Edmonton Winter 2021-2022

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Sinks & Faucets in Edmonton

PF Custom Countertops

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Covid Business Recovery


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Gas Fireplaces

Wood Fireplaces

Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace Surroundings

Wood Stoves

Competitive prices


Edmonton, AB

Residential Or Commercial Electrical Services

Jesse Martin






Moving doesn't

have to be a hassle.







Platinum Edge Lawn Care

Great soil amendment

Neutralize dog urine stains

100% organic and from Alberta

Helps with droughts

30% more yield in gardens and agriculture

Binds heavy toxins and metals

Our product will help your plants have deeper roots, break down clay, and aid your grass against droughts




While the weather is still warm and dry and the children are just

winding down their summer holidays, you might want to re-plaster

one of your walls or take up clay sculpturing, clay carvings and murals

for your outside patio wall.

If you are interested in learning the art; the different techniques,

sculptural designs, mouldings and carved plasters, colours and

textures, natural wall finishes of beautiful clay and lime plasters, your

walls will be sure to become a talking point amongst your friends.

One of the benefits to come out of the straw and bale cob houses are

the natural earthen plasters. Originally developed in New Mexico

and Arizona with the growth in popularity of cob clay and straw bale

homes. They have been around for thousands of years in traditional

mixes and tend to look better and become harder with time.

Sustainable clay plasters are now available for purchase online. The

lime-based clay plasters are eco-friendly and non-toxic. They are the

ultimate replacement for paint as they can be tinted with the same

colourants used to colour latex paint. They have no off-gassing components

and are hypo-allergenic.

These plasters are perfect for either new construction or for renovations

as they will stick to other surfaces. One great attribute is that

they filter the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and odours. They are

known to be mould resistant with the ability to absorb moisture. They

can be painted over and colours do not fade. YouTube videos and

other tutorials are available to learn how to apply the plasters.

If you are not anticipating redoing an entire wall and would love to experiment

with the decorative techniques used with earthen plasters,

techniques can be learned to create something unique and special.

Experts Bill and Athena Steen from the States have perfected their

decorative plasterwork by plastering several layers of clays that consist

of different pigments.

They use Japanese trowels of different sizes and flexibilities to cut and

remove layers, ultimately to reveal the different colours underneath.

If you are interested in learning the art; the different techniques,

ᰠ 夀 漀 甀 爀 嘀 愀 挀 甀 甀 洀 䤀 猀

伀 渀 氀 礀 䄀 猀 䜀 漀 漀 搀 䄀 猀

吀 栀 攀 䤀 渀 猀 琀 愀 氀 氀 愀 琀 椀 漀 渀 ᴠ

圀 攀 䤀 渀 猀 琀 愀 氀 氀 愀 氀 氀 戀 爀 愀 渀 搀 猀 漀 昀

䌀 䔀 一 吀 刀 䄀 䰀 嘀 䄀 䌀 唀 唀 䴀 匀

匀 瀀 攀 挀 椀 愀 氀 椀 稀 椀 渀 最 䤀 渀 一 攀 眀 䌀 漀 渀 猀 琀 爀 甀 挀 琀 椀 漀 渀 Ⰰ

刀 攀 琀 爀 漀 ǻ 琀 猀 Ⰰ 嘀 愀 挀 瀀 愀 渀 猀 愀 渀 搀 匀 愀 氀 攀 猀

眀 眀 眀 ⸀ 挀 攀 渀 琀 爀 愀 氀 瘀 愀 挀 椀 渀 猀 琀 愀 氀 氀 攀 爀 ⸀ 挀 漀 洀

䈀 甀 椀 氀 琀 ⴀ 椀 渀

嘀 愀 挀 甀 甀 洀 䤀 渀 猀 琀 愀 氀 氀 攀 爀 䰀 琀 搀

䘀 刀 䔀 䔀 儀 唀 伀 吀 䔀 ⴀ 䌀 䄀 䰀 䰀 吀 伀 䐀 䄀 夀

㜀 㠀 ⸀ 㠀 㠀 㜀 ⸀ アパート 㘀



- A dehumidifier is a good investment to reduce moisture.

- Move your furniture and clean well underneath.

- Clean and deodorize curtains, carpets or rugs.

- Wipe down wood furniture and consider cleaning with wood soap

in the springtime. Place packets of coffee grounds or charcoal in the

drawers of cupboards or dressers.

- Baking soda in your fridge deodorizes and removes stale food

smells; also in the garbage pail or down the kitchen sink.

- Natural deodorizers – oranges and lemons are great for cleaning

counter surfaces. Place dried oranges spiked with cloves in your


- Place lavender, cedar or vanilla sticks in closets.

Eliminating Winter Home


Winter homes keep us warm and protected from weather extremes.

