Katalog 2021 Maatkare_neu V2

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Artist statement

I am a thread waving into the texture of the universe.

My thread is light - source ~ light - wave channelling energy ~

vibrating with other energetic waves. Creating resonance.


Unique. 120 x 120 cm, 2020.

“The Sun rises again“

Unique.100 x 100 cm, 2021.

“La Renaissance de l’Éternité”

Unique. 106 x 206 cm, 2021.

“Des Nuits en Couleur”

Unique. 150 x 105 cm, 2020.


Unique. 42 x 32 cm, 2021.

“Sing with the birds“

Unique. 120 x 120 cm, 2021.


Unique. 180 x 130 cm, 2020.

“Turn I“

Unique. 43 x 53 cm, 2020.


Unique. 69 x 54 cm, 2021.


Unique. 75 x 55 cm, 2020.

“Turn In“

Unique. 55 x 55 cm, 2020.


Unique. Ø 80 cm, 2021.


Unique. 110 x 110 cm, 2021.


Unique. 150 x 105 cm, 2019.

“Zur QWelle“

Unique. 94 x 24 cm, 2021.


Unique. 150 x 115 cm, 2019.


Unique. 150 x 115 cm, 2021.


Unique. 151 x 111 cm, 2020.

“BLUE 590-630”

Unique. 70 x 50 cm, 2021.

“What is the goal”

Unique. 150 x 200 cm, 2021.

“YELLOW 500-540”

Unique. 70 x 50 cm, 2021.

“GREEN 540-590”

Unique. 70 x 50 cm, 2021.


Unique. 150 x 110 cm, 2019.


Unique. 73 x 78 cm, 2020.


Unique. 150 x 150 cm, 2021.

“Le Cirq de la Vie“

Unique. 94 x 44 cm, 2020.


Magdalena Maatkare studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, at the ENS Lyon and the UDK

Berlin. Born in Langenargen in 1988, she has been raised up and lives now in several

cultures: Germany (Berlin) – France (Paris) – and West Africa (Senegal, Guinea, Ivory

Coast and Burkina Faso.)

Inspired of the multifaceted and cultural meaningful wax-print-textile-motives of West-

African cultures (Senegal, Ivory Coast a.m.) where the artist spent more than two years

of her life, she creates in every of her works with innumerable textile particles reunified

cultural textile assemblages. Textiles are for the artist symbols of culture - mostly visible

in clothes. Waxprint-textiles are not only a cultural narrative through the cultural

transfer from Indonesia to Africa to Europe and back to Africa but also through their

meaningful patterns. Today they are understood from West African people as a part of

their identity, visible in their everyday and ceremonial choice of clothes.

The artist' focus lays on the mutual cultural understanding. Her contribution to mutual

cultural acceptance through her artwork is realized in an active African - European

collaboration: she receives the waxprint-textiles from tailors in West-Africa and shares a

part of the art sale in return.

M. Maatkare

Maatkare’s works are collages combining in a very special way painting and textile art,

and each artwork reveals an energetic strong explosion of colour. Maatkare works with

vigorous colours because each colour has the power to transmit energy through the

vibration of the light wave - producing a healing effect on the onlooker. Her works can

be received as creatures lightening up transcendental experiences. After exhibitions in

the international art scene (Dakar, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Madrid, Monaco etc.) she is

becoming an established artist with her very own technique of textile collages with

waxprint fabric. Besides her oeuvres, she creates installations and performances shown

during her exhibitions and other events. Some video recordings are available for

viewing on her website (www.magdalenamaatkare.com).


2021 Artist in Residence (Samana, Dominican Republic)

2019 Artist in Residence (Dakar)

2016 Artist in Residence (Dakar, Conakry, Abidjan)

2015 Master-Graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon and University of

Fribourg im Breisgau

2012 Bachelor-Graduate of the Sorbonne Paris


2021 “The last (f)air”, Epiphanienkirche Berlin

2021 “LichtQWellen”, Kulturhaus Mühle, Oberteuringen

2021 “Cou-Rage”, Stritz Galerie, Leipzig

2021 “The Sun rises again”, Salon Nijinsky, Paris

2020 "Der Stoff aus dem Träume sind", Kunsthaus Caserne, Friedrichshafen

2019 "ME-TISSAGES", Galerie Petra Lange, Berlin, Germany

2018 „Die Auferstehung des Phönix“, Voodoo, Berlin, Germany

2017 „Scènes culturelles en pagne africain“, Goethe-Institut, Dakar, Senegal




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