British Breeder Magazine December 2021

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December 2021

What a Year!

British Bred Success

in 2021

Futurity reports

The Equine Bridge &

Stallion Event - An

Extravaganza for

British Breeders


Studbook Reports

Vet insight:

EHV – The Risk has

not gone away


Sire Rankings






Formulated to support correct growth and help achieve genetic potential

Backed by unique hands-on practical knowledge and nutritional support







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May Issue - Index

Welcome from the editor


Myspires Emilgo Pro, by Comilfo Plus Z

out of Equina B, earned Elite at Writtle

with breeder, Lianne Verity.


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As the year comes to a close, we are

faced with yet more uncertainty with the

number of covid cases on the rise again

and the question of renewed restrictions

still hanging over us.

Yet there is much to celebrate this festive

season, as we reflect on a year that

began under strict lockdown conditions

but evolved into an equestrian golden

story for our top athletes.

We take a look at some of the Futurity

graduates that have excelled at the

top of their sport this year. Those now

achieving success were assessed in the

early days of the Futurity programme,

and we are now starting to see more

British riders on British bred horses

competing at the highest level. It can

only be a matter of time before that

includes Olympic and World


It is positive news that British Dressage

are leading the way in adopting a rule

change to ensure its members have

their horses registered with the Central

Equine Database (CED), supplied and

managed by the Equine Register on

behalf of DEFRA. This is a move that













would be well adopted by other

disciplines, helping to improve the

welfare and traceability of horses, as

well as encouraging more owners to

recognise and record their horse’s


As we finish this magazine, we are all

systems go for our biggest event ever

– the combined Equine Bridge, Stallion

Event, Futurity Awards and Masterclass

with Isobel Wessels. This promises to

be an extravaganza of all things British

Breeding and an event not to be missed

with something for everyone whether

you are a breeder, owner or rider.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Next issue of British Breeder

Magazine will be published in January,

featuring the Stallions that will be shown

at the Stallion Event and horses entered

for the Equine Bridge. All submissions

for inclusion in this issue must be

received by the final copy date –

Monday 17th January.

I wish you all a very happy New Year.


Discipline and Breeding News

British Bred Success in 2021

Futurity Report – Physical venues

Virtual Futurity Report

Auction Report

Stallion Event & Equine Bridge

Feature - WBFSH Sire Rankings

Studbook News

Veterinary Insight - EHV: The Risk Hasn't Gone Away

Product Feature – Blue Light Benefits Pregnant Mares

Product Focus



Arko III Clone is Born

The birth of a clone to international show

jumping legend, Arko III, was

announced in August. The Arko clone

is the combined efforts of UK based

genetic preservation company, Gemini

Genetics, and their partner and world

leader in animal cloning, ViaGen Pets

and Equine. Arko’s clone will enable his

legacy to continue after his sad passing

earlier this year.

By the world famous Argentinus, out

of Unika, Arko III was the Number 1

Showjumper in Europe in 2004, 2005

and 2006. His earnings are over £1,2M

and in addition to his impressive show

jumping achievements, he is also the sire

of many world class horses including

stallions Argento and Aristio.

Arko’s owners, Pat, John and Lisa Hales

of Shaw Farm stud, commented ‘it was

an extremely sad day for our family

when we lost Arko, he was truly a horse

of a life time. The birth of his clone was

very emotional. We believe it is not only

exciting for our sport worldwide but

especially for the future of Great British

breeding for years to come. We look

forward to breeding many more

champions from this wonderful


The Hales family are internationally

renowned for their successes with Arko

III and his influence on equine sport and

breeding. They have been awarded

numerous accolades over Arko III’s

career while Arko himself was crowned

British Equestrian Showjumper of the

Year on an unprecedented five


Arko’s clone was generated from a small

skin sample from Arko original that was

genetically preserved by UK based

genetic preservation company, Gemini

Genetics. Founded and sister company

to world leading equine semen

collection and distribution centre, Stallion

AI Services, Gemini Genetics is a newly

established animal genetic preservation

company, specialised in regenerative

genetic banking and partnered with US

based cloning company, ViaGen Pets &

Equine. Lucy Morgan, manager of

Gemini Genetics, undertook the

preservation. ‘We are thrilled at the

successful birth of Arko’s clone. A

much-loved stallion in terms of his

outstanding performances and his

unique and full of life character, it is

brilliant to have enabled his cloning so

that his outstanding legacy can continue.

Gemini Genetics are thrilled and highly

privileged to have facilitated this

amazing revival of Arko III via his

genetic twin’.


Arko at the 2004 Athens Olympics

Genetic preservation and cloning can

enable the revival of once in a lifetime

horses and other performance animals,

in addition to breeding from geldings

and preservation and regeneration of

females. Other famous horses to have

been cloned include Cruising, gelding

Gem Twist and eventing stallion Chilli

Morning. The technology can also be

used to support rare breed populations

as well as being available for cat and

dog owners.

Once preserved by Gemini Genetics, the

valuable tissue sample was shipped to

their partner cloning company, ViaGen

Pets & Equine, who completed the

cloning process.

Blake Russell, president of ViaGen Pets

& Equine, commented, “Here at ViaGen

Pets and Equine, each project is truly

special. Over the last 15 years of

bringing our technology to clients

around the world, we have enjoyed an

amazing opportunity to share each

special journey with our clients. With

more than a thousand healthy, cloned

foals delivered to clients now, each foal

represents a unique story, and each

project brings unbelievable joy and


For further information on genetic

preservation and cloning, visit Gemini

Genetics via www.gemingenetics.com ;

in association with ViaGen Pets & Equine

https://www.viagenpets.com and the

charity Nature’s SAFE,


BD Announced the

passing of Linda

Whetstone and

New Interim Chair

As we go to press we learned of the

sudden passing of British Dressage

Chairman, Linda Whetstone, on 15

December 2021 at the age of 79. An

obituary will appear in our next issue.

Our thoughts and prayers are with

Linda’s family and friends.

The British Dressage Board of

Directors convened for an emergency

virtual meeting this morning

following the news. The Board

collectively expressed their sadness at

the news, conveying their condolences

to Linda’s family and friends, while

paying their personal respects and

tributes to Linda to mark the extraordinary

contribution she made to the


Directors discussed options for the

position of Chairman on an interim

basis, and agreed a short-term

appointment should be made from

within the Board to cover the role

during the first half of 2022.

BD Finance Director Caroline Godfrey

was unanimously voted into the role

of Interim Chairman with immediate

effect, on the basis that this would be a

temporary arrangement only to allow

sufficient time for a permanent

successor to be elected by members.

The late Linda Whetstone Chair of BD

BD Interim Chair Caroline Godfrey


BD Lead the

Way with CED

Registration Rule

British Dressage (BD) is encouraging its

members, as responsible horse owners,

to help ensure greater data accuracy,

traceability and biosecurity of the

national equine herd by making sure

their equines are listed on the Central

Equine Database as a requirement of

BD horse registration process from 1

January 2022.

It is a requirement by law that all equines

living in the UK are registered on the

CED, which currently contains over 1.5

million records. The CED is designed to

protect all British equines and their

owners by providing the national core

data that underpins essential services,

such as equine lifetime traceability,

biosecurity, disease surveillance and

control, food chain security, animal

welfare, fraud prevention and border

security. Owners and riders can check if

their horses are already listed by using

the National ChipChecker - if your

horse appears when searched, it's got a

record. Most horses with a UK passport

and microchip should be listed as the

PIO will have passed the info over to the


BD are also strongly recommending that

members sign up to Equine Register’s

Digital Stable to facilitate this process

and ensure your records are correct and

up to date. This also helps to provide

more effective traceability and bio-security

measures to protect horse welfare.

The Digital Stable provides a secure link

to the Central Equine Database (CED),

supplied and managed by the Equine

Register on behalf of the Department

of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

(DEFRA). Members will be able to create

their ‘Digital Stable’, which will show the

data held on the CED about them and all

the horses officially recorded as being

owned by them.

As well as the data held, the Digital

Stable enables users to record the

location of their owned equines and

their vaccination status (both current and

historic). This information supports

traceability and biosecurity protecting

you and your horses from infectious

diseases through live targeted national

disease alerts that are relevant.

To get started, members simply need to

create a free account online. For user

safety, this process requires verification

of identity, using the same state-of-theart

secure digital verification systems

used by banks, governments and the

NHS. This protects the users and their

equine data from criminals who might

try to impersonate them online to make

fraudulent claims.

The secure ID verification process only

happens once as part of the registration

process. Please note that this data is only

used to verify your identity and as soon

as the process is completed, the

information supplied is deleted and not


Once sign up with the Digital Stable has

been completed, users will be invited to

download the free Digital Stable App

to your mobile phone, where owned

equine information will be automatically

available as a secure online record,

referred to as ‘digital passport/

smartcard’. This Smartcard can then be

checked at BD venues and events to

underpin biosecurity and help protect

competitors and their equines when they


The need for accurate national data was

highlighted by the Equine Influenza

outbreak in 2019, which affected so

many BD competitions, as well as the

Equine Herpes outbreak in Europe

earlier this year. The use of Equine

Register’s systems by BD Members will

help keep BD competitions, competitors

and equines safe and play an important

role in the protection of all UK equines.

British Dressage’s Chief Executive Jason

Brautigam commented; “Creating an

alliance with the Central Equestrian

Database and Equine Register as

been one of our aims since it was first

launched. In leading the way with

requiring registration, BD is acting in the

best interests of the national herd, as well

as keeping members and their horses

safe, while helping them to fulfil their

legal obligations as horse owners.

The requirement is in place from the New

Year, although there will be a gradual

phasing in over the course of 2022 to

allow members sufficient time to adapt

to the new process. It’s quick and easy to

get started and already being used by

horse owners across the UK.

Thank you to members for embracing this

additional requirement, you’re helping to

be a trailblazer on this important step in

equine welfare.”

Time to check



The Animal and Plant Health Agency

(APHA) is reminding all animal

transporters to check the expiry date of

their current transporter authorisation

and apply for renewal at the earliest

possible opportunity, to ensure continued

authorisation. Transporter authorisations

are valid for 5 years, and a significant

number are due for renewal in 2022.

UK transporter authorisations are

required for those transporting animals,

as part of an economic activity, on

journeys over 65km within, from, to and

through GB. Transporter authorisations

apply to, amongst others, those who

move horses within Great Britain in

connection with professional riding,

livery and stabling. They also apply to

those moving horses for the purposes of

animal rescue and/or charities.

There are two types of transporter

authorisation; Type 1 (short journey)

which are required for journeys over

65km and up to 8 hours in duration and

Type 2 (long journey) which are required

for those transporting animals for

journeys over 8 hours.

In order to comply with current welfare in

transport regulations, animal transporters

must submit an application to renew their

authorisation. Failure to do so risks heavy

penalties if transporters are found to be

operating without valid authorisation.

Renewal application packs are available

from APHA’s Welfare in Transport team,

who are also available to discuss any

queries or for details of how to apply for

a UK issued transporter authorisation.

Further information on Transporter

Authorisations can be found on




Highway Code

Review SI laid in


1st December

An SI (statutory instrument) has been

laid in Parliament (1st December)

covering a number of changes to the

Highway Code. The Government

initially promised to review the

Highway Code in November 2018 in

response to the Cycling and Walking

Investment Strategy Safety Review.

The Government launched a

consultation on the amendments of the

Highway Code review in July 2020,

which are specifically designed to

benefit walkers, cyclists, and


The BHS has been part of the Highway

Code Stakeholders Focus Group to

ensure that horse riders have been

represented as vulnerable road users

in the review of the Highway Code


BEVA celebrates 60th Birthday

with 60 faces and some cake

As part of its 60th birthday celebrations

on 18thNovember, BEVA highlighted

60 exceptional individuals who have

had an impact on the equine veterinary

sector. BEVA asked horse owners to join

in too, celebrating by sharing birthday

cakes with their vet or veterinary


“Our 60 faces initiative celebrates some

of the many outstanding people who

have left an indelible mark on the

profession and whose actions

complement BEVA’s work in

championing progress and/or diversity”

explained BEVA President Huw Griffiths.

As nominated by BEVA members, the list

of 60 faces showcases those who have

truly inspired, influenced and progressed

the equine veterinary profession for

the better. The faces range from16th

Century humanist Thomas Blundeville to

21st Century social media entrepreneur

Ebony Escalona.

BEVA’s official birthday on 18th

November – the date BEVA held its first

meeting back in 1961. Each of the 60

faces were also highlighted on the BEVA


“It was a really tough challenge to

whittle the list down to 60 people as all

of the nominees were exceptional

individuals,” said Huw. “The list

showcases some of the best-known

names in the industry as well as some

heroes whose stories are less well known

or who have been consigned to history.

“It’s not a “Top 60”, nor are all the faces

vets, but it does highlight the breadth of

people who have impacted what we


Check out the 60 Faces here:


The BHS Dead Slow campaign

messaging about how to pass

horses safely on the roads has been

proposed, as well as reducing the

advisory speed to pass a horse from

15 mph to 10 mph. Also included is

how to pass feral/semi feral horses

on Exmoor, Dartmoor and the New

Forest, and advice for equestrians to

take the BHS Ride Safe award.

Now the proposal has been laid to

Parliament, the measures are subject to

a 40-day approval process. If

approved they will start to apply to

road users at the end of January 2022.



Every day for a month, two faces were

released on BEVA’s social media

channels as part of the build-up to




Address Motility | Target Sperm Production | Support Libido


Fertility focused ingredients work together to harness

their natural properties targeting sperm health, libido

and sperm quality. Essential vitamins and minerals target

sperm production and development while maintaining

testosterone levels.

Working stallions also have to maintain condition which is

why there are essential pre and pro biotics to help support

nutrient uptake and absorption, maximising their dietary

intake to support their performance.

Feed 4-6 weeks prior to the stud season and throughout

to maintain and develop fertility in hard working stallions,

especially when fertility limiting behaviour is seen or when

previous seasons have resulted in poor performance.



‘This transformed the quality of his

semen from hopeless to freezing

quality and all mares in foal on first




‘He looks really well and his semen

quality has been the best it’s been

for years, with no other change

to his diet or regime.’


‘The semen had 30% increased

motility. Five Star Fertility worked

well and enabled us to get more

concentrated semen’.






For further information please contact NAF using our

FREE Nutritional Advice Line

Call 0800 373 106 or email info@naf-uk.com




Ben Maher &

Explosion pick up


Ben Maher and Explosion W both picked

up awards at the Horse & Hound Awards

2021 in partnership with NAF.

After the 2020 virtual awards, the

sponsors and guests were all excited to

return to a glittering in-person

celebration, held on 1st December at

Cheltenham racecourse. More than 250

people attended, with celebrities from

across the equestrian world present.

Explosion W picked up the Bloomfields

Horse of the Year Award whilst Ben won

the NAF Five Star Magic Moment of the

Year award for his and Explosion W’s

exceptional performance at Tokyo 2020

which saw them win Individual Gold.

Other winners included World Class

Performance Director, Dickie Waygood,

for his outstanding contribution and

Olympic Eventing medallist Tom

McEwen. The full list of winners were:

Bloomfields Horse of the Year:

Explosion W

Stallion AI Services Pony of the Year:

Redwings Phoenix

Uvex Helmets Professional Rider of the

Year: Tom McEwen

Pikeur Amateur Rider of the Year:

Lauren Innes

NAF Five Star Magic Moment of the Year:

Ben Maher winning Olympic gold

Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian Young Rider of

the Year: Ruby Hughes

NAF Five Star PROFEET Farrier of the

Year: Chris Bailey

Horse Dialog Equestrian Club of the Year:


Absorbine Groom of the Year:

Tilly Hughes

Dengie Volunteer of the Year:

Adrian Bigg

Baileys Horse Feeds Vet of the Year:

Elizabeth Frew

Outstanding Contribution:

Dickie Waygood

Horse & Hound Lifetime Achievement:

Allister Hood

British Equestrian performance director

Dickie Waygood accepts the NAF Five Star

Magic Moment of the Year

award on behalf

of Ben Maher.

Photo Peter Nixon

Horse & Hound

British Equestrian’s Young Professionals Programme

welcomes new cohort of aspiring equestrian entrepreneurs

British Equestrian has inducted a fifth

cohort into its Young Professionals

Programme, which aims to help young

people build a wider skill set to support

their personal and career development in

the equestrian industry.

