CORE Response - Annual Report 2020

A document summarizing the mission, leadership, and work performed by CORE Response in 2020. In addition to highlighting individuals and communities served, the 2020 Annual Report focuses on transparency through the inclusion of key donors and the standard financial disclosures from the year.

A document summarizing the mission, leadership, and work performed by CORE Response in 2020. In addition to highlighting individuals and communities served, the 2020 Annual Report focuses on transparency through the inclusion of key donors and the standard financial disclosures from the year.


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CORE 2020 Annual Report


3 www.COREresponse.org

















We empower


in and beyond



We envision a more

equitable world in which

underserved communities

are prepared and can

effectively respond to crisis

from within.



We listen, we learn, and then we

act. Everything we do is driven by

compassion, respect, inclusion, diversity,

and equity.


It begins our name for a reason. Our

efforts revolve around the community.

It’s in our staff, teamwork, collaboration

with partners, engagement, and our

integrated approach.


Like the communities

we serve, we are

determined and

resolute. We exceed

challenges to get the

job done.


We are hopeful and

optimistic. We channel our

frustration at injustice and

inequity into action to make

positive things happen.


We are ready to respond at a moment’s

notice and scale rapidly. We support

communities to be prepared for the

future and help them pave a road to

long-term recovery.


We are flexible, nimble, and innovative.

We are resourceful. We forge creative

and collaborative solutions and are not

afraid to rethink traditional methods to

support those in need.

5 www.COREresponse.org


We could never have predicted what this year has

had in store for us as a country, global community,

and as an organization. At the beginning of 2020,

we were run by a team of less than 10 U.S.-based

staff members. Twelve months later, we are a body

of over 1,500 volunteers and staff spread across the

U.S. battling on the frontlines of a global health crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything we’ve

encountered. We, like the rest of the world, were

not prepared for a crisis of this magnitude and

devastation. But as it began to run its calamitous

course, we had to do something. We couldn’t sit

idle, knowing that marginalized and vulnerable

communities are often left to fend for themselves in

times of crisis.

CORE sprung forth to do what we know best:

mobilizing communities within their existing structures to provide support during their greatest

times of need. Beginning in Los Angeles in March, we began partnering with local governments

and community partners to administer free tests. Within a matter of weeks, we expanded our

testing program across California, and then the entire nation, to Georgia, Chicago, Detroit, North

Carolina, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., and the Navajo Nation.

We listened and learned, and broadened our COVID-19 relief program to revolve around an

integrated approach inclusive of contact tracing, resource coordination, and supported solutions

for safe quarantine to provide communities with the holistic relief they need.

As the most challenging year of our collective lifetimes comes to a close, we are humbled by

and grateful for your incredible support. It is because of your passionate dedication that CORE is

able to scale and change with the evolving landscape of this crisis. Your generosity and care for

underserved communities continues to inspire hope for what we can accomplish together.

As a new year dawns, our work to protect the most underserved and at-risk communities is far

from over. The coming year will hold some of our most important and urgent work yet. And once

again, we can’t do it alone. Together, we will meet this challenge and emerge with a deeper

commitment to our mission.

On behalf of all those we serve, we thank you for your steadfast support.

With gratitude,

Sean Penn & Ann Lee

Co-founders, CORE



In March 2020, CORE partnered with the

City of LA, the Mayor’s Office, and LAFD

to begin taking over operations at testing

sites across Los Angeles and allow first

responders to return to their vital work in

the community. By the end of April, CORE

was administering over 6,000 tests per

day citywide.

By May 2020, CORE was operating the

largest testing site in the U.S. in the

parking lot of Dodger Stadium, which at

its height could test 13,000 people daily.

At peak operations, CORE administered

over 40,000 tests per day in Los

Angeles alone and thousands more in

communities across the U.S.

In addition to sustained efforts with

Haiti Takes Root, the School of Hope,

reconstructing the Faculty of Sciences

Department building, and other legacy

programs, CORE provided tailored

COVID-19 relief in Haiti, working with

communities through education,

establishing water stations, and

distributing hygiene kits to support safety

in markets and neighborhoods.

In the void of a unified approach to

battling the pandemic in the U.S., CORE

developed “The CORE 8” as guidelines

for an integrated approach to combatting

COVID-19 for both government and

citizens. CORE also created guides for

widespread replication on how to run

community-based testing operations and

a site manager’s manual based on lessons

learned on the frontlines.

