Jan/Feb 2022

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JAN/FEB <strong>2022</strong><br />


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Editor’s Comment<br />


EDITOR<br />



Many within fenestration and construction will be glad to see the back of<br />

2021 – a year in which we saw material prices increase, skills shortages<br />

compounded, alongside regular Covid-19 struggles in daily life.<br />

The reality is, however, these challenges are likely to remain well into <strong>2022</strong>, but<br />

out of the struggle, opportunity often arises.<br />

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Glazed in<br />

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The patented<br />

Korniche clip<br />

bead system<br />

allows for<br />

the fastest<br />

installation on<br />

the market<br />

In the news, a survey by YouGov and commissioned by Deceuninck (page 8)<br />

suggests that sustainability will be a hot topic for the industry in the coming<br />

years, with more than two-thirds of UK homeowners (68%) saying they would<br />

choose windows and doors with a higher recycled content above products<br />

which don’t, or those that have a lower level.<br />

Front cover courtesy of Made for Trade: Find out more about its extensive<br />

offering which includes the Korniche bi-folding door at madefortrade.<br />


The survey also suggested that 38% would even be prepared to pay more for home<br />

improvement products that had a higher recycled content and reduced impact on the<br />

environment, so this is clearly a trend for fabricators and installers to keep an eye on.<br />

Positive news in the Business Pilot barometer (page 13) suggests that order<br />

value and conversion rate actually rose during December, with signs that supply<br />

chains are starting to stabilise, despite retail sales and leads being down.<br />

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There’s good news for the returning FIT Show in May with CR Laurence and<br />

Emmegi confirming their attendance amongst others, whilst Checkatrade is set<br />

to make its debut appearance. Haffner has also extended its stand space to a<br />

huge 610m 2 , a real positive for visitors to the FIT Show <strong>2022</strong> this May!<br />

All in all, the industry outlook for <strong>2022</strong> seems to be one of slight optimism but<br />

as the last couple of years has shown, it’s wise to be braced for turbulence.<br />

I hope you enjoy the issue.<br />

George<br />

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Contents<br />


22<br />


Total Fabricator hears from Rob McGlennon,<br />

Managing Director of Deceuninck, who explains<br />

how sustainability has become top of the agenda.<br />


Andy Holland of Rapierstar discusses how a<br />

cross industry collaboration can give<br />

homeowners the confidence in home security.<br />


Edgetech’s Managing Director Chris Alderson<br />

gives his thoughts on the UK’s transition from CE<br />

to UKCA marking.<br />



Sheerline’s David Wigley explains how a retail focus<br />

is increasing consumer confidence in aluminium<br />

products.<br />

48<br />

28 A BUMPER YEAR<br />

Total Fabricator hears from Distinction Doors, who reveals its<br />

big hitters for 2021 in the GRP composite entrance doors<br />

market.<br />

36 TIME TO PUSH ON<br />

Neil Parton, MD of Elumatec, provides reality, resolutions and<br />

tips to make sure <strong>2022</strong> is as productive as it can be.<br />

38 A KEY TO GROWTH<br />

Nuevo Home’s Amar Dhillon explains why the latest<br />

machinery investment will be key to a successful year ahead for<br />

the company.<br />


Dave Broxton, Managing Director at Bohle, explains why<br />

glass processors have a year to cash in on big tax breaks<br />

and make businesses fit for the future.<br />

48 LOOKING FORWARD TO <strong>2022</strong><br />

Pat Rice, Commercial Director at UAP, discusses the key<br />

hardware trends from 2021 and what lies ahead in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />


German hardware manufacturer Burg-Wachter explains<br />

how with the advancement in smart tech, fabricators can<br />

now expand their product offering.<br />




In Selecta Systems’ first regular feature,<br />

Extrusion Manager Kevin Smith provides an<br />

insight into the extrusion process.<br />


<br />

16<br />

Ben Aspinall reflects on the lessons of 2021, and<br />

what to expect with regards to trends within the<br />

door sector in <strong>2022</strong><br />



16<br />

DOORS<br />

26<br />



SWORD?<br />

9<br />

Emplas MD Ryan Johnson has written an open letter to<br />

the industry, discussing some of the opportunities and<br />

potential challenges that may lie ahead in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />


Haffner has confirmed that it has increased its FIT Show<br />

stand to 610sqm, plus further key names will be on show!<br />


36<br />

HARDWARE &<br />


46<br />

GLASS &<br />


54<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 5

News Roundup<br />



Suppliers to the home improvement market<br />

are said to have given their ‘resounding<br />

approval’ to a recent campaign designed to<br />

raise some of the challenges faced by the<br />

fenestration industry.<br />

Nine new companies have joined the<br />

founding 19 members of #unitedfront, taking<br />

the total number of firms adding their support<br />

to 28 and creating a collective voice that<br />

accounts for more than £600m of sales and<br />

over 5000 staff.<br />

Bosses from Central Window Systems,<br />

Donwood Group, Double R Glass & Roofing<br />

Systems, Garnalex, Modplan, Oakland Glass,<br />

Roseview Windows, Saveheat Group and<br />

Thermoseal Group are the latest signatories<br />

to highlight issues that the sector is facing as<br />

it attempts to meet the national appetite for<br />

doors, windows, roofing systems and glazing<br />

products.<br />

The businesses, which are based across the<br />

UK and span all the different specialisms<br />

of the supply chain, clearly lay out three of<br />

the main challenges currently facing them,<br />

including disruption with materials, rising<br />

prices/energy costs and significant labour<br />

shortages due to the pandemic and Brexit.<br />

They call for industry to show a #unitedfront<br />

of solidarity in that every supplier is<br />

weathering the same storm and that, by<br />

giving customers an understanding, they can<br />

quickly work together to provide solutions and<br />

get back to delivering continuity of supply.<br />

Ryan Green, Managing Director of Clayton<br />

Glass, said: “We have had such a fantastic<br />

response since we launched the campaign in<br />

October and the overwhelming reaction has<br />

been positive with suppliers in our sector.<br />

“As soon as the letter landed, we received<br />

calls from colleagues, social media support<br />

and debate about how we could all work<br />

more collaboratively to help ease the supply<br />

chain issues as soon as possible.”<br />


Following the emergence of the Omicron<br />

variant of Covid-19, Ryan Johnson, Managing<br />

Director at fabricator, Emplas, has written an<br />

open letter to the industry, discussing some of<br />

the opportunities and potential challenges that<br />

may lie ahead in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

He said: “Omicron. It’s the latest addition to our<br />

vocabulary.<br />

“We came out of the high of G-Awards at the end<br />

of November, into a return of face masks and<br />

growing concern as to how the new Covid-19<br />

variant, will impact on the UK.<br />

“For the window industry, it has the potential to be<br />

a double-edged sword.<br />

“It makes disruption of some form more likely<br />

in the new year. Staff having to isolate because<br />

they’ve picked up a positive lateral flow is<br />

something we’ve now lived with for two-years and<br />

I suspect, we’re going to have to deal with for a<br />

little while longer.<br />

“But it also makes it more likely that people are<br />

going to continue to work from home, and that<br />

demand in home improvement will remain high.<br />

“If it becomes more difficult to travel, to use<br />

services – it makes it more likely that we’re<br />

going to spend our money on ‘stuff’, including<br />

The government has confirmed interim changes<br />

to Part L of the Building Regs for England, ready<br />

for the implementation of the Future Homes and<br />

Buildings Standard in 2025.<br />

Discussing the changes, Nick Cooper, Technical<br />

Director at AluK, explained the new Part L means<br />

a reduction in notional U-Values for windows and<br />

doors with more than 60% glazing in new dwellings<br />

to 1.2, with limiting U-Values of 1.4 for all new<br />

windows (WER Band B minimum) and >60%<br />

glazed doors (DER Band C minimum) installed in<br />

existing dwellings.<br />

He explained the aim is to deliver a 30% reduction<br />

in carbon emissions from new homes and a 27%<br />

reduction from other types of building, whilst<br />

home improvements.<br />

“Retail leads have slowed a little at the end of<br />

2021. We need to remember, that that’s from a<br />

record high and the inflation of the market from<br />

the Stamp Duty holiday.<br />

“I believe the bigger challenge will be how we<br />

manage that demand, resilience in the supply<br />

chain and how we manage price increases.<br />

Upstream from us, it’s a seller’s market. PVC-U<br />

resin supply remains particularly challenging.<br />

Throw in energy surcharges and we need to be<br />

prepared for more price increases in the year<br />

ahead.<br />

“This is the balancing act that we’re going to have<br />

to get used to managing. Demand will continue<br />

but labour, shortages and energy surcharges<br />

mean that our costs will increase as will those of<br />

our customers.”<br />


there are also changes to Approved Document F which<br />

apply to trickle vents, and an entirely new Approved<br />

Document O which applies to glazing and overheating.<br />

The new Regulations come into force on 15 June<br />

<strong>2022</strong>, but there’s a six-month transition period for<br />

planning applications submitted before that date,<br />

providing the build work starts before 15 June<br />

2023.<br />

Nick Cooper, Technical<br />

Director at AluK<br />




10%<br />





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* Per * Lead leaf price time is based unglazed on and standard may vary colour. depending Postcode on restrictions size and specification apply of the door. Lead time is based on a standard colour. Postcode restrictions apply<br />

* * Discount applies applies to new to new trade trade customers and and first, first, single single item item purchase only only of the of the Smart Smart Visoglide Plus Plus Sliding Sliding Doors Doors | Image | Image for for representation only only

News Roundup<br />



Trade show FENSTERBAU FRONTALE has<br />

been rescheduled and will now take place<br />

between Tuesday 12th – Friday 15th July<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The show was originally due to take place<br />

from 29th March to 1st April <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

“Although we are allowed to continue to<br />

run exhibitions, our customers still have a<br />

strong sense of uncertainty,” explained Petra<br />

Wolf, Member of the Management Board,<br />

NürnbergMesse.<br />

“And given the dynamic nature of the infection<br />

situation, we unfortunately cannot rule out the<br />

possibility that legislation at a national and<br />

state level will have to be adapted or made<br />

more stringent at short notice.”<br />

The course taken by the Covid-19 pandemic<br />

and the postponement of other industry<br />

events in the first quarter of <strong>2022</strong> is said to<br />

have recently contributed to the uncertainty<br />

among the exhibitors of FENSTERBAU<br />


Elke Harreiss, Director FENSTERBAU<br />

FRONTALE, and Stefan Dittrich, Director<br />

HOLZ-HANDWERK, added: “By acting early<br />

to reschedule FENSTERBAU FRONTALE and<br />

HOLZ-HANDWERK to a date in summer, we are<br />

accommodating the wishes of many exhibitors<br />

to provide a meeting place for the industry<br />

where they can network and do business in a<br />

positive atmosphere in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

“To achieve this, we are relying on a hygiene<br />

and access concept that has already proven<br />

successful and combines our customers’<br />

needs for personal interaction with safety in<br />

the best possible way.<br />

“Together with our exhibitors and partners,<br />

we are looking forward to meeting again in<br />

Nuremberg between 12 and 15 July <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

with positive interaction between industry<br />

colleagues, profitable new business contacts,<br />

and all kinds of trends and inspiration for<br />

business!”<br />



More than two-thirds of UK homeowners<br />

(68%) would choose windows and doors with<br />

a higher recycled content over and above<br />

products which don’t, or which do so at a<br />

lower level, according to a new study.<br />

The findings of the survey by leading pollster<br />

YouGov also found that 63% of homeowners said<br />

that they would be more likely to purchase home<br />

improvements, which they saw as being more<br />

‘sustainable’.<br />

Commissioned by Deceuninck, the study also<br />

found that 38%, would be prepared to pay more<br />

for home improvement products that had higher<br />

recycled content and reduced impact on the<br />

environment.<br />

Rob McGlennon, Managing Director, Deceuninck,<br />

said: “Sustainability is going to top the agenda for<br />

the next decade – it has to.<br />

“That growing awareness about climate-change<br />

and the negative impact we’re having as a<br />

global society on the planet, is filtering into<br />

each purchasing decision that we’re making as<br />

consumers.<br />

“This includes windows and doors. Products<br />

which are seen as being more energy efficient,<br />

Certification body the British Board of Agrément<br />

has been given the green light to issue UK<br />

Technical Assessments (UKTAs) – the first<br />

organisation in the UK to gain this approval.<br />

The announcement comes at a critical time for<br />

UK-based construction product manufacturers,<br />

importers and distributors who have just a year<br />

to prepare their businesses for the switch from<br />

CE Marking to the new UKCA Marking regime<br />

for products placed in the GB<br />

market.<br />

As part of this process, European<br />

Technical Assessments (ETAs)<br />

will be replaced by UKTAs, with<br />

approved UK-based Technical<br />

more recyclable and which have a lower impact in<br />

manufacture, are increasingly important in driving<br />

the purchasing decisions of end users.”<br />

When asked to rank the importance of different<br />

factors which would impact on their decision<br />

to buy windows and doors, ‘security’ topped<br />

the billing, rated as important by 91% of total<br />

respondents.<br />

Energy efficiency was the next biggest driver,<br />

cited by 89% of those polled. This was followed<br />

by appearance and the match/fit to their existing<br />

property 86%. Sustainability was cited as<br />

important by 67% of those surveyed.<br />

You can read more about Rob and Deceuninck’s<br />

thoughts on sustainability and the opportunities<br />

for those throughout the supply chain on<br />

pages 22 and 23 of this issue.<br />


Assessment Bodies (TABs) such as the BBA<br />

required to assess products for the UK market.<br />

The news was confirmed by the Department for<br />

Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).<br />

CEO Hardy Giesler, said: “We are delighted to have<br />

been approved as the first UK TAB able to issue<br />

UKTAs to our clients. This important milestone<br />

enables us to respond quickly to the urgent needs<br />

of our clients who have been<br />

waiting to progress their ETA to<br />

UKTA transition for well over 12<br />

months.”<br />

See page 54 for further comment<br />

on UKCA marking from Chris<br />

Alderson of Edgetech.<br />


Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />



HAFFNER GOES EVEN BIGGER FOR FIT <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

Haffner MD Dave Thomas<br />

Drastic changes to customers’ ordering<br />

patterns gave rise to some head scratching<br />

at VBH’s sales and distribution centre in<br />

Swansea recently.<br />

The Swansea centre serves VBH’s customers<br />

in Wales and South West England, and it had<br />

become apparent that more stock needed to<br />

be held locally to help react most efficiently<br />

to the requirements of customers whose<br />

hardware uptake had rapidly increased or, in<br />

some cases, had become erratic.<br />

The focus was to ensure that sales orders from<br />

Welsh and South Western customers in <strong>2022</strong><br />

and beyond would be supplied complete first<br />

time from Swansea, without the need to ship<br />

part orders from other VBH sites.<br />

Floor area was at maximum capacity so Dave<br />

Prout, VBH Operations Manager - Swansea, and<br />

his team decided that the only way was up!<br />

They designed and installed<br />

high level picking spaces<br />

and pallet racking to take full<br />

advantage of the building<br />

height.<br />

The re-design has allowed<br />

for a deeper stock holding of<br />

VBH Swansea’s most popular lines, including<br />

those from the greenteQ brand, and has<br />

created an extra 120 pallet spaces with no<br />

loss of picking shelves for smaller, slower<br />

moving products.<br />

As part of the warehouse upgrade, VBH has<br />

also invested in a new high-level order picker<br />

to be used in the narrow aisle design layout.<br />

The picker is capable of reaching all levels of<br />

racking and is computer guided to allow for<br />

safe working in narrow aisles.<br />

Dave said: “The whole changeover was carried<br />

out in just two weeks and we are happy to say<br />

that disruption to the depot’s customers was<br />

kept to an absolute minimum.”<br />

Haffner’s stand at this year’s FIT Show<br />

was already set to be the biggest stand in<br />

the show’s history. But the company has<br />

confirmed that it’s just got even bigger – the<br />

new space will be 610sqm.<br />

Haffner took the decision to extend the stand<br />

because of a rapid increase in demand and a<br />

stream of orders for fully seamless set-ups.<br />

Dave Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner,<br />

commented: “Fabricators are increasingly<br />

looking to use the latest technologies to deliver<br />

outstanding quality that feature-rich products<br />

demand. The Graf Synergy range is the only range<br />

for this. It delivers world class seamless welding<br />

technology and patented welding techniques,<br />

increasing fabrication efficiencies and delivering<br />

superior product quality. By showcasing the entire<br />

range on our stand, we’ll be able to show more<br />

fabricators what it has to offer.”<br />

Haffner is the exclusive UK supply partner of Graf<br />

Synergy and its FIT Show stand will showcase<br />

machines capable of welding seamless corners,<br />

transoms, reverse butts, cruciforms and cills,<br />

showing how far the machinery has come.<br />

The FIT Show runs from 10th-12th May <strong>2022</strong> at<br />

the NEC in Birmingham. www.fitshow.co.uk<br />



Emmegi (UK) has announced that it will be<br />

back exhibiting at the FIT Show in May after<br />

three years away.<br />

Checkatrade is also set to make its debut at the<br />

show, which returns to the NEC between 10th-<br />

12th May <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Emmegi (UK) said it will be a chance for new<br />

and existing customers to chat to the team and<br />

enjoy some classic Italian-style hospitality.<br />

Managing Director Ian Latimer, said: “Since<br />

the beginning, FIT has been a really successful<br />

show for us – not just in terms of generating<br />

enquiries for new machines, but as a great<br />

place to meet up with customers and friends.<br />

With momentum building for the <strong>2022</strong> event,<br />

we didn’t want to miss out.<br />

“Machinery is always a good draw for fabricators<br />

at exhibitions, so I hope the fact that there’s now<br />

another machinery company on the floorplan will<br />

encourage even more people to register.”<br />

Speaking about Checkatrade’s presence at the<br />

show, Event Director Nickie West said: “Checkatrade<br />

is a huge household name, and one that we are<br />

delighted to be able to bring to FIT Show <strong>2022</strong>.”<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> TF 9

