Leadership Connexion 4th QRT 2021

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PennDel Ministry Network | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22<br />

NEW YEAR<br />


See, I am doing a new thing!<br />

Now it springs up;<br />

do you not perceive it?<br />

I am making a way in the wilderness<br />

and streams in the wasteland.<br />

Isaiah<br />


District<br />



1 New Year’s Day – Ministries Center Closed<br />

7-8 Central ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 4) – GT/Middletown, PA<br />

8 Youth Bible Quiz Meet #3<br />

10 Presbytery Meeting – BCC<br />

11 Credential Interviews – BCC<br />

13 Royal Ranger Web Conference<br />

14-15 West ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 4) – Riverside Comm/Oakmont<br />

14-16 Youth Winter Retreat #1 – BCC<br />

15 Junior Bible Quiz Meet #3<br />

17-19 Children’s Ministry <strong>Leadership</strong> Summit – BCC<br />

21-22 Southeast ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 1) – Evangel/Glenolden<br />

21-22 PDW Dream Team Meeting<br />

21-23 Youth Winter Retreat #2 – BCC<br />

28-29 Northeast ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 1) – Faith/Hazle Township<br />

28-30 Youth Winter Retreat #3 – BCC<br />

31 ACMR’s Deadline<br />


4-5 West ACTS 2 Journey (Retreat 1) – Riverside Comm/Oakmont<br />

4-5 Junior Bible Quiz Finals<br />

10 Royal Ranger Web Conference<br />

19 Youth Sectional Fine Arts<br />

21 President’s Day – Ministries Center Closed<br />

25-27 Kid’s Breakaway #1 – BCC<br />

26 Youth Bible Quiz Meet #4<br />

28 Sectional Councils<br />

SWS – Monroeville @ 9:30-11:30 am<br />

NW – New Castle/ First @ 2-4 pm<br />

MARCH<br />

1 Sectional Councils<br />

SWM – Houston /Central @ 9:30-11:30 am<br />

SCW – Bedford/Real Life @2-4 pm<br />

3 SCE – Enola/River of God @ 9:30-11:30 am<br />

SC – Chambersburg/Bethel @ 2-4 pm<br />

4-6 Kid’s Breakaway #2 – BCC<br />

5 RR District BB Gun Competition<br />

7 Sectional Councils<br />

NC – Milesburg/Freedom Life @ 9:30-11:30am<br />

NCW – Clearfield/GT @ 2-4 pm<br />

8 EC – Hamburg/The Bridge Church @ 9:30-11:30 am<br />

NE – Hazle Township/Faith @ 2-4 pm<br />

10 GPA – Norristown/Victory @ 9:30-11:30 am<br />

DE – Hockessin, DE/Trinity Comm. Church @ 2-4 pm<br />

10 Royal Ranger Web Conference<br />

11-12 A2J Weekend (ACTS 2 Journey Alumni) – Living Waters/Lebanon<br />

11-12 PDW INSPIRE Spring Tour – Calvary AG/Dover, DE<br />

13 Daylight Saving Time – Spring Forward<br />

18-19 A2J Weekend (ACTS 2 Journey Alumni) – Real Church/Brookhaven<br />

19 Youth Bible Quiz Finals<br />

19-21 PK/MK Retreat (Kids & Youth) – BCC<br />

21 Presbytery Meeting – BCC<br />

22 Credentialing Interviews – BCC<br />

25-26 A2J Weekend (ACTS 2 Journey Alumni) – Monroeville<br />

25-26 PDW INSPIRE Spring Tour – City Life Church/Philadelphia<br />

CHANGE<br />

the<br />

DATES<br />

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry Network<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Read online: penndel.org/connexion<br />

Editor: . . . . . . . . . . Donald J. Immel<br />

Managing Editor: . . . . . Carole Bongiorno<br />

Executive Presbytery<br />

Superintendent . . . . . . . . Donald J. Immel<br />

Assistant Superintendent . . . Steven DeFrain<br />

Secretary/Treasurer . . . . . .Jeff Marshall<br />

Timothy Bunney Southwest Suburban–SWS<br />

Mark Caston East Central–EC<br />

Ryan Coon At-Large Under 40<br />

Jeff Dyer Delaware–DEL<br />

James Goodman North Central West–NCW<br />

Wayne Jackson Southwest Metro–SWM<br />

Brad Leach Greater Philadelphia Area–GPA<br />

Dwan Newsome South Central–SC<br />

Kwaku Owusu-Boachie At-Large Ethnic<br />

James Pentz North Central–NC<br />

Randall Rhoads South Central East–SCE<br />

Lisa Rodriguez At-Large Female<br />

Wayne Schaffer South Central West–SCW<br />

Allan Thorpe Northwest–NW<br />

David Twiss Northeast–NE<br />

General Presbyters<br />

Donald J. Immel<br />

Jeff Marshall<br />

Jason Lamer<br />

Honorary General Presbyter<br />

Philip Bongiorno<br />

PennDel Superintendent Emeritus<br />

NEW DATES FOR 2022<br />


MARCH 19-21 / BCC<br />


OCT 8-10 / KALAHARI<br />


OCT 14-15 / CLA CAMP HILL<br />

THRIVE<br />

OCT 24-26 / BCC<br />

Volume 67 Number 4–(USPS 165-700) is the official periodical<br />

published quarterly by the Pennsylvania-Delaware District Council<br />

of the Assemblies of God. Periodical postage paid at Mechanicsburg,<br />

Pennsylvania. Circulation Stands at Approximately 7,500.<br />

POSTMASTER, Send address changes to: Pennsylvania-Delaware<br />

District Council, 4651 Westport Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-4887<br />

The Beauty of CHANGE<br />

The church has often been viewed as an institution that is slow and resistant<br />

to change. We hold to the immutability of God (Malachi 3:6). Additionally, we<br />

hold firmly to doctrine and dogma which ought not to change if truly based<br />

on biblical truth and revelation. Nevertheless, there is an element of change<br />

that is essential to an active faith in Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit.<br />

In some matters, change and our faith are inseparable.<br />

We cannot be born again without change<br />

The transformational work of regeneration through the blood<br />

of Jesus as applied by the work of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5)<br />

