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The January 2022 issue of Magzoid Magazine features an amazing cover artwork by Debbie Wingham, an artist based in the UAE. The magazine features the New Year celebrations in the UAE and the Artoze Art Competition 2021.

J One Tower and Opus Tower have been featured in the Architectural Wonders. Editorial picks of luxury watches, jewelry, and lifestyle products have been featured in the designer’s corner along with an exclusive featured story of the logos of Nike and FedEx.


New Year 2022

New Year Celebrations in the UAE

Artoze Art Competition 2021

Looking back at 2021

Art News

Artists in Focus


The Designer's Corner

& much more

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By Debbie Wingham

Art That Matters

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We are thrilled to bring the first magazine of 2022 to our readers!

On the cover, we have UAE-based artist Debbie Wingham’s

‘Diamond Clock’ which is dubbed as the World’s Most Expensive

frame. There are some inspiring stories from artists all over the

world as we move forward along with some exceptional works by local artists

based in the UAE. We have a special section on the events taking place in the

UAE for the New Year and have highlighted some of the important milestones

and features that have happened in the past year for Magzoid.

The Designer’s Corner displays some luxurious watches, jewelry, fashion &

lifestyle, and brand logos. The photography section showcases some pictureperfect

moments. Keeping you updated on the latest happenings in the creative

world, we have art facts and games like crossword, trivia to engage our readers

and provide an opportunity to win amazing gifts.

Art encourages us to cherish intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and to search

constantly for new ideas. We look forward to our readers joining us in our passion

for art and creativity. Let art feed your soul and bring joy to your world!

Happy New Year 2022 to all of you!

INSIDE THE MAGAZINE... January 2022 5

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UAE - AED 60 | USA - USD 16.5

KSA - SR 61 | Qatar - QAR 60

Oman - OMR 6.3 | Bahrain - BD 6.2

Kuwait - KWD 5 | UK - £12 | EU - €14

Exclusive interview with

Infinity Des Lumières


ADIBS 2021







UAE - AED 60 | USA - USD 16.5

KSA - SR 61 | Qatar - QAR 60

Oman - OMR 6.3 | Bahrain - BD 6.2

Kuwait - KWD 5 | UK - £12 | EU - €14

Price: AED 90 / USD 25


UAE - AED 60 | USA - USD 16.5

KSA - SR 61 | Qatar - QAR 60

Oman - OMR 6.3 | Bahrain - BD 6.2

Kuwait - KWD 5 | UK - £12 | EU - €14

Grand Opening










UAE - AED 60 | USA - USD 16.5

KSA - SR 61 | Qatar - QAR 60

Oman - OMR 6.3 | Bahrain - BD 6.2

Kuwait - KWD 5 | UK - £12 | EU - €14










UAE - AED 60 | USA - USD 16.5

KSA - SR 61 | Qatar - QAR 60

Oman - OMR 6.3 | Bahrain - BD 6.2

Kuwait - KWD 5 | UK - £12 | EU - €14



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New Year 2022

New Year Celebrations in the UAE

Artoze Art Competition 2021

Looking back at 2021

Art News

Artists in Focus


The Designer's Corner

By Debbie Wingham




















Bruno Monnier and

Gianfranco Iannuzzi,





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PAINTING BY Sergey Piskunov





JULY 2021

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Connecting Minds,

Creating the Future







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Marissa Oosterlee

Raoof Haghighi

Anastasia Kustova


Will YU

Yong Hong Zong

Cécile Davidovici


Cover Story

Debbie Wingham

17-22 New Year celebrations



Artoze art competition

Television as a

mass medium





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Corner" January 2022 7



By Marissa Oosterlee


January 2022

“It is important is to grow every day, as a person, as an artist, and be

open for improvement,” says Marissa Oosterlee

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Dutch artists Marissa

Oosterlee is recognized

for her hyperrealistic

figurative pieces that

captivate the viewer with

not only their technical detail but also

the narratives that she brings to life.

Marissa started as an aspiring

semi-professional cyclist, but a heavy

accident at age 20 ended her career

early. One year after recovering from

the accident and picking up brushes

and pencils again, she became a

professional artist.

Her works always contain a deeper

personal or social message, as well

as her great love for nature. Marissa

now enjoys worldwide attention with

her hyperrealistic paintings. She has

undisputedly established her name

with her photorealistic paintings. She

creates her own reality in her artwork,

hyperrealistically and convincingly

conveyed on canvas. In addition to

various painting techniques, she also

uses airbrush and her work often

consists of acrylic and oil paint.

Marissa teaches her students

that as an artist, self-confidence

is an essential requirement. Art is

subjective, so not everyone will

like what you create. We need to

create what our heart desires and

steer away from hypes, trends, and

opinions of others.

The art series Washing Away My

Sorrows, with different numerals

and subtitles—are about “the then,

now and later,” she explains. “Life

without water is not possible. Water

symbolizes purity, clarity, tranquility.

It reminds us that we need to clear

our thoughts every now and then

and that we must strive for a state of



Art is subjective, so not

everyone will like what

you create. We need to

create what our heart

desires and steer away

from hypes, trends, and

opinions of others. January 2022 9




January 2022



Pantone reveals 2022 Color

of the Year: Very Peri, a symbol of creativity

and the metaverse

Pantone is often called

the global authority when

it comes to color, and

they’ve unveiled their

pick for the color of 2022;

“Very Peri.” The company says

the periwinkle hue combines “the

steady tranquility of blue with an

energetic infusion of red.”

But “purplish” may be a limited

descriptor for what Pantone labels

“a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with

a vivifying violet red undertone.”

Number 17-3938 in Pantone’s

catalogue, Very Peri is meant to

carry with it a sense of liveliness

and vigor.

The company says

the periwinkle hue

combines “the steady

tranquility of blue

with an energetic

infusion of red.

“Blending the faithfulness and

constancy of blue with the energy

and excitement of red, this happiest

and warmest of all the blue hues

introduces an empowering mix

of newness,” Pantone said in its


According to Pantone, Very Peri’s

selection was also a response to

a burgeoning sector of the digital

sphere in which hues such as

this one can be seen with some

degree of frequency. Its statement

referred to the metaverse, a catchall

phrase for a world in which the

boundaries between digital and

physical have fully imploded. In

recent months, the term has been

popularized by Facebook and other

tech companies. January 2022 11




January 2022

The World’s Most Expensives

By Debbie Wingham

"I have worked on so many mediums over the years. Fabric used to be my canvas and scissors my

pencil. I have sculpted 6 foot edible installations, curated delicate diamond creations but I never

imagined I'd become a seasoned painter. There is something tranquil about painting. My first love was

fashion but I think painting will be my last....," says Debbie Wingham

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Breaking the barriers of

conventional artistry,

Debbie Wingham has

introduced to the world an

entirely new perception of

what art is. Wingham has experience

in the world of Haute Couture;

working for big fashion houses as

a designer, her designs have been

worn by celebrities like Kate Winslet.

Wingham decided to take her talent

to a new level by thinking out of the

box- which led to what is dubbed

as the world’s most expensive black

diamond dress. It was the start of

what would become Wingham’s

signature in the art world; diamonds

and lots of it.

Wingham has released an art

collection around the theme of

‘Time’ that pays homage to Dubai

and coincides with the UAE’s

50th anniversary. The oil-painted

collection, named ‘Dubai Through the

Wingham has

experience in the world

of Haute Couture;

working for big fashion

houses as a designer,

her designs have been

worn by celebrities like

Kate Winslet.

Years’ features Dubai’s architecture

including, Dubai Frame, the Burj

Khalifa, and the current contender

for the world’s tallest building Dubai

Creek Tower, representing Dubai's

past present, and future. She took

the circular artwork one step further

with the exquisite frame that is

dubbed the most expensive picture

frame in the world currently. Studded

with more than 10,000 individual

diamonds, the frame includes pointer

diamonds, white diamonds, and

sapphire, making the frame itself

1.5M pounds.