Closed up houses block the circulation of fresh air, and the lack of

ventilation can become the source of damp, musty stale air.

Try these suggestions to get to the source of a musty environment and

to freshen your home:

- One part boric acid, and two parts hydrogen peroxide and white

vinegar each with four parts water clears musty smells.

- Along with charcoal, zeolite is a natural mineral that absorbs odours.

- Kitty litter draws out odours in a room.

- Use natural food-grade odour neutralizing sprays in trashcans,

smelly sinks and drains, bathrooms, cars and diaper bins. These and

wickless food-grade candles are safe for children and pets.

Experiment with safe, natural ‘cure-alls’ to effectively disinfect and

neutralize odours and kill bacteria – making your winter home experience

pleasant and refreshing.

- Check doors and window seals for moisture leakage.



Silverline Roofing

pg. 29







CALL US: 780.504.8009

Are you looking to get some work crossed off your to do list? Go handy can give you a

quote and get those items crossed off. We do handyman services as well as general

maintenance and renovations. Give us a call!



@gohandyservices on instagram



PF Custom Counter Tops


As part of our start-to-finish service, we offer a full range of sinks

and faucets at competitive prices. This allows you to work with

our staff in our showroom to choose the sinks and faucets that will

work best with your countertops.

Sinks and Faucets Available at PF Custom Countertops

GROHE Faucets

GROHE award-winning faucets are designed from fine materials

and offer the latest technologies. Options include lever handles on

the faucet body for tight spaces, pull-out faucets to make rinsing

easier, and varying spout heights. Designed to last a lifetime, GRO-

HE faucets are subject to high quality standards.

DELTA® Faucets

Delta faucets are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes.

Choose the number of handles, the style of finish, whether you’d

like Touch2O® technology and more.

since 1925. Today, BLANCO faucets, kitchen sinks and compost

systems represent quality, functionality, aesthetics and professionalism

of the very highest in over 100 countries all over the world.


Kohler offers a wide variety of sinks designed by various artists. We

provide the latest range of sleek and slim products that enhance

your curb appeal. Talk to us today to learn more about Kohler sinks.

PF Custom Countertops

10417 – 174 ST NW

Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1H1

T: 780-484-0831

Toll free: 1-888-484-0831

F: 780-486-0698

E: ask_us@pfcustomcountertops.com



Known for quality and reliability, Kindred sinks come in options to

suit any style, budget, and use. Choose from stainless steel, granite,

or even copper in a broad range of configurations.


Franke offers a large variety of sinks in your choice of ceramic,

glass, or stainless steel finishes. Apron-front, drop-in, and undermount

are all available.


BLANCO has been producing high quality kitchen technology


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What to Do When Payments Stop: 5 Urgent Steps

Collecting debt has always been one of the most uncomfortable and delicate tasks in business.

In a time of crisis, it becomes infinitely more challenging.

Previously reliable customers no longer pay on time—if at all. Even the best ones have stopped taking your calls and their voicemail is uncharacteristically


When they DO answer, it isn’t good. Apologies, but they can’t pay for an indeterminate period because of COVID-19.

It’s not just you. Virtually all business models, both B2B and consumer-facing, healthcare providers and landlords, are in a similarly precarious


The customer in many cases has an impeccable history, making this an entirely new kind of problem. Good business is hard-won, cost of sales is

premium and customer relationships are precious. Most importantly, your brand reputation is priceless.

But here you are. Even the best customers are holding out, and you have growing obligations of your own.

It’s painful and a source of tremendous stress.

Here’s the kicker: the worst is yet to come.

The forced shutdown has only just begun to take its toll on businesses

and consumers. Many are sitting on a shrinking cash stockpile,

waiting for a turnaround that isn’t coming soon enough. If they owe

you money, they are spending it on other things—until it the last of it

runs out.

And despite the rosy flourishes being painted by some politicians, the

crisis is worsening. The subsidies, stimulus packages and deferrals

must soon end. Buying habits and patterns have been massively

disrupted, in a lot of cases permanently.

If your business is already struggling to collect money owed to it,

it doesn’t take a master economist to envision what’s in store. And

the real economists concur it will be very bad, for longer than many

businesses can withstand.

So What to do?

There are 5 important steps every business owner needs to take in

order to minimize risk and be as proactive as possible.

1. Assess the current situation. Take a look at your accounts receivable

and flag everything past due. Contact all account-holders and

make them aware that for your business’ continuity you must be firm

about due dates. They should respect this need and do the same. Alert

past-due accounts that collection action is imminent—give a specific


2. Take immediate action. Send all non-responsive accounts and

any that are more than 60 days past due to MetCredit (as we remind

our clients, 60 is the new 90 in the critical post-COVID-19 era). Our

professional debt collection agents will treat your customers with

respect, and establish a high payment priority for future dealings.