News Roundup<br />



AT Precision has doubled its turnover in the<br />

past 12 months.<br />

Sales Director Michael Hewitt commented:<br />

“In the summer, we’d seen a 342% sales<br />

increase since we opened our doors in<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary 2020, but in the past six months,<br />

we’ve gone above and beyond to double our<br />

turnover, and I’m extremely proud of how far<br />

the business has come, despite the many<br />

difficulties across the board.”<br />

Michael attributes the success to careful<br />

investments, which includes a factory<br />

expansion to 18,000 square feet, as well as<br />

the introduction of two new extrusion lines.<br />

This has enabled the Durham-based<br />

company to increase both production and<br />

capacity, meaning they are able to store at<br />

least three months’ worth of stock on their<br />

premises at all times.<br />

2021 also saw the company further expand<br />

its product portfolio with a range of plastic<br />

ancillaries, including injection-moulded cill<br />

end caps and adapter caps, available in<br />

black and anthracite grey.<br />

In addition, the company also recently<br />

invested £60K in a new range of espagnolette<br />

window handles.<br />

Michael concluded: “We’ve enjoyed<br />

considerable growth in the past 12 months,<br />

and while favourable market conditions have<br />

of course played a role in that, our success<br />

would not have been possible without the<br />

ongoing investment in our products and<br />

services.”<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Software company Tommy Trinder analysed<br />

more than 88,000 PVC-U casements using<br />

its Framepoint platform in 2021, and this<br />

data showed the decline of the smooth white<br />

window, with just 58% of PVC casements<br />

quoted unfoiled.<br />

Anthracite grey (8%) and white grain (6%)<br />

continued to prove popular colour choices in<br />

2021. But on the whole, Tommy Trinder’s data growing popularity for flush casements. In 2021<br />

reveals a fragmented appetite for colour.<br />

around a quarter (24%) of PVC-U windows<br />

quoted by installers had flush sashes.<br />

Chris Brunsdon, Tommy Trinder’s CEO, said:<br />

“Long gone are the days when windows were Smooth white was even less popular as a finish<br />

white and handles were gold.<br />

on PVC-U flush casements, accounting for just<br />

22% of all windows quoted.<br />

“The activity from Framepoint users in 2021<br />

suggests we have truly become a rainbow nation A quarter of all flush casements were foiled white<br />

when it comes to fenestration.<br />

or cream.<br />

“Over 1,000 different colour combinations were Agate Grey (13%) was almost twice as popular<br />

quoted on PVC-U casements during the year.” as Anthracite (7%) in the more traditional<br />

window form.<br />

According to the data, traditional woodgrains<br />

were largely in decline. Only Rosewood (4%) and “Use of the app is growing rapidly,” added Chris.<br />

Golden Oak (1%) made it into the top 10 most “We have around 1,150 active users of<br />

popular foils. Mahogany, a former favourite, was Framepoint from over 360 window firms so it’s a<br />

notable by its absence. Oaks such as Irish Oak, solid representation of the market.”<br />

English Oak and Natural Oak, whilst trending<br />

When asked for his thoughts on what colours<br />

upwards, also failed to make the top tier.<br />

would be trending in <strong>2022</strong>, Chris concluded:<br />

The Tommy Trinder survey also highlighted “That’s easy. The future is…Basalt Grey!”<br />


Carl F Groupco has successfully secured a Groupco, said: “I’m immensely proud of the team<br />

tender to continue full hardware supply to for their efforts over the past five years working<br />

one of the largest social housing providers in on this contract, and it just goes to show how<br />

Wales, Tai Tarian.<br />

important our emphasis on exceptional service is<br />

to our customers.”<br />

Having supplied window and door hardware for<br />

the past five years, the contract has recently been As part of the Tai Tarian tender, Carl F Groupco<br />

awarded for another three to five years.<br />

will supply a full range of window and door<br />

hardware to Tai Tarian, including Yale Lockmaster<br />

The doors and windows supplied by Tai Tarian<br />

door locks, Platinum 3* cylinders, Sparta<br />

are fabricated to Secured by Design and PAS 24<br />

window handles, Hoppe Tokyo and Birmingham<br />

security standards and provide Energy Rating<br />

door handles, Kenrick Centurion shootbolt<br />

Scheme certification.<br />

espagnolettes, Roto door hinges, Cotswold friction<br />

John Crittenden, Managing Director of Carl F stays and Rapier Star screws.<br />


i-fold<br />

door<br />



TFK02<br />




Patented clip bead delivering the fastest glazing time.<br />

Trickle vents positioned in frame - no need for<br />

extenders! Full bearings and stainless steel hardware<br />

for the smoothest glide every time. All with a 10 year<br />

manufacturer’s guarantee.<br />

Delivering the best products, with<br />

the best service, at the best price<br />

Contact Made for Trade for a Kwikquote today<br />

madefortrade.co | sales@madefortrade.co | 01642 610799<br />

*Discount applies to all trade customers and applied to the first, single item purchase only of the Korniche Bifolding Door

News Roundup<br />



Despite a challenging trading period for<br />

the industry, frame manufacturer Premier<br />

Arches has seen a 94% sales uplift in the<br />

past 12 months, making 2021 its most<br />

successful year yet.<br />

Managing Director Sean Greenall attributes<br />

this success to an increased demand for<br />

bespoke arched and angled frames across<br />

the country, matched with the unique and<br />

specialised service the company offers,<br />

taking the hassle away from the complicated<br />

and time-consuming process of profile<br />

bending.<br />

He said: “Demand for home improvements<br />

has skyrocketed in the past two years,<br />

with more and more homeowners wanting<br />

to transform their properties with bespoke<br />

arched and angled windows and doors.”<br />

Working with over 600 customers across<br />

the UK, the St Helens-based company<br />

manufactures and supplies the awkward<br />

products that others don’t want to make.<br />

This includes arched, angled, gable, circular<br />

and entirely bespoke windows and doors<br />

in a range of 7 stocked systems including<br />

Residence 9, plus another five non-stocked<br />

systems.<br />

Sean added: “Despite the continued<br />

challenges faced across the industry over the<br />

past two years, our products and services<br />

have been in high demand, and we’ve<br />

managed to maintain a high level of service<br />

across the board, providing outstanding<br />

products and a smooth and reliable sales<br />

process for all our customers. The hard<br />

work of everyone across the business has<br />

ensured that Premier Arches experienced an<br />

extremely successful past 12 months, and<br />

I’m incredibly proud of our whole team.”<br />


More than nine out of ten<br />

smaller housebuilders have<br />

said planning is the biggest<br />

obstacle to increasing their<br />

housing delivery, according<br />

to a recent survey from the<br />

Home Builders Federation<br />

(HBF), Close Brothers<br />

Property Finance and Travis<br />

Perkins.<br />

The survey, now in its second<br />

year, takes a deeper look at how<br />

the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape<br />

for housing delivery via SMEs and includes an indepth<br />

focus group this year, which drills down into<br />

the key findings from the survey.<br />

The findings also showed that 78% of<br />

housebuilders see the supply and cost of materials<br />

as a major barrier to delivery, which was up 20%<br />

from last year.<br />

In recent months, global materials shortages<br />

and subsequent price inflation have proven to be<br />

another significant barrier for SMEs and it now<br />

features as one of the top three major barriers<br />

identified by respondents.<br />

It also showed that 59% see the supply and cost of<br />

labour as a major barrier (up from 19% last year).<br />

Yorkshire fabricator UK Doors Online has won<br />

two awards at the Northern Enterprise Awards<br />

2021, in the categories of Best Aluminium<br />

& Bifold Door Manufacturer 2021 and Best<br />

Emerging Yorkshire Trading Business 2021<br />

Now in its third year, the Northern Enterprise<br />

Awards celebrates the industriousness and<br />

dedication of businesses and enterprises from the<br />

north of England.<br />

Commenting on the double-win, Managing Director,<br />

Andrew Glover, said: “It’s fantastic to have our<br />

efforts and achievements recognised in this way.<br />

UK Doors Online was formed in July 2020, which<br />

was a challenging time for the industry, with<br />

multiple lockdowns, material and staff shortages<br />

Stewart Baseley, Executive<br />

Chairman of the Home Builders<br />

Federation, said: “Recent<br />

decades have seen a collapse in<br />

SME builders numbers and the<br />

survey shows the considerable<br />

challenges the sector continues<br />

to face.<br />

“Every single SME I speak to<br />

is suffering badly from delays<br />

to the planning process. SMEs<br />

are literally having to put their businesses on<br />

hold whilst Local Authorities delay the start of<br />

construction as their planning departments don’t<br />

have adequate capacity to process applications<br />

effectively.<br />

“Allied to concerns on materials and staff,<br />

planning delays threaten the demise of even more<br />

SME builders.”<br />

A positive to come from the survey is the<br />

significant growth in the number of apprentices<br />

employed by respondents:<br />

Just under 60% of respondents employ<br />

apprentices in their business, as compared to<br />

just 33% of respondents last year.<br />


and supply chain issues.<br />

“Despite this, we continue to beat our own sales<br />

records month-on-month, more than doubling<br />

turnover in two years and on track to do this again<br />

in year three. This is mainly down to the strength<br />

of our team and their ability to help with any<br />

enquiries.”<br />


Contract BP Barometer Talk<br />


Business Pilot has released its first Barometer of the year, and Senior Analyst Neil Cooper-<br />

Smith asks if Covid-19 has made the window and door industry better or worse off.<br />

Figures for window and door sales last<br />

month [December 2021] show a 38%<br />

fall in sales. That’s a substantial but not<br />

entirely unexpected drop: a lot of retailers shut-up<br />

shop early for Christmas, while December is<br />

historically also slower.<br />

That also goes for <strong>Jan</strong>uary. Leads in December<br />

were also down 44% – from 102 to 57 – which<br />

means that the start of the year will be quieter for<br />

many. Despite its size, the figure is unremarkable<br />

given that we lost much of the month to the<br />

holiday season.<br />

Average order values by comparison were up from<br />

£4,770 to £7,391 – an increase of 55%. Although<br />

we’re having to join the dots, we’d argue that this<br />

can, in part, be attributed to the pre-September<br />

Stamp Duty holiday deadline rush in housing<br />

completions.<br />

Although conjecture, it would make sense that<br />

a couple of months in, those who moved in<br />

September are starting on home improvements,<br />

and completing refurbishments.<br />

At the same time, discretionary spend on single<br />

(albeit bigger) ticket items, for example bi-folds,<br />

are likely to have been impacted by the holidays<br />

and lower seasonal appeal, increasing the<br />

average order value overall.<br />

What’s ahead in <strong>2022</strong>?<br />

At the start of <strong>2022</strong> Omicron continues to deliver<br />

a dose of uncertainty. While there were signs in<br />

December that supply chains were starting to<br />

stabilise, the prospect of COVID-related disruption<br />

continues to hang over the industry.<br />

This aside, a number of factors which drive<br />

increased consumer confidence, and therefore<br />

their willingness to spend, continue to point in a<br />

positive direction.<br />

Average house prices rose again last month,<br />

hitting a record average level of £254,822<br />

according to the latest data from Nationwide<br />

building society.<br />

This represents an increase of 10.4% in the<br />

12-months to December 2021 – an increase of<br />

£24,000 over the past year – giving homeowners<br />

more equity in their properties.<br />

The challenge is inflation, which the Bank of<br />

England predicts will peak at around 6% this<br />

April, from the 5.1% already seen in November.<br />

Analysts warn this is likely to be compounded<br />

if, as expected, Ofgem lifts its price cap on<br />

household gas and electricity bills in April,<br />

something which could see domestic energy<br />

prices increase by as much as 50%.<br />

In summary, confidence in the housing market<br />

means demand is going to be there in retail but<br />

affordability is going to be far more of an issue<br />

than it has been in the last 12-months.<br />

Has Covid-19 made the window and door<br />

industry more profitable?<br />

The answer is, we’re probably never going to<br />

know, but we think it’s worth considering that<br />

the window and door industry was on target for<br />

significant growth before the pandemic hit, at<br />

around 5% year-on-year through to 2023.<br />

The growth that has been seen in the last<br />

18-months has been exponential, but it is by<br />

definition going to be less sustainable.<br />

What we can see is that year-on-year sales<br />

December 2021 were down 23% on those for<br />

2020. Go back a year further to the pre-Covid era<br />

and December 2019, and they’re 60% lower.<br />

So, could the industry have done better if COVID<br />

hadn’t hit? It’s safe to say that the volume<br />

wouldn’t have been there without it or, perhaps<br />

more accurately, the Furlough scheme.<br />

But there would have been more control, and<br />

going into their year-end, we know there will be<br />

retailers who won’t have been as profitable as<br />

they expected, because of increased complexity<br />

and cost of doing business during a pandemic.<br />

Contact Business Pilot:<br />

0333 050 7632<br />

www.businesspilot.co.uk/<br />

@BusinessPilotUK<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 13

Ultimate Security<br />

High-Performance<br />

Low U-Values<br />

System 10-35 Hi / Hi+<br />

Commercial Door and Framing<br />

Providing high-performance strength and security,<br />

Metal Technology’s new innovative, commercial<br />

door and framing system has been developed to<br />

offer exceptionally low U-values, delivering as low<br />

as 1.27 W/m 2 K with double glazing and 0.93 W/m 2 K<br />

with triple glazing. Ideal for high traffic locations<br />

within the commercial, health, education or<br />

retail sector.<br />

Multi-point locking is achievable on sash heights<br />

up to 3 metres and 100kgs with glazing from 28mm<br />

to 44mm units. With the full 10-35 range of door<br />

and framing systems tested to PAS 24, designers<br />

can specify security doors with confidence.<br />


PAS 24 security tested to comply<br />

with Secured by Design criteria<br />

Multi-point locking<br />

Mag locks<br />

Panic Exit (push rail or touch bar)<br />

All of the above in single<br />

or double door applications<br />

Available in single or dual colour<br />

standard RAL finishes<br />

Cycle tested to BS 6375 Part 2<br />

Bespoke tooling and jigs to assist<br />

with rapid manufacture<br />

LogiKal estimating and production<br />

software for manufacturing, glass<br />

and U-value calculations<br />

Range of stainless steel handle<br />

options available from stock<br />

For further information and technical data visit metaltechnology.com<br />

T +44 (0)28 9448 7777 || orders@metaltechnology.com || Follow us on

Behind the Scenes<br />


In a series of ‘behind the scenes’ features, we explore the inner workings of Selecta Systems. In<br />

our first feature, Kevin Smith, Extrusion Manager, provides us with an engaging insight into the<br />

