dance team. Our dancers faced many difficulties

such as attending practice sessions in smaller

groups and having shorter training hours to

prepare for the highly anticipated Singapore

Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP).

It was an experience like no other for the

dancers. They worked very hard and adapted to

the constraints imposed by safe management

measures in order to prepare for their SYF

We faced many changes in the CCA

structure due to COVID-19. Dance practice

sessions had to be held in smaller groups

with staggered schedules, before it

reverted to online sessions again. each time

we met as a group, it was so precious and

enjoyable. SYF was an exhilarating journey

this year against the mundane backdrop of

the pandemic – up to the very last minute

of the competition, our dancers stepped

out of their comfort zones to adapt to

unforeseen changes. They worked as a

team to help each other put on their best

performance and we are extremely proud

of the students for being so resilient and

positive throughout the journey.

Ms Jenna Lim, Teacher-in-charge

With the COVID-19 restrictions, it made this

year’s syf journey rather interesting.

We had to adapt to rules like staying

two metres apart from each other and

not being able to touch the ground. The

trainings were tough but it brought us

dancers closer and we bonded well

together. the sweat and tears were

definitely worth it.

Wong Jamie, 3E2


Malay Dance

Our leaders were chosen to be part of the

Muara Youth programme, a holistic platform for

Malay traditional arts practitioners, especially in

dance and music, to showcase their talent to an

international audience at a renowned venue. This

allowed our leaders to hone their dance skills, and

pass down to the juniors what they have learnt.

We will look back at the fond memories of 2021,

and carry on the legacy of Beatty Malay Dance.


• Mrs Buvana Parthi

• Mdm Suhaila

• Ms Raja Shahridah

• Ms Nur Rabi’ah

Student Leaders

• Chairperson:

- Nur Hazriah Inshirah Binte Hashim

• Vice-Chairperson:

- Dayana Athilea Binte Saharrudin

• Head of Administration:

- Lyara Khatrina Binte Mohamed


• Head of Logistics:

- Lee Marc Royston Bareng

It has been an exciting and a joyous year for

our vibrant Malay dancers. With an established

history of more than 20 years, we are confident

that our dancers would transform into graceful

and talented performers who are capable of

expressing themselves through elegant traditional

dance movements.

The Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation

(SYF AP) is an event that we look forward to

every two years. The dancers were committed and

persevered through numerous practice sessions,

despite the challenges we faced along the way.

The excellent teamwork among the dancers was

evident during the presentation of their dance

item. Their hard work paid off as they achieved

the Certificate of Distinction. Our dancers surely

grew more confident through this journey.

The most enjoyable and meaningful event

this year was participating in SYF. We went

through tiring and challenging training

sessions, with extra practice sessions on

Saturdays. However, we got to have fun

and bonded through games. With attaining

the certification of distinction has made me

proud and honoured to be part of the team.

Our hardwork has definitely paid off.

Lyara Khatrina Binte Mohamed

Muliandy, 3E5

Under the guidance of instructor Zairin,

the students are exposed to various

types of dance moves and steps. All four

CCA leaders participated enthusiastically

in the Muara Festival Youth Pragramme.

This inter-school learning programme

definitely helped to build a lot of

confidence in the CCA leaders.

Mrs Buvana Par thi, Teacher-in-charge

YEARBOOK 2021 63

on the day of these events, it was a moment of

pride for every one of us in the CCA.

The training we conducted this year comprises

the programme, Coderz, to teach coding to our

members. We certainly had fun programming a

robot based on some tasks given.

We also participated in the Our Schools, Our

Stories (OSOS) Photo and Video Contest 2021,

which presented the perfect platform for the team

to go around the school at different junctures to

capture memorable moments. Telling compelling

stories through photos is never easy, but we are

glad that we were given the chance to showcase

stories of our school life through our lenses.

Infocomm Club

Having to capture the many events that happened

over the course of the year, we adopted a new

digital portfolio as a record of knowledge gleaned.