The 12-month Young Professionals

Programme, which is delivered in

collaboration with British Dressage, British

Eventing and British Showjumping, has

been running since 2017 and is open to

young people who have recently set up

an equestrian business or are planning to

do so in the near future. The programme is

built around a series of interactive

workshops with specialist speakers,

covering a broad range of topics essential

to running any business. These include

putting together contracts, understanding

employment law, conflict management,

insurance and finances, and building a

personal brand.

This cohort’s first workshop was held on

Monday 15 November at Hogarths Hotel

in Solihull. Georgie Wheeler, who

oversees the running of the programme,

began the day by delivering a brief

introduction that gave participants a taste

of what they can expect from the next 12


In the morning session, successful London

salon owner Ricky Walters shared the

journey of growing his business and

creating a unique concept in SALON64 –

part salon, part cocktail bar, part

comfortable place to fix your make-up

and charge your phone. Ricky talked

about the lessons that he’s learned along

the way, including the importance of

creating a business model that stands out

in a saturated industry and how to create

added value for customers in order to

increase revenue.

In the afternoon, Jane Holden from the

English Institute of Sport led a personal

development planning session, where

participants were asked to think about

what they need to do in order to achieve

their aspirations and to consider their

identity as a person, athlete and potential

business owner. By understanding their

values, strengths and purpose, they can

begin to drive decision-making and take

steps towards their goals and life


“I set up my own business a few years

ago now, and now it’s time to look at

improvements and what I can do to make

it better,” explained Saffron Creswell, who

joins the programme this year. “Today has

been really, really beneficial. I love what

we did this morning – getting an insight

into Ricky and how he’s managed to make

it work. Obviously it’s very personal, but

getting ideas is always helpful. In terms

of the personal development session,

working out what’s important to me is

going to help me progress my business.

I’ve never really looked at my values so

specifically – I probably know them deep

down and use them every day, but being

able to channel them is going to help with

decision-making and working with horses,

owners and everything else.”

David Hamer, Head of Performance

Pathways, commented: “The equestrian

industry, like so many others, has faced

severe disruption and uncertainty as a

result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now,

more than ever, we need to deliver

initiatives like the Young Professionals

Programme to young people who are

transitioning into the equestrian workforce,

so they get the support and help they

need to shape and formulate their career

and business aspirations. “We know that

the majority of equestrian athletes need to

support their sporting aspirations with a

viable business, so this programme offers

a bespoke and unique process of support

and education to enable these young

people to do this alongside training and










Feed as and when needed during changes of season, especially during

periods of colder weather to increase FIBRE & WATER intake.


During cold weather

To support change of routine

Post training & competing

Following Foaling

While sick or convalescing

For reduced turnout or box rest

For nutrition advice or further information on our feeds

please call +44 (0)1622 718487

Email: info@saracenhorsefeeds.co.uk

or visit www.saracenhorsefeeds.com





News - British Breeding Success

British Team & individual success at FEI European Championships 2021, Avanches


What an incredible rollercoaster of a

ride we have all had following

equestrian sport in 2021. From the

uncertainty of events in the shadow

of the pandemic, to the euphoria of

Olympic and Championship success,

owners, riders and breeders and their

horses have shown a determination to

overcome adversity and deliver their

best performances.

Home grown success is special, and one

of the highlights of this year was

watching Sarah Bullimore ride her

diminutive home-bred, Carouet, to take

individual bronze and team gold medals

at the FEI European Eventing

Championships in Avenches,

Switzerland. The call up achieved a

rare feat for Sarah, whose last European

team appearance in 2015 was with

Carouet’s dam, Lilly Corrine (Lovis

Corinth). The 15.2hh Carouet, known as

Elfie, was Lilly’s first offspring and was

born by embryo transfer, by Balou Du

Rouet who also sired Sarah’s prolific 5*

campaigner, Reve Du Rouet.

“He thinks he’s 18.2hh and has a huge

stride,” Sarah told Horse & Hound. “


You just have to remember before you

leap off as if you’re on a big one and

smack your feet on the floor!

Carouet graduated through the British

Breeding Futurity evaluations, earning an

Elite score as a foal in 2011.

“Elfie always had such presence – he

was a confident, cocky little devil, very

sure of himself. But all Lilly’s offspring

have been lovely to back and break

in. I think it helps they spend their early

days in a field next to the school, so they

watch and learn.

Sarah Bullimore on Carouet

Proud to Support British Breeding

The Ultimate Guide to Licensed,

Graded & Approved Stallions

Sponsored by

Supported by

Available Now in Print,

Online & Mobile

Pick up at the Stallion & other major events, Vet prac tices,

mailed to British breeders & available online at:


News - British Breeding Success

“At the time I was starting him, I was

looking for other horses for owners too.

I looked at hundreds and kept coming

back and seeing him on the lunge or

long-reining and thinking there was

nothing out there even half as good as

this. He might be a couple of inches

smaller than most, but the quality has

always been there.”

Boyd Martin riding On Cue

Corouet was a reserve nominated entry

for the Tokyo Olympics earlier this year

and his recent results include third in

the CCI4*-L at Burnham Market last

autumn, sixth in the CCI4*-L at Bicton

Horse Trials this June and second in the

CCI4*-S at Burgham.

Ros Canter has had a great season with

Lordships Graffalo, by Grafenstolz out

of Cornish Queen (Rock King). Bred by

the Lordships Stud at Writtle University,

Graffalo earned a high Gold score in

the Futurity as both a foal and when he

returned as a 2 year old.

Now owned by Michele Saul, Lordships

Graffalo, known as Walter, has been

with Ros since he was a 3 year old and

is quite a character. In May last year,

Ros told her facebook fans that Walter is

the yard clown.

“[He is] completely unique! This boy

is an entertainer. Apart from loving his

sleep, he is a practical joker and makes

us laugh! I always say that if the world

was ending, Walter would be the last

man standing. However, he is also

extremely talented and is a beautiful

model of an event horse. Pretty in the

dressage, fast and brave cross country

and careful and scopey SJ. I can’t wait

to step him up to 4 star!”

William Fox-Pitt riding Grafennacht

She achieved this in September 2020

when the pair finished second in the

CSI-S 4* for 8/9 year olds at Burnham

Market, and have gone on to achieve

top 3 placing at 4* this year. Their top

results for 2021 include 2nd

Blenheim CCI4*-L (double clear), 1st

Blair CCI4*-S (double clear), 3rd

Somerford (2) OI (double clear), 2nd

Bicton CCI4*-L (double clear) and 1st

Aston-le-Walls (2) CCI4*-S (double


“He’s the nicest horse I’ve ever ridden

cross-country because he goes as fast

as you want him to go and when you

sit up he slows down in balance,” Ros

told Horse & Hound after her copybook

cross country round at Blenheim. “He

was on it today – he didn’t bat an eyelid

at the people, and made it feel easy

which is exciting”.


News - British Breeding Success

Ros Canter on Lordships Graffalo

Grafennacht as a foal

Pencos Crown Jewel

A half sister and stable mate to

Lordships Graffalo, Pencos Crown Jewel,

by Jumbo out of Cornish Queen is also

achieving success with Ros. Known

as Jasmine, she was bred by Penny

Wallace and gained an Elite Futurity

score as a foal in 2009 and consistent

high gold scores as a yearling, 2 and 3

year old. Owner, Annie Makin, bought

her at 6 months old, and took the risk of

having two ETs from her before she was

backed because she thought she was

something special. Pencos Crown Jewel

was 7th and the Best British bred in a

58 strong class at Osberton 5 year old

championships. Now owned by Annie

and Kate James, she has crept up the

levels and made her 5* debut at Bicton

in September, delighting all her

connections to finish 4th.

Maryland 5* winner, On Cue, ridden

by Boyd Martin, is British bred by Alyse

Clancey and her daughter Jolyse

Bell-Syer. Alyse developed the ‘On

Horses’ breeding programme, which

started with Augermist, a mare by the

Hannovarian, Augermann, out of a TB

mare, Gay Emma (St Elmo). Purchased

with potential for dressage, the mare’s

talent was in crossing the country and

she went on to complete Badminton, and

Burghley 4* Event clear three times.

On Cue, by the Selle Franacais

showjumping stallion, Cabri D’ Elle, out

of On High, by Primitive Rising, is the

great granddaughter of Augermist. Born

in 2006, On Cue graded First Premium

with BEF Futurity in 2007 with 8.26 / 10

Eventing and 8.16 / 10 in Show

Jumping. As a Yearling she had two

outings in-hand showing, standing

second in the Bramham Young Event

Horse Class, ad third in the Hunter Class

Great Yorkshire Show. Cue was just out

of the top ten at the Burghley Young

Event Horse Finals in 2011 after doing a

lovely test, and jumping clear.

With Four Event outings in 2011 and

three outings 2012, she was competing

at novice level and proving to be bold

and honest, and consistently good in all


On Cue was sold to Sinead Halpin in the

USA and won their first event across the

pond in 2012. Boyd Martin took over

the ride in 2019 and the combination

had success through the levels, finishing

4th at the Land Rover Kentucky CCI5*-L

in April and winning the USEA AEC

$60,000 ACH in August. Their

Maryland 5* win made history,

breaking a 13 year drought since an

American has stood on top of the

podium at a 5* event.

William Fox-Pitt rode the “super-easy”

mare, Grafennacht, to second place at

the Boekelo CCI4*-L in the

Netherlands, leading the way for the

British team to secure victory in the

final leg of the FEI Eventing Nations

Cup. Amanda Gould’s 9 year old, by

Grafenstolz out of Nachtingall (Narew),

was bred by Susan Eggleton, who rode

the dam to 13 BE wins up to Intermediate

level. Scoring 8.97 at the Futurity as a

foal, Grafennacht was graded elite as

a yearling, a rare accolade at that age.

Grafennach started competing with Tom

Jackson in 2016, winning the 4 year old

Young Event Horse class at West Wilts

and the 5 year old Young Event Horse at

Great Witchingham the following year.

William Fox-Pitt took the ride in 2018

and the pair made their 4* debut with

a double clear at Burgham CCI-S 4* in


At Bicton in June, William Fox-Pitt’s

dressage test on nine-year-old

Graffenacht was one of the best of the

afternoon performances in the CCI4*-L,

earning him 30.4 for 11th place overnight.

William told H&H, “Graffenacht is

probably the best mare I’ve had, though

I’ve ridden lots of lovely mares.

I think she’s the real deal,” said William.

“She’s a doer, she just says, ‘Get on with

it’. She’s quite a hardy thing, she has

her own opinions, but she has a lovely


Grafennacht missed Blenheim when a

blood test revealed she was not 100%.

Speaking of their performance at

Boekelo, William told Horse & Hound,

“She’s a super-easy mare – anyone

could ride her – and she ran really well.

Grafennacht’s owner, Amanda, has

American connections, so the plan is for

her to head to Kentucky three-day event

in the spring, which will be exciting.”


British Breeding - Futurity Report

New talent shines at BB Baileys

Horse Feeds Futurity 2021

HS Blue Too - Tracy Kidd Photography

Following a year of uncertainty

and the successful adaptation

of the Futurity series to a virtual

series in 2020, it was good to

get out and about, see some

familiar faces and some new

comers, and enjoy watching

a host of lovely British bred

young horses at the Baileys

Horse Feeds Futurity

evaluations held at physical

venues this year. We decided

to run a hybrid version of the

series, with the virtual option

still available for those

unwilling or unable to attend a

physical venue. But there was

an appetite among breeders

to get out to events and entries

were strong at all venues.

Team of Evaluators:

Richmond: Katy Holder-Vale, Les Smith;

Hothorpe: Katy Holder-Vale, Carron

Nicol, Darrel Scaife; Writtle: Katy

Holder-Vale, Debbie Edmundson, Zoe

Warren; Exeter: Lesley Peyton Gilbert,

Charles Upham, Carron Nicol;

Catherston: Lesley Peyton Gilbert, David

Trott, Vets: James Crabtree (Richmond),

Jane Nixon (Hothorpe, Catherston),

Olwen Lloyd (Writtle), Liam Kearns


Nutritionists: Liz Bulbrook

Scorers: Anna Lowndes, Lucy Simpson

Richmond EC – 23rd August

Top score of the day went to Sharon

Whiteway’s HSS Blue Too earning 9.025

and an elite premium for showjumping

for his delighted owner. Known as Kelly,

this lovely colt foal is out of Sharon’s

daughter’s competing mare,

Wotherspoon SA (Indorado), who

jumped successfully in Grand Prix and

Six-Bar with Lara Whiteway both at

home and abroad. “She is only 15.1hh,

but she had a huge heart and was

versatile. She jumped 2m10 in a

six-bar competition and then a grand

prix the next day”, said Sharon. “I chose

Chacco Blue II for his brain and his legs,

and to add quality. We definitely got

the legs and I am pleased with the result.

Time will tell if he’s got the brain.”

The top yearling was Bairbre Duncan’s

Trick of the Light, a gelding by the late

Party Trick out of Ringfort Pandora

(Douglas) who was graded into the

SHB(GB) head studbook in 2020. He

scored a 9 for his frame and the

evaluators commented that this yearling

was scopy, very elegant and modern

and showed real potential for eventing.

With an overall score of 8.4 he earned a

gold premium.

Joanne Thomas’s gelding, Larz Robert,

by Landpirol out of SS Roccia (Caritano

Z), was the top two year old, with a

score of 8.65 and a gold premium also

in eventing. Joanne had always wanted

something with Capitol 1 bloodlines,

and when she was offered Roccia she

jumped at the chance. “She was

already in foal to Landpirol and

produced Rubin, who was such a lovely

foal that I decided to go back to the

same stallion”, said Joanne. The plan is

to sell Robert so he can go on to event.

Trick of the Light - Tracy Kidd photography




- E S T 1 9 5 1 -



We were the first in the UK to offer OPU. After the successes of last year (67% of OPU

sessions resulted in one or more embryos) our team of reproduction specialists are ready

to receive your mares.

With OPU/ICSI, the embryo production happens in the lab and this has many advantages:

• Little interruption to competition (single hospital visit)

• No hormonal manipulation of the cycle

• OPU can be performed out of the breeding season

• More efficient use of frozen seme n since a single straw can be

used for multiple OPU sessions

• Embryo production of subfertile mares or stallions

• Embryos are frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen and

transferred at the desired moment



after OPU

For information, please contact us at:





01903 883050

Facebook: Sussex Equine Hospital

Billingshurst Road, Ashington, West Sussex RH20 3BB



British Breeding - Futurity Report

Two lovely three year olds on equal

score shared the top spot for this age

group. Fein Crusador, by Feinrich out

of a Lauries Crusador mare earned a

score of 8.275 for dressage for Fiona

Casswell and Oliver Gibney’s Olistar’s

Big Dream, by Big Star out of Viselia

(Andiamo), scored 8.275 for

showjumping, both taking a gold

premium. Oliver started breeding when

he was 15 and lost his foundation mare

last year after 25 years.

“I have two mares at home

now, and I try to choose

stallions that will improve

my stock year after year. I

thought Big Star would really

compliment my mare who

is quite old fashioned, and I

managed to breed something

really modern in Big Dream”,

Larz Robert - Tracy Kidd photography

explained Oliver, who also runs a

microchip business and a hair salon.

“I’m a hobby breeder really!” he says.

Olistar’s Big Dream went on to achieve

the top price at the Futurity Elite Auction.

Oriana Ashbank, a two year old filly by

For Ferrero out of a Gribaldi mare took

the top dressage score, earning 8.6 for a

gold premium for owner Vince Boorman.

She impressed the evaluators with lots of

quality, power and good balance.

Fein Crusador - Tracy Kidd photography

Olistar’s Big Dream - Photo Horsepower Creative

Sannabays Love Potion - Tracy Kidd photography

The top dressage foal was Sannabays

Love Potion, by Lestingdale VS out of a

Benvenuto mare, with a score of 8.4 and

a gold premium for Lauren Piercy and

Sannabays Sport Horses. The evaluators

commented on good cadence and lift in

the trot. DMS Duchess of Deerleap, by

Duke of Deerleap out of Trefddyn Coco

Chanel (LC Arctic Prince) was the highest

scoring dressage yearling for owner,

Keyrah Brown.


Oriana Ashbank - Tracy Kidd photography

British Breeding - Futurity Report

Beaumont Watteau

Hothorpe – 24th August

A large turnout at the British

Showjumping National Training

Centre saw youngsters of excellent

quality throughout the day and four

coveted elite premiums were awarded.

The top score of the day went to Rachel

Crook’s impeccably bred colt foal,

Beaumont Watteau. This lovely bay

colt scored 9.1 and an Elite premium for

dressage. The evaluators commented

that this was a well developed foal with

nice topline and good suspension and

rhythm in trot.