extrusion process, from material mixing through to inspection and testing.<br />

“To some it’s just a window or a door. To a<br />

few it’s just a piece of plastic.<br />

To Selecta Systems it’s a precision<br />

engineered product!<br />

A product that undergoes a cycle of meticulous<br />

processes, a sequence of inspections, a series<br />

of rigorous internal and external tests to ensure<br />

it complies with a comprehensive range of<br />

standards and regulations – this is where the<br />

window and door journey starts.<br />

From powder to plastic<br />

So, what is PVCu or uPVC as it is often referred<br />

to? PVCu is Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a<br />

lightweight and yet robust type of plastic<br />

used in consumer goods. The “u” stands for<br />

un-plasticised, meaning that the plastic isn’t<br />

softened in the manufacturing process, thus<br />

ensuring its strength is maintained. So how do we<br />

Selecta’s extrusion machines<br />

go from a raw material powder to a fully formed<br />

and robust window or door profile?<br />

Bulk tanker deliveries of lead-free raw materials<br />

arrive on site on a daily basis in the form of<br />

resins, stabilisers, impact modifiers etc. and<br />

are pumped into large storage silos and holding<br />

stations, where material is accurately weighed to<br />

Selecta’s formulation. Each raw material delivery<br />

is QC checked and tested to ensure that it is to<br />

our material specification before acceptance.<br />

The PVCu “ingredients” and ratios used in<br />

the extrusion of the Selecta window and door<br />

products are specific to a tried and tested Selecta<br />

“This is where the<br />

window and door<br />

journey starts”<br />

formula and colour.<br />

The precise proportions of resin, stabilisers and<br />

modifiers are transferred in to what is effectively<br />

a large “mixing bowl”, a high speed mixer. The<br />

computerised system allocates the volumes and<br />

blends the various raw material ingredients to the<br />

Selecta formula. QC checks are carried out every<br />

two hours and automated monitoring ensures the<br />

consistency of the Selecta formulation.<br />

The blended mix is assigned to a silo and<br />

recorded for traceability purposes, with all the<br />

production processes controlled and managed via<br />

the ISO 9001 quality management system.<br />

A window or door profile section tool consists of<br />

a main die and a sequence of tooling calibrators,<br />

whilst the extrusion machine is split in to<br />

sections, the die head, calibrator and cooling<br />

section, haul off, saw centre and tilt table, with<br />

each carrying out a particular process during the<br />

16 T F JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong><br />


Contract Talk<br />


“It’s not just a window<br />

or door or a piece of<br />

plastic to Selecta”<br />

extrusion of profile.<br />

The start up of a new profile section run<br />

begins with the extrusion machine set to the<br />

specification of the master setting sheet for that<br />

specific profile section.<br />

Dependant on the extrusion machine there are<br />

approximately thirteen temperature<br />

zones within the head of the<br />

machine and die zone, and<br />

each are set to a specific<br />

temperature to aid the gelation<br />

of the dry blend.<br />

Each profile section has specific<br />

settings for screw speeds, line<br />

speeds, pressure, vacuums etc. within<br />

the set up of a new run.<br />

Once fine-tuned and set-up, the dry blend of<br />

PVCu material is pumped in to the head of the<br />

extrusion machine from the silo, which in turn<br />

via the heat in the machine head and die zones,<br />

softens the material in to a PVCu gel.<br />

This softened PVCu gel is then forced through<br />

the tooling die to form the profile shape. The<br />

Above: A gasket being co-extruded into a profile. Left: Extrusion Manager Kevin Smith<br />

warm and soft PVCu profile growth and an automated system douses<br />

section then goes through chemicals in to the water chamber to maintain a<br />

a series of calibration dies to safe closed loop water system.<br />

maintain the profile shape, whilst<br />

Once cooled inside the seven-metre-long<br />

chilled water is sprayed over the profile<br />

calibrator and cooling chambers, the profile<br />

during the cooling process.<br />

section’s rubber gasket is co-extruded in to the<br />

An underground water chamber holding<br />

gasket channel and the profile section is printed<br />

thousands of gallons of water pumps water to upon, every one metre, with the company name,<br />

the extrusion machines via large chillers, which reference to standard EN 12608-1, our climatic<br />

ensures that the water is preserved to a set zone classification, our resistance to impact<br />

temperature.<br />

by falling mass classification, wall thickness<br />

classification, product code, date and shift<br />

The water is regularly checked for bacterial<br />

identification.<br />

The mixing plant operation<br />

This aids traceability of the profile section<br />

throughout it’s journey.<br />

The next stage is the haul off, which is<br />

reminiscent of two large tank tracks, that pulls<br />

the profile along the extrusion machine before the<br />

protective tape is applied, and the computerised<br />

saw cuts the section at six metres before hitting<br />

the tilt table for packing.<br />

During the profile section’s journey along the<br />

thirty-metre-long extrusion machine, on-line<br />

dimensional, operational and visual QC checks<br />

are carried out and recorded every couple of<br />

lengths.<br />

QC lab checks are carried out every two hours<br />

Continued on page 18<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 17

Behind the Scenes<br />

Continued from page 17<br />

QC testing provided by Selecta’s Carl Hillman<br />


root cause of the failure, and corrective and<br />

preventive actions applied to ensure the issue<br />

doesn’t happen again. Passed profile is packed<br />

within stillages and transferred to the storage<br />

warehouse, ready for order picking.<br />

of extrusion, with full dimensional, colour and<br />

operational checks with associated profiles,<br />

reinforcements, accessories and ancillaries.<br />

Upon the start-up and then every two days of a<br />

profile section’s production run, physical property<br />

tests are carried out within the QC lab. This<br />

consists of a series of tests that simulate adverse<br />

climatic effects to ensure that the profile section<br />

continues to perform to a high standard when<br />

subject to these extremities.<br />

“There’s so much more<br />

to the whole extrusion<br />

process, going from<br />

that initial powdered<br />

raw material to PVCu<br />

window or door profile<br />

section”<br />

This is done for the ten samples and recorded.<br />

The test simulates a cold winters night / day and<br />

the consequence of an object making contact with<br />

the profile section.<br />

Two further QC lab tests are carried out, one<br />

for determination of appearance (heat ageing)<br />

after exposure at 150 degrees celsius and<br />

determination of heat reversion. The latter<br />

determines the deterioration of a profile section<br />

after three 250mm section samples are placed<br />

in a conditioned oven at 100 degrees celsius<br />

for a minimum of one hour. The reversion, or<br />

deterioration, is measured as a percentage<br />

change of the final length relative to the initial<br />

length.<br />

If a failure is identified, stock is quarantined<br />

and an investigation is carried out to find the<br />

All of the extrusion processes and QC testing<br />

is carried out in accordance with our product<br />

Kitemark licence, standard BS EN 12608-1:2016<br />

and our ISO 9001 Quality Management System<br />

requirements. Company processes, procedures<br />

and testing are externally audited by British<br />

Standards Institute (BSi) every 6 months, with<br />

further audit test sampling carried out at BSi<br />

UKAS accredited labs based on the same criteria.<br />

There’s so much more to the whole extrusion<br />

process, going from that initial powdered raw<br />

material to PVCu window or door profile section.<br />

This behind-the-scenes feature will give those<br />

of you who are unfamiliar with the process a<br />

quick overview and insight in to the methods and<br />

A finished profile extrusion<br />

practices involved. It’s<br />

not just a window or door or a piece of plastic to<br />

Selecta.<br />

It is that precision engineered product that we<br />

envisaged from the start.<br />

Contact Selecta Systems:<br />

0121 325 2100<br />

www.selectasystems.com/<br />

@SelectaSystems<br />

A finished profile extrusion<br />

To simulate extreme cold conditions, cold impact<br />

testing consists of ten profile section samples<br />

cut to 300mm and conditioned to -10ºC for a<br />

minimum of 1hr. Selecta, condition sections<br />

above the requirements with the freezer set to<br />

-13ºc and for a minimum of 2 hrs.<br />

Each one of the ten samples is taken out of the<br />

freezer, once conditioned, and placed in a jig<br />

where a 1kg weight is dropped on the profile<br />

section from 1.5m in height. If the sample breaks,<br />

it fails and if the weight ‘bounces’ off, it passes.<br />


Innovation comes built-in<br />


We’re starting <strong>2022</strong> on a high after successfully fighting back against<br />

unprecedented supply chain issues to bring back our industry-topping<br />

10-12 day lead time on our full range of integrated blinds.<br />

Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd<br />

Unit 3<br />

Leeds 27 Industrial Estate<br />

Bruntcliffe Way<br />

Leeds LS27 0HH<br />

morleyglass.co.uk<br />

0113 277 8722 sales@morleyglass.co.uk

Aluminium<br />


Sheerline’s Head of Marketing, David Wigley, talks about how retail-focused products are<br />

leading to an increase in consumer confidence for aluminium products.<br />

Consumer attitudes toward aluminium<br />

windows and doors have changed steadily<br />

over the past decade, driven by the growth<br />

of more retail friendly systems that pay more<br />

care and attention to aesthetics and thermal<br />

performance, rather than simply repurposing<br />

products designed for the commercial sector.<br />

That’s according to David Wigley, Head of<br />

Marketing at aluminium window and door<br />

manufacturer Sheerline.<br />

“Traditional steel and aluminium window and<br />

door products have historically been plagued<br />

by issues surrounding energy efficiency, and a<br />

general lack of aesthetic choice, making them<br />

less desirable for homeowners. Consumers<br />

looking for systems that offered the slimmest<br />

sightlines were often forced to compromise in<br />

other areas, such as security and finish.” David<br />

commented.<br />

“However, with the development of new<br />

innovative technologies and the introduction of<br />

retail-focused brands such as Sheerline, the<br />

industry is starting to experience a rise in demand<br />

for aluminium as customer trust in this next<br />

generation of aluminium grows.”<br />

Designed from scratch, the Sheerline’s Classic<br />

range incorporates many features and benefits<br />

demanded by discerning home-improvers, selfbuilders,<br />

and housebuilders.<br />

David continued: “In contrast to other window<br />

lines, our Classic window system was designed<br />

from scratch and not adapted from an existing<br />

system. We wanted to create a system which<br />

revolutionised the way consumers think about<br />

aluminium windows and doors, while still<br />

ensuring we provided trade customers with an<br />

easy-to-manufacture and easy-to-install range.<br />

“The Classic system presents a whole new range<br />

of features and benefits to allow fabricators<br />

and installers to meet the needs of the most<br />

demanding consumer.”<br />

David added: “Sheerline Classic is an ideal<br />

solution for homeowners looking for a tasteful and<br />

elegant way to improve the look of their homes.<br />

Even the smallest of apertures will benefit from<br />

the ultra-slim beadless system. When fitted,<br />

Sheerline Classic windows provide a stylish look<br />

that maximises light and views – with slim 59mm<br />

sightlines on windows using the small outer<br />

frame.”<br />

The Classic window range uses Sheerline’s<br />

patented corner cleat construction method,<br />

A classic<br />

aluminium<br />

sash window<br />

“Aluminium windows<br />

are no longer a<br />

one-style-fits-all<br />

commercial hand-medown”<br />

resulting in almost invisible mitred joints, while<br />

also allowing the system to arrive on site already<br />

pre-glazed.<br />

“Our corner cleat system is used across<br />

all Sheerline ranges to reduce fabrication<br />

misalignment and create exceptional strong and<br />

secure corner joints. This eco-friendly system<br />

also greatly reduces waste by lessening the<br />

need to crimp corners, leading to less scrappage<br />

if elements of the window need replacing mid<br />

manufacture – all made possible by Sheerline’s<br />

easy to use corner cleat”, David commented.<br />

To allow for quicker and more efficient<br />

installations, Classic sashes are pre-glazed<br />

during fabrication, and use cleverly designed<br />

corner and run-up ramp mouldings to self-locate<br />

hinges. This allows sashes to be hung quickly,<br />

with the hinges held securely, the sash is fixed in<br />

place. It also eliminates the need to fit gaskets or<br />

beads on-site.<br />

David added: “To help reduce installation time<br />

and associated cost, the Classic system is preglazed<br />

with the glazed unit securely encapsulated<br />

within the sash prior to going on-site. Not only<br />

does this add higher security for the window with<br />

Sheerline created a white finish fitted to a stone coloured<br />

property<br />

20 T F JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong><br />


Contract Talk<br />


no beads to attack, but it reduces the likelihood<br />

of glass breakages occurring during transit and<br />

fitting. Discovering you are missing a key glass<br />

unit on-site is also a thing of the past.”<br />

Designed to provide optimum weather<br />

performance, while also ensuring good energy<br />

efficiency, the Classic range combines highperforming<br />

co-extruded weather seals, including<br />

across its cills and ancillaries, with Thermlock,<br />

Sheerline’s patented, multi-chamber technology<br />

used across all products.<br />

This has been designed to make sure cold<br />

bridging is reduced and ensure homes are kept<br />

warm and energy bills low, an increasing concern<br />

for homeowners against the looming prospect of<br />

spiralling energy costs.<br />

David explained: “Classic also uses less silicone<br />

for sealing due to Sheerline’s cills, inbuilt<br />

weatherseals. This saves cost, while also being<br />

faster and more convenient – the best bit is it<br />

helps ensure a better performing installation for<br />

the end-user.”<br />

The system has been designed to be exceptionally<br />

secure, featuring specialised hardware that is<br />

complemented by the Classic system’s design<br />

to provide high security levels on windows and<br />

Unobtrusive clean sightlines on a<br />

recent project<br />

Sheerline’s Seamless clean corner finish<br />

doors, an achievement acknowledged by the UK<br />

police initiative, Secure By Design accreditation.<br />

“The window’s excellent security performance<br />

is a fantastic achievement especially taking into<br />

consideration its slim construction,” said Dave.<br />

Classic offers two sash options; ‘Stepped’ or<br />

‘Contemporary’ and a choice of either ‘Standard’<br />

or ‘Flush’ outer frames, resulting in a variation<br />

of choice for consumers to match the aesthetics<br />

of their home or extension – all available from a<br />

stocked range of 12 colours.<br />

“The Classic range is becoming highly sought<br />

after by homeowners. We have seen growing<br />

interest in this slim-looking system through our<br />

website and media channels more recently.”<br />

David said: “Homes look fantastic fitted with<br />

Classic windows, and I’ve recently chosen them<br />

for my own home, replacing tired externally glazed<br />

PVC-U windows.<br />

“Aluminium windows are no longer a one-stylefits-all<br />

commercial hand-me-down, the latest<br />

generation can now claim to be the perfect<br />

combination of timeless style, energy efficiency,<br />

and choice; available in the widest range of styles<br />

and finishes to suit every home.<br />

“Add these elements to minimal maintenance<br />

requirements and enviable sustainability<br />

credentials, and products like the Sheerline<br />

Classic system will continue to see growing<br />

consumer demand in forthcoming years as<br />

homeowners look for an alternative eco-friendly<br />

solution,” David concluded.<br />

Contact Sheerline:<br />

01332 978000<br />

www.sheerline.com<br />

@SheerlineSystem<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 21

Sustainability<br />


Total Fabricator hears from Rob McGlennon, Managing Director of Deceuninck, who explains<br />

how targets to cut carbon emissions and shifting consumer expectations has put sustainability<br />

at the top of the agenda in the coming year.<br />

are very few things which we can<br />

be certain about but the importance of<br />

“There<br />

sustainability in construction, in home<br />

improvement, in each and every aspect of our<br />

lives, is one”, says Rob McGlennon, Managing<br />

Director, Deceuninck.<br />

“Pretending it’s not happening isn’t an option” he<br />

continues, “companies that can’t evidence – and I<br />

mean evidence – their green credentials are going<br />

to be locked out of new build, and very soon, home<br />

improvement.<br />

“And that’s something progressive window and<br />

door companies should, and are, embracing.”<br />

Commercial window fabricators have had to<br />

be able to demonstrate their environmental<br />

commitments as a key element in winning<br />

business for decades – but that’s now something<br />

which should also be part of the pitch for trade<br />

fabricators and installers, according to the<br />

Deceuninck boss.<br />

“I was recently at an event with a group<br />

of installers, and they were talking about<br />

Rob McGlennon<br />

“This legislative<br />

‘stick’ has been met<br />

with increasing enduser<br />

awareness and<br />

expectation”<br />

sustainability. One of those installers dismissed its<br />

importance.<br />

“It was one of those tumble-weed moments and<br />

no one said anything, other than I said that I was<br />

surprised that it didn’t resonate with consumers.<br />

Ian Cocken says consumers are now much more<br />

aware of the options available to them when<br />

considering new or replacement windows.<br />

Pretending sustainability isn’t there is<br />

not an option, says Rob<br />

“Later that day a couple of installers grabbed me<br />

and said that they hadn’t wanted to contradict the<br />

guy who had been speaking but that they were<br />

regularly asked by homeowners about if products<br />

were manufactured sustainably, and were using<br />

the recovery and recycling of old PVC-U windows<br />

as a way to win business.<br />

“That sums up neatly where we find ourselves.<br />

There are companies who don’t and may never<br />

see the opportunity and those that will, are and<br />

who are quietly already levering a commercial<br />

advantage from it.”<br />

Rob argues that there are two factors that are<br />

converging to bring a certain amount of inevitability<br />

to proceedings.<br />

The first is the state of the UK’s notoriously energy<br />

leaky housing stock.<br />

Around 75 per cent of the residential properties<br />

that will be occupied in 2050, already exist.<br />

This makes improving the energy efficiency of our<br />

existing housing stock key if the Government is to<br />

reach its own targets to cut UK carbon emissions.<br />

“This is the backdrop that we need to set<br />

December’s changes to Part L against”, continues<br />

Rob.<br />

“New requirements for U-values are a direct output<br />

from Government targets to cut carbon emissions.<br />

“If it’s going to have a hope in getting anywhere<br />

close to the targets that have been set, it’s going to<br />

have to address the energy efficiency of homes.<br />

“This includes not only new ones but those that<br />

already exist – something reflected in the new<br />

1.4W/m 2 K (or WER B rating) for replacement<br />

windows and doors (introduced alongside the<br />

1.2W/m 2 K introduced for new build) last month<br />

[December].<br />

22 T F JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong><br />


Contract Talk<br />


Research shows two-thirds of UK homeowners would choose<br />

windows and doors with a higher recycled content.<br />

“Yes, price is a factor and will be a determining<br />

factor for some but for others, and critically, those<br />

who are prepared to pay more, the sustainability<br />

of the product or service that they are purchasing,<br />

is key.”<br />

This is backed up by new research commissioned<br />

by Deceuninck and conducted by YouGov,<br />

which shows that more than two-thirds of UK<br />

homeowners (68%) would choose windows and<br />

doors with a higher recycled content, over and<br />

above products which don’t contain recycled<br />

content, or which did so at lower levels.<br />

The study also found that 38% would be prepared<br />

to pay more for home improvement products that<br />

had higher recycled content and reduced impact on<br />

the environment.<br />

“Everyone knows what they should be doing”, Rob<br />

says. “This isn’t an epiphany moment, we know<br />

how important sustainability is.<br />

“People expect the products that they purchase<br />

from electric cars to windows, to deliver an<br />

environmental benefit”<br />

“What’s different is that now there is a very clear<br />

and tangible connection between running a greener<br />

business and fitting a more sustainable product<br />

and making more money.”<br />

Deceuninck is an<br />

advocate of being<br />

more sustainable<br />

This legislative ‘stick’ has been met with<br />

increasing end-user awareness and<br />

expectation. Energy prices, already high,<br />

could jump by 50% when the energy<br />

price cap is reviewed in April, put<br />

energy efficiency in even sharper<br />

focus.<br />

It is, however, the shift in<br />

consumer expectation that<br />

Rob argues is becoming the<br />

greater driver.<br />

“People expect the products<br />

that they purchase from<br />

electric cars to windows, to<br />

deliver an environmental benefit.<br />

“What they buy needs to deliver<br />

a ‘carbon benefit’, helping them to<br />

reduce their individual footprint”, Rob<br />

continues.<br />

Deceuninck has invested more the 15million<br />

Euros in one of the world’s most advanced PVC-U<br />

recycling and compounding facilities.<br />

This gives it the capability to reprocess up to<br />

45,000 tonnes of post-consumer and postmanufacturing<br />

PVC-U per year – the equivalent of<br />

preventing 3million windows from going to landfill<br />

annually.<br />

Use of recycled material also delivers a reduction<br />

in CO 2 emissions of 90,000 tonnes compared to<br />

virgin feedstocks as well as a 90% energy saving.<br />

“It’s about doing the right thing for the environment<br />

but also recognising the commercial opportunities<br />

and sales platforms that sustainability and strong<br />

green credentials deliver”, Rob concludes.<br />

Contact Deceuninck:<br />

01249 816 969<br />

www.deceuninck.co.uk<br />

@Deceuninck<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 23

Updates<br />

St Helens-based company Premier Arches manufactures and supplies the awkward products that others<br />