inherently includes systemic spiritual change within us. The old<br />

hymn says it well, “What a wonderful change in my life has<br />

been wrought, since Jesus came into my heart…” Change is<br />

core to the born-again experience. Apart from this change,<br />

we cannot see the kingdom of God (John 3:3).<br />

We cannot grow spiritually without change<br />

Although we are sometimes resistant to change, we must see<br />

that spiritual growth cannot occur apart from change. Putting<br />

off the old self and putting on the new self (Colossians 3:9-<br />

10) implies the need for us to experience characterological<br />

and behavioral change. Thus, sanctification is the Holy Spirit’s<br />

process of changing us to be conformed to the image of Christ<br />

(Romans 8:29; Colossians 3:10).<br />

Resistance to change is, at times, resistance to the<br />

work of God! The work of God brings change through<br />

processes of change!<br />

We cannot advance the Kingdom of God<br />

apart from change<br />

Historically, Pentecostals pray for revival. Without knowing it,<br />

we have been praying for change! Some people are praying<br />

that old methodologies would be revived. The “old-time religion”<br />

is a casket filled with decomposing activities that served their<br />

purpose in another generation! I have observed a tendency for<br />

believers to develop a great affection for the cultural expressions<br />

that were in play when they were saved. Although this is not<br />

inherently wrong, it can become a reason why they are stagnated<br />

and stunted in personal, spiritual growth. Those who are<br />

continuously growing shed their need for “comfort objects” and<br />

activities. They grow forward, detecting and discerning what<br />

God is doing in the here-and-now rather than worshiping the<br />

idols and relics of the there-and-then. Isaiah spoke for the Lord,<br />

revealing that change was in their future:<br />

“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things<br />

of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring<br />

forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the<br />

wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:18 (NKJV)<br />

Historically, we see that the church needed to navigate change<br />

as they reached their generation. The book of Acts chronicles<br />

the changes that the early church had to consider as they took<br />

the gospel from a primarily Jewish culture into a Gentile culture.<br />

Was there struggle? ABSOLUTELY! Two “general councils” were<br />

called to consider which Jewish customs could or should be<br />

eliminated, and which customs were to be retained. Acts 11<br />

explored the Jewish custom of not entering a Gentile’s home.<br />

Acts 15 considered if circumcision was essential to regeneration<br />

and pure doctrine and praxis. In both meetings, CHANGE was<br />

introduced. Jewish believers were no longer determined to be<br />

unclean for hanging out with Gentiles. Circumcision was retired<br />

as an essential covenant practice. Despite the conclusion of<br />

the council of apostles, elders, and believers, the church would<br />

continue to battle those who were determined to keep the old<br />

covenant ceremonial observances.<br />

As we move forward in revitalizing or recalibrating our churches<br />

and ministries, we must exercise the spiritual gift of discernment<br />

regarding the values that must never change verses the<br />

preferences that are subject to expiration and replacement.<br />

Troy Jones writes that we must develop a church culture that<br />

embraces continual recalibration (Recalibrate Your Church, page<br />

16). This applies not only to churches, but also to ministries and<br />

our personal relationship with Christ. God doesn’t change – but<br />

culture does. The word of God doesn’t change, but the way we<br />

apply it to our present stage of life will certainly change. Without<br />

change, we stagnate. Apart from embracing change, we<br />

will embrace mediocrity. However, when we present ourselves<br />

as living sacrifices, we will experience the transformation and<br />

renewal that God wants for us, our churches and our ministries!<br />

(Romans 12:2; 2 Corinthians 3:18).<br />

“What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought, since Jesus came into my heart…”<br />


LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22<br />


ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT | STEVE DEFRAIN | 484.686.4843 | sdefrain@penndel.org<br />

Something<br />

Needs to Change<br />

During the last twenty months, CHANGE HAPPENED!<br />

COVID-19 has forced the Church into the 21 st Century! One of the areas is online giving, and many people<br />

now regularly give using this tool. Giving went from Sunday mornings only to twenty-four hours a day,<br />

seven days a week. As pastors and leaders, have you ever had a moment where God spoke to you and<br />

said, “give this amount to a project or special offering?” Now, due to easy access of online giving, when<br />

God says, “give an extra gift to a church or ministry,” you can make it happen immediately. What a gift to<br />

churches and ministries!<br />

COVID-19 forced us to pivot and step up our online presence in our communities. As a result, church<br />

services moved out of the building and into living rooms everywhere. I believe many people responded to<br />

Jesus during this season, and it’s only a matter of time before they join us on Sunday mornings.<br />

Now on the other side of COVID-19, many are asking what needs to change? At a recent leadership<br />

conference, I heard things like: increase the level of prayer, do a better job at discipleship, get more serious<br />

about outreach and loving the world to Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to move again. We need all of this<br />

and more. What is the one thing that God is asking you as a pastor and our church leaders<br />

to CHANGE? I wish it were a cookie-cutter thing for all of us, but it is not. The truth is you may be one<br />

change away from a breakthrough. What needs to change?<br />

A few years ago, at Morning Star, God asked us to make a change in our worship. Both the worship pastor<br />

and I were nearing sixty (The truth is I was three years older and already there). Both of us agreed that<br />

the change needed to happen. I presented articles to the leadership about this change. Statements like<br />

“your church can thrive with an older pastor as long as the medium age of those leading worship is in their<br />

forties.” Even with all the conversations and articles, I still got some pushback. Finally, I said something<br />

uncharacteristic for me, “This is going to happen. You can help me, or you can fight me. But this is going to<br />

happen.” Unified, God led us to invite a gifted young man in his thirties to join our team.<br />

Those who know my story know that I would turn over my lead position to a man who was turning forty-five<br />

less than two years later. On my final Sunday, Liz and I looked with grateful hearts to the team that God<br />

helped us set in place to lead the church into a bright future.<br />

Throughout my thirty-eight years at Morning Star, there were seasons where my soul cried out, “Something<br />

needs to change!” What I know by experience is that God never fails. He always came through and<br />

revealed to us the one or two things that needed to change to keep the church moving forward.<br />

As pastors and deacons our hearts for the church are the same. We want to do the things that please<br />

God the most. So, we pray, “Help us lead your church, especially in areas you want to change in this next<br />