The British designer debuted her

first creation, the stunning Black

Diamond dress, in Monte Carlo, in

2012. The exceptionally designed

dress broke records, hailed as the

world’s most expensive dress at the

time. At a price point of £3.5M or

Dhs 20M, the dress is adorned with

50 two-carat black diamonds on the

peplum and the shoulder shrug, with January 2022 13


Wingham’s portfolio

centerpiece black diamonds used to

goes beyond dresses and decorate the upper front of the dress.

expands to creating the Wingham broke her own record

world’s most expensive later by designing a red diamond

shoes in 2017, unveiled at Abaya style dress that she was

Raffles Dubai. Worth inspired to do so when she launched

Dhs 55M, the diamonds her black diamond dress in Dubai

used are quite rare. and saw Emirati women. The red

diamond dress is currently said to be

the world’s most expensive dress. In 2013,

the $17M dress made its debut. It is a loose

black gown, paying homage to Abaya that

Arabic and North African women wear.

Wingham’s portfolio goes beyond dresses and

expands to creating the world’s most expensive shoes

in 2017, unveiled at Raffles Dubai. Worth Dhs 55M,

the diamonds used are quite rare. Wingham aims

to take valuable pieces of jewelry and incorporate

them into something that can be cherished regularly.

Additionally, she has designed, what is dubbed

to be the world’s most expensive Christmas tree,

wedding cake, and so much more. She has proved

to be a diverse artist who can make the ordinary

into extraordinary while pushing the boundaries of

conventional art.



January 2022



Arabic calligraphy added to

UNESCO’s heritage list

UNESCO has added

Arabic calligraphy to

its Intangible Cultural

Heritage of Humanity list.

The proposal was put

forward by a coalition of 16 Arabic

speaking countries, including Saudi

Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine.

The proposal was led by Saudi

Arabia, which had declared the

years of 2020 and 2021 the “Year of

Arabic Calligraphy,” which included

the push for Arabic calligraphy to

be included on the UNESCO list.

In a statement published by the

government of Saudi Arabia, Prince

Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, the

country’s Minister of Culture, said,

“We welcome the inscription of

Arabic calligraphy, which is the result

The proposal was led

by Saudi Arabia, which

had declared the years

of 2020 and 2021

the “Year of Arabic

Calligraphy,” which

included the push for

Arabic calligraphy to be

included on the

UNESCO list.

of the Kingdom championing this

treasured aspect of authentic Arabic


The UNESCO statement describes

Arabic calligraphy as “the artistic

practice of handwriting Arabic

script in a fluid manner to convey

harmony, grace and beauty.”

Originally invented to improve

legibility of Arabic script, the writing

form became more complicated

as artists found that by shaping the

letters in different ways they could

create unique motifs. The form has

continued to evolve as artists have

used different media to create the

calligraphy, including honey, black

soot, saffron, and even spray paint. January 2022 15




January 2022


New Year 2022

New Year celebration is

a global phenomenon,

where everyone unites

with their friends and

families and welcome

the new year together. New Year

celebrations evoke lots of emotions

in people; nostalgia for the past

year and hopefulness for the

upcoming one. It is the one time in

the year people can put down their

responsibilities and gather around

to enjoy all the festivities associated

with the event.

All around the world, the

anticipation for end-of-the-year

festivities is high as people gear

up to enjoy Christmas, followed

by New Year celebrations. Once

Christmas is over, the spirits are not

dampened as New Year’s Eve is

just around the corner. Celebrated

on the 31st of December, New

Year’s eve is when people go out

to avail various retail discounts and

offer going on as part of the Dubai

Shopping Festival, dine out with

their friends and families, do lastminute

preparations for the next

day if they are planning on taking

a trip, and so much more. Most

important of all are the fireworks

that mark the beginning of a new

blessed year. Dubai is renowned

for having stunning firework shows,

especially the one that takes place

at Burj Khalifa; it is one of the sights

you should watch live at least once

in your life. Other popular locations

for New Year fireworks are Palm

Jumeirah, The Beach at JBR, Burj

Al Arab, etc. This year, Expo 2020

had a firework display as well,

enchanting the visitors who availed

the holidays to visit the famous

Expo 2020.

Celebrations aside, many people

make resolutions for the new year;

things they want to do, places they

want to visit. New Year resolutions

could be as grand as planning

to take a vacation or it could be

as simple as reorganising your

bedroom. Spirits should not be

dampened if you were not able to

fulfill your resolution for this year.

Just remember, you have the next

year to achieve your dreams.

- January 2022 17


New Year


in the UAE

New Year's Eve sets the scene

for epic celebrations in Dubai. From

record-breaking fireworks displays

by the world's tallest building, to

glamorous galas on the beach and

star-studded performances by

international artists, this city

has it all.



Ring in 2022 with your loved

ones by taking your pick of all the

festivities that Dubai has to offer.

Make the most of the amazing

winter weather at rooftop lounges,

explore family-friendly gatherings

with activities for the little ones, or

camp out in the open desert – there

at midnight

As the clock strikes midnight,

all eyes will be on Downtown

Dubai's spectacular

pyrotechnics, light and laser

extravaganza themed as the Eve

of Wonders. Visitors who want to

be right by the action need to preregister

using the U by Emaar app

to receive individual QR codes that

will allow access on New Year's Eve.

Alternatively, head to The Dubai Mall

to watch the The Dubai Fountain's

spectacular light and water show

as it builds up to a grand finale

is something for everyone to enjoy,

complete with front-row views to

Dubai's famous fireworks displays

when the clock strikes 12.

Whether it's a gourmet dinner

for two or a party with non-stop

entertainment, Dubai has got

you covered.

at midnight, complete with a new

laser feature that will debut in sync

with Burj Khalifa's programme.

Fireworks will also be there at Al

Seef, La Mer, The Beach opposite

JBR, Bluewaters, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al

Arab, Dubai Festival City Mall.


January 2022

DJ 2David

Guetta to

perform at


Abu Dhabi

on New

Year’s Eve

DJ and producer David Guetta

will be heading to UAE

to deliver state-of-the-art

performance at the Louvre Abu

Dhabi on New Year’s Eve. He’s

expected to provide audiences with

a spectacular show on December 31

to bid goodbye to 2021 and welcome

2022 after the great success of the

third edition of his show United at

Home at the Musee du Louvre in

Paris on New Year’s last year. His

show in the UAE will be played online

on January 1, 2022, at midnight.



Year’s Eve

at The




elcome 2022 on Bluewaters


If you are looking for a

decadent start to your new year

then The London Project has just the

event for you. Perched at the foot of

the magnificent Ain Dubai, this eatery

offers striking views of the city’s

sparkling skyline and impressive

fireworks while DJ Lunga provides

the party hits, joined by a jazz singer

and saxophonist. January 2022 19



New Year’s

Eve at


The Palm:



Bid farewell to 2021 with

fireworks and festivities

at this iconic resort for an

opulent start to 2022, opt for

the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner

with a Rogue Edition theme at

Atlantis The Palm which comes

complete with a performance by

a 30-piece band, lavish buffet

spread, fresh delicacies from livecooking

stations – and that's just

for starters. As the clock strikes

midnight, watch the sky light up

with a breathtaking display of one

of the most highly anticipated and

impressive fireworks shows in the

world. Fancy a table right in the

middle of the action? Upgrade to

the Golden Circle and you can

secure a prime dining spot along

with a decadent box of caviar and

unlimited white truffles sprinkled

liberally on your meal.

5New Year’s

Eve at



Dubai’s iconic waterside

entertainment and dining

hotspot Barasti Beach is all

set for an exciting celebration to

ring in the new year. International

DJ Roger Sanchez will be

headlining the night, so you can

expect an electrifying start to

2022. Sanchez will take over the

decks and keep you on your

toes with his house hits like Hella

Good and Another Chance all night.


January 2022


Year’s Eve

at Dubai


Make your way to Dubai

Opera for a Roaring

Twenties themed

extravaganza featuring music,

feasting, festivities and fireworks.

Watch internationally acclaimed

dance duo Jasmine and Aaron

of Britain's Got Talent fame light

up the stage with a spectacular

routine. Popular DJ Chris Wright

will take over the decks and spin

upbeat party tunes all night until

2am. While there, you can enjoy

a lavish three-course set menu

for dinner featuring a delectable

Australian fillet steak and flavourful

wild mushroom risotto with

pecorino cheese.