don’t want to make.<br />

This includes arched, angled, gable, circular and entirely bespoke windows and doors in a range of seven stocked<br />

systems including Residence 9, plus another 5 non-stocked systems, offering a full service to fabricators.<br />

Established in 2015 by three brothers – Sean, Thomas and Daniel – who were frustrated by the ‘messiness’ of<br />

the arched frame sector, Premier Arches has grown significantly in the past six years, and today serves over 600<br />

customers across the UK.<br />

Managing Director Sean Greenall commented: “My brothers and I saw a real gap in the market when it comes to<br />

arched frames and profile bending – most PVC fabricators simply don’t have the tools or the expertise for it, and so<br />

our goal with Premier Arches is to transform an often daunting market into a simple and pain-free process.”<br />

www.premierarches.co.uk/<br />


For further updates, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


L-R Premier Arches founders Daniel Maloney, Sean<br />

Greenall and Thomas Greenall.<br />


Systems provider profine and specifically its KÖMMERLING brand, will remain on the Mainz 05 shirt<br />

chest until 2024 after renewing its partnership.<br />

The KÖMMERLING brand has been on the shirts of the team since 2015 and it is the longest commitment of<br />

a partner as main and shirt sponsor in the history of professional football at Mainz 05.<br />

Dr. Peter Mrosik, owner and CEO of profine, said: “Our cooperation with Mainz 05 is a very important<br />

component in the strategy of our KOMMERLING brand and has been extremely successful to date. The<br />

response from our partner companies to this end customer marketing is also very positive. Like Mainz 05,<br />

KOMMERLING stands for sustainability, and we are also united by values such as responsibility, authenticity<br />

and team spirit.” www.kommerling.co.uk<br />


Senior Architectural Systems has supplied the full aluminium fenestration package for a<br />

new retirement village in the West Midlands, which comprises 261 one- and two-bedroom<br />

apartments for the over 55s.<br />

The scheme features Senior’s SPW600 aluminium windows, SPW501 doors and thermally enhanced<br />

SF52 curtain walling; all fabricated and installed by supply chain partner Acorn Architectural Aluminium<br />

for main contractor Vistry. The Solihull Retirement Village is the latest contract to be completed by<br />

Senior in the care residential sector, with the manufacturer previously supplying aluminium fenestration<br />

solutions to other large-scale developments such as the Harrison Extra Care Home scheme in Hull and<br />

Fern House in Bingley, West Yorkshire. www.seniorarchitecturalsystems.co.uk<br />


Vertically integrated UK manufacturer, recycler and distributor of window, door, and roofline PVC-U<br />

products Eurocell has reported strong sales across 2021, reflecting continued good levels of underlying<br />

trade and consumer demand for its products.<br />

Sales of both extruded profiles and building plastics have grown over the past twelve months as the repair,<br />

maintenance and improvement market, house building, and consumer-driven outdoor living trends have continued<br />

to fuel demand for the company’s products.<br />

Other 2021 highlights showcase further evidence of the company’s ongoing commitment to a sustainable future,<br />

as well as the allocation of significant investment that has expanded current warehouse and manufacturing<br />

capacity to better support fabricators and installers in the future. www.eurocell.co.uk/<br />


• Designed in line with the<br />

award winning flush window<br />

• Dedicated PAS24 approved<br />

hardware system<br />

• #BestInClass double & single<br />

door weather performance<br />

• Doorset energy rating A<br />

• Double glazed U d<br />

1.3,<br />

triple glazed U d<br />

1.0<br />

• Dedicated galvanised<br />

reinforcement, no glass bonding<br />

• 30 colourways in stock<br />





Tel 01249 816 969 | www.deceuninck.co.uk | deceuninck.ltd@deceuninck.com

The Doorco Column<br />

WHAT'S IN STORE IN <strong>2022</strong>?<br />

In this month’s Door Trends column, Ben Aspinall, Marketing & IT Manager at DoorCo,<br />

reports on a different view of the market – reflecting on the lessons of 2021, and what to<br />

expect from DoorCo and the market in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Doorco had two successful product launches with GRiPCORE and FLiP in 2021 despite a diffuclt year for the window and door industry<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary is often the time we take stock, put<br />

the previous year behind us and start to<br />

action the plans made for the year ahead.<br />

It’s particularly poignant this year as 2021<br />

was a tough time for everyone involved in the<br />

fenestration industry.<br />

For DoorCo, it was quite the rollercoaster ride! So,<br />

in this first column of the new year, we will reflect<br />

on where we are today, share what we’ve learnt<br />

and what we think is to be expected in the world<br />

of composite doors in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Highs and lows<br />

Against the backdrop of a turbulent market,<br />

with component price increases hitting from all<br />

sides and global supply issues, DoorCo actually<br />

enjoyed quite a few positives last year; we had<br />

two successful product launches with GRiPCORE<br />

and FLiP, both of which had a significant impact<br />

on the trends we discuss in this column; we’ve<br />

gained new customers and grown our market<br />

share; and, finished in a relatively good position<br />

with stock on the shelves and our first G Award<br />

for Best Promotional Campaign.<br />

All in all, we have emerged stronger than we<br />

could have expected but there have certainly<br />

Ben Aspinall<br />

been lessons learnt along the way, which we will<br />

take forward with us this year:<br />

Commitment<br />

Despite everything, DoorCo remained committed<br />

to the long-term business development plans.<br />

While many backed down, we pushed forward<br />

with our plans to launch the new products we’d<br />

been developing, and this paid dividend as, for<br />

example, we delivered FLiP as a solution to the<br />

glazing cassette supply issues faced last year.<br />

Furthermore, the product launches have<br />

positioned DoorCo as the only UK manufacturer to<br />

supply two types of composite door and our own<br />

glazing cassette system.<br />

Continuing our commitment to delivering a<br />

conscientious approach to manufacturing and<br />

supply, with our customers and their customers<br />


Doorco’s company brand values<br />

Compass values<br />

always in focus, we conducted a production<br />

efficiency overhaul and made big machinery<br />

investments, including additional CNC machines<br />

and paint lines.<br />

This allowed our service offering to flex and<br />

evolve to a multi-level, hybrid service that<br />

supports the customer as they need, whether<br />

that is a fully comprehensive prepping service,<br />

additional fabricator manufacturing support with<br />

painting or prepping, or a Just In Time distribution<br />

delivery proposition – all which is underpinned by<br />

integrated IT systems with zero paperwork.<br />

As we look ahead, commitment remains a priority<br />

for <strong>2022</strong>; we don’t know what’s going to happen<br />

with Covid, let alone consumer spending, so those<br />

that will succeed will be those that are prepared<br />

to keep moving forward, being flexible, adaptable<br />

and constantly striving towards the targets and<br />

ambitions set.<br />

Communication<br />

When you are operating on code red as many of<br />

us have been, it’s imperative to communicate<br />

with customers, suppliers and internally across<br />

the business.<br />

Open and honest communication is the only way<br />

to manage expectations – good and bad – so that<br />

everyone knows where they stand.<br />

It is fundamental to customer service, which<br />

is going to be even more important in the<br />

competitive market we face.<br />

Collaboration<br />

Working together is key, with your team and the<br />

supply chain. DoorCo’s team have really pulled<br />

together to navigate the business through the<br />

pandemic, and more than just communicating<br />

with customers and suppliers, we worked closely<br />

with them to ensure the decisions we made didn’t<br />

negatively impact their businesses or undermine<br />

those relationships.<br />

This shows loyalty and respect, something that is<br />

going to be paramount in surviving <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Working closer and sharing information on<br />

forecasts for example, will only strengthen these<br />

relationships and the intel we’re all party to,<br />

helping everything to run smoother.<br />

Core values<br />

It’s good business ethics that drive all of the<br />

above. DoorCo has a series of values that<br />

underpin the business; the fundamental beliefs<br />

and behaviours set by the directors back in the<br />

early days that remain the cornerstones of the<br />

business today.<br />

In <strong>2022</strong>, DoorCo will concentrate on delivering<br />

these values – Conscientious, Committed,<br />

Collaborative, Considered, Connected, Consult,<br />

Complete, Communicate and Committed – and<br />

what the brand promotes, particularly in the early<br />

part of the year when we are focusing on our<br />

service proposition.<br />

When the market is competitive, customers will<br />

be looking at what’s over and above product and<br />

price. They will be looking for suppliers that are<br />

committed, communicate well and are prepared<br />

to collaborate.<br />

We think this is the only way to ensure customers<br />

are satisfied, and acknowledge we have work to<br />

do on defining our service offering ahead of the<br />

much-anticipated FIT Show.<br />

Connecting<br />

Our aim for FIT Show <strong>2022</strong> is to connect. Our<br />

award-winning marketing campaign has put<br />

GRiPCORE and FLiP at the forefront of our product<br />

portfolio but there’s much more to DoorCo.<br />

All our brands will be there in all their glory,<br />

including what DoorCo stands for with our core<br />

values.<br />

We plan to be there in force, with a full team<br />

ready to connect with customers to help them<br />

understand not only what they can expect from<br />

DoorCo, but also who delivers it.<br />

We look forward to seeing you there on stand Q11.<br />

Contact Doorco:<br />

01625 428955<br />

www.door-co.com<br />

@DOORCO_Official<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 27

Door Trends<br />


Total Fabricator hears from Distinction Doors, who reveals its big hitters from the past 12<br />

months in the GRP composite entrance doors market, which could give an indication of<br />

what to expect in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

2021 was reportedly a strong year for glass<br />

reinforced plastic (GRP) composite entrance<br />

doors.<br />

The most popular door style for 2021 was Esteem<br />

(ES02), the continuing option for a traditional<br />

front door. Palma is said to be the number one<br />

glass design, combining geometric shapes in<br />

transparent and stippled glass with zinc calming.<br />

And finally, topping the Distinction bespoke colour<br />

chart was Anthracite Grey.<br />

Door Styles<br />

Traditional door styles dominated Distinction door<br />

sales in 2021. Doors from both the signature and<br />

nxt-gen collections ranked highly, with Esteem<br />

and Elegance (EL01) featuring multiple times.<br />

The remainder of the top ten continued the<br />

traditional theme with both Rustic Renown<br />

(RR02) and Rustic Renown Diamond (RR03)<br />

included. Cottage (RE01), Classical (CL01), and<br />

The nxt-gen Esteem door<br />

Traditional doors like Elegance was<br />

one of Distinction’s top sellers<br />

Eclat (EC01) came in at places six, seven and<br />

nine, respectively.<br />

Glass Designs<br />

Customers chose to complement these traditional<br />

door styles with classic glass designs.<br />

Diamonds with linear shapes in stippled and<br />

obscure glass dominated the top three – Palma,<br />

Kara and Lunna.<br />

Aspen and Trieste also featured and offered a<br />

flavour of the arts and crafts movement, said<br />

to be an ideal choice for properties dating to the<br />

mid-19th to early 20th century.<br />

Accents of colour also made it into the top ten<br />

with Kara offering four colour options for its<br />

diamond detail and the more elaborate Edwardian<br />

featuring red and green elements.<br />

Colours<br />

With Anthracite Grey reigning supreme in the<br />

number one slot, it’s certainly not the only shade<br />

of grey in the Distinction top ten of bespoke<br />

colours.<br />

In fact, 50% of the chart was grey, five of which<br />

were in the top six.<br />

Tonal variations of blue and green followed closely<br />

behind - Steel Blue; Chartwell and Azure Blue.<br />

While Ruby Red and Black Brown injected some<br />

drama, two classic shades for traditional door<br />

styles.<br />

Commenting on its popular products, Bethaney<br />

Larkman, Marketing Manager for Distinction<br />

Doors said: “It’s always interesting to find out<br />

which products and colours our customers favour.<br />

“We’re not surprised by the enduring popularity of<br />

grey but what is striking is the combination of a<br />

modern colour palette with classic entrance door<br />

designs and decorative glass.<br />

“It’s a mix that works well for older and new build<br />

properties and has universal appeal.<br />

“With new door designs and cassette options<br />

launching in <strong>2022</strong>, alongside a refreshed paint<br />

offering, we’re excited to see what our customers<br />

will choose this year.”<br />

Contact Distinction Doors:<br />

0345 2000 816<br />

www.distinctiondoors.co.uk<br />

@DistinctionDrs<br />


Securitas From<br />

The NEW Security Window Espagnolette<br />

Secure & stable<br />

Approved Q-secure PREMIUM product<br />

10 year greenteQ performance guarantee<br />

info@vbhgb.com<br />

www.vbhgb.com<br />

www.qsecure.co.uk<br />

@vbhgb<br />

01634 263 300

Door Security<br />


Andy Holland, Technical & Marketing Manager at Rapierstar discusses how a cross industry<br />

collaboration can give homeowners the confidence in the security of their homes in the<br />