• Mr Michael See

• Mr Bernard Lee

• Ms Khoo Xin Han

• Mdm Yong May May

Student Leaders

• Chairperson:

- Aw Jia Wei Eugene

• Vice-Chairperson (PA/AVA):

- Tay Tse Kian Kyan

• Vice-Chairperson (Projects):

- Marcus Teo Ming Xuan

• Vice-Chairperson (Training:

- Yap Zhi Chen

• Vice-Chairperson (Video):

- Seow Jing Jie Nicole

• Upper Sec EXCO Member (Photos):

- Cayanan Juan Krisanto Francisco

De Cello

• Lower Sec EXCO Member:

- Kaden Tan Kai-Ming

- Koh Yijie Sam

Due to the various COVID-19 measures this year,

we had to adapt and change some traditional

ways of running things. We had our first ever

virtual Chinese New Year Celebrations and Annual

Awards Day, with videos of the various segments

stitched together to create professional pieces

of production. Notwithstanding the tedious

work behind the scenes, it provided ample

opportunities for us to work together as a team.

When the video was viewed by the entire school

As live events turned into pre-recorded

videos and live broadcasts, the Infocomm

Club had to be adaptable and learn new

skills. I am truly grateful for the unique

opportunities to learn these new skills

and also for my team members whose

resilience and creativity have made the

whole experience enjoyable.

Aw Jia Wei Eugene, 3E2

This is the second time we have joined

the OSOS competition, so we had more

experience and a glimmer of hope in

winning a prize. The students were more

confident and engaged in creating the

final product. Although we did not win

anything this year, the students displayed

resilience and creativity during this whole


Mr Bernard Lee, Teacher-in-charge


Teaching &


Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The Secondary Two students embarked on their

ALP Project Challenge using Design Thinking as a

problem-solving methodology to solve real-world

problems for ‘Smart Living’. We are proud that

they were able to apply what they have learnt

over the two years in coding the micro:bit to

come up with innovative and creative solutions.

The teams created digital journals using Google

Sites to document their inventive journey,

capturing ideas and coming up with videos to

introduce their prototypes on iPads. The final

project showcase was exciting as each class got

to vote for the most impressive project.

Our Secondary One students started using the

Personal Learning Device (PLD) for home-based

learning (HBL) and it is now a norm to distribute

fully coloured digital copies of class work via

Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook. The

students are also able to receive feedback and

digital stamps from the teachers for their class


Despite the challenges, our ALP ambassadors

were able to attend the online NXplorers

workshop hosted by Science Centre, Singapore.

They also took part in the IgnITE Skills Challenge

2021 where our Beatty ALP Drone Team,

Beattyzens, did us proud and emerged as the

Champion for the Dancing Drones Category!


I thought it will be hard and complex,

but with the guidance of the teacher and

cooperation of my team-mates, I realised it

was not that difficult. It was a truly fun

experience learning together!

Alysa Cheong, 2N2

2021 continues to be a challenging year for

us to engage our students in the Makerspace

as we have to comply with safe management

measures (SMMs). To prevent inter-mingling in

the Makerspace, we introduced the Secondary

Two students to 3D printing via a self-directed

learning lesson hosted on the Student Learning

Space (SLS). Students learnt to use the

TinkerCad app and designed their personalised

key tags as part of their project during HBL. Their

digital submissions were selected to be printed,

turning innovative ideas into 3D key tags.

The Beatty team displayed commendable

teamwork and a strong sense of

commitment throughout the competition. It

takes resilience to keep refining the codes

and flying the drones to perfection. We

are proud of their achievement in the IgnITE

Skills Challenge 2021!

Mr Tay Boon Leong, Teacher-in-charge


Release of GCE

National Examination Results

YEARBOOK 2021 67

Low Cheng Lum Scholarship

The Low Cheng Lum Scholarship was

established to encourage outstanding

Primary 6 students with a PSLE aggregate

T-score of 235 and above to continue their

secondary education at Beatty Secondary


The awardee will also have the opportunity

to participate in the various school talent

development programmes through his/her

years of study at Beatty.

The total value of the Scholarship is $2,500

and the terms are as follows:

a. Cash Award of $1,000 in Secondary One

b. Cash Award of $500 in Secondary Two

to Four subject to continuing good

performance in the preceding year.


Depar tments &


English Language and Literature

Depar tment

As we look back with fondness at the year 2021,

we reminisce the heartwarming moments amidst

dealing with the many unknowns. Every teacher

in the department will have a different story to

tell, to exchange, to celebrate. However, one story

that always comes alive is how we strive towards

a shared goal - to mould our students into critical

thinkers, discerning readers and eloquent orators.