Rachel Crook who has been a successful

Futurity breeder for many year, is proud

of this charming colt:

“I was delighted that Beaumont

Watteau did so well at the Futurity. He is

by Wavavoom out of my Elite

Hanoverian mare Delta Lady (Don

Frederico x Imperio) and like all

Wavavoom’s foals, he has an

exceptional temperament and paces

and should do well in his future career

in dressage. His dam was also bred by

Lynne Crowden and there is a wealth of

world class horses in this mare line. He is

for sale to a good dressage home.”

The Woodlander connection continues

with Woodlander Sequoia who was the

top three year old with a score of 9.025

and an Elite premium for dressage. This

impressive black colt, by Secret out of

an Impario mare, made his debut at the

2021 British Breeding Virtual Stallion

Event, and impressed the Futurity

evaluators with his power, presence and

big ground cover in his paces.

Sequoia’s success at the Futurity was

a nice surprise for his breeder, Lynne


“It was a bit of a surprise that Sequoia

came top in his group among such

strong entries. He was still such a big

and unfinished three year old but with

three very good paces. He descends

from a historic Woodlander Trakehner

favourite mare family which brought us

Grand Prix mare Woodlander Donna

Summer. He is WBS-UK licensed and

will be at stud again this year.”

An Elite premium score of 9.025 also

went to the lovely sports pony foal,

Gorsebrook Hot Totty. This filly, owned

and bred by Sally Hibbert, is by Pennal

The Great out of Rafthouse Gee Tee

(Mossrose Triumphant). This gorgeous

foal also graded gold with the SPSS and

became Joint Reserve Supreme

Champion of the 2021 SPSS Season.

Sally Hibbert is pleased with the result

of using a Welsh Section D stallion to

produce a sports pony:

“I knew from the day Totty was born I

was going to have a very confident little

filly. My choice to use a Welsh Section D

primarily was conformation purposes.

By using Pennel The Great, he has given

me something slightly more compact, a

fraction more bone, I still have a lovely

length of rein, clean lines through the

gullet, great movement through the

shoulders and a slightly neater head and


Woodlander Sequoia photo credit Horsepower Creative

I've always loved Section D's. They are

such versatile ponies and are so badly

overlooked when it comes to breeding

part breds. I'm incredibly excited for

Totty's future. The Dam is back in foal

to Pennel and is expected to foal late

Spring 2022.”

Gorsebrook Hot Totty


British Breeding - Futurity Report

Sarah Blackshaw’s Grand Cru earned

an Elite Premium with a score of 9 for

dressage. This beautiful buckskin colt is

by the multi-disciplined, Legrand, out of

a Quadroneur mare.

Sarah is delighted with her Futurity result:

“We felt very lucky to have bred Grande

Cru this year and bringing him for

evaluation at Hothorpe Futurity this year

was the ‘ icing on the cake’, so to speak,

as it confirmed how we felt about him.

“He has progressed well and we hope

will be destined for a bright future. It was

a hard decision for me to advertise him

as I felt he should have the opportunity

to remain entire . It was then a close

call on whether he would be going to a

wonderful home in America or go to a

new home in Wales as one of Mrs Erin

Rheanne Hornsey first potential Stallions.

We very much hope that Grande Cru,

aka ‘ Casper’, will be one of her foundation

stallions for her new Stud Farm in

Wales and wish her all the best. Casper

seems very settled with his new friends

and we look forward to hearing how he

progresses over the coming years.”

In another great result for Woodlander

Stud, Woodlander Feinster Prinz, by For

Emotion out of Woodlander

Dornroschen (Dimaggio), was the

top two-year-olds, with a high Gold

premium score of 8.85. Since his Futurity

Evaluation, Feinster Prinz has passed his

WBS-UK stallion licensing and Lynne

and her team are looking forward to his


“I am so thrilled with this result. He is full

brother to the Oldenburg licensed

stallion For Kingdom and will now

hopefully follow in his footsteps. He

was Champion Stallion at licensing

with WBS-UK. He is also half brother

to Woodlander Farouche through his

amazing dam Woodlander


Katie Harvey’s Pinkys Sweet Victory

was the highest scoring yearling at this

venue, earning 8.105 for a gold premium

in eventing. A buckskin gelding by

Amoureux, out of Brackenspa Pandora,

the damsire is Crown’s Wonder Pearl,

a cremello Danish Warmblood stallion

that carries two dilution genes, hence all

foals from solid-coloured mares will be

palomino or buckskin.

Katie tells us a bit more about this lovely


“I bred him because I loved his mum

so much, she was my heart horse. He

was my second foal from my mare and

I couldn’t be happier. He’s got a lovely

stamp to him with a decent amount of

Grande Cru - Photo Kate Simpson

bone but he is also so light on his feet,

he just floats. Combined with his cheeky

personality and very clever brain, I think

he will excel at anything we put our

minds to. At only 4 months old he would

pop over a 5 bar gate for fun!! Having

only ever bred one foal before him I can

honestly say it’s the most amazing

Woodlander Feinster Prinz - Photo Tanja Davies

Pinky's Sweet Victory - Photo Kate Simpson

experience I’ve had. Taking part in the

British breeding futurity has been

incredible, the vets and the evaluators

feedback really has been wonderful.

Pinky’s Sweet Victory means so much to

me and I can’t wait to see what the future

brings for us.”


British Breeding - Futurity Report

Writtle University – 25th August

Another busy day for evaluators at the

popular Writtle University venue.

Myspires Glamour Girl took the top

score of the day with an Elite premium

score of 9.25 for Dressage. This super

filly foal, by Glamourdale out of a

Sandro Hit mare, was bred by Lianne

Verity at Myspires Stud. “I bought the

mare, Veronica, in 2014 because I have

always loved Sandro Hit from my early

years of research and she is exactly what

I wanted. Glamourdale is one of the top

dressage stallions, but I felt he would

really suit the mare and give me

something special. From day one the

quality was there, she was strong, very

friendly and inquisitive, and she has

lovely markings, pure black with a white

star – you can’t order that!”, said Lianne,

who sold the filly at one month to Jenny

Lyon, who also owns the filly’s maternal

brother, Myspires Fider Hit. “I am

extremely proud to get an elite for

dressage – this is such a strong section

with the larger studs”, added Lianne.

An Elite premium also went to Isabella

Furno’s filly foal, Nemesis Redemption,

with a score of 9.025 for dressage. This

filly is by D’Avie out of a Spirit of the Age

Old mare. This venue proved successful

for Lianne Verity, who took a second

Elite premium with Myspires Emilgo Pro.

By Comilfo Plus Z, out of a Cum Laude Z

mare, this colt foal scored 9 for


Myspires Glamour Girl - All photos by Tanja Davis


The top two year old was Ravello,

owned and bred by Liz Ball at

Bramble Stud. The colt, by Revolution out

of Limoncello (Londonderry), earned a

Gold premium for dressage with a score

of 8.775.

Bramble Stud also bred the highest

scoring yearling, Solitaire, by So Unique

out of the same Londonderry mare. With

a Gold premium score of 8.525 for

eventing, this mare is proving versatile

for the stud.


Nixi, owned by Claire Moore and bred

by Martin Schleicher, was the top 3

year old, with a score of 8.5 and a Gold

premium for dressage. This lovely bright

bay filly by Formidable is out of Ulysca

(United) who also has Gribaldi on the

dam side.

Nemisis Redemption



British Breeding - Futurity Report

Glebe Farm, Exeter

26th August

Dressage rider, Sammie Gualtieri,

welcomed the Futurity evaluations to

her lovely yard at Glebe Farm on 26th

August, where another outstanding entry

of quality youngsters were evaluated by

Lesley Peyton Gilbert, Caron Nicol and

Charles Upham.

The top score of the day went to Kate

Day’s colt foal, Mid-Summer

Masterpiece, who earned an Elite

premium for eventing with a score of

9.265. By Donthargos, a premium

Oldenburg stallion that was considered

the free jumping sensation the

Oldenburg licencing in 2019, out of

Ephesians Proverb, a Kings Master mare

who also has Contender in her damline.

The evaluators commented on the foal’s

lovely length of rein, good saddle

position, length of stride and motivation.

Kate was having an excellent day as

she also bred and presented the highest

scoring yearling of the day, Master

Colorado, out of the same mare. By

Diacontinus, this bay colt scored 8.85 for

a high Gold premium in eventing.

Baron Jack was the top three year old

of the day, earning an Elite premium for

dressage with a score of 9.075. By

Baron out of Nibeley Charisma’s

Cracker (Union Jack), this striking colt

was bred by Zoe and Hazel Bailey in

Cornwall. Mathew Baker bought him last

Christmas Eve, having been tipped off by


Master Colorado

Baron Jack

Silver Harmony

All photos by Tanja Davis

Roland Tong and Ben St John James,

who he used to ride for at Swanmore

Stud. “I wasn’t actually looking for a

horse, but I spoke to Hazel and went

to see him and that was it”, explained

Mat, who is based at Glebe Farm. Mat

produces some of the liveries at Glebe

Farm and does a lot of teaching as well

as having another competition horse of

his own. He hopes to compete ‘Baz’ as a

5 year old and is aiming for the

international young horse classes. “We

have a few of his relations on the yard,

all bred by Hazel and Zoe, and they

have such lovely temperaments. Baz

took three days to back and then I left

him for two weeks, but I could just hop

on him and ride him round the block.

He is just the easiest young horse I have


Rachael Farley-Claridge had an eventful

trip to the venue after her filly had been

difficult to load, but the trip became

worthwhile when Silver Harmony took

the top two year old score of the day.

By Silver Zenif out of Hallieluja Bey

(Kouvay Bey US), this smart grey roan

scored 8.2 and a Gold premium for

endurance. “I am absolutely delighted”,

she said.

The futurity evaluations are also open

to 4 and 5 year olds to enable them to

qualify for the Equine Bridge. Martina

Marketis brought along her 5 year old

dressage colt, Bonus, by Belisimo M

out of a Lake Street Envoy VII mare,

and completed the ridden and in-hand

assessments to earn an excellent gold

premium with a score of 8.9, and is

qualified for the Equine Bridge in



Mid-Summer Masterpiece

Avant Techno (UK) Ltd


The perfect little helper for any task



British Breeding - Futurity Report

Catherston – 27th August

A popular venue with local breeders,

the day at Catherston attracted another

extremely high quality entry and as

always was quite a family affair with a

welcoming friendly atmosphere for all.

Dr Jane Nixon, who has headed the

veterinary team for the Futurity

evaluations since it’s inception,

commented that the standard was as

high as she had seen. Resident stallion,

Timolin, by Totilas out of Samira (Sion),

sired the top scoring horse in four of

the five age groups and two of the

three additional Elite premium scores

assessed at this venue.

The top scoring foal of the day went to

Sally Bullen’s Borough Tennerpenny.

By Timolin out of a Borough Pennyz

(Cevin Z), this lovely colt scored 9.55

to earn an Elite premium for eventing.

Borough Pennyz is a second generation

home bred mare for Sally, and

jumped into the limelight at the 2012

London Olympics where despite being

one of the youngest horses she finished

11th on a double clear with Vittoria

Panizzon on the Italian team. The pair

enjoyed a successful eventing career

and the mare has now returned to Sally

to breed. “The foal will stay here until

he is weaned, and then we’ll make our

minds up what to do with him. Borough

Pennyz is in foal again to Timolin, which

is great!”, said Sally.

Nyctaeus earned the top yearling

score of 9.1, earning an Elite premium

for eventing for breeders, Daniel and

Rebecca Andrews. Sired by Timolin out

of Dawn Surprise (Don Ricos), this is

the mare’s second foal, and the couple

chose Timolin after seeing him at

Bobbington BE event. “I happened to

be stood next to Jenny Loriston-Clarke

and mentioned that we were

interested in using him”, explained

Rebecca. “Then we were really lucky to

be hands on and helped get him ready

and tack him up which was amazing.

From then, being on that side, we

decided that we definitely wanted to

use him. I think we chose him because

he’s obviously dressage bred but he

can jump so it was nice to have the

options. And Timolin is so lovely and

quiet”, she added. “We’re amateur

breeders really. I don’t want to say we

do it for fun, because it is expensive, but

we have got a nice brood mare and

she seems to throw quite nice young

horses. So we now have one each

and Dan would quite like to event”, she


Nyctaeus - Photo Holdsworth PR

Another Timolin progeny, Catherston

Thriller, was the top scoring two year

old, with a score of 9.025 earning an

Elite premium for dressage. This dark

colt is out of Sweetheart who was

bought by Jennie Loriston Clarke from

Brightwell Sales. “She was doing

really well with my daughter Lizzie

(Murray) who was riding her and

at Prix St Goerge level and working

towards Grand Prix.

Henza Shes On Fire - Quorum Photos

Then she started to go a little bit lame

and looked uncomfortable and when

we eventually had her x-rayed we

found that her neck had been damaged

by a stake. This effectively ended her

ridden career but she has bred some

lovely foals”, explained Jennie. “Thriller

is very nice, he’s still in entire, he’s got

quite a lot of bone and seems to have a

lovely temperament. I suppose I should

sell him really!”


British Breeding - Futurity Report

One horse in particular stood out, the

4 year old Catherston Tuxedo, who

completed the in-hand and ridden

assessment to earn the highest ever

Futurity score of 9.775, an Elite

premium for dressage qualifying him

for the Equine Bridge and catching the

eye of many on the day. The

evaluators gave a perfect 10 for his

frame, which matched the 10 awarded

by the vet for potential, and comments

included super conformation, complete

package correct condition, athletic and

beautifully put together.

Catherston Tuxedo is by Timolin, out of

Catherston Georgia. Jenny

Loriston-Clarke explained, “She has

really interesting breeding because

she’s by an American saddle bred

stallion out of a Hanoverian mare.

The stallion, called Number One Guy,

came here from America for quarantine

and was quite a striking horse – he

was a liver chestnut with a blonde

mane and tail. I asked the owner if I

could use him and they said that was

fine, I could use him on one mare, and

Georgia was the result.

“Tuxedo is very talented like his father.

He is still entire and we might keep him

as we haven’t got that mare anymore

and he is so talented. He also jumps

beautifully and he could do eventing

or dressage but, to me, dressage is

definitely his forte. He’s already doing

changes, he’s just very green in the ring

because he hasn’t been out very much.

He qualified for the NexGen finals and

now we’re going to do dressage over

the winter and do a bit more with him.

He really is a lovely horse, and so easy

to deal with. I will probably get him

graded next year and then breed from

him when he’s 6 years old”, said Jenny.

The lovely young stallion, Upsi Britannia,

was the highest scoring three year old

for Lucinda Fredericks, earning a score

of 8.83 for eventing. He is by Upsilon

out of Little Britannia (Jaguar Mail), who

is the daughter of Lucinda’s prolific

winning eventing mare, Headley

Britannia, who won Badminton,

Burghley and Kentucky three day events

among her many accolades. Upsi will

be kept entire and continue to

develop his eventing career alongside

stud duties.

The 4 year old filly, Catherston

Tarantella, by Timolin out of Accrabella

(Dornekoenig) also earned an Elite

premium for dressage with a score of


In eventing, the colt foal, Tarry Flynn, by

Timolin out of Tayvale Illusion (Balloon),

earned an Elite premium with a score

of 9.075, while two sports ponies also

gained an Elite premium a piece. The

filly foal, Henza She’s On Fire, by FS

Numero Uno out of a Dressman mare,

scored 9.2 for owner and breeder,

Diane Killshaw. Golden Storm, a colt

foal by Hilkens Gold Card out of a Sir

Shutterfly mare, scored 9.025 for

owner and breeder, Carrie Passmore.

The 4 year old filly, Catherston

Tarantella, by Timolin out of Accrabella

(Dornekoenig) also earned an Elite

premium for dressage with a score of


In eventing, the colt foal, Tarry Flynn, by

Timolin out of Tayvale Illusion (Balloon),

earned an Elite premium with a score

of 9.075, while two sports ponies also

gained an Elite premium a piece. The

filly foal, Henza She’s On Fire, by FS

Numero Uno out of a Dressman mare,

scored 9.2 for owner and breeder,

Diane Killshaw. Golden Storm, a colt

foal by Hilkens Gold Card out of a Sir

Shutterfly mare, scored 9.025 for

owner and breeder, Carrie Passmore.

Tarry Flynn - Quorum Photos

Catherston Tuxedo - Photo Holdsworth PR


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report




Stolen Beltara

The 2021 Bailey Horse Feeds British

Breeding Futurity virtual series was

extremely well supported by breeders.