event of a fire or break in.<br />

A<br />

technical collaboration involving<br />

Winkhaus, Rapierstar and major door set<br />

manufacturers is helping to ensure endusers<br />

can have total confidence that the doors<br />

installed in their homes will stand-up well in the<br />

event of a fire or burglary attempt.<br />

At the heart of the doorset solution is the<br />

Winkhaus FireFrame, a door outerframe system<br />

which has raised the bar in terms of its fire,<br />

smoke and security performance capabilities<br />

since it was launched in 2017.<br />

Since then, the development team at Winkhaus<br />

has been working to ensure the system enables<br />

door manufacturers to reliably replicate the<br />

performance characteristics across different<br />

types of door slab, with no margin for error.<br />

Designed to work with 44mm thick timber and<br />

composite fire doors, FireFrame is constructed<br />

from materials that have been successfully used<br />

in Europe for over 30 years.<br />

Its design allows for frames with visually<br />

appealing slim internal sight lines which assist<br />

wheelchair access, plus multiple glazing options<br />

and compatibility with industry leading low<br />

thresholds. FireFrame is a mechanically jointed<br />

system, allowing damaged individual frame<br />

members to be replaced as necessary.<br />

It enables doorsets to be created that have<br />

manufacture and installation audited by the<br />

independent third-party Q Mark certification<br />

scheme to ensure consistency in respect of fire<br />

and security performance.<br />

That means a completed doorset built with<br />

FireFrame will exceed the requirements of a 30-<br />

or 60-minute fire test and the PAS24 test which<br />

“It is a powerful combination<br />

that has unsurprisingly attracted<br />

strong interest, particularly<br />

from social housing specifiers<br />

seeking to maximise safety for<br />

their tenants” – Andy Holland<br />

demonstrates enhanced security and compliance<br />

with Approved Document Q of the Building<br />

Regulations for England and Wales.<br />

It has attracted strong interest, particularly from<br />

social housing specifiers seeking to maximise<br />

safety for their tenants.<br />

No longer do specifiers need to make a one or<br />

the other choice, with twelve leading doorset<br />

manufacturers already providing a dual-certified<br />

FireFrame based solution to customers across<br />

the UK.<br />

How Rapierstar assisted development<br />

Anyone who has witnessed independent fire,<br />

smoke and security testing will know that they<br />

subject doorsets to the toughest conditions in<br />

order to replicate real-world situations.<br />

As a result, these tests will quickly reveal the<br />

weakest point in any window or door construction.<br />

All too often, that weak point is a fastener, usually<br />

because the wrong type or size has been used,<br />

undermining the strength and durability of, for<br />

example, the hardware attachment to the door.<br />

It is an issue that the Winkhaus team were fully<br />

prepared for and took proactive steps to avoid,<br />

including by collaborating with Rapierstar.<br />

The glazing detail of the FireFrame solution<br />

Our technical team worked closely with Winkhaus<br />

to assess the requirements for every fastener<br />

Continued on page 32<br />








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Door Security<br />

Continued from page 30<br />


Birmingham window and door<br />

manufacturer Shelforce is looking to<br />

increase its capacity to cope with the<br />

demand for its Fireshel 30-minute fire<br />

resistant door.<br />

From a standing start, Shelforce was<br />

manufacturing 70 fire doors a week from its<br />

headquarters in Erdington – and projections<br />

for <strong>2022</strong> mean the company is set to be even<br />

busier this year.<br />

Howard Trotter, Business Manager at<br />

Shelforce, said: “With the projects we have<br />

booked in this year, plus the enquiries we<br />

are getting, we will have to increase our<br />

production capacity to cope.<br />

Illustration of the Winkhaus FireFrame with a white composite door<br />

used in the FireFrame’s construction.<br />

This included scrutinising the selection of<br />

fasteners for the outerframe joint assembly<br />

and extensions, fixed glazing, lock keeps and<br />

thresholds.<br />

The doorset had to withstand the toughest of test<br />

conditions for a residential product of this kind.<br />

Winkhaus sought to ensure it would comply with<br />

the MHCLG requirements for fire doors, including<br />

30- and 60-minute fire door tests to EN 1634-<br />

“The doorset had to<br />

withstand the toughest<br />

of test conditions for a<br />

residential product of<br />

this kind”<br />

1:2014 and smoke control to EN 1634-3:2004, as<br />

well as PAS24 Enhanced Security Performance.<br />

Successfully demonstrating fire, smoke<br />

and security compliance has enabled us to<br />

compile a Recommended Fastener Manual<br />

(RFM) specifically for FireFrame which doorset<br />

manufacturers can use to ensure they do not<br />

deviate from the tested specification.<br />

This RFM details the exact fastener types to use<br />

throughout the assembly, including the head<br />

design, thread type and sizes, plus the location<br />

for fixing into the FireFrame.<br />

“With almost 35,000 fire doors to replace in<br />

Birmingham, demand is set to remain both<br />

high and constant for local authority projects<br />

both this year and into the future.”<br />

The Fireshel is said to provide the perfect<br />

solution for local authorities who need fully<br />

EN tested 3rd Party Accredited, replacement<br />

Fire Door sets, which are compliant<br />

with the latest 2020 MHCLG Annex A<br />

recommendations.<br />

Fire and smoke tested from both the inside<br />

and outside and PAS 024 Security tested,<br />

the door set, complete with fanlight glazing<br />

panel, achieved 49 minutes fire resistance<br />

when EN1634-1 tested.<br />

The Fireshel offers the end user assurance<br />

that all the components used in its<br />

manufacture have been tested and approved<br />

against the new 2020 Q Mark Fire and<br />

Security Composite door Set requirements.<br />

www.shelforce.com<br />

All fastener sizes are specifically identified/<br />

confirmed within the Winkhaus – Field of<br />

Application technical documentation.<br />

The lock keeps used as part of the FireFrame showing<br />

the recommended fasteners in situ<br />

Contact Rapierstar:<br />

01260 223311<br />

www.rapierstar.com<br />

@Rapierstar<br />


This label is not a statutory requirement. It is a voluntary label provided as a customer service to allow consumers to make informed<br />

decisions based on the noise reduction performance of competing products.<br />

© Only to be reproduced by permission of British Fenestration Rating Council Ltd<br />

This label is not a statutory requirement. It is a voluntary label provided as a customer service to allow consumers to make informed<br />

decisions based on the noise reduction performance of competing products.<br />

© Only to be reproduced by permission of British Fenestration Rating Council Ltd<br />

Your customers deserve<br />

a little peace and quiet<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Window<br />

Company Logo Ltd<br />

PVC-U Casement Window<br />

A Rated Windows<br />

A++<br />

A+<br />

A<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

A ++<br />

Noise Reduction (R w )<br />

(In accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 or<br />

BS EN 14351.) Actual acoustic performance for a<br />

specific application depends on: the type and<br />

location of the external noise, the location of the<br />

window or door, and how the elements or fabric of<br />

the building perform.<br />

Correction for high frequency and low<br />

frequency (C,C tr )<br />

51<br />

(-1,-4)<br />

Licence No. 123456<br />

Review Date: 03/08/2020<br />

To verify this licence please contact<br />

enquiries@bfrc.org<br />

Noise Reduction<br />

Door<br />

Company Logo Ltd<br />

Composite Door<br />

A Rated Doors<br />

A++<br />

A+<br />

A<br />

B<br />

C<br />

D<br />

E<br />

A ++<br />

Noise Reduction (R w )<br />

(In accordance with BS EN ISO 10140-2 or BS EN 14351.)<br />

43<br />

Licence No. 123456<br />

Review Date: 01/01/2019<br />

To verify this licence: enquiries@bfrc.org<br />

British Fenestration Rating Council<br />

Prove acoustic performance with BFRC ratings<br />

BFRC Noise Reduction Ratings let you prove the<br />

acoustic performance of your window and door<br />

products with our highly recognised ‘rainbow’<br />

rating label - independent, impartial, trusted.<br />

Homeowners no longer select new windows and<br />

doors simply based on price. They want to know<br />

what they purchase will improve their home’s<br />

comfort, so product performance is now a priority.<br />

Find out more at bfrc.org<br />

By using the renowned BFRC rating scale to<br />

demonstrate the noise reduction properties of your<br />

windows or doors, you can show installers and<br />

consumers the quality of your products.<br />

Your products will stand out from your competitors’<br />

and you’ll be able to avoid a race to the bottom<br />

on price. Sell using BFRC proven performance and<br />

leave your customers in no doubt.

Updates<br />

For further updates, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Composite door manufacturer Vista Panels has helped on a £9.8 million<br />

development in South Ayrshire, Scotland’s largest social modular housing<br />

development to date, helping to deliver much-needed new affordable housing.<br />

Working with Riverside Scotland, the UK’s largest social housing landlord, and Connect<br />

Modular, part of The Wee House Group, Vista supplied its high-quality GRP composite door<br />

for all of the factory built homes.<br />

“We are thrilled to see our door used in this growing sector, and I feel it will really help<br />

tackle both the housing crisis and the environmental one,” commented Ian Smith, Vista’s<br />

Business Development and Marketing Manager.<br />

The investment – which includes Scottish Government funding of £4.7 million – begins<br />

with the delivery of 63 brand new affordable homes, the first phase of a 250-strong<br />

property development located at the site.<br />

Ian added: “The UK’s housing crisis and reducing our carbon footprint are both very important issues to us, and we’re therefore very excited to be partnering with<br />

companies that share the same values.” www.vistapanels.co.uk<br />


When Mila launched its new Kitemarked SupaSecure and ProSecure letterplates, the response from the<br />

market was said to have been exceptional, with both high and low volume customers making the switch to the<br />

SupaSecure stainless steel version in particular.<br />

One typical fabricator is the Altrincham-based trade specialist Nova Group, which is now fitting the new Mila<br />

SupaSecure letterplate as standard on all its Secured by Design accredited residential doors.<br />

For Nova’s Managing Director Simon Felstein, the decision to choose Mila was easy. He said: “What’s clear from the<br />

design of the letterplate is that it’s got the fabricator firmly in mind.”<br />

The Mila TS008 letterplate is a patent-pending design featuring anti-fishing fins which open with a smooth concertina<br />

action to allow mail to be posted through. Crucially though, the fins restrict the internal flap opening to 80° and this, in<br />

combination with an angled postal ramp which deflects items upwards, is what makes fishing impossible.<br />

“The product obviously meets the Door and Hardware Federation’s TS008: 2015 security standard, and the updated<br />

PAS24:2016 required for SBD accreditation, which is a big USP for our trade customers, but it doesn’t have any of the bulky cowls or cumbersome add-ons that<br />

we’ve seen in SBD letterplates from other hardware companies,” concluded Simon. www.mila.co.uk<br />


The British Antarctic Survey has continued to use and maintain a Research Station located 67º south on Adelaide Island which was established in<br />

1975 with the help of a window and door system from Aluprof.<br />

Known as Rothera, the busy station is used as a hub for other countries working in the area, offering a landing strip and wharf. The site has continued to<br />

develop over the years and in 2018 work began on the new Discovery Building<br />

The MB-86 ST window and door system has been designed to offer outstanding insulation<br />

properties. Offered in three varieties, ST, SI and AERO the MB-86 was the first ever aluminium<br />

system to employ silica aerogel, a nano-porous material that has a very high proportion of free<br />

void volume compared to conventional solid materials.<br />

Since setting up the Aluprof Office at the Business Design Centre in London, the company has<br />

rapidly grown their specification influence in the UK with its architectural aluminium systems.<br />

Further expansion of the company’s headquarters in Altrincham now provides specifiers with<br />

meeting facilities and an extensive showroom of commercial systems to view.<br />

www.aluprof.co.uk<br />


i-fold<br />

door<br />

TFK02<br />

Patented clip bead delivering the fastest glazing time.<br />

Trickle vents positioned in frame - no need for extenders!<br />

Full bearings and stainless steel hardware for the smoothest<br />

glide every time. All with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.<br />

Delivering the best products, with<br />

the best service, at the best price<br />

Contact Made for Trade for a Kwikquote today<br />

madefortrade.co | sales@madefortrade.co | 01642 610799<br />

* Discount applies to all trade customers and applied to the first, single item purchase only of the Korniche Bifolding Door | *Korniche Bi-folding<br />

door price is based on 5-5-0 configuration 3750 x 2000 , stock colour, delivered. Unglazed. Price is correct at point of publishing. Delivery<br />

restrictions apply. Product specification and prices may be subject to change without prior notice.

Planning for <strong>2022</strong><br />



Neil Parton, Managing Director at machinery provider Elumatec, provides reality, resolutions<br />

and tips to make sure <strong>2022</strong> is as productive as it can be for businesses.<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary is the month for fresh starts and<br />

resolutions. Unfortunately, towards the end<br />

of <strong>Jan</strong>uary, many resolutions are abandoned<br />

amid a big dose of reality. The antidote to this is<br />

straightforward: expect reality and be prepared to<br />

deal with it.<br />

But what is reality? What should we expect to face?<br />

Hard to say, isn’t it? The last couple of years have<br />

been different and very disruptive, and we’re not<br />

out of the woods yet. There are many problems in<br />

global supply chains. Prices are rising and delays<br />

in sourcing are now commonplace. Attitudes<br />

to employment have changed. Individuals and<br />

businesses are rethinking their priorities.<br />

But while recent events have been extraordinary,<br />

uncertainty itself is a constant. Tomorrow, everything<br />

may change again, but if we sit around waiting until<br />

everything is settled, nothing will get done. Every<br />

amazing feat – whether it’s in science, exploration,<br />

sport, the arts – has been achieved because<br />

someone decided to put aside their uncertainty<br />

and press on. It’s the same in business. Results<br />

are harvested when a venture matures, but first,<br />

someone needs to get out there and plant seeds.<br />

Resolve to push on<br />

Although failed resolutions are something of a joke,<br />

the new year is, I believe, a suitable time for pushing<br />

on. A lot of us will have spent the tail end of 2021<br />

planning. The festive season is behind us and we’re<br />

still months off the peak holiday season.<br />

What’s more, the glazing industry’s customers are<br />

waiting for us to act. If we sit around waiting for<br />

supply chain issues to resolve themselves, we’ll go<br />

backwards, not forwards. Let’s give those plans a<br />

quick review now and make things happen.<br />

Tips for making progress in the real world<br />

Don’t dither. Do.<br />

Elumatec’s Neil Parton<br />

Fresh starts are often accompanied by something<br />

like a spring clean. Whether practical or symbolic,<br />

don’t make the mistake of keeping on cleaning and<br />

tweaking. It’s a form of procrastination. At some<br />

stage, you need to commit and make progress with<br />

the work.<br />

Use your plans but don’t let them rule you<br />

Many people believe that to achieve something you<br />

must stick rigidly to a plan, but what if that plan<br />

is no longer relevant? You could be achieving the<br />

month-on-month planned increase in output of a<br />

product you cannot sell. Plans should be flexible and<br />

kept under review.<br />

Address problems<br />

Don’t put up with things that are holding you back.<br />

If a machine can’t operate at the rate you need, look<br />

at replacing it. Delaying won’t solve the problem<br />

and throwing extra shifts at it might cause extra<br />

unnecessary complications.<br />

Stop doing the things that don’t work<br />

Persistence and determination are admirable<br />

qualities. So is knowing when to quit. If it doesn’t<br />

work and it can’t be fixed, don’t exhaust your energy<br />

and finances trying. Find another way.<br />

Keep learning<br />

Don’t think you know everything. Keep an open,<br />

curious mind. When you look at a process, question<br />

whether there might be a better way to achieve it. If<br />

you have a problem, the answer might come from a<br />

team member, your industry peers or an unrelated<br />

source but don’t give up.<br />

Follow tech developments<br />

The pace of technological change presents<br />

challenges, but you need to embrace it. Without<br />

technology, businesses will be reduced – at best – to<br />

being niche suppliers with limited potential.<br />

Think about automation<br />

While automation may seem a step too far for some<br />

businesses, it can bring many benefits including<br />

precision, productivity and safer working practices.<br />

Use your people for the skilled jobs machinery can’t<br />

handle, and where possible leave repetitive tasks to<br />

robots.<br />

Make sustainability more than a buzzword<br />

Following COP26, there’s been a lot of talk about<br />

sustainability being a throwaway term routinely used<br />

by all sorts of organisations. It needs to be more than<br />

that. Legislation and consumer demand will make<br />

it so. You’ll have to do it soon enough, so embrace it<br />

and enjoy the potential savings.<br />

Be realistic but get on with it<br />

This is the real world. You will make mistakes. You<br />

will miss targets. You might have to change track,<br />

but when you keep going, working towards your goal,<br />

you’ll also enjoy successes, make discoveries, clinch<br />

deals, and eventually, you’ll nail it.<br />

Good luck and happy New Year.<br />

Contact Elumatec:<br />

01908 580 800<br />

www.elumatec.com<br />

@elumatecUK<br />



WE wanted to be different, WE wanted to be led from a sound engineering base, WE wanted a fine machinery offering to include not only<br />

new – but to include correctly refurbished machines, WE constantly strive to provide the best service we can and to be:-<br />

“Refreshingly different and great value for money”<br />

We designed our Evolution machinery range to provide our UPVC and Aluminium fabricators a much better, up to the minute opportunity to<br />

manufacture quality products without the high prices normally associated with new machinery investment.<br />

Our engineering team of 12 site engineers and 14 support in-house engineers have once again worked hard and diligently to support all of<br />

our customers of all production volumes to meet their demands and increased production output.<br />

Our areas of expertise: New start ups & established fabricators, One off machinery upgrades, CNC technology – machining centres &<br />

corner cleaners etc, Seamless Quad welders, On site repairs and servicing<br />

Evolution Brand:<br />

“Evolution” An exclusive brand of new machines dedicated to both the UPVC and Aluminium fabricator. The range is comprehensive from a<br />

simple chop saw through to CNC machining centres. The full range is quite superb in every respect. Build quality, accuracy and reliability<br />

are the norm whereby every machine is covered with a comprehensive 24 month warranty.<br />

Call us for prices and specification – you will be pleasantly surprised.<br />

Workshops:<br />

In our 22,000 Sq.Ft workshops we overhaul and recondition multi-head welders, verti-quads and cut and prep lines ready for resale into<br />

our clients premises backed up with our own engineering team.<br />

You can always make an appointment to call in to discuss your requirements and meet the team and see what we do for yourself.<br />