season.” As you seek Him, remember Paul’s words in Philippians 2:13,<br />

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the<br />

power to do what pleases him.” (NLT)<br />

I remember in school how they would have you<br />

draw your family tree. Mine was a family shrub. I<br />

have had three dads in my life.<br />

Dad # 1 disappeared from my life when my mom and he divorced<br />

when I was a preschooler. It wasn’t until nearly two decades later that I<br />

was re-united with him.<br />

Dad # 2 was a helicopter pilot and was killed in action when I was in<br />

elementary school.<br />

Dad # 3 was an attorney for an oil company. As a high schooler, I<br />

looked up to him as a mentor until we found out the truth about his<br />

secret life. He had multiple affairs.<br />

Mom was devastated and reached out to my uncle to confront him in<br />

front of his weekend family. As we drove through the neighborhood,<br />

Dad # 3 was in the driveway and with a look of panic, directed us to<br />

meet him down the road.<br />

When we arrived in a nearby parking lot, he came running towards us.<br />

I warned my uncle that he knew karate. That is when my uncle opened<br />

up the trunk and grabbed the tire iron.<br />

Mom saw this heading in the wrong direction and pleaded with my<br />

uncle to let him go. As Dad #3 ran away, we were left in that parking<br />

lot with feelings of anger, betrayal, and loss.<br />

But we were in the parking lot of a church…<br />

My mom went inside and through a brief conversation she was<br />

encouraged to give it all to Jesus. Her life was changed that day.<br />

Six months later, I became a Christian.<br />

This is why I believe in your church and starting<br />

new ones.<br />

Because Jesus, the message of the local church,<br />

still heals hearts and transforms lives.<br />

This is why I have a vision to start 100 new<br />

churches.<br />

Because Jesus is still calling people to start new<br />

churches in communities where people are lost<br />

and hurting.<br />



ChurchMultiplication.net<br />

LAUNCH is a two-and-a-half-day event led<br />

by church planters and mentors blending<br />

proven principles and practical how-to's such<br />

as recruiting, raising funds and establishing<br />

systems. Launch is for those who are planning<br />

to plant or have recently planted a church.<br />

The next Launch is at Destination Church<br />

near Richmond, VA on March 29-31, 2022.<br />

Registration grants for $599 are available.<br />

Contact Tom Rees (tom@penndel.org) for the<br />

PennDel scholarship code.<br />

REGIONAL ROUNDTABLE is a one-day<br />

networking event where you can connect<br />

with other pastors from around the Mid-<br />

Atlantic region, hear from members of the<br />

CMN Lead Team as they discuss all things<br />

ministry and leadership, and leave with a full<br />

heart. This FREE event is on March 29, 2022<br />

at Destination Church, Richmond, VA and is<br />

open to you and your team.<br />


CHURCH PLANTING | TOM REES | 717.795.5921 | tom@penndel.org<br />

You've got this!<br />

If you feel God calling you to help plant a church, let’s talk!<br />

Please schedule a time to connect at calendly.com/tomrees<br />

4 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 5

SECRETARY/TREASURER | JEFF MARSHALL | 717.795.5921 | jeff@penndel.org<br />

DALE ROSENBERGER, 81, passed<br />

away on June 14. He is survived by<br />

his faithful wife, Diana. Together, they<br />

pastored the following PennDel churches:<br />

Perkasie and Duncannon.<br />

LLOYD CURRY, 87, passed away on<br />

July 12. He is survived by his faithful wife,<br />

Joan. Together, they served in PennDel<br />

as Evangelists and Lead Pastors of the<br />

following PennDel churches: Sweet Valley,<br />

Johnsville and Warminster.<br />

DHARAMCHARGE MATTAI, 71, passed<br />

away on August 19. He is survived by his<br />

faithful wife, Shirley. Together, they served<br />

in the following PennDel church: Darby,<br />

since 2011 as Lead Pastor.<br />

JAMES S. LEAKE, 81, passed away<br />

on September 26. He is survived by<br />

his faithful wife, Becky. He was active<br />

in the PennDel Ministry Network as a<br />

Presbyter, serving on various committees<br />

and as Lead Pastor of Titusville AG and<br />


“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?<br />

I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19<br />

I am adopting the words of the prophet Isaiah spoken<br />

thousands of years ago for today. I believe God is getting<br />

ready to do something new in the church. In fact, I believe He<br />

already did it many years ago but, we have not totally received<br />

it. In Hebrews 10:19-20, we are told that we can enter into<br />

the presence of God through a NEW and LIVING way, a way<br />

provided for us though the sacrificial death of Jesus on the<br />

cross. We have newness of life because of His resurrection. I<br />

believe it is time to break out of the old and enter into the New<br />

that is made available to us.<br />

God wants to do something new in our churches. He has<br />

provided the new way through the death and resurrection of<br />

Jesus and He has given us the power to move in this way<br />

through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the 120 followers<br />

of Jesus were gathered together in the Upper Room in Acts<br />

2, God poured out a new power for them. A power that<br />

would help them evangelize the world. Through this power of<br />


HARRY BROTZMAN, JR., 85, passed<br />

away on October 4. He is survived by<br />

his faithful wife, Joyce. Together, they<br />

pastored and served in ministry at the<br />

following PennDel churches: Bellwood<br />

and State College.<br />

PHILIP A. TORRE, 73, passed away on<br />

October 16. He is survived by his faithful<br />

wife, Lois. Together, they pastored in<br />

Meadville.<br />

D.J. (DOC) PAGLIA, 94, passed away<br />

on October 20. He is survived by his<br />

faithful wife, Anna Mary. Together, they<br />

pastored and served in ministry at the<br />

following PennDel churches: Wilkes-<br />

Barre, Strasburg and Mt. Joy.<br />

LLOYD GETCH, 79, passed away on<br />

November 07. Lloyd is survived by his<br />

faithful wife, Marlene. Together, they<br />

pastored the following PennDel churches:<br />

Hillsdale, Palmyra, Apollo and Anita.<br />

the Holy Spirit thousands were saved, healed, delivered and<br />

transformed. They became new creatures, the old passed<br />

away and everything was made new. The church was<br />

transformed. It was made new. Not like the church they were<br />

used to in the past.<br />

God wants to do the same for us today. He wants to transform<br />

the church into His church. I can hear the words of Isaiah to<br />

the church today. “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs<br />

up; do you not perceive it?ˮ In other words – Do you not see it?<br />

The power has been here all along, the power of the Holy Spirit.<br />

With the power of the Holy Spirit working in our churches, there<br />

will be new ways through the wilderness times and living water<br />

in the wastelands.<br />

God wants to do a New Thing in your life and in your church. It<br />

is available! Let the power of the Holy Spirit work in and through<br />

you to transform your church, our culture and society.<br />

GUY (BOB) FERGUSON, 73, passed<br />

away on November 10. He is survived<br />

by his faithful wife, Liz. Together, they<br />

pastored the following PennDel churches:<br />

Orbisonia, Red Lion and Hillsdale.<br />


passed away on November 23. She<br />

was preceded in death by her faithful<br />

husband, C. Leonard Richendrfer.<br />

Together, they served the following<br />

PennDel churches: Selbyville DE, Roaring<br />

Spring and Slippery Rock.<br />

BERRY L. BROWN, 58, passed away<br />

on November 28. He is survived by his<br />

faithful wife, Tracey. Together, they served<br />

in the following PennDel church: Shade<br />

Gap as Lead Pastor.<br />

J. DEWAYNE PIERCE, 54, passed away<br />

on November 30. He is survived by his<br />

faithful wife, Dee. Together, they served<br />

and pastored the following PennDel<br />

Churches: Dillsburg and Middletown DE.<br />

Honoring the 33 years of Faithful Service of Sam and Naomi Brelo<br />

Aside from the rats, the fourteeninch<br />

tokay lizards, the four-inch<br />

crab spiders, the wasps, the sun<br />

skink lizards, termites, mice, flies, frogs<br />

and the Biblical plagues of ants...we really<br />

like our new semi-outdoor kitchen. Behind<br />

it is the Cambodian forest of jungle.<br />

On the Buddhist holy days, we can<br />

hear the monks chanting as we sit in<br />

the kitchen. In the evenings and in the<br />

mornings, they lift up their demonic<br />

incantations: two notes, a half-step<br />

apart, in indiscernible tones of complete<br />

dissonance, repeatedly.<br />

We live close to a Buddhist temple—a<br />

center for demonic worship. Sometimes<br />

they are teaching in Khmer over the<br />

loudspeaker, or playing music on Eastern<br />

instruments, or a monk warbles out an<br />

unaccompanied eerie solo, and we hear<br />

the banged gong clang, for all of it is<br />

inescapable. All of it makes us pray.<br />

He sent our family here to Kep, a neverreached<br />

province in Cambodia. Buddhists<br />

and Muslims here farm rice, catch fish<br />

and work in hospitality. “Never-reached”<br />

In 1988 Sam and Naomi followed the Lord’s leading and were appointed as Assemblies<br />

of God World Missionaries to Israel and went on to serve in Lebanon, Jordan and various<br />

AGWM international ministries. In 2012 God opened the door for them to continue their<br />

ministry in Belgium at Continental Theological Seminary, creating a community of faith<br />

among the Arab population in Brussels. Sam and Naomi retired from World Missions<br />

effective September 30, <strong>2021</strong> and we take this moment to give tribute to them for their<br />

many years of faithful service as our PennDel World Missionaries. Thank you to each<br />

individual and church that has supported the Brelo’s through these past 33 years.<br />