As our Secondary One students stood tall and

spoke with passion and conviction during their

Public Speaking Programme, we witnessed many

Roosevelts and Maya Angelous in the making.

The Public Speaking Programme is an

enjoyable learning experience for

me. Through this programme, I learnt

how to craft an impactful speech to

engage my audience meaningfully. Most

importantly, I am now more eloquent and

confident in using the spoken word in

front of an audience!

Sheikq Alqif, 1E3

Drawing inspiration from Greta Thunberg, a

young environmental activist, our Secondary

Two students embarked on the Media and

Communication Programme and assumed

the role of environmental ambassadors. Over

the course of this meaningful journey, they

discovered the joy of mixing creativity into

the fold as they produced digital campaign

pitches on the importance of environmental


While the Secondary Three students mastered

the art of delivering credible claims and wielding

the verbal sword to cleverly slice through

weaknesses in opposing points during their

lively class debates, our Secondary Four Express

and Normal (Academic) classes honed their

oral communication skills through the Oracy

Workshop, leaving with a bag of worthwhile

tools to offer thoughtful insights and alternative

perspectives to a given topic.

At the end of the chapter, some glow with

newfound confidence and others have sharpened

the saw in the spoken and written word. However,

in our story of words, wit and wisdom, it is the

journey that matters more than the destination.



Depar tment

The Mathematics department aims to develop

students’ competency and confidence in

Mathematics through a rigorous curriculum that

emphasises the application of mathematical

concepts and skills in problem solving. This is in

line with the national emphasis on the application

of mathematics to solve problems in real world


Through the Secondary One Integrated

Programme in Term 1, students were able to

appreciate graphical representations, create

surveys, analyse data and present them using

interesting statistical diagrams such as bar

graphs and pie charts.

Lower secondary students with a strong aptitude

for Mathematics went through the Mathematics

Innovator Programme to extend their

mathematical learning beyond the curriculum

and discover the marvel of Mathematics through

puzzles and quizzes. To conclude this brain

teasing journey, they had an opportunity to

participate in the Math Kangaroo Contest and the

Singapore Math Olympiad.

I found the experience of being in the Math

Innovator Programme interesting as it

allowed me to challenge myself and others.

Sieck Si Kai 1E4

Out of classroom learning

is still a valued component

of the Mathematics

experience. Ensuring

that safe management

measures were in

place, the Secondary

Three students used

Mathematical Manipulatives, such as a clinometer

and Trigonometric ratios to calculate the height

of our school flag pole. Through a differentiated

and student-centric approach, the mathematics

programmes and learning activities encourages

students to enjoy learning mathematics and take

control of their own learning.

The department was able to harness the

affordances of technology to make Mathematics

more engaging. Students used the Desmos

software to explore the different properties

of Quadrilaterals in the study of Geometry.

Students enjoyed using the software by

adjusting parameters to discover the properties

and to share their findings with their peers

and exchange comments for the collaborative


The clinometer allowed my students

to understand mathematical concepts

through a hands-on approach. They had

the chance to build connections between

the theories taught in class and apply

it in real-life situations. I felt that the

session was refreshing for all who have


Ms Rabiah, Teacher-in-charge

YEARBOOK 2021 71

Science Depar tment

In this Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and

Ambiguous (VUCA) world, the ability to think

critically and inventively will help students to be

lifelong learners in this ever changing society.

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learning never

exhausts the mind”. The Science Department

focuses on the Scientific Endeavour, where

Beattyians learn to appreciate the works of

science in their daily lives and integrate concepts

learned with their existing knowledge base. With

a dedicated team of Science teachers, students

work together with the teachers to co-create

memories in the process of learning Science.

One of the key highlights involved the Science

Enrichment Day, where students engaged

in scientific thinking to design artefacts like

propeller cars with minimal materials.

Science rekindles our curiosity to delve

deeper. The experience of innovating and

designing artefacts have stimulated

intellectual curiosity and appreciation of

the Science curriculum.