Overall futurity entries this year were

evenly split between those who opted

for physical venues and those who chose

the virtual option, indicating that even as

we are cautiously opening up again for

physical activities, a virtual option will

continue to have a place in future.

Initially implemented out of Covid

necessity, virtual evaluations of foals and

youngsters have become an interesting

tool in making evaluations more

accessible to breeders in remote

locations. In this respect, the Futurity has

been a bit of a trendsetter: since our first

virtual series in 2020, we have seen

virtual evaluation initiatives spring up all

over the globe, with great success!

These new virtual evaluation techniques

have interesting additional benefits to

offer, such as cutting down on the need

to travel young horses, which reduces

stress for owners and horses alike. Virtual

evaluations enable us to use a range of

international evaluators irrespective of

their physical location.

Experience shows that virtual

evaluations are often “stricter” than

physical equivalents, as video footage

allows for a rigorous analysis. Clips can

be slowed down, paused, and

repeated, providing interesting insights

about biomechanics and movement.

Entries in the virtual Futurity have been

taking great care to produce high quality

video footage to the exact specifications

and requirements of the evaluators. The

veterinary evaluations were carried out

by Dr Jane Nixon supported by our

nutritionist experts generously provided

by Baileys Horse Feeds and aided by

Astral Whitfield.

The team of international evaluators

included Hans-Heinrich Brüning from

Germany and Rik van Miert from

Belgium who were supported by our

experienced British evaluators Katie

Holder-Vale and Lesley Peyton-Gilbert.

Says British Breeding Director

Dr Eva-Maria Broomer:

“While it was an absolute pleasure this year to be able to

offer a return to physical evaluations, we still saw a strong

interest in our virtual series. With uncertainties around

Covid not likely to go away for some time, we can see this

continuing strongly in future. Additional benefits, such as

reducing travel and offering greater accessibility, make

virtual evaluations an important part of our future activities.

“Pulling together the Virtual Futurity is an enormous amount

of work, for the breeders who have taken such great care to

produce high quality video footage to our very exact and

demanding specifications, to the team of admin

supporters and evaluators who have worked tirelessly

behind the scenes to complete all the evaluations.

Without everyone’s support, none of this would

have been possible!”


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


Future Guilty Pleasure

Just over 40 eventers completed this

year’s Virtual Futurity evaluations, with

strong entries and good scores achieved

across all ages.

Future Sport Horses continued their

exceptional Futurity record with the top

foal by the breeding sensation Future

Guilty Pleasure. Future Perfect Pleasure

is a charming colt who gained a highly

impressive Gold score of 8.65, the

highest in the Eventing section of the

virtual Futurity across all ages. He is out

of a Herald mare, Future Panache, bred

by Julia herself who told us more about

her breeding operation and bloodlines:

“We have about 7 mares at home,

along with 5 stallions, and we usually

breed around 6/7 foals per year.

“Future Perfect Pleasure is by our stallion

Future Guilty Pleasure who at only 5

years old has already racked up an

astonishing breeding record, including

siring the previous 2 years’ top eventing

Futurity entries, a record which he

continues this year as top eventing

sire of the Virtual futurity! Out of the 8

youngsters by him in this year’s Futurity,

4 are in the top 10 within the Eventing


“We also bred Guilty Pleasure’s mother

Future Guilty Secret and his

grandmother, Future Golddigger, giving

Perfect Pleasure 4 generations of our

own breeding on the top line.

“His mother Future Panache and her

mother Future Golden Glove were also

bred at our stud. Future Golden Glove

is the mother of another of our licensed

stallions, Future Prophecy. This is the first

time we’ve bred from Future Panache.

She is a beautiful looking mare, very

good moving, very athletic and sporty.

Perfect Pleasure is gorgeous, very tall

and leggy, which is a trait shared by all

Future Guilty Pleasure offspring. Future

Panache is currently in foal to Future

Hepsilon who is a squarer, more

powerful jumping model.

Future Hepsilon makes very strong and

powerful foals.

“Future Perfect Pleasure has been sold to

Poland as a Stallion prospect and future

ride for one of the Polish Event Team that

rode at Tokyo, along with the 3rd placed

eventing top scorer Future Idyllic

Pleasure who is the full brother to last

year’s top scorer Future Iconic Pleasure.

If he licenses as a stallion, I would like to

ship semen back to the UK to use in my

breeding programme.

“At only 2 years old, Future Guilty

Pleasure was the top scoring AES

eventing stallion of 2018. I truly believe

that he is a very very rare horse to have

achieved that. He also had the

National Champion Eventer at the Elite

Foals Series (Future Classic Pleasure),

and his maternal sister was 4th (Future

Guilty Liaison). He also had the

Champion Sport Horse Foal at the

National Hunter Show - the most

prestigious Foal Show in the Country.

“He is in training with JP Sheffield and

has been out competing at BS Novice

and Discovery. We are focussing on his

training rather than competing as there’s

plenty of time to be on the circuit over

the next few years.

Brookmist Legitimate Pleasure

Getting the foundations established, so

we are set up for higher level sport is far

more important to me than pot hunting

right now. He could go into any of the

Olympic disciplines, so we will wait to

see which he enjoys the most.

At the moment I’m hoping for Eventing

as that’s where my passions lie, but if

he leans more towards showjumping or

dressage, we will take our direction from

him. I feel utterly privileged to have this

horse in my life, and it’s a huge

responsibility to offer him the best

education I possibly can during his

formative years.”


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report

Future Guilty Pleasure continues his

success as a Futurity Progenitor, with

his son Brookmist Legitimate Pleasure

heading up the Eventing Yearlings with

a Gold score of 8.4. “Dougal” to his

friends was originally bred by Rache

Cook who share her emotional journey

with us:

Myspires Prime Ravante

“I didn't really have a breeding

programme , it was more for fun for both

me and my late partner, with the hope

of a future superstar for me to compete.

Sadly due to my sad circumstances he

had to be sold and the hope of any

other future breeding from the mare were

sadly halted.

“Lady loxinia (lucy) was also a

homebred so the plan was to keep the

line going at the same time as having fun

with some breeding . I produced Lucy

myself and had many seasons eventing

up to Novice, my confidence stopped

her going further. Alongside eventing,

we also competed at British Dressage up

to Elementary and unaffiliated up to

Medium. Sadly a rotational fall put a

stop to her ridden career, as she then

lost her confidence jumping so we had

always said when the mare stops at a

jump, it's for a reason, so we will breed

from her. And that's what happened!

“When we had decided to put her

in foal we went and had a chat with

Bridget Parker, a good friend and a past

employer who has a very good eye for

breeding as well as many other things,

for some advice as she knew the mare

as well. She recommended Future Guilty

Pleasure. We then went to the stallion

show at Addington to meet the stallion

and made our decision: he was the


Sarah Ettridge purchased Dougal and

was a first time entry to the Futurity

evaluations this year and enjoyed the

virtual evaluation experience:

“I'm an amateur event rider running my

land agency alongside coaching and

riding. My other two horses are now

18 and 16 so he'll play out with them

for now and perhaps do some in hand

sports horse classes and then follow

in their eventing tracks when he's old


Among the 2-year-olds, the stand out

entry was Lianne Verity’s Myspires

Prime Ravante, by her own bred stallion

Myspires Revolution out of an Andes

XX mare, achieving a convincing Gold

score of 8.525. Lianne is a very

experienced breeder and longstanding

supporter of the Futurity:

“I found Higgs on a social media advert from Northern Ireland

from where he joined us at weaning. He has been part of our

family ever since. I am still very much in contact with his

breeder Sarah Whiteside who still has his mum and older half


- Kerry Varley

“I was 22 when I put my first mares in

foal in 2008. The following year, two

foals were born. One of those foals is the

sire of the top scoring 2 year old in this

year’s Virtual Futurity Dressage

Evaluations. “I live on a farm and always

had the dream to breed my own

coloured warmbloods. It started with

those two foals and then kind of

escalated into a bit of an addiction. I like

variety so I have got broodmares and

youngsters for every discipline. My goal

is to breed top quality horses in different

colours, and over the years I have

produced a wide range of them.”

“I only have a field at home, no sand

school, so most of the time I don’t see

them properly until the day I bring them

to the Futurity. It’s really hard to evaluate

the movement when you haven’t got an


“All my horses live out together on a big

marsh, mares, foals, and youngstock.

Having them all together in a mixed age

group teaches the youngsters manners

and respect going forward, and

everyone who has had a youngster from

me has said how easy they are to work

with. I think they grow their confidence in

a herd environment.”

“Myspires Prime Ravante’s dam has

mainly been a broodmare. In 2011 she

produced Myspires Heart of Gold, a

coloured stallion by Sambertino who is

licensed with the AES. Her sire Andes

XX, so she’s got a lot of blood in her.

Myspires Prime Ravante is for sale and I

personally think he has got the potential

to be a Stallion Prospect.

“This year I put 8 foals and one 2 year

old through the Futurity this year and

achieved 7 golds and 2 elites which I

am thoroughly pleased with.”

The top scoring Eventing 3yo was the

young stallion Lynara’s Higgs Bozon

(Osmium x Paradiesvogel) whose Gold

score of 8.61 also qualifies him for the

British Breeding Equine Bridge

programme in future.


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report

Lynara’s Higgs Bozon

“I had lost my 5star horse 7 weeks

before my daughter was born and

wanted to find a horse to follow in his

footsteps and to be a new best friend

to Luke’s life long field buddy Louis

(now retired). I had ridden two horses

by Osmium before and had my

heart set on finding another. Osmium

passed away when Higgs was a

foal, so he is literally one of the last/

youngest Osmium sired horses as no

frozen semen available.

“Higgs has turned out to be smarter

and more talented than we could

ever have imagined, and it was his

temperament combined with his

valuable bloodlines that made us

decide to go down the line of having

him graded as a stallion.

“Henk Minderman from Breeders

Elite came and assessed him in

person and loved his pedigree and

everything about him, so he is now

a licenced stallion and has two foals

due in 2022, one of which is related

to Oliver Townends Olympic horse

Ballagmor Class.

“Higgs took part in Futurity as a

yearling scoring 8.75. It was great to

be able to take part in virtual

evaluations as I have two small

children and I could get Higgs’ videos

done while they sat on the sidelines

rather than having to take the whole

family in the lorry to a show venue on

a day out.

“I plan to produce him slowly. As he

finds everything so easy, it would be

very easy to ask too much of him.

I’m hoping to aim him at a Nexgen

class in both eventing and dressage

and also at BD young horse classes

alongside his stud duties.

“He is the kindest, most affectionate

horse you could ever meet and has

grown up with my two little children.

He has been allowed to be a horse

since day one and lives out 24/7.

Ultimately, he is a family member

and I hope he takes us on some great


“He has the talent, brain and heart

to go to the top, so I’m very excited

about what the future holds. I still get

goosebumps every time I watch him

trot across the field towards me.”

You can follow Higgs on



British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


The showjumping section of the virtual

attracted over 40 entries, just over half

of which achieved a gold score, showing

that the quality of showjumping stock

coming forward is becoming stronger

and stronger, largely thanks to breeders

focusing more on the quality of their

broodmares and investing in excellent

motherlines. The consistency of quality

that comes from using a good motherline

was illustrated by the fact that two of

the age group top scorers, the leading

yearling and leading 4yo in this section

came out of the same mare!

One key difference between the Futurity

evaluation and some other foal

assessments or shows is that the canter is

a vital part of the process in recognition

of the fact that this is a key gait to

determine the future potential of a

showjumping foal or youngster. We

have adjusted the weighting of the

marks to ensure that in showjumpers,

conformation and canter are weighted

twice as much as walk and trot, with the

veterinary evaluation staying the same

at 20%.

The leading entry in the Showjumping

section was by the up-and-coming

young stallion Chrysler Key SR who very

much impressed at last year’s British

Breeding stallions webinar. Lorenzo CK

achieved a solid gold score of 8.8. The

evaluators particularly remarked on his

powerful and ground covering canter

and excellent saddle position.

Lorenzo CK is from the first crop of

Chrysler Key, all of whose Futurity

progeny gained gold scores. Carron

Nicol tells us more about the young


“Chrysler Key has everything going for

him, good looks, class, quality, super

movement and an athletic, careful jump

with an abundance of scope and speed

making him the ultimate sports

model. He has super bloodlines. He is by

Comme il Faut who is ridden by Marchus

Ehning . This great stallion has won over

1.6million euros. Comme il Faut’s mother

is Ratina Z the most successful mare of

all time, winning double Olympic gold

medals (1992 and 1996, and the World

Cup of 1993. She Won World Cup

Finals, the European Championships,

the Grand Prix of Aachen, individual

Olympic Silver, double Olympic Team

Gold, Team Gold at the WEG and the

list goes on.

“Chrysler Keys’s mother line is also very

impressive, his Grandmother


Lorenzo CK

Renaissance is also the Grandmother

of Verdi, Olympic medal winner and

winner of 2.9 million euros under Mikael

Van de Vleuten.

“Chrysler has a lovely temperament and

attitude; he loves to work and jump, and

we have very high hopes for him in the

future He covered a select number of

mares in 2020 whose foals are due this

year including two of our own

Showjumpers whose embryos we

implanted into surrogate mothers.


“We are delighted with his first crop of

foals who all have lovely, athletic

conformation and excellent movement.

Lorenzo’s mother, Dakota, jumped to

1.40m level as a 7yo before being sold.

Her motherline is outstanding. She is half

sister to the BWP approved Grand Prix

stallion Nanking van de Donkhoeve.

Another half sister, Imperatrice van de

Donkhoeve, was successful

internationally at 1.45m level.”

British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report

Among the yearlings, the leading entry

was Cadenza, a filly by Carridam out

of an Argentinus mare who also had

the top scoring showjumping 4yo!

Cadenza achieved a score of 8.15 with

consistently good marks across all


Falanta Mother of Showjumping

3yo Moneypenny

We caught up with her breeder, Tim


“We have just the one mare, Aloof JX,

who has now produced 5 daughters.

She is by Argentinus out of a Pinnochio

mare and was bred by Jane Maxwell,

who bred a lot of very good horses.

The mare is an old fashioned, charming

type with lovely breeding and very

straight forward.

“She comes from a very strong and

proven mother line. Her maternal

brother Rubiroso JX has competed

internationally up to 1.45m under the

saddle of Keith Shore. The line goes

back to the Westphalian mare Romy

who produced countless successful

show jumpers, including Evelyn Beyer's

mare Calimba de Luna, who is

grandmother to the 5* Eventer

Scuderia 1918 A Best Friend and Tina

Yates's 1.50m jumper Interactive

Mortgage who is now competing with

Jonas Vervoort.

“Cadenza was bred for showjumping,

but we have tried to be versatile by

paying attention to good movement

and conformation. We chose Carridam

because he has a fantastic

temperament, is scopey and

complemented the mare. We think this

cross has worked well, and Cadenza

has been maturing very well over the

winter months. She is probably going

to be the sharpest of the 4 I have bred

from the mare.

“We are in the privileged position of

not having to sell Cadenza, but she

would be for sale to the right person.

The plan is to produce her and get out

to some shows and sell her that way –

it is the way I have always done it.

“We also have a nice 3yo by Amilio

Sanchez – but we simply ran out of

time to put her forward for the Futurity!

For next year, she is in foal to Friedrich

der Große”

Tim produces the youngsters himself

and is currently working on a 5yo

daughter of Aloof JX by Rhodium, with

the help of the dressage rider Gareth

Hughes. Rose Gold completed her

Futurity evaluation at Richmond and

achieved a gold score of 8.073,

qualifying her for the Equine Bridge.

The leading entry of the 2yo section

was Ninelle who achieved a Silver

score of 7.53. Her breeder, Stacey

Cook, told us more about her lovely


“I only have a very small breeding

programme, with just one broodmare

who is now retired from breeding,

Ninelle was her last foal. I have mainly

bred just for myself, although I have

had to sell a couple along the way. My

first foal was born in 2008 and have

bred just 5 in total, 4 of them out of

Ninelle’s mother Ninon d’Elle.

“I’ve had Ninon d’Elle for 16 years, she

is a Selle Francais mare and she

successfully competed up to 1.30m

including winning the 5year old Grand

Prix at Arena Uk back in 2006, before

an injury cut her career short. She has

got a fabulous temperament and she

had so much potential to go on to even

bigger things, she does seem to pass

on her talent and temperament to her


“We chose Pankake mainly based on

his breeding, I used to own a mare very

similarly bred to him who I just adored,

and after speaking with his owner

about his temperament too, decided he

may complement our mare.

“I plan to keep and compete Ninelle

myself, as I have also done with her

half sister, maybe one day I will use her

to breed from, too.”