NEWS from...<br />

Brett & Rebekah Zeiler Serving in Cambodia, Asia Pacific<br />

means a place where the Gospel has<br />

never been in the history of Christendom.<br />

Why He looked at our family with our four<br />

incredible, rambunctious, wiggly children<br />

and thought that we would be a good fit,<br />

we do not yet know...but He does!<br />

Our ministry right now is humble: fixing<br />

up our jungle house, homeschooling,<br />

working on Khmer language acquisition,<br />

building trust and relationships in the<br />

community, praying to have interactions<br />

with seekers—those who are hungrily<br />

searching for God, and doing prayer walks.<br />

Even our one-year-old son, Silas,<br />

signs nail-pierced hands and<br />

whispers Jesus’ name as we walk and<br />

pray with our children in tow.<br />

Please join us in lifting up our Buddhist<br />

and Muslim neighbors in prayers that<br />

they might know the love of Christ.<br />

There is no love in Buddhism. Please<br />

pray for deeper language and cultural<br />

understanding, protection, direction and<br />

courage for our family as we attempt to<br />

bring the light of the Gospel, planting the<br />

church where it has not yet taken root.<br />

We believe that Jesus, Emmanuel, is truly<br />

God with us as we live in this dark place<br />

full of beautiful, but also frightening things.<br />

He is the One who steadies us, loves us<br />

and keeps us.<br />

“Jesus replied, ‘Anyone who loves Me<br />

will obey My teaching. My Father will<br />

love them, and We will come to them<br />

and make Our home with them.”’<br />

John 14:23 (NIV)<br />

To learn more about our family’s ministry,<br />

please go to: s1.ag.org/zeilers<br />

Account #2714046<br />

BrettLZeiler@gmail.com<br />

Monroeville AG.<br />

6 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 7<br />

WORLD MISSIONS | JEFF MARSHALL | 717.795.5921 | jeff@penndel.org


The Gift of<br />

CHANGE<br />

It’s an adventure, exciting and overflowing with promise.<br />

It’s also a dark hole that invites anxiety and dread.<br />

It is change! Change can be a gift! God wants to<br />

reveal Himself to us. He often uses changes in our<br />

situations to effect changes in us.<br />

Until I was in my early thirties, I’d never lived<br />

in one place longer than a year and a half.<br />

Change was normal. As a missionary kid, it<br />

involved new homes, new people and a new<br />

culture. Sometimes it was scary, but it was<br />

always an adventure.<br />

Some changes we recognize are good, but<br />

the thought of change is overwhelming. In my<br />

ministry, I love watching God release people<br />

from the pains of the past – things like anger,<br />

shame, unforgiveness and feelings of failure.<br />

But release isn’t enough. Change means<br />

learning new mindsets and behaviors. It<br />

means replacing the old with the new. And<br />

when we do, we find new hope, new joy and<br />

new purpose.<br />

COVID-19 hit us all and life as we knew it<br />

changed. Prophecies prevailed of coming<br />

doom and destruction. As I was seeking the<br />

Lord, God impressed me to write a book. I am<br />

amazed at how many times I argue with God.<br />

I just need to give Him my opinion! I’m so glad<br />

He keeps pushing me. I wrote, The Moses<br />

Manual – Wilderness Walking for Leaders,<br />

about stepping out of our normal and leading<br />

God’s people in the midst of our own doubts<br />

and difficulties. It has touched many lives. God<br />

knew in this season we needed encouraging<br />

reminders that He is able to call us, lead us and<br />

walk with us into any changes He has for us.<br />

But notice these thoughts about<br />

their changes:<br />

• God spoke with a directive and a promise<br />

• As they followed God into the unknown,<br />

they found their purpose<br />

• That purpose changed them and gave<br />

hope to others<br />

God may ask us to do things that are out of<br />

our box. The box looks good – feels good,<br />

safe, comfy….but is it God’s best?!<br />

Some situations look impossible,<br />

but in Isaiah 43:19 God says:<br />

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up;<br />

do you not perceive it?<br />

I am making a way in the desert and streams in<br />

the wasteland.<br />

We are approaching a new year…<br />

What is God asking you to do for<br />

Him that is out of your box?<br />

• Probably something that you have not<br />

done before<br />

• Probably something you do not think you<br />

are good at<br />

• Probably something that you will have to<br />

really rely on God to help you with<br />


is a minister, a nurse, an<br />

author and the founder<br />

and director of Victory’s<br />

Journey, a ministry for<br />

Jesus followers who<br />

are struggling with<br />

brokenness and shame<br />

from their past. She and<br />

her husband, Pat, are<br />

somewhat retired but still<br />

very active in ministry.<br />

The Webers have three<br />

grown children and four<br />

grandchildren.<br />

LaverneWeberMinistries.com<br />

The Bible tells us that Abraham left all that was<br />

familiar to find a city. Sarai was right there with<br />

him. They left houses and moved into tents.<br />

They left family and “modern” conveniences<br />

and moved out of their normal, their box, into<br />

a place where they knew no one…but they<br />

waited for a promise given by God.<br />

You may have thought of it or seen the need–<br />

but said, “I couldn’t do that”. But that’s just the<br />

point – your weak areas are often the ones God<br />

wants to use ….that way when things happen<br />

for good, God gets all the glory! As Christians<br />

we are called to live beyond our normal. That<br />

requires change. Change is challenging.<br />

Moses was settled into a life without purpose.<br />

He remembered his dream, but time went by.<br />

The hope faded. He was locked in a box. Then<br />

God called his name. And after arguing with<br />

the Creator of the universe, Moses obeyed. He<br />

faced Pharaoh and his own people and he led<br />

them to new beginnings.<br />

The bottom line – things<br />

change; God does not!<br />

Jesus Christ is the same<br />

yesterday and today<br />

and forever.<br />

Hebrews 13:8<br />

2022 holds God-sized promises as we step out in obedient faith.<br />

8 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 9

Big Journeys<br />

begin with<br />

Small Steps<br />

“Does anyone dare despise this day of small beginnings?”<br />

Zechariah 4:10<br />

Recently we asked on social media,<br />

“What are some small changes<br />

that you have made in your life<br />

or ministry that have made a BIG<br />

difference?” The response was<br />

amazing as friends shared their<br />

thoughts. It was so good we wanted<br />

to share it with you. As you read these,<br />

remember that small changes build<br />

over time. Also, don’t try to do a bunch<br />

of them at one time but rather ask,<br />

“What is a small change I can make<br />

beginning this week?”<br />

One idea. One risk. One decision. One<br />

change has the potential to make a<br />

BIG difference in your life!<br />




Praying Lord, give me a divine appointment today to speak life into<br />

someone’s life.<br />

Valerie White : Director, Pregnancy Resource Center of Greater Hazleton, Hazelton, PA<br />