7New Year’s

Eve at Zero



Bid goodbye to 2021 at the

city’s favourite beachfront

entertainment destination

Zero Gravity Dubai. World-class

musicians like DJ MK and the

Disciples will be on hand to provide

the upbeat tempo as you indulge

in a lavish buffet laid out under

the fireworks-filled sky. Groove

to American record producer

Marc Kinchen a.k.a MK’s remixes

like Look Right Through by Storm

Queen which topped the UK

singles chart along with Time

Machine by Alicia Keys, Camila

Cabello’s Find You Again and Katy

Perry’s Daisies. Proof of vaccination

or a negative PCR test result taken

within 48 hours from the event must

be presented at the door. January 2022 21




awaits marine


You can catch the fireworks

and more from the sea as

Dubai rings in 2022. Dubai’s

Roads and Transport Authority

(RTA) has announced special offers

and "premium services" to watch

the grand spectacle from marine

transit modes like the Dubai Ferry,

waterbus and the abra.


The Dubai Ferry will start cruising

from 10pm on New Year's Eve,

continuing up to 1.30am. The

waterbus and abra journeys will start

at 10.30pm and end at 1.30am.


Abra: It will commence from the

Marina Mall station (Dubai Marina)

at a fare of Dh125 for adults, with

children under the age of two going

for free.

Dubai Ferry: Journeys will start

from the Marina Mall (Dubai Marina),

Al Ghubaiba and Al Seef stations

(Dubai Creek). The fare is Dh300 for

the silver class and Dh450 for the

gold one. Children aged between

two and 10 will get a 50 per cent

discount on ticket fares, while those

aged less than two go aboard for


Abra: Journeys will start from Al

Jadaf, Dubai Festival City and Al

Ghubaiba Marine stations at a fare

of Dh125 for adults. The ride is free

for children aged under two.



at Ras Al


The emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

is gearing up for two new

Guinness World Recordbreaking

fireworks displays, which

will feature drones, lights, and

dazzling colours in celebration

of the New Year. The first will be

the 'largest number of drones

used simultaneously in fireworks

displays'. The second is the 'highest

fireworks display featuring drones'

with a 12-minute spectacle that will

open to the public from 4.00pm to

clinch two Guinness World Records.

The 4.7-kilometre area along the

waterfront between Al Marjan Island

and Al Hamra Village is set to

witness breathtaking fireworks.


January 2022



By Raoof Haghighi


January 2022

"Painting is like breathing for me," says

Raoof Haghighi

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Born in 1976 in Shiraz, a

town to the southwest

of Iran, Raoof Haghighi

grew up in a family of

artists. He is a self-taught

versatile artist who has participated

in over 70 groups and 40 solo

shows in the United States, France,

Iran, Spain, the Czech Republic,

and the United Kingdom.

His paintings are mostly oil on

canvas and built upon his strong

cultural traditions as well as his

interest in the changing world

of today. His work often combines

contemporary ideas with traditional

techniques. In his paintings, he has

quite often questioned the attitudes,

fears, conflicts, incompatibilities,

and unwritten rules which have

formed our environment and our

behavior within it.

Before moving to the UK, though

Hagighi was already a celebrated

creator in Iran, he had to form

an excellent deal of changes to

cope and grow familiar with the

new culture and language. With

the conflicts that these challenges

led to in his mind, he found that

painting was the most effective way

to speak to others efficiently.

Raoof’s paintings are in varied

personal collections worldwide

notably in Spain, China, Denmark,

Thailand, France, the United

Kingdom, and the USA. In 2017,

he was crowned the winner of the

Gold Memorial Bowl award for best

miniature work appointive by the

Royal Society of Miniature Painters,

winner of The Mundy Sovereign

Portrait Award 2019 (Royal Society

of Miniature Painters), and also the

winner of two awards for best pure

colored pencil and nice art award

for the best different subject at

Annual UK colored Pencil Society

Open International Exhibition.


His paintings are mostly oil

on canvas and built upon

his strong cultural traditions

as well as his interest in the

changing world of today.

His work often combines

contemporary ideas with

traditional techniques. January 2022





January 2022 January 2022 27


“I believe that

creativity unites

people and makes

the world a better

place,” says Anastasia


- Exclusive to Magzoid

Water Colours

By Anastasia Kustova

Anastasia Kustova is a

watercolor artist based

in Russia. Art is her

love, life, and passion.

Through her work, she

wishes to portray the beautiful world

around her and share with the world

what she loves and feels.

From 2006, Anastasia worked in

graphics using different materials.

It was from 2014 that she moved to

watercolor painting. The themes she

focuses mainly on in her artworks

are sea and city landscapes as well

as sketching people. She believes

that creativity unites the people and

makes the world a better place to

live in.


January 2022

The themes she

focuses mainly on

in her artworks

are sea and city

landscapes as

well as sketching


Anastasia is a member of the

Union of Russian watercolorists and

an IWS member. She has immense

experience in outdoor painting. Since

2017, she has been conducting a

lot of master classes all over the

world and has several en plein airs

workshops in Russia and abroad.

Works of Anastasia are in the private

collections in Slovenia, US, Ukraine,

and Russia. To view her watercolor

art online, visit her Instagram page @


- January 2022 29



as a mass medium

Television is one of

the most powerful

and persuasive mass

communication mediums.

Amongst all the mass

media options, even today,

television stands on top, fascinating

a large number of viewers. The

large audience is the result of

admiration that people of all

ages and groups possess for this

communication medium.

Behind the idea of making

television accessible to the general

population stood a strong belief

that this medium would widen

the popular outlook and scientific

thinking that would help the

common people get a much better

overview of the happenings around

them. Right from the beginning,

it has been utilized greatly for

informational and educational

purposes. Ever since its availability

to the general mass, people

felt strongly attracted towards

television as it offers content

according to everyone’s taste and


With the advancement in

technology and the reach

of television, this tool of

communication became accessible

to a much larger population,

whether in the cities, villages, or

tribal pockets. Television has been

able to influence people living in

remote areas and is ushering in an

information explosion.

The growth in television both

in technology as well as reach in

the last three decades has been

phenomenal. It was conceived as a

mass medium and a mass educator

because of its large viewership

scattered in culturally diverse and


January 2022

emote areas.

Television is used as the prime

tool to broadcast important

messages to people. The prime

reason behind using this tool is the

contact it maintains with its viewers.

Being an audio-visual medium, it

presents information in an exciting

and simplified way, to which people

can easily relate.

Bringing the eye and the ear to

work together television provides

moving images with voices

incorporated in them. This audiovisual

makes a huge effect on one’s

mind and is made to easily absorb

what is shown. This versatile tool

makes the experience of grasping

information much more concrete

and real, making a life-like impact

on the viewers.

- January 2022 31




January 2022



Fotografiska aims to become the

largest private museum in the world by 2023

Fotografiska, the for-profit

Swedish museum, is

adding three new locations

to its existing roster of sites

in Stockholm, Tallinn, and

New York. The private museum

will expand to Miami, Berlin, and

Shanghai throughout 2022 and

2023. Once unveiled, these six

spaces will make Fotografiska the

largest private museum in the world.

Its Miami location will be next-door

to the Rubell Museum.

The non-collecting institution

aims to cash in on the experience

economy with immersive exhibitions,

curated shops, and high-end

restaurants and cafes. It opened its

first venture in 2010 in Stockholm,

before expanding to New York and

“We couldn’t

be more excited

to welcome


Miami to the


Tallinn in 2019.

The 42,000 square-foot Miami

branch of Fotografiska, which is

set to open in 2023, will be located

in Allapattah in a Rockwell Grouprenovated

industrial building.

Conveniently, the site is opposite

Superblue, which specialises in

experiential art, and next-door to the

Rubell Museum.

“Fotografiska’s expansion is a

tremendous win for Miami,” said

Mera Rubell of the Rubell Collection

and Museum in a statement. She

called the museum “a perfect fit

for the vibrant, multicultural nature”

of the city. “We couldn’t be more

excited to welcome Fotografiska

Miami to the neighborhood,”

she said. This announcement

follows the company’s merger with

the co-working members’ club

NeueHouse and the subsequent

formation of their parent company

CultureWorks that took place earlier

in 2021. January 2022 33


Double Exposure 3D

By Insane 51


January 2022

I prefer it when people come up with their own message, their own idea

and interpretation, when they look at my artworks, says Insane 51

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Insane51 is an artist known for

his intricate and ever-innovative

spray painting that pushes the

ideas of graffiti. He is a Greek

muralist living in Athens who is

regarded as one of the pioneers of

3D art.

Insane51 did his formal schooling

at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

He began as a graffiti artist in 2007,

and has never stopped since then.