EVO DOOR<br />


EVO AUTO<br />


EVO COPY<br />

ROUTER<br />





Bassra Machine Tools Ltd/ TA Evolution Machinery Sales<br />

99 Spring Road, Tyseley, Birmingham B11 3DJ<br />

0121 707 4343 • john@evolution-machinery.co.uk

Machinery<br />



Amar Dhillon, Director at glazing supplier NÜEVO HOME shares why the company’s latest<br />

machinery investment is the key to a successful year ahead.<br />

In today’s climate of increased demand,<br />

extended lead times and material shortages,<br />

automation is key to saving both time and<br />

money.<br />

That’s why bespoke glazing supplier NÜEVO<br />

HOME has invested half a million pounds in new<br />

machinery in order to improve its manufacturing<br />

capability, product quality, and overall customer<br />

offering.<br />

Built in Italy, the company’s new Axel cut and<br />

divide 5-axis processing machining combines<br />

advanced cutting capabilities and high-speed<br />

part processing with integrated automation,<br />

maximising machine productivity and facilitating<br />

unattended operation.<br />

Saving time and money<br />

The Axel cut and divide 5-axis processing<br />

machine offers high performance FOM electrospindles<br />

designed for heavy duty metal working,<br />

full interpolation on 5-axis and wide range angle<br />

ranges, independent automatic clamp positioning,<br />

rotating support rollers to avoid scratches on<br />

materials and automatic correction of extrusion<br />

tolerances by a probe system.<br />

In addition, it boasts flow-drill and heavy duty<br />

milling operations, as well as 3D FOM software.<br />

NÜEVO HOME Director Amar Dhillon commented:<br />

“Since opening our doors, we’ve prided ourselves<br />

on manufacturing the highest quality products.<br />

“Due to steady year on year growth combined<br />

with increased demand in the past 24 months,<br />

we needed to increase our production.<br />

“The machine is already having a positive impact<br />

on the business and its automation features<br />

have made a massive difference by increasing<br />

production.<br />

“Due to the increased output, we’ve also been<br />

able to eliminate overtime, which serves to save<br />

even more money in the long run.”<br />

A wide product range<br />

As long-time partners of Schüco, Cortizo and<br />

Reynaers, NÜEVO HOME supplies the EvoFold<br />

bi-fold door, a product designed to merge home<br />

and garden.<br />

Allowing for over 94% glazing areas, EvoFold has<br />

a fully integrated flush threshold and high thermal<br />

insulation thanks to an integrated polyamide<br />

thermal break.<br />

NÜEVO HOME also has the EvoSlide sliding door<br />

– with 20mm interlock sightline available and<br />

two to six panels of up to 2.5m wide and 3m high,<br />

multiple track as well as threshold options, these<br />

double sliding patio doors also offer the possibility<br />

of a pocket system, smoothly disappearing into a<br />

wall cavity when fully opened.<br />

As well as the traditional manual operating<br />

system, NÜEVO HOME also offers the EvoGlide<br />

sliding door, a modern and practical automatic<br />

motorised system ideal for luxury home<br />

automation.<br />

And finally in the range is the Nüminium entrance<br />

door. These come in panel heights of up to 3m,<br />

with a maximum panel weight of 220kg while<br />

The £500,000 machinery investment Inset: Amar Dhillon<br />

exceeding building regulation requirements for<br />

energy efficiency.<br />

The company also supplies a range of Nüminium<br />

casement and tilt and turn windows, as well as<br />

the EvoWall curtain walling system.<br />

Consistent construction<br />

Amar continued: “By investing in the Axel cut<br />

and divide 5-axis processing machine, we can<br />

achieve market leading construction, finish,<br />

production flow and efficiency. This enables us to<br />

deliver the consistent, best quality products and<br />

services that our customers are used to.<br />

“The machinery’s automation features have also<br />

set us up to produce high-quality products while<br />

saving both time and money, which in the current<br />

trading climate, is an important consideration for<br />

all our customers.<br />

“This will enable us to maintain high-quality<br />

standards as we grow, while boosting productivity<br />

and production, setting us up for a successful<br />

and prosperous year ahead.”<br />

Contact NÜEVO HOME:<br />

01753 505 125<br />

www.nuevo-home.co.uk<br />

@NuevoHome<br />


Expertise, Experience, Trust<br />




Suppliers of FOM, Comall, Urban, Pressta and Graule machinery and stockists of a wide range<br />

of spare parts, David & Roger Franklin prides itself on supplying quality machinery and<br />

engineering solutions to UK fabricators, striving to maintain the highest standard of<br />

customer support and care, together with an unbiased and honest sales ethos.<br />

Contact us to find out more<br />

01753 885 408<br />

sales@rogerfranklin.co.uk<br />



Customer support<br />



As more fabricators offer aluminium alongside PVCu, Chris Bailey, Business Development<br />

Manager at Kall Kwik Machinery, explains how the company can offer increased support for<br />

customers when they’re developing their offering...<br />

The rise of aluminium glazing over the last<br />

10 years or so has come as no surprise to<br />

anyone.<br />

After PVCu dominated home improvements<br />

for years, aluminium made a comeback, with<br />

quicker turnaround times and increased thermal<br />

performance, making it the preferred option for<br />

homeowners<br />

The increased market share of aluminium started<br />

with bifold doors and homeowners then began to<br />

choose aluminium windows to match their doors<br />

to the rest of their property.<br />

We’ve seen the knock-on effect that this change<br />

has had all the way up the supply chain.<br />

Whereas PVCu and aluminium fabrication was<br />

traditionally seen as an either / or situation, more<br />

manufacturers have expanded their range in<br />

recent years to include both PVCu and aluminium<br />

options to offer more choice to customers.<br />

Developments at Kall Kwik mean we can<br />

now support customers with both PVCu and<br />

aluminium machinery, through new partnerships<br />

with major suppliers FOM and Graf, providing a<br />

huge range of benefits for our customers.<br />

Aluminium<br />

With homeowners being given more choice by<br />

manufacturers who offer the best of both by<br />

supplying aluminium and PVCu, we’ve also<br />

decided to improve the level of choice on offer for<br />

our customers.<br />

Consequently, this means they can now be much<br />

more flexible with their processes and get a<br />

greater range of machinery from Kall Kwik.<br />

After previously only offering PVCu machines, our<br />

partnership with FOM means we have expanded<br />

into a new side of the market, enabling us to<br />

also offer a comprehensive range of aluminium<br />

Chirs Bailey (left) alongside Technical Director Danny Jones<br />

machinery and allowing us to extend our services<br />

to a wider selection of customers.<br />

PVCu options<br />

The partnership with Graf gives customers more<br />

choice within their PVCu production, as we can<br />

add to our already impressive portfolio of Urban<br />

machinery with another established window<br />

machinery supplier.<br />

Our Technical Director, Danny Jones, has worked<br />

with practically every PVCu machine on the<br />

market, meaning the knowledge we can provide<br />

for Graf customers will continue to be of the<br />

highest standards, helping new customers find<br />

the right machinery for their business as well as<br />

the best possible level of support and aftercare.<br />

Being able to offer PVCu and aluminium options<br />

means our customers can get a wider selection of<br />

window machinery from one place.<br />

It’s not only about the initial products on offer<br />

though, it also benefits fabricators by meaning<br />

we can offer aftercare on a wider selection of<br />

machines.<br />

Extended level of support<br />

As part of our business model, we place a great<br />

emphasis on service and aftercare.<br />

We know the job doesn’t stop at installation and<br />

there is a lot which goes into ensuring that the<br />

machines we provide are running smoothly and<br />

working as best as they can for our customers.<br />

The expansion of our range also means<br />

customers can benefit from our support and<br />

aftercare service across a greater selection of<br />

their machinery.<br />

It’s not just new customers though, we can offer<br />

support and service packages to those customers<br />

who already have FOM and Graf machines in<br />

place.<br />

Your machinery partners<br />

Expanding our range of suppliers means<br />

manufacturers can benefit from a huge selection<br />

of window machinery and support in one place.<br />

We provide a comprehensive level of machinery<br />

options and aftercare solutions to help make your<br />

window manufacturing process as efficient as<br />

possible.<br />

Whether you’re looking for new aluminium<br />

machinery or PVCu machinery, or if your existing<br />

ones need service or maintenance work, then<br />

choosing Kall Kwik is an arrangement which<br />

satisfies all parties.<br />

As we see it, our job as machinery suppliers is to<br />

clearly explain all the available options and how<br />

each one can benefit your manufacturing process,<br />

enabling you to make an informed decision.<br />

Contact Kall Kwik:<br />

0161 486 1911<br />

www.kallkwik.uk.com/<br />

@KallKwikNews<br />


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All designs are Document L & Q compliant<br />

Available in any thickness up to 52mm<br />

Call 0161 946 1164 to request your hard copy<br />

RegaLead Limited | Columbus House | Altrincham Road<br />

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Telephone: 0161 946 1164<br />

Email: sales@regalead.co.uk | Web: www.regalead.co.uk

Updates<br />


For further updates, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Roseview Windows has invested in a second SBA-4 VS PVC-U Profile Machining Centre<br />

from Haffner to support continued growth in its manufacturing.<br />

The company has grown year-on-year since it was established over 40 years ago and has<br />

reportedly witnessed a sharp upturn in demand in the past 18 months as a result of the<br />

continued popularity of feature-rich sash windows.<br />

To help meet the growth in demand, Roseview ordered its first SBA-4 VS PVC-U Profile<br />

Machining Centre earlier this year to replace an ageing machine and drive greater efficiencies<br />

across the shop floor. Having been impressed with the machine’s manufacturing efficiency and<br />

automated capabilities, it recently took the decision to invest in a second machine to further<br />

support its growth strategy.<br />

www.roseview.co.uk/<br />


Lumi has made a significant investment in its latest range of ‘frameless’ windows and doors,<br />

with the addition of new machinery to its Ballymena factory.<br />

Setting out to expand manufacturing capacity for Lumi Aluminium products, a £61K Emmegi CNC<br />

machine was delivered in early December, followed by a further £5K expenditure on an Elumatec 223<br />

End Miller, which was installed later the same month.<br />

Lumi MD, Asa McGillian, said: “Our latest investment in automation has been made to satisfy<br />

the steady growth in demand for Lumi Aluminium products since we launched the range at the<br />

start of this year.”<br />

https://lumiwindows.com<br />


As seen on page 38, NÜEVO HOME has invested half a million pounds in new machinery in order to<br />

improve its manufacturing capability, product quality, and overall customer offering.<br />

Built in Italy, the company’s new Axel cut and divide 5 axis processing machining combines advanced<br />

cutting capabilities and high-speed part processing with integrated automation, maximising machine<br />

productivity and facilitating unattended operation.<br />

Working from a 85,000 square foot manufacturing facility just outside London, NÜEVO HOME specialises<br />

in manufacturing and installing luxury aluminium home improvement products within a variety of high-end<br />

domestic settings.<br />

As long-time partners of Schüco, Cortizo and Raynaers, the company supplies the EvoFold bi-fold door.<br />

www.nuevo-home.co.uk<br />

Above: The new Emmegi Comet X6HP at<br />

Senator Windows<br />


Senator Windows has chosen Emmegi (UK) to supply its new Comet X6HP CNC machine.<br />

Senator Windows, a member of the Gowan Group, has been crafting windows and doors since 1985 at a<br />

manufacturing facility in Wexford.<br />

The machine is a large scale 4-axis CNC designed to maximise volumes and optimise efficiency. It has a<br />

pendular mode which allows for profile to be machined in two independent work areas and two supplementary<br />

axes to position the vices and reference stops. This means Senator can potentially work on up to four separate<br />

pieces at the same time, maximising throughput. The investment is part of the company’s ongoing expansion in<br />

aluminium, with sales of its Sensations range of windows, bi-folds, sliders and front and rear doors all seeing<br />

sustained growth. www.senatorwindows.ie/<br />


Investments & Tax-breaks<br />


Total Fabricator hears from Dave Broxton, Managing Director of Bohle, who says glass<br />

processors have a year to cash-in on big tax-breaks and make their businesses green and fit<br />

for the future.<br />

It’s almost a year since the Government<br />

introduced its super-deduction tax break, which<br />

means glass processors also have one year left<br />

to save tens of thousands of pounds on efficiency<br />

gains and green investments.<br />

Dave Broxton<br />

“Glass processors have a unique opportunity to<br />

build increased efficiencies into their operations”,<br />

explained Dave Broxton, MD Bohle.<br />

“There are massive tax breaks which reduce the<br />

cost of capital investments. It’s an opportunity<br />

for manufacturers to invest, to build a better<br />

and more sustainable business, and at far lower<br />

cost.”<br />

Dave argued that sustainability has been critical<br />

in doing business with large corporates for some<br />

time.<br />

They recognise the value it delivers to their brand<br />

and the potential threat, weaknesses within their<br />

supply chain can create.<br />

Most businesses now also have environmental<br />

declarations in place, the obligatory ‘commitment<br />

to minimise the impact of their operations on the<br />

environment’.<br />

“We all want to be greener, at home and in<br />

business. That is shifting things. It makes<br />

sustainability a prerequisite to doing business<br />

and if you aren’t able to evidence what you’re<br />

doing you’re going to lose out.<br />

“Glass processors now have a year to tap into<br />

a major tax break that can be used to support<br />

them in improving efficiency, making more profit<br />

and becoming greener, while also saving on tax”,<br />

Dave argued.<br />

The super-deduction scheme was launched by<br />

Chancellor Rishi Sunak on 1st April 2021 and<br />

allows companies to access a capital allowance<br />

“Glass processors now have a year to tap into a<br />

major tax break that can be used to support them<br />

in improving efficiency, making more profit and<br />

becoming greener”<br />

of 130% on qualifying plant and machinery<br />

investments.<br />

This means that in practical terms, as a glass<br />

processor, if you commit to spend £100,000 on<br />

plant and equipment, you can deduct £130,000<br />

from your taxable profits.<br />

With Corporation tax currently at 19%, that<br />

equates to a saving of £24,700.<br />

Prior to this this capital investments would<br />

either fall within a company’s annual investment<br />

allowance and produce relief of only £19,000 or<br />

alternatively be tax-relieved at 18 per cent of the<br />

cost per annum. The scheme will run until the<br />

31st March 2023.<br />

“The idea is that it will encourage businesses to<br />

invest in equipment and productivity, which they<br />

might otherwise have delayed”, Dave continued.<br />

“It applies to a range of capital investments.<br />

It doesn’t have to be green but in going down<br />

that route, you’re future proofing your business<br />

and depending on the investments you make,<br />

making significant long-term efficiency gains and<br />

increasing your profitability or capacity, as part of<br />

that process.”<br />

He argues that wastewater is a case in point<br />

adding significant cost to production, either in<br />

the form of management or lower product quality<br />

because of contamination.<br />


“You’re saving money,<br />

increasing production<br />

capacity, improving<br />

product quality while<br />

saving a stack of tax”<br />

This includes significantly reducing the lifespan of<br />

tooling and concretion of glass finings within the<br />

machine and tanks.<br />

The cost of cleaning or changing coolant also<br />

quickly adds up.<br />

According to Bohle, using just 400 litres of<br />

water as part of your weekly cleaning cycle<br />

equates to a yearly water consumption of<br />

approx. 20,000 litres as well as high cost for<br />

its disposal.<br />

“There is a business cost but also an<br />

environmental cost”, Dave said, “that is going<br />

to become dearer, not only because wastewater<br />

disposal is going to cost more but because not<br />

being able to demonstrate what you’re doing to<br />

minimise your environmental impact will preclude<br />

you from the market.”<br />

The glass processing industry has traditionally<br />

Thousands of pounds can be saved by making greener<br />

investments in a company<br />

relied on centrifugal water cleaning systems,<br />

however, according to Bohle, these can’t filter<br />

glass particles < 5 µm.<br />

This is something which, it argues, can over time<br />

contribute to lower product quality and a build-up<br />

of concretion in the machine and its tanks.<br />

It gets over this problem through an alternative<br />

system.<br />

Suitable for a wide assortment of grinding, drilling<br />

and sawing glass equipment, Bohle sedimentors<br />

use a sophisticated and automated, multi-stage<br />

process to remove contaminants from coolants<br />

and water.<br />

This includes filtering of glass particles of < 5<br />

µm or less but doing so using far less energy.<br />

Another key feature of Bohle’s range is that it<br />

uses a ‘bypass system’ for batch cleansing.<br />

This isolates water, coolant and flocculant, from<br />

the line during the cleaning process, completely<br />

eliminating the potential risk from flocculant<br />

contamination and tool damage – creating a<br />

closed system.<br />

“You can deliver significant tax savings, while<br />

guaranteeing access to markets and giving<br />

yourself a great environmental story, at the same<br />

time as making your business more efficient”,<br />

Dave argued.<br />

“You’re saving money, increasing production<br />

capacity, improving product quality while saving<br />

a stack of tax – but you need to act now because<br />

you only have a year to do it.”<br />

Bohle is offering a free 60 to 90-day trial of its<br />

sedimentor. It’s also offering glass processors,<br />

advice and support on accessing the Super-<br />

Deduction Scheme.<br />

Contact Bohle:<br />

0800 616151<br />

www.bohle.com<br />

@BohleLtd<br />

Bohle is offering up to a 90-day trial of its<br />

sedimentor machine<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 45

Certified Products<br />


Daniel May, Director of Consort Architectural Hardware, explains why, now more than ever,<br />