Realizing that, when I work, I work. But when I pray, God works.<br />

Otto Wegner : US Missionary, Next Generation Ministries, Philadelphia, PA<br />

Praying, “God give me opportunity.” instead of praying,<br />

“God give me ideas.”<br />

Focusing more on relationships than<br />

work or things. Stop. Smell the roses.<br />

Meet that friend for lunch. Stay another<br />

hour visiting. Enjoy watching your kids<br />

grow up. Worry less about the small<br />

stuff. Because you never know when<br />

your time is up.<br />

David Martin : Spiritual Care Coordinator,<br />

ProMedica, Irwin, PA<br />

Changing my perspective by realizing that the scope<br />

of my ministry is larger than the local church. This<br />

watershed shift released me for greater outreach and<br />

equipping the saints to do the same.<br />

Gregory Lloyd : Lead Pastor, Trinity AG, Huntingdon, PA<br />

Saying “Yes” more often.<br />

Rick Roth : Direct Support Professional, Jessica and Friends<br />

Community, York, PA<br />

I first heard of Hal Donaldson’s book, Disruptive<br />

Compassion, at a CMN (CHURCH MULTIPLICATION<br />

NETWORK) conference and it has led me down a fulfilling<br />

path. This is what it means to me… I am bi-vocational. I<br />

am a Maintenance Manager and a Credentialed Chaplain<br />

which I feel opens many possibilities. It has come down<br />

to being a Godly disruptive influence both in the private<br />

sector and in the church, shaking things up in a loving<br />

but challenging way.<br />

Jessica Jones : Lead Pastor, Faith AG, New Cumberland, PA<br />

Getting the monkey off my back by praying, “God, this is your problem.<br />

Tell me how I can help.”<br />

Troy Keith : Lead Pastor, Orchard Beach Assembly, North East, PA<br />

Seeking God in ALL things. We tend to ask Him for the big things, but<br />

think we can handle the small things. Doing my best to seek Him no<br />

matter how small or big the decision is.<br />

Thomas Manning : Lead Pastor, Kinport AG, Cherry Tree, PA<br />

I recently moved my to-do list planning to the early evening, now my<br />

morning set-aside time with the Lord is no longer filled with thoughts of<br />

the coming day but much more focused on His presence–it’s been HUGE!<br />

Faith McCutcheon : Church Planter, Living Way Church, Greensburg, PA<br />

Making family time and ministry time<br />

two different things.<br />

Dan Boll : Evangelist, Unique Kidz Ministry,<br />

Pittsburgh, PA<br />

Improving my health has given me<br />

more energy to minister, focus and get<br />

things done. It has also allowed me to<br />

dream again.<br />

Angela Coon : Certified Health Coach, Gain<br />

Life Too, Camden, DE<br />

Stepping into my “Yes Lord.”<br />

Joe Paris : Men’s Director, Living Waters Chapel, Lebanon, PA<br />

Loving people and overlooking the small things. Keeping<br />

my focus and purpose in front of me. Not diversifying<br />

into every whim to try to please people. Leaving lots of<br />

room for miracles!<br />

Che Weber : Lead Pastor, First AG, Greentown, PA<br />

Using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner. It’s been a<br />

game-changer for me.<br />

Jeannette Hague Scott : Professional Coach, Narrative Impact,<br />

Christiana, PA<br />

Donald Sitter : Campground Chaplain, US Missions, Erie, PA<br />

Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro. It is powerful!<br />

It's the only book that changed me other than the<br />

Word of God. I only wish I would’ve read it early in my<br />

ministry years.<br />

Trish Gunn : Associate Pastor, Trinity Community Church,<br />

Hockessin, DE<br />

Switch on your Brain by Caroline Leaf. This life altering<br />

book on changing the way you think, taught me how to<br />

actually use Scripture to change my thoughts. It’s so<br />

practical. I also recommend her book, Who Switched Off<br />

My Brain?, that talks about detoxing other areas of your<br />

life. Amazing.<br />

Rebekah Zeiler : World Missionary, Cambodia, Asia Pacific<br />

10 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 11


Traversing <strong>Leadership</strong> Roadblocks<br />

“You have arrived at your destination” announced our GPS navigator’s confident voice. My friend<br />

and I were making good time to reach our appointment only to realize that Ms. Waze took us to a<br />

dead end – literally! We found ourselves staring directly at a big mound of soil with no way forward.<br />

Immediately, we started asking the obvious questions: “Where are we? Where do we need to be?<br />

How will we get there? What do we need to do now?” We needed to quickly recalibrate and find a<br />

new direction if we were to get where we needed to be. After all, we couldn’t miss our tee time!<br />