His earlier works focused

on using colour and form

to experiment with different

techniques; however, his current

specialization revolves around

the notions of photorealism and

image overlaying. He was not an

His method is to add

two images in both red

and cyan and overlap the

two to produce a threedimensional


effect. It will, indeed, be one

of two figures depending

on the hue of the light.

ordinary artist who played with an

aerosol and scribbled walls. He is

known for his street art in 3D, called

"Double Exposure 3D".

His method is to add two images

in both red and cyan and overlap

the two to produce a threedimensional

illusionary effect. It

will, indeed, be one of two figures

depending on the hue of the light.

A follower of photorealism and

a fine technician, Insane 51 adds

complexity to his latest paintings.

It's about creating different optical

illusions. He takes a new step

by inserting subliminal images

revealed exclusively by wearing 3D

glasses. Cleverly combining red

and cyan, the artist superimposes

several layers of paint to hide a

subliminal image.

Interpersonal relationships are

often something he chooses to

promote through his art. He loves

depicting important moments

between the people. A moment can

disappear in seconds, that’s why

he loves to bring them back to life.

He has taken part in a number of

festivals in Europe and throughout

the world, including POW WOW




and others.

- January 2022 35




- Exclusive to Magzoid

Ayah Dhafer is an Emirati

artist based in Abu

Dhabi. She is renowned

for creating visual art

and paintings. Her alma

mater complements her career;

Dhafer studied Visual Arts at the

College of Arts and Design, Zayed

University. Upon completing her

studies, Dhafer introduced the Lest

We Forget (LWF) initiative together

with her professor and colleagues.

LWF is supported by and a part

of The Salama bint Hamdan Al

Nahyan foundation, Abu Dhabi.

Dhafer’s work is

nostalgic of the Emirati

culture and the olden

days. The artworks are

carefully created using

specific colors and materials

that do justice to the stories and

emotions that she wants to convey

through her pieces. Recently, she

has started using certain colors in

her artworks that portray particular

human characteristics, giving her

work an air of realism. Dhafer uses

wood as her primary medium.

She prefers painting on wooden

surfaces because, to her, wood is

a material that is physically hard

yet soft; a characteristic she finds

common among the people of

the stories she paints. Moreover,

to Dhafer, wood signifies her as

a person and her


initiative was formed

with the purpose of

archiving the Emirati culture

and heritage. Working with LWF

gave Dhafer access to the deep,

rich history of her homeland

and serves as an



initiative was

formed with

the purpose

of archiving

the Emirati

culture and


Working with

LWF gave Dhafer

access to the

deep, rich history

of her homeland and serves as an

inspiration behind her artworks.

According to her, she translates

nostalgic stories of the past of the

Emirati people into visual art.

inspiration behind

her artworks.



January 2022


Jack Lee

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Jack Lee is a renowned

name in the art scene of

the UAE. Originally from

China, Lee graduated

from the prestigious Luxun

Academy of Fine Art (LAFA) which

is considered one of the top art

academies in China.

What inspired Lee to pick up a

brush for the first time were flowers

he saw back in his hometown when

he was 12. Since he moved to the

UAE, his artworks feature Emiratis

and the Emirati culture. He has

admitted to being inspired and

mesmerized by the Emirati national

attire. What sets his creation apart

is the touch of modernity in his

paintings. He pays homage to

the dignity of the Emirati culture,

What sets

his creation apart is

the touch of modernity

in his paintings. He pays

homage to the dignity of the

Emirati culture, portraying

it through the lens of


portraying it through the lens of


Lee has taught Fine Art at the

art workshop of the Abu Dhabi

Cultural Foundation, been a private

art instructor for many Royal

families of the UAE as well as

conducted workshops and lectures

at schools and universities. He

was also appointed as Marketing

Ambassador of Abu Dhabi Tourism

in the Department of Culture and


He has achieved a lot in his

career as an artist spanning more

than a decade. Lee has been

awarded for his talent at numerous

national and international art

competitions. Additionally, in 2020,

he was in charge of designing a

large-scale fresco for Abu Dhabi

municipality. His talent as an artist

is exceptional but Lee is a great

instructor as well, with his students

being admitted to well-known art


- January 2022 37


Cultural Drumming

by Kodzo Miheso

Kodzo Miheso is an

exceptionally talented

percussionist, facilitator,

dancer, choreographer,

drummer, and entertainer

hailing from Ghana, West Africa.

Before moving to the UAE, Miheso

worked as a dance and drumming

instructor in his hometown. He has

been in the entertainment/music

industry for over 20 years. In Dubai,

he works with the Happy Drum and

Dance Africa group. The group

aims to give the world a glimpse of

the rich African culture.

Miheso as well as other members

of the group are quite experienced

with a career spanning 15 years

and more. Their mastery over

drums is a skill unlike any other and

they can be booked to perform at

any venue as they want their guests

and clients to have a great time and

enrich them with the experience of

cultural drumming.

Some of Kodzo Miheso’s

achievements include Best

Choreographer (2005) - University

of Ghana and simultaneously

winning Drummer of the Year and

Dancer of the Year (2008) -

African Cup.


January 2022

Their mastery

over drums is a skill

unlike any other and they

can be booked to perform at

any venue as they want their

guests and clients to have a

great time and enrich them

with the experience of

cultural drumming.



Artoze Art Competition 2021

presented by Ajman Free Zone

and Ajman Media City Free Zone

celebrating the 50 glorious years

of the UAE January 2022 39



January 2022


As part of the UAE’s 50th

National Day celebration,

Ajman Free Zone

hosted the Artoze art

competition 2021, in

cooperation with Ajman Media City

Free Zone and Magzoid Magazine.

The competition provided artists

and creators a platform to showcase

their distinguished artworks

featuring the country’s 50 glorious

years towards progress and


More than 170 artists from 25

countries submitted their visual

arts, paintings, sculptures and

other masterpieces. The artworks

were exhibited for the public from

2 December, 2021 to 6 December,

2021 at Marsa, Ajman followed by

an award ceremony on 7 December,


The artworks were admired by

all and received high praises from

the spectators. The panel of judges

comprised Emirati artist Adel Ali

Alblooshi, Development Services

Executive at Ajman Free Zone; Khalil

Abdulwahid, Director of Fine Arts

Department at Dubai Culture and

Arts Authority; and Atul Panase,

Artist and Curator and holder of the

UAE golden visa.

Egyptian artist Alia Medhat was

declared the winner by the threemember

jury for her artwork that

narrates the UAE’s growth and

progress over the past 50 years.

She will receive full support to

enable her to establish an art

company at Ajman Free Zone. The

Special Mention for Best Technique

was won by three artists Dr. Ajit

Gadekar, Nathalie Santa and Labiba

Ferhat, for Best Storyline was won

by Karina Sarkisova, Best Ideation

was won by Shilpika Ponnappa,

Expressive Brushwork was won

by Clarisse Bautista, Best use of

Iconology and Symbolism was won

by Sanniya Adnan, Inspiring Artist

was won by Laitu AP and Critics

Choice was won by Iti Sethi.

The competition was supported by

Ajman Tourism, Talabat, Radisson

Blu, Barakat, American Aesthetic,

Crown Private School, Ahmed Al

Maghribi, Swiss Image Arabia and


H.E. Eng. Ali AlSuwaidi, Director

General of Ajman Free Zone,

commented: “Artoze 2021 enabled

artists, creators and other talents

to display their artworks inspired

by the UAE’s unprecedented

achievements over the past 50

years under the guidance of our

wise leadership. We were honored

to celebrate the 50th National

Day in a uniquely creative way.

Through this art competition, we

at Ajman Free Zone demonstrated

anew our commitment to raise the

competitiveness of the arts and

culture sector, which is an integral

part of our cultural heritage and vital

to our booming economy.”

- January 2022 41




January 2022



Abu Dhabi to welcome two

new museums

Mohamed Khalifa Al

Mubarak, Chairman

of Abu Dhabi’s

Department of Culture

and Tourism (DCT),

announced that the emirate plans

to create two new museums in

addition to the Frank Gehry–

designed Guggenheim Abu

Dhabi and the Norman Fosterdesigned

Zayed National Museum,

both of which are slated for

completion by 2025.