The top scoring 3yo was Moneypenny,

a daughter of Golden Eye out of a

Classe VDL mare who gained a Gold

score of 8.2, qualifying her for the

Equine Bridge programme. She is a

very attractive and elegant young mare

with a big jump.

Golden Eye was bred by Carron Nicol

and is now competing internationally

with Harry Charles. He is by Carron’s

own stallion Fantaland whom she

competed at Grand Prix level.

Carron tells us a little more about

Moneypenny’s dam:

“Moneypenny’s mother, Falanta, was

jumped to 1.40m level before being

used as a Broodmare. She is by the

Chin Chin son Classe VDL out of a

Corofino mare. Her half brother

Boyscout also jumped well and

competed up to 1.45m. The direct

motherline produced the international

1.50m stallion Casanova Z and further

back the 1.60m horses Onisha, Colino

and Countdown.

“Moneypenny has just been

backed and is showing a super

jump under saddle and will

start shows in the spring.

I am delighted that she also

qualified for the Equine Bridge

programme in future."

Carron Nicol


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


The top scoring entry of the 4-year-olds was Vallee

d’Or, a half sister of our leading yearling, by

Viscount 22. This lovely young mare bed by Tim

Baty achieved a Gold score of 8.18, which qualifies

her for the Equine Bridge programme.

Viscount 22 finished the 2011 Hanoverian Stallion

Licensing as the most expensive jumping stallion.

At his 70 day performance test in Adelheidsdorf in

2012, he achieved a jumping index of 138 jumping

and interestingly a relatively high dressage index

of 126. His highlights were the cross country (9.25)

and temperament (9), with high marks for his jump,

his trot and his canter.

In Vallee d'Or we can see those attributes,

particularly in her very positive work ethic and

excellent temperament.

The evaluators remarked that this young mare shows

a lot of presence and a lovely, forward thinking

attitude. She was selected for the Futurity Elite

Auction where she attracted some very strong bids,

but in the end, the breeders decided to keep her

and produce her themselves, as she has been such

a pleasure to deal with.

Vallee D’Or - Photo Horsepower Creative


“I started breeding

warmbloods in 1990 and I

bred thoroughbreds before

that. I think I bred the first horse

in about 1982/83 when I

was 32/33, so I have now

been doing this for around

40 years. In my dayjob, I am

a headhunter and have been

since 1979.

I currently own 6 or 7

broodmares for myself and

have a further 2 or 3 mares

in partnership. All come from

exceptional motherlines.

For Your Love is a really

special State Premium mare.

She is the half-sister to

Wavavoom, and comes from a

wonderful state premium mare

called Louisiana, whose

mother, by Davignon, I bought

as a rising 3 year old in foal."

- Lynne Crowden

Woodlander Infinity - Photo Horsepower Creative

This year’s virtual dressage section was

the strongest attended out of all

virtual Futurity categories with well over

70 entries successfully completing the

evaluation. As always, we saw a very

interesting spread of offspring from

British based stallions and stallions from

abroad. The overall top entry in the

Virtual Futurity series with an excellent

Elite score of 9.15 came from

Woodlander Stud with Woodlander

Infinity, a beautiful filly by In My Mind

out of the For Compliment daughter For

Your Love. “For Your Love is a really

special State Premium mare. She is the

half-sister to Wavavoom, and comes

from a wonderful state premium mare

called Louisiana, whose mother, by

Davignon, I bought as a rising 3 year

old in foal.


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report

“For Your Love is by For Compliment,

that year I bred 3 mares to him. She was

a fantastic foal and we were offered a

lot of money for her by a big German

producer. We bought her back to the UK

as a yearling and did our first embryo

transfer with her as a 3 year old. She

then returned to Germany to do her

mare performance test and some

competitions. Another of her foals was

Wild Love, by Wild Child, whom we

sold for 6 figures in Germany as a 5yo.

He went on to have the highest dressage

score in his stallion performance test in


“I chose the stallion In My Mind,

because I fell in love with him at his

stallion licensing. He is by Ibiza, another

stallion I love and have used, out of a

Fidermark mare, allowing me to cross

breed with the F-line. In my Mind is a

really strong, powerful horse. We like to

breed horses that have the potential to

compete at the highest level. They need

to be strong if they’re going to go on, I

think we now have 7/8 Grand Prix

horses. For me, strength is the most

important aspect. If they are strong and

rideable, they can take training.

“Woodlander Infinity represents

generations of Woodlander breeding,

from our totally consistent Westfalian

foundation mare line that has so far

produced internationally licensed

stallions. I am thrilled with the result.”

In the 2yo dressage category, it is a

pleasure to introduce two charming

youngsters who tied for top score.

King Frank is a charming colt by

Incognito out of a Ferro mare. He scored

7.875 in his Futurity evaluation and

made a very good impression with his

beautiful conformation and active walk.

His breeder Jackie Harvey-Knight told

us a bit more about him:

“As a vet, but a new breeder, at times

this year I’ve felt a little out of my depth.

All the people involved with the British

Breeding Futurity have been so lovely

and helpful. I am currently launching a

new breeding venture (JHK EQUINE) as

I am passionate about breeding quality.

“Having evented for over 25 years, I

find bloodlines so interesting and

incorporating world class pedigrees

from across the disciplines paramount to

injecting true class into our offspring. I

am eager and excited to showcase my

future foals and youngsters as I believe

the Futurities (both at venues and virtual)

offer British Breeders a wonderful

opportunity to highlight and raise

awareness of exceptional bloodlines

and to encourage breeders throughout

the UK and beyond to strive continually

for quality.”

KL Matchsticks also scored 7.875 in his

Futurity evaluation, with very positive

remarks for his conformation and

veterinary evaluation. He is by the British

stallion K L Mac out of a Damon Hill

Mare. His breeder OIivia Sealey tells us


“KL Matchsticks’s stable name is

Crunchie. He was actually home bred

here at Kington Langley Stud. We are an

established show jumping stud, but since

I have come along, we have begun to

move into dressage breeding, too.

“Kington Langley Stud’s owner bred

Crunchie’s sire, K L Mac. We chose to

use him on our dressage mare Pioneer

Rosie, who competed to Grand Prix. She

is a proper old fashioned Dutch

warmblood mare and a lovely, lovely

horse. Crunchie was her second foal.

She is now 15 and we were lucky to buy

her 4 years ago due to her sustaining a

career ending injury. She can be a little

bit sharp and hot, so K L Mac with his

really nice temperament complimented

KL Matchsticks - Photo Bethan Rose Bailey

her very well.

King Frank

“Crunchie is everyone’s favorite, if you

walk across the field, he comes across

to greet you. All of K L Mac’s offspring

have really friendly natures and lovely

character. Crunchie is growing fast in the

field, so in another 2 years he will start

ridden work. We’ve kept him entire, and

we will break him in as a 3yo and assess

him. I would like to produce him as a

4yo old and we’ll just see how we get

on. His movement is incredible, he has

a fantastic trot, and I am excited to do

some young horse classes with him.

“We currently breed about 10 of our

own per year, and we also take in mares

for other people, breeding up to 40

mares each season. We also do quite a

few stallion collections, collecting up to

13 stallions every season from walk-ins

and we have a few residents here. We

actually own Veni Vidi Vici V, a chestnut

stallion by Heartbreaker. He’s breeding

quite a few top jumpers. We do all sorts

of disciplines. That’s what’s really nice

about K L MAC, he goes on quite a few

eventers, dressage mares, and jumpers,

so a bit of all round.”


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


In the 2yo section, the top scoring entry

was Michelle Dawson’s filly Stolen

Beltara by Belissimo M out of a

Rousseau mare who gained a lovely

Gold score of 8.375.

Michelle, who in her day job is an

anesthetist, is a passionate small


“I’m a small breeder of dressage horses

who prioritises temperament and

trainability. Stolen Beltara is by

Belissimo, an international GP stallion

known for his wonderful temperament.

“I have owned Stolen Beltara’s mother

Amira for about 4 years and I’ve just

sold her. I’ve had another foal from her,

by Branduardi. She is by Rousseau out

of a Flemmingh mare. I found her when

I wasn’t looking for another broodmare

but her bloodlines were so good I

couldn’t resist. She is a half sister of the

champion stallion Boston, sire of

champion stallions Borsalino and Bernay

and damsire of Lord Europe. She’s a

very kind mare with beautiful movement.

“Stolen Beltara did well at the futurity as

a foal scoring 9, 9, 8.75 for her paces. I

was delighted to hear she was top 2yo

in the virtual futurity this year. Stolen

Beltara is my second home bred 2yo to

do well at the futurity. The first was Stolen

Secret who was 2nd in 2018. She has

gone on to score 80% at British

Dressage, finish 4th at the Winter

championships and 4th at the

Nexgen 5yo championships with Sonnar

Murray-Brown. She was tipped for the

top by judge and Olympic rider Severo

Jurado Lopez. To have Stolen Beltara

do even better than Stolen Secret is very

exciting, especially as I only breed 2-3

foals a year.

“I’d like to keep Stolen Beltara, have her

trained up to Grand Prix and do embryo

transfers with her in the future. But, like

most breeders, if the right offer came

along, I wouldn’t be able to refuse.”

The 3yo section was led by Seagry

Viceroy who was the only 3yo in the

Virtual series to gain the accolade of

Elite Premium. His score of 9 also

qualifies him for the British Breeding

Equine Bridge Programme.

His breeder Keith Taylor of Seagry Stud

tells us more:

“Seagry Viceroy is a 3 year old embryo

transfer gelding by Vitalis out of our own

bred Premium Hanoverian Mare Seagry

Firstamour by For Romance I. He has an

outstanding temperament and three high

quality paces. His frame and size are

exactly what you would expect from

Vitalis whilst his beauty and active hind

leg are inherited through his dam.

Stolen Beltara

Seagry Viceroy - Photo Keith Taylor

“He is a half brother to Seagry Danita,

the 2020 highest scoring Futurity Elite

3 year old. Viceroy is now backed and

proving to be exceptional under saddle.

His dam, Seagry Firstamour, herself an

embryo transfer and Futurity Elite foal,

was the highest scoring mare at her

BHHS performance test and a high

scoring finalist at the Shearwater YH

finals 2020 and 2021. I have still got

her and she’s currently 7 years old and

has so far had 3 embryo transfers. She’s

schooling at Prix St. George at home

and competing at advanced medium.

She was in 3 different classes at the

Nationals this year.

“Vitalis is a highly sought after stallion,

whom I’d hoped to breed from

previously. I believe he is focusing on his

breeding career having competed up to

small tour himself. He’s bred some really

top stallions himself, such as the famous


“I’ve been breeding for over 14 years

now from our home in North Wiltshire.

We only breed Dressage horses here

and only in small numbers. For the last

6 years, we’ve only really been doing

embryo transfers from this line.

“We have backed Viceroy ourselves,

and he has been absolutely brilliant if

I’m honest. He’s been one of the easiest

if not the easiest I’ve ever had to back.

He’s been really quick, with a fantastic

stable mind, very trusting, sensible type,

really lovely nature. He has been turned

away until the spring and then we’ll

bring him back into work and see how

he goes, probably do some young horse

classes with him.


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report

“I retired from my professional career to

start breeding, having worked for

Diageo as a CEO for 16 years. I’m not

sure I’ll breed horses for much longer,

but it’s lovely to be surrounded by

beautiful horses. But I do have people

that help me including my Stud Rider

Abbey Newbury. She is fantastic with

young horses in particular and was on

the young rider team at the European

Champs a few years ago.”

The top scoring 4yo of the series was a

daughter of Flammengold out of a

Buddenbrock mare. Fenella gained a

Gold score of 8.225, qualifying her for

the Equine Bridge, and was bred at

Hanoverian Stud. The evaluators

remarked on her harmonious

conformation and positive attitude.

Katy Holder-Vale tells us more:

“Fenella’s sire Flammengold is well

known for his successful progeny,

having 4 Grand Prix and numerous up

and coming dressage horses. The dam

Butterfly competed up to Elementary and

has bred 5 foals, of which the oldest was

sold to Germany.

“Fenella has already gained 84 BD

points and has won 14 classes in Prelim

and Novice. She has qualified for the

area festivals and regionals. Last year

she achieved Premiums Mare Candidate


with the Hanoverian Society, with high

marks for her paces, jump and

rideability. She has a charming

character and is happy and brave in

everything she does.”


Ghabar For Pleasure

Britain is truly the home of pony

breeding, illustrated by the

quality and variety of sports

ponies coming forward for

futurity evaluation every year.

Evaluated for a specific target

discipline of dressage,

showjumping or eventing, the

evaluation of pony foals and

youngsters places a strong

emphasis on correctness and the

type of movement that children

are able to ride.

The top scoring pony foal entries were

both by the same sire, Hulst Mando.

Ghabar Mandos Girl is a beautiful filly

with a lot of presence and expressive

movement, earning her a Gold score of


Her breeder Damien Harris tells us a

little more about about her breeding:

“Mando’s Girl’s dam is no other then

the elite state premium mare Greatest

Hit. Before coming to the U.K. she

produced three state premium

daughters who have also gone on to

produce licensed sons and state

premium daughters themselves.

Greatest Hit is also the dam of the

Weser-Ems licensed stallion

Chartstürmer WE.

“Mando’s Girl’s sire is the young

stallion Hulst Mando who in his first

crop of foals sired the elite foal tour

national champion. Every foal this

young stallion has sired has achieved

the prestigious gold premium from the

British futurity.”

ando who in his first crop of foals sired

the elite foal tour national champion.

Every foal this young stallion has sired

has achieved the prestigious gold

premium from the British futurity.”

Ghabar For Pleasure is a colt foal who

gained equal scores with Mandos Girl,

tying for top position for the Virtual

Pony evaluations. He convinced the

evaluators with is particularly elastic

trot. His mother was bred in this country

by Linda Kubik Jones.


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


Damien Harris explains:

“For Pleasure is a very special colt. His dam is out of a very well

bred Sec C mare, and she is by the world champion Morricone,

who needs no introduction and who has produced countless

outstanding dressage horses and licensed stallions. I bought

the mare as a filly because I was very interested in this cross,

crossing top dressage warmblood and pony lines to produce FEI

ponies for the future.

“Hulst Mando who is proving time and time again he can

produce top quality foals to many different types and breeds of

pony mare.”

Among the yearling entries, the top scorer was Rockwood

Classic Beau by Summer Solstice out of a Crossdrum Spurs mare

whose harmonious and correct conformation and gaits earned

him a Gold score of 8.2.

The evaluators noted that he was very well presented and

showed a lovely relaxed and positive attitude with regular,

rideable gaits.

His breeder Charlotte Caple is delighted with the result:

Taraco Casanova

“I am over the moon that Rockwood Classic Beau was the

highest scoring pony yearling. The compliments we received

from the evaluation are a testament to his temperament and

breeding. Owning and having produced both his dam and sire

I look forward to what the future holds for Beau”

The top scoring entry in the 2yo category is Calton Ruby Rose, a

charming coloured filly by Amour G out of a Romany VI mare.

She received a Gold score of 8 and convinced the evaluators

with her lovely conformation and correctness.

Her breeder Catherine Alton tells us more:

‘Calton Ruby Rose is the first pony I have bred. I had the vision

of breeding a versatile athletic pony who would be able to

excel in each discipline. It took me a long time to find a stallion

who has suited my mare Maisey VI, and I am delighted with my

choice, Amour G. I am very pleased with how Ruby is

developing and I am extremely excited for her future career.’

The top entry among the older virtual entries to the Futurity was

Taraco Casanova, a Welsh section D gelding bred at Taraco

Stud by Trevallion Enzo out of a Trevallion Valentino mare. He

gained a very good Silver score of gained a very good Silver

score of 7.88. The evaluators remarked on his expressive trot

and nice presentation. His owners Elizabeth and Catherine

Gandy are proud of what he has achieved so far:

Rockwood Classic Beau

“We are thrilled with this result and the

recognition it gives to the purebred Welsh

Section D as a sports pony. We bought

Taraco Casanova (“Charlie”) as a

two-year-old from his breeder Tara

Coppins of Taraco Stud because of his

similarity in bloodlines to our retired

Section D, who has competed

successfully in dressage. The Virtual

Futurity has been a great opportunity to

obtain such a detailed evaluation of his

potential and the plan is for him to

progress on to a dressage career with us.“

- Elizabeth and Catherine Gandy


Calton Ruby Rose

British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


Vlacq Dizzy Rascal

It is always a pleasure to

welcome endurance entries to

our Futurity evaluations, and

the virtual series has proved

extremely popular with

breeders from across the entire

UK. The great variety of entries

are demonstrating the breadth

and depth of endurance

breeding and the use of

Arabian bloodlines in this

country, which is very

encouraging to see.