Why are these essential questions which are so readily<br />

asked while in the driver’s seat of our car so rarely asked<br />

when in the driver’s seat of a ministry that has seemingly<br />

come to a dead end? We all hit leadership roadblocks<br />

– those times when we realize that the things that got<br />

us here are no longer able to get us there. Wise is the<br />

leader and team that routinely takes time to step back,<br />

recalibrate and chart a new way forward.<br />

When coaching leadership teams through a recalibration<br />

season, I walk with them through four proven steps so<br />

that every member “A.D.D.S.” to the team’s success. This<br />

is a coaching model I devised to help leaders ask and find<br />

answers to those vital leadership questions. These are<br />

steps you will want to take, with or without a coach, when<br />

you come up against a leadership barrier.<br />

ASSESS<br />

The first thing you want to do is ASSESS your team and<br />

the wider organization. You want to find your bearings<br />

by asking, “Where are we?” and “Who are we on<br />

this team?” It starts by measuring the team’s readiness<br />

for coaching and how committed they are to change.<br />

Is there trust and respect? Is it a safe place for people<br />

to give and receive constructive feedback? Are they<br />

courageous and vulnerable enough to speak with candor?<br />

Anonymous surveys and open dialogues are used to<br />

glean their thoughts and feelings about the current state<br />

of the team and the ministry. Personality and behavior<br />

style assessments may be used to foster greater selfawareness<br />

and mutual understanding to help them work<br />

better together.<br />

Effective leaders are quick to take a good look in the<br />

mirror, step on the scales and assess the state of things<br />

so they can know where they stand.<br />


If your team is healthy and committed to change then<br />

it is time to DISCOVER, “Where do we need to go?”<br />

and “Who do we want to become?” This begins with<br />

an exploration of personalities, behavior patterns, team<br />

culture, core values and conflict styles for the purpose of<br />

strengthening communication, collaboration, trust and<br />

accountability for results. A SWOT analysis is a good way<br />

to evaluate the team’s internal strengths and weaknesses<br />

as well as the external opportunities and threats.<br />

The members will then collectively imagine a future picture<br />

of the team and the ministry at its best. A great question<br />

to ask is, “If we could wake up in twelve months and we<br />

were hitting on all cylinders, what would be different?” The<br />

team is then able to identify and agree upon two<br />

or three key objectives behind which they can<br />

align their efforts and collaborate to accomplish.<br />

12 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 13<br />

DESIGN<br />

This is now where the rubber meets the road. It’s<br />

one thing to know where you are and where you<br />

want to be, but another thing to know what to<br />

do and how to get there. You must turn the car<br />

around, hit the gas pedal and follow a new path.<br />

How many great ideas die on the vine because<br />

there is no clear strategic plan? The DESIGN<br />

phase asks the critical question, “How are we<br />

going to get there?”<br />

Through open dialogue, constructive feedback<br />

and creative brainstorming, the team develops<br />

a strategic plan with clear action steps to<br />

move forward. SMART goals – ones that are<br />

strategic, measurable, achievable, relevant and<br />

time-bound – are aimed at accomplishing the<br />

key objectives. Action plans outline what tasks<br />

need to be done, by whom, by when and what<br />

resources are needed.<br />


Ongoing coaching is designed to STEWARD<br />

the new discoveries and follow-through of the<br />

strategic plan. This step asks, “How are we<br />

doing?” Periodic check-ins are used to measure<br />

progress, maintain agreements, celebrate<br />

small wins and adjust the plan as needed. It is<br />

important to check the gauges along the way<br />

by asking things like: “Is there still gas in the<br />

tank? What is the emotional temperature? What<br />

attitudes need adjusted? What is holding up<br />

traffic? Should we take an alternate route? Do<br />

we need to take a rest stop?”<br />

Every pastor is familiar with leadership obstacles<br />

that thwart progress – building constraints, staff<br />

transitions, stalled growth, limited resources,<br />

stale ministries, disgruntled people and, yes,<br />

even a global pandemic. It is said that problem<br />

solving is the essence of what leaders exist<br />

to do. The difference between effective and<br />

ineffective leaders is not the problems they face,<br />

but their willingness to face their problems.<br />

Successful leaders traverse obstacles by<br />

continually asking these critical questions:<br />

“Where are we? Where we need to be? How will<br />

we get there? And how are we doing?”<br />

Dr. Bill Ellis<br />

is the founder of<br />

Clearstream <strong>Leadership</strong><br />

Solutions, providing<br />

assessment and<br />

development solutions<br />

for pastors, executives<br />

and their teams. He is<br />

the Founding Pastor of<br />

Riverside Community<br />

Church, Oakmont, PA<br />

where, after 32 years,<br />

he passed the baton to<br />

his successor in 2020.<br />

He is a Professional<br />

Certified Coach with the<br />

International Coaching<br />

Federation, and he<br />

serves as facilitator of<br />

the PennDel Coaching<br />

Network and a co-leader<br />

of the Assemblies of<br />

God Coaching Network.<br />

Bill completed Asbury<br />

Seminary’s Beeson<br />

Institute for Advanced<br />

Church <strong>Leadership</strong> and<br />

he earned his doctorate<br />

through the Assemblies of<br />

God Theological Seminary.<br />

<strong>Leadership</strong> is not for the faint of heart. Fortunately, you do not have to go it alone. “Plans fail for lack of<br />

counsel, but with many advisors they succeed,” Proverbs 16:9 says. I think a good paraphrase could<br />

state, “Plans fail for lack of coaching, but when leaders assess, discover, design and<br />

steward the way they succeed.”

IMMEL: I’ve had to learn how to be more flexible. COVID<br />

demanded that I learn how to assess, adapt and overcome<br />

both personally and pastorally.<br />



MINISTER CARE & CHURCH RECALIBRATION JASON TOURVILLE | 717.795.5921 | jason@penndel.org<br />

New Pathways Forward<br />



The changing landscape of leadership and culture requires pastors and churches to find<br />

New Pathways Forward. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the changing trends<br />

of church attendance, the conflicted relationships around politics, racial tensions, social<br />

unrest, debates around masks, disagreements about vaccines, not to mention the<br />

overall atmosphere of relationships, have left many discouraged and disillusioned and<br />

have left many in leadership fatigued and frustrated.<br />

While the challenges have been great, some have met these challenges and reframed<br />

them as new opportunities. Below are conversations with two pastors across our<br />

Network who are discovering the NEW THING God is doing in their churches and in their<br />

communities. Pastor Donnie Immel pastors in rural America at Crossroads Community<br />

Church, located in Fogelsville, PA. Pastor Jimmie Rivera pastors in an urban/inner city<br />

environment at City Limits Assembly of God in Allentown, PA. Both ministers are serving<br />