Though he offered few details, Al

Mubarak confirmed that the new

institutions were already under

construction and that they differ

from two earlier planned projects,

respectively designed by Tadao

Ando and the late Zaha Hadid,

The emirate made “a

very clear and conscious

decision to invest in

culture, and investing

in culture does not just

mean buildings.

that were originally planned for the

Saadiyat cultural district before

being scuttled.

Al Mubarak said, the emirate

made “a very clear and conscious

decision to invest in culture, and

investing in culture does not just

mean buildings. We’re investing

in infrastructure, both soft and

hard—whether it’s institutions, music

programs, or school curricula.”

The new museums will join

the already completed Jean

Nouvel–designed Louvre Abu

Dhabi on Saadiyat Island. To

date, construction of all three

known museums—the Louvre,

the Guggenheim, and the Zayed—

has been fraught. However, the

region is poised to enjoy a global

shift away from Western-centric

collecting; additionally, Abu Dhabi

has worked to address its reputation

as an expensive and socially

conservative emirate that does not

freely offer visas to artists. January 2022 43






orld's Largest Painting, The

Journey of Humanity, by Sacha

Jafri sells for $62 Million

Visit Ras Al Khaimah, see and

experience first-hand the world-class,

relaxed lifestyle the emirate offers, and

the investment opportunities that will help

create long-term value."

Abdulla Al Abdouli

Chief Executive Officer of Marjan

"As we deal with the impacts of climate

change, it is our responsibility to adopt

sustainable practices to ensure a clean

environment and adequate resources

for our future generations. I believe that

every little action contributes to this

bigger cause. That is why we reiterate

the call to practice the 3R’s- Reduce,

Reuse, Recycle."

Alexander van ‘t Riet

Chief Executive Officer of Mai Dubai

"At Ajman Free Zone we believe in

converting every situation into an

opportunity and offer these opportunities

to our business partners to help them

flourish. The 3 pillars of AFZ are industry,

infrastructure and regulation. We take

constant efforts to understand the

problems faced by our partners and take

immediate actions thereby creating a

collaborative ecosystem in AFZ where

businesses help each other grow.

Whenever they need help, our doors are

always open."

H.E. Eng. Ali AlSuwaidi

Director-General of Ajman Free Zone

‘Qasr Al Watan’ or the ‘Palace of the Nation’

is a working Presidential palace and a majestic

cultural landmark that invites the world to discover

the rich legacy of knowledge and tradition that has

shaped the UAE's journey.


January 2022

t is important to dream. Keep dreaming and try

"Ito make it a reality. Experience immersive art for

yourself with Infinity Des Lumières."

Bruno Monnier and Gianfranco Iannuzzi the creative

minds behind the mesmerizing exhibitions at Infinity

Des Lumières

"When in doubt, create. When in fear,

create. A lot of beautiful creations comes

out of your fear, it comes out of the things

that traumatize you or it comes out of

happy times."

Elijah Long

Producer, Actor

"Our goals at Shams have

always revolved around making

entrepreneurship accessible and inspire

business development. We aim to be

a catalyst for the success of business

ventures in the emirate – with a particular

focus on media and creative industries,

but also beyond."

H.E. Dr. Khalid Omar Al Midfa

Chairman of Sharjah Media City


"The world is changing and challenging

but at the same time, there are a lot of

opportunities. So, keep your eyes and

ears open and look for opportunities.

Trust people, delegate them, empower

them, train them and allow them to do

business. Success will be all yours."

Rizwan Sajan

Founder and Chairman, Danube Group

Expo 2020 Dubai, the biggest cultural gathering in

the world, presenting a visually striking and emotionally

inspiring 182 days, as more than 200 participants –

including nations, multilateral organisations, businesses,

and educational institutions, as well as millions of visitors

– create the largest and most diverse World Expo ever,

opened to the public on October 1, 2021. January 2022 45


Human Nature

By Will YU


January 2022

“If you seriously think about all the problems in life, your artistic

creation will naturally be must be ‘sincere’,” says Will YU

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Will YU is a Taiwanese

contemporary artist.

The creation of

human nature on

the subject of life

philosophy is his artistic work for

many years. He thinks that life is a

very important matter, and art is a

secondary issue.

Evolving around the recurring

themes of “Research of the

Masculine” and “The Paradise

Underneath the Horizontal Line”

his art seeks to portray the

psychological state of men and

women. He believes that no matter

men or women, tough or tender,

there is a completely different

character lying in our unconscious.

“When we are confronted with all

kinds of limitations, pressure, and

oppression in our lives, some people

demonstrate an attitude of tough,

resistance and never stepping back,

leaving behind the fact that there

are parts of ourselves featuring

compromising, negotiating and

consummation,” says Will YU.

He is a prominent talent who

touches on the important and

profound themes of the current

context, wonderfully fresh but that

historically we can find in the journey

of each individual who heads

towards the simple search for the

reason that echoes in the minds,

every day in the path towards the

creative freedom, the fusion between

the true being and our daily actions,

the symbiotic reality between the

passing of days and that that

perception that pervades the sense

of time, that intuition...that makes,

in some way tangible, possible


His paintings are collected and

exhibited in galleries and museums

in various countries. From 2003

to 2020 he has been a part of

international exhibitions in the United

States, Italy, China, Japan, Korea,

Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong,

Thailand, Taiwan, Russia,

and France.


Evolving around the

recurring themes of

“Research of the Masculine”

and “The Paradise

Underneath the Horizontal

Line” his art seeks to

portray the psychological

state of men

and women January 2022 47




within the human

soul, inside the

subconscious and

the pent-up desires

within humans

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Maged Makram

Sheroubi is an

Egyptian artist based

in the UAE. He holds

a Bachelor’s degree

in Architectural/Interior Design and

Arts, a Bachelor’s in Psychology

and Philosophy, and a Post

Graduate degree in Fine Arts. In his

artworks, he portrays the elements

of the human soul, attributed to his

impressive educational background




in Psychology and Arts combined.

Sheroubi’s career spans 25 years,

during which he has achieved

quite a lot. Based in the UAE, he

works as a senior architect, interior

designer, and artist. Art for him is

a sublime message. He searches

within the human soul, inside the

subconscious and the pent-up

desires within humans. He lives this

struggle and searches for lost love

and childhood dreams.

As an interior designer working

with an international consulting

company, Sheroubi has managed

projects for Hilton Hotel & Projects,

Ras al Khaimah, and Al Forsan/

Marriot Hotel Project, Abu Dhabi.

Apart from the UAE, he has worked

with the Conrad and Meridian

Hotels in Cairo, Egypt.

While focusing on his career,

he has also participated in

local as well as international art

competitions. Sheroubi’s preferred

materials for his artworks are oil,

glass, acrylic, silk, gouache, and




January 2022























1 2 3 4 5




@wavemeart January 2022 49



January 2022

Art as a form of


Every organism survives

because they can

communicate and express

themselves to their

own or other species.

Communication through art can

be performed in many forms that

don’t depend on words. Artists

communicate by factors you might

not notice at first, like the choice

of colors, composition, or how the

forms are either put together

or split.

The coordination of movement

used in making the art, and the

colors together become curative

during the process of creation.

The intriguing use of the textures,

colors, and materials and their

interesting manipulation to bring out

one's inner thoughts and emotions

help the person to overcome the

inhibitions that they might hold in

expressing through other mediums.

From ancient times, people have

used images to communicate.

Think of early cave art or Egyptian

hieroglyphics - visual art can

explore concepts or ideas without

requiring written statements.

Channelizing one’s expression

through colors, materials, or texts,

and the liberty to choose from these

channels helps the artist to convey

better. It also gives imagination

a free rule, letting you feel the

surrounding world in different ways

and then show how a person feels

about it without depending

on words.

Artists have made drawings,

paintings, sculptures, and many

other art objects to challenge

assumptions, support causes, and

explore deep personal questions.

Art examines broad ideas or

themes, some more reasonable

than others, and often reflects on


communicate by

factors you might

not notice at first,

like the choice of

colors, composition,

or how the forms

are either put

together or split.

the period in which it was formed as

a statement of support or a reaction

against something. Art thereby

provides a medium to express,

acting as a bridge between

internal thoughts and external


- January 2022 51


Scenic Landscapes

By Yong Hong Zhong


January 2022

“Painting is my addiction. It is something that I am naturally drawn to

and as essential and simple as breathing to me,” says Yong Hong Zhong

- Exclusive to Magzoid

Yong Hong Zhong was

born in Canton, China,

and immigrated to the

United States when he

was twelve years old.