modern building projects can benefit from the use of certified products.<br />

The needs of modern building environments<br />

have evolved. Throughout the construction<br />

process, decision makers are more<br />

commonly deliberating on themes such as<br />

innovation, accessibility and sustainability. And<br />

that’s not mentioning the renewed focus on<br />

building safety and performance, following the<br />

Hackitt Review.<br />

As the collective commitment towards these<br />

topics grows, it’s as vital as ever for design<br />

professionals to deliver reliable, quality materials<br />

and hardware on their projects.<br />

Architectural hardware, for example, is one of<br />

the most heavily used elements within a building<br />

environment, and a typical busy door can be<br />

used 150 times each day. Door hardware plays a<br />

pivotal role in a building’s operational network<br />

and its fire safety, and so the application of<br />

certified hardware solutions shouldn’t be<br />

undervalued.<br />

Daniel May of Consort explained: “While<br />

it’s important to deliver on aesthetics and<br />

innovation, there is always a clear responsibility<br />

to provide safe and secure building environments.<br />

“The latest in reforms – think the Building Safety<br />

Bill and the regulations that has introduced – will<br />

continue to raise the standards associated with<br />

building design and with that, the benefits of<br />

certified hardware will shine.<br />

“Along the supply chain, the durability of<br />

hardware products is key, and this is in no<br />

way more assured than with independent<br />

certifications. For example, for fire doors to<br />

operate as intended, they rely on fitted hardware<br />

to perform – opening and closing upon demand<br />

to ensure the compartmentalisation of smoke<br />

and fire.<br />

“Fire door hardware products should, at a<br />

minimum, be CE marked, showing they comply<br />

with the minimum in regulatory requirements.<br />

However, to emphasise the highest levels<br />

of performance and durability, product<br />

manufacturers will often look towards third-party<br />

certifications such as the commonly recognised<br />

Certifire – a certification scheme that assures the<br />

performance, quality, reliability and traceability of<br />

hardware products.<br />

“For architects, specifiers and end users alike,<br />

product certifications such as Certifire boost the<br />

dependability of hardware choices and make for<br />

an easier, less time-consuming selection process.<br />

Design teams will sometimes face a choice between using<br />

certified products versus less reliable but cheaper options<br />

“The time has come for decision<br />

makers to do their part to limit<br />

the consumption of construction<br />

resources” - Daniel May<br />

“They provide additional confidence that the<br />

chosen product will perform when called upon,<br />

remaining safe and high performing throughout<br />

its lifecycle.<br />

“A building is a network of design choices, all of<br />

which must work in tandem for the infrastructure<br />

to operate as intended. Should one area fail, for<br />

example, the mechanisms of a fire door closer,<br />

the infrastructure becomes compromised –<br />

heightening safety and security risks for the<br />

building’s occupants and visitors.<br />

“It’s critical that only the most durable products<br />

are used in these scenarios and whether using<br />

non-standard or standard arm applications,<br />



hardware must be compliant - with various<br />

areas considered, such as meeting DDA<br />

requirements by paying close attention towards<br />

the opening forces used in public spaces. And<br />

while manufacturers have a responsibility to test,<br />

label and supply the highest standard of product,<br />

decision makers must then also choose to apply<br />

hardware that meets the requirements of the<br />

building in question.”<br />

Hardware can also gain environmental certifications to<br />

make sure it is safe to put into a building<br />

Avoiding costly errors<br />

In some cases, design teams will face a choice<br />

between the initial costs of certified products<br />

and their less reliable counterparts. Although<br />

economic considerations are often part of the<br />

construction process, durable hardware will<br />

continue to perform long after its initial supply<br />

period, whereas cheaper hardware alternatives<br />

can become counter-intuitive, failing to offer that<br />

same quality and durability and leading to costly<br />

consequences.<br />

Later in a building’s lifecycle, where less durable<br />

products have been used, complications can<br />

arise. With this, the costs associated with future<br />

maintenance and replacements can quickly begin<br />

to add up and work against the original decision.<br />

Not to mention the expense to building safety.<br />

More recently, sustainability continues to grow<br />

into the conversation, fairly asking questions<br />

about the environmental impact buildings omit.<br />

Building design will benefit from<br />

raised standards, says Daniel.<br />

As was referenced at the recent COP26<br />

conference, the built environment and<br />

construction sector accounts for 38% of the<br />

world’s Carbon Emissions.<br />

For the UK specifically, it’s said that 45% of<br />

the total UK carbon emissions are associated<br />

to the built environment and changes must<br />

now be made to avoid both environmental and<br />

reputational costs.<br />

Daniel added: “The time has come for decision<br />

makers to do their part to limit the consumption<br />

of construction resources too, and certified<br />

architectural hardware can play its part here too.<br />

“Hardware can also gain environmental<br />

certifications, such as ISO 14000, which is a set<br />

of standards designed to reduce environmental<br />

waste and damage.<br />

“Similar to Certifire, BREEAM is a third-party<br />

sustainability assessment method focusing on<br />

infrastructure and buildings. Hardware products<br />

can become recognised under independent<br />

standards – providing users with peace of mind<br />

that products are more durable, ethically sourced<br />

and environmentally resourceful.<br />

“The aim is to reduce replacement hardware<br />

and the amount of packaging that is associated<br />

with replacements. And extended durability –<br />

represented through certifications – is the way<br />

forward.<br />

“The benefit of using certified architectural<br />

hardware is now clearer than ever. From<br />

performance benefits to dependability, all<br />

hardware – even the often-overlooked lever<br />

handles and flush bolts – should meet the<br />

requirements of their building, and there’s no<br />

better way to ensure this than with certified<br />

products. Building design will benefit from raised<br />

standards, and right now, decision makers can<br />

benefit from certification-led design.”<br />

Contact Consort Architectural Hardware:<br />

0121 3598189<br />

www.consort-hw.com<br />

@Consort_HW<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 47

<strong>2022</strong> Trends<br />

WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR IN <strong>2022</strong><br />

Pat Rice, Commercial Director at hardware manufacturer UAP, discusses the key trends<br />

from 2021 and what lies ahead for the industry in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

This time last year, all the talk was about<br />

adjusting to the ‘new normal’ as the<br />

construction sector braced itself for<br />

continued uncertainty in 2021.<br />

UAP’s Kinetica+ K4<br />

It’s clear now that the goal should be old<br />

normal+: business as usual with the added<br />

benefits of embracing the lessons we have<br />

learned during the pandemic.<br />

Supply chain challenges<br />

For UAP, those lessons began right at the<br />

beginning of COVID-19.<br />

Accepting weeks before the UK locked down that<br />

the issue would be global and the impact on<br />

supply chains would be immense, we invested<br />

in manufacturing products ahead of time and<br />

increased stockholding capacity.<br />

As the situation has evolved, companies across<br />

the delivery chain have continued to battle with<br />

supply challenges.<br />

It’s an issue that has followed the industry<br />

throughout 2021 and looks set to continue in<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

And, of course, because demand<br />

is outstripping supply for so many<br />

commodities – including the transport<br />

needed to get them from A to B – price rises are<br />

inherently linked to supply chain shortages too.<br />

The only way to address supply chain issues is<br />

to acknowledge them and develop a strategy to<br />

counter the difficulties.<br />

Over the past year, we have invested in our<br />

warehousing and logistics systems to translate<br />

our stockholding advantages into efficient<br />

order picking and short lead times, helping the<br />

fenestration sector to access the products they<br />

need with reliability and accountability.<br />

Customer-focused<br />

Choice and flexibility will continue to play a key<br />

role in serving customers in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

High levels of demand look set to remain, so<br />

there is a need to be able to offer alternatives and<br />

ask the right questions about what the customer<br />

really needs.<br />

Understanding the customer’s needs is<br />

embedded in our culture at UAP, through market<br />

“The only way to address supply<br />

chain issues is to acknowledge<br />

them and develop a strategy to<br />

counter the difficulties” - Pat Rice<br />

insight, feedback from our sales team and our<br />

annual customer survey.<br />

We use that knowledge to approach our<br />

operational management with a continuous<br />

improvement mind-set, and to drive product<br />

development.<br />

It has been very clear to us at UAP that one of the<br />

outcomes of the pandemic is people’s focus on feeling<br />

safe, comfortable and secure in their own homes.<br />



UAP has invested in packaging<br />

equipment to be more sustainable<br />

As a result, our focus on safety and security<br />

innovation, with products like the recently<br />

launched Kinetica+ K4 3* cylinder from our<br />

Fullex range, has been more important than ever,<br />

and is driving our R&D investment for <strong>2022</strong> and<br />

beyond too.<br />

The Kinetica+ K4 not only combines an array of<br />

security features to make it virtually impossible to<br />

break-in, it also comes with a Bio+ key, which is<br />

impregnated with an anti-viral and anti-bacterial<br />

agent to safeguard against infection.<br />

It seems likely that the new consciousness<br />

about health and wellbeing will prompt further<br />

innovation.<br />

Another key feature of Kinetica+ K4 which we<br />

see as an example of a continuing trend in <strong>2022</strong><br />

is ease of installation.<br />

Time pressures, squeezed margins and rising<br />

labour costs all mean that the market needs<br />

products that are faster and simpler to install.<br />

Escalating trends<br />

Some of the trends we have seen emerge over<br />

the past year have been escalated rather than<br />

prompted by the pandemic.<br />

The use of technology is one of those trends,<br />

thanks to the way tech-resistant consumers<br />

have been forced to embrace the use of apps and<br />

online systems during lockdowns.<br />

There is now a much wider and more enthusiastic<br />

acceptance that tech can enhance lifestyles.<br />

It’s a trend that has led to the development of<br />

the smart door hardware from our Intelligent<br />

Hardware brand and our new range of electronic<br />

locks.<br />

Looking ahead, we can see real opportunities<br />

to tap into tech-enabled products and address<br />

operational challenges with digital systems.<br />

Finally, a look at what we’ve learned and where<br />

the market will go next would not be complete<br />

without noting the growing importance of<br />

environmental considerations.<br />

It is clear that both public awareness and<br />

increased compliance will drive more ecoconscious<br />

purchasing decisions.<br />

For companies like UAP, that means considering<br />

how we package products to minimise waste.<br />

We’ve invested in packaging equipment<br />

that enables us to use marine reclaim and<br />

biodegradable materials, enabling us to be virginplastics<br />

free.<br />

Looking ahead, we are continuing to examine<br />

how we can reduce our emissions, as well as<br />

offsetting with our tree planting programme –<br />

50,000 at the last count!<br />

Embracing opportunities<br />

The fenestration sector ended 2020 with the hope<br />

that the turmoil of the pandemic would all be a<br />

distant memory by the end of 2021, and here we<br />

are, as <strong>2022</strong> begins, still braced for uncertainty.<br />

But what we’ve learned is an important part of<br />

our toolkit and top of the list is that embracing<br />

opportunities is just as important as responding<br />

to the challenges.<br />

Contact UAP:<br />

0161 796 7268<br />

uapcorporate.com<br />

@UAP_Limited<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 49

Smart Tech<br />



Burg-Wachter explains that whilst the way we secure our homes has remained constant for<br />

years, the advent of smart technology has changed all that, giving fabricators an opportunity<br />

to expand their product offering.<br />

With homeowners now wanting the<br />

previously unattainable levels of<br />

convenience that only smart home<br />

technology can deliver, smart security technology<br />

represents not only an excellent profit opportunity,<br />

but also the chance to deliver the products and<br />

services customers will increasingly demand.<br />

A growing market<br />

The market is huge and is growing – it is<br />

estimated that the smart home security market<br />

will be worth in excess of $140 billion by 2026.<br />

Everyone can benefit from the previously<br />

unattainable reassurance and convenience that<br />

smart home products - including smart alarms<br />

– provide. In particular, the elderly and those<br />

living with disability can gain real peace of mind<br />

knowing that they are protected but more than<br />

that, their families and friends can be alerted if<br />

necessary thanks to the smart technology; it’s<br />

like being guarded 24/7.<br />

Opportunity for fabricators<br />

Mark Pearson, Commercial Director at Burg-<br />

Wächter, Germany’s security experts, said: “Now<br />

is the ideal time for fabricators to get on board<br />

with the latest developments in, and the many<br />

benefits of, smart home security. In addition,<br />

since smartware works harmoniously with<br />

existing security products, there is no need to<br />

abandon traditional security products, in fact,<br />

they are interdependent.”<br />

Smart technology – how to choose?<br />

Mark continued: “With the important components<br />

hidden, it is difficult, if not impossible, to look at<br />

a piece of smartware and ascertain its quality<br />

and reliability – so how do you choose the right<br />

smartware?<br />

“Look at a supplier’s reputation – do they<br />

supply quality products? Is there a good back-up<br />

service? Can they advise me if required? Good<br />

products, that are simple to fit as well as reliable,<br />

come from trusted brands, so look out for those.”<br />

With over 100 years’ experience in the design and<br />

manufacture of security products, Burg-Wächter<br />

offers BURGprotect, a smart alarm system that is<br />

quick and easy to install.<br />

Operated via an intuitive free app, once installed<br />

the property is always protected and aware of<br />

potential issues at home, no matter where the<br />

user is or what time it is. If a sensor detects<br />

movement, a notification is sent to the user’s<br />

smart phone and action can be taken, putting you<br />

very much in control.<br />

With additional window & door contacts and a<br />

water sensor also available, the easy to set up<br />

BURGprotect alarm starter kit is said to be the<br />

smart way to protect.<br />

Mark added: “We acknowledge that, with<br />

technology moving at such as fast rate, there may<br />

Smart technology is being manufactured and used in homes more and more every year.<br />

be some concerns about a product’s longevity.<br />

However, smartphone-controlled products<br />

benefit from the latest updates because, as iOS<br />

or Android update their software, a product’s<br />

firmware is similarly automatically updated with<br />

a notification which is simply accepted by the<br />

user.<br />

“We are working tirelessly to make sure our<br />

smart home security products are both reliable<br />

and robust and we’re here to provide as much<br />

support as we can to help our customers feel<br />

comfortable with the new developments in smart<br />

home security.<br />

“In fact, later this year Burg-Wächter will be<br />

announcing some exciting news about its new<br />

generation of smart home security, offering an<br />

even greater degree of convenience for both<br />

installers and their customers alike.”<br />

Contact Burg-Wächter:<br />

01274 395 333<br />

www.burg.biz/uk<br />

@burgwachteruk<br />


Complete<br />

Hardware<br />

Support<br />

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Technical advice from industry experts<br />

In house fit ups and training<br />

Testing and accreditation guidance<br />

Comprehensive manufacturer guarantees<br />

£millions in stock to support OTIF delivery<br />

service<br />

Get in touch and speak to<br />

one of our experts today:<br />

t. Peterborough:<br />

01733 393330<br />

t. Cumbernauld:<br />

01236 721557<br />

e. sales@carlfgroupco.co.uk<br />

w. www.carlfgroupco.co.uk<br />



Trade Frame Yorkshire are a well established family run company in Bradford, West<br />

Yorkshire who Manufacture, Supply and Install a wide range of products including:<br />

Trade Frame<br />

yorkshire<br />





For a competitive quote contact us on:<br />

Tel: 08000 016315 or email: info@tradeframeyorkshire.co.uk

Updates<br />


For further updates, visit www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />

WHAT'S IN STORE FOR CARL F GROUPCO IN <strong>2022</strong>?<br />

Managing Director of hardware distributor Carl F Groupco John Crittenden discusses what the<br />

company has planned for the following 12 months.<br />

“Moving into <strong>2022</strong>, the goal at Carl F Groupco remains the same – maintaining our OTIF targets, serving<br />

our customers and exceeding expectations.<br />

“While predicting what’s in store over the next 12 months is almost impossible, it’s vital that our<br />

businesses are prepared for further challenges by managing stock, production planning and empowering<br />

our work forces to react quickly when required.<br />

“We are carrying our highest levels of stock to safeguard supply and have recently launched our biggest<br />

digital development ever; combining three of our brands to make browsing our hardware range online even<br />

easier. <strong>2022</strong> remains the same, we have recruited a new Regional Sales Manager and will be launching a<br />

new edition of hardware catalogue in early <strong>2022</strong>, our largest to date.” www.carlfgroupco.co.uk<br />


The greenteQ Omega letterbox range from VBH has evolved to include both a remodelled standard<br />

sized box and a completely new 56mm Slim version to suit ultra slim transoms.<br />

The opening on Omega Slim is offset towards the bottom of the box’s frame. The greenteQ design team has<br />

calculated that this maximises the available aperture whilst ensuring that the letterbox doesn’t overhang the<br />

bead on even the slimmest sections.<br />

Omega letterboxes feature convex curved metal flaps that open to near vertical both inside and outside,<br />

ensuring that relatively thick packages can be put through the door without putting stress on the letterbox’s<br />

springs.Omega has been tested to BS EN 13724 with a classification of 4241. This calls for 25,000 full<br />

‘closed – fully open – closed’ cycles. It is available in nine finishes of the greenteQ Suite. www.vbhgb.com<br />


Just a few months after hardware specialist Mila announced that it was adding the Ingenious<br />

range of multipoint door locks to its product line up, Alutech Systems has already adopted the<br />

Ingenious Duplex Professional lock as the default lock on its range of aluminium door systems.<br />