in very different contexts, yet each is finding A NEW PATHWAY FORWARD.<br />

Briefly describe your ministry context and the<br />

impact the pandemic has had on your church.<br />

RIVERA: Our church is multicultural and is in the inner city<br />

of Allentown, Pennsylvania. It is a transient community with<br />

people coming and going from New York and Philadelphia.<br />

The pandemic affected us from young to old. Some people were<br />

fearful for the safety and health of themselves and their children;<br />

others feared the unclear situation. To address these concerns,<br />

we did much sanitizing and followed all the CDC guidelines and<br />

our city’s policies and procedures. We let people know about the<br />

changes through phone calls, Facebook, messaging and our<br />

website. The pandemic has hurt our finances, and we are still<br />

figuring out how long it will take to recover.<br />

IMMEL: The context of our ministry is more rural than anything.<br />

We are located between Allentown and Blue Mountain;<br />

therefore, we have a blend of suburban and rural culture in our<br />

ministry area.<br />

I was the new Lead Pastor at C3 when COVID-19 first hit our<br />

country — I had only been in the position for a few months.<br />

We were experiencing amazing growth and entering into a<br />

very exciting season of ministry and then BAM — COVID-19<br />

happened. At first, the pandemic turned our ministry upside<br />

down, much like most other churches, and we were forced<br />

to hit the pause button as a whole. Our ministry was strictly<br />

online for two-to-three months when COVID-19 first started<br />

spreading, so that made us greatly shift our mindset.<br />

What challenges have you had to overcome<br />

personally and in your leadership role?<br />

RIVERA: I came up against the personal challenge of dealing<br />

with technology. I learned to Zoom. I purchased a PTZ (Pan,<br />

Tilt, Zoom) camera to connect with the congregation through<br />

FaceTime, Facebook and YouTube. I also started some small<br />

groups. This was very stressful for me at first. Once I got the<br />

hang of it, I realized that God was still in control. I had to adjust<br />

to the circumstances and found that this was just a new normal.<br />

Share with us some of the victories and<br />

pathways forward you have discovered.<br />

RIVERA: We had no plan as the pandemic hit and we were<br />

totally discouraged. The Network invited us to be a part of<br />

the Acts 2 Journey. The Acts 2 process gave our church<br />

leadership team and me hope and encouraged us to<br />

embrace change. Having a team was great in this process.<br />

IMMEL: God has been so faithful in providing us with<br />

victorious testimonies! In the past year and a half, God<br />

has moved in incredible ways throughout our church. We<br />

have seen people receive salvation in Jesus Christ on a<br />

weekly basis. Over two dozen people from our church<br />

have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Since beginning<br />

in-person services again, our attendance has tripled! We<br />

have continued to see passion stirred up throughout all<br />

ministries at our church with a hunger to grow deeper in<br />

their faith.<br />

The pathways forward that we have found are simple —<br />

as a church we are continuing to seek the anointing and<br />

empowerment of the Holy Spirit, focusing on building<br />

relationships in the church and seeing the restoration of the<br />

Biblical family unit.<br />

What have you discovered as being key as<br />

you led change in your ministry context?<br />

RIVERA: Our key to change was in identifying that we had<br />

been doing ministry the same way and not changing with<br />

the world around us. We had become comfortable doing<br />

things the same as always, even though, if we truly looked<br />

at the numbers, they weren’t working. We had to adjust<br />

our vision to the movement of the cultural shift in the world<br />

around us. The Gospel is still the same but the approach to<br />

share it had to be different.<br />

IMMEL: The key in leading change has been as a church<br />

acknowledging the needs that COVID created and seeking<br />

to meet those needs biblically in a real and tangible way.<br />

What “WORD” has encouraged you through<br />

this changing leadership landscape?<br />

RIVERA: Clarity + Change = Victory<br />

IMMEL: I had a person tell me, “Jesus didn’t say to make<br />

converts, He said to make disciples.” That stuck with me.<br />

We often make it our goal to get someone to say they have<br />

faith in Jesus, but we never invest enough time into their<br />

lives to make sure they grow to become a life-long disciple.<br />

The principle of creating genuine relationships changed the<br />

way that we do ministry. It requires us to invest long term<br />

rather than focus on the short term and then move on.<br />

Two Therapists are available to you,<br />

your family and your church.<br />

Jason Tourville<br />

Sarah Walter<br />

Accepts most forms of insurance • Online or In-Person<br />

www.Emerge.org/PA • 800-621-5207<br />

Marriage<br />

Tune-Up<br />

Two days to<br />

refresh your<br />

relationship<br />

The Marriage Tune-Up for pastoral,<br />

missionary and ministry couples is<br />

a 2-day personalized and private<br />

consultation to refresh your<br />

relationship. After completing an<br />

online assessment, your unique<br />

relationship challenges are addressed<br />

and strengths are enhanced.<br />

www.Emerge.org/TuneUp<br />


Peter A Joudry, DIS<br />

Battlefield Ministries<br />

The Nehemiah Project<br />

pajoudry@aol.com<br />

Battlefieldusa.com<br />

Peter@battlefieldusa.com<br />

Dr. Bill Ellis<br />

Clearstream <strong>Leadership</strong><br />

Solutions<br />

w.j.ellis@me.com<br />


www.recalibratechurch.org/consulting<br />

14 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 15

YOUTH MINISTRIES/DYD | LEE ROGERS | 717.795.5921 | lee@penndel.org<br />


Growing Young: 6<br />

Essential Strategies<br />

to Help Young People<br />

Discover and Love<br />

Your Church (Grand<br />

Rapids: Baker Books,<br />

2016), 35.<br />

Is your congregation growing older or younger? A congregation<br />

that is growing older is aging, not growing numerically and struggles<br />

to maintain relevance to emerging generations. A congregation that<br />

is growing younger attracts and retains congregants under the age of<br />

twenty-nine, has thriving kids and youth ministries and is also growing<br />

numerically. If you find your church is growing older, it is unlikely that the<br />

trend will reverse without seeking the Holy Spirit for a NEW THING.<br />

In 2016, researchers at Fuller Youth Institute studied 363 churches<br />

that have ministries with young people that were both numerically<br />

growing and had a large number of young people relative to the size<br />

of the church. The lead researcher, Kara Powell, is an Assemblies of<br />

God minister and a well-respected voice in youth ministry and church<br />

scholarship. The research team compiled hundreds of surveys, 10,000<br />

pages of interviews and several deep-dives into a number of the<br />

churches involved in the study. The researchers published their findings<br />

in the book Growing Young.<br />

The researchers found the nation’s most innovative churches engage in six<br />

core commitments that help produce better engagement with young people:<br />

1.<br />

Unlock keychain<br />

leadership. Instead<br />

of centralizing<br />

authority, empower<br />

others—especially<br />

young people.<br />

2.<br />

Empathize with<br />

today’s young<br />

people. Instead of<br />

judging or criticizing,<br />

step into the shoes<br />

of this generation.<br />

3..<br />

Take Jesus’ message<br />

seriously. Instead of<br />

asserting formulaic<br />

gospel claims,<br />

welcome young<br />

people into a Jesuscentered<br />

way of life.<br />

Some of these commitments may seem challenging to implement, but a dying church<br />

is far more challenging to endure. Begin to seek the Holy Spirit now for the new things<br />

God wants to do to help your church in growing younger.<br />

4.<br />

Fuel a warm<br />

community. Instead<br />

of focusing on cool<br />

worship or programs,<br />

aim for warm peer<br />

and intergenerational<br />

friendships.<br />

Growing Young seminars or sermons to help your congregation or leadership team<br />

process and conceptualize some of these core commitments can be facilitated by the<br />

youth department. Email lee@penndel.org to book a service or meeting.<br />

5.<br />

Prioritize young<br />

people (and families)<br />

everywhere. Instead<br />

of giving lip service<br />

to how much young<br />

people matter, look<br />

for creative ways<br />

to tangibly support,<br />

resource and involve<br />

them in all facets of<br />

your congregation.<br />

6.<br />

Be the best<br />

neighbors. Instead<br />

of condemning the<br />

world outside your<br />

walls, enable young<br />

people to neighbor<br />

well, locally and<br />

globally.<br />

16 LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 17

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION | GEORGE KREBS | 717.795.5921 | george@penndel.org<br />

It seems that God allows difficulties in our lives to shape, refine<br />

and transform us. COVID-19 has brought a tremendous season<br />

of change and uncertainty:<br />

• Is it over?<br />

• Is there a new wave?<br />

• What’s next?<br />

Change may make our future unsure, but leads to a<br />

greater dependency on God. So what’s the new thing in<br />

Kids Ministry?<br />

• Fewer adults and children attending<br />

• Fewer volunteers to help<br />

• More nervous parents<br />

• More sanitization needed<br />

• More caution on community events<br />

A NEW THING in a<br />

Season of Change<br />

God is doing a NEW THING. What is our response? Ask<br />

God for new ways to minister with less resources (people and<br />

finances). Equip and involve parents to disciple their children.<br />

Yes, it’s a challenge, and a new thing. Go the extra mile and take<br />

precautions to help parents and the community feel comfortable<br />

at events.<br />

A NEW THING? I recently visited with Pam and Tracey Hodges,<br />

missionaries to Alaska’s children. Their ministry has always<br />

consisted of traveling to remote areas to reach and teach<br />

children. COVID-19 has shut down travel to Alaska’s remote<br />

villages which have little or no internet. The Holy Spirit led them<br />

to produce a weekly television show duplicated on DVDs and<br />

sent to remote villages. Every home has a DVD player and both<br />

children and parents watch the weekly show again and again.<br />

A NEW THING? They are touching more lives than ever before,<br />

and so will we.<br />

When I asked friends how they were<br />

doing, some responded with “same<br />

olʼ same olʼ.” God enjoys doing NEW<br />

THINGS in our lives and ministry. The Royal<br />

Ranger ministry certainly was impacted by the<br />

changes prompted by COVID-19. Outposts<br />

stopped meeting, District events were stopped<br />

for about a year and some outposts didn’t start<br />

back up. The cumulative effect meant even<br />

the National office had to reduce its budget.<br />

I am glad to say this year has seen a major<br />

turn around. We have had some well attended<br />

events at the PennDel Royal Ranger Camp that<br />

bore much fruit. There are several new outposts<br />

that have started this year and we are diligently<br />

seeking the Lord to follow His plan because He<br />

promised to do a new thing.<br />

During the time outposts weren’t meeting and<br />

we were not able to have events, we were able<br />

to work on a shower house at camp and several<br />

other projects. After not having a District Royal<br />

Ranger PowWow in 2020, for the first time in<br />

about fifty years, attendance was around 220 at<br />

the <strong>2021</strong> PowWow with about fifty boys making<br />

commitments to the Lord and fourteen men and<br />

boys baptized. The camp was also active this<br />

year with a Frontiersman Camping Fellowship<br />

Spring Trace, a Junior <strong>Leadership</strong> Academy and<br />

a Territorial Rendezvous with about 200 boys<br />

and men from across the region.<br />


Besides our District Leaders Conference where we honored some the<br />

leaders who have served for many years, there were two Gold Medal of<br />

Achievement ceremonies in November – three boys at Newville Assembly<br />

and two boys at Family Worship Center in Lansdale.<br />

Work has continued at the PDRR Camp Berry and we are<br />

finishing up the outside wall of the shower house and worked<br />

late on the retaining wall getting it about half done. We expect to<br />

be installing the trusses and roof in the spring.<br />

ROYAL RANGERS | STEVE STEFFEL | 302-379-1580 | Follow us: Website: pdrangers.org | Facebook: PennDel District Royal Rangers<br />