Yong’s interest in drawing and art

at an early age is reflected in his

grit and determination to follow his


In his junior year at Pratt Institute,

in a nationwide search, Disney

Animation Studios selected Yong and

fourteen other college students to

participate in an exclusive program

for gifted young artists. He had the

opportunity to tour the art studios

and study with their best artists for

two weeks. The window into the

Yong strives for two

fundamental elements with

his paintings. The first

is a solid foundation in

draftsmanship, color, and

composition and the second

is being able to express and

communicate one’s feelings

with each piece.

animation industry reinforced his love

for the arts. Upon graduation, he was

offered an internship at the Disney

Animation Studios. After completion

of the internship, Yong returned

to New York and worked for MTV

Animation Studios as a storyboard

artist assisting in the background

and prop design. After a year at MTV,

he rejoined the Disney Animation

Studios and worked on feature films

from 1995-2009.

The changes and demands in the

animation industry from traditional

2D films to 3D films broadened his

versatility and proficiency in multiple

production software applications.

This experience helped refine

his skills in storytelling, color, and


After 14 years with Disney,

Yong was ready to take a different

direction and focus on his passion

for traditional painting. Yong strives

for two fundamental elements with

his paintings. The first is a solid

foundation in draftsmanship, color,

and composition and the second

is being able to express and

communicate one’s feelings with

each piece.

Oregon’s breathtaking scenic

landscapes and family-oriented

communities motivated him to

relocate. His subject matter varies

from landscape to portrait to still life.

Yong has participated in multiple

Plein Air competitions nationwide

and has won multiple awards. Some

of his pieces can be found at Maryhill

Museum's permanent art collection.

For more information, visit his website

at or

follow him on Instagram


- January 2022 53


Earth Art


Earth art is made directly in

the landscape by sculpting

the land itself or by making

structures in the landscape

with natural materials such

as rocks or twigs. Earth art, also

known as land art, was part of the

wider conceptual art movement

in the 1960s and 1970s. It was

established by a group of pioneering

artists who investigated natural

sites, alternative modes of artistic

production, and ways to circumvent

the commercial art system.

The main objective behind

this movement was to show the

outgrowth of Conceptualism and

Minimalism and the beginning of

the environmental movement. The

installations were placed in various

settings so as to interact with nature

in different ways. This outgrowth and

the determination of man’s relation


January 2022

The installations were

placed in various settings

so as to interact with

nature in different ways.

This outgrowth and the

determination of man’s

relation with nature

inspired the creativity of

the artists whose creations

were released from the

boundaries of galleries and

museums to emphasize the

commodification of art.

with nature inspired the creativity

of the artists whose creations were

released from the boundaries of

galleries and museums to emphasize

the commodification of art.

Another important feature

associated with the Land Art

Movement was the use of

photography to prove the existence

of the massive land works. These

photographs were showcased

by the performing artists in their

galleries as proof of their affiliation

to the movement. Land art was

usually documented in artworks

using photographs and maps which

the artist could exhibit in a gallery.

Land artists also made art in the

gallery by bringing in material from

the landscape and using it to create


The most famous land art work

is Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty of

1970, an earthwork built out into the

Great Salt Lake in the USA. Though

some artists such as Smithson used

mechanical earth-moving equipment

to make their artworks, other artists

made minimal and temporary

interventions in the landscape such

as Richard Long who simply walked

up and down until he had made a

mark in the earth.

- January 2022 55


Art Exhibitions

and Events to look out for

Deir el-Medina: Village of the Pharaohs' Artists

“Deir el-Medina: Village of the Pharaohs’ Artists” is an

interactive exhibition organized by Sharjah Museums

Authority in collaboration with the Egyptian Museum in

Turin, and presented at Sharjah Archaeology Museum.

The exhibition is open to children, school students and

families to introduce them to the techniques used in the

archaeological excavations of the Italian Mission in Luxor

in Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century. These

excavations resulted in the discovery of a large village

that was once inhabited by builders, artists, painters and

sculptors, who built the tombs of the pharaohs of Egypt in

the second millennium BC.

Date: Until 31 August 2022

Location: Sharjah Archaeology Museum

For more information, visit:

Earthly Treasures

Channelling Mohamed Abla’s unique optimism

the aim of this presentation is to capture

imaginations and unite generations through

the artist’s mesmeric world. The body of work

comprises a selection of mixed media collages,

in varying scale, that orbit around the spirit

and healing properties of plant life, particularly

the cactus. Abla dislodges the cactus from its

geographic fixtures and unleashes it into new

otherworldly realms. For Abla the cactus is both

a source of healing energy and a mythical entity,

it spirals out from the desert, breaking away from

traditional colour codes and structures into surreal

and unexpected settings.

Date: Until 24 January, 2022

Location: Tabari Art Space

For more information, visit: www.tabariartspace.



January 2022

Sharjah Islamic Art Festival

The annual Islamic Arts Festival began in 1998

under the supervision and organisation of the

Directorate of Art in the Department of Culture and

Information, with the intention of exhibiting various

kinds of traditional and contemporary Islamic arts.

The Festival is one of the most renowned Islamic

Art events in the region, and its events include

local and international exhibitions, intellectual

programmes, and interactive activities. The theme

of the upcoming edition of the Islamic Arts Festival


Date : Until 23 January, 2022

Location: The Sharjah Art Museum, Al-Majaz

Waterfront and Maraya Art Centre

For more information, visit:

The International

Photography Festival-


Xposure is the leading photo festival

in the MENA region and the official

imagery and educational platform that

combines a range of photography

events for photography professionals

and enthusiasts, including; Exhibitions,

Workshops, Seminars, Screenings,

Focus Groups, Competitions, and hosts

a dedicated photographic and video

production trade show. Hosted by the

Sharjah Government Media Bureau


Date: 9 Feb, 2022-15 Feb, 2022

Location: Expo Centre, Sharjah

For more information, visit: https://

Homecoming | A

space for you

The project launches with three works

by Artist Lakwena Maciver: Lift You

Higher and Just Passing Through, which

appear at the pedestrian entrance, while

The Best is Yet to Come embellishes the

outer facade on the corner of 17th Street

and First Al Khail Street.

Date: Until 31 March, 2022

Location: Alserkal Avenue

For more information, visit: www. January 2022 57


Embroidery art

By Cécile Davidovici


January 2022

I am very inspired by

the past, everything

that relates to

innocence and

nostalgia, says Cécile


- Exclusive to Magzoid

Cécile Davidovici is an

embroidery artist from

Paris. She had a creative

childhood and studied

drama, film, and theatre,

going on to write and direct movies

exploring the link between innocence

and illusion. After finishing drama

and theater studies, Cécile set to

review filmmaking in New York town

as her next step. While in NYC, the

movies that she wrote and directed

have been displayed at festivals

throughout the world, some receiving

multiple awards.

She discovered embroidery after

losing her mother and began to

stitch images of her fading childhood

memories. Still working to her themes

of innocence and illusion, she

wanted to capture and consider the

hazy moments from her past, that

she had glimpsed in old family home

movie videotapes. Davidovici has

been able to adapt this new medium

to permit herself to anchor her art

within the moment. Creating the

medium of textiles her own, twiddling

with threads in the manner a painter

would with paint, she is carving out

her own niche within the complex

world of contemporary art.

Portraits of a constant dream is a

series of feminine portraits, entirely

hand embroidered. They portray a

close-up of one face that becomes

two, with no clue on the era. The

faces are nearly identical, however,

one is often bigger, more present,

hiding half of the other.

The meticulous intertwining of

threads that depict skin creates a

new form of transparency that unveils

the person behind the face. These

women stare at us but in reality,

they are looking within themselves,

questioning their contradictions,

revealing their doubts. Their

openness and vulnerability even

allow the audience to see a part

of themselves when looking at the

Creating the medium of

textiles her own, twiddling

with threads in the manner

a painter would with

paint, she is carving out

her own niche within

the complex world of

contemporary art.

subjects. Davidovici places her

own unique spin on the medium of

textiles and by layering threads as

a painter would with a paintbrush,

she re-interprets the face differently,

giving a new shape to these faces,

opening a door for a reinvention, a

new skin, a new story.

- January 2022 59


The first

Sculpture Garden at

the Museum of Modern Art

was planned in just one night.