Lee Ruo Hwee, 3E1

In addition, the Science department is committed

to enthuse Beattyians to use their scientific

knowledge in real-world contexts beyond

textbooks. Our Normal Technical students

participated in the IgnITE challenge, where

they had to make use of basic programming

knowledge to craft a bot that could control the

movement of the robots. The Science teachers

were heartened and excited as they worked with

the students to discover new knowledge.

The Science Department continues to offer

several key department programmes and

opportunities to take part in several competitions.

One such department programmes includes the

lower secondary Science Environmental and

Life Science Education Programme. In addition,

students actively participate in the Singapore

Junior Physics Olympiad, Singapore Junior

Chemistry Olympiad, Singapore Junior Biology

Olympiad and the University of New South Wales

(UNSW) International Science Competition.


Mother Tongue Languages

Depar tment

Varied learning experiences were organised for

our Malay & Tamil students during the annual

Mother Tongue Fortnight Programme. Our

graduating Malay students got to interact with

Malay Language Ambassador, Dr Norshahril Saat

who is our Beatty alumni, currently an ISEAS-

Yusof Ishak Institute lecturer. Our Tamil students

were introduced to the art of making ‘Thoranam’

and creating colourful floor art ‘Rangoli’ painting

as well as flower garland.

Seeing the enthusiasm and happiness on the

faces of the students continues to be our

favourite moment in Beatty. Home-based learning

(HBL) started off as a journey of wonder for all

of us in 2020. Moving forward in 2021, the digital

space serves as a platform for engagement with

our students and we have honed the ability to

rapidly learn, unlearn and relearn the way we

execute our daily tasks.

2021 marks our maiden attempt to plan for an

online Lunar New Year concert – a combination

of livestream and pre-recorded segments. With

initial apprehension but growing confidence,

we tapped on the affordances of technology

and even designed an interactive live poll on

our ‘Beatty Talent Show’ to keep our students

engaged digitally.

The online voting segment was interactive

and interesting. I was amazed to see the

hidden talents within our school. It spiced

up the whole programme!

Shruti Sardar, 2E1

The department faced yet another challenge

during our Secondary 4E/5N Mother Tongue

Intensive Programme this year. When MOE’s

decision to move to Full Home Based Learning

(FHBL) was announced on 19 May, we were

required to go back to the drawing block to

re-conceptualise the lessons within a short

span of time. Keeping our graduating students’

interests at heart and ensuring they got the most

out of the online lessons, we pressed on and

successfully conducted online mock examinations

and follow-up consultation sessions during

our first ever virtual Mother Tongue Intensive


Endless nights of marking using the I-Pad

and hours of online consultation were

really tiring, but I was heartened when I

saw the positive attitude in students.

Mdm Fu Rong, Teacher-in-charge

Our team has displayed solidarity and provided

relentless support to one another as well as to

our young charges in whatever we have done,

which has kept us going. We will continue to

write Our Beatty Story together as a community.

YEARBOOK 2021 73

Humanities Depar tment

2021 proved to be a year that made us push

through the challenges brought about by the

pandemic. We continued developing Beattyians’

appreciation and interest in the Humanities.

To investigate the drainage improvement works

along Kallang River, our Secondary One students

compared the water quality data along various

points of the river and engaged in virtual

fieldwork via StoryMaps. Despite the absence

of international tourists, our Secondary Four

Beattyians continued to hone other essential

fieldwork skills such as carrying out a land use

survey and doing a pedestrian flow count, which

allowed them to gain a renewed appreciation of

our country as a renowned international tourist


The authentic outdoor fieldwork

experience was most memorable for me as

the students were all engaged in testing

the water quality. One of the biggest joys

for a teacher is to see that sparkle in our

students’ eyes when they are excited about

the learning process.

Ms Jessica Kang, Teacher-in-charge

As for Historical Investigation, our Secondary

Two students examined the lives of the locals in

Singapore during the 20th Century through a

rich array of sources ranging from photographs,

newspaper articles to oral history interviews.

They discovered the political awakening of the

locals as our fishing village changed from being a

Crown Colony to Syonan.

To strengthen the European Union-Singapore

partnership, we also hosted Ms Eszter Nemeth,

Deputy Head of Mission of the EU in Singapore.