It is exciting to see several of our past Gold<br />

Medal of Achievement recipients stepping<br />

up into leadership across the district. God is<br />

certainly doing a new thing and we are seeking<br />

to stay in touch with Him. If you would like<br />

to learn more about the top boys mentoring<br />

ministry, that is now customizable to fit into<br />

your church’s ministry. Please contact us and<br />

we would be happy to meet, go over what the<br />

Royal Ranger program can do for your boys<br />

(and men) and help you get started.<br />

18 19

NEW focus<br />

What is Your Name?<br />

PENNDEL WOMEN | LIZ DEFRAIN | 484.686.4554 | liz@penndelwomen.com | penndelwomen.com<br />

During my growing up years, I<br />

always loved the beginning of a<br />

new school year. It signified new<br />

opportunities, possible new friendships<br />

and new clothes! Though I grew up in a<br />

single-parent home, there was always<br />

money for the “first day of school outfit.”<br />

Maybe that wasn’t important to you, but<br />

for me, those fashion instincts began<br />

early! I find it interesting that many of<br />

the fashion trends of those years have<br />

made their way back and are in style<br />

again, only they are BETTER than what<br />

we had before. Things that appear OLD<br />

have become NEW. If you are not careful,<br />

you may miss the NEW because you are<br />

focused on the OLD.<br />

In Isaiah 43:19, we read, “See, I am<br />

doing a new thing! Now it springs up;<br />

do you not perceive it? I am making a<br />

way in the wilderness and streams in the<br />

wasteland.” Isaiah spoke this prophetic<br />

word to the Israelite people, who were<br />

in captivity in Babylon. God promised,<br />

through the prophet Isaiah, that He would<br />

make a way where there seemed to<br />

be no way. History proved this correct<br />

when many Israelites went from Babylon<br />

to Jerusalem, freed from captivity. They<br />

rebuilt the walls of the city and the<br />

temple; however, not everyone went.<br />

Some were comfortable in the present,<br />

though it meant captivity in Babylon, and<br />

did not step into the future. They did not<br />

perceive what God was doing.<br />

Today the words “I am doing a new thing”<br />

seem more relevant than ever! COVID-19<br />

changed church as we know it. I believe<br />

God works ALL things for our good,<br />

which means embracing the challenges<br />

as opportunities. I tend to think of 2022<br />

as beginning a new school year, where<br />

the possibilities seem endless. What new<br />

connections and opportunities is God<br />

planning? What can I learn this year? Like<br />

you, I want to perceive what God is doing<br />

and then say, “Yes Lord, I’m in!”<br />

Get ready for something new! It’s a new<br />

season to embrace our future! Don’t<br />

miss it! PennDel Women is planning our<br />

Inspire Tour and Replenish Retreat<br />

this spring, along with Dream Center trips<br />

this summer and our Illuminate 22 Fall<br />

Conference. So mark your calendar and<br />

join us at an event near you!<br />

We continue to live by our<br />

mission statement.<br />

PennDel Women exists to create<br />

experiences to inspire women to<br />

encounter Jesus, live empowered by the<br />

Holy Spirit and be equipped to impact<br />

their community.<br />

Have you become a 1000 Sister<br />

yet? Consider becoming part of<br />

this Sisterhood! Learn more at<br />

penndelwomen.org. I am grateful for this<br />

season to serve PennDel!<br />

Isaiah 62:2<br />

“The nations will see your<br />

righteousness. World leaders<br />

will be blinded by your glory.<br />

And you will be given a new<br />

name by the Lord’s own<br />

mouth.”<br />

Revelation 2:17<br />

“To everyone who is<br />

victorious I will give some<br />

of the manna that has been<br />

hidden away in heaven. And I<br />

will give to each one a white<br />

stone, and on the stone will<br />

be engraved a new name that<br />

no one understands except<br />

the one who receives it.”<br />


JUNE 16-18<br />

“Hello, my name is….” There is so much in a<br />

name. Many parents chose a name based on the<br />

meaning, on familial connections, or the sound<br />

rolling off your tongue. But the name of a child<br />

is important, obviously personal too, and often<br />

defines an individual.<br />

And yet, when I came to Jesus, He gave me<br />

a name, a new name that came from His mouth. It is a name that no<br />

one understands except for me. Wow, simply wow!! He knows my name.<br />

He has given me a name that no one else knows and understands – just me!<br />

So, what is my “new name”? As I have pondered this, I realize that the new name that<br />

Jesus gave to me is one that no one else knows. No one else can understand it. And, it<br />

is a name that I cannot adequately put into words. It is me...It encompasses all of who He<br />

created me to be. It says “Sharon”, but with so much more! My new name does not focus<br />

in on my failures and shortcomings. It is an empowerment of all the strengths and giftings<br />

that our Lord placed within me. It is something that He speaks, and I know.<br />

I sincerely believe that our Lord intended for each of His children to explore and discover<br />

that name. Just like a delicious meal has many avenues of flavor, so the new name is<br />

multi-faceted. It takes a lifetime to discover all that the name entails. In your personal<br />

daily devotions, it is the revelation of Jesus Himself in your life. Take the time and effort to<br />

explore that name, to become all that your name is!<br />


JUNE 16-18<br />

THEME:<br />

TELL THEM!<br />

“…In the future your children will ask<br />

you, ‘What do these stones mean?’<br />

Then you can tell them…”<br />

Joshua‬ ‭4:6-7‬ ‭NLT‬<br />

GIRLS MINISTRIES | SHARON POOLE | sharonp@pdgirlsministries.com | penndel.org/girls<br />

20 21


Situated in the scenic Cumberland Valley, the Bongiorno<br />

Conference Center provides a clean, safe and exciting<br />

environment for you and your family. The PennDel Ministry<br />

Network hosts numerous camps, leadership retreats and<br />

conferences throughout the year. We would love to be able<br />


to have you as one of our guests!<br />

Please check with your church leadership team for events<br />

that are on the calendar for this year or plan your own<br />

leadership retreat, conference, camping excursion or even<br />

a family reunion! We desire to host those much-needed<br />

moments for you to breathe in the air, receive from the Lord<br />

and leave refreshed.<br />



“Bongiorno - It’s a good day!”<br />


Pastor Keith and June Applegarth<br />

Evangel AG, Norristown, PA<br />


(Honoring Pastor Bruce Gorski for donating<br />

his gym equipment to Teen Challenge)<br />

Rev. Bruce and Renee Gorski<br />

Teen Challenge, Cheswick, PA<br />

For more information, go to bongiornocc.com<br />


Pastor Ben and Rackel Grenier<br />

Real Church, Brookhaven, PA<br />


Pastor Jim and Nicki Line<br />

Agape AG, St. Marys, PA<br />


Solid Rock Revival Church, Oakdale, PA<br />

Pastor Prabhu and Sucila Isaac<br />

LEADERSHIPconnexion | Winter <strong>2021</strong>-22 23

Pennsylvania-Delaware Ministry Network<br />

4651 Westport Drive<br />

Mechanicsburg, PA 17055<br />

Find us online: penndel.org<br />

Join us on Social Media:<br />

PennDel Ministry Network<br />

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Matthew 16:18<br />

It’s a new year and with it comes<br />

new dreams, new goals,<br />

new opportunities<br />

and new challenges.<br />

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