The current space, dedicated to

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, was initially

designed in 1953 and is now the heart of

the museum. One of the many intriguing

sculptures is an actual Paris Subway

entrance gate. This 1900 Art Nouveau

style cast iron arch, designed

by Hector Guimard offers a

charming accent to the

park walkways.

Although no one

knows for certain how and

why red and green became so

closely associated with Christmas,

there are a few popular theories. Many

Christians believe red and green were

inspired by the life of Jesus, whose birth

Christians celebrate on Christmas. Green,

for example, represents the eternal life

of Jesus Christ, just as evergreen trees

remain green the whole winter long.

Likewise, red represents the blood

shed by Jesus Christ during

his crucifixion.

Sapphires and rubies

are the same stone. They're

both made of the same mineral:

corundum. The change in the stone's

color is due to trace minerals that

each stone contains. Titanium and

iron both result in a blue color, giving

birth to sapphires. A ruby's red color

comes from trace amounts of

chromium in the stone.


January 2022



Museum of Art retired its

iconic metal buttons in 2013.

If you visited the Met before 2013,

you likely received a metal button

emblazoned with the museum’s logo. The

iconic proof of admission was introduced

in 1971, but soaring metal prices in recent

years made the trinket too costly for

museum officials to continue—so in

2013, The Met retired the button

in favor of a sticker.



first person

to wear a white

wedding dress was

Queen Victoria. Allwhite

was associated

with mourning



Mona Lisa has

her own mailbox in the

Louvre because of all the love

letters she receives Mona Lisa

received many love letters, and for

a time they were so ardent that she

was placed under police protection.

The painting has its own mailbox

at the Louvre because of all

the love letters its subject


The Marina Bay Sands

was built to resemble a

stack of playing cards, which

is fitting because it’s home to an

impressive casino. It also boasts

the world’s longest elevated

swimming pool, designed as an

infinity pool and decorated with

palm trees 57 stories

above ground. January 2022 61


Title: New beginnings

Medium: Acrylic on Paper ( 22'' x 30")

This work is a projection of the

challenges faced during the year

2020 because of Covid -19 situation.

The year has helped me to release

negative feelings and relations at

the most trying circumstances with

realisation of having deeper insight of


Mihika Girish

The dancing geisha

An oil painting based on

a dancing geisha in a

pastel pink kimono.

Maya Morris-Browm

Portrait of

Sheikh Mohammed bin

Zayed Al Nahyan

Crown Prince of the Emirate of

Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme

Commander of the United Arab

Emirates Armed Forces and the de

facto ruler of Abu Dhabi

Muhammed Moazam

Watercolor Art -

Last Day of Winter

Narish Khan Arada

Mother is everything.

No one can describe

a mother's love. She is

the world.

Meenu Chourasiya

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January 2022

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Find Me Out January 2022 63




Maria Amro Adi

Mateo is my younger brother, and this is him during this time

of COVID. He is a happy kid, always smiling and playful but

the mask hides it all. I spelled his name with his favourites:

Pokemon, Among Us and basketball.

Marcus Alexander Villanueva

Grade 6

The Philippine School

A beautiful rainbow

Maryah Moulay

It is a sunset scenary.

Mariam Sherif

Grade 8

Our Own English

High School

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January 2022



2 3







2. The main substance used to make crayons

5. Vermillion is a shade of this color

6. The country where the first pencil was invented

7. Term for an artistic process of splashing ink on a

blank piece of paper

8. The artist who said ‘Everything you can

imagine is real’

9. The frame used to support a canvas



1. The art movement the painting

“The Scream” belongs to

3. Country where Leonardo da Vinci born

4. Paint made from pigments and plastic

8. Red, yellow and blue are universally known as


1 Expressionism

2 Wax

3 Italy

4 Acrylic

5 Red

6 England

7 Bulletism

8 Picasso

9 Easel January 2022 65



Corner January 2022 67




21-storey mixed-use building

spanning 84,300 square meters in

in Business Bay.

Built by Omniyat Properties, Opus

Tower is designed by the famous

award-winning Iraqi designer,

architect Zaha Hadid.

Designed as two separate towers

that coalesce into a singular whole

taking the form of a cube.

The cubic building has a fluid-like

void at the centre which gives it a

unique look.

The centre of the cube is made of

blue-tinted glass while the outer

part uses black glass.

The structure stands on

2,000,000 sq. ft. of an area with

office spaces, a club, restaurants,

and ME Hotel.


January 2022


J One


J One is a multi-building

complex under development

in Business Bay.

The development comprises

two individual buildings:

J One Tower B and J One

Tower A.

The development will contain

an estimated 347 units.

The shape of the building

is said to be inspired by

the extraction of the most

expensive pearl, the J

One, spherical in shape with a

bright white pinkish colour.

J One's key attraction is a sky

restaurant enclosed in a glass

bubble where diners can

enjoy views of the Burj Khalifa. January 2022 69



This Oyster Perpetual Date just 36 in Oyster steel

features an olive green dial, palm motif and an

oyster bracelet. Reflection of light on the case sides

and rails accentuates the elegant design of the 36

mm Oyster case.


The Run Away collection pays a tribute to the most

authentic spirit of the FENDI DNA embodying

the signature style with a modern twist. Curved

off-centered green sunray dial, grey minute track

and silver colored indexes, silver colored hands.F

is Fendi logo at 12 and 6 o'clock, stainless steel

folding buckle.


Forever Fendi,Sapphire

crystal with anti-reflection

treatment. Genuine green

malachite dial with pink

gold Fendi logo. Brass /

pink gold plating radius

cut hands. Satin-brushed

gold stainless steel

bracelet, 10 mm width,

with polished ff logo

central links, folding


Mont Blanc

Montblanc 1858 Automatic Chronograph Limited

Edition, The product line expresses the spirit of

mountain exploration, embodying the modern trend

of returning to nature.1858 comes in a 42 mm full

bronze case with khaki-green dial, providing an

ideal backdrop for the bi-compax counters.

Mont Blanc

Montblanc Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum Limited

Edition. The idea is to propose a world time

function, simple to set, to read and easy-to-use

in an intuitive way combined with an elegant

aesthetics. Once set, it indicates all 24 time zones

at a glance and shows whether the cities are in the

daytime or night time.


Available for the first time

in steel, the Reference

5905 self-winding flyback

chronograph with Annual

Calendar radiates a resolutely

sporty look. The rhythmic

dial features an elegant and

casual "sunburst" olive

green color.


January 2022



On its 5711/1A model, Patek Philippe unveils a dial

in a brand-new olive-green shade that is new to the

Nautilus collection and which should delight lovers

of this cult watch, an icon of sporting elegance. The

highly recognizable design of the case, bezel and

bracelet is enhanced by a subtle alternation between

satinated and polished manual finishing.


Piaget Polo watch 42 mm. Steel case. Green PVD

dial with luminescent hour-markers in rose gold.

Sapphire crystal case back. Manufacture Piaget

1110P self-winding mechanical movement with

seconds and date. Limited edition of 888.


Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Hour watch, 35 mm,

Manufacture mechanical movement with manual

winding, caliber 9984 MC. Strap in shiny green

alligator leather (comes with an additional shiny

black alligator leather strap), with rhodiumized 18K

white gold double adjustable folding buckle set with

41 diamonds totaling 0.40 carats.


A legendary name in the OMEGA family, the

Globemaster become the world's first Master

Chronometer in 2015. For this 41 mm model,

the stainless steel case features a hard metal

(tungsten carbide) bezel. The caseback includes

a Central Observatory medallion set in scratchresistant

sapphire crystal.


Classic fusion titanium green, A contemporary

style which plays with established codes, a creative

universe where elegance rules. Satin-finished

and polished titanium with 6 H-Shaped titanium



Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton watch, 42 mm,

Manufacture mechanical movement with automatic

winding, caliber 9621 MC. Titanium case, beaded

crown set with a green tourmaline cabochon,

black steel sword-shaped hands with luminescent

material. Titanium skeletonized bridges forming

Roman numerals. Green lacquer dial. January 2022 71


Jenny Packham

Stud-embellished cape-sleeve dress. Often finished

by hand, Jenny Packham's glamorous couture-like

eveningwear is favored by A-list stars and royalty

alike. Her exquisite use of color and embellishment

means that styles from the brand’s collections will

always stand out at parties, galas and events.