Her visit provided our Secondary Three students

with an enriching platform for our young charges

to gain deeper insights into the roles they can

play as youths to enhance the EU-Singapore ties

in the face of changing global environment.

As part of our Humanities Talent Development

Programme, we are proud to announce that Goh

Wan Xuan (4E1) attained the Silver Award and

Ryan Ma (4E2), the Bronze Award at the first

virtual NUS Geography Challenge!

Being part of the NUS Geography Challenge

was an exciting and eye-opening experience.

By connecting theory lessons in school to

the real world, it taught me how Geography

has played a big part in our lives as well as

enriched my learning experience.

Goh Wan Xuan, 4E1

We will continue to live out the lessons the

year has taught us and reminisce the beautiful

memories made.


Aesthetics & Technology Depar tment

Both our Design and Technology (D&T) and

Nutrition Food Science (NFS) units adopted the

flipped classroom approach where students were

introduced to online instructional videos before

applying the steps and processes learnt during

their hands-on lessons.

Our D&T unit piloted a catapult competition for

our Secondary Two students, which involved

designing and creating the catapult. The

Secondary Three Express Arts students attended

a virtual learning journey to American Museum of

National History in New York.

Designing and making are both essential

elements of teaching in our subjects. While some

of the work can be carried out in the confines of

a typical classroom, we need special resources

and equipment available only in a workshop

or food laboratories for the purpose of testing,

prototyping and creating.

Despite COVID-19 and the limitations posed by

the Safe Management Measures, our department

was determined to find different ways to

continually capture our students’ hearts while

ensuring they grasp concepts and learn skills

with confidence. We adapted and capitalised on

a range of technologies to forge new ways for

our students to continue learning.

Our music curriculum was revamped to create

new learning possibilities afforded by digital

technologies. We leveraged music making apps

such as Chrome Music Lab to accelerate and

deepen students’ learning through new music

modules like Soundscapes and Production 101.

Our Nutrition Food Science unit brought

their Secondary Three Express and Normal

(Academic) students to a Molecular Gastronomy

learning journey organised by the Singapore

Science Centre to learn different techniques that

combine science and art to create food products.

Throughout this year, we have seen an

extraordinary display of courage, compassion,

generosity and grit in our department teachers

and students. They possess the mettle to go the

extra mile and emerge stronger than before.

I truly enjoyed the whole process of making

the catapult. After designing, we did a

cardboard mock-up before proceeding to

use materials such as acrylic and Jelutong


Neo Jia Shuen, 2E1

With music technologies, music-making

becomes more active, interactive and


Ms Ng Ying Hui, Teacher-in-charge

YEARBOOK 2021 75

Physical Education Depar tment

The year 2021 was fraught with challenges and

uncertainties as our nation had to come to

terms with dealing with the threat of a global

pandemic. The order of the day – to be quick to

adapt and be fleet footed in dealing with the new


Many of our PE programmes had to be reconceptualised

as we sought to traverse in

tandem with the overall national guidelines and

directives. Face to face PE lessons gave way to

Home-Based Learning but the objectives largely

remained the same, as Beatty PE department

aims to develop students’ psycho-motor,

cognitive and affective domains.

Our Secondary Two students actively

participated in a 3 day 2 night non-residential

outdoor adventure camp. As they were

exposed to Orienteering, Cycling, Kayaking

and Rafting, they had to adapt to these new

experiences. Being out of their comfort zones,

there were times when strength and spirit

failed the individual, but with a collective class

determination, the cohort emerged triumphant

with a newfound zest and enthusiasm, and a

renewed sense of confidence.

Our traditional mass running event, the Cross

Country meet, made way for a 30-day 300K

Virtual Steps Challenge. Much of the onus was

on each student in the class, to diligently clock

in their daily steps and log in the details of their

efforts online. No effort was deemed trivial as

every little step counted towards fulfilling this

challenge set by the PE Department.

because of the Steps Challenge, i set a

personal target to clock more steps daily,

to become fitter. i will also run extra

rounds during PE lessons to attain my daily

target of 10000 steps.

Miera Afiqa, 4N3

As the nation conforms and adapts to the new

norm, so will the PE Department. While many of

the factors during this pandemic are out of our

control, embracing this uncertainty and making

sound decisions in this ever-changing landscape

will be key in navigating the future.