To best serve hard-hit and at-risk

communities, CORE adapted its

operations from fixed sites to mobilize

directly to these communities with a fleet

of nimble mobile units providing testing

and wraparound services, such as food,

PPE, and unemployment resources.

As protestors took to the streets against

police brutality and racial injustice, CORE

stationed mobile units in Washington,

D.C., and Georgia to provide free

COVID-19 testing to those exercising their

civic right to safely protest.

Through an integrated approach of testing, contact

tracing, and essential resource coordination, CORE

and its partners helped flatten the curve and slow

the rapid spread of COVID-19 on the Navajo Nation,

which was one of the hardest-hit regions in the world in the spring. In 2020, CORE distributed 30,000 hygiene

kits and built 100 shelters to proactively shield Diné elders and vulnerable family members in overcrowded

households from COVID-19.

7 www.COREresponse.org


CORE Internal

Statement of Activities

Your investment helps communities in crisis.


Government Contracts



Contributions and Grants










Management & General










Total Assets $34,420,311

Total Liabilities $5,239,778

Fund Balance $29,180,533



Family is everything

in Diné culture.

For Lloyd Billy, when a piece of his everything was stolen by COVID-19,

he was determined to do something.

In the spring of 2020, no place was hit harder by COVID-19 in the

United States than Navajo Nation. The 17.5 million-acre Indigenous

territory, which spans across the Southwest, held the nation’s highest

case positivity and death ratios. It was during that devastating first

wave that Lloyd Billy lost his sister.

9 www.COREresponse.org


11 www.COREresponse.org

“I came on this job for a reason,”

said Lloyd. “I had to do something.

I’m a carpenter and I love

building. I was so happy to find

this job because I could finally do

something to help. This is what I do

and this is what I’m about.”

“Her whole family got it, but the rest of

them recovered. She went to the hospital

and stayed there for a month, then she got

worse,” said Lloyd. “That was one of the

worst feelings, being so helpless. You can’t

visit, you can’t comfort her.”

A month after the tragic loss of his kin,

Lloyd joined CORE as head foreman of the

Shielding Shelter team building shelters to

provide multigenerational, overcrowded

houses with auxiliary space to proactively

shield elders and vulnerable family members

from COVID-19 and quarantine when


With our partners at the Navajo government,

Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian

Health, Protect the Sacred, and other local

organizations, CORE’s integrated relief

efforts helped flatten the curve and slow the

rapid spread of COVID-19 on the reservation

through a combination of testing, tracing,

and wraparound services, including

shelters and hygiene kits, to address

widespread lack of infrastructure.

The success of the efforts was fueled

by inspired local staff, who worked

tirelessly to provide resources to protect

their fellow Diné community members,

especially their beloved elders, and keep

their culture alive during the pandemic.

For many, like Lloyd, it was more than a

job. It was everything.

“I want each shelter to be the best it can

be for these families. When I see the

purpose of something then I pour all my

effort into it,” Lloyd said. “If it comes from

your heart, you don’t get tired as fast. If

your mindset is there, physically it just

comes naturally. And when you love what

you’re doing, time flies.”



For Christy Nyeing,

community is at the

heart of who she is.

Christy’s childhood was marked by extreme adversity. She grew up in a refugee camp in

Thailand, where she and her family had no electricity, no access to healthcare and suffered

from malnutrition. Her mother abandoned their family and Christy had to step up to raise

her younger sister and two younger brothers. While Christy’s father worked, she cleaned,

cooked and managed the household. But Christy didn’t do it alone.

“I always had help from the camp community,” said Christy. “We were there for each other

no matter what. Despite all the challenges we faced, I always felt so grateful for that. They

were my family.”

This compassion is what inspired Christy to pursue a career in health education when

she came to the U.S. as a refugee in 2011. It is also why she joined CORE to work on the

frontlines at a COVID-19 testing site in Georgia.

“When the pandemic hit, I immediately wanted to do everything I could to help my

community and pay forward the kindness I had received as a child,” Christy said. “I am so

happy I have the opportunity to give back and play a role fighting the biggest health crisis

of our time.”