A great evening starts with a great bag. So kick off

the night's festivities with this Kate small bag by

Saint Laurent. Made from velvet, it's designed with

a front flap, two tassels, interlaced YSL initials, an

interior flat pocket, and a chain shoulder strap.


Bright Crystal by Versace is a Floral Fruity

fragrance for women. Bright Crystal was launched

in 2006. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto

Morillas. Top notes are Yuzu, Pomegranate, and Ice;

middle notes are Peony, Lotus and Magnolia; base

notes are Musk, Mahogany and Amber.

Jenny Packham

As a British designer that is a known favourite of

the royal family, Jenny Packham designs make a

statement and this Christina cape gown from the

AW21 collection is a great example of that. The

piece is brimful of embellished detailing, inspired

by old Hollywood jewellery and designed in a

long silhouette with padded shoulders for extra



Aquazzura's 'Love Link' pumps take their name

from themes of sensuality and seduction. Made

from white grosgrain, they have 105mm stiletto

heels and crystal-embellished slingback straps.

Pair yours with a silk slip dress.


Chanel Square Sunglasses,100% UVA and UVB

Protection CE - Lenses are UV Category Filter 2.

Made in japan.TitaniumDark Silver. Lenses: Blue,



January 2022



Defined by a square frame, the Italian-made pair provides optimal UV protection combining both style and

function. The iconic Thomas Burberry Monogram detail at the temples lend a designer appeal that is sure to

elevate any edit.


Like the woman that wears it, the strength and

uniqueness of Dolce&Gabbana The One fragrance

comes from contrast. Used to adorn pulse points or

misted into the air to fall in a scented aura, The One

is a modern ‘floriental’ eau de parfum combining

contemporary fruit ingredients with the perfumer’s

classic palette of white flowers. “Every woman is

The One!” Stefano Gabbana.


So many of Chloé's accessories would look at

home in the '70s, and these sunglasses are no

different thanks to their cool octagonal frames.

Made in Italy from orange acetate, they're stamped

with the house's logo at the temples and fitted with

matching gradient lenses.


The wool is printed with red berries and rich green

foliage with a white canvas beneath. Though it's the

colors that do the talking, the elegant streamlined

silhouette is also worthy of attention.

Jennifer Chamandi

Jennifer Chamandi's satin 'Vittorio' pumps have

been made in Parabiago – an Italian town that's

world-renowned for its shoemakers. They're

designed with an elegant pointed toe and a slender

slingback strap. Keep your hemlines cropped or

short to show off the ornate crystal embellishments

at every opportunity.


The mini bag trend is still going strong, and we are

not complaining. This regional-exclusive Friday

mini tote bag by The Attico comes with a top handle

and a removable shoulder strap that can be styled

as a belt as well.


Displaying Burberry's most minimal side, the

Louise Bag in Leather will be a practical accessory

all-year round. Cut from glossy calf leather with

multiple, spacious compartments, the bag has a

round shape that will add a fluid flare to structured

outfits. January 2022 73



Vine Bypass Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds.

Inspired by the natural world, Tiffany Victoria

designs capture the fluid movement of flowers,

vines and leaves with a mix of expertly cut

diamonds. This bypass ring is crafted of 18k

gold that features a contrast of high polish and

sandblasted finishes.


Etincelle de Cartier ring, 18K white gold, set with 52

brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.81 carat. Width:

6.93 mm.


Jean Schlumberger’s visionary creations are among

the world’s most intricate designs. This classic

bracelet embodies understated elegance.


Étincelle de Cartier bracelet, 18K rose gold, set with

47 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 1.52 carats.


Made to be played with, discover this turning ring

for women from the Possession collection in rose

gold with white ceramic and brilliant-cut diamonds.

Daring, elegant and modern, rows of precious

stones and bold lines make this a striking diamond

ring. Brilliant-cut diamonds lend their shine to this

ceramic ring, dazzling with light and sharing it with

the whole room as it turns.


This beautiful Swarovski set from our Sparkling Dance collection

impresses with its unique charm and will be a great addition to a

jewelry collection. Both the pair of pierced earrings and the necklace

feature a pink 'dancing' stone in the shape of a clover, which

appears to float inside its rose-gold tone plated setting. A touch

of clear crystal pavé adds an extra dose of that unique Swarovski



LOVE wedding band, 18K rose gold, set with 1

brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.02 carats.


Coco Crush ,A classic CHANEL motif,

the quilted pattern lends its graphic

shapes to this original collection.


January 2022


Inspired by the olive branch, a symbol of peace and

abundance. Cuff in 18k gold. Size medium.



Clash de Cartier ring, 18K rose gold, set with 18

brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.53 carats. Width:



Piaget Rose luxury jewellery. A true flower, a unique story. Like a rose about to burst into bloom under the

warmth of the spring sun. A charming pair of rose gold earrings in a subtle stylization of the Piaget Rose.


The Rockefeller-Winston,An 18.03 carat square

emerald-cut Colombian emerald center stone

surrounded by 108 round brilliant and pear-shaped

diamonds weighing a total of approximately 10.70

carats, set in 18K yellow gold and platinum.


Stylish and refined, this rose-gold tone plated bangle complements

everyday looks with its brilliant touch of timeless elegance. Featuring one

sinuous line of polished metal curving around another embellished with

radiant, white stones, it's a modern interpretation of classic luxury.


The star of the venice necklace.Inspired by the overwhelming extravaganza and

sophisticated elegance of Venice, Bvlgari placed a 23.67 ct sapphire at the core

of the necklace, stealing the spotlight like the divas that walked on the lagoon’s

red carpet. January 2022 75


Nike is a United States corporation

with headquarters in Washington

County in the state of Oregon. In

1964 the company was founded

by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.

The company was initially known as

Blue Ribbon Sports but switched to

the present Nike name in 1971. The

Nike logo is, in some way, the best

type of emotional communication.

Through its slogan “Just Do It”

and visual elements, the company

has endeavored to promote

the psychological impact of its


The Nike swoosh symbol is one

of the world’s simplest but most

effective branding visuals. Along

with athletes and sports followers,

millennials like buying products

bearing the Nike logo. The swoosh

image has a life of its own as it’s

already patented and extremely

popular. The Nike logo was

designed by Carolyn Davidson, a

graphic design student attending

Portland State University, where

Phil Knight, one of Nike’s founders,

was an accounting professor. For

her troubles, Carolyn Davidson was

paid just $35! The swoosh symbol

is the shape of a wing of Nike, the

Greek Goddess of Victory. So,

Carolyn Davidson had the shape

of the wing in mind, thanks to the


The FedEx company was founded

in 1971 as a packaging delivery

startup. Over several decades,

it has developed into a powerful

logistics brand and trendsetter.

The company’s award-winning

logo became one of the factors

behind the mind-blowing success

of FedEx.

The FedEx logo is a worldwide

classic example of delivering a

strong message with negative

spaces. Considering the growth

and reach of FedEx, the logo

design was centered around a few

traits: service, speed, precision,

and reliability. If you look carefully

between the “E” and “X” in the

FedEx logotype, you’ll notice a

small arrow sticking out, pointing

to the right. The designer himself

loved using negative spaces. So,

while designing the FedEx logo’s

current variant, he incorporated a

secret arrow and kept nearly 40%

of the blank space white. Among

different color combinations, the

company opted for the mix of

orange and violet that stands for

prosperity and prestige.


January 2022


What is Debbie Wingham’s collection paying homage to Dubai called?

What has UNESCO added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list?

In which museum can we find Yong Hong Zhong’s art pieces?

Who has her own mail box in Louvre Paris?

What form of art does Marissa Oosterlee specialize in?

Where is Will YU from?

What is the initiative Ayah Dhafer introduced called?

What is the 2022 Color of the Year revealed by Pantone?

What emotion does Insane 51 generally promote through his art?

Where is Anastasia Kustova based?




Answers of the December edition of Magzoid:

1 2 December

2 Saype

3 Ink and coffee art on paper and skin

4 Manarat Al Saadiyat

5 The Land of Dreamers Who Do

6 Alexandria, Egypt

7 Tanaka Tatsuya

8 Abu Dhabi

9 18 December

10 Ishy Biladi


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All you have to do is write down the answers, take a picture, post it as a story on Instagram and tag @

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Subject to terms and conditions January 2022 77

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