Special Education

Depar tment

It was a memorable experience signing this

year’s National Day theme song with the

hearing loss students as the song is about

overcoming challenges. It has not been

easy facing the pandemic but looking at

the journey on the road ahead, we know

we can do it.

Ms Susanne, Teacher-in-charge

Despite the challenges and uncertainties of 2021,

we continue to believe that every student must

be given equal opportunities to embrace the joy

of learning.

Our hearing loss (HL) students participated in

an engagement session with CAPTains, a group

of undergraduates from the Active Community

Engagement Wing of the College of Alice and

Peter Tan (CAPT). This engagement session with

the hearing community provided a platform for

the deaf and hearing communities to interact

and forge closer ties. The CAPTains planned

games such as Kinball and taught them the art

of making friendship bands, which our students

thoroughly enjoyed. Our HL students benefitted

greatly from this session of learning and

interaction with the hearing community.

signing the National Day song during the

school’s national day celebration made me

feel special and proud to be a Singaporean,

and also a part of the deaf community.

Teo Jun Wei, 2N3

To educate the school population on the deaf

culture in Singapore, the team of HL resource

teachers and students put together an assembly

programme to commemorate the International

Week of the Deaf. The team also conducted

basic sign language tutorials for the Secondary

One students as part of the school’s Values-In-

Action programme. We are proud of the many

contributions of our HL students that have

helped to promote an environment of care and

inclusivity in Beatty Secondary School.

To promote an inclusive environment in Beatty

Secondary, our HL students participated in the

National Day Celebration Concert, where they not

only performed this year’s theme song “The Road

Ahead” using sign language, they also prepared

a video tutorial and taught the whole school how

to sign the chorus of the song. We are proud of

the HL students for confidently stepping forward

and sharing their knowledge of sign language to

fellow Beattyians.

YEARBOOK 2021 77

Information and Communication

Technology Committee

As Andrew Barras aptly puts it, “Technology

in the classroom is not the end goal. Enabling

learning everywhere is the goal.”

In Beatty Secondary, we prescribe to the use of

technology in our classroom not because it is a

buzz word or trend. We use it because it helps

connect our students with the world which will

prepare them for the future.

This year saw an exciting roll out of ICT initiatives

– the expediting of the National Digital Literacy

Learning Programme (NDLP) brought forward

the implementation of the Personalised Digital

Learning Programme (PDLP) which allowed

Secondary One to Three students to receive their

Personal Learning Device (PLD). This has enabled

teachers to transform their mode of teaching for

better student engagement.

In preparation for the use of the PLDs for

learning, Secondary One to Three students went

through a series of workshops on how they can

use their devices and the adopted Microsoft (MS)

platform. Accessing, organising and sharing their

learning materials in virtual cloud drives, and

managing online calendars are just some skills

that students had to pick up.

The professional development of our staff

remains key to bringing about a shift to a

more participatory, connected and reflective

classroom. Staff training this year was focused

on helping teachers leverage the use of

students’ PLDs and the MS platform to better

communicate, connect and engage our students.

Teachers appreciated the ability to hear each

student’s voice unlike in a traditional classroom.

Students are also able to express their thoughts

and opinions via online platforms such as Padlet

and interactive thinking tools in Student Learning

Space (SLS).

I am now able to ‘see’ my friends’ ideas

and learn from them when my teacher

shares all our responses using Pear Deck.

This has helped me to sharpen my own

understanding of concepts.

Jayashree, 1E2

It is our hope that by using technology, teachers

can bring the textbook to life, connect our

students to their peers and be experts in their

respective disciplines, thus enabling them to be

independent; self-directed learners.


Normal Course Committee

Every child wants to and is able to learn.