The highest scoring entry across all ages

from the virtual and physical series

combined was Vlacq Dizzy Rascal

by Vlacq Zibaq out of Vlacq Sulime

who scored an impressive Elite mark of


We caught up with his breeders, Sue

and Laura Pyke:

“Vlacq Dizzy Rascal is an Anglo Arab

gelded foal and he not only came 3rd

of all 2021 virtual Futurity entries across

all disciplines, he also ranked equal

10th nationally. I'll take that, as a small

breeder doing my own thing on a hill

in North Wales! Dizz looks like a little

horse, he has done from the outset. Yes

he is curly and elastic like all foals, but it

is so easy to see the horse he will be, his

proportions, his balance.

“He is very much the Vlacq recipe,

combining two of our foundation

damlines from over 40 years ago,

with both our TB Premium stallion Hipu

Who (who sired a lot of eventers and

showjumpers) on the damside, and our

Premium Arabian stallion Shah Shadow,

twice on the sire side. He needs no

introduction, having sired Golden

Horseshoe, Red Dragon and plenty

of FEI horses. This makes for a known

quantity in terms of temperament, and

true to form, Dizz is a very happy and

engaging young horse. It also delivers

powerful movement, which we value,

and he doesn't disappoint.

“As a sire, Vlacq Zibaq is proving very

consistent in the exceptional

conformation and disposition of his foals.

We have taken pure, Anglo and

part-bred Arab foals of his to futurity

evaluations; he hasn't many stock on the

ground but they've each scored solid

Golds or higher, only losing marks due

to inexperience really.

“It does make the hard

work worthwhile to have a

panel of experts give

structured assessment of

your stock. The Zibaq stock

are long lined horses, yet

compact and strong over

their backs; they have

wonderful walks, so I'm

certain they will gallop well;

they have several gears of

trot including some very

expressive yet economical

ones and, importantly for

any performance discipline,

but particularly appealing

for anyone looking for a

future international

endurance horse, they canter

well, naturally, and are built

uphill in the frame."


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report


“Dizz's dam is a true stamp of British

first-cross Anglo. A liver chestnut small

riding horse stamp that was my own

riding horse, could jump far better than

I could, and was Reserve National

Champion on her only trip to the AHS

National Champs, as a veteran. Now in

her 20s, her first foal also topped the

futurity rankings for the sport and is

now a strapping three year old colt.

When lockdown first happened I wasn't

hopeful we would get her in foal again

without some veterinary assistance, but

it happened to plan and she is the most

devoted mother. I have repeated the

breeding again.

Gifted Spirit SMB

“Everyone that met Dizz as a foal was

impressed by him, so it was a shame that

there was no futurity venue close enough

to us to take him to, to be assessed. After

roping in much help, borrowing an

arena and enlisting technical support

with a reliable broadband connection,

we filmed (in the wind and rain) and

made sure we had all the angles and

information the panel needed.

“It's a lot of work, in truth, and I suspect

the virtual entrants are watched and

rewatched more closely than their

in-person counterparts. Even if you plan

to go to a venue with your youngster, run

through the checklist for the virtual

evaluations as it helps you, as handler,

to understand what the panel need to

see, and what they are looking for to

make their linear scores come about.

“I'm very happy that whenever we have

had a youngster assessed, they have

scored well, but also that we've had

great feedback on the calibre of the

horses, their preparation and turnout. It

is important to make a good impression,

especially as endurance as a sport is

suffering repeated bad press over recent

years. Anglos are few and far between,

and there are so many Arabs out there

that no longer represent the true riding

type, who simply don't stand up to the

physical or psychological work of

performance disciplines, that it can feel

like there is nowhere to showcase your


“The futurity evaluations gives breeders

large and small another option and

valuable data for the future. Vlacq Stud

will continue to breed the types of horses

that we ourselves would love to ride; I

think that is important. Showring quality

to look at, tried and tested soundness on

both sides of the pedigree,

good-natured horses that will become

partners to their riders.

We joke that Vlacqlings are "distilled,

not cocktailed"; not many studs maintain

their foundation lines, and every

generation is proving to be an

improvement on the last, sometimes in

very small ways, but the aim is always

to set each horse up for the best future it

can have.

“Vlacq Dizzy Rascal will hopefully have

a bright future, whichever sport he is

tested in, but for now he is growing,

learning and being a horse. Breeding is

a long game, and preparing an

endurance horse for the big time is just

as long and winding a road; everyone

involved has a long wait for results in

that sense and it is no surprise that good

breeders have packed up and riders are

experiencing a keen shortage of quality

horses on the market.

“We will hopefully have some more 'Z

foals' to come and will continue to

support the futurity scheme when we


Among the yearling entries, the highest

scoring endurance horse was Gifted

Spirit SMB with a high Silver score of

7.85. Yearlings are always a difficult

age to present and assess, but Gifted

Spirit showed a lovely kind attitude and

much potential. We caught up with his

breeders Sarah and Peter Howard from

SBM Arabians:

“With correct conformation,

clean limbs, superb effortless

movement and a very nice

temperament, he is a son of

the multi-international

champion Wortex Kalliste

( France) who regularly gains

top marks for his movement.

His dam Hadiyya SBM ( by

Psadisho Ibn Esstashan

(Germany )) is a daughter of

Tosca de Forgehill ( France)

who in turn is a granddaughter

of the renowned stallion

Drug ( Russian studbook) who

to this day remains the only

purebred Arabian to have

been both European

racehorse champion and

European halter champion in

2 successive years.”

Sarah and Peter Howard

- SBM Arabians


British Breeding - Virtual Futurity Report

Seren Auros

The highest scoring 2yo of the virtual

series was Seren Auros, a charming

gelding by Dandini out of an Aurilla Gold

mare who achieved a nice Gold score of

8.1 and whom we had already met as a

yearling in the 2020 series. He showed

a lovely positive attitude and covered the

ground very well.

Originally bred at Seren Arabians, he is

owned by Emma Chivers who is

delighted with the result:

“I am over the moon with Mr Darcy's

(Seren Auros) results and Futurity grading.

I am extremely lucky to have this guy in

my life and look forward to our future

together, not only in an endurance and

sports career but as a companion and


In the 3yo category, it was a pleasure to

welcome another horse from the

experienced breeding of Anne Brown in

Gadebrook Blade who achieved the

highest endurance score in this age

group with a Gold mark of 8. The

evaluator noted his harmonious and well

developed frame and correct gaits. This

score also qualifies him for our new

Equine Bridge Endurance scheme, which

for the first time will provide an

opportunity for Futurity endurance

graduates to be presented under saddle.

His owner Susan Hawes is delighted with


“I bought Blade from his breeder, Anne

Brown of the Gadebrook stud, last year

as a potential endurance horse. I really

enjoyed getting him ready for the virtual

Futurity and am sure that the handling

he received will pay dividends when it

comes to backing him later this year. I

understand that British Breeding intend to

provide an equine bridge opportunity for

endurance horses in 2022 and I would

very much like to participate.”

“I am a great believer in the value of the Futurity

scheme as an indicator of true endurance potential.

For example, Blade’s full brother, Kaalif, was the

leading 2 year old and 3 year old in the endurance

section in 2012 and 2013 and went on to win the Arab

Horse Society’s performance horse championships for

endurance in 2019.”

Sausan Hawes

“My other Advanced endurance horse,

Samba B (Sambist / Jazmyn) was

awarded higher first premiums in both

2013 and 2014 and was also the leading

Futurity endurance horse 2yo in 2014.

Both Blade and Samba B are

clearly destined for great things

as their Futurity results


Gadebrook Blade


British Breeding - Auction Report

British Breeding

Futurity Auction

promotes British

bred horses to a

wider audience.

So many British riders are on

foreign-bred horses – why? The

feedback – riders and investors don’t

want to travel the length and breadth

of the country to see one horse, they

wanted to see a range of horses in one

place. The second ever British Breeding

Futurity auction, this year for the first

time organised as a hybrid physical

and online event, brought them together,

with participants from as far afield

as Scotland and Cornwall. Viewers

nationwide could see the foals and

horses in the flesh or by livestream.

All horses in the auction must achieve a

gold score, well above average in ability

and potential and be black type on the

mother line.

The Futurity selection creates a high

level of trust and transparency as all

participating foals and horses

Evelita du Ruisseau Z

have already been assessed by vets,

nutritionists and evaluators from an early

age. They have to tick all the boxes, from

proven pedigrees to solid Futurity

scores, before passing another pre-sale


Says British Breeding director Jane

Skepper: “Our overall vision is for British

riders to compete at Championship level

on British horses and make it easier for

investors to buy British.”

“We had 17 eventers and showjumpers

and 11 dressage horses at the beautiful

facilities of the National Training Centre

– we’ve had a lot of support from British


The inaugural auction in

2020 – the year of Covid-19 – was

online only with a wide audience via

Clipmyhorse. “A lot of bids came from

abroad but this has died down because

of Brexit. 2021 was a hybrid auction,

prospective buyers could see horses in

the flesh and bid at the venue or online

but we were surprised; a lot viewed

in the afternoon, went home and bid

online. Livestream also gave a sense of

involvement rather than pre-recorded

videos – we made it an occasion.”

Having a stallion present with offspring

in the auction is another idea – “It can

help boost the sales by a British-bred

stallion – this country has good stallions

but their success is less known compared

to Europe.”

Eros Zeus

Multi stud book approved Anglo Arab stallion



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Stallion Event & Equine Bridge

An Extravaganza for Breeders….

The biggest British Breeding

event yet, Covid

permitting, will be held at

Arena UK, Lincolnshire, on

12th February, introducing a

new concept for the Equine

Bridge, the Stallion Event

and the Futurity Awards. The

event will raise the profile of

our stallions and British bred

horses, and celebrate the

achievements of our


The Equine Bridge

Organised as a two-day “performance

test” style event with high profile

international trainers and evaluators,

the purpose of the Equine Bridge is to

support the transition of the very best

Futurity series candidates into the sport.

The top entry in each discipline of

eventing, showjumping and dressage

will receive a £1000 bursary to be

used towards the costs of starting the

most talented British bred horses in their

competition career.

Centred on the equine athlete’s needs it

brings together all stakeholders, riders,

owners, breeders, trainers and the

Olympic disciplines to identify and

nurture talent. British Breeding has

expanded the scope of the project to

provide additional ongoing

opportunities for owners and breeders.

The Equine Bridge is open to horses and

ponies aged 4 to 6 years, who have

completed a BB Futurity evaluation as a

3, 4, or 5 year old and achieved a score

of 8 or above and have demonstrated a

level of ridden competence.

The Equine Bridge provides opportunities

and support for the equine athlete as

they transition into the sport.

The Healthy Equine Athlete

With the growing need to maintain a

“social license to operate”, equines in

sport can no longer be taken for granted

and we must respond positively to the

challenges over equine welfare.

The British Breeding Futurity and British

Breeding Equine Bridge programmes

support breeding and management of

horses and ponies for longevity and

soundness by collecting data to improve

future breeding decisions and by

providing detailed professional

veterinarian and allied professional

feedback to optimise the management

and production of young horses and


As part of the Equine Bridge programme,

every horse or pony undergoes a

detailed soundness and performance

evaluation with our senior veterinarian

and her team of allied professionals,

comprising an experienced master

saddler, a master farrier and a qualified


Identifying Equine Talent

The aim of the Bridge is to identify young

horses and ponies who have the

potential and talent to represent Great

Britain at FEI level. By identifying horses

and ponies not only with the ability to

reach the highest levels, but with the

constitution and longevity to stay

successful at that level, the Bridge

provides invaluable information for those

seeking to invest their resources, from

owners to riders and other stakeholders.

To determine the talent and potential of

the Bridge candidates, the horses and

ponies are presented in a two-day

programme, incorporating training

with renowned top trainers, ridden

assessments and veterinarian and allied

professional evaluation session.



Stallion Event & Equine Bridge

provides pedigrees, linear profiles,

evaluators’ comments, videos and

photographs. All evaluations are carried

out by an independent team of experts.

British Breeding invites all interested

riders and investors to attend the Bridge

to take advantage of the opportunities to

meet the horses and their breeders.

A “catalogue” of equine Bridge

candidates including pedigrees and

relevant background information (such

as previous Futurity scores and linear

descriptions) will be available.

The Equine Bridge is supported by

Baileys Horse Feeds and Zoetis.

The "Ride British" Project

Our vision for the Bridge is to create a

mechanism to fulfil the need to the

industry to source the best horses for the

best riders and to understand and

overcome the impediments that are

currently leading to good horses not

fulfilling their potential, and talented

riders being unable to find good horses

in this country. Riders and investors tell us

that they need to be able to come to one

place where they can see a good range

of suitable horses to choose from for the

future. The Equine Bridge provides an

excellent opportunity to observe these

young horses as they are put through the

rigorous 2 day programme, designed

to provide reliable information about

ability, soundness and rideability, with

access to our public database, which

Futurity Awards


As a result of the current COVID case

numbers we feel it is irresponsible to

carry out the dinner at this time.

We will be awarding the Futurity winners

of 2021 at the Stallion Event during the


Further information will be announced

nearer the time.

We hope to be able to hold our annual

awards dinner at the end of the 2022

season. Information regarding this will

be release in due course.


Stallion Event & Equine Bridge

Stallion Event

The Stallion event will be held on Saturday 12th

February and will showcase the very best of both

young and established British based stallions from

all three disciplines. Breeders have long since valued

this event for the diversity of bloodlines and ages

on display, with stallions representing all UK sport

horse and pony studbooks. The Stallion Event gives

mare owners and the wider public an opportunity to

see stallions perform in the arena as well as having

access to the stable area. Studbooks and breeding

organisations will be represented in the trade stand


The day will start with eventing and then

showjumping sires, then the arena will be cleared

for the dressage stallions. Each stallion will show

his paces in the arena giving mare owners a chance

to watch their technique and way of going in a live

performance. The stables will be open from midday,

offering a unique opportunity for visitors to meet the

stallions, up close and personal, and to chat with the

connections of each stallion about their credentials

and suitability for your breeding plans.

Tickets for the Stallion Event also give access to

watch The Equine Bridge. For details, visit


Photo - Kevin Sparrow

AES Masterclass with

Isobel Wessels

The stallion event is sponsored by Baileys Horse

Feeds and Zoetis, in association with

Competition Stallions.

Tickets for the Isobel Wessels Masterclass can be bought

separately or as part of our VIP package –

visit www.british-breeding.com for details.

The grand finale on Saturday 29th January will be a

Masterclass with Isobel Wessels, generously sponsored by

the Anglo European Studbook. The AES Masterclass is a new

concept for our annual Extravaganza, rounding off the two

day event with a spotlight on training and preparation for the

international stage.

Isobel will work with some young horses and dressage stallions,

giving a unique insight into her training methods and providing

her invaluable perspective and international judge's eye.

Isobel has been involved with riding, training and judging

dressage for the last 30 years. She trains riders all over the UK

as well as abroad. Having trained many horses to Grand Prix

and won no less than 25 national titles over the years, ten of

them aboard star horse, the late Chagall, Isobel Wessels is no

stranger to success. Alongside riding, competing and training,

Isobel has also achieved the status of FEI 5* Judge making her

one of only four in Britain. In this role she judged at the 2017

Senior European Championships, multiple European Championships

for U21s riders, World Cup qualifiers, Nations Cup

competitions and, of course, at the FEI-WBFSH World Breeding

Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

Photo - Kevin Sparrow


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Feature - WBFSH Sire Rankings for 2021

The World Breeding Federation For Sport

Horses Recently Announced The Official

WBFSH Sire Rankings For 2021.

As the official and reliable source of

verified rankings based on FEI

performance data, the WBFSH Sire

Rankings have long been the barometer

of the global sport horse breeding

industry. The rankings provide an

invaluable resource to breeders in

identifying breeding trends and sire lines

who have proven themselves again and

again in breeding the top performers in

the sport.

Among the dressage stallions, we see the

previous leaders, Johnson and his sire

Jazz, moving from 1st and 2nd position

into 2nd and 3rd, with the great late

Sandro Hit moving up from 3rd place

and now ranked number 1 in the world.

For the eventing stallions, last year’s

leader Grafenstolz still ranks highly in

3rd position, with Diarado staying in

2nd place. The top ranking eventing sire

2021 is a long standing favourite in the

great Jaguar Mail who moved up from

3rd position in 2020. Among the

showjumping sires, the top two

places remain unchanged in Diamant de

Semilly again taking second place and

Chacco-Blue remaining the leading

sire. Toulon, who occupied 3rd place

last year, is now ranked 6th, with Casall

moving up from 5th to 3rd place.

Chacco-Blue’s impressive and long

standing record as a breeding sire

reached further heights this year, which

saw him the most represented stallion at

the Tokyo Olympics with no fewer than

5 offspring. The stand-out progeny was

again the great Explosion W, bred by

WBFSH Jumping Breeder of the Year

2019, who went on to secure individual

Gold with Ben Maher.

Chacco-Blue is a Mecklenburger stallion

by Chambertin out of a Contender mare

and was bred by Karl-Heinz Köpp. He

has held on to world ranking number 1

position for 5 consecutive years now.

The Tokyo Olympics also provided

an excellent opportunity for the Selle

Français stallion Jaguar Mail progeny

to shine. Among them, Vassily de Lassos

stood out by securing Australian Team

Silver and Individual Bronze for Andrew

Hoy, following an excellent performance

at Luhmühlen in June, which also saw the

combination in 3rd place. Another

Jaguar Mail offspring competing at

Tokyo was Colorado Blue,

representing Ireland under the saddle of

Austin O’Connor.

Jaguar Mail has been in the Top 3 of the

WBFSH Sire rankings since 2017.

Sandro Hit

He is by Hand in Glove XX out of a

Laudanum XX mare and was bred by

Bernard Pierre Le Courtois.

As the official and reliable source of

verified rankings based on FEI

performance data, the WBFSH Sire

Rankings have long been the barometer

of the global sport horse breeding

industry. The rankings provide an

invaluable resource to breeders in

identifying breeding trends and sire lines

who have proven themselves again and

again in breeding the top performers in

the sport.

Among the dressage stallions, we see the

previous leaders, Johnson and his sire

Jazz, moving from 1st and 2nd position

into 2nd and 3rd, with the great late

Sandro Hit moving up from 3rd place

and now ranked number 1 in the world.

For the eventing stallions, last year’s

leader Grafenstolz still ranks highly in

3rd position, with Diarado staying in

2nd place. The top ranking eventing sire

2021 is a long standing favourite in the

great Jaguar Mail who moved up from

3rd position in 2020. Among the

showjumping sires, the top two

places remain unchanged in Diamant de

Semilly again taking second place and

Chacco-Blue remaining the leading sire.

Chacco-Blue’s impressive and long

standing record as a breeding sire

reached further heights this year, which

saw him the most represented stallion at

the Tokyo Olympics with no fewer than 5



Feature - WBFSH Sire Rankings for 2021

The stand-out progeny was again the

great Explosion W, bred by WBFSH

Jumping Breeder of the Year 2019, who

went on to secure individual Gold with

Ben Maher.

Chacco-Blue is a Mecklenburger stallion

by Chambertin out of a Contender mare

and was bred by Karl-Heinz Köpp. He

has held on to world ranking number 1

position for 5 consecutive years now.

The Tokyo Olympics also provided

an excellent opportunity for the Selle

Français stallion Jaguar Mail progeny

to shine. Among them, Vassily de Lassos

stood out by securing Australian Team

Silver and Individual Bronze for Andrew

Hoy, following an excellent performance

at Luhmühlen in June, which also saw

the combination in 3rd place. Another

Jaguar Mail offspring competing at

Tokyo was Colorado Blue, representing

Ireland under the saddle of Austin


Jaguar Mail has been in the Top 3 of the

WBFSH Sire rankings since 2017. He is

by Hand in Glove XX out of a Laudanum

XX mare and was bred by Bernard Pierre

Le Courtois.

Celebrating the Great Sandro Hit

This is a special year for Sandro Hit who

achieved the top position in the dressage

stallion rankings for the very first time.

Our celebration of his breeding

achievements is tinged with a little

sadness, as at the age of 28, he passed

away earlier this year only days after

we witnessed outstanding performances

by his progeny at this year’s Tokyo

Olympics, which saw the entire US

Dressage team mounted on horses

that were either direct descendants, or

grandsons of Sandro Hit. On the gold

winning German team, we enjoyed a

wonderful performance of Showtime

FRH under the saddle of Dorothee

Schneider, with Salvino, ridden by

Adrienne Lyle, helping to secure silver for

the US team.

In this year’s WBFSH Dressage Sire

Rankings we encounter his genetics

twice more in the top 10 ranked stallions

with his son Sir Donnerhall I in 4th and

his grandson Spielberg in 8th position.

Not directly reflected in the sire rankings,

but nevertheless significant when we

think back on this stallion’s achievements,

it is also as a dam sire that we see

Sandro Hit’s great influence. Perhaps

the most famous horse out of a Sandro

Hit mare is Isabell Werth’s former world

number 1 ranked Weihegold, who is

still winning at Grand Prix today, 5

years after Rio and 7 years after her

international Grand Prix debut. What

is interesting about Sandro Hit is that

he was not bred for dressage. His sire

Sandro Song is by the thoroughbred

Sacramento Song XX and out of a

Gepard mare, who comes from

the famous showjumping G-Line of

Gotthard. His dam Loretta is by the

Ramiro son Ramino who was champion

of his performance test at Adelheidsdorf

in 1983. He stood in Oldenburg from

1983 to 1987, at the same time as

competing in showjumping with Melanie

Kötter. The pair won team gold at the

European Junior Championship in 1987.

Sandro Hit passed his original stallion

licensing and completed his 100 day

performance test with average marks. It

was only when Dr Ulf Möller produced

him for the dressage section of the 1999

Bundeschampionat World Breeding

Championship for Young Horses at

Arnheim, the precursor for the FEI –

WBFSH World Breeding Championships

for Young Dressage Horses, that Sandro

Hit found his true calling and gained

international fame.

Jaguar Mail (Above) Chacco-Bue (Below)

When we look more closely at Sandro

Hit’s pedigree, we discover that he

marks the beginning of an exceptional

motherline. His dam Loretta gave birth to

two more licensed stallions, in Royal Hit,

by Royal Dance, and Diamond Hit, by

Don Schufro, arguably her best son.

It is therefore without a doubt that

the blood of Sandro Hit lives on, not

merely through his direct sons and

paternal grandsons, but also as a highly

influential damsire and through his

own exceptional mare family. We look

forward to following their success in the



Studbook - News

Tantoni Salamanca

AES UK Stallion Grading Series

The Anglo European

Studbook rounded off the

2021 season with a

successful UK Stallion

Gradings Tour, held at a

number of public venues

around the country. It is a

great pleasure to introduce

a range of promising young

horses with excellent

pedigrees and exciting

potential for the sport.

Says AES Studbook representative,

Dr Eva-Maria Broomer:

“We pride ourselves in our thorough and

transparent grading process. Equine

welfare is important to us, so being

able to organise a tour, rather than just

one central venue, cuts down on travel

time and stress for these young horses.

Creating a relaxed and welcoming

atmosphere benefits the horses and their

handlers, but also our evaluators who

get a better impression of the true

capabilities of the horses.

“At some venues, we are now able to

offer a full vetting and x-rays on site

alongside the grading process. This

was a bit of a pilot project for us this

autumn, and has been highly beneficial,

as it allowed us to have a direct dialog

between the grading team and the

veterinary professionals.”

The first leg of the grading journey took

the team to Oxfordshire, where they

licensed Jay Halim’s promising young

stallion Midnight (Comme Il Faut x

Numero Uno), bred by G Swinkels. Midnight

was purchased by Jay, who has an

excellent eye for potential, as a yearling

at the Bolesworth Elite

Auction in 2018. The stallion convinced

the judges with a super temperament

and rideability, showing great scope

and hind leg technique over a fence.

His trot was very elastic, and his canter

exhibited the natural balance that is the

hallmark of a great showjumper.

Midnight comes from an interesting

motherline. Grandmother Daina looks

back on a successful international

showjumping career at 1.45m, and is

half-sister to a successful dressage horse,

the Kennedy gelding Atlantic.

The team then visited the famous Talland

School of Equitation where the focus

very much moved to dressage. A

particularly interesting young stallion

was Pippa Hutton’s Nature (Intro K x

United), bred by G.C. van der Koppel,

who impressed with beautiful type and

rideability. He has excellent

conformation and balanced, expressive

gaits. Certainly a horse to watch for the



Studbook - News

J.R.P. Cassius Kannan

Don Pedro

So Very By Design

Neverland Lost Boy

The tour finished on a high with a visit

to Moor Hall in Cheshire. This grading

event was generously supported by

the nearby Stallion AI Services, a

world class centre for semen collection,

who had provided goodie bags and


Joining the ranks of new licensed

dressage stallions was Claire

Cooper-Wyatt’s own bred So Very By

Design (Devivio x Osmium). This very

beautiful young horse showed great

elasticity in his gaits and wonderful type.

Devivio is owned by Claire and himself

a very promising stallion whose crop

are showing incredible consistency and


So Very By Design was a regional

champion at the Elite Foal Tour in 2018,

beating offspring from a wide range

of established international stallions.

His mother Volivia is an AES Select

Studbook Mare who gained a type

premium at her mare inspection.

From the experienced breeding

operation of Jonathan Parrot we met

two stallions by Casanova du Domaine

Z with wonderful temperaments and

great hindleg techniques. J.R.P. Call

Me Casanova (Casanova du Domaine

Z x Silvio) exhibited a positive and

calm attitude and naturally loose and

expressive movement. J.R.P. Cassius

Kannan (Casanova du Domaine Z

x Kannan) had excellent jumping

technique and harmonious, athletic


Still very green over the fences, but

showing excellent potential and scope

with a wonderful, expressive and

balanced canter and harmonious,

uphill type was Don Pedro (Domani van

den Overweg x Landor S), bred and

owned by Alexander King. He is from

a breathtaking motherline. His dam is

the half-sister of two 1.60m horses in

Hellmond van den Bisschop and Inco

van den Bischhop whose successes

under the saddle of Martim Portela de

Morais include a win at the CSI 3*

1.50m at Villamora in 2020.

Another stand out stallion was a little

powerhouse. Neverland Lost Boy

(Cavaliers Floris x Porsch), bred by

Michael Walsh, is Irish bred and

showed an enormous jump with

excellent technique and confidence. The

evaluators noted is excellent front leg, as

well as his elegant, athletic type, super

attitude and naturally expressive and

balanced movement.

Another exciting new stallion to join

the AES portfolio is Tantoni Salamanca

(Sezuan x Rubin Royal) bred by

Georgina Pole-Carew of the Tantoni

Stud. He is a large-framed young

horse with a lot of presence and 3

expressive gaits, paired with a wonderful

temperament. His breeding goes back

to the Earl of Merveldt’s wonderful mare

Falaise, with numerous close relatives,

including a son of the mother’s full sister,

winning at international Grand Prix all

over the world.

Says AES evaluator, Lucy Simpson:

“We would like to thank all our breeders

and owners for a successful and highly

enjoyable autumn gradings tour. We

saw a great variety of promising young

stallions that have a bright future ahead

of them. We are already looking

forward to our next grading events in

spring 2022.”

If you are interested in participating in

one of our gradings or would like to

find out more, do not hesitate to email

lucy@angloeuropeanstudbook.co.uk, we

would be delighted to hear from you!


Studbook - News

Biddesden Palikari -

NaStA Performance Testing 2021

Arab Horse Society

Premium Performance

Scheme Expands For

By Caroline Sussex

The AHS is very pleased to welcome

seven new Premium Performance

stallions to their Premium breeding

scheme. The first two both successfully

completed the tough two-day

National Stallion Association

(NaStA) test in August. The Scheme has

expanded this year to include Ridden

Merit Stallions with a high qualification

requirement. To date five new stallions

have entered the scheme under this


BIddesden Palikari and Yawl Hill Big Yin

have been awarded Grade A Premium

status by the Arab Horse Society, to

complement their NaStA classification.

Both are home-bred so we warmly

congratulate their breeders, The Hon

Finn Guinness at Biddesden, and Kirsty

Wiscombe at Yawl Hill.


6 year old young pure Bred bay Arab

Stallion. He is by the famous stallion

Dhruv who was himself a champion.

Dhruv’s movement was one of his special

features and Palikari, who is yet to

appear in public under saddle, has

promising paces for the future. He has

begun his eventing career. YAWL HILL

BIG YIN (“Ash”) is a 9 year old

Yawl Hill Big Yin in endurance

grey Part Bred Arab who is actually

50% Arabian and 50% thoroughbred.

Interestingly, his sire was another son of

Dhruv and his dam is Connie an Anglo

Arab. Ash is already a FEI 1 * winner at

100kms in endurance.

Premium mare owners – of any breed

- who use these talented stallions will

receive monetary rewards from the AHS

on registration of their foals. Other

Nominated mares receive awards.

Breeder Esther Groen’s endurance


among five Premium stallions to qualify

under the new Ridden Merit rules this

year. He is a double 160 kms proven

stallion competing with low heart rates,

super recovery and the easiest

temperament. Interestingly, he is by the

famous Arques Perspex by Persik and his

dam is also by Persik so he is quite

closely line bred. Watt has had two foals

who entered the British Breeding Futurity

both getting gold premiums.

Multi Ridden Champion, SILVERN

PRINCE, aged 22, was bred and owned

by Caroline Sussex and earns the

Ridden Merit status from his wins under

saddle. In 2010, he became HOYS

Ridden Arabian Champion, taking

Yawl Hill Big Yin jumping

Reserve in 2011. He is by Premium

Stallion Prince Sadik, out of Premium

Mare, Silvern Image. Silvern Prince

already has a daughter who has just

received Premium Mare status.

Another daughter, Binley Silvern Tahlia

just missed Elite status by 0.6 at the 2016

Futurity Grading! He has other offspring

just starting out in endurance who have

also done well at the Futurity evaluation.

ZAYIN ZACHILLES comes from Paul

Simmonds famous racing stud – Zayin.

Zachilles has had an exceptional career

on the track and stands at 15.2hh. He

is by Kaolino out of CS Comete. His 9

racing wins made him Reserve ARO and

British Bred Champion 2014. Zayin has

also competed in endurance with 2 x 80

km Grade 1 in 2021.

MAN OF DREAMS is by the Multi

group 1 winning sire, Nizam out of

Dantes Dream. His bloodlines include

Champion racehorses being a blend of

bloodlines including Crabbet and Polish

and Middle Eastern lines. He was the

winner of 7 races including the Qatar

Equestrian Handicap and HH Sheikha

Bint Mubarak Ladies World

Championship. In 2013, he was British

champion racehorse and after 5 seasons

of racing. He is a half brother to dual

race winner and CEI 3-star Endurance

performer Terminators Dream and CEI

2* winner Mayday Dream.


Seonaid Paterson. Tannasg Arabian stud

is a small family run stud 50 minutes from

Edinburgh and Glasgow. Ansomrob is

by Psyches Boy out of Tannasg Roulette,

a fascinating pedigree incorporating

a mix of lines blended to produce this

lovely looking bay stallion qualified

through his superb endurance record.





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West, West & Midlands)

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& East Midlands)

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Studbook - News

Riding Horse of the Year Kellythorpes Obsession.

Image courtesy 1st Class Images

2021 has been a very

busy year for the British

Riding Pony Studbook.

In addition to the

many shows running

breed classes around

the country, we also

launched a new Stallion

Assessment that was

held in August at Solihull

Riding Club.

Our assessors came from the Trakehner

Verband which allowed a completely

independent and fresh perspective on

the stallions forward. All marks awarded

were confidential to the stallion owner,

allowing the assessment to be a one-off,

risk- free opportunity for the stallions

forward to have a “dry run” at an

assessment format.

The Squire. Image courtesy Holly Hall Photography

The highest marks of the day (55/70)

were awarded to Martine & Lee

Harding’s Sport Category registered

The Squire (Acado x Oldhills Princess

Belle by Rotherwood Peter Pan) bred

by Wayne Rees. This 4 year old stallion

was praised for his temperament and

harmonious paces. The other stallions

forward were also highly scored with a

number of 8s awarded.

After very positive feedback from the

participants we will look to again work

with the Trakehner Breeders Federation

on running a joint event in 2022.

Another new addition to the calendar

was the Great British In Hand Show

that was run at Kelsall Hill EC on 18th

September. Each of the 12 Mountain &

Moorland breeds plus the British Riding

Pony, Hacks and Riding Horses were

represented at the show. Each overall

breed champion then came forward for

the Larnleigh Stud Supreme under the

spotlights of the evening performance.

The British Riding Pony (Show Pony)

Supreme and overall 5th placed pony

was Karen Stanley’s yearling Dowhills

Grandeur (Jackets Shades of Blue x

Glenrowan Maythyme by Strinesdale

Mastermind) bred by Jane Cross.

Dowhills Grandeur British Riding Pony Supreme at

the GBIHS. Image courtesy 1st Class Images.

The British Riding Pony (Show Hunter

Pony) Supreme was Mrs Hill’s homebred

Cowance Midnight Echo who is

currently on loan to Ella Stephens. This 6

year old mare is registered in the Sports

category of the studbook and is by the

dressage stallion Bernwode Benedict x

Cowance Capability Brown by Simply

Blue. The Hack Supreme was also a

British Riding Pony, this time the licensed

stallion Sandboro Royal Affair (Llanarth

Aristocat x Immediately by Notnowcato)

owned and bred by Kelly Phillips.

The last big show of the season was

Horse of the Year Show where success

by British Riding Ponies were too

numerous to mention. Among the many

champions hailing from the studbook

were Wycroft Beethoven (Show Hunter

Pony), Barkway Take That (LR/FR),

Absolutely Classic (Part Bred), Forgeland

Hyde Park (Hack & Intermediate) and

Kellythorpe Obsession (Riding Horse).

The NPS/Derby House Performance

Scheme is still open. If you have a British

Riding Pony that has competed in any

discipline this season then please register

on https://www.nationalponysociety.

com/performance-scheme-2/ for your

chance to win fantastic prizes.


Telephone - 01420 88333

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm






Studbook - News

The TBF ran it’s annual

mare grading alongside

the NASTA stallion

performance test at Solihull

Riding Club on 24th


Four mares were graded with an

interesting range of bloodlines.

Champion and reserve were both

bred by Godington Stud. Champion

Godington Ursula is a 5 year old

daughter of the Anglo Arab Icare

D’Olympe out of the Elite Mare

Godington Uppsala (Roland) and she

confirmed her Premium mare status

by successfully completing her mare

performance test later that day. The

judges Mr Paul and Mrs Susan Attew

praised her very correct limbs and

outstanding sport horse credentials.

The year older Godington Balenciaga

(Herzensdieb x PM Godington

Barcelona (Elite Godington Hannibal))

also earned Premium marks and

competed her performance requirements

through the NASTA Stallion Performance

Test. The judges felt this lovely mare

could excel in all three disciplines and

had tremendous breeding potential.

Rebecca Jackson presented at the

Trakehner grading for the first time with

a charming daughter of the late Grand

Prix stallion Latimer. Volatis Elfentime

was shown with her well grown colt foal

at foot and she carries the important

broodmare sire blood of Tycoon and

Consul in the next generations. The

judges felt she showed herself off very

well when loose and was a very good

broodmare for the Trakehner studbook.

Volatis Elfentime

Photo Sophie Jones

Champion PM Godington Ursula.

Image courtesy Holly Hall Photography

The tobiano mare Honeybrook Candice

(Count Lindeau x Epik) was graded into

the Studbook and has joined the Volatis

Stud broodmare herd. Showed by Sacha

Shaw with a big moving colt foal at foot,

the judges commented she was a lovely

deep broodmare type with evident

breeding potential.

Honeybrook Candice - Photo Holly

Hall Photography

Congratulations to all the mare owners

on their successes and thank you to the

team at NASTA for organising a very

successful joint event.

Trakehners continue their success in

sport over the Autumn. Holme Park Flirt

(Holme Grove Prokofiev out of Holme

Park Fantine (Holme Grove Solomon))

was part of the winning Scottish team at

the Celtic Challenge Home International

endurance event. She won her 2 day

120km class and has convinced many

endurance enthusiasts as to the great

qualities Trakehners hold for the sport.

Holme Park Flirt winning at the

Home International

Godington Stud continue to have a good

run of results with their eventers into the

Autumn months. Godington Ultimo (Der

Duerer x Roland) had a strong double

clear at Moreton Morrell and Aston le

Walls whereas Godington Balenciaga

has been very competitive with top ten

placings at Aston le Walls and Swalcliffe


Paradressage rider Laura Gulliver has a

new Trakehner to run alongside Garuda

K. Laura took Jo Alderton-Whitworth’s

Farok V Singing (Hofrat x Munchhausen)

to the Keysoe CPEDI3* alongside

Garuda K with top 5 placings for both

horses in the Grade IV and a plus 71%

in the freestyle for the licensed stallion

Garuda K. www.trakehners.uk.com


Studbook - News


The Sports Pony Studbook Society

The Sports Pony

Studbook Society

Celebrating Success

Following from the success of our virtual

events in 2020, we took a blended

approach to SPSS Gradings in 2021.

There were full “in-person” stallion &

mare gradings at a number of venues

plus the opportunity to eGrade mares

or present a stallion for a prE-grading

virtual “eAssessment” (both by supplying

video footage). Overall, we were

delighted with the success of this

approach and the successful stallions

and mares will be featured in our next


For youngstock, a hybrid approach was

offered to SPSS passported or

overstamped youngstock who could be

evaluated in person at an SPSS event or

they could be evaluated through the

British Breeding Futurity (both

in-person & virtual). An SPSS Premium

was awarded to those who scored from

70% to 79.9% (or 7-7.99 if marked by

Futurity) and an SPSS GOLD Premium to

those that scored 80% or more

(8+ at Futurity).

The scores were then converted to

percentages and all eligible youngstock

went forward to the SPSS End of Year

Youngstock Awards.

We are delighted to announce that the

2021 SPSS Supreme Youngstock

Champion title goes to the pony foal

Henza She’s On Fire. Bred by her owner,

Diane Kilshaw, She’s On Fire is out

of Diane’s SPSS ELITE Head Studbook

mare Sophie who had already produced

a 15 foals including a Bundeschampion,


Studbook - News

a Vice-Bundeschampion and 3 licensed stallions

in Germany before Diane bought her. She’s On

Fire was evaluated at the Catherston Futurity event

where she received perfect 10s for both her walk

and canter, gaining 9.2 overall and a Futurity Elite


Unusually, the Reserve Supreme Youngstock

Champion title is shared this year, between

two equal scoring SPSS registered foals - Sally

Hibbert’s Gorsebrook Hot Totty and Carrie

Passmore’s Goldenstorm. Both gained 9.025 at

their in-person Futurity Evaluations and so were

awarded Futurity Elite Premiums. Carrie’s colt has

2 SPSS graded parents, being out of Carrie’s

homebred Susie Shuttle, who is also the dam of

the 2020 SPSS Reserve Supreme Youngstock

Champion as well half-sister to the Gold medal

winning Para-dressage mare, Midnight (also bred

by Carrie). Sally’s filly was the first sports pony

to receive a Futurity Elite Premium in 2021 and is

Sally’s first foal out of her SPSS Head Studbook

mare, Rafthouse Gee Tee I, who is by a Morgan

stallion out of an Arab cross British Riding Pony


Overall, 20 of the 39 youngstock entered for the

SPSS evaluations gained SPSS Gold Premiums

and the rest got Premiums. All the 2021 SPSS

Youngstock title and rosette winners are listed


The SPSS Youngstock award winners are:

Supreme Youngstock Champion; Top Foal; Top

Pony; Top Filly

Diane Kilshaw’s Henza She’s On Fire (FS Numero

Uno x Dressman I)

Gorsebrook Hot Totty (Above) Henza She's On Fire (Below)

Joint Reserve Supreme Youngstock Champion; Top

Small Horse; Top Colt

Carrie Passmore’s Goldenstorm (Hilkens Gold

Card x Sir Shutterfly)

Joint Reserve Supreme Youngstock Champion

Sally Hibbert’s Gorsebrook Hot Totty (Pennal The

Great x Mossrose Triumphant)

Top Yearling

Naomi Maxted-Massey’s MM Sweet Sensation

(Woodlander Sir Gorgeous x FS Champion De


Top 2 year old

Alison Staveley-Smith’s Tarnbrook Telstar (Land

Star x Honeypot Sporran)

Top 3 year old

John & Dawn Rose’s Delaroche Royal Gold

(Hilkens Gold Card x Prins Alfred), bred by Lucy


Top Gelding

Rachel Ablett’s Dance of Provence (SPSS Elite

Dance of Joy x Dancier)

Tel: 07703 566066

Email: sportsponies@gmail.com



Feature - EHV


Just because EHV is no

longer making equestrian

news headlines, the risk

hasn’t gone away.

The outbreak In Valencia

earlier this year may now

be slipping to the back of

everyone’s minds, but now

is exactly the time owners

should be making sure their

biosecurity protocols are up

to date and discussing

vaccination with their vet,

says Zoetis vet

Wendy Talbot.

Lessons learnt from living

with COVID-19

Living in a world with COVID-19 has

given us a reality check about how

airborne disease can take hold and

wreak havoc in a matter of months. We

have learnt how keeping our distance

and washing our hands can reduce the

risk of the spread of the virus and how

vaccination can provide protection.

COVID-19 has also helped us to

understand why herd immunity is

desirable: when a large portion of a

community (the herd) becomes immune

to a disease, it makes the spread of

disease from person to person less likely.

As a result, the whole community

becomes protected - not just those who

are immune. Who knew that the ‘R

number’ would become common

parlance too: as the average number

of secondary infections produced by a

single infected person it’s an important

concept to get to grips with when

discussing the spread of disease.

These safeguards and concepts are also

imperative to understand and implement

to protect our horses from the risks of

EHV. If there could be a small upside for

horse owners from COVID-19 it may be

that it has helped to clarify the

importance of vaccination and

biosecurity. These should always remain

our watchwords to minimise infectious

disease risks to our horses.


Feature - EHV

Understanding EHV

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) is a

contagious viral infection causing

respiratory disease, abortions and

neurological disease. EHV-1 and

EHV-4 are the most common; the former

is responsible for respiratory disease,

abortion and neurological disease while

the later can cause respiratory disease

and more rarely abortion or

neurological disease.1

Exposure to the virus occurs in an

estimated 80-90% of horses before they

are two years old and once a horse has

had the virus it can reactivate,

particularly during times of stress or

compromised health. Like the human

cold sore virus, EHV lies dormant in the

majority of horses after they recover from

infection and it will periodically recur.1

Once the virus is reactivated the horse

will shed virus into the environment

possibly causing new outbreaks. This has

the potential to affect the health of the

whole yard.2

Unfortunately, there is no cure for EHV.

Once a horse has the virus it is likely to

remain a carrier for the rest of its life. The

best form of control is prevention of

active disease or speedy

implementation of measures to limit virus

spread if disease occurs.

What are the signs of EHV?

Your horse will need to be tested by a vet

to determine whether the virus is

present but signs of respiratory disease

are very similar to equine influenza and

can include: 3,4

• Fever

• Nasal discharge that

goes from clear to thick

and yellow

• Weepy eyes

• Swollen glands

• Cough

• Lethargy

• Reduced appetite

• No obvious signs but

you may have noticed a

consistent reduced

performance. 5


Feature - EHV

How does a respiratory

disease cause abortion?

The inhaled EHV-1 enters the blood and

travels to the pregnant uterus. The virus

damages the placenta resulting in a lack

of blood supply to the foal, ultimately

causing abortion.4

EHV-1 abortion occurs predominantly in

mares in the last third of pregnancy but

usually there are no warning signs with

the mare continuing to be bright and well.

Infection on a breeding premises can

result in the rapid loss of large numbers

of foals ('abortion storms'). Unfortunately,

foals infected before birth usually don’t


What is the link between EHV

and neurological


Equine Herpes Virus

Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) is a rare

but serious neurological disease caused

by EHV-1. The virus affects the nervous

system and infected animals can become

paralysed and usually have a poor


Why we need to vaccinate

“The subject of EHV

vaccination is raised each time

there is media coverage of

neurologic herpes but u

nfortunately this is shutting the

stable door after the horse has

bolted,” says David Rendle, who

is an RCVS and

European Specialist in Equine

Internal Medicine.“ As with all

diseases, vaccination needs to

be used as a preventive measure

in advance of a disease

outbreak and not be a knee-jerk

response in the event of


Vaccination does not prevent individual

horses from developing neurological

disease but It can reduce the risk of virus

spread and therefore reduce the risk of

disease outbreaks. 7

Horses most at risk of EHV

Breeding studs and yards with pregnant

mares can be particularly vulnerable to

outbreaks. Moving and mixing horses

with others increases the risk of spread of

infectious disease so competition horses

and those attending futurity evaluations,

gradings and shows are likely to be at

increased risk. Vaccination and

rigorous biosecurity measures are ever

more essential in these instances.

EHV is present in infected nasal or ocular

discharges and can be transmitted by

direct horse-to-horse contact such as

nose-to-nose touching. Coughing can

spread the virus through the air over short

distances. It can also be spread by

sharing infected equipment, including

wheelbarrows, brushes and buckets and

via the hands and clothes of people

who have been in contact with infected


How does vaccination help?

Vaccination plays a pivotal role because

it helps tip the balance in favour of the

horse’s immune system. Although

vaccinated horses can still be infected

with EHV, it significantly reduces the

presence of the virus in the environment

(viral shedding), the severity and spread

of the respiratory disease and the

frequency of abortion.7

Reduction in the incidence of EHV-1

abortion has been attributed to

widespread vaccination in pregnant

mares. 6,8

When should I vaccinate?

Vaccination and subsequent boosters for

young horses should be timed to provide

the maximal level of immune protection

for the stresses associated with weaning,

transport, relocation, introduction into new

social groups, yearling sales,

training and performance events.1

Mares should be vaccinated during

pregnancy; together with all other horses

on the premises for the most effective


How can I prevent my horse

getting ill from EHV?

Reducing the risk factors for EHV

involves: 2,4,7

• Minimising stress: such as that

caused by overcrowding, heavy

parasite burdens, poor nutrition,

climatic extremes, concurrent

disease and mixing animals

from different social groups

• Good biosecurity: avoid contact

with other horses, don’t share

equipment, bowls or stables

• Hygiene: humans can spread

EHV indirectly via their hands

or clothing if they have been in

contact with an infected horse

• Quarantine of new horses

• Isolation of infected horses

• Don’t mix unvaccinated horses

with vaccinated ones

Help - I think my horse may

have EHV……

If you think your horse may have any

symptoms of respiratory disease, it’s

sensible to isolate them immediately and

contact your vet to discuss the next course

of action. In most cases horses will make a

good recovery from EHV respiratory

disease, the prognosis is guarded for

those with EHV neurological disease.1

If you take away just one message from

reading this article let it be this: Choose

to vaccinate and to give your horse the

protection it deserves. Vaccination is easy

and it’s been proven to be effective at

reducing the risks of respiratory EHV and

reduction in abortions. Speak to your vet

to book your horses’ vaccinations now.


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Information brought to you by Zoetis

the manufacturers of Equip® EHV1,4 horsedialog.co.uk/equineherpes

@horsedialog /HorseDialog

References 1. American Association of Equine Practitioners. Risk-Based Vaccination Guidelines. Available at: www.aaep.org/-i-166.html. Accessed June 18, 2014.

Further information can be obtained from Zoetis UK Limited, First Floor, Birchwood Building, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7LP.

www.zoetis.co.uk. Customer support: 0835 300 8034 CustomerSupportUK@zoetis.com.

Use medicines responsibly (www.noah.co.uk/responsible). Date of preparation: April 2020. MM-09168


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consequences for breeding efficiency.

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prevent prolonged gestations (reduction

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New research presented this year at

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Society for Animal Science’s 2021

Conference showed that pregnant

mares wearing blue light masks in the

final 100 days of gestation had shorter

pregnancies, earlier post-foaling

ovulations, developed larger follicles,

and produced foals that were more

mature at birth. The exciting studies,

conducted by researchers at the

University of Veterinary Medicine in

Vienna, Austria, also found that foals

from mares wearing light masks in the

final months of pregnancy were 15

minutes faster at getting to their feet

after birth than foals born to mares that

did not receive

additional light.

The two-year study was conducted at

the historic Brandenburg State Stud in

Germany. The blue-light stimulated

mares developed larger follicles in the

late stages of gestation and could be

bred sooner after foaling. Foals born

from mares wearing blue light masks

also had shorter hair coats,

demonstrating that the light perceived

by the pregnant mare is transmitted to

the foal and influences their physical

development in utero. During the

natural breeding season mares foal

in the late spring and early summer

months, when longer hours of natural

daylight stimulates the normal mature

development of the foal, and a rise

in the mare’s reproductive hormones

allows her to conceive again soon

after foaling. This facilitates a shorter

time window for foaling and a tighter

breeding season.

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