Christy saw a CORE job posting for a Burmese speaker and joined the team immediately

in the summer of 2020. As a full-time student at Georgia State University studying

public health, she worked in between classes, helping the CORE team at the Clarkston

site translate for Myanmar refugees who needed COVID tests. Clarkston is a small town

in DeKalb County that is home to refugees from over 60 countries, including Bhutan,

Eritrea, Somalia, Liberia and Vietnam. Because of Christy’s background, she was uniquely

positioned to provide access to CORE’s life-saving services for this underserved and

vulnerable population.

Christy currently works with CORE Georgia as an Assistant Site Manager on one of CORE’s

DeKalb County mobile units. This site offers free COVID-19 tests and vaccinations for highrisk


13 www.COREresponse.org


15 www.COREresponse.org

“This work is so incredibly

fulfilling,” Christy said. “But it’s

also an opportunity for me to

learn from and network with

healthcare professionals. It’s my

goal to return to Thailand after

college so I can teach health

classes at refugee camps like the

one where I grew up. As part of

the CORE team, I feel like I am

one step closer to realizing that

dream every day.”



Single day testing

capacity for Los Angeles

including 13,000 tests at

Dodger Stadium alone


Testing Sites across the

country, including

36 mobile units




Hygiene kits distributed


Temporary dwellings built

Testing Events supported

across the U.S.

17 www.COREresponse.org



Free tests administered




Volunteers and Staff

joined together in the

fight against COVID-19

Home visits to

COVID-positive Fulton

County residents for

contact tracing, resource

coordination, or in-home

testing of household





In 2020, life was

flipped upsidedown

for people across the world. It was too for Carlos Burgos, in a

way he never could have imagined when he was living on Skid


What Carlos thought would be a short break became over a

decade of homelessness, addiction, stab and bullet wounds,

jail visits, daily struggles to find food, and long nights sleeping

in a tent with one eye open, awaking some mornings with all his

belongings gone.

19 www.COREresponse.org

“It had me hit rock bottom. I was there, feeling

hopeless without my family, struggling every

day,” said Carlos. “Skid Row was kind of like

quicksand, where you struggle to get out and

you just can’t.”

When Carlos’ legal troubles had him on the

cusp of being sent to a federal penitentiary,

he enrolled in a START (Substance Treatment

and Re-entry Transition) program in jail, which

he refers to as a “reset button.” Little by little,

he started to reclaim his life, getting an ID for

the first time in a decade, obtaining financial

support through General Relief, and moving into

a sober living home.

When the pandemic hit, Carlos joined CORE

to fight on the frontlines at COVID-19 testing

sites across Los Angeles, including the nation’s

largest site at Dodger Stadium. He also joined

CORE’s mobile unit serving the Skid Row

community alongside LAFD.

“It’s been incredible

to give back and

be a part of a

group of people

coming together

to shut down this

pandemic. The

energy is amazing.”

“It’s been incredible to give back and be a part

of a group of people coming together to shut

down this pandemic. The energy is amazing,”

said Carlos. “Being with CORE, I feel what it

is to really be a team, being able to count on

the person next to you. It’s like having family,

and that’s something that I really never had.

CORE has been the one that has given me that

chance. In my mind, in my heart, because of

CORE I’ve been able to grow and become a

great person.”

As he focuses on furthering his recovery and

personal growth, Carlos’ ambitions continue

to burgeon, from having a family and owning

a house, to furthering his education and

continuing to support the community he

called home for many years. Above all, he

wants to inspire others.

“I would like everyone to remember me as a

person that hit rock bottom and changed his

life for the best,” said Carlos. “A person that,

through all the things he’s been through, still

loves life and really cares about others. And

a person that is willing to go the extra mile to

make things happen, not only for myself but

for others. A person that could. That did.”



Thank you


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Aimee and Nick Franz

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United Way of Greater Atlanta

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23 www.COREresponse.org



Sean Penn

Co-Founder & Chairperson of the Board

Ann Lee

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Bryan Lourd

Partner & Managing Director, Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Soleil Moon Frye

Actor, Director & Author

Fernando Sulichin

Founder of New Element Media, Executive Producer

LT General P.K Ken Keen (Retired)

Leadership Executive, Goizueta Business School at Emory University

Linda Perry

Musician, Songwriter & Producer

Gregory Milne

Chief Metrics and Impact Officer, Clinton Foundation

Paul G. Vallas

Politician & Former Public School Superintendent and CEO

6464 Sunset Boulevard, Suite 530,

Los Angeles, CA 90028





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