This is what the Normal Course Committee

firmly believes. We aim to enhance the school

experience of the Normal Course students by

catering to their varied learning needs, giving

them various learning opportunities that enable

them to explore and discover their hidden

strengths and talents. Though 2021 continued to

be challenging with heightened SMM restrictions

and suspension of face-to-face activities, the

committee managed to carry out its signature

programmes to engage the students.

eNT Fridays

Adopting a 4-day curriculum policy, Secondary

One Normal (Technical) and Two Normal

(Technical) students went through a series of

customised talent management programmes

such as T-Shirt design, Greeting Card and

Bookmark Design graphic arts, Stop Motion

Animation, Percussion Music and Ukulele Musical

programmes. Students were also exposed to

ball sports such as Kinball. Despite having to go

through a number of online sessions via Zoom,

the Secondary Two Normal (Technical) students

managed to successfully put up a musical

performance, which was showcased to the whole

school during the Annual Awards Day e-Concert.

The students put in a lot of hard work

into the showcase. They were so proud

of the new skills that they picked up in

drumming and playing the ukulele. This

will be helpful for those who want to

take up music in the future!

Mdm Leela, Teacher-in-charge

Elective Modules

The elective modules programme is conducted

every year to extend students’ academic learning

and expose them to various career pathways,

preparing them for post-secondary education.

Secondary Two Normal (Technical) students

attended the Photo Journalism module whilst

the Secondary Four Normal (Technical) and

Secondary Two Normal (Academic) students

chose to attend modules such as Automotive

Engineering, Aeronautics Engineering, Image

Consultant, Junior Chef and Forensic Science.

It was really fun! The pilots who spoke to

us told us interesting stories about flying

and I learnt so much from them! It was

exciting to feel the pressure as I ‘flew’

the aircraft.

Daniel Xan Goh, 4T1

YEARBOOK 2021 79

Staff &


Staff Development

We ushered in 2021 with much anticipation.

While we channelled all our efforts into

sustainable programmes to ensure student

learning and well-being in the new environment,

innovative approaches in Teaching and Learning

(T&L) were not compromised. Lessons were

conducted in virtual, hybrid and in-person

learning environments as all of us learnt to

harness the Student Learning Space (SLS) while

incorporating new possibilities from MS Teams

and OneNote.

It certainly was a year of tremendous growth. In

spite of the many challenges that we have faced,

we are thankful that we have grown as a team,

persevered together and that the days of having

to scramble to reinvent teaching on the fly are

behind us.

Becoming learner-centred is not about

becoming a perfect teacher; it’s about

committing to grow as an observer,

thinker, planner and responder.

Carol Ann Tomlinson, So Each May Soar

hand-in-hand to support the rest of the staff in

navigating the digitised learning environment.

Open Classroom sessions were conducted by

teachers for teachers in Term Three. Teachers

invited colleagues to visit their classrooms with

a commitment to be critical friends, sharing

and adding on to the collective wisdom of the

teaching staff. Senior teachers created Micro-

Learning Units (MLUs) not just within our

own school but on OPAL (an online learning

platform for teachers) for the benefit of the

wider fraternity as well. The curated MLUs ‘Click

Play and Learn: Empowering Students through

Videos’ and ‘ Promoting Thinking Through MTV

Routines’ were hosted on OPAL from October

2020 to Mar 2021.

When Ms Nadirah and I found out that

a workshop we had to lead would be

converted to a Micro-Learning Unit (MLU),

we had to quickly consider our options

to meet the challenge. While it seemed

daunting at the beginning, the opportunity

allowed us to collaborate, explore, and

better understand the affordances of

the tools at our disposal, and grow as

practitioners in the process.

Mr Fabian Wong, Senior Teacher

To make sense of the deluge of new initiatives,

our Professional Development was focused

on E-pedagogy, Character and Citizenship

Education (2021) and getting teachers ready for

Full Subject-Based Banding, training sessions

were conducted to ensure that teachers are

equipped to meet the challenge of integrating

technology into various subject disciplines. Heads

of Departments, InfoComm and Technology

Champions and Senior Teachers, all worked

2021 has indeed been a year of challenges.

COVID-19 has caused school leaders and

teachers to rethink our approach to instruction,

to re-evaluate our understanding of technology

integration, and to reshape our assessment

and evaluation models. The shifts we needed

to make were neither comfortable nor intuitive,

but the definitive decision to make sustained

professional learning as part of our professional

responsibilities has made us stronger and more

confident. As a staff, we are now better prepared

for what is to come and together, we shall forge

ahead, steadfast in spirit and unwavering in


YEARBOOK 2021 81

Beatty Alumni

Parent Suppor t Group









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