Alutech previously offered its aluminium systems with a three-hook multipoint lock as standard but<br />

has upgraded to Ingenious’ clever five-hook option Duplex because it offers higher levels of security,<br />

combined with better value.<br />

It is providing its fabricators with a USP by branding the lock Alulock and focusing on it being<br />

the only model on the market to come with two pairs of high-security cast zinc hooks which work<br />

together in a pincer movement to protect against lifting. www.alutechsystems.co.uk/<br />


Bohle has increased the volume of product it holds in stock, strengthening its supply network and<br />

enhancing its ability to support customers with fast delivery times of 24-48 hours on standard orders.<br />

Bohle now has 2,500 items available from stock. Customers can place orders online, 24/7, for a comprehensive<br />

range of hardware, glass handling, cutting, glazing and consumables, including popular products such as the<br />

VetroMount balustrading system, MasterTrack internal sliding door system and Veribor lifting equipment.<br />

Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle, commented: “We have managed to reduce our lead times from 3-5<br />

days to a maximum of 48 hours on standard orders with the option of next day deliveries if required. That has<br />

proved vital in managing consistent high levels of demand throughout the pandemic and means our customers<br />

are well placed to respond to ongoing high levels of activity in <strong>2022</strong>.” www.bohle.com<br />



DISC<br />

VER<br />

THE BEST<br />




PERF<br />

RM<br />

WITH<br />


01934 808 293<br />

hello@insightdata.co.uk<br />

@insightdata<br />

www.insightdata.co.uk<br />

502 Worle Park Way, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 6WA

UKCA Marking<br />


Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson gives his thoughts on the UK’s transition from<br />

CE to UKCA marking.<br />

We might be suffering through the<br />

worst supply chain disruption in a<br />

generation, with huge knock-on impacts<br />

for businesses around the globe, but here’s<br />

something to be grateful for – it was nearly a lot<br />

worse.<br />

Managing Director of<br />

Edgetech Chris Alderson<br />

When the UK voted to leave the EU, it effectively<br />

voted to remove itself from a vast and<br />

complicated web of regulation on everything from<br />

working hours to environmental protections.<br />

However, untangling itself from those regulations<br />

was always going to be a long and painful<br />

process – as our sector almost discovered last<br />

year in relation to CE marking.<br />

Crisis averted – for now<br />

As I’m sure everyone reading this is aware, for<br />

decades the CE mark has been what indicates<br />

whether a product complies with EU health,<br />

safety and environmental protection regulations.<br />

Now we’ve left, we need something to replace it –<br />

and that’s how the UKCA mark came into being.<br />

The UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) mark is<br />

designed to cover most of the products that the<br />

CE mark currently applies to.<br />

It sounds very simple, and in theory it is – replace<br />

one standard with another. But in practise,<br />

unfortunately, it’s anything but.<br />

Each of the tens of millions of products currently<br />

covered by the CE mark will have to be retested to<br />

comply with the new UKCA standard – a process<br />

which, realistically, could take literally years to<br />

complete.<br />

It would be a huge task even if the country had a<br />

healthy number of test centres able to issue the<br />

marks. But it doesn’t – there’s a severe shortage<br />

of testing capacity in the UK.<br />

This left tens of thousands of British businesses<br />

on the edge of a very scary precipice – the<br />

government deadline for complying with the new<br />

mark was <strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2022</strong>, and there was no way<br />

that all the products that needed retesting would<br />

get the stamp of approval on time.<br />

Given the huge supply chain difficulties the<br />

country is grappling with already, having millions<br />

of products suddenly declared illegal on <strong>Jan</strong>uary<br />

1st <strong>2022</strong> would’ve caused chaos.<br />

Thankfully, after a lot of lobbying from industry<br />

groups representing a whole range of different<br />

sectors, the government relented, and that<br />

scenario was prevented – for now.<br />

Ministers have extended the deadline for a year,<br />

meaning that to be eligible for sale, all products<br />

must have UKCA marking by <strong>Jan</strong>uary 2023.<br />

It’s an extremely welcome move – but personally,<br />

I wonder if it’ll be enough.<br />

Test centres don’t spring up from nowhere.<br />

Establishing them is a long and complicated<br />

process – and I struggle to see how we’ll have<br />

enough even by next year to allow businesses to<br />

comfortably comply with changing standards.<br />

In the UK, for example, we currently don’t have<br />

a single approved test centre capable of testing<br />

IGUs to EN1279 Part 4 or WA17/1 for thermal<br />

testing.<br />




Everyone loves a room with a view, and they<br />

don’t come much more striking than an<br />

uninterrupted vista of a fjord.<br />

Further concerns<br />

That’s not the only potential problem that<br />

concerns me. Sixty percent of the UK’s<br />

construction imports come from the EU.<br />

“Untangling itself from<br />

those regulations<br />

was always going to<br />

be a long and painful<br />

process”<br />

At the moment, EU suppliers only need the one<br />

certification, the CE mark, to trade both here and<br />

in mainland Europe.<br />

From <strong>Jan</strong>uary 2023, if those businesses want<br />

to continue operating in the British market as<br />

well as the EU, they’ll have to UKCA mark their<br />

products too.<br />

On this front, my main concern is this – will<br />

European suppliers go through the long and<br />

expensive process of getting certification that’s<br />

only valid in the UK?<br />

I’m certain that many will. The UK is a major<br />

market. But I’m also sure that some will conclude<br />

that it’s not worth the hassle – potentially<br />

constraining supply even further.<br />

The situation is even more complex for Northern<br />

Irish businesses.<br />

As things currently stand, if they want to service<br />

the mainland UK and Irish market as well as their<br />

home market they will be required to conform to<br />

no less than three standards – the EU’s CE mark,<br />

the UKCA mark, and the territory’s own UKNI<br />

mark.<br />

Ultimately, the biggest issue is the lack of a<br />

Mutual Recognition Agreement between the UK<br />

and the EU, which would allow test evidence from<br />

Approved Bodies in one region to be accepted in<br />

another.<br />

Time for pragmatism<br />

Compromising on quality and safety isn’t an<br />

option. We need products sold in this country<br />

to conform to the very highest standards, and a<br />

robust system of certification is vital to ensuring<br />

that.<br />

But to deliver and maintain those standards<br />

during this period of transition, I think we need<br />

to take a pragmatic approach. Safety isn’t<br />

something that can be rushed.<br />

I think ministers need to be ready to extend the<br />

deadline again if it becomes clear that thousands<br />

of businesses are going to be unable to meet<br />

it – and possibly even be prepared to allow a<br />

transitional arrangement where both CE and<br />

UKCA marks are valid in the UK for a limited time.<br />

Rather than meeting an arbitrary deadline, I<br />

think the most important thing is that we get<br />

the UK’s post-Brexit accreditation regime right<br />

– and ensure that millions of products don’t<br />

compromise on the vital standards that keep<br />

consumers safe.<br />

Contact Edgetech:<br />

02476 639931<br />

www.edgetechig.co.uk<br />

@EdgetechUK<br />

So, when the owner of Summer House in<br />

Norway was discussing designs for the<br />

building with their architect, maximising sight<br />

lines to make the most of its stunning setting<br />

was top of the list of priorities.<br />

That’s what led the designer to specify a wall<br />

of Pilkington Planar structural glass along the<br />

outward-facing side of the property’s main<br />

living space.<br />

The wedge-shaped window is more than 10<br />

metres wide and almost five metres high at its<br />

tallest point, creating a panoramic scene of<br />

sea and sky.<br />

And, to maximise the vertical aspect of the<br />

view – as well as the amount of natural light<br />

entering the building – the window is topped<br />

by a 90cm-deep section of roof glazing.<br />

These allow the toughened vertical glass to<br />

stand up to significant wind loads while also<br />

supporting the roof glazing, which is able to<br />

resist large snow loads as a result.<br />

The units that make up the roof glazing also<br />

feature a laminated pane to lend further<br />

strength, being made up of an outer 12mm<br />

layer of toughened glass and an inner layer<br />

formed of two 6mm-thick sheets sandwiching<br />

a polyvinylbutyral (PVB) interlayer.<br />

The whole system is bolted together with<br />

low-profile Pilkington Planar stainless steel<br />

fittings.<br />


JANUARY/FEBRUARY <strong>2022</strong> T F 55

Updates<br />

Pyroguard, part of the Technical Fire Safety Group, has kick-started <strong>2022</strong> with the launch of its new<br />

website.<br />

Boasting a fresh, modern look and designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience, the new website<br />

allows visitors to easily browse and research products from across Pyroguard’s comprehensive portfolio.<br />

The new website is designed to serve as a one-stop resource for visitors wishing to learn more about<br />

Pyroguard’s range of fire safety glass solutions. The site is also now available in Spanish, German and Italian, as<br />

well as English, Dutch and French.<br />

In addition to the new, modern look and available languages, the website has been revamped to include a<br />

whole host of user-friendly features, offering improved navigation and functionality.<br />

Visitors can also benefit from having quick and easy access to Pyroguard’s online resources, with dedicated<br />

‘Downloads’ and ‘Resources’ zones. www.pyroguard.eu<br />





Mackenzie Glass increased its capacity to offer cut-to-size product with a six-figure<br />

investment, in a new automatic Boterro cutting line and table.<br />

The investment will include a new Bottero 630CBM-R automatic loading machine; a Bottero<br />

343BCS-R automatic float glass cutting table and Bottero 103BBM-R air floatation breakout<br />

table.<br />

Its purchase of a new Bottero cutting line, represents the largest and latest in a series of<br />

investments.<br />

This includes the addition of a new Sagertec Horizontal Washing Machine to its toughening<br />

line, plus Adelio Lattuada Gamma Straight-line Bevelling Machine and Delta M4 C Radius<br />

Corner Machine in June 2021. www.mackenzieglass.co.uk<br />

Super Spacer T-Spacer SG from Edgetech has helped revitalise three historic features of the<br />

New York skyline.<br />

Glass manufacturer AGC INTERPANE supplied around 25,000 square metres of insulating glass,<br />

equipped with 20mm T-Spacer SG, for use on 660 Fifth Avenue.<br />

The 450 tonnes of insulated glass used in the refurbishment was manufactured with light-grey<br />

T-Spacer SG, and sealed with grey silicone.<br />

Edgetech Managing Director Chris Alderson commented: “Edgetech spacers have been used in<br />

landmark buildings all around the world. It’s hugely gratifying to see our products incorporated<br />

in outstanding projects as a permanent part of the New York skyline, and with them, these iconic<br />

buildings will go on to offer exceptional performance for decades to come.” www.edgetechig.co.uk<br />


SageGlass, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, has been chosen by IQHQ, a life sciences real estate<br />

development company, to create one of the largest smart glass installations in the world.<br />

SageGlass will provide 150,000 square feet of SageGlass Harmony electrochromic glass, controls, and<br />

software for IQHQ’s Research and Development District (RaDD), a 1.7 million square foot life science<br />

development on the waterfront in San Diego, USA.<br />

Electrochromic glass – also referred to as smart glass or dynamic glass – uses advanced intelligence to<br />

automatically tint throughout the day, reducing glare and regulating temperatures while letting natural light<br />

in.<br />

SageGlass’ Bright Silver exterior finish will provide a vibrant and uniform glazing to complement RaDD’s<br />

coastal setting. www.sageglass.com/eu<br />



IT’S TIME TO <br />

BUILD<br />


FUTURE<br />

VISION<br />

BRAND<br />

Stronger, faster, better.<br />

As the UK moves towards economic recovery, it’s time to build.<br />

Purplex is the marketing agency that helps ambitious companies<br />

build their brand, their business and their future.<br />

PR | Web | E-Commerce | Digital Marketing | Social | Creative<br />

Call 01934 808 132 or email grow@purplexmarketing.com<br />

purplexmarketing.com<br />

@purplexuk<br />

/company/purplexuk<br />


People & Workwear<br />

Find more industry news at: www.total-fabricator.co.uk<br />


Derby-based aluminium systems company,<br />

Sheerline Aluminium Windows and Doors, has<br />

strengthened its customer support with Robert<br />

Bell, Stephen Thomas and Aaron Housley<br />

appointed to its technical team.<br />

No strangers to the fenestration industry or<br />

aluminium products, each brings with them a<br />

wealth of industry experience having worked<br />

closely with fabricators and installers for many<br />

years. These new roles will deliver technical<br />

support, training, and advice on a variety of<br />

window, door, and roof lantern related matters.<br />

Robert started out as a PVCu window fitter in<br />

the 1980s and gained experience as a surveyor,<br />

Contract Manager and Production Manager,<br />

before joining Sheerline to provide technical<br />

training and support to fabricators based in<br />

Ireland.<br />

Additionally, Aaron Housley joins to provide first<br />

line support for manufacturing software enquiries<br />

from Sheerline customers, being appointed as<br />

Manufacturing Software Support Engineer.<br />

Andy Russell, Technical Services Director for<br />

Garnalex, said: “Technical support is pivotal<br />

to our success. As a proactive company, we<br />

consistently ensure our customers’ needs are<br />

met, even before a problem arises.<br />

Above: Sheerline’s new technical employees<br />

“The new appointments are just the first of<br />

many planned over forthcoming months, and<br />

with our anticipated growth I’m expecting to see<br />

more colleagues joining us in our manufacturing<br />

facilities and internal departments during <strong>2022</strong>.”<br />


Dressing for<br />

the cold is like<br />

building a house<br />

– start with a<br />

good foundation.<br />

The Snickers<br />

Workwear<br />

Baselayer clothing<br />

for professional<br />

tradesmen and women uses high-tech<br />

breathable fabrics for ventilation and body<br />

moisture transport for sustainable warmth<br />

and comfort. The Base-, Mid- and Toplayer<br />

clothing combines to keep you working dry,<br />

warm and comfortable wherever you are on<br />

site. With sustainability at the forefront of<br />

Snickers Workwear’s clothing philosophy,<br />

garments are available in recycled polyester<br />

and merino wool, as well as the 37.5<br />

technology ventilating fabric to suit different<br />

types of work in a variety of cold and wet<br />

weather conditions.<br />

The AllroundWork, FLEXIWork and LITEwork<br />

designs and fabrics will keep you warm<br />

and dry. All the garments are made from<br />

quick drying fabrics that come with special<br />

ventilation features to control and regulate<br />

the heat from your body.<br />

www.snickersworkwear.com<br />


CNC Recycling has appointed a<br />

Business Development Manager to<br />

strengthen the sales team.<br />

Kate Riley (pictured) joins the UPVC<br />

window recycling company to support its<br />

substantial growth over the course of the<br />

last 16 months.<br />

Kate previously worked for Ecoplas, (now Eurocell<br />

Recycle) as Commercial Manager for just<br />

over eight years managing and developing the<br />

procurement, logistics and customer service for<br />

UPVC window recycling.<br />

Dressing right and staying<br />

comfortable when it’s cold and wet<br />

demands the best in Climate Control<br />

working clothes from Snickers<br />

Workewear.<br />

Snickers Workwear’s body-mapping<br />

Mid-layer working clothes help<br />

deliver advanced ventilation to<br />

control and regulate the heat from your body.<br />

Made to last from sustainable fabrics such as<br />

micro fleece and recycled polyester, they’re<br />

said to be great for both work and leisure<br />

activities. These garments insulate and keep<br />

Managing Director Melanie Reid, said:<br />

“Kate is a highly respected person<br />

within our industry and brings a<br />

wealth of experience and success in<br />

leading sales teams and delivering<br />

results. We have a strong strategy<br />

for further growth in <strong>2022</strong> and Kate<br />

is absolutely the right person to both consolidate<br />

and deliver new business into our operation as<br />

she is someone who truly understands window<br />

recycling. This is part of our ongoing commitment<br />

to be the trusted and reliable recycling partner to<br />

the Fenestration Industry.”<br />


heat around your body by effectively<br />

creating an air pocket inside your<br />

clothes.<br />

They complement Snickers<br />

Workwear’s FlexiWork Base-layer<br />

undergarments that combine<br />

sustainable, animal-friendly Merino<br />

Wool with polyamide for warmth<br />

and ventilation. The Top-layer or ‘outer shell’<br />

AllroundWork and Flexiwork Weatherproof<br />

Jackets and Trousers will also keep you warm,<br />

dry and comfortable all day long.<br />

www.snickersworkwear.com<br />


Fabricators<br />

Grow Your Business!<br />

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TI Talk: Pro-Fitter<br />

Product Updates<br />

Business Focus<br />

Top Tips: Bi-folds<br />

Total Talk Q&A<br />

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Total Installer is read exclusively by glazing installers including:<br />

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And they will advise you on the best marketing package for your budget.<br />


Benefits without<br />

compromise<br />

with TOTAL70<br />

Our TOTAL70 window and door system achieves<br />

the highest possible energy ratings and<br />

performance. With two aesthetic options to<br />

choose from, TOTAL70c (chamfered) and<br />

TOTAL70s (sculptured), REHAU opens up a<br />

world of choice to complement any style<br />

of property.<br />

Windows. Reinvented for modern life.<br />


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