3. Fortify business processes. The way people paid you in the past

is probably not reliable enough for the new normal. Risk reduction

should be top priority: sales are a dangerous liability when you can’t

collect. Insist on full payment or substantial deposits—and make your

credit application mandatory whenever you grant credit (which is

anytime you are not paid in full upfront.) Be sure buyers understand

when payment is due and acknowledge their commitment to you.

4. Make it easy to pay—safely. We recommend Interac eTransfer or

debit payments because funds are immediate, fees are low and there

is little risk of chargebacks. If you offer financing for larger amounts,

partner with a leasing or finance company that is equipped to manage

the risks.

5. Embrace the new normal. If you have been patiently waiting for old

buying habits to resume, don’t! Some business models, such as airline

travel, retail sales and buffet restaurants will surely never be the same.

Instead of praying for the good old ways to come back, find ways to

help customers with their new needs. And while you do it, protect

your own business’ future.

This is a hard reset, not a speed bump. It is an opportunity to become better,

more efficient, and eventually more profitable than ever.

Many, many businesses are going to fail. The ones that survive to rebuild the

new economy will be the ones whose leaders are smart, bold, innovative and


I hope the latter group includes yours. Get energized, call upon your most

inventive self, and take action!

Need more help? Reach out to me or one of my helpful debt collection experts.

Be safe and healthy—and the same goes for your business!

Brian Summerfelt

President and CEO of MetCredit, Canada’s top-performing

consumer and commercial collection agency



Left out in the cold?

We’ll collect those


Since 1973 MetCredit has been Canada’s go-to source for collecting

business debt. For businesses of all sizes Canada-wide, we

turn accounts receivable into accounts received—fast.

MetCredit. We get it.



Discover ReStore!

All proceeds go towards helping families gain access to affordable home ownership.


You never know what unique product will be waiting for you! Each of our Re-

Stores is a bit different in layout and product, but one thing that is the same

is our stellar customer service and value based prices.


Every donation from a home or business can be dropped off at

one of our ReStores or picked up at your doorstep by our ReStore

Team. To donate visit HFH.org/restore or call (780) 477-4057. Your

donation of product is also eligible for a charitable tax receipt.


Meet new people while helping a life-changing charity! There are

plenty of volunteer opportunities at ReStore, and our friendly staff

would love to have you join us.

Visit us Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm!

The ReStore Impact

ReStore contributes funds to Habitat for Humanity to help families like

Rhonda’s and Reier’s. This amazing couple had big plans: Reier was

working on a computer sciences degree, they started a family, and

wanted to purchase a decent house. Due to circumstances beyond

their control, they were pushed out of home ownership.

After their financial situation improved, Reier and Rhonda began

renting an old townhome. Although it was a step up, they were

concerned that rent increases would keep outpacing their income.

They worked out that they could afford a down payment if they

saved for the next 10 years and their rent didn’t keep outpacing

their income. And so they gave up on owning a home.

The couple then found Habitat, applied for home ownership, and received

a home! It’s the first home that hasn’t felt temporary. Reier and

Rhonda no longer worry about rent increases outpacing their income, or running

to the fuse box when the washing machine and the microwave are running simultaneously.

Read Reier’s and Rhonda’s full story at www.hfh.org/stories.

Donate: HFH.org/restore

(780) 477-4057




The treasures you’ll find




Cabinets, Cabinet Sets,

and Countertops

Lawn & Garden

Unique and Specialty Items


Fasteners & Hardware



Home Goods

Lighting & Electrical

Lumber &

Building Materials



Tools & Equipment


8210 Yellowhead Trail NW

16811 106 Avenue NW

4004 99 Street NW

7 Streambank Avenue (Sherwood Park)

10431A 96 Avenue (Grande Prairie)

Hours: Mon - Sat, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Funds affordable home ownership

Charitable tax receipts available

Diverts items from landfills

Provides employment


Valid only at Habitat Edmonton ReStores. No cash value. Cannot be

used on Gift Cards or previously purchased items. One time use; must

be surrendered at time of purchase. One coupon per transaction, per

customer. Coupon code RHA20. Expires June 30, 2022. Redeemable

at all Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Grande Prairie ReStores.




Use our Home Advice

to take your home to the next




Troubleshooting Why Your Snow

Blower's Auger Won't Turn

There’s nothing more frustrating as a snow blower owner than when

you venture out into the cold to clear your property after a winter

storm and your machine doesn’t work. Not only are you stuck with a

whole lot of snow to clear and nothing to clear it with, but now you’ve

got to figure out what’s wrong with your once-trusty snow blower.

If the problem is that your snow blower’s auger is no longer turning,

there are a few potential causes and we’re here to help you troubleshoot

the issue. Thankfully, a few of the causes can be fixed if you have

the proper replacement parts on hand. Check out this list of snow

blower replacement parts so you know which ones you should keep in

your garage or shed, just in case.

Here are six parts that may be the cause of your snow blower’s auger



The snow blower’s auger is driven by a belt that is engaged by the auger

control lever on the machine’s handles. If the auger belt becomes worn

down or breaks, the auger will fail to turn when the control lever is

engaged, and the defective belt or belts will need to be replaced[1] .

Shear Pins

Snow blower shear pins are made to break (or shear) in half to avoid

causing further damage to the machine if a chunk of ice or a rock

becomes lodged in the auger housing.

Found along the main auger shaft, shear pins attach the augers to the

shaft and when the shear pins break the affected augers will no longer

turn. If you find that one of your snow blower’s shear pins is the cause

of your auger issues, you’ll have to install a new pin or pins[2] to get

the auger working again.

Auger Assembly

If you’ve checked the shear pins on your snow blower and they appear

to be intact, then inspect the auger blades and auger assembly.


Your snow blower’s auger blades can become damaged or bent and

may need to be replaced. On certain snow blower models, auger blades

are separate from the assembly and can be changed out individually

when necessary. However, some auger blades are attached to the

assembly, meaning if a blade is damaged then the entire assembly may

have to be replaced.

You might also need to replace the entire auger assembly[3] if it has

become worn out, so check the whole of the assembly for wear and



Your snow blower’s gearbox is in the auger housing in the middle of the

machine’s two auger blades and uses gears to power the auger shaft. If

the snow blower’s drive shaft has power and the shear pins aren’t broken,

then the gears may be causing the issue and should be inspected.

Other key indications of a problem with the gearbox are the sound of

grinding coming from the auger housing or the feeling of the augers

jumping while operating the snow blower.


Your snow blower’s bearings help the auger shaft spin properly and

smoothly within the auger housing. If the bearings become loose,

worn down or seized, the auger may not rotate correctly, and you’ll

need to have new bearings installed where necessary.

Auger Cable

The auger drive cable engages the auger when the control lever is used.

If the auger cable stretches or breaks, then the augers won’t turn.

In some cases, your snow blower’s auger cable can be tightened if it’s

just been stretched so it’s worth giving that a try. However, if the cable

is broken then a new one is needed for the snow blower to work again.




So you want to give condo living

a go?

Here’s a tip or two to help you out in the process. First up, hire a professional realtor to help you

with the process, things will be a lot less stressful – and it costs you nothing! Secondly, look for

the largest one you can afford and with the best view possible. Both of these help with resale





Silverline Roofing

Reasons You Should



a Leak In Your Roof



Maintaining your home is a mammoth task that requires your attention

and time. We tend to overlook certain things, such as a dent in

the closet or a leaking tap. But, when it comes to a leak in the roof, it is

hard to ignore as it causes great inconvenience. At Silverline Roofing,

we are residential roofers and we provide expert roofing services in

Edmonton. Our services include residential roofing, skylight installation,

reroofing, roof inspections and roof repair.

Four Reasons Why You Need Roof Repair

Here’s why you need to fix your roof:

1. Ignored repairs tend to be expensive

If your roofing structure is getting weaker by the day due to water

exposure and you are avoiding roof inspection and repair, the damage

will get worse and you will have to invest a lot in the future in roof

repair. It’s advisable that you get it done in due time to avoid future


4. Mould formation

As wet wood rots, there is fungal growth on them that cannot be

avoided for long. Mould is a fungus that can speed up the wood

rotting process and also cause health issues. When mixed with other

substances in the air, mould can form harmful toxins. To avoid respiratory

problems and prevent your roof from falling, repairing it on

time is the best alternative.

substances in the air, mould can form harmful toxins. To avoid respiratory

problems and prevent your roof from falling, repairing it on

time is the best alternative.

Contact Silverline Roofing for roof repairs today!

Silverline Roofing

100-11441 261 st.

Acheson, AB, T7X 6C6

Phone: 587.754.9495

2. Increase in power consumption

A leaky roof has the potential to destroy the insulation in your attic.

Wet insulation materials take a long time to dry out, which in turn

reduces the resistance to temperature change. This will lead to heat

loss, and you will see the effect in your electricity bills.

3. Corrosion of materials

Roof leakage causes damage to wall frames and ceiling joints. Exposure

to moisture breaks wood down and it begins to rot. With time,

this might even cause the frame of the roof to weaken so much that

it collapses. Water flows downwards; hence, this not only affects the

roof but also the foundation